November 7, 2001

The Light Series #4: The Answer to Terror is Love

Hello everyone

Here is another *very* interesting compilation of wonderful contributions received from several ERN subscribers and from various Web sources, which I'm sure will be of great interest to many of you.

You are also welcomed to contribute to future Light Series compilations.

Enjoy and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


To set the record straight and FYI, I was informed today through several sources that the Green Party USA Coordinator Detained At Airport story has been described as being (and I quote) "deliberately misleading, and while serious deprivation of our liberties may be yet possible, the detention of a Greens/Green Party USA activist apparently had nothing to do with her GPUSA affiliation and everything to do with freaking out while passing through the metal detector at the airport." Allegedly Nancy Oden "was not targeted at the airport because she was a leader of the G/GPUSA. She was targeted because she was rude to the security officers. Indeed, the FBI say they had no idea who she was. Other Green Party leaders have had no trouble whatsoever flying." Moreover, her GPUSA party "is *not* the Green Party of the United States (see at, officially recognized by the Federal Elections Committee as the party which nominated Ralph Nader for President in 44 states and has affiliated state parties in 33 states. GPUSA has affiliated state parties in 4 states, of which 2 are disaffiliating." One source wrote that "the disputed characterization of events may be the product of internal squabbles between the two Green Parties." The sources of this info were Stephen Jascourt <>, "Brent White" <> and from a Press Advisory sent by the official Green Party Media Coordinator Nancy Allen <>. Thanks to all those who warned me of the other more accurate side to this story. Please forward this other version of the event to those who may have received the previous info on this and sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


2. Feedbacks on Meditation Focus #50
3. To Gaia's beautiful children
4. Declaration of Our Awakened World
5. Each one of us has the choice to choose
6. An Open Letter for Peace Within
7. Terrorism and Love
8. Terror, Love and The State of the World
9. Through the Veil from the Other Side



Forwarded by Cecilia Rouvrais -

"On Saturday, 10th November: through meditation (one hour), a synchronised connection among Costa Rica, Jerusalem, Paris and many places worldwide will take place to support the important work of purification that will take place in the third dimensional Jerusalem for the falling and the anchorage of the light of the New Jerusalem, Heaven on Earth."

Synchronised times in local times:

Costa Rica & New York: 07:00 hrs AM; Paris: 14:00 hrs; Jerusalem: 15:00 hrs

From the 9th to the 11th November, the II IberAmerican Light Summit willbe held in Iztaru, Costa Rica. The Summit is conceived as a "Great Communion". It will gather lightworkers from Latin America and Spain. Also, from the 6th to the 10th November, a World Light Summit will be held in Jerusalem. 60 lightworkers of 12 countries will be participating."

For more on the II IberAmerican Light Summit, see
For more on the World Light Summit, see


From: "Leo Genereux" <>
Subject: Re: PAN ALERT: Meditation Focus #50: Choosing Love Over Fear, Expressing our Innate Goodness --- This material is also available at
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001

Dear Jean,

The summary words to this PAN ALERT are absolutely inspiring. I'm assuming that they are your own words... Their clarity and soulfulness are truly beautiful. I shall print them out and focus my attention of them as often as I can.

Thank you, Leo Genereux Australia

AND MY REPLY WAS (in part)

Many thanks for expressing your appreciation. I'd like however to make one thing clear. Although I have indeed typed these words, I must say that even a few minutes before writing them I had no idea what this focus would be about nor how I would formulate it. For sure some of its content is the gestational result of my inner grasp of how things are evolving and to that extent I'm certainly contributing to it, but by the same token I'm always striving to stay out of the way - figuratively speaking - when the inflow of ideas comes in as a direct result from my request for assistance and inner guidance when conveying with words what direction our commonly focussed intent and energies should take during our weekly meditations. Therefore, I often read *as I write* this material and most of the time have hardly any correcting or editing to do once it is expressed in words. I guess I'm expressing these thoughts both to convey that I, the human personality, am not the author per se when I write in such a receiving mode and also to give you - and others - an idea of what this process involves, a process which anyone at a certain level of spiritual understanding and experience can learn to master and use fruitfully for the furtherance of the global mission for our common - and much better! - future. There would certainly many more insights to share with regard to the co-creative process of such Life-affirming thoughts and concepts as well as many interesting notions to express concerning the spiritual healing work done during those globally synchronized meditations in assistance to the most powerful and benevolent beings of Light and Love patiently shepherding humanity towards the greener pastures of spiritual upliftment and alignment with the Will of God - the smaller self humbly and joyfully serving the Higher Self Within until there is no sense of separation left - but suffice it to say that the best way to learn about these things is through direct experience and certainly not through the words of another seeker. The Guiding Beacon is shining brighter everyday within each one of us and is easily seen if we will just look in Its Direction.

