July 19, 2001

The G8 Summit in Genoa: 1. A Feedback + 2. Kyoto Treaty MUST be ratified! + 3. Peace + 4. Truth Sets us free + 5. Over 100,000 to Demonstrate Against G8 + 6. Tension Increasing in Genoa + 7. The battle for Genoa +8. British protesters' train to Genoa cancelled + 9. If energy sources are clean, Bush team isn't interested + 10. Bush persists in pushing a flawed energy plan + 11. BONN OF CONTENTION & THE PRICE OF WHALES & TOP OF THE R&D CHARTS

Hello everyone

Here is what I have compiled for you on the G8 Summit in Genoa (Italy). Plus some very interesting complementary material just received.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


Not All Lost in Talks Between India and Pakistan

Anxiety Rises After Attacks in West Bank and Israel


Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001
From: Arjan Stam <arjan.stam@hccnet.nl>
Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects 97


Don't know if you've received this via Claude already, but be sure to check the last one. While we are all protesting against Norway and Japan killing whales for """scientific""" purposes (scientific testing how the meat tastes, I assume?), the US/NATO Navy can, apparently, conveniently proceed with their deadly sonar tests. Yet another cuckoo affair it would seem...?

The recommendations for the Nevada test site are fun to read too. Apart from the "experts" we seem to need to suspect that a nuclear test site might be contaminated... ~~"The radioactivity of the nuclear tests we held at the time is pouring into our ground water supply. So now that we are about to resume testing, we should monitor more carefully, so as get a more accurate insight into how we irreversibly poison the planet" (Sure. And the more we test, the better we can learn to prevent the trouble that arises from testing?!)

A sane individual might get the impression that there are some dangerous psychopaths at work, who should immediately be put into a closed psychiatric ward? Pink Floyd expressed it nicely in "The final cut", not?




From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
To: info@embjapan.de
Subject: Kyoto Treaty MUST be ratified!

Japanese Embassy
Hiroshimastr. 6, 10785 Berlin

Dear Ambassador Nomura -

Urgent! Pls forward to Environment Minister Kawaguchi at COP6.

If the Kyoto Protocol fails, Japan will lose face in the eyes of the world.

Most unfortunately, the installed usurper of the Oval Office in America refuses to carry out the will of the American people regarding the signing of Kyoto Protocol.

We most strongly urge Japan to step in and do WHAT's RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE of the WORLD.

Japan, brokered Kyoto Protocol in 1997; her responsibility is to ensure that this global agreement enters into force.

Japan must NOT attempt to destroy the environmental integrity of the treaty during the negotiations, nor must it use US intransigence as an excuse not to reach agreement in Bonn.

Yours sincerely,

- ilyes (United States)



From: CAlBrowne@aol.com
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
Subject: Thank You

Thank you for continuing to inspire us.
Love through Peace Always,


For all the People who have suffered the atrocities heaped on them by those who believe that they are superior based on their Race, their belief in GOD and/or the pleasure they get from dehumanizing those that do not fit into their definition of what a human being is, Peace be unto you.

For Earth Mother who has seen her children mature only to throw away all that nurtured them by upsetting the delicate balance of Nature when they pollute the air they breathe, the water they drink, the food that is consumed and their disregard for the spirit that gave them life, we need Peace. For the Echoes of those who came before and without them we would not be here today, but in ignorance we block out their voices that urge us to seek a higher path of Enlightenment that will lead Humankind into the future, they whisper "Peace".

For the Acceptance of those we do not know, but judge to be different based on what we individually perceive to be and to realize that outside appearances and/or personal beliefs cannot be used as a summation of who a person is or we will never have Peace.

For the Common thread that has survived since the beginning of time which has been woven into what we call Life and makes us realize that no matter the race, belief or culture we are one People and the things that make us different, make us special and lead to Peace.

For the End of Greed which signals the ending of the exploitation of our natural resources, the termination of divisions such as the haves and the have nots and the close on the Age of Self. Let there be Peace.

