October 1, 2001

Eternal Freedom #1: Healing and Recovery

Hello everyone

Lots of very powerful stuff in this one, especially the EARTH Manifesto for the HUMAN FAMILY.

It's time to heal the world and recover our full power to BE All That We Are.

May Peace prevail on Earth

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. See the Media Compilation #18 I just sent, The Other Side of the Sept. 11 Picture, at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/MediaCompilation18.htm

See also the attached picture showing the dramatic increase of the vortex of positive healing energies over New York from Sept 15 to 21 as "observed" by French dowser Denis Cottard <denis.cottard@fnac.net>


1. Afghanistan facing humanitarian disaster
2. Amnesty International News Release
3. How did they know?
4. EARTH Manifesto for the HUMAN FAMILY
5. Lightweavers International

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Welcome to the Fourth Reich
"The devolution of America into an overt police state has already begun."


From: http://www.guardian.co.uk/afghanistan/story/0,1284,554310,00.html

Afghanistan facing humanitarian disaster
Famine Hunger and disease could kill millions, aid agencies warn

Aid workers forced to flee Afghanistan warned yesterday that the country would be pushed into catastrophe unless the US threat of retaliation for last week's terror attacks is withdrawn.

Even before the attacks, aid agencies issued dire warnings that Afghanistan was heading for disaster. A three year drought on top of two decades of war and Soviet occupation has left more than 5m people - a quarter of the population - threatened by starvation.

Remote villages will soon be cut off by snow without the stockpiles of supplies from international agencies that might have carried them through the winter. In the cities there have been crippling increases in the price of food, and epidemics are threatening to take hold in the packed and filthy refugee camps.

Dominic Nutt, emergency officer for Christian Aid, said: "It's as if a mass grave has been dug behind millions of people. We can drag them back from it or push them in. We could be looking at millions of deaths."

Mr Nutt recently travelled from the city of Herat to a village in the hills of the Ghor province called Barkhol, a 200 mile journey which took two days on rutted tracks. He found a community in crisis.

"As we came over the mountain pass we looked down on a scene of devastation," he said. "The area looked as if it had been scorched. What should have been wheat fields was nothing more than stubble."

Villagers told Mr Nutt they had got through almost all their food supplies and had even eaten seeds which should have been planted for next year's crop. Large families were sharing one piece of bread a day. They could not leave because there was no transport. Aid agencies had hoped to get supplies to villages like Barkhol before they were cut off but the US threat means that this will almost certainly be impossible.

Mr Nutt also visited the bleak Maslakh camp near Herat. There it is estimated that up to 40 people are dying every day, many because they arrive too weak to survive after trying to hold out in their villages.

They have food but conditions are harsh. Most have to dig a hole in the sandy soil and try to suspend what ever cloth they have over it as a makeshift shelter. Water is scarce and in some cases contaminated. Sanitation is basic.

The picture is just as severe in other parts of the country. In the central parts, the UN's world food programme has heard reports of Afghans driven to eat poisonous grass which causes paralysis, while those in the north have been eating meals of locusts mixed with animal feed.

The world food programme says that as many as 20% of children in some regions are dying before the age of five and the average life expectancy is 40. But it has been forced to suspend its $150m (£102m) feeding programme.

The picture is further complicated by the mass movement of people within Afghanistan and across its borders. More than 2m people have been driven from their homes by the wars and drought. The UN High Commission for Refugees said at least another million could flee if the US attacked.

Aid agencies point out that many of those who may be hurt are unlikely to have any idea about what has been happening in America.


From: http://lists.tao.ca/crisis/crisis-msg-00001.html

Tens of thousands are even now fleeing Kabul and other cities in fear of bombing -- "The possibility that the United States will take military actions against Afghanistan is triggering fear and alarm among Afghan civilians. The recent withdrawal from Afghanistan of UN personnel and international relief groups that were distributing food aid to millions of Afghan civilians affected by internal conflict and drought threatens to place countless civilians at even greater danger. The United States asked Pakistan to seal its border with Afghanistan for security reasons, an action that is trapping thousands of Afghan civilians -- ordinary men, women, and children who cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who rule them -- in a place of danger." (U.S. Committee for Refugees, Sept 18, http://www.refugees.org)

So there are many civilians already suffering hardship and danger of death, because of U.S. government actions.


