December 31, 2001

The Light Series #10: Selected Thoughts at this Juncture in Time

Hello everyone

I can see a world of love and complete harmony found again. I can sense it growing in my loins. I *know* it is coming and it is coming because more and more people are choosing love over fear, service to the Universal One over self-service, and peace as a way of Life over war as the way of death.

So is speaking the "I" that is Us - Everywhere!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"May this coming year be a time where our vision for this world begins to manifest."

- "Biannca Pace" <>

"Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."

- Og Mandino [sent by Susan Renuka Dubin <>]

"It takes many drops to fill a barrel, but in the middle of a drought, each drop is of extreme importance. So please come join us in being drops of water and perhaps together we can fill several barrels with love, light, and compassion, and flood the planet to help cleanse it and to help cleanse the hearts of men."

- Cheryl A. Dunn <>

"Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of God."

- Sent by Vadim Sky <>

"2002 will be a time for change, for personal re-alignment and for spiritual growth. And the long awaited prophecies of the Ancients will become manifested within us. For that which we seek, shall be found. For that which we see, shall become a reality. And the deep love which is within our innermost consciousness, shall flow into the hearts and minds of all mankind."

- Malacti <>


1. Burning questions
2. Taking Responsibility
3. Science Looks Through Death's Door
4. The Toast


From: "Regina Renke" <>
Subject: Burning questions
Date: 19 Dec 2001

Dear Jean Hudon

I am writing to you because I have some questions that are burning to be put into the "out there". I am "an elderly woman". I am a mother and grand mother. I have lived in Europe, Latin America and North America. I am fortunate to have had lots of travelling experiences (including Myanmar and Yemen). I speak several languages and I have had a colorful life. I can boast friendships of more than 20 years in various countries. I don't watch television nor radio and a computer is "the evil" thing I use (I don't own one). In a nutshell, this is my profile so you can have an idea of my background.

I DON'T MEDITATE. I never could sit or walk or whatever. I felt very inadequate for a long time until I came to the conclusion that it was OK for me not being able to do that. God knows I tried. I have lots of friends that are Tibetans and I support the right of the Tibetan people to live and decide what is going on in their country. However I was never able to meditated or visualize or what not. Have done many initiations of the Tibetan Buddhism practice but meditation is something else. Why I am saying this ?

Well this war against the Afghanistan people came and thousands of people have been slaughtered. I haven't heard a word of revolt or defiance from the millions of western Buddhists. Where are they? Meditating? I start having questions about meditation when I read that Babbit (the ex-secretary of Interior meditates then the CEO for FORD Corporation is a Buddhist and meditates for 20 years (New York Times Magazine Sunday edition 2001). And then I noticed, when I lived in New York, all this Wall street types that sit and do meditation and yoga to enhance their lives as they work as investment brokers, analysts and other position in the heart of capitalism. And I started to notice the life style magazines writing about the goodness of meditation and yoga and how yoga and meditation became a tool for the life style types. Consume, consume, consume equals destruction of the planet and other species and meditation and yoga will help you to become more calm and collected in your goal to that "success" story in the capitalism nightmare. Then I noticed also the lucrative industry created by the new age blame the victim industry. The spiritual supermarket became a billion dollar industry, with many spin offs. Coming from a tradition of African religion (candomble), I look at all this religion movements and other activities with a lot of suspicion of late. I went to Burma and saw how Tamana Sayado and his followers lives and how Buddhists that are not exposed to the westernization of Buddhism are totally different in the way that they relate. Because of my observations how westernized Buddhism and new age sects has so little compassion for anything ("this is your Karma/ you chose it) and how much emphasis is put in calming the mind and not taking responsibility for the "life style" choices one is making (America consumes 19.7 million barrels of oil a day (Globe and mail - Canada Dec.2001). I after much mulling over came to the conclusion that meditation, new age and all of this "aquarian age" movement is another way to repackage the same old story: "Be occupied with saving your soul and making money and let the social relations and responsibilities for the planet and other species in the hands of inept power brokers and when the crunch comes one is not in the position of making decisions based in knowledge but based in "feelings" and their life styles necessities which clash with those of us that are in the lower economic classes.