So yes print them out and use these words if they may help you for now, but also allow yourself the greater joy of turning your attention inside your heart and soul to hear the perfectly attuned rendition of the divine melody resonating within the vibrant receptable of your own Divine Self.


"Shanna MacLean" <> also sent this comment on this Meditation Focus #50


I am thrilled with the Meditation Focus this time. Often I do not feel resonance because I do not like to "interfere" with movements on Earth that perhaps we do not fully understand. I pretty much stay in Highest Good of All when I meditate for those purposes. But LOVE absorbing all fear is very clear to all, and the most needed action we could take on the whole planet. Perhaps that could always be a choice in the Meditation Focus, i.e. meditate for a specific situation OR if you do not wish to do that, meditate for Love absorbing all Fear or in Highest Good of All. THANK YOU, Jean!!

Much love, always



From: "Annie Aroha" <>
Subject: To Gaia's beautiful children
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001

Blessings to you dearest Jean,

Please accept my humble and heartfelt gratitude for your work in Service to the Truth; and inspirational devotion to turning our collective vision of peace on Earth, into a living reality for all...

Aloha beautiful ones,

As we are all aware it is becoming clearer and clearer, with every passing moment in these amazing times of living prophecy and grand Global Transformation, that what we have and are visioning, our hopes and dreams, are truly manifesting, right here, right now! On every level, this exhilarating process of evolution is unfolding... I believe that like no other time, right now, our prayers for planetary Peace, our wishes cast to the Universe, our vision of Freedom, Truth and Love, for all our beloved kin that is held in our hearts, is undeniably, perfectly, magnifecently manifesting!

When we put it out to the Universe, we ask that whatever is needed for the Highest Good for all, to be..... We let go, with total Trust in the Divine, for our true selves know that everything is as it should be, we rejoice in the perfection of imperfection! For we know, that possibly ALL we know, is that everything that happens here on Earth IS ALL for the Highest Good....

This Divine Trust is what gets us through the agony and the ecstacy! ... Let us focus once again on Trusting the Process!!

May I also briefly mention that for many who follow and are tuning into Natural Time, the True cycles of Mother Nature, and the whole Global situation; this full moon (Oct 31st, Nov 1st) is celebrated here in the Northern Hemisphere as Samhain, a pagan (nature-loving) festival; honoring the sacred turning of the solar year....

This time of completion is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what has been and gone, a time to explore what we have learned from our experiences, and a time to discover how we have grown.... It is a time to honour all the blessings we have been graciously given, and a time to give thanks....

Samhain is believed to mark the time when the veil between worlds is at it's thinnest and so is a time when communication with Spirit/s is most favoured and possible... It is a time when we may offer gratitude to our ancestors and honour the lives of those who have passed with gifts of Love and rememberance.

Samhain is a time of death, of great Transformation... a time to let go of that which no longer serves us. It is the Perfect time to release any old or unwanted emotional and mental patterns and programming that we no longer identify with. As we liberate ourselves by letting go, with love, all that we no longer need; we create a space, for the seeds of our wildest dreams of Love, Truth, and Peace on Earth to be planted, nurtured and nourished, until they grow into fruitful gifts to share with our World Family...

I hope you will join us and light a candle for forgiveness and renewal..

And please, beautiful ones, whenever you get the chance, lay your healing hands upon our dear Mother Gaia, send her your love, and feel her smile !



