May 13, 2000

Subject: Some feedbacks to the May 5 Alignment + Report on The Power Paradigm Conference...The Emergence of the Corporate Soul (see my comments on this at the very end)

Hello everyone,

As I expected, numerous people sent in a report of their experience during the May 5 planetary alignment after I wondered aloud if anyone had anything to report on this. Thanks to all of you! I've included some of them below as well as another report on an important New Consciousness event, the Power Paradigm Conference, that occurred last week in the UK.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

2 Suggestions to keep in mind:

On Mother's Day tomorrow, we might want to make a special acknowledgement of Mother Earth as our Mother to us all in our meditations and prayers.

Global Spiritual Rendez-vous for the Wesak on the May 18 Full Moon:

Full moon times:
3:34am New York time, 8:34am London time,
9:34am European time, 0:34am Pacific time.

From: "Peter Quiller" <>
Subject: May 5th
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000

Dear Jean,

You mentioned that you felt May 5th was a bit of a non-event? For me it was anything but a non-event.

I was impressed to do my meditation outside in the garden at 3.30am British Summer Time on the day. I sensed a tremendous build up of energy and this intensity has continued unabated with me ever since. It felt as though everything around me had suddenly switched up a notch or two, or perhaps even an octave.

My wife and I met an amazing child the following evening and we shared some special spiritual confidences about the future. He was a great inspiration to us and we, in turn, were able to help him understand that LOVE is the greatest energy in the Universe. (Six years old, going on one hundred and six!) Aren't there some amazing children about nowadays?

Two days later I visited my friend, Michael Joseph, in London and we undertook an energy balancing ceremony in his apartment. I have to say the energy generated was extraordinary. I could not say that this concerned major political or worldwide events, but it seems to have worked on a personal level, as several good things have begun to occur, both for him and for me.

I believe this energy portends a new beginning, for it is giving us the strength to continue our light working activities in the face of fierce opposition in this country. I don't know about you, but Michael and I have felt like giving everything up on a number of occasions recently as we have reached the point of total exhaustion and this new energy has given us fresh hope. Are we alone in this?

Perhaps the energy is going to carry on building up around the globe, between now and May 17th?

In light and love

Peter Quiller

Date: Thu, 11 May 2000
Subject: planetary alignment experience

Dear Jean

Thank you for asking about our experiences during the planetary alignment. I
had a lovely experience during that special time. I was standing in the
sunny garden, with my bare feet on the warm grass, enjoying the sun on my
skin and the fragrance of the flowers and listening to the birds, when
suddenly my perception changed. I had a feeling of absolute peace and
eternity, no more limitations. It is difficult to explain, but it was
beautiful and very intense. The memory of this feeling will stay with me for
a long time.

Sadly, however, within 2 days, 4 people from our neighbourhood died and my
grandmother had a light stroke. This may have been partly because of the
unusually hot and humid weather in Germany at the moment.

Thank you again for all your loving and lightful messages and the wonderful
work you are doing.

Peace, love and light

From: "Lyn Hopkins" <>
Subject: RE: We were in contact with one another
Date: Tue, 9 May 2000

Dear Friends:

I want most of all to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who attended
our event on May 5th. Everyone who was there brought their light, love and
sense of family to connect and infuse the matrix grid with our highest, most
fabulous dreams for ourselves, our Country, and the Planet. I know we have
had an impact. We all could feel it palpably. It will be interesting to
see how it manifests, eh?

I especially want to thank our staff and presenters. Everyone pitched in
with their whole hearts in an inspired spirit of cooperation and support
that IS the New Dream. What a wonderful genesis for the birthing of our
next evolutionary phase. We have most definitely gone up some rungs on the
spiral of growth and expansion.

Special thanks to our Crew Chiefs, Bruce Portmann, Raymond Powers, Charlie
Williams & Patty, Doug Oliver, Jeff Walters, Lyn Hopkins, Walter & Lily
Helbig, Barbara Gluck, Scott Hopkins, Raymond Perosi - and their devoted
staff that ensured a smooth flowing program.

From my perspective, as the Event Coordinator and Mistress of Ceremonies,
the event was the culmination of all the work my Partner Lyn and I have been
doing together since the Harmonic Convergence. It was also the culmination
of ten years work on the part of our Keynote Speaker, Ken Kalb, who detected
the astrological alignment originally.

