December 13, 2000

Subject: Green Files #17: Special Message on Supreme Court + Organic Food and Farming Bill + Some Feedbacks + A Dark Cloud + Global Ban on 12 Very Toxic Chemicals - The so-called "dirty dozen" + POP STARS HI! + MY BELOVED COUNTRY (Earth Summit 2002 scheduled in South Africa) + BLEACH BLANKET BINGO + LAME DUCK TALES + CAPITALIST PIGS + Bruno Manser: Lost In the Borneo Jungle + Planetary Vision Festival 2001

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Hello everyone

I'm sure many of you are interested to find out an alternative view to the US election latest developments. Make sure to visit CLICK HERE and check "57 Red Flags – Proof Bush Did Not Win the Popular Vote in Florida". You will be amazed at the scope of the "irregularities" reported in Florida.


You will also find below an interesting take on the Supreme Court decision.

Aside from that, this Green Files compilation has lots of *good news* in it.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Ronnie Burns <> from Australia asked me to point your attention to their new Appin Hall Children's Foundation Website at CLICK HERE

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000
Subject: Fw: Special Message on Supreme Court
From: Virginia N LaMastus <>

Dear Jean,

What is your response to the recent Happenings regarding our Presidential

I want to make sure that you know of the site, Spiritus Sanctus, and the
Angel Messages with Astrologer Cyrus. These messages are very important
to me, as are your's. The site to subscribe is:
and hosted by Cynthia Rose. She responds quickly to my e-mail.

I haven't notified Cynthia Rose of your messages, but I will today.

Thank you for the work that you do for us.

Let Light and Love fill your day,


NOTE FROM JEAN: I must say that Cynthia's message below resonates well with me. We have not seen the end of this whole saga yet... We might be in for some major and very interesting surprises. One thing sure, there is no need to panic over this Supreme Court decision. In due time, justice and Light shall prevail.

From: "Spiritus Sanctus" <>

Special Message on Supreme Court Ruling

I am getting so many calls on this from such worried people that

I wanted to share with you a personal experience I had tonight.

Earlier tonight, for about an hour and a half I felt an uncannily strong pull to go into silence and sit in receptive prayer.

I quit what I was doing and I closed my eyes and began to pray.

Then I saw with my inner eye an arching bridge of light, covered with the company of heaven.

This arch of light was over all of manifest creation.

I heard a voice telling me to be in peace and to wait innocently and with complete trust as a little child, that the Heavenly Hosts were in charge of every detail and that all was unfolding as it should.

I felt myself being told to stay in trust and innocence and watch patiently while the tale unfolded.

After about 5 minutes, I was told to quickly turn on the television for a special announcement. I snapped out of deep meditation and noticed the clock said 10 PM. I turned on the television. At that very moment Peter Jennings came on and announced that the Supreme Court had ruled 5 to 4 in favor of not counting all of the votes.

I quietly went within and asked, "What does this mean?"

They said that ,"Much more must be revealed."

So I began to reason that if Gore were to get in now, much of the revelations of corruption of voting rights violations in Florida and other related issues would be swept under the rug. Everyone would be caught up in the new administration and these criminal revelations would not be focused on very much.

They will now since the High Court has made a politically motivated choice.

It is very important that everything be revealed to the light of public awareness.

This is a time that all is to be revealed.

It is not a quick process. The forces of greed and separation have become very much a part of our world.

Even though it is obvious that the Supreme Court is voting on political lines and denying the basic Constitutional Right for every vote to be counted, the level of denial is strong.

The issue is simple: if a candidate is to be legally elected, they would want every vote counted in order to prove their legitamacy.

As the investigations are continued and a voting fraud conspiracy is revealed, I expect some amazing events.

It could make Watergate look mild.

Heros will come forth who will rank with Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Heros are coming forth, for this is not just one Rosa Parks - it is 400 who are standing up to be counted. There are many affidavits in the Investigation under way now by the Civil Rights Justice Department team.

One of the lessons for people of peace to learn is: "Be ye therefore gentle as doves and wise as serpents."

In my own path, there was a time when I had to come out of denial and become a warrior for the light. This meant embarking on the path of Heroism.

This is a time when many are embracing that initiation.

On a logical left brain level I am reeling and experiencing much of the same shock that those of you who have called me tonight have expressed.

