September 19, 2001

Crisis in America #7: The End of Innocence

Hello everyone

As we are witnessing a daily expression of wonderful human solidarity in support of the people of New York and those who lost innocent loved ones, and as we are being subjected to the continuous brainwashing for war by various U.S. spokespeople, that is, if you pay attention to the media, behind the scene, the "Covertment" of the U.S.A. is preparing an all-out war that will bring death and devastation to millions of other innocents under the disguise of hunting down and eradicating terrorists from the face of the Earth. And this time, according to CNN (at 1 am - 19/9), no pool of journalists will be allowed to "cover" in prime time the carnage for fear of dampening the public support for this war. This will be a secret war. Well... perhaps not this time! Thanks to the Internet, at least some of us will know about their deadly deeds just as we are now discovering the scope of their deceitful plans to orchestrate this crime against humanity.

This time we cannot pretend to be innocently unaware of what is really going on...

More uncovering info and also reports on the positive effects our meditations are having in the coming compilations.

Lots of powerful, positive messages in this one!

Feel free to share widely...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberties for a little order, will lose both and deserve neither."

-- Benjamin Franklin

Sent by Larry Morningstar <>

"When I dare to be powerful -- to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid."

-- Audre Lorde (1934-1992)

Sent by "Gerda Wout" <>

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1. A message for peace and love
2. My sky
3. Message by Arun Gandhi
6. Feedback
7. Apocalypse now
8. Petition calling for peace and justice
9. Will Humanity Pass the Test?
10. Perfect analysis from David Icke of last events


From: "Suzanne Ward" <>
Subject: A message for peace and love
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001

Special Message

S: Matthew, I've just heard from Kalama Hawkrider that a representative of the group who made transition in New York spoke with her and said they would like to have a voice through you. I don't know if you are aware of this message she received, but if you do have anything you'd like Jean and Russ Michael to send out, I'm sure they would do that.

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, I have a message to pass on, and there is something I wish to say from this vantage point. Please, all souls who are receiving "divine" guidance for maintaining love, compassion and peace, do not let up for a moment these heartfelt emotions. This energy will be the saving grace for you and your planet, and in a moment, your beloved family and friends who have so recently come here will speak of this in their words.

All the souls who made transition so abruptly are being tended most lovingly here. Many already are feeling familiarity with this realm and are remembering that they knew this was to happen and they agreed at soul level to participate. But even if that can be believed, it is small comfort to those whom they left in such a shocking and horrifying ending, with no good-byes for the thousands and thousands of people who love these souls.

Beyond assuring you that peacefulness, tenderness and understanding is enveloping every person who departed Earth then, I want to assure you that despite what appears to be, Yes! the light IS prevailing over the darkness! That is precisely why this evil incarnate has been perpetrated upon your planet. The desperation of the darkness has triggered this seemingly inexplicable agony and inspired the calling for war as "justice for those who died." But it is to generate greater and greater negativity on top of that created by global grief in an attempt to dilute and then extinguish the light. These forces want you to be in fear, in hatred, they want you to demand justice through more killing and destruction. These forces know that the cycle of violence will increase their pernicious hold in these times of critical choosing between the light and the darkness. And choose you must. And choose the LIGHT, you must!

We weep here. We see the larger picture, indeed, but still we weep. Who could not do that in these days of agonizing sorrow and despair? But know that you must hold fast to feeling love and compassion to an extent that is not understood by most. This is not a nation against another nation. It is not even a small faction of humankind seen as diabolical against other humankind. It is not human elements at all at the root of what happened. It is a power that most of you don't know exists that caused this madness with such dark intentions that Earth herself is weeping that these powers have descended in their fiery destructiveness.

