June 16, 2000

Subject: Final Feedbacks to Depression and Despair + Top Ten Ways to Shift Reality

Hello everyone,

This is the last compilation dedicated solely to your feedbacks on this Depression and Despair issue. Again I/we have been rewarded with numerous beautiful and highly inspirational contributions from some people who have seldom been featured in these compilations, including from Jean Houston who sent something that I'm sure will be of great interest to many of you, and from Tamu Miles who has a wonderful message to offer. And some of you also replied to the 9 questions of the survey prepared by Michael Irving - only 2 such replies are included below for lack of space.

This has been a very busy week and in a few hours I'll send you the 7th Meditation Focus.

And there are some very exciting news to share with you all next week!

Stay tuned...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"When we send out love we might not see the effects, but they are far more stronger than any negative emotion. When you bring a candle in a dark room, the room gets lighted, when you bring a little darkness in a bright room - does it get dark? You see, the strength of the light is so much greater!"

- Ursula Aznar <urs@skyinet.net>

From: "Carol Guilford" <Carolg8@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Creating value and Winning
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000

Dear Jean,

I have been practicing Nichirin Daishonin's Buddhism for 20 years. I can hardly believe it myself, as the philosophy requires the discipline of a two-time a day oral meditation (gongyo) plus the chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo-- a daily recitation easy to begin, hard to continue. Most of us who chant belong to the SGI-USA, a world peace organization with 12 million members in 156 countries.

I'd like to share what I have learned from studying Nichirin's philosophy and taking to hear the guidance of the SGI 'lay-organization' President and mentor, Daisaku Ikeda--

The purpose of life is to be happy. Not the impermanent happiness of 'a cold beer on a hot day' (very nice, too) but indestructible happiness--a diamond life condition that comes from living a life of creating value.

Everyone on this list, striving for a better world, is creating value.

I have been fighting for two years, along with the remarkable Betty Martini in Mission Possible, to alert the world population that aspartame (Equal,NutraSweet) is a neurotoxin (which by the way causes depression, big time).

I am very angry. I try to turn my anger into passion and live a correct and vibrant life. I got to go on TV in LA last month to talk about my mission and my research (73 out of 120 female rats tested with aspartame had gross mammary tumors) I see this television appearance as 'winning' and that makes me happy.

Recently, I have been chanting (praying) to have more appreciation--for my own life, for others and for a joyful feeling in my daily life. Much of my consumer activism involves daring to talk to people with 12-packs of diet Coke in their grocery carts and surfing to unexplained disease forums (Non-epileptic seizures) where there are victims.

I have expressed before that I think the 'revolutionary forces' in the world must unite to take action. Prayer plus action is necessary for victory over fundamental darkness.

The British essayist William Hazlett (1778-1830) was an acute observer of human psychology. He wrote that if we believe we can win, we will, asserting that confidence is a pre-requisite for victory. The belief that you will win without fail summons all your strength, even that which is normally latent, making your triumph a reality.

My very best to all,

Carol Guilford

From: SimonePlau@aol.com
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000
Subject: Re: More Feedbacks About Depression and Despair

1) Do you get depressed?
2) Do you have to fight hard, at times, to remain 'positive'?
3) Why do you feel you get depressed?
4) Do you feel the world situation IS depressing?
5) Do you, honestly, find a lot of the solutions depressing?
6) Do you feel you don't have 'a say' in determining what goes on in the world?
7) What needs to be done?
8) What new initiatives need to be done?
9) Anything YOU would like to SAY?

1. i think we all get depressed....in the words of kalil ghibran....."our joy
is but our sorrow unmasked" in the words of simone plaut...."if you want to taste lifes sweetness you have to stick your tongue out and be prepared for the bitter pill also"...>>

2. depression is just feeling....it is the labels we attach that make it
"depression" and not necessarily a bad thing either. Many of the worlds most
creative people have suffered with depression.

3. Depression is partly due to allowing negative thoughts to enter our
consciousness. We have choices about such things. i dont watch the news or
read the papers because i find it so depressing.....but i pray every day for
opportunities to make my world a better place and i always walk my talk.

