The Immortal Child

Jean Hudon


Inner Presence

Up hill and down dale, through wind and storm, on foot, by car, train, boat and plane, sometimes alone in the middle of the desert or the ocean, often mingling with the crowd in all kinds of lands, in every corner of the world, but always accompanied by an invisible guide whispering in his ear the right path to follow, the right person to ask for advice and the right answer to give in all circumstances, Gaia had covered a greater distance during the next ten years than most people do in their whole lives.

Since that last wonderful evening with his parents, he had never seen them again. Indeed, he had spontaneously decided to slip away during the night, leaving them a note to reassure them one last time and thank them for everything they had done for him since his birth. This time, he had not hesitated to follow the inner impulse prompting him to leave them right away so as not to prolong the pain of separation unnecessarily and to take the full responsibility for his life from now on.

And he never came to regret his move. On the contrary, it was with continually renewed joy that he set off to discover the vast world whose inexhaustible treasures of beauty and harmony were to be found in every place and every season.

From time to time, he jotted down a few words on a postcard which he sent to his parents to keep them abreast of his travels and adventures. But in fact, it would take whole books to relate his countless experiences and discoveries during those years of travelling and exploration.

He was afraid of nothing and no difficulty could discourage him, so great was his desire to know, see and hear everything. He mixed with all kinds of people, rich or poor, erudite or ignorant, wise or crazy. To him, everything was good, and he did not refuse any opportunity to learn and experiment.

He touched everything, tasted everything, tried everything. He meditated with Tibetan monks; he prayed with Christians and Muslims; he smoked grass with other travellers with long hair like himself; he drank alcohol with homeless vagabonds; he danced with gypsies; he discovered the pleasures of sex with girls met by chance on his trips; he consorted with many boys his own age and made dozens of friends in every corner of the world. He never stayed long in one place, for travel and adventure beckoned him ever onward. His thirst for discovery was stronger than anything else! However, the day came when he felt the urgent need to put down roots in one place and move on to a new stage of his apprenticeship. He knew that he had now seen enough and that a new phase of his spiritual development was about to begin.

He was on a ferry in New York when he became aware of this new reality which he was going to enter. He had just turned twenty and had a few hundred dollars in his pocket given to him by friends for his birthday. He decided to go straight to the airport and took the first flight to California. His destination: Mount Shasta, in northern California.

After an uneventful trip, he arrived one fine day at the foot of that majestic mountain, about which many stories were told, each one stranger than the other. He did not know why he was so attracted to this place, but he had long ago stopped questioning himself; he blindly followed the intuitions that came to him spontaneously and guided him constantly. This habit of trusting his instinct had in fact become second nature and had never let him down.

He always sensed the golden mean to follow and he had learned to tread without hesitation the narrow path marked out by invisible forces, like a tightrope walker on his wire.

The sun was already high when he reached the tree line, where barren rock and glacier were masters of the landscape. He stopped for a moment to contemplate the peak of this mysterious mountain, clearly outlined against the sky of an even deep blue.

A strange force emanated from this ancient volcano that was said to be inhabited by beings descended from the survivors of an old and forgotten continent. All kinds of legends about this were part of the local folklore and he had even unearthed a few books on the subject the day before.

"What a beautiful and strange mountain... Hmm... Something tells me that soon I'll know more about all those inexplicable apparitions people have been talking about for so long..."

As if to show him he was right, he suddenly realized that a strange cloud formation was materializing there, at the peak of the mountain, where a few seconds before there was only cloudless sky as far as the eye could see. A huge oval cloud, with perfectly defined outlines, had almost formed. There was not a breath of wind. Everything was perfectly still!

Almost imperceptibly at first, then more and more distinctly, he observed moving lights shifting rapidly from one end of the cloud to the other, disappearing, and reappearing at another spot with such speed that it was impossible to predict their movements. Then, after a few minutes, the whole thing vanished without a trace, as if nothing had happened. Apart from a few birds gliding high in the sky, it seemed to him that he had been the only one to observe the phenomenon. He had already heard about these strange aircraft appearing in various places on the planet and testifying to a science and a technology that made human civilization look like infantile babbling.

Yet the surprise did not end here, if one can say that Gaia was surprised at all. For in fact, he felt ready for a new step, a giant step in the special preparation he was receiving for his Mission. He was ready for anything! Just when he was about to start climbing this initiatory mountain, a Voice he knew well by now spoke in his consciousness...

"Be at Peace, my son. Your patience and perseverance will soon be rewarded. Before long you will rediscover what your soul has always known. Until now, you have had the opportunity to appreciate the infinite diversity of the world where you came to incarnate. You have been able to see to what extent human beings live in fear and illusion, cut off from any true contact with what you know to be the only Reality, that of the Universal Being from whom everything proceeds and towards whom everything flows. Now you know enough about what darkness and death can breed.

