March 8, 2000

Subject: More feedbacks to "A very special and *urgent* request"

Hello everyone

After posting this "special and *urgent* request", I received a flurry of feedbacks and material that had me reconsidering the wisdom of supporting someone who, at first, appeared so sincere in his desire to change the system. Yet the decision to write this up 2 days ago was not based on a rational analysis but on a call from within as already explained in my last email.

However unwise this letter in support of McCain may appear in retrospect, I'm sure there was a good "reason", from a higher perspective, for it to be published. It certainly triggered a flood of reactions that shed much needed light of his past actions and connections, and that is good. But with last night's voting results, it is clear that McCain's bid for the nomination will go no further.

So after this foray into politics - which was certainly another great learning experience! - we will continue focussing on our other usual and more appetizing subjects in the next emails. And I have some very *special* material to submit to your attention shortly...

All my best to all of you and a BIG "thank you!" to all those who contributed their comments.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. See also at the end of this post the "Dolphin Story Verification" sent by Bobbie Sandoz


Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request

Greetings, Jean -

You've obviously paid more Attention to our election than I usually do
to yours -- I've read yr post, and 'hear' what you're saying. Yet, I
respectfully disagree with you ...

My main priority is the environment. The satellite returns very
recently received by our gov't were SO horrific that they actually
served to awaken some officials -- believe it or not! -- awakened them
enuf to share the photos with our media, who aired a couple immediately.

We saw, for example, that 350,000 acres of trees had been wiped off
the planet so that Atlanta, Georgia could sprawl out over a 35-mile
area. The heat being generated by the loss of trees has changed their
weather patterns ... But that was last week (literally), and at
today's pace of 'breaking news', the devastation we've wrought on our
planet as reflected back to us from the photos is all but forgotten ...

We -- the WORLD -- DESPERATELY need a leader who'll have the balls to
stand up to BigBusiness. Today's guiding 'uber alles' principle is that
if it's good for business, it's GOTTA be done, no holds barred. This
phony oil 'crisis' (with threats of further escalation of gas pump
prices -- wch actually isn't so bad, for it'll perhaps keep at least
SOME vehicles off the roads) -- has again stimulated the crazies to call
for the opening of Alaska's ANWR wilderness (up on the North Slope) so
they can get at the oil ... damn the caribou, damn the environment, WE

Gore's environmental record has been admittedly pitiful ... and the
recent publicity re: his inherited oil holdings (amounting to
half-a-mil) are a disgrace and major embarassment to one who ostensibly
cares enuf to've written a book about our global environmental problems.
Yet, he already IS in a position of power -- and IF WE, THE PEOPLE,
have already taken his measure. McCain and Bradley are, relatively
speaking, unknowns. Bush is a 'known', and IMO is unfit (on MANY
counts) to do the job WE require of our President. His stunned
realization that just because he had the backing of his party didn't
guarantee him a 'coast' to the WhiteHouse was a joy to behold -- after
New Hampshire , his smugness and arrogance changed, literally, overnight ...

Sadly, I believe that Gore is, at this juncture, the 'best' of all
'evils'. He is known to other world leaders, and carries more 'clout'
with them than any of the others. Yes, he's 'one of them', one of the
entrenched, monied, bought-off politicos. But 'greenies' Libertarians,
and other 'outsiders' don't have a snowflake's chance of sitting in The
Seat of Power. The Republicans, whether McCain or any other, have a
long history of going along with ANY- and EVERYTHING that puts money
into the pockets of the businessmen -- DAMN the environment.

If we have a chance to take ANY of the desperately needed
pro-environment steps we MUST take if our species is to survive, with
the deepest of regrets I believe it'll be behind Gore ... if anyone.

