January 17, 1999

Subject: Food Safety Files 5: Beware of Canola Oil + Canola oil poison + Plastics As A Food Group? + Fluoride: The Silent Killer

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As part of my continued interest for the safety of our food supply, I found the following particularly alarming. As a result, I'm trying to phase out all products containing canola oil from what I eat - certainly not an easy task because it is now part of so many products! As for plastic wrapping in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this is another thing that is hard to avoid today. But no problem with the fluoride in water as I drink only spring water.

Eating healthy, organic and truly natural food more and more appears to be the only sensible alternative to playing Russian roulette with unsafe food. This is what more and more people also understand. For instance, I heard on the news this week that so many people now want to buy organically grown food in Switzerland (a 25% annual increase!) that the organic growers there cannot keep up with the demand and the supermarkets that now sell organic food must import it from France where the Agricultural Minister, following the Mad Cow Disease crisis, has pledged that his country will soon be a world leader in organic food production!...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Beware of Canola Oil By Jim Lynn - Editor EOO

Canola Oil is an Industrial Oil Not Fit For Human Consumption.

(Reprinted from Essential Oils Online)

It's amazing to me...The more research I do, the more I see a relationship between the food we eat and fatal diseases. Canola oil is no exception. Readers of EOO are familiar with the meat industry practice of feeding rendered meat "by-products" to cattle and poultry (EOO #015), and the suspected relationship of Mad Cow Disease to CJD and Alzheimer's Disease (EOO #016). Now comes information that Canola Oil is the suspected causative agent for Scrapie, a viral disease transmitted to cattle who were fed rendered sheep infected with Scrapie. Both Scrapie and Mad Cow Disease destroy the brain's ability to function. They literally eat the brain away, causing blindness, loss of mind and erratic behaviour.

Canola oil's real name is "LEAR" oil (Low Erucic Acid Rape). it is more commonly known as "rape oil," a semi-drying oil that is used as a lubricant, fuel, soap and synthetic rubber base, and as an illuminant to give color pages in magazines their slick look. In short it is an industrial oil that does not belong in the human body. It is typically referred to in light industry as a penetrating oil.

Back in the 1980's, rape oil was widely used in animal feeds in England and throughout Europe. It was banned in 1991. Since then, Scrapie in sheep has totally disappeared.

While that's good for Europeans, it is bad for Americans because the problem is now ours. Rape seed oil (Canola oil) is widely used in thousands of processed foods...with the blessings of our own government.

Canola oil was first developed in Canada. It's proponents claim that due to genetic engineering and irradiation, it is no longer rape oil, but "canola" (Canadian oil). They also claim it is completely safe, pointing to it's unsaturated structure and digestibility. Although, I could not verify it, it is claimed the Canadian government paid the FDA the sum of $50 million dollars to have canola oil placed on the GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe). However it was done, a new industry was created.

The truth is, however, that rape is the most toxic of all food oil plants. Not even insects will eat it. No wonder farmers like growing it. It turns out that rape is a member of the mustard family of plants, and is the source for the chemical agent, mustard gas, which causes blistering on skin and lungs when inhaled. Mustard Gas was banned after WWI for this very reason.

Studies of canola oil done on rats indicate many problems. Rats developed fatty degeneration of heart, kidney, adrenals and thyroid gland. When the canola oil was withdrawn from their diet, the deposits dissolved, but scar tissue remained on the organs. Why were no studies done on humans before the FDA placed it on the GRAS list?

Consumed in food, Canola oil depresses the immune system, causing it to "go to sleep." Canola oil is high in glycosides which cause health problems by blocking (inhibiting) enzyme function. It's effects are accumulative, taking years to show up. One possible effect of long term use is the destruction of the protective coating surrounding nerves called the mylin sheath. When this protective sheath is gone, our nerves short-circuit causing erratic, uncontrollable movements.