Now the time has come for you to meet face to face the beings entrusted with the sacred Mission of guiding Humanity towards the sublime Destiny which soon, very soon, will come to be as planned since the dawn of Life upon Terra Gaia. Yes, as you have come to sense since your first Great Initiation, ten years ago in Earth time, it is not just by chance that your parents named you Gaia. It is the very name given to the being of Life inhabiting every corner of this planet, even the most obscure and inaccessible places. Hundreds of millions of years ago, Life took root on this globe of matter, and everything that lives today resonates with the same unique vibration of Life that, right from the beginning, created the first cell from which all the others emerged. And if you bear this name sacred among all others, it is because you must play a central part in the great collective Awakening which, in a few years, will enable Humanity to take a big leap forward in its evolution. You have already had a Vision of it several times since your birth, although you were not yet able to understand all the implications. Before long, you will be in a better position to appreciate the secret nature of what is coming.

But to do so, you must first get in touch with the spiritual archetypes of the Universal Consciousness. Throughout the ages they have taken on various names and adopted different costumes to conform to the stages of evolution reached by human beings.

However, they are nameless and ageless. Everywhere in the Universe, these beings, who have achieved spiritual realization beyond anything that Humanity can conceive, have kept alive and fanned the Flame of Life upon each of the countless worlds where It has manifested Itself.

At all times, they have breathed the Spirit of Absolute Perfection into every spark of mineral, plant, animal and human consciousness in order that the eternal and endless Work of the Creation may continue without respite. This is what I had to share with you for the moment. Continue on your own way and keep intact the Faith guiding you. Soon, great mysteries will be revealed to you... Soon, you will see and hear what few human beings have seen and heard... Go in Peace and may Love shine within you, ever more strongly, ever further..

Overcome with the intensity of what he had just experienced and puzzled by this Revelation which he felt to be imminent, Gaia slowly opened his eyes and, prompted by a mysterious Force, set his gaze upon the mountain peak. It towered there, right in front of him, like an immense cosmic temple concealing a Knowledge reserved for the few, for those who are ready to let go of all their illusions and all their human dreams to be born again to eternal Life...

The Moment of Truth had arrived! He knew that he could no longer turn back, that it would be sheer madness to refuse to enter this new consciousness given by the Knowledge enshrined in every atom since eternity. But something within him was pulling him back, something made of fears, doubts, cowardice, like a great No to Life, that was trying by fair means or foul to bring him to reject the Light, to make him turn on his heels and run away as fast as possible. He could not move an eyelash. His limbs were ice-cold, rigid, paralyzed, transfixed.

A gigantic struggle was going on behind his impassive countenance. As if in a waking dream, he saw millions of beings surging through his mind. Like him, in times past, they had hesitated on the threshold of mutation, had rejected the belief of a possible survival out of the familiar, nourishing sea, denied any possibility of
running or flying, banished, again and for ever, the "impossible" dream of a better world made of Happiness, Peace and Love...

And yet, it was possible! It is possible! It will always be possible... A simple thought of Love, of trust, of surrender to Life's powerful and protective arms is enough... But then, why not?.... Yes, after all, why not!

Without showing a sign of what he had just experienced, imperceptibly, Gaia felt a Force, an unshakeable resolution, growing within him. And the more this Force grew within him, the more he smiled, the more he radiated joy and Light. Tears welled up in his eyes while a great thrill of ecstasy shook his whole being. YES! He was going to climb this mountain. YES! He was going to continue on his way with a Faith that could lift the world. YES! He would fulfill to the end the sacred Mission which he had serenely chosen and accepted.

And in a confident gesture, he raises one foot and takes the first step of a long journey already begun long ago, so long ago, as if it were now... Breathing in deeply the pure, crystal clear mountain air, he fixes a resolute gaze on the peak and shouts in a loud and determined voice : "Mount Shasta, here I come!"

Without really thinking about it, Gaia chooses the path leading towards the best way to make the ascent and starts to sing a lively tune which is weaving itself, bit by bit, in his mind. Words, welling up from the depths of his soul, follow one upon the other like pearls on a string... and, like an untiringly repeated mantra, keep strengthening Gaia's determination to persevere, still higher, still further, up to the summit... and beyond!...

O Joy to be, O Joy to be born,
O Joy to be born to Life...

O Joy to live, O Joy to live again,
O Joy to live again in Love...

O Joy to love, O Joy to love God,
O Joy to love God forever...

Thanks to Life, thanks to Love, thanks forever...

Lost in his contemplative song, Gaia is unaware of the minutes, the hours passing... Soon, nightfall and the coming darkness compel him to slow down and take a rest. But not for long, for the moon is rising, round and shining, restoring his strength and giving him enough light to continue his progress.

The mountain was transfigured in the diffused light, revealing a little more of its mystery that the harsh daylight masked behind a screen of light. Everything is still, so strangely still...

