August 31, 1999

Subject: Last feedbacks about the August 11 meditation, some other miscellaneous subjects and a warning by 4,000 scientists from 100 countries regarding the ongoing mass extinction of plant and animal species on Earth

Hello everyone

This email contains the last feedbacks received about the August 11 meditation, a couple feedbacks regarding the Chinese persecution of Ghi Gong practitioners, 2 initiatives I recommend to your attention, a couple other personal feedbacks -- and again thanks for all your great feedbacks and supporting words for this networking service -- and a sobering analysis by scientists warning humanity of mass extinction of plants and animals on Earth, something we ought to pay close attention to as we enter the last stretch before the turn into a new millennium that will show whether we have the collective spiritual wisdom necessary to overturn a dire ecological mess into a bright future for all - a feat I believe we can and *will* achieve - see more on this in my response below to Catherine Tilley.

May Peace Prevail on Earth... and Love in every heart

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

But first some good news...

From: grace <>
Subject: East Timor update


The latest reports are (I updated this sentence - JH) that there was an astounding 90% participation rate to the polling and that THE VIOLENCE HAS STOPPED !!! The voting has been PEACEFUL!

Please continue to include the people of East Timor in your prayers, so the peace may continue!

Much love and warm hugs


Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
From: Joy Wright <>
Subject: Personal Update

Hello Jean, I want to thank you for all you have been
sharing, and I in turn have been passing it along to to
others in other states as well as local.

On a personal level, the meditation consisted of one other &
myself. The changes since that time have been, well---
interesting. I FEEL different. Not bad, not good, but
different. Emotions have been running higher, "adjustments"
have had to be made in my relationships, I am more "in your
face" with situations that do not serve "my higher good".
Setting boundaries, not in anger anymore, but certainly
grounded. Seem to be refocusing. Your info has been VERY
useful to understand what is going on too. Thank you

I have a web page I am sending to you to check out. James
Twyman & Greg Braden were here locally last weekend & a
friend attended & gave us this connection for James's new
book and why the info cannot wait for publishing as regard
the energy changes. For instance did you know the pulse of
the earth has gone from 7.8 bpm to 10-11? Increased energy.
Keep it coming, I pass it along and thank you.

Check out this web page:

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999
From: Bonnie Talbot <>
Subject: August 11th Report


This year was the most fun I have ever had on my birthday (August 11th)! I want to thank you for coordinating and sharing all the information you did regarding that day.

The August 11th events were preceded by about a week of higher than usual energy
and very little sleep - the body felt August 11th coming on a very cellular level.

The most incredible experience for the body was actually on the afternoon of August 9th - about 36 hours before the worldwide meditation. In Santa Barbara, a light worker was sitting with me when this body was flung back onto the couch as flashes of a former body being dragged through the streets to its death passed before these eyes - then hundreds of other deaths followed - burnings, stakes through the heart, etc. There have been many, many lifetimes of being persecuted for my spiritual teachings and beliefs. Yet, on 8/9/99, they were blown away in 10 minutes and my calling in this lifetime to do Satsang (spiritual teaching of non-duality/advaita) has been deeply anchored. No more shadows or lurking beliefs around persecution for speaking Truth - the
transformation of this ancient belief already speaks to what is happening
cosmically! All that remains is love! In fact, I have started writing a book this week to share the truth with the world.

The night of August 10th to the morning of the 11th, this body did not sleep at all until after the morning (3-5 AM) meditation. While most of my neighbors here in Southern California were sleeping, there was a group meditation at my home of 4 people and there were 3 other friends meditating at their homes as well. The energy in the house was buzzing and was so thick it was palpable. There were a lot of flashes of light and the two times I got up to go to other areas of the house, it felt like I was walking on a surface other than a solid floor. The gravity also felt affected as I walked as I could hardly keep my balance. The two hours flew by like it was only 10-15 minutes.

