September 18, 2001

Crisis in America #6: To deny or not to deny - to BE or not to BE

Hello everyone

My dear friends from around the world, as is probably the case for most of you, I'm being totally swamped with emails with the unfolding events catalyzing a flurry of Internet communications that risk drowning us all and make us lose sight of the most important aspects of this ongoing crisis. Unfortunately, I must also contribute to this email overload, but hopefully what I select amongst all I receive will help you make sense of it all.

So many people now either choose to deny or are simply unaware or utterly brainwashed, you decide - that very few can grasp and accept the REAL possibility that what happened is not *only* the work of some terrorists from abroad, but ultimately the result of decisions made at the highest levels of the U.S. government and the global elite. Of course, no media will ever focus attention on such a *possibility* (note the emphasis) and many will be very upset indeed that such a daring idea could even be considered.

On the other hand, as we consider the unthinkable, let us remember that there is a much higher Plan at work here and that even such an evil conspiracy may, in the end, serve a higher purpose as far as the evolution of souls is concerned. There is such an outpouring of love-filled vibrations from all those who are now choosing to act as channels for this powerful healing energy, that it is in the process of triggering a much greater and faster awakening than would have been possible otherwise.

So let's simply continue to BE All That We Are and remain confident that Light, Life and Love will prevail.

More compilations to come in the coming days, as usual ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Suzy Ward has asked me to let everyone know the following: "In light of what has happened in NYC and the media-inflamed talk of war and further killing of innocents, I am extending the free offer of books on for another month, to October 15. Nothing is soon going to alleviate the shock and grief of last Tuesday, but as survivors have to start picking up their lives, perhaps being able to envision the world where their beloved people now are living, as described in "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven," will offer some measure of comfort. I don't know that it will, but I have to do something besides pray that light will enter and prevail in the minds and hearts of those who are in agony and those who have caused it."

"World peace, like community peace, does not require that each man loves his neighbor - it requires only that they live together with mutual tolerance, submitting their disputes to a just and peaceful settlement."

- John F. Kennedy

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Suspicions Confirmed

CNN's videotape of Palestinians supposedly dancing in the streets of a West Bank town. CounterPuncher Marcio A.V. Carvalho at the state university of Campinas in Brazil tells us that he and his colleagues had compared this tape with one from 1991 showing Palestinians cheering, and found them to be identical. From:


See William Cooper's excellent, well documented expose at

"His article is called "Who Benefits? Questions None Dare Ask" -- Cooper takes a very in-depth look at this whole situation.

Another MUST read is "Criminal Negligence or Treason" at

See also at


1. BE the One you are meant to BE
2. Wisdom, from mid-air
3. Further info on the US actions in the Middle East
4. Excerpt from A Collection of Postings to Make Dissidents of us All
5. Hang on, Help is on its Way



Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001
From: Matthew and Lotus <>
Subject: BE the One you are meant to BE

Hello all,

As far as propagating the next "global war" as Bush puts it, China adds to the fray. Sides are being taken, and the plot is thickening as more get involved... The Senate has passed a bill to allow full access of the CIA and FBI to internet and wiretaps without warrants--loss of liberty, privacy, and freedom is accelerating. The War Powers Act is being passed, allowing full freedom of the administration and military. Martial law is not far away, as there will certainly be protests. The IMF World Bank holds its meetings in two weeks in DC as well. Coincidence? I agree that meditation is all-important to retain clarity and peace in one center. Breath will sustain us.

Yet we must also act in our highest capacities to prepare for what is rapidly unfolding. The ramifications of this week are tremendous, and I know we will look back on this week and realize that this is when it all changed. It is as though past present and future are standing still, all in this one moment. How do you choose to move forward? If we see with discernment the horrific criminal actions of our own government that brought this on, the blatant disinformation of our media, and the amazing speed with which things are being pushed through Congress, we must see what is before our eyes, and realize what is coming. In our meditations, let us also know where we are most needed, where we are to be in the coming months, and what our highest purposes are.

