May 12, 1999

Subject: Feedbacks on Big Mountain Genocide and some other issues including "The bombs are driving us mad...": Letter from Belgrade + NATO LEADERS CHARGED FOR WAR CRIMES + New Anti-War Efforts in Ottawa, National Rally May 29

Hello everyone

I received a couple interesting feedbacks on my last email and this notice below that I want to send you all right away, before this other "Oxygen and ozone depletion Alert" email mentioned in my last email and which is almost ready.

I also included most of another mass email sent to a 700+ media list in relation to the bombing of Yugoslavia. As you'll see the story as seen from under the bombs is really saddening, especially if you stop to think about all those children frightened to death and permanently traumatised by the wanton destruction and death visited on their land by high flying jets and Cruise missiles. These innocent children have nothing to do with the cruel deeds of their government against the Kosovar people and deserve our compassion as much as the hundreds of thousands of refugees suffering an equally terrible trauma because of a despot in Yugoslavia and his army of goons.

We cannot tolerate this terrible situation much longer and it is time we all express our revulsion against the use of such violent means used to presumably counter the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo.

Let us all have our voice heard and counted. They cannot manipulate Western public opinions much longer in the face of their continued blunders and the mounting suffering they inflict on mostly poor innocent people.

With Love and peaceful intent

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Sat, 8 May 1999
Subject: MPAN and the Hague Appeal for Peace

Dear Jean,

This is Sue Zipp writing from Holland. I've been travelling quite a bit,
and am now in The Hague in preparation for the upcoming Hague Appeal for Peace.

I wanted to let you and your readers know about the Live Internet Broadcasts
Planed for the HAP. You can find out the exact information by going to, and go to the Hague Peace Youth section, then click on
Terence Johnson.

Briefly, the International Telecommunications Union have offered the Hague
Appeal for Peace the opportunity to broadcast live on theinternet from the
HAP conference, using their Internet Broadcast Service. Anyone with a PC
able to run RealPlayer5 or G2 should be able to watch and hear the
Conference from their computer, and RealPlayer is free.

Please inform as many people as possible!

Thanks for your ongoing support,
Sue Zipp
MPAN Vice-Chair

Subject: Add your signature, send it back to andy fraenkel <>, and lets really try to get something done.

Date sent: Fri, 7 May 1999 16:00:00 -0400
Subject: Hopi & Navaho
From: andy fraenkel <>

Dear Senators,

Greetings. I pray that all is well by you. I am a little perplexed.
The US government wants to save Kosovo and restore it to the residents
there and yet is chiseling away at the land of the Hopi and Navaho in
Arizona at Black Mesa. Can we expect the latter to also invoke a
response by NATO?

Come on guys - do the right thing.

Andy Fraenkel
Center For Sacred Storytelling
RD 1 - NBU # 19
Moundsville, WV 26041

From: "David Crockett Williams" <>
Subject: Big Mountain Genocide
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999

Dear Jean, thanks for including this post from Dr. Giuliano regarding the
Dineh situation and the next upcoming deadline regarding the Big Mountain
relocation efforts of the US Government in your post to your large global
Planetary Awakening Network list (NO DAVID. IT WAS ONLY TO THE EARTH RAINBOW NETWORK 1150+ EMAILING LIST). Your people might also be interested to
know of the annual Sundance Ceremony conducted at Big Mountain (the general
area where they want to mine more coal and other minerals as the reason for
illegally disposessing these people) during the first week of July, so as to
keep this in our prayers. The dispute at the root of the US law being
implemented here (PL 93-531, which needs to be repealed) was a completely
fraudulent fake "range war" staged before 1974 by the attorney for the
illegally constituted "Hopi Tribal Council" (read Bureau of Indian Affairs
imposed mining contract authority). This issue goes to the core of the
environmental concerns in regards to the dangers of global warming, ozone
depletion and acid rain pollutions. The largest open pit coal strip mine in
the world exists on the Black Mesa on which is located Big Mountain and the
other Dineh communities subject to relocation. This coal is transported via
water slurry lines that have been drying up the underground water tables
even now seriously threatening the Hopi villages to the south as well as the
Dineh populations all over that area. The coal is burned in three electric
power plants which together produce more acid rain pollutions than the top
five US cities combined. In 1989 Adam Trombly
proposed a plan to install his new energy technology devices into these
power plants to end the need to burn coal. The cost of these new "free
energy generators" was projected to be approximately equal to the cost of
installing "scrubbers" to clean the pollutions out of the smoke from the
radioactive and sulphur laden coal. Still his proposal was rejected and his
life again threatened by those who do not want their profits from fossil
fuel power industry diminished. The Dineh are suffering because this new
energy technology is still being held back by ignorance, arrogance and
greed. I hope that your fine efforts will help manifest positive change

