September 15, 2001

Crisis in America #5: Falsities and Conspiracies

Hello everyone

I was not expecting to send you yet another compilation this week, but the urgent nature of much of the content of this one justifies it.

Let us hope that things will come back to a normal slower pace next week...

Have a great weekend and remain positive no matter what happens ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The terror bombings will be used by Bush and the US ruling class to create a more favourable political climate in which to implement their reactionary agenda. This tragedy is a heaven-sent opportunity for them and they will take it with both hands. They will push forward their arms buildup and sabre-rattling foreign policy. Under the guise of "fighting terrorism", civil liberties will come under increased pressure at home, there will be a campaign for more cops and increased police powers, and the previously growing movement against the death penalty will operate in a much less favourable environment. The scandal of Bush's stolen election and the rotten US electoral system will fade away in the glare of the patriotic spotlight."

- Democratic Socialist Party of Australia, September 13, 2001.


1. Life/Love-affirming statement
2. Thank you to the Rainbow Family of Light
3. Call from US Carrier PROVES government had prior knowledge
4. Nostradamus Prediction is a Hoax
5. The Creative Matrix
6. Palestinian Celebration Images Faked
7. We All Have New Battles to Fight
8. American power has a price



Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001
From: Kalama Hawkrider <>
Subject: Re: Crisis in America #2: Startling Revelations Coming Out

Dear Jean,

Thanks for your inspirational and revealing compilations, which bring us together in a true global spiritual community holding a vision of hope and peace and plenty for all.

As a citizen of the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth, I would like to say... Let us indeed be great. Let us be so great that we act out of such great compassion towards the innocent others who would be killed by our revenge; let us be so great that we act with great forgiveness towards the perpetrators of this offense, both the visible ones who carried out the acts and those behind the scenes behind the scenes; let us be so great that we act with great wisdom deciding how to proceed; let us be so great that we act with great intelligence and understanding, reflecting upon our own actions on the planet and the repercussions we are now facing; let us be so great we act with great humility, also seeking forgiveness for the wrongs we have committed; and let us be so great that we act with great creativity and love, forging a new partnership amongst the diversity of our planet so that ALL LIFE may benefit.

Let the greatest war of all, the third world war as predicted (or hoax predicted) by Nostradamus be indeed the greatest war, the war within. Let compassion win the war over anger; let forgiveness win the war over revenge; let intelligence win the war over passive acceptance; let truth win the war over lies; let love win the war over hatred; let creativity win the war over continuing on a well worn and tired path of karmic "eye for an eye" belief and activity.

Let this indeed be the Apocalypse... the apocalyptic change of connecting with our brothers and sisters across the globe from heart to heart and spirit to spirit and mind to mind to end the madness of fighting and create a different world of higher vibration, values, hopes and reality. Let the greatness that was the vision that originally created this United States propel us forward into this different world; let this greatness be shared with the planet unconditionally and prove how great we really are!

With gratitude for the beauty of our Oneness, despite our scars,



Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001
From: Amethyst Freeman <>
Subject: Thank you to the Rainbow Family of Light

Dear Rainbow Family of Light,

As a lightworker in Western Australia, I want to say thankyou to you all for all your prayers, meditations, ceremonies and light work that makes the tragedy in America in the last few days bearable.I feel as many of you would feel... who have worked for most of our lives for a more humanitarian and spiritual earth and now to hear George Bush talking of war and retaliation is almost too much to bear and makes our hearts cry, when all we want is community, love, nature and sharing and the freedom to practice our own spiritual beliefs.

I am so grateful to read articles that come to my email address that are concentrating on healing this situation through their prayers, ceremonies and light work, without judgement or blame. I am so greatful to have been connected with you all, even though I may not know you personally and to feel your love and healing light sent through this wonderful medium the Internet that makes it all possible and unites us all in a common humanitarian and spiritual bond as a Rainbow Family of Light which embraces every race on this planet.

My love flows to you all. Thank you.

Amethyst Freeman

Note: Amethyst also recommended this:

I thought you might like this. Light a candle for peace.
Enjoy! (turn your sound on!)