Gaia stops for a few seconds again, getting back his breath and trying to see how far he still has to go to the summit hidden by rocky ridges. Then he casts a glance around him below, contemplating the magnificent panorama at his feet. He looks at the lunar disk, delighting in its soft radiance carrying the solar star's vibrations of infinity...

He does not notice that a white, ovoid form had materialized and come near him. Lost in contemplation, he is unaware of the subtle change in the texture of the air surrounding him, as if a crystal clear fluid is radiating from each molecule of air and flowing around him, magnetizing his aura and slowly raising the frequency at which the cells of his physical body vibrate. His body gradually takes on a milky hue, losing its consistency and sublimating itself until it becomes intangible and transparent.

During this transmutation, Gaia, totally absorbed, fascinated, hypnotized by the power he feels emanating from the polarized, even light of the moon, lets himself be slowly penetrated by a new sensation he has never experienced, which fills him with well-being and Peace, with a Peace surpassing all that he had known before, transcending every obstacle, every fear, every resistance... A Peace like that which one only knows at the approach of death, that great Initiation in which the consciousness of the being of obscure flesh passes into the shadowless Light of the soul, released from its bonds...

A new Vibration, prodigious and gentle, pervades all his being. For the first time, the energy dwelling in him and animating his body fills and fulfills him so much that he no longer needs to breathe. His hands... His hands, which he raises slowly in front of his eyes... They are translucent, with streaks of Light running through them, sprinkled with little beams of sparks and hairs of light trembling as if under an invisible breath... His fingertips glisten with soft rays and, with a simple impulse of will, intense flashes stream out of them and unfurl in the night, extending his tactile sensitivity until he is literally able to touch the moon, there at his fingertips...

Gaia is perfectly calm... There is no sign of surprise in his eyes, only a strange glimmer of wisdom, for he remembers now. He recalls that beyond the limitations of the flesh is hidden this marvelous body of Light, so pure and so perfect, endowed with prodigious, but entirely natural powers. But what flesh?... Did he ever have a body of flesh? Oh! Yes... This too he remembers, vaguely, like a distant memory faintly emerging from the mist of a dream from which he had just awoken.

But, in fact, he had never slept. He had always been fully aware during his "long" sleep, so short compared to eternity. Only his body was unaware of it. For such is not in its nature to perceive what can only be apprehended by that which is eternal.

Faces he had known before then began to pass through his consciousness whose range of perception had increased tenfold, a hundredfold. All at once, simultaneously, he saw all the human bodies, male or female, in which he had dwelt, all the innumerable beings who, upon so many planets, had borne his lust for life, never satisfied, always eager to know something more, "Something"... Something that might explain this proliferation of galaxies, this inexhaustible profusion of life forms, this endless explosion of experiences and discoveries... Something that gives Meaning to this whole frantic merry-go-round spinning since the beginning of time... Some Thing that neither word nor thought can define. THE ABSOLUTE!

"AAAUUUMMMMMMM ..." A vibration, the Primordial Vibration, takes hold of his whole being, of his whole consciousness, which is endlessly resonating, stimulated by the Energy emanating from this fundamental tonality to which he is now harmonized.

A kaleidoscopic spiral of images, sounds and thoughts begins to whirl in his mind. Suddenly, he loses all his bearings, all sense of his own identity, carried away by this divine maelstrom, this powerful field of consciousness that had seized him. Gradually, amidst the chaos, something stable, even immutable, takes shape, grows, and soon occupies the entire range of his consciousness. And always, just beneath the surface, like a canvas as eternal and changeless as all that he is perceiving now, the endless Vibration envelopes everything with its Presence.

An immaterial sphere, nearly intangible, and almost non-existent, shimmers softly before him... In fact, he knows that he is somewhere within this sphere, that on a tiny planet, somewhere in one of the innumerable galaxies sprinkled across the emptiness of this sphere he is contemplating, is a body, made of flesh, bones and blood, in which he is dwelling for a spark of a nanosecond.

"All that is before you, is also within you..."

A Voice, or rather a thought modulation, extremely gentle, filled with Love, had manifested Itself around him, as if from nowhere...

Gaia was smiling. Gaia, a spark of consciousness facing eternity, a Life pulsation in the process of mutation, is absorbing like a sponge, without analyzing—he was quite incapable of it at this point—all that he perceives through the heightened senses to which he is connected.

"You are the Infinite, without limits.. Only your ignorance and immaturity prevent you from being all that you are."

Waves of Light are rolling over him, and he is thrilled to the core of his being under the delightful warmth of their caresses... Everything is getting clearer. He sees it all now. All is well, perfectly well.

"Love... I... I love you... love you... love..."

An indescribable stream, flowing from everywhere at once, submerges Gaia. He is pure Love, an eternal, immortal, indestructible Flame...

