March 27, 1999

Subject: Feedbacks to Calling in the Light on Kosovo

Hello everyone

Since there is an announcement for a WorldPuja Call to Action for Peace in Kosovo with an Internet broadcast at 3PM EST (New York Time) this afternoon (second post below), I'm sending you right away this series of feedbacks and comments received about the situation in Kosovo - and, as usual, thank you for all your comments and contributions!

You will also find a number of very interesting and heart-stirring letters below, beginning with a fresh comment direct from someone in Serbia under the bombs with a revealing and, I feel, most accurate appraisal of the immediate effect of those air raids on many Serbians as to their support for Milosevich.

In relation to this and from another post received from my dear friend Palden Jenkins (see also his thought-provoking comment below) who has sent a chapter from a book he wrote called "HEALING THE HURTS OF NATIONS", a chapter entitled "Shadowy viral epidemics" about the scourge of nationalism, Palden wrote:

"It took but two men, Milosevic and Tudjman, plus a few henchmen, to
populisticly activate the virus of nationalism, to reawaken old buried
sentiments - and once dug up, these convictions were difficult to quell.
Once the virus had taken hold, and once national immune systems had rashly
resorted to arms, the fever had to be ridden out. Diplomatic medicine was
already too late to apply, and the doctors - UN, NATO, EU and Russia - were
unwilling to operate surgically. They wanted no blood on their own hands.
The 1990s Bosnian war has been an example of what can happen when old
historical feelings are not acknowledged and resolved properly. Yugoslavia
could have become a relatively prosperous and successful post-Soviet state,
an example of fruitful inter-ethnic cooperation - or at least it could have
divided diplomatically, as Czechia and Slovakia did in 1992. Gradual
transition failed: extremes and extremists took over. This kind of pattern, if allowed to replicate, can become a scourge of the future. It has already become a pattern of the insecure 1990s - a virus at risk of going epidemic unless counteracted by positive internationalist values, by genuine reconciliatory successes and open communication."

And I've include a most inspiring text from Nora Amrani at the very end, called HOW TO START CREATING CHANGE which deserves our attention and pondering.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: Sasa Rakezic <>

The emergency in Pancevo has not stopped until the beginning of the NATO
strikes in 20 00... Gordana and I are still in our flat, we haven't been to
shelter, we were sleeping in our clothes when about ten minutes ago (at about
03 40h) were waken up by detonation... They just said on the radio that two
places in town which were hit already were bombed again! It's hard to
understand why, the firemen had put out the fire few hours ago, and they
said that everything was destroyed already in one of the places (Utva airplane factory).

It is hard to tell what this NATO operation really means...It will
DEFINITELLY make Milosevic even more powerful at the moment, because common
people feel the rage because of all this, and all sort of extremism will be
empowered...They will use this situation to fight the "different voices" in
Serbia...They closed the most important independent radio station in
Belgrade (B92) before the NATO strikes even began...And the right wingers
at the Serbian parliament asked to punish al the "defeatists and traitors"

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
Subject: Re: Calling in the Light on Kosovo + a couple other posts


Please forward the following info to all of your contacts around the world.
This is important!

A friend in the light,
Karl Erik Bjørnhaug
Oslo, Norway

"Subject: Call to Peace in Kosovo - a FREE LIVE BROADCAST on WorldPuja

WorldPuja Call to Action for Peace in Kosovo!
SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 3PM EST (New York Time), 8PM (Greenwich Mean Time) at

As a global population we are witness to the recent bombing in Kosovo. We
have an opportunity to join GLOBALLY FOR PEACE! If you are reading this
email or visiting WorldPuja you know we ALL can make a difference!
Join us online or offline for a LIVE Global Pulse for Peace on
WorldPuja with Tom Kenyon, joining us with his workshop group in Pleasantown, CA James Twyman, live from Brazil with his group Emile Canning, with a workshop group in Santa Cruz, CA JoAnne Karl Cornog, moderator & producer for WorldPuja
The Peace that occurs between nations begins as Peace within individuals.
These inspired teachers will speak briefly about our individual and
group role in global prayer and then lead a unified focussed OM for Peace
in Kosovo.

