March 7, 2000

Subject: Feedbacks about "A very special and *urgent* request" and about "THE BIGGER MYSTERY BEHIND ELIAN'S SURVIVAL" and much much more

Hello everyone

As you have certainly all seen by now, I've felt prompted tonight to take a
firm stand in favor of John McCain. I've received some important feedbacks
to this and feel it is important to pass some of them on to you with my
comments right away. I've discovered that there is much I and most people
don't about who is behind John McCain but despite knowing this, my gut
feeling still tells me his candidacy must be supported although I frankly
do not have arguments to put forward to substantiate the validity of this
position. Still some explanations are given below.

And much much more!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000
From: Jim Fournier <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request


While I agree that Bush is as close as to the personification of the
anti-christ as any current national politician. And Mc Cain may be a
reformer, his environmental record is almost as bad as Bush's and he is,
in general, a social conservative who shares very little in his values
with you or me. Paradoxically, as a Green I will probably vote for him
in California only because it is the best way to weaken Bush going into
the Republican Convention. But I would not if there were any danger of
him actually winning the nomination.



Dear Jim

I don't think our opinions differ that much.

As a Canadian who has learned about McCain only through listening to him
and about him on TV, reading articles in Time Magazine and browsing through
his website, I obviously do not have as much information and references to
make as a detailed evaluation of him as you seem to be able to do. Same
thing for Bush though I've seen many emails reporting quite heavy stuff on
him and his father and their ties with the elite that runs the U.S.

I hesitated a lot regarding taking a stand in McCain's favor over the last
weeks, mostly because I believe that all politicians are liars to a certain
extent (some to a great extent!), otherwise they probably and very sadly
would never get elected, and also because I did not want to take any part
in the so superficial gimmicks of political campaigns. But each time I got
to ponder about this possibility, I got a clear signal from within -
perhaps you know about this kind of powerful tinglings arising from within
and enfolding you in response to a thought... - that I could, if I allowed
myself to it, be of assistance towards supporting McCain's bid to the
Republican nomination and that his victory would be a much "preferable"
outcome that letting the Bush camp win without a fight as it first seemed.

So when I was listening to a French Canadian TV report tonight here in
Quebec where I live and seeing how sheer popular support - hundreds of
people coming out of nowhere and spontaneously volunteering countless
hours, many of them without any previous allegiance to the Republican
party, and hearing again about the millions of dollars given by countless
ordinary citizens believing in McCain's promise to give back the government
to the people of the United States -- the whole thing being a phenomenon
almost without precedent in a now apathetic U.S. electorate -- I felt again
the urge to jump in and be of service to what I feel is an admitedly
imperfect "right" fighting a clearly defined "wrong".

The rest is now history.

I know taking such a stand will displease some people and some like you may
decide to get out of the list. So be it. In politics as in every other
field of life, each individual has the unequivocal right to his or her own
opinions and if we look at this or any other situation solely through the
distording glass of personal opinions, it is almost certain that no two
individual will ever agree on more than a few things, if at all.

But from the soul's perspective, where unseen or unforeseeable consequences
are factored into the equation - a process which obviously is out of reach
of the mental, analytical mind - there can be unanimity of perception and
common action. It is in response to this fact that the request stated: "And
if you go within, which is where the only Call that matters must stem from,
you'll sense like me that we are at a defining crossroad in our history on
which so much hinges for our common future." Therefore if someone *chooses*
to heed this call, it is not as a result of any complicated intellectual
analysis but in response to a simple urge from deep within to align his or
her soul with the Highest Good in this situation and assist in Its
manifestation from this level of reality.

Very humbly


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000
From: dj <>
Subject: Re: Mc Cain/ A very special and *urgent* request

Hi Jean,

I thought you'd be interested in this article about John McCain. It has
given me cause to think twice about him. Unfortunately we US citizens are
once again left with a 'choice' of nothing but the lesser evil. McCain was also the
one who was urging limited nuclear strikes on Kosovo. So he's no answer as far as I'm
concerned. I think I'll just write in either Dan Burton or Ron Paul rather than
casting my vote for any of the official candidates.



