September 11, 1999

Subject: Feedbacks to the Humanitarian Crisis in East Timor and some very special contributions from people on this list

Hello everyone

Listening to lullaby songs from a new CD I just got today, not long after putting to bed my sweet daughter Jade who will soon turn 6 and after we browsed together into a book full of beautiful pictures of animals from around the world, I'm reading from the little booklet in the CD box a letter from the people who've compiled those wonderful lullabies from 12 countries. They wrote: "Putting this record together reminded us that, with all the differences between cultures, the one thing we all have in common is the love every parent feel for their child." And at that point my mind couldn't but think of the haunting images seen a couple days ago on TV of all those innocent and helpless children from East Timor whose life and family had just be torn apart by the senseless slaughter of all those who simply wanted to get back their freedom from their oppressors.

I'm still seeing the wide open mouth of a crying girl, just about the age of my child, desperately hoping that someone, somewhere in this world, would care enough to come to their rescue and save her mother, her father and herself from being mutilated and killed by the monsters running wild in the streets of Dili and destroying everything around them. And as tears start flowing down my own eyes, I'm impressed with the notion that the evil men who have organized this genocide, as well as those from afar who have sanctioned it by their inaction and feeble words of protest hardly masquerading their indifference and blindness to the utter suffering of a whole community of people, all bear an incredibly dark karmic responsibility in their very souls for allowing this to happen.

When will men - yes men not women, because most of the violence comes from men - learn to put aside their oh! so important self-importance and fabricated posturing to appear strong, and listen to their heart and tune into their emotional response to what is happening within and around them?... If men, whether in East Timor, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Daguestan, Rwanda, Uganda, and countless other dark spots on Earth are able to commit evil acts such as those we see in the news year-round, it is because they have closed themselves to the most precious and vital component of their very own being: their soul.

Our soul is talking to us all in every moment of every day, during our whole life, but most of the time we fail to take notice of this small voice that can guide us towards the good deeds, the gentle words, the love-filled thoughts. When I see such horrors perpetrated with such heinous abandon, I pray that humanity reaches soon the critical mass of conscious awareness that will render such pitiless violence simply unthinkable in the very minds of those who are still committing it today. In the deepest recess of my being, "It" knows that one day soon our world will come out victorious from the clenching grasp of evil forces of darkness still able to take hold of the minds and souls of men who, perhaps did not hear often enough, when they were little boys, the sweet melodies of lullabies and felt the loving embrace of their parents to reassure and comfort them. Perhaps...

Let us all remember our individual responsibility and sacred duty as awakening sparks of the One Universal Mind to radiate and embody in our every waking moment the gifts of love and peaceful serenity that emanate from the depths of our soul towards the entire human family.

The next century cannot be a continuation of the dark violence we have all witnessed in some way during this 20th century coming to a close in 112 days from now. A profound spiritual revolution must sweep the world clean of the madness and irresponsible behaviour of those who still cling to the old-era paradigm and refuse to let go of their egotistic control over themselves and others. This revolution is underway and will succeed. We simply need to remember to not let our inner Light flicker out of despair or fear-filled thinking. We can make a difference -- we *DO* make a difference in the balance of things on Earth as dark forces combat the growing light of Love with such utter violence and hate in a last-ditch effort to stop the coming of heaven on Earth.

And there is nothing else to do but to *be* ALL That We Are...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
And the proud father of 2 beautiful girls in Quebec, Canada


Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999
From: grace <>
Subject: news on East Timor

... the situation in East Timor is STILL nuns and
priests are now being targetted, tracked down and murdered...

The headlines on East timor this morning were:

Jakarta: United Nations officials are trying to verify reports that up to
250 people, including two priests and three nuns, were massacred by
militias soon after the UN withdrew from Suai in East Timor on Sunday.


Catholic Church leaders were hiding in remote East Timor mountains last
night after pro-Jakarta militia gangs went on a rampage of bloody
retribution, murdering at least 14 priests and nuns and stabbing the Bishop
of Baucau. And aid workers are being pressured to evacuate

by LINDSAY MURDOCH in the UN compound.