To test the industrial penetrating strength of canola oil, soak a towel in both canola oil and regular vegetable oil. Pre-treat and wash the towel in your clothes washer and compare the area the two oils occupied...you will notice an oil stain remains on the area soaked in canola oil. It is so durable, it could take several washings to completely remove. Now if this is how canola oil penetrates the fabric of a towel, what damage can it do in our body?

Because canola oil is so cheap, it is now widely used in the food industry. If you are curious, just read a few food labels the next time you are in the grocery store. A good example can be found with commercially prepared peanut butter. In order to give peanut butter it's spreadability, Jiffy, Peter Pan and Skippy brands remove ALL of the natural peanut oil and replace it with canola oil. Natural peanut butter should only have peanuts and salt listed in the ingredients.

If you want to use natural peanut butter, it's available in most stores next to the canola peanut butter. Stir the contents to mix the oil and peanuts together then store in the refrigerator. The cold temperature will prevent the peanut oil from separating. Best of all, you will have eliminated at least one source of a potential food hazard.

Food consumers have headaches enough, without worrying about a toxic plant oil being added to their food. The problem is you will find canola oil in bread, margarines, and all manner of processed foods. But the consumer is king. Be informed and make it a practice to read what goes into your food. Avoid using canola as a cooking oil and salad oil. It is not a healthy oil.


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Canola oil poison

Millions of people have suffered the loss of thelr vision from glaucoma, a disease involving atrophy (deterioration) of the optic nerve. For years, "experts" have been telling us that glaucoma results from fluid-pressure buildup in the eye that causes the optic nerve to deteriorate. This theory was based on an incorrect medical model: They were wrong!

Now, the experts have admitted that this is not true and have given birth to a new theory. According to it, glaucoma is instead caused by a deficiency of of oxygen and blood flow. Finally they are on the right trail. In the end, they will discover that glaucoma is the result of insufficient blood flow due to agglutination (clumping together) of the red blood cells and waste buildup in the cells and intercellular fluids.

These blood-corpuscle clusters cannot squeeze through the extremely tiny capillaries in the posterior of the eye, so cannot deliver oxygen to the mitochondria*1*. This is what the problem has been all along, and if people continue to eat soy*2* and canola oils, a lot more of them are going to experience vision irregularities - like retinitis and macula lutea*3* degeneration.

Death of the mitochondria in the cells in the posterior of the eye is due to oxygen starvation, sodium toxicity and waste accumulation. When the mitochondria die, the cells die and the posterior eye tissues atrophy. In this respect, glaucoma has much in common with hair loss, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and hearing problems.

There are several things a person can do to reverse these debilitating conditions. Biologically friendly water*4* is basic to all rejuvenation, as is fresh, viable food. Detoxification of the tissues and body fluids is accomplished with yucca extract, Kombucha tea,5 PACs*6* and colon therapy.

Rape Seed Oil or "Canola"?

Canola is a coined word. It appeared out of nowhere and is not listed in any but the most recent reference sources.

The flip side of the canola coin reads: "rape"! You must admit that canola sounds better than rape. The name canola disguised the introduction of rape oil to America.

Canola oil comes from the rape seed, which is part of the mustard family of plants. Rape is the most toxic of all food-oil plants. Like soy, rape is a weed. Insects will not eat it; it is deadly poisonous! The oil from the rape seed is a hundred times more toxic than soy oil.

Canola is a semi-drying oil that is used as lubricant, fuel, soap and synthetic rubber base, and as an illuminant for the slick color pages you see in magazines. It is an industrial oil and does not belong in the body!

Canola oil has some very interesting characteristics and effects on living systems. For example, it forms latex-like substances that agglutinate the red blood corpuscles, as does soy, but much more pronounced. Loss of vision is a known, characteristic side effect of rape oil which antagonizes the central and peripheral nervous systems - again like soy oil, again worse. The deterioration takes years, however. Rape (canola) oil causes emphysema respiratory distress, anemia, constipation, irritability and blindness in animals - and humans. Rape oil was widely used in animal feeds in England and Europe between 1986 and 1991 when it was thrown out. You may remember reading about the cows, pigs and sheep that went blind, lost their minds, attacked people and had to be shot.

