September 25, 2001

Crisis in America #11: A Delicate Balancing Act

Hello eveyone

Trying to keep a balance between the Light and Shadow aspects of this crisis in these compilations is a challenge as there are so many disquieting information now coming in my Inbox that would seem to deserve priority in networking. But fortunately there are also many inspiring contributions to choose from. Hopefully the following selection will help you make better sense of it all along with the rest of the material already sent and which is yet to come.

Enjoy and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The past is our cradle, not our prison. The past is for inspiration, not imitation; for continuation, not repetition. Attachment is the great fabricator of illusion; reality can be attained by someone who is detached. Unconditional love and unconditional acceptance bring simplicity to the complexity of life."

- Marc Habegger <>


1. Day of Truth, Planetary Birthing
2. Gratitude
3. Good vs. Evil
4. Kiss the Bliss peace book
5. Daily Meditations and Peace Vigil & Commentary by Leigh
6. Americans Demand Freedoms Be Kept During Bush's Terror War
7. ID Cards in Britain
8. Oppose the SSSCA (government policeware on your PC)
9. One Question
10. Clouds

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"A political irony: in 1992, Clinton and Gore campaigned against the concentration of wealth during the Reagan and Bush years, but it was only during their reign that the wealth of the top 1% came to exceed that of the bottom 90%."


Congressman Larry P. Mcdonald, 1976, Killed in the Korean Arlines 747 (more at that was shot down by the Soviets said:

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent."

Also recommended by some:
"George Washington's Vision"


NOTE FROM JEAN: I must say I totally concur with The Day of Truth featured below. I *did* feel very intensely on September 17, at some point during the globally synchronized meditation, the global awakening of humanity as we were joining as one global consciousness and this Gaian sense of Being One has remained "on" ever since with widening ripple effects throughout the human consciousness of our brothers and sisters who can now more easily tune into this new field of common awareness of our Unity.


By Kiara Windrider - (

Fall Equinox, 2001

As I was meditating this morning, I linked with Babaji (a planetary 'avatar') in a super-conscious state to ask him whether he had any insights into what was going on these days. His response follows:

"Dear ones, you are at the threshold of a planetary birth. Old forms are dissolving; new forms are arising. You have been conditioned on this planet to believe that birth is something painful, and so it is for you. Even so, the moment of your birth has arrived, and will be truly a wondrous sacred event.

You are aware of the convergence of many cycles of time, prophesied through ancient calendars and scriptures all over the world. Just as a mother knows when her time is coming, and her labor begins, so is Mother Earth now pushing to birth a new consciousness, a new Age.

Would it help you to know that difficult as these times may seem to you,

that the promised new Age will surely come? There are those locked in duality consciousness who would seek to prevent this, and there will be for a time a great struggle of increased polarization.

This is all in divine order. Please know that the Brotherhoods of Light have long prepared for this time as well. In the times ahead, no longer will it be possible for anyone to sit on the fences of indifference, apathy or denial. A planetary wake-up call has been issued. The last trumpet has been sounded. As hearts and souls awaken, cries of freedom will grow from within, and the bands of fear that have enslaved humanity for long eons will be lifted. As the bands of fear are released, a new Earth will be birthed. The Kingdom of God has always been with you and among you, and now will be revealed through the waves of light, love, and freedom that sweep through the planet in this moment of birthing.

Many of you are asking, what do these recent events of September 11 mean? Are we heading towards a global war? Is the world about to end? Please realize that the discordant energies that fueled the events of this day have been brewing for quite some time. Billions have already suffered around the world in a war on the human spirit. This will only end as deeper truth is brought to light. And so it shall be.

You are aware of the symbolic calendar coded into the measurements of the Great Pyramid, ending on September 17, 2001 at the doorway of the King's Chamber, the chamber of "initiation". Just as the life of a caterpillar ends only so that it may cocoon into a butterfly, so as you stand at this threshold of initiation, a great portal of light opens before you.