Declaration of Our Awakened World

A Living Source Document

The Association for Global New Thought, and the participants in Awakened World 2000, declare it to be so:

The world's people have spontaneously awakened from their collective dream of separation and limitation into the glorious realization that all is One and the One becomes the many.

We live in a Unitive consciousness from which our world naturally organizes itself. Every citizen of planet Earth understands and lives from the principles of co-creation, the guiding value of which is the Golden Rule.

In diversity and multiplicity we see the Unity of all life. All sentient beings are celebrated and held in high regard as necessary to the unfolding of our greater Good. We have shifted from competition to composition and intentional relationships. Our differences are seen as our gifts and we welcome their expression.

Religious traditions are understood as cultural perceptions of the Divine that have led the world into a trans-denominational convergence. We have embraced the ancient wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions bringing a peace from within which is manifested fully orbed in our world Our respect for all life transforms our sense of dominion over nature into the role of guardian and caretaker. The policies and practices of our governance and our industries are extensions of our love of life and our respect for the Intelligence of Nature. We now see that true profit is the benign impact that our choices have on future generations. Our first priority is the benefit afforded to the Whole System.

Our wise choices have resulted in the renewal and restoration of the Earth's natural ecology and her resources. We honor our planet as the Mother body which gives us our daily bread.

Global resources are shared by all, eliminating the concepts of "first and third" worlds. Ethnocentric nationalism fades away as Spiritual communities take root in every culture replacing political and special interest groups. Our experience of unity creates our shared goals and mutually beneficial strategies. While individual expression is welcomed as the evidence of The Genius Within, we hold our common good in the highest regard. Our self expression is encouraged through all of the arts. We honor our musicians and mathematicians equally.

The concept of violence is nonexistent in our consciousness and therefore our world. We have shifted from weaponry to creativity. Prison systems have been replaced with true centers for rehabilitation based on compassion and empathy in a climate of absolute equity and democracy.

Our spiritual understanding has brought forth a natural prosperity proving the Truth that abundance is our birthright. We distribute goods and resources from the premise that there is enough of everything for everybody. We prove the principles of co creation by our actions. We have learned to harness infinite universal energy supporting and enhancing all life.

Our spiritual wholeness is accepted by all as the source of our physical health. Hospitals give way to centers of spiritual well being. We encourage the application of "what works" to bring about the full restoration of natural vitality. Children are taught early on to meditate upon the pattern of wholeness within and to gratefully acknowledge its reflection as the body.

In our Awakened World children are known to be both teacher and student. They are seen as sacred treasures as are our elders. In our world every child is a member of every family. Educational systems emerge which focus on the practice of self discovery and which teach the principles of co creation and the Unity of all Life. There is an emphasis on conscious communication and intentional speech. Our leaders understand that loving and respectful relationships are the key to human freedom and cooperation.

A "Beyond Reason" vision emerges to include technologies that free us to express our full potential including self-healing and regeneration; interspecies and inter-dimensional communication; instant communication between ourselves and other inter-galactic beings.

We have become self-governing and self-organizing. Each person holds their highest vision as their personal destiny. Relationships are formed to support and encourage the full revealing of one's True Self.

Our Awakened world is a Chalice holding the consciousness of its people. Our families, communities and nations consistently reflect the ethic "As above so below. As within so without. It is done unto us as we believe."

Our hearts are open to the continuous influx of human kindness and love. Our minds are alert to the impulse of the Divine which guides and directs. We have come to know ourselves as one human family. As a result of our individual and collective choice to awaken to the eternal Truth of our Unity with our Source and with all of life, and because we have chosen to live as universal citizens who are responsible for our immediate experience and our continuum as an evolving species, and by right of our consciousness.

The kingdom of Heaven is now manifesting on Earth.

And so it is.


From: "Alishaa k Asakura" <>
Subject: Each one of us has the choice to choose
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001

At the Wake of 911, I have pondered and participated in the aftermath of its awakening and wondered what will it take to balance this imbalance that we are all in.....then a person "dear to me" made me realize that many people do not believe there is a God......

