April 24, 2001

The Horrific LAW Weekly Roundup 12-18 April 2001

Hello everyone

I seldom do what I'm doing today but I believe there is no other way to change something terribly wrong than to expose it to the full light of the world public opinion and individual conscience of as many people as possible in the hope that, by so doing, what has been generally accepted so far as tolerable will finally become utterly unacceptable to most people, and actions, strong outraged yet positive and non-violent actions, will be taken to put pressure on those who can play a significant role to turn around this horrific human tragedy into a renewed will on the part of everyone concerned to find a peaceful and constructive way out of this Middle East carnage.

There is no question in my mind that Palestinians, just as much as the Israelis exposed in this report below, have also, but on a much smaller scale, done some terribly wrong things and that the suicide bombings and any other kind of violence against all Israeli people must immediately and permanently stop. But likewise, there could be no possible denying that the human tragedies visited daily by the Israeli army onto defenseless, unarmed people is fueling the rage and determination of Palestinians to never surrender, under such state-sponsored terror, their legitimate quest to find again peace and the sanctity of a homeland all of their own, and so finally begin the long overdue healing process following over 50 years of torment, deportation, humiliation and oppression.

I urge you to please take time to read through this whole report, even if you begin to feel very ill as you read and want to turn your eyes and mind away from the description of so many inhumane acts of wanton violence and all the suffering and pain they inflict. Please also remember as you read that the nation doing these atrocities is not some uncivilized, backward country but a sophisticated, advanced society fully supported by the tax dollars and military expertize and hardware of the Unites States, a country that often portrays itself to others as the defender of democratic ideals... It is from a nation whose children are the descendants of the survivors of the Nazi holocaust, a nation that should have understood by now that violence only breeds more violence and that only peace and goodwill can open the way towards a prosperous, happy and peaceful future.

There have been again in the last few days some hopeful signs that both Israelis and Palestinians may finally begin to realize they *must* turn away from violence and enter again into peace negociations. Yasser Arafat has ordered an end to the provocative mortar bombings and the Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer has praised Arafat and said he plans to soon open Israel's borders to tens of thousands of Palestinian workers, while Shimon Perez is going in Cairo and Washington to discuss a new joint Egypt-Jordanian peace proposal. Why this sudden change? When the Israeli army invaded the Palestinian territories a couple weeks ago, as described below, the new U.S. administration finally came out of its torpor and ordered, literally, its long-time ally to immediately retreat and quit doing so much harm... and for good reasons! What you will read below is the terrible account of what Israel did that so incensed the U.S. government. Hardly any of this has been reported in any details by any media... Now it is time the reality of this war of attrition to pressure the Palestinian people into submission is exposed for what it is...

The time has come again for peace to be the beacon guiding everyone towards a better, saner future for all.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Please review also the updating material also compiled on this Middle East Crisis in the previous Meditation Focus posted at http://www.aei.ca/~cep/MeditationFocus36.htm and in the soon-to-be-emailed Meditation Focus #37 at http://www.aei.ca/~cep/MeditationFocus37.htm


From: earthlife@juno.com
To: Phil_Gramm@gramm.senate.gov
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001
Subject: Fw: LAW Weekly Roundup 12-18 April 2001

Dear Senators Gramm and Hutchison:

Please read the forwarded note (below), then give me --if possible-- a considered response to the following question: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THIS TERRORISM BY ZIONIST ISRAEL? THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE AND MUST STOP!!

Leaving aside principles of fair play (--as Israel does!) simple common sense and enlightened self-interest should tell the Congress --and any intelligent U.S. citizen-- that it is time to rein in our maverick pet-- Zionist, bullying, land-grabbing Israel.