This will be revealed in time. In the days now, before you can see clearly what is behind the madness, please hold only healing love in your hearts for all humankind and beyond, to all life. Let the god-self in each of you rise into the light instead of letting your conscious-self join with the darkness in retaliation, revenge, hatred, more coldhearted killing. Think of the thousands of lives that left Earth in those fiery moments: Let those lives stand for something besides what the dark controllers want -- more killing of innocents. Those lives were not taken in innocence, but let them speak out for the innocents! As a collective voice, they are saying:

"Let no more lives be taken. This is the time to keep love above all, for compassion, for bringing healing to the bereaved and injured, for bringing healing to Earth. Please know that the hearts that are hardened into wanting to kill others as their tribute to us -- they need light above all. We petition you from the whole of this realm of heaven, to speak of love, of opening eyes to seeing clearly what is happening on Earth, and rising above the tragedy that has been perpetrated by a darkness you cannot even imagine, where your entire world is expendable. We see this from here. We need you to help the myriad light workers by uplifting your hearts and allowing light to come in, by comforting those in fresh sorrow. You must hear our plea. We are working in the light to assist you, and we are forever bonded with you in love."

Yes, Mother, I do know that you find it difficult to believe that I was chosen to pass on the message for these souls. I am not alone in this. Nor am I only passing on their collective voice, I also am speaking for the Council of Nirvana and all other souls in this realm. Others are speaking out in other realms, other high stations in the light, and we all are beseeching you to choose PEACE and LOVE.


From: "Tony Budell" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001

My sky

By Brother Anthony (Tony Budell)

The eagle was hurt, crying out in pain and anguish because someone had invaded his sky and attacked him. Now hurt and bleeding, he wanted his revenge. How could other birds invade his sky? He was the king of all the birds, the most powerful creature of the skies and yet here he was, torn, bleeding and tormented by this invasion of his space, this unprovoked assault upon his sky.

As the eagle perched upon a tall tree, using his powerful beak to tend his wounds and preen his feathers, a soft voice called unto him, “Powerful eagle, king of all the skies, what has befallen you?” He lifted his weary head and saw an owl perched on a branch nearby, “I was attacked by smaller birds when I was not looking, they came out of nowhere and before I could gather my wits and my strength, it was too late. They pecked at me unmercifully, leaving me cut and bleeding, but as soon as I recover from my wounds, I will wreak my revenge on those smaller birds. I will destroy their nests, their offspring and their environments. As king of all the birds, I cannot be made to look weak or vulnerable, so my vengeance is a necessity if I am to regain my credibility with my fellow eagles”.

The owl pondered this for a while and then asked , “Would you kill all the Starlings, all the crows, all the sparrows, all the species of birds that you feel were responsible, even if they were totally innocent of the actual attack upon you?” The eagle replied, “Yes, I will kill them all, for in that way, I am sure to kill those actually responsible.” The owl again pondered the answer and then asked, “Why do you think the smaller birds attacked you.” The eagle replied, “Because I am the most powerful creature of the skies and with me out of the way, they would have my sky for themselves.” Again the owl pondered the answer and said, “The smaller birds attacked you, not because they wanted your sky, but because they were frightened of your strength. You soar higher than all the birds, your home is high in the mountains and you are aloof to all the birds below you and because of this, the other birds fear you. You patrol the skies, looking down with contempt upon lesser birds than yourself. Have you ever thought of descending from the lofty heights and talking with them? Listening to their problems? Encouraging them, teaching them, helping them. Showing them that although you are mighty and powerful, you are also kindly and benevolent, that in your power and strength lays gentleness and compassion. The lesser birds know that you are powerful. They know that you are mighty. They know that you are the king of all the skies. You do not have to tell them this and you certainly do not have to demonstrate this. It is only when you allow others to see your gentler side, your compassionate side, your caring side, that your true greatness will be known to all the birds.”

The eagle listened as he continued to tend his wounds, replying at length, “You just do not understand, Owl. I am the symbol of an entire nation of humans. My outstretched wings are the embodiment of that nations power and strength. Are you saying that I should show my weaker side, my vulnerable side, surely you are not asking me to show that I’m soft?”

