The Immortal Child

Jean Hudon


Dance of Life

We see Gaia again in 2012, seated at the same table, as at the end of the Earth Concert. He is rereading what he has just written, summing up all those years of intensive and relentless work to save the planet from destruction and to restore the forces of Life to their former vigor.

"According to the plans drawn up after the Earth Concert, the combined efforts of all humanity are in the process of restoring to health Gaia, the planetary organism, badly mistreated by more than a century of blind industrialization and uncontrolled development.

At last, we are beginning to see everywhere the results of all the efforts exerted to repair the incalculable damage inflicted on the forests, the lakes and rivers, the oceans and, in general, on all that lives on this Earth. We have come a long way. Humanity could never have imagined at the end of the twentieth century the scope of the disaster that was happening before their very eyes without their fully realizing what was going on.

Oh! Of course, many cries of alarm had been raised about the encroaching deserts, the toxic, nuclear and acid pollution of the entire environment, the destruction of the protective ozone layer, the accelerated extinction of plant and animal species—in short, the erosion of all that enables Life to exist and thrive.

But it was only relatively late that we realized that it was above all the combined effect of all these apparently isolated crises that was wreaking the most devastating consequences on the biosphere. It was the very survival of all Life on Earth that was in danger... Fortunately, it was not too late... But how near we came to losing everything!...

No doubt, such a common threat affecting everybody without exception was the only way to awaken the consciousness of humanity and unite all human beings in a single common goal transcending all selfish and nationalistic interests.

No doubt, in a way we needed to have our backs to the wall before we finally understood that we are all united in the same great and wonderful adventure of Life on "spaceship Earth", in the words of the late Buckminster Fuller... No doubt!

However, what I am sure of now is that all the ceaseless efforts of thousands of volunteer organizations in all spheres of human activity have also played a crucial role in the success we have achieved today. And in this regard, the Earth Concert has certainly been an essential catalyst to mobilize world public opinion in favor of a massive reorientation of human and economic resources aimed at regenerating the planetary environment. Not only did this concert bring to the fore the will of all humanity to put an end to wars and conflicts and to work together to save the planet, but also, above all, this moment of intense telepathic communion between the billions of humans simultaneously watching the live television broadcast of the concert made everyone profoundly aware of the Oneness of all Life on Earth and in the Universe.

Ever since that magical moment, we know that we are all One... We know that all that lives is One and that the outward appearances differentiating us are nothing compared to that which is connecting us all together and with all Life. We have, as it were, all become Gaia and we have identified with Mother Earth, from whom we were born.

But there is another element which has also played an essential role in redirecting development policies and redistributing the population on the face of the Earth. Everyone certainly remembers how the cities and the concentration of industry had given rise to nearly insurmountable social and environmental problems at the end of the twentieth century. Well, the solution to this crisis had already begun to emerge on a small scale during the decades preceding the Earth Concert.

Indeed, hundreds, then thousands of small communities had appeared all over the world thus creating the basis for a new way of living on this Earth. These experimental centers of what could be called the New Age shared a common desire to be closer to the cycles of nature and in tune once again with the simplest eternal truths governing relationships among human beings and with the other species dwelling on this planet. The forms adopted by these communities varied amazingly as I was able to see during my trips around the world.

Everywhere I went, I was warmly greeted and felt accepted, irrespective of my origins, as a full-fledged member of the global human family. I was always expected to willingly participate in the various daily tasks and display a positive and selfless attitude in my work. That is how I learned to give without counting the cost, without expecting anything in return, in a true spirit of Service, which is simply Love in action. That is also how I came to wish to create a similar center of community life in order to put into practice all that I had learned during those years of exploration in various lands and to share with other people this new awareness of being One with all Life that had grown within me as a result of the inner experiences I had had.

That is why I created with others what is now a thriving ecovillage where I live in happiness and in perfect harmony with the natural laws of Life. This village is itself part of a worldwide network of villages which were created in the nineties as a result of the need felt by millions to go back to Nature and consciously apply this awareness of Oneness with all Life gradually emerging all over the Earth.

Now we are entering a new phase in our collective evolution, and it is precisely because of everything I have just described that this has finally become possible. Soon, I will have to leave our beloved planet, maybe forever, and that is why I wanted to record this account of past events as I experienced them.

