From: Roan Carratu <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999
Subject: Let's turn the world sane together as part of a "trim tab"

Friends and fellow forerunners,

I have added to my website ( the NCF Mission Statement and Strategy Overview, a fairly comprehensive document crafted in 1997 by a group in the New Civilization Network, (>) when it was believed that a large sum of money (an immense amount of money) was going to be donated to help us bring about a survivable society.

The document is, in my opinion, one of the most important statements of directions and activities ever produced. While the donation was blocked by politics, the document helps those who wish to take the path of the Forerunner to find what they can do to further the effort in the world.

Everyone has friends who feel much like they do, even we forerunners who are such a rarity in the world, (although our numbers are growing) and many of the suggested courses of actions could be accomplished in local or regional areas by any group of friends who really wish to leave to their children a better, survivable world. I suggest you read it, and please don't hesitate to email me with any comments or changes you would like to see incorporated into the document.

I will soon be setting up some pages where folks who want to either live in a Forerunner community or help start the Geonet in their local area can sign up and be listed for contacts with others of like mind and intent. I don't expect an instant response, in that everything goes by the bell curve, which means even the best efforts start slowly and grow at increasing speeds. But if you are thinking of participating, please sign up and I will make sure you get connected with other interested folks.

I also put a subscription button on my site's front page which allows you to sign up for the Forerunner E-List I just set up. Either go ahead and subscribe or email me and I will subscribe you.

All my emailed essays sent out publicly are on my website also. I don't claim to be the only person to see the stuff I put out, in fact, the response I've gotten indicates that there are thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands who are seeing it also. The original The Survivable Path essay is up on my site also, first one of the batch, and it expresses pretty concisely what I and many others see to be what must change to survive on this planet, and my personal views of what we can do about them. I think we are seeing the very beginning of the swell which might become the wave we must surf on to guide the world into sanity. We might have to really paddle fast to catch that wave, but I think a world of peace and sanity is really what most of us want to see in our hearts in the future of our world. It can be, if we get our asses in gear and DO it.

I want to thank the folks who have been writing me, and assure you that I will be answering you as time goes on. I have been quite overwhelmed by the responses I've been getting. With the conflicts in the news, the steady reports of environmental disaster, and the other indicators that we must wake up and take personal responsibility for the world, (rather than leaving it to 'leaders',) I think a great awakening is occurring around the world.

Buckminster Fuller talked about 'trimtab'. A ship as huge as an oil tanker, for example, would take a really huge amount of energy to even turn it's huge rudder. But, if they put a small rudder on the huge rudder, they can turn the small rudder, called a 'trimtab' and the water going by, diverted by the little trimtab, will push the huge rudder over, which turns the whole huge ship. So with a small change comes a huge change. This is what forerunners are really trying to do. We know it is not practical or even possible to force the world to change, to change everyone's minds or actions, but we can be trimtab, and by putting out our best efforts for a long enough time, we can act as trimtab for this world.

Let's do something outrageous with our lives... let's turn the world sane together.

Thank you.

Peace and Long Life,

Roan Carratu

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Subject: Invitation to join


I would like to invite you to join the forerunners mailing list.

The description of this mailing list is:

Throughout the world some people are starting to feel the need to do something about the world's situation. It comes from deep within, and does not seem to have much to do with beliefs or religion or philosophy... It keeps saying in our hearts, "you must personally take up this task to save this planet... it is what you are here to do..." in not so many words... but we who feel this were so isolated from each other, spread out all over, that we have never really connected with others who felt the same way... Now, with the advent of the internet, it is time for us to come together. We are forerunners, geneticly with a gift for finding the way for the world, as we did in ancient times, when we found the path for our tribes. Now we are called to find the path for the world, and lead it to sanity. It is both a personal spiritual path and a path of cooperative action with others, regardless of religion, spiritual path, or belief, to do what is required to save this planet and the ecoentity we are ONE with by the Grace of God. Here you will find News, contact information for those seeking communities and/or setting up a local Geonet, or who want to share their efforts with others in the emerging ancient clan of forerunners, remembering who they are and what they must do. Our Children's Children's Children demands it!

You can join this list by going to the following web page:

If you do not wish to join this list, please ignore this message.

