July 18, 2000

Subject: The Free Democracy Network and Roadshow + The World Mind Society + Jon Peniel predicted by Edgar Cayce

Hello everyone,

There are only 3 elements in this compilation. First a really interesting grassroot effort in the USA, in the context of the current electoral year there, to rid the country from the rampant political "soft money" corruption that is making a mockery of democracy. If you are a US citizens you will probably want to look carefully into this and perhaps get actively involved in support of this preciously vital initiative. If you are living elsewhere in the world like me, you will want to take notice of this movement that could portend a similar global grassroot movement to spearhead a new democratic revolution around the world that would help break the stealth power of global corporations onto all governments which are so often manipulated by them for their own selfish interests to the detriment of the vast majority of us and with direct and devastating consequences for our local and global environment and sole life-support system.

The second element is some very well written and interesting material I received from the founder of the World Mind Society. This group seeks, amongst other things, to help foster the spiritual awakening of people as to the magnifying effect people meditating together may have in common focus onto world events and the collective consciousness of Humanity or "World Mind". This seems like a genuinely inspired effort to provide people with a good road map to attain higher consciousness and live a more fulfilling and spiritually-oriented existence.

As for the third one, I'll let you discover it for yourself. But it is quite amazing!


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
and Focus Group Facilitator

From: Brian Hill <bhill@igc.org>
Date: Saturday, July 15, 2000


To promote a more representative democracy by calling for an end to
corporate financial control of U.S. lawmakers and decisions involving
public governance.

To make campaign finance corruption a priority issue for all
candidates running for public office - particularly presidential and
congressional candidates - to address with clear, publicly announced
actions and proposals;

To increase public awareness of the ways in which our current campaign
finance system thwarts effective solutions to our growing
environmental and social problems - including the drug war, prison
industrial complex, global warming and the growing gap between rich
and poor;

To support local organizations throughout the U.S. working to promote
a truly representative democracy, starting with a Summer of Action
that includes mass protests at both Democratic and Republican National

To create a public forum to exchange and showcase proposals on how to
create a truly representative democracy; and,

To develop an ongoing network of organizations and individuals working
to increase public pressure to ban soft money and move toward a system
of full public financing of political campaigns.

Our Workplan for 2000
Roadshow and Conventions - A four week tour (or more if successful and
funding is available), beginning on July 10 in Washington DC and
continuing through the middle of August. We will stop at towns,
cities, concerts, union strikes, county fairs, college campuses,
festivals and public events. A hemp industries van promises to
accompany the caravan and do on the spot electronic voter registration
and distribution of information on hemp, drug war and prison
industries - www.votehemp.com

The Independent Media Center (IMC) (www.indymedia.org) is
becoming a new grassroots news service. It has just launched
a new TV satellite station which is currently providing 24 hours
of content each day. The IMC will be providing 4 hours of live
and near-live content each day during both conventions and the
rest of the slots will be progressive pre-produced content. Footage
which is captured at the events this summer could be produced,
edited and run on the satellite station as well as on the website.
Live video and audio webcasting of events is also possible. Some
of the TV programming will be available on public access and cable
channels. However, the best opportunity is through the satellite
dishes which ensures the 24 hour coverage. The satellite dishes
are free and the service is $35 per month. We are doing our best
to include IMC media facilities with the roadshow so we can
broadcast the news as we make it, i.e., looking for the mobile
satellite equipment to travel with the Caravan.

The tour will start on the East Coast, arriving in Philadelphia for
the weekend of actions at the Republican National Convention starting
July 31st, traveling west over the next two weeks to conclude at the
Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles on August 13th. The
caravan will include a core group of experienced trainers, performers
and issue representatives. Additional speakers and performers will be
able to jump on or off the roadshow for days and/or weeks over the
course of the tour. And, if resources are available, the caravan may
split up to attend different events, so the tour route will remain

Local organizers and performers will be included throughout the tour
as well. The roadshow has already gathered the support of a diverse
group of people and organizations. We will encourage everyone along
the way to bring his or her voice, energy, resources and support for
creating a more equitable and democratic world.

