April 19, 2001

Green Files #21: 1. Various Feedbacks + 2. Two new fax actions: Mexico and Palestine + 3. Urgent Action Needed to Stop LFAS Worldwide! & Earth Island Institute's OPERATION MUFFLE THE NAVY + 4. Researchers Fear Navy's Sonar May Harm Whales + 5. A TOAD IN THE COAL MINE & THE UNKINDEST CUTS & GREEN DAY & ALL CHOKED UP + 6. New BoycottBush website + 7. Report on Carcinogens + 8. EARTH BLESSING PRAYER - SANANDA

Hello everyone

As usual, there is so much to select from in my overflowing Inbox that it is hard to pick the most appropriate for each compilation. I think you'll find this one interesting...

Tomorrow I'll have for you one final "Countdown to the Summit of the Americas" compilation before heading for Quebec City where I'll join the anti-globalization protesters.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Read also: Extortion Of California - Wrath Of Bush & The Texas Power Cabal at

"The state that overwhelmingly rejected Bush and the Republicans at the polls is being brought to its knees. (...) Extorting California is even more fun than Florida election fraud. And considerably more profitable.



From: "Louise" <Louise@sopris.net>
Subject: A HUGE THANK YOU! :-)
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001

Dear Jean,

Wanting to tell you how very grateful I am for all your hard work, dedication and love....THANK YOU!!! Also, extending this out to ALL those who contribute in the many ways they're able!!

Much love 'n warm hugs always,

Louise Nason :-)

J: You are most welcomed Louise :-)


From: "Linda Evans" <lle333@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Green Files #20: Intro to Special Media Compilations #3 and #4
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001

Jean: I am running out the door to see mom down south...thank you for your wonderful voice...I am so very "proud" of the way you are speaking out. Some friends and I are presenting workshops and more and more I am compelled to speak out in this very way also...I have memories of lifetimes of being persecuted for speaking out and so hesitate at times as we all do, but I know we are here as the "A" team, with a proven track record, to try and save this planet and secure it for the light.

Thanks again dear soul... you are stunning in the work you do.

Linda Lee


From: <lists@greenpeaceusa.org>
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001


Three Greenpeace activists arrested for hanging a banner from a water tower in Bush's hometown of Crawford, Texas.

Read all about it: http://www.greenpeaceusa.org

CLIP - This was a couple days ago but it is interesting to know anyway...


Biojustice Action Camp will bring together the various arms of the existing movement to ban genetically engineered foods with those concerned over moral, legal, and biological dilemmas resulting from the manipulation and patenting of the very fabric of life. It is Ruckus' role to help bridge the gap between farmers, invigorated grassroots activists, experienced campaigners, scientists and researchers, religious leaders and the incredibly wide range of citizens concerned about the ramifications of biotechnology. This will be an international gathering, with participants coming from Asia, Europe, and South & North America. Ruckus asks a sliding-scale ($100-$500) donation from those attending, though no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Tasty vegetarian (non GMO) food will be provided.

For more information, go to: http://www.ruckus.org


From: "Neta Kfir" <neta22@netvision.net.il>
Subject: Help needed in Israel
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001

Dear Jean!

I would like to thank for the 200$ we got; it symbolizes an opening door! We didn't like the way it was received after all (by bank account), because it's important to us to know the people. So for the future, we would like to offer instead the address below for comments and/or donations:

Gila Cohen
POB 29
Tsur Moshe 42810

Love, Neta


Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001
From: Trevor <wharmony@iinet.net.au>
Subject: Doing One's Due Diligence...

Hello Jean,

Thanks for all your work... you are doing a great job and are well appreciated.

I came across the following paragraph somewhere recently that exemplifies the importance of always questioning the premise we are coming from, and equally importantly, to do our own due diligence in sorting the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps you would like to publish it.

Warmest regards...

Trevor Osborne


It wasn't so long ago that most school physics text books contained the rider "The structure of the atom and the periodic table is theoretical. The ideas contained herein are based on models most appropriate to reasonably explain the material world." Therefore, the validity of atomic structure is surely up for discussion. But to even question the existence of atoms (even though no-one ever has actually seen or touched one) is to invite speculation over one's sanity and intellect. In striking the correct balance in all these matters, we must not dismiss theories and ideas at the drop of a hat. Conversely, we must not accept blindly all theories that are presented to us. We must research these matters for ourselves. We must do our own digging. And to aid us in the weeding out process, history has provided us with many templates enabling us to very quickly smell a rat.



