October 3, 2001

Eternal Freedom #3: Be(a)ware

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Whatever you resist persists and intensifies. The one wielding the biggest heart wins, not the one wielding the biggest stick."

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"The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. So it goes. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

-- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Taken from Emergence Online October 2001
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1. Holding the Vision of Global Healing
3. See it works! Keep doing it!
4. WTC Attack: Signpost of the Transition Times Foreshown by the Star Visitors
5. Who Benefits from the World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks?



Informative article on the Taliban and on Afghanistan

Fear and Misery for Afghan Refugees
After arduous journeys from Afghanistan, refugees are describing scenes of desperation at home as American-led military attacks seem imminent.

China's Support for U.S. on Terror Is a Dramatic About-Face

It's the oil, never mind the pundits the root cause remains the same (EXCELLENT!)
"It's our own greed and need for control that has led us into this petroleum quagmire."

RECOVERED HISTORY: The Secret War (March 5, 2001)
"(...) the object this time is not so much control of territory. It is the large reserves of oil and gas in the Caucasus, notably the Caspian basin. Pipelines are the counters in this new Great Game."

THE DISMANTLING OF AMERICA - The Phoney War in Afghanistan (The bottom line: Same as above, oil!)


Peace Flag/Bandanas

In the wake of the terrorist attacks, pressure on the Bush administration to come up with a credible policy on climate change has vanished, and work in the U.S. Senate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants is on indefinite hold. But global warming isn't going way. August 2001, for instance, was the second-warmest August ever, despite the moderating effect of other weather conditions. Yikes! The next international climate change meeting is scheduled to occur in Marrakech later this month. Will the U.S. bring anything to the table? Read more on the Grist Magazine website at http://www.gristmagazine.com


From: "Maggie Erotokritou" <surya@spidernet.com.cy
Subject: Holding the Vision of Global Healing
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001

Holding the Vision of Global Healing

Today is full moon and a global meditation has been called for deep reflection and contemplation on the present situation in the world. All over the world, groups and individuals will be meditating to try to lift the consciousness and to pray for the right use of will, for the right decisions to be made.

It is certainly a key time in the development of the events, which we have all been watching over the last weeks. We literally stand on the threshold, watching, waiting, feeling and hoping. Today feels like an initiation, what the consequences of this initiation will be no one yet knows. Certainly over the last week or so there have been countless calls for peace and harmony and anti war demonstrations everywhere. I think there is no one who watches the eight million refugees fleeing from Afghanistan who does not feel the pain and the suffering of those people who already have so little and now face even less, being homeless and possibly facing starvation or disease from little or no resources. How can this be happening when so much affluence exists in other parts of the world. This enormous imbalance both in Afghanistan and other poor countries is something we all need to face and feel and contemplate.

May our meditations today or this evening hold a deep reverence for life, let us call in the light and ask for assistance in every possible way that we know how. Let us make this the strongest call we have ever made for peace, for compassion and deeper understanding.

Let us take personal responsibility for the part we play no matter how small or fragmented that may feel. Let us send a huge wave of global healing to everyone on the planet and let us please continue to keep that wave going through the days to come, wave upon wave of healing and love energy for the benefit of all mankind.

Please send this message on to as many people as you can.

With reverence, blessings and gratitude,


The Women's Spiritual Network
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From: "Ariel Ky" <drumbeatdeva@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001


I was inspired to write the following invocation by my dreams last night. I would appreciate it if you would post this to your newsletter.


Women and men who are claiming their power -- This is a call to reach out to each other and in dreams and visions and ceremony to shift the energy here on Earth away from the violence, fear and hatred to a higher level of coexistence among all living creatures on the planet.

Terra calls you to invoke her power while calling to the stars and the source of creation of the cosmos to bathe the Earth in Light and Love, making the shift we all need for our survival.

- Ariel Ky (10/2/01)


From: "Kerry" <successmachine@home.com>
Subject: See it works! keep doing it!
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001

The powers that be have decided (temporarily) to NOT implement national ID cards in the UK (USA would be next you know) due to the massive resistance by awake people (the ones that don't say "whatever").

Keep it UP!

Check out the link below and see the picture. Looks like a Hitler type with his heavily armed SS soldier. For your "protection".





