April 12,1999

Subject: Feedbacks to "We Are Winning"

Hello my dear friends from around the world

Just a quick word of appreciation to those who sent their heartening comments on my recent post entitled "We Are Winning" - see some of those comments below.

Someone also wrote: "I hear from my friend that you have a wild email network worth checking out."

Interestingly, it appears many of you have been recommending to their friends to get on my list. Thanks! For those of you who would like to do the same, here is a brief introductory statement which you may want to use...

The Earth Rainbow Network, founded in February 1997, has an extensive list of people from around the world sharing visions and feedbacks on a broad range of subjects including spiritual themes such as personal and planetary transformation, spiritual renaissance as well as their views on all kinds of worthy causes. To be added on this list write to globalvisionary@cybernaute.com and simply include "Add me to your list" in the subject field of your email. You may also check the Earth Rainbow Network website at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000 and read some of the material posted to this list and linked at the bottom of the first webpage of this extensive site.

And to conclude, just a quick word to say that the meditation last Saturday synchronized with James Twyman's Peace Concert on the Kosovo border was felt as a very powerful high-voltage experience in global mind-link and certainly achieved a number of positive results - although we must continue our Peace Vigil everyday until peace prevail. James gave his concert as planned.

Love and blessings to all of you

Jean Hudon Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000

From: shc@nitline.com (Eve Howard)
Subject: observations
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999

Greetings Jean,

I cannot tell you the emotion evoked by your message entitled "we are winning". I feel that in the last few days I have been riding quite a spiritual wave as it was. The Y2K efforts in our area have fostered the greatest sense of oneness and common people reaching a level that I find hard to put into words but that I have certainly not seen in my lifetime. Then based on postings urging that we increase our requests for divine intervention I have have had some of the most exciting elevations that I have experienced while meditating and carrying out these requests. The connections are happening more frequently and more readily.

In addition, on Tuesday my mother was quite effected by something that had happened to her the night prior. Something that she could not really classify as a dream as she seemed to be in a waking state for most of the night. She found herself in a field in Kosovo with great numbers of refugees. She was assisting in taking care of some small children first a little boy and then a small girl. Her energies felt very drained along with great sadness as she looked around to view the appalling conditions. What impressed her most was the stench and that you could tell that through the filth the people around her had been dressed nicely. Her attention was then drawn to the sky and she suddenly saw an army of winged angels on horses descending to the earth and knew they were a celestial army allowed to come and assist us at this time of need. She now feels very connected to the refugees and bears a great weight of sorrow for their pain.

May we all be empowered with this vision and the comfort of your words to know that darkness will soon lift and we do have it within our selves to make a difference.

Bless you you for the difference you have made in our lives by linking this powerful connection of souls in our dimension. Bless all of the lightworkers out there, we are coming together in a blinding light that will soon illuminate the darkest corners.

Peace and Love, Eve

From: Dreaming9@aol.com
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999
Subject: Something we will be inspired by MORE and MORE


We are winning

April 7, 1999... uplifting and inspiring words from Jean Hudon. globalvisionary@cybernaute.com

Certainly this type of enthusiasm and inspiration will increase many fold during the ensuing weeks and months. This is because we are moving beyond doubt or hope or even intention and into "knowingness"...this is the "Truth that shall set us free" type of knowing. Any of us can "tap" into it at any time.

I celebrate each and every one of us as we allow any remaining doubts that Peace will soon reign on Earth to be absorbed by the brightness of both our greatest desires and the one dream manifesting.


Feel, sense, know and experience the completion of conflict within. Continue to imagine and realize in each breath the completion of conflict throughout the world.

I have felt the gentle, compassionate "tug" on my heart directly from the Albanians, and all in involved in the last vestiges of conflict on Earth. On the level of brilliance, we all know that we are living out the final scenes of the degradation of any and all wondrous beings on this Earth...the end of the degradation of our beloveds, each and every one of us.

And when the Oneness of ALL wins, we all win.

One, Deborah Tighe ~ Nine http://members.aol.com/dreaming9/

P.S. Jean,

You probably already know that the url you sent in your last email had a comma before the htm rather than a dot...;-).

Thank you for your enthusiasm, by the way ... you now feel "on track" again to me with that grander purpose plane...welcome back "all the way"!

Delicious love, Deborah Tighe ~ Nine


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999
From: Santari Green <Rainbow1@compuserve.com>

Just a big resounding thank you for We Are Winning! I've passed it on. Love ya



"Remember to give up your black
white perceptions of duality and separation, in exchange for the rainbow colours of Oneness."