THROUGH "Leti Guerra" <letiguerra@hotmail.com>

From: Richard Plevin <rich@globalexchange.org>
Subject: Two new fax actions: Mexico and Palestine
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001

Two new fax actions are now available on the Global Exchange website. Please act today!

1. Biopiracy in Mexico

Fax the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the Environmental Commission of the Mexican Senate to call for a moratorium on all bio-prospecting projects.

Biopiracy is the illegal appropriation and patenting of life -- plants, animals, soils, humans -- by transnational corporations, universities and governments using indigenous knowledge to facilitate their research. Biopiracy is an often-overlooked violation of the human rights and the autonomy of indigenous peoples all over the world. As a result, underdeveloped countries with indigenous populations and rich environments are now becoming the laboratories for new drugs, seed varieties, chemicals, and cosmetics.

URL: http://www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/mexico/biopiracyfax.html

2. 670 Palestinians have been rendered homeless in 2 weeks

Palestinians need your support Now! On Saturday, April 14, 2001, Israeli occupation forces, reinforced with tanks and bulldozers, invaded the area near Salah El-Din Gate on the border in Rafah, Gaza Strip. Without prior warning, these forces demolished 16 Palestinian-owned houses and their contents, making more than 170 Palestinian civilians homeless. Israeli forces also destroyed 21 Palestinian-owned stores, including their contents, and a Palestinian Military Intelligence Service site. The escalation was accompanied by the firing of artillery shells, heavy caliber bullets, and medium caliber bullets at Palestinian houses in nearby neighborhoods. As a result, more than 40 Palestinian civilians were wounded. This comes only 4 days after a similar devastating attack on Khan Younis Refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

URL: http://www.globalexchange.org/campaigns/palestine/action041201.html

Thanks for taking part in these actions!

SEE ALSO: Arabs Inflamed by Israeli Strike on Radar Deep in Lebanon


Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001
From: Cheryl Magill <shootdaguy@yahoo.com>
Subject: Urgent Action Needed to Stop LFAS Worldwide! Pass it along -

Urgent Action Needed to Stop LFAS Worldwide!

This is an urgent appeal for help. Please pass it along to anyone who may be able to assist us by taking action to STOP LFAS Worldwide! And remember, the clock is ticking. We only have until May 18th!

Regarding: SURTASS LFA Sonar

The U.S. Navy is preparing to deploy a low frequency active sonar system that seriously threatens the marine environment, including endangered whales and other species.

As human beings we take the ability to navigate from visual cues for granted. For marine life living in the deep oceans, light's equivalent is sound. In the ocean waters, where the surroundings are dark and silent - marine life will listen and by this means interpret an environment. A setting. A distance. Another species. A possible mate. An ominous shoreline. A calf calling out to it's mother. These magnificent interpreters of sound are able to detect minute objects at significant distances. The approach of an enemy is detected. Or the distant singing of a remote acquaintance is perceived.

This world of navigated sounds is vanishing. And as a result, marine life is dying. We are witnesses to the acoustic dirge. And we can hear it daily, if we are willing to listen. But there isn't much time to simply listen. We must act now! We have, roughly, four weeks. And then a decision will be made about whether to allow deployment of the Navy's proposed SURTASS LFA Sonar.

Acoustic pollution has been escalating through the advancement of technology with a casual disregard to the needs of these aquatic beings. Engine noises contribute to this noisy clatter in the oceans. And that is a part of the problem. Big cities create a rumble, which is disruptive to the ocean environment. All factors combine. But now, there is an immensely powerful military device, which could shatter and destroy the remaining silence.

A new, devastating, highly controversial and intensely powerful technology signals the escalation of acoustic weaponry and acoustic markets in this underwater towed array with 18 speakers. Large corporations stand to profit immensely as nations co-invest in the an underwater Star Wars technology which blasts acoustic scatter beams in all directions until they echo back to a convergence point. Pressure waves form. Invasive sound patterns disrupt breathing and normal singing between whales and dolphins. And hundreds of miles from the source, the decibel level is sustained at potentially harmful volumes.

The rationale in the mind of the US Navy is that we need defenses. The Navy says it seeks to protect "American Interests." Those interests are defined in accordance to the perceived threat of silent submarines.