>From INSIGHT MAGAZINE: McCain's Senior Team


Now as you'll see below, there was a long series of communications that
ensued following my networking of the story "THE BIGGER MYSTERY BEHIND
ELIAN'S SURVIVAL" about the alleged miraculous help provided by dolphins to
young Elian. As for now I truly don't know who is saying the truth: the
newspapers who wrote it is a myth (see below) or the other journalists
(there are some as you'll also see below) who said it is a genuine story.
The fact is that no one was there in the water with Elian to verify what
happened. So you believe who you want.

As we all know, even the best researched news can also err and most of the
news reports we get are either biased or so heavily partial and incomplete
or simply too superficial and thus shallow (presenting just one side of
many facets of the "picture") that anything that is portrayed in the news
media can also be lacking in credibility and truthfulness.

It is also true that everything we say or write is *always* biaised by our
own preconceived ideas and paradigm filters and the best thing perhaps to
state on top of every news we might decide to circulate is "Trust your own
feeling as to the validity of the following as it only represents the
limited viewpoint of one individual."


From: "Marti Luke" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000

I live in Florida and the Dolphin story sprung up after all of the media
attention - at least according to our news sources. The news says it isn't


Hi Larry and Bobbie

I'm just passing this on to you Bobbie and Larry since this originated from
you. Do you have any way to verify if it was actually true or not as I'd
like to know...

Thanks and keep up your Great work and thanks also for your appreciative
comment in another email Larry ;-)



Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A comment from someone who live in Florida about the Dolphin story

Dear Jean,

I called the Miami Herald to verify the story, and they told me it was true.
I did not see the actual articles verifying it.
With aloha,


Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A comment from someone who live in Florida about the Dolphin story

Dear Group,

I am traveling and am just picking up several emails on this concern about
the validity of the dolphins. When I heard this story, I called the Miami
Herald and spoke to their newsroom reporter. She indicated that is had been
mentioned several times in the Miami Herald and was common knowledge there. I
based my article on this information. I hope that everyone concerned about
this will receive this email.

With aloha,

Bobbie Sandoz

Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000
Subject: PS re story credibility

Dear Friends,
I forgot to mention when I was picking up 100s of emails late last night that
in addition to my verifying with the Miami Herald on the validity of the
story of the dolphins spending time with Elian while in the water, a Fox
Affiliate out of Miami prepared a story from my story on this, and I was
interviewed for it here in LA yesterday. This story will run out of Miami in
the next week or so, though they can't give me a specific date. This reporter
said that off the record marine biologists who she checked with agreed with
my theory but were not willing to be quoted publicly.

Also, please note that the person who thought I was not doing the right thing
with this story incorrectly interpreted from it that I was promoting humans
to be the only sentient species, which is pretty much the opposite of the
point of the story.

I hope that you will forward this to anyone who is concerned about the
validity of the story, including any others who sent it out to large lists.

With thanks and aloha,

Bobbie Sandoz

In a message dated 3/3/00, Trevor Osborne wrote:

Hey, everyone.

To me this just goes to show how very important that we all do our best to
check our facts before we report them as facts. If it is an opinion state
it as such, and if it is channeled information make sure that is specified
too. And if it is fact, then back it up with references!

Thanks one and all... I hope we have all learned from the experience.

Best personal regards...


Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: A comment from someone who live in Florida about the Dolphin story

Dear Trevor,

I take it that you have no objection to the fact that the boy was lost at sea
and that this information has been sufficiently verified by multiple media
sources to your infinite satisfaction.

Therefore, is the sole basis of your contention something to do with whether
the child did or did not interact with a dolphin? And if that is the sole
nature of your concern here, then just what sort of verification would you
like? And what makes you so entirely certain that it's not in place already?

I have hosted Ms. Sandoz's work on my web site and I can you that her
attention to detail has resulted in no fewer than 14 rewrites of one
particular article she's worked on prior to its final release. I'm sure that
as a professional author of various articles and two published books, Bobbie
Sandoz is more than capable of conducting a thorough verification with all
species involved. And this is entirely plausible, because Bobbie talks to
dolphins all the time. Which in this instance, would be beneficial as it's
likely the dolphins were adults. (Or would you prefer the opinion of a
nearly drowned child?)