There is a difference...when we say: "God is a spirit"....and "God is spirit!" Someone told me that he does not believe in God....Some people also believe that God is responsible for death of many people...some people also believe that God will bless our wars.....

"God is spirit."..and there is a spirit in every cell of our bodies..also in every molecule that exist in this Universe...

Whatever is created with out LOVE, the molecules of it will break down to its basic element of original creation of the elements (remember the elemental chart? as we have learned in basic science classes)......what thoughts or prayers we enter or program into every cells of our bodies, is very much like how we enter data into our computer...we are subject to negative thoughts, and viruses that causes diseases of the computer to shut down...or we are subject to words that enlighten us to a higher level of is all up to each individual how God..or spirit responds or functions in our body...for a "lighter" healthy body, or for a "heavier" diseased body.

We have the freedom to make your choices in "the present" for this is all that we have... What we are experiencing today are reflections and choices that we made in the past... Today, in this present moment, we can decide to make better choices, better words, better thoughts. Words of praise. Our life and future of this planet and civilization will depend on our thoughts today, every moment of our lives.

Remember that PURE Consciousness and LOVE is "the way".... again each one of us has the choice to choose.

May Peace prevail the earth and let it begin with each one...

AlOHA, express the beauty of your spirit

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo,

Alishaa K Asakura"


From: "Daniel M. Kolos" <>
Subject: An Open Letter for Peace Within
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001

An Open Letter for Peace Within

Recent terrorism and an examination of why it was brought to North America details the violent response and history of our country, but there is more. Not only the United States but all other 'nations' with borders have been conceived and born through violence: either as the result of winning a war, or losing it. In this larger historic picture, violence is endemic to the existence of a nation-state.

There is still more. Our economic system, whether we call it capitalism or mercantilism or consumerism, is also based on violence. The short-term gain that comes from the accumulation of money is usually at the expense of the earth or people. There are entire books devoted to the false ecology of our economy, but I don't beleive it is an extremist view to call it violence.

With violence built into our existence on several levels, we can draw several conclusions about it. First, it will not change from the top down. Our government and political leaders will not bring peace. They cannot because they, like we, are an inherent part of a ring of violent systems. Secondly, overthrowing a violent system with violence will perpetrate violence, so any form of revolution is out of the question. Thirdly, a larger global cooperation such as the United Nations or a New World Order would have worked, but both have been compromised by wars and economic terrorism. Finally, and I include only four items for the sake of brevity, the hierarchical structure of almost every social, economic, political and religious intitution inherently promotes violence in spite of the best intentions of the participants. (See Pierre Clastres, "The Archaeology of Violence" and his other works)

The question of establishing a peaceful world, then, becomes a matter of asking "Who can do it?" Who is born untainted by violence? Most human beings are both conceived by loving parents and born into welcoming families. The fact that we are then coopted into a violent society can be reversed on the individual level. Opting out of violence is an all inclusive process: spiritual, political, economic. Peace on earth, then, can be realized with individual, sovereign beings consciously and purposefully chosing to establish peace within themselves.

There seems to be no other way. I would very much appreciate it if you would think this matter through and discuss it with your friends. The internal process of reversing a violent environment cannot be institutionalized, cannot be organized. It must remain individual. Can it be cooperative and universal?

Working for Peace Within,

Daniel Kolos
PEACE WITHIN Concise News Network

Attack on America

Daniel wrote later that "This article was inspired by Tom Keene's article in Big Brother Files #7."


Sent by "Phyllis von Miller" <>

From: Institut für Globale Friedensarbeit
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Subject: Terrorism and Love

Terrorism and Love
Reflections on the attacks in the US
by Dieter Duhm

After the shock, after the fear, after the grief, the thoughts came, the information and the conclusions. CLIP

We experience outside of ourselves the eruptions of a system which is based inside of us on violence and fear. This system is also in our selves. The will for peace is not only a cry against the outer conditions but the will for peace is the definitive change of our own living conditions. I believe in the original goodness of human beings. I believe in the divine nature of human beings and all other beings. I also believe - - I apologize if it sounds like a mockery - I also believe more than ever before in the power of love. I believe in nothing more than in the power of love when dealing with the question of whether mankind and earth can still be saved. CLIP

