November 1, 2001

The Light Series #3: Healing the World Through Keeping Our Hearts Open

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Standing at the threshold of an Evolutionary Leap, we open awakened eyes upon a world in which many still suffer. As an unprecedented spiritual revolution gains momentum worldwide, a deep reverence for life resonates with our hearts. It calls us to awaken... and we are ready to respond."

Taken from A Declaration of Our Awakened World 2001 available at


1. More kudos
2. Our Task as Spiritual Warriors
3. Inspirational & Informative Thoughts after September 11, 2001
4. You Are a Multidimensional Healer


Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001
From: Randy Mitchell <>
Subject: More kudos

I wished to take a moment to extend my appreciation for your life's work, brother. I said it before and I will say it again: you are in need of secretarial reinforcements! This newsletter is a treasure trove; a lighthouse in a storm that promises to change us irrevocably. I ardently admire your mission.

To be in unconditional love, as I understand it, is to be willing to accept all that occurs around and inside of us. There is an epic drama taking shape, but it is not really about this foray into warfare. That is a fascinating sideshow, but--as I recently read in the Vajra Chronicles (you know of this work?)--we have, as a race, been engaged in one big war for centuries with little breaks in between. It is apparently necessary to our progress. The main event is nothing short of a world being recreated at the cellular level on up. That's what we must hold onto as events unfold and
explode in the next decade.

At the moment, in the so-called "seat of power" sits immature beings who require lessons in submission/dominance, and separation. Whatever havoc they wreak, it is they who are setting karmic tides into motion that they will ultimately have to balance. Without condoning it, we must nonetheless allow it. Love requires it. If it is a world of love you wish to inhabit, create it within you. There is no other way. This dream will be over before long.

A brother

PS I'll be happy to forward the Vajra material if it interests you. Its about time-line travel into a few generations ahead, and descriptions of the paradise that awaits soon.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I did request more details on this Vajra material and may let you know more on this.


Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001
From: Amethyst Freeman <>
Subject: Our Task as Spiritual Warriors

Dear Jean,

I saw this article/interview on the "Messages of Hope "message board on message board.

One thing I have noticed is that the news that we are receiving via our mainstream media is somewhat
different to what Americans are hearing and seeing. This is an interesting and I feel balanced article. The John Pilger show I saw myself. The url for this interview is:

Also it is important for people to realise that we create our probable futures in the present moment and nothing is set in stone, so crucial we centre on love, light and harmony as so much fear is being projected via mainstream papers and media.

Om Shanti,



Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001
From: "Philip A. Kratzer" <>
Subject: Inspirational & Informative Thoughts after September 11, 2001

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Dear Friends:

I would like to share with you a something I heard the Dalai Lama say in Los Angeles a couple of years ago.

The stage was set for his appearance. There was a Tibetan rug on the floor, a beautiful flower arrangement and a grand Louis XIV chair. The Dalai Lama entered, blessed us and sat down. The chair was so big that his feet did not quite touch the ground. He looked down and began to swing his legs. He looked up at us and sat there grinning and swinging his legs for a few minutes.

At the end of the talk someone from the audience asked him, "Why didn't you fight back against the Chinese:"

The Dalai Lama looked down, swung his feet just a bit, then looked back up at us and said with a gentle smile, "Well, war is obsolete you know." Then, after a few moments, his face grave, he said, "Of course the mind can rationize fighting back... but the heart, the heart would never understand. Then you would be divided in yourself, the heart and the mind, and the war would be inside you."

At that moment I understood what darshan is. These words entered into my very being. I understood the Dalai Lama to be saying to us that whether or not we knew it we have progressed, individually and collectively, in capacity in being conscious to a degree that we are capable of responding in new ways. It seems to me that he knew then the long arc of import those prescient words would have. And it seems to me that that is what is calling us now and in every moment of our lives as human beings... to observe and reconcile both heart and mind lest we be moved to action without heart.

Stephen and Ondrea Levine speak of learning to "keep your heart open in hell." For me that means learning to face the external challenge and its internal impact as well as the capacity to keep my heart open to the truth of my internal disorder and its impact on the external. I have faltered again and again when it is time to fully accept that I am what I reject. I know without doubt that I can find every quality in myself to some degree if I will but look deeply... it may be active or passive but it is my very self. Yet in any given moment I can slip into a void of righteousness filled with justifiable reasons to avoid the heartache of that knowledge. I look now to a deeper awareness that will move no faster than feeling can follow and so to be guided by what the heart knows and understands.