Thanks, List Owner

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999
Subject: "Radicalism" and The Survivable Path


I must join the chorus you inspired as regards Roan's absolutely exceptional contribution to the growing involvements of concerned and caring people all around the planet.

I can understand how important it is for every individual that they feel, and are able, simply by expressing their desire, their will, to make a difference to something they care about. I can also understand how difficult it is for many caring people to leave their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual comfort zones.

Such difficulties are what have brought about the many personal and planetary issues we face; all that is out there, that we don't like, is what WE have created.

It's a bit much for many people to thoroughly accept, but the Earth is a fully conscious, powerful, being. Whilst probabilities are faintly ridiculous here it nevertheless serves to suggest that Mother Earth understands far better than humanity what is occuring, what is destined, what is possible and what is necessary.

I'd rather remain with my nearest and dearest, learning how better to commune with "nature", but I'm hugely doubtful that - at this time - such a choice would maximise either my own potential for good or that of my fellow brothers and sisters.

Regrettably, Roan's "Warrior-like" viewpoint carries the most self-critical, honest and realistic perspective available to those of us who desire to be more influential.

With Love,


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999
From: Shanna Mac Lean <>
Subject: Exchanges on Global Visionary list

Hello Roan: I am Shanna I wanted to greet you personally and introduce myself.

Thank you immensely for your extremely stimulating (not so radical to my way of viewing) observations on life on planet Earth at this time -- and your call to action. Basically I am in accord and oneness with all of which you speak.

I recently read Conversations with God III, which Neale Walsch brought through. I was tremendously impressed with the detailed discussion of the life style of highly evolved beings, which takes up the last third of the book. What you describe is the way Highly Evolved Beings live. I asked myself: are there ways we can accelerate evolution NOW on this planet? How can we as a society, or even a group within a society, come to some of these (OBVIOUS when you muse on them) understandings which are described as the ways of "highly evolved" beings, and translate them into our daily lives. [I have excerpted this part of the book if you would like me to send it to you.] One of my thoughts was to form a foundation which could search out projects (such as Michael Cohen's and I know of others) which potentially can have high impact on a large number of beings, and find a way to disseminate/energize them.

How can your very sage observations be translated into a practical and SPECIFIC set of actions??

In love, Shanna

From: (Eve Howard)
To: <>
Subject: Rainbow Network Message
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999


I have been touched deeply by your messages just now received as part of Jean's Rainbow Network distribution. I connected with Jean's group in the wee hours of morning many months ago. For close to a decade I have been reading and searching for the something I know must be, I was attempting on this night to locate any type of alternative community, as I have done and thought about many times. As I read your message and Jean's response I made notes of points I wished to present to Jean almost in defense of your stands. That I had connected with his group in this very quest and the point of the synergy created by community and how I have come to realize that this will be necessary to join many well intentioned individual efforts. Also how the point of returning to the connection with nature while extremely valid is just one element that would be necessary to incorporate or at least present to this type of groups of people.

I also thought about "The Farm" of which I have been drawn and while I have not visited it have read a great deal about it and the part it plays in the world and the organization of like communities and the difference they are making.

I humbly compare myself in an additional parallel, while not of the magnitude nor the dedication of life. In early years there were discussions as to my I.Q. level within the private school that I attended and I also questioned a good deal of what I was taught at a very early age much to the chagrin of my teachers. I have continued to develop non mainstream philosophies about religion and creation that have always made me feel somehow separate. Unlike yourself I have kept these things in a discreet place and have worn a much more acceptable attire as years progressed. In the last decade the mask became very unbearable and I have been much more aggressive in seeking and taking stands.

I would guess that if there are the many out there that you perceive they may be taking a similar path. I was born in 1954 and like yourself have found a few but precious few of like mind.

You however, eloquently addressed each and every note I had made in your subsequent response to Jean. This is what prompted me to make this contact. I once commented to Jean that I have been a leader of some sort in many situations over the years by induction rather than by choice and I always lead as a sacred responsibility and duty. Most are seeking leadership and I know how important it is for all of us to find within ourselves answers before we can choose a path.

Your words are the closest to any vision I have had and I fully understand your proposals and the reasoning behind them. I know that in a community environment as with any group working for a common goal the ideas and synergy created magnifies any effort made. The question is how and where to start ?. I wish I was 20 once again with the years and energy at my disposal but I also know it is imperative not to give up on the vision. What are your thoughts?