A woman called me from Chicago to tell me that she had been in England when the "Mad Cow Disease" had been at its peak. She said that she had seen a television news report that told people not to panic if they had been using rape oil in their diet and were over 65 years of age. The "experts" added that the effects of rape oil ingestion takes at least 10 years to manifest, and in all likelihood, most of these people would be dead by then anyway. Comforting!

In the reports I read, the "experts" blamed the behavior on a viral disease called scrapie. However, when rape oil was removed from animal feed, "scrapie" disappeared.

No longer a European livestock problem; now it is ours. U.S. farmers grow rape seed, and manufacturers use its oil (canola) in thousands of processed foods, with the blessings of government watchdog agencies, of course.

Officially, canola oil is known as LEAR oil - Low Erucic Acid, Rape. Industry experts love to tell how canola was developed in Canada and that it is safe to use. They admit it was developed from the rape seed, but that through genetic engineering, i.e. irradiation, it is no longer rape seed, but "canola" instead. ["Canadian oil", get it?] They love to talk about canola's qualities - its unsaturated structure(Omega 3, 6, 12), its wonderful digestibility and its fatty acid makeup. They turn us against naturally saturated oils and fats, while they come to the rescue with canola oil. They even tell us how Asia has warmly embraced canola due to its distinctive flavor. Isn't it wonderful how internationalists brokers "help" third-world peoples? Reminds me of the introduction of the microwave oven.

An earthly expression from the Old West sums up the flimflam accompanying rape oil's rebirth and promotion worldwide: "horseshit and gun smoke!". Its new name provided the perfect cover for commercial interests wanting to make billions in the United States. The euphemism is still very much in use, but is no longer needed. Look at the ingredients list on peanut butter labels. The peanut oil has been removed and replaced with rape oil.

Chemical Warfare

Rape oil is also the source of the infamous chemical-warfare agent, mustard gas, which was banned after blistering the lungs and skin of hundreds of thousands of solders and civilians during WWI. Recent French reports indicate that it was again used during the gulf war.

Between 1950 and 1953, white mustard(rape) seed was irradiated in Sweden to increase seed production and oil content. Irradiation is the process the experts want use to make our food "safe" to eat. Genetically engineered fruits and vegetables - which will soon have innocent things like hepatitis-B spliced into their DNA - are another example of man's misuses of technology and abuse of public trust by powerful interests and "head-in-the-sand" watchdog agencies.*8*

Canola oil contains large amounts of *isothiocyanates* - cyanide-containing compounds. Cyanide inhibits mitochondrial production of adenosine triphosphate(ATP), which is the energy molecule that fuels the mitochondria. ATP energy powers the body and keeps us healthy and young!

Canola Oil and the Metabolism

Many substances can bind metabolic enzymes and block their activity in the body. In biochemistry, theses substances are called inhibitors.

Toxic substances in canola and soy oils encourage the formation of molecules with covalent bonds which are normally irreversible: They cannot be broken by the body once they have formed.

For example, consider the pesticide malathion.*9* It binds to the active site of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase and stops this enzyme from doing its job, which is to divide acetylcholine into choline andacetate.

Nerve Function


Acetylcholine is critical to nerve-impulse transmission. When acetylcholinesterase is inhibited, as by pesticide residues, nerve fibers do not function normally, and muscles do not respond.

For example, think of a garage door opener: If its signal is not received, the door does not open. worth one's body, the hand or leg is ordered to move, but does not respond. Recently there has been a tremendous increase in disorders like systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, "Myelinoma"*10* pulmonary hypertension and neuropathy. Soy and canola oils are players in the outbreak of these Mdisease conditions. So are the organophosphates, insecticides such as malathion used in food production in the name of efficiency.

