October 2, 2001

Eternal Freedom #2: Truth and Justice - Not War

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Again the following is a mere, tiny sample of the unending stream of material I receive, so much of which is essential to consider. This is my best-of selection for tonight.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"There is a Third Way, the Way of unity of all people, Self Responsibility in our actions and Conscious Living as part of one species on this planet. We are all part of what caused the American events of September 11. Solutions must surely also include us all in a way that nobody looses. All of us must take a stand for truth and unity will come from that."

- Jonathan Evelight <rainbow@aum.freewire.co.uk> Isle of Wight, UK

Working Towards a Coordinated Citizen Response - Justice not War


1. Disclosure and 9-11-01
2. Need for organization
3. Watch Out for Jackboots and Swagger Sticks
4. Human Rights Watch Concerns Regarding Opportunistic Crackdown Against Various Dissenting Groups
5. New Round of Free Trade Proposed and Warfare Over Welfare

News to ponder:

The Bush administration is concerned about a plant in Afghanistan that makes a vaccine for anthrax

Do you believe this news above is true? ...

MUST see also at http://noosphere.princeton.edu/terror.html

"As the whole world reeled in disbelief and horror as the news of the terrorist attack and the unspeakable tragedy unfolded. The EGG network (38 REG devices placed around the world) registered an unmistakable and profound response. CLIP These effects are the most strikingly persuasive evidence I've seen so far that mass-mind attention/intention affects the physical world, perhaps because this event has also been the most horrific."

And listen to Vietnamese monk and Peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh on "EMBRACING ANGER"

From: "Leonard Zack" <lenzaq@hotmail.com>
Subject: Disclosure and 9-11-01
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001

From: http://www.cseti.org/position/greer/disclosure911.htm



As we mourn the tragic loss of precious life on September 11, and as we all pray for justice and peace in the world, let us also rededicate our lives to the task of creating a world in which those atrocious and evil acts can never be repeated. Let us pray for the world and our nation and ask that Providence guide our leaders and protect our soldiers as we unite to create a safe and just world.

Having lived in the Middle East for 3 years, during which time I saw first hand the madness and horror of terrorism, I have no illusions about the scale of the problem we are facing: Those who live in the utmost bigotry, religious fanaticism and evil, bloodthirsty hatred are seldom reached by reason. Those few rabid dogs who threaten the whole of humanity must be restrained, and if necessary put down.

But we must distinguish between short - term remedies, however necessary, and long-term cures. To avert an even graver cataclysm, great care must be taken, and we need to look deeply at the larger causes of the sickness that visited New York and Washington on 9/11.

I have been asked what relation the Disclosure Project may have to the healing of this consuming and potentially lethal illness that has afflicted

Yes, more than ever.

For nearly 10 years we have been meeting with senior CIA, Pentagon and political figures, advocating a general disclosure on so-called UFOs, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and related energy and propulsion systems currently held by illegal, 'classified' projects. These projects, unsupervised by the Congress or President, are illegal, rogue, shadowy operations that are a direct threat to both short term and long-term national and world security concerns. Their 'black' funding status deprives genuine security, intelligence and military programs of much needed support and technological resources. And they are withholding from valid, legal projects the new technologies that could both prevent and intercept the catastrophe of 9/11.

The valid, true, legal government of We The People is deprived of both technologies and funding that could have prevented the massive national security and intelligence failure that led to the events of 9/11. While conventional and legal programs are starved for staffing and new technologies, clandestine and rogue black projects are awash in upwards of $100 Billion per year. Largely privatized, these operations have both the means and the technologies to have prevented 9/11. And yet they did nothing.

Why? Because they do not exist. Consider these words of Sen. Inouye: "There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself."

In the unacknowledged world of such projects (see the book 'Disclosure' by this author) there exist the technologies to monitor, intercept and penetrate the terrorist cells of Osama bin Laden and others. But this is a case of not just the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing: the left hand does not even know the right hand exists.