Regarding the circulation of Dr. Greer's article "Disclosure and 9-11-01" last night, Greg O'Neill <whtgr@yahoo.com> wrote: "I quite agree that the news must come out to the world, in order that they understand how the means of our deliverance is at hand, but only if we act together. It is a good time to be on Earth embodied, as Lightbeings we have our roles to play on this stage, and everyone of us is needed." AGREED!

From: "Suzy Star" <suzystar@earthlink.net>
Subject: September 11th: Signpost of Time of Transition
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001

Dr. Boylan is part of the disclosure group and you get his email when you sign up on the http://www.disclosure.org site or directly from him.

Love & Blessings,

Suzy Star

--- Original Message ---

From: "Dr. Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., LLC" <drboylan@jps.net>
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001

WTC Attack: Signpost of the Transition Times Foreshown by the Star Visitors

by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. (September, 2001)

Further reflection on the terrible events of the September 11th terrorist attacks reveals deeper implications about the time period we have entered.. It is striking how the ghastly scene of burning high-rise buildings sending a smoke pall enveloping Manhattan was so similar to scenes of the near-future shown by Star Visitors to various experiencers of ET contact I have worked with. Along with other scenes shown by the Star People over the past decade have been just such recurring views of New York under massive attack. The devastation shown was so great that I can now understand why some experiencers misinterpreted what they saw as a tactical nuclear strike on New York City. Just this past week, I heard through a friend of another experiencer, a young Native American man, who was foreshown by the Star People the Trade Center attack.

The attack on America is certainly not the first of the End Times events foreshown by the Star People. The increasing tempo of environmental damage: extinction of entire species, the massive melting and shrinking of the Antarctic icecap, as well as Arctic "permanent" icepack, and glacier fields around the world, climate changes and superstorms, all are hauntingly reminiscent of some of the Earth Changes that experiencers were cautioned would occur as humans mistreat our natural world.

Nor are the Star Visitors the only ones sharing foreknowledge of these troubling times. Native American shamans and those of other indigenous peoples around the world have seen in vision, and handed down ancient prophecies concerning, these catastrophic times. (1) Enough of these predicted events about the onset of the End Times have occurred now that it is clear that we have entered this Time of Transition from "Fourth World" (era of early- 21st Century techno-materialistic civilization) to "Fifth World (an eventual period of increased psychicness, social equality, more open, trusting, and ecologically-sensitive culture, and more mutually-responsible, regionally-fraternal society with global consciousness.)

A prominent part of this Time of Transition will be the emergence into public view of the Star Visitors. After, of course, governments do finally concede that they are here. Part of what is obstructing this Time of Transition from proceeding smoothly is the violent opposition of what National Security Consultant Dr. Michael Wolf has labeled "the Cabal".

This shadowy group of power-drunk geoplutocrats, operating through networks of operatives infiltrated into otherwise legitimate units of military, intelligence, financial and business organizations, are dead set against the emergence of Fifth World society, and against the open appearance of Star Visitors in our midst. They see such a transition as inimical to the Cabal's currently-enjoyed power, profits and prestige. For instance, the emergence of the starfolk's clean, silent, zero-point energy devices, a unit of which could fit in a small closet and power a large neighborhood, is feared by Cabalistas as diminishing the profits they make by controlling the world's petroleum, natural gas, coal and nuclear supplies.

Their murderous hatred of any who get in their way has led to their rogue units shooting down certain Star Visitor craft which strayed within range of their Star Wars weapons. Recently it has become evident that they would go to yet more-ignominious lengths to preserve their position on top. The cabal are financially powerful enough, and have sophisticated-enough controls over international affairs, to manipulate others to do their dirty work by proxy. The timing of the World Trade Center-Pentagon attacks was not random. Terrorist sleeper-agents had been in the U.S. for years. The timing context in which this massive horrific event took place is illuminating. But before examining the time-context of the September 11th attacks, let us go back a couple of years to examine a parallel.