4. The world situation is depressing, but if you look closely every disaster
gives someone a chance to show unconditional love for others, incredible
courage and outstanding heroism, even the unthinkable horrors of war allow
such things. Without these terrible situations, such jewels would not exist.

5. the rest of the questions deserve only one answer...i live my life to
enhance the lives of those around me. in so doing i inspire others to live
likewise. soon everyone will live like i do....and then we will truly be in a
wonderful world. Some say i am too giving...and some say i get taken for a
ride. perhaps.....but i get so much more than they do! i give for the
pleasure of giving...not for something in return. Retail therapy even from a
charity shop has twice the fun if you get to give it as a gift to someone
later......and they may even give it to another increasing the
pleasure......the opposite of a vicious circle.
in that sort of world anything is possible!

thank you Jean for your powerful inspiration

simone plaut london england.

John Owen <jowen@igc.org> wrote:

1) Do you get depressed?

2) Do you have to fight hard, at times, to remain 'positive'?
No. It's not necessary to remain positive. What's necessary is to
stay sensitive and vulnerable, in touch with your true feelings

3) Why do you feel you get depressed?
Chemical imbalance. Excessive ego.

4) Do you feel the world situation IS depressing?
Not really. It's a privilege to be alive at this time so we can
manifest that Light which is within us. It's true that humanity is on a
death trip; injustice is deeply horrible, and things don't seem to be
getting better. However, as Franciscan Richard Rohr points out, "God will

5) Do you, honestly, find a lot of the solutions depressing?
The only solution is to live in balance and harmony with Nature. To
recognize the Divine Spirit manifesting from all things, and behave
accordingly. How could this be depressing? What would be depressing would
be to acquiesce in the ways of the world, joining the millions sleepwalking
to oblivion.

6) Do you feel you don't have 'a say' in determining what goes on in the world?
None, except for what I can say on this list serve and similar venues. People
like us have no say at all because we don't believe in the money and power
system that "rules" the world

7) What needs to be done?
Pray and meditate every day, work every day, play every day.
Other than that, implement the world law that it is a sin to cut into the
body of your mother the earth. No pollution. Take from nature only what has
been offered. Live off of natural foods only, gathered wild. Implement
natural law. Create a Council of all Beings.

8) What new initiatives need to be done?
All the right things are being worked on by small seed groups all over the

John Owen

From: "whitepeace" <whitepeace@intercoast.com.au>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks About Despair & Depression
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000

Dear Jean

I noted with interest the feedback on depression and despair. It might be
of help to those who feel this way to know that the new energies that
were released and impacted on human consciousness at the May Full Moon
are actually changing the way that even the CEO's of large Corporations
are thinking. The old forms have crystalised and are shattering,
for you cannot put "new wine in old bottles," and the new forms to accommodate
the new energies will be built. Instead of being depressed, despondent etc.
why not begin by building the new forms, rather than tryiing to destroy
those that are in existance and which in time will shatter of their own accord
from disuse.

Why not build the new rather than agonise about the old.

There is an Australian woman who sold her house and all of her belonging
and set up a school in Rawanda, this accommodates a few hundred children
and feeds and educates a few more hundred daytime children.

I don't advocate that we all rush off and do that, for our service work is
best done wherever it is that Karma has placed us, and most importantly
humanity has to come to that point of understanding on their own, and of
their own free will.

If we lightworkers were in Government and in all the positions of power,
we would changethe world yes, but we would be forcing that change
on the rest of humanity,and that is not allowed.

Lightworkers cannot force we can only show the way for we are the
Lighbearers and Wayshowers to the future. Futurists don't get depressed
how can we get depressed when we are building that future. Each minute of
every day is a brick in the buildings of the future New world, knowing that
will help us all to see the obstacles and the apparent problems in a new way.

Besides, you cannot rush things, otherwise the new will not have a sufficiently
stable and strong foundation. The New thinking will take time, for it will
need to take root and grow profusely in human consciousness.

Please be joyful for you are very appreciated and loved by your co-workers.

From: "Tamu Miles" <oasis@saltspring.com>
Subject: Response to Depression
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000

Dear Jean,

I have read both your emails and Micheal's on this subject, and have found the discussion that's happening very real and important. Below are my thoughts on it all.




