August 2, 1999

Subject: Feedbacks to "What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999" and much much more on this life-changing moment in world history

Hello everyone

I told you I would send you more stuff of the JFK mysterious "accident" but could not do it right away and have lots more to send you. So for now here are some feedbacks regarding the August 11 meditation and, in a separate email, all the excellent material I found on the WORLD EARTH HEALING DAY website which, strangely and inexplicably, is still down.

And as usual all my heartfelt thanks to all those who sent a feedback or more info.

Love and multihued blessings

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

If you did not read yet or received my last email entitled "What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999", you can get it from my site at:

From: "Christiane Blanco Vega" <>
Subject: Indiana
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999

Hi Jean,

Thank you for the e mail about August 11-18. I have heard a lot lately about
it. I really don't see why people are getting so scared and are predicting
such negative things out there. We have to remember that conscience is
creative and that everything we think will come to be. Our thoughts are
materialized in another plane which affects this one. Change will come for
sure, at last. But like you say, it will be a change of love, of
cocnscience. Of course nothing is easy, we will have to work hard to reach
harmony after the change, but we will do it! Maybe that comet that's maybe
crashing with earth will be the Factor One Plus that the Mayas talk about.
Please, I would like to remind everyone that the new Year in the Mayan
Dreamspell is July 26. The year of the red resonant moon is over, and the
year of the white galactic magician will enter. Be sure to do some
meditation on July 26 about the future of our earth and our concsiusness.
One last thing, for those of your friends who live in Indiana, on August 11
(coincidence) the holy Dalai Lama will be giving a conference in
Bloomington, Indiana. Tickets are being sold. If anyone is interested, e
mail me and I can locate the home page of the temple it will take place in,
and more information about how to get tickets and how much you can be
prepared to spend.

Hope everyone is positive and happy for the change that will come. Remember
to do every single thing you do with LOVE, for LOVE, and out of being in
lOVE with life.
In Lakech

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999
From: (stewart scheyd)
Subject: Re: What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999

Hello Jean and all!

It's been awhile since I've written but we've had our third child and have
been a wee bit busy sharing the love, light and energy with all and if we
can will be forming a group up in new york to send love around the planet
on the 11th of Aug. all are welcome 914-353-3556 or e-us

love & peace

Denise and Stewart

From: "Leigh Malone" <>
Subject: Re: What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999

hi jean,

thank you so much for all of your wonderful emails.

I was amazed by the information on Comet Lee, so asked a friend involved in
our local astronomical society to comment on the article in your last email.
This was his response:

"This is a completely bogus analysis of the comet's orbit. The truth may be
seen on the Comet Observation Home page;

The comet will pass nowhere near the earth!!!"

Just passing along another point of few. Thanks.


Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999
Subject: Re: What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999

Thank you Jean for this mass of information that you have sent out and the many
different points of view. Let us continue to hold the light and the ongoing task of transforming our planet and our consciousness.

Love and light,

Maggie Erotokritou



The astral patterns that are in effect during the week of 8/11 to 8/17 are
called Grand Cross alignments because all but one the planets (Pluto, in
Sagittarius) will be in cross configurations, or otherwise located in the
four "fixed" signs of the zodiac: Taurus, the Bull; Leo, the Lion; Scorpio,
the Scorpion, also symbolized by the Eagle; and Aquarius the Water Bearer,
also the Water Angel.