-- Bruce Hunter Garland, TX 75044

From: "Lawsociety"
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001
Subject: LAW Weekly Roundup 12-18 April 2001

LAW Weekly Roundup 12-18 April 2001

7 dead including 3 children in the same day, Israeli forces trespass PNA-controlled areas & demolish civilian houses. Residential areas subject to worst shelling since outbreak of Intifada


The 28th week of the Palestinian Intifada saw an ominous escalation by the Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians and security and police headquarters. Between 12-18 April 2001, Israeli forces and used lethal sea, air and land artillery to shell Palestinian houses and other civilian establishments as well as police and security apparatus posts and headquarters. Military bulldozers were used to demolish civilian homes and military posts, especially in the Gaza Strip, and civilian houses in Hebron, Bethlehem and surrounding areas were subjected to brutal shelling with artillery and heavy ammunition.

In the past week there have also been two instances of the Israeli military trespassing into Palestinian controlled areas. The first was in Rafah, Gaza, when Israeli forces trespassed the PA-controlled area opposite Salah Al Deen Gate and destroyed several Palestinian homes and stores, as well as the offices of the Palestinian military intelligence services. The second, again in Gaza, was when Israeli forces penetrated 1km north and 800m east into Beit Hanoun, destroying several Palestinian National Security headquarters and occupying the area for several hours before withdrawing.

Israeli forces also continued their unjustified use of lethal force against Palestinian civilians when dispersing popular protests against the oppressive measures of the Israeli occupation. In the meantime, Israeli forces continued committing other grave violations of Palestinian human rights, such as bulldozing agricultural lands, uprooting trees, demolishing houses and continuing its tight siege over Palestinian residential areas.

This week, six Palestinian civilians were killed (including four children) and a 23 year-old National Security sergeant, Muhammad Al Masri from Khan Younis, who was hit by artillery while Israel shelled Palestinian National Security headquarters in Beit Hanoun. Two of the civilian children killed lost their lives during Israeli shelling of residential areas: 10 year-old Bara' Al Sha'er from Rafah, and 16 year-old Rami Ighrayeb from Al Khader. The other four were shot, either during the brutal dispersion of peaceful demonstrations or away from flashpoints.

In this roundup, we will present the most significant Israeli violations committed within the Palestinian Territories:

First: Shooting at Civilians

During the past week, four Palestinian civilians died after being shot at, either during peaceful demonstrations or away from flashpoints altogether. They were:

1. 35 year-old Hafeth Subuh from Al Fakhari, east Khan Younis, killed on 12 April. 2. 16 year-old Shawkat Al Alami, from Beit Ummar in Hebron, killed on 12 April. 3. 19 year-old Basel Zahran from Alar in Tulkarem (normally resident in Amman, Jordan), killed on 16 April. 4. 15 year-old Hamzeh I'beid from Al Shaja'yeh in Gaza, killed on 17 April 2001.

On Thursday 12 April 2001, 35 year-old Hafeth Subuh, a taxi- driver from A Fakhari, east Khan Younis, was killed when heavy ammunition entered his abdomen and right foot. According to information gathered by LAW, at around 5:30am Subuh was taking 25 year-old Muhammad Siam to Gaza. While passing the village of Sater, north of Al Amal, Khan Younis, 200m away from Gani Tal settlement, his taxi broke down. He stopped the car to see what was wrong, but as soon as he got out he was shot at by Israeli forces. Subuh died instantly, and Siam was hit in the right hand.

At around 8pm on the same day, 16 year-old Shawkat Al Alami from Beit Ummar, Hebron, died after being shot twice in the right side of the neck, rupturing his jugular vein. According to information gathered by LAW, at around 7:30pm a group of Israeli soldiers in an armored vehicle broke into the eastern and southern areas of Beit Ummar, arbitrarily shooting at citizens and their houses, under the pretext that someone had been firing Molotov cocktails at the Israeli military post at the village's eastern entrance. The soldiers shot at Al Alami in an agricultural field 100m from his home and 300m from the Israeli outpost. Eyewitnesses estimated that he was shot from a distance of 200m, and confirmed that when the soldiers broke into the village through its main entrance they were randomly shooting in all directions for at least 20 minutes.

The same evening, Israeli soldiers stationed at the Rafah border (opposite Salah Al Deen Gate and the Brazil quarter) shot at civilian houses in Brazil, leading to the injury of 60 year-old Saleh Al Rous by gunshot in the pelvis. At the time he was shot he was in his home, 150m away from the border.