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 From: Santari Green <Rainbow1@compuserve.com> Subject: Now is the time for remembering.

Within the heart of each one of us there is the consciousness that we are all one. No longer just an intellectual knowing and affirming, but a strength of FEELING and EXPERIENCING. Look to your friends, colleagues, people in the street - there is growing a desire to accept and understand one another. There is more than just a feeling of love that is abroad now, it is a call for unity and community.

So how can we encourage this state of grace? I have something I am prompted to share with you.

Treat each day as the First Day Of Creation. It allows you to step free from the past, with all its associations. With the waking to a new day, let go of yesterday and all that happened within it because today you have the propensity to start something new. Your potential is unlimited when it dances in the present moment. Dare to be different every day. Flaunt your uniqueness. Play the lead role in the world that only you can play, and don't shrink from doing, saying, feeling, being whatever spirit calls forth from you. The First Day Of Creation is an affirmation that WE ARE Source, continually at play in creating harmony and Heaven, wherever we are.

Be like a child. Have a childlike trusting that the world IS a safe place to be; that you can express who you truly are; and treat others as if they have something wonderful within them to give to the world. Freed from criticism, blame, judgement and condemnation, each person can be honoured for the roles that they play out and the teachings they exchange with others. Remember to give up your black
white perceptions of duality and separation, in exchange for the rainbow colours of Oneness.

Honour growth and change in yourself. Let your capacity to give and receive love (joy, compassion, etc.) expand continually. Let others feel your acceptance of them. And just let go of alliances (with understanding and grace) when the time together has been completed and people need to move on to tackle fresh ventures.

As you tap into your potential then so also do the groups and associations and enterprises and agencies of all human potential find themselves linking and working together, to build to a common purpose that supports the whole and uplifts the world into a new awareness of its self. The more that you are aware of your wholeness and can recognise the wholeness of others, in spirit, then the greater is the force for change. What stops each one of us from knowing and declaring that we ARE already whole and healed from any separation from Source? What stops you from holding the vision that the world and humanity are one - and being joy-filled in that Oneness? Be aware that what you put your focus and energy to WILL manifest.

A Global Group Consciousness is already in place that honours the equality and value of everything. Are you existing in that space of knowingness now? Are you in that space of creation where you ARE Source? A fully conscious co-creator of your own reality and the world's reality, in which we are all participants together. Dancing a dance of energy, essence to essence.

We are whole within ourselves and we are one with each other at the same time. RIGHT NOW.

Perhaps now, with our linking up, we have a better chance of remembering all that we are.

Love and Blessings Santari Green

Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999
From: Angharad Llewellyn <ajl@efn.org>
Subject: Re: We are winning

Dear Jean,

Thanks! We are WINNING, and we have a lot of help! The Angels are listening and we are beginning to listen to their guidance as they help us create the reality that our ongoing prayers for peace allow them to co-create with us.

The great news is that on the Spring Equinox a most miraculous Stargate was opened to spread the much needed Light over our troubled times! I wish to refer you to the latest Galactic Federation/Spiritual Hierarchy update as transmitted by Sheldan Nidle. Over the past few Updates the GF and SH have been all very excited about this new energy gate, but in this last update we hear from the Council of Nine of the Great Blue Lodge of Sirius, who are the magnificent beings who are primarily responsible for creation of this World. I was not their idea to ever have it corrupted by the 4th Dimensional renegades who took over Atlantis and became the core of the Elites who have dominated our planet for the past 13,000 years, but it is through their Love and energy that we are destined to become a "showcase" planet crowned with a glorious destiny of Peace, Joy and an ever loving and evolving species of humans.

The following is a link to this update from The Council of Nine. I suggest you do some deep breathing and allow your own inner guides to be with you as you read this message. That way you can appreciate it more deeply and allow it to touch your own inner memories of these times and bring them to your consciousness from the Light of your own Soul. Enjoy!


In closing I would like to say that I continue to stand in awe of all the work that you do and the loving intent of your heart as you bravely go forth spreading the "news". :o)

Love/Light, Joy and Abundance,

Angharad Llewellyn

From: surya@spidernet.com.cy
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999
Subject: Re: Holding the Light

Jean, this is a part of this weeks newsletter for the Women's Spiritual Network which you might like to pass on. Love and blessings, Maggie


During these intense and difficult days, we are asked to remain strong, centered and clear in ourselves. Now we are being tested and asked to put into practice all that we have been learning. We must continue to hold the light, to send it where it is needed, and to remain in a constant state of meditation and prayer. Now lightworkers everywhere are being called to begin their work, there is a call to unite, so many want to help and many who were not aware until now are stepping forward into the light ready to take up the work. Many angelic beings and higher forces are willing to work through us, we can offer our services and become pure channels for the divine to flow through.

