July 21, 2000

Subject: Some Feedbacks + Health Freedom File -- The "safe" vaccines that maim and kill: The end of "us versus them" mentality + Dolphin Slaughter around the coast of the United Kingdom + Healthcare in the USA + America's vaccine policy is seriously flawed + Autistic children caused by MMR vaccine + Vaccines: A Second Opinion

Hello everyone

This one has been been causing quite a stir in me while preparing it and I doubt it will leave you untouched.

And there is *lots* more to come!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: AnkeHees@aol.com
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000
Subject: Thank you!!!!!

Dear Jean

Thank you sooo much for all your amazing work! I fully agree with everybody
who has written to you: your work really makes a difference in this chaotic
world! In your emails there is always so much that is relevant to my
personal situation, and often during the day I am reminded of something I
read in one of your messages.

Following your recommendation I looked at the cropcircle connector website -
( AT http://cropcircleconnector.com/2000/2000.html)
WOW, they are fantastic! And the best thing for us, there is one in
Germany, only a couple of hours away from us! So I am taking my parents
there at the weekend as they have never experienced this energy. I wonder
what they'll make of it, because they look at these things with curiosity but
slight suspicion...

Isn't life wonderful? I love the thought that we are all one and love with
conquer all. The beautiful heart-shaped crop formation seems to confirm that
as well.

So let's keep on sending masses of loving lightful energy around the Earth!

xxxx xxxx
x xx x
x x
x x

Blessings of love and light and peace to you all


NOTE FROM JEAN: The following comment is perhaps one of the most profound and important ones I've/we've received. The indelible etching of this vital awareness - that there is no "good" or "bad" people but only souls in the midst of sometimes terribly challenging life experiences or who are also sometimes the "actors" of some terrible deeds all of which contributes and is part of the grand drama and karmic school of life in the physical "reality" - must remain from now on in front of our spiritual eyes so that whatever we choose to think, say or do emerges from the will to love and no longer from the will to hurt and/or punish and/or avenge. The more humans realign their conscious awareness and lives along the emerging New Consciousness of which loving compassion is a central strand, the more quickly our world and all its life forms will evolve towards the coming Era of permanent Peace, Love and Harmony in every being on Earth.

From: "Simeon & Maia Nartoomid" <johgrove@fone.net>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects # 14

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your service. I agree with Brett Elliott in that people for
positive evolutionary change on earth must focus the main effort inside
themselves. There is certainly malicious and ill-intended activity on earth,
not to be denied. But once we come to recognize such manipulation and control
as the perfect remedy for sleepy souls on an evolutionary path, a path we as a
collective humanity must complete, then one's awareness expands. One's sense
of gratitude for even those who have helped to form the crucible of structural
tension for evolutionary growth in our behalf (the so called bad guys) replaces
the "us versus them" mentality.

I fully acknowledge there is a lot of important work to be accomplished at the
physical level of reality. I also firmly believe that the point of
consciousness focus I have just related is the most important factor. As one
moves forward into active service in the world and meets the challenges of
their own growth and evolution in the process, it is all too easy to lose touch
with this core truth as an anchor. Staying resolutely inwardly focused as we
move into outward motion and service is paramount.

It has served a purpose up to this point, but I feel it is time now to drop the
good guys / bad guys scenarios in the interest of the greater whole which MUST
include even those who are in so much separation and pain that they seek to
heal their woes by controlling others. They are not the all-powerful, but the
all-weak masquerading about as just the opposite. Remember, "the meek shall
inherit the earth." As we move forward with all our inner strength to bring
about positive change in our world, let our strength be in our inner Light, and
not in outer will and muscle. If we take the latter stance, even with good
intentions, it only adds to that dynamic on earth. And that is the dynamic that
the all-weak are using.

Let us be strong in our intentions to LOVE, and to UNIFY with each other for
that common purpose, everything else which is truly of merit and of the divine
plan will come into manifestation from that font.