- ilyes

Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000
From: Palden Jenkins <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request

Dear Jean

We can pray only for the greatest and highest good (or some variation of
that theme). To pray for or against a presidential candidate is a form of
partisanhood which can only bounce back, and it introduces the precedent of
trying to use spiritual forces and the goodwill of networkers for partisan
ends, which, in the longterm, is corrupting. In the glitz of US
electioneering, it might well be that McCain has the qualities and
significance you give him - however, the American political system is well
enough geared up to make a president a prisoner, and surely this was
learned from watching Bill Clinton, whose reforming possibilities were
severely curtailed. The problem is not 'which president?' - the problem is
the investiture of so much apparent power in any president, and his
capacity for being manipulated once in office, and the very shape of
electoral democracy today, which is fundamentally disempowering and goes
together with special interest groups, the wealthiest men and corporations.

I encourage people to visualise and pray for the greatest and highest good
without being specific or biased - however well-intentioned you feel
yourself to be. We cannot know what is best at this stage. And it is very
questionable to ask for spiritual support in this way - there is a large
danger that people do what you criticise special interest groups, the
wealthiest men and corporations for doing - interference, manipulation and
support of special-interest group agendas only. It's a slippery
slope: spiritual work must be for the widest benefit possible, and there
is no knowing whether or how any of the candidates might bring this about,
or what learning experiences they truly will bring to humanity.

I remind you of the right-winger de Klerk in South Africa, who changed
world history for the better, and could only have done so by starting out
as a right-winger, or the KGB-backed Gorbachev - both of whom would not
have fitted into your criteria of 'good' at the beginning of their periods
of power and fame.


No criticism of your basic impulse, concern and
compassion, Jean. As a soul-friend, I simply encourage you to be aware of
the dangers of potential abuse of spiritual forces for what are, in truth,
narrow, temporary, partisan ends. Otherwise we potentially lapse into the
risk of spiritual war: of psychics battling each other for their beliefs,
and yet more of 'God on our side', and a dangerous new level of madness.


With love and support for your basic intention but not for your suggested

Glastonbury, England

From: "Richard Pote" <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000

We've got our own problems in this part of the world, with radical floods,
cyclones, and resultant infrastructure destruction. Politicians are all the
same the world over - they all suck. Forget them and concentrate on the real
issues again.

From: "MarLou Gaudet" <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000

Dear Jean:

Many blessings on you first off.

I voted for McCain in my absentee ballot. I have some very comfortable
"feelings" about the man and appreciate your input validating these
feelings. These days I make every effort to tune in to my Inner Self
and heed ITS advice but don't always succeed with some very exasperating results.
Something about McCain (sorry for the obtuseness of this statement!)
his suffering, his stamina, something.

Once again thanks for your wisdom and dispersement of information for us.
Love & Light Truth and Trust.


Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000
From: BILL D <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request


You may want to reference the book, GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED
Great reading and scary, their roots go back to Hitler and before.
Check it out.

Bill Derau

From: "David Crockett Williams" <>
Subject: McCain
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000


Last night on TV news it explained that Sen. McCain is the 26th most wealthy
person in the government, in large part due to his substantial holdings of
stock in Anhauser-Busch company. I agree he *seems* to represent the idea
of reforming the status quo but there are also aspects of his record that
need more careful examination such as below and I really wonder how much of
all the election rhetoric is sincere and how much is just calculated
political maneuvering.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a really obvious good choice for the next
US president instead of always it seeming like the people have to choose
between the "lesser of two evils"? :-)

David Crockett Williams
20411 Steeple Court, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Global Peace Walk 2000
Updates 415-267-1877 -- Voicemail 415-863-2084 SCHEDULE & contacts


The Vision of Paradise on Earth

Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request


I fully support John McCain. Where two or more are gathered so shall I be. We
will stand united together, TODAY, and witness power of the people.



May Peace Prevail On Earth & Within your heart.

Worldwide Servers International Organization
"One Humanity; One Goal:

Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000
From: Boyd Martin <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request


Well, I'm certainly going to disagree with you on the McCain thing. I was
least a Green Party, Pacific Party or Libertarian??