Then I observed that all this new communities spring up all over are mostly the same people (I know of two all black people's community in the USA) descendent from the oppressors class (because they have access to the privileges bestowed upon them by their ancestors and their own in power). I lived for a short period in the Tennessee Farm, Rasjneesh communes, The Farm (Canadian branch near Perth Ontario-Canada), Panzy Farm near Steinbeck - Manitoba - Canada, Damanhur etc just to name a few and what I see is the same thing (white all over because having money is must to be accepted in any commune). No money, no way you can be a member.

It becomes a question to me that all this channeling that is taking place are all of the same... Another industry spin... because in the end we have to do the work that is necessary to correct the problems created by us is ourselves. I believe that "God/ess's work has nothing to do with cleaning up our messes for us. To be able to clean up our messes we have to take into consideration that the mind set and attitude has to change and what I see is the same people doing what their ancestors has always done (take and give back nothing - take and make it available for a fee).

So I know not much besides of what I experience and even then I am cautious in my ways... however I can tell you that before all this meditating and all this yoga and all this new ways to religiosity people were not as depressed as they are now, people were interested in their communities and in participating and now we have meditation, new age and television and life style and consumerism and all this enormous amount of chanellers and prophet claimers and from my experience back home a healer is a healer and money plays no role; a spirit comes an do things and materialize things and does not need to have a whole lot of books and other stuff to deal with money to benefit the community. If and when a spirit needs to do and talk with you it will happen believe me...

So I hope my humbling on is not to discrete any one but to ask why (if things are to be changed as drastically as so many claims) has the spiritual world not manifested itself without me having to pay for it? Why do I need to pay to be part of a group that is going to be the bridge for the rest of humanity? Why do I have to travel at my expenses to some place for some fancy ritual? Look the people that can afford all of this does not come from my community and my economic class.

I also want to tell you and all your readers that we can sit and meditate all we want, however we would have had no change in the politics of globalization if people all over the world had not mobilized and fought against the mess. To end I want to tell you the only one, in North America, in the religion front I see calling for activism and walking her talk in politics/spirituality is Starhawk. The rest of the new age bunch and the budhist bunch are sitting meditating and having an organic tea (picked by underpaid women somewhere in the south) and between the cups of teas and coffe (which is responsible for famine in Central America and pollution in coffee-producing lands).

Basically what I am alluding to is: the same group of people that has created the problem is all of a sudden finding a solution that is very excluding and very expensive.



Dear Regina

I believe you have several points correct regarding the exclusion of the have-nots from the often superficial so-called spiritual movements and groups that charge a lot of money to give you the impression that you are "in" and in so doing inflate your ego - "because you are so good!" Like you, I have often been repulsed by the same greedy impulse to make money that comes with lots of false prophets. The moment some teaching or spiritual path is out of reach of some people because they cannot afford it and those who provide them won't give them for free, to me it is a clear sign they are a fraud and should be avoided. I believe the coming age of enlightenment will be free from money and all the corrupting influences that goes with the capitalist mindset now dominating this world. This is why I've decided from the beginning of this Earth Rainbow Network to be a kind of "precursor" and never charge for the service I provide or even request financial assistance to continue doing it. As McLuhan said "The medium is the message" and by not getting the money involved into the equation of my work, what I'm basically saying is one don't need to be compensated in cash to feel validated in doing a service. But then there is nothing exceptional in what I'm doing for there are millions of people around the world doing volunteer work, mostly because they simply know that this is what they ought to do. Of course, there would be many more things to add on this topic.

There is one last thing to mention though: I would not throw, like you do, the baby out with the bath water by equating the practice of meditation with the sheer commercialization that has invaded the new age movement, or by concluding that meditation isn't helping to do any good when faced with an immediate threat that needs to be addressed boldly as people like Starhawk do. Meditating does not necessarily change the basic attitudes and values of someone and although, in the long run, it may bring greater clarity of mind and nurture a stronger spiritual basis for our choices and lifestyle, it is by no means a guarantee that someone will change for the better and become a truly spiritual person with high ideals, courageously translated into world/Life/Nature-saving actions when necessary.