The Global Peace Walk 2000 from San Francisco (January15, 2000) to
Washington, DC, (~October 12, 2000) to the United Nations in New York City
(October 24, 2000, United Nations Day 55th anniversary) will be passing
through the Big Mountain area during the general time-frame of next year's
Big Mountain relocation deadline and we hope that your network will support
our efforts from this point forward to remedy this situation as we have been
working towards since first hearing the message of the late Hopi traditional
spokesman Thomas Banyacya in 1976 whose message the Global Peace Walk is
carrying. The initiator of the Global Peace Walk, Rev. Yusen Yamato, will
be taking part in the Sundance at Big Mountain this year and remembering the
passing in February of Banyacya and last December of Masao Nippashi.

Global Emergency Alert Response
David Crockett Williams 661-822-3309
20411 Steeple Court, Tehachapi CA 93561 USA

The Global Peace Walk 1999-2000
1999: 22APR Taos, NM, ---> Santa Fe 26APR
2000: 15JAN San Francisco --> New York 24OCT
12 OCT Washington, DC,
Columbus Day Ceremony Rededicating
The Washington Monument as a Symbol of Peace.
October 24th is United Nations Day
"GLOBAL PEACE NOW!" Global Peace Zone2000
Remove the scourge of war from future generations

From: "Benton Productions" <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999
Subject: Re: FWD Genocide of the Navajo People

Dear Jean,

Thank you for the update. I am deeply saddened by your news of the
Navajo people. Under Agenda 21, and also under the international
convention The Rights of the Child, the rights of the Navajo people
should be assured under law. It might be worth taking some action in
this way. It might also be worth amking claims about their caretaker
role, and thus as custodians of the land throughout a long history,
they should also protected under law. Surely the churches will also
act to stop this deportation. Under The Appology they have promised
to stand by the rights of the indigenous people of America. I will
see what can be done from here.

I remember well one night spent all to briefly with a group of
navajo. I found them wonderful people, with such vision and
gentleness. We will see if there is some action that can be taken,
perhaps though our University.

Re GE food. Our campaigne here is going exceedingly well. There will
be a major demonstration this coming Wednesday 12th May at lunch time
at our State Parliment. We are taking a picnic of organic foods to
share with the public.

You may be aware that there is a Glastonbury Crystal in Kosovo which
is being used as a focal point for meditation energy. For those
unfamiliar with Glastonbury, it is the isle of Avalon to which King
Arthur is said to have been taken to be healed of his wounds. It is
also the site identified by the poet and mystic William Blake, as the
New Jerusaleum.

It is always great to hear from you, and we send love and peace from
here down under.

Viv Benton

Date: Sat, 8 May 1999
From: Portal Market <>

I am appalled at the way this planet is conducting itself. You can quote
me on that. Me being every consciousness being on this planet.
Jose is having a Peace Summet Jean so I put it up. I created a Peace

I suppose I could list at least a hundred peace sites, but have included
a few here as well.

The bombing of the Chinese Embassy is definitely a bad ploy. We must find
a better way. I get the feeling all my word ring hollow.


Date: Mon, 10 May 1999
Subject: the prison population consists of...?

Janet Lee sent to PLANETNEWS:

Here's a few stats for all of you who think the prison population
consists of pedophiles and Jeffrey Dahmer types.

Inmates by race:
193 per 100,000 whites
688 per 100,000 Hispanics
1,571 per 100,000 Blacks
4,000 per 100,000 Native Americans!

