August 2, 1999


Hello again

Here is for your information (and to facilitate a better networking of it all) the most excellent material I found recently on the WORLD EARTH HEALING DAY website in the UK. If you believe like me and thousands of other people that this global meditation rendez-vous is a critical one that should not be missed by all the concerned people who might be open to such a unique opportunity, you'll take a few minutes to read on and then share it widely through all your networks of contacts, on and off the Internet. Because of the extreme significance of this imminent global mind-link experience, I also translated in French the basic information on this event. See it at:édit11aoutLum.htm

Thanks for your help in networking this and God bless you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


From: "Leigh"
Subject: URL update for Rising Earth and WEHD
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999

Dear Friends

The Visitweb server has been down for some time. Please use the following
addresses to access the Rising Earth and World Earth Healing Day websites:

World Earth Healing Day is now only 10 days away! The global meditations on
this day are going to be huge! We still welcome people to list themselves as
participants or contacts on the website so that links of light can be made.
For those of you who prefer to link through cyberspace, there will be online
meditations on the day, courtesy of Jo Logan (see website).


World Earth Healing Day


A global link-up to raise world consciousness and help heal our collective planetary being

You are invited to participate in a global event to help further the awakening of planetary consciousness. This will be a time to reflect upon where we are in history, and where we need to go. It will be a time to forge a closer, harmonious relationship with each other and the Earth.

Quantum physics and deep ecology show that everything is interconnected and part of a greater whole. When we recognise and honour this we will transform the way we relate to each other and our Planet, for our hearts will open to universal love. It takes an enormous amount of energy to maintain a state of separation or conflict, so as we honour our essential interconnectedness we also free up vast amounts of energy which we can use to create a world of health, peace, and joy.

This day provides an opportunity for people across the world to join together in spirit and hold a collective vision of universal love and peace. When we join together in this way our collective energy is greater than the sum of our individual energies. We strengthen the links between ourselves and in so doing build a resonance that will influence all.

Please honour the intentions of the World Healing Day in a way that is meaningful to you. Some people may journey to places of beauty and power to connect with the Earth. Others may assemble at local parks, beaches, or town centres, or gather at an event dedicated to the theme of the day, such as a peace concert, a seminar, a religious service, or a celebration. Still others may honour the day on their own in their own space. Whatever you do, dedicate your intention to the expansion of love and awareness on the Planet, so that healing may occur. Experience your connection with all.

Quantum physics has shown that energy follows thought. Consider what will happen, then, if many people across the world focus on the same vision at the same time. On this day they will do just that. A simultaneous worldwide meditation will take place at 10am GMT (11am in the UK), during a total Solar Eclipse. A second worldwide meditation will take place at 7.20pm GMT (8.20pm in the UK). Each meditation link-up will last for at least 20 minutes, and will consist of clear and focused positive thought. Keep in your mind and heart a vision of a world in which all live in peace, harmony, and joy. See conflict being resolved through understanding, and suffering being lifted through compassion. Visualise light spreading across the Planet as world consciousness is raised.

A further information pack is available, which includes an astrological reading of this special day. Also available are leaflets and a newsletter. If you would like to receive any of these or be connected up with others in your area, please contact: WEHD, 4 Vyner Court, Rossington Street, London E5 8SF, UK. Tel: (+44) (0)181 806 3828.






On Wednesday 11 August 1999 the fourth World Earth Healing Day will take place. This annual event, which began in 1996, has linked up thousands of people across the world in meditation, prayer, and mindful activity to help raise world consciousness and further world healing.

The World Earth Healing Day seeks to promote a greater awareness of our interconnectedness as a global family, and to provide an opportunity for individuals to express collectively their vision of a more harmonious and peaceful world in which all forms of life are honoured as sacred aspects of one essential whole - the universal energy that the new physics says underlies all manifestation.

It is believed that sufficient numbers of people sharing the same focused intent at the same time can influence the collective consciousness or planetary energy field. It has been shown that subatomic particles do in fact respond to focused intent, and recent experiments conducted in the United States have shown that dramatic changes can be registered in the Earth's magnetic field in response to our experience of planetary love.

On World Earth Healing Day you are invited to join thousands of people in two simultaneous worldwide link-ups. The first will take place at 10am GMT (11am in the UK), during a total Solar Eclipse. The second will take place at 7.20pm GMT (8.20pm in the UK). Each link-up will last for *at least* 20 minutes. During this time you can meditate, pray, visualise, dance, sing, or perform a symbolic act. Whatever you do, dedicate your intention to the expansion of love and awareness on the Planet, and as you contemplate your connection with all things, sense the ripples of what you do spreading outwards to influence all.