Forums/Marches/Rallies - The roadshow will lead to a series of at
least four highly publicized forums, marches, and rallies held in
select politically significant US cities during the election year.
Forums will be designed to educate and engage the public on the social
impacts of the current campaign financing system. Focusing on
well-known personalities, authors, and activists, these forums will be
short, punchy and "good for television" (i.e. an entertaining
C-Span-type event). Panelists, moderators and speakers will be chosen
on their ability to attract television media and to articulate the
issues. Following the forums, Granny D., the 90-year-old great
grandmother who walked across the country for campaign finance reform,
will lead an event (march and/or rally) at the state capital or other
symbolic structure.

Why the Network?
Because our democracy has been sold. Big moneyed interests have
commandeered the electoral process resulting in the sale of our
democracy to the highest corporate bidder. The Democratic and
Republican parties are making a mockery of true democracy. That's why
environmental, labor, human-rights and other grass roots groups are
joining with voter education and campaign finance advocates to create
a new alliance working to highlight crimes against our democracy,
perpetrated everyday by a system of legalized bribery. The actions in
Seattle against the WTO, and in D.C. against the World Bank/IMF,
signaled the emergence of a newly energized and diverse political
culture. This Summer and Fall, the Network will harness this spirit
toward ending the sale of our government to the highest big-monied

Early July through August 17th - Roadshow through New England and the
Midwest for the Philadelphia Republican National Convention beginning
July 31st, and across the country to Los Angeles for the Democratic
National Convention beginning August 13th.

September and October - A series of regional democracy mobilizations
that include a forum, rally, march and trainings. The Alliance for
Democracy, Common Cause, and Public Campaign identified the cities
below as having particular significance around the issue of campaign
finance corruption:

Portland, Oregon - this forum will capture the "Spirit of Seattle" by
focusing on campaign financing as it relates to global trade, workers
rights, and the environment.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, this forum will address the relationship
between campaign financing and GMOs, farmworkers' issues, forestry,
and global trade.

Austin, Texas - set in the youthful and progressive capital city of
Austin, this event will focus on campaign financing as it relates to
global warming, air pollution, sprawl, and global trade. Atlanta
Georgia or San Francisco - working with the Fannie Lou Hamer Project,
this forum will draw the connection between campaign finance
corruption and civil rights in either one or both of these racially
diverse cities.

Results to Date (April - June, 2000)
The convening groups have made significant progress in terms of
alliance building and bringing media attention to the issue of
campaign finance corruption including:

June 24th in Denver, CO (9:30 -11:30)- beginning at the Trinity United
Methodist Church in downtown Denver, environmentalist David Brower
with help from Woody Harrelson delivered a major public policy address
on the fate of democracy and the planet. He unveiled his vision on how
America can promote policies that put people and the planet before
profits. Following, Doris "Granny D." Haddock led a brief march from
the church to the World Trade Center complex, where Jim Hightower
talked about the need to reign in the world's renegade financial
institutions. From there, Granny D. led a march several more blocks
away to the Capitol building steps, for a rally where she, former
Lokota Tribal Chairman Joe American Horse, John Anderson and other
speakers addressed the corrupting influence of
corporate money in politics, and what citizens can do to "take back"
our democracy.

The arrest of Granny D. and 31 others for unfurling five banners and
speaking out in the D.C. Capitol rotunda on the issue of campaign
finance corruption and the environment. This event was the top story
on NPR's "All Things Considered," and was highlighted in the
Washington Post. The judge commended our efforts and sentenced all to
time served and a $10 fine. Protests outside the Democratic
fundraiser on May 24th in Washington, D.C. with coverage in USA Today,
the Washington Post, NPR, and the New York Times. The creation of a
working group of human rights, environmental, labor, voter education
and campaign finance reform advocates to bring an increasing amount of
attention to the issue.

Initiating Groups
Alliance for Democracy
Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment
Common Cause
Global Exchange
Independent Media Center
National Forest Protection Alliance
Network for Environmental Responsibility/United Church of Christ
Public Campaign
Rainforest Action Network
Student Alliance to Reform Corporations (STARC)
United for a Fair Economy

Almost 200 organizations have endorsed these efforts.

