September 24, 2001

Crisis in America #10: Deceit and Disinformation

Hello everyone

Well, the subject title says it all... Concerning the good news about the positive effects of our global meditations, in a nutshell, a subscriber to this list informed me that he discovered through dowsing means that a *very* powerful vortex of positive energies opened over New York City on Sept. 15 and then his readings went off the chart (beyond 200,000 Bovis units) after the Sept. 17 meditation. Good to know!

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. War is Good for Business
2. When the impossible becomes reality--a 4th possibility
3. Infinite Justice & The Things We Do Not Want To Know
4. Explosions
5. Biological warfare - preparation for possible Anthrax attack

If you want to read a very sobbering analysis on what *may* be actually going, give a look at:

The New War-ld Order (America's New War)

See also

Pilot error on WTC South Tower reveals truth

Ever wonder about the WTC South Tower only getting a corner hit by the aircraft yet having the entire tower crumble down BEFORE the North Tower did, even though the South tower got hit SECOND?

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Five Reasons Not to Go to War


Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001
From: Michel Chossudovsky <>
Subject: Military Strike to Jump-Start Confidence in the Stock Market?

"War is Good for Business"

by Michel Chossudovsky

Does President Bush intend to jump-start confidence in the stock-market by launching a "timely" military strike? "I have great faith in the resiliency of the economy. And no question about it this incident affected our economy., But the markets open tomorrow, people go back to work. We'll show the world." (Remarks by George W. Bush, Reuters, 16th September 2001)

On the other hand, what will be the fate America's social programs in a war economy? Five days before the terrorist assaults on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, President Bush stated almost prophetically:

"I have repeatedly said the only time to use Social Security money is in times of war, times of recession, or times of severe emergency. And I mean that. I mean that." (Transcript of Remarks by Presidents Bush and Fox on Departure to Toledo, Ohio (U.S. Newswire, Inc, September 6, 2001)

"I mean that, I mean that." The tone of the president's rhetoric has set the stage for an expansion of America's war machine. The "recession" and "war" buzzwords are being used to mould US public opinion into accepting a massive redirection of the nation's resources towards the military industrial complex.

In turn, in the wake of the terrorist attacks "love of country", "allegiance" and "patriotism" increasingly pervade the media as well day-to-day political discourse. The hidden agenda is to create a new legitimacy, opening the door for a "revitalization of the nation's defense" while also providing a justification for direct military actions by the US in different parts of the World.

Meanwhile, the shift from civilian into military production pours wealth into the hands of defense contractors at the expense of civilian needs.

Job Creation in America's War Machine

And behind the Bush Administration is the power of the "big five" defense contractors (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon et al), increasingly in partnership with the oil-energy giants, which are behind many of the regional wars and insurgencies along strategic oil pipelines.


The production of advanced weapons systems in America today, is unlikely to resolve the mounting tide of unemployment.

This new direction of the US economy will generate hundreds of billions of dollars of surplus profits, which will line the pockets of a handful of large corporations. While contributing very marginally to the rehabilitation of the employment of specialised scientific, technical and professional workers laid-off by the civilian economy, this profit bonanza will also be used by the US corporate establishment to finance --in the form of so-called "foreign investment"-- the expansion of the American Empire in different parts of the World.

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From: Chidakash <>
Subject: When the impossible becomes reality--a 4th possibility
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001

Dear friends:

While we have been totally overwhelmed with emotion, and encouraged to channel our outrage into concern for stock markets and getting back to business, and into ongoing proclamations of love of country, and loyalty to the flag and the President there is one question that causes the most distress in people's minds: "How could those planes have made it unchallenged to their final destinations?"

Most of us can consider only 3 possibilities:

1. The terrorists were incredibly clever

2. The US intelligence agencies were uncharacteristically lax

3. National security, warning and defense procedures were insufficient, procedures which have been fine tuned for decades.

But there is another possibility...

Unless we start asking the questions NOW the steps being taken by others while we have been distracted by grief will be irreversible. Asking the questions--and getting the answers-- may still make peace and justice a possible outcome. When the impossible becomes reality the unthinkable becomes reasonable.