For leaflets and further information, send a large SAE to:

Vyner Court Rossington St
E5 8SF

Tel: (+44) (0)181 806 3828
Website: or

World Earth Healing Day Online Meditations

Jo Logan will be hosting two online meditation linkups in the Light Connection chat room at
This is open to anyone who cannot be at a sacred site and would like to share the energy of this day with others.

E-mail her at

Thanks Jo.

World Earth Healing Day

Further Information

Last updated: July 23

1. The Evolution of Consciousness
2. The New Worldview
3. Consciousness is the Primary Reality
4. The Transformational Power of Thought
5. World Earth Healing Day 1999
6. Astrological Reading
7. Suggestions for Working
8. What Next?

1. The Evolution of Consciousness

For a long time the dominant worldview has portrayed reality as a place of self-interest and separation in which our identity is restricted to the narrow confines of the ego. For many this worldview has become reality. Alienated from each other, other life forms, and our greater identity, this perceived separation has created individual and collective disunity or 'dis-ease'. This manifests most blatantly in military conflict and environmental destruction, but it is also evident in the general disorder and stressfulness of our societies. Within this state we remain ineffectual, because we do not recognise and experience the wholeness of life, and therefore have no motivation to change. We choose to give our power, authority, and responsibility away to vested interests who we believe are best suited to govern us, even though they do not actually know us and are unable to balance their interests, in an impersonal and hierarchical world, with ours. Inevitably these vested interests hold onto their power by promoting further separation and fear through their divisive values which we accept as the norm through the education system and the media.

Yet, because Humanity has free will, this is a legitimate part of the evolutionary process. The value of experiencing such density and disunity is that it maximises the learning potential that is available for us, both individually and collectively. Now, as we are reaching the simultaneous end of several world cycles, we are more able to rise up from the depths into a new light. Those who have already begun this process can help others to discover this option by providing the stimulus and inspiration for it through activities that facilitate the realignment of the individual with the whole - the greater self or one life which some refer to as 'God' or 'the Source'.

2. The New Worldview

In this time of changing consciousness the new science is confirming that everything exists as different forms of the same essence, just as mystics and philosophers have known for centuries. Einstein showed with the equation E=mc2 that the material world is nothing but energy and that everything in existence is part of the universal field of energy, vibrating at different frequencies and intensities. Quantum physics has demonstrated the indivisibility of this universal energy field with the discovery of instantaneous communication between macroscopically distant subatomic particles. The discovery also that the properties of subatomic particles respond directly to the thoughts of an observer confirms that the mind is part of this energy field and is able to influence it.

3. Consciousness is the Primary Reality

If the universal energy field is the primary reality or the sum total of existence then it can only be organised and acted upon by itself, and so must be conscious. All forms are simply different manifestations of this one consciousness, and this means that things we previously may have thought were non-living are very much alive and connected to us. Because we are part of or are, in our essence, one consciousness, our thoughts as well as our actions can influence anything and everything in existence. This has been shown not just by quantum physics, but by researchers such as Cleve Backster and Marcel Vogel, whose experiments with plants in the 1960s and 1970s showed that their energy fields respond directly to the thoughts and feelings of humans. Recently researchers at the Institute of HeartMath in California have shown that when meditators experience planetary love, sensitive coils pick up dramatic changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

4. The Transformational Power of Thought

Thought, then, is energy, and can influence all aspects of reality. This is particularly the case if it is held in clarity with focused intent, and even more so if large numbers of people do this together. Transcendental Meditators and Fountain International, for instance, have shown that crime rates decrease, seemingly in response to their meditations. We suggest that thought-forms and vibrations that have high frequency, coherent waveforms of energy (such as love) are able to transform thought-forms and vibrations that have low frequency, incoherent waveforms of energy (such as fear) through a process of induction and entrainment. Moreover, the more that a certain thought-form or pattern of energy is produced, maintained, and given attention, the stronger that its presence and resonant effect becomes, making it more likely that other people and things will attune to it. A simple analogy is of a note that sounds louder and louder until all surrounding objects that can vibrate at that note do, helping that note to sound even louder.

The energy that brings all things into harmony is known as universal love, for it embraces all equally, as aspects of the whole. It reminds all that they are one in essence. When we open ourselves to this love and choose to move into harmony with the universal whole, no longer opposing it or perceiving reality as fragmented, we are empowered with joy, wisdom, and freedom. Through our connection with the whole we then have the holistic vision and intuitive sense to reshape our lives for the greatest good of all, and as a collective achieve world peace and harmony.