Life on this planet will never again be the same. The events of September 11 are directly linked to these calendar measurements, signifying a planetary initiation the likes of which has not been witnessed in recent ages. The Hopis called this the Day of Purification. We are calling this the Day of Truth. This is indeed a wondrous time, a time for light to shine into all the dark places of the human heart, so that all that was hidden may now be revealed and transmuted in the great cauldron of humanity's awakening.

Hold this vision strong. Do not give in to despair and polarity consciousness, no matter what the appearances may be. When waves of fear, dread or anger come up, transmute them in violet flame. Continue calling on the realms of light for assistance. Trust the process. If you could see these times from the perspective of the Age that follows you would truly be dancing in the streets in profound gratitude for the openings that lie before you. The time for a planetary birthing is at hand!"


I would like to end this with a poem I wrote a few years ago. It is called "A NEW DAWN":

First streaks of dawn,
The twinkling lights of an age gone by
Fade into eternity past.
I wake up shivering
From horrors still too fresh in my mind.
Why must darkness precede the dawn?
Why is death the prerequisite to birth?
No matter,
The long night is ended now.
The first rays of a new dawn
Illuminate my path,
Beckoning me to follow.
Can I shape the coming day?

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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001
From: Lillian Akersborg <>
Subject: Gratitude

Jean, Here's something that feels good.


From: "Guy Nicholson" <>

Dear Beings of Love & Peace,

We are called to join our Spirits together and create a positive energy for PEACE and LOVE in the world NOW.

The bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon was created in the energy of FEAR and the healing of the world is now at hand. It is up to those of us willing and committed to LOVE and PEACE to shift the energy of fear and release it. The only way to move out of fear is to be in LOVE and COURAGE.

Let's begin a pray chain (pass this email on) with this intention and feeling to:


GO to your heart and breathe in the feeling of love and peace. Think of and feel whatever helps you to achieve that feeling. Then, feeling LIGHT all around you, see the Terrorists and the Bush Administration in white, holy LIGHT and send them the energy of PEACE, COURAGE and LOVE. See them FLOODED with love and LIGHT!

This is not a time to JUDGE or HATE anyone, but to LOVE for only love heals and transforms people's fear. Feel the pain and anger if you have it AND compassion and love at the same time. For those we are judging hold an incredible amount of pain and fear in their souls.

The effect of what has happened will be POSITIVE. This is a huge turning point in our history and a NEW WORLD is coming. A world where we make all decisions based on LOVE (vs. fear) and live consciously honoring each other, the earth, the animals and ourselves.

This is an OPPORTUNITY - let's seize it!


Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001
From: Jon Will <>
Subject: Good vs. Evil


Every individual affects Humanity as a whole in that one's actions have a ripple effect through society in the same way a splash ripples through a pond when a stone is thrown into the pond. While some people make a bigger splash than others, such as Hitler's big negative splash, and Einstein's big positive splash, every splash is important, because each splash affects Humanity, with the negative splashes pushing Humanity toward a living hell and the positive splashes pushing Humanity toward Utopia.

Everyone makes a vote as to the type of world we have with their lifetime efforts. One can influence these voting results by stuffing the ballot box with an increase in the number and size of actions for change. The most important decision one makes with their life, is the course of action they will take with their life.

Each of us must simply do the best we can do.

Keep faith in achieving a better world,



Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001
Subject: Kiss the Bliss peace book

My nonprofit foundation applauds your great humanitarian and ecological efforts. In the wake of America's recent terrorist attacks and impending war, we humbly ask you to promote the peace book, Kiss the Bliss -

Kiss the Bliss: Handbook for Millennium Miracle Workers contains an important ecological chapter "Bliss the Earth".