Consider the following two articles:

An Advance Warning of Attacks Was Ignored

The CIA knew via Echelon at least 3 months in advance that we were going to be attacked by planes used as weapons:

Echelon Warned US & Israeli Intel Hijacked Planes Were To Be Weapons

By Ned Stafford 9-14-1

U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies received warning signals at least three months ago that Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture, according to a story in Germany's daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

The FAZ, quoting unnamed German intelligence sources, said that the Echelon spy network was being used to collect information about the terrorist threats, and that U.K. intelligence services apparently also had advance warning. The FAZ, one of Germany's most respected dailies, said that even as far back as six months ago western and near-east press services were receiving information that such attacks were being planned.

Within the American intelligence community, the warnings were taken seriously and surveillance intensified, the FAZ said. However, there was disagreement on how such terrorist attacks could be prevented, the newspaper said.

Echelon is said to be a vast information collection system capable of monitoring all the electronic communications in the world. It is thought to be operated by the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. No government agency has ever confirmed or denied its existence. However, an EU committee that investigated Echelon for more than a year just last week reported its belief that the system does exist.

The EU committee said that Echelon sucks up electronic transmissions "like a vacuum cleaner," using keyword search techniques to sift through enormous amounts of data.

The FAZ, in its news story, described the system as covering the whole world with 120 satellites. The newspaper also said Israeli intelligence had collected information indicated that Arab terrorist groups planned to hijack planes in Europe to use as weapons to attack targets in Tel Aviv and other coastal cities in Israel.

Because of increasing concerns of plane hijackings, Israel has tested a new x-ray machine at the Tel Aviv airport, the FAZ said. The machine capable of detecting all known explosive elements, even if only in small quantities, the newspaper said.

The FAZ said that German intelligence fears that in coming days planes will be hijacked in Europe and the Near East, and that there is no sure way to protect against it.

Critical Questions

[This arrived as an email, supposedly from DP, an American military person. Judge for yourself:]

Why Were So Few People on the Flights?

1) Flight 11 was a Boeing 757/200. This plane holds 239 passengers. There were 81 passengers and 11 crew. The 11 crew members included 2 pilots and 9 flight attendants. Is it normal that this flight would not be at capacity, based on other Flight 11's that leave Boston to LA, at the same time every day. Flights within the Airline industry operate on standardized schedule. They don't make the schedules after the passengers book the flights. The only days that they schedule deviate are Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. So, is it customary that this flight is so underbooked? (About 30% capacity) I flew out west from Florida about three months ago, and every flight I got on was either full or overbooked.

2) Same question of all the flights.
175 had 54 passengers. The pentagon plane (
77) had 56 passengers, and the PA flight 38. All less than 25% of capacity. Why? I don't have access to the files of AA or United, but some reporter should be able to find out this information. [Fewer people, easier to control the situation. And the less likely that something could go wrong, maybe? I'm just speculating, of course. I don't know, and I don't have access to AA or United archives and files.]

The Air Force Could Have Averted the Tragedy But Didn't.

3) Four planes at once with no transponder info on the FAA screens and Air Force screens. All of them just showing up as blips on radar. One plane is in a "NO FLY ZONE";.. within constantly monitored, restricted airspace. A pilot has already remarked that when a plane deviates just a little, that the FAA oversight will call and/or allow for course corrections. But, we are talking about planes that were miles off course. In these instances, the FAA reports it to the Air Force. But also, in these instances, the Air Force has already locked onto these planes, because they monitor the commercial system as well as their own. That's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. They have to, so that we don't have military and commercial aircraft flying into one another, constantly. In a circumstance like Flight 11, this plane is so far of course it is ridiculous and they are not responding normally to communications. They did a hard bank (90 degrees to the south) somewhere north of Albany, NY. The Air Force is to scramble at least a recon aircraft to monitor. Why no recon, on any of the first three flights?