In order for us to survive as a species, Everything must be done for the betterment of the World in which we live or else we shall all perish and our achievements would be for naught. The starting point must begin with each one of us, PEACE.

by Caroline A. Browne



From: Lightparty@aol.com
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001
Subject: Truth Sets us free

George Jr. & the CIA Rogue Nation Sells Holocaust Weapons

"When I was coming up, it was a dangerous world, and we knew exactly who 'They' were. It was 'Us versus Them,' and it was clear who 'Them' was. Today, we're not so sure who the 'They' are, but we know 'They're' there." George W. Bush January, 2001

Children of the world, a warning from beneath the boot of America! Leaders of the world, hear this cry for justice, at this historic moment! We are staring down the barrel of the most deadly holocaust in history, absurdly embodied in George Bush, Jr. Although it may appear a joke, this is in fact the most earth-shaking challenge of our lives, from which the entire world may never recover. You may have noticed over the past decades that the "United States" is being run by a rogue pack of politicians and militarists, for the benefit of giant corporations out to "globalize" every corner of the world, for profit, power, and better golfing. What you may not fully realize is that a CIA-BACKED COUP has taken place in the U.S.A.! The New York Times has confirmed it in a recent recount: the military, represented by their corporate cohorts, jammed the polls in Florida at the last moment, seizing the Executive branch even though their party should have lost the election. This is defined in the dictionary as a "coup," an unelected military-takeover of a formerly democratic government.

Although you may want to dismiss this assessment as "radical rhetoric," please consider the evidence: The Bush brothers (sons of former CIA Chief & VP Bush) claim to have "won" Florida, thanks to fraudulent maneuvers by Bush's campaign manager in Florida (the Secretary of State!), and the elder Bush's appointee on the Supreme Court (violating the U.S. Constitution). A legal examination of this "election" reveals Bush to be at best an "appointee," and not an "elected official" at all! Now consider the math:

The Republicans claim to have "won" by less than one one-hundredth of one percent of the votes in Florida (~500!), the state run by Jeb Bush. Yet Al Gore won the COUNTRY by half a million votes! Now the NY and LA Times have shown the stacking of fraudulent military absentee ballots (the Republican margin of "victory") while the Florida Sec.of State and a Republican judge blocked a hand recount of ballots (that would have given Gore +~5000). These are the facts of the most dubious democratic process in the history of the West. But why would the U.S. military and CIA destroy a democracy?

Politicians of the world, consider the true motives of this "President," appointed by the Pentagon and a Republican judge! Rather than representing the American people, he is a salesman for the giant oil and weapons corporations, as is his robot-hearted Vice-President, who happens to be CEO of Halliburton Industries, one of the largest military contractors on the planet. The Bushes and Cheney have set themselves (and their cohorts in the oil and military corporations) up for a massive diversion of the U.S. economy, represented at the moment by Bush's "Strategic Missile Defense" program. So the cash-flow, being drained from social programs, now goes directly from the desk of the President into the accounts of the Bush family and their friends, growing rich arming themselves against the rest of the world. Current projections of Pentagon spending have been increased to over $300 billion per year, dwarfing all the other countries in the world combined. As a comparison, the U.S. spends less than $250 billion on all other government and social programs combined.

If this isn't an Orwell novel, it's surely the most expensive tyranny in history! One of these bogus "missile tests" could finance a University, a hospital, a solar power array for an entire city. And then bigger ones are built, and blown up. One Trident submarine or aircraft carrier consumes as much energy and resources, produces more pollution than an entire city! The U.S. has hundreds of these roving "Death Star" platforms, missiles polished, ready to launch unspeakable Hiroshimas of vengeance on "the enemy." This is the most deadly racket ever devised, and it may cost humanity the entire living surface of planet Earth! That's why these same industrialists have built for themselves massively-shielded underground cities beneath the U.S., more black-budget billions down the drain.