What is you, and what is a programmed pathway of your mind? What do you chose to perceive? How much do you choose to perceive?

I see many people around me beginning to strip and compost the many layers of programs from within; beginning to set themselves free of imaginary bindings, of pathways of the mind.

I am not talking metaphorically. I am not talking about walking away from the life of a human being on this planet and in this time. I am talking about the reality that they/you/we/us are choosing - to see what is not working within our actions and beliefs, and align with the parts of Self that Know, that are whole.

I speak of this because I see this dynamic running currents within the human consciousness. I watch the flavors of how we express ourselves, and what we choose to do, change and grow. I am compelled to speak of this because the mere act of recognition allows for more space within human perception, allows for more permission in the collectiveness of who we are for the act of Transformation.

Let me define what I mean by a "program". To me, a program is a stored piece of information that resides in the cells. This stored information is mostly centered in the brain, but also resides in every cell in the body. The brain runs specific pathways that are put into place by societal beliefs, and by individuals in our society who already run the program(s) within themselves and identify these programs as parts of who they are. These bits of programs are beliefs that have been gathered into the system by human experience, learning and growth, or stagnation and decay. They command the body and the personality.

When the self explores within and learns from the endless vastness that is each individual, the brain does not know where to fit the information or how to apply it to every day because the brain is drawing on information from the past; all the lifetimes that we have lived, every experience we have had. None of these references supply sufficient information for the brain to apply the new Knowings, the new Seeings.

It is also true that some programs have helped us to learn more about ourselves within defined structures of a belief, or set of beliefs, but even these are shedding themselves, for they are too old of an archetype to cope with the compelling thrust of our beings.

Okay, so have a look at what your body's response is to the following questions:

1. What is success to you?

2. What do you believe about the world when you are stressed for money?

3. What do you believe about the world when you are in a "positive" state of being?

4. What happens to you when you try to take your dream to the world?

a. Do you feel like anybody's listening?

b. Do you feel alone?

c. How do you feel about the state of the world, and the effect you have upon it?

5. How many plans do you have for making money doing what you love to do?

6. How easy is it for you to stay on track with your dream when you must focus on funds?

7. Where is your core intent most of the time?

8. How does your heart really feel about connecting with beloved soul mates?

9. What does "beloved" mean to you?

10. What do you believe about "Source"?

Notice that each of these questions produce many different responses within you. Look, and see them all. Look and see where you Know, and where you "think". Programmed response, or Knowing Intent?

Many of us are knowing/feeling that we are entering a time on this planet where everything is changing. This is a fact, our bodies recognize it as a fact. The time is Now.

If you look through history, what you know of it and what you don't, you can see within yourself that there have been many times when the human species has tried to bust free of "belief". has tried to blossom and become whole. These kinds of events have been expressed through Jesus, the Buddha, Avalon, Atlantis, the Mayan Culture, Egypt, the Cultural Revolution, the Equal Rights Movements, Women's Liberation, and many more. Each time, the collective belief that change can never happen, that utopia is only in Heaven (up, with God, somewhere else than here) has kept us trapped in cycles of past human perception.

We choose it. We choose to stay trapped, because we don't know how to leap. We choose limited beliefs because we cling to a Vast Intent moving like a tide, through a story we are caught in. Now, our Vast Intent has changed. The Intent of the Universe and this Earth and the All that Is has changed. The old story is over, and a new story begins. And we begin to see the story within ourselves. We begin to see that the things we have tried in the past do not pertain to the now. We see and know and feel that something new is going on.

Our bodies are flushing the programs. Intent moves through us like a steady moving tide, and the compelling thrust of the tide is ourSelves, coming Home.

Nothing that we are, or that we have been, is being thrown out. All that we Are is being incorporated. That is why it has been so confusing. That is why the body moves through phases of being trapped in the known, not knowing which direction to turn, and when culturally accepted patterns are followed, they don't work, they fall apart, and the belief of defeat is justified. The body then switches perception, the tide changes, and it brings in the knowing Self, the whole Self, and we can see the bigger story. We can feel the push of freedom and see where to move, where to focus. And in this movement, back and forth in perception as the programs flush themselves, we see how we can use the world and use the old programs, incorporate them with inner knowing and inner thrust, and walk who we are. We see that it is possible to ride the tide of human becoming in whatever way it changes, adapting and flowing, growing and moving.

