November 13, 2001

The Light Series #6: Pooling our Light/Healing Forces With our Brothers and Sisters in Heaven

Hello everyone

This Light Series compilation has turned into something completely unexpected and deserve, I feel, your careful attention. You will find in it lots of precious spiritual gems offered by Matthew Ward from his heavenly realm about a kind of "joint venture" project I suggested between both his and our worlds towards assisting in concert to the global healing of our terrestrial realm of existence as well as fostering peace and harmony within us all. He also suggests an approach to meditation that can be used during our peace/healing meditations and what state of mind is best conducive to achieving the intended results. And as usual, you will find other noteworthy contributions sent by various other subscribers to the Earth Rainbow Network e-list.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
and Focus Group Facilitator


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"…the great movements of the last hundred years and more – democracy, liberalism, socialism – have all failed to deliver the universal benefits they were supposed to provide, despite many wonderful ideas. A revolution is called for... What I propose is a spiritual revolution."

- HH the Dalai Lama


1. Feedback on the Nov. 11 Meditation Focus on Afghanistan and Matthew's contributions
2. Speaking Tour Idea submitted by Tony Budell
3. Feedback from Antares on my service
4. Feedback Simeon Nartoomid on Lesley Whiting's comment


Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 12:29:48
From: Lillian Akersborg <>
Subject: Feedback on the Nov. 11 Meditation Focus on Afghanistan

Dear Jean,

I thought you might like this feedback.

Last night after I read your Nov. 10 compilation I closed my eyes to meditate, and was shown a circle of Lightbeings in human form holding hands around the globe. It was very moving and powerful, to say the least. After I had meditated awhile, I was again shown the image, but this time there were many such circles of hand-holding Lightbeings covering the entire globe.

Today during the "Ah" meditation I felt the infinite-global connection more than I ever have before. There must have been hundreds of thousands meditating together, and there was definitely a shift.

I know you must be inundated beyond belief, and I hope you have help going through your e-mails. You are truly an inspiration.

Thank you,
Lillian Akersborg


A million thanks Lillian for your feedback. Actually *very* few people ever share what they experience during those meditations. It was indeed extremely powerful and moving. I had one key vision coming through - which I'm now remembering as I write this - which is to ask Matthew Ward, Suzanne Ward's son who is on the other side of the veil, to see if it would possible to "organize" or suggest that souls in the Nirvana (the Earth's heaven) join in heart, mind and spirit during these globally synchronized Meditation Focus every Sunday with the thousands of souls in incarnation here doing this spiritual healing work for peace and greater harmony on Earth. This would seem like a very practical means - a synchronization of spiritual healing work from both sides of the veil never established in such a deliberate manner before, as far as I know - to help dissove the separating veil between the visible and invisible realms of existence as well as to greatly amplify the intended peace-fostering and spiritual healing effect.

I'm Cc Suzy on this so she may feel/see if this is something that could be attempted - perhaps starting with the next Meditation Focus either next Sunday (same theme) or in 2 weeks (topic yet to be chosen).

This is getting *very* interesting...

Love and Light



From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
Subject: Re: Nov. 11 Meditation Focus on Afghanistan
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 20:44:42

"Jean, I greet you with thanks because seldom do I have an opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation for all you have done and continue to do to forward the awareness of the books that my mother received in such diligence and has been working likewise, that is, working diligently, to make available globally. And my sentence is too long!

"I am aware of your question in this message copy and I told my mother I'd like to answer you immediately. Nirvana is a continuous meditation scene, it is possible to say without being in error. There are monitors by the hundreds of thousands here, keeping the entire population abreast of all happenings on Earth, and through them we are aware of the many areas wherein there is a need for special prayers, shall we say. It is not that we direct our light energy to specific areas or that the energy would go to only those specific places. I believe I mentioned this with an explanation on another occasion, did I not? When I said that all meditation energy is spread over the globe in a leveling energetic layer and not bunched up at a point of geography? At any rate, this is a beautiful idea you have, and from what I have just told you, on that basis you can consider that it is a 'done deal.' This is posted by your thought form on our realm bulletin board. Oh, indeed we have a bulletin board! No, not exactly like ones there!