From: "Kauai News" <>
Subject: You may think I'm crazy...but I'm not the only one!
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 19:44:57

EcoNews Service
Thu Sep 13 20:48:12 2001


(send to ALL members of Congress)

Call from US Carrier PROVES government had prior knowledge!!

[ -- Go to:
then select UNWO to HEAR THE CALL!]

(Real Audio) - About 10 min. into bcst...

A U.S. Navy serviceman stationed on an aircraft carrier called his family in the United States well PRIOR to Tuesday's horrendously catastrophic events in New York City and at the Pentagon, and ALERTED THEM that "something big" was about to go down in a major urban area!

Even MORE astounding: This person further noted that the carrier was being diverted from its previous mission and was heading directly to the East Coast as a result of the incident that was going to occur!

Beyond the merest shadow of a doubt this proves conclusively that elements of the U.S. government's intelligence and military sectors HAD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE that a massive act of terrorism/war was about to be unleashed against America!


What's more: given the fact that according to information made public in the New York times on Oct. 28, 1993 it is PROVEN one FBI agent John Anticev and bureau associates were HEAVILY involved with Islamic extremists in EVERY STAGE of the bombing of the World trade Center in 1993, providing funds, equipment, supplies, support and training to the actual perpetrators, we have EVERY REASON to believe the same state of affairs exists regarding Tuesday's mass atrocities in NYC and D.C.

The Bush Administration, and the globalist/NWO factions it's fronting for, NEEDED a massive, earthshaking act of terrorism unleashed upon a major U.S. metropolitan area, in order to generate and galvanize support among the people for implementation of martial law conditions within the territory of the United States, and DRASTIC, SEVERE curtailment of Constitutional rights and civil liberties.

The destruction, death and devastation wrought in New York and D.C. Tuesday are in EVERY WAY the BushMob's "burning of the Reichstag."

Feds KNEW what was coming -- and what's more, certain factions clearly assisted, aided and abetted the actual perpetrators of Tuesday's mass carnage.

AGAIN: We now have solid proof, with regard to the content of the call made by the Navy serviceman to his parents BEFORE Tuesday's events unfolded, that some elements of the federal government KNEW BEFOREHAND a major terrorist incident was going to occur!

The Bush Administration must be turned out NOW. They are in EVERY WAY RESPONSIBLE!

EcoNews Service: Always online for Ecology, Consciousness, and Universal
Vancouver, BC V6M1V8


From: "Michael Sage Schindler" <>
Subject: Nostradamus Prediction is a Hoax
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001

This is another HOAX!! Nostradamus DIED in 1566.


Do some fact checking before you send out people's crap will you? Be conscientious for crying out loud.

False Prophecy

Claim: A 1654 Nostradamus prediction said World War III would begin with the fall of "two brothers," a reference to the destroyed World Trade Center towers.
Status: False.



Dear Michael

I hope you can understand that I'm so swamped with material to read and compile for circulation that I just cannot search the Web to check the absolute veracity of all I receive. But I admit I did hesitate before including this Nostradamus quote precisely because I was unsure it was accurate. However I did receive today the following info below which will be included in the next compilation, so this other possible interpretation will also be known - and of course no one can be sure that what Nostradamus wrote centuries ago has indeed any relevance to the event in New York, the whole point of its reference below being that it nicely fits with revelations now surfacing about prior knowledge by the French secret services (the Normans of the Nostradamus quote) one week earlier of what was to happen in New York and the decision by the US government to ignore this information - for reasons now coming painfully obvious to those willing to consider the possibility of a high level conspiracy within this US governmental elite to willfully let this happen.

My inclusion of this Nostradamus quote was also intended to alert people to the real possibility that this situation may indeed lead to WW3. I have a book here compiling predictions regarding this possibility and the more I see things unfolding, the more I understand we are headed in that direction - unless we can somehow help people around the world break free of the media-induced trance that is causing them to submit to the diktats of the NWO regime of terror now being implemented worldwide and awaken them to the spiritual and moral power We The People have to ensure that peace prevail on Earth.

We have precious little time to succeed for once the guns start blasting and the bombs and missiles start raining - just as in the time of the Gulf War - no amount of public protest will succeed in silencing them, and the cascading effects of the bling revenge visited upon innocent people in Afghanistan and elsewhere *could* very well unleash the deadliest war the world has ever seen.