At noon on Friday 13 April, 15 year-old Bader Shukr was hit in the right side of the chest after Israeli soldiers at Netsarim intersection, south Gaza, opened fire at group of young Palestinian demonstrators.

At around 7am on Sunday 15 April, many Palestinian civilians were gathered at Salah Al Deen Gate, south Rafah, to look at the buildings destroyed by Israeli aggression the previous day. Israeli soldiers stationed at that gate fired dozens of teargas canisters, causing many to suffer severe teargas inhalation. At around 11am, soldiers at the same gate began firing silenced rifles at citizens, injuring 18 year-old Muhammad Taha in the left leg.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Israel's policy is aimed at frightening Palestinian civilians while simultaneously ëdisposing of' field Intifada activists. At around 10:30am on Monday 16 April, Israeli forces attempted to assassinate 32 year-old Abdil Hadi Al Natsheh from Hebron with heavy machinegun fire. The ammunition penetrated his left arm.

According to Al Natsheh's affidavit to LAW, at around 10:30am that day, he got out of his car to inspect a workshop near his house in Ra 's Al Jora, near the northern entrance to Hebron (close to Area C). Suddenly he was subjected to heavy machinegun fire, which hit him in the left arm, from the Israeli military post that has been set up on the roof of the home of As'ad Al Ja'bari. He managed to crawl behind a nearby cement column, where he sheltered from the shooting for at least 5 minutes.

Afterwards, he was to taken to Al Ahli hospital in his cousin's car. He underwent surgery on his arm, which was totally lacerated. Al Natsheh is a father of 5 who has been ëwanted' by the Israeli army for a year and a half.

At about the same time, two boys - 15 year-old Hani Shahin and 15 year-old Qasem Abu Mudeen - were injured by shrapnel when a suspicious object exploded in Gaza valley. According to information gathered by LAW, the boys were walking around the fields in Gaza valley when they came across a suspicious object, which exploded while they examined it. Shahin was wounded in the forehead and left eye, while Abu Mudeen was wounded in the forehead. They were both taken to Al Nasser hospital.

At around 10am, Israeli soldiers stationed at an outpost in Neve Dakalim settlement shot at a group of youngsters in a park belonging to Khan Younis municipality (west of the Austrian quarter and 150m from the outpost), hitting 15 year-old Muhammad Wadi in the pelvis.

At around 5pm on the same day, Monday 16 April, 19 year-old Basil Zahran, a resident of Amman, Jordan who was staying in Alar in Tulkarem, was killed by gunshot fired by Israeli soldiers stationed at the western Baqa military checkpoint.

According to LAW's information, Zahran had arrived from Jordan that day to visit relatives. Israeli soldiers chased and shot intensively at him, killing him instantly from close range. Following his death, the Israeli authorities claimed that he had tried to stab a soldier so they killed him. At 1am the following day, Tuesday 17 April, the Israeli liaison office reported his death to the Palestinian liaison. At 2:30am, the body was handed to the Palestinian liaison and then taken to Dr Thabet Thabet governmental hospital in Tulkarem.

According to a preliminary medial report:

- He had bullet wounds in the upper left side of his chest - A bullet had entered his throat and exited through the back of his neck. - A bullet entry wound in his right elbow and the exit wound on his inner arm, complete with lacerated muscles and tissue. - Bullet wounds around the left ear - Bullet wounds and muscle laceration in the left hand - X-rays showed fractures of the skull, right and left hands, along with shrapnel in the upper part of his body (chest, head, shoulders and hands).