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors cause paralysis of the striated(skeletal) muscles and spasms of the respiratory system. That is why malathion is the pesticide of choice by the experts; it kills insects by paralysis - just like rotenone from soy beans does! It inhibits the insect's enzymes and those of humans, too!

Agents Orange and Blue that were used in Viet Nam to defoliate jungle cover are also organophosphorus compounds. The Viet Nam vets and the Vietnamese people know about them firsthand. Government experts who okayed their use and chemical companies that manufactured them have finally owned up to their toxic effects on people and the environment. Nonetheless, present-day experts in academia and government continue to bamboozle the public with stories of "safe" science and cheap food through the use of poisons.

Canola oil is also high in glycosides that cause serious problems by blocking enzyme function and deprive us of our life force - chi, qi, prana, call it what you like.

Glycosides interfere with the biochemistry of humans and animals. Their presence in rattlesnake venom inhibits muscle enzymes and causes instant immobilization of the victim.

Canola Oil, HIV, AIDS

Soy canola oil glycosides also depress the immune system - the T cells- to go into a stupor and fall asleep on the job. These oils alter the bioelectric *terrain* and promote disease.

The Cancer/Trans-Fatty Acid Connection - Known in 1949!

In orthodox cancer research, renowned cancer researchers, among them, Nobel Prize winner, V. Euler of Stockholm, wrote and published a book in 1949 in which they concluded that if the numerous and diverse symptoms associated with various types of cancer were reduced to one common denominator, it would be that "the fat lacks the ability to integrate in the living tissue". "Trans-Fatty acid is the name of the fat that lacks this ability - it is bad fat.

Non-Spoiling, "Spreadable" Oils Are Destroying Our Health

Since 1902, Western countries have resorted to chemical process to destroy the "unsaturatedness" of vegetable oils. It is done to make them easier to handle; easier to market; and to preserve them so they will not spoil so quickly. In the early 1900s, clever advertisements hailed its "spreadability" - exclaiming that what everyone was waiting for was "a spreadable fat"! Although the destruction of the essential elements of the fat was originally well intended - to prevent it from spoiling - the methods of processing fats are destroying our health. Avoid any vegetable oil that is labeled "hydrogenated", or "partially hydrogenated", as this oil contains 100% Trans-fatty acid!

Why Are We Still Being "Sold" Trans-Fatty Acid?

Food manufacturing is a big, profitable business and employs many highly skilled lobbyists. The new U.S. labeling laws do not list "Trans-Fatty acid" because the large food manufacturers spent billions of dollars to pay for lobbyists to keep "Trans-fatty acid" off the labels.

"Cold Pressed" labeling means nothing in the U.S. All commercial oils and nut butters sold in U.S. Supermarkets contain Trans-fatty acid - this is because the U.S. government allows heat treated and high pressure squeezed vegetable oil to be used and even labeled "Cold Processed". The Italian government passed a law that olive oil must be protected from heat and high pressure. The U.S. government could save many lives if it passed a similar law to include all vegetable oil(and banned cotton seed oil - it is poison).

Figure The Amount of Trans-Fatty Acid In Packaged Food By Using The New U.S. Labels

1) Find the amount of "Total Fat" on the label. 2) Find the amounts of "Saturated Fat", "Polyunsaturated Fat" and "Monosaturated Fat". (These are found on the label, listed directly under "Total Fat" and slightly indented. If one or the other is not listed, that particular food does not contain it.) 3) Add theses three together. If there are only two listed, add them together or use one amount if only one is listed. 4) Subtract the total amount of #3 from the amount of #1. 5) The answer is the amount of Trans-fatty Acid in that product.

Fats That Can Be Safely Heated

Butter and tropical fats - coconut, palm, palm kernel, cocoa, and shea nut - are safest for frying, because they contain only small quantities of Essential Fatty-Acids(EFAs). The saturated fatty acids contained in these fats/oils are inert and therefore heat stable. Heat does not destroy them in the same way it destroys EFAs. Butter and tropical fats are best used unhydrogenated. Only small amounts should be eaten, as they are sticky, hard, saturated fatty acid-containing fats.