23% of State and 60% of Federal inmates are there on drug offenses.

On June 30, 1998 there were an estimated 452 prison inmates per 100,000
U.S. residents -- up from 292 at year end 1990.

If you'd like to learn more about a type of "criminal" we're currently
incarcerating, rent the Sundance Film Festival winning film, "Slam."

Maybe some of the "let 'em rot in jail" crowd might change their

Peace & Light,
Mike Beebe

Date: Fri, 07 May 1999
From: "Bob Mueller" <>


I was thrilled to see the two articles: GIANT COMPANIES TO PHASE OUT BIOTECH
FOODS + Global Furor Temporarily Tables Monsanto's Terminator.

I hadn't come across these myself, and they gave me *great* hope.

It's confirmation that our voices REALLY ARE heard (when we scream silently and
loudly enough) ;-)



Date: Mon, 10 May 1999
To: (jean hudon)
Subject: to China and to Indonesia....

Greetings, Jean --

Seeking to move "ahead of the wave", it appears tensions and economic
stresses in Indonesia could use our loving enfoldment, now. I'm told the
Asian economic downturn in past months hit Indonesia very acutely, and
their election process begins next week. It appears likely that both the
US and China are interested in lending a controlling/helping hand there,
but that they may not be focused on the same outcomes.

Let us let love radiate without concern for results. We can include the
"dwellers upon the land" of Indonesia, China, and America in that
enfoldment; and the people who comprise the governments, police, and
military of Indonesia, China, and the US as well.

-- Jeff --

Date: Mon, 10 May 1999
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <>
Subject: This week's Healing Our World - "It's Official: Greed is Killing Us"

Hello all,

At least 40 percent of the world's deaths can be attributed to
environmental factors, says David Pimentel, a professor of agricultural
sciences and ecology at Cornell University. Malnutrition, smoking,
cooking fires, skin cancer, chemical exposures, radon pollution, water
pollution and air pollution top the list as killers.

I am sure that the figure is much higher than this since so many
illnesses and deaths are never reported to a data collecting agency and
the figure does not include deaths due to our tainted food supply..

This week's Healing Our World article on the Lycos Environment News
Service explores this alarming realization. Check it out when you can at

Have a good week and I wish you peace.


Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Studies

Author, "Healing Our World" on the Environment News Service at



In an effort to present the other unreported side of the picture - unreported because most of the media have received orders not to report these facts or are too coward to do so - I'm forwarding you a distressing letter from a doctor in Belgrade under the NATO bombs and a couple other related items.

I would dare to say that enough is enough. Stop the bombing now! The point has been made and the "honor" of almighty NATO has been saved. As for the future of Kosovo, I think the Yugoslav government will be a lot more "receptive" to a negociated peace settlement and a UN monitored home return of the forced refugees if NATO just let them a breathing space to think straight again, without the nightly bombing runs!

War has been given its chance and it has not worked. So now let's give peace a chance... once again!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


"If we were a species of animals I am sure animal protection groups
would stand up against what is happening to us?" Dr. Miroslav Milicevic,
Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Daily Telegraph (London) 7th May 1999

'Attacks on Belgrade are driving us mad'

Prof Miroslav Milicevic, Chief of Surgery at Belgrade University
Hospital, has lived through the bombing of Belgrade. In extracts from a
letter to a friend with whom he worked for two years at Imperial
College, London, he describes his experiences. He has never been a
supporter of President Milosevic and carries no political affiliation,
according to his friend.

Tuesday, May 4.

Dear colleague,

Hope you and the kids are doing OK. My father told me that you called
and that you said that you have been trying to reach me for some time
but that it proved impossible. I am not surprised, it is a miracle that
phones are working at all, not to mention international lines.

I really thank you both for inquiring about us. What can I say about the
way we live. Whatever I say is not terrible enough and does not portray
the present situation in its extreme horror. When the bombing started,
Lepa and the kids were here for two days. I have a bomb shelter in the
house where I live and we spent practically two nights there.