5. World Earth Healing Day 1999

On Wednesday 11 August we are asking people worldwide to dedicate their day to the expansion of our hearts and minds, and to work together to help heal the Earth and Humanity with their love, so that peace and harmony will grow through the awareness of our essential unity. When people act together as a whole, the energy they produce is greater than the sum of their individual energies. Not only does this increase the power of the healing; it also makes it easier for others to change. Acting together as a whole does not mean that you have to be physically present with others (though this may have benefits), for it is the common focus of consciousness that connects people together. Neither does it mean that all must perform the same activity or hold the same beliefs, so long as the same focus of intent is shared. We would, however, request that people link up in meditation, prayer, or thought at one or both of the designated times to produce a concentrated, unified focus of healing energy and awareness. The first link-up time is at 10am GMT (11am UK), during a total Solar Eclipse; the second is at 7.20pm GMT (8.20pm UK). Each meditation will last for at least 20 minutes, and will consist of clear, focused positive thought. Please dedicate your intent to the awakening of planetary consciousness and the advancement of world peace and healing.

The date and link-up times of World Earth Healing Day are chosen for their astrological significance. This is because the planets and stars are as interconnected as everything else is. We believe that the pattern they form together in relation to the Earth influences its subtle energy field, and therefore the collective planetary consciousness. It follows that when the planets align in certain ways the collective consciousness will become more receptive to healing, because archetypal patterns of consciousness will resonate with the archetypal energies of the alignments, and be amplified and brought into focus. This creates an opportunity for those in expanded states of consciousness to assist in the resolution of these collective patterns by focusing upon their harmonious integration from the perspective of unity consciousness. The collective vision that is held by such people at this time will also be of greater influence due to the resonance of the planetary alignments.

It is not necessary to understand astrology or even to be aware of the archetypal planetary influences in order to contribute to the healing of the collective consciousness. However, for those who are interested in knowing what planetary energies will be supporting them on August 11, an astrological reading is included below. If you feel it appropriate you can hold an awareness of the astrological themes in your thoughts and meditations on the day.

6. Astrological Reading

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon passes directly between the Sun and the Earth so that all three bodies are aligned on the horizontal and vertical plane. Astrologically this is a highly significant time because the New Moon, which is normally unseen, becomes visible against the backdrop of the Sun, allowing all that the New Moon symbolises to come to light. Astrologers have found that the energetic impact of a Solar Eclipse can last for six months or more after the actual event.

The Eclipse on August 11 will be visible from North East America, East Canada, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Western Asia; but not all of these regions will see totality. The path of totality is charted as follows:

Starts in the Atlantic Ocean at 9.30 GMT
Reaches the Scilly Isles at 10.10 GMT
Reaches Southern England at 10.11 GMT
Reaches Northern France at 10.16 GMT
Reaches Southern Belgium and Luxembourg at 10.27 GMT
Reaches Southern Germany at 10.33 GMT
Reaches Austria at 10.41 GMT
Reaches Hungary at 10.47 GMT
Reaches Romania at 10.56 GMT
Reaches Bulgaria at 11.06 GMT
Reaches Northern Turkey at 11.21 GMT
Reaches Iraq at 11.45 GMT
Reaches Iran at 11.52 GMT
Reaches Pakistan at 12.22 GMT
Reaches India at 12.28 GMT
Ends in the Bay of Bengal at 12.36 GMT

The maximum duration of the Eclipse (2 minutes 27 seconds) occurs in Romania at 11.03 GMT, where the Sun's altitude is greatest. In England the path of totality will extend south of a line joining Port Isaac in Cornwall and Teignmouth in Devon.

The Eclipse will be in the astrological sign of Leo, and since this is also the sign that the Sun rules, its influence will be especially strong. Leo represents personal self-expression and self-realisation. As the Eclipse brings the New Moon to light, much will be uncovered symbolically and archetypally, from the past and from the collective unconsciousness. This will be a tremendous opportunity for Humanity to embrace the collective shadow - those aspects of the collective mind that are disowned because they are feared - and to integrate it into conscious awareness so that healing can occur. In Leo much of the shadow will relate to issues of identity and self-expression: What can we recognise about ourselves that we haven't so far? How and why have we failed to express our full selves? How can we integrate our selves with the whole? The Eclipse will urge us to move beyond the egocentrism of the past and to consider that the boundary of the self can be extended to encompass ever-larger areas of existence.