(By the way,.... this should have you smiling!)

Trevor, just how close does a cetacean have to be for you to feel assured of
its "contact?" A Blue Whale's call can be heard half an ocean away. From
that sort of range, work your way backwards....

Did the boy indeed find himself surrounded by dolphins?

And if so, how near were they?

What an interesting question to be left with. I suppose it's a talented
writer who would leave you with this ponderance.

Or would you want 3 eyewitnesses to the dolphins? You could possibly require
that! And if you did, I give you a long stern look and then I would speak
your name softly and would then ask,

"Don't you believe that dolphins are real?"

They're there, you know.

And their sonar carries vast distances. The sound they make is echoing off
everything and everyone in a complex language which is networked throughout a
sometimes distant community.

What is so amazing to me is that you want proof of there being dolphins?

Why, Trevor! <smiling> Think of this.... It would be much more of a
challenge to prove the dolphins weren't an influence!

Best regards,
Cheryl... who gives you a wink and nod.

Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000
From: Trevor Osborne <>
Subject: Re: A comment from someone who live in Florida about the Dolphin story

Hi Cheryl,

This is what happened.

I have been very concerned about the ULF sound weapons the US Navy has been
testing and the effects they may have on the cetaceans and other sea
animals (I have read quite a few emails about this). When Jean's email came
through I read it quickly and decided to forward it to one of my email
lists that are people with known concerns about what is happening on the
planet. I didn't do what I should have done and that is to check that what
was being said was said with integrity, or not.

Out of all the people I sent it to I only received one reply (from Jerry),
and I decided to forward it back to Jean for comments. He, in his wisdom
shared this email with some of his group and I started receiving replies to
Jean's email. My point was in relation to another email I sent out
(including Jean) about 6 weeks ago entitled "Credibility and Honesty in
Reporting..." (please read the copy below).

I don't dispute what may or may not have happened with the little boy. All
I was attempting to point out was if someone makes a statement they say
whether it is their opinion, or whether it is someone else's opinion (say
who, if possible) or whether it is a confirmed fact. The boy and the
dolphins are just an example.

As far as I am personally concerned I am convinced the dolphins and whales
are sentient beings of the same soul type as ourselves, and have shared
incarnations with humans at various time. I also believe they are
interacting with us in loving ways to help us "wake up" out of our very
long sleep. I also believe they have conscious memory of all of human
history on this planet. I also believe they have direct telempathic
connections with the Sirian society in the 6th density.... and a whole lot
more than that (and I use the word tele-m-pathic for a reason... that
so-called telepathy is actually an empathic activity... rather than a
mental one as most people believe).

I hope this helps you gain a truer perspective of what I am saying.

With Love, Light & Laughter... TREVOR

PS. Thanks for your humorous overtones, they were appreciated...


Hi Jean,

This is Trevor Osborne from down-under, formerly from up-over (UK).

I read with great interest and concern what you are reporting and I pass a
quite lot of the information on to my network people. However, I have
learned how important credibility and honesty in reporting is and that long
term credibility comes from checking out reported "facts" before passing
them on, and/or providing source REFERENCES of the information.

Therefore, can I suggest you ask the people who supply you with your
information that they provide a list of references at the end of their
articles so that anyone who is interested in checking for more detail can
do so. If this is not done, then one has no way of telling what is TRUTH
and what is RUMOR. There is no point is spreading rumour and false
information, I'm sure you will agree.