"As for something other than what I have just explained, I'd have to say that getting the entire population of Nirvana in any one moment to focus on a special meditation would be about as unlikely to happen as getting the city of Chicago's residents en toto to have identical thoughts in any one moment. You see, our population is changing continuously, by the nanosecond, with arrivals transitioning from Earth physical lifetimes and those arriving because they are virtually tourists, simply wishing to enjoy the beauty and inspirational atmosphere here. Others come to rest from very difficult lifetimes in civilizations besides Earth because this sanctuary realm is the most beautiful by far in this part of the galaxy, or, I'd say from my experiences, THE most beautiful in the *entire* galaxy. Others come here to teach and still others to learn from them, and there is such frequent rotation of these souls that you could think of Nirvana as having swinging doors. Then there are the millions who are leaving in any one moment to visit family on Earth or in other realms, to reincarnate on Earth or in other realms, or to return to their far distant homelands and take up their normal activities once again.

"It's very unlikely that anyone who hasn't read and *believed* the books can imagine such a hustle bustle in this place that's religiously associated with clouds and harpists, but that IS life here as I have described. You have no idea what being "in the fast track" really is until you get here!

"With all divine and personal wishes for your continued light service, this is Matthew"


Well!... One could hardly hope for a clearer and more supportive signal from beyond the veil. Of course if you have not read yet these wonderful stories - most of you will read them someday as these books are sure to become some of the world's top bestsellers in the coming years - offering how Matthew's mother still alive here got to connect with her deceased son and receive from him vivid and amazing descriptions of heavenly life after material life, as well as a treasure-trove of spiritually enlightening information from a number of other discarnate and highly evolved entities, then it may possibly be hard for you to attach any significance to what Matthew has just expressed. But as I'm connecting deep within with the mind-field of love and appreciation emanating from those thousands of souls in Nirvana now aware of this emerging possibility of working in consort with souls on Earth to ever more expand the spiritual healing work I was refering to in my initial letter to Lillian, I can tell you that the soothing, all embracing feeling I get is very powerful and definitely positive for this initiative.

Of course, the real "business" of translating this option into achieved Light-infusing results here on Earth is going to be played out in the secret Heart/soul alcove of each of those whose selfless dedication and commitment to this self-assigned mission will bring them during their meditations into synchronous resonance with God's love from where all true healing originates. Knowing in a more keenly aware manner that this is henceforth taking place, each time we meditate for peace, love and glorious harmony on Earth, will certainly enhance our collective service to the Light and I'm glad I can thus be of any help to assist anchoring this emerging awareness of our indissociable unity with All That Is through this networking mean of communication.



As I was reading writing Matthew's reply and especially this segment... "It is not that we direct our light energy to specific areas or that the energy would go to only those specific places. I believe I mentioned this with an explanation on another occasion, did I not? When I said that all meditation energy is spread over the globe in a leveling energetic layer and not bunched up at a point of geography?"... I recalled that Suzy had sent me earlier another very interesting series of comments from Matthew pertaining to this aspect he is refering to in this excerpt. I was intending to send this to you in conjunction with a Special Equinox Meditation Focus but I could never find time to prepare it and so Matthew's earlier comments never got circulated. So I feel it is definitely most appropriate to include them here. As you'll read, you'll see in which context they were offered. I've decided not to make any editing changes to his wording as Matthew and Suzy encouraged me to do, both because I hardly see how I can improve that much on what is stated below and because it gives an interesting "insider" unedited feel to it.


Wednesday, August 29, 2001

S: Good morning, Matthew! Jean has a question.

MATTHEW: Good morning, Mother! Yes, I know that, but for the record, please write what it is that he wishes me to address.

S: OK. He has received a message from someone in a group in Switzerland, Triangle Group, that is proposing a special meditation for China during the equinox September 22-23. Jean is thinking also of suggesting that special thanks be given to the ET civilizations that have been and are using their powers to preserve and uplift Earth. Will you comment on those two considerations, please.