Blessings and Bliss,

Edwina Doyle Dozier


From: "Leigh"
Subject: Global Meditation Bulletin 10: Part 2 of 2
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001



Following the devastating terrorist attacks on the United States, please join us in holding the light around the world at whatever time you can, as often as you can. Please hold a vision for the manifestation of the highest potential for peace, understanding, and love within the hearts and minds of all who are being affected by this tragedy. You can also focus on the clearing of the Earth's energy field with the highest vibration of light. Please do not underestimate the importance of your participation in this. This is a matter of global peace and stability.

Various times are being given by different vigil coordinators. The 60-day peace vigil beginning on September 17 is using the times of 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00. Jean Hudon and his network are using the time of 16:00 GMT. Others are using the time of 9 pm local time and 9 pm EST. What matters is not so much the time you link up at as the quality of focus you can hold each day.



The terrorist attacks on the United States mark a crucial turning point in world history, the course of which is to be decided by where the focus of the collective consciousness is placed (hence the importance of our participation in choosing the future we wish to focus on and create). Bin Laden is probably not behind these attacks, or even capable of being so, as anyone who is perceptive and up to speed with alternative news will realise. Yet it seems that many people around the world, who have not stopped to question those in authority, have reacted to the blatant propaganda, war-mongering, and staged speeches of these authorities with endorsement and blind acceptance, even in the face of the stark hypocrisy of leaders saying that terrorism is unacceptable when they are preparing to respond to it by using their military might to kill and terrorise people themselves.

We clearly need to take a good look at why violence - the most destructive force that humans are capable of - is so acceptable in our global society. The acceptance and endorsement of violence can only indicate that people are to a large extent living unconsciously, closed off from their spirit and the love that is sleeping in their hearts. When we are unconscious in this way we can not respond to the rest of life as sacred. Yet the key point is that what we are unconscious of we can become conscious of - that is at least one of the meanings of life.

The crisis before us is indeed a great initiation that is presenting the whole of humanity with an opportunity to change, and so our healing energies and peace-building efforts are going to play an unprecedented part in shaping our collective consciousness at this time. The initiation is really about self-discovery and self-recovery. This means moving out of unconsciousness - in other words waking up! - and recognising who we really are, and recovering our power and full identity as spiritual beings.

When we create our own reality there is no point trying to blame others or to pretend to be a victim. As unacceptable as this may sound to some, there are actually no victims in the atrocities that have occurred - and may soon occur if there is not a change of consciousness. Realising this is the first step to reclaiming the power that we have given away. Together, we have created the need for governments and other authorities to abuse the power we have given them, in order for us to learn that nobody can be responsible for us except ourselves. Terrorists and governments that abuse their power only exist because of the society we have created as a result of our loss of power and identity. However, unless we act upon this realisation, we will sink into apathy and despair, and back into unconsciousness.

As healers and peace-builders we can take these issues on board and integrate them into our meditations, prayers, and consciousness-raising activities. Focusing on peace will be more effective if part of that focus is on the changes of consciousness required for this peace to manifest. These changes of consciousness necessarily involve the beginning of the recovery of our power and identity - on a physical and a spiritual level.

Other suggestions for our work involve developing and maintaining clarity. For this it is crucial that we remain centred in our own power and identity - in other words that we stand strong in our light and integrity - and are not hooked into a disempowering or gloomy reality through the force of the media and the actions and reactions of those around us. The fear and anger that has been stirred up by the media and the display of propaganda by authorities can easily obscure the clarity of vision that everyone on this planet needs at this time. Therefore, it is suggested that a high priority of our healing will be to focus on clarifying information, de-escalating hyped-up tensions and emotions, and clearing the the subtle energetic fields of our planet - which are now probably littered with unhelpful thought-forms.