Often very humble people with a very profound sense of integrity and simple but effective life principles will be much more active in actually changing things for the better where they live than a lot of people with lots of education, lots of money and lots of high profile talking and preaching will ever do in their entire life. This is not to say that the former kind of people are the only good ones on Earth and the other ones are all flakey walking hypocrits and just a bunch of whited sepulchers. Actually, through our successive incarnations, we all go through the various combinations of learning experiences that can exist to understand through the time-tested trial and error process how we can best find our higher Selves and realize our divine potential. So everybody is learning, and no one is ultimately at fault. Even repeated "offenders" always get a second, a third and as many other chances as necessary for them to also learn the ropes of manifesting the divine qualities of the sparks of God we all are in essence until it becomes a natural state of being, just as it is for those apparently very simple people who come here with a tremendous wealth of past experience to draw from and who don't need to be validated by all sorts of new age gimmicks to trust their inner promptings and just to the holy job at hand without any fussing around or need for glamour.

Finally, I'd say meditation can be a most effective tool for some in dissolving the separating veil between the spiritual part on us and the physical one, as well as a powerful means to assist in generating peace-fostering thought-forms and energizing/catalyzing miraculous changes and healings in often desperate situations. There is a lots of apparent magic that can be accomplished when someone is attuned to his/her Higher Self, in deep meditation or contemplation, but only those who have mastered the more subtle aspects of meditation and activated/cleared the channels giving access to those mighty powers - and then *experienced* their workings through them - can know the ultimate blissful truth about this matter.

I hope this will help you in seeing through a more indulgent perspective those who are still searching their way Home amidst the never ending illusory traps and tests placed before their path to harden up their mettle and ultimately bring the Best out of them - in this lifetime or at some later time.

Love and Light



Dear Jean

Thank you so much for listening to me and taking the time to answer the letter. It is such a relief to have someone that is in your position taking some precious time and actually "reading, thinking it through and then answering it". Oh may the Orixas bless and protect you and your family. May you have all your needs met. Peace.



From: "Leigh"
Subject: Earth Healing Newsletter 13
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001


Since the last issue of the newsletter, global events have overtaken us all, which are very sad to witness and to be a part of. At the same time as these global events are unfolding I am also witnessing amongst some individuals and groups a change of track. Events are being discontinued, groups are disbanding, and individuals are turning back to the mainstream to make a living. I feel that this links in with what is happening in Afghanistan, as well as elsewhere in the world.

The link is the issue of how ready the collective consciousness is to change. I am sure that this issue has been brought forth with the aid of the Saturn-Pluto opposition, which has been in effect throughout the year and is showing us how powerless we are to grow until we release the mental blocks we have created. It is for this reason that this newsletter is running with the title "Back to Creation". Going back to creation means returning to our divine centre on the one hand, and on the other it means taking responsibility for what we create in our world.

If we are unwilling to fully put into practise the healing values we hold, our personal consciousness is still fragmented. This is because we are in a state of resistance. We may attend the latest lectures and courses, read the latest books, and sit at the feet of gurus, but the knowledge and skills that we acquire are more likely to be mascots for the ego unless we use them to tackle the number one cause of separation and suffering on this planet, which is nothing more than a resistance to taking responsibility for the reality we create as an individual or a collective body of consciousness. By taking responsibility I mean acting on the ability to respond to the Creator within us. The war in Afghanistan is teaching us a big lesson about responsibility, and as members of a global family we are all implicated in that lesson. We are all a part of the war while it is within the reality we have created. And there is a question that goes alongside this: if a bomb is dropped on Afghanistan, is it dropped by a select few who call themselves politicians or military personnel, or is it dropped by us all?

We are the creators of our lives, and we have choice as to how we create. But the choice to create requires responsibility. If we wish to create a world of peace then we have to do more than think of peace and wish for peace. We have to live it in every aspect of our lives, at every opportunity. Peace can not be restricted to our meditations or conversations, it has to encompass our every interaction with life, otherwise we are not really serious about it. We also have to watch out for the ego's tricks. One of these is to believe that we are living peace by narrowing our focus of what peace means, and of where it can be applied. We literally edit our perception of reality and of what is possible in order to avoid facing our resistance to living in a world of peace and healing. This editing usually goes on when we do not challenge our contribution to the daily creation of the social, political, and economic structures that shape our physical lives and determine the nature of human and planetary relations.