Let us look at everything twice, even three times, with the scrutiny of many lifetimes of wisdom, and pierce the veil of illusion that is being woven about us. Certainly we can block it all out if we so choose, but would it not be better to be mindful, implicitly aware, and conscious of that which is before us in this time of acceleration and transformation?

Do we not have the tools of conscious awareness to remain in the One, connected with our higher self and essence, connected with each other, our families of light? The breath will serve as the most powerful tool to transmute emotion, to remain in the center of our beings, and to be in a state of grace through the most difficult of times. The greatest test of the mindful one, the centered one, is not how long he or she can remain centered, but under what conditions. Transmute the emotion. Do whatever is necessary to clear it and stay open to the truth. Only without judgement can the blessings of life be seen and received. Only if we are open can we hear the messages that guide us.

My three year old daughter drew several angel cards and said the day after the crashes: "Baba, the angels come now in the dark times, and.... it's OK, Baba. This is the Spirit of Life. We come from the Spirit of Life." This was the first she had mentioned the dark time, though she talks of the breath and the spirit of life all the time.

No, do not be afraid, and be not in denial of the times, for they are upon us, in the blink of an eye, We are on the brink, and with love and clarity, communion with one another, and with the Mother/Father, we will fly, not fall.

Let us not squabble over semantics, terminology, and new age drama. That, too, must be transmuted. It is time to move on, past the desire to take leadership, past the desire to have followers, past the desire to channel words of compassion from the other side. BE the One you are meant to BE. The wisdom is with in YOU. The strength of knowing, of truth, of compassion, and of piercing discernment needs but a clear lens of consciousness to focus the eternal light upon this earth. Be that light, be the breath and the spirit of life.

In love,




China Strengthens Ties With Taleban by Signing Economic Deal


Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001
From: Keren Taylor <>
Subject: Wisdom, from mid-air

Hi Jean:

Thank you for all your work. Out of all the hundreds of emails I go through each week, I always feel as if yours is truly the most important, and carries the most heart, from souls around the globe, right into my inbox. Peace to you.

I was recently flying back from a trip to Canada, and an enormous spotlight out the window drew my eye. It was the moon, and it stayed in my window for a long time. This is what my pen drew on the page. An appropriate poem for this time:

The moon followed us from Vancouver to Los Angeles. So I finally asked if it shone with a message for us - and without a pause for air, the moon said -

"I shine because of your light.
It is you that radiates, and
if you knew the light you are,
you would spend more of your time
trying to position yourself
in front of that which needs

- Wise words from a nearly full moon in mid-air, mid-flight home, September 4, 2001.


Keren Taylor, Los Angeles


From: "Roebling Elizabeth" <>
Subject: Further information on the US actions in the Middle East region which may be of interest
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001

1. During the Gulf War, the US and British introduced the new depleted uranium/plutonium laced bullet which pierces the armour of tanks. It also becomes radioactive upon impact. Department of Defense documents reveal that the military knew of the hazards to civilians and combantants. By their own standards, the "safe" exposure to depleted uranium is 350 millirads per year: one spent depleted uranium bullet was measured emitting 260 millirads per hour. During the Gulf War, UN forces fired 350 tons of depleted uranium bullets. The ground so affected remains radioactive indefintely. During last winter, Italy, whose soldiers came home from Kosovo with "Gulf War Syndrome" - virulent new forms of sudden onset leukemia - raised a huge rumpus in NATO about this bullet which the US and Britian introduced into the arsenal without the knowledge of the allies. More information is available from the Military Toxic Project in Lewiston, Maine. (http:/

2. The former co-ordinator of the UN Humanitarian mission in Iraq, Denis Halliday interviewed in The Progressive, (Feb. 1999,p.28) resigned in protest saying that the UN sanctions resulted in "Thousands are being killed right now, under U.N. auspices. We are killing 6,000 to 7,000 every month.

3. Last March, the US government gave the Taliban government of Afghanistan a grant of $48 million in return for that government's pledge to stop the growing of opium.

I am a peace activist. I was recently arrested for crossing into the bombing range of Camp Garcia in Vieques while the Navy was "practicing" bombing.