However on the level of intuition, I am amazed at the thoroughness and completeness of the unmasking phase of this 3 step process.

My guidance was that first was the unmasking, which is a phase of everyone being revealed for who they really are - all disguises removed.

In the last few days we have had the disguises of supreme court Justicies removed.

More is on the way.

Remember the heros are also revealing themselves. Their disguises are being removed both to themselves and to others - joining the ranks of great souls who have come to serve in

as World Servers.

After this unmasking phase is over then follows the phase of uniting of Power and finally the Transformation of the World.

I do not know the timing .

It could be days, weeks, or months.

However, I am affirming my original prediction that Bush will not be allowed to ultimately win even though the logical point of view in the light of tonights turn of events would clearly seem to indicate otherwise.

Maybe in the next week enough will come to light and enough of the conspiracy revealed to get some of the electoral college to switch their votes.

Perhaps the popular vote will ultimately win after all.

Remember that Bush's team had prepared their lawyers to argue the unconstitutionality of the electoral college in the case of the Republicans winning the popular vote and losing the electoral college several weeks ago.

Maybe it will take longer? ....

How much will it take before all is revealed?

How long will it take for all of the Doctor Martin Luther Kings and Rosa Parks to come forth and make their voices heard?

How long will it be before the criminal investigation fills the media ?

With the faith of a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say to this mountain, be ye hence removed unto the sea, and it shall be doneÖ

As a little child, in trust and innocence, I await the unfolding of events .

Let us all pray for the Highest Good of All to happen with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Let us pray for heaven to be restored to earth.

Cynthia Rose

NOTE FROM JEAN: In relation to the Supreme Court decision, see also
"Justice Scalia's Legal Vision Is Blinded by His Ambition" as recommended by Mark Graffis at

From: "Ken and Mandy" <>
Subject: Fw: REALFOOD: Organic Food and Farming Bill
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000

From: <>

Dear Friend,

There's news of a different kind this month. Later in December we'll be
asking for your help in campaigning for greater access to organic foods
in the UK. We'll be trying to persuade an MP to adopt the Organic Food
and Farming Targets Bill. On the 14th of December MPs will be selected
in a ballot giving them the chance to take up a bill of their choice in
the new parliamentary session. This is our key chance to get the
Organic Food and Farming Bill adopted.

This Bill will commit the Government to setting targets on how much
organic food is produced and consumed in the UK. News of this later
on in the month. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about
the Bill, please visit:


CLIP - This Friends of the Earth newsletter also had this info:

5 October 2000
GM-free diet for Iceland livestock

Supermarket chain Iceland has announced that all its livestock for
primary meat production is now reared on a non-GM diet.

A new public opinion survey, commissioned by FOE and published today,
reveals that 63 per cent of shoppers want supermarkets to drop GM
ingredients from animal feeds. Only one in five favour supermarkets
stocking products from GM-fed animals.

Most of the UK's leading supermarkets look set to follow Iceland's lead.
Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Asda have all said that they
are removing GM ingredients from animal feed. Consumer concern has
banished GM ingredients from most of our food. But GM soya and maize is
still being imported in huge quantities for use in animal feeds. Maize
commonly makes up 30-50 per cent of the diet of dairy cattle.

Avoiding GM animal feed would be easier if it was labelled. Since 1999,
food eaten by the public has had to be labelled if it contains any GM
DNA. But animal feed is exempt. However, last month the Food Standards
Agency said that it wants to extend labelling to cover GM animal feed.
The issue is also being considered by the EU.

"Congratulations to Iceland. Once again they have taken the initiative
on GM food. The public have made it perfectly clear that they do not
want shops and supermarkets to rear animals on GM feed," said Friends of
the Earth Real Food Campaigner, Pete Riley. "It is time that every
supermarket followed Iceland's lead and gave customers what they want."


From: (Eve Howard)
Subject: Re: Rainbow Network
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000

Dearest Sharie,

I have just read your posting on Jean Hudon's Rainbow Network that was a
response to a class of children. I related so strongly with your words. I
have tried to explain to so many people the difference between what we are
taught, what we are allowed to see and hear via our media and what the world
is really like as viewed uncensored. I know the net can be filled with all
the unfortunate things that this world has to offer but the golden nugget is
our ability to see the world without the filters made by the corporate world
and all of its controls. With your permission I would like to print your
message to use to assist me in explaining simply to those I encounter and
who are close much more eloquently this perspective.