At that earlier time a civilian UFO disclosure project group, CSETI, was poised to make a dramatic presentation of expert government witnesses to the reality of UFOs and ET contact. A full-page ad had been prepared for the Washington Post, citing scores of internationally-prominent government officials testifying to UFO reality. A press conference was timed to coincide with the Washington Post ad, demanding that Congress hold hearings on this UFO-witness testimony. Several days before the ad was to run, it was scuttled by CSETI. Why? Certain intelligence assets had helped leak information that was then erupting as the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and would devour press coverage for over the next half-year. The Lewinsky affair was known by these intelligence assets for many months. The timing of its "leak" was not random.

Fast-forward now to May 9, this year (2001). An augmented international coalition of expert governmental witnesses to UFO-reality, organized by CSETI as the Disclosure Project, holds a press conference on UFO reality which is carried by CNN and various major newspapers. Follow-up presentations in major cities across America follow over the ensuing four months. A Republican official goes on national television to recount how President George W. Bush promised him that he would reveal what the government knew about UFOs. A social activist begins a hunger-strike to the death to compel the President to make good on his promise. As the series of Public Disclosure press conferences and the hunger strike build momentum, it seems that now nothing can stop the pressure on the government to come clean about Star Visitor contact. Until September 11th.

Does this mean to suggest that Osama bin Laden is on the payroll of the Cabal? No. Geopolitical manipulators like the Cabal do not need, or want, direct ties to those whose actions serve their purposes. The Cabal are more sophisticated and subtle. It would be sufficient to indicate through multiple cut-outs a signal, facilitate some funding or transfer of weapons, or otherwise make sure that dramatic events take place which would assure that world attention is diverted on a long-term basis from UFO disclosure to life-and-death survival issues.

Recently, a prominent experiencer, Los Angeles Times retired editor Phillip Krapf, got indication during a Star Visitor contact that the above scenario is in fact the case. Krapf was taken aboard a starship operated by an extraterrestrial race he calls the Verdants (for their lush green homeworld). One of the Verdants told Krapf that powerful forces are at work to thwart the Verdants' plan to publicly manifest themselves over the next couple years. Quoting Krapf: "Ominously, he suggested that a grand conspiracy may have been concocted by forces that oppose the contact, and that there appeared to be a deliberate campaign to stir up as much trouble as possible to discourage the Verdants from following through on their plans." (2)

The above dark news is not intended to, nor should it dissuade the vast majority of humans of good will from retaining hope for the future. There is reason for hope. Last week I heard from a young Mayan shaman friend, Taskara (3), who contacts me every so many months when he gets important news from visioning. He phoned me quite urgently after the World Trade Center bombings. He reminded me that last year he had called me to announce that there had been a great war in the heavens between the forces of the Light and of Darkness. At that time he enthusiastically announced that the forces of Light had prevailed. During the most recent phone conversation he said that now it remained for the struggle between Light and Darkness to be played out in the three-dimensional solid "real" world we flesh-and-blood humans live in. "But," he reminded, "Light has already won." It just remains for the struggle here to work itself through.

That struggle is not only to protect ourselves from terrorist threats. The struggle includes coming together as an Earth people to address and remedy the root causes of violence, war and upheaval, through humanitarian action to increase social equality and economic justice. It includes reinventing power systems that have allowed a selfish few to misdirect the lives and resources of the many. The struggle includes taking back our responsibility to be caring stewards of Earth and her ecosystems, as is a part of intact indigenous cultures, and declared in the Bible's Book of Genesis. And the struggle includes developing a shared awareness of, and ethic of welcome towards those interstellar Peace Corps who have come to meet with us and help us join the larger cosmic family.

One of America's Founding Fathers said of the then-struggle for independence: "These are the times that try men's souls." This current tumultuous Time of Transition and Earth Changes again is a time that tries our souls. The knowledge that the Light will win out in the end can animate those of us of good will not to give up but to forge forward. But it does not diminish the intensity of the struggle, the suffering and losses we are going to sustain, nor the protracted period of disequilibrium during which we must keep faith.

The other side is playing hardball, and they are playing for keeps. As their hold on power is weakening, they palpably become more desperate and ruthless. If there is any saving grace to this time of struggle, it is that in the crucible of conflict, the hearts and minds of those engaged become quite revealed. And, in the end, those of the Light will become blindingly revealed for all to take heart from. This is our time of challenge, as it is our time of opportunity. Let us pray that as many as possible find within themselves that they are truly sons and daughters of the Light.