For anyone who does not know how to heal energy fields, there are several approaches to take, and you will eventually find your own right way of working. But basically these approaches involve using coherent and higher vibrational energies to transform discordant energy fields or thought-forms through the power of loving intention and the surrender to the highest aspect of your spirituality. By going into an altered state of awareness and scanning areas of the world, one can get a sense of where energetic healing is required. You may see the thought-forms or clouds of negative energy, may feel suddenly uneasy when you are scanning a particular area, or you may simply be guided in your internal landscape to the right place. Other people work with the power of resonance by visualising archetypes that represent certain aspects of human experience, and check to see if they are complete and undistorted. As you begin the healing it can be helpful to visualise an intense and radiant light cleansing, charging, and restoring the planet's subtle energetic field into a healthy state, and to add a prayer for the recognition of the spiritual lesson behind what is being cleared for those those responsible for it.

To finish I will talk a little about the astrology of the time we are in, for it is quite revealing and draws out the themes that are dominating us at this time.

Three days before the terrorist attack, Mars entered Capricorn - the sign of structure, authority, and responsibility, preparing us for a lesson in the responsible use of will. Three days later, two of the most dominant structures of American society and culture - the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon - were attacked, killing thousands of people in an astonishing acting out of the negative expression of Mars in Capricorn. These structures as key centres of political and economic power are highly symbolic, and for this reason their attack was calculated to undermine the security of the American people in the most profound way. This is revealed by the position of Mars on September 11, which, through an opposition, triggered the sensitive eclipse-point in Cancer that was set up by the Total Solar Eclipse of June 21. Cancer represents security and domestic affairs, and on September 11 it was America's domestic security that felt threatened for the first real time since Pearl Harbour.

It is important that this attack on national security is not used as a reason for restricting civil liberties or excusing military attacks. It could be used to justify a lot of political manoeuvring on a national and international level that the people of America would otherwise not have accepted. Interestingly, the feeling of threatened security was articulated by NATO, which issued an unusual propaganda statement effectively equating an attack on America with an attack on NATO, which may suggest a hidden global agenda that the world does not yet know about.

On September 11, Venus in Leo was in opposition to Uranus in Aquarius. This indicates great disruption to the way that people relate. Uranus, which represents sudden disruptions and shocks, also rules aircraft flights. Amazingly, Venus was also exactly on the August 11 eclipse-point of 1999, triggering energies to do with the way that power is expressed in relationships. The combination of these two alignments reinforce the fact that we are facing a crisis and an opportunity in the way that we relate individually and as a global society. The Equinox on September 22-23, which marks the entry of the Sun into Libra, will highlight this issue further, and so will be an important time to focus on how we want human relationships to progress. There is great potential to awaken to new forms of relationships through this crisis. However, the chart for September 11 suggests that we must work hard to ensure that through this crisis relationships are not disrupted beyond recovery (relations with the Middle East and China will be critical), while staying open to the positive side of disruption, which is often part of the healing process as the hurts of individuals and nations are brought to the surface to be dealt with. If further disruption does occur as part of the healing process, it is important not to then suppress this healing opportunity by allowing the imposition of extreme authoritarian measures - such as the creation of oppressive global institutions - but to instead develop support structures to facilitate the healing. Regardless of how events unfold, we can all begin right now to create supportive healing structures for human relations by holding a positive vision for the healing of human relations in our meditations, prayers, and hearts, and to feel this vision manifesting as the most probable future in our lives.

CLIP - To read the rest of this Commentary, please request from Leigh his Global Meditation Bulletin 10: Part 2 of 2, issued on 19 Sep 2001, at <>. You may also visit

I leave you with the following words, which I received through an e-mail by Deborah Deiss (, in connection with the 60-day peace vigil:

"As a race (the human race!), we have a responsibility to ourselves and all other beings on the planet. We also have a resource that has been in large part untapped thus far. This resource is each individual's soul connection to each other and all of the world. A group of dedicated individuals are coming together at this time to work with Spirit and each other to bring higher consciousness energy to bear on this situation. The outcome of such a horrendous situation is not predetermined. The outcome is determined by the largest amount of energy directed to a specific outcome. The collective consciousness is being directed toward fear and separation. We have an opportunity to work with our souls, our Higher Selves, and our Higher Source to create the outcomes that are in our truest hearts and truest selves. Each of us, in essence, has a dream. Our collective dream is peace, plenty for everyone, and the opportunity for each of us to have a forum for expressing our soul's gifts. This dream is being lived by some people on the planet at this time. It is a potential reality for everyone. Let's start today by presencing Spirit right into the middle of this situation."