Bless you for caring and doing something about it.

Eve Howard


From: "Sharie Ramsey" <>
Subject: Re: Rainbow Network
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000

Dear Eve,

Thank you so much for writing. You are welcome to use my letter and any of
my other writings. Use the ERN website search engine and enter my name to
find them, if you`d like. I have learned so much about the world and its
diversity because of Jean Hudon and the many international members who so
generously share their pieces of the puzzle.

I would be happy to hear from you again. I have made many wonderful friends
through the Earth Rainbow Network, and I love to learn what everyone is up


Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: A Dark Cloud - CLICK HERE

For the first time in history, the U.S. Supreme Court has stopped the
counting of ballots cast by citizens for the election of a president of
the United States.

The court's conservative majority made clear that the injunction was
imposed on vote-counters in Florida to prevent a recount that might show
more Florida voters favoring Vice President Al Gore over Texas Gov. George
W. Bush.

Speaking for the 5-4 majority, Justice Antonin Scalia warned that such an
outcome could "cast a cloud" over the "legitimacy" of an eventual Bush

A disputed vote count showing Gore as the people's choice but with Bush
entering the White House also would jeopardize "the public acceptance
[that] democratic stability requires," Scalia wrote.

For the full story on this chilling moment in American history go to at CLICK HERE

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000
From: Lorraine Lapp <>
Subject: Global Ban on 12 Very Toxic Chemicals - The so-called "dirty dozen"

December 11, 2000
Talks Agree on Global Ban on 12 Very Toxic Chemicals

JOHANNESBURG, Dec. 10 - After extending their meeting into a seventh day
and haggling all night, negotiators for 122 nations agreed today on a
global ban on 12 highly toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer,
birth defects and other genetic abnormalities.

The convention calls for the elimination of PCB's, dioxins and other
chemicals intentionally used or produced in manufacturing that have become
known as the "dirty dozen." They are persistent organic pollutants that
dissolve slowly, travel easily and are absorbed by living organisms,
including humans.

The treaty, which is to be signed in May in Stockholm, has been more than
two and half years in the works after negotiations were begun in June 1998
in Montreal.

The meeting here was scheduled to end late Saturday, but delegates agreed
to extend the conference and finally concluded their negotiations early
today, said Michael Williams, a meeting spokesman.

"The treaty enjoyed the broadest possible support," said John Buccini,
chairman of the meeting, which was organized by the United Nations
Environment Program. "People not only felt that we have a treaty, but that
we have a good treaty."

The treaty calls for reduction of releases of dioxins and furans - toxic
byproducts of burning and industrial production - "with the goal of their
continuing minimization and, where feasible, ultimate elimination."

The continued use of electrical equipment containing PCB's will still be
permitted until 2025 as long as the equipment does not leak.

It also allows for the continued use of the industrial pesticide DDT to
combat malaria until other alternatives are available.

Industrialized countries have already banned several of the chemicals, but
the ban will still require "some hard work on the part of all countries to
apply," said James Willis, an official with the United Nations
Environmental Program.

Countries burning their waste in open air and some factories will have to
find alternative techniques, Mr. Buccini said.

"It is a possibility that this could lead to a higher cost," he said. "For
example, manufacturing factories are going to have to address reduction of
releases of dioxins and furans."

The most contentious issues were provisions for expansion of the treaty to
include other chemicals and a mechanism for industrialized nations to pay
about $150 million a year to help developing countries use cleaner but
costlier options.

In a statement, Greenpeace welcomed the treaty as the "beginning of the
end of toxic pollution."

The treaty must be ratified by 50 nations before it can take effect.
Brooks Yeager, head of the United States delegation, said he expected the
ban to be approved by the coming Congress.