"Remember this forever: You are the fruit of My womb. Within you are all My wisdom and all My potentialities, which are infinite. You are the Immortal Child that my Life has begotten and in you I recognize Myself. Through you, I discover and fulfill Myself. Through you I exist and express My Reality whose name is Love... Love... Love..."

Opening his eyes on this earthly landscape flooded with moonlight, Gaia comes back from afar. He looks for a place to sit down, leans back against the rock and slowly lets himself slide down to the ground, on the narrow ledge where he is. Heaving a long sigh, he rubs his face to make sure he is still alive. What a shock! What a powerful experience... Slowly coming back to his senses, limited as they are, Gaia tries to set his mind in order. It is as if someone had attempted to pour the ocean into a tiny bowl. Everything has to be reconsidered. All his ideas have to be rethought. Everything has changed. And yet, everything continues too. This new perception is just a confirmation of his profound intuitions.

"Yes... Basically," he tells himself, "this just strengthens the vision driving me since my earliest days. I had always known that I was One with the Universe, that the Being that gives it Life—whatever the name given to Him—and I are just ONE!..."

Closing his eyes for a few seconds, Gaia recalls each fragment of what he has just experienced so intensely, so as to engrave in the depths of his consciousness everything that has been revealed to him. He knows that soon, tomorrow, the hustle and bustle of everyday life will carry him away again in an endless saraband and that he will forget, will even doubt it all.

It is not the first time, he realizes, that this happens to him. Ordinary waking consciousness is so slow to accept and assimilate the reality of the spiritual worlds. The harsh necessities of life always prevail over other priorities, when the body demands all our inner attention. Gaia stands up slowly and casts a glance around him, searching for a place to spend the night, for he feels overcome by sleep. Since the ledge where he stands is hardly a comfortable place to sleep, he sets about climbing higher to find a surface big enough to lie down on. He has not walked ten steps when suddenly he feels a warm breath of air on his ankle. Stopping short, he bends down to see where the heat is coming from and, to his surprise, discovers a hole the size of a man disappearing level with the ledge into the heart of the mountain. Remembering that this is an old volcano now extinct for thousands of years, he wonders if he has found a fissure leading towards the underground chimneys through which the lava used to rise to the surface.

Puzzled by what he has just discovered, Gaia sniffs the air coming out of the bowels of the Earth, expecting to detect a whiff of sulphur. To his surprise, on the contrary, a strange, fresh scent of lush vegetation quite unexpectedly rises from under the ground.

"Well I'll be... Can it be possible?... It's as if something is growing there inside the mountain... What am I to do now?... Shall I venture alone into this underground passage or try to come back later with other people and equipment..."

Knowing very well that it was not just by chance that he had discovered this mysterious "air vent", Gaia enters the opening, feeling his way forward in the dark and just then he distinctly perceives a muted vibration, on a very low note, coming from deep under the mountain. Deciding to chance it, he boldly crawls in, plunging into utter darkness, determined to resolve this intriguing enigma.

He had scarcely advanced a few metres when he felt a presence, or something, observing him and probing his thoughts. He senses a sort of subtle, rapid tingling, scanning his mind in search of information as to who he was and why he was there. Taken aback by this unexpected sensation, Gaia almost turns back, but a force greater than his will urges him to continue instead. He feel confusedly that he can no longer turn back and that, having come this far, he might as well persevere to be clear in his own mind and to know exactly what this is all about.

Even though he cannot see anything, a sixth sense, to which he had now become accustomed over the years, guides him as surely as if his way had been brightly lit and soon he feels that the passage in which he was crawling is widening and that he can even stand up without bumping into anything. Stopping a moment to listen to the hum coming from inside the mountain and take his bearings before continuing, he has the distinct impression that a flat surface is blocking the passage in front of him. He takes a few steps forward, his arms outstretched, and almost immediately stumbles against an obstacle, nearly losing his balance.

He bents down to touch what he has come across and is amazed to feel what seems to him to be a rail in the hollow of a sort of metal bed, which was polished smooth and somewhat cold to the touch. And indeed, it really does appear to be a rail or a guide made of a substance he cannot identify, and which continues in each direction as far as he can feel. Driven by curiosity, he steps over the rail and immediately bumps into a wall completely barring the way.

Uncertain as to what he should do now, whether to continue his exploration in the dark or retrace his steps, Gaia sits down in what appears to him to be the opening of the passage through which he has come, and takes a few moments to review the situation.

"The extraordinary communion I experienced while observing the moon was enough in itself to make the whole trip up to now and the climb up Mount Shasta worthwhile..." he thinks to himself. "But now, this underground rail system that must certainly have belonged to an ancient civilization now forgotten, that beats anything I could ever have imagined! What's hidden in the bowels of this ancient volcano? I'd give anything to know..."