The first Grand Cross forms on 8/11 during, but not necessarily in precise
alignment with, the solar eclipse that occurs on that day. This first Grand
Cross is the more concentrated of the two, as five planets and both Moon's
Nodes form the Cross itself, while three other planets are also in fixed

The second Grand Cross occurs on 8/17. It consists of four planets, one at
each arm of the Cross, while four other planets and both Moon's Nodes are
also in fixed signs. It is even possible to call the 8/17 alignment is a
"Double Grand Cross", though this will be a matter of opinion. See
Astrology for details

While this second Grand Cross may be slightly less spectacular than the
first, it is a notable time marker because it occurs twelve years to the
day after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and 269 days (an exact human
gestation period) before the Star of Jerusalem alignment of 5/5/2000. As
Ken Kalb was first to point out (see Suggested Reading), Jan. 1, 2000 falls
exactly on the midpoint between Aug. 17, 1999 and May 5, 2000.
This article will not attempt detailed astrological interpretation, if only
because the two Grand Crosses, especially the first one, are so complex in
their celestial dynamics that a book could easily be written about them,
and perhaps will be. The main point for now is that the Grand Crosses are
one of the most powerful and auspicious alignments that any of us, even
those who live to well over a hundred, will see in this lifetime. This is
why countless meditations, ceremonies, performances and other gatherings
are being planned for all over the planet from 8/10 to 8/17, in
synchronicity with the Grand Crosses and the Day of Destiny on 8/13.
One way to imagine the Year to Come is that what is being hailed and feared
as the Millennium, on Jan. 1, 2000, will be more like an intermission
cartoon between the two feature films, in August '99 and May 2000, that are
the main movies, the show we're supposed to see.

It is rare enough for one Grand Cross to form -- but for two of almost
completely different planets (having only the Moon in common) to form
within only six days, and with all but one of the other planets in the same
signs as the Cross, is extremely unusual and portentous. The importance of
this week in August cannot be overestimated.

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999
Subject: Alert: August 1 LightShift 2000 Meditation + August 11th Quantum Eclipse

Dear Friends,

This is Ken Kalb, LightShift 2000

Happy Full Moon (partial) Lunar Eclipse, (July 28 4:25 am pdt).......the
prelude to.... the Eclipse of the Millennium.

First, I invite you to join your inner light in collective attunement for the
next LightShift at Noon on Sunday the First of August for 15-30 minutes, as on the first of every month. This planetary alchemy of igniting the hologram of love at regular intervals creates a growing ripple effect of radiance to uplift all of humanity.

And of course on August 11th, you are invited to join in what may well be the
most massive convergence of Spirit yet for humankind: The Total Solar Eclipse. It is very possible that with the help of all of our vigorous networking, we will truly achieve Maharishi Effect (1/10th of 1 % of the population) -- cocreating a true leap in global consciousness! We recommend meditating from 1/2 hour before the eclipse (11:09 am GMT) to a half hour after. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of gatherings, many are listed on the Global Meditations website at:

For those of you who live in inconvenient time zones (like California where
the eclipse is at 4:08 am), you may wish to simply wake up and tune in from your home. Time conversion charts resources and meditation instructions may be found at:

The eclipse is a historic "flashpoint" of intense magnetism birthing a
powerful new cycle. By creating more resonance in the unified field of collective consciousness at this time, we enter "The Window into the Third Millennium," in the sweetest and brightest energy.

If you have not yet read my insights on the period of the eclipse and "The
Window," please see"

The Window into the Third Millennium

The Eclipse of the Millennium

Or my book, LightShift 2000 for the complete story:

I will also a radio guest on "Heartbeat" on Saturday at 9 pm and on
Jeff Rense's Sightings on the Radio on Monday August 2nd at 9 pm.

Many non-astrologers have been asking:

"What does all this grand cross eclipse stuff boil down to for all of us as a
course of action?"

The Grand Cross is a symbol of the transcendence of Spirit over matter. This
is a time of surrender. Gracefully let go of anything which is toxic in your life on all levels. Remove all blocks to the flow of your spirit. It is time for us all to dig a little deeper and shine a little brighter. The Grand Cross is a very "hard" aspect, so there may be some brutal challenges -- tests and lessons leading to true soul growth. This particularly influences the fixed signs, or those of us who have planets near the middle of the fixed signs which aspect the transiting cross. During "hard aspects" its good to be in a "soft" environments.Remember, even in the moments which seem impossible, there is an answer. This is a highly charged time of great intensity which can work either positively or negatively. Our attitude is the key to the highway of the best outcome. This period of purification in Leo, sign of the heart, is forging our way to be where and with whom we wish to be, doing what we truly want to do, with what we really need. The 9 month gestation period leading to the Grand Planetary Alignment is the amniotic birth canal through which we will be reborn into the new millennium.