Copyright 2000 The New York Times Company

11 Dec 2000
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE

Delegates from 122 nations reached agreement yesterday on a treaty to
ban or reduce the use of 12 persistent organic pollutants (POPs),
chemicals such as PCBs and pesticides that have been linked to
cancer, birth defects, and genetic abnormalities in humans and
wildlife. The ban, which must be ratified by 50 countries to become
legally binding, will require some industries to find new ways to
make their products without using POPs or creating POPs as a
byproduct. Twenty-five developing nations will be allowed to
continue to use the pesticide DDT to combat malaria until better
alternatives are found. Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund
praised the treaty as an important first step toward ending toxic

Boston Globe, Kurt Shillinger, 11 Dec 2000

Toronto National Post, Corinna Schuler, 11 Dec 2000

BBC News, 10 Dec 2000

12 Dec 2000

South Africa announced this weekend that it has been selected to host
the U.N. World Summit on Sustainable Development, a.k.a. the Earth
Summit 2002. More than 40,000 delegates will likely attend the
conference, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the 1992 Rio
Earth Summit, where world leaders agreed to an agenda for protecting
the environment and alleviating poverty. Rejoice Mabudafhasi, South
Africa's deputy environmental minister, said she was pleased the
conference would take place in a developing nation "where the issues
of development and the environment are fundamental to the daily
struggle against poverty." On a related note, the international
agreement to reduce the use of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
reached this weekend in South Africa includes a promise by
industrialized nations to pay $150 million each year to help
developing countries find alternatives to the POPs.

South Africa Independent, 12 Dec 2000

Earth Summit 2002
Washington Post, Jon Jeter, 12 Dec 2000

U.S. Commerce Secretary Norman Mineta announced four initiatives to
help preserve coral reefs yesterday, after a monitoring group
released a report saying that 27 percent of the world's reefs were
gone and that 70 percent would be dead by 2050. Mineta's plan
includes creating several "no anchoring" zones for large ships near
reefs in the U.S. and moving ahead on research sponsored by the U.S.
and Australia to study coral reef bleaching and the effects of global
warming on reefs. The report by the Global Coral Reef Monitoring
Network found that bleaching destroyed 16 percent of the world's
reefs in 1998 alone.

Planet Ark, Reuters, Maggie Fox, 12 Dec 2000

07 Dec 2000


In its last seven weeks, the Clinton administration is preparing a
raft of environmental regulations. Standards for organic food
labels, new limits on sulfur in diesel fuel, and protections for
almost 60 million acres of roadless national forestland will be among
the high-profile regs. Other regulations will likely include limits
on mercury releases from power plants and waste runoff from animal
feedlots, as well as a new policy barring the federal government from
contracting with companies that have violated environmental laws.
Word is that the U.S. EPA is hoping next fall to crack down on
emissions from a wide range of mobile sources including dirt bikes,
all-terrain vehicles, pleasure boats, and industrial vehicles such as
forklifts -- but who knows if such a plan would survive a George W.
Bush administration. Already, Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is
blocking an end-of-the-year budget deal with the Clinton
administration because he is upset about new rules restricting
fishing off of Alaska to protect the Steller sea lion.

Washington Post, Dan Morgan, 06 Dec 2000

USA Today, Traci Watson, 07 Dec 2000

Anchorage Daily News, Lawrence M. O'Rourke,
07 Dec 2000

In what could be a harbinger of things to come should George W. Bush
become president, environmental groups and family farm advocates
yesterday unveiled a campaign in which hotshot lawyers from 15 law
firms will help them fight pollution from factory hog farms. Taking
a page from the tobacco war books, environmental lawyer Robert F.
Kennedy, Jr., said that the most effective way to stop corporate
pollution during a lax Bush administration would be to file mass tort
cases against polluters with the aim of winning huge court-ordered
damage awards. The enviros' pilot case is a lawsuit filed this
summer against Smithfield Foods, the nation's biggest pork producer,
for creating a public nuisance by spilling billions of gallons of hog
waste into North Carolina rivers. The enviros estimate it would cost
$148 billion to cover the damages to 3.7 million acres of wetlands.

