October 7, 1999

Subject: A comment on the next email and feedbacks on various recent posts

Hello everyone

I was planning to continue solely on the Y2K theme, but something more urgent came up. Instead of explaining in details here what it is all about, may I refer you to the other email entitled Re: Wal-Mart trucks leased by federal government ...transport THOUSANDS of signs declaring: "THIS CITY UNDER MARTIAL LAW" which is my comment to Nancie Belle of PLANETNEWS on this information already shared with you in my last email. If you can read through the end of this long and frankly unsettling accompanying email, you'll see a *potentially* much more sinister side to the Y2K crisis. I highlight the word "potentially" because none of this will happen if and when enough people make a leap of consciousness towards the Next Level of Human Achievement: Global Unity and the accompanying sense of belonging to the same extended family. We are all Brothers and Sisters through our common ancestry and spiritual lineage and this world will work for everyone only if we really and *actively* care for each other.

The quick international outcry recently over the persecutions of our brothers and sisters in East Timor and the ensuing unprecedently swift UN intervention is but a foretaste of what is yet to come when "loving each other" will be the only and true benchmark of our new unified collective consciousness. Similarly, the generous assistance provided by the Greek government, despite decades of mutual antagonism, to the Turkish people following the terrible earthquake there, shows the way to all of us as to how we can and will all cooperate, once the Y2K crisis is underway, to mutually assist each other to come out of this colossal technological failure. The same cooperation happened here, 2 years ago, during the month-long power failure - in the middle of winter and with subsequent minus 30 temperatures - due to the apocalyptic ice storm that struck down hundreds of kilometers of powerlines mostly in Quebec and Ontario.

But for this to happen worldwide, we need to take a leap of faith into a new era guided by compassion and love instead of selfishness and hate... something which more and more people are doing everyday.

Your comments are, as usual, always welcomed.

Love and blessings to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. As you probably know, the citizens of Yugoslavia are holding huge rallies every night to bring about the downfall of the Milosevic regime. To help them reach the critical mass *without any bloodshed* and thus rid themselves and the world of this rotten dictator, may I suggest we all join in positive thoughts, prayers and meditation every evening at our convenience, to further assist in creating the inner conditions facilitating a smooth change over to another more benign elected government in Yugoslavia -- as soon as possible!

From: "Katharina Bless" <soma@loxinfo.co.th>
Subject: Warriors with the sword
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999

Dear Jean,

Especially the last mail from you has touched me again very much and I feel
all this pain in the world very much. I feel all the cries of the children
and woman, the desperate and wounded. I hardly can concentrate to details
any more, it is just too much, I leave the planet and send the beam of light
from outside, otherwise when I am sad, how can I send out joy??
Since the solar eclipse, the energies have shifted very much already and
there are a lot of beings they have decided to leave the planet now and all
the pus is coming to the surface to be eliminated. I really feel the
shifting very much. Did you ever clean out wounds? I have stray dogs here
around I take care and there wounds are full of pus and they stink sometimes
terribly, so I have to hurt them also sometimes to help them. This is what's
going on now and I can't concentrate on the pus but on the healing process.

My message, please don't concentrate too much on the "negative" events but
more on the peace message and the light that becomes stronger now every day.
So also the shadows becomes more dark! It is important to be informed but
where my thougts are, that's where I am so I try to keep up the thoughts
from peace.

I don't know, Jean, I might be wrong, but my inner feeling tells me not to
get involved with the events happening in the outside, this is just part of
the cleaning now, I have to concentrate on the light, do blessings every
day, bless every thing that I meet and send out love and peace thoughts.
Forgive me, but sometimes I just can't read so much negative things anymore,
I can't stay concentrated on the light.

What do you think about this, please let me know. I am organizing now Silver
Dove congress to concentrate on the light and I believe we can avoid the
worst, how much to we have to be informed? I have experienced that my life
can be in peace and harmony even though there is a war going on. I experienced
this very impressive, when I was at the European Vegetarina Congress in
Switzerland this July, they had a food poisonning and ther where 70 people
badly involved, 16 ambulances and 2 helicopters brought people to the
hospital. I happened just not to eat there and left the congress at 4pm and
the whole mess started at 4..something.... I have no affinity to this, so I
was not involved... I also avoided that my host family got involved because
they followed me.