These issues are brought into sharp focus by the powerful alignments that the Eclipse forms with Mars, Uranus, and Saturn. These alignments form together the pattern of a cross, known in astrology as a Grand Cross, with the Earth at the centre. This rare alignment provides us with a special opportunity to work through issues that are crucial to the healing and awakening of planetary consciousness. A Grand Cross can be seen as an alignment that manifests to help us to journey from a fragmented to a unified consciousness. Its archetypal pattern resonates with situations of conflict and disunity on Earth, urging us to integrate the seemingly separate and conflicting energies and experiences by raising our consciousness so that we have the holistic vision and intuitive know-how to realign them with the whole. Conflict will cease when we see the bigger picture and realise that everything is interconnected as individual aspects of one essential whole. It is significant that the cross is an ancient symbol for the unification of polarity.


7. Suggestions for Working

Please honour the intentions of World Earth Healing Day in your own way. Some people may journey to sacred sites and other places of beauty and power to connect with the Earth. Others may gather at local parks, beaches, or town centres, or at an organised event such as a peace concert, a celebration, a religious service, or a seminar (linking hands in a circle is a simple and powerful way to raise group energy, and a symbolic reminder of our essential unity). Still others may honour the day on their own in their own space.

Sometimes the most powerful healing experiences and states of consciousness are had at places located on major points on the Earth energy grid, which amplifies our own energies, opens us up to other realities, and is often itself the focus for healing. Just as the human body has lines of subtle energy known as meridians in ancient China and nadis in ancient India, so too does the physical body of the Earth. These natural energy lines, which can be dowsed with rods or a pendulum, are of various widths and concentrations, depending upon their purpose and activity, and will cross each other, sometimes many times, at sacred sites or places of power, creating a vortex of energy that spirals energy into and out of the Earth. Obvious examples of such sites are stone circles; earthworks; sacred wells and springs; lakes; sacred groves; tree circles; beacon hills; one-tree hills; sacred mountains; churches and chapels; temples; castles; hill-forts; monuments; and ancient tombs. Some of the most well-known and powerful of these include:

Stonehenge, Avebury, and Glastonbury Tor in England
The Great Pyramid in Egypt
Teotihuacan and Palenque in Mexico
Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca in Peru
Mt Shasta in California
Mt Kailas in Tibet
Mt Fuji in Japan
Table Mountain in South Africa
Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Central Australia
The Haleakala Crater on Maui in Hawaii
Easter Island in the Pacific

Many of these sites have been described as planetary chakras (vital subtle energy centres for the planet) and dimensional portals (gateways between dimensions), and for some are major foci for planetary healing. It is probably the case that the Earth energy grid is a composite of many grids, and that the grid pattern is only one of many patterns created by the Earth's subtle energy field.

The Earth is a multidimensional, self-organising system. In addition to the physical dimension of this system, we believe that there are other, more subtle dimensions to it, and that these dimensions are the origin of the forces that sensitive people refer to as nature spirits, elementals, and devas. Since the Earth is itself embedded in and inseparable from the self-organising system of the universe, the cosmic forces that interact with the Earth on a subtle level may be the same forces that religions have interpreted as angels. As we acknowledge our multidimensional interconnectivity with the Earth and the wider universe, and support the greater integration of Humanity with these systems in the spirit of compassionate love, we can become co-creators with these multidimensional forces, developing partnerships of healing with them. However, it is important that we do not unthinkingly project our own belief systems and conditioning upon these forces, creating new dogmas, just as it is important that we do not dismiss these realms of activity simply because they are not in the physical range of perception.

Intimately connected with our own subtle energy fields, the Earth's energy field is both influenced by and influences the state of human consciousness. For centuries it has been imprinted with the energy patterns of negative thoughts and feelings, and adversely affected by pollution, environmental degradation, and poorly thought-out planning and construction (a road now runs through the middle of Avebury Stone Circle). Dowsers have found that major energy lines cross at political headquarters, banks, military bases, power stations, television studios, post office towers, and other centres for the controlling elite (old centres include churches, temples, and castles). Where the energy of the Earth's grid has become low, blocked, distorted, or heavy with discordant energy, physical manifestations such as seismic activity, barren land, illness, accident blackspots, and social disharmony can result. To heal the energy grid you simply infuse it with the transmuting thoughts of love, harmony, and joy, which you should hold in focus until you sense the transmutation is complete. If you wish to visualise this, see the light flowing smoothly through the entire grid, dissolving any grey or black areas it comes across, especially at vortexes. Then intend that all energy lines move into correct alignment with each other according to the perfect planetary blueprint for this time. Sense the response in the Earth as the energy lines and vortexes activate and expand. If you want to ask inwardly for the elemental and devic forces to help you direct the energy and maintain it then do, and bless them with your love.