Killing Civilians: Behind the Reassuring Words


In human terms, the emerging U.S. military scenarios are ghastly. And -- with Washington already gaining Pakistan's agreement to cut off food aid to Afghanistan -- they're also illegal. Part IV of the Geneva Conventions clearly states that "starvation of civilians as a method of warfare is prohibited." The same document forbids targeting "objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population." No amount of vehement denials can change the reality that huge numbers of civilians are now in the Pentagon's cross hairs.


Afghanistan Relief Fund

To donate to the Afghanistan relief fund of the International Red Cross, you have to go to http://www.helpicrc.org/help, then click on "donate on line", then select Afghanistan.


Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001
From: Ricardo Ocampo-Anahuak Networks <anahuak@webtelmex.net.mx>
Subject: News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International

26 September 2001

The attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001 amounted to an international tragedy. The victims included US citizens as well as Asians, Latin Americans and Europeans, Muslims as well as Christians and Jews. The identity of the perpetrators has yet to be fully determined but there is evidence to suggest that they come from several different countries. Grief and outrage at the atrocity have affected people all over the world. This global tragedy demands a global response - based on global values of human rights and justice.

As the world braces itself for a "robust reaction", world leaders are speaking the language of war. It is at times like these that we must be alert to the risks posed to human rights. The voice of the defenders of human rights must not be drowned out by the clarion call to arms. We insist that states respect human rights and international humanitarian law at all times, under all circumstances.

Already we have seen a wave of racist attacks directed at people because of their appearance or religion. The threat perception is encouraging an environment of racism and xenophobia. In north America, Europe and elsewhere, Muslims, Arabs and Sikhs have been shot, stabbed and beaten. Mosques have been firebombed. Shops have been looted. Schools have been forced to close because of intimidation and harassment.

Governments must take strong action against racist attacks directed at the Muslim, Asian and Middle Eastern populations in their countries, whether they are citizens or foreigners. You cannot claim to speak in the name of freedom if all those on your territory do not feel equally protected.

Governments are using the "war on terrorism" to introduce draconian measures to limit civil liberties. The US and EU governments are considering provisions that would allow them to detain immigrants indefinitely, even if they have not been charged with any offence. Such measures are unlikely to deter attacks but they are likely to stifle dissent and curtail basic freedoms. For this reason, they must be resisted.

In reaching a balance between security and individual freedom, the internationally recognized safeguards to protect human rights must not be sacrificed. Even in the most extreme crisis, Governments do not have a completely free hand. Even if they are at war, they must abide by the basic rules that protect civilians' lives.

The human toll of this crisis must not fall on those who are the most vulnerable - refugees and asylum seekers who are themselves fleeing repression and terror. Some governments are exploiting the climate of public fear to tighten up asylum laws and policies. Australia and the European Union are rushing through measures that will undermine the rights of refugees and cause more human misery.

A humanitarian crisis of epic proportions is developing on the borders of Afghanistan as Iran and Pakistan turn away famine-stricken Afghan women, children and men fleeing in fear of military attacks. We need to act now to prevent a repeat of the calamity we saw at Blace as refugees fled Kosovo. The international community must insist that Afghan refugees are allowed to enter neighbouring countries. The international community must also share the cost and responsibility of hosting them.

The victims of the 11 September attacks, like all victims, deserve justice, not revenge. But how should that justice be delivered?Governments are fast defining their options in terms of force. Our concern as human rights activists must be to insist that justice is rendered according to the rule of law. Both the pursuit and any subsequent trial of the suspects must be in accordance with internationally recognized standards governing the use of force and fair trial procedures. The death penalty should not be imposed.

The 11 September attacks highlight once again the need for a system of international justice. Some atrocities demand international accountability. In some circumstances, international cooperation to bring suspected perpetrators to justice can be more easily forthcoming through an international tribunal. Unfortunately, many governments including the USA have not ratified the International Criminal Court and resisted, during the drafting of the Rome Statute, broadening its jurisdiction. As the need for international cooperation to address transnational crimes become evident, the US Government should consider supporting the establishment of the court.