Love & Peave,
Rev. Simeon
Johannine Grove Ministry
Church of Antioch

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000
From: Mark Graffis <ab758@virgin.vip.vi>
Subject: Ram Dass Re-visited

I went to see him at the University of Wisconsin with 4 friends in the
early 70s and was in a crushing crowd trying just to watch him pass by
when he walked up to me and put his right hand on my forehead and just
held it there with his eyes closed for what must have been over 2 full
minutes. One of my friends was so jealous he still won't talk to me cause
i got `picked' out. After his stroke i dreamed he'd make a come back, one
of those vivid ones :-) Thanks

_-< \_
(_) / (_)
Mark Graffis

From: "David Kingston" <davidkingston@cropcircles.screaming.net>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000

Dolphin Slaughter around the coast of the United Kingdom

18 July 2000

The BBC radio & television this morning revealed that 20,000 dolphins are being killed each year by being trapped in fishing nets around the coasts of the United Kingdom. Fishing men are laying far too many nets of the coasts. If this continues the dolphin population will become extinct within a decade if the present slaughter continues the reports stated. You can help by writing, telephoning your local MPs, contact Green Peace in your area and any other conservation group that you feel will bring pressure on the government of Great Britain to bring this slaughter to a stop.
Thanking you Jean in anticipation.

Best Regards,

The TRUTH is out there, it's knowing WHO to ask.


From: Sharie Ramsey <sharieroseramsey@hotmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, 6 July 2000
Subject: Healthcare in the USA

Public-funded State Licensing Boards, the American Medical Association, and their licensed physicians are failing us. And they know it.

We want health and well-being; we get prescriptions for synthetic chemicals.

We want wholeness and healing; we get lies and distortions. We want commitment to the Hippocratic Oath of "Do no harm"; we suffer with side-effects to their toxic methods.

The distinctions between the drug-pusher on the street and the drug-pusher in the air-conditioned office building is that...

(1) having organized this white-collar gang of criminal activities, their corruption is veiled under a cloak of being "scientific",

(2) their $100,000 tuition debt, is proof of their "education", and

(3) burdened with the debt for this "education", a sense of entitlement takes precedence over commitment to healing and wholeness, and rather than acknowledging the body's inherent intelligence, licensed physicians instead stake their claim on the intelligence of chemists as this keeps their patients on the physicians' revolving door policy.

Physicians pay more regard to the dictates of their malpractice insurance carrier and the HMO's than they do to their own conscious or the health and well-being of their patients. Ultimately, the medical community is little more than drug-pushers for pharmaceutical companies and their chemists.

The Doctor of Medicine has become warped and distorted so that, now, "medicine" is synonymous with Pharmaceuticals. And "health insurance" is synonymous with corporate conglomerates.

"Medicine" is defined as "the art and science of health and healing, the cure and elimination of disease". Rather than acknowledging that health is the natural and normal condition. This group of learned men and women claim a special entitlement and license to it. Those seeking to practice "the art and science of health" without first paying the $100,000 tuition does so at the risk of arrest, imprisonment, and hefty fines.

"Health" is defined as "wholeness"... when our bodies function healthfully, all systems are working harmoniously. Our bodies don't need drugs to function healthfully... but rather, to be free of toxins and pollutants so that bodily intelligence can perform at their optimum functions.

The best health insurance is allowing your wholeness to flourish and grow...

To be healthy is to be whole... it means to grow and integrate your wholeness, not only your body, but to experience oneness with all others, to live your wholeness, integrity and truthfulness... to grow spiritually, and emotionally, to grow in awareness psychologically, and socially, sexually, physically, and intellectually.

The real health insurance is to eat healthy food, drink healthy water, think healthy thoughts of wholeness, share in healthy relationships, communicate truthfully and with integrity, share your love with all... love life, love truth, love peace, love wholeness, love holiness... live for life rather than buying the lie... that price is too high.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and grains that are free of pesticide poisoning and all other toxic substances; drink 'living' water, rather than municipal water that's piped in and subsequently stripped of it's naturally-structured integrity... those who drink living water feel and know the difference in their energy and health... devote yourself to the Truth; live, think, and speak truthfully, live in the integrity of wholeness. This is your health insurance. And it has nothing to do with corporate conglomerates.