Purification is very important at this time, cleansing on all levels is necessary and it is the individual's choice how to go about this. A few weeks ago, myself and another healer friend were prompted to do a seven day water fast. It was primarily a spiritual fast and now we realize it was a necessary preparation for the work we have to do at this time and have found it greatly enhanced our awareness and meditation.

This Sunday is the Orthodox Easter. It is no coincidence that James Twyman will perform his Peace Concert near Kosovo tomorrow, we are asked to join him in a world meditation at this time.

May Peace Prevail on Earth, Maggie Erotokritou surya@spidernet.com.cy

Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999
From: Mona LaVine <monajl@earthlink.net>
Subject: About Brotherhood, Justice, and Peace

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your heartening message entitled, "We are winning"

Here are two websites most of your readers will find of interest:

"Despite appearances, the world is changing for the better; the present collapsing structures are but the essential prelude to a much-needed sense of realism by which man can readjust his values and bring new meaning and purpose to his life."

From One of the Masters of Wisdom

Behind it all, waiting in the wings to help humanity are Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom.

For further information: http://www.shareintl.org


Glenda Green, an artist, art historian and portrait painter had an amazing experience when she was visited by Jesus in 1991.

He appeared in her studio every day. Mrs. Green painted His portrait over a period of months. The painting is called "The Lamb and the Lion". Her story of how this all came to her is truly remarkable.

Their conversations are recorded in a book "Love without End"

I have listened to some of the tapes recorded at series of lectures she has given of this most remarkable experience. If you listen to just one of these tapes, you would recognize intuitively that her experience is authentic. For further information:


from Mona LaVine, monajl@earthlink.net

From: "selena" <selena@bkk.loxinfo.co.th>
Subject: winning
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999

Dear Jean

Thank you for your coordination work and your courage to speak out so clearly about what is happening on the inner levels already. You are an integral part of the change that is happening/has happened.


The change is palpable and wondrous.

I want to share with you part of a message that I sent to Barbara Wolf yesterday. It is for you and for all who are working with you there. I'm writing from Bangkok ; there is noone in this world who is not part of this transformation.

From one coalescent point in the wholeness/holiness to another I salute you

Helen J. (Rev. Sadharma) Selena Shamballa Sananda Solara Serenis Soliel

Message to Barbara

Just before the 4th, I received a message from the Lord Buddha to give to those who joined the meditation here, I read it to the group (there were about 50 people in the room - countless others in other locations) after we had focused Loving Kindness and Compassion on the Balkans, on those who instigated the conflict and those again behind them (to heal their hearts and redress the Light balance within them). The room just lit up with Light, many people were crying with joy, it was just incredible.

Afterwards some of the people there told me that they had received messages in dreams, or heard voices that had told them to come to the meeting and after the message they knew why.

However, the main work took place last night Last night from around 1.30 to 2 am (Thai time) so much was transmuted. The darkness was opened to the light and the balance has been shifted. I know now what all my many lifetimes of training were for.

It has been done. The Spiritual Heirarchy, the angels, the Elohim and the Wholeness/Holiness were with me/us (the human element) and together we did what had to be done. The celebration reaches through all creation. I feel so happy.

Message from the Lord Buddha

Received March 30, 1999

It is posted at http://www.angelfire.com/al/dhamma

Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999
From: Alice Bryant/Linda Seebach <dimensions@zianet.com>
Subject: Thought

Dear Jean,

I received your (daily) messages today, (Thank You and Bless You) concerning thoughts and the call for more meditation, and I had these thoughts:

At the present NOW moment, the only expedient way for Earth to achieve the future all the Light Workers envision is through the process of reaching Critical Mass.

For any not familiar with Critical Mass, I suggest they research the Hundredth Monkey research data. Additionally, in Your Nostradamas Factor, Ingo Swann states, "In short, so the theory goes, if a hundred monkeys learn something, all monkeys will soon acquire this knowing even in the absence of any sensory contacts with the learned monkeys. An unknown form of 'learning transmission' is thought to exist, which would explain all this. Such learning transmission is presumably psychic, since it is of some nonsensory quality. Critics say this is all bunk, but the facts remain. With a wide expanse of ocean separating them, monkeys learned something in a way that no standard or prevailing explanation can account for.