The American political system as we know it is not going to change by
helping John McCain. The "system" will only change when we change our OWN
systems of political thought *in action*. To organize ourselves into
village communities, off the grids of power--both political and electrical,
and live our lives as ART, not time slaves, and to embrace our galactic
heritage and destiny is more the idea, I think, eh?

Why do we want a "President", anyway? What is a government *supposed* to be
doing FOR its people? I don't see that in our present system. Radical
self-sufficiency, a revival of the archaic ritual Nature life, love
anarchy, time as art, self-governance and responsibility, are all concepts
antithetical to U.S. Government. Why would we want to validate a system
that has eroded our culture for generations, by "backing" a mainstream
candidate who has never stated an understanding of or an embracing of these

I'm sure you mean well, Jean, but snap out of it!

Boyd Martin
White Electric Wind
Keeper of the Violet Flame
Drummer of the Eternal Rhythm
Reminder of Purpose
Portland, Cascadia, North America, Earth

Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000
From: Louis Moore <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request

Dear Jean:

If I may offer another viewpoint. John McCain is the son of the
admiral in charge of CINCPAC during the Viet Nam War. Wars are fought over
assets and whenever there are too many men and not enough women. The upper
brass in the military work hand in glove with the industrialist so that the
timing of war can be co-ordinated with the need to stimulate economies. Do not
think for a moment that John McCain is for the ordinary man. He is not. He is
a member of the upper upper class and always will be. If he had any courage at
all he would have taken his sidearm after he was shot down and committed
honourable sepuku and refused to be taken captive. Many groundpounders I know
of did exactly that, and in some cases overdosing the wounded that had to be
left behind during an unorganized retreat.

Mr. McCain was also instrumental in the cover up of HIS FRIENDS during
the Silverado savings and loan debacle which cost the American Taxpayers close
to a TRILLION dollars in paper assets that had to be written off due to the
physical assets having to be written off an one of two cents on the dollar.
Mr. McCain is an elitist and make no mistake about it.

Now as to Mr. Bush. He may not be his father's son. He has been a
rebellious young man all his life. Although other Bush sons have been linked
to the savings and loan debacle, and possibly drug trafficking if you believe
in the internet news network, and possibly with the CIA asset, ZAPATA
PETROLEUM, if you believe in the internet news network; and George Dubya has
never been linked nor involved in scandal He is a shrewd and cunning
businessman. He believes in Law and order, swift justice, and most
importantly, Liberty for the common man. Most of us here in Texas wish it was
not so well know that our Governor has kept Texas a free state for the common
man because we are being overwhelmed by immigration of Yankees from the North
and Mexicans and Central and South Americans from the South.

We might want to follow the money to see where it is coming from. About
99% of the money for Dubya comes from the people and it is published online.
McCain got an overnight rocket boost to the front very similarly to the boost
received by Clinton shortly after Clinton blew his saxophone on the Arsenio
Hall show. Always follow the money. McCain supporters benefited from the
Silverado disaster. Bush supporters lost out on the savings and loan debacle.
I repeat: follow the money.

Louis Moore.

P. S.: I am not a registered voter in the corporation elections. The political machine in this country is like the Roman Circus. It is all an orchestrated sham so that the masses can feel
good about having a predatory government steal their few assets. I have no
favourite nor an axe to grind. I have a minor in political science, I have
always been amazed and entertained by watching politicians lie with a straight
face; and I simply enjoy observing the behaviour of the actors. It matters not
to Me who is president. I have a business to run and in My niche markets I
always make money no matter what.

Thanks Jean for all your hard work

From: (michel geoghegan)
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request

I agree with the tenets of your message, but it is limited to and based
on the premise that the Republicans will win.

I am part of a group that believe that Clinton's economic record and
success in cutting military costs leading to the virtual elimination of
the BUDGET Deficit, and now paying off the National Debt in a quick
hurry within a few years, will stand the Dems in good stance for the
elections.The American people do not like to have a one party control
of the Congress and the Administration. THUS THE VOTER, CANNY AND
SHREWD(yje 50% only vote), may surprise the Dollar heavy Republicans on
the Day. (Thats my view and hope).

Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request:: Support McCain (Jean Hudon)

In a message dated 00-03-07 12:59:28 EST, you write:

Sorry Ed ... this one I do not concur on ... while McCain has principles
regarding campaign finance reform, he is still immersed in the old paradigm
of militaristic solutions, supporting the WTO and biotechnology in
agriculture, and the good-old boy network. John Hageline, Ph.D. of the
Natural Law Party; Heather Harder (a spiritualist and a truly tuned in
being) and/or Ralph Nader should be supported in this campaign. We need REAL

Agreed. Noticing a flurry of strong anti-McCain feelings.
I felt that he was the lesser of 2 evils, and in that spirit forwarded Jean
Hudon's message, but as you saw in my last message, I also support Heather
Harder and/or Ralph Nader. Perhaps, one should run for president and the other for

I have not yet ONCE seen Harder named in mainstream media.
What can be done about that?

Ed Jor-El Elkin

From: "Freeda Cathcart" <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000

I am surprised by your request. My father went to school with John McCain.
Don't let his enthusiasm confuse you by ignoring his values. He is not
supportive or respective of women's rights. He has said that he will try
and overturn Roe VS Wade.

Gore while he is not as exciting will provide a much better chance for our
environment to be protected. He is also a great protector of women and
children's rights. He could help to create a world where mothers wouldn't
choose to terminate their pregnancies.

I have read your follow up post. I didn't know you are from Canada. It
would be better for Bush to win the Republican nomination as strongly as
possible. He will be the easier candidate to beat in the Fall. Basically
the line up is once again WASP VS WASP. Gore is the more enlightened and
liberal WASP. WASPs can be beneficial insects to protect the garden. They
eat unwanted pests and help with pollination.

Don't curse WASPs but look for the blessings. All God's creatures have a
place in the choir!

Love All Ways,
Freeda WASP

From: "Phyllis von Miller" <>
Subject: "A very special and *urgent* request"
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000

Hi Jean -- Hi folks

After Watergate and Tricky Dick getting caught red-handed and getting of w/
honors , I was so disgusted w/ the political scene, and felt so powerless,
that I turned my back on it all. Unfortunately, it didn't go away, it only
got worse.

I would like to encourage you all to visit the following websites;""

I found the info there rather empowering, so I bit the bullet and bought the
book A Reason to Vote ( by Robert Roth, St. Martin's Press). And I learned
a lot! How very very difficult it is in getting a non Republican or
Democratic candidate on the ballot; how Congress has spent so much of their
time and the people's bucks in the last several years making laws to close
out third parties; why the media ignores them; why they are not invited in
the debates; why write-in votes dilute our voice; ; how I can regain my
power; how I can give up my lethargy; how I can make a difference, etc.

Now, at age 60, I realize I must take a more responsible attitude if I wish
to see it transformed. My personal preference is for Heather Harder, but
unfortunately she is running on the Democratic Ticket. I have written her
and the NLP and suggested an alliance, which is more palatable to me. So,
unless something else better comes down the pike b 4 Election Day, I will
put my vote w/ the NLP. Thanx 4 your ears.

Holding the vision of all misqualified and miscreated energy transformed,
right here ~ an right now! Peace IS prevailing on Earth ~ Love & Light ~
Phyllis ~ ICQ#2505539.

Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request
From: Pio Celestino <>

Dear Jean Hudon,

Greetings from REFUGIO DEL RIO GRANDE, the camp for political refugees on
the Mexican border, in Texas. It is with great fascination that I always
read your messages. In our historical memory we have towering examples
of living with disagreement trying to understand. Your message on
Senator McCain came to me just before the one that follows this note,
that I am sure you will appreciate. You write of "the status quo in
terms of who is actually controlling the U.S. government", and follow: "I
mean special interest groups, the wealthiest men and corporations who
have contributed tens of millions of dollars towards Mr ... nomination."
Jean Hudon: we say that of Mr. McCain. But what concerns me more is this
line that you wrote: "we can all recognize from within that in him has
been vested the Flame of Change and Healing Power of Truth..."