If all this is true, what can we do? We can only be honest with ourselves about what our resistance to world peace and healing is, rather than blame the state of the world on people like George Bush, Osama bin Laden, the military, the CIA, the oil companies, or even extra-terrestrials or God. Once we are honest with ourselves about our resistance, we can then choose whether we wish to remain in a state of resistance, or whether we wish to heal. If we wish to heal then the way ahead will automatically be paved for us, so long as we maintain our enthusiasm for healing, and apply it to the beliefs, feelings, and memories that feed our resistance. As we each heal ourselves, the spell that binds the world to endless wars and conflicts will begin to be broken, and we shall achieve something that will be so momentous it will cause a stir in the entire universe.


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Science Looks Through Death's Door

No Easy Explanation of Near-Death Experiences

By Daniel DeNoon

Dec. 13, 2001 -- They know they are dead, but feel at peace. They float outside their bodies. They fly through a tunnel. They communicate with beings of light, or with dead people. And then ... they come back.

They are ordinary people from all places, culture, and times. Their stories are similar. What they describe is called a near-death experience (NDE). What can we learn from them? A Dutch research team is the latest to try to find out. They report their findings in the Dec. 15 issue of The Lancet. Study leader Pim van Lommel, MD, is a cardiologist at Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, Netherlands.

"The long-lasting transformational effects of an experience that lasts for only a few minutes of cardiac arrest is a surprising and unexpected finding," write van Lommel and co-workers. "Society's negative response to NDE ... leads individuals to deny or suppress their experience for fear of rejection or ridicule. Thus social conditioning causes NDE to be traumatic, although in itself it is not a psychotraumatic experience. ... Only gradually and with difficulty is an NDE accepted and integrated."

The researchers studied 344 patients who were revived after their hearts stopped beating. All of the patients had been clinically dead. As soon as the patients were well enough to talk, they agreed to an interview with van Lommel's team. Two and eight years later, the researchers again interviewed surviving patients.

Nearly one in five patients reported an NDE. It was a profound experience for 41 of the 62 patients reporting an NDE. What was it like?

More than half of the patients said the NDE was a positive experience. Half said they were aware of being dead. About one in four had an out-of-body experience. Nearly one in three said they met with deceased persons. More than one in five said they communicated with light. Nearly a third reported moving through a tunnel. More than one in 10 said they reviewed their lives. More than one in four said they saw a celestial landscape.

A nurse said that one patient was in a coma when she removed his dentures so that he could be intubated. Later, she said, the patient identified her as the person who knew where to find his dentures, and he accurately described their placement in the drawer of a medical cart.

Two and eight years later, surviving patients who agreed to be interviewed were able to recall their experience in great detail. More so than similar patients who did not have an NDE, they tended to believe in an afterlife and had less fear of death. They also were more interested in the meaning of life and in showing love and acceptance to others.

However, getting through their hospital experience was much more complicated for patients who had an NDE. For them, positive changes were more obvious after eight years than they were after two years.

The researchers could not find any medical reason why some patients had an NDE and others did not. Neither length of time spent near death nor severity of their crisis was linked to having an NDE.

Considering their findings in light of previous studies of NDE, van Lommel and colleagues suggest that there is no way to explain NDE based on current understanding of how the brain works. "NDE pushes the limits of medical ideas about the range of human consciousness and the mind-brain relation," they write.



From: Sharona Merel <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001
Subject: The Toast

Dear "St. Jean":

Blessings of peace and grace for your gifts to all mankind. <hug>

The attached poem, "The Toast", has taken some weeks to birth with assistance from spirit. Am given that this is the right time to send; intuitively anticipating further developments on the global scale in days to come.

Thank you from the collective unconscious for helping to share this :) and thanks to all who hold pen in hand, inspired, at this most critical of times.

Collective Unconscious

NOTE FROM JEAN: Those who want to toast the new year with a zest of poetic satire will find the following poem to be a perfect accompaniment to our Orwellian Times.



Let's hoist the glass champagne!
And drink to Charlemagne
To the old campaign of twisting truth and youth!

Let's chant their battle cries!
And dab our tear-filled eyes
And bow to them of pomp and brass and couth.

Let's drink to greed and oil
To ego, carnage, spoil!
To propaganda's masquerade as truth.

Let's toast to hidden history
To strange forbidden mystery!
To paradigm we've held as "good" and "sure"!

To poppies and pipelines, to falsified ends!
To perks and payoffs for all of their friends!
To pride, and price, and vice, and all its lure!

To them in whom we'd trust
As sworn to serve, so must!
To presumption that the powers that be are pure!