Then at around 12:15 Pacific Time, we started the second meditation with 5 people. After a couple of hours, we drove as a group of 7 up to the RamaKrishna Monastery and meditated in their shrine room for an hour around 4 Pacific Time. That evening, twelve of us celebrated the birth of this body and shared dinner,
laughter, love and light into the wee hours of the morning - the last car to leave for L.A. left around 1:30 AM and those remaining stayed up until about 4:30 AM on the 12th.

The high-level energy was buzzing for at least the last 10 days and the shifts
continue to manifest.

In deepest gratitude to the universe for this transformational time . . . and an
incredible birthday!


From: "Grover, Virginia M" <>
Subject: My 8-11-99 meditation:
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999

I meditated during the eclipse and saw wonderful things ahead for us all. The new energy pouring down on the planet will bring great changes. Discoveries and inventions that will change all our lives for the better. Events like the recent shooting rampages will become unimaginable. Deliberately harming the environment will not be tolerated in any degree; companies who refuse to change their ways in this regard will vanish like smoke upon the wind. The countries that were directly under the light of the eclipse will be most dramatically affected, although the effects will not be immediately apparent, or perceived as permanent. Mostly it seems to be a general change in attitude and values. Negative attitudes will be recognized as destructive and become utterly repellant. A great spiritual change will occur in India, transforming their culture and eliminating much of their poverty. In France, there will be less focus on protecting the purity of the French culture and more appreciation of and melding with other cultures. Important medical discoveries about human fertility and contraception will occur there within the next few years, and spread rapidly; as an eventual result, abortion will cease to be an issue anywhere. The Vatican initially will not be 'pleased' but will ultimately decide these changes are a result of 'divine inspiration' - a face-saving way to accept the inevitable. All I got about Germany is that it would 'mellow out'. In Great Britain, there will be a strong resurgence of Celtic culture, and nearly-extinct traditions will be widely practiced again. It also seemed there would some land-loss, as though parts of the British Isles would sink or be eaten away by the ocean rather more rapidly than usual.

Learning to eat foods only when they are in season and natural to the area where you live. Incorrect combinations of foods will be shown to be the cause of obesity and various illnesses. Helping people to change their habits in this regard will be a minor industry for a while, but mostly for the older generations. Children will adapt quickly and easily to the revised guidelines, and intuitively recognize that it makes them feel better, and it will reduce learning problems in younger children.

How will America be affected? Much of the changes will leapfrog over or around agencies like the FDA and the AMA. Changes at the grass-roots level will transform how communities cope with their problems; their solutions will be simple, effective and permanent because they embrace and support as opposed to controlling and punishing. Government as it now is structured will become irrelevant and will restructure and downsize, becoming a open framework, easily traversed and accessed, its function to facilitate transport and communication between communities, but without interfering with the wishes of the communities. Transportation itself will change a lot. People will walk more because the streets will be safer and they will not be commuting as they are now, certainly not over long distances. Cars will be for the old and infirm, and will not be allowed to operate if they pollute the environment. The attitude toward sports will change - participating will be more important than watching - watching will be more for instruction than amusement. Community gardens will become more popular and important; cities will show them off with great pride. The most beautiful garden of all will be on the site of a former prison; it will be created to exorcise the pain and fear lingering at the site. It will be seen as a cultural triumph, an emblem of the changes we have wrought.


Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999
From: omahhung <>
Subject: Chinese persecution of Ghi Gong practitioners

Dear Jean,

Hi, this is your friend in Hongkong. I am writing coz i have always suspected
that what Nostradamus referred to...the Mongols..was actually this Fa Lun Gung

I was in Beijing last week and they are still making a lot out of this. They have ppl on TV being interviewed, saying how 'bad' the Fa Lun is etc. etc. Most of them look like poor farmers. They have put together shows on TV, linking Fa Lun with cults like the American ones where many people were murdered or voluntarily committed suicide.

I truly believe that good will come out of this, if people would just concentrate on doing it for themselves, and in return affecting the collective, instead of involving the ego's needs to publicize and preach. Personally, being half Chinese, i do not understand why people are making a big protest out of this. Chinese are taught to have low profiles, not to create mountains out of mole hills.