Pat Burgess wipes away the tears. He doesn't want to make the life-or-death

The Australian political officer working for the United Nations has just
been told that staff and their dependants, including Timorese, are
evacuating from the besieged UN compound in Dili.

But everybody inside knows that if we leave behind 1,500 refugees who have
crammed with us into the compound the young men among them would be accused
of being pro-independence and probably killed.

Burgess, like many other UN staff, hates the decision to evacuate that was
made on the other side of the world in New York. But he has no choice.
"Tell the young men to run," he tells his interpreter, wiping away more tears.

And people are angry with the USA and the UN for not intervening as they
did in Kosovo (I guess East timor doesn't have the lucrative resources that
Kosovo did):


Mr Baird said his largely Anglo-Celtic, Australian-born electorate had
deluged him with calls on East Timor, more than on any other issue. "To a
man and a woman, they are saying, 'go for it', that we've let the East
Timorese people down before and we just can't do it again."

The managing director of radio monitors Rehame, Mr Peter Maher, said
talkback calls on East Timor had exploded this week. "Before this week,
people were asking where East Timor was and what was our relationship with
it, and with Indonesia," he said.

"This week, having been educated on this, there's been more than 1,000
calls, and many say we have to return the favour after what the East
Timorese did for us in World War II. The last 72 hours has completely
galvanised public opinion."

Before yesterday, the overwhelming number of talkback calls expressed anger
at Indonesia and called on Australia to move in, despite the neutral stance
of most talkback hosts.

But, yesterday, as the realisation that Australia was powerless to act
alone set in, callers vented their anger at the US and the UN, Mr Maher said.


By LINDSAY MURDOCH who arrived in Darwin from Dili

The destruction of the capital is greater than anybody could imagine.
Hundreds of houses are blackened shells. The doors of government offices
are ajar. Banks, cafes, hotels, boarding houses, service stations: all
burnt or trashed.

One building - the police station - hides one of the most shocking of many
shocking stories that have emerged so far from East Timor's killing fields.

Two days ago Ina Bradridge, wife of Mr Isa Bradridge, 45, of Ballina,
Australia, walked the corridors of the station looking for a toilet.

According to Mr Bradridge, who told her story last night after evacuation
to Darwin, she happened to glance inside a large building that she knew was
once used as a torture cell for political prisoners.

"My wife told me she saw bodies. Thousands of them. Stacks of bodies went
up to the roof. I know it is hard to believe but it is absolutely true. My
wife saw arms and legs and dripping blood."

Now, from the safety of Australia, Mr Bradridge plans to do a lot of
talking on behalf of his wife, who can't speak English, in the next few days.

"They [the Indonesian military] are going to obliterate everybody," he said
before boarding one of the evacuation trucks with his family. The East
Timorese have a choice ... they either leave or die."


We have to continue the meditations to bring this region back to BALANCE.

I know some people are meditating at noon in their time region, but to me
it feels like a united consciousness will be more powerful in creating
shifts to this region. I have been meditating at 10 am and 10 pm daily.
This is Adelaide time (+9:30 GMT) ... so in Boston it is 8:30 pm and
8:30am; In Sydney it is 10:30; In Europe (Italy, Sweden, Switzerland) it is
2:30pm and 2:30 am; In the UK it is 1:30 pm and 1:30 am

Please join me so PEACE can be restored to this region, so together we can
unite with one conscious intention to bring this region back to BALANCE.

With love


From: "Benton Productions" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999
Subject: Re: Humanitarian/War Crisis in East Timor: Spiritual Mobilization

Dear Jean,

Here in Australia we are bewildered and angry about the response to the situation in East Timor. We don't understand why the United Nations encourage the ballot, and then refused to back the people in their right to experience the freedom for which they voted.