End Notes:

(1) See: Boylan, R. (1996) Native Elders Reveal Centuries of ET Contact Lore, Contact Forum, 4:4 (July-Aug.), 1-6; Boylan, R. (1996) Worlds in Transition: Report on the Star Visions Conference, Contact Forum, 4:6 (November-December), 1-13; Boylan, R. (1997) Red Road To The Stars: Star Family Gathering of Native American Elders, Contact Forum, 5:3 (May-June), 18-22; Boylan, R. (1998) Transition from Fourth To Fifth World: The "Thunder Beings" Return, Contact Forum, 6:2 (Mar.-Apr.), 23-26.

[Back issues of Contact Forum, now renamed 5th World Journal, may be ordered from Granite Publishing, LLC: U.S. (800) 366-0264 or (828) 894-8444, or by contacting the editor at: Brian@5thworld.com ]

(2) See further details at Phillip Krapf's website: http://www.thechallengeofcontact.com, or read his new book, The Challenge of Contact, (2001), Novato, CA: Origin Press.

(3) Mayan teacher Taskara currently is living in Los Angeles, but addresses conferences and gatherings around the U.S. and beyond on Mayan teachings and cosmology.


Author information:

Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, university lecturer (emeritus), certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. His career has included 28 years in practice as a psychotherapist or clinical hypnotherapist. He has served as Lecturer at California State University, Sacramento, University of California, Davis, National University, Chapman College, and Sierra College. Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted research into extraterrestrial-human encounters. He has presented papers on his research at, among other conferences, the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference and at the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at Washington, DC. He is author of three books, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey To the Stars (1996), and Project Epiphany (1997). He has over 50 articles published.

Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., CCHT, LLC, Post Office Box 22310, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA.
(916) 422-7400; E-mail: drboylan@jps.net ;

Official Website: http://www.geocities.com/drboylan

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From: "The Noah Project" <noahproject1@earthlink.net>
Subject: Fw: Konformist: Who Benefits
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001

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From: "Robert Sterling" <robalini@aol.com>

Please send as far and wide as possible.


Robert Sterling Editor,
The Konformist

FROM: http://www.goodnewsaboutgod.com/studies/currentevents2.htm

Who Benefits from the World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks?

Who Benefits? That's always the first question to consider when a "terrorist" attack occurs. Instead of clenching one's fist, waving one's flag and shouting vindictive slogans, let's just stop for a moment of calm analysis of the basic facts. When we analyze who benefits, we immediately will know with over 99% surety, who did it!

What was the tone of U.S. and world opinion just a week or two before the attacks?

In the U.S., the economy was lagging badly, the stock market was falling, many were questioning if the government's taxes were legal, the Gary Condit case had been poorly handled, people continued to question Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing, they questioned our support of Israel in her policies regarding the Palestinians, and the approval rate of President Bush was low.

What about World Opinion? Just 8 days before the WTC/Pentagon attacks, Israel was stunned by a UN decision equating Zionism with Racism, according to Ha'aretz Daily.com.

Israel was branded a "racist apartheid" state by thousands of non- governmental organizations (NGOs) attending a U.N. World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. The conference was attended by representatives of 153 governments.

The declaration, adopted by 3,000 NGOs in 44 regional and interest- based caucuses, shocked Jewish groups.

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres called the anti-Israel declarations a disgrace, and said that Israel was "seriously" contemplating withdrawing from the conference in protest. The Israeli delegation to the conference blasted the language of the NGO declaration as an incitement to hatred of Jews.

Jewish delegates walked out. The U.S. delegates followed.

The Forum accused the Jewish state of "systematic perpetration of racist crimes including war crimes, acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing" in its treatment of the Palestinians.

In addition, the head of the Danish Red Cross, Freddy Karup Pederson, told the Danish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee that the lifestyle of Jewish settlers in the Palestinian territories resembles that of whites under the former racist apartheid system. He also criticized Israel's collective punishment of the Palestinian population.

So, just 8 days before the attacks, the overwhelming attitude of the nations of the world was against Israel's policies and in support of the Arab countries' charges against Israel, a nation heavily supported by, and allied with, the U.S.