At around 2:30pm on Tuesday 17 April, 15 year-old Hamzeh I'beid from Al Shaja'yeh in Gaza was killed instantly after being shot from a distance of 150m by Israeli soldiers stationed at Al Mintar crossing, east Gaza. The bullets penetrated his chest. According to information gathered from Gaza by LAW, the soldiers opened fire at a group of Palestinian children and young demonstrators, killing I'beid and injuring 5 others:

1. 10 year-old Samir Karim from Al Shaja'yeh, hit in the left shoulder. 2. 14 year-old Muhammad Nasser from Al Shaja'yeh, hit in the pelvis. 3. 17 year-old Muhammad Nayef from Al Zaytoun, hit in the chest. 4. 17 year-old Sameh Daghmash from Al Sabra, hit in the pelvis. 5. 13 year-old Hassan Al Shawwa from Al Tufah, hit in the waist.

Second: Shelling

Israeli forces escalated their shelling of Palestinian residential areas as well as Palestinian security apparatus and police headquarters. As a result, 3 were killed and dozens suffered various injuries; some are in a critical condition. In addition, many private properties and other targets were severely damaged.

In the afternoon of Thursday 12 April, Israeli soldiers stationed at the northern entrance to Beit Hanoun shelled Palestinian residential houses in Al Sikeh Street near the armistice line with medium and heavy machinegun fire. Four houses belonging to the Hamdan extended family (32 members) were severely damaged.

In an attack similar to that which targeted Palestinian houses in Khan Younis' Al Gharbi refugee camp at dawn on Wednesday 11 April (see last week' s weekly report), on Saturday April 14 Israeli soldiers targeted Palestinian civilian homes at Salah Al Deen Gate, south Rafah.

According to information gathered from Gaza by LAW, at 3pm on Saturday 14 April Israeli soldiers with tanks and bulldozers broke into Salah Al Deen Gate and its surrounding area, demolished a number of houses and stores and bulldozed a Palestinian Military Intelligence headquarters.

During the demolition, Israeli soldiers shot heavy artillery and live ammunition at Palestinians from tanks and military outposts at Salah Al Deen Gate, injuring more than 40 Palestinians including:

1. 6 year-old Muhammad Al Satri, shrapnel in the mouth. 2. 16 year-old Muhammad Jarghoun, shrapnel in the right shoulder. 3. 16 year-old Mahmoud Lafi, shrapnel in the right shoulder. 4. 18 year-old Ala' Iznoun, gunshot and shrapnel in right & left shoulders and chest. 5. 28 year-old Aref Al Qadi, artillery shrapnel in the right foot. 6. 17 year-old Rami Abed, shrapnel in the right hand. 7. 19 year-old Hasan Al Satri, shrapnel in the left thigh. 8. 19 year-old Anwar Qishta, shrapnel in the left thigh. 9. 19 year-old Nidal Miqdad, shrapnel in the face. 10. 19 year-old Adel Madi, shrapnel in the face. 11. 18 year-old Mahmoud Abu Mu'ammar, shrapnel in the neck. 12. 12 year-old Mahmoud Abu Taha, shrapnel in the head. 13. 34 year-old Abdil Haleem Judeh, shrapnel in the face. 14. 18 year-old Iyyad Al Sha'er, shrapnel in the right foot. 15. 31 year-old Muhammad Abu Sweilem, shrapnel in the head and right forehead. 16. 21 year-old Nidal Abu Tyour, shrapnel in the head. 17. 16 year-old Hazem Abu Rizeq, shrapnel in the right hand. 18. 21 year-old Sa'eed Abu Jalaleh, shrapnel in the left eye. 19. 30 year-old Hala Al Sha'er, shrapnel in the left hand. 20. 17 year-old Atiyah Al Jazzar, gunshot in the right leg. 21. 16 year-old Tha'er Abu Siam, critically injured by artillery shrapnel in the left leg. 22. 18 year-old Muhammad Iznoun, critically injured by gunshot in the pelvis. 23. 15 year-old Ibrahim Abu Jazar, shrapnel in the face. 24. 13 year-old Fadi Abu I'beid, gunshot in the left thigh. 25. 22 year-old Hani Abu ëAnzeh, shrapnel in the chest. 26. 25 year-old Ra'ed Abu Jazar, shrapnel in the head. 27. 17 year-old Hani Abu Hilal, shrapnel in the head. 28. 23 year-old Mahmoud Judeh, shrapnel in the neck. 29. 19 year-old Fadwa Al ëEed, gunshot in the left thigh from 500m distance. 30. 44 year-old Ibrahim Abu ëAnzeh, gunshot in the left shoulder. 31. 38 year-old Tayseer ëArour, shrapnel in the face. 32. 25 year-old Amjad Al Nawajha, shrapnel in the abdomen. 33. 15 year-old Jamal Abu Hilal, shrapnel in the right knee. 34. 34 year-old Hatem Al Satri, 34, shrapnel in the face and head. 35. 15 year-old Isma'eel Irjilat, shrapnel in the right foot. 36. 25 year-old Tal'at Al Buji, shrapnel in the right forearm. 37. 18 year-old Kamal Abu Tayyem, gunshot in the left thigh. 38. 23 year-old Anwar Al Sudoudi, shrapnel in the abdomen 39. 33 year-old Ahmad Abu Hasna, gunshot in the right thigh. 40. 14 year-old Khaled Al Mugheer, shrapnel in the neck. 41. 18 year-old Salah Dweiyi, shrapnel in the head. 42. 16 year-old Thyab Abu Zeid, shrapnel in the left hand. 43. 16 year-old Muhammad Lafi, shrapnel in the right foot.