Nurture your intellectual growth by basking in the truth about life... know the true source of life... know the history as humankind. Go beyond the propaganda that Columbus discovered America... for there were already human beings thriving with their own languages and cultures. Go beyond the lies that the Civil War was about slavery... read the Gettysburg Address where Lincoln proves that slavery wasn't the issue. Go beyond the definition of history as being about the conquering armies. Go beyond the blur of the "science" that never explains the most basic of why invisible air converts to liquid water and then to solid ice. Go beyond the confines of your home and live in nature, know the real chemistry and physics of nature. Go beyond the murky theories taught in "schools" and find the truth. Live with nature, feel the pleasure of life.

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000
From: Chere Rae <heartvisions@earthlink.net>

America's vaccine policy is seriously flawed

by Barry Forbes

The Tribune, Mesa, Arizona
July 16, 2000

A recent newspaper story pegged the U.S. vaccination rate at 79%, an all time high. That's good, right?

Wrong. According to the Institute of Medicine, a private group that provides health policy advice to Congress, the nation's vaccination system is breaking down. Why? Because we're running out of dough.

Go figure. They blackmail welfare moms in places like Georgia and Maryland. What, no vaccinations for your kids? Sorry. No welfare checks. With such rotten, unethical practices as these going on, you'd think the war was all but won. It's not, so color the solution "green." If we'll just pour in an extra

$1.5 billion over the next five years, communicable diseases will all but disappear. Strangely enough, another story surfaced the same day. Seems that a couple of key federal advisory committees involved in vaccine approval got their fingers caught in the cookie jar. These committees advise the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on which vaccines to approve and foist on an unsuspecting public, and which ones to add to the incredibly lucrative Childhood Immunization Schedule.

The Committee on Government Reform discovered that 3 out of the 5 FDA advisory committee members who voted to approve the deadly Rotavirus vaccine in December 1997 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. Remarkably, those same companies were developing different versions of the vaccine.

Ditto for 4 out of the 8 CDC committee members in June, 1998.

The vaccine was pulled from the market after it was found to cause severe bowel obstructions. But you can bet your life - and you very well might - that the pharmaceutical companies are doing just fine, thank you.

Why? Because no matter how much they harm the public with vaccines, we can't sue them. In order to manufacture the junk, pharmaceutical companies wrangled a deal to shield them from lawsuits. The Feds set-up a national fund to handle vaccine-damage claims.

So if you're 1 of the estimated 100,000 to 200,000 people a year who experience an adverse vaccine reaction (15% are considered "serious" or "life-threatening"), go ahead. Sue the fund.

Of course it'll be years before you see a dime. Naturally, Jane Q. Public isn't aware of all this. Public Health regularly issues PR "puff" pieces designed to scare the living heck out of new mothers. Schools demand "proof of vaccinations" and never tell parents that waivers are available and legal. Some school administrators are so brainwashed they aren't even aware that waivers exist. The docs, inadvertently serving as agents of the state, play on the same tilted, toxic field. If your kids are heading off to kindergarten, they'll get stuck with a booster mix of polio, DPT and MMR - all at one sitting. God alone knows the damage this deadly witches brew inflicts on a child's immune system, but one thing is for sure: Auto-immune disorders as varied as asthma, allergies and autism are now the raging epidemics. The Feds claim 300 kids die every year because they weren't vaccinated. Contrast that number against a suspected annual vaccine fatality count that easily exceeds 1,000, plus tens of thousands of "serious" reactions that can "detrimentally" affect people for life. Instead of blowing billions pushing questionable vaccines on innocent, unsuspecting children, why aren't we addressing the safety issues that exist right now, today? Here's the tip of the iceberg:

Since 1988 autism increased 273% in California and a startling 571% in Florida. Some researchers suspect the incidence rate is tied to MMR vaccine. What are we doing about it? Fifty percent of all "reported" adverse reactions to hepatitis B vaccine have been listed as "serious" vs. the typical 15% "serious" rate of other vaccines. What's wrong? Japan isn't into "mandated" infant vaccinations, rarely mixes vaccines, and dramatically altered their schedule to avoid adverse reactions. The

Japanese now enjoy the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. The U.S. rate is a distant, embarrassing number 25. How come?

Shouldn't we find out the reasons "why" before we accept even 1 more of the 35 new vaccines heading our way? There's so much money in the toxic brew that some 150 more are in various stages of development. Other than the pharmaceutical companies, who the hell wants them?