Consider for a moment what "Strategic Missile Defense" actually implies for the rest of the world. Quite simply, it is a "shield" for offensive weaponry, on a planet-wide scale, which can also be used offensively, in a first-strike capacity. In other words, this is a system designed for total GLOBAL DOMINATION! Every megalomaniac's dream! Combined with cruise missiles and first-strike nuclear submarines deployed throughout the world, one can project that the warlords at the Pentagon are financing global GAS OVENS, to unleash Hell on Earth. Now, instead of hauling the victims to the ovens, the CIA can accomplish an entire genocide with the push of a few buttons. The merchants of death expect your cooperation, or at least your acquiescense. But at what price? Hear this warning well, children of the world, these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are only the tip of the iceberg of the fraud and genocide that the Bush family are charged with. Examine the evidence: "Gulf War Syndrome" caused by biowar-tainted vaccines sold by the Bush family, traffic in cocaine from Central America and the CIA, support of death squads in South America and Central America, financing of white-supremacist organizations from Germany to Argentina, involvement in ongoing oil and energy price gouging, the CIA-gestapo "Drug War" against their own citizens. Pull the lid off the assassination of John Kennedy, and you'll find an elder Bush right there in Dallas, in the CIA’s anti-Castro operations. Pull the cover off Hitler's Third Reich, and you'll find another elder Bush helping finance the Nazis.

One of George Bush, Sr.'s own Generals even blew the whistle on him, in the book, "Immaculate Deception : The Bush Crime Family Exposed," yet the corporate media has ignored this evidence, a crime of complicity itself. You can forget all that "freedom of the press" crap that the politicians love to trumpet about the U.S. The mainstream U.S. media, especially television, is almost entirely censored and controlled by vast corporations, out to sell bigger war games and more expensive toy guns. Look at the blunt and bloated "Pearl Harbor" they're selling to the world right now: racist warmongering, brainwashing, serving up the Pentagon's story to glorify "good Americans," and sell more jets. If there were true “press freedom” in the U.S.A., the Bush family would be on trial, and not holding the nuclear buttons!

We are sending you this message from occupied Hawai'i, where Hawaiian sacred lands are routinely bombed and wasted by the U.S. military, while they refuse to stop bombing Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. This is a measure of the calculated genocide which the U.S. is responsible for: one monster nation, under martial law. When the SS was dissolved and the CIA created, they simply transferred their "Master" operations across the ocean. Over the past 20 years, the global gameboard has been set by Ronald Reagan and CIA Chief George Bush, Sr. (who the CIA Headquarters are named for!), preparing for "total domination." Final Solution, American Style, or Fourth Reich? Wake up, world, the holocausts are now on hair-trigger!



Drop the debt at Genoa - Site of the day: Christian Aid's guide to protest at the summit at: http://www.christian-aid.org.uk/campaign/debt/01genoa/genoa.htm


"How to rule the world - It's evil, says George Monbiot: The leaders of the free world present a glowing example to the rest of the planet." at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/globalisation/story/0,7369,522903,00.html

MAKE SURE TO GIVE A THOROUGH LOOK AT http://www.indymedia.org/where you will read...

Over 100,000 to Demonstrate Against G8

Over 100,000 are expected in the streets of Genoa, Italy, to express dissent against the closed meetings of the Group of 8. The "G8," composed of the leaders of the world’s most economically powerful countries (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Italy, Russia and the United States), meets yearly to discuss general international policy direction. Demonstrators from all over Europe are converging on Genoa for the July 20 to 22 summit to present alternate visions of the way the world's population could organize to solve problems of poverty, inequality and environmental disintegration. Stay tuned to many European IMCs, especially IMC Italy, for up-to-the-minute updates.


From: http://indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=53161&group=webcast

Tension Increasing in Genoa

by indyGenova - Jul 17, 01

Genoa is rapidly becoming to fortress, increasing the barriers and restricting demonstrators' access to the red zones.

The police City workers have been busy since yesterday erecting street barricades under surveilance. Access to the red zones has not yet been denied, but police have been placed in the merging red-yellow areas to keep an eye on eventual leak-zones, and to have to clear overview of the situation.

The tension in the City is increasing, two also to the fabricated or real " unabomber"-style attacks, which have recently occured in random places around the town. On Monday morning, to package-bomb was sent to the local police station of Saint Fruttuoso, badly injuring the policeman on duty. The Genoa Social Forum has condemned this act, but has at the same Time also taken to stance against the terror strategy that the authorities (perhaps the secret services) to are using to criminalise and weaken the cohesion of the movement. Police policy is difficult to discern.

In the afternoon after the supposed bomb alarm, to lorry- door was blown up. During the same afternoon, that area around Carlini Stadium, to where 300 activists to are currently lodging, was searched two to to bomb threat. To small incendiary device was found inside to suitcase, laying in front of the stadium.