All victims, whether they are killed under the eyes of the world's media or perish in a remote conflict, have the right to justice. The response to the 11 September tragedy must not create new victims or be used as a pretext for an attack on human rights. Instead, it should lead governments to build an effective system of international justice that could end impunity for all perpetrators of gross human rights abuses, whether committed in the USA or the Middle East, in Chechnya or Sierra Leone.

Irene Khan

Amnesty International Secretary General


Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001
Subject: How did they know?
From: "Aya" <aya@sedona.net>

Bonjour Jean,

Thanks again for your magnifique job... Here below are a quote from The Economist, a URL you probably know and a piece I found interesting by EarthKeeper... all worth sharing.

Blessings, dear brother,


Quote from The Economist, Sept. 15th 2001
Finance & economics section.
Page 68, under the title: "Insurance, The Biggest Bill of All".

"Ever since the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, the consortium that runs the buildings had wanted to get together to consider how to react to a further terrorist attack. [That} meeting was fixed for September 11th, in one of the Center's towers. BUT THE MEETING, LUCKILY FOR THEM, WAS CANCELLED". (upper case letters our emphasis).

The hot question, of course, is: how did they know?

Bomb Plot



Author unknown - also sent by "Aya" <aya@sedona.net>

EARTH Manifesto for the HUMAN FAMILY


We are at the dawn of the 21st century.
And we are the human family,
dwellers upon Mother Earth,
a cosmic dancer spinning thru galactic space...

Autumn 2001

This is the traditional time of harvest in the fields. This is also the time to look at the fruits of our human history and assess, in full honesty, our ways of tending the Earth Garden and of living together as a kin family.

ARE we going to repeat, like zombies, the destructive old patterns of hatred, revenge, greed and exploitation of each other? -these instinctual reactions of the reptilian brain that have brought us, for grim eons, a quasi-permament state of warfare and sorrow ...

ARE we going to let our proud animalistic ego continuously leading our individual and collective lives? - stubbornly sitting on our puny territories & possessions and viciously kicking around to defend and agrandize them?

OR, are we going to be bold conscious beings, enacting the love of Life? - courageous new pioneers daring to break away from millenia of past programming and finally standing up as free beings, set upon deciding a constructive course of collective history...

HOW ABOUT launching a 21st century where our deep & intimate dreams can be given a chance: happiness, peace, respect for Life, beauty, creativity, truth & spirit of celebration...

HOW ABOUT acting as free people: women & men & children of all races and colors and religions and cultures holding hands together and co-creating NOW
the Earth mandala Garden?



Lessons of History

Dear Earth fellows, let us not fall again into the old traps of one-sided political agendas, based on individual or national selfishness.

REMEMBER the sinking of the "Maine"? 1898. The glorious US battleship Maine explodes in La Havana (Cuba) harbor, killing 260 american sailors. Spain is blamed as the terrorist villain who planted the fateful mine. Public opinion is shouting for revenge. Spain's image is vilipended. Soon, a defense budget of $50 million is unanimously voted and war is declared against Spain. American boys are lost to the enemy and military incompetence, but Spain is rapidly crushed and her colonies annexed by an expansionist America... who ended up in Viet-Nam.
Well, in 1976, a commission traced the explosion to an "internal accident"... (1)

REMEMBER the burning of the Reichstag? 1933, Germany. The Reichstag was the German Parliament, symbol of political power. It burns to the ground. An "inside job", now traced to Hitler's agents. Hitler is "incensed" and quickly puts the blame on the Jews, the Gypsies and other "undesirables". His fascist cohorts and aryan patriotic propaganda sweeps the German public opinion into giving him more & more power. You know the results... (2)

REMEMBER Pearl Harbor? 1941. It is now accepted that this wasn't simply a Japanese "surprise attack" but was part of a larger agenda. Known and allowed at the highest levels, this "infamous shock" effectively did arise a wave of patriotic fury and thus did permit the swift entry of the USA into WWII... (3)

DO we really want to repeat old history?