Let the Navy know that "American Interests" do not justify the indiscriminate killing of massive numbers of seals, dolphins, sea lions, whales, and walruses and the devastation of the eco-marine environment out of a "cold-war" mentality of exaggerated fear. Other intense sonar technologies have resulted in dire numbers of stranded whales in at least seven massive stranding incidents in recent years. The Navy says this new technology won't kill. And yet, this technology is SURTASS LFA Sonar - and it is the most widely renown and widely opposed of all the invasive acoustic technologies in the history of the planet. And your appointed officials at National Marine Fisheries Service may soon issue a letter of authorization which will allow this acoustic pollution to be introduced to 80% of the world's oceans. If the US approval goes through, it's expected that other countries will follow.

There are three hearings scheduled in the next three weeks and after that, NMFS will continue to receive comments until May 18th, 2001. And then the comment period will end and the decision will be made. So now is an important moment.

Could you please lend your voice to preserving the silence? Send a fax today. Contact:

Donna Wieting, Chief;
Marine Mammal Conservation Division;
Office of Protected Resources;
National Marine Fisheries Service;
1315 East-West Highway;
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3226

Fax number: 301-713-0376.

Dear Ms. Wieting,

Please add my name to the list of people who urge you to rule against issuing a Letter of Authorization to the US Navy's SURTASS LFA program, which would allow the use of SURTASS LFA Sonar. The Navy contends that the impact from this technology would be "negligible." Please know that I subscribe to the belief that further information will reveal that the system is harmful to marine life and quite possibly to humans and to coastal communities.

I urge you to use caution in evaluating the Navy's information, which is scattered through volume after volume of supplemental reports two thick volumes of more than 1200 pages. And for all its size, this documentation is fraught with omissions and is deemed to be incomplete. The research done is more suitable to research and development objectives which seek to market a specific product. There is too much contradicting information for this documentation to be viewed as "scientific" or to support environmental goals. So please consider the US Navy's report to be tainted with investment potential which supercedes environmental concerns.

I urge you to be sensitive to the needs of citizens and communities, which ask about the sensibility of this potentially harmful and invasive technology. I ask you if you will not be hurting the fishing opportunities along our coastlines and I further question if allowing this damaging sound to enter our waters has the possibility of causing those adults and children who are in the water to be at risk.

Please know that the Navy is not in compliance with the Coastal Zone Management Act because there has not been a hearing with the California Coastal Commission which objects to the proposed, extreme and highly controversial technology. The US Navy has not complied with NEPA requirements because they spent in excess of 350 million dollars on a harmful program in an effort to make it look good. It should be evident that the US Navy was thereby wasting money on something before studying it. Much of the EIS is trying to mitigate the draft's miscalculations pertaining to habitat destruction and shoreline influences. The EIS seeks to justify excuses for environmental aggression.

Please do not issue a letter of authorization for SURTASS LFA Sonar. Do not allow acoustic destruction of our oceans.

Best regards,

(Your Name)


Note from Jean: "DJ" <dmar1@uswest.net> sent this:

Here is a quick update on Earth Island Institute's OPERATION MUFFLE THE NAVY!


Earth Island Institute and the Los Angeles-based Eco-Link are planning a peaceful demonstration just before the Los Angeles public hearing on the NMFS permit for the Navy's LFA Sonar program. The demo is scheduled for Thursday, April 26th from 4 PM to 6 PM in front of the Renaissance Hotel, 9620 Airport Boulevard (near LAX) in Los Angeles. (The hearing is in the hotel from 6 PM to 9 PM.)

Please plan to arrive at 4 PM (or whenever you can make it) and help carry signs, banners, and inflatable dolphins (see next item). We have notified the Los Angeles Police Department, and we will need to be orderly (well, reasonably orderly), stay out of the street and on the public sidewalk, and avoid blocking entrances, etc., etc., as we exercise our freedom of speech and assembly.


Yes, we plan to bring down Earth Island's 20-foot inflatable blue dolphin for the demo. Should attract some attention.......along with lots of people and signs, of course.


We have posted our alert for the NMFS hearings and the comment period on Earth Island's website, which you can access, as can the rest of the world, at http://www.earthisland.org


From: http://www.nytimes.com/2001/04/10/science/10WHAL.html

Researchers Fear Navy's Sonar May Harm Whales


April 10, 2001

Last spring Kenneth Balcomb, a marine mammalogist, woke to find an unsettling situation outside his Abaco Island home in the Bahamas: a 16-foot Cuvier's beaked whale weighing some two tons stranded in knee-deep water.