The UN can claim a large proportion of responsible for the carnage taking place, in that the people would have been better off without the vote.

Does the United States government forget the debt they owe to the
Timorese people, who risked their lives to pinpoint the position of
the Japanese fleet and thus saved American servicemen during WW2 ?
How can the US claim to stand to truth and justice and democracy if
it hasn't the fortitude to enter this fray ?

We could have acted before the military coup takes place, but now we
face a possible trigger for WW3 because of the delay.

I'm so ashamed to be a part of a country who has twice turned their
back on these most deserving people.

In love & light
Viv Benton

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999
From: Pam Arnold <>
To: jean hudon <>
Subject: [Fwd: [Fwd: Fw: East Timor petition]

-----Original Message-----
From: Rowena Lennox <>

The following is a letter to the Prime Minister of Australia asking for Australian commitment to an immediate peace-keeping intervention in East Timor.

Names can be added to the bottom of the letter, and signatories are invited to forward the letter to other interested people. Once 50 names are reached, please forward the letter to Trish Hill and Paul Allatson <>, and we will forward it to the Prime Minister.



The Prime Minister Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister:

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our disappointment at the Australian Government's lack of action in response to the current situation in East Timor. While you cannot be held responsible for the policy failures of successive Australian Governments in relation to East Timor, as a long-standing member of Parliament, you will be judged to be complicit with those policies if you fail to use your influence to remedy this situation by supporting and contributing to an immediate peace-keeping intervention in East Timor.

As the elected Prime Minister of this country, you and your Ministry are also responsible for the Australian Government's actions in the present crisis. I, and hundreds of thousands of other Australians, may hold you and your Government responsible for the carnage being wrought on the East Timorese people. These are people who, perhaps naively, placed their faith in an internationally sponsored democratic process. They have now been abandoned.

We suggest that if you and your Government fail to exercise your power and responsibility to protect the basic human rights of the East Timorese people, you may find that the Australian people - a people which DOES have a commitment to justice - will hold you accountable now, and at the next election.

Australia is in a position to use its friendship with Indonesia to help the people of East Timor. The following steps must be taken without delay.





Australia should act NOW and avoid a legacy of shame.

Yours Sincerely

(your signature)

Please copy and paste this letter and the names into a new email instead of using the forward function of your emailer program.

NOTE FROM JEAN: You may also change the name of the country and president/prime minister above for the name of your country and president/prime minister and circulate this letter within your own country. But then put your name and email address instead of Trish Hill and Paul Allatson to collect the signatures and send them to your government and media.

From: "Barry & Aannsha" <>
Subject: Re: More on East Timor
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999

Dear Jean

Thank you for your e-mail.

Re: East Timor. I was recently asked how I personally deal with the issues
of conflict around the world, in particular, East Timor. This was my reply
and I felt it would also be appropriate to send to you.

In the world that we hear about via the media, it is easy to get sucked in
to the global consciousness, which in a large way, is generated by fear. I
think it is even more difficult to remain emotionally detached when we are
creative, as the creative process involves opening our hearts to receive our
inspiration. When our hearts are open, we are naturally more vulnerable to
the suffering of others. I know from experience, that if I allow myself to
identify with the pain of others that I see in the daily news, I find myself
in a downward spiral that pulls me quite quickly into despair. Then all I
can see is the negative and find it hard to return to balance.

I am learning to watch the news (and interact with others) by remaining
emotionally detached from their suffering. This is not to say I am not
empathetic and the hurt I do feel I silently turn into a prayer for their

It helps me to remember that we are all souls created by the Godforce. And
the Godforce has created each of us to experience Itself uniquely through
each individual soul. And as such, we each have a unique experience of life
itself. When I see souls suffering - such as in Timor at the moment - I
remind myself that this is an experience that they have on some level chosen
to work through. Maybe their soul is learning to acknowledge difference in
other people. Maybe they are working out years of anger and suffering, by
fighting their brothers and sisters. Maybe they are coming to a realisation
that there are more ways of settling conflict than killing and maiming.
Maybe it is for us to learn compassion. Whatever the reason is, (and it
could be different for each soul, as well as an experience that those in
Timor are experiencing collectively) it is happening in divine perfection.