The owl laughed softly, “Mighty eagle, king of all birds, showing compassion and caring does not make you soft, it makes you stronger. Do you not see the simple truth in this? I agree that those that hurt you so badly should be punished, but to punish all the birds would achieve nothing. In fact it would alienate all birds of all species unto you. The rest of the bird kingdom knows you are powerful so therefore you have nothing to prove to them. All birds know that you can soar higher than all other birds so you do not have to demonstrate this fact. All birds know that you are king of the skies so therefore you do not have to keep telling them this. It is only when they see the side of you that you keep hidden for fear of being seen as soft, as you call it, that they will see you true greatness. Come down from the high mountain for a while and spend time with other birds, less powerful than you. Let them hear your wisdom and feel your compassion. Let them see you caring for other birds, guiding them, feeding them, teaching them and then your true greatness will become known throughout the kingdom of the skies. You say that your outstretched wings of power represent a nation of humans, but would it not be better that other nations of humans saw your outstretched wings, not wings of power, but wings encompassing all nations in love and compassion, for their lays your true strength and your true greatness.

Bless you.


From: Iris Freelander <>
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001
Subject: Message by Arun Gandhi

This message from Arun Gandhi is momentous. I hope that it gives you food for thought, as it did me. Love,


- Original Message -


BY Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

Understandably, after the tragedy in New York and Washington DC on September 11 many have written or called the office to find out what would be an appropriate nonviolent response to such an unbelievably inhuman act of violence.

First, we must understand that nonviolence is not a strategy that we can use in a moment of crisis and discard in times of peace. Non violence is about personal attitudes, about becoming the change we wish to see in the world. Because, a nation's collective attitude is based on the attitude of the individual. Nonviolence is about building positive relationships with all human beings - relationships that are based on love, compassion, respect, understanding, and appreciation.

Nonviolence is also about not judging people as we perceive them to be - that is, a murderer is not born a murderer; a terrorist is not born a terrorist. People become murderers, robbers, and terrorists because of circumstances and experiences in life. Killing or confining murders, robbers, terrorists, or the like is not going to rid this world of them. For every one we kill or confine we create another hundred to take their place. What we need to do is to analyze dispassionately what are those circumstances that create such monsters and how can we help eliminate those circumstances, not the monsters. Justice should mean reformation and not revenge.

We saw some people in Iraq and Palestine and I dare say many other countries rejoice in the blowing up of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It horrified us, as it should. But, let us not forget that we do the same thing. When Israel bombs the Palestinians we either rejoice or show no compassion. Our attitude is they deserve what they get. When the Palestinians bomb the Israelis we are indignant and condemn them as vermin who need to be eliminated.

We reacted without compassion when we bombed the cities of Iraq. I was among the millions in the United States who sat glued to the television and watched the drama as though it was a made for television film. The television had desensitized us. Thousands of innocent men, women and children were being blown to bits and instead of feeling sorry for them, we marveled at the efficiency of our military. For more than ten years we have continued to wreak havoc in Iraq - an estimated 50, 000 children die every year because of sanctions that we have imposed - and it hasn't moved us to compassion. All this is done, we are told, because we want to get rid of the Satan called Sadam Hussein.

Now we are getting ready to do this all over again to get rid of another Satan called Osama Bin Laden. We will bomb the cities of Afghanistan because they harbor the Satan and in the process we will help create a thousand other bin Ladens.

Some might say, "We don't care what the world thinks of us as long as they respect our strength. After all we have the means to blow this world to pieces since we are the only surviving super-power. Do we want the world to respect us the way school children respect a bully? Is that our role in the world?

If a bully is what we want to be then we must be prepared to face the same consequences a school-yard bully faces. On the other hand we cannot tell the world "Leave us alone..." Isolationism is not what this world is built for.

All of this brings us back to the question: How do we respond nonviolently to terrorism?

The consequences of a military response are not very rosy. Many thousands of innocent people will die both here and in the country or countries we attack. Militancy will increase exponentially and, ultimately, we will be faced with another, more pertinent, moral question: What will we gain by destroying half the world? Will we be able to live with a clear conscience?

We must acknowledge our role in helping create monsters in the world and then find ways to contain these monsters without hurting more innocent people and then redefine our role in the world. I think we must move from seeking to be respected for our military strength to being respected for our moral strength.