With the help of several volunteers, Mr. Balcomb, who heads the Center for Whale Research in Friday Harbor, Wash., tried to push the animal out to sea. After the fifth attempt, the disoriented whale stopped turning toward shore and continued into the open ocean. But that was only the start.

Over 15 hours beginning March 15, about 16 whales and a dolphin became stranded on the beach and in shallow waters around the northern Bahama islands. Most were pushed back into the sea by Mr. Balcomb and volunteers, who had gone to the Bahamas to observe the whales as part of a program for the Boston- based Earthwatch Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports scientific field work. Still, the dolphin and six whales died. It was one of the largest strandings of beaked whales on record.

Five days later the United States Marine Fisheries Service, at the request of the Bahamian government, sent biologists to perform necropsies. They found hemorrhaging around the brain and ear bones. On the one-year anniversary of the strandings in March, a task force from the agency and the United States Navy said that it was highly likely that the stranding was caused by sonar transmissions from Navy ships that were performing antisubmarine exercises nearby.

Now some biologists and environmental groups fear that such mass strandings will become more common if the Navy wins approval for a sonar program it wants for detecting submarines. Called the Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System, or Surtass, it would consist of four sonar- equipped ships able to sweep 80 percent of the world's oceans.

The Navy, which must have a permit from the marine fisheries service before it can proceed, discounts claims that what happened in the Bahamas could result from Surtass, because the sonar used during last year's strandings operated on a middle frequency and its Surtass program would use a low frequency. Both systems, however, transmit sound waves that bounce off objects and send information back to the listener. In the proposed system, transmissions could be as loud as 230 decibels, roughly the noise of a rocket taking off. The Navy proposes using observers and monitoring instruments to make sure no marine mammals are within a kilometer. Beyond that, the sound would have dissipated to at most 180 decibels, a level at which some scientists believe physiological damage occurs.

The sound would join a chorus of others that contribute to rampant noise pollution in the oceans. Contributors are the babble of engines from industrial vessels, air guns used in oil and gas exploration and sonar impulses used for a variety of purposes. Whales are more susceptible to interference from sound than are many other mammals because of their heavy reliance on it for primary activities like feeding, communication, navigation and nursing.

"Ocean noise pollution is akin to humans living in a world of increasing smog," said Dr. Lindy Weilgart, a bioacoustician who studies whales and sound at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. "The windows of opportunity in which whales can communicate with a specific group member or find prey are increasingly limited because of noise pollution," Dr. Weilgart said. "And most whales are endangered and having a hard time anyway."

The Navy's Surtass plan is opposed by advocacy groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council, which pressed the Navy to show how its project would affect the environment. Because of a dearth of data, the Navy began research on low- frequency sonar's effect on large whales, which communicate at that level. The marine fisheries service is using the data in reviewing the Navy's permit request and will accept public comments until May 18.

Dr. Christopher W. Clark, director of bioacoustics research at Cornell and one of the main investigators for the Navy's Surtass research, said that one phase of that program tried to find out the effects of exposure to sonar levels higher than 120 decibels, a level that certain whales have been observed to avoid.

About 200 miles off San Diego, where blue whales and fin whales feed, the Navy tested its sonar in the summer and early fall of 1997 and found that whales showed no reaction at 150 decibels. "That was encouraging and even surprising," Dr. Clark said. "We had all predicted that by 140 for sure you'd see a reaction." Because of bad weather, no higher levels were tested.

But Mr. Balcomb noted that the Navy was proposing using even higher levels around the whales, and he said the Navy had not studied enough species. "They used only low-frequency communicators because that's what they thought would be affected," he said. "My point on resonance is that its effects have nothing to do with hearing."

Dr. Weilgart said that the Navy should instead be looking at data on strandings that correlate with nearby military operations using sonar.

The Navy and regulators from the marine fisheries service who are reviewing the permit proposal say the two sonar systems, low- and mid- level frequency, are so different that it is entirely unfair to link the two.

The midlevel, non-Surtass sonar implicated in the Bahamas strandings can be heard over short distances by many marine mammals, particularly smaller ones. The low- frequency sonar proposed in Surtass, on the other hand, is audible over hundreds of miles to far fewer animals and is emitted at the same frequency used by large whales like the famous singing humpback.