The body can slowly let go of fear. Old programs are no longer programs, they are pieces of information that are changeable from the core, and so do not have to be negotiated and put into play by the brain.

This is my message for this month. As for the site, no updates have been posted at this time due to other things calling. They will come as they do, for the site still lives within aRa and me, and is our compelling dream. I am learning at this time how to incorporate it with the need for Return/funds/money. And to my delight and surprise this is working and flowing, and my beliefs and fears and programs are shedding themselves.

I hope they are with you as well.

Ah Ho.


Tamu Miles


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000
From: Project NatureConnect MJ Cohen <nature@pacificrim.net>
Subject: Psychological Responsibility

Dear Jean,

Thank you for caring to help people deal with depression. I find this can be accomplished by living and helping people live more responsibly. Much depression results from contemporary society's irresponsible undeclared war on nature within and around us. It depresses our inner nature, our sensory "inner child."

Obviously it makes sense to have a healthy planet. Obviously, it also makes sense not to use destructive drugs.

Unfortunately, people are often enticed to use drugs and then can't stop using them. They become addicts, dependent on the emotional rewards drugs provide. Similarly, Earth and its people remain unhealthy because, although seldom acknowledged, we become psychologically addicted to rewarding relationships that produce our destructive environmental and social dilemmas We can't stop being destructive, even though we know it is stupid, that we should stop and want to stop.

Information alone does not change addiction. No matter our excellent reasoning, information or morality, our destructive relationships seldom disappear until our emotional dependencies on these relationships subside.

We desperately need to engage in an environmentally sound recovery process. We need a process that erases our psychological dependencies upon destructive materials and relationships and replaces them with constructive participation. Although this process is known and readibly available, we neither use nor promote it. This is typical of addicts and addiction.

Can you afford not to help people incorporate the Natural Systems Thinking Process in dealing with depression? Through the use of scientifically researched, sensory, nature reconnecting activities, it enables people to reduce psychological addiction to adverse environmental and social relationships that trigger depression It replaces them with responsible thinking and acts.

See http://www.ecopsych.com/ for information.


For Global Sanity,

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

Project NatureConnnect
Institute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to United Nations Economic and Social Council

Chair: Greenwich University Applied Ecopsychology
Faculty: Portland State University Extended Studies

P. O. Box 1605,
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
1-888-285-4694 (toll free)

Reconnect With Nature: http://www.ecopsych.com

"Thoughtful, shared, sensory contacts with attractions in nature improve
our thinking, relationships and spirit. The contacts dissolve our psychological bonds to our nature destructive stories."


From: Jean Houston <JeanH@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000
Subject: Re: About despair

Dear Jean Hudon,

In response to the deep and poignant interactive discussions your list has been having with regard to depression and despair, I offer you the introduction to my new book Jump Time that you are free to quote from if you wish. Here I offer another "take" on current social, spiritual and psychological events. Thank you for your magnificent contribution.

Whatever else you are doing Jean Hudon, you are not boring God!


Jean Houston



It may be that some of you have opened this book because you are haunted by a specter, the grand finale of the world as we have known it. You know yourselves to be people of the parenthesis, living at the end of one era, but not quite at the beginning of the new one. You may have labored in your various fields to make things better, and you may have tried to understand the change of which you are a part. And yet I suspect you to be frustrated, baffled even, by what must seem the most implausible, improbable series of happenings ever.

The maps no longer fit the territories. The only expected is the unexpected. Everything that was, isn't anymore, and everything that isn't, is coming to be. Ours is a era of quantum change, the most radical deconstruction and reconstruction the world has seen. More and more history is happening faster and faster - faster than we can make sense of it. Life paths that have contained and sustained us across the millennia are vanishing as we speak, like Gaia's species that are hourly becoming extinct. We are guests at a wake for a way of being that has been ours for hundreds, even thousands of years. At the same time, we know that we are the ones who must go on. It is time for us to consider what is and what may be. Our agenda is nothing less than the future. Our challenge is to cultivate the vision and lay out the practical steps necessary to move through the opening times that follow upon closing times.