To Mao and Ronald Reagan!
To Tesla, Einstein, Sagan
To every being that dares, as soul, to dream!

To Molech and his hunger
To Yahweh and His thunder!
To every foul and odious earthly scheme.

Their toxins sprayed upon your head!
The secret Aryan babies bred...
To threads of truth more danger than we deem!

Your poisoned air and water!
And where's their D.C. daughter?
Does no one hear her silent primal scream?

To the ponderers and scoffers
And the squanderers of the coffers!
To those still in-betwixt and in-between…

To Johnson's stock in choppers!
To the draft of clueless paupers
To the Old Boys' Club that feeds the war machine!

To them who "kill the Catholic king"
Then turn to kiss the papal ring
And promenade with pomp as "Mr. Clean".

Toast those of sleepless nights
Who carry on the fight
Drink to our bleeding broken Bill of Rights!

To politicians with all their charms
Corrupted dealers of drugs and arms
Who freeze and seize our goods for greed and spite.

Toast those who have a clue
Of Arab long pit against the Jew...
Though both are born of them who brought us Light…

To Law's "thou shalt not kill"!
To Baal's "do as thou wilt"
To them who preach, "there is no ‘wrong' nor ‘right'!"

Toast to the "Old Plantation"!
To Crowley's incantation
Drink to the spell yet cast with Judas kiss ...

To Madame H.B.'s teachings…
And the prophets' bold beseechings …
To what we - who've spun our wheels to live - still miss.

To "elephants" and "asses"!
To our dummed-down, numbed-out masses
To the cunning breed who lead with greed and avarice.

To bought and bullied nations
Complicit corporations
To "322", to "2+2", to "666"!

To "freedom's" taste, now soured
To the "as yet unempowered"!
To our spiral into such a state as this!

Let's toast the "Blood Alliance"!
To our placid, blind compliance!
To the gold-fringed flag that taunts "no rights, no nation"!

To records, "lost" and "sealed"!
To precious laws repealed!
To "inside jobs" and "special investigation"!

To royalty, to treachery!
To reptilian debauchery
To covert "psy-ops" upon the population…

To Abe's mocked Proclamation
To "Evolution ‘or' Creation" …
To our cherished heroes' staged assassination!

To the "history" taught in public schools.
To rules enslaving witless fools
To the "news" broadcast by Bilderberg media station!

To mass disinformation!
Subterranean installation
To covert killers culling population…

Toast those who prime the stage
For murderous rampage
And smirk whilst rigging deadly detonation.

Drink to their "open season"
Amounting to high treason!
To mind control and camps of concentration!

To evasion of legal clashes
By evidence burned to ashes
To concealing embarrassing facts with utter confusion!

To a "Democracy" near dead
When all is done and said…
To "Prosperity" and "Freedom" as Illusion.

To those who'd pose no question
Of shameless sham "election"
Who shrug as "justice" heralds execution.

To FDR's "War Act" of ‘33!
To citizens treated as "enemy"
To traitors who govern by terror and "clever" collusion!

To duplicity and guise!
To the ubiquity of lies!
To rule by Secret Council, not Constitution!

To the indifference to the heresy!
To dissed, dismissed "conspiracy"
To them condemned to history's repeat!

To takers of vows, forbidden…
To tell of agendas, hidden
And of secret plans for only "The Elite"…

To following Pied Pipers
To grassy knolls and snipers
To shouting, "ENOUGH!" to the pretext and deceit!

To its mockery of the masses!
To the lives reduced to ashes!
To New World Order plans we must defeat!

To tainted vaccinations!
To race manipulations…
To quickly getting word out on the street!

Toast those who take command
With budget "well-in-hand"
Who commandeer resources, as they please…

To the ignorance that seals one's fate
To martial law and Stalin State!
To "mark of the beast" implanted chip ID's.

To greed-induced recession
To false and forced confession
To the eager engineers of dread disease!

To mock and murderous trials!
To the karmic law of wiles
And the double-cross to come from those appeased.

To the wily ones who fix "the rates"
To the Federal Reserve and the Potentates!
To "Wall Street Crash" of late, and of '29…

To them in "cahoots" in their fine silk suits
To taxes and dues for Italian shoes…
To costly state dinners and cellars of fine French wine!

To their "pats on your back" and their "knocks on your door"!
To Echelon and Carnivore!
To abuse of the public trust not considered "crime".