This same morning, several All White women members to were apprehended by policemen on their way out of to shop where they to were buying plexiglass as protection material. Police The intention of forces was to confiscated the materials. They did not succeeed, but they took one member to the police station.

The member was denied the right to to lawyer, and his comrades have contacted one for him. Unfortunately the lawyer didn' t manage to trace the member, as the police had taken him away through to secondary door.The police then invented to story of stolen plexiglass and of to denunciation of the Bianchis from the ownerì of the shop.

This story was used as to pretext for to raid of the Carlini stadium. The obvious lie was dismantled by simple receipts obtained from the owner of the shop.

Altercations and controls to are taking place in different towns across Italy. In Turin 20 poilicemen have raided the squats Askatasuna and Ascova. In Bologna and in Rome, houses of various activists have been searched. In Milan, as well as in Rome, people have been arrested and searched under the pretext of their supposedly possessing drugs, among other reasons.

The situation is tense also at the swiss-italian border, to where to group of activist-cyclists on their way to Genoa to were denied entrance. After the cyclists' several repeated attempts to cross in an activist train, they to were violently kicked off the train. 4 people have been arrested. In response to these violations, the group has occupied an empty house by the police station and border demonstrators have also occupied the highway.

The situation is getting heavy. We need you all: join us in Genoa.



From: http://www.guardian.co.uk/globalisation/story/0,7369,523388,00.html

The battle for Genoa

Special report: globalisation

John Vidal Wednesday July 18, 2001 The Guardian

The banners are packed, the tickets booked. The glitter and white overalls have been bought, the gas masks just fit and the mobile phones are ready. All that remains is to get to the parties.

This week will see a feast of pan-European protest. It started on Bastille day, last Saturday, with the French unions and immigrants on the streets, the Welsh trampling their last GM crop and the first demonstrations in Britain and Germany about climate change. It will continue tomorrow and Thursday with environmental and peace rallies against President Bush, move on to the scandal of refugee holding-centres and build at Bonn for the climate talks. But the big one is in Genoa, on Friday and Saturday, where the G8 leaders will meet behind the lines of 18,000 heavily armed police.

Unlike Prague, Gothenburg, Cologne or Nice, Genoa is expected to be Europe's Seattle, the coming together of the disparate strands of resistance to corporate globalisation. Should the authorities allow all the protesters into the city (and that is doubtful) then some 120,000 people could take part in a range of debates, festivities and protest about everything from debt to demilitarisation.

If Seattle marked the emerging links between the disparate, frustrated movements, then Genoa will show the breadth of European concern. This stretches across trade unionists, fringe parties, greens, reds, social and religious movements, debt and genetic campaigners and a host of non-governmental groups. They will suspend their differences to object to what they regard as the injustice of power, growing poverty and the direction the world is going.

Neither the protesters nor the authorities know what will happen, but some things are predictable. Yes, there will be violence and yes, the mass media will focus on it. The world leaders will publicly condemn the head-bangers, but gratefully use them as an excuse to ignore the arguments of the rest.

What should seriously concern the G8 is not so much the violence, the numbers in the street or even that they themselves look like idiots hiding behind the barricades, but that the deep roots of a genuine new version of internationalism are growing. This is demonising the global institutions and there's not much governments can do.

They can't dismiss the protests as single issue affairs, nor can they buy them off as they might at home. The charge against them is now too deep. It questions the new role of the state, the distribution of capital and the trajectory of globalisation while at the same time appealing to the broad progressive social conscience.

For the first time in a generation, the international political and economic condition is in the dock. Moreover, the protesters are unlikely to go away, their confidence is growing rather than waning, their agendas are merging, the protests are spreading and drawing in all ages and concerns.

No single analysis has drawn all the stands of the debate together. The new era may yet throw up its Marx and Engels, a defining manifesto or political philosophy. In the meantime, the global protest "movement" is developing its own language, texts, reference points, agendas, myths, heroes and villains. Just as the G8 leaders, world bodies and businesses talk increasingly from the same script, so the protesters' once disparate political and social analyses are converging. The long-term project of governments and world bodies to globalise capital and development is being mirrored by the globalisation of protest.