For example, Monsanto's name change. If this name change did in fact occur,
I would like to see the author provide a credible reference where s/he
learned about it (eg. government corporate registration website) so the
reader can check the information out. If, for any reason the person cannot
supply a reference then they should state that what was being reported is
their OPINION and should be checked before passing it on as being a fact.
This will give the author credibility as well as those who pass on the

Another example. I recently had an occasion where I wanted to check out a
powerful statement I read in a reputable magazine that Australia's largest
research organisation, CSIRO had compared the nutrient value of foods today
those in 1948 and apparently found they were gravely deficient in many
nutrients. When I called the magazine for a reference they gave me the
contact details of the man who gave them the info. When I contacted him he
couldn't give me any details, so I contacted the CSIRO after thoroughly
checking through all their webpages on the subject and all their
publications. The lady who was in charge of all their publications
eventually came back to me stating the following:

"We have conducted an exhaustive search of CSIRO records and can find no
trace of any such research by this division or any other within the
organisation. On reading the "alleged" findings of the "alleged" article,
our scientists were most concerned about the "alleged" scientific facts
therein. I can say in the strongest terms that we do not wish to be
associated with the information as reported in the article."

Jean, your comments are welcomed...

With kind regards...



Hello Trevor

Thanks for expressing so clearly your concern. Just like you I would love
to always have all the needed references provided along with all the
material (tons of it!) that I received daily. Unfortunately it is seldom
the case. However, in most cases either I trust the source because of the
track record of credibility (when someone has sent me material later to be
found to be a hoax or an unfounded rumor, you can be sure I do not pass
along any other doubtful material afterwards or I do so only with a mention
that I could not confirm its authenticity), or the source is readily
credible because it is a reputed newspaper or NGO.

As for trying to get such references when lacking before passing on the
material received, I simply do not have time for this. As you might imagine
I do this as a service, alone and with previous little time available.

But whenever an information I have circulated appears to be proven false or
incomplete, I always strive to include the corrected or complementary
information other people on this list have provided me afterwards - and
this a one of the great strenghts of this Earth Rainbow Network, isn't it!

We don't live in a perfect world, as illustrated in your second example!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. As for the change of name of Monsanto, I've seen the same info in
other newsclips. So it's real.

From: "C'esca Lawrence" <>
Subject: Fw: Vote against genetic engineering!
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000

Here is your chance to vote against Genetically Engineered food in Time
Magazine's website poll... There is compelling evidence that Genetically
Engineered plants and animals contribute to the ever growing cancer rate in
this country. Please take a moment and cast your vote _against_ this
unacceptable practice. Don't forget -- this is TIME Magazine -- They are
going to report
this to all Americans that still don't have an opinion about Genetically
Engineered food (i.e., know nothing about it).

Please check in and vote "VERY CONCERNED" and pass this site along.
Remember to click "TALLY IT" or your vote will not be counted.,2637,foodpoll,00.html

Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000
CC: Ltr to Times WebEditor <>
Subject: re: TIMES mag GMO-voting

Greetings, Jean -

I voted on this 'Are you afraid of eating Genetically Modified Foods'
question just now, then remained on the site and scanned various other
of their questions and results. I noted that the total number of votes
was listed on some pages, so went back to the GMO page to see if I'd
somehow missed the total votes cast for the GMO question (I hadn't, it
isn't included). Upon returning to the GMO-page, however, it took an
uncharacteristically long time to load, tho the Netscape logo indicated
it was indeed attempting to access the page. I even tried reloading it.
I was about to give up, when the page suddenly loaded. The note below
was NOT on the page the first time I'd accessed the page, ONLY MOMENTS BEFORE:

Due to a large amount of robotic voting during
the last several weeks the tally file for this
poll has been corrupted. We have reset the
tally to zero and relaunched the poll."

During my first access, tho I didn't record the results, I recall they
showed something like 57% were 'very concerned', 39% were 'not concerned
at all'. Now, the results after allegedly being 'reset to zero' ONLY
SECONDS BEFORE, show 42.54% 'very concerned', while 34.69% are 'not
concerned at all'. How convenient ... !

*** Note also that the poll start-date (at the top of the page) still
shows 12/1/99, not 3/3/00. ***

I find it difficult to believe that (at least) 5 people voted in that
30-60 seconds whilst I was waiting for the page to load (one had to've
voted in each category, for all five categories immediately showed
percentages -- the other tallies being 'somewhat' (10.83%), 'a little'
(10.54%), and 'not sure' (1.37%).