Dear Jean, I really appreciate what you are doing, you belong to the
warriors with the sword, I belong to the education staff, it seems!

Love and blessings


True celebration is mindless!
.... therefore in moments of great decision, be out of your mind and do some
soul searching instead (CWG2)

Soma Center and Silver Dove Club, organizing the first spiritual Congress
from Feb 14-19, 2000 and supporting Holistic Education in Chiang Mai,
http://www.ivu.org/silverdove (the congress program is on line already)


Hello Katharina

I understand how you feel because I also sometimes feel the same. But as you rightly pointed out we cannot remain sad for we need to let our inner Light of Love and Joy shine through and create a powerful inner resonance that will assist in precipitating more such love and joy around the world.

Also it is important to develop an inner space where we can be detached from the turmoil of the surrounding world and, as the Buddha did, learn to open up to the eternal bliss of the One Divine Presence and, from this inner awareness of All That Is, reach out to accomplish what we came here to do by radiating this inner Presence and thus enlightening the Way for others to follow.

You need to go beyond the words expressed above to really grasp and feel their true and simple meaning...

Now regarding the disquieting effect negative news have on you, I've moved your email address to a very short list of people who requested to receive ONLY positive news from me -- so if that's what you want, you'll get much less emails from me as there is often a measure of what could be considered "bad news" in my emails... OK??

Love and blessings


P.S. Would it be OK for this correspondance to be shared with the entire list?

From: "Katharina Bless" <soma@loxinfo.co.th>
Subject: Re: warriors with the sword
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999

Dear Jean,

Thank you very much for your answer and your understanding.

I am also open for "negative" news and I know, that we have to go to a point
of observance and all the things are happening are o.k. But I think, some
days it just was too much! You can leave me in your normal list, I just
delete sometimes the letters, when I can't read anymore ....... I think we
all would prefer to get more joyful news, but we also all know that in this
shifting time it is not possible but we have to remain positive. Maybe we
can motivate people to share more of their joyful events too, I am sure
there are many of them. I know that a lot of people have now also
experienced "miracles" and get in contact with messengers from the spiritual

I have been very much involved with the "dark" side, the part where Kore is
in the World of Hades. The name Katharina comes from Hekaterina (Hekate, the
dark aspect of the Mother Goddess) she is the bringer of Death - she is the
transformer, she is Kali, and I have been "working" in her domain for many

>You need to go beyond the words expressed above to really grasp and feel
>their true and simple meaning...

Yes, this is the key, and I also understand every thing with my head, but
sometimes my emotional "world" can not digest all of it any more, you can
eat only a certain amount too.......

>P.S. Would it be OK for this correspondance to be shared with the entire
yes, it would be o.k. and also this answer please.

Love and Light

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999
From: Mona LaVine <monajl@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: James Twyman's forthcoming book

Hi Jean,

Thanks to your posting that email on Emergence Online and Twyman's new book
looks like Share will have a review of it:

We spoke with Benjamin Creme yesterday on matters relating to our work.
I asked him about Twyman's latest book, since Twyman wrote that the leader
of the Emissaries of Light talked of "the next teacher...the Messenger of

I was pretty sure he was talking about Maitreya and Ben's Master confirmed
this. I asked if we might review Twyman's new book for our magazine and
he agreed. I believe his wife will download it from the Internet and do the

It will of course take a few months, I think, before it appears in the
magazine but that just might be in time for the printed version. Wouldn't
that be nice and all because of you!

If you have Twyman's email address , you might let him know that Share will
be doing a review of his book. So again, thank you!

Love and Light,

P.S. Donate food at no cost to you! http://www.hungersite.org

(Consider including this address in your e-mail signatures
and creating a desktop short-cut for the site as a reminder to donate daily.)



Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999
To: globalvisionary@cybernaute.com
From: Don Orne <don@yingcom.com>

Merlin's Cave

Did we dare to wade through knee high freezing water
Through a dark and slippery cave
To be initiated together one by one
Into the Beloved Brotherhood of the Blessed Disciple
by the Peace Troubador himself, James Twyman
and his good friend John Alexis, an Anglican priest?

We all did venture in, got wet, slid, slipped and fell
through the natural lava tube known as Merlin's Cave.

One or two bound ahead to swim naked in Merlin's pool of icy water
Some stayed and watched, others wished they had, but didn't; choices, choices.

We each came to the pool's edge as Jimmy and John anointed our heads
With the holy water of Merlin (The Magician's) pool.

Each one vowing to feed the sheep, to show unconditional love to all, and to honor the feminine energy.

Each one, in turn, coming to be anointed, blessed, vowed, and honored.

The Gongmaster for Peace, Don Orne, from the USA - played his peace gong before and after the ceremony.

After everyone had been baptized into the New Millennium, which by the way, occurred on August 11, 1999, at 11:11 in Devon, England around a sacred medicine wheel Steve Balsamo, Genevive, Guenivere, Caren Morningstar, and Don Orne went swimming in Merlin's ice cold pool in the rain, lead of course, by their fearless leader, James Twyman.

Caren and Don stayed in longer and swam to the place where Excalibur had been buried. Both stripped to the waist climbed to the top of a sacred mound and held each other In love's embrace for quite a few moments. They looked like a bride and groom atop a wedding cake.

John Alexis took a picture of the two standing where Excalibur had been and mentioned "They represent the new couple of the New Millenium. Both equal, aware, compassionate, forgiving, loving, wise parents, lovers, friends co-creating a new paradigm and planting the seeds of hope
Throughout this planet and all of creation."
Two empowered, independent whole people consciously joining together to create a third energy of balanced, respectful, intentional love.

Don led Caren back to the inner cave and together they gathered silver stones to bring back for healing and meditation.
They swam back and joined the group who were having lunch outside the cave and went to the restaurant to have warm tea and dry off before the ride back to Hazelwood.

Jimmy mentioned that he should probably have asked everyone to swim naked or not, but to experience the special moment. He said that was his one regret that not everyone took the plunge as if to baptize and crystalize the moment.
Everyone was wet and chilled and the ride back in the van was warm and appreciated. While waiting for some of the group who had also gone to visit King Arthur's birthplace which was just across from Merlin's Cave, we went shopping for mementos of the place. Don found a Celtic Cross which was an exact duplicate of the piece worn by Kevin Costner in the movie Robin Hood. Caren found a Celtic ring for her daughter and others found items of interest.

The entire experience was life changing for many, a once in a lifetime event, never to be duplicated.

The magic was real and was to be the inspiration for many wonderful ideas, thoughts, beliefs, choices, and change for all of us.

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999
From: Michael Wise <wisesongs@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Various feedbacks on recent posts

Hello Dearest Jean!

In reference to James Twyman, I was fortunate enought to listen to the world wide broadcast from East Timor, yesterday September 21st @ 5:45pm. It was absolutely beautiful. The technology is being aligned for further world healing events I AM sure!

Mr. Twyman is truly an Angel on Earth! The broadcast I AM sure will be archived at the Worldpuja site, and can be easily accessed via Realplayer. Thank you again for the wonderful "nudge" Jean.

In Deepest Divine Love
Michael Wise

From: PRCenter@webtv.net (Tom)
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999
Subject: Re: The Pentagon Papers of Y2K about the coming World Crisis -


This is stuff from an old mailing that I am just now beginning to catch
up on.

It brings back memories of some correspondence back in the late 70's or
early 80's. To quote your mailing:

(about Y2K)....