Let's look at the second plane. It was 18 minutes until it hit the second building. This plane flew over NYC, past the city and went to somewhere around Newark, NJ. At that point it did a 360 degree bank to fly back to NYC. By this time "they" know that this is no accident happening. They know that they have hijacked planes in the air.

An F-15 strike eagle flies at 1850+ nmps. That is Mach 2.5+ A sidewinder with heat seeking infrared guidance, has a range of 18 miles. This aircraft, according to the USAF's own website, goes from "scramble order" to 29000 feet in 2.5 minutes. New York City is 71 miles from McGuire AFB in NJ and 147 from Westover AFB in MA. At Mach 2, this plane could travel from the ground in NJ to NYC, in under 7 minutes.

I am being generous. Mach 2 is 20+ miles per minute and Mach 2.5 is 30+ miles per minute. This is 150 to 210 seconds to cover the 71 miles. If we factor in the time for the scramble order, to being in the air; we are at 5 to 6 minutes for an F-15 to bypass flight 175, turn, and sit at the WTC to wait for the plane (175) to arrive. This is far less than 18 minutes, and this plane (175) had to fly back over the Hudson Bay to reach its target. (Remember the range of the sidewinder is over 10 miles. Is it even necessary to mention the speed of this missile?)

The Plane Hitting the Pentagon Could Have Been Stopped But Wasn't---Why? 4) Let's apply these same standards to the Pentagon plane #77. This plane is over restricted airspace. It is 40 minutes after the second attack in NYC. At some point, here, Barbara Olsen calls her husband to let him know the plane is hijacked. Mr. Olsen calls "officials" who claim that they don't know about Flight
77 being hijacked. Barbara Olsen makes a second phone call to her husband. Other passengers were FORCED TO CALL their families to tell them that they were going to die. Why would the hijackers put out this warning? The article definitely says "forced to call". See: Flight 77: 'Our Plane Is Being Hijacked' (


This plane flies over the White House, which has automatic turret style anti-defense weaponry on top of the building. NO shots are reported to be fired, no anti-aircraft missiles were fired. This plane, still in restricted airspace, does a 270 degree bank to turn around and fly toward to Pentagon. Andrews AFB is 13 miles away. This is already within the range of a sidewinder. All that is required is to put the plane in the air (maybe up to 3000 ft.), lock and fire. Remember it is 40 minutes and they already know that these planes are being used as weapons. They have been reporting it on ABC, CBS, and NBC for 30+ minutes. They have received phone calls from passengers, telling them that the plane is hijacked. (By the way, what time were these cell-calls made? Before or after they entered the "no fly zone"?)

These planes could have been knocked out of the sky EASILY, but weren't. Why?


P.S. It's not that I want to believe that something stinks, here. It's just that I would like credible answers as to what was/is going on. I was in the military. As a Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator, we had to stand duty 24/7, to monitor operations. An Air Force base is constantly manned, in case of an unforeseen event or attack. They fly recon missions, every single day. Some of these recon flights may be armed, and some may not. But, there are a certain number of planes are armed at all times and the pilots do 24-hour rotating shifts so that the Air Force can respond quickly. The Air Force and Nuclear Aircraft Carriers constitute America's first line of defensive readiness. They were 13 miles from the Pentagon, with planes that can fly circles around a commercial jet. Were they on vacation or what?



From: "Wade Frazier" <>
Subject: Infinite Justice & The Things We Do Not Want To Know
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001

Hi Jean:

I hope you are well in all this mayhem. Thanks for keeping all the emails coming. I have been a very busy boy lately. Below is what I have been publishing around the world today.

Light, love, peace,

Wade Frazier

"Infinite Justice" sounds more like Infinite Revenge or Nuclear Justice.

September 20, 2001

Last night, I got home at nearly midnight from a peace march, organized by Seattle's churches. There were perhaps four thousand of us, marching for peace, walking miles between the St. Mark's and St. James' cathedrals. It was an inspiring display of human unity, as representatives from most of the world's religions spoke. There were flags on display...of Middle Eastern nations. Nowhere could an American flag could be seen at these churches, to my relief. The organists played nationalistic tunes, with the words changed to make them songs of peace. I was impressed and encouraged by the effort, and of so many people participating in this dark time of expressed national vengeance...until I got home.