In Lighted solidarity with all humans



From: "Kauai News" <
Subject: The French Connection - please read!!!
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001

Dear Jean:

Please let everyone know that the so-called Nostradamus prediction is a hoax! It is a combination of several 'Centuries' from the Nostradamus Quatrains. HOWEVER, this is what I found in my travels on the internet:

Below is one of the REAL Nostradamus interpretations found on Morgana's (credible) site at: It would seem to refer to the WTC incident. The reference to the "French" caught my eye and it was only later, when I read another post on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT messageboard that I saw a connection!

NOSTRADAMUS: Century 6, Quatrain 97

"Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera
Feu approcher de la grand cite' neuue
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera
Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue."

"The sky will burn at forty-five degrees latitude,
Fire approaches the great new city
[New York City lies between 40-45 degrees]
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up
When they want to have verification from the Normans [FRENCH]."



"The most massive so-called "terrorist" attacks on U.S. soil since the Oklahoma City bombings of 1995, were known, a week ahead of time, by the American CIA. Among the foreign intelligence agencies who penetrated the plots were the FRENCH CIA and Israel's The Mossad, units of both often working with one another"

For more:

This tells me that Nostradamus knew that the FRENCH would uncover the PLOT and provide us with the verification that it WAS discovered BEFORE THE ATTACK - which means that the U.S. government knew about it (probably perpertrated it) and did nothing to protect the people. This has to be one of the most EVIL, insidious, heinous acts of deception yet exercised against the U.S. population.

Let us pray for FULL & IMMEDIATE DISCLOSURE so that the perpe-traitors are brought to justice, swiftly and effectively, for once and for all, in order to avert an all-out WWIII - we CAN change the course of history - it is in our hands - "if not NOW...when?"

Peace to One and All,




From: "Kauai News" <>
Subject: More News
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001

I just received (from my good friend) a dramatic and horrifying account of what happened to a friend of hers on September 11 in New York. I was particularly struck by this segment of the account of what happened AFTER both airplanes hit:

"I entered the back of Bankers Trust and was greeted by about 10 security personnel. I immediately passed myself off as building management and headed right for the security phone in the front lobby about 100 feet from the entrance of the main tower. I was able to call my mom and my wife and assured them that I was ok. I explained to them that I was drawn to this place for a reason and assured them I was safe. As I hung up the phone I turned to the man next to me and we watched as dozens of police and firefighters began to make their way into the entrance of the tower. THEN ALL AT ONCE THE GROUND SHOOK VIOLENTLY AND IT SOUNDED AS IF A BOMB HAD BEEN DROPPED"

I cannot reveal the name of the person involved, all I can say is that they were an eye witness to what many of us already suspect - THAT THE TOWERS WERE IMPLODED BY EXPLOSIVES PLACED AT GROUND-ZERO PRIOR TO THE ATTACK - I have contacted the person in question via email and will try to find out more information. There may be other eyewitness accounts that will come forward.

You have my 100% assurance that the friend who sent this to me would not be perpetrating a hoax. She is completely devastated by the events and is not even thinking about conspiracy - but just marvelling at the courage and heroism of her friend who went into the tower to try to give help.

Foward with our mission Peace,


* * * * * * * *



The Creative Matrix

The other night I took out my shortwave radio to see what I could hear about the events in America. I believe things happen for a reason. I have not used this radio very much and the tuning dial became stuck so I could not listen. I thought that was interesting as events happen for a reason. I told a friend of mine in America and he said to me…"the reason the dial is stuck and you can'tune in is because the universe or higher self is telling you something" It was telling me not to listen to the media with regards to what is happening in America. The reason I believe this is so, is because somehow we are being programmed through the media, call it a subliminal program that makes us feel compelled to know what is happening next. It is very subtle, but very powerful. In fact I was reading somewhere that people have done kinesiology testing on subliminals which are coming through the media and the article I read said, there is a subliminal that is programming us not to turn off our TV and to keep listening.