One last note: I have the greatest respect for Jean and the work that he is doing. I cannot begin to tell you the element that he has added to my life. He has a very special mission in this process and is remaining true to his vision. What a beautiful soul.

May you be blessed in your quest,

Eve Howard

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999
To: "Roan Carratu" <>
From: Gene Kieffer <>
Subject: The Survivable Path

Dear Roan,

I just finished reading the e-mail sent to Jean Hudon. My first "take" is that even if you were to have it printed nicely on good paper, and then sent by ordinary mail to every human being between the ages of 16 and 76, it would not change anything.

True, not everybody in the world knows that "All is One," but surely by now every New Ager knows it, because that's all they ever say--"We're all One." I know what it means, and you know what it means, and they know what it means, but it does not change anything. Their behavior remains as it was.

In order for words to make a difference, the words have to impart knowledge that translates into wisdom. So far, I have not seen a book that does it. People use the word "Wisdom" a lot, and I guess they ascribe some meaning to it.

I am now in the finally stages of writing a book that is meant to impart some wisdom. Whether I've succeeded or not remains to be seen. The title is "THE UNVEILING OF THE VIRGIN ISIS." My problem is a very practical one: "What do I do with the book after it's finished?"

Thanks very much for sharing your insights about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We need to hear from more people such as yourself who THINK!

All best wishes,


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999
From: Kathy Jensen <>
Subject: Re: The Survivable Path

Fantastic summary from Roan!!!! I would like to add that it will probably all start with the economic system, without money, there would be no reason for all the crimes and injustices! We will get back to people being more important than portfolios. And I doubt there is a person in government that will call current acts of violence within this country exactly what it is. It is NOT terrorism, It used to be called a REVOLUTION. No one has the guts to call it that in our current system.

I agree though, that the change, when it comes about will not be forced. Thank the universe.

Kathy Jensen

From: Paul Terry Walhus <>
Subject: Re: The Survivable Path- worth repeating!
To: (Roan Carratu)
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999

You said:

"We need to interlink these communities"

Well, we have the Internet. I don't know about all moving in together, but we all have pockets of activity in different places. We have the bioregional folks in Austin.

The Spring is a "virtual community" similar to the WELL where we can meet (

Where do we start?

Paul Terry Walhus

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 22:25:40 -0700
From: "Roan Carratu" <>
To: "Ileana P. Falticeni" <>
Subject: Re: The Survivable Path

"Ileana P. Falticeni" wrote:

Dear Roan,

A friend emailed me your thoughts. I wish I could say your ideas are radical, but they are not - they are logic and nothing we have not heard before... religion has been trying to convey the same message for thousands of years, but, well, it comes with so much excess bagagge one loses the message.

As a believer in the bleak inevitability of environmental destruction man faces on his present socio-economic-geopolitical course, I have one comment: the earth will be saved one of two ways; either we/it destroys itself in order to be able to live again, or we work within the present socio-economic-geopolitical game to change the course of inevitability. The latter carries the high risk of destruction in and of itself. There are some of us within the "subculture" of suits and ties who drag the masses into awareness - is it not more realistic to influence the masses using their own language than using concepts (albeit correct) they don't understand, ot trust?

Please don't scorn the "suits" different from you, anymore than you would wish the suits to scorn your singleminded devotion. Perhaps that is what we all need - this single minded devotion - but the suits may reach the psyche of the masses much faster than you. We are trying.

A suit


Thank you for your message.

Please understand I was not fussing about clothing. I could care less what people wear or if they wear nothing at all. (grin)

It was the mindset instilled into the population, especially those who have positions of responsibility, by the academic subculture. While that subculture is not monolithic, it does cause a social effect by limiting the meaning of such concepts as 'reasonable' to irrational limits and in the process, causing those people to disregard any rational possibilities as 'unreasonable' and reject anyone who proposes such possibilities.

This is a social filtering system, and unfortunately, a seriously insane filtering system.

Considering the root, the origin of the subculture, it is not surprising, but it does have to be addressed.