My wife greeted me with the news of America's latest military escapade, named Operation Infinite Justice. We both laughed hysterically. What comic book did our military planners dredge that name from? In stark contrast to the wise and compassionate words of peace coming from religious leaders come the childish slogans of our military minds. Does it not sound like the name of some superhero, like "Captain Infinite Justice, defender of the free world?" I doubt I am alone in hearing echoes of the other names they batted around before settling on their operation's name. "Infinite Revenge" and "Nuclear Justice" easily come to mind.

My fellow Americans, with names like that, the comic book mentality is obviously running the show. This is not the time for comic book solutions. Humanity teeters on the edge of the abyss today, and spiritual adolescents are running the show. Do we take back our power, gently, or do we let these children dictate the future of humanity? The choice is ours. Below is what I published yesterday.

Wade Frazier

Note from Jean: Following protests by Islamic clerics that this code name was blasphemous because only God could provide "Infinite Justice", they will find a new name - See "Codename embarrassment" at,1300,555564,00.html


The Things We Do Not Want To Know

September 18, 2001

This past week has been one that no American will forget. There is great fear here and abroad that the United States may be about to bring on World War III, in its vengeful rage. The near future may determine the long-term future, if there is one, of the human race. It largely depends on what the American people decide to do. These are easily the most terrifying times I have lived through, and what frightens me the most are my fellow Americans.

The mainstream media has been performing its usual task of beating the war drums, providing more disinformation than useful information (see
big ), and most people are consuming it by staring at the tube all day long. Pundits across America, as well as officials in Washington, are calling for dropping nuclear weapons on all manner of people. While the Left, like the Z Magazine crowd, are doing a heroic job of trying to educate Americans about what is happening, I regularly see them making excuses for the average American's ignorance of very basic issues regarding American foreign policy. Until recently, few Americans could even pick out Afghanistan on a map. Today, Afghanistan's citizens are a dire threat to the "free world," or the terrorists they harbor, and we are about to invade or bomb them, or, in the words of George Bush the Second, terminate their nationhood, as well as some other nations in the vicinity. This harkens back to the Great Powers' political dismantling of the very same region generations ago, imposing puppet nation statuses on lands of tribes. Now, the world's greatest power may revoke the national status of that region's nations.

While the history of that part of the world is truly ancient and vast, and few Americans have even a passing understanding of it, other issues much easier to digest still evade American understanding. What I have found, when dealing with Americans regarding my writings, is that the ignorance that they display today largely stems from a wish to remain ignorant. I disagree with the Left, as they excuse the naïveté of average Americans, while chalking a great deal of it up to elite manipulation. Both those telling the lies and those believing them have a responsibility. People do not know, largely because they do not want to know. We play a game of avoiding responsibility both for our actions and the events in our lives. The game we play is giving our authority away, be it to religious, political, economic or scientific ideologies, flags and other talismans. The only way out of this situation, at least safely, is for people to wake up to what we helped to create. Portraying ourselves as the victim of "terrorists" only reinforces the games of denial that Americans play. Nobody needs to be punished. There is no need for "retaliatory" violence. What is needed is love, understanding and compassion for all people.

I do not expect many in the Left to agree with me on this, being as enamored with rationalist philosophy as so many in those ranks are. We are creators, all of us. There are no victims, except to the extent that we victimize ourselves. That does not mean to not have compassion for the suffering, and try to assist them, but to also grant them their divine sovereignty. They also tread their divine path. Many times I have encountered people who thought that if that Americans just knew what was really happening in their name, they would not support it. My CIA pal Ralph McGehee (see ) believes so, as does Noam Chomsky. Ralph thinks that if those in the CIA really knew what we were doing to Southeast Asia in the 1960s, they would have helped end the Vietnam War. While I will not denigrate their awe-inspiring efforts, my experience has been something else.