I turned off my T.V. and all media for the next two days and now I do not feel compelled at all to hear the next stage of development in the matrix of the WTC tower collapse and believe me, we are creating the matrix. I am able to feel I am free of that matrix and what is been programmed for us to believe and to outplay in the future.The matrix is to create has been clearly shown by the words of George Bush etc. right from the beginning.

Please listen to me when I say...for war to occur on this planet there has to be a consensual reality and that is what certain vested interest on this planet and possibly elsewhere would like to occur. Do yourself a favour and turn off your radio and TV and see just how you feel. You will feel free and not stressed or emotionally tied in to these events. Instead concentrate on the world of love, peace and sharing that you envision in the future. Our minds create our reality and there are many realities and what we think and believe on an individual and consensual level is the agreement we outplay once it reaches a certain level of momentum and must occur in the reality in which it is created. Lift your thoughts and vibrations to one of peace, harmony, sharing and abundance free of war and controls that limit freedom and our divine expression. It is no good praying for peace and then listening to the media matrix, as you are still focusing on that matrix.

If you do not believe what I am saying - try the exercise of turning off your TV and radio for two days and go about your daily life without tapping into the events in America - you will notice a difference, like a psychic web has been cut from you. You will feel very different. The fact the web as been cut can be tangibly felt.

I am sending this to you as a means to free and help our planet and to generate living on a world of peace and freedom now and the future.

May we all be centred in love light, freedom and peace.


Subject: Palestinian Celebration Images Faked
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001

Independent Media Center

Palestinian Celebration Images Faked (english)
Friday 14 Sep 2001
author: Tomato


Various sources are saying the media images of Palestines celebrating the World Trade Centre attack are faked, and are actually CNN archive footage from 1991. Please read below for more details.

Various sources are saying the media images of Palestines celebrating are faked, and are actually CNN archive footage from 1991. Please read below for more details.

From: Rob Cover <>

Hey all,

I haven't been able to verify the following, but it doesn't surprise me (I fairly much trust the source this info came through). It seems the well-remarked-about images of Palestinians celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Centre were FAKES--footage from 1991 manipulably used by the larger media organisations. One can only presume it was to foster racism--even if that wasn't the intention, it is certain to be the effect.

Of course, this is not to say that a small handful of Palestinians weren't celebrating, only that the media samples used to say so are lies. If anyone verifies further, I'd be really glad to hear....


Gayle wrote: So after reading the previous thing about the time zone in the Middle East I started thinking about when I first saw that footage of Palestinians celebrating. Apparently it was 8 p.m. in Palestine when the attacks occurred; and I saw that footage of Palestinians celebrating so early on Tuesday that it WAS NOT DAYLIGHT YET in Palestine, meaning that the footage had to have been from BEFORE the attacks. And now I have more details - not totally officially confirmed yet, but the pieces definitely seem to be fitting together.

"CNN USING 1991 FOOTAGE of celebrating Palistinians to manipulate you (english) by Marcio 10:32pm Wed Sep 12 '01 (Modified on 1:27am Thu Sep 13 '01)

All around the world we are subjected to 3 or 4 huge news distributors, and one of them - as you well know - is CNN. Very well, I guess all of you have been seeing (just as I've been) images from this company. In particular, one set of images called my attencion: the Palestinians celebrating the bombing, out on the streets, eating some cake and making funny faces for the camera.

Well, THOSE IMAGES WERE SHOT BACK IN 1991!!! Those are images of Palestinians celebrating the invasion of Kuwait! It's simply unacceptable that a super-power of cumminications as CNN uses images which do not correspond to the reality in talking about so serious an issue.

A teacher of mine, here in Brazil, has videotapes recorded in 1991, with the very same images; he's been sending emails to CNN, Globo (the major TV network in Brazil) and newspapers, denouncing what I myself classify as a crime against the public opinion. If anyone of you has access to this kind of files, serch for it. In the meanwhile, I'll try to 'put my hands' on a copy of this tape."