Why are our children being "mandated" into human guinea pigs?

Amazingly enough, people roll up their sleeves - and those of their children - without even batting an eyelash. Please listen carefully to the words spoken to me by the mother of a seriously vaccine-injured child.

"It never occurred to me that once you squirt it in, you can't get it out. My daughter will pay the penalty for the rest of her life."

Autistic children caused by MMR vaccine

By Julie Foster
© 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

A report by Dr. Harold Buttram, a practicing physician in Quakertown, Pa., suggests the recent increase in the number of autistic children could be caused by the combination measles, mumps and
rubella, or MMR, vaccine routinely given to children at age 18 months -- a phenomenon the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim is highly unlikely.

In a past study of autistic children, researchers found that 84 percent of the children had antibodies against a certain type of brain tissue, indicating that the immune system was destroying brain cells. The researchers also found the brain tissue antibody to be very similar to the antibody that's formed against the MMR vaccine. Additionally, MMR antibody was found in 59 percent of the autistic children compared to 10 percent in normal children.

Buttram also noted some experts believe certain childhood illnesses including measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox are a necessary and helpful step in strengthening the immune system. Because the vaccines are given by injection, the immune response of the mucous membranes, through which these diseases enter the body, is not challenged and strengthened. Those who support the theory also
attribute the use of vaccines to the great increase in cases of asthma and eczema, both of which are diseases of the mucous membranes.

Buttram was quick to point out that measles and other diseases may result in complications that cause brain injury. Therefore, physicians and government officials may be choosing between the
lesser of two evils.

"It is true that there may be situations where extreme measures may be justified, as the lesser of two evils, to preserve life and health," Buttram wrote. "The basic question, therefore, is whether the benefits of current childhood vaccines outweigh the harm, or whether the reverse is true."

The incidence of autism in California increased 273 percent from 1987 to 1998, and a growing number of medical professionals are questioning the FDA's vaccine safety tests.

"A small but growing minority of physicians and scientists are becoming aware that safety testing for the various vaccines has been woefully inadequate," Buttram wrote.

He cited a 1994 National Academy of Sciences review of the safety of the hepatitis B vaccine. The review was done to investigate five possible adverse effects of the vaccine. However, conclusions could not be made about four of the effects due to a lack of enough research.

Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder and director of the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, Calif., told DiscoveryHealth.com, "There are no data on the triple vaccines."

When the institute opened in 1967, Rimland noticed that a number of parents had mentioned that the diptheria, pertussin and tetanus, or DPT, vaccine seemed to have an adverse effect on their children.

"In the late '70s and early '80s, we began hearing the same thing about MMR," he said.

Rimland pointed out that triple vaccines can put additional stress on the body. A person's immune system usually deals with one virus at a time. Combining the individual measles, mumps and rubella
vaccines into one package results in a much more dangerous vaccine, he said.

Rimland also noted that doctors can report adverse effects of vaccines through the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System, which is mandated by the Food and Drug Administration. However, the VAERS is a voluntary program. According to the FDA, between 90 and 99 percent of adverse effects resulting from vaccinations go unreported.

"The physician has been taught repeatedly that these vaccines are perfectly safe and that any event that is supposedly associated with them is just a coincidence," Rimland remarked.

He also cited possible malpractice suits, added paperwork and the lack of a penalty as reasons why doctors do not report these occurrences.

In an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview, Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said she believes an autism-MMR vaccine link should be investigated.

"I think that there has been a frightening increase in cases of autism that has not been explained," Orient said. "There are a number of anecdotal reports from parents that symptoms of autism have appeared close to the time of the vaccine."

Orient, who is a clinical lecturer in medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, and a professor of clinical medicine at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, told WND, "With each vaccine and each patient, there needs to be a risk-benefit analysis" to determine if the vaccine is worth the risk of developing autism.

The CDC disputes a connection between the vaccine and autism, saying, "The causes of autism are unknown in most cases."

The government agency's website states: "In a few cases, biologic causes have been identified, although none are unique to autism. ... The current theory favored by many experts is that autism is a genetically-based disorder that occurs before birth."