The sirens, the blasts and the general feeling really deranged my kids
(they are only 5 and 7) and Lepa could not take it at all. It was like a
nightmare. My kids really suffered greatly and after a few days I had to
decide to move them out of the country, which was not easy at all.

There was really no choice since they would definitely have been
psychologically damaged for life. I made up my mind in two hours and
arranged for a minibus to drive my family and the families of two of my
friends to Budapest. We were driving behind the minibus to make sure
they made it across the bridges. Can you imagine how it feels when you
are speeding down the road and 700 metres to your left you have
screeching aircraft piloted by morons bombing the airfield in Batajnica?
Can you imagine how the kids feel?

We knew that it was an opportunity to get our families to safety and
that we had to take it no matter what the risk was. Believe me Nagy,
that we only hoped that if someone had to die it was us and not our
children. They made it to Budapest, thank God. From there Lepa and the
kids went to Moscow. It is fortunate that I have a brother there and he
has been taking care of them since.

What has been happening since. Utter madness. We do very little surgery,
only what is inevitable and have emptied the hospital for eventual
casualties. We are low on supplies, and you can imagine how surgeons
that do not operate feel.

We have 24 hour shifts every few days (several teams headed by a
professor) as spare teams for the Emergency Centre teams. There is
depression and anger everywhere you turn. No one can do anything smart -
we just exist. I cannot write or read. Friends (since most families are
in exile) meet and spend their time together. I am relieved when I
operate - it keeps my mind off my family and the unbelievable reality.
Can you believe that 500 million of the richest and most powerful people
in the world (the largest fighting force ever) has attacked 10 million
people that have been devastated by sanctions and a European capital is
being bombed at the end of the second millennium. People do not smile
any more, survival is the only preoccupation. It is only important that
our kids do not suffer.

I have stopped watching satellite news. I cannot stand the propaganda
telling me that I belong to a nation that does not deserve to live.
Believe me that what you see in the news has nothing to do with how
really terrible things are. More than 80 per cent of the bridges have
been destroyed, most railroads and roads. Both refineries have been
destroyed, there is no gasoline at all, and we practically do not drive
cars any more. More than 300 schools and university buildings have been
damaged. More than 1 million pre-school, school and university students
do not go to school any more.

The semester has been concluded one month ago. My daughter has not
learned to read properly in first grade and she is already in the second
grade. The whole generation will be crippled. Believe me, I have lived
through some of the most difficult days in my life, I am tough and I do
not break and will not break.

In Belgrade practically no one sleeps at night any more, since the main
bombings take place from 22:30 to 04:30. It is enough to hear enemy
planes fly over your cities, the cruise missiles (they fly low and
slow), to hear and feel the explosions. When planes do not fly you still
think you hear them. It is hard to stay sane.

Imagine seeing buildings you grew up next to crumble and be turned to
dust. It is like someone is erasing a part of your life. Seeing your
city destroyed is so sad. When they bombed the Ministry for Internal
Affairs my teams were on duty at the Clinic. That building is barely 200 metres
from the First Surgical. Can you imagine how it feels and how it sounds?
The blast, shattering glass, the fire, smoke etc. Anti-aircraft guns and
rockets light up the sky. A small nation can only do so much.

Last Thursday was one of the worst days. My teams were on duty again and
at around 01:30 they rocketed the same building twice again and the army
headquarters only 800 metres away. The rockets flew over our heads, the
explosions were terrible.

When we left for the casualties there was some in the air, dust, the
smell of chemicals and flames all over the place. Like in a lousy war
movie. In fifteen minutes the attack was repeated and all the people
that went into the building to look for the injured were blasted out.

In that one night our teams amputated three legs (two in the same
patient), one in another and one on the spot of the bombing. Can you
believe that this is happening in the main street of Belgrade several
hundred metres from the hospital? For the past few weeks I have really
aged. Then they bombed the TV station only 900 metres from my flat. In
that attack 17 people were killed and crushed. Another leg amputation
had to be done on the spot.

A few days ago they used special carbon dust and fibre bombs and shorted
the electrical power grid so that 80 per cent of Serbia was without
electricity the entire night, part of the next day and some are still
without electricity.