The 9-11 Movie:

SEE the pattern and the connections with the Twin Towers events of 9-11, 2001?

"All you have to do is tell [the people] they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

- Hermann Goering, German nazi leader

The time-proven political agendas & covert strategies are always simplistic:

1. Create or allow a national drama that will shock the public opinion into a state of confusion & instinctual reactive emotions...

2. Immediately point the finger out towards a "scape-goat", pre-designated as the culprit, and an associated entity (enemy nation, ethnic group or entire culture) suggested as "responsible"...

3. Maintain the flurry of irate emotions by the appropriate kindling of discourses, public appeals, declarations by "eminent citizens", rallies etc... Nowadays, of course, it's mainly a full-fledged psy-op campaign of "media coverage" received in the convenience of the private TV box...

4. At your own timing, implement the agenda you have been carefully preparing and reap a full public support of resources, lives and "political righteousness"...

NOW, BACK TO 9-11. Look carefully at the keywording of offical media coverage in the days following the events:... You will find a certain category of "keywords" in the titles & subtitles of leading newspapers and in the governmental declarations... Sorry, but these keywords do not really point to responsibility and reason...

"The Day of Infamy" , "Twin Terrors" , "If you want to humble an Empire",
"What is needed is a unified, unifying, Pearl Harbor sort of a purple
American fury -a roughless indignation..." (Time magazine , special issue 9/11/01)

"Does my country really understand that this is WWIII?"
(Thomas Friedman, New York Times, 9/13/01)

"Give war a chance"
(Philadelphia Enquirer, 9/13/01)

"Time to use the Nuclear Option"
(Washington Times, 9/14/01)

The government claims that it had no intelligence knowledge of an obviously meticulously pre-planned & well organized attack and furthermore claims that it was at a loss how to deal with the emergency situation of four hijacked airplanes flying around highly sensitive areas...

Yet, the government calls for "exterminating" previously unknown attackers by "ending states who sponsor terrorism" (Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense). And close american allies (England, Germany, Israel) have been asked to give carte blanche to participate in U.S. reprisals...

"In this new kind [of] war... there are no neutral states or geographical confines.
Us or them. You are either with us or against us."
(R. W. Apple, Jr., Washington Post 9-14-01)


The many suspicious aspects of the events (as involving a lot more than just "arab terrorists") are being blatantly ignored (4). ... as if all Americans have become movie addicts ready to gobble up any new Hollywood or Washington "drama".

Did the "chemtrails" rob us from our normal will power? Can we still think for ourselves and use discrimination... or are we sinking deeper and deeper into the blissful oblivion of believing the mass-media and their subliminals (5)... and giving our civil liberties over to FEMA and super-FEMA (NHSA)?

ARE we seeing again another set-up to rouse the American and international public into an instinctual national-ego response and thus get support to proceed with a pre-planned agenda of war, greed & domination?... leading us deep into WWIII (6)?


What Happened to our Proclaimed Ideals?

HAVE we entirely forgotten the insights & ideals of "universal good will" that inspired our Founding Fathers (and Mothers!) and our entire civilization? Have the Declaration of Independence and the Charter of the United Nations become disposable wall-paper in contemporary commodity-oriented America?

ARE we now, in the name of the holy stock-market, "free trade" & "American business interests", condoning foreign policies that apply double standards and treat "others" & Mother Nature in ways we would never accept to be treated ourselves? Is war-murder-destruction okay and "politically desirable" in foreign countries but shockingly taboo at home?

WHY exactly are we, worldwide, extensively training "special forces" and "intelligence agents", funding known "terrorist" governments and groups, while, smilingly, grossing untold billions in arms (and drugs) business? (7).

DO we REALLY still believe that human beings all over the earth, no matter their looks, are our "brothers & sisters"? Be honnest! Or are they just remote "data" on computer screens and amusing dolls when we go on exotic safaris?

DO we still SEE that we ALL share this jewel of a planet? Are we really taking that into account in our daily life, actions, thoughts & prayers?