Tropical oils got a bad reputation for increasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels that supposedly cause cardiovascular disease. An unconfirmed rumor suggests that the soy bean industry financed the successful campaign against tropical fats to kill imports and increase soy bean sales. Tropical oils used in their country of origin have been shown in several studies to decrease cholesterol levels. The difference in results may be due to several causes: deterioration in tropical oils during storage n(oxidation; processing (hydrogenation); differing experimental design; or a combination of the above. Raw tropical oils are rich sources of vitamin E and tocotrienols, which help protect arteries from damage leading to cardiovascular disease(CVD). Olive oil imported from Italy is safe for baking but not for frying or deep frying. But only imported Italian olive oil as it is cold processed by law.

Liver and Gall Bladder Problems Improved

The metabolism of fat affects each and every organ. Anyone with liver and gall bladder problems is quite aware of how fats affect them. In medicine they say "Eat less fat", because it was observed that fats do not agree with the sick person. However, if this person with liver and gall bladder problems is given "good fat", i.e. live, highly unsaturated fat, it will agree with him or her very well. It is best to use the threefold unsaturated fat from flax seed oil or hemp seed oil, together with a substance that makes it soluble (mix it with plain, low fat cottage cheese or emulsify it with 2 or more ounces of low fat milk) before you take it.

Many serious medical problems can be solved on the simple basis of taking flax seed oil or hemp seed oil and a sulfur containing protein.

Diseased organs react very favorably to this remedy. [Ed. Note: Also Recommended: EPA capsules(fish oil) and Evening Primrose Oil capsules]. A Special Report from The Road To Health . . . Using "The Clark Method"

Alcohols and glycosidcs in canola and soy oils shut down our protective grid - the immune system. Fluoride, immunizations, antibiotics and bio-junk food play a similar role in immune system collapse. An alcohol is a chemistry term for the "reactive" chemical group on an organic molecule. Those "R" groups are what make organic compounds work - for good and bad! Canola alcohols and glycosides are very reactive. They are as toxic as fermented alcohols, but their effects manifest differently. The damage takes years to show up. In a future article, I will discuss the sweet proteins in soy.

When the medical experts check your blood for the presence of the HIV virus, they are looking at your white blood cell "count". If the numbers are normal, they will tell you that you do not have HIV. What they don't see is that the T cells are in a stupor. This opportunistic condition causes life forms in the blood and nymph to metamorphose, manifest as hepatitis, pneumonia and HIV, bypass the body's immune-system defenses(the T cells) and get a foothold. As Claude Berard said, "The terrain is everything!"

Once inside the cells, HIV takes over the RNA and DNA. It uses the mitochondria to produce energy for its own use. Quietly it multiplies, then one day - BANG! - you wake up dying of AIDS.

Aids and Green Monkeys

In his earth-shaking book, "AIDS: The End of Civilization", Dr. William Campbell Douglass asked, "Do you really think some green monkey all of a sudden bit some guy in the ass and presto, AIDS all over the world?"

Dr. Douglass was examining the hype that the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta have been peddling to the public about the AIDS virus, HIV. Douglas's book tells the "whole" story of the development of HIV at the Ft. Detrick(Maryland) military installation. His story is well documented and confirms the theme of the futuristic movie "Outbreak".

Lorenzo's Oil

Another film, "Lorenzo's Oil", offers a good example of how far off course medical science has strayed and how muddled is the scientific mind. Early on in the movie, the experts say the problem with the dying child is not in the "math", i.e., pH. They are wrong.

Had the experts determined the pH of the saliva, urine and blood they would have instantly known what they were up against: That the dying boy had a chronically low total-body pH - so low that his fluids were dissolving the myelin sheathing protecting his nerve fibers. This caused his nervous system to disintegrate. Does this description sound like the dozens of degenerative nerve-related disorders plaguing people today?