It is important to remember as well that the underlying reality of all
things is Loving Consciousness. And when I am feeling despairing that this
world is ever going to become a peaceful loving place for all, I remember
that the Universe wants us to be happy, whole and complete. When we are
consciously working with the Godforce, we can see our dark side and bring it
to the light by acknowledging it, healing it and deciding to act differently
in future. We become aware of our thoughts and feelings and use them as a
compass that points us in the direction of true happiness. We take our
lives into our own hands - we become responsible - as aspects of the
Godforce - and moment by moment choose to act as such. But there are many
people on the planet who are not aware and have to play out their dark sides
by projecting them onto the world and others around them. They have to
painfully come to terms with themselves by acting out their fears. This is
what is happening now.

I cannot heal the whole world. I cannot personally alleviate the suffering
of those in other countries. But I can pray. I can send light and love to
those who are in pain. And I can make a difference in my own life. I can
use the suffering of others as a reminder of the power that we do have
within us. The power of the Godforce that is waiting for us all to join It
consciously and find true peace, happiness and abundance. That is where my
power is. That is what I can do to help my brothers and sisters who are
suffering. And I can also use my voice. My unique way is by writing
inspirations and articles. And from time to time working with others face
to face.

Only you know what your particular power is to bring this world to peace.
Maybe it is to make a stand. Maybe it is to write to governments. For some
it is to inspire others. For those of us who can, I would encourage others
to work as aspects of the Godforce, and not act as victims of "the world out
there". The more of us who do so, the sooner the collective consciousness of
the planet will make the shift we are all waiting for. As the Hopi Elders
said, "We are the ones we have been looking for".

I wish you all the joy in the world, and can be contacted via my web-site:
Positive Outcomes. The address is

Kind regards

Note from Jean:
Here is some information about Aannsha's web site - Positive Outcomes (taken from another email). "It's a brand new site that brings information, inspiration, humour and powerful techniques to assist people in creating the life they want - more happiness, wealth, love, vitality & health, fulfilling relationships, creativity, outstanding career prospects - whatever their heart desires."

From: (michel geoghegan)
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999
Subject: Re: More on East Timor

Excellent reporting on many topics,including East Timor, so significant
that I am anxious to get it around UN circles with which I am closely
connected as a 30 yr. UN veteran.

Alas, as before I cannot forward such a long message. Is there any way
that you can send me it in pieces that could be forwarded?

J'espere sincerement ne pas vous importuner mais le Timor risque de redevenir un desastre de notre epoque. Deja Les USA semblent se desister, alors que les Australiens prets toujours a suivre la musique suivront. L'UK seule avec son idee d'intervention ne va pas insister devent les reticences des autres, pas vrai?

NOTE FROM JEAN: As I mentioned to Michel in my response, I usually post the following day on my website every large email sent to this ERN list, so as to make them all available to anyone visiting the site at where you scroll to the very bottom of this webpage to see the latest ones posted there - with all the links activated of course.

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999
Subject: Totally Loving Unity To Create Change
From: Art Rosenblum <>

Dear Jean,

People working full time for the new paradigm (like yourself) are at
least 10 times as effective as those who have to work for a living most
of the week and only do good things on the side.

As we approach the new millennium we need people willing to put aside
fear and insecurity to work together full time for a positive future. As
long as we remain separate individuals or families each dependent on our
own means to sustain life, and on a government of politicians to "protect
us" we are at their mercy and in slavery. There is another way.

Scientists like Dr. James W. Prescott ( or the better
known Wilhelm Reich (deceased) have also shown that sexual frustration
serves to keep people tense and fearful and therefore also easily
enslaved or trained to be killers for the state.