"It no longer works to just put up walls around your cities to keep the barbarians out. Particularly if you trained and funded and armed them last year because they were the enemy of your enemy. And you stopped funding them later because your other enemy no longer was you enemy. And they are now starving, but still trained and armed." [New Civilization Network. (8)]

DID we -the 5% or 10 % elite- turn into complete hypocrites and selfishly benefit from ever increasing luxuries & wasteful gadgets, while myriads are facing genocide, starvation, sickness, loss of freedom and the grim pursuit of un-happiness...?

ARE we almost programmed out of our humanness and beingness, without even noticing it? How did that happen? How did WE let it happen to US?

ARE we living a proxy life, totally cut off from our cosmic roots and crowns. And fearfully removing ourselves from direct contact with Life as "others" and "Nature"?

ARE we increasingly shying away from personal relationships with our friends, partners, spouses, kids, neighbors and "strangers"? Setting ourselves up in an alienated, schizophrenic but "safe" mindscape "tower" (9) -yet bitterly ranting about being lonely?

ARE we living a gigantic lie, instead of living Life?

IS that the true destiny of America? -the down side of the coin?

ARE we going to sheepishly give thanks for being micro-chipped, tracked down in every move & thought, fed sterile GMO, "sweet" aspartame & "irradiated" meals, prescribed expensive drugs with multiple "side-effects", given the "creative" option of "designer babies" who will be members of the elite-race club, and, in our holy moments, be submerged in 3D proxy thrillers?

All that while driving shiny gas-guzzling credit-bought SUVs with GPS computers? And listening to the "inner voice" of xth generation cell-phones?

ARE we realizing the full impact, for this and coming generations, of the "corporate future" dangled in front of us as the next step in human "happiness and progress"?


Urgent Call for a Politics of Global Sharing:

ISN'T IT high time to stop being the fat & blind-folded "share-holders" the world is laughing at and lashing at? Giving carte blanche to the purposely remote & fuzzy complex of mega-corporations agendas - intelligence agencies operations - governmental policies... that want to exploit the world for the benefit of the few?

ISN'T IT high time to stop this complacent attitude of: "Oh, we just get the interests and play gambling with the stocks - BUT we are not involved whatsoever with the decisions..."

ISN'T TRUE that NO share-holder wants to REALLY know HOW they get their potential dividends, by which tortuous and roughless routes the money is reaped or lost ...? and what might be the unreported dire effects and human toll of this mega-business that has the means and intent to be "above the rules"...

DO YOU KNOW (or care?) about the World Bank & multinationals pushing, worldwide, for the privatisation of WATER? To the point that, in 1999, small farmers in Cochambamba, Bolivia, had to buy permits (and pay San-Francisco based Bechtel) to gather rainwater on their own property? (10).
When are the "global powers" going to charge for "re-conditioned AIR"?

DO YOU KNOW that a US Baby Foods Corporation has successfully used the World Trade Organisation to suppress a Guatemalan law that encouraged mothers to breastfeed their babies? Their claims: "Expropriation of trademark" and, of course, competition with their "products" (11).

DO YOU KNOW that, during the Gulf War, the US and British / UN forces used 350 tons of "depleted uranium laced bullets" that become radioactive upon impact? (12).

ISN'T IT high time to stop on this deadly track and reverse gears before the ever-increasing gap between the "wealthy" and the "have-nots" tips this planet over? Before the last drop of oil-blood is drained from Mother Earth and the last parcel of wilderness is raped?

OR, are "tactical nuclear heads" and "ethnically specific bio-weapons" going to bring the message of total silence to the majorities grumbling at the G-8s?

ISN'T IT urgent to open our eyes wide and clear and SHARE responsibilities, instead of raking in political & financial interests? To WAKE UP as the Human Family?

"One man's gift must not become another's capital."
(Tribal Wisdom)

DOESN'T IT make pressing sense that, if we benefit from the world, we also need to contribute to it in equal if not larger shares?

DO YOU REALIZE the blasphemous, insulting and arrogant nature of the initial code-name publicized by the Pentagon for the "War on Terrorism": Infinite Justice!!! (13)

SHARING... is the only way to taste INFINITE JUSTICE!
Let us judge our success by what we GIVE, without scheming a return.