I just now exited the results page and re-entered it some TWENTY MINUTES
after having recorded the above numbers, AND THEY'RE THE SAME NOW (20
minutes later) AS THEY WERE THEN -- ie, they haven't changed in 20 minutes.

Who's pulling WHAT, and WHY??? (This is, sadly, a rhetorical question.)
It'll be interesting to see how their 'reset tally' continues ...

- ilyes

Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000
From: "Richard Nichols" <>
Subject: Re: Green Files 6

Maybe it's a temporary mood thing, but currently I am at the point where I
believe that massive cataclysmic purging is the only way this Earth is
going to rectify the mess we have made of our own nest. That equates to
billions of people dying until our population returns to a level where it
is not out of control and hopefully has learned the lesson about caring for
the environment above all other material lusts.

I (we) will most likely get thrown out with the bathwater, but that's a
small price to pay if this world can still be saved.

While I admire the efforts of environmental lobbyists who think that a wad
of letters to the UN or our government will turn this thing around, I do
not share their vision that it will do much good. Thus the solution stated
above. As a collective society (six billion and counting), we made our
choices to strip the Earth of anything of value to assuage outr consumptive
appetites. Now it is time to reap our collective consequences. The next
twenty - thirty years ain't going to be pretty, but then important lessons
generally aren't if they are goung to take a permanent place in our




I understand your pessimism but think there are events and phenomenons like
a now possibly imminent global awakening that could swiftly change the
whole picture. Not to say there won't be massive environmental upheavals
and consequences to be faced. And as you say this is often the price that
must be paid for such important lessons to be learned.

Yet I feel we will manage to get through and rejuvenate the Earth beyond
our wildest imaginings and reach to the stars and other dimensions of
reality all along while touching and living out our true Divine nature.

Hang on! The best is yet to come...


Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000
From: Pat Kostakeva <>
Subject: Re: Green Files 6

I would like you to ask all members to write a simple letter to politicians
telling them that the Environment should be the Number One Campaign Issue this
election season. By focusing on the Environment, we can bring to the forefront
issues that affect all the planet, such as bioengineered food, clearcutting in
our forests, air and water quality, etc. It only takes a minute -- look up the
address of local politicians on the web, write a short one- or two-paragraph
letter, mail it. Or email it. Or make a phone call. This is critical. It is
necessary to get politicians OFF the religious issues because religion only
divides people at this point, and does not solve any problems. We need to FOCUS
on the problems, the issues.

Thank you.

Rev. Pat Ormsby Kostakeva
Sunwillow Foundation.

Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000
From: Betty Martini <
Subject: Fwd: Male Sexual Dysfunction triggered by NutraSweet

Dear Jean,

I don't know if you ever got this and just wanted to be sure. One thing
about this new report - any man reading it will never use aspartame
again. When I get back I'm going to send it to all the Impotent
Clinics. A lot of men are going to be very happy when they find out what
the problem is, and they can eliminate it.

All my best,

Aspartame damages the hypothalmus . the hypothalamus produces GRH
ganatotrophin releasing hormone. The GRH goes right down the stalk
between the hypothalmus and pituitary and causes the pituitary then to
produce ganatrophins . The Gangalia goes to the testicles and causes
them to produce tetstosterone. When you are eating up the hypothalmus
with neuroexcitotoxins like NutraSweet you're suppressing the formation of
male hormone without which there is no sexual drive or pleasure for
either. In original studies there were atrophied testes and testicular
tumors. It is by this route that they were triggered. (gonatotrophin)

Aspartame destroys the myelin sheaths and when that happens the nerves
sand sheaths try to regenerate but now the signals can be crossed,. tso
that the pleasure receptor of the penis sends the signals but it arrives
at the brain at a differnent receptor so that it is not recognized as
pleasure. Also, the ganglia collections of nerve sheaths and cells that
are kind of little mini brains that lie inside the thorax and abdomen in
front of the spinal cord are important in both sexual arousal, penile
pumesence or erection and in producing orgasm. So the mehtyl alcohol type
of poisoning from nutrasweet is the foremost known cause of degeneration
of the sheaths and the ganglia. Also methyl alcohol type poisoning is
the foremost known cause of antimyelin antibodies so that thereafter the
immune system can carry out similar destructions in the absence of
aspartame. Now the excitotorey area of the cerebral cortex which allows
men to be excited, interested and pleasured by sex atrophies when the
testosterone is suppressed, moreover you have an independent neurotoxin
generated by the isolated phenylalanine. Any time you have a neurotoxin
making the brain sick sexual pleasure is obliterated because the brain is
the most important sexual organ. Moreover, you have classic alcohol
poisoning and alcoholism and alcohol poisoning is notoriously famous for
wiping out the male animal.