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Subject: A Collection of Postings to Make Dissidents of us All
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001

Dear list members,

James Madison, the 4th President of the United States, is quoted as having said or written:

"A popular government without proper information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both."

I was sent the quotation by the son of a former governor of Texas who is a WHAT MATTERS list member - and I don't mean George W. Bush..

Below, after my "in friendship" signature, is a collection of "proper information" about the background to the shocking events of last Tuesday, 11 September. The information is drawn from articles by Michel Chossudovsky, Richard Sanders, Michael Jansen (Jordan Times), Rana Kabbani (The Guardian, London) and John Pilger (The Times, London).


And here is a late item from David Weston with information that clearly belongs in the scales of terrible deeds. The information is extracted from an article by Richard Bass in The Friend of 14 September. The Friend is a journal of the British Society of Friends (Quakers): ìUNICEF says that 5,000 children die every month in Iraq due to the U.S.-led sanctions. They are dying from diarrhea and dysentery due to lack of clean drinking water, medicine and food. The sanctions do not allow Iraq to rebuild its water systems that were destroyed during the bombing ten years ago. Over 1.5 million Iraqi's have died in the last ten years due to the sanctions and the continued bombings, which are still happening every week in Iraq."


And here is another late night item, which I consider incidentally significant:

"A senior Diplomat in Madrid who insists on remaining anonymous has told intelligence sources that during his recent visit to Europe, President George W. Bush told Prime Minister Asnar that the United States government was in possession of information that a massive terrorist attack, comparable to a declaration war, would be launched against targets in the United States. He asked Spain and several other NATO allies if they would support the United States in a war against terrorism and host countries if that were to happen. The diplomat states that Spain and a number of other EU nations reluctantly agreed to take part in any military action if such an attack occurred, and it could be proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it had been planned and originated outside the U.S."



Meanwhile, the well-known Russian economist and political figure Tatyana Koryagina, who had predicted that the U.S. financial system would break down on 19 August, came out with a statement on 12 September in which she said that she had emphasised in her presentation to the Russian Duma (parliament) at the time, and afterwards in many discussions, "that one must study not only the financial aspect of the crisis, but also the conspiratorial one."

In Koryagina's view what has happened "came from a transnational elite having enormous financial resources and a colossal network." There are Satanists and fanatical neo-Malthusian involved, she said, who actively desire to destroy the world economy and accelerate the collapse of the world
population. "I warned, that this group had made the decision to attack the United States directly, to bring down the US economic and financial system, and spread collapse to other hemispheres. I told people at the time of the Duma hearings, We will see panic and tanks on the streets of the US."

"In my view, this is the beginning of the hot phase of a world war of a fundamentally new type -- a financial-economic-religious-political war. I spoke of the date Aug. 19, because this was the beginning of the period of several weeks, when the risks and vulnerability in the financial system
would be the highest."

"I warn now," she continued, "that there will be a second attack, as big as the one which just occurred, but probably different; perhaps a bomb or big fire, but which will have a large number of casualties. In any case, this is not the end of it."


The award-winning, campaigning journalist John Pilger, writing in The London Times on 13 September, has put the suicide bomb attacks in the most proper perspective, I believe.

Pilger heads his article Inevitable Ring To The Unimaginable. Here is an extract:

If the attacks on America have their source in the Islamic world, who can really be surprised?

Two days earlier, eight people were killed in southern Iraq when British and American planes bombed civilian areas. To my knowledge, not a word appeared in the mainstream media in Britain.

An estimated 200,000 Iraqis, according to the Health Education Trust in London, died during and in the immediate aftermath of the slaughter known as the Gulf War. This was never news that touched public consciousness in the west.

At least a million civilians, half of them children, have since died in Iraq as a result of a medieval embargo imposed by the United States and Britain. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Mujadeen, which gave birth to the fanatical Taliban, was largely the creation of the CIA.

The terrorist training camps where Osama bin Laden, now "America's most wanted man", allegedly planned his attacks, were built with American money and backing.