There are no longer the guilty ones and the innocent ones in the old sense. We are not obliged to look for and remove the guilty ones, but to look for the reasons.The reasons lay in a worldwide system of exploitation and barbarism, driven by economic organizations, governments, armies, and intelligence agencies. They lay in a false economic order which is based on consumerism, destruction of nature and the exploitation of the poor parts of the world. They lay in a system where life is job, marriage, career and consumerism, leading to this exploitation of which we are all more or less a part. They also lay in the slaughter houses and the animal laboratories with which we daily increase the pain in the world. CLIP

The misfortune in our love relationships, reproduced a million times, cannot produce a healing politics. CLIP

In order to give durability to love and solidarity,. we need to build new humane, new social and ecological structures around our hearts. The earth needs "support bases of love" where the new social, sexual, economic and ecological structures can evolve. Forty years ago, the main issue in research was how to create technological advances for astronautics; today the main issue is how to create durable social structures for love, structures for cooperation with nature and creation. CLIP

This is the large project of our time, to which we have committed. It is not a project of small groups, but a project of humanity. We are all close to entering a new stage, a new octave of life. The big social systems will fall apart, until they come together into units of life which cannot break down any further, because the new force is circulating within them. CLIP

I ask all helping powers for support and assistance. I thank all those working to heal the earth.

For the full text, please go to:


IGF - Institute for Global Peace Work

* * * * * *



Terror, Love and The State of the World
by John Robbins
November 1, 2001

When there is as much terror afoot as there has been since September 11th, it is hard to see how love might prevail. CLIP

Sometimes we need to take a very long, very slow, and very deep breath, to restore our mental balance and ability to function with clarity. There is a difference between enraged action and wise, effective response. CLIP

Will the day come when the United States fulfills our true national purpose and achieves lasting national security?

We'll know we've begun when we break our addiction to oil, and develop an economy based instead on hydrogen, wind power, solar power, and other non-polluting, safe and renewable sources of energy.

We'll know we've begun to create true national security when we define the greatness of our civilization not by our military capabilities, not by our ability to inflict massive damage and punishment, but by our ability to bring out the best in ourselves and others, and by the quality of life we leave our children.

We'll know we've begun when we stop thinking there is such a thing as "smart" bombs or "sophisticated" weapons. "Sophisticated" means having the ability to use our intelligence, empathy and imagination to solve serious and complex problems. "Smart" means realizing that when these bombs kill civilians they leave them just as dead, their families just as heartbroken and enraged, the spiritual fabric of the world just as shredded, and the human heart just as violated.

We'll know we've begun to defeat terrorism when we see the connection between the $5 trillion the U.S. has spent on nuclear weapons since World War II and the homeless children shivering in the cold, the battered women who have no shelters, and the families broken by grinding poverty; when we see the connection between the $1 billion a day we've spent every day for decades on the military and the hungry people who have no hope, the children dying from preventable diseases, and the families who sell their daughters into sexual slavery because they see no other way to survive. We'll know we've begun to create a world where terrorism can't find a foothold when we commit ourselves and our resources to the building of a peaceful world with as much dedication as we've committed ourselves to war.

We'll know we're on the right track when we begin producing and eating food that is healthy for our bodies and healthy for the Earth, and when we no longer find acceptable the existence of human hunger anywhere on the planet.

We'll know we're upholding the human spirit when the power we seek is the ability to nurture and befriend, rather than to conquer and subjugate; and when the success we pursue is one in which all beings share because it is founded on reverence for life.

We'll know we've begun to create a safer and kinder world when we design our public policies and personal lifestyles not just for individual advantage, but for the greater good of the whole Earth community. Then we will ask God to please hear the prayers of the people in prison, of the homeless, of the refugees walking on roads because a war has forced them from their homes. We will ask God to hear the prayers of those who hunger and are not fed, and those who are despised by their fellow humans because they are somehow different. We will ask God to feel the exhaustion of those living too close to the edge of their physical and spiritual resources. Then our religious and spiritual lives will make us more human, more humble, and more able to live with respect for all beings.