We can always practise at home. The whole point is to have good health, to feel
good about oneself. If everyone did this, every one who has learnt Chi Kung, we
will affect the energy around us, the Chi around us.

Why has this escalated to this level? Why create so much fear? If we really
wanted to do some thing, we can meditate and practise on our own. In numbers we will succeed more quickly, but alone we can still invoke love and light.

The thing that bugs me most and which has me seriously thinking about leaving
here, is the fact that the Pope was disallowed from coming. To me, this is the
end of any kind of professed freedom that we are supposed to enjoy being a SAR
(Special Administrative Region).

This Fa Lun Gung furor is causing much repercussion.

As a producer of TV commercials, i was gonna be filming a statue of Buddhist
significance for Fung Shui purposes, as a collector's item. The TV censorship
board has told us not to show the "buddha" face, that anything religious is not to be shown!

This is a first for me, as i have been producing commercials for the past 20 years for Hongkong and China.

May love prevail on earth, May Peace Prevail on Earth.

summer love lotus (my Chinese name)

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999
From: Gene Svetlana Albinder <>
Subject: Chinese persecution of Ghi Gong practitioners

Hello Jean et al,

As far as the Chinese Government going after the Ghi Gong masters. Well, technically speaking - I wouldn't be doing that if I were them. That is - if they believe in such a thing as a Human Soul. For going after Spirit - they make themselves adversaries of Spirit, thus, making their own demise manifest. This has always surprized me about the commies; They lack consciousness to such an extent that are willing to crucify their own children for the sake of maintaining control over system that is implicitely self-destructive and at this point dilapidated beyond repare.

If somebody ( anybody ) in Chinese Government had a shred of humanity left in them, they would find it in themselves to wake up in the morning and look up to the skies - for they are on the display - the sorry and saddening display of a miserable failure to understand their own temporality, - on display in front of the whole Universe.

Practice of Ghi-Gong is older than anything they can imagine. It is, in a way, the method of super-human communications. Ghi-Gong works with energy patterns, - the natural flows of Chi in and out of the human vessel - human body. Advanced practitioners live in a sort of expanded vortex, - their energy presense 'phase-shifts' ( Thank You, Dr. Greer ). Another words, - an advanced practitioner affects the field around him or her-self to the extent that it is felt in the body of the Universal consciousness. These are truisms to those who have ever taken T'ai-Chi and realized its potential.

The larger picture, however, needs to be taken into consideration when the scale of involvement reaches the numbers it has reached in China. 30 million people, moving within the Universal consiousness, being in harmony with that Universal consciousness _HAVE_ the Love and Blessings of the Universe - and those who go against them, - go against the Universe as well. To me - it is strange that such obvious things aren't understood in their proper context.

To be more 'practical' about it, - it is precisely that kind of pressure from the Government that precipitated Mao's revolution itself. Another words, those communists that are now suppressing the Spirit, - themselves were that Spirit behind a common idea once, - and they probably know that it is very difficult to suppress the Spirit. Stalin and Mao tried - and they never could. I don't see how this isn't obvious. When people are stripped of all hopes of personal dignity, afforded to them by the society in which they live, - which has turned out to be the sorry consequence of the communist (and otherwise) dictatorships, - they have nothing to go back to, - but their own Spirit, - and those who relate to that Spirit the way they do, - that, technically, is how Love comes about. When it is Love, - come hell or high water, - people will go through tortures and imprisonments - but they will carry on its Spirit. This is just the way it has always been, - and that is the way it always will be.

The strength of Human conviction is in the action of the Spirit. T'ai-Chi has always been the action of the Spirit. He or she who has ever marveled at the way the trees and birds are talking in the morning Sun, - or the flight of a butterfly - a creature of the changing wind, - or the floating of the lotus-flower upon the surface of a lake, - would understand what I am talking about. To us, - it is the breath of that Spirit, that determines the quality of our Reality. The way a T'ai-Chi master understands the world in and around him or her *creates* a natural harmony in the field in and around him or her. They heal be mere presence. These people, - are national treasures, - and, indeed - Universal. Why would anyone in the right mind ever persecute them? That, I suppose, is a puzzle even Lao-Tzu wouldn't be able to explain away. Or, maybe, he would. He was a wise man, that Master.