MATTHEW: With great eagerness, Mother! All strength of any sensation will be considerably heightened during that time frame, so it’s especially appropriate to offer special thanks and gratitude for assistance to those extraterrestrial civilizations whose love for and efforts on behalf of Earth and all of her life forms is helping your planet and YOU.

As for the meditation focusing on China during that period, obviously that country is in powerful need of assistance, but truly, all of Earth is, and so my suggestion -- please, let me be more emphatic about that and call it my recommendation -- is that NO place on Earth be excluded from loving meditation during the equinox. It is true that China is in great need of group and individual prayers, but to focus solely on that area and those souls when such heightened energy steamers will be beaming intensely at Earth is not, in my view, the most prudent way to assist in this excellent opportunity to uplift your planet.

S: So you’re recommending that everyone on Earth, in formal meditation or individual prayer, focus on the entire planet?


S: OK. Well, is there some guidance you would like to give in this?

MATTHEW: Anyone moved to participate in a loving prayerful effort of this godly nature is a light-worker, and visualizing Earth glowing with the light of the universe is not unknown to them.

S: Are you referring to global rather than area-focused meditation always or just during rare times, like the annual equinoxes? From your vantage point, would Earth be better served if ALL places and all situations always were the basis of group and individual prayers?

MATTHEW: I’d say that specifying each place and circumstance and person on Earth who would benefit from increased light would leave time for nothing else, as no cubic inch of your world and not even one of the tiniest plant or animal life forms is unworthy of meditative light-focusing. However, I think that the effects of focused prayer are not well understood.

It is not that formal concentration on certain areas means they are being especially blessed just because this focus is in some hearts and minds of individuals or groups, but rather that the light brought forth and anchored on Earth by these prayer requests goes to the areas where it is most needed. So, even though a large group of you may “Think China,” let us say, the light brought in by those focused thoughts and feelings is not disseminated only to China, and furthermore, it may not be received.

S: Matthew, excuse me. How would any “place” either receive or not receive light being beamed into the area?

MATTHEW: A “place,” although perceived as a geographic area, actually is the manifestation of all energy prevailing there, and its energy essence is its interacting life forms, each with the capacity to receive or reject light being offered. A majority of souls in the “place” may indeed receive the light but this may not be recognized widely because very little changes overall due to the few most powerful souls rejecting it and continuing their unen-light-ened ways.

S: Well, since light goes where it’s needed, why would it make any difference if the group in Switzerland chooses only China for its equinox meditation?

MATTHEW: Non-focused meditation has greater effectiveness because anything in balanced measure is more potent in energy “spread.” You know how often I have stressed the imperative nature of balance! So, sending out light in equal measure saves the effort to reallocate imbalanced provisions. What happens is not that China’s life forms ideally would “use up” all the light energy of that meditation group’s direction and only goodness and peace would reign. What happens is that the band width within which light can raise planetary frequencies would not operate as effectively as it potentially can. The free will choices in the prayers must be honored by universal law, so the light of the meditation effort would be honored in total. By the universal law of All That Is seeking balance, only temporarily can the narrow focus of the light in the prayers be maintained.

Mother, I need to interject something here. “Light” is the love of God being expressed in a tangible, maneuverable, influencing energetic form, and since in the meditative use of that term, love is what you’re talking about, you can see why it’s God’s prerogative to smooth out the bunched-up light, or love -- if one can even conceive of either of those being less than evenly flowing from the source. If this were not so, your world would be in far worse shape than it is!!

People are verifying their own beliefs and often expressing their personal emotional needs by praying for their choice of place or person where they feel healing is greatly needed. However, the overall effects of their prayers become the province of God, who knows more than third density individuals which souls are most in need of the divine love that we’re speaking of as light. The matrix of light allocation must be in keeping with the ultimate goal of balance. Therefore, the leveling, or balancing, motion of light is constant, like water making its way into the areas of low-lying elevations and eventually smoothing out all the tumultuous peaks and valleys so as to create flourishing everywhere. If light were emitted in balance from every soul on Earth, the flourishing – the Eden paradise -- would be NOW.