Please understand also that I don't see this as a big division or struggle between people who don't wear some uniform or suit and those who do. Defining the problem in that way would not be helpful. The people who have been conditioned by the academic subculture have no idea that they are conditioned. Everyone is conditioned to some degree or another, and the academic brand is not as bad as some which occur in the world, especially by the 'noise' around religions... but it is the most influencing among the most people who have power of social decision making. The power structure is filtered that way. The world is not in this condition by accident, but by ignorance, as in 'ignore'... I see the struggle for long term survival in terms of subcultures, in changing subcultures.

"the earth will be saved one of two ways; either we/it destroys itself in order to be able to live again, or we work within the present socio-economic-geopolitical game to change the course of inevitability."

The illusion is that subcultures, especially multigenerational subcultures, like academia or government or any large social structure, is rigid and unyielding and does not change easily. But in reality, they change as fast as the people in them change. When concepts change in the general population, the subcultures change also.

But for people to change, they have to have something as an example, to look at, which represents changes in directions they want to go, which show benefits they consider favorable for their lives and their children's lives. That rarely comes from within the large subcultures. That comes from people outside those subcultures doing those examples and having them widely publicized. But the media is also a large subculture, also conditioned by academia. So to bring about both the examples and the publication of those examples, will require people outside the subcultures to do the examples, and people outside the subcultures to set up their own means of publicizing the results.

I wish it could be done from within the subcultures, but it cannot. The conditioning, as a group, is so strong it's... well... like if a crew of a large sailboat had been taught all their lives that to open their eyes would bring horrible non-specific events, they would lose everything, and probably die, then such people could not open their eyes even if some passengers who are looking, who dared to open their eyes anyway, tell them the ship is heading towards an iceberg... Even if they believed it, they would say 'we may have to do it, but with our eyes closed'... If it was a simple thing, then perhaps that would be enough, but to save the planet at this late date will require an intricate dance of course changes which none with their eyes closed could manage, and from your sentence above, you understand that. 'changing the course of inevitability' is futile, for it is either inevitable or it can be changed and it is not inevitable... Certainly those who think that cannot, in that way of thinking, change things from within.

Inotherwords, there is hope for change that can be survived and which can actually produce major beneficial effects, but it will require enough people to open their eyes and crew the ship. It won't be done just because we are heading towards the iceberg, but because it is so futile to tell the captains and crew that the ship is heading for an iceberg, and because some see an open sea awaiting, clear sailing on a gentle sea, if we only just sail between the cliffs, if we do this and that and this other thing... which they can see clearly. If necessary, we will dance around the blind crew and trim the sails ourselves... We are as capable as the crew and the task is obvious to all of us.

I don't say all this from a naive viewpoint. I was trained as an officer in the military, I have worked for the government, and I have had positions in corporations. Enough to taste the subcultural worldviews and understand the dynamics. I have worn a suit, and I have also gone to college. Also, I have seen that we have a powerful ally, one that far transcends the leaders and subcultures that now rule the world, and that is Life itself, the very instincts which pump our blood and drive us to breathe without us even noticing most of the time. The 'sublime force which grows the green shoot'... We did not evolve randomly, as an accident... we were designed to succeed, although the process of evolution goes on and nothing is 100% certain. We are this planet being aware of, and changing, itself, so it is not so farfetched that we might not only survive but do better than we are now.

It is very good to converse with you, and I meant nothing here in any personal way. May we be friends? Please keep in touch.

-- Peace and Long Life, Roan Carratu


From: "John V. Panella" <>
Subject: Re: The Survivable Path
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999

It has become imperative that action be taken. Yet we all know that the power lords that rule this earth will use violence anyway they can to stop anyone or thing trying to avert their attempts to create a despotic world. I have come to the conclusion that everything that occurs is only verified by divine right. meaning: we all have freedom of choice, but if we misuse that choice or allow our selves to be deceived by power seekers and the SHADOWLORDS of rule, then we allow by divine right our entire free choice to be manipulated into a morbid conclusion.