We are asking for a daily offline focus for Peace in Kosovo at 3:00 PM
EST each day until peace is revealed there.

This is what WorldPuja was built for. Let's fill the internet servers and prove our unity and focus in a measurable way!! Let's make WORLD PEACE hard news!
Through our constant pulse... MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH shine on.

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
From: Palden Jenkins <>
Subject: Re: Calling in the Light on Kosovo

Dear Jean and friends

About Kosovo:

1. It isn't a 'senseless' war. This is, in my humble opinion, a senseless judgement. Before knee-jerk criticising military actions, people need to seriously look at what the alternatives might have been, and why such alternatives seem not to have worked or to have been done.

2. Instead of freaking out and avidly praying for a cessation of warfare in
this area, perhaps it might have been best to do more preventitive work
much earlier.

3. What needs meditating on is a proper, deep-level resolution of the
*root-causes* of this conflict.

4. People need to ask themselves whether praying for and achieving peace
(in the sense of cessation of armed actions) might help the oppressors more
than the oppressed - the primary issue here is not NATO and what people
project on it, it is oppression by a heavily-armed nation of a minority
group within its borders. NATO is a secondary issue here, though not

5. Peace is certainly the ultimate goal, but what is the shorter-term,
real-life path toward achieving peace? And are people's well-intentioned
meditations actually helping find a miraculous path through this confusion?
In this light I would have thought praying for *resolution* might be more
effective than praying for peace, and the outcomes could be quite different
- and more productive.

6. Please don't let unthought-through ideological correctness and narrow
judgements intervene in this process. The possible outcome of doing so can
not only be unfavourable developments in the Balkans, but also a cheapening
and weakening of the otherwise well-meaning activity of aid-oriented prayer
and meditation.

7. Please use full intelligenceand insight when formulating your prayers!
The universe does not necessarily respond well to thoughts of opposition
(to war, or anything), and it is necessary to be nimble with one's way of
seeing things. War has already broken out - therefore it is perhaps
questionable to pray for peace. Opposition-thinking can actually feed the
resolve of those who subscribe to opposition-energy, such as the
protagonists in this war. I'd suggest that, given the current immediate
circumstances, we need to psychically-spiritually search for ways of making
what is *actually happening* turn out for the good, and lead to conclusive,
resolution- and healing-oriented solutions, without judgment as to what
those solutions might actually be. After all, it is Kosovans and Serbs who
will have to live with this - while most other people will turn their
attention elsewhere as soon as these events cease to be 'sexy'. Also, what
appears to be 'bad' can be turned to 'good' in the space of a thought, so
opposition to 'bad' might not help the evolution of 'good' within the
situation as it stands and evolves with each moment. And God is much
greater than to simply conform to human notions of 'good' and 'bad'.

8. I would suggest tht there's a BIG difference between meditating for
'Peace on Earth' in a generalised, planetary, longterm, overall sense, and
meditating for peace (cessation of armed conflict) in a specific sense in
relation to particular events in a particular place, such as Kosovo. The
confusion and lack of distinction made between these two areas of
consciousness-work is, I fear, a rather big mistake on the part of
'light-workers', and could bring karmic outcomes of a new kind, which might
not have been necessary or inevitable. *You are personally responsible*.

9. While I would encourage people to send 'inner aid' to the region, please
do so without bias, with intelligence and openness, and with
carefully-formulated prayers and visualisations. Otherwise, you could
become part of the problem, not part of the solution!

Glastonbury, England

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
Subject: Re: Calling in the Light on Kosovo

Hi, Jean --

It occurred to me the real places more light is needed are: Washington, DC; Moscow; London; Berlin; etc.

The way the world is, it's easy for us to be driven by events. Ultimately
that can't be right, or can't be the only ingredient needed in the recipe
for peace. Perhaps it's time to let light flow forth increasingly to
surround and suffuse those who are positioned to be able to set such
events in motion.