I don't know exactly what awaits us in the future, but I have an unshakeable faith in our capacity to meet all the challenges that will arise. Henceforth humanity, having passed through the dangerous shoals of adolescence and solved its inner conflicts, can undertake in complete serenity and unity the next stage of the long Journey of Evolution leading us from Darkness to Light, from Unconsciousness to Consciousness."

Having finished his "Letter to posterity," Gaia turned round towards the people awaiting him and told them: "Now I'm ready to follow you."

"Very well... Come, the Maha Chohan is waiting for you."

Gaia got up and gathered the few personal belongings he wanted to bring with him and followed his nocturnal visitors who had come for him as he slept to lead him to the One he had not seen since his descent into the depths of the Earth at Mount Shasta, some 35 years earlier. He felt excited at the thought of meeting again the being of Light who had helped him so much in his Mission on Earth.

He was also very curious to know why they had come for him at this hour and what was going to happen now. Like many other people, he had had in a dream a vision of a great transformation which was about to change everything that people on Earth had known until now. He had seen huge vessels, sparkling with light, appear in the sky and bring vast knowledge that was going to usher in a new era in the history of humanity.

Since many other people had had similar dreams in the last few months, this was a subject that often cropped up in conversations, and even aroused controversy in some scientific circles.

Indeed, according to the data accumulated during the joint Soviet-American expedition to Mars and many other observations gathered with the telescope orbiting since 1991, as well as with space probes and other scientific instruments, it had been finally concluded that the manifestation and evolution of Life elsewhere in the Universe was virtually inevitable. And, as one might expect, despite all the accumulated evidence, there was still a small group of scientists and philosophers who adamantly opposed this idea, going so far as to label as heretical and superstitious anyone who mentioned the possibility of other intelligent beings watching us, even since long ago according to some people. Yet, for most of the population, it had become commonplace to talk about the space brothers and even to consider a direct contact with them so as to accelerate our growth in all areas.

Gaia was therefore eager to see where they were going to take him and what was going to happen. He left his house and followed his guides along a path he often took which led to a wild meadow at the foot of a mountain. The three beings walking in front of him, two men and a woman, were among the most beautiful he had ever seen. With an average height of about two meters, shimmering blond hair, a light skin and blue eyes that sparkled like crystals, they walked with dignity and it was as if they were floating a few centimeters above the ground. Like the beings he had known on his visit to Mount Shasta, there was such an aura of Peace and serenity around them that one could only be totally entranced and trusting in their presence.

Soon, as he had expected, there appeared at the last turn in the path before the meadow, a small circular craft in a shape of a flattened bell, silently awaiting them on a sort of telescopic tripod. Entering through an opening that had appeared under its sides as they approached, they sat down on comfortable seats and rapidly, without any jerking or physical sensation of movement, they took off and headed eastwards, towards the first light of day that was already dawning on the horizon, as Gaia was able to observe on the vast monitor showing the landscape over which they were flying.

Their ship gradually gained altitude and crossed the Earth's limit between the atmosphere and the infinite emptiness of space surrounding the planet. Gaia was observing all this with barely concealed amazement for it was his first experience beyond the planetary womb... at least in his present lifetime. For the first time, he was able to contemplate at leisure this marvelous sphere vibrating with Life, streaked with wisps of cloud and almost quivering with all the activities buzzing upon its surface. Aware of his evident contemplative ecstasy, the pilots deliberately prolonged the flight of their vehicle, making a complete orbit around the planet, at least this is the impression that Gaia had at the time.

Then, while Gaia was beginning to wonder when they were going to arrive, the ship immediately stopped its flight, and he turned towards his guides with an expression in his eyes that said he wanted an explanation of what was happening. Of the three, it was the woman, who had remained silent up to now, who spoke and gently explained to him that the extended flight they had just made was necessary to allow enough time for his body to adapt to the new vibrations surrounding him and to let his mind relax, confronted as it was with all these new stimulations he was receiving.

"In a few minutes, the Maha Chohan will welcome you aboard the Mother Ship serving as Central Headquarters for the whole intergalactic fleet stationed for many years now near your planet. He will explain to you himself why this fleet has been mustered and what is about to happen."

Only half surprised by the information that had just been communicated to him, Gaia, who had begun in the sixties to read messages channelled about this subject through various mediums, decided to prepare himself mentally for what he was about to see and went into deep meditation.