In Palestine, the enduring illegal occupation by Israel would have collapsed long ago were it not for US backing.

Far from being the terrorists of the world, the Islamic peoples have been its victims - principally the victims of US fundamentalism, whose power, in all its forms, military, strategic and economic, is the greatest source of terrorism on earth.


That Tony Blair, whose government sells lethal weapons to Israel and has sprayed Iraq and Yugoslavia with cluster bombs and depleted uranium and was the greatest arms supplier to the genocidists in Indonesia, can be taken seriously when he now speaks about the "shame" of the ""new evil of mass terrorism" says much about the censorship of our collective sense of how the world is managed.

One of Blair's favourite words - "fatuous" - comes to mind. Alas, it is no comfort to the families of thousands of ordinary Americans who have died so terribly that the perpetrators of their suffering may be the product of Western policies. Did the American establishment believe that it could bankroll and manipulate events in the Middle East without cost to itself, or rather its own innocent people?


An elite group of less than a billion people now take more than 80 per cent of the world's wealth.

In defence of this power and privilege, known by the euphemisms "free market" and "free trade", the injustices are legion: from the illegal blockade of Cuba, to the murderous arms trade, dominated by the US, to its trashing of basic environmental decencies, to the assault on fragile economies by institutions such as the World Trade Organisation that are little more than agents of the US Treasury and the European central banks, and the demands of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in forcing the poorest nations to repay unrepayable debts; to a new US "Vietnam " in Colombia and the sabotage of peace talks between North and South Korea (in order to shore up North Korea's "rogue nation" status).


In Indonesia, in 1965/6, a million people were killed with the complicity of the US and British governments: the Americans supplying General Suharto with assassination lists, then ticking off names as people were killed.

"Getting British companies and the World Bank back in there was part of the deal", says Roland Challis, who was the BBC's south east Asia correspondent.


What has this to do with this week's atrocities in America? If you travel among the impoverished majority of humanity, you understand that it has everything to do with it.

People are neither still, nor stupid. They see their independence compromised, their resources and land and the lives of their children taken away, and their accusing fingers increasingly point north: to the great enclaves of plunder and privilege.

Inevitably, terror breeds terror and more fanaticism.

But how patient the oppressed have been.

It is only a few years ago that the Islamic fundamentalist groups, willing to blow themselves up in Israel and New York, were formed, and only after Israel and the US had rejected outright the hope of a Palestinian state, and justice for a people scarred by imperialism.

Their distant voices of rage are now heard; the daily horrors in faraway brutalised places have at last come home.


Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001
Subject: Hang on, Help is on its Way ...
From: Ronnie Burns <>

Dear Jean,

It is amazing to witness the stream of people responding to one another via the platform you have provided. A forum in Time, so to speak.

I guess it is time to bring out the handbook A World that no Longer Tolerates Terrorist Attack ... but defining the notion behind the words, terrorist and attack, may soon be seen in a larger context with perimeters far reaching and deeper than previously seen by the world populace. This is what I am hearing from the many who subscribe to your network - this is what is being extensively heralded on the Net.

People (worldwide) are becoming restless and disturbed in the wake of the NY events, and from what I am reading; they are sensing that there may be a more sinister, hideous agenda behind what is being reported to be Middle Eastern Terrorist Attacks. An, attack, that people are expressing might soon reveal, that, although a small group of individuals (terrorists) might have been in control of the aircraft's, a possible internal job may well be underlying a more serious agenda. If this was so, the Men of Might, who would dare to design such a plan, would currently have control of the Media from which they can effectively deliver what ever message they wish to serve up to a shocked, nervous, ill-informed society living in denial.

If this is the case, a Scapegoat would soon be run down before our very eyes (for the world to see) which is already beginning to unfold ... Except that can't find him - yet! Guess if they cant find him, they could easily create another decoy. Historically, the dirty doers, always have a scapegoat to divert everyones attention away from the real agenda taking place behind the scenes. The Scapegoat will no-doubt be seen to run for his/her/their life - on worldwide television for us ALL to see. And he/she/they will undoubtedly go down screaming “I did not do this terrible act!”. But, as is the case with scapegoats, once you have cornered or captured them, you have to silence the critter, so that the animal cannot spill the beans!