We are so honored to be alive during this most potent period in Earth

You may also wish to read "The Wisdom of the Hopi Elders on the Window"

Radiant blessings
In love and service,

Ken Kalb
LightShift 2000
Let's Turn on the Light of the World

Subject: Re: Eclipse / Jean Hudon / What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999
From: Ashtarra Bey <>

Hi Jean, I enjoy your messages. I am an African American woman who has
been on the path awhile, learned to look past skin color, but I also
realize now how important culture is. Culture is the means by which individuals
share spiritual, intellectual, and social traditions, and power. The
myriad cultures and colors of our world are reflecting the beauty of diversity
and also the rainbow is most beautiful when all colors of it are
reflected in the sky.

I am a person who is working 40-50 hours weekly as a healer, so I am
always grateful for the updates provided by individuals such as

Sometimes when I receive the e-mails about the state of the world,
people talk about and emphasize imbalances in European countries as if
those are the only countries out of balance, and in need directing energy to.
When I receive these e-mails, I feel a genuine concern, direct loving
attention there, and see a different picture for the individuals living
in these areas.

Often there are just as many heartfelt imbalances in areas of the world
where there are primarily people of color, but I receive no e-mails with
requests to focus healing energy in these areas when there are
appearances of tragedy. I have often questioned whether I should take
the responsibility to send out an e-mail requesting healing attention if
500,000 African light souls are slaughtered, for example. Is it
necessary for a black person to bring these tragedies to people's attention? It feels hurtful and disconcerting to me that people are not also attending to
these atrocities when they occur. It has caused me to ponder more than once
about New Age leaders, and what we "really" represent. Are we repeating
old "cultural" traditions of exclusivity?

Thank you for adopting an inclusive "world" view and updating us on the
healing events ongoing in many countries, including those in Africa.
Also, I found your information about August 11, very interesting and
indepth. I am forwarding it to others as well....Thanks for the info

From: "Vibrani" <>
Subject: Feeling the Shift - What's Coming August 11th?
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999

Feeling the Shift - What's Coming August 11th?
(And please drop by and see our new look.)

By E. Nora Amrani
July 15, 1999

Check it out at

The Ultimate Synopsis of the Significance of August 11, 1999
by Daniel S. Ward

Thought for the day:

If we let our Heart be the keel of our ship, and the winds that fill the sails be the Inspiration of Spirit, then it is easy to navigate the waves in our life.

From: Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - July 11, 1999

For a long time we have asked the universe for more light, more love,
and more truth. We have asked that the secrets of time and space be
unveiled. We have sat with our hands out and our hearts open - ready,
willing, and sometimes able to receive all that the Source gave to us.
Still, we moaned and complained, "we need more light, more energy, more
truth!" Well kids, the time is now!

As we see changes occurring in the heavens this Summer, I want this to be
our finest hour. And it can be, so sit back and listen. Lock your
judgements away and listen with a pure heart - and with your body, which
receives truth first as feelings.

Our galactic core is in a birthing phase that is triggering enormous
explosions resulting in gigantic super waves composed of cosmic ray
particles. At this time at least two of these super waves are speeding
toward earth from the core of the Milky Way. Scientifically, this energy
is called the photon belt. Among spiritual people it is referred to as
the Second Coming or the activation of Christ Consciousness - which has
nothing to do with any religion ... only spirituality.

Many scientists believe that at the center of our galaxy is a black
hole; but what it really is, is a mother star. It's a celestial orb over
two million times the mass of our sun, which radiates about twenty
million times as much energy. The scientific name is Sagittarius A.
Instead of consuming matter to generate energy, this mother star is
creating both matter and energy spontaneously within its depths -
violating all laws of physics. This has been theorized to be a
dimensional doorway whereby energy from higher dimensions is stepped down
and distributed throughout our galaxy.