"I don't want to sound like a prophet of doom, but I firmly believe this
is going to be a major test of people's resilience and ability to
cooperate in the face of utter adversity ... it can turn out real bad of
real good depending on how we each react and adapt to it all - and
depending on how well-prepared we are or not. For sure, the Zeus-like
elite who decreed that this problem would occur -- most likely the Y2K
bug has been deliberately planned back in the mid 80's when a computer
expert warned the US authorities about the consequences of this computer
mis-conceived programming shortfall..."


What I recall is that the idea of a computer chip that would go haywire
at a predetermined date was going arround among
anti-establishment/counter-culture types in the computer field who
feared what was comming in terms of technological advancement along with
centralized governmet control. The ultimate Orwellian nightmare was on
the horizon.... I recall discussion about it, including the suggestion to
begin installing the "chip" into government computers in the year 1984.
At the same time working on alternative - non centralized computer
systems that would be in the hands of the people. The proposed "chip"
was intended as a "fail safe". Not knowing what directions things would
take.... If the 1984 - Orwellian - Big Brother nightmare came to pass...
the chip would be a blessing... A hidden time bomb to bring down the
"establishment". On the other hand, if they succeeded in diverting future
development in the direction of... more or less what we have today with
the Internet... The existence of the "time bomb" could be quietly disclosed... no harm done.

Of course a cabin up in the mountains with a wind generator, solar
pannels, Big cold cellar and a Garden wouldn't hurt either, just in

Where are those young 60's "radicals" now ?... Well.... Clinton is a Pot
smoking "Dead Head" (though he didn't inhale of course.) and Gore is a
Buddhist, that autta give us some indication.

I'm not making this up!

But I think we can probably do without some of the paranoia going around
about Y2K being an excuse to declare martial law and install microchips
in everybody's brain, etc...



From: John Owen <jowen@igc.org>
Subject: One Million Indonesians Died In U.S. Backed Coup
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999


I was studying Diplomacy and World Affairs in college when events in the
following story were taking place. My college was and is a recruiting
ground for the CIA and the foreign service of the United States. Our
government in the 1960s was happy about the slaughter going on, as Sukaro
was "pacifying" the country, for its use by timber companies, oil
companies, etc. Seeing the true face of American foreign policy caused me
to stay out of the foreign service. Unfortunately, quite a few of my
classmates joined, and I see them on TV from time to time justifying the
American empire and its weapons establishment. If you're already aware of
these facts, i apologize for the duplication. As I mentioned in my last
post, there is nothing new about the global elite's conspiracy. What is
new, is that thanks to you and other good folk, many more people are aware
of it. Also, the elites' arrogance at attempting to establish the WTO,
makes the conspiracy much more visible. Conspiracies work best when their
existence or purposes can be denied. With NAFTA, GATT and WTO, the global
rulers' greed may finally be exceeding their grasp.

John Owen

From: The Wisdom Fund[SMTP:wisdom@twf.org]
Sent: Thursday, September 16, 1999 1:06 AM
Subject: One Million Indonesians Died In U.S. Backed Coup

[THE WISDOM FUND: News & Views]

Released September 15, 1999
The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202
Website: http://www.twf.org/News/Y1999/0915-Indonesia.html

One Million Indonesians Died In U.S. Backed Coup

by Enver Masud

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- One million Indonesians are reported
to have died in the U.S. backed coup that led to the
Suharto presidency, and the occupation of East Timor.

Aid agencies estimate (BBC, September 13) that between
600 and 7,000 people have been killed and as many as
300,000 have fled their homes since the UN-backed August
30 referendum on East Timor's future.

Now pro-Jakarta militias, angered by President Habibie's
decision to allow international peacekeepers into East
Timor, have told aid workers (The Times, September 14)
that they will take revenge by embarking on a violent
killing spree in West Timor. Should this occur, would
the UN approved, Australia led, multinational force
extend operations to West Timor?

The wider catastrophe we fear may become reality, and
the likely winners will not be the Indonesians who
suffered under 350 years of colonial oppression, and had
their lives shattered once again when U.S. backed
Suharto assumed the presidency and ousted President

G.C. Allan and Audrey Donnithorne, in Western Enterprise
in Indonesia and Malaya, write "In 1940 only 240
Indonesian students graduated from the high schools and
only 37 from the colleges. In that year out of over
3,000 higher civil servants there were only 221
Indonesians, and even in the middle ranks a larger
number of posts were held by Europeans and Eurasians,
who counted as Dutch."