Senator McCain has written and enacted questionable laws - questionable,
of course, to the victims of those laws and to all of us friendly to
them. Mr. McCain works in favor of the "special interest groups, the
wealthiest men and corporations", that cause the tragedy of many; a case
in point, the Dine'h people, a.k.a., Navajo. Just back from Big
Mountain myself, I think that you should read the following message, and
pass it to your audience. I believe that you struggle and live for the
day when "the Flame of Change and Healing Power of Truth" will set in our
world. To stay.

Please read the message that follows, and pass it along to all your


Pio Celestino
17891 Landrum Park Road
San Benito, TX 78586
Web-Site: <>

(NOTE FROM JEAN: See this info about the Dine'h people below)

From: "Paula Moran" <>
Subject: RE McCain and genocide
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000

Hi Jean,

I'm a subscriber and went 'oooph' when I saw your endorsement of McCain.

He sponsored, knowing the implications, a bill that relocates all the Navajo
Dineh living on the "disputed Hopi Navajo land" to a nuclear spill site. Of
those who have already been relocated over the past 6 years, over 40% have
died. This is pure genocide.

Coincidentally, the disputed lands happen to be on top of one of the richest
coal beds in N.A. owned by Peabody Coal, and major contributer to McCain's

Incidentally, Peabody is a subsidary of another company that is concurrently
doing genocide in S.A. to another tribe.

There's a lot of info about this available. A url that will lead you to it
all is:

Paula Moran

From: "Juliet Easton" <>
Subject: Why John McCain is Bad for the Planet and People Too
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000


Though you might want to read this to get a different perspective on McCain.
I would NEVER vote for this man!

Juliet Easton

Why John McCain is Bad for the Planet and People Too

Senator McCain cosponsored a bill in 1996 that was signed into law by
President Clinton that forces traditional Dineh (Navajo) people from their
land so that Peabody Coal can strip mine it.

Modern Day Inquisition

From the time that Europeans arrived in the Americas, they have
systematically waged war on the people that resided here. Millions of
Native Americans were killed in the 5 centuries that have followed and most
of their land has been taken from them. The remaining Native Americans have
been left some land to reside on called reservations. These lands were
chosen because they were not prime real estate for agribusiness, and the
white settlers did not want them.

This systematic genocide has not stopped. It is still going on today, and is
sponsored by our government. In the deal, the Hopi tribe are paid $260,000
for each Dineh person they coerce into signing the accommodation agreement.
So far, over 14,000 people have been removed from their traditional lands
and ways of life to live a life of Bureau of Indian Affairs housing and job
and relocation programs. They are being forced to assimilate into Western
culture. The UN has criticized this relocation a human rights violation.

John McCain has an Answer, but Will Not do Anything

Senator McCain is behind this current dirty deal, as he was a cosponsor of
the bill (PL-104-301) that made it law that the Dineh must move. Despite his
public position of not bowing to corporate and special interests, he is
clearly in bed with the coal industry. Peabody Coal has publicly contributed
to McCain's campaign and endorsed his candidacy.

As a Senator, he can introduce a bill that will essentially undo the law
that is currently on the books. But he has chosen not to. He does not want
to buck the big supporters of his party and candidacy. He disregards people
questioning his policies as "outside agitators" and uninformed do-gooders.
He says that only white activists taking advantage of the situation to
further their own programs are concerned. This is a blatant and
disrespectful falsehood. The Sovereign Dineh Nation is a Native-run
organization that is coordinating support for the traditional people on the
land. In addition, it is legitimate for white people to act as allies of
non-whites in such organizations, especially when it is a white supremacist
government that is making the destructive policies. We have a responsibility
to conduct ourselves honorably and demand our government does the same.