When working to help raise the consciousness of Humanity we must realise that we cannot interfere in free will, and have no right to make up other people's minds for them. We can, however, provide them with a greater opportunity for positive change by helping to transmute the sea of negative thought-forms that they are immersed in, and seeding more positive, inspirational ones. Also, by holding a vision of world peace and healing, we as a collective can make it easier for them to see that vision for themselves. If you like, in your meditations, you can send light into the heart of the negative thought-forms that have been produced and fed collectively by Humanity throughout the centuries, and sense them being acknowledged, owned, and transmuted by Humanity, with the knowledge that life on Earth is a process of learning through free-will choices, and that no one need therefore experience guilt or condemnation for past actions. Focus particularly on the elite institutions that have abused their power and fed the illusion of separation in the minds of Humanity, and sow the seed that the need for any hierarchy of power is obsolete once Humanity moves out of separation and into unity through love. Sense Humanity's illusory belief in disempowerment and limitation being transformed into a recognition and remembrance of their own infinite power that awakens within them when they expand their identity and embrace universal love and wisdom.

The rest of the day can be devoted to mindful, joyful, and conscious-raising activities of your choice. At the end of the day you may like to close by offering all the energy that has been raised to the planetary and universal forces of healing and evolution, and to sense the full assimilation and integration of these energies by our collective planetary being.

8. What Next?

Planetary healing can become a continuous activity once we adopt a lifestyle based on love, compassion, and understanding, and intend that our channel for healing opens. It can be practised in whatever situation we find ourselves in, starting with ourselves, our home, and our local environment. We believe that the healing of the Planet and the healing of our self are the same, for when we open our hearts and minds we realise that the world is in fact our enlarged self.

Happy Earth Healing!

More information is also available at:

Time zone chart:


Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 09:26:36 EDT
Subject: AMplify Wash Monument Solar Eclipse Day Devotions

Brothers and Sisters, Peacemakers, Healers:

May our intentions for Solar Eclipse day be clear! Roots of the word
*intend* include stretching and thinning! May the membrane -- * the
illusory layer of separation * - thin, thin, thin and forever be pierced by
the Eclipse Shadows and our loving intention to Awaken and claim Peace on
August 11, 1999.

Your conscious link with the peace prayers and devotions radiating from the
Washington Monument (obelisk *beacon*) area on Solar Eclipse Day, August
11th, 1999 will AMplify, AMplify, AMplify love everywhere! Please share the
info below with your local and global contacts and on message board forums.
Of course, participate in person if you're in the DC area!


Elaine Nieberding,

On Wednesday August 11th, the day of the solar eclipse, representatives from
many diverse religous and spiritual groups will be gathering for World Peace
at the Sylvan Theatre, next to the Washington Monument. Each will be
chanting or singing the sacred name of God in his or her own tradition.
Blessings in the name of God will be asked upon our country and the world.
Focus will be placed on the fact that our country was formed as "One Nation
Under God".

This event has been planned with the highest level of intensity in mind.
The devotion to God as primary focus, the location next to the Washington
Monument, the intense energies of this particular day; all these factors are
designed to lift the level of consciousness of humanity to a new and higher
stage. How high depends upon numbers of people participating, and the
quality and direction of the focus.

Adding to the intensity and quality of the event are many others around the
world who will be joining us, chanting and singing the name of God at the
same time, and focusing on the Washington Monument. Some will be in Kivas,
some in ashrams, some in churches, some in their homes - all with the
intention of maximizing the devotional level to God, to Life, and to Peace.

Will you join us? Programs run from 6-9 am and 3-9 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

The complete program can be seen at The Masters
Group website: and at
and accompanying Interfaith Chant for Peace link:



This is one of the great moments of humanity's great divide, the fork in
the road, -- right now -- up in vibration or down. I know what you would
choose and I pray for that for you and you, -- you must choose it, in each moment, with each thought, each action, no judgement on yourself when you get negative, or positive for that matter. Negative and positive polarity is the human state -- the doorway to ascension of consciousness is neutrality, just free your mind into neutrality, between positive and negative -- as such as you can, and pray for help -- there is so much blessed help for all of us especially right now. Remember - the balanced state for the root chakra is to "have faith in the support of the invisible".

We are so loved and supported by the Cosmos right now.

In love and service,