From: "Katharina Bless" <>
Subject: Re: FWD Alert: Animal poisoning
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999

Dear Jean

I am very happy that this letter about the Animal poisoning spreads out so
well now, we can change the world now, we are going to be strong enough!
Please help us here to promote our first international Congress on "holistic
lifestyle" in Thailand (I had to select very carefully a name that we don't
run into trouble and the Congress will be possible) and Thom Hartmann will
be one of our main speakers about his book "The last hour of ancient sunlight". We try to educate people here and I will put up a lot of informations about what's going on in the world, but I have to be "diplomatic" in the topics, specially for this first congress. I had to learn a lot in Asia (I am here now 7 years and am originally from Switzerland).

If this congress is a success the energy pattern here will be
changed, the energy field of consciousness will shift here, young people
are quite open but the system of the tradition is quite difficult.
Please help to promote Silver Dove Congress 2000 - see

We will also host the Light Link conference from network 2012/PAN organized
by Michael Lightweaver before the Congress.

Thank you so much for the great work you are doing by spreading out all this
information and I will also in future forward them to my groups here in

Love and Peace
Katharina Bless

From: Catherine Tilley <>
Subject: Global Healing

My name is Catherine Tilley. I am the founder and executive director of
The Institute for Global Healing. The Institute prints a publication
called The Feminine Voice. Currently this publication is providing a
global vehicle, for the sharing of personal experience, so that we may
learn from the richness of our differences, work together to educate
and empower humanity, end global violence, hoplessness and despair and
heal the earth with our feminine touch. Also in production; The Voice
of the Wise Man; The Voice and Wisdom of the Elders; The voice of Our
Children; The Voice of our Teens; The Voice of our Planet.

We are here to support you and the healing light you continue to send
to us all. Send us your information and mission statement, as well as
any information you feel must be shared with the world in order to
expedite the process of global healing.

In order to begin healing globally, we must first have a vision; see
our planet and it peoples as it was intended to be; clearly see the
goal and believe that it can be achieved.

The reason I am contacting you is because we need your help. It is time
to manifest the vision! Empower our natural abilities to create miracles!

Would you please answer and present to your network the following two
questions and ask that they respond to

1. In detail, how do you picture a "perfect world", the world at its
best, your greatest desire for ourselves, our children, our global
communities, our planet?

2. What action do you feel is needed in order to "begin" global

I thank you for your immediate response and I wish you days overflowing
with laughter and magical moments! :)

Catherine Tilley
Institute for Global Healing
8880 Rio San Diego Dr., 8th floor
San Diego, Ca. 92108 USA
Tel (619)286-4503 Fax (619)585-8230


Dear Catherine

First my apology for the one week delay in responding. I have a hard time keeping up with the continuous inflow of attention and time-demanding requests and information from an average of 40 to 50 people each day.

Thank you for your information about The Institute for Global Healing and for your interest in our work. I've just include your email in a forthcoming series of feedbacks. I would *love* to have time to answer your 2 excellent questions in details but I doubt I'll find it anytime soon. I guess it is by doing what I've been doing on a regular basis over the course of the last 20 years that I can best contribute to healing this world. To me action speaks louder than words. May I also recommend you read the document Pathways to Unity which I wrote and posted at:
as it will give you many insights as to how a "perfect world" or what I prefer to call a "much better world" could come about.

If you could understand French you would also have the option of reading a 30 page document on the Awakening of Consciousness (L'éveil de la conscience) also posted on my site.