On March 2, 2000, a further attempt at communication was was faxed to John
McCain's office strongly requesting a meeting at his earliest convienence
(within a month). Numerous other efforts have been ignored or dismissed.
When faxed this letter was signed by almost twenty residents of Hopi
Partitioned Lands, and now has been signed by twenty five Dineh residents.
This request comes from both the Dineh Residents suffering under the laws he
created, and from the international human rights and social justice
movements who are peacefully supporting the indigenous people of the Black
Mesa region. No reply has yet been obtained.

Please help this request for a meeting be heard and respected.
Print up our web page for McCain info.
thanks and respect - BMIS

Black Mesa Indigenous Support
P.O. Box 23501
Flagstaff, AZ 86002
United States of America

v-mail: (520) 773-8086

BMIS is a collective of individuals acting to support the sovereignty
of Dine people, who face forced relocation, environmental devastation
and cultural extinction by the hands multinational corporations, U.S.
and tribal governments.

From: "Linda Evans" <>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks about "A very special and *urgent* request" and about"THE BIGGER MYSTERY BEHIND ELIAN'S SURVIVAL" and much much more
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000

Dear Jean: I received this mail via Suzanne Keehn; thank you so much for
the incredible information on Steve Wilson (I have been saying many prayers
for him since), Richard Boylan, and LFAS. Although I have known much of
this before and have written and called many times about LFAS, the new
information is enlightening and most disturbing (I was extremely pleased to
hear about the lawsuit and want to give donations and support). I do think
the next 20-30 years will be quite challenging, and I also don't believe
that we have a choice of is all set up and manipulated. I
believe we will have to go around the system somehow. Although Sai Baba and
others say to pray for leaders of integrity and they will be provided, and
myself and many others pray earnestly, it seems that our work is cut out for
us....guess this is why we give our support to the light,
to become empowered to make a real difference, to transcend earthly

Thanks again for being such a powerful voice. Please add me to your mailing list.

Blessings always,

Linda Lee Evans

Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000
Subject: Dolphin Story Verification

Dear Cheryl, Larry, and Jean,

I just spoke to the originator of the story, Anna Acle of the Miami Herald about Elian being helped by the dolphins. She spoke directly by phone to the family and heard Elian in the background confirming the story. Marine biologists agreed that this information is plausible, especially in view of the good physical shape the child was in, but preferred not to go on record. As a result, this reporter has since been challenged and ridiculed, which may be what raised the question of the validity of the story from a handful of people on your lists.

I think this is yet another example of people ridiculing truth, similar to the way they ridicule what we are saying about the sonar being a problem, and I believe this ridicule of new ideas and basic truths is a very dangerous quality in our society.

It started with the flat earth society and just won't let up whenever there are new ideas attenpting to penetrate our consciousness. I think the neigh-sayers would do us all a favor by stepping aside and stop making it so difficult for new information to come forth and contribute to a faster evolutionary process for our species. I believe it is also up to the rest of us to stop being so afraid of their neighs...and to keep speaking our truths and what we know in our hearts to be useful information for the elevation of the higher self. I personally commend this reporter for her courage to share this wonderful inforamtion with us.

But the real question here is why would a child not be believed? Why would we assume dolphins helping a child in the ocean to be false? And why do we start with such skepticism and doubt in the face of perfectly plausible information? Based on my 10 years of experiences with dolphins in the wild, my feelings are..."Of course. That information offers the most plausable explanation for why Elian emerged in such good shape, while the adults in the water were a mess and required hospitalization." Moreover, it matches hundreds of other well-documented dolphin rescue stories.

So why all the skepticism? That is the real question here...and one I think we need to address if truth-tellers are to feel safe in our world and free to speak what they really believe. I for one am weary of the tyranny of "science used for proving" and the requirement of witnesses and studies to back up every truth spoken...especially since the heart readily recognizes truth, while we have seen in the LFAS process how studies can be manipulated to "prove" a lie. It seems we must learn to listen with our hearts once again... so that we will recognize truth when we hear it and then feel free to share it with others without fear.

I hope that knowing the information came from Elian will put this question to rest.

With aloha,

Bobbie Sandoz