If on our way to living into this wisdom, we find by majority that must go to war let us consider these tales: A samurai had for many years been searching for the assassin of his warlord. Finally, he found the man, cornered him in the barn and disarmed him. As he was about to plunge the sword into his heart, the assassin spit in the samurai's face. The samurai sheathed his sword, walked to his horse, mounted and rode away. As they rode away his aide asked him why he had not killed the man he had spent so much of his life to find. The samurai replied, "When he spit in my face I felt my anger rise. I cannot kill in anger."

I think it was Epictus who said that only a man who hates war should lead the battle because only he knows what is enough. If our nation goes to war at least we might go with a heart that is humble and not filled with righteousness. A heart that knows that this is a world of mirrors, that here we see our own destructive mistaken certainties inflated to gigantic, horrible proportions. And may we find sufficient compassion to bear the pain knowing the part we played...... that we have contributed to the wound that feeds the rage that can beget such righteousness that it overrides the heart and justifies such inhumane acts.

Lastly, I remember that Ghandi said, "I am willing to die for the independence of India, but there is no cause for which I am willing to kill."

May we heed the heart that does not understand war that it might instruct the mind in what to do... and what not to do.

With Love and Light,

Bobbie Rose



You Are a Multidimensional Healer

In order to develop as a healer it is important to realise that the ability to heal and find healing is natural and innate, and that all healing is multidimensional. Once this is grasped we can move forward more easily from a state of despair or suffering towards a state of self-realisation and fulfilment.

To understand why the ability to heal is natural and innate, let us consider the word 'healing'. It means 'to make whole'. Next, consider the fact that there is an underlying wholeness to life (this is now being confirmed by science). While we can get lost in the appearance of divisions and dichotomies, which are born from our own fragmented perception and appear to be confirmed through our experience of acting them out, it remains the case that, in the background of our human dramas, life itself is whole, and has a tendency to move towards even greater degrees of wholeness.

It can be helpful here to realise the distinction between essence and form. The underlying wholeness is the essence of life, and the expression of that essence through vibration is the form that life takes. The more that we identify with form at the expense of essence, the more that we experience separation and create a need for healing. In this context, healing is basically the process of recovering our experience of wholeness by remembering our essence. Healing is available to all because behind all form is essence. If we are not in touch with the essence of form it is not because we do not have the ability, it is simply because for the time being we are choosing to identify with form. The choice to identify exclusively with form is often made out of habit or fear: when we explore the world of form so deeply, it is easy to become attached to it.

Since healing is a natural process, that unfolds wherever there is a relationship between essence and form (everywhere), we can all participate in it. Let us be clear: healing has many aspects to it. Ask a room full of people to put up their hands if they are healers, and unless each person in that room is a therapist, few hands will go up. This is because there is a misconception about healing. Healing is not just about practising a therapy one has trained in: it is more broad than this. It occurs in everyday life, in any scenario, where choices that uphold wholeness prevail over choices that uphold separation or division.

Why practise healing in the first place? There is no compulsion to do so. The exploration of the relationship between form and essence has created a game in which there are no rules as such. However, by choosing to create healing by touching our essence and helping essence to be revealed by form, we move towards self-realisation and tap the power that comes from identifying with our essence. That power enables us to connect consciously with everything and to release the pain that was created by acting out the belief of separation. When more and more people make this choice together, which begins when each person makes the choice individually, war and conflict will cease, love and peace will prevail, and the synergy of our increased interconnectivity will make available to us the enormous power of co-creation. In short, we get more out of life and release ourselves from suffering.

Healing can be practised in many different forms. Yet, whenever it is practised, it will be multidimensional in nature. That is because life is multidimensional. For instance, when relationships between people are being healed, there will be changes on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. The more that we focus the healing on all dimensions of life, the more powerful the healing will be. This is why conventional diplomacy can fail to bring about peace, or why the manufacture of drugs to treat the symptoms of an illness can fail to eradicate the illness itself: true healing does not occur.

Given the fact that we can all heal, and given the fact that we always create our own reality, there are really no victims in this universe, although it is easy sometimes to think so. This is not being disrespectful or heartless to people who are suffering or have suffered. For sure, there do appear to be innocent people who suffer, but in truth that is no more than a judgement on the part of whoever is observing, from their limited perspective. It is important to realise that there is always a bigger picture to reality and that for a person to create suffering for themselves they do not necessarily have to be consciously willing to suffer. This makes sense when we realise that the unconscious mind is often more powerful at creating our reality than the conscious mind.