At around 3pm on Sunday April 15, Israeli forces stationed at Salah Al Deen Gate, south Rafah, shelled Palestinian civilian houses 100 away from the border with Egypt with medium to heavy machinegun fire.

45 year-old Muhammad Hussein was in his bedroom when he was critically wounded in the head by heavy machinegun ammunition.

At around 4pm on the same day, Israeli soldiers stationed at the same outposts shot four missiles at a group of Palestinian youngsters as they set barricades around the houses to protect them from further shelling. Six were injured:

1. 17 year-old Jamal Qishta, shrapnel in the left foot. 2. 16 year-old Ashraf Abdil A'Al, shrapnel in the left leg. 3. 14 year-old Umar Abu Zahra, shrapnel in the chest. 4. 16 year-old Mahmoud Abu Azzam, shrapnel in the left arm. 5. 12 year-old Musa Abed, shrapnel in the head. 6. 12 year-old Muhammad Qishta, shrapnel in the abdomen.

At around 5pm, Israeli forces stationed at Abraham Avino settlement and military outposts in the eastern hills, especially Johar Mount, shelled residential areas in Abu Sneineh quarters, Janeb and Al Takruri dome in the middle of Hebron by artillery and heavy machinegun ammunition. The shelling went on for about ten hours, until 3am on Monday April 16, leading to the injury of five civilians:

1. 9 year-old Ahmad Abu Sneineh, shrapnel in various parts of the body. 2. 70 year-old Sameeha Abu Al Halaweh, shrapnel in various parts of the body. 3. 17 year-old Khitam Abu Al Halaweh, shrapnel in various parts of the body. 4. 12 year-old Nayef Al Jamal, shrapnel in various parts of the body. 5. 17 year-old Bassam Al Falah, shrapnel in various parts of the body.

Also many houses were damaged to varying degrees in their interior and exterior walls, services networks, windows and furniture.

At around 21:30, Israeli forces stationed at Jadida and Neve Dakaleem settlements opened fire from automatic guns on Palestinian houses in the Al Namsawi quarter, southwest of Khan Yunis wounding:

1. 26 year-old Mahmoud Abu Olawan in the head. The Palestinian man was returning to his home near Khan Younis Youth Center when he was shot 2. 46 year-old Miriam Abu Hatab. Miriam was wounded by shrapnel while in her home, 200 metres from the Israeli forces' positions

On April 16, Israeli forces penetrated and re-occupied Palestinian National Security Force positions in PNA-controlled areas in Beit Hanoon, northern Gaza Strip. Israeli forces launched a broad air-sea-ground attack late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, as well as continuing to shell Fatah and NSF positions and several civilian homes.