From: "Kerry" <>
Subject: Americans Demand Freedoms Be Kept During Bush's Terror War
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001


Americans Demand Freedoms Be Kept During Bush's Terror War

WASHINGTON - More than 150 organizations on the left and right, and hundreds of computer scientists and law professors are circulating a petition urging that personal freedoms not be sacrificed in the fight against terrorism.

At a news conference organized by the Free Congress Foundation's Coalition for Constitutional Liberties, the broad coalition recalled that in every conflict since the Civil War, the long-range pressures in the crisis of the moment have been aimed at greatly expanding the powers of the federal
government to restrict our freedoms.

Anyone following much of the wall-to-wall TV coverage of the terrorist attacks Sept. 11 has heard the repeated mantra about how "we're going to have to give up some of our freedoms" if we are to succeed in fighting back.

That, of course, puts President Bush and Congress, as well as state and local officials to a crucial test.

Bottom line: Can our lawmakers wage a war against terrorism in the name of protecting freedom and at the same time make sure that very freedom is not diminished at home by measures of our own government?

Free Congress President Paul M. Weyrich was among the first to warn of this dilemma within days of the attacks on the Pentagon and the Word Trade Center.

But it's not a case of either/or, the 150 co-signers warn. Pitting civil liberties against security is "a false choice," says their statement.

Among the groups in the coalition are the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and the Rutherford Institute, generally considered conservative, and the American Civil Liberties Union and Common Cause, often in the forefront of liberal causes. All signed on to the statement entitled "In Defense of Freedom at a Time of Crisis."

Dr. Jane Orient, AAPS Director, says that while her organization "does not agree on every point or all wording of the statement," the potential for privacy violations was so great as to make this coming together of diverse groups was "necessary."

Government efforts to make haste in destroying our enemy must be encouraged, AAPS believes, but it is also possible to make haste in destroying our country "just to keep our adversaries from doing it first."

The co-signers believe calm is required to determine where our intelligence and security failed.

Already there are reports that legislation is being sought on Capitol Hill to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to tap our phones, monitor our e-mail, and check our voice-mail messages. Hopefully, such legislation won't see the light of day if it is formally introduced.

Reports are a dime a dozen in tense times such as what this country has experienced since Sept. 11. But this diverse group hopes Americans will be able to keep their heads as they go about their tasks in countering the monstrous threat we face.

This group is in no way to be confused with a so-called "peace" movement that is beginning to gather and hold demonstrations around the country against President Bush's attempts to rally the country in this time of crisis. That is a coalition with a different agenda.

The petition can be found at


Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001
From: Neal Kruse <>
Subject: ID Cards in Britain



IDENTITY cards will be introduced for the first time in Britain in the fight against terrorism.

The move has been approved by Tony Blair as part of a wide-ranging review of anti-terror laws.

Most of Britain's partners in the European Union require nationals to carry identity cards which must be produced on demand by police.

But Mr Blair and Home Secretary David Blunkett are expected to opt instead for a voluntary scheme. However, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to live a normal life without one - possession of a valid card will be necessary for boarding an aircraft, buying petrol, opening a bank account, starting a job or claiming benefits.

New laws are to be rushed through Parliament as soon as the summer recess ends next month. Mr Blair and Mr Blunkett are expected to reject the compulsory "on demand" card because of connotations with Nazi Germany, where lack of proper identity cards could result in instant arrest.