In times of fear, most people step back and wait to see what others are going to do and what's going to happen. Some people, though, see the situation as an opportunity to step forward and take a stand. The more of us who in our hearts and lives take a stand for the creation of a thriving, just and sustainable way of life for all, the less likely it is that the bin Ladens of the world will accomplish their purposes, and the greater the chance that it will be love and not fear that will prevail. Then those who perished in the September 11th attacks will not have died in vain, but will live on in the flourishing of human hope and well-being.

The bitter historical events that came to fruition on September 11th did not come from nowhere, but developed over decades and even centuries. Likewise the peace and understanding that we seek, and which alone will make us truly safe, need to be nurtured and cultivated over generations of time.

It is to the planting, nurturing and harvesting of fruits worthy of all that is good and beautiful in us that we must now, as never before, dedicate our lives. Because now, as never before, the world needs our wisdom, our cooperation, and our understanding that all humanity is connected.




Digest Number 245

Message: 5

Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001
Subject: Through the Veil from the Other Side


by Mark Andrews

Messages From A Trusted (Departed) Friend In Spirit Who Shares Our Concerns Since 9-11.

This is the time of the year when the barrier that separates the physical and spirit worlds is the most penetrable. That is why Halloween, All Saints Day, and Mexico's Day Of The Dead all fall so close together within the space of little more than a week.

From some time in 1976 until September 8, 1994, I regarded Jim Fortmeyer as my best friend. Jim crossed into spirit on 9-8-94. He and I had enough time before his passing to make an agreement that he would give a sign (to all of us who cared so much for him) that he had made a safe and pleasant transition The date of this memorial service was 9-11-94, seven years to the day before the 9-11 attack.

Seeing as how we are now in the season of transcendence, I thought it would be a good idea to reconnect with Jim and see if he would care to expound on his (9-11) 9-11 prediction.

I will now be connected with Jim as I type the questions as well as Jim's responses.

Q. Who was behind the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center?
A. The men in the blue suits, and the king who smokes a pipe.

Q. Who is behind the anthrax scare?
A. The men in the green uniforms. Basically, it's a non-event. It's an attention getter; a distraction. There's a domestic agenda behind it all. Call it a "cold" civil war.

Q. What do you foresee in our near future in terms of more terrorist acts in the U.S.?
A. I'm going to leave that alone for now. There are things in the planning stages that can be thwarted. You should keep your thoughts and energies on denying the essential negative cosmic energies that are needed to bring those things about. Imagine dark clouds changing to white and colorful, sunrise clouds.

Q. Have you suggested that there are elements of the U.S. government that are engaged in a power struggle?
A. Yes. That pretty well sums it up.

Q. What can we expect in terms of earth changes; earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.?
A. There's - now - a fissure opening between L.A. and Death Valley. The big break will happen in March. It will cause a 7. quake in the L.A. basin.

Sink holes will begin to become a problem in the Southeastern states. This is a response to the San Andreas' shifting in California.

Another quake is "stewing" in the Mississippi Valley. This will be north of the New Madrid fault. There will be two pre-shocks and one main jolt, within 30 to 45 day after the L.A. quake. The magnitude of the major quake will be 6.+.

Mexico City will need to be evacuated beginning this winter. Two volcanoes will erupt near the city around Easter, 2002. There will be so many moderate quakes in the region before the eruptions that the ground will be described as being like rolling waves in a turbulent sea.

Mt. Hood in Oregon and Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker in Washington are coming to life. There will be high pitched sounds and deep rumblings reported in Portland. Seattle will experience many pre-eruption quakes and landslides. ( Full eruptions in late Winter / early Spring 2003.)

Three volcanoes in Northern and Central California will become much more active beginning in January 2003. Sacramento will be "cut off" from points East for a period of about 4 days.

San Francisco will be crippled by a 7.5 quake in April or May of 2003.

Buffalo, New York will be shaken by a 5 - 6 point quake in the Spring of 2003.


It will be interesting to see how Jim's predictions come to pass.

Mark Andrews