As I stepped onto the land that day, although it is usually charged from all
of the ceremonies that are done there, I could feel a major influx of
energy, upliftment and joy in my heart as I set myself about the tasks of
the day setting up the event. Some of our staff were unable to come, both
due to structural physical problems, one had his knee go out, and another,
her back. Very interesting! Although we missed them, our people at the
Wright land covered any gaps virtually seamlessly with no problem! We sent
our prayers and love to those who could not make it and continued on.

As people arrived, I was amazed to feel the fulfillment of the profound
sense of family that was building from the time the gates opened. Many of
our friends were there, some of whom we handn't seen in awhile. And it felt
so good to feel their excitement and their love as we came together. We
also met many new people to add to our family community who are just as
passionate and loving. What a delicious opportunity to find more of our

Ceremonialists Carol Wike and Lyn Hopkins set the intent with Zenith energy
shields before the crowds arrived.

The Navajo Sisters, Gloria Clitso and Thomasina Bailey blessed everyone with
sage as they entered the sacred space.

The event itself went smoothly, although it was damp and cold. I was amazed
at our friends' dedication to the event, hanging in with us despite the
temperature. But when we lit the fire, everyone was grateful, and many of
the workshop groups opted to gather around the fires as we shared our gifts
with them.

We began the evening with a prayer tuning into our dreams for ourselves, our
Country, and the Planet, and attuned ourselves to one another to send them
out to the Universe and the Matrix. We invoked and connected with the
thousands of others that were joining us from all over the world, and we
could feel the power and majesty of our collective love filling the very air
around us - to a spectacular sunset.

Miram Serman did a Kabbalistic ceremony of banishing, protecting and
invocation of benificent energies to begin the ceremonial portion with
intensly focused power and beauty.

This was followed by an inspired and beautiful pipe ceremony led by my
partner, Lyn Hopkins, with pipe holders in each of the 8 directions and
others on the periphery. Many participants who could feel energy said that
as they approached the circle where the pipes were, they could feel profound
energetic power that pulsed in delicious harmony with their bodies and

Musicians, Raymond Powers and Christopher Pellani, followed with exquisite
music and chanting that took us to another realm in ecstatic bliss. It was
profoundly moving and gorgeous. Raymond's music is always amazing, but he
seemed to surpass himself this night. WOW!

Navajo Grandmother, Elsie Wilson, the Daughter of Grandfather Tom Wilson
(Don Genarro of the Castaneda books), offered up a prayer to bless our event
and our dreams in Navajo. Although we could not understand the words, the
beauty of her heart and intent shown like a star and moved many of us to

Then we began the fire, for which everyone was most grateful, and the
workshops. All of our Presenters felt inspired as they shared, and the
feedback from our Participants was enthusiastically positive.

Finally, to close, we came together with Raymond and his friends, Devamarga
Goldie and Rich to have a campfire singalong, chanting and drumming,
ending the evening in an intimate familial squeeze. The pipes were
ultimately closed out, and the singing and playing continued until late into
the night.

After it was all over, Ken Kalb and I were sitting around what was left of
the fire reflecting on the evening. We were sharing our awareness of the
completion of a portion of the journey and how challenging, wonderful and
empowering it has been. We closed the evening together on the top of the
hill, overlooking the stars and the ocean and the mountain in a joint prayer
of thanksgiving and receptiveness to the beauty that we have called forth in
this delicious dance of creation and love.

Thank you all again for joining us in a pinnacle experience - those that
made it to the event and those that joined with us in spirit! We would love
your constructive feedback and testimonials to add to the follow-up portion
on our site, and to help us improve our skills and planning (God only knows
when the next one will be!). We are also looking for written articles on
the event from anyone that would care to submit them.

May we all keep the juices flowing and our love expanding!

Many Blessings,

Shama and Lyn

From: "Linda Evans" <>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #4
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000

Dear Jean

Our meditation group experienced a visit from Lady Venus on May was a beautiful message about loving the earth, gathering the morning
dew on our face, letting our song be heard by speaking and singing our
truth, and other lovely ideas. We spent over an hour chanting and
envisioning an ensplendored earth. I do believe, as many are saying now,
that we need to focus on seeing a perfected earth, rather than one that
needs healing. For years lightworkers have served as channels and mediums
to bring in healing energy for earth...and I think she can best be served
now by seeing her in all her glory and ascended brilliance. We can still
call forth rain (and our meditation group has had success with this) and
other remedies...if we are careful to specify "in accordance with Divine
Will" or in "needed amounts" etc. and always return to the vision of an
ensplendored planet in all her glory.