We are in the process of reaching out to a broad spectrum of
individuals and organizations representing the rights of minorities,
the environment, labor, and citizens of other countries. Network
participants will be committed to ending corporate financial control
over U.S. government on a global, national and local level.

www.makeprogress.org is attempting to list, map and link event
sites for all political events this summer so people can hook up
with events of their concerns, groups can integrate their efforts
and the press will have access to events they choose to cover.

Overall info - Parsley, Jessica - jparsley@ran.org

LA Events - Lisa Fithian - fithianl@igc.org

Caravan info - Rachel Neumann - rachelbeatrice@yahoo.com

Web Sites:
Philly ñ www.Unity2000.com
LA ñ www.d2kla.org

Philly protest info - Mike Morrill


From: "Matthew Webb" <visionquest@eoni.com>
Subject: Networking
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000

THE WORLD MIND SOCIETY would like to establish a dialog with you.

The information you are about to read is critical to the survival of our species, and to the progressive fulfillment of every individual. It is a part of the timeless wisdom of nature, which the World Mind Society has been compiling and experimenting upon for the last 15 years. This knowledge is by no means new, nor is it without a long historical precedent. The most renown spiritual texts of all cultures, make reference to the same principles and potentials of consciousness which are reflected herein. In this particular case, a scientific approach to the evolution of humanity is taken. Many daily examples of person to person psychic interaction are given, setting the groundwork for our better understanding of how the collective consciousness of humanity, (the World Mind) functions. As we take responsibility for how we psychically influence others on a continual basis, we are then enabled to directly manifest positive effects on a global scale. Contact us at the E-mail address below for discussion or collaboration on this subject. (visionquest@eoni.com)

Group mind Basics


Anyone who has ever spoken in front of a group of people, knows that there is a peculiar sensation associated with the experience. A tightness of the throat often appears, or the speaker "gets butterflies in their stomach". Just as in the case of person to person communication, a speaker can feel the focus of onlookers upon them like a pressure, while giving a speech or lecture. Effective speakers can reverse this trend by using their strong feeling or conviction. Through force of will or emotion they can compel the audience to think and feel as they, thus getting their message across. At sporting events the spectator feels the rush, thrill and sometimes disappointment of the crowd. At the scene of a street fight, onlookers gravitate like iron filings to a magnet, to witness not only a physical brawl, but a psychic battle as well. At a religious gathering, many people in prayer have been known to heal the sick. Many experience a mutual, spiritual ecstasy. Meditation groups have always made use of the fact that when many people focus quietly together, positive results are amplified many times over. Transcendental Meditation for instance, has statistically and repeatedly demonstrated that groups of experienced meditators can, by their very presence and practice, lower the incidence of stress and the violent crime that accompanies it in a community or region. In all of these cases, there is one natural law that is primarily responsible for our mutual psychic experience. This law is known as the group mind principle.

In short, the group mind principle of Nature states that; the resulting force generated from the combining of like minds, is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, minds which are focused together upon a common theme, create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than any one individual or group of individuals. In nature we see graphic examples of the group mind phenomena in social insects, particularly in the ant, termite and bee. A single insect is a weak individual, but a colony of ants for example can build living bridges, bring down prey 1000 times larger than themselves, and create vast underground tunnels or large mounds. Schools of fish perceive their environment and move about, as though each individual were physically connected. The same is true of flocks of birds and packs of dogs. Groups of monkeys are much better equipped to survive through their mutuality of perception, one that goes beyond the simple combining of many watching eyes.

The practice of brainstorming is effective not only because of enhanced psychological processes. Brainstorming, or any other mental focus upon a common idea, creates a merger of consciousness of the participants, (to varying degrees). Such a merger enhances or expands the degree of consciousness of every involved individual, raising their level of manifest intelligence so that much greater things may be accomplished. This fact has considerable significance which the informed occultist will not take lightly, and which those who have a purely psychological orientation will ignorantly overlook.