What has happened to U.S. and World Opinion SINCE the attacks?

Immediately AFTER the attack, public opinion was turned 180 degrees. Now the Arab countries are being demonized, the U.S. population is overwhelmingly backing the President (according to the Washington Post), urging him to punish, kill, destroy, annihilate the perpetrators of this crime, even though no one really has any proof who did it, the U.S. government is preparing for war, the U.S. and Israel have carte blanche support to bomb nearly every Arab country out of existence.

No one is questioning anymore the "apartheid" policies of the Israelis against the Palestinians. War, as politicians have known throughout history, stimulates the economy and (if the propaganda is handled properly) unifies the population behind the President and squelches ALL criticism.

Anyone who is not 100% behind the President is considered a traitor. President Bush in a televised Speech to Congress, urged global support for his war on terrorists, warning the world: "either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." (Washington AFP) 9-21-01 (An effective way to stifle all dissent!)

If you don't go along with the plan for destruction of the Arabs advocated by the government, you become the target of threats and must have bodyguards, as California Democrat Barbara Lee has discovered. She cast the lone vote in Congress against the use of military force in response to the WTC/Pentagon attacks and now must have Police guarding her Capitol Hill office. (Reuters, AP, ABCNEWS.com 9-18-01)

What ELSE has happened since the attacks?

1) The population has been prepared for a long term war where the number of U.S. casualties will be high (Washington Post Online September 21, 2001).

2) Bush creates a High Office of "Homeland Security" supposedly to protect Americans from attack. The job would involve coordination of government-wide domestic security efforts, including meshing domestic FBI and foreign CIA intelligence, working with U.S. military, emergency officials and state and local governments.

The Homeland Defense position "would probably not need Senate confirmation, which other Cabinet jobs require, nor legislation to create" White House officials said. So there would be no investigation, oversight nor accountability for this person. (Reuters - Washington 9-21-01) (Perfect conditions to appoint a crony)

3) U.S. orders 40 million doses of smallpox vaccine for $343 million in preparation for a possible bioterrorism assault. The contract has been given to a small, Cambridge-based firm, Acambis, a British biotechnology company who reported a net loss of $8 million in the six months prior to June 30, unchanged from last year. (How convenient to get this huge order! It would be interesting to find out the conflict of interest issues here.) (Reuters News, London 9-20- 01) PREPARING THE POPULATION TO EXPECT BIO-TERRORISM.

4) "America and Britain are producing secret plans to launch a ten year "war on terrorism" - Operation Noble Eagle - involving a completely new military and diplomatic strategy to eliminate terrorist networks and cells around the world." (The Times - London 9-20-01)

5) The Senate OKs FBI Spying on the Internet: FBI agents soon will be able to spy on Internet users legally without a court order. Two days after the terrorist attack, the Senate approved the "Combating Terrorism Act of 2001" which enhances police wiretap powers and permits monitoring in more situations. The FBI's surveillance system is called Carnivore. (Lycos Network 9-20-01) MORE CONTROL!

6) The U.S. Plans to overthrow Taliban and put Afghanistan under UN Control, according to The Guardian - London (9-21-01) NOTE: Yugoslavia is ALREADY under UN control. (MORE UN CONTROL)

7) A global surveillance system known as Echelon exists and has the ability to eavesdrop on telephone calls, faxes and e-mail messages, a European Parliament committee has concluded. (Lycos Network 9-20-01) MORE CONTROL!

8) Face-ID Technology gains new support. "State lawmakers who were planning to sponsor legislation restricting its use now say they are reassessing their plans." MORE CONTROL! (Denver Post Capitol Bureau, 9-20-01)

9) "Experts See a High-Security America of Surveillance & Seizures": New York: Security Experts in the United States are describing a new kind of country that could emerge, where electronic identification might become the norm, immigrants might be tracked far more closely and the airspace over cities like New York and Washington might be off-limits to all civilian aircraft." (The International Herald Tribune 9-19-01) MORE SURVEILLANCE OF U.S. CITIZENS.