According to information received from Gaza by LAW Society, Israeli forces stationed at Erez crossing shelled NSF outposts east of Beit Hanoon on Monday evening before penetrating PNA-controlled areas at midnight. Israeli tanks and bulldozers razed four NSF outposts to the ground as well as ruining agricultural land in the area. The area penetrated was 800 metres east and one kilometre north of the PNA controlled areas.

During the shelling, 23 year-old Mohammad Al Masri from Khan Younis was hit by an anti-tank missile, which killed him instantly. The attack also wounded:

- 38 year-old Imad Odwan, Palestinian border guard, shrapnel injury in the head - 34 year-old Nasser Muqbil, Palestinian border guard, shrapnel injury in the face - 36 year-old Basim Afifi, shrapnel in the left foot - 26 year-old Azmi Al Jamal, shrapnel injury in the right foot - 28 year-old Mohammad Al Bitar, shrapnel injury in the right foot - 26 year-old Musa Atiyi, shrapnel injury in the left foot

At midnight, Israeli forces fired two surface-to-surface missiles at a Palestinian Preventive Security headquarters in Al Nasir, Gaza, destroying the northern section of the building. Another Israeli missile fired from the air hit the Palestinian police offices in Gaza. Israeli battleships shelled a Force 17 outpost in Al Sheikh Ijlain, southern Gaza, injuring four Palestinians.

On Monday, Israeli forces shelled another Force 17 headquarters, 200 metres from Deir Al Balah, using gunship and battleship. The gunship fired two missiles, and three anti-tank missiles were fired at the same building. Automatic guns were also used in the shelling, which destroyed three offices and a Force 17 tank.

One of the shells landed on Al Barook Mosque, destroying some walls. Four more surface-to-surface missiles were fired at Fatah offices in the centre of Deir Al Balah, destroying the 300 square metre second floor.

The shelling wounded

- Madi Madi, 27, from Khan Yunis. Madi was hit by a missile that severed his leg and arm; he is now in a serious condition - Intisar Baraka, 35, hit by shrapnel in the neck - Nasir Abu Saqir, 24, hit by shrapnel in the left arm

In a separate incident on Monday evening, Israeli forces stationed on the south-eastern hills of the Palestinian town of Al Khader, south of Bethlehem, subjected Al Khader and Solomon Pools to heavy shelling with anti-tank missiles and machineguns. The shelling damaged dozens of buildings in Al Khader, as well as the tourism projects in Solomon Pools. Bethlehem's Ayda refugee camp, Beit Sahour, and Beit Jala were also shelled. The homes of the following Palestinians were severely damaged:

- Dr. Johnny Matawra - George Matawra - Bo'az Abu Al Zalaf

The following were wounded in the shelling

- Yameen Abu Al Zalaf, 40, shrapnel wounds in the shoulder - Rose Abu Al Zalaf, 53, from Beit Sahour, shrapnel wounds all over her body - Bo'az Abu Al Zalaf, 64, from Beit Sahour, shrapnel wounds in the left eye and right hand - Abdul Khalik Abu Zaina, 32, from Nablus, a guard at one of the tourism projects, shrapnel wounds all over his body - Fatma Subuh, 12, from Al Khader, shrapnel wounds - Iman Mahmoud, 14, from Al Khader, shrapnel wounds

On Tuesday afternoon, Israeli tanks shelled Saladin Street, south Rafah, killing 10 year-old Bara'a Al Sha'er. According to LAW's documentation, Al Sha'er and his brother Usama were crossing a street two hundred metres away from the Israeli forces' position when soldiers shot Bara'a in the head. That evening, Israeli forces shelled the western part of Tulkarem, damaging many Palestinian houses. 21 year-old Majid Farou'a, an NSF member, was shot in the right arm during the attack. Moreover, the Israeli shelling of Al Khader killed 16 year-old Rami Ighrayeb, who had run out of his home with his family during the Israeli attack and sought refuge in the garden. However, an artillery shell exploded, followed by machinegun fire. Rami was shot in the chest and died instantly. The boy's grandmother, 100 year-old Amna Yusif, was also wounded in the incident.