I've also written in 1986 an ecospiritual novel entitled The Immortal Child which could prove to be a most interesting read with regard to your search for inspiring visions of our future - just tell me if you are interested to get it - go at the bottom of if you want to see what the cover of The Immortal Child looks like - a picture is worth a thousand words. One last thing. As I already mentioned in a recent email, most people who have done a progression (instead of looking in the past as in a guided "regression", people are lead with an appropriate guided visualization to explore the future of this world) came back with wonderful visions of a world that is back to its pristine natural virginity, where humans live harmoniously with each other and all other life forms, their entire existence being focussed on divine spiritual pursuits. I also happen to believe that's where we are headed despite all current contradicting evidences.

Looking forward to hear from you again

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. May I also suggest you visit this website above and read some of the material posted to the Earth Rainbow Network emailing list and linked at the bottom of the first webpage. Check also the Earth Proclamation and the rest of this Millennium Gathering website.
The Earth Rainbow Network, founded in February 1997, has an extensive list of nearly 1500 people in more than 50 countries sharing information, visions and feedbacks on a broad range of subjects as a way to expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world.

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999
From: Sharon Mullane <>
Subject: Thank You

Dear Jean,

A heartfelt thanks for your e-mail/newsletters. You are providing a
wonderful service to humanity. I always look forward to your e-mails.
They are inspiring, informative and at times a call to action. Through
them, I am experiencing a special connection to the greater spiritual
community on our beautiful planet, Gaia.

Blessings and Peace,
Sharon Mullane
Los Angeles

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Subject: hi Jean, you used my material

Hi Jean,

Thank you for the work you are doing.

I notice you used my material in a recent newsletter, but did not include my
contact information which was at the bottom of my article on Steven Greer.

Would you be willing to include the following information in your next

Randy Peyser, who interviewed Steven Greer, has many articles of profound
interest on her web site, including interviews with: James Twyman, Neale
Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss, Bernie Siegel, James Van Praagh, Dannion
Brinkley, the producers of the movie, "What Dreams May Come," and many, many
more. Go to:

Jean, would you please contact me first if you wish to run any of the
interviews on my site in your newsletter? Some haven't been published yet
and those aren't for newsletters until they've first been sold, but many are
available. Just let me know if you'd like to use any of them!

All the best to you.


Randy Peyser

Note from Jean: I gave a look at some of Randy's interviews tonight and they are a great read!

From: "steve diamond" <>
Subject: Fw: Scientists warn of mass plant/animal extinctions
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999

Hi Jean -- thought you'd like to see this from Ron Anastasia -- he was at the Earth Rainbow Network meeting briefly. He's involved with Paolo Soleri and the Arcosanti project in the desert. Best wishes, Steve

From: Ron Anastasia <>

Hello Folks,

While I agree that it's important to focus on what's working in the world, I also think a balanced perspective requires monitoring of potentially serious negative feedback loops. Ignoring them is like not having pain receptors; we obviously need their warning signals to alert us to pull our fingers back from hot surfaces, to treat local infections before they spread, etc.

Warm regards,

Ron Anastasia


"The current extinction rate is now approaching 1,000 times the background ("normal") rate and may climb to 10,000 times the background rate during the next century if present trends continue ..."

More than 4,000 scientists from 100 countries, meeting at the Sixteenth International Botanical Congress in St. Louis, Missouri in late July, have sounded an urgent warning: Human activity is gravely impacting the natural world, leading toward a mass extinction of plant and animal species that will rival the greatest extinction events of geological history.

According to papers issued by Congress participants on August 2, the "human footprint on Earth" has gravely altered the chemistry, biology and physical structure of the planet's land and water. Data show that nearly half of the Earth's total land surface has been changed by human activity, and some 50 "dead zones" (areas with little or no oxygen) have developed in the Earth's coastal waters.

The latest findings, analyzed by Drs. Jane Lubchenco of Oregon State University and Harold A. Mooney and Peter M. Vitousek of Stanford University, show a "disturbing negative trend in the Earth's ability to maintain the quality of human life."

At the same time, between one-third and two-thirds of all plant and animal species now living will become extinct during the second half of the next century if current trends continue, according to a paper released by International Botanical Congress president Dr. Peter Raven, a world leader in plant conservation.