"It is rather well known that humans possess psychic states that influence those around them. And there is also a phenomenon of people separated by vast distances 'having the same idea at the same time.'"

He further observed that "...the hundredth monkey syndrome appears operative in NEGATIVE as well as positive respects. If a lot of us forget or ignore one of our powers, eventually the rest of us, by 'dis-learning transmission,' may do so also."*

The Critical Mass idea is that humans are capable of reaching the "magic point" where consciousness itself is CHANGED through psychic interlinking and that which was not seen or known before IS SEEN AND KNOWN.

With the incredible linkage potential of the net, WHAT IF, ALL of us joined thought forms and ASKED FOR Critical Mass to be reached in favor of PEACE, HARMONY, ACCEPTANCE and LOVE reigning on Mother Gaia?

Many times we do not receive an answer or the insight we seek simply because we do not ask the right question to begin with. We need every single living thing on Earth to harmonize, come back into balance and respect and honor each other - not just humans, but ALL LIFE forms.

Personally, I would like to ask everyone interested to join in a meditation, prayer for Critical Mass.

In Love and Light,

Linda Seebach

P.S. You may post this or not as you see fit, the quotes from Ingo are from my book (* Opening To the Infinite, Human Multidimensional Potential by Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach, Blue Water Publishers 1998) and you have my permission to post the entirity of this message.

From: "Kim Baker" <kbaker@uctlib.uct.ac.za>
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999


Do you also feel that there is just so much happening right now? One minute its all dark, the next, all light, fluctuations, from moment to moment. The feeling is really of a great cosmic battle being fought, there is a coursing of pulsating waves surging through the raw dry soil of Africa; it surges in the trees, through the delicate lace of intertwining leaves; it thunders through concrete and mortar, it seethes in underground sewers, it rages through the oceans, it tears through the the heavens..... even the insensitive can sense it.....I am reminded of the sounds of a woman in labour, trying to give birth, the raw heat and dust and blood of Africa.....something is happening....

Love, Kim

From: "Jakina" <kombucha@aei.ca>
Subject: Thank You !!!
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999

From the deepest bottom of my soul THANK YOU Jean for this great message of Hope filled with Love.

Paix, Amour
Lumière sur la Terre et dans tous nos Coeurs...

Jakina d.i.p

From: PLANETNEWS@aol.com Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999

Kschieb@accesscom.net sent to PLANETNEWS:

Dear Friends,

Tonight I watched some extended TV coverage of the Kosovo crisis. I feel heartsick, as I'm sure you do too.

Please let's all do what we can to get the word out about the PRAYER VIGIL FOR A MIRACLE IN KOSOVO:

Every day, for at least thirty days. Two minutes (minimum) of silent meditation and prayer for a miracle in Kosovo 3pmEST, noonPST, 8pmLondon, etc.

This is an international prayer vigil, so tell people wherever they are.

If everyone who reads this sends out at least one fax or e-mail about this, it will help. Remember, the more minds share an idea, the stronger it is.

In peace, Marianne Williamson




Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999
From: "Danilo D'Antonio" <dadanton@tin.it>

Dear Jean,

your messages are always wonderfully strong and vigourous, just like this great Call!

If you agree, I'll send this Call to our Forums; please, let me know that.

It is very beautiful to receive mail from you, from a Peace Builder like you. Here, in Italy, it really is a very bad time for good people, and this Call let us strenghten again.

A presto, ciao, Danilo :)

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999
From: Jan Hersh <terramere@ibm.net>
Subject: Re: We are Winning

Dear Jean, I was uplifted and filled with hope with this message you sent....and have been praying for all everyday. Watching the news last night was scary. And today I received this message. I thought you might wish to share it.

Subject: Use of depleted uranium in Kosovo

The following was sent to me through the Association of Contemplative Sisters. Rosalie Bertell is one of their members. It seems important to get the word out on this. Kay McMullen, SND-CA

From: Rosalie Bertell <IICPH@compuserve.com>

Dear Catherine and others,

First, I am an Epidemiologist, not a physicist (although I have taught college level physics). My specialty is in higher mathematics, with applications in the radiobiology and the biomedical sciences.

You can quote me on the following comment on the crisis in Kosovo:

Depleted (DU) uranium is one of the largest categories of radioactive waste produced for the nuclear weapons and nuclear reactor industry. It is highly toxic to humans, both chemically as a heavy metal and radiologically as an alpha particle emitter which is very dangerous when taken internally. Recently it has been substitute for lead in bullets and missiles by the US and UK, and was first used extensively by the West in the Gulf War. It is most likely a major contributor to the Gulf War Syndrome experienced both by the veterans and the people of Iraq.