Personally I experienced the last week as one of harmony and incredibly high
moments of enjoyment and sensual attunement with the earth and my own
body...massage and dancing with friends...enjoyment of wonderful
food...listening to music and singing while a friend played guitar...and
just enjoying the beauty of this magnificent spring along the California
coast. I also spent quite a bit of time pondering the best way to
accomplish and prioritize my spiritual work of astrology, writing,
counseling, and still earn enough to have an adequate income. This month is
all about aligning with our true values...and not selling out to a
just to earn money.

In that spirit, I offer this beautiful explanation by astrologer Ken
Kalb...remember that the whole month of May is incredibly powerful...and
the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on May 28 will be a grand finale leading us
to the full moon of humanity in June (the 3rd holiest day of the
year...after the full moons of April & May)...

Wishing you all the blessings of Venus, Linda Lee

The Grand Planetary Alignment
of May 3-5, 2000
World Illumination Day

By Ken Kalb

As you gaze up into the heavens this Winter and Spring, witness Jupiter
(brighter) and Saturn moving closer until they merge in late May. This marks
the culmination of a period of powerful planetary conjunctions I have long
dubbed "The Grand Planetary Alignment." This time provides a magnificent
metaphysical portal of opportunity to make manifest all the growth and
healing changes of the past cycle in our lives and in the world.

Yet the buzz through the grapevine can spin, amplify, and distort such
events with warped information which leaves the simple truth eclipsed in
darkness. With the popularity of widespread sensationalist literature, radio
shows, and internet hysteria, bogus lore can spread like wildfire. We've
seen this repeatedly -- witness the sensationalist frenzy whipped up around
decades of Earth-change predictions, comet Hale-Bopp, or the Y2K bug.
Cashing in on this lucrative fear formula, many books and articles have been
written around the May 2000 period, portraying outlandish scenarios with
everything from monster earthquakes, rising seas, geophysical pole
reversals, 1000-mph winds, turnarounds of Earth rotation, and even a new ice

Then there is the humble and eclipsed truth of the matter, which is what we
shall seek and soon find. The metaphysics of this alignment are so unique
and awesome that millions of people will celebrate this event in song,
meditation and prayer as "World Illumination Day." (See -- Vital Information). Let's dive in.

By the morning of May 3, 2000, all 7 visible or "conscious" planets -- the
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn -- all align within a
tight geocentric (Earth-centered) sector of 27 degrees of Taurus, with
massive Jupiter in the middle of the configuration -- significant for
understanding astrological/psychological influences. From a heliocentric
(Sun-centered) view - which explains physical influences on the Sun, and in
turn the Earth -- the planets loosely align -- in a far less severe
53-degree arc in space over 3 zodiacal signs. Thus, the influence of the
Grand Alignment is principally psychological rather than physical. The fact
that the 11-year sunspot cycle is peaking in synchrony with this alignment
can obscure this issue, as solar max years are always times of intensified
seismicity and bizarre weather. Like the August 11th eclipse, the main focus
is on the inner planes, which is where the great shift happens.

Venus rules the feminine principle, goddess archetype, anima, and internal
creative source. In mythology, Venus was Aphrodite, goddess of love and
mother of Cupid, god of love. She is a furnace of affection as well as ruler
of the healing arts. She also rules beauty, the arts, sensuality, nature,
and Taurus, sun sign of the Buddah, and only Earth sign which is also fixed.
In the sky it is the largest of constellations with the seven sisters of the
Pleiades adorning its Geminian cusp. It is symbolized by the Bull, with its
glyph also representing the coiled serpent power of the kundalini. Its
compressive energy is the primordial divine force which transmutes matter
into spiritual will where the physical becomes the vehicle for refining and
raising the soul's quality and evolution. Its higher evolution calls man to
master matter, rather than matter mastering man -- a key lesson of this
celestial flashpoint.