No sooner had he closed his eyes than he felt an intense purifying energy passing through his whole body, different from anything that he had known before. The goal of this was to raise the vibratory frequency of his physical body and to free him from all terrestrial influences that could have somehow stuck to his aura. Indeed, as was explained to him later, every ship and its passengers had to receive this purifying treatment on their return from a mission in the Earth's environment before being able to return to the Mother Ship from which each crew sets out.

After a few minutes, Gaia felt that their trip had come to an end and, opening his eyes, realized that he was alone on board and that an intense golden light was entering the cabin through the open hatch. He slowly got up from his seat and approached the exit without really knowing what to expect. Crossing the threshold, he found himself in a place beyond anything he could have imagined even in his wildest dreams... An immense space, similar in size to a planetary world in miniature left him speechless with amazement. As far as the eye could see, he saw ships like the one that had brought him here and other larger vessels and beyond, in the wall obstructing the horizon, he discerned some brightly lit passages which probably led to other parts of this huge galactic spacecraft that was a world in itself.

Looking down towards the bottom of the landing gangway, he finally saw his beloved guide who was awaiting him, a wide smile on his lips. Gaia came down almost regretfully from his observation post and solemnly stood in front of the Maha Chohan. Bending down on one knee, he mentally asked his blessing. Then, raising both hands above Gaia's head and closing his eyes, the Maha Chohan joined in the most total, the most unconditional Love with the one who had been his devoted disciple for so many years. A few minutes, like hours, passed...

Their souls fused, their hearts communed, their minds communicated... And tears welled up in their eyes and slowly trickled down their cheeks, testifying to the sublime intensity of their total abandon to Divine Love...

Without a single word being exchanged, Gaia stood up and accompanied his guide towards a platform equipped with seats that quickly took them towards one of the large passages Gaia had glimpsed, which led to another room, much smaller by comparison, built like a vast amphitheater large enough to accommodate a few thousand people, but almost empty for the time being. The flying platform dropped them in the center near the podium from which the speakers could apparently address the whole audience.

Sitting down in the translucent seats placed opposite each other near a crystal table, the Maha Chohan and Gaia began a long conversation rich in teachings and revelations.

"My dear spiritual son, let me first tell you the story of your preparation for the Mission that you have carried out on Terra Gaia, with great success, and also give you a glimpse of the future of this Mission, which is far from over as, you will soon realize.

More than ten thousand years ago now, when the Earth was gradually recovering from the ill treatments endured during the final catastrophe which resulted in the destruction of Atlantis "the perverted," I was in the land which is called Egypt today, where I was in charge of the works that were to lead much later to the construction of the first great pyramid. It was at this moment that I noticed you in the crew of dedicated foremen on the building site working under my instructions. You were then an ardent young man, keen to learn everything concerning our art of moving heavy loads by air, that is, the huge stones used for our various building works, that we were transporting by degrees from the quarry where they had been cut to the site selected for construction. It was then that I decided to take you on as a pupil, to teach you, as you requested, the use of the sacred sounds through which we were able to raise the stones.

Remembering that time, when the foundations were laid for the human civilizations which were later to flourish, evoked in me happy memories of a simpler life, free from any major upheavals or threats to the planet's existence. What a contrast with regard to the difficult period we have just gone through! Fortunately, everything worked out well and we can now view the future with more serenity.

To come back to your period of novitiate, you clearly displayed all the necessary qualities to rapidly become a realized being and an avatar capable of guiding other humans towards the Flame of Divine Realization. You therefore followed for several consecutive lifetimes the accelerated Path of evolution reserved for those beings who show the greatest determination to make progress. You were duly initiated to all the degrees required for your spiritual advancement and proved in all circumstances, even the most difficult ones, that the confidence placed in you was justified. I will not go into the details because soon you will be able to clearly remember all these events on your own.

A little more than two thousand years ago, you had reached such a degree of spiritual realization that you were considered ready to play one of the most difficult roles which could be asked of a human being. After reviewing in a short span of time the whole journey of initiation you had gone through during numerous preceding incarnations, you were for several years the vessel for the Christ Consciousness which could thus be expressed on the earthly plane through your personality and consequently bring to men a Teaching which had a profound influence on a large part of humanity.

Like you, other beings have at different times and in different places had the rare privilege of serving as channels of expression for this Universal Force which, everywhere in the created Universe, is guiding the evolution of conscious beings towards more Light... always more Light.

Still today, many beings are playing this role on Earth and, by their influence, are instrumental in raising human consciousness towards the One Source from which all proceeds.