We need to appreciate that we are in a position to play a powerful role in helping the "other half" of the world attain a better standard of life not by throwing a few crumbs, but by significantly involving ourselves in constructive economic programs.

For too long our foreign policy has been based on "what is good for the United States." It smacks of selfishness. Our foreign policy should now be based on what is good for the world and how can we do the right thing to help the world become more peaceful.

To those who have lost loved ones in this and other terrorist acts, I say I share your grief. I am sorry that you have become victims of senseless violence. But let this sad episode not make you vengeful because no amount of violence and killing is going to bring you inner peace. Anger and hate never do. The memory of those victims who have died in this and other violent incidents around the world will be better preserved and meaningfully commemorated if we all learn to forgive and dedicate our lives to helping create a peaceful, respectful, and understanding world.

Arun Gandhi
Founder Director, M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
650 East Parkway South
Memphis TN 38104



Posted By: PsyOpNews
Thursday, 13 September 2001


Aaron Swirski, one of the architects of the World Trade Center, talks exclusively to Jerusalem Post Radio on the World Trade Center collapse.

"It was built as a pipe. Each floor is hermetically sealed"
"In a fire there are shutters which seal off. All those people could not get out."

He disputes media reports of 50,000 working there and says the facility holds 500,000 and is very distressed discussing the issue of the automatic sealing off of the floors.


Swirsky disputes media reports of 50,000 working in the two towers, and says the entire seven building facility holds 500,000. That could mean -- allowing for occupancy levels and actual staff on the day -- upwards of 150,000 persons in each tower.

Could we possibly be looking at a death toll cover-up similar to the one after hurricane Andrew?

Interview HERE, Media Player


Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001
From: Jeff Wefferson <>


Nexus magazine, published in NSW, listed as one of the most important under-reported stories of the past few months was that a whole bevy of Army psychological warfare personnel from Fort Bragg worked at the CNN headquarters in Atlanta for several weeks a few months ago.

Jeff Phillips
Melbourne, Australia

NOTE from Jean: Other people also sent info confirming this above. The whole U.S. news media seems indeed to be very cunningly "controlled" in many respects - especially CNN - and are very vulnerable to being used as mouthpieces for the Administration's warmongering messages. But so are most other national news media anyway around the world...


Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001
From: Kim Baker <>
Subject: Re: Meditation Focus #47

Dear Jean,

Just a quick note, no reply needed as I know you are so swamped at the moment.

Thank you so much for this *superb*, balanced, non-hysterical, wise and loving compilation. I have forwarded it to EVERYONE I know, including people who do not normally challenge the mainstream media's version of events. This is such a crucial time in our history, that it needs ALL of our energy, and the spirit with which you have compiled this meditation focus is so pure, and so perfect, that I have been compelled to send it to people who are not even spiritually aware. Already many of them have told me that THEY are spreading ti to everyone THEY know. People realise how crucial this time is. Thank you so much, for being such a pure vehicle for light and wisdom.

With powerful love, light and wisdom

Kim Baker


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001
From: Michael Dean <>
Subject: Apocalypse now


Thank you for continuing to do your incredible high-wire act - reporting events that are simultaneously occurring within the Light and within the shadow. Your recent e-mails have been both instructive and inspiring...

The last night of the Promenade concerts from the Albert Hall in London last Saturday evening - especially the Barber Adagio for Strings - was almost unbearably moving. I do hope a number of networks in the USA picked it up. Similar, open-air concerts were being held throughout the UK at the same time, and were all shown on screen. The waves of support and unconditional love coming from these islands MUST have been picked up by countless people throughout North America. . .

I'm about to send the following letter to the editors of the New York Times, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Should you wish to share it with your readers, please feel free to do so.

Love and thoughts and thanks, as ever, from London and

Michael. :-D


How baffled and dismayed the perpetrators of last week's atrocities must be to discover that they have inadvertently triggered what is possibly the greatest outpouring of international goodwill, reconciliation, friendship and co-operation the world has ever known.