But Mr. Balcomb, in whose back yard this all began, holds fast to his claim that what caused the hemorrhaging in the Bahamas whales was not sound's effect on the whales' hearing but on resonance effects in their air cavities. In a recent letter to the Navy, Mr. Balcomb used calculations by the Navy's own physicists to show that both low and middle frequencies can create resonance effects in whales' air cavities. He surmised that low-frequency sonar could cause the same injuries probably caused by the midlevel sonar during the Bahamas strandings.

Mr. Balcomb also said that the visible damage of last spring was only part of the picture. None of the 50 Cuvier's beaked whales that frequented the Bahamas year round have been seen since the strandings. He presumes that all had died.

Copywrite: New York Times




Global warming may be contributing to the decline of the western toad
and other amphibians, according to a study published last week in
Nature. The western toad has been dying off from a fungal-like
infection of its eggs. Previous studies had shown that the eggs are
susceptible to infection because of higher exposure to ultraviolet
light. Now, researchers have shown that the eggs are experiencing
more exposure because they are being deposited in shallower water
that lets more light through -- and the researchers have begun to
link the shallower water to weather changes brought about by global
warming. The study by scientists from Penn State and Oregon State is
the first to connect die-offs of North American amphibians to global

Washington Post, William Souder, 09 Apr 2001

New York Times, Henry Fountain, 10 Apr 2001


President Bush unveiled a budget yesterday for the next fiscal year
that would slash spending on the environment and break a campaign
promise he made to protect rainforests. In a campaign speech last
August attacking then-Vice President Al Gore for a weak commitment on
the issue, Bush pledged to set aside $100 million a year to forgive
developing countries some of their debt to the U.S. if they agree to
conserve rainforest land -- but his proposed budget would provide
only $13 million for the program, all of it diverted from the U.S.
Agency for International Development. At the Energy Department, the
proposed budget would make deep cuts in renewable energy (about a 50
percent reduction!), conservation, and fuel-efficiency programs.
Money for cleaning up waste from producing nuclear weapons would be
greatly reduced, while money for nuclear bomb-making would be
boosted. The Interior Department budget would be cut 3.5 percent,
and funding would be shifted to energy exploration; the U.S. EPA
budget would be cut by 6.4 percent.

Boston Globe, Anne E. Kornblut, 10 Apr 2001

New York Times, Mathew Wald and Douglas Jehl, 10 Apr 2001

Take action to keep funding for renewable energy


18 Apr 2001

Hit hard with criticism about its environmental record, the Bush
administration for the second day in a row let stand an environmental
rule approved by former President Clinton and upheld a plan affecting
industry's lead emissions. The decision, announced yesterday by U.S.
EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman, means that companies will be
required to report emissions of as little as 100 pounds of lead a
year compared to the current threshold of 10,000 pounds. In an
unusual move, President Bush had Whitman make her the announcement
from the White House briefing room and he released a statement of his
own in support of the rule. In a not-unusual move, the National
Federation of Independent Businesses said it would sue to block
enforcement of the rule.

Washington Post, Mike Allen, 18 Apr 2001


Fertilizer-soaked sediment is choking off Australia's Great Barrier
Reef, putting its long-term survival into question, says the
Australian Institute of Marine Science. After compiling the work of
30 scientists around the world, a researcher for the institute found
that much of the wetlands and rainforests along the Queensland coast
neighboring the reef have been cleared for sugar cane farming. Silt
runoff from the farming is burying the reef, even reaching the middle
of the reef system in some cases.

CNN.com, Reuters, 18 Apr 2001


From: "Mark Graffis" <mgraffis@islands.vi>
Subject: New BoycottBush website
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001

From: Ethical Consumer Research Association Thursday, April 12, 2001

UK -- New website targets Bush bankrollers

http://www.boycottbush.net has been set up to allow individuals to influence the
global politics of climate change. In March, President George Bush abandoned
the USA's commitment to the Kyoto climate agreement, attracting worldwide
condemnation. Now a new website, set up by UK-based campaign organisation
ECRA, seeks to show that by targeting the companies that bankrolled Bush to
victory in November, individuals can force his hand at climate talks in Bonn
this July. www.boycottbush.net lists the top twenty corporate donors to the
Republican Party with consumer brands, while at the same time noting more
ethical alternatives. "These companies have bought access at the highest
level," says Rob Harrison of ECRA. "Now let them use it to tell Bush he is
wrong on this one."