This Taurean evolutionary spectrum ranges from the native who is
compulsively acquisitive or immersed in the lessons of money -- to the
Buddah who so wisely reminded us that "attachment is the cause of all
suffering." The keyword of Taurus is "I have," interpreted by materialists
as possessions, and seekers as the Great Harvest reaping the gifts of
health, peace of mind, and happiness. The higher evolution understands that
the greatest possession of all is love or holy Spirit -- the only thing
which indeed is real. Dwelling in brain bound intellect and dense physical
reality perceives the world very differently from a soul and spirit aligned
with the will of the divine.

Like the Moon aligning with the Sun each month, the conjunction is the most
powerful of aspects and represents the birth of a cycle. Taurus rules the
second house of values, and the Grand Alignment will be a flashpoint for
manifesting what is truly sacred and of value in our lives. That the planets
also align on a plane with the central Sun of the Pleiades flavors the
vibrational field with the themes of this sensual and illumined energy.

The key to our individual responses to this intensified force field will be
our level of evolution or "vibration." At the evolved level, this time
represents a spiritual opportunity for a great evocation of the powers of
the soul: a grand remembrance and awakening of the eternal feminine or
goddess energy within the collective psyche of humanity. The Grand Alignment
has the potential of opening the heart of humanity and unleashing an
unprecedented surge of light and light -- unlike anything we have ever

The planet's are external manifestations of internal components of our
psychology -- spinning vitally in our chakras. This May with seven planet's
aligning -- seven chakras are awakening, merging and manifesting a new turn
on the evolutionary spiral. It is only in alignment that there is
fullfillment, only in agreement that there is manifestation. Something
wonderful is about to happen as the alchemy of kundalini serpent power
unleashes in this Venusian ruled feminine Earth sign this Spring. Like a
supernova birthing a new star, the nurturing and healing energy of the
eternal feminine is being reborn on Earth!

Two thousand years ago, the Magi of the court of King Herod in Israel
predicted that a total Solar Eclipse would precede the unusually bright Star
of Bethlehem marking the birth of the messiah of the Piscean age. Last
August's awesome fixed cross Total Solar Eclipse dawned 9 months before the
May 17, 2000 illumination of Venus and Jupiter (and Mars) lighting up like
as one big "star." Perhaps this marks the birth of the Aquarian messiah --
blazing through all of our hearts as One -- awakening and energizing our
collective spirit with newborn radiance?

Eleven days later, expansive Jupiter and sobering Saturn conjoin in the sky.
This is a time where we distill our domain to include only those elements
which serve our growth -- the master alchemy of separating the lead from the

Like the springtime song of birds singing praise to Mother Nature, Taurus
rules the voice, sound, and song -- the physical source of soul force. Venus
also rules music, expressed by masters Beethoven, Schubert, and Wagner with
Taurus rising, or Brahams with Sun in Taurus. As David Crosby exalts, "music
is love," and as Grateful Dead sing "let there be songs to fill the air."

So as the planet's grandly align at the new Moon on May 3, from 8:41 to 9:41
pm pdt (9:11 pm is the new Moon), please join your radiant light in
meditation, song, prayer, and praise on World Illumination Day. For
together, we will ignite the inner light of the world.

This is a modified excerpt from Ken Kalb's remarkable book LightShift 2000:
Let's Turn on the Light of the World. Ken has been the vortex of the
LightShift 2000 global peace initiative which brought millions together at
midnight on August 11, 1999 and January 1, 2000. He has 30 years of
professional astrological experience. He is the director of the Lucky Star,
an interpretive astrological service. Please see their website at: source:

World Illumination Days - May 3rd to May 5th:

Exploding the myths, by John Mosley of the Griffith Observatory:

Ken Kalb is the author of two books
The Grand Catharsis and Lightshift 2000

NOTE FROM JEAN: Ken was also one of the participants to the Earth Rainbow Network international founding meeting in Santa Barbara, California, in December 1997.

Date: 10 May 2000
Subject: Greetings from Bali

Greetings Jean,

I've been reading your compilations, did appreciate them so much.

Can not share much in words what I experienced last week, especially the days preceding May 5th. The only physical thing that happened the day before was that my crystal pyramid broke without apparent cause. May be someone can help me to see what causing it ??

Meanwhile I'd like to share this sweet thing with you, I got it from another friend.

Slow Dance

Have you ever watched kids
On a merry-go-round
Or listened to the rain
lapping on the ground?
Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down
Don't dance so fast
Time is short
The music won't last.

Do you run through each day on the fly?
When you ask "How are you?"
Do you hear the reply?
When the day is done,
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores
Running through your Head?