(And while we think of Kosovo, let us also send healing and peace and
enfoldment to those human beings who are in the way of these events. I
heard today from a cyber-friend whose parents live just 40 miles from
where planes are dropping things onto the ground; they would be in the
path of any actions by the German government taken in the direction of
Kosovo. Bless all those who are so situated at this time. Peace be unto
each one involved.)

-- Jeff --

Blackhawk wrote:

Here are some contacts you can make to see what the other side has to say, or express how you feel to the people of Yugoslavia, if you so wish.

President Slobodan e-mail :>

Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia Official Web Site at:

Palace of Federation in Yug. at
(Just dial this number) 011-38111-311-42-40
I received a warm and heartfelt response from the phone number.

"I spoke to a government employee woman. There were a lot of
people talking in the background after I said hello - she asked me
to hold - then came back and asked what I wanted, I told her I was
calling from America and wanted to express my deep sorrow for this
conflict and that most Americans don't know what it's about. She
was overwhelmed with emotions, and said she had never experienced
a feeling like that in her life. "


Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
From: Freed <>
Subject: Re: Calling in the Light on Kosovo + a couple other posts

Dear Jean

Thank you again for the newest post. Really i needed it. All day yesterday
i was busy with finding clues to confront / find ways to avoid what happened
nevertheless: cruise missiles fired, despite all the efforts for abolition
of all nuclear weapons. Right before our own eyes. Although, the news once
again looked like arms-traders commercials. Should we demand these figures
to pay the proper advertising price for all the up to now free publicity?
Sure there are more successful ways to world unity than start a war. Donate
that ad-money to the most promising scenarios and groups.
The 'war' in Kosovo: is it for real, or is it fake? Is it staged to
despair us peace seekers, or to test our faith? Or is it suited to bring
focus and commitment to us sleepy-heads...

There must be a reason, the consciousness has so much advanced the
last years. Why did the Clinton-part of the Planetary being not co-operate
with the Milosovic-part? How could we heal this situation? If we are determined
to radiate unity, it should cut through the darkest fears and beliefs.

For the Y2K initiative: what a wonderful proposal, thank you, Debbie.
My vision happens right on next New Year's day. It is drawn from the Millennium
novel 'Tree Island' of Linda Grover. Together with the (by the UN declared)
Day of Peace, she envisions that each of the 6 billion people present on
Planet Earth will have a meal, too. Linda Grover is in Washington DC right
now, where she is working day and night to let this scenario become reality.
Please send her good energy, and support in any possible way. On the website you will find more information about the book, and the initiative.

Spread the word, this is the biggest project ever, and you already starr in it
anyway. You might play an active part as well. Playing unity, creatively
find ways to achieve oneness. A little more than nine months left.
And another suggestion: If you possibly can, be at the Hague Appeal
for Peace. It is an event comparable to the Rio summit in 1992, maybe with
even more potential. NGO's from all over the world are preparing for it,
a good bunch of the Earth Rainbow Network participants as well. It will
happen from 11-15 May 1999 (right, only a few weeks from now) in the Hague,
the Netherlands. It is commemorating the first international Peace conference
there, a hundred years ago. Insignifant, you may think. No, not at all,
it happened to be the origin of the League of Nations, which lead to the
United Nations in 1947!!

For background and actual information and links, go to www.haguepeace.organd to my website where i present (links to) some world projects who will be presented at the HAP.

Some positive action in times of possible despair.

Peace, love, unity


Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
Subject: Re: Calling in the Light on Kosovo + a couple other posts

~dearest jean~

Thank you for the wonderful update, your information & peace calling is warmly received & lightworkers all over the planet are responding~ this is a definite infinite blessing, THANK YOU :) Our Souls are Waving Peace & Love & Light to the Souls in Kosovo & creating an Ocean of pure Light~

Question, how to make those in power wake up to love & light & realize that
their thoughts are energy & their warring thoughts only create a tide pool of
more war energy~yikes that's not a pool i would think they'd swim in day in &
day out~sending love to their hearts in hopes they get out of this thinking
pool & dive into a Peace Pool :)