The boy was given Lorenzo's oil to boost energy output and act as a detoxifier of metabolic poisons. The oil shocked his body into a less acid condition. Lorenzo's oil is olive oil! When given in large quantities, olive oil shocks the body and causes it to adjust its pH. It will also safely purge the body of gall and liver stones, thus removing the need for gall bladder surgery. (Yucca extract and PACs must precede the "flush")

Shortly after Lorenzo's oil was released, my brother saw an "expert" on a TV talk show claim that Lorenzo's oil was rape seed oil. This was a lie. Give rape oil to a sick person and you seal his or her doom. Here is another good example of "disinformation" in the public domain. These falsehoods should cause every thinking person to question the molding of public opinion by the powerful commercial interests behind the scenes.

Blood Oils

By now it should be obvious that congested blood and lymph flow negatively affect every part of the body. Moreover, using processed foods containing canola oil, soy oil and chemical additives confuses the body and weakens the immune system. It should come as no surprise that anyone wanting to enjoy peak health and longevity must take personal control and responsibility for his or her health and life. There is no other way! "Health care industry" is an oxymoron; it protects its own health and economic interests. Learn to protect your health and economic interests by learning how to take care of yourself. Then act on that knowledge. This excerpt from John Thomas' new book, Young again: How to Reverse the Aging Process, published by Promotion Publishing, San Diego, has been edited especially for Perceptions.


1) Bacteria inhabiting the cells of all animals. They produce and burn the energy-carrying molecule adenosine triphosphate(ATP)
2) Soy contains phytohemaglutinin(PHG), a toxic biochemical that causes blood to clot and combines with impurities to form plaque, obstructing capillaries. PHG numbs immune system T cells, alters hormonal activity and slows vital organ function. Its effects are cumulative.
) An area in the eye near the center of the retina in which visual perception is most acute.
4) Water resonant a: 78 hertz, or earth frequency, pure, highly charged and magnetic in its strong right-spin molecular charge.
5) A revitalizing tea made from a fungus-like organism
6) Proanthocyanidins, plant-derived antioxidants, free-radical scavengers.
7) A solid fatty acid, a nomologue of olaic acid, derived from oils of mustard seeds and rape seeds.
8) See "The Devil's Bargain" Gene-altered food, Perceptions Nov/Dec/ 1995, pg.38.
9) Any organic compound containing phosphorus, specifically one used as an insecticide. eg. malathion, the "harmless" pesticide spray used to kill the Med fly and blanket every living thing in California a few years ago and again in 1994 and 1995, and in Texas in April, 1995.
10) A catch-all term used by doctors for the deterioration of the myelin sheathing around the nerves, "-ova" means "tumor", but the condition could as easily be "myelinosis". It is also often "Walking Legs Syndrome", and causes its sufferers intense burning sensations they must walk off. Perceptions March/April 1996 (310) 313-5185 29.
11. "The Clark Method" Newsletter, Bonnie O'Sullivan, Editor/Publisher, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Ph. 510-932-1293, FAX 510-932-4025

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Plastics As A Food Group?

"Plastics. An Important Part of Your Healthy Diet," boasts a flashy ad from the American Plastics Council, adding "You could think of them as the sixth basic food group."

While this at first seems merely outrageous, a Consumers Union (CU) study on the migration of chemicals in plastic wrap into cheese reveals how dangerously misleading this ad really is. CU scientists found that out of 19 cheddar cheese samples, the seven packed in clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic cling wrap, such as Reynolds or Saran wrap, contained the plasticizer DEHA at an average of 153 parts per million (PPM). This far exceeds the 18 ppm limit on food migration set by the Commission of the European Communities for DEHA, which causes birth defects, reproductive effects, and liver cancer in lab animals.