Let us move on to some practical suggestions for working. The first thing we need to be aware of is that we live in a multidimensional reality. This means two things. Firstly, it means that the physical world that we perceive is only a small aspect of a much larger multidimensional reality. In other words, we have incomplete information if we are just using our physical senses to assess a situation. The field of perception is likely to be a small percentage of what is truly available to us. Secondly, it means that there is a lot more that we can work on than we can perceive with our physical senses. So what can appear as a helpless situation from a purely physical standpoint may be easily remedied from a multidimensional standpoint, or at least the situation will be given greater meaning from such a standpoint.

Most of us have not been taught to develop as a multidimensional being. The closest we have got in recent history is with religion, new age practices, and the experimentation with psychedelic drugs. Yet all three have tended to be used within the overriding context of political societies that depend on people giving away their power, and so their use has been limited. The fact that we have not been taught to develop as a multidimensional being may explain why there is so much suffering in our world. It is no surprise that the pineal gland - the gland which produces powerful hormones to open us to other dimensions - begins to calcify as early as five, six, or seven years of age, and that its heavy calcification in adulthood is taken as the norm by the medical profession.

(NOTE FROM JEAN: I requested more details on this calcification process from the author and he recommended looking at and and added that "basically, calcification is a response to poor diet and psychological conditioning and resistance. To decalcify it you improve your diet (more raw, living, and wholesome food, less processed food, balanced pH levels, etc.), encourage the imagination and spiritual channel, and work on healing your emotions and beliefs, which can be greatly assisted with the techniques of Body Electronics - see for more on this extraordinary therapy.")

If we have not been taught to develop ourselves as a multidimensional being, we may not have much trust in our ability to develop in this way. There may also be personal fears about doing so, for one reason or another. Yet we can all begin the exploration of multidimensional reality as part of our own healing, so long as we have no resistance. There are many tools, teachings, and initiations that claim to open us up to multidimensional reality, but these, while they can be useful, are sometimes a diversion and a means for control, for the 'lifting of the veils' is something that we can only truly do for ourselves.

By developing a non-resistance to our experience, which will be helped if we do not fear or over-rationalise it, we will be well on the way to expanding our potential as a healer. Be prepared to cultivate and use the imagination to aid your multidimensional development. The imagination is not useless for acquiring accurate information, despite what we are told by mainstream society, for the imagination is the means for subconscious and superconscious information to be made conscious. Some of this information will be multidimensional in nature, which means that it will be formed from our sensitivity to non-ordinary as well as ordinary realities. The more that we experience our unlimited identity without resistance, the more sensitive we will become to multidimensional reality, for we will be moving beyond conventional boundaries of experience.

Meditation, sitting quietly, or entering trance-like or daydream states all induce the same characteristic brainwave states that enable us to open up to multidimensional reality. When we are in these states we can use our imagination or sensitivity to explore the multidimensional nature of our world. Sometimes the information you receive will not make complete sense, and sometimes no sense at all, but try not to analyse at this stage and try to go along with the images, senses, words, or feelings that you may get. Often you will be working with symbolic rather than literal information, anyway, for it is far easier to communicate symbolic information when the communication is between different realities.

Once you are confident in opening up to a multidimensional reality, it then becomes possible to work with the power of intent to manifest positive change within other realities, in order for positive change to manifest in our physical reality. Some people will scoff at the idea of affecting change at a distance, let alone by doing so through another reality, but only because they fail to see how interconnected we are with our environment, and how many dimensions make up our reality. At one level we are one with everything, in whatever dimension, so the ability to affect anything anywhere is not so ridiculous.

There are many ways of working as a healer. Sometimes it is enough to create a resonance for change by holding a vision or intention and empowering it with the force of multidimensional reality. This is often the basis for the success of prayer. We can empower the vision or intention by holding it in focus with the fullness of our being - which means that we hold the focus using an identity that has expanded to incorporate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual reality. The power of physical reality is sometimes overlooked, but it actually serves to ground the healing.

The vision or intention may be formed perfectly in a multidimensional manner, accompanied by the desire and expectation for it to manifest, but that does not mean that it will necessarily manifest in physical reality. That can sometimes depend on how much other people and the Earth's energy field are resonating with that vision. In some cases, until there is a degree of resonance, the vision or intention will remain in a different dimension, and will either fade in time, or remain available to manifest in future, particularly if it is reinvigorated by repeatedly focusing on the vision or intention. This information will hopefully encourage healers who despair when their work seems to have no effect. It is important, though, to try not to question whether a particular healing will or will not manifest in physical reality, for that questioning can create doubt within us which can then block the manifestation of healing by cancelling out our expectation.