I have a wonderful thing to share with you Jean, a few months ago, i had this
vision of a City Flower Garden, with a Labyrinth & where the families in my
little City could join hands together in planting flowers, trees & bushes from
their yards ~ to focus their energy on sharing & beauty:) Anyway, i wrote a
letter to my city mayor, heard nothing, called the mayor's office & ran ideas
past the Mayor's secty. & recd. a happy response back~then months went by
where i heard nothing~ but held on to the vision in my mind! yesterday, i
received a call (what a perfect day too), from the city parks dept. director,
Betty, she said the idea is warmly received, and that a meeting w/myself & the
parks dept. & the mayor is being scheduled! it appears that my vision took
root & the seed idea of focusing on beauty & growing is sprouting :) We do
make a difference simply focusing our attention on beauty & growth & peace is
one of the flowers in the garden of Eden we are planting in our hearts &
city:) seeds of peace to be planted in the hearts & minds of many people, in
the families & hearts & minds of our leaders & their families~ so that
together~ we create the future of peace & love & light which passes all
understanding~many of us lightworker/gardeners are already working the
soil/soul in preparation for a beauty ~ full garden of life! Feel my
excitement! Me, one small fairy size mommy, from one small point on the map,
yet making a difference!~ know that your gardening skills reach far beyond the
dirt you play with in the fields of your property~ and feel the gratitude of
us reaching back to you with hugs of peace & waves of love & light for the
beautiful gardener of you :)

Make it a great day today! i giggled when i thought of me saying to you the
other day, go outside & let your toes touch the soil & your response back that
you would love to but it's under 5 ft. Of snow still :) so i walked barefoot
for you yesterday outside & sent love & light to your soul/soil :)

Thank you for all that you do & sending you Peace

In love & light we are one,

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
From: Charlotte King <>

Jean I too support the Peace Movement and sending the "Christlight" to
Kosovo, I am against war, but even more than being against war I am against
any species being labeled for distinction and when the Serb leader Slobodan
Milosevic made the statement before the NATO forces made the decision to
send in the bombers, he said and on camera, "His objective was to have an
ethnic cleansing" this man is talking pure genocide and that, even by my
own standards of hating all things associated with war, is unacceptable..

I want my children and grandchildren and even my great grandchildren to be
able to grow up in a world where there is peace and all races and religious
sects will be accepted equally.. I do not want them to be looking at the
news and seeing the stark reality of a entire ethnic group being
systematically wiped out, killed, into extinction.. I do not want another
Hitler in power..

Someone said "If we had listened to Winston Churchill and stopped Hitler,
before the death camps and the ovens were put into use, how many lives would
have been spared?" We cannot let Milosevic take up where Hitler left off..

If you think this means I am for war, you are saddly mistaken.. I was a teenager
when the Viet Nam war broke out.. I lost 27 of my schoolmates in less than a
year.. When the order came to launch the bombers toward Viet Nam I did not
sleep for days, I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I had to get
medication to sleep, as the FEAR and SADNESS were too great for my then 17
year old mind to comprehend.. Yesterday I had that sickness again in the pit
of my stomach, and again I was up all night, this time I am at the age of 52
old enough for my mind to comprehend the death and torture and the SADNESS
fills my I sit here typing this letter the tears of SADNESS and
PAIN are rolling down my cheeks, SADNESS that with a world as advanced in
technology as ours that this same technology must be used to wage
take lives, not save them, and PAIN for the pain that the people in Kosovo
are having to endure, first at the hands of would be dictator Milosevic and
then at the hands of the NATO forces trying to stop a unspeakable atrocity
from taking place in the end of this century as it did early on the beginning.

YES I will PRAY for peace and to an end of this NATO campaign of the allied
forces fighting for the ethnic people of KOSOVO, but I will support any
action taken that will stop another GERMANY with the death camps and
genocide, you may not think this is the same thing, but I assure you, it
is.. and if you have red hair and freckles all over your body, or if you are
blonde and blue eyed,and someone in power did not like your looks, your
values, your religion and wanted to remove any trace that you or anyone who
looked like you ever existed, then you would see the danger of not responding to this most critical situation.