By the most supreme irony, the recent apocalypse in New York and Washington DC has precipitated an informal world Referendum which reveals that the long-cherished dream of a human family united by indissoluble ties of loyalty, respect, tolerance and compassion is rapidly becoming a reality.

Yours very truly,

Michael Joseph


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001
From: Michael Stillwater <>
Subject: Petition calling for peace and justice

Dear Jean,

Thank you for staying on top of the communication flow in this accelerated time.

I just received and signed a petition for peace and justice gaining in numbers (70,000 at this moment). It is being signed by citizens from all over the world at a seemingly astonishing rate. It is a simple message. I believe if spread to enough people, it could actually help in garnering the stand expressing through so many of the letters which you are sharing.

Please share with your community.





In the aftermath of the ruthless attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, we implore the leaders of the United States to ensure that justice be served by protecting the innocent citizens of all nations. We call for PEACE and JUSTICE, not revenge.

Please help by signing this petition to be sent to President Bush. It takes 30 seconds and will really help. Please follow this link:

I personally agree with the petition, and think you might too. Please take a look and consider signing it yourself.

The system centralizes signature collection to provide consolidated, useful reports for petition authors and targets.

Please forward this email to others you believe share your concern.

Thank you!

Total Signatures: 69,949

To add your name you MUST use the web form located here:

* Signers may choose to hide their identity to the public. Such names will appear as "Anonymous" on the and advocacy emails similar to this.


Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001
From: Freed Schmitter <>
Subject: Will Humanity Pass the Test?

Dear Jean,

To add just another leaf of the multifarious flower that is created by the Lightworkers now, here is my newest insight. It was placed today on my website, before i have read the newest compilation.

11 September 2001 - Will Humanity Pass the Test?

(version 1.0, 15 Sep 2001)

A few times in recent history, humanity had amazing moments of harmony. The ones most recognized and shared were John Lennon's death, Princess Diana's funeral, and New Year's Day 2000. This only assures that there is a collective love and peace consciousness in preparation.

Tuesday 11 September 2001 will be another date that will be remembered and talked about for ages. The twin World Trade Center hightowers and a few surrounding buildings in New York crubling to dust was etched a thousand times in the worldmind. Three days of mourning, compassion, help, prayer, mixed with a lot of fear as well, permeated the world as the television stations (spearheaded by CNN) all over the world broadcasted incessantly the devastating news.

Without hesitation, all people (with the exception of a few fanatics or maybe misinformed - remember the young Palestinian people celebrating the conquering of the foe? What information were they fed with before they were televized, or was it simply an outburst of years of frustration?) voiced condemnation of terrorism. Quickly it was pointed out that the 'rough states' could hardly disapprove terrorism which they obviously use(d) themselves. It was for selfish reasons, because they were afraid of the consequences when America (in the words of George W. Bush) stipulated that 'not only the terrorists themselves, but also the ones that harbour(ed) them' will be punished with unprecedented force. Nevertheless, let us assume that most of these up to then enemies truly meant it, converted in the moment of the catastrophy by understanding that this way leads to nowhere? The world for the first time is united in stating a desired future.

The next question to solve will be: Who REALLY is the masterbrain behind this carnage? The answer given now is too simple: a terrorist in a far-away country that was - interesting detail - once financed by the ones who threaten now to wage war. The evidence so far is not waterproof though. First cracks show up. For instance, the designer of the World Trade Center twin towers did take in account an impact with a Boeing 747. He assures that in no way the towers would have crumbled. Bombs must have been placed in strategic places that only a few people would know of. Immediately, the Oklahoma disaster comes to mind, the work of an aberrated nationalistic American culprit, and not of a fundamentalistic islamic fanatic group that was suspected then immediately ... Other speculations are more daring: It is the one military industrial intelligence complex itself who accidentally also control the media and the finance who have run amok.