"Human efforts have been notable for their lack of attention to the living world that supports us all," said Raven. "In the face of the worldwide extinction crisis, we should redouble our efforts to learn about life on Earth while it is still relatively well represented."

Scientists believe there have been five great extinction episodes since life first appeared on the Earth more than 3.5 billion years ago. In each case, as much as 80 percent of all then-living species were wiped out within a few decades or centuries. In the most recent case, 65 million years ago, it is believed a giant asteroid slammed into the Earth, causing one of the greatest of all extinction events including the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

But, according to Raven, the present extinction episode -- entirely induced by human activity -- could be similar in scope. The current extinction rate is now approaching 1,000 times the background ("normal") rate and may climb to 10,000 times the background rate during the next century if present trends continue, he said.

Among the chief causes of species extinction is forest loss, particularly the destruction of tropical forests in South America and Africa. If the world only manages to retain five percent of tropical forests in protected areas, which will be true within 50 years at present rates of destruction, then one-third to two-thirds of all species of plants, animals, and other organisms would be lost during the second half of the next century, the Congress paper said.

Thus far, scientists say, only about 1.6 million organisms out of a conservative estimate of between seven and 10 million have been identified, and vast numbers of plants, animals, and other organisms are currently being lost before they've even been discovered.

Raven noted that only a coordinated international effort could slow the extinction of the world's plants and animals. Inasmuch as most of the world's threatened animals are dependent upon forests, he stressed the urgent need to monitor threats to the world's plantlife. Raven advocates establishing a new coordinating body through the United Nations or one of its constituent organizations to monitor the status of plants throughout the world, detecting those most in danger and taking steps to conserve them.

Dr. Lubchenco, a Distinguished Professor of Zoology at Oregon State University, emphasized other factors that show the grave impacts of human activity.

Close to 50 percent of the land surface of the planet has been transformed by humans, such as filling in wetlands, converting tall grass prairies into cornfields, or converting forests into urban areas. Humans have more than doubled the amount of available nitrogen in the environment because of excess fertilizer use and burning of fossil fuel. The year 1998 was Earth's hottest on record, as human activities continue to increase the concentrations of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere.

Lubchenco pointed out that while human domination of land masses is clear, the new data also indicates a dramatic alteration of Earth's oceans. There are now some 50 "dead zones" in the world's coastal areas, she reported. The largest in the Western Hemisphere is in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorus flowing down the Mississippi River.

"We've long thought of oceans as having an infinite ability to provide food and other goods and services to humans. But the massive human-wrought changes in our oceans are impairing their ability to function as we assume they will," stated Lubchenco.

"We're degrading the water, changing our coastlines, filling in our estuaries, and changing our rivers," she said. "And we're witnessing many signals of the problems that will result from these changes, including toxic algal blooms, coral bleaching and sudden disappearance of fish from key fisheries."

The global-scale changes that human beings have set in motion will impair the Earth's ability to provide a wide range of services to human life, Lubchenco said. For example, forests, grassland and coral reefs contribute to flood control and climate regulation. Mangroves, estuaries, coral reefs, and kelp forests protect shores from erosion and provide nursery areas or spawning habitat for economically important species.

Massive changes in the Earth's environment also result in human conflicts across political boundaries. "Scarce resources such as water or fishing rights lead to battles between states and nations. Environmental degradation resulting in food shortages lead to civil unrest and migration into neighboring countries," Lubchenco said. "The dramatic rise in human population simply exacerbates the problems," she added, noting that the number of people on Earth has doubled from 3 to 6 billion in less than 40 years.

Lubchenco did see some hope in the fact that "there is an increasing focus on the part of the private sector, religious groups, and individual citizens to take responsibility and undertake innovative action.

"As inhabitants of Earth, we need to take stock of these massive changes, understand their implications, and change our direction," she said. "We are currently inattentive stewards. It is in our best interests to be more fully engaged in ensuring our own health, prosperity and well-being."

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