No sooner had this thought occurred to him than he detects a change in the darkness surrounding him. A diffused glow begins to emanate from the whole place and in less time than words can tell, a soft, slightly bluish light suffuses the area, revealing to him that this is not the last surprise in store for him, far from it! In fact, as he can now see perfectly well, he is in a sort of waiting room surrounded with seats embedded in the wall of the passage he has followed and which has widened here to the size of a small room thirty by sixty feet, with at the end the mysterious rail he had discovered earlier.

He gets up and approaches one of the seats, noting the indecipherable inscriptions just above it, and sits down to see whether it is comfortable for him. The supple material of which the seat is made adapts itself perfectly to his shape, giving him a pleasant feeling of well-being and rest. But one detail arouses his curiosity afresh. His feet hang several centimetres above the ground, as if the seat had been designed for a being much taller than himself.

"Could it be," he says to himself, "that those who designed this place were a race of giants that would make today's humans look like dwarfs?... Hmm... I have the impression that it won't be long before I learn more."

Indeed, Gaia has just noticed a very high-pitched whistling in the distance which is increasing at full speed, while gradually getting lower in pitch until it becomes a scarcely perceptible hiss. Opening his eyes wide, he stands up to see what is coming and soon a blue and white glass capsule embossed with a vaguely familiar symbol appears and comes to a halt at the end of the corridor.

Amazed and delighted at the same time by the turn of events, Gaia approaches the vehicle which, to all appearances, is intended for him. When he stands beside it, an opening appears in its side and without hesitating, he gets in and sits on a seat similar to those in the waiting room. Immediately, the door closes soundlessly and the capsule begins to pick up speed, gliding on its rail towards an unknown destination.

Gaia's heart is pounding with excitement at the thought of what he is about to discover. His imagination is going full steam, but nothing that it suggests to him to quench his thirst for an explanation comes near to what he is going to see and hear in a few minutes... A world both new and extremely ancient is about to be revealed to him.

The glass cab in which he is seated slowly gathers speed, plunging resolutely into the depths of the mountain. Soon the cab whizzes through the tunnel, and all details and colors become blurred. And yet, utter silence prevails inside the bubble where Gaia sits, feeling more and more at peace, as if his second nature, the true one, iss taking over. A shower of sparks of Light suddenly burst forth around him, passing right through him and cleansing each cell of his body from any inharmonious vibration.

He feels that his whole body is now vibrating at a higher frequency and that this is a preparation for what is to come, now imminent. And indeed, the transportation capsule gradually loses speed, as a totally new and unexpected landscape appears through the windows.

Bathed in a soft light, warm and beneficial, which envelopes everything with an aura of vitality and Peace, a huge cave, an almost boundless world, suddenly bursts into sight when the cab emerges from the tunnel, still on its rail and now steadily losing speed. Gaia is so overcome with amazement that he nearly gets up from his seat.

"What! Another world, made of forests, rivers and meadows, exists under the surface of the Earth!", says Gaia to himself in a hushed voice. "Well, I'll be!... I would never have believed it possible, if I hadn't seen it myself!..."

"Oh yes! What you see really does exist, Gaia. Welcome to our underground world..." Out of nowhere, a warm and friendly voice has just spoken in Gaia's consciousness...

"Who are you? Where am I?" he asks inwardly, knowing full well that his thought is being picked up by a benevolent and protective intelligence.

"I am the Maha Chohan, the one entrusted for thousands of years with the responsibility of watching over the progress of the present human race dwelling upon the surface of this world. You have just entered the subterranean realm of Agartha, and what is before you is the result of thousands of years of effort and perseverance.

Soon you will know the descendants of the beings who created this entire haven of Peace and Light so as to preserve the purest and most refined things ever created by Humanity. You will have the rare privilege of discovering the Sons and Daughters of Light..."

As these last words were uttered in his mind by the invisible being who had addressed him, the capsule ended its course in an undergrowth where a small platform had been built by a mysterious civilization whose history and origins he was very eager to know. The door retracts automatically into the wall of the cab and Gaia sets foot on the ground, looking everywhere and trying to find a sign of human presence. The unobtrusive song of a bird and gentle murmur of a nearby brook are the only sounds to be heard. Extremely puzzled by this unusual world around him, made of unknown plants, insects and birds, Gaia methodically explores his surroundings, seeking to penetrate the mystery emanating, like the ambient light, from all that his eyes see. As he is walking through the undergrowth, his attention is suddenly drawn to a faintly marked path running alongside the stream. Cautiously stepping onto it, Gaia soon hears the sound of a waterfall and what seems to be children's laughter in the distance. He quickens his pace and soon emerges into a small clearing where three beautiful children are playing; they do not show the slightest sign of surprise at his arrival.