You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast
Time is short
The music won't last..

Ever told your child,
We'll do it tomorrow
And in your haste, not see his sorrow?
Ever lost touch,
Let a good friendship die
'Cause you never had time to call and say "Hi"?

You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast
Time is short
The music won't last

When you run so fast to get somewhere
You miss half the fun of getting there..
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift,
Thrown away....

Life is not a race..
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over

(author unknown)

Date: Fri, 12 May 2000
From: estelle <>
Subject: Report on The Power Paradigm Conference...

hi dearest jean

some wonderful food for soul and heart from my SLAM UK colleagues - who are really ploughing along in SPIRIT

i am now fired up about SAVING OUR KIDS - prevention youth suicide here and around the world they are our future - and for those willing to see - their suicides are a direct result of the false values that many have pursued in recent years - LACK OF SPIRIT AND LOVE AND INTEGRITY in personal lives - the material and dollar holding all power meantime.

Here is an email from UK to warm the cockles of the heart - the waves spreading across the global heart brain

love you lots


Date: Thu, 11 May 2000
Subject: The Power Paradigm Conference...The Emergence of the Corporate Soul

Last week, May 3rd to 5th, we hosted the Power Paradigm Conference in Wales.
Over 100 business people came together to explore and create the new paradigm
of power. To say we had a ball is putting it mildly, but more than that we
created a shift in collective consciousness which will lend new "heart and
soul" to businesses everywhere. We discovered that it is possible to connect
on levels of heart and soul beyond that which we previously knew.

For myself, as the organiser, I held two visions: one, that people everywhere
would love walking in the door to work every morning and two, that
corporations all around the world would come together to work cooperatively
to create a better world.

The following outlines the email I sent to participants this past Monday
about our discovery of corporate soul:

"I awoke this Monday morning, just a few days after our Power Paradigm
Conference, and I knew that there was one more thing to understand about what
we were achieving in those three days...the emergence of the corporate soul.
So I opened myself to understand it in a new way and I saw that the spirit or
the potential of an organisation and the soul or the passion of an
organisation is what we need to focus on now in all of our work in the
corporate world. I am not speaking here of individuals for the moment. I am
speaking of the higher purpose of what wants to happen through organisations
(spirit or potential) and the drive or power (soul or passion) that fuels
that potential to come into being in the world.

I saw that as we judge corporations for what we perceive they are doing to
harm our world, so we trap them in their soul-lessness. That as we can see
corporations as the potential that they are, so we liberate them to truly
create that which they really came to do. Ok...example: MacDonalds, which we
spoke of in the workshop we did. If you touch the true spirit of MacDonalds
(its higher purpose) you will find the clown, bringing joy, health and
radiance to children all over the world and providing a place for families to
come together for fun and laughter. If you touch the soul of MacDonalds you
will find a great beating heart reaching out all over the world to provide
happiness for children everywhere. Yes, I know it doesn't necessarily look
like this now, but what if that potential and passion could be brought
forward into corporate strategy. What if a portion of every happy meal sold
went to a fund to bring happiness to children all over the world. What if
the millions of dollars/pounds/etc. put into game prizes were donated to
reseeding the Earth's forests. What if they launched a line of
organic/natural/health oriented foods and drinks that promoted real
healthy/happy meals to support those children in strengthening and growing.
What if they had a contest for children all over the world to describe their
vision of how the Earth could be if we all sang our soul song together. What
if they dropped rainbow coloured balloons over every area in the world that
is starving and each balloon carried a pouch with fertile seeds for the
regrowth of living food and every child would be given the privilege of
planting those seeds. Impossible...NO! This is the new strategic thinking
that will take corporations into the forefront of success in the new
millennium, this time measured by contribution AND profit hand in hand.