You yourself have been able to a certain extent to serve again as a relay for this Christ Consciousness in your present incarnation and thus come closer to the Immortal Source of Life dwelling in you as in any living being. Through your dedicated work entirely devoted to the Service of the One, you have once more had a decisive influence on millions of human beings and contributed to their spiritual awakening and to their ascent towards a greater awareness.

According to the Universal Law requiring any being rising upon the Path of evolution to help others to do the same before being allowed to reach a new stage, you have earned the right, through your unceasing labor, to take one more step, a great step, as you will soon realize, which will free you from the necessity of incarnation in matter and will open the door to spiritual worlds unsuspected by those who are called mortals. But you will not take this step alone, for millions of others have, like you, reached the Threshold of Cosmic Awakening and you will take this step all together...

It is the same for us, who came from the far reaches of this galaxy and from well beyond to assist you in your collective Birth to a new state of being. For the Law applies also to us. In bringing our help as we have for millions of years and especially for the last few decades, we are enabling ourselves to go on to a higher level of evolution which otherwise would be inaccessible to us. Thus the Creator of the Universe has planned everything in His infinite Wisdom, for in this way it is all Life which is, gradually, with the passage of endless aeons, rising towards Him... You will now follow me to discover the Mission awaiting you for the time being. No, remain on your seat because it is not on the physical plane but rather upon the astral plane that I will lead you in preparation for what is coming..."

Then, closing their eyes, the Maha Chohan and Gaia enter into a deep meditation and after a few seconds, Gaia, who had not had much experience of the astral world in his present incarnation, feels with joy and ease his body of Light being drawn upwards, so to speak, and emerges into a world made of light and moving energies which immediately seems familiar to him, as when one returns to a place where one has lived a long time. Hosts of beings appear instantly before his astral eyes. The huge amphitheater he had believed to be empty is in fact nearly full of beings of every shape and form and, as he quickly realizes, who originate from every corner of the Universe. All these beings were conversing amongst themselves without uttering a single word, or were motionless in meditation, or were manipulating indescribable objects whose functions were unknown to him.

Suddenly looking upwards, he is stupefied to see an intense Flame of dazzling whiteness in the center, several feet above the crowd, casting its rays down on everyone present and bathing the whole amphitheater in an aura of power and controlled might, as if Divine Consciousness Itself is presiding over this celestial assembly.

Slowly, very slowly, a profound silence descends on the assembly, whilst gradually all the beings present reach their designated places and immerse themselves into an ocean of inner Peace, from which deep waves of Love pulsates and a song of Harmony rises, elevating each soul into a perfect communion with the Universal One. Literally uplifted by a powerful groundswell of bliss pervading his entire being, any residual resistance or fear vanishes as Gaia abandons himself to this collective fusion with the Primordial Spark of Life which was now shining like a blazing stellar fire of Love. A Voice, a Nameless Presence, then manifested Itself in each consciousness...

"I Am... In each consciousness, I Am... Since the Eternal Beginning which will never have an End, I Am... Everywhere, from the infinite dispersion of atoms up to the most subtle worlds, My Consciousness pervades All That Is... Beyond the created worlds, before and after any manifestation, there again I Am... However, if the least one among you ceased existing, if the smallest speck of dust vanished into Nothingness, I too would vanish into Nothingness... For everything is bound together, everything is weaved into an indivisible Web which unites everything that is in One Single Whole... Every single thought, word and action of yours are Mine... Nothing can be separated or excluded... Everything is ONE, for I Am All That Is..."

Gradually assimilating the profound meaning of what he had just perceived, like all the other souls present, Gaia senses that an intense moment of Truth is approaching for him and that what is happening at this moment is linked to his presence here. Then, feeling the attention of all these beings and, beyond the Flame, the attention of the entire Universe converging on him, Gaia becomes the focus of a unique and extraordinary phenomenon...

Through him, it is the entire Universe which is reexperiencing once again the Great Initiation as if for the first time a soul is opening to the eternal Unity that joins all things together in One single Love, immortal, eternal, unconditional...

Time is suspended... The Universe holds its breath...

Everything seems to have been said, everything seems to have been realized. But everything is just beginning.

Absorbed in this absolute Communion with the Consciousness of the Universe, Gaia relives the most important moments of his present existence.