Also injured were 35 year-old Ziyad Subuh, shrapnel wounds; 20 year-old Ahmad Salah, shrapnel wounds and 20 year-old Ahlam Shusha, shrapnel wounds.

On Tuesday evening, Israeli tanks also shelled Bethlehem's Ayda and Al Aza refugee camps and Beit Jala. The shelling went on until the early hours of Wednesday morning, wounding:

1. Muhannad Abu Awad, 17, from Ayda refugee camp, shrapnel wounds 2. Samia Ata, 56, from Ayda refugee camp, shrapnel wounds 3. Ali Al Hamuz, 38, from Ayda refugee camp, shrapnel wounds 4. Miriam Al Aza, from Ayda refugee camp, shrapnel wounds 5. George Asfur, 21, from Beit Jala, shrapnel wounds 6. Manal Abu Shaira, from Al Aza refugee camp, shrapnel wounds

and damaging the following Palestinians' houses:

1. Yusif Katamish from Al Aza refugee camp. The house was hit by an Israeli artillery shell, which burned it to the ground 2. Basheer Abdul Kader from Al Khader. The house was hit three times by artillery shells and partially destroyed. Many other houses were damaged from the outside.

In Hebron, Israeli tanks and machineguns stationed around the hills and inside the Jewish enclaves shelled Abu Sneineh, Bab Al Zawyi and Harat Al Sheikh quarters in the heart of the town on Tuesday. The Israeli attack was one of the fiercest on Hebron since the eruption of the current uprising. It wounded:

1. Nawal Abdeen, 48, whose bedroom was burned down. The Palestinian woman suffered severe smoke inhalation 2. Riyad Abdeen, 57, Nawal's husband, also suffered severe smoke inhalation 3. Najah Abdeen, 40, shrapnel wounds 4. Mona Abdeen, 16, shrapnel wounds 5. Kamal Abdeen, 20, shrapnel wounds 6. Hatem Abdeen, 20, shrapnel wounds 7. Zahiyi Al Kawasmi, 70, shrapnel wounds 8. Jawad Al Natshi, 39, shrapnel wounds

According to eyewitnesses, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society's paramedics faced difficulties reaching the homes of the injured Palestinians.

The shelling damaged the following Palestinians' homes

1. Yusif Abdeen. An artillery shell hit his house and created a 1.5 metre hole; the house was burned down 2. Mahmoud Abdeen, an artillery shell hit his house and created an 80 centimetre hole; the house's furniture was badly burned 3. Riyadh Abdeen, the shelling burned the bedroom and furniture 4. Akram Abu Sneineh, the house was burned down 5. Khader Abdeen, the shelling damaged the house and furniture 6. Mohammad Abdeen, the shelling damaged the house and furniture

Many more houses and buildings were damaged. Several bullets hit Alia Hospital, destroying some machines in the hospital laboratory.

Third: Bulldozing and demolition

On April 14, Israeli forces attacked Palestinian houses near the southern entrance to Saladin Street in Rafah, Gaza.

According to LAW's documentation, Israeli tanks and bulldozers stormed Saladin Street south and destroyed several Palestinian homes and stores as well as the offices of the Palestinian military intelligence services.

The following Palestinians' houses were completely destroyed:

1. Tal'at Al Ikir, 120 square metres (accommodating 6 people) 2. Sameer Al Sha'er,200 square metres 3. Mahmoud Al Sha'er, 700 square metres (accommodating 14 people) 4. Mohammad Kishta, 200 square metres 5. Mahmoud Al Sha'er, 400 square metres 6. Ishtawi Kishta, 250 square metres 7. Mahmoud Kishta, 400 square metres 8. Basam Kishta, 400 square metres (accommodating 8 people) 9. Imad Kishta, 400 square metres (accommodating 8 people) 10. Atiyi Kishta, 250 square metres 11. Hashim Alyan, 160 square metres 12. Abdullah Kishta, one room (accommodating 1 woman) 13. Jamal and Jalal Abu Zuhair, 160 square metres (accommodating 14 people). The walls of the house were destroyed and the house was cracked 14. Anwar Al Ra'ee, 200 square metres (accommodating 8 people). Half the house was destroyed and the rest was cracked 15. Akram Al Ra'ee, 150 square metres (accommodating 11 people). Half the house was destroyed and the rest was cracked 16. Ahmad Al Sha'er, 150 square metres (accommodating 4 people). Half the house was destroyed and the rest was cracked 17. Musa Kishta, 150 square metres, 150 square metres (accommodating 6 people).