Such 'shadowy' projects hide within the vast bureaucracy of government, military intelligence, corporate, laboratory and institute operations in the U.S. and abroad - compartmented away from the public, the Congress and usually even the President, CIA Director and Secretary of Defense. The Disclosure Project has penetrated these projects, obtained testimony, code names and facility locations. The illegal nature of such projects, their highly compartmented nature and their large financial resources prevents normal oversight and control by the government of the people. They are able to avoid detection, work in compartmented cells funded by clandestine sources and evade interception by even skilled investigators in the Congress, Department of Defense and CIA. Indeed, their modus operandi are not dissimilar from the very terrorist cells we are trying to penetrate and neutralize.

Let no one interpret this as an indictment of 'The Government', 'The CIA', 'The Pentagon' etc. On the contrary, the point is that the conventional, legal government, military and intelligence community are for the most part the first victims of these operations, not the perpetrators. In fact, in meetings with the head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (J-2), the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Director of the CIA, I have learned first hand of their frustration and horror at the unchecked power of these rogue operations that undermine our security and make a mockery of the rule of law and the constitution, as Sen. Inouye correctly observed. I am sure 99%+ of the conventional government, military and intelligence community are not only denied access to these projects, but are victimized, blind-sided and hindered by them.

In short, The Disclosure Project stands ready to provide Congressional and other government investigators with the insider witnesses who can expose these operations and put them back under the control of the legitimate government - where they can do the people some good. I have little doubt that such projects possess - and are withholding from the legal government - the means to prevent another 9/11.

Beyond this, in 1994 Dick D'Amato, then senior counsel to the Senate Appropriations Committee, told me personally that with a subpoena power and a top secret clearance, he could not penetrate such rogue projects - and that somewhere between $40 billion and $80 billion per year were going into such unsupervised operations. And that was in 1994 dollars! In the zero sum game of government budgets, this means today upwards of $100 billion per year is being siphoned off into operations of dubious value, which do not benefit - and may erode - our national security.

The operational readiness and competence of our intelligence and military community are being undermined by such 'shadowy' projects - and yet after 10 years of meetings with our leaders in Washington, at the U.N. and in other countries, we still see that nothing is being done about it. We the people, the media and the armed services must demand a change, before it is really too late. Our government, our nation, the people and our courageous men and women in the military and intelligence community need and deserve better. We must stand-down these rogue projects and give back to the people and the people's representatives the means to protect and defend our nation and the civilized world.

But these near-term concerns, though grave, are subordinate to a larger, more fundamental problem: Clandestine projects, largely privatized in the contracting sector of shadowy corporate/government operations, are withholding from the public the definitive cure for the underlying illness: Oil.

We have hundreds of witnesses whose testimony, government documents and related evidence will prove that UFOs exist - and that some of them are made by humans using extraordinary breakthroughs in physics, energy generation and propulsion. In short, the technologies needed to replace the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels already exist in these clandestine projects - projects that we the people have paid for.

Make no mistake about it: We have not needed oil, and especially Mid-east oil, for decades, and we can prove it. And yet the cornerstone of our foreign policy and presence in that troubled region has been directed at securing cheap, abundant and reliable supplies of oil. Again, the conventional government, diplomats, Congressional leaders and so forth are completely unaware of the existence of these new energy and propulsion systems. So they blindly pursue policies to ensure the continued safe supply of that noxious stuff that runs the entire western economy. Unaware of these clandestine projects- projects that hide behind a bogus claim of national security- our leaders do the best they can, with both hands tied behind their backs and a blindfold over both eyes.

This is not to excuse in any way the evil, monstrous and inhuman acts of Osama bin Laden or others of his ilk. There can be no rationalizing such horrific deeds. But we can understand it: Why him, why us, why now: why.

Fanatics like bin Laden are hell-bent on running America out of the Middle East because they view our presence there as a virtual invasion of their land, culture and values. They view us as an imperial power colonizing their region in order to secure cheap oil, and it is resented. To a lesser extent, they are concerned about our support for Israel, but bin Laden himself has made it very clear in numerous speeches that their main concern is getting the US out of Saudi Arabia, the land containing the most holy sites in the Islamic world. For decades, our foreign and military policy- whether in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran or elsewhere- has been driven by our strategic oil and energy interests.