Can you imagine in a city of 2 million how many babies could not be
taken care of during the night? You know our hospitals and how much we
can do with generators. If this is not cruelty beyond compare then I am
probably insane already. This must be a nightmare, it could not be
happening. When the death tolls become public, I am certain that
generations to come will hide their face in shame. They will want to
skip this lesson in history books.

The worst part is wondering why this all is happening. All of my life I
tried to be decent, honest and dignified doing no wrong to anyone. Most
of my friends are the same. We worked hard to achieve something. Now
that everything started working for me, patient referrals, operations,
income, research etc, everything is disrupted and there is no future any
more. I can really see no more sense in anything I do.

We barely had the means for serious hepatic surgery before the
aggression and now we have no means for serious surgery at all. What
have I been doing for the past 50 years at all?

I know one thing for sure. If all this does not induce drastic political
changes and some, even remote, future for my kids - I am through with
surgery and this is not going to be a place where I want them to grow up
in, I can harbour my fury and hatred, I can function even at a time like
this and I shall not break but I keep asking myself why so much
violence, hatred, destruction - is it so hard to be normal?

The problem is that there is no end in sight and people change. The weak
crack, psychopaths strive, the normal suffer and I am sure that nothing
here is ever going to be the same again. What can we as doctors do? I
cannot leave my people in time of greatest need and none of my friends
has done so. We can only speak our mind and promote moral principles
hoping that sanity will prevail.

Unfortunately no one wants to hear. If we were a species of animals I am
sure animal protection groups would stand up against what is happening
to us. This is how I live presently. I shall do my best to survive and
provide a future for my kids. They deserve it. I am not a quitter and I
shall take what is coming. At this point, surgery seems so far away
because one does not understand the purpose of anything any more.

I have hope and that will guide me. I have friends and they make this
turmoil easier to bear. All the best to all of you.


Date: Tue, 11 May 1999
From: Marjaleena Repo/Campaign for Canada <>

NOTE: This press conference took place on May 7. A copy is available of
the full text of the suit which will be sent to the list separately.
PLEASE CIRCULATE FAR AND WIDE. There is a massive media cover-up in
Canada of the case - or of any opposition to the war, for that matter.
We have to break free from this censorship, one way or another...

Marjaleena Repo



A group lawyers from several countries has laid a formal complaint with
the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia against
all of the individual leaders of the NATO countries and officials of
NATO itself. The complaint was initiated  by professors from Osgoode
Hall Law School of York University in Toronto -- where Tribunal
prosecutor Louise Arbour was also a professor before becoming a judge.
The group has charged Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Javier Solana,
Jamie Shea, Jean Chretien, Art Eggleton, Lloyd Axworthy and 60 other
heads of state and government, foreign ministers, defence ministers and
NATO officials, with war crimes committed in NATO's six-week old bombing
campaign against Yugoslavia.

The list of crimes includes "wilful killing, wilfully causing great
suffering or serious injury to body or health, extensive destruction of
property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully
and wantonly, employment of poisonous weapons or other weapons to cause
unnecessary suffering, wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages,
or devastation not justified by military necessity, attack, or
bombardment, by whatever means, of undefended towns, villages,
dwellings, or buildings, destruction or wilful damage done to
institutions dedicated to religion, charity and education, the arts and
sciences, historic monuments and works of art and science."

The complaint also alleges "open violation" of the United Nations
Charter, the NATO treaty itself, the Geneva Conventions and the
Principles of International Law Recognized by the Nüremberg Tribunal
(the latter of which makes "planning, preparation, initiation or waging
of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties,
agreements or assurances" a crime).

Under the Statute "a person who planned, instigated, ordered, committed
or otherwise aided and abetted in the planning, preparation or execution
of a crime shall be individually responsible for the crime" and "the
official position of any accused person, whether as Head of State or
Government or as a responsible Government official, shall not relieve
such person of criminal responsibility or mitigate punishment."