Top twenty Republican donors with global consumer brands

1 Philip Morris - $4,554,732
2 BP (ARCO) - $1,865,458
3 Amway - $1,729,500
4 News Corp - $1,204,950
5 Enron - $1,146,615
6 Citigroup - $1,079,225
7 MCI Worldcom - $1,074,608
8 Federal Express (FDX Corp) - $1,057,550
9 Pfizer - $1,051,225
10 Chevron Texaco - $862,056
11 Bristol-Myers Squibb - $848,556
12 Revlon Group/ MacAndrews & Forbes - $761,000
13 Limited Inc - $750,000
14 Glaxo-Wellcome - $702,795
15 Walt Disney - $663,625
16 Anheuser-Busch - $663,025
17 Archer Daniels Midland - $660,000
18 Microsoft - $644,816
19 Coca Cola - $610,875
20 Schering-Plough - $600,685

CLIP - more details at the http://www.boycottbush.net website - also fromboycottbush@ethicalconsumer.org

You may also contact Hannah Berry Press Contact Ethical Consumer
Research Association 00 44 161 2260751 mail@ethicalconsumer.org
Web site: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org


Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <jackie@deepteaching.com>
Subject: Report on Carcinogens


We are surrounded in our daily lives by thousands of substances and combinations of substances that are affecting the health of nearly every woman, man, and child on Earth. It is a challenge to figure out what substances to be concerned about. Few people know that the U.S. government has been producing a document since 1978 that tells us what substances in the marketplace are known to cause cancer. But the government is only required to publish the information, not to remove any of these deadly substances from the market.

I discuss the contents and implications of the latest Report on Carcinogens in this week's Healing Our World commentary on the Environment News Service. You can see it at http://ens-news.com/ens/apr2001/2001L-04-13g.html.

It is deeply disturbing that even the Inuit native peoples who live in the extreme Arctic, about as far away from technological civilization as you can get, are at risk from birth defects and other health problems from toxic chemicals in their native foods. These chemicals permeate our planet, yet governments have no interest in stopping their production if it means even one lost dollar for the wealthy.

We have to take matters into our own hands to protect ourselves and our

I wish you peace.



From: "David Rodgers" <Video5@Superaje.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001

Dear Jean

I have read your newsletter on "vision of a healed earth". I find it uplifting and informative. I have added a message to Gaia Blessing Chat from Quan Yin since I sent you the last e'mail. Sananda's Prayer and Quan Yin's message are powerful words and carry the vision you have. I am hoping you would share this with your list.

Thank You


CLIP - More details on David's initiative at http://www.skywebsite.com/terristevenson2/EagleNestMain.html


As you quiet your mind and your physical body, breathe deeply, and go to that space within your own heart. that space of quiet and calm, that inner chamber where True Love does abide.

As you rest within the silence, free yourself from the thoughts of your daily activities and turn within to communion with Me

I want you to go with me to the Christ Consciousness Grid, from where we shall look down upon the New Earth which is being prepared for you.

In your mind's eye, I want you to see the Earth in a new, glorious and HEALED condition. the condition originally set forth in the Divine Blueprint established in the beginning by the Source.

The air is clean, the water is pure, teeming with abundant and healthy marine life.

The colors of the foliage and fauna are vibrant, shimmering with the richness of perfection.

No longer does mankind dwell in the illusion of polarity. There is no longer dark vs. light, good vs. evil, male vs. female, one religion vs. another religion. All has been made Whole. All is now One.

Visualize the inhabitants of this beautiful earth living in harmony, acknowledging the Christ in each one they meet, realizing that each is but a part of the One.

All countries live in a state of brotherhood, peace and global cooperation. No longer does nation rise against nation. All weapons of mass destruction have been eliminated.. The swords have been beat into plowshares.

See and feel, from your own heart, the love that is expressed one to another, as the Holy Child goes about the Father's business.

No longer is there poverty among you.

No one fears the abuse of another, or the hatred hiding within another's heart.
There is true sharing among all the brothers and sisters. eliminating any concerns of lack or impoverishment . Greed has left the hearts of the people and they freely offer their alms to the One in gratitude. This is the day the lion shall lay down with the lamb.

No longer does man live in ignorance of the higher Celestial Realms.

Without fear, he welcomes and communes with his brothers and sisters from other dimensions, other star systems, and other universes, knowing that all have come forth from the Source of Creation.

Peace, joy and true love shall reign in every heart. Allhas been made new. All has become One . For this is the NEW EARTH. and the NEW HEAVEN. And so shall it be.