By 1945, writes Reba Lewis author of Indonesia: Troubled
Paradise, 93 per cent of the people were still
illiterate. After 350 years of colonial domination,
there were only a hundred Indonesian physicians; less
than a hundred Indonesian engineers; and in a nation
dependent upon the efficiency of its land productivity,
only ten Indonesian agricultural experts.

Indonesia proclaimed independence on August 17, 1945,
and on December 27, 1949, Indonesia became legally
independent from the Netherlands (Holland).

In 1958 the U.S. attempted to oust Sukarno. Washington
correspondents Thomas Ross and David Wise in their book
The Invisible Government, relate how in 1958 the U.S.
supplied a right-wing rebel force in Indonesia with arms
and a small air force of B-26 bombers for the failed

"Between October 1, 1965, and April or May of the
following year, the right-wing military regime of
Generals Nasution and Suharto seized power and
consolidated its strength in Indonesia. In that scant
seven months as many as a million people were
slaughtered. The rising toll of victims appeared
occasionally in the press here, recorded with little
more passion than a sports score."-- Deirdre Griswold,
The Second Greatest Crime of the Century

Until the October 1, 1965 coup, Indonesia was one of the
most dynamic countries. "The Sukarno government," writes
Ms. Griswold, "took a number of bold steps in foreign
policy that shocked the Western capitals and threatened
to be infectious. Indonesia withdrew from both the UN
and the Olympic games, declaring them to be dominated by
imperialism, and started to set up rival international
bodies. At the very moment that the right-wing coup was
taking place, a conference against foreign military
bases, which of course was aimed first and foremost at
the U.S. with its 3,000 installations overseas, was in
session in Djakarta."

After twenty-five years of fighting the Japanese, the
Dutch and the U.S. imperialists, the 1965 coup and the
subsequent slaughter of a million Indonesians, paved the
way for U.S. companies who began arriving in 1966,
writes Ms. Griswold, for "the feast."

Unilever setup oil and edible fat plants. Uniroyal,
another U.S. international giant, got its rubber
plantation and latex plant. Union Carbide, Singer Sewing
Machine and National Cash Register got back properties
expropriated during the revolution. Eastern Airlines
partnered with the Indonesia airline Garuda; Mobil Oil
secured oil exploration rights. For a mere $75 million
Freeport Sulphur got a contract for exploiting West
Irian copper which is 20 times as rich as ores found in
Arizona and Utah.

The U.S. armed, trained Suharto military invaded the
former Portugese colony of East Timor in 1975 to stop a
civil war between pro- and anti-Marxist groups.
President Suharto did what his Western mentors had done
to acquire colonies or to consolidate their own state
boundaries, and 200,000 East Timorese are reported to
have been killed resisting the Indonesian occupation.

If there is a lesson in all of this it is that wrongs
cannot be righted until the facts are known and
understood. Peace and social justice cannot prevail
until the rich and powerful set an example for the weak
and impoverished.

[Enver Masud visited Indonesia in the early 1950's when
his father was the UNESCO Mission Chief, and several
times in the mid-1990's as an engineering management
consultant for The World Bank. He is founder of The
Wisdom Fund.]

Copyright ? 1999 The Wisdom Fund - All Rights Reserved.
Provided that it is not edited, and author name,
organization, and URL are included, this article may be
printed in newspapers and magazines, and e-mailed to

The Wisdom Fund


Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999
From: Ami Dar <ami@IDEALIST.ORG>
Subject: The one freedom we should all have - Call for comments

Dear friends,

This is a very different message from the Cool Tools we
sent you last week. Your feedback is really important
here, and we look forward to hearing from you.

As always, please share this message with anyone who
might be interested in it.