The Internet is alive and a blaze with information regarding such speculation including this email which arrived from the States:

Well, the day after and like most people, I'd imagine, I'm still in a state of shock and disbelief, even though I'm at least 3000 miles from the Eastern seaboard.

But now, I'm able to more closely examine the footage and I was interested to note less than 5 minutes ago, whilst watching footage just BEFORE the first plane hit the first tower, that A, obviously the TV cameras were there and B, the emergency services were in position.

So, how did they get prior notice that this event was going to occur?

Also, a major question being asked over here is how the intelligence agencies managed to miss any information on this event, but almost immediately after, they are in a position to pinpoint Osama bin Laden as the perp.


And while we are sitting in front of our television sets trying to workout why this unfolding drama is making us feel sick to our stomaches, and while we are looking to spot the flaws in the dialogue expounded by the endless array of puppets parading before us, re-enacting the horrible scene many times over; this eerie imagery smacks of trickery, deceit and separation. It feels as though others are off in the wings frantically waiting to unleash the blood hounds to track down the perpetrator (scapegoat/s) and distract our attention away from the backroom blitz. A menacing, element appears to be emerging or forthcoming.

Something felt a miss when I saw a teary George Bush Jnr, in his White House office, mustering up a tear jerking press interview, grimacing and searching for the best way to verbally demonstrate his intent for the liberty and freedom of a shaken (but Mighty he expounds) - America!

Like all of you, I watched the reports for the first couple of days and was saddened by the loss of life and for the families and loved ones who now are experiencing so much grief and regret. I felt inspired by the courage and commitment of the firefighters and rescue workers who have risked their lives in an attempt to ensure that the lives of the victims have a chance to be extended or recovered. At the same time I found myself being drawn into a obvious numbing and compelling web of disturbance that was rattling everybody to the point of distraction from life, work and routine. Seems as though we needed to be shaken from our inability to see what has been unfolding this last decade. However, I soon realised that it was best to switch off my TV and leave it off!

I feel that the people who died, each and every soul, should not be left to have died in vain. In other words, at Soul level, their mission here was accomplished - ours continues. The world will never be the same! It is changed forever! people cry ... This is true, and yes, humanity now faces an amazing challenge ... but, in the end, isnt it an opportunity for growth and not death and destruction? We have all learnt so much these past few years, in readiness for this scenario to unfold (we are 100% creating our Reality) but are we going to deny our innermost desires for a better world? Or are we going to stamp an impression (our Right Use of Will) upon a ledger that will lift the human spirit to a greater resolve? The flip side, of which, is to choose to remain subservient to another cause, some other Life suffocating agenda.

The Truth is always hidden behind the Darkness, and so it is time to relinquish all fear throughout the weeks and months that follow, and find compassion in our hearts for those who grieve and are confused with the plight that has befallen them. We also require compassion and clarity in readiness for that time when The Boys announce that retaliation and war are the Order of the Day. At that time we will need to hold steady, strong of Will, firmly in Love as a race of people who will not be denied our sovereignty and life producing inheritance. Buckminster Fuller once said: In order for the the human race to survive - it must begin to see itself as a global family (something like that) Because if others are infact plotting a legion of worldwide control, then we must not blinded by such deceit and lies.

Our freedom will hinge on our courage and strength to not accept any notion of fear, but to unite from a place of compassion, true intent, and our ability to rise above complacency and ignorance. In these times ahead, we must be awake and prepared to constantly challenge, negate, dismantle and change the status quo ... shift to be the Subjects of Plenitude rather than the Subjects of Loss.

Patience, is the absence of Self interest and Self ambition ...

Above all, the children of the world must be protected from the long reaching arm of tyranny and any form of discompassionate rule. Otherwise, such conditions, could bring about a forbidding outcome beyond out wildest imagination. They are ALL our children, else we accept the Illusion of Separation, Denial and Deception.