Charlotte King

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
From: (Catherine Margerin)
Subject: A few words

Dear Friend,

As we witness with great sadness a war being waged in Yugoslavia in the
name of peace, let us all work together even harder so that some day such
destructive action is unthinkable. Let us show that peace can be achieved
by building peace, by disarmement, by fostering understanding and caring,
by promoting economic justice and true democracy, by (for example)
establishing Oscar Arias' code of conduct so that rulers who violate human
rights cannot purchase weapons, by having a permanent world court where
dictators like Milosevic and Saddam Hussein can be tried for their crimes
against humanity without endangering their populations. Let us work for a
culture of peace where each individual is valued, where cultures are
respected, where violence is discouraged.

In the meantime let us hope and pray for the safety of all our brothers and
sisters who live in countries at war in Kosovo, in Africa, in Iraq and

Love, Catherine

Milenio is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance and
accelerate peace, justice and environmental initiatives worldwide.

Please visit our website at or email us at

From: "Judy Carman" <>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the Call for a Global Peace Vigil
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999

Dear Jean, I have been receiving and reading your emails with great
interest. Thank you for including me in your mailing list. It is indeed
very encouraging to hear from so many light workers. On my website at , I am sharing prayers from various groups. I know
that as we all continue to build up the momentum of this prayer and light
energy around the globe, it will develop greater and greater power for our
co-creation of love, compassion, and peace on earth. I also have a page on
my website called the Compassion Commitment which I would like people to
sign. Perhaps, it could become part of the year 2000 resolution that was
suggested here.

I would also like to ask everyone to consider this. I know that right
now we need to focus much of our prayer light on Kosovo. Yet there is an
endless supply of this infinite light we are radiating. I would like to ask
those who resonate to this idea to also send light, love, and compassion to
all the animals currently incarcerated in laboratories, inhumane zoos and
aquariums, factory farms, Premarin farms, fur farms, puppy mills,
slaughterhouses, and all the many other places where animals are suffering.
Also, let's include animals in the wild who are being hunted for sport
and/or revenge, as well as the giant trees and tiny flowers being uprooted
around the world. Gandhi, Schweitzer, Saint Francis, and many other wise
individuals have taught us that we cannot have peace on earth for people
until we have extended our compassion to all living beings. We can assist
in this by visualizing the brilliant white Divine light showering down on
all our relations, human and otherwise. And as we visualize the truth which
is perfect Love, let us not focus on fear but rather Choose Peace from our
hearts for all. We can do this. I know we can. There are enough of us
now, and we are awake. We are now, at this very moment in time, evolving to
the high consciousness needed to create a world at peace, full of compassion
and joy. I know that we are.

Blessings to you, Jean, and to all your readers.

May Peace Prevail on Earth for all Beings,

Judy Carman

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999
From: kelly leavitt <>
Subject: a particularly poignant view from Kosovo

An Albanian girl has been emailing a 16-year-old boy from
Berkeley...transcripts of the email are at this link. I thought it was
worth passing along...

Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999
From: Deborah Moldow <>
Subject: You Are Peace!

Dear Charmaine,

So glad to read your words via Jean Hudon's network. Of course, all of us can
relate to your unsettled feelings in this turbulent time.

Yesterday at the United Nations, I found myself expressing my optimism to a
member of the Peace Caucus, who was rather surprised. And these are the
strange words that emerged from my mouth unrehearsed regarding the attack on
Serbia: "Don't worry - it's just the last gasp of the dying war machine."

My dear sister, we are already in the beginning stages of an era of
unprecedented peace on Earth. As we make this profound shift into a Culture of
Peace for the new millennium, the huge changes being asked of humanity will
not always make for a smooth road. But it is the love and energy of people
like you - growing in numbers all over the Earth - that will bring us into the light.