On July 28, 1999, we will have a lunar eclipse; and on August 11, 1999
we will have the last full solar eclipse of the Twentieth Century. Both
eclipses will be help us reconnect with our own divinity and the divine
spark in everyone else. The very heartbeat of Earth is increasing, which
is increasing our own physical heartbeat and enabling greater focus on
heart issues - physical, emotional and spiritual. This Leo energy is
centered around the heart and the sun in a giving, not in a receiving
mode. As humans, we have most often found it easier to give than to
receive. With this, the Universe is giving the Earth's children all we
have asked for in one fell swoop.

The Aztecs called August 13, 1999 the Day of Destiny - a day of inner
fire and outer earth, a truly unique time never to pass this way again.
Their sun calendar indicates that a thread to the sky connects us all,
and that the vast sky cycles directly affect all the meridians of our

Planetary positions not only affect chemical reactions, all events in
space have influence on our bodies and environment. On August 17-18
there will be a powerful alignment called the Grand Cross when all of the
planets are either square or opposite each other forming a cross. This
configuration has nine major planets and two asteroids dancing with each
other. This is symbolic of crossing over to a new era. Nothing even
close has happened since January 11, 1910.

All of these things mean change, change and more change - light, light
and more light. We can expect all of our energetic, bodily, emotional
and past buttons to be pushed. Accept these changes as a great gift. Be
thankful as you move through them. Don't stop and try to hang onto the
past. Keep moving forward, because if you don't, you will experience a
sensory overload. The path to enlightenment is in single file. Honor
yourself and your divinity first!

This is another chance to love even more, to remember, to become all
that we have ever dreamed of becoming. Each and every person on Earth is
being given an opportunity to remember their Divinity, their Source.
Everyone on Earth is a Master of Light and Love in training. The
energies of 1999 come as a gift. Unwrap them in love and with love! May
your days and nights be filled with Miracles upon Miracles!


Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999
Subject: N-2012 Summer News Notes


This is Michael Lightweaver. The following is a quarterly update from
Network 2012, a project dedicated to promoting better communication and
cooperation among planetary light workers; or those involved in
consciousness raising efforts related to human relations, peace, health and
healing, spiritual growth, the environment and planetary and galactic

I have previewed the topics first so you will be able to make a quick
decision whether to read or delete it. Each of the news items are
purposefully brief. If you would like more information on a topic you may go
to the website or let me know and I will e-mail additional information to you.

Love & Blessings,
Network 2012
PO Box 18909
Asheville, NC. 28814, USA


* International Light Link 2000 - Thailand!
Details on the next international network gathering for Light Workers next

* World Leaders E-Mail List
How to obtain an e-mail list of heads of state, world leaders, and the US
congressional representatives.

* Mountain Light Sanctuary Retreats
Information on the three day weekend retreats, in August & October, which I
will be leading here at the Sanctuary in the mountains of western, North
Carolina, USA.

* Russian Consciousness Website - Help!
An appeal from the publisher of a spiritual journal in the Ukraine who
recently set up a premiere spiritual consciousness website for the Russian
speaking population of the world.

* A Personal Update
A personal report on some of my recent travels, experiences and insights.

(clip - please request the entire original news update from Michael WHO WILL BE TRAVELLING FROM AUGUST 16 TO AUGUST 31 - I kept only his wonderful conclusion below...)

"I am fully confident that we are going to successfully move through the
present transition the Earth is experiencing. Why? Because I have met so
many people around the world who are so filled with love and have such open
hearts and are working - often at great personal sacrifice - with the
knowledge that they are here specifically to help us successfully move into
this new era which is upon us. The more we can discover one another and find
ways to work together - the greater are our chances of success in creating a
positive future. And this seens to be my assignment this time around."