We must protect and love all races and peoples of the world. Many religious factions have every right to be pissed-off in the light of the threat, terrorism, loss of country, and the Fear of Lack, that has run rampant for many decades - and centuries. We do not need to succumb to aggression fuelled and underpinned by secrecy and deceit? We need to disengage and nullify any sinister assault that attempts to destroy the very fabric of love and peace that we hold so dear. Peace, like Synergy, is not an ever-present phenomena - not an added constituent. Peace, like Grace, is a bounty, experienced through an open heart and willingness to surrender the negative components (energy) in our lives and to embrace the positive aspects of our creative imagination, goodwill, good humour and unlimited power.

Therefore, by allowing the Peace to unfold through heart felt clarity and intent, we are open to experiencing the added joy of beholding that which was always waiting to transform itself into existence (the nature of peace, synergy, grace) by being a factored inclusion and not a desired acquisition. A human beings true nature is - Ecstasy!

In the movie Tombstone; Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) is lying on his deathbed. He turns to Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) and say's: "There's no such thing as a normal life Wyatt... there's only Life!"

We need to keep our Love (energy) moving around the planet (this dear Earth that sustains our very existence) as such endeavours will inspire, settle, focus, and instigate manoeuvres to source a constant momentum for upliftment of the human spirit. Brotherhood and sisterhood is a canvass we must prepared to define, and unity is our ability to engage and inspire - the root of our faith to serve.

Our purpose encompasses our process to deliver...

New frontiers and cooperation are becoming increasingly apparent as we move into the 21st Century and beyond the malicious affronts recently witnessed. This new frontier (a moment to moment nuance) includes our ability to foster an integral component within our dreams and aspirations:

To build a Mountain of Hope for future generations ...

If you do accept the notion of Reincarnation - then we are the Children or the Morrow!

In order for this to be successfully forged, clarity, trust, respect and integrity are prime ingredients in the way in which we can avoid one-way patronising dealings with those who would rather see our demise. The integrity aspect, must be contained and discovered within our heart code. Our beliefs need to be constantly checked to maintain the Path and the way Home (our Hearts). This is not a destination, it is a Journey - a deliberate process for unification and Self discovery. You saw the movie The Matrix ... well, this is the time of re-cognition, a time of the opening of the door of the Self for Humanity. (Recognition - re-cognizing who you are)

In summary, I am dedicated to protecting the passage for future generations who will intuitively understand our planetary need for peace and harmony if the human race is to survive as a species. Humankind must undergo enormous change if we are to truly become a global family ... otherwise, we are going to leave scant offerings for those who follow us!

We must become the vanguard, behind which, a backdrop, or safety net is created to protect our children and their future ...

As more and more people begin to embrace a unified Vision of love, trust, respect and hope, this vibration will lift all to the next stage of proceedings. In that sense, it is a journey (not a club) for many folk who understand the need to create a safe haven or refuge to protect the lives of innocent children (and in many cases women). Children, and women, who would not have chosen to be victims but have, none the less, ended up in very dire life threatening circumstances.

The tragedy of children being traumatised in our communities through family violence, homeless situations, and now terrorism, is of growing concern and urgently needs to be addressed. What little is being done to care for these people is drastically being undermined and reduced via schemes that offer little or no compassion within our society. Often a hand-out to smother, rather than a kindness to provide life support. The social workers and carers in our cities and suburbs, who daily run such Shelters, including the systems designed to carry the load, are under perpetual pressure to perform adequately and effectively. And due to the overload and enormity of this dilemma within our communities, the losers often end up being the young folk who are victims of this crisis.

Save one child - and we save humanity ...

beati pacifici (blessed are the peacemakers)

In love,

Ronnie Burns

If you want to help (especially financially, for building works or urgently needed food storage) join me in this Quest - NOW! I may not have time to get back to everyone, but nonetheless, write to me at:

Email: Website: Email:

“Vision is a requisition of foresight and both can serve the human spirit by seeing that darkness does not create it’s own Light - it has to steal it!”

- Ronnie Burns



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