For instance, the most irrational and strident critics of my work are my "peers" - white, educated, American men. Their reactions to my work have been by far the most brainless that I have encountered. Almost without exception, they are those who have committed the greatest fallacies of logic regarding my work (see note). Often, their responses have been the adult equivalent of reciting fairy tales. Some of those critics have been friends of mine, highly intelligent ones, and they have responded to my work with some of the most mindless things I have ever heard. When they have come up against undeniable facts, they spin them in true Orwellian fashion, making parents with starving children in Guatemala and Indonesia beneficiaries of our benevolence, though their governments, with U.S. weaponry, slaughtered anybody who dared speak out against the system that made them virtual slaves. The truly scary thing is that they believe the transparent lies that issue from their mouths. How can they do that? Studying Orwell's work gives a pretty good idea how. Their mindlessness is willful, and at least partly conscious. They do not know what is really happening because they do not want to know what is really happening. Why? As far as I have seen, it is because they benefit from the current arrangement (at least in the short tem), and denial helps protect their flickering consciences.

We are a nation that thrives on telling ourselves self-serving myths, lies and hero stories, as we justify our vast crimes and simultaneously pat ourselves on the back about how wonderful we are. If our "victims" are sovereign, can we really commit crimes? This reality is paradoxical, but in the end, our crimes are against ourselves (sowing and reaping, etc.). Here are some of the facts that we Americans generally do not know, largely because we do not want to know them:

1. The United States is an empire. It is not a recent occurrence, but it has always been an empire, from the days of empire-builders such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It just goes by a different name, like how our War Department was renamed the Defense Department after World War II.

2. When military "aid" is subtracted from our foreign aid, as a percent of GNP, the United States is about the stingiest industrialized nation on earth.

3. The United States' military has directly murdered about eight million people over the past fifty years as it has pursued its imperial agenda worldwide, and has directly caused the misery of hundreds of millions of others. Empires have always been about controlling the populations and resources in the subject lands, and the United States is no different.

4. The United States is by far the world's largest arms dealer, arming the world to the hilt, and we were the instigators of the arms race with the Soviet Union, continually lying to ourselves about Soviet capabilities and intentions, and they bankrupted themselves trying to keep up, which crumbled their empire.

5. "Mad dogs" like Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Manuel Noriega and others were in large measure our creation, as we used them to further our agendas. At this point, Americans often say, "I had nothing to do with that!" In one sense, they may be somewhat correct. Our leaders and their underlings did it, but the only power they have is what we gave them, which a rational, materialistic philosophy can have a hard time coming to grips with.

6. All those institutions that we have given our power away to - corporations, governments, churches, etc. - have largely enslaved us with our own power. The only path to true freedom is by reclaiming our power, responsibility and sovereignty, and doing it lovingly.

7. We do not even need oil or coal to produce our energy. Free energy has been suppressed for generations. We do not need to seek cancer cures, because dozens already exist, but have been suppressed in the name of power and profit. Most of our economy is totally worthless, with most Americans performing meaningless tasks for worthless industries and professions, all those worthless industries protecting themselves from the extinction they so richly deserve (see ).

These are just a few of the facts that we hide from so religiously in America. There are many others. Until we find the love that exists in us all, we will keep playing our games of denial, fear and abuse, and reaping harvests far more bitter than what happened on September 11, 2001. It does not have to be this way. If we do not begin waking up, and soon, the game, on planet earth at least, might be over. The choice truly is ours. Sleepy time is over.

For those who want to begin understanding their world, particularly Americans who want to understand what America's role in the Middle East has been for the past ten years, I have a 65-page essay, ten years in the making, at , which has a World Trade Center addendum. It might be helpful. Time is very short.

Wade Frazier


From: (Tom)
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001
Subject: "Explosions"

In a previous mailing to this e-list (Crisis in America # 5) an invitation was put forward by "KNN"(?) to members of this list to join a discussion board:

I followed the link and posted the following message in reply to the article and other comments made but shortly after making this post this message board and others were "CLOSED" apparently by the APFN website owners:


Sun Sep 16, 2001

There have been several reports on the news that after the plane crashes there were several "explosions" inside the building at lower levels. One (or more) eyewitness reported hearing a series of at least about "five" explosions "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,..." in at least one of the buildings just before it came down.