The group mind phenomena is constantly in effect, though few people rarely notice it. Most persons casually go about their daily affairs, without taking stock of their own inner feelings and intuition. They never realize that not all of their thoughts are of their own making, and neither are the feelings and even intentions, which often cross their minds. The fact is, any time two or more persons are in proximity to one another, or even when they have similar thoughts and yet are separated by great physical distances, some group mind effect is taking place. The consciousness we all possess is a very fluid and permeable substance. It flows from person to person in an automatic fashion, and the self aware individual can cause it to flow and render specific effects according to their will. Each of us can and does feel energy, emotion and intent from others on a daily basis. We know when someone has a friendly "vibe" or a hostile intent, even without any cues given by words or physical gestures. All of us are psychically sensitive to some degree, and when this sensitivity is refined in meditation, it becomes obvious that thoughts and feelings are very often a group phenomena, rather than just a personal one. Examples of thinking together as one mind can be seen when other people finish the sentence we were just speaking, or vice versa. During a discussion, many people will have the same idea at the same time, without the need for a prompting cue of any kind.

It is important to notice then, that the situation at work or at home involves a deep mutuality of intention, feeling, thought and focus. We experience the feelings of others, and usually assume these to be of our own creation, when in fact they are often either mutually generated, or are a product of others ready-formed. In meditation we learn just how profoundly the psychic effects of the mood and thoughts of others impacts our being, and at every level. This impact is felt body-wide. In fact, every single feeling we create impacts others resonantly. When we feel happiness or sadness within, this state of being automatically radiates outward, much like the ripples from a stone thrown in a pond. Waves of emotion impact other bodies and minds, thereby inducing a similar state within them. Thus the human body/mind emanates information and energy, just as a radio station broadcasts music. In order to live well in this modern age, it is necessary for each of us to take careful notice of the psychic effects we both send and receive. The human body, and in fact all cellular structures, act as transceivers of information to and from the environment. The Internet is therefore not the only "world wide web" upon which the world is intimately connected. We are surrounded by an electromagnetic ocean within which the individual must either learn to, (psychically) swim, or become drowned by the raging storm of chaotic mindstates, that are a worldwide symptom of the modern age.

The individual meditator can do much to offset the psychic influences which surround him or her. Through the gaining of self knowledge via self observation, we learn which thoughts, feelings and intentions are our own and which are not. The meditator may also choose which emotion or state of being they wish to remain within. But even more importantly, groups of meditators or other similarly focused individuals, can actually aid one another on a profound and psychic basis. Those who recognize the truth of the group mind principle, can raise each others' level of consciousness at will. Ultimately, groups of positive-minded people will not only aid each other through mutual "good-vibes", they will also significantly aid the state of world consciousness by employing certain natural, occult laws. We can use the group mind principle to our own advantage on a personal basis, in groups, in the community and globally. By observing natural laws and employing them according to the natural design, we may yet as a species survive the coming global crisis. We may even further evolve into a form that is greater in scope than the current Homo Sapiens.

Please send inquiries and inputs to Matthew Webb or Courtney Schmidt <Visionquest@eoni.com>


Dear Jean,

I am in fact most pleased to be on the Earth Rainbow Network list. It looks
like an excellent and relevant site which I will read in detail, along with
the other sites you suggested. Put me/us on any listing you want, as it
would appear we're on the same wavelength. Soon the WMS website will be in
place, (in about 2-5 days). You may want to wait to network our listing on
an extensive basis until then, because this site has a fairly comprehensive
offering of our materials, and I wouldn't want you to duplicate/waste your
efforts. I'm very glad that you are motivated this way...we share the same
priorities in this regard, and are convinced that NOW is the time for those
of a like mind/intent in spiritual awakening, to unite their energies as
much as possible. We'll keep in touch, and thanks again.