S: I see. What about the healing of a sick or injured individual in a mass invocation – is that light energy also diffused so that some goes to the person and the rest goes to others?

MATTHEW: This comes back to the pre-birth agreement, the longevity of the soul’s physical life contract, as to whether the body is healed. Maybe it isn’t supposed to be, but the multitude directing enormous energy toward that goal is unaware of that person’s soul-level agreement. If the physical life is not meant to end imminently, a healing can indeed happen, but regardless of a “miraculous recovery” or not, the light not required for physical healing of that individual ripples outward into that leveling pattern and raises the soul-light level of myriad others who are receptive to it.

S: Is this ripple effect mathematical – Earth math -- like a crowd of 100 focused on the same prayer is 100 times more effective than one person?

MATTHEW: Universal mathematics works here, Mother. The light emanating from the 100 would mingle and rise to exponential heights of effectiveness, with results almost immeasurably greater than one because of the ripple effect. It is not that a single prayer is less valid in intent or fervency than the composite prayer, but rather that when the universal law of exponential growth and the balancing motion are recognized, the difference is incalculable. So, even with a focused rather than global approach to meditation, these prayerful thoughts and feelings cannot be acclaimed too highly for their benefits to Earth.

S: Thank you, Matthew. Do you want to add anything?

MATTHEW: I’d like to repeat something I’ve told you, Mother, and it is something that’s in one of the books. Prayer is what is in one’s heart and mind, in every moment, in any place. It is not repeating with a multitude of others a formal petition, it is not a single plea for a specific act of God that you feel must be expressed in a special manner of speech or only when kneeling. In fact, prayer is your very life. It is your thoughts about others, your caring for them, your desiring and planning certain benefits in your own life, your motives behind your actions. It is safe to say that not a single moment of your life is not a prayer, because not a single moment is exempt from the universe knowing and registering, and that is the basis for self-judgment in the next world. “Be careful what you pray for -- you may get it!”

S: That’s it? You want to end with that “warning”?

MATTHEW: Can you think of a more important message to leave with you than that?

S: I guess not, dear. I was rather expecting you to circle back to the meditation focus and give an all-inclusive final word, I guess.

MATTHEW: Mother, I don’t think that’s necessary – I think I’ve covered every essential aspect of meditation and prayer, don’t you?

S: If that’s your impression from your vantage point, I sure can’t argue.

MATTHEW: Good! Then I think you can send this off to Jean for his consideration of my view on those two issues that are more important than perhaps he realizes. Or perhaps he does, because he asked!

Jean, I wish to express to you my pleasure and appreciation for your asking my opinion. You are asking about very important aspects of consciousness that we can see are not well understood, and you are doing your usual light service by raising the questions. Please don’t think it’s necessary to put all of my words in your message, though -- my mother and I become chatty.



To: "Suzy Ward" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001
Subject: Matthews’s reply to my question

Thanks a lot, - really *a lot* - Suzy and all my gratitude to Matthew as well.

This is a most beautiful, uplifting and very educational message indeed which I will include in a special Spiritual Nugget I will prepare as a complement to this Special Equinox Meditation Focus.

(Note from Jean added on November 12, 2001: As explained above, I’ve not been able to prepare this Spiritual Nugget email to go along with this Special Equinox Meditation Focus which never got prepared either, all because of the September 11 events that monopolized all my/our time and attention.)

It feels really good to receive that kind of accurate and very precious information and I'm sure it will be of high interest to many.

Whenever Matthew feels like contributing more such "spiritual nuggets" he can rest assured I'll be most happy to network them through my usual channels.

I'm sure his lights would be most welcomed as to how an individual meditator can be most efficient in radiating positive light and love towards all Life on Earth and beyond, such as what kind of meditation method he recommends, what best way one can be attuned to the higher frequencies of Peace, Love and Harmony and thus be a good "instrument" in service of All That is, in synch with God within.

Love and infinite gratitude



From: "Suzy Ward" <>
Subject: Most effective ways to meditate to send light throughout the world
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001

Hi, dear!