On the contrary, with a playful look in their eyes, they spontaneously invite him to join in their fun in the small pool at the bottom of the fall. After a short moment of hesitation, Gaia takes off his clothes and immerses himself in the water, whose delightfully soft and invigorating touch takes away in a few seconds any trace of tiredness and dissolves any last reservations he still had.

"This place is truly extraordinary and these children, radiant with Joy and Love!... Why not just take advantage of it here and now... I will discover soon enough what this mysterious Agartha and the no less mysterious Maha Chohan are all about."

After a few minutes of frolicking around in the water with his new companions, who were silently observing him, a subtle change occurs in their attitude towards him, and while he is drying himself on a stone near the waterfall, the tallest of the three comes close to him and, looking him in the eye, raises his hand level with Gaia's forehead.

What happens next is beyond description. In a few seconds, Gaia iss overwhelmed by a wondrous force and finds himself thrown into an altered state of consciousness, his body remaining frozen in the position he had at that moment. Soon, a succession of images pass through his mind, showing the different stages of a civilization that had vanished long ago from the face of the Earth.

Crystal towers and palaces, crowds in ecstasy chanting almost heavenly canticles, sages radiant with goodness and Love and many other visions filled with Peace and serenity appears one after the other on his inner mental screen. And the Earth of that time, with very different geographical outlines from those we know today, shone with unbelievable vitality and Harmony, surpassing by far all that Gaia had known until now. Every hill, every river, even every stone, radiated a peaceful and almost tangible force that bestowed upon them the qualities generally attributed to a living being.

Gaia, still spellbound by what he has just seen and felt, recovers his usual state of consciousness as the child lowers his hand. Understanding that the child had just revealed to him, as precisely and directly as possible what had been the civilization of which he was a distant descendant, Gaia suddenly asks...

"But what happened? Why did your ancestors flee from the face of the planet?"

A shadow steals briefly across the child's face as he again raises his hand in front of Gaia's forehead, as the latter is once more immersed in that bygone era... This time, the atmosphere is not the same at all. The whole Earth seems to be stricken with convulsions and torn apart by anger, while human beings with dark and aggressive faces are mercilessly fighting in a continual fire of terrifying ray weapons and titanic explosions. In a rapid succession of images, Gaia sees sombre-looking beings destroy all the magnificent cities of crystal built up through thousands of years of patient labour by the Sons and Daughters of Light.

So much beauty and grace devastated by sheer hate! Everywhere, death is striking those who refuse to oppose the destruction of this ancestral heritage. For they knew that violence can only breed more violence and pain for those who commit it. Neither were they unaware that the flesh is just a temporary vessel and that the true Light, that which outlives all passages through the physical form, is indestructible and immortal, and that it always triumphs over ephemeral and illusory Darkness.

However, despite the chaos invading the world, points of Light and Harmony survive under the surface of the Earth. Indeed, the sages of that bygone age had easily foreseen the tribulations that were about to strike the planet.

In the utmost secrecy, a vast underground network had been set up using very powerful rays which they had at the time, and many underground oases had been created to receive the Sons and Daughters of Light at the appropriate time. Shortly before the catastrophe, a few thousands were chosen and assigned the mission of perpetuating the eternal wisdom and Sacred Fire entrusted to them by beings who had come from elsewhere, in an age lost in the mists of time.

And it was thus, Gaia finally understands, that the three children standing before him represent the last link in a long chain of Life that had preserved the quintessence of a Knowledge which he feels is now going to be entrusted to him so as to pass on to our world the keys it needs in order to reach a new stage in its evolution.

"Son! Welcome to our world, far from the sunlight, but near to the eternal Light of Truth... I am the Maha Chohan. I have been expecting you for a long time, Gaia."

A being, or rather a pure manifestation of Divine Light, having taken on the form of a man of indescribable beauty and nobility, is standing there, before Gaia, his arms outstretched towards him in welcome.

This almost divine apparition which seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and whose face radiates Peace, wisdom and Love, was observing him with an intensity that laid his soul bare. Before such extraordinary and radiant eyes, nothing could remain concealed, so penetrating was the gaze of this man from whom Gaia felt he was going to receive great revelations.

Kneeling on the ground and bowing his head, Gaia addresses a silent prayer to the being who had thus come to meet him. Raising both hands above Gaia's head, the man says:

"May the spark of Light and Life dwelling in you grow in strength and beauty, may it illuminate your whole being and shine forth so as to encompass all that lives on the face of our beloved Mother Earth...»

An intense purifying and beneficial ray began immediately to flow from the hands of the being and passed right through the young man whom Destiny had prepared for a Mission of crucial importance.

"Get up, Gaia, we have much to share with you and time is short. A great danger threatens the Earth, and if you consent to, you can play a key part in averting incalculable suffering for millions of human beings."