To them having their fill and us paying the bill!
To them "doing it to us" till we say, "you can't screw us!"
To clandestine "black ops" projects… on our dime.

Let's drink to Machiavelli!
To bloated and full belly
To the sons of Rhodes, of Oxford, and of Yale!

To the consciousness of masses!
The conscientiousness of classes
To the Knights and their pursuit of Holy Grail!

Let's drink and all be merry!
In Hampshire, London, Derry
To fervent faith that wickedness will fail.

To ignorance and arrogance
To those who've moved the planet since!
And ostriches with heads deep in the sand!

To foolishness and bravery
To Mayer's credit slavery!
To them that teach that martyrdom is grand!

To Windsor, George, and Jefferson
To Draconian-Babylonian!
To all who've held that pen is well in hand!

To slave, both "brave" and "free"…
To "played" Humanity…
To those who sit and watch, but soon shall stand!

To them who think position
Holds them above suspicion
Who masterfully manipulate detection

Appointing, for the Fed
Whom evidence will shred
With "wink and nod" and "S.O.P." deception.

Toast them who think none know
Of demonizing "foe"
Of abuse of power and twisting of public perception!

Whilst dropping crumbs, then bombs
On little ones and moms
Then balking at the world's concerned correction!

Sanctimonious men whom, with "The Boys"
Will flex their clout and tout their "toys"
Then send their scouts about to spout their lies.

Whom, smug with cold corruption
Still plug their bold destruction
As vain men who decree who lives, who dies!

To them who don't think twice
Of "making sacrifice"
Disdainful of the suffering's heartfelt cries.

To terror and high anxiety!
To prideful impropriety!
To deliberate and intentionally planned "surprise"!

Let's drink to demon mission
To scheme of Inquisition!
To herald of war and death for years to come!

To "terrorists" and mirror!
To truth that will come clearer…
Even as the devil beats its drum.

To wicked judge and crooked juror!
Concealed design and covered cure!
To Mars, to "Planet X", to H.A.A.R.P. and hum!

To commerce and distractions
That shroud the covert actions
To video, porno, TV, DVD!

To foul "foundations' " true intent
To earnest angels' message sent
To A.I.D.S. and anthrax, smallpox recipe!

To conflict, clash, and schism!
To scripted terrorism
To "U.N.", "F.E.M.A.", "W.H.O." and "C.D.C."!

To smug men, drunk with power!
Who boast the fallen tower
To absolute power corrupting absolutely!

Let's toast to feigned compassion!
To Christ who's out of fashion!
Drink to the lore of once was true and just.

And toast to those to die!
To those whose tears we'll dry
For schemes that grind our dreams into the dust!

To life and death as drones
To voice and telephones
To making toast and trimming off the crust!

To scams, to shams, to apple pie!
To every eye still dry
Through sheer abuse of every earnest trust!

Let's toast the many missing!
To boastful serpents' hissing
To wise aware ones doing what we must.

To passenger planes blown from the skies!
To taxes that pay for our own demise!
To particle beams and Montauk high technology!

To entrusted officials with two sets of books!
To commanders proclaiming they could not be crooks!
To "good stewards of the trust" without apology…

To those who pose as purity!
To "National Security"!
To "crowd control" and crafters of virology!

Toast praise for them that fell
For attempting truth to tell!
Whilst accolades we heaped upon the liar…

Let's toast to flags unfurled!
To taking back our world
>From treasonous fiends of sacrificial fire

Who grin with brazen pretension
Beside their razed invention
The smoldering, ashen, sacred funeral pyre.

To secret ancient rite that thrives
Amidst those who loathe our "little lives"
And them, of dark design, that never tire.

To "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"!
Pandora's Box and Open Doors
To thugs, who cheat, steal, murder, and conspire!

Let's drink to damage done
To Voice and Choice as One!
To cunning coup d'état and its profanity!

To trust that sold its soul
For power and control
To lawlessness, to dirty deals, and vanity!

To those who dare to herald
Of life and Earth imperiled
For hidden heinous crimes against Humanity!

To "Crisis = Opportunity"!
To a wiser Earth Community!
To passive unconcern and its insanity...

To the turning of the tide
Of veiled "Eugenocide"
And to the awakening of hypnotized Humanity.

Concerned Humanity
December 21, 2001
United States of America

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