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999
From: Ma Prem Amrita <>

Great dance we will globally have in love and awareness on the 11 of August, we will all be together as one, I can feel it, I can sense the celebration within the innercosmic space with in my cells and my heart!!!!


Ma Amrita

The Bering Sea Coalition invites you to join us in
ONE FAMILY, ONE EARTH : a worldwide Prayer of Gratitude for the Gifts of the Bering Sea and Mother Earth
AUGUST 11, 1999 7.00 am AST

The severe and sustained declines and erosion of the health of fish,
wildlife, and cultures of the bering Sea has created a crisis as
serious as the Rainforest cultures are experiencing. At the heart of
our people of the Bering Sea, is a deep wisdom, a way of living in
harmony with each other and Mother Earth that has thrived for over ten
thousand years.

Clip - please ask Amrita for the rest of this material if you are interested to know more.

Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999
Subject: Link

I am writing to inform you that I am posting the World Peace
Proclamation and a link to your site on my webpage. It is a site called
The Awakening, designed to promote world peace and spiritual evolution.
The URL is


Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999
From: EAGunter <>
Subject: wonder what this is?

Hi to all, Found this strange information in my email box. Is the world changing or is the world changing? I actually hope it's true! We have been told that we are getting help from angelic realms and something like this would validate that, not that we don't have other validation from many individuals already. The time is coming when the powers that be can no longer hold back the flood of information and we will all KNOW wonders beyond our present conprehension. And won't it be wonderful.

The first address is a picture of one of the ? beings. And below that is an astronomy article and address with a lot of information.

Enjoy, L
L, AnnG

Soviet Space Missions, Angels in Space and the Vatican Connection Something occurred with the Soviet Cosmonauts in the Salyut 7 that orbited the earth in 1985. This is a rather hushed secret that has been leaked to the west . . .

The six Soviet Cosmonauts in 1985 saw "celestial beings" on the 155th day aboard their orbiting space station. This was first reported by Cosmonaut Vladimir Solevev and Oleg Atkov as well as Leonid Kizim. This is what they said, "What we saw were seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of angels."

As the Cosmonauts were performing medical experiments in Salyut 7 high above the earth, a brilliant orange cloud enveloped them, blinding them temporarily, and when their eyes cleared, they saw the angels.

The heavenly visitors, they said, followed them for about 10 minutes and vanished as suddenly as they had appeared. However, 12 days later, Cosmonauts Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk, and Vladimir Dzhanibevok, who had just joined the others on the space station, also saw the beings. "They were glowing," they reported. "We were truly overwhelmed. There was a great orange light, and through it, we could see the figures of seven angels. They were smiling as though they shared a glorious secret, but within a few minutes, they were gone, and we never saw them again."

Now, Doctors, keep the above in abeyance as we discuss the second thing. But first, keep in mind the crux of the matter: what is the Vatican connection. Then, I will bring this all together for you.

As you know, the Hubble Telescope has been operating for a while. One of the things that certain officials or scientists connected to/or in your government are not telling you, and that the Vatican now knows, also, and has known longer than the United States Government, the Soviet Government, and the French Government, is that the Hubble Telescope in space has sent back the pictures of ethereal beings, bathed in this orange glow seen by the occupants of Salyut 7.

These "angels," according to scientists and astronomers, would cause a world panic and confusion because the Vatican knows that they - - AND HERE'S THE VATICAN CONNECTION - - are truly, "beings of light." But, these computer enhanced images have convinced scientists and astronomers alike that they are real, live angels. The Vatican's interest in the Hubble Space Telescope is that these beings are real, are being seen, but they are not the benign, friendly angels watching over us that the scientists think they are.

Scientists first thought they were a newly discovered star cluster because of the magnitude and brilliance of their colors. It became obvious, with the computer enhanced pictures, "that these were creatures we were seeing," according to one scientist at NASA. They--now get this--were, "a group of 7 angels flying together," in the NGC-3532, (CARINA) three-billion-year-old star cluster.