Unlike many others, you may be among those who refuse to believe that chaos leads to chaos, breakdown to catastrophe. You know that you have the power to direct the process along lines different from those that the prophets of gloom proclaim as inevitable. You know that the new millennium we have entered is the intersection between worlds, between species, between ourselves and forever. You know yourself to be its pilgrims and its parents. No old formulas or stop gap solutions will suit. For a new world to be born, we must bring a new mind to bear. Nothing less will do in Jump Time. In a Jump Time like the present, we as a species stand at a crossroads faced with radical choices, any of which promise to make tomorrow look nothing like yesterday. Personal Jump Times, moments when our life path reaches a fork and everything afterwards changes, are more familiar to us. How do we react? Do we sit at the end of the known and refuse to budge? Do we walk back up the path we have been following hoping to return to familiar territory? Or do we follow the old show business adage that, whatever happens, the show much go on?


The show must go on. If ever there were a single edict, a primary directive for the human race, from whatever gods there are, this is it. Shakespeare and other seers into the nature of reality speak of the theater of the world, wherein the plot moves inexorably, carrying in its wake the rise and fall of souls and cities. But occasionally, the plot quickens, and the play takes strange and deviant turns. Surreal surprises enter from the wings, the orchestra in the pit offers dissonance as well as sweet airs, and the gods, both in and out of the machines, offer more than we had bargained for. Such is the present drama that Mother Earth offers to her ticket holders--every last one of us.
How often in these days do we feel that our lives are like that old dream in which we are on stage in a play, dressed in a period costume, with no idea what our lines are supposed to be? Those arenas of our lives that used to hold solid expectations - professions, relationships, religions - have become capricious, the old verities lost, the anticipated outcome vanished or transformed into a mockery of itself. Our very identities seem to be shape shifting. We open our mouths expecting melody, and a crow flies out instead. Standing on the stage of your old certitudes, many of you, perhaps, have experienced such discomfiting surprises:

- The job or profession for which you trained and which you expected to follow for many years suddenly no longer exists.

- You fall love with an improbable person or idea and, in an eyeblink, everything you knew or believed is gone. In the light of this tremendous circumstance, who you were yesterday bears little resemblance to who you are becoming.

- You wake up in the morning consumed by an urge to get on with it. What "it" is, you do not know, but it is barking at your heels like the hound of heaven. Something unknown is calling you, and you know you will cross continents, oceans, realities, even, to discover it.

- You are seized by the disparities of the time, the widening gap between rich and poor, private affluence and public squalor. Moreover, you can't shake the conviction that you personally must do something to redress these wrongs.

- Words leap off the pages of books. Synchronicities abound. The universe is trying to tell you something, and you can no longer ignore its message.

- Your traditional religion no longer serves you, but one from an utterly foreign culture is speaking deeply to you.


All books involve a certain kind of conversation between the author and the
reader. I am inviting you to go further and enter into an imaginal space
where you will join me and the others reading this book in jumping onto the
next path. I will be your guide to our present Jump Time and to the
exploration of previous times of world transition which have much to teach us
about how to cope creatively with what we face. For the world has known other
Jump Times, but never so consciously or with so much to gain or to lose.
The Earth is a hot house now. Six billion members of the human family and
rising, congregated together on a spinning ball, in stress, in ferment,
caught between what was and what is yet to be.

It is time to ask the great questions: How can we make a better world? What
must we do to serve the larger story? These questions help us clarify and
define. They prompt us to articulate goals lofty enough to lift us out of
petty preoccupations and unite us in pursuit of objectives worthy of our best

The world is hungry for vision. At a time when whole systems are in
transition and global forces challenge all authority, there is an insistence
in the mud, contractions shiver through the earth womb, patterns of
possibility strain to emerge from the rough clay of changing social

It is a matter of kairos, the potent time for fortuitous happenings. In
ancient Greek, kairos referred to that moment when the shuttle passes through
the openings in the warp and woof threads. In the loaded time when such
things happen, the new fabric can take form.