Still stunned by the power of the energy that the being had just radiated through him, Gaia staggers to his feet, then, suddenly realizing the meaning of what he had just heard, lifts up his head, gathers all his courage and say:

"Whatever you expect of me, know that I shall do my utmost in all circumstances to help you to the best of my ability, however small and limited it may be."

"Be confident, Gaia. Even though you appear to be only a young man without much experience of life, your power is infinite, for what is expressed and manifested through you is Divine! And this is true of all human beings both here and elsewhere. We all possess immense treasures of wisdom and extensive creative capacities, and it is up to us alone to draw from this infinite Source of wisdom and goodness that the Creator has placed in us. Come! We shall now go to a place suitable for what we must do."

The Maha Chohan turns on his heel and walks away under the majestic trees, covered with flowers of entrancing colours and fragrances followed by Gaia, whose five senses are not enough to pick up all the harmonious vibrations surrounding him. For beyond what he perceives through his ordinary physical senses, he senses a peaceful force and an extraordinary vitality emanating from the plants and the creatures he is discovering at each step. Moreover, he soon realizes that what most distinguishes this forest from those he had known is precisely this vibratory quality, subtle but clearly perceptible to his heightened intuitive sensitivity. It seems here as if the forest and the human beings dwelling in it form an inseparable whole. There are no buildings or any sign of human intervention to be seen anywhere. Only the narrow footpaths and a few harmoniously laid out clearings testifie to a human presence.

Suddenly, at a bend in the path, Gaia sees an animal which he believed existed only in tales and legends. A spotless white unicorn, then another and yet another, appear unexpectedly, followed by a group of adolescent, boys and girls, who are taking pleasure in rounding them up and riding them in turn. The unicorns seemed to play the game willingly and even reared and leapt, just to test the reflexes and balance of their riders. As for the children, wearing short white tunics tied with a cord at the waist, they formed a picture of happiness and freedom that made a strong impression on Gaia.

Afterwards, he often dreamed that he was playing with these youngsters, with a light heart and perfectly at Peace. However, the time had not yet come for him to indulge in such activities. He was soon to be entrusted with weighty responsibilities, and his throat tightened slightly as he sensed what was awaiting him.

The Maha Chohan, who was still ahead, moves a few branches aside and together they enter a small room built into the rock face, where they both find a comfortable seat and sit down. For a few seconds, they each observe a deep silence, meditating upon the importance of the revelations that are about to be made. Without a word, they both close their eyes. Soon, they start chanting together, softly at first, then with increasing intensity, the sacred sound Aum, which from time immemorial has been used to open the mind to the highest realms of consciousness.

The whole cave resonates, with an extraordinary harmonic richness, echoing the sounds emitted by the two beings who are present there on the physical plane. It was as if the whole rock around them had taken Life... As if the Earth herself had focussed a part of her consciousness on this place to listen to and take part in what was about to happen... Gaia, whose years of assiduous practice of meditation and contemplation had made him familiar with the various states of being and spiritual awareness, immediately feels this warm maternal Presence, bursting with compassion, now filling everything and seeping into the innermost recesses of his consciousness.

"Gaia, my child, you are the fruit of my womb and the Seed of Life sparkling within you is blessed among all others... You've accepted a very long time ago, thousands of years ago on the human scale, to fulfill this very special Mission which you will now remember in full..."

It seemed to Gaia that this warm, deeply loving voice he felt with his whole being was emanating from the very rock surrounding them, and that he had known it for all eternity... and very intimately.

"Yes, you are beginning to remember, aren't you... You see again all those lives devoted to serving the Divine Light and to preparing yourself for what must now be accomplished... All those tests through which you have passed... All those joys and all those sorrows along the Path leading from the Darkness of ignorance to the Light of Truth...»

In a kaleidoscope of superimposed images, Gaia was reliving simultaneously all those moments from past lives, all those new awarenesses and spiritual realizations that marked the Way of his Awakening... Now, the great Wheel of Destiny had finished a full cycle and a new phase was about to begin... And it was the same for the planet as a whole. That too was now very clear to him. The fabulous being speaking to him was also going to experience a profound transmutation. Soon, nothing will be the same anymore... Very soon...

In a few years something colossal and magnificent, which has been in gestation since the appearance of the first cell on Earth, will happen, something so marvelous, so unexpected, that no human being now living on this planet is really able to grasp it. It will be a new Birth for all Life, a New Age of Harmony and Peace, the Realization of one the most secret plans of Nature. And it is Humanity as a whole who will take part in it. Everything dividing human beings and cutting them off from the Web of planetary Life, all cultures and creeds, will disappear, soon to be forgotten, as one forgets a bad dream on awakening from the darkness of a long and troubled night.