Matthew Webb




The World Mind Society recognizes the group mind nature of our global
civilization. Humanity functions as a collective organism on a psychic
basis, and not just as separate, physical individuals. Our purpose is
therefore to aid the condition of psychic strife under which humanity
struggles, and to promote a new era of global consciousness wherein
enlightenment may flourish. To this end the WMS works for the upliftment of
the individual, the community and the world, primarily through the expansion
of consciousness. This is done via a variety of means, as follows;

1) Through education.
2) Through the individual practice of meditation.
3) Through the group practice of meditation.
4) Through the wise employment of occult principles, (natural laws).
5) Through spiritual realization.
6) Through communing with nature, as a form of self and collective purification.

CLIP - to get the rest of this material, please contact Matthew directly


After reading your website, I believe we are in full accord as to the "necessary global mission". Your site is excellent, very readable, and straight to the point. I would be very interested to know what degree of success you've had in response to these efforts, and how the meditation group is currently proceeding. I/we would be most grateful if you would convey our thanks, appreciation and positive support to your entire core group around the world, because it is a very essential, spiritual task you are fulfilling. We look forward to our continued correspondence, and very probable joint action for the sake of a more enlightened world.


Matthew Webb, WMS founder



As for the "degree of success we've had in response to these efforts, and how the meditation group is currently proceeding" as you may imagine we don't want to attribute only to the globally synchronized meditations promoted by the Focus group any positive outcome that may have resulted - although it seems clear that for most situations selected so far, there has been a markedly positive improvement, but not necessarily within the same week the focus was meditated upon. We have not yet attempted (mostly for lack of time to do so) to compile such positive outcomes and share them with the thousands (possibly up to 10,000 each week on average) of recipients of our material, but may try to do so in the near future. Still I have the clear feeling that there has been an ever more positive level of cooperation and commitment worldwide to see the various crises resolved and human suffering alleviated. But this is not a new trend as this has been building for many decades. So I hardly see how we could claim any kind of exclusive causal input in such improvements. Our role as I see it is to catalyze and foster the changes already in process and not necessarily to jump start any boldly new change or peace initiative. We may certainly help provide the extra boost though that is needed in many instances for the critical threshold of World Mind awareness to be reached and thus actual decisions and actions to be taken soon after as a result of this global inner push.


From: Sh0shanna@aol.com
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000
Subject: Jon Peniel predicted by Edgar Cayce

From: derryj@gallatinriver.net (Jane S. Derry)
Reply-to: hallofrecords@egroups.com

There is quite a stir about whether or not Jon is someone predicted by
Edgar Cayce, so we will attempt to answer a few things about that.

Q. Is the author the John Peniel predicted by Edgar Cayce and others?

A. You need to decide for yourself. A number of people feel he is, but Jon
doesn't lay claim to being the one Cayce predicted, nor does he consider it
an issue. He asks people to judge only the value of the message of
Unselfish Love he teaches, and not accept it or dismiss it based on whether
or not he is the one Cayce said would come with a new spiritual message in
'98. If nothing else, it is a pretty amazing coincidence.

When the book was first published, we weren't even aware of the Cayce
predictions. Jon was only aware of his monastic order's own predictions
regarding Jon's future tasks (that were told to him by the monks who were
his teachers). These predictions did coincide with the Cayce predictions,
in the sense that Jon was to release the book and make the teachings public
at this time. The book was originally going to be published anonymously,
but the publisher's rep insisted it have his name, stating that certain
major distributors and bookstore chains wouldn't carry it without the
author's name. So Jon agreed for the sake of distributing the message.
After publishing the book, it was brought to our attention that the Edgar
Cayce readings, and other sources, had predicted the arrival of a
significant spiritual messenger/teacher by that name. We have since
acquired the complete Cayce readings on CD ROM, and looked it up. Cayce
said that Peniel would be bringing a message to the world about "a new
spiritual order of things", which is essentially what is happening through
the book, the teachings, and the Golden Rule Organization. Part of that
reading, which was kindly sent to us by someone at the A.R.E., is
reproduced below.


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.
Mitchell Hastings, 410 Park Avenue, New York City, this 19th day of
January, 1934, in accordance with request made by those present.