40 stores were completely destroyed and 13 were partially destroyed.

They belonged to the following Palestinians

1. Mohammad Kishta 2. Hameed Kishta 3. Zakariya Kishta 4. Ahmad Kishta 5. Hamad Kishta 6. Raed Kishta 7. Mohammad and Abdullah Kishta 8. Shtawi Kishta 9. Mahmoud Kishta 10. Musa Kishta 11. Mohammad Ahmad Kishta 12. Atiyi Shtawi 13. Mahmoud Kishta 14. Mohammad Mohammad 15. Khalid Abdul Al 16. Hasan Abdul Al 17. Awad barhoom 18. Musa Barhoom 19. Atwa Abdul Al

On Sunday, Israeli bulldozers bulldozed 22 dunums of Palestinian agricultural land around the Israeli checkpoint south of Qalqilya. The land belonged to:

1. Mahmoud Tabeeb (3 dunums of guava trees and barley) 2. Mamoun Tabeeb, (3 dunums of citrus fruits) 3. Othman Tabeeb and Said Zamari, (16 dunums of vegetables and an irrigation network)

On Monday and Tuesday, Israeli bulldozers destroyed 217 dunums of agricultural land and 11 houses in Beit Hanoon. The houses belonged to:

1. Atamish Shabat, 150 square metres accommodating 12 people 2. Abdul Hafith Hameed, 200 square metres accommodating 24 people 3. Hussein Swailim, 150 square metres accommodating 12 people 4. Ahid Shanti, 300 square metres accommodating 14 people 5. Sameer Al Azazi, 120 square metres accommodating 8 people 6. Ibraheem Al Azazi, 100 square metres 7. Ibraheem Abu Amsha, 170 square metres 8. Khamees Khayal, four-bedroom house accommodating 4 people 9. Ayad Abu Taha, four-bedroom house 10. Midhat Abu Ramadan, 200 square metres accommodating 10 people 11. Ibraheem Abu Said, 150 square metres

On Tuesday, Israeli forces bulldozed Yasir Hurani's 30 dunums of land south of Qalqilya, destroying the plants and the irrigation network as well as a greenhouse. They also destroyed 45 olive trees belonging to Mohammad Suleiman in the Palestinian village of Asila.

Fourth: arrests

On April 15, Israeli troops broke into Jama'een in Nablus and arrested:

1. Asad Hardan, 19 2. Majdi Musa, 19 3. Amjad Musa, 22

They also arrested 18 year-old Shadi Jafar and his 26 year-old brother Mohammad from Al Sawahra Al Sharkiya in Jerusalem. The brothers were summoned to the Israeli intelligence service offices in Ma'ale Adumim before being taken to Kfar Atsyun Detention Centre. The boys' father, 45 year-old Abed, has been detained for the past three months at Megiddo prison for arms possession. Mohammad is married and has two children.

On Friday, Israeli troops arrested Abdul Fatah Abu Al Rub, 35, from Ramallah. The Palestinian man was held incommunicado until his family came to LAW Society and Mokaid on April 17 for assistance. Abdul Fatah had first been detained at Kfar Itsiyun and was then taken to Asqalan prison on April 18.

Fifth: Settler attacks

On 12 April, 26 year-old Ahmad Abu Kahool from Khan Yunis was severely beaten by Israeli settlers. LAW's information revealed that Abu Kahool was working at a greenhouse in Gan Or settlement when four settlers attacked him, threatening him with their guns. One of them attacked Abu Kahool with a machine that produces electric shocks and the Palestinian man passed out, awakening the next day in hospital.


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