Now, in a flash of unprecedented lucidity, Gaia sees all that is at stake at that very moment. All those aeons of patient effort that would soon be rewarded. All those beings from everywhere in the Universe who had contributed to the slow maturation of the planetary being that would soon be born, after some cosmic contractions, awaken to Unity and vibrate with Love, such a pure and powerful Love that the whole Universe would be touched, uplifted, transformed! For all that happens on Earth has repercussions everywhere in the Universe, just as all that happens in the Universe also affects the Earth.

Gaia has lost all contact with the room where he sits with the Maha Chohan. His mind drifts, totally free, with a freedom he had never known before, and he rises like a sun bird, higher and higher towards the starry vault from which he gazes at the planetary being there, just beneath him... His spiritual eyes easily pierces the thin layer of air and water vapour surrounding the globe like a translucent skin... He sees the rivers flowing down from the mountains, irrigating the valleys and rushing into the sea to renew the eternal cycle of the water of Life, the Blood of the Earth...

He sees the forests and the oceans teeming with myriads of creatures each one more magnificent than the other, going about their business, eating, fertilizing and passing on to all those to come the Sacred Torch of Evolution, thus participating in the Great Work of Life.

He also sees the sea of men, women and children, in every land, in all climates, with an endless variety of styles of dress, habits and customs, all carrying high the Flame of Life and manifesting the passion to live and love that dwells in all creation. His eyes, his soul, surrenders for a moment of eternity to this total Communion with Mother Earth... There is no longer anything separating him from this Whole, vibrating with Life, quivering with streams of energy, radiating with Love for all that is born from this patient labour of creation of Life, beauty and Harmony...

Tears of joy streams down his face and a cry springs from his heart rising from the depths of his soul like a song of elation, joining in the Cosmic Symphony of Creation.

"I love you!... I love you, mother... Mother Earth..."

What happiness, what delight to be able to share at last with God... with the Self... without resistance, in total freedom, the most precious thing in the Universe...

However, in his ecstasy, in his infinite bliss, Gaia feels a discordant note growing, a song of sadness, a harrowing moan that hurts his very soul. The Earth is dying... This being, so good, so generous, who has given everything, who has patiently waited millions and millions of years for her child to be born and recognize her, this being of Life is slowly perishing, bruised, wounded, tortured without respite by the unconscious brutality of men.

Everywhere, Gaia now sees sharply the flagrant and largely irreversible consequences of the blind cruelty and greed of a civilization of machines and war that has expanded its grasp over the whole planet. This direct and stark realization pierces his heart like a sharp point, until it hurts the Spark of immortal Life within him.

"What! So many wonders trampled, crushed by steel machines, buried beneath masses of garbage! So many living sanctuaries profanated, violated, ravaged! So much Love rejected by so much selfishness! This cannot continue! Someone must stop it! We've got to save the Earth! To save Life! Save... our Life..."

Gaia sits up straight on his seat, stunned, his heart shaken to the soul by what he has just realized, his mind reeling with images of death, destruction, atrocities inflicted by his fellow men upon Mother Earth. Slowly, he raises his eyes towards the being of Light seated near him, seeking help, comfort and some sign of understanding and compassion.

With a gesture of his hand, the Maha Chohan tells him to close his eyes again and an infinitely gentle smile, barely visible on his face, indicates to him that all is well, that he must remain confident, that the Faith which has guided him all his life and has led him to this place, must remain his beacon, his firm anchorage even in the deepest darkness and the wildest turmoil.

"Truth will prevail, my Son..."

A deep sense of Peace overcomes him, and gentle sparks of Light run along his spine, flowing all around him like an incandescent fountain of Life... A Vision, a Perfect Path has just opened before him. Carried along again by the Divine Magic that fills the Earth and his body at the same time, Gaia suddenly has the Evidence, the Explosion of Light, the Confirmation of all his deepest intuitions...

All the tests that the Earth and Humanity are undergoing are the necessary ferment to catalyse the change, the transformation, the true Mutation that is occurring all over the Earth. Nothing would be possible if stagnation set in, if human beings and Nature were not continually confronted with new challenges to adapt themselves to the inevitability of their interdependence and to manifest the huge potential of cocreativity resulting from their close and harmonious interrelationship.

"Of course," Gaia says to himself, "humanity has still a lot to learn and discover to bring about the full manifestation of this Harmony. But the essential keystone of this Realization on the planetary scale of the inseparable Oneness of all that lives on Earth is about to be given to Mankind. And it is in this that I have a role to play...

What is asked of me is to totally merge my mind, my consciousness, with the Planetary Consciousness of the global being formed by the millions of species living on this world. From now on I will speak on behalf of the Earth and the Earth will express herself through me... While remaining what I am, for I am simultaneously this being of Life and myself...

There is no separation, no distinction between the two of us... I am... Gaia!... She is... Gaia..."

And I know, for it is written in Heaven, has been planned for thousands of years, I know that every circumstance and chance of life will conspire to make this Mission easier and to smooth away all the obstacles on the Way to the merging of Humanity ... with Gaia!