The complaint points to the bombing of civilian targets and alleges that
NATO leaders "have admitted publicly to having agreed upon and ordered
these actions, being fully aware of their nature and effects" and that
"there is ample evidence in the public statements of NATO leaders that
these attacks on civilian targets are part of a deliberate attempt to
terrorize the population to turn it against its leadership;"

The complaint cites a recent statement of the President of the Tribunal,
Judge Gabrielle Kirk McDonald, urging that: "All States and
organisations in possession of information pertaining to the alleged
commission of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal should make
such information available without delay to the Prosecutor."

The complaint also cites a statement of United Nations High Commissioner
for Human Rights Mary Robinson in which she says that "large numbers of
civilians have incontestably been killed, civilian installations
targeted on the grounds that they are or could be of military
application and NATO remains sole judge of what is or is not acceptable
to bomb*In this situation, the principle of proportionality must be
adhered to by those carrying out the bombing campaign. It surely must be
right to ask those carrying out the bombing campaign to weigh the
consequences of their campaign for civilians in the Federal Republic of

Under the Statue, the Prosecutor is bound to "initiate investigations
ex-officio or on the basis of information obtained from any source,
particularly from Governments, United Nations organs, inter-governmental
and non-governmental organizations" and to "assess the information
received or obtained and decide whether there is sufficient basis to
proceed. Upon a determination that a case exists, the Prosecutor is
bound to "prepare an indictment containing a concise statement of the
facts and the crime or crimes with which the accused is charged under
the Statute and transmit it to a judge of the Trial Chamber."

The complaint asks Judge Arbour to "immediately investigate and indict
for serious crimes against international humanitarian law" the 67 named
leaders and whoever else shall be determined by the Prosecutor's
investigations to have committed crimes in the NATO attack on Yugoslavia
commencing March 24, 1999."

Copies of the charges have been sent to the accused.

Participating in the action are 15 lawyers and law professors as well as
the American Association Jurists, a pan American organization of
lawyer's, judges, law professors and students, with membership in all
countries of the American Continent from Tierra del Fuego to Canada, an
NGO with consultative status before the Social and Economic Council of
the United Nations.

Professor Michael Mandel said in Toronto today: "The bombing of
civilians is not only immoral, it is criminal and punishable under the
laws governing the Tribunal. You cannot kill a woman and child in
Belgrade on the theoretical possibility that it might save a woman and
child in Pristina. Even in a legal war you cannot kill civilians and
destroy an entire country as a military strategy. But this is an illegal
war and the NATO leaders are acting like outlaws. So far they have
risked nothing by sending others to do their killing and destroying. We
believe that if they are held individually responsible, as the law
requires, they won't feel so free to spill other peoples' blood."

For further information, please contact

* in Toronto: Professor Michael Mandel (telephone 416-736-5039;
e-mail or David Jacobs (telephone 416-539-; email
* in Geneva: Alejandro Teitelbaum, ( e-mail )

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999
From: Richard Sanders <>
Subject: New Anti-War Efforts in Ottawa, National Rally May 29

Coalition to Stop the War Against Yugoslavia (C-SWAY)

On April 21, a group of activists came together in Ottawa to plan
opposition to Canada's participation in NATO's war in the Balkans.
Members of peace, labour, religious, human rights, environmental and
students' organizations formed the Coalition to Stop the War Against
Yugoslavia (C-SWAY). A program of educational activities, such as
public talks and leafletting, was initiated.

Protest Rally and Peace March in Ottawa (Saturday, May 29):

C-SWAY's educational activities will build towards a large Rally/March
in Ottawa on Saturday, May 29. We are inviting as many people as
possible to attend this event. Please help in any way that you can to
begin spreading the word to those who oppose Canada's participation in
NATO's precedent-setting war. The plan is to rally on Parliament Hill
between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. for a program of music and speeches by
prominent opponents to the war. We will then proceed past the U.S.
embassy, the War Memorial, and the British High Commission in a peace
march to the Canada's Department of "National Defence" (i.e. war). The
main entrance to this department is at the MacKenzie Street bridge which
spans the Rideau Canal. The symbolism of walking to this bridge not
only directs our attention towards the headquarters of Canada's military
establishment, it also demonstrates our solidarity with the citizens of
Yugoslavia who have occupied city bridges to protect them from NATO's
daily bombing attacks.