10) "Lawmakers See Need to Loosen Rules on CIA" Congressional leaders who oversee the nation's intelligence system have concluded that America's spy agencies should be allowed to combat terrorism with more aggressive tactics, including the hiring of unsavory foreign agents, including revived discussion of reversing the US 25 year ban on using covert agents to assassinate foreigners. R. James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA said that "Washington has absolutely undergone a sea change in thinking this week." (New York Times, 9-16- 01) MORE SURVEILLANCE OF U.S. CITIZENS!

11) NATO Announces a Third World War is Almost Upon Us. A pentagon spokesman hinted towards potential targets being Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria and others. (NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson)

12) California Congresswoman, Mary Bono, R-Palm Springs warned that the country should prepare for a fight against international terrorists that will likely include personal sacrifice, the use of ground troops overseas and the risk of retaliation against civilians by the enemy. She also predicts intense scrutiny of airline passengers, a national system of fingerprinting and identification cards and the specter of chemical and biological attacks on the U.S. (The Desert Sun 9-18-01)

13) An enemy is needed to justify a $344 Billion War Budget, when the federal government currently spends only $42 billion on education, $26 billion on affordable housing and $1 billion on school construction.

14) President Bush sent his anti-terrorism bill to Congress one week after the WTC/Pentagon attack, launching an emotional debate that will force U.S. politicians to choose between continued freedom for Americans or greater security. (Lycos Network 9-20-01) DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO WRITE ONE OF THESE BILLS? IT TAKES MONTHS! They are hundreds of pages long. THIS ONE WAS OBVIOUSLY WRITTEN BEFORE THE ATTACK! How convenient! Wake up America!

15) "President George Bush focused his energy on building a GLOBAL ALLIANCE for a fight against terrorism..." (MSNBC 9-18-01) Here comes the New World Order!

16) Fast-Moving House Bill Restricts Liberties - Much of it Unrelated to Terrorism! Congress is being asked to rush to pass emergency anti- terrorist legislation written by the Department of Justice, but much of the legislation turns out to have nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Instead, the legislation contains a host of items which have been on the bureaucratic wish lists for many years.

17) "We Must Ignore the Peace Lobby and Show No Restraint" says The Independent - London (9-24-01)

18) Bush Suspends Habeas Corpus: Legal Immigrants May Be Held Without Cause: "The Bush Administration today announced it is using its powers under the National Emergency Act to suspend the right of Habeas Corpus for all immigrants in the country, including legal immigrants, meaning that any immigrant in the U.S. right now can be held INDEFINITELY by the police or government WITHOUT TRIAL OR DEMONSTRATION OF CAUSE TO HOLD THEM."

Though no one has yet suggested infringing the rights of U.S. citizens, the move is a frightening first step to a national tyranny, based on perpetual suspension of the Constitution in the name of fighting perpetual war."

19) President Bush has agreed to bail out the airlines with BILLIONS of dollars, an industry that was swimming in red ink LONG BEFORE the WTC/Pentagon attacks.


NOTE: To read the rest of this article "Who Benefits" go at http://www.goodnewsaboutgod.com/studies/currentevents2.htm

Subjects covered:

What was known BEFORE the attack - and by whom?

Echelon Gave Authorities 3 Month Warning of Attacks
U.S. planned to attack Taliban BEFORE WTC/Pentagon Attacks
Russia Knew In Advance...Encouraged Citizens to Cash Out Dollars
FBI tracked man in custody 2 weeks before attacks
U.S. Pulled Plug on 500 Arab/Muslim Websites the Day BEFORE Jetliner Attack
U.S. was warned in 1995 of plot to hijack planes, attack buildings
U.S. Government Had Prior Knowledge of Emergency
Spy in the White House? "Terrorists" had Ultra Secret Codes on 911
More Unusual Market Activity Reported BEFORE Attacks:

So how come EVERYONE else knew this was going to happen? Why would the U.S. refuse to investigate when told, unless it was their own plan all along?


Why did the Towers IMPLODE instead of EXPLODE?
Where are the "Indestructible" Black Boxes?
Who Has Claimed Responsibility?
Are There Other Countries, besides the Arabs, who have ever been involved in terrorism?
Why would a government plan an attack its own citizens, while blaming another?
Fake Terror has been the Road to Dictatorship for thousands of years.
So, Who's Responsible? The Answer is: Who Benefits? You figure it out!


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