As we learned on 9/11, the price of oil has been much higher than we thought.

While never condoning the evil deeds of bin Laden et al, we must recognize that such malevolence does not evolve in a vacuum. The milieu that gave rise to such atrocities must be understood and corrected.

The good news is that the Disclosure Project can prove that we have a replacement for oil, coal and conventional energy. In a decade we could reach energy independence: bin Laden et al may keep their oil, for we will not need it.

For 50 years, America and the world have had their destiny hijacked by rogue, shadowy projects that have abused the national security act to suppress these energy and propulsion systems. Our foreign policy, oil and energy policy and environmental policy have all been driven by what is hidden in clandestine projects. Our leaders, scientists, policy makers and the people have not known that the definitive solution to the world's energy, environmental and poverty problems have been stolen from us. It is time we take them back.

Things called UFOs have been seen for decades. What are they, where are they from, how do they work. In these answers lie the solution to the world geo-political crisis, third world poverty, oil, pollution and many other pressing concerns. We have the answers. Is anybody listening?

The events of 9/11 are truly tragic: they were preventable. Operationally, we could have and should have intercepted that mission of terror - if only our good and courageous men and women in the military and intelligence world had the resources stolen by rogue projects. And the root cause of the problem - our oil policy and dominant presence in the Middle East- is a problem of our own making. We have allowed these 'shadowy' projects to grow and they have taken from us the definitive solution to the oil and energy crisis.

An old Chinese saying states that 'Unless we change directions, we are likely to end up where we are going...' As we look at where we are going, can anyone question that we must change directions - and soon?

The Disclosure Project is dedicated to bringing forth the information and top-secret government witnesses so that these rogue programs are returned to the government of the people. We are dedicated to disclosing these energy and propulsion systems that will give us the means to become energy independent. This is a tide that will lift all boats. This is the beginning of a new chapter in human history.

So as we remember those fallen on 9/11, let us see through our tears to a course of action. Let our actions be our remembrance. Let our actions bring forth the means for opening a new chapter in human history - one of abundance, justice, equality and peace. All that we need has been given - and again stolen - from us. Do we have the courage to bring it forth?

The day those terrible events occurred in New York and Washington, I vowed that we must redouble our efforts to disclose the truth. And more: to start a project to disclose and build those new energy and propulsion technologies to forever replace our need for oil. Please join us if you can help. Our actions to build the world anew will be the most fitting memorial to those innocents who left this world on 9/11.

Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project
September 27, 2001
Albemarle County, Virginia

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It's the oil, never mind the pundits, the root cause remains the same (GIVE IT A LOOK)

Note from Jean: Watch for an amazing follow up article by Dr. Richard J. Boylan in the next compilation!

From: "Karen Revell" <karenr@oz.net>
Subject: Need for organization
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001

Dear Jean:

I am weary of reading all the information, conflicting channelings, and news propaganda. We can email 'til the cows come home, it won't stop the Bush plan. If we do nothing, we will end up with Orwell's "1984". The military is all on alert for any homeland rebellion. The National Guard and Reserves have been called. The media is not reporting much of this. They wouldn't let us protest the WTO or any other protest that has happened since. The media either reports nothing or twists the truth so far it is unrecognizeable.

There are so many lists and splinter groups, but there isn't a center organization for all of us. We all need to unite to make a loud voice that the sleeping populace has to hear. The government has done such a terrific job of lying (sp?) to the public, keeping so much a secret, and we don't complain. If we do, we aren't answered.

I feel I can't trust the government. I know God would never leave us hopeless, so Spirit must have a plan in all of this. Spirit can only act when we ask, and we need a loud voice.

I had a vision for protesters and peace marchers to make sheets into angel costumes. The media would have to report any police harrassment of angels. If we could organize marches for peace and marches for truth. Asking for the truth from our government. This whole thing has stopped the "Disclosure Project" of Dr. Steven Greer, and there was a new monetary system that was to be introduced. Nothing will be done on any of this for some time.