Of course, you're WELCOME re: the information from Matthew. Rather surprising to me -- sometimes I "feel" the bottom line, but I didn't at all with that disclosure about meditation-focused light being shared. As soon as I can, I'll ask him about the most effective ways to meditate to send light throughout the world.

"Mother, you can tell him right now that envisioning the world as a verdant green and richly blue ball with rich golden light behind it, and the movement of clockwise orbiting, or rather circling, is the single most effective vision to hold, and then allow the soul to communicate with the consciousness. "Health" and "love" are good words to think about, but softly, as if a lullabye is in the distance and pastel colors may waft into your Earth picture. It's not effective to spend a great deal of time TRYING to achieve the perfect image or state of mind, free of questions or other thoughts. The main thing is to ALLOW rather than force the connection of oneself with the rest of the soul population, AKA Godhead, and awareness of -- as if floating WITHIN -- the universal knowledge and power and love. The sensation is above form or body, truly free-spirited. Just keep at this exercise, a little at each time but not ponderously! until you feel gently merged with it.

Meditation practice does not come easily to the frantic mind, you know, so I'd say that it's useless for someone who is beset with traumas or even scattered thoughts of disturbing nature to try to achieve this calm connection right off the bat. Those souls would do well to breath deeply, in the nose and out the mouth, several times, not focusing on anything except the welcome feeling of release from stress, tension -- and then if that is successful, the meditation exercise could be undertaken. I would suggest -- recommend -- that if ANY soul who is tightly bound in nervous tension would breathe in that way, a great deal of negativity could be dispelled in one fell swoop from that physical being, psyche and heart. If this can be widespread, done throughout the world, what a boon to Earth that will be!

I see now that what I had anticipated as a "quick fix" succinct reply wasn't addressing the spectrum of conditions and resolutions. I want to add something else that's VERY important: SMILE. Think of something heartwarming, anything from a puppy's or kitty's antics to a scene of glorious pristine beauty, and rejoice that you have those images to uplift your spirits even for that moment. Then smile more. SMILE AND BREATHE! Those two simple acts NEVER can be ineffective in releasing tension and in sending forth a LIGHTer consciousness into the atmosphere, where it is drawn to others who also are seeking that uplifting aura. Energy LIGHT-ening in this way is desperately needed right where you are, Everyone, and you can consider this the reality it absolutely IS: "Charity (love) begins at home."

Will that suffice? It kept growing, but I think all of that is necessary to include, although not necessarily in those exact word choices. Mother, if you can tidy it up, do so -- thank you."

Well! I was wondering when I'd have time to talk with him, which no doubt is what "invited" him to get in his 2 cents there. I didn't change much -- just corrections, really -- so feel free to be guided in editing.

With love to you! Suzy

Note: The next day, Suzy sent a follow-up note with a suggestion from Matthew to emphasize "the importance of SMILING and BREATHING during such meditations.



So now you have the whole story as it unfolded. I hope this will be useful to you and trust that you will keep these suggestions in mind when joining in meditation with all other Light Servers from now on. Feel free to share all this with others who may be receptive to these ideas and inclined to join in such globally synchronized meditation every Sunday at 4 pm GMT.

More details on the Matthew books can be found at
More details on the Global Meditation Focus can be found at



To find out his previous articles mentioned in his letter below, simply type in "Tony Budell" in the onsite search engine at

From: "Tony Budell" <>
Subject: Speaking Tour Idea
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001

Hello dear Jean,

Quite often in the past, I have sent you various things that I have written, My sky. Five minutes more. The rape of the virgin Mary. etc, as well as being the founder/director of the charitable organisation, British Humanitarian Aid. Another important aspect of my work is in talking!! Not just about my humanitarian aid endeavours, but more importantly, the spirituality behind my work, the impetus that enables me to achieve so much for the benefit of others. Talking to groups takes up quite a bit of my time, but it is something that I enjoy immensely. Being able to reach out to others and motivate them is a joy that fills my heart and whether the group is a 'family' group of only a few or, a large gathering as was the case at the Royal Albert Hall in London (4500), makes no difference as I feel quality is better than quantity.