But what happens next? Governments and world bodies are unsure which way to turn. However well they are policed, major protests reinforce the impression of indifferent elites, repression of debate, overreaction to dissent, injustice and unaccountable power.

Their options - apart from actually embracing the broad agenda being put to them - are to retreat behind even higher barricades, repress dissent further, abandon global meetings altogether or, more likely, meet only in places able to physically resist the masses. Brussels is considering building a super fortress for international meetings. Genoa may be the last of the European super-protests.

But the dilemma also extends to the protesters. The wiser activists acknowledge that there is a momentum to the protests which no one group can control. But, they are asking themselves, what is the point of expending so much energy risking lives, trying to get people out of prison and making short-lived links with groups they would barely acknowledge at home?

They know the real task is immense - to persuade the majority, create real change and unclog the arteries of states that can still dismiss their cause with such ease. They also know that time is not on their side.


From: http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/international/story/0,3604,523491,00.html

British protesters' train to Genoa cancelled

David Brown
Wednesday July 18, 2001
The Guardian

A train scheduled to take British protesters to the Group of Eight summit in Genoa was cancelled yesterday after pressure from the French government. Globalise Resistance, which had chartered the service, fears the move is another step by the authorities in Europe to prevent an estimated 120,000 protesters from reaching Genoa.

The French authorities have said that British activists will be stopped at the border if they are on a list of known "agitators". More than 16,000 soldiers and police officers, backed by missiles, helicopters, jets and warships, are patrolling the area around the conference in an attempt to prevent a repeat of violence seen at international summits in Copenhagen and Seattle.

About 450 British protesters had paid £120 each for places on the train, which had been due to leave Calais tomorrow morning. Guy Taylor at Globalise Resistance said: "It shows the weakness of the authorities and their policies that they feel it necessary to stop people having a voice at all. On our train are pensioners, trade unionists, children, socialists and environmentalists." The group is planning legal action against the French authorities for breaching their right to freedom of movement within Europe.


From: http://www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/epaper/editions/today/opinion_b3353e96f0bf01600015.html

If energy sources are clean, Bush team isn't interested

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Once again, the Bush White House is behaving not as if it leads the free world but rather as if it is an offshoot of Halliburton, the oil services company formerly run by Vice President Dick Cheney.

The scene this time is Genoa, Italy, where the Group of 8 major industrial nations is considering a proposal to phase out subsidies for polluting fossil fuels in favor of financial support for clean, renewable energy in the world's developing economies.

To dampen the growth in global warming-related emissions from burning oil and coal, rich countries would stop using the World Bank and other mechanisms to subsidize sales of pipelines, coal plants and drilling equipment to developing nations. Instead, they would promote power from the wind, sun and water. The aim is that by the end of the decade, one billion people who currently have little or no access to electricity would get power from renewable sources.

This deliberate suppression of rising demand for oil and coal --- substances precious to the hearts and wallets of this White House --- is too much for the Bush team. They have vowed to oppose the G8 effort, thereby killing it and consigning us to a continuation of the pollution-inducing status quo.

Their position comes as a disappointment, but no surprise. They reacted similarly to the Kyoto treaty on global warming, which they have sought to destroy from their first day in office. At the same time, Cheney has pooh-poohed conservation and renewables while developing an energy policy that pushes oil and gas exploration and consumption.

In rationalizing its opposition to the G8 report, the White House objects that financing clean energy in developing countries, rather than promoting fossil fuels, is unacceptable interference in the global energy market. But here at home, market-directed price fluctuations are pitched as an "energy crisis" mandating government intervention. In the Bush lexicon, it turns out that "letting the market work" is a euphemism for "helping energy corporations sell more oil and coal."

The market, meanwhile, is being rather unkind to President Bush's efforts to portray this moment as "the most serious energy shortage since the oil embargoes of the 1970s." Since Cheney unveiled his plan in May, gasoline prices have eased downward and natural gas prices have dropped like a stone as higher prices spurred production.

Interestingly, there is new evidence that renewable energy sources are at last a viable and growing option. According to a timely article in the July 16 Time magazine, wind power is now the fastest-growing new source of electricity in the world, and sales of solar cells grew by 37 percent last year. The same piece also notes that Japanese and Europeans firms are poised to cash in on the new technology, much of which was developed in this country.