"To date there is no convincing evidence that any vaccine can cause autism or any kind of behavioral disorder," the agency says. "A suspected link between measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism has been suggested by some parents of children with autism. Typically, symptoms of autism are first noted by parents as their child begins to have difficulty with delays in speaking after age one. MMR vaccine is first given to children at 12 to 15 months of age. Therefore, autism cases with an apparent onset within a few weeks after MMR vaccination may simply be an expected but unrelated chance occurrence.

"The only evidence that has been presented to suggest that MMR vaccine may be
associated with autism has been published by the Lancet. An editorial published in the same issue, however, discussed concerns about the validity of the study. Based on data from 12 patients, Wakefield and colleagues speculated that MMR vaccine may have been the possible cause of bowel problems which led to a decreased absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients which resulted in developmental disorders like autism. No scientific analyses were reported, however, to substantiate the theory," says the agency.

However, the CDC does concede, "If measles vaccine, or any other vaccine, causes autism then it would have to be a very rare occurrence since millions of children have received vaccines without ill health effects."

"From January 1990 through February 1998, only 15 cases of autism behavior disorder after immunization were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)," the CDC states. "Because of the small number of reports over an 8 year period, the cases reported are likely to represent unrelated chance occurrences that happened around the time of vaccination."

But the FDA admits such reports are rare -- only 1 to 10 percent of cases involving adverse affects from the vaccine are reported, making the CDC's statement questionable.

Buttram is skeptical of government involvement in the medical field.

"When arbitrary decisions in the mandating of vaccines are made by government bureaucracies, which frequently work hand-in-glove with the pharmaceutical industry, with no recourse open to parents, we have all the potential ingredients for a tragedy of historic proportions," Buttram concluded.

Buttram's report was published in the March/April issue of the Medical Sentinel.

Julie Foster is a staff reporter for WorldNetDaily.

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000
From: Chere Rae <heartvisions@earthlink.net>
Subject: Fwd: Vaccines: A Second Opinion

Greeting Jean, after reading your last communications I immediately
thought of this paper in my file.

Chere Rae


From: http://www.garynull.com/Documents/vaccines-2ndopinion_excerpt.htm#The


By Gary Null, Ph.D.

Copyright 2000, Gary Null & Associates,Inc.

All Rights Reserved

Note: The information on this website is not a substitute for
diagnosis and treatment by a qualified, licensed professional.

Why We Assume Vaccines are Safe and Effective
Why We Should Question Our Assumptions

Safety Issues
Vaccines are Based on Unsound Principles
Questionable Science

The Natural Evolution of Disease

Vaccine Propaganda

Toxic Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturing Processes

Vaccine Failures

The following topics are in the full document

Effects of Specific Vaccines

The Diptheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus Vaccines

The Polio Vaccines

The Chickenpox Vaccine

The Flu Vaccine

The Hepatitis B Vaccine

The Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) Vaccine

The HiB Vaccine

The Smallpox Vaccine

Rotavirus Vaccine and Pneumococcal Vaccine

Recombinant Vaccines

Lessons of History

Provocation Disease


Crib Death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS)