The scientists showed these pictures to the Vatican, and there were, "seven giant figures. All had wings and mist-like halos," reports one engineer. "They were about 80 feet tall and had wing-spans as large as airplanes. Their faces were round and peaceful, and they were all beaming. It seemed like they were overjoyed at being photographed by the Hubble Telescope. They seemed to be smiling at each other as if they were letting the rest of the universe in on a glorious secret."

NASA finally revealed to the Vatican that this was not the first time such a thing has occurred through the Hubble Telescope. In the Souz 8 mission a few years back, after 120 days into the mission, Soviet cosmonauts of that flight also encountered similar smiling angels.


Special to

The sun will slip behind the moon on Aug. 11, giving more people than
ever a chance to witness one of nature's more stunning sights - and give
scientists a chance to answer a 50-year-old mystery.

The last total solar eclipse of the millennium will cast darkness
over a 50-mile-wide path extending from England through Europe and Turkey and
across India and into the Indian Ocean. Because of the dense population
throughout much of the path, more people will see this eclipse than any other
in history.


The real show of the day, however, will not be science, but aesthetics. Nothing can prepare an observer for a total solar eclipse. Day turns to night, but it's much more than that. Flowers close, evening creatures come out, and the wind begins to whistle with the dropping temperature. As totality approaches, sunshine streaks through the valleys of the moon, creating a series of bright dots along the edge called Bailey's Beads.

Finally, the entire sun is shielded, and it's time to take off the protective glasses and gaze at the corona, a brilliant gossamer gown cloaking the only star that really matters to us.

Original post at:

See also a NASA article on the eclipse at:

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999
From: Santari Green <>
Subject: ONENESS

Dear Jean

Thanks for a recent email, giving an excerpt from your book. So many
people now are talking and writing about Oneness that it is no suprise to
find this concept on any Spiritual hot-line. The Creator whispers into
many ears through the collective consciousness.

Recently I had a dream in which I saw a book that detailed the workings of
courts of law. It was a 'Book of Judgements', written from a narrow mind
set in which accusations and fault findings were the basis for a scheme of
'justice'. This set me to musing about how we might collectively remodel
our patterns of thinking and emotional behaviour to reflect our ONENESS.

I asked two questions "Why do people judge? Why are we in separate
bodies?". I got not so much an answer but a realisation. A realisation
that softly suggests that every human 'appears' separate in worth and value
to others only because that is how we have conditioned our minds to
evaluate other identities. We have not found a way yet of easily viewing
spirit consciousness, or appreciating the uniqueness of another's essence
without automatically comparing it to our own. How we overly rely on our
eyes to discern our reality and miss the importance of that which truly
connects us.

Watching the movie "The Jungle Book" recently, (not the cartoon), there was
a beautiful moment where Mowgli faces the tiger without flinching. Facing
his inner fears perhaps. When the tiger moves away Mowgli declared that it
perceived that there was no difference between them, it had sensed a
oneness and so there was no need to attack or defend. Spirit accepting

Another movie "The Matrix" gives insight into moving from a tight web of
conditioned thinking to a web of dynamic insight and creative expression.
It has the hero declare that he is THE ONE. The pioneer who can completely
change the consciousness. He understands that his view of reality can only
be altered when he fully decides that he is in command. As the conscious
creator of his reality, anything is possible; his consciousness
dramatically affects all around him.

The message from all this seems clear to me. There can be no judgement
where the Spirit of Oneness is taken to heart. No need to attack or
defend, to compare or deny. There can be no separation when you join your
heart to the One Being that speaks with and through us all. There can be
no separation when you join your mind to the group consciousness that
speaks the universal language of Oneness. Empty words? Another illusion?
As I type this I tap into the passion which is the reality for me.
Perhaps when you powerfully declare (whoever you are) that you are THE ONE,
then perhaps the force that moves through your awareness will demonstrate
to you, beyond the words, what ONENESS really is.

Many Blessings
Santari Green