When used in war, the DU bursts into flame from the impact when it hits a target. It can pierce tanks and armoured cars, releasing inside of them a deadly radioactive aerosol of uranium, unlike anything seen before. It can kill everyone in a tank. This ceramic aerosol is much lighter than uranium dust. It can travel in air tens of kilometres from the point of release, or be stirred up in dust and resuspended in air with wind or human movement. It is very small and can be breathed in by anyone: a baby, pregnant woman, the elderly, the sick. This radioactive ceramic can stay deep in the lungs for years, irradiating the tissue with powerful alpha particles within about a 30 micron sphere, causing emphysema and/or fibrosis. The ceramic can also be swallowed and do damage to the gastro-intestinal tract. In time, it penetrates the lung tissue and enters into the blood stream. It can be stored in liver, kidney, bone or other tissues, again for years, irradiating all of the delicate tissues located near its storage place. It can effect the blood, which is the basis of our immune system, and do damage to the renal system as it is eventually excreted in the urine. It can also initiate cancer or promote cancers which have been initiated by other cancinogens.

In October 1998 the WHO undertook a two year study of the increasing cancer rates, especially leukemia in young children, which have been note in southern Iraq where most of the war took place. The WHO report is not yet out, but newer data from Iraq tells the story of even more dramatic increases in cancer rates, especially among the Iraqi veterans who participated in the war. In the West, thousands of veterans are recognized as seriously ill with an unknown syndrome, and we have been able to document DU in their urine as late as 7 or 8 years after the war. There is no natural source of DU to explain this phenomena!

It is imperative that we all denouce this radiation and toxic chemical warfare! It has now been used by the US and Britain against Iraq and in Bosnia. It is now being used in Kosovo (NATO announcement in Europe, 30 March 1999). It has been condemed by the United Nations Human Rights Tribunal (August 1996 Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, Sub-Commission on the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities). The Human Rights Commission has requested that the Secretary General prepare a written report on DU and certain other weapons of mass destruction (Resolution 1997/36, which also established a UN Rapporteur to take over the study of DU and other weapons of mass destruction on behalf of the UN). The damage being done will not only cause incredible and unending suffering to today's victims, but the genetic damage it may cause can be passed on to their offspring. Such weapons and war itself need to be condemned as utter barbarianism!

This is certainly not to be interpreted as condoning so-called ethnic cleasing or any of the nationalistic actions of the Yugoslav government. However, as one of the Professors at the University of Toronto said, "I can offer a different and more effective policy, but I would not start from here". This Kosovo action is resulting from deep seated conflicting ideas of "World Order" - that proposed by NATO's vision of itself as a world police force, and that of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) which sees security rising out of honest cooperation and legal resolution of conflicting opinions.

Rosalie Bertell, Ph. D., GNSH



By Michel Chossudovsky Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, K1N6N5 Voice box: 1-613-562-5800, ext. 1415 Fax: 1-514-425-6224 E-Mail: chossudovsky@sprint.ca 7/4/99

Heralded by global media as a humanitarian peace-keeping mission, NATO's ruthless bombing of Belgrade and Pristina goes beyond the breach of international law. While Milosevic is demonised as a remorseless dictator, the KLA is upheld as a nationalist movement struggling for the rights of Albanians. The truth is that the KLA is sustained by organised crime with the tacit approval of the US and allies.

Following a pattern set during the War in Bosnia, public opinion has been carefully misled. The multibillion dollar Balkans narcotics trade has played a crucial role in "financing the conflict" in Kosovo in accordance with Western economic, strategic and military objectives. Amply documented by European police files, acknowledged by numerous studies, the links of the KLA to criminals in Albania, Turkey and the EU have been known to W govts and intelligence agencies since the mid-1990s.

The financing of the Kosovo guerilla war poses critical questions and sorely tests claims of an "ethical" foreign policy. Should the West back a guerrilla army that appears partly financed by organised crime?[1]

While KLA leaders were shaking hands with Madeleine Albright at Rambouillet, Europol was "preparing a report for European justice ministers on a connection between the KLA and Albanian drug gangs."[2]

In the meantime, the rebel army has been skilfully heralded by global media (in the months preceding the NATO bombings) as representative of the interests of Albanians in Kosovo.


Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999
From: jtaylor <jtaylor@telusplanet.net>

HI Jean,

Just a quick note. I woke up this morning and 'felt'. Things do feel much more peaceful in the world and esp Kosovo.

Keep up the good work.