Anyway, if we took a square cut from a sheet, and put a corner on each hand, it would be like two triangles. We could use felt tip pens to draw feathers so when the arms our straight out, the wings would show. If we could get large groups with signs asking for peace and truth. This is just one idea, but we need to do something to get the attention of the rest of the sleepers.


From: "Kerry" <successmachine@home.com>
Subject: Watch Out for Jackboots and Swagger Sticks
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001

From David Icke news room

Watch Out for Jackboots and Swagger Sticks
(This is a preview of the coming "Office of Homeland Security)

by Al Martin

Before his speech, on September 20, 2001, George Bush Jr. kissed Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Everyone knows he should have kissed her because she was the deciding vote in the Florida ballot issue, which formally brought Bush Jr. into the White House. Later during the speech, Bush announced the creation of a Cabinet level position called "Office of Homeland Security."

The Office of Homeland Security will initially be run by former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge. It should be noted that Ridge himself got in trouble a few years ago for praising the efficiency of the Third Reich's civilian administration. Ridge also spoke highly of Mussolini's ability to keep the Italian trains running on time. Now Ridge will be the guy running the Office of Homeland Security.

Although it hasn't been made public yet, there is a proposal being prepared. The Bush administration however is playing it smart. They're being cautious by whipping up public support first. Later they will announce some of the more sinister activities of this agency.

According to an inside source, the "Office of Homeland Security" will operate three divisions. One will be a plain-clothes division similar to the FBI, which will be called the State Security Division (SSD). Ironically SSD is the same acronym as the former East German Secret Police.

The second division of the Office of Homeland Security will be a smaller uniformed division, which currently remains nameless. It will act as a defacto State Political Police.

By the way, Ridge wants the uniforms of this State Political Police division to be modeled on existing state trooper uniforms - except done in black.

If you've ever seen New Jersey or Pennsylvania State Police uniforms, they have dark blue pants and lighter blue uniform on top. They also have those old-fashioned pants that bag out like the old German or Gestapo pants. They'll have jet-black jackboots, and black uniforms with lots of gold insignias indicating the Power of the State. Of course, "State" here is used in the context of the American Nation State.

The third division of the Office of Homeland Security will be called the Office of the United States Air Marshals (Air Marshal Services.) They will have to federalize the new air marshal service because security on aircraft is currently being provided by state police. The problem, of course, is that there will be jurisdictional issues.

The actual name of this agency, Office of Homeland Security, is very reminiscent of 20th century era German/Fascist and Russian/Communist secret police agencies. In America, "Homeland" is a neuter word. In German, however, the word is translated as "Vaterland" (Fatherland), while in Russian, the word is "Rodina" (Motherland). In both cases, these words can be translated into the English neuter word -- "homeland."

There is no precedent for the use of this word "homeland" in the United States Government.

This new agency will also operate "with extralegal authority." They will then be able to act under suspension of habeus corpus and under suspension of the right against self- incrimination, the Fifth Amendment privilege, and also the Fourth Amendment privilege.

That power will be in their charter -- they can act in an extra-legal authority, in certain cases, where the security of the "homeland" is "threatened."

The Bush Administration is essentially laying the foundation for a whole new classification of law. That's why, in his speech, Bush purposely never used the words "national security." He did this deliberately so as not to confuse the two.

With this new agency, the seeds are being sown for a new classification of law that will most likely be called "Homeland Security Law." Nobody knows what it will be called yet. But this is obviously what they're doing. Anyone, who knows the Bushes for what they are, can see that this will be the groundwork for a new, more powerful, more sinister agency, wherein all sorts of covert activity, illegal and not, will be extant.

In order to take the concept of "illegal" covert activity away, they are laying the foundation for a whole new separate body of law that will be parallel to, but above, the National Security Acts.