Right now is the right time to make things right. I invite you to join me on
the stage of forever, where what we do may raise the curtain on the world's
next act.

NOTE FROM JEAN: Since it was impossible to include this very long introduction to Jean Houston's excellent new book here, I've posted it in its entirety at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/JeanHouston.htm for those of you who would like to read it entirely.

Jump Time is available at most bookstores now in North America as well as at amazon.com

From: MIKMIKL@aol.com
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000
Subject: Re: More Feedbacks About Depression and Despair

Re: Feedbacks About Despair & Depression

Hi Jean, I have written three books on how to live a successful life of Joy & love:

" What is the Point"
"Minds of blue Souls of Gold"
"Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think"


God Bless
Michael Levy

Please contact Michael directly is you are interested to get his books.

Top Ten Ways to Shift Reality
and Make Your Favorite Dreams Come True!
Cynthia Sue Larson

Our thoughts and feelings change the world around us, whether we're aware of
it or not. We've all had days when we can't find our car keys because they
aren't where we know we put them, or we discover one sock is missing from our
load of clothing that just came out of the dryer. At times like these, it can
feel like "Shift Happens! #@$! "

The good news is that we don't need to suffer from discordant thoughts and
feelings! With a few pointers, we can learn how to minimize the frustrating
reality shifts, and learn to make more of our favorite dreams come true.

1. Pay Attention - The world seems full of whatever we focus our attention
on. When you're thinking of buying a new car, you see the kind of caryou're
thinking of almost everywhere you go. Be sure to start looking forevidence
that indicates your wishes and prayers are being answered.

2. Appreciate - Being grateful for what we have is the best way to receive
more of what we most enjoy. Expressing appreciation and thanks feels good and
helps us continue to pay attention to what we most love, allowing more good
experiences to come our way.

3. Review the Scientific Studies - Reproducible, double-blind scientific
studies conducted by doctors in real-life hospital situations are now proving
that distant healing improves the health of those being prayed for. The
wishes and prayers have come from people with a wide range of beliefs,
indicating that we are all non-locally connected and can influence physical
reality from great distances.

4. Revise Your Assumptions - The old assumptions that we can be objective
observers without influencing what we're watching or having any long-distance
effects have been disproved with recent quantum physics experiments. We now
know that we can only make predictions in terms of probabilities, and that we
can't disregard consciousness or spirit simply because we can't measure those

5. Energize Yourself - Take a few minutes to reverse the damage stress causes
to your body every day. Breathe love in, feeling it in your heart,and recall
some of your favorite memories. These feelings of Love will energize you
tremendously, which increases the probability that you'll experience
enjoyable reality shifts.

6. Reverse Negative Self-Talk - Our inner self-talk is a running dialogue
with the universe. When self-talk consists of put-downs and negativity, it
directly interferes with anything good we wish to observe. We can minimize
negative self-talk by "flipping" each negative statement around, and making
an affirmation out of those reversed statements. Posting these affirmations
and reading them every day is a powerful way to remove the destructive

7. Feel Non-Locally Interconnected - Just as quantum particles are found to
be intimately interconnected with twin particles located great distances
away, we also are non-locally interconnected with everything and everyone we

8. Visualize What You Desire - Visualize what you most desire to experience
in your life -- all your favorite, wildest dreams -- with the idea in mind
that we actually create reality as we observe it.

9. Let Go of Wishes - The best way to make our favorite dreams come true
after we've visualized them is to release them. This gives them the degrees
of freedom required to exist unobserved as pure energy waves, before our
observation collapses the wave functions and one possibility materializes.

10. Choose Your Attitude - The most important thing to remember when you face
challenges or seemingly impossible situations is to remember that reality can
shift! You can choose to replace your feelings of stress, fear, or anger and
breathe Love. The more you practice this meditation of "thinking with your
heart", the easier it will be, and the more wonderful reality shifts you'll

Cynthia Sue Larson is the founder of RealityShifters.com, an association
devoted to helping people learn how their thoughts and feelings literally
change the world. Cynthia is the author of numerous articles and a
forthcoming book on the subject of Reality Shifts. Free reality shifting
articles, stories, exercises, and ezine subscriptions are available at