He gradually realizes how amazing his journey has been so far and holds at the same time the memories of his past evolution, from the emergence of the first form of unicellular life on Terra Gaia to this day. He knows that, just as it is for every human being, the History of Life on Earth was encoded in each of his cells and impregnated in the very fibre of his soul. And this History made of conquests and victories over matter, but also of inexpressible trials and sufferings, was now calling on his entire Self to make an unprecedented leap on behalf of all Life on Earth.

And he also knows that all the beings present around him had come at this time to help him take this step and thus open the Way for the Mutation of the soul of all humanity. Such is his test. Such is his challenge.

Gaia's body begins to stir on the chair where he is sitting and breaks into a sweat and a long trembling...

"No! I don't want to die!" shouts Gaia's body...

"Yes! I want to be born to the Light!" calmly shines his soul...

At the same moment, millions of human beings wake from a restless sleep or stop all activity, sensing the imminence of Something totally unknown and prodigiously important. A great shudder runs through the whole Earth and violent thunderstorms suddenly burst out everywhere, whilst furious winds are rising and a low rumbling shakes the bowels of the Earth. Gaia as a whole feels the imminence of the Event. Then everything subsides everywhere at once and a great silence shrouds the planet on the eve of Awakening...

The inner pressure in Gaia's mind reaches breaking point... One by one the last resistances fall...

However, something is still left clinging, something which believes itself to be alone since the beginning of time and for eternity, isolated from everything, something obstinately attached to the Supreme Illusion...

Then in a single burst of Love, all the beings present around Gaia get up and, opening their arms, palms forward, begin chanting in unison the Sacred Sound whose vibrations echo throughout the amphitheater, the ship and, across space, upon the whole Earth which, in one final shudder releases the last resistance and begins to vibrate as an immense diapason in resonance with the Primordial Vibration...

And suddenly the miracle happens... The unthinkable, the impossible becomes Reality... Gaia also stands up, raises his arms and starts chanting the Sacred Sound with all the others...

From the top of the Flame of Life, an incandescent ray of Love then descends towards Gaia and surrounds each of his cells with a Light of ineffable beauty and purity.

The mutation is taking place!...

Gaia's whole body is being transmuted into Light and begins to radiate Life like a new star. Life resuscitates the Life that was lying dormant in matter.

A song of Joy and elation then bursts out from the vault of the huge amphitheater. Gaia, opening the eyes of his body of Light, beholds with his new vision the place where he is and the marvelous beings surrounding him. Spheres of iridescent light with fluid outlines are floating above him, emitting a music and a song of indescribable beauty. Around him, the meditating audience is literally flooding him with benevolent and warm thoughts of Love. Near him, the Maha Chohan has stood up and, looking at him with a wide smile full of compassion, tells him in thought: "Welcome among us, Brother of Light, Immortal Child..."

Then other beings, whom he recognizes thanks to his memory now fully restored, also come to greet and welcome him in this world of Light and Harmony to which they too had gained access in times past through their work and dedication. Gaia, overcome with happiness, but also very calm and dignified, suddenly perceives the profound meaning of what has just happened within him. After an endless saga going back to the origins of Life on Earth, he has at last been able to free himself from the snare of the Illusion of Separation and Death.

And what he has just experienced, millions of beings like him were soon to experience too. For there are millions who are also on the point of totally freeing themselves from the attraction of matter. The Path is clearly marked out, and together they will soon be able to form the Body of Light of humanity.

Gaia, in a spontaneous vision, perceives what will be his Mission from now on... He will have to return to Earth and guide others through this collective Mutation. In a few centuries, when he will be ready to leave the planetary cradle that has seen him be born and grow, this majestic being, endowed with powers and abilities yet impossible to imagine, this collective Body of Light of humanity will take off towards the vault of the heavens and will go to sow Life upon a multitude of worlds as yet lifeless. A long, long time ago, other beings, themselves coming from a nearly infinite succession of Bearers of the Flame of Life, did the same for us. It would now be our turn to take up the Torch and perpetuate Life in the Universe... But now, it is time to celebrate.

Everywhere on Earth, the birds sing with even more vigor, Nature exudes Peace and human beings, moved to the depths of their souls by what has just occurred, have only one desire, to dance and celebrate this New Day which has just dawned for Terra Gaia. In the Heavens and on Earth, the Dance of Life, more marvelous than ever, resumes its eternal saraband, guiding its children towards a destiny so prodigious that there is little point in even trying to describe it...