Immunosuppression and Auto-Immune Disease

New Diseases


Social Violence and Behavioral and Neurological Disorders

Activists Speak Out on Vaccine Dangers

The Pertussis Vaccine

Problems with Temporary Immunity and Benefits of Childhood Disease

Vaccine Experimentation on Vulnerable Populations

The EZ Measles Medical Fiasco

What the Future May Hold

Pet Vaccines

Economic, Political, and Legal Issues

Right to Refuse Vaccination

Vaccination as Population Control

Holistic Health and Freedom of Choice

Appendix: Scientific Peer-Reviewed Studies


For more than a hundred years, two basic assumptions have been put forth by public health officials. One is that vaccines are safe. The second is that vaccines are effective for the conditions for which they're given. The public and our legislators have, by and large, accepted these assumptions as true, and as a result it is now compulsory in many states that children have as many as 33 inoculations before entering school, with some of these given as early as the first few weeks of life. We've been told that the end of smallpox, polio, and measles as serious health threats is due to mass inoculation programs, and again we have accepted the official dogma unquestioningly. But as we shall see here, this is not exactly the truth. What's more, a disturbing reality that has generally been unrecognized is the ever-growing number of individuals suffering adverse reactions to vaccinations. These individuals are predominantly infants and children, and the problems they've incurred as a result of vaccination go way beyond sore arms and transitory fever: Such conditions as autism, attention deficit disorder, minimal brain dysfunction, and other biochemical and neurological abnormalities have been linked to the effects of vaccines. Most tragically, so has SIDS-sudden infant death syndrome. Yet because of underreporting of these troubling statistical links, a full picture of the effects of vaccination has not emerged. And the problem of underreporting is a deep-seated one, because not only are the news media not playing up what has already been learned, but doctors are not being encouraged to report possible adverse reactions, slowing additional learning. Couple these problems with the official line that for the greater good of the majority a small minority must accept negative consequences, and you have a situation in which nobody is really looking for the truth.

This investigation is an attempt to do that. It has required nearly five years of in-depth analysis, and a review of thousands of articles. I am not personally taking positions on individual vaccines, but I am, rather, presenting information based upon hard science; hundreds of references are included here for those who want to read further. For people challenging mandatory vaccination policies, the reference section will be particularly helpful, as it will be for anyone who simply wants to look beyond the official line and see what's actually happening. It is interesting to note that the situation with vaccination is analogous to that with chemotherapy; both are presented to the public as efficacious and safe when in reality, with a few exceptions for each, they are neither. In both cases, then, personal decision-making requires extensive research.

- Gary Null

Why We Assume Vaccines are Safe and Effective

We are repeatedly told that vaccines are safe, vital to our well-being, and necessary for the prevention of many diseases. Most of us take it for granted that not being vaccinated endangers our health and safety. In a worst-case scenario, we envision world-wide plagues and even extinction. Our faith in vaccinations is so strong that we think of them as panaceas, and look to science to develop new ones for every known affliction, from the common cold to AIDS. Here we take a close look at our assumptions and ask, are we seeing the full picture?

* Jamie Murphy, author of What Every Parent Should Know About Immunization explains society's general acceptance of vaccinations as due, in large part, to state laws that dictate children must receive vaccines before they can attend school. Murphy elaborates on the history of these requirements: "Right now, all 50 states have vaccination statutes that require immunization before a child is allowed to attend school. But it wasn't always that way. In 1905, to give an example, only 11 states had compulsory laws. In other states it was optional. And in the early 1920s, there were four states--Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Arizona--that had explicit statutory provisions against compulsory vaccination. Over the years, unfortunately, all of the states have made vaccinations compulsory." Murphy feels that one of the major mistakes that was made--and that is repeatedly made--is that the politicians, who were greatly encouraged by the lobbyists from the drug companies, were convinced, without proper investigation, that vaccines were the only way of preventing disease. This, Murphy says, "gives credence to an idea that has dominated medical practice for this entire century." Barbara Loe Fisher, cofounder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), in Vienna, Virginia, reminds us that people tend to trust that the law is in their best interest. Those who feel otherwise are given a difficult time. "Part of the problem is that in 1905 a Supreme Court decision, Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, set the stage for what we're experiencing right now in this country, and that is that many people don't feel they have the option to say no. Parents who do are being charged with child medical neglect and child abuse. The Clinton administration has now linked entitlement programs to vaccination status, which means that a poor family dependent upon federal assistance will not get food money, medical care, and other entitlements if they cannot show proof that their children have gotten every single one of their ten required vaccines."

Why We Should Question Our Assumptions

Vaccines should not be taken on faith alone. Rather, we need to take an objective look at their risks and benefits, as well as at their record of effectiveness. Vital points to consider about vaccines are the safety issues involved, how vaccines work, the questionable science behind vaccination, the natural evolution of disease, vaccine propaganda, and vaccine ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Safety Issues

Significant adverse effects have been reported with every type of vaccine. These reactions can occur soon after vaccination (short-term reactions) or several months to years later (long-term). Delayed reactions are more insidious and less obviously linked to vaccination, and thus necessitate large-scale epidemiological studies to be proven. They can result in permanent conditions such as epilepsy, mental retardation, learning disabilities, and immune system dysfunction.

Short-Term Reactions.


To read the rest, please go at http://www.garynull.com/Documents/vaccines-2ndopinion_excerpt.htm#The