Now take this a step further. What if all the corporations all over the
world joined together as One to create a global task force for the betterment
of our world. What if governments gave Earth credits (maybe tax benefits) to
those companies and corporations that created ways of benefiting life on
Earth. What if all corporations stood side by side and said we stand for a
better way of life on the Earth and for a richer, more alive Earth itself and
that everything they did was measured by their contribution to that. Tell me
people wouldn't you buy from that company. Wouldn't you race to find
employment with that business and then eagerly step in the door to work every

The emergence of the corporate soul. Maybe all we have to do is come
together all over the world as change agents, link in consciousness and
create it so. Maybe our jobs as consultants and trainers and as the people
that work in those businesses is to simply see the greatness lying there in
wait and answer the call to bring it forth. Maybe all we need to do is to
fall in love with the potential and passion of every person, every
organisation, every corporation until we truly are One Soul Dancing for a
better Earth. I saw this morning that what we discovered on Friday about
soul connecting with one another must also now be applied to your work with
organisations. Perhaps it is your work to fall in love with the corporation
you work for and by doing that to call forth the spirit and free the soul
passion of it and of every person that works for it. Perhaps that it truly
the emergence of the corporate soul. AND...maybe that's why the love bug
virus struck while we were at work on creating this last week. The love
bug...creating the way for the expression of corporate soul.

Santari and I thank you from deep within our souls for the privilege of being
with you and exploring and creating this paradigm shift for our world. A
special thanks also goes to all the speakers, facilitators, complementary
therapists and entertainers for helping to create the space to make this
happen. Also a special thanks to the staff at Buckland Hall for creating
such a nurturing environment for our coming together. May the special
moments of those three days and the work we accomplished within that time
hold a special place in our hearts forever."

A special thanks to everyone all over the world who held this space in
consciousness with us last week. It's a priviledge dancing on the
consciousness web with you.

From our soul to your soul --- may the love bug find its wings.

estelle myers
11 florey crescent, springwood, nsw, 2777 australia

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.

NOTE FROM JEAN: There is a newsworthy development with regard to "the emergence of the corporate soul" to report as heard on the BBC TV a couple days ago. Prompted in no small part by the decision last week of the U.S. administration to recognize AIDS as a threat to U.S national security because of its potentially drastic destabilizing effect on national governments and trade partners of the United States around the world, a decision supported by a presidential executive order signed by Bill Clinton, the various pharmaceutical companies that have developed and are selling the cocktail of medication that has enabled hundreds of thousands of AIDS sufferers in rich countries to beat this deadly disease announced today that they've decided to cut down by 85% the cost of their anti-AIDS pills sold in developing countries. Considering that 11 millions people have died of AIDS so far in Africa only, the hardest hit continent on Earth with 23 million more people infected - 1 in 4 people in some African countries - it was high time for such a decision to be taken -- under heavy pressure from the U.S., not out of humanitarian concern according to the BBC news report. Although it is a step in the right direction, anti-AIDS NGOs say it is not enough because the majority of African people suffering from the disease still cannot afford to buy the pills even at 15% of their previous price and there simply is not enough medical supervision available to monitor the intake of those potent drugs with occasional severe side-effects to ensure that people are taking a proper dosage. While we could hear pharmaceutical CEOs on TV taking credit to help save more lives, we could not help but hope that with the billions of profit they make every year in Western countries they will see, after a little more soul-searching, that they can now really walk their new humanitarian talk and decide to give out the needed medecine, train enough people in providing the right kind of assistance to make sure it is properly used and continue investing to develop a vaccine and a permanent cure that can really benefit the entire world. Imagine... the pharmaceutical giants of the world working hands in hands with NGOs to really bring succour to the most needy and desperate people of this planet... THAT would be a spiritual revolution!

Although this and Soleira's statements above about empowering the nascent souls of the corporations towards achieving their highest potential for good and love-in-action around the world may seem like a far-fetched dream, but guess what... That's exactly what is now taking shape. Not only are billionaires like Ted Turner and Bill Gates donating some of their billions to charities and oil companies like BP gradually shifting their business to solar power, not only are national supermarkets chains in Europe banning GMOs from their shelves and more and more farmers shifting to organic and sustainable methods of farming and growing food, but more and more ordinary folks are adopting new consciousness values and lifestyles while more and more governments are cracking on corruptions and become more and more benevolent. We are still a long way from the highly idealistic visions of corporations striving to make good deeds instead of only more profits as described by Soleira, but I'd say we are definitely headed in that direction. It is only a matter of time before sheer profit-making motivations become a thing of the past in a world where care, love, compassion AND peace shall prevail.

On a cosmic time-scale, it is happening in the blink of an eye and the visionary hopes of a Golden Era of Peace, Harmony and Unity-in-Diversity for the entire planet are materializing under our very nose. The moment we see it done in the innermost sanctum of our divine soul, It Is Done. Such is the Power of Creation vested in each of us from the moment of our inception into existence out of the Thought of God.