Thank you, Charmaine, for bearing with the turmoil you feel and continuing the
vital work you are doing. May you be blessed with infinite joy and infinite success.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Love, Deborah

From: "Vibrani" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999


By E. Nora Amrani

You're probably a lot like me, having daily doses (whether you've asked for it or not) of what's wrong with our planet via the internet emails and hard publications. Countless conspiracy theories take up countless webpages. Sites are designed to focus only on doom, gloom, predicting global destruction. Of course, there are websites designed to focus on what is GOOD with our planet, too, but these seem to get pushed into the background so that the more sensationalistic news takes precedent. I guess it's much more fun for some people to vent. It is a good outlet for frustration. Maybe it makes people feel more alive because it brings together a great energy of fear and confusion, an urgency to live in the present? Or, maybe it challenges people into having a sense of self-importance to come up with the ultimate solution to worldly problems?

Talking about change and how to go about it is a start, but it rarely seems to get past that for many issues. I have been part of organizations for creating a new paradigm, world transformation, etc., but all the majority seem to do is talk everyone else to death and never take real action outside of sending their highly opinionistic emails. It is as if everyone knows exactly what should be done and yet waiting for a leader to tell them what to do! And as a result, little or nothing else actually gets accomplished. People wait and wait and wait, and for what? In the meantime, people are getting high from complaining about this conspiracy or that political if the effects of all this ranting becomes euphoric, such as from having ingested a powerful aphrodisiac.

Through emails and chat rooms I see that people have some idea of what is going on around the world, albeit the fact department is rather sparse and sometimes downright wrong. All in all, people are genuinely concerned about Earth and where we are headed. But, the same questions pop up everywhere: What do we do about the negative things we see going on? People seem to be at a loss for action, almost paralyzed into physical inactivity. It's not that people don't love - people do. People do care. But, for too long people have allowed others (i.e., the government, private organizations) to do so much of the work while they remained only spectators or armchair/computer critics, the feeling has become:

1. that whatever we do won't matter much because "they" (the government, etc.) will make the final decisions about everything, anyway, and
2. that there is a constant "us versus them" war going on.

I have to tell you that both of these are cop-outs, an unwillingness to take the chance and be responsible. We can't continue on this way if we are to integrate and create change. There is no "us" and "them." It is all US. If we keep creating division, then we will continue to live in separation. If we keep throwing off the responsibility to others, then we will be treated (indefinitely) like incompetent children.

I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about: people who habitually complain about world hunger, yet have never gotten out of their own home to feed anyone else, or invited anyone one in for a meal, or even donated money to help feed them. Many people are guilty of this, to some extent. Obviously, we have our lives and needs that must be met, work and family, and not everyone has the time to do much else.

Well, where does one begin to create change in the world? Within yourself. For more details on ways in which to do this, please refer to Changing The World From Within, as I won't repeat it all here. Once you have made a commitment to changing yourself, you are then changing the world, one person at a time. You are now working on self-change and zeroing in on what is important for you and where your talents are. Each person is skilled or interested at working in different fields.

The next first step - and I say this is another first step because it must work in tandem with change from within the self - is a major stepping stone towards creating change: To conserve the vast amounts of energy which goes into complaining, arguing, talking about what's wrong or disagreeing with others how to solve problems (because not eveyone will always agree), and instead direct all of that vital energy into physical reality and create something positive.

Don't wait for someone else to proclaim themselves the new leader - be your own leader! Follow your own heart. If you don't like something go out and do something to change it. Yes, it can be as simple as that. Get going on your own, start your own group, or find a group that has the ideals you relate to and join them. If one feels homelessness is their pet peeve, get into building habitats for humanity, work at a shelter, create jobs for the homeless in your own businesses, babysit children so their parents can find a job. Other people have expertise in writing, creating group meetings, growing food, cooking, educating others. Each person can contribute what they can in the way that works for them, respecting their own abilities. The possibilities are endless. Remember, this is not about competing or comparing one another's abilities or actions. We are all valuable.

And, sure, there are many ideas of what a better world this can be, but it won't get there until we each stop wasting our precious energy only on venting (but please don't ever stop communicating) and get down to doing something about it. On the links page are listed several organizations you may be drawn towards in helping people and the planet. Give it a look. Thank you.