The Office of Homeland Security will be a separate agency, not under any other agency, not even under the Department of Justice. It will be the most senior agency in the Cabinet. It will probably fall somewhere between the Department of State and the Department of Defense, or somewhere between Treasury and Defense. In terms of authority, it will be called a "Super Agency," which implies it will not be under anyone. It will act as a coordinating agency, but will be above the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DIA. This will, of course, create a whole new set of turf war battles. But no agency head - in this post-WTC environment - will dare say anything against it because they'd lose their job.

Ridge will most likely be a political figurehead. He was probably given this job as political payback for Bush. It hasn't been decided yet, but one of the names that has been mentioned (and I certainly hope it doesn't happen) is Barry McCaffrey. If they put that old nazi in charge, watch out! Meanwhile back in the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, there was a large party of old generals visiting from the Department of Defense and everybody was laughing. They're all interested in seeing what corporations will be getting the new contracts.

With that in mind, the Al Martin Raw website will remain vigilant to see who gets all the new contracts to create this new agency. These will be contracts not only for a whole new office building, but the furniture as well as contracts for electronic components, surveillance equipment, weapons, etc. Let's see which corporations get these contracts, how many shares the Bush family trust has in these corporations, and how much money the so-called "winning" bidders contribute to right-wing think tanks and institutes.

The Office of Homeland Security will have its own helicopters. Even the FBI doesn't have its own helicopters, but has to borrow them from the GSA pool. The Department of Justice doesn't have any of its own helicopters either.

The new Office of Homeland Security helicopters will be painted a matte black and have digitized red lettering that says State Security, dark tinted windows, and numerous aerials and dishes with a big searchlight on the front. Bell Helicopters is supposed to get the new contract to produce this new super-surveillance helicopter. Supposedly they'll have the most sophisticated surveillance electronics ever made. This equipment will include gear that people don't even know has been invented yet.

It can't happen here? Watch out for jackboots and swagger sticks...


The Conspirators by Al Martin

"... the GAO has a new investigative team at the Redstone Arsenal looking at missing weapons components and missing monies. The problem was that they sent down a bunch of accountants. After the audit, the GAO found so much material missing without any payments to account for the losses. The audit, completed last year, showed discrepancies, which were so vast as to be mind-boggling. The 'discrepancy' at the Huntsville military complex was over $16 billion. Now the GAO is looking for new information. They are looking at senior military officers and their offshore accounts and this new investigation is making a lot of people nervous..."

AL MARTIN is America's foremost whistle-blower on government fraud and corruption. CLIP

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Human Rights Watch Concerns Regarding Opportunistic Crackdown Against Various Dissenting Groups

From: http://www.hrw.org/press/2001/09/eu-0927-ltr.htm

Open Letter to the President of the European Union

September 26, 2001


Opportunistic Crackdowns

Human Rights Watch is seriously concerned that abusive governments will take advantage of the September 11 attacks to step up their repressive practices. Some will expect latitude to silence their critics as a quid pro quo for their cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Others will try to justify their internal crackdowns on perceived political opponents, peaceful advocates of separatism, or religious activists as a necessary part of the global anti-terrorism effort. Either way, these opportunists will undermine the basic human rights principles that were under assault by the September 11 attacks.

Already these tendencies are apparent. Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed to alleged links between Osama bin Laden and rebels in Chechnya and suggested that Russia and the west face "a common foe," implying that Russia now expects international acquiescence in a campaign that has indiscriminately targeted civilians. We were deeply troubled to hear that yesterday German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder validated President Putin's expectations, commenting that "as regards Chechnya, there will be and must be a more differentiated evaluation in world opinion."