A very interesting way of working in non-ordinary reality is to explore the landscape of multidimensional reality, and to allow oneself to be guided to where healing needs to occur, and then offer the healing. This method has been used for centuries with great success by shamans. The shamanic practice that is being taught in some modern schools is a little rigid and formulaic to meet the full flexibility of multidimensional healing, but it can be a useful starting point in your development as a healer. But basically, one uses the power of the imagination to explore the multidimensional reality of a situation in order to find what can be healed. Each healer's experience of journeying in this way will be different, so it does not matter if you are not perceiving in the same way as other healers. Try not to expect what sort of landscape you should be in, and just let the imagination get on with its work. Unless you have total acceptance at this stage, and trust the power of your imagination, the rational mind will try to step in and either control or question the imagination.

What you are doing is in a sense a form of remote viewing and healing, but remember that there are times when your imagination will be working with symbolic rather than literal information. This does not mean that this process is all happening in your head, but rather that your multidimensional experience will tend to be translated through the imagination, rather than the rational mind. The actual exploration and healing occurs when an energetic connection is made between dimensions, which is greatly facilitated by the expansion of consciousness and identity. If you realise that you are in effect exploring different parts of your universal self, which manifests as these multidimensional realms, the process of identification with these realms will strengthen your multidimensional connection. Now, some people may be in fear because they think they should not identify with things that are undesirable, in case they take on those undesirable qualities. So let us be clear, the identification is with the 'universal mind' itself, rather than exclusively with one of its individual contents. When we are able to identify with the universal mind itself, the judgement we have about its contents will rapidly fall away anyway, not least because we will realise that the same essence underlies all forms.

As we journey into other dimensions we will be looking for areas in need of healing. We are hardly likely to know where these areas are unless we allow ourselves to be attracted to them through our intent, or ask for guidance from the part of us that already knows, for there is be a part of us that is already in touch with everything everywhere. So it is important when beginning the healing journey to have a clear intention of what you are setting out to do, and to declare this intention so that it becomes active. Remember that your intention should not be based on a personal desire to fix the whole universe, for this is the ego at work. Rather, it should be based on the desire to respond to what is available to you for healing, and what is appropriate for you to heal. Get the expectations and judgements of the rational mind out of the way and allow the situation to present itself, which it will if you are allowing yourself to be attracted or guided to where you can best help as a healer.

It can be useful to know before you begin the healing what specific issue you wish to offer healing to, for then you can be quite focused in your intent. When your intent is more focused, you create a stronger energetic link, whereas when you intent is vague or general, you create a weaker, albeit broader energetic link. However, either approach can be successful, and over time you will learn to determine when one is more appropriate than the other.

In my work I sometimes find it useful to work on issues that are energetically highlighted by the prevailing astrological trends for a particular time. While astrology is treated with scepticism by our materialistic culture, which is not helped by the generalisations made by a lot of newspaper and magazine astrologers - who, to be fair, are trying to earn a living through their column - I have found it to be quite accurate when all astrological indicators are considered for a specific time. In particular I would suggest that you consider using the time of a New Moon or Full Moon, or of certain exact aspects between planets, to decide when to begin a healing, while the astrological interpretations of these events will provide possible themes to work with in your healing. To decide on which theme to go with, see which theme you resonate most with, and whether it might be relevant to current affairs. If you wish to explore this way of working (it may not be for everyone) then I recommend that you subscribe to my free Global Meditation Bulletin, which contains this kind of information. You can subscribe through the form on my website at For lunar astrology you can visit my page at, and follow the links. Another useful source of astrological information is the free e-mail newsletter, the Galactic Times, which is produced by Philip Sedgwick (e-mail:

Once you have set your healing intention you will, provided that you are ready to heal in this way, be presented with a situation in multidimensional reality that requires healing attention. At this stage you simply offer healing to it, which begins when you develop a loving attitude towards it, and intend for the situation to be healed from all relevant perspectives, including that of the greater whole. Because you are already identifying with the universal mind, the love-based healing intention is enough to induce healing, because at this level of experience our thought will create reality quite easily. Some people work by calling for healing assistance, or by offering themselves as channel for healing to flow through. This is fine in one sense, and can be effective, but this way of working is based on a perception of separation, in which we are identifying with something other than that which is performing the healing. Some spiritual healers proclaim the fact that it is not they that are doing the healing, but the force that is working through them. It is quite true that the individual self has a limited role in this kind of healing, but it is untrue that we are separate from the healing force, for the same essence underlies everything. This means that the universal self heals itself, and that the healing force is nothing more than the self-organising force of this self. I would suggest that the most powerful healing that we can bring about occurs when we identify with the universal self and intend to move towards greater degrees of healing and wholeness within the situation we are dealing with.