I state here and now this must end. We on this planet have lived in illusion much too long. We have been manipulated, deceived and outright lied to for the benefit of beings who lost their divine right by darkness. If we are to penetrate this void with light then we must use the cunning art of the serpent. Be wise as a serpent BUT HARMLESS as a dove. We realize in this world that knowledge and the lack thereof are the pinnacles of whatever direction you have succumbed to. It is our right by divine law of the LAW OF ONE, that we can change. prophecy can change. Future can change. Nothing is set in stone as long as we have that right. Then it becomes imperative to initiate the serpent factor. We must now play their game with the same art as they have successfully used for ages. You see ultimately they will fail. We already have their number and we never knew it.

I decree this day by the great I AM, that we initiate the serpent factor. This decree will manifest itself by any means possible that we can get this information out to as many numbers as we can. For those who understand this decree you will see the importance behind what it is that I AM stating. This verse below must now become the first creed of the serpent factor of change world wide.


Sent by divine decree!

I AM here and I AM going to intervene!

This worlds hierarchy is finished, they have been so forewarned as of this date that they no longer have control of this planet by the decree of I AM!

For ages on end you have been promised the sworn oath of the supreme divine council, that I AM returning. I AM telling you now, your faith and hope has not been in vain, I AM here now and I AM intervening! Do not let your oath to ignorance sway your internal logic away from truth. I AM not here to take you over, I AM not here to create a new religion, I AM not here to adhere to one belief over the other! I AM here to give you back your divine right and freedom. I AM here to introduce once again the FATHER/MOTHER divine; our eternal parents.

For you were never forsaken nor ever left alone. You have been led astray by the cunning art of darkness, and so be it this day that darkness is now being removed. The wars are going to be stopped. Families will be brought back together. Communities will live in peace. Governments will be here only to teach not to enforce. Teachers will renew their oath to the supreme science and metaphysical divinity. Your days will become isles of peace as you spend your time learning and occupying the mind once again with the gnosis of your heritage. You will no longer slave for the few, you will only assist for the many. Your days will no longer be filled with labor creating a blockage in the thinking process. Your days will be filled with joy, laboring only for the pursuit and well being of your fellow man.

I AM so speaking these words, for in your heart you know this to be true. The times of the darkened ones are finished. They now realize this themselves. For all they attempt to do to thwart this divine power I AM giving you, they shall only war against themselves. For they will turn on one another and consume each other as they attempt to hold their controlling power over you. I AM assuring you this day, they no longer have this power it is gone. All that is left is the remnant of deceit which still occupies the heart of ignorance. This too shall be removed as each one reads this message.

Your fight and and your deep faith has not let you down even though most of your beliefs systems were based on deception and false illusions. It has been said, that these evils must first come as a precursor to the event that I AM now establishing. What you failed to comprehend is that the evils were of the darkness, and light will never allow darkness to fulfill its needs. But your beliefs were creating these events not distinguishing them. Religions have long wrongly taught that evil times must come before the light will shine. But you failed to recall that Prophecy can and will fail. This was our divine right to allow those of the darkened world to believe these things so that they would fall into our plan of love.

You have believed in divine intervention, well I AM here! You have believed well! Now nothing can come against what has been set in motion. Nothing, I repeat there is no power on heaven above or earth beneath that can now come up against the forces of righteousness and light.

For the Christ, whom many seek has now returned, not in the form of the once master Jesus, but now in the form of each of you. For what Jesus was trying to teach before the shadow Lord's changed his wisdom, was that the Father and the Divine Son live within you. They are part of you and you are part of them. That light has returned to expel the darkness and rekindle the hope setting the true illumined, ones, (YOU), as salt of the earth once again. You are that great city that stands on top of the highest mountain. That mountain is the temple of the Great spirit. That mountain is the real YOU! I AM that mountain!

My dearly beloved friends I so come to you today to reveal unto you the mystery of the ages sealed by divine law from before the foundations of your world. I AM here to bring back what was stolen. I AM here to now remove the veil. Close your eyes and peer through your divine eye. As I promised every eye would see this day. And so it must be declared, I have spoken these words. For the Kingdom of the Shadow Lords are no more, for the Kingdom of my Father/Mother divine and your Father/Mother divine has now been reestablished. Praise be to the highest, praise be to the law of one. Praise be to truth!

Sincerely, I AM your friend Truly, I AM your brother Mercifully, I AM your betrothed one! Welcome to the marriage of the lamb!

P.S. This message now must go out unto billions of people. As they bring in these words the world will begin to set anew the power of the kingdom! Yours truly, I AM