New York Times, Douglas Jehl, 07 Dec 2000

Raleigh, N.C., News and Observer, James Eli
Shiffer, 07 Dec 2000

Is cheap meat worth the karmic cost
of industrial animal production? -- by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 05:37:33 +0800
From: Antares <>
Subject: Bruno Manser: Lost In the Borneo Jungle

Lost In the Borneo Jungle
A Swiss advocate for the nomadic Penans is missing

BRUNO MANSER HAS ALWAYS HAD a streak of daring. Last year the Swiss environmentalist flew a motorized glider over the capital city of Malaysia's state of Sarawak and then landed near the residence of the chief minister. He wanted to deliver a symbolic sacrificial lamb during a Muslim holiday. Chief Minister Taib Mahmud was not amused and his officials promptly deported the activist from Kuching. He'd already been banned from the country for his determined effort to protect the lifestyle of the Penans, who are thought to be one of the world's last nomadic rainforest tribe. Manser, 45, believes the tribe to be under threat from logging companies. He lived with the tribes people for six years, from 1984 to 1990.

Over the last 15 years, through various stunts and protest efforts, he has called attention to the destruction of Borneo's ancient primary forest, and to the plight of the Penans. Manser has elicited the support of luminaries like Jerry Garcia, the late leader of the Grateful Dead band, and U.S. Vice President Al Gore. But he's also confounded Malaysian authorities and enraged local timber tycoons. Last May 22 Manser snuck into Sarawak again. As usual, he slipped across the border via the neighboring Indonesian province of Kalimantan. He returned, according to the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund, to visit his old tribal friends who ``are under greater threat than ever before.'` But Manser hasn't been seen since. His family is worried that something terrible has happened to him while trekking through the jungle by himself. King cobras, pythons and bears are the principal threats in the bush. Some friends fear he may have been killed by logging company goons. There have been four searches by the Penans themselves, but they've turned up nothing. Three weeks ago the Manser family asked the Malaysian government for help locating the activist. Nothing much has been done-- though when queried by a local newspaper about Manser's disappearance, a Sarawak politician blasted Malaysia's longtime antagonist. ``We don't want you here," said Senator Joseph Balan Seling to the missing Swiss man. ``Don't get in touch with the Penans. Don't influence or disrupt their lives again.'`

Manser first took up the Penan cause in 1984. Soon after, the previously docile tribesmen began throwing up blockades to obstruct the Sarawak logging industry--the state's biggest industry. Hundreds camped out at the blockades, sometimes for months, demanding government recognition of native lands, and fair compensation. No one disputes the fact that widespread logging has disturbed the lifestyle of the 10,000 Penans in Sarawak, even the few hundred minority that are still completely nomadic. Most of the rest are considered semi-settled but they too live deep in the rainforest, which they still depend on to get by. Their basic diet is sago (a paste derived from palm trees), and for protein, wild game, mostly deer, bear and wild boar.

As timber companies have sliced further into the Borneo interior, environmentalists say the logging is fast wiping out the Sago palm trees, pollutes rivers, scares off game, and desecrates grave sites. Government officials, many of whom own sizeable stakes in timber concessions, are not sympathetic.

Malaysia has long been one of the world's largest exporters of tropical timber, and has experienced one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the world. Through his relatives, Taib Mahmud, the chief minister, is alleged to be a major player in the industry and drives a vintage Rolls Royce. Manser's sustained environmental campaign has certainly cut into logging profits but officials insist their main complaint is that his activism is misguided, slowing the transition of the Penans into normal society, where they can receive education and better health care. ``How can we have an equal society when you allow a small group of people to behave like animals in the jungle? I owe it to the Penans to get them gradually into the mainstream so that they can be like any other Sarawakian," Mahmud argues. Manser insists his nomadic friends should have a choice and experts argue the Penans are custodians of invaluable - and fast-vanishing - wisdom about the rainforest.

Worried friends of Manser are split about what has happened. Some of Manser's friends fear he has met a violent death. For years there have been rumors of a $50,000 bounty on the activist's head. ``I wouldn't put it past [Chinese logging companies] to disappear Bruno,'` says a foreign anthropologist who has studied the Penan in the same area.

Once inside Sarawak, say Penan sources, Manser trekked around, meeting several small bands of tribesmen. It was during a three-day trek from one nomadic group to another that he disappeared. That may have been a mistake. Even Penans rarely travel that long alone. Manser had already survived one cobra bite. Some are holding out hope that Manser has another trick up his sleeve. James Ritchie, the Kuching-based reporter who first broke the story of Manser and then wrote a book about him ['Bruno Manser: The Inside Story'], believes Manser is alive and probably preparing for his next publicity coup. But he admits this is partly wishful thinking. "If Bruno is dead there is no more Penan cause, there is no one else who is crazy enough to risk their life in the jungle, and around the world, keeping attention on this issue," he says. Then again, says Paul Sochaczewski, whose new novel, 'Redheads', spoofing conservation efforts includes a Manser-like character whose death is covered up, "there is nothing like a martyr to help the cause." In the present circumstances, the question is whether Manser is still in control of the script of his own dramatic story.