I have had this idea of coming to America and giving talks to various groups (any groups!) that would be interested, not only in our work in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Chernobyl region of the Ukraine, but also in the spiritual enlightenment that such work brings to one. Just to give you an idea, I spoke last month to a large group in Derbyshire for over an hour and received a five minute standing ovation, which I must say left me in tears. I can pay my own fare to the USA but I need someone who can organise such talks so that I utilise my stay to the best possible advantage. It would be pointless just to talk to one group and then fly home again.

If you know of any groups, individuals etc. who could possibly help put this together for next year, say, then please either get them to contact me or forward this e-mail to them. I sincerely hope that you can help but if not, then I'm sorry to have wasted your valuable time.

In Love and Light,

Tony Budell (Brother Anthony)


Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001
From: Antares <>
Subject: Re: The Light Series #5: Facing Negativity Instead of Denying it

Jean wrote:

"It is quite amazing in itself that nearly 2000 people on this ERN English list (and 700+ on the French one) are consenting to receive the incredible barrage of information I subject them all with, 4 or 5 days a week, and keep up - to a certain extent of course - with all that is being proposed to their attention."

First an immense virtual hug for your amazing stamina and dedication to the Great Work, my spirit brother Jean! That statement above struck me and I had to chuckle. It's true about infoglut and yet, although I have already unsubscribed from quite a few lists, I have never once considered removing myself from the ERN bulletin - in fact it's the most convenient way of monitoring what's going on just beyond the public eye and far more useful in these times than watching CNN (!!!) or reading
Time/Newsweek etc. You are in a unique position to do what you do, Jean. As a planetary visionary gifted with eloquence, intelligence and sensitivity, you also have the greatest attribute of all - integrity.


Monsieur Hudon, you are a spiritual warrior non pareil and I'm grateful and proud to be on your ERN network. I have so often forwarded sections of or even the entire posting on to my own lists, but I've always included your website and email address. I'm sure more than a few have decided to subscribe just from reading a fragment of your stimulating and energizing material. I trust that you are being kept alive and healthy by universe/providence/Lady Gaia through voluntary contributions
and miraculous windfalls as I myself have been since deciding in 1977 to work only for love and not wages?

Infinite Rainbow Blessings,

My Virtual Jungle:

Have You Been To THE MOON?


From: "Simeon Nartoomid+" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001
Subject: Re: The Light Series #5: Facing Negativity Instead of Denying it --- Webposted at

Dear Jean,

In response to this most excellent piece by Lesley Whiting, I offer the following:

What is darkness but the unconscious aspects of the collective? As we bring these unconscious aspects of our collective reality into the clear light of conscious self-awareness, the power in that "darkness," as Leslie so well stated, is dispelled and holds no power any longer. In this perspective, the events taking place in our world right now are a blessing in that they are bringing enormous amounts of that collective unconsciousness into our awareness to be transformed forever if we respond appropriately.

I agree that we very much need to broaden our horizons and understand what is taking place to the best of our ability. We must accomplish this from a foundation of inner peace. Many times we are not able to experience inner peace but in the most controlled of circumstances. We must humble ourselves and ackowledge our limitations here, and recognize the boundaries that these limitations form must be expanded to facilitate our efforts to be more effective agents of change in our world. But to step completely outside of the place where we are firmly rooted in inner peace would be a spiritual loss even if there seemed to be a physical gain. In truth, there would not be a physical gain either, "As Above, so Below."

People who have difficulty with embracing the outer chaos which is taking place in our world without losing the connection to their inner peace are acting in accord with their own spiritual need to stay rooted in that inner peace by focusing on the positive. They would do well do try and expand those boundaries, and to cheer on those who have a larger territory of inner peace to operate within on behalf of us all.

In Peace, Love & Blessing,
Rev. Simeon Nartoomid

Church of the Holy Flame

Planet Prayer Network

To read the piece by Lesley Whiting mentioned above, please go at