From: "Jay Woodman" <>
Subject: Fw: We All Have New Battles to Fight
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001

From: "Trish and Mark" <>

After 9-11, We All Have New Battles to Fight
Geov Parrish, AlterNet
September 12, 2001

Wednesday, as we awakened and confirmed that no, it wasn't all just a bad dream -- that the World Trade Center and the west side of the Pentagon are as destroyed as they were on Tuesday -- one thing became utterly clear. For those of us who want a better, more just world, the terrain on which our effort must be fought has shifted dramatically with one bold act. We have an enormous amount of work to do, and a lot of work that needs to be done right now, today, immediately, before the United States government, with or without its allies, undertakes retaliatory measures that make a bad situation much, much worse.

Tuesday night, I attended two events. First was a peace rally attended by a couple of hundred people. To "warm up" the crowd, a guitar-playing duo sung a half-hour of cringe-inducing traditional peace songs: "Give Peace a Chance," "Kumbaya," "We Shall Overcome." The intentions were good, but the effect was jarring, and probably offensive to many people who heard it on TV. In the first 24 hours after the attack, Americans veered dangerously between shock, grief, and rage. It was a time to urge calm, but not a time to imply, to those who felt a desire to see our military flatten something, that their impulses were bad. Misguided, yes, but at some level, an emotion almost everyone felt. It was a time when doves and hawks alike needed to come together and recognize our common sorrow and fear and anger.

Later, I went to an enormous interfaith service. In terms of trying to "convince" Americans that more bloodshed won't help, this was actually a far more effective event -- calming, community-building, invoking the things all of us felt, including frailty. Even for people who don't recognize some form of a Higher Power, there are simply days when you have to ackknowledge that some things are completely beyond our control, personally or as a society. Tuesday was one of those days.

It's a lesson the United States desperately needs to learn every day. Unlike every other country in the world (with the possible exception of China), residents of the U.S. are not only oblivious to the rest of the world, but they can afford to be. There's no threat of invasion -- no history of it in nearly 200 years -- and not since OPEC in the early '70s has anyone reminded us that the rest of the world can intentionally hurt the U.S. economy badly. We have felt far too self-sufficient, and too free to ignore the atrocities done in our name elsewhere.

The broadest goal today of progressives is one that transcends any ideology: we, all of us, as individuals, must become aware and participating citizens of the world, not just the U.S. We have to pay attention beyond our flimsy borders, and we must demand that the U.S. treat others as we would have them treat us. Because no matter who was behind the attacks, it's certain that they felt they were treating us as we have treated others.

And in countless cases, that is correct. The same emotions of shock, terror, grief, rage, and powerlessness that many of us felt yesterday have been felt before by the ordinary people in Belgrade, Dili, Mogadishu, Baghdad, Panama City, Beirut, and many other places where the craters take the form of American footprints. They know the world is a small place. So must we all.

Beyond that, however, we have some very immediate and urgent concerns: peace, bigotry, media, civil liberties, and the attacks' effect upon global and domestic issues. In order:

1) Retaliation is unavoidable. The steadily escalating rhetoric of George Bush and his administration over the last few days has, most recently, advanced to calling the attacks an "act of war" (rather than terrorism); pledging to strike back not just at the perpetrators, but the countries where they live; and all but stating that they would not be bound by the norms of international law or justice in doing so (in Colin Powell's words, they will strike back, "legally or not.") We've must do whatever we can to beseech our government and its allies not to respond to the taking of innocent lives by taking still more innocent lives.

The U.S. has the military technology to destroy precision targets with military (or terrorist) value. All too often in the recent past, as with revelations that the U.S. intentionally destroyed Iraq's water supply ten years ago, we've chosen to punish civilians instead. Doing so again is not only unjust -- a war crime, actually, although at this point it's common practice -- but will virtually guarantee a cycle of further retribution. If Israel, a small country with only a few hundred miles of borders and shoreline to defend, is helpless to stop terrorism, the U.S. certainly will be. Our only rational course is to eliminate, to the extent possible, the actions that spur such unfathomable hatred toward us. The other road is the road the Israeli government has chosen, and we see the results; in America, it would only be worse.

2) Palestinians, Arab-Americans, and Muslims in general are in great danger today in our country. In every community across the land, those of us not facing that danger should decry race- or religion-based bigotry and hatred, extend our solidarity, and, if necessary, our protection and support. Islam is no more responsible for yesterday's horror than Christianity was responsible for Hitler. And long-term, we should expect and try to head off an inevitable backlash against all immigrants.