I was happily homeless from 1967 to 1969. I was traveling to set up
printing presses for groups opposing the Viet-Nam War. Communes offered
me free room and board so I needed no money. I'd already worked years
without money in a large Christian (Bruderhof) community so I liked
voluntary poverty.

In NYC where rents were high and housing scarce, I heard of eight
college kids in a two room apartment so I dared to ask if I could stay
with them. When they heard of my work for peace they were delighted to
have me, and I found them warm and most loving.

Space? No problem ! They were a group marriage. "Privacy" was not even
an issue. No one cared who saw what. During a household meeting two were
freely making love and we just went on with the discussion so nothing was

They seemed to love one another totally so were to me more "Christian"
than the Bruderhof. Their main concern was ending the war and they worked
at that in unity with more daring and more creatively than any other
group I'd seen.

I wanted to stay with them but work needed me to move on. I've never
forgotten them, and since then visited several other successful group
marriage communities including the German Community of ZEGG (Center Fopr
Experimental Cultural Design at Belzig, 50 miles So. of Berlin) and The
Family (Christian) with ten thousand people worldwide (1-800-4 A Family
in CA).

For 30 years I've been doing research on a positive future for the
planet with some pretty amazing discoveries found at and am
preparing for Y2K.

We have a new yurt in a poly-friendly 60's community of some 70 people
in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains north of Seattle. I'd love to
expand my long term open marriage into a group such as I experienced in

We'd be open to folks of all ages, races, etc. able to handle such
total intimacy in these very rural and often wet (in winter) conditions.

Though sharing such love might seem rather radical, even experimental,
I've seen it work so well that I'm sure it can succeed for those who dare
to be totally open with one another as an intimate group, working
together for a purpose greater than themselves. -Art Rosenblum


Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999
Subject: Fwd: World Peace 2000: 9/9/99 update - Burning Man

Dear Friends of Peace Network:

Just returned from week-long Burning Man experience N. of Reno.
A temporary town of over 24,000 people, exemplifying PEACE in Community.
I'd recommend it highly . See for details.

Love, Peace & Aloha,
Ed Jor-El Elkin

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999
Subject: World Peace 2000: 9/9/99 update

September 23: 100 Days To One Day In Peace!

One of the most valuable things that YOU can do to help bring hope
for humanity's first day of peace, ever, is to take 5 minutes
NOW to write a letter to your Mayor asking her/him to participate
in the 100 Days To Peace Campaign and join other leaders all
around the world in declaring a Proclamation for One Day In Peace,
January 1, 2000 on September 23. It takes just ONE letter, but
YOU can inspire your local and our global community with this
simple request! We hope to have more than 1000 Mayors declare
proclamations for One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000 on the 100
day mark!

Please write your Mayor TODAY - We NEED your help!

(already declared by Mayors, Governors & Heads of State)

Peace begins with each of us, when we respect ourselves, each other, and the planet we share, and try to work out our problems peacefully; and

we can help create peaceful communities by focusing on how we interact with our families, our neighbors and co-workers; and

we can lessen violence and separation when we pull together for a common goal; and

a global movement is growing, asking the world to declare one day of peace on January 1, 2000, as a symbol of a new beginning for humanity and the United Nations has declared the Year 2000 as The International Year for the Culture of Peace;

NOW THEREFORE, I do hereby proclaim January 1, 2000 as


and urge all citizens to celebrate the Year 2000 as the Year for the Culture of Peace, and to recognize the importance of promoting peace and harmony in our community, each and every day, one day at a time.



**Sister Cities International's Pause for Peace:
**72 Hours Project:
**The Jubillennium Meal: Making sure the world is fed on 1/1/2000:
**Action Without Borders:

To Subscribe email

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999
From: Mahrouk Vevaina <>
Subject: 9999

Dear Jean,

I always enjoy your post and feel it is the one thing that keeps me in
touch with what is really happening in the world.

But I have begun to wonder whether it is possible that there is a
conscious effort being made to CAUSE panic among the population. 11th
Aug. then 9999 and so many other D days, when nothing happens other than
an extra boost to FEAR.


Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999
From: "Cheryl A. Magill" <>
Subject: Ben and Jerries

Today I received this information from those hard-working folks at the
Ocean Mammal Institute:

Working Assets which is a phone company with Ben and Jerries, that is
very environmentally alert. With each phone bill they send out information
about 2 issues that you can call the recommended Congressman for free or
they will send out what they call a citizen letter with you name on it.

Anyway, they have a Flash Activist Network where they take calls on issues
that they will then send out to their entire customer base and include in
their monthly phone bill.

I need as many people as possible to call their number I will provide below
and ask that they include the LFA issue in their network. Their political
info line is 800-463-6735, choose option 3 and leave a detailed message, no
more than 2 minutes in length on the issue. Or you can email to<

I suggest you distribute this.

And I will plan to post it on the ACTION page in the next day or so.

(What action page, you say?)

Best regards,

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999
From: Boyd Martin <>
Subject: Comment on Y2K + Windows

Re: Melanie Slayback:

Melanie was answering the charge that Windows is not Y2K compliant, but
fails to make the most important point which is that the BIOS settings in a
PC determine whether or not the computer will boot at all come Y2K. I had
an old Pentium 90 system running Win95 that completely froze up while
running a Y2K check--it had nothing to do with Windows.

Also, There are programs out there that run in Windows 95/98 that have the
Y2K bug, which can certainly screw things up within Windows while they are
running after Y2K (I have a little macro program that runs great in
Windows--until Y2K--then it crashes the whole operating system).

The trap that is easy to fall into, along with MOST of the naysayers about
the severity of the Y2K bug, is a refusal to look at the BIG PICTURE,
insisting instead on analyzing pieces of the problem and micro-managing
from there. It's a case of seeing that the hands work fine and therefore
concluding the entire body is functioning perfectly when in fact there is
an INTERNAL SYSTEMIC disease. Y2K is systemic, and as Ed Yourdon points out
in his latest article "The End Game" -> - the Y2K software game in
many cases was over before it started, and rather than fix it, many
corporations and governments have deemed it better to make contigency plans
based upon known certain failure, and then spin it to the media as

Many of us make contigency plans based on the small odds of a devastating
earthquake, ice storm, hurricane or tornado. Even the most conservative
estimates for catastrophic Y2K failures are much greater than the odds of a
natural disaster in a particular area, so if we prepare for anything, why
not prepare for the possible Y2K computer revolt, too, and stop wasting
time and energy debating whether or not there's a severe problem. The point
is, there IS a problem--so just based on that, PREPARE.

Boyd Martin
Mystic Broadcast Network

From: "Carol Guilford" <>
Subject: Unity as power
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999


As I have told you before, you do such an amazing job by alerting people to the sordid problems of the New World Order that march onward, unstopped in its elimination of humanity by slaughter or poison. The poisons are now in the very medicines that are supposed to heal. As you know, aspartame (NutraSweet) is in all chewable over the counter drugs including children's vitamins. Other poisons in prescription drugs are propylene glycol, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and methylcellulose which is a euphemism for formaldehyde. (I actually have Monsanto's recipe for methylcellulose which is extracted from methanol (wood alcohol)

Isn't it time for people to unite? All the groups who are fighting for the 'right to live' must come together to make a difference. What way is there to stop the killing and poisoning if we remain in small groups?

I have no idea how many humanitarian groups exist, but with the Internet, we could seek them out, couldn't we? What do you think?



Hello Carol

Sorry but I don't have the magical recipe to create such unity - yet, in some haphazard way, it already exists through our collective heart connections and One Global Mind slowly emerging. I trust in my heart we are heading towards the right place.

But there are also existing coalitions of all kinds of groups working on issues of common interest.

Search first at Action Without Borders: where 15,000 NGOs are connected. You also have the EarthAction Network mentioned in a recent email (, and so on...

Best regards