This fact amplifies the wrongheadedness of the Bush approach: The United States ought to be leading the world, not only in forward-thinking policies, but in developing --- and selling --- clean energy technology.

Instead, it seems as though the Bush administration's goal is to be the last dinosaur standing.


From: http://starbulletin.com/2001/07/17/editorial/editorials.html

Bush persists in pushing a flawed energy plan

The issue: The no-show energy crisis weakens the drive behind the administration's program, but the president presses on anyway.

The Bush administration continues to beat the drums on its energy strategy even though the plan's flaws are beginning to show. The energy crisis the president pointed to when the administration unveiled its plan last May has failed to materialize as gasoline and natural gas prices have dropped and supplies have increased in the past six weeks.

In California, which Bush and his chief energy adviser, Vice President Dick Cheney, often waved as a warning flag of the crisis, power prices have fallen to the lowest levels in more than a year. This was due in part to new supplies and price controls, but a significant element in averting the blackouts that plagued California earlier this year was conservation, something Cheney had given short shrift in the administration's plan.

The White House had hoped sounding the crisis alarm would push Congress to allow drilling on protected lands and to alter or abandon regulations. However, lawmakers balked, heeding their constituents' concern about environmental trade-offs. Without a sense of emergency, Congress has been reluctant to do what Bush wants, turning away administration proposals to open national monument land for gas, oil and coal exploration and banning drilling under the Great Lakes. Bush was also forced to scale back plans to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico to obtain Senate approval.

Yet, the administration is forging ahead as Cheney, Cabinet members and Republican lawmakers fan across the country this week to drum up support for its plan. This stubbornness undercuts the administration's denials that its policies do not favor the interests of big oil.

If, indeed, the nation "in the year 2001 faces the most serious energy shortage since the oil embargoes of the 1970s," as stated in his energy strategy report, the president should be seeking solutions from every angle and re-formulate his plan to include conservation as well as more development of renewable energy sources. His so-called "sound, comprehensive energy policy" should be just that. Peddling a faulty plan does little good.


18 Jul 2001

U.S. President Bush continues to rip into the Kyoto treaty on climate change -- so just what are U.S. negotiators doing at the talks on Kyoto occurring right now in Germany? For the most part, writes Elliot Diringer from Bonn, the negotiators seem to be guarding against legal precedents that could affect future treaties on other matters. U.S. allies, such as Canada and Australia, and many in industry are frustrated that the U.S. isn't taking a more pro-active role in the talks. Read more from Diringer, a veteran environmental reporter now with the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, on the Grist Magazine website.

Live from the Bonn negotiations -- an update by Elliot Diringer, Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Take action and tell Bush not to abandon Kyoto

A week before the International Whaling Commission is due to meet in London, a Japanese official has admitted that his country is using cash to help persuade countries to vote to lift an international ban on whaling. Japan's fisheries minister, Maseyuku Komatsu, told Australian television today that Japan must use overseas aid as one way to influence countries that are members of the IWC. Six Caribbean nations voted with Japan last year on almost every motion before the IWC. In other whale news, 22 airlines organized by Greenpeace have joined together to refuse to transport whale products from Norway. Norway lifted a ban on exports of whale meat and blubber earlier this year.

BBC News, 18 Jul 2001

Seattle Times, 18 Jul 2001

To know a whale -- a cartoon by Suzy Becker

Undercutting an argument made by the Bush administration, a study by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences has found that federal research and development efforts to improve energy conservation and efficiency have produced big environmental and economic gains. The academy released a report yesterday detailing how a $13 billion federal investment since 1978 has returned $40 billion. About three-quarters of the economic benefits came from three programs that led to more efficient refrigerator and freezer compressors, fluorescent light ballasts, and heat-resistant window glass; the programs together cost only $11 million. The Bush administration has argued that such R&D doesn't get much bang for the buck, and its proposed fiscal year 2002 budget would cut spending in energy conservation and efficiency.

Los Angeles Times, Elizabeth Shogren, 18 Jul 2001

MSNBC.com, Miguel Llanos, 17 Jul 2001

Take action to keep funding for clean energy in the U.S.

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