Most of the DEHA that was an ingredient in the wrap ended up in the cheese, CU estimated. In fact, plasticizer molecules can migrate from packaging into food until they are depleted. Migration begins immediately: A Danish study found that 44 to 58 ppm of DEHA leached into cheese within two hours of being packaged in PVC.

It's not just cling wrap we need to worry about. In some cases, packaging made from PVC contains over 50% plasticizers, added to increase flexibility of this inherently brittle plastic. PVC packaging for food can include plastic trays in boxed cookies or chocolates, candy bar wrappers, and bottles often identified by the "#3" recycling label on the bottom.

The Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) found that 5% of PVC bottles in a Massachusetts grocer stored food. These include Planters Peanut Oil and Appalachian Mountain spring water, among others. "Our unique container keeps the spring water tasting like spring water, and not like plastic," the Appalachian Mountain label proudly proclaims!

Other foods packaged in PVC include meat and poultry in cling wrap; Natural Milled Cane Sugar (Florida Crystal Refinery); Cafe Tiera (Coffee Bean International); Peter Pan Smart Choice peanut butter (Hunt Wesson); Borden and Parade creamers; and Salma and Gourmet Style spices.

What can you do? If you must use cling wrap, buy polyethylene-based Handi-Wrap and Glad wrap, which contain no PVC and thus no DEHA. For the MASSPIRG report "It's Perfectly Clear: The Case Against PVC Packaging," call (617) 292-4800. For a list of products packaged in PVC and a sample letter to send to manufacturers, send a business-size SASE to Mothers
Others, PVC Packaging, 40 W. 20th St., New York, NY 10011-4211.

(From The Green Guide)

The following was said by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, during a real-time conference event that took place February 4, 1996, in Natural Medicine forum on CompuServe, entitled, "Fluoride: The Silent Killer".

"In 1990 the Chief Toxicologist of the Office of Drinking Water, whose name is Dr. William Marcus, came out and claimed that the results from the US Public Health Service clearly showed that fluoride caused cancer. But since 1990 the US Public Health Service, who has endorsed fluoridation since 1950, has tried to cover up this link. In 1992, because of his statements, Dr. Marcus was fired from the US EPA. Thereupon he filed suit, was reinstated in 1994, with a court finding that the only reason he was fired was because of pressures brought upon the EPA to shut him up.

"The action continues against us; the more we show the harmful effects, the more the promoters promote fluoridation. In 1995, the California legislature, at a time when there's more evidence to show fluoridation's harmful than ever before, passed a mandatory fluoridation bill for all of CA.

"Needless to say, the worthless politicians in both the Senate and the House (remember, this was passed overwhelmingly in both houses) along with their equally worthless governor, Wilson, found it easy -- with the pressure from organizations like AMA, ADA, American Hospital Association, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, and their state and local affiliates, easily went along with the pressures and passed this fluoridation legislation.

"... Fluoride has an adverse effect on cells which elaborate a protein called collagen or their type. For example, the discoloration in teeth we see as a result of fluoride at 1 ppm in the drinking water is due to its interference with the proper extrusion of collagen-like proteins in the enamel part of the teeth, which results in over-calcification of some parts of the tooth and under-calcification of other parts.

"We get the same thing in bone, which leads to over-calcified brittle bone in some parts, in other parts totally uncalcified bone. And ligaments and tendons (again made of collagen synthesized by fibroblasts) which should not be calcified at all, become calcified, leading to problems with ligaments and tendons -- and, in addition to that, even [fluoride-affected] protein collagen that is not calcified, since it does not appear to be normal to the body, elicits an immune response causing auto-immune reactions, which in turn lead to rheumatoid arthritis -- this, in addition to the osteoarthritis caused when ligaments and tendons become calcified.

"On an entirely separate issue, fluoride used to be used at the turn of the century to depress thyroid activity; and those who now live in fluoridated areas will suffer from Chronic Fatigue, which by the way is listed in the PDR as one side effect of those people drinking the amount of fluoride found in a quart of fluoridated water."