Attack on America was the leading title given by CNN on Tuesday to Thursday. America's New War is the main title this Friday. And suddenly a mindflash appeared: Suppose they Give a War, and no-one Comes? This is the title of a track by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Vol. 2 published in 1967. A surprisingly enlightened insight, with the only new sidemark: THEY is placing the blame on others. It is y-ourselves who are challenged to withdraw from the urge to correct a situation by fueling war. September 2001 has become an ultimate test. In the wake of the threat of unprecedented suffering of a good part of y-ourself, we are challenged to simply decide: it has been enough. Hopeful first signs are the voluntary restraint of broadcasting too violent video clips by the satellite TV stations TMF and MTV, the adapted programming of TV stations in general. A more generous attitude in general by many was experienced during the recent days. The world bands together in condemning the enemy - the shift of consciousness will be to locate it in y-ourselves. The healing process has started on a massive scale, when we are ready to share our deepest griefs, fears, sorrows. Essential needs have to be met, solidarity is a practical adaption of love. The money that has been reserved for war will easily guarantee for minimal food for all six billion for the first time in human history. The military and police system can assist the United Nations and the national, regional and local authorities in the monumental task to provide minimal food and housing for everyone. As a reward, we will enjoy and share the very best of our colorful cultures.

The door to Paradise has a narrow opening.

Does hereby end the thousands of years of suffering and putting the blame on others? Forgiving y-ourself fully is the prime requirement. Forgiving all the others is the logical consequence. This heroic act of our Divine nature is but a tiny seedling of a new plant of a world consciousness that is in the process of being born in our midst. United as One in 6 billion facets. Our common future has begun. The heavens will help us to restore the marvel Planet to its pristine beauty as a sign of our ascension: we have surpassed the Divine itself.

Humanity has passed the test on 11 September 2001.

Addition: During an almost sleepless night, it became clear. It was the Divine itself who guided the scenario, Humanity has been initiated. The marionettes to first plan and then stage this indeed Kamikaze act was the military / financial / governmental / media complex and their dark cabals. Everything else was smokescreen.The real enemy is revealed. It was our enemy inside. The cabals have caused now a united humanity who out of free will is ready to go the long way of forgiving and healing. The focus will be on restoring dignity for all the six billion members of our family the fastest way possible. The first act will be Afghanistan. Aiirplanes will be sent. Food will be dropped as a clear sign of the new spirit.

Care ends Terrorism. Drop Food on Afghanistan.


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001
From: Daniel Pagé <>
Subject: Perfect analysis from David Icke of last events

Hi Jean,

In my view, the best possible analysis of this week's events is David Icke review. It is totally clean of any religious brainwashing and conditionning and has great insight to the REAL causes, and there are so many, which has nothing to do with the unsubstantiated claims spitted by the mass media.

It becomes clearer by the day now, that Icke's radical views on the matrix of Earth's society are right on target. it didn't need any psychic ability to predict what happened this week, we all knew what the Bushsters had in store for us. What we didn't know was what form it would take or exactly when ...
and the rest of the story at
while you are there, browse on the other topics as well,
it gives an excellent overview of the hidden reality and the roots of the earthly ''problems'' or situation we are now facing. It was all so predictable ! When one considers all the topics on this only website, it becomes evident that there is more than meets the eye ...

Talk to you soon

Daniel Pagé
Lac Beauport, Quebec


17 Sep 2001
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE

Emergency information about last week's tragedy and current relief efforts:

In the wake of last week's tragedy, some green leaders in the U.S. are concerned that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge may be toast. If oil prices spike and bombs begin to rain on the Arab world, the thinking goes that enviros and aligned politicians won't be able to resist a riptide of public sentiment in favor of jamming a drill into any piece of land capable of spitting out a drop of oil. A rumor spread in Washington, D.C., on Friday that Alaska Sen. Frank Murkowski (R) was preparing to attach language to open the refuge onto every bill that reached the Senate floor. Meanwhile, Alaska Rep. Don Young (R) went so far last week as to suggest that "eco-terrorists" might have planned the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Read more on the Grist Magazine website.

Will the environment become a casualty of the terrorist attacks?