I did a little research on the construction of the twin towers... it seems the structures were supported by an approximately 100 x 100 foot square (79ft x 139ft) concrete and steel column running up the center of each building.

The scenario that the "heat" from jet fuel "melted" this central support column within minutes seems unlikely to me for various reasons.

#1 The central support collapsed very suddenly and totally going into what has been described as "free fall". This is exactly what would be expected if the central support column were demolished with explosives but not what you would see with a so-called gradual "melting" from top to bottom as the building burned.

#2 Heat rises.... How could the fires at the tops of the buildings "melt" the support column composed of concrete and steel very far below the point at which the towers were struck, if at all?

#3 The building has (had) an internal fire safety feature that automatically seals (sealed) off various sections and levels of the building subject to fire, cutting off the air supply.

#4 Visually... it appeared that after the initial impact and explosion of jet fuel mostly OUTSIDE THE BUILDING... (and on a few floors inside where windows were broken). There was a great deal of smoke but relatively little flame and certainly no major inferno at lower levels INSIDE. in fact people were seen not very far below the point of impact hanging out of windows trying to escape the (smoke?)... but apparently alive and not subject to the thousands of degrees temperature that could have melted steel (and concrete?). At lower levels it has been reported by some survivors that they were inside watching the events (plane crashes) on TV when they decided it was time to get out... Again they had no indication of fire at these lower levels that could have "melted" anything.

#5 I am no demolitions expert by any means but having grown up in a family of contractors and builders I do have lifelong construction and some demolition experience. The explanation provided to the public that the buildings sudden collapses were due to the "melting" of the supporting steel makes about as much sense as saying that a candle could suddenly "collapse" from "melting" due to the flame at the top.

#6 The supporting columns of concrete and steel were sunk into groves cut into solid bedrock far below ground level. It makes more sense to me to say that it would have taken a considerable amount of well placed explosive to demolish this structure and send it into "free fall" than to say that it simply "melted" from the heat of the jet fuel burning (or smoldering) at the top of the building.

I think in the very least... whats left of the supporting columns should be examined to see if they were subject to explosives before all the evidence is carted away and disposed of somewhere.

I am not trying to develop a government conspiracy theory here. Whoever did this had a long time to plan it and possibly set bombs inside the building. I am not by any means anti-democratic or anti-American. But the demolition by bombs inside the building seems credible and obvious as an explanation as to why the two buildings suddenly collapsed. and this is supported by eyewitness accounts of explosions at lower levels as well as the absence of any fire at lower levels capable of "melting" anything.

By contrast, in my opinion, the "melting" theory make little if any sense at all and has little if any evidence to support it.

If the supporting structure at or near the point(s) of impact "melted" causing the top of the building(s) to fall several stories and come down... like big wrecking balls.... It seems these section(s) (tops) of the building(s) would have come up against some resistance at some point on the way down when they ran into the un-melted portion of what was left of the 100ft square steel and concrete support column(s)... they didn't... perhaps for the reason that these columns were already destroyed by explosives?

Finally... anyone who saw the buildings come down saw the obvious... it simply LOOKED LIKE a professional demolition job. Why not at least investigate this obvious explaination for what everyone witnessed?


If anyone can find a flaw in my logical conclusions and observations... or discrepancies regarding the construction of the towers, fire prevention system etc. I would welcome having my analysis corrected.




Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001
From: lillian akersborg <>
Subject: Biological warfare - preparation for possible Anthrax attack

Dear Jean,

Thank you again for the amazing job you continue to do.

I don't like to send negative information, but this could be very valuable for all of us.
I received an e-mail from a knowledgeable source suggesting having on hand a prescription for
Ciprofloxin, 750 mg. BID for 10 days in case of an anthrax attack. There is also an excellent website detailing symptoms and homeopathic remedies to have on hand for Germ warfare - - and chemical attack, including information from the Centers for Disease Control.

By the way, I am another who also slept especially badly the night preceding the WTC attack.

Lillian Akersborg