Thanks in advance,

Ami Dar
Action Without Borders


At the heart of the work that many of us do is the belief
that there is one basic freedom - the freedom to work
with others for a better life - that should be as
available to us as the air we breathe. Without it, you
can't promote literacy, fight preventable diseases or
protect the environment. With it, everything else becomes

If we have this freedom and others do not, two questions
come up: Why should we care? And if we care, what can
we do about it?


If peace, nuclear safety or endangered species are
important to you, you need people to be free in their own
country so they too can work on these issues.

At a deeper level, though, this basic freedom is simply
something we owe one another. Four hundred years ago,
John Donne wrote that "no man is an island... any man's
death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind."
Building on this, we can say that any person who can't
act peacefully to help himself or others diminishes all
of us.


Working together, we can define this freedom as
concretely as possible, and build a broad coalition to
help promote it around the world.

At http://www.idealist.org/freedom.html you will find a
short draft for such a definition, as well as a
searchable database of 1,200 organizations working for
freedom and human rights in 85 countries, to help people
get involved wherever they are.

Until the end of October, we will circulate this draft
as widely as we can. Then, by the beginning of January,
we will publish a table showing where each government
stands on this basic freedom, and invite people
everywhere to help promote it country by country.

Throughout this process, we look forward to your



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From : Douglass Carmichael <doug@tmn.com>
Date : Septembre 10, 1999
Subject : Y2KWEEKX week 17 issue 51 September 9, 1999

Y2KWEEKX week 17 issue 51 September 9, 1999

Douglass Carmichael and Mark Frautschi

These weekly notes are part of a dialog built around an evolving set of
scenarios. The scenarios and back issues can be found at: http://tmn.com/Y2k

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Inequality by the Numbers Typically, Americans Aren't Average
(from "Too Much", Spring 1999)

A tale of two questions.

Question one: Economically, how's the average American household doing
these days? Just great, thank you.

The average American household, according to the latest figures, is now
worth a whopping $176,200 - counting everything except home ownership - a
stunning 22.2 percent increase since 1983.

Question two: How's the typical American household doing?

Economically speaking, not very well at all. The typical household has a
measly $11,799 to its name, a sum that's actually down 10 percent since 1989.

Whoa, what's going on here? How can the net financial worth of American
households be both up and down? Which is it? Are Americans doing better
economically or doing worse? No mumbo jumbo, please. Just a simple answer.

Okay, here's the simple answer: American households, on average, are doing
just fine - but only because rich people are doing absolutely wonderfully.

In 1995, notes New York University economist Edward Wolff, each household
in the richest 1 percent of America was worth, on average, a crisp $7,875,000.

The households in this top 1 percent, taken all together, currently hold
more wealth than the entire bottom 95 percent of American households.

Now if you take all these wealthy households, mix them up with everybody
else, and then calculate an average - a mean, as your high school math
teacher might say - the resulting average will be quite high.

But this average won't tell us much about how much the typical household is
worth. To really see how well or how poorly typical American households are
doing, we have to look at the number statisticians call the median.

Statisticians calculate the median household wealth by asking a
straightforward question: What's the level of household wealth that's
exactly midway between the top and the bottom?

This median household is, in effect, the nation's most typical household.
Half of all households will have more wealth than the median household and
half will have less.

In 1997, this median household financial wealth stood at just $11,700.
That's over $1,300 less than the 1989 total.

Over the last decade, in other words, the typical American family has
actually lost ground economically.

Remember that the next time you hear some apologist for American inequality
wax eloquently about economic glory, 1990s-style.

From http://www.billtotten.com/english/ow1/00300.html

From: "The Campaign" <label@thecampaign.org>
Subject: Thanks!
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999

Hi Jean,

Thanks for including coverage about The Campaign to Label Genetically
Engineered Foods on your web site and e-mail list

Our web site now offers a free copy of our brochure at

Craig Winters
Executive Director
The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

The Campaign
PO Box 55699
Seattle, WA 98155
Tel: 425-771-4049
Fax: 603-825-5841
E-mail: mailto:label@thecampaign.org
Web Site: http://www.thecampaign.org