3) In times of national emergencies in the past, especially wars, our national media has dropped all pretense of objectivity and has become a willing tool for government propaganda and even disinformation. We must demand that our networks and wire services and TV and radio stations and newspapers report the facts fairly and fully, not protect our government's actions from the public eye, and not disseminate hatred or play to a manipulative sense of patriotism. Our media have a tremendous capacity to do harm and make a bad situation worse; we need to flood them with requests to act responsibly.

4) Our civil liberties and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms -- like the freedoms of speech and assembly -- are clearly in danger. In a Washington Post/ABC News poll this morning, two-thirds of Americans polled said they'd be willing to give up civil liberties to combat terrorism. Such liberties, when given up in a time of crisis, are never given back -- and granting still more power to our government and this country's political and economic elites, in the name of "fighting terrorism," guarantees that that power will be abused to other ends.

One of those ends could easily be curtailment of the right to criticize our government. I'm hoping and praying that the folks planning mass civil disobedience and direct action in Washington D.C. during IMF/World Bank meetings in two weeks are rethinking their plans. (For that matter, I'm hoping the IMF and World Bank themselves will cancel.) A mass street protest in D.C. right now simply won't be allowed; I have ugly visions of Army units simply shooting any group of people that shows up with signs.

While globalization and any number of other issues are pressing and urgent, the most pressing issue right now is solidifying our continue rights to petition our government for a redress of our grievances (and to be able to make our cases to the public, too). Between the trends of the last two years, Genoa, and yesterday, that seems very much at risk right now. I've heard several quite serious comments (on talk radio, for example) suggesting that anti-WTO anarchists could be responsible for the attack. What that means is that our media and politicians can so thoroughly misrepresent the global justice movement that a few angry young protesters breaking windows can be conflated with the premeditated murder of thousands. That should give any would-be protester a lot of pause.

5) No global issue -- whether it's debt relief, structural adjustment programs, international credit and aid, global warming or other environmental issues, trade and military treaties, arms sales, refugees, global health, anything -- can be addressed now without factoring in how it may effect what will become, unless we act now to defuse it, an undeclared global guerrilla war. Just as with military retaliation, the U.S. and its citizens simply can't risk having our government go it alone with the attitude that it can impose its will anywhere it likes.

It can, but the risk is that a lot of us will die as a result. Given the Bush crew's hostility to international agreements or even dialogue, we have, in many ways, the worst possible set of people running executive branch for the next three years.

6) Domestically, Bush's pledge to spend "whatever it takes" to respond appropriately and to tighten security at home means that his tax cut for the rich, the economy's downturn, and his increased military spending will combine with this blank check to decimate the federal budget. Social programs are at very great risk. So are Social Security and Medicare.

The one ray of good news is that the blasphemously expensive National Missile Defense program -- which is essentially a Trojan Horse for exactly the sort of Pentagon global domination scheme that inspires terrorism in the first place -- is suddenly very vulnerable. The real threats to this country's domestic security clearly don't lie in some mythical intercontinental missile from some country that doesn't have the money or technology to fix its typewriters. The threats come in small packages and anonymous acts. It should now be obvious to all that NMD will make our country less secure, by draining our budget of money that, in part, could otherwise be used to promote programs that are actually relevant to the dangers out there.

But while NMD may be at risk, there are also blank checks waiting for other Pentagon schemes and certainly for the CIA and black budget agencies. After all of that, there may not be any money left over for the basic services we demand from government -- a state of affairs that was entirely preventable. (Hint: tax the rich fairly.)

When people need something from their government and it's not there -- because it's been privatized or eliminated or spent already -- let's make sure they remember the tax cut, and George W. Bush. And let's hope we have the freedom tomorrow to make that case in public.


From: "John Owen" <>
Subject: Fw: Important essay from the rational European perspective
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001

Dear Jean,

This analysis might be worth sharing with your list.

Thanks for the steady stream of information and vision.

John Owen


From: TFF Sweden <>
Subject: American power has a price



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