Whitehall officials and MPs have also warned that relations between the police and ethnic minorities could deteriorate under a "stop-and-show" scheme.

But the new ID cards will also be aimed at deterring illegal immigration by making it difficult for anybody without a proper card to carry out basic transactions. Other measures being considered include a Europe-wide common arrest warrant to cut out bureaucratic red tape.



Oppose the SSSCA (government policeware on your PC)

To: Our Elected Representatives

We, the undersigned, are American citizens strongly opposed to the proposed "Security Systems Standards and Certification Act" (SSSCA), which would force all new consumer electronics devices and personal computers to have government-mandated "policeware" built-in.

This proposed policeware would restrict what we can and cannot do with our own personal computers in our own homes and businesses. Any person who disables this policeware would be subject to five years in federal prison and a $500,000 fine.

We believe this proposed bill is a severe threat to the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. The very idea of forcing government policeware into our homes and businesses, and jailing those who tamper with or refuse to run this policeware on their own private computers, is terribly wrong and completely contrary to both the letter and spirit of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We urge you, our elected representatives, to defeat the proposed SSSCA, and will take your actions regarding this bill into account when you stand for re-election.


The Undersigned


Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001
From: Roger Miles <>
Subject: One question


Here in Australia as I go about my day I find people initially reluctant to discuss the deteriorating world situation almost as if they find the subject too big and yet when the subject comes up, it always drops immediately into what could happen if Mr Bush does this, or Bin Laden does that and how terrible it all is. The more 'awakened' of course, being excited by what the latest Nostradamus quote said and what Edgar Casey prophesied.

I say, it is really time to stop this conversation. We all know of the saying - "What you resist persists" and we all know that "Whatever you place your energy into, you empower". Focusing on the drama is not going to resolve it.

Try this. Every time the conversations slip back into the "story" and make an effort to bring it back by asking just one question...

"What would you like to see in the world?"....probably 80% will ask for world peace and an end to suffering. So, lets take that one step further and ask again.... "Define in one sentence exactly what World Peace means to you?"

I believe that it is not in the concept of world peace that the power lies, it is in each individual actually clarifying in their mind how they define it. World Peace is what others have to bring about. In the moment that I define what World Peace means for me I own it and to be in integrity I have to embody it in my life. And so change occurs.

As I tried it yesterday, first with myself I felt the sense of a new beginning. It was great. I had something to believe in and to BE. As I asked the question of others and they willingly defined what it meant for them, they began to own the concept too. I left in my wake people puzzling how they could say they believed in World Peace yet still hold others separate from themselves.

So maybe all it takes is a question.

Have a beautiful day, I am


"The external situations in your life have no meaning in and of themselves. It is you, your consciousness, which designates a meaning. If you designate a negative meaning, the result is negative. By designating a positive meaning, the result is positive, thus allowing for expansion."

- P'taah

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From: "Art Goodtimes" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001
Subject: Clouds


Thank you for your wonderful work in trying to bring peace to a nation headed for war. There are many of us in rural Colorado who greatly appreciate what you do.

Let me share with you a poem that came out of the tragedy for me:


Shamans say clouds are the vehicles souls use to rise & converge in the great mystery

& that's what they do this morning at cloud acre the day after we hear the news & walk out into the cherry orchard to see the vaporous mycelial strands of cirrus clumped

& rising wisps of light lifted up into the sky the souls of thousands she explains leaving this world

& now hours later driving up to Telluride after rush hour I watch the massing cumulus in the canyon with their dark underbellies promising the coming storm of all those instinctual emotions

We humans harbor just under the skyscrapers of culture - fury revenge retaliation - wars crusades jihads

Only the bravest of hearts standing like peaks amid the tempest unmoved by fear's rowdydow tending slopes of green saplings & counseling plainsong

No one wants to hear - restraint compassion amnesty - while the leaves of the cottonwoods beside the busy asphalt of the highway already begin to turn & fall as they will