It can sometimes be useful to approach this kind of healing from the perspective of subtle-energy fields. Subtle energies are those energies that operate beyond the physical dimension and through their field effects give rise to the elementary particles (quarks, leptons, and mediators) that make up our physical universe. We will often work with subtle energies as a multidimensional healer, though we may not be aware that we are doing so.

For anyone who does not know how to heal subtle-energy fields, there are several approaches to take, and you will eventually find your own right way of working. But basically these approaches involve transforming discordant energy fields through the power of your healing intention. This works because energy and consciousness are not separate. When you have entered your altered state of awareness you can see if you are guided to an area where energetic healing is required. The subtle-energy fields behind situations of suffering may present themselves to you as weak, distorted, or stressed. You may, for instance, get an impression of clouds or pools of negative energy, broken or distorted strands, misshapen vortexes, fading energy, or you might see holes, leaks, or blockages, or energy forms that do not seem to belong where they are. Exactly how the situation presents itself to you will be unique to your imagination and the set of symbols you work with. You should instinctively know whether the energy field is in need of healing, because it will not feel right for some reason. As you begin the healing it can sometimes be helpful to visualise an intense and radiant light cleansing, charging, and restoring the subtle-energetic field into a healthy state, and to add to add the intention for the recognition of the spiritual lesson behind what is being cleared for those responsible for it.

At this point I will share with you an example of one of the ways in which I might work - which is given solely for its curiosity value, for the way you work may be completely different from the way I work. For the exact time of the New Moon in Libra (relationships), which squared Mars in Capricorn (responsible use of will), I entered an altered state after beginning to meditate, with the intention of offering healing to a worldwide situation where the misuse of will was breaking up human relations. Although the bombing of Afghanistan was taking place, I did not limit myself to that particular scenario, but simply waited for what was presented to me. The first thing I sensed was an inactive vortex. I did not know what this was for or where it was, but it felt in need of repair, so I directed my healing intention towards it, seeing it filling with light and being revitalised. When I was satisfied that it was operating healthily, I then cleared the image before me and waited to be presented with the next situation that I could offer healing to. I then heard the words 'punctured reality' and 'restoration of self-worth'. I would guess that this probably relates in some way to the perception of people in mainstream societies, but I did not try to analyse the words at the time. I was then presented with at least three pools of darkness. I did not know what these were or where they were, but I did not feel that they belonged where they were. I can now guess that they were something to do with a disturbance in people's perception. I offered healing to this situation, and found that it was not highly responsive to the healing, but as I strengthened my identification with the 'universal mind' and brought down light into these pools, gradual progress was made as they changed colour and disappeared. I then held a vision of world peace and healing and came out of the meditation, but with the feeling that I would have to check back on this last situation, involving these pools, at a later date.

In whatever way you choose to work, a good tip for working with the power of the imagination in multidimensional healing is to practise using all of your senses, for this will activate more areas of the brain and strengthen the power of imagination. Although our physical senses themselves are rarely used to relay information about a multidimensional reality, their use in your imagination is nevertheless effective at building a bridge between physical and non-physical realities.

By sharing my views and experiences of multidimensional healing in this article I hope that I can bring a fresh perspective to your capacity as a healer. We may sometimes feel helpless or demotivated when our healing intentions do not appear to have an effect or when our collective prayers seem to go unanswered. Yet we know the power of our healing, so our ability to make a difference through our healing intentions is not under question. The question is how we can make a difference, and in answering this we need to be aware that what we perceive with our physical senses is only a fraction of the multidimensional reality that we are all a part of. It is difficult to assess situations of healing when our information is drawn primarily from only a fraction of the totality of life, and when even this fraction is not fully available to us, not least because we are often relying solely on media reports, which are limited in scope, and at times misleading, to assess situations in our world.

By developing as multidimensional healers, our whole perspective of life will change, and our potential to heal and transform our individual and collective lives will be raised to a new level. Of course, multidimensional healing includes working to bring greater degrees of wholeness to our physical lives. This implies working in physical ways to ground the healing process and integrate the many dimensions of life. There is only so much healing we can do in other dimensions to bring healing to our physical world. The ultimate healing has to occur by initiating physical change in our own lives in response to the changes in our consciousness. That is the bottom line, and if we are not meeting this need, world peace and healing will be a long time coming. Two good yardsticks that I would recommend to measure the progress of your healing are as follows. To what extent is essence revealed by form in the work I am involved in? To what extent am I resisting life?