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000
From: Joanie Misrack <>
Subject: Planetary Vision Festival 2001

Dear friends,

I want to let you know about the Planetary Vision Festival 2001,
which was initiated by The Club of Budapest in partnership with the
Founding Member Alliance. The Planetary Vision Festival 2001 is the
first in an annual series of events and programs celebrating our new
Planetary Consciousness and its related ethics and actions. The
Festival will unite people worldwide in awareness of the great
opportunities present at the turn-of-the-millennium to shape a
positive future for all and help spur humanity to new actions and new

The Festival is looking for additional Founding Member partners,
Local Event Organizers, Sponsors, Patrons and other partners.
Please see the attached and help build the momentum which is now
just beginning! PVF2001 is an initiative that can truly change the
world, if enough people around the world hear about it and join in!!

Please also see the PVF2001 website, CLICK HERE,
and /or respond to David Woolfson, Project Director, with any
comments or suggestions. All input is very welcome. David's email
is <>

Thank You and Happy Holidays,

Joanie Misrack, Pathways To Peace
(member of the PVF20001 Founding Member Alliance)

Planetary Vision Festival 2001

As we enter the Third Millennium humanity is in the midst of the most
rapid and profound transformation in our history. The challenges and
opportunities before us today are unprecedented. Our current social
and ecological challenges threaten the continuing survival of our
species. At the same time, we have developed incredible new
opportunities driven by accelerating revolutions in scientific
knowledge, new technologies, global communications and human

We have arrived at an evolutionary crossroads. The choices made and
actions we take today will have a decisive impact on the future of
our Earth and all Humankind. Will we be overwhelmed by the massive
ecological and societal challenges confronting us or will we overcome
them to enter a new era of accomplishment and potential?

The key to our longer-term success is the development of a new
"Planetary Consciousness". It is a consciousness that recognizes the
essential interdependence and oneness of all humanity and our
planetary home. At an individual level it means that, in addition to
being citizens of our communities and countries, we must also each
become true "citizens of our world." At a societal level it means
that we are one people sharing one planet and one future, as we build
the first planetary society.

Our development of this Planetary Consciousness is a pre-condition to
creating a positive future for humanity. A planet-wide initiative is
now needed which can unite us in the crucial vision of shaping a
sustainable and peaceful future for all.

Planetary Vision Festival 2001 is this needed initiative! It is the
first in an annual series of events and programs celebrating the new
Planetary Consciousness and its related ethics and actions. The
Festival will unite people worldwide in awareness of the great
opportunities present at the turn-of-the-millennium to shape a
positive future for all and help spur humanity to new actions and new

Honorary Patrons include:

Vaclav Havel The Dalai Lama
Peter Ustinov Mikhail Gorbachev Desmond Tutu

PVF2001 Coordinating Office
Phone: 905-881-0735
Fax: 905-881-8731

In the context of the Planetary Vision Festival 2001, The Club of
Budapest is represented by

The Club of Budapest Foundation, a Hungarian non-profit organization.

Planetary Vision Festival 2001

Festival Event One

JANUARY 1, 2001

Launching from Toronto, Canada and including Antarctica,
Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, Samoa*

Festival Event Two

MARCH 20, 2001
(Spring Equinox, Northern Hemisphere)

New Zealand (First Light), China, India, France, Greece,
Italy, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Samoa (Last Light)*

Followed By

In Budapest, Hungary - March 21, 2001
(Participants will include: Sir Peter Ustinov, Betty Williams, Edgar Mitchell,
Robert Muller, Mohammed Yunus, Shu-hsien Liu, Peter Russell and Dr.
Riane Eisler) *

Festival Event Three

MARCH 21 through APRIL 21, 2001
Linking Related Events Worldwide *

Festival Event Four

SEPTEMBER 20, 2001
(Spring Equinox, Southern Hemisphere)

From New Zealand to Samoa

* Confirmed to date as of November 1, 2000