The Chinese foreign ministry has said that the United States should give its "support and understanding in [China's] fight against terrorists and separatists" - a reference to Tibet as well as to the Muslim region of Xinjiang, where Chinese authorities are engaged in a campaign of arrests and summary executions, with little or no due process. In Israel, before the current efforts to restore a cease fire, Defense Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer bragged that on the Thursday after the attacks his forces had killed fourteen Palestinians, "with the world remaining absolutely silent." Egyptian Prime Minister Atef Abeid lashed out at the United States and United Kingdom for "calling on us to give these terrorists their 'human rights,'" referring to criticism of torture and unfair trials. "After these horrible crimes committed in New York and Virginia," he added, "maybe Western countries should begin to think of Egypt's own highly abusive fight against terror as their new model." In Macedonia, Prime Minister Georgievski said NATO should now be more supportive of his government's sometimes abusive campaign against its predominantly Muslim Albanian opponents.

The danger of such a response may be particularly acute in Central Asia, which will be a staging area for operations in Afghanistan. This region faces a genuine armed threat from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which has been allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden's organization. But it is also home to brutal dictatorships that use tools of repression they inherited from the Soviet Union against any political or religious group they cannot control. Since 1997, for example, Uzbekistan has arrested thousands of non-violent, pious Muslims for offenses such as praying at the wrong mosques, reading the wrong religious literature and listening to the wrong sermons, sentencing many to terms of up to 20 years in prison.

THIS COULD BE A HOAX. I really hope it is...

From: "Linda Evans" <lle333@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001

Published by: AL-MANAR TV
Web Site: http://www.manartv.com/

4000 Israeli Employees in WTC Absent the Day of the Attack

With the announcement of the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the international media, particularly the Israeli one, hurried to take advantage of the incident and started mourning 4000 Israelis who work at the two towers. Then suddenly, no one ever mentioned anything about those Israelis and later it became clear that they remarkably did not show up in their jobs the day the incident took place. No one talked about any Israeli being killed or wounded in the attacks.

Arab diplomatic sources revealed to the Jordanian al-Watan newspaper that those Israelis remained absent that day based on hints from the Israeli General Security Apparatus, the Shabak, the fact which evoked unannounced suspicions on American officials who wanted to know how the Israeli government learned about the incident before it occurred, and the reasons why it refrained from informing the U.S authorities of the information it had.


From: "Mark Graffis" <mgraffis@islands.vi>
Subject: New Round of Free Trade Proposed and Warfare Over Welfare
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001

From: http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/exile/dn20010926.html


The Senate passed legislation today that would remove all trade barriers between the United States and Jordan after the Bush administration persuaded a pivotal Republican senator to drop his objections. Meanwhile, in a speech on Monday to the Institute for International Economics, Robert B. Zoellick, the United States trade representative, encouraged Congress to grant the president fast track authority. And Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman, told the Senate Banking Committee last week that the United States should use the outpouring of international support to develop support for a new round of global trade talks.

Related link: Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch at http://www.citizen.org

Listen to it all at http://stream.realimpact.org/rihurl.ram?file=webactive/exile/dn20010926a.ra&amp;start="3:20.9"



In the last two weeks the thousands of people affected by the attacks on the World Trade Center have received unprecedented levels of assistance from federal state and local agencies. Agencies have generally made drastic cuts in red tape to facilitate the flow of aid and employed extremely generous standards in determining who receives it – including housing, food, and disaster assistance. The aid has gone to victims of the disaster regardless of income, and therein lies the irony. For the Giuliani administration continues to discourage poor people from applying for public aid and housing assistance in New York.

Outside of New York millions of poor people around the country are running up against federal and state imposed time limits on the receipt of public assistance – the result of the infamous 1996 Welfare Act, which placed strict limits on who can receive assistance and for how long. The so-called Welfare Reform Act will come up for re-authorization at a moment when the Bush Administration and Congress are pouring billions of dollars into military and intelligence agencies and telling the public that the US is in for a drawn out military struggle that will require public sacrifice on a number of fronts.

But who will be forced to sacrifice the most?

Related link: Kensington Welfare Rights Union at http://www.kwru.org

Listen to it all at http://stream.realimpact.org/rihurl.ram?file=webactive/exile/dn20010926a.ra&amp;start="8:52.8"

For more information about Pacifica: http://www.pacifica.org

Obtain a cassette copy at http://www.pacifica.org/radio_archives/index.html, or call 1-800-735-0230