Let us make it clear again that Jon is not claiming to be the one Cayce
referred to (nor denying the possibility). He doesn't believe that whether
or not he is "the" Peniel predicted by Cayce is important or directly
relevant to his mission, and feels that if he is, he is, and if he isn't,
he isn't, and it makes no difference in regards to the teachings. Neither
does it make any difference if someone "thinks" he is or isn't the person
Cayce predicted. People often miss the issue here - the only real issue
with that it seems, is not whether he is or isn't the Peniel Cayce
predicted, but whether or not this is a "hit" or miss for Cayce's powers of
prophecy. And Cayce's predictions are not Jon's focus, or any of his
business. He is primarily concerned with the predictions of his own order.
Also, the Cayce readings themselves say nothing about "the" Peniel's
message having anything to do with getting any official validation, or
recognition based on his name - only that he would be a messenger, a
forerunner to the return of Christ, with a very important MESSAGE. Jon
reminds us that this message is far more important than the messenger. You
will have to decide for yourself, the importance and value of the ancient
teachings Jon presents in this book, and manifests in his life, even if his
name was Kilroy Magoo, not Jon Peniel.


We have every respect for Cayce, and feel he is truly one of a kind. There
have been a number of Cayce imitators and copycats, but none who we are
aware of delivered the words that "rang the bells of truth" with our Inner
Beings, like Cayce. It was the same message as that lived and given by
Jesus (who was the founder and leader of the Children, throughout all his
lifetimes), the Children of the Law of One (which Cayce was part of even
though he wasn't always conscious of that). But on occasion, sometimes even
Cayce's predictions were "off" however, and he'd be the first to admit it.
There can be many reasons for that. But Cayce was consistently "on" about
what was most important. He would frequently, and intensely, admonish
people to change, to transcend the self (the source of all problems), to be
self-sacrificing, to love selflessly, to live their lives and use their
thoughts in such a way as to return to Oneness with God, and thus get in
touch with the truth and source of all true knowledge directly, rather than
listening to others. This again, is the same message repeated over and over
in Jon's book, and specific methods for accomplishing the transition from
selfish separateness from the Universal Spirit/God, to Oneness with the
Universal Spirit/God, are given in detail. And the world doesn't need
another Cayce to provide us with more prophecy at this time in history.
According to his own readings, now is a time for taking action, and major
events. It is the time of the return of the Christ, and anyone that wants
to catch that train had better be ready to jump on. It is the end of the
world as we know it, and rather than finding and listening to another
prophet, it is time now for all good people to make the internal changes
necessary to return to Oneness with God, and manifest Christ Consciousness
through Unselfish Love.

From: http://store.yahoo.com/consciousmedia/0966001508.html

The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis: The Children Of The Law Of One

Jon Peniel

List Price: $17.95
Your Price: $14.36

Are you an angelic being who became trapped on Earth in a physical form? Are the stories of Genesis, fallen angels, and The Garden of Eden, misunderstood allegories for such events? Did modern humankind begin in ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria, when we first materialized into physical matter? Are you a descendant of (or reincarnated from), an advanced ancient civilzation destroyed by a great natural disaster? Did hi-tech humans co-exist with dinosaurs, until monumental natural disasters destroyed most life, and buried virtually all evidence of sophisticated pre-historic civilizations? Is there a way to return to the freedom and beauty of our angelic state?

Read also a very complete and interesting book review from: http://lantravbookcorner.com/atlantis.html


I can't say enough about this book which you'll be able to tell by my review. It's the most exciting thing I've ever read, and it substantiates all the revelations and realizations I've had while reading the Cayce material. Apparently other people feel the same, because we just heard from a Cayce study group, who loves the book, and said that after reading it, they know that the author is a spiritual leader who was prophesied by Cayce.

An ancient spiritual tradition called The Children of the Law of One, was frequently mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings. This new book chronicles its author's discovery of an isolated monastery in Tibet. That's not really "earth shaking", but what makes this so special, is that this monastery traces its lineage to Egypt, and prior to that, Atlantis. After arriving, the author became a monk there, and spent years learning their ways and ancient secrets.