WE NEED TO LEARN (or re-learn) the Golden Rule : how to approach and practice Global Love for each other, on the planetary & galactic scales. We need to re-learn how to dialogue to the "other", no matter what their beliefs & life-styles may be, listen to them with true friendly "interest" and find out their needs & wants & gifts.

How can we be of service to other ourselves?

HOW CAN WE, as stewards of this magnificent world-garden, do (or undo) whatever is necessary to ensure the full manifestation of Justice, Equality and Freedom for all? We have the means, we only need a surging wave of international cooperation and co-creation...

"A moment of Great Change is protected by the Giving of Gifts."
(Welsh wisdom)

Then, we may not have enemies any longer and we may live without paranoid fears of "being attacked"... and pass on to our children an era of global peace, sharing and celebration of Humankind as One sparkling & glorious face of Spirit.


Abundance of Solutions:

No one is powerless.

Remember your dreams and glimpses of other parts of "You"? We are all multi-dimensional spirits visiting a 3D experience. We are all a unique & shimmering spark of the Spirit-Source that has been recognized & honored by all human cultures.

From the very instant we truly realize that we are part of the Whole Hologram, we do access and own Infinity.

Infinity is beyond the dualistic dance of winning-losing and balancing the check-books... Beyond the implanted belief that we are hapless victims at the mercy of master foes...

Infinity is realizing that:

! All is actually possible Now !

This is a plentiful universe where solutions keep blossoming: it takes to embody Infinity to find many.

People of good will are plenty: it takes to be one to find many.

Let's look at the true world heroes who preceded us or dwell among us: the many men & women, known & unknown, who have chosen to further love & peace values rather than personal gratification. We need to be inspired by high-integrity role-models rather than fashion-made puppets...

HOW ABOUT America waking up to a destiny of humbly stewarding the Earth, instead of arrogantly using & abusing it?

Let us match our great wealth and immense resources with an equally great sense of responsibility, instead of hoarding & draining the blood, sweat & treasures of the Earth peoples.

LET'S create an Earth Council made of personalities globally honored as planetary citizens dedicated to Creative Peace...

HOW ABOUT implementing an Emergency Planetary Recovery Plan, as a bold way to launch the 21st century?

AND, IN COOPERATION with all people of good will, let us walk the beauty road to find again our lost dignity, fulfill our true destiny and gain anew the respect of our children and generations to come!

AT OUR FULL DISPOSAL, we have here and now all the necessary tools, technologies, skills, workforce and good will needed to turn around this "world crisis" into an enthusiastic international wave of pioneering the build-up of a WORLD FRIENDLY-TO-LIFE.

• MOTHER EARTH will dance with joy and immediately respond by nurturing all of us with unprecedented organic crops...

• THE PEOPLES OF THE EARTH will find hope again and then reveal their bottled-up inheritance of wisdom, creativity and unique beauty.

• SPIRIT and the other dimensions of the larger universe will applaud and say:

"Well done, Earth people!"


We are at the dawn of the 21st century.
And our choices NOW will seal the coming human history.

I, for one and for the One in all of us,
hold that there won't be a WWIII.
We are the Human Family.
So Be It !


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From: Jean Rapillo <JRapillo@aol.com>,
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001
Subject: Lightweavers International

Dear Jean,

How powerful to be in touch with your Earth Rainbow Network! Thank you for adding us to your e-mail mailing. We have a small group that meets here in Tallahassee, Florida each week to hold a Light Circle. It is a gathering of those that feel deep within a mission of "anchoring the Light on Our Beloved Mother Earth." It is the sensing of being part of the Family of Light that Barbara Marciniack speaks about in her book, "Bringers of the Dawn."

We have a website: http://www.Lightweavers.org - could this become part of your networking?
We did incorporate our group in Florida as a nonprofit under the name Lightweavers International, so we truly are interested in being part of the wonderful networks out there! Thank you for your expansive work and radiant light!

Blessings in the Light, Jean and your fellow Lightweavers at the Gathering Place in Tallahassee, Florida

Jean Rapillo