Alcohol is suppose to make men stiff and women tight, but in fact it makes
neither either Serotonin and dopamine levels are suppressed . With your
dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain obliterated life becomes
one long dark, sleepless , hopeless, and pleasureless night.

Turns the goodness of sex into a memory instead of a reality

Pepsi isn't so peppy after all.

James Bowen, M.D.


Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000
From: Pat Kostakeva <>
Subject: Environmental Issues

I would like to ask you to post a message to all your list to please
write their legislators this campaign season stating that The
Environment is their number one campaign issue. Only by hearing from
the public will politicians stop discussing nonsense issues and focus
instead on issues that affect the entire planet. Pollution,
genetically engineered foods, overgrazing on public lands, clearcutting
in national forests, urban sprawl are all issues that are far more
important to everyone than so-called moral issues such as abortion that
affects a very small percentage of people. Politicians must see there
are larger issues that affect the entire planet, not just the vocal

It's easy to contact them; there is a Senate Roster at complete with web page and email address.
Thank you for helping.

Rev. Pat Ormsby-Kostakev,

Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000
Subject: Senseless Killing of Endangered Species -vs- National Security


I have posted this press release at the Free FAX link which is:

Additionally, this text is posted at the following URLs:

And as a backup / mirror:

MARCH 2, 2000
CONTACT: Cheryl A. Magill
(650) 429-2116.
For further information
- lawsuit & plaintiff list:
- overview of topic:

Senseless Killing of Endangered Species - versus - National Security

On Tuesday evening, the 28th of February, Dan Noyes of ABC News announced
to a San Francisco audience that environmental groups would be filing suit
against the US Navy in Honolulu Federal Court. On the next evening,
Wednesday, February 29th on an Internet Radio Broadcast, Jeff Rense of the
Sightings Program verified with Attorney Lanny Sinkin that a lawsuit had
been filed. Chiefly, this legal action takes exception to the senseless
harm that will be done to marine life through the introduction of Low
Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS); which is quite possibly the most powerful
manmade sound on the planet, and which would blast ocean habitats. In
addition to its urge for compassion through common sense, the lawsuit
alleges that prior to completion of an Environmental Impact Statement, the
Navy has illegally spent more than $350 million preparing to deploy the
LFAS system in 80% of the world's oceans. The suit challenges the draft
environmental impact statement (DEIS) prepared by the Navy because the DEIS
omitted facts, manipulated data and failed to comply with the National
Environmental Policy Act and other legal requirements. Eleven groups and
an individual are represented by Attorney Lanny Sinkin. The government has
60 days to reply.

Subject: Colonel Steve Wilson, founder of Skywatch

Dear Skywatch members,

Those who remember Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF, the founder of Skywatch, and
those new to his astounding information as the head of Project Pounce (the
military covert group in charge of cordoning off and retrieving downed ET
spacecraft), will be interested to know that the Colonel's information can
still be found on the internet.

Specifically at:
Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.) Reveals UFO-oriented Project Pounce
Dialogue between Dr. Richard Boylan and Col. Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.),
former head of Project Pounce, the secret Air Force project to secure the
area of downed UFOs and seize the craft and its occupants.
The Man Who "Outed" the U.S. Saucer Program: Colonel Steve Wilson
A Short Biography by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (c)1997
Revelations concerning MJ-12

Colonel Steve Wilson was a brave patriot. He will be long remembered.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I downloaded all this excellent material from Dr. Boyland
yesterday and read it all in one sitting. Astounding STUFF! Highly
recommended if you are not afraid of the truth.