Creating a New World

The call has gone forth. An activation has occurred within the hearts of all beings who are workers in the Light of God. Those who have agreed to serve in these "end" times are gathering, through a linking of their minds and hearts, in order to create a new world. Linking up with each other and with the mind of God, the Light workers are uniting all over the Earth to bring balance and healing to the planet. As this link strengthens, the healing will accelerate, and with the process of intention and visualization, Peace and Harmony will prevail.

It is time to create powerful, prayerful gatherings for Peace, for all beings and for the world. It is time to hold the vision of a world where human beings live in Harmony, with each other and with the Earth. It is time to create a vision where all will be fed, clothed and sheltered, so their focus can move from survival to the enrichment of the spirit.

The time is now. Together you can do this. There need be no supreme leader in these prayer circles as all separation is being released. You need not travel great distances, for as many gather together, the place where you are standing will become "hallowed ground." Begin to organize gatherings wherever you are to strengthen your vision. Hold to the qualities you want to see manifest for all beings on Earth and remember that with God, all things are possible. Pray for divine intervention in all situations that are out of balance. Visualize the grid lines of the Earth carrying this balanced energy and radiating Light, Love and Peace throughout the planet.

As a focal point for Light workers, to connect with each other and as a means of transmitting energy, we suggest visualizing a star. See this star radiant with light and holding the presence of God's Love. White-gold at its center. This star represents the blending of the energies of soul and form through the union of matter with spiritual consciousness.

While visualizing this star, hold the vision of Peace on Earth. See the air filled with life force energy, see the protective layer around the Earth's atmosphere being restored, and the oceans cleansed. See the soil being replenished with nutrients, and the great forests of the world being sustained for eternity.

Know with every fiber of your being that there is abundance of food, water and all that is needed for good life. Know that technology exists for all that is required to assist this planetary renewal. Feel all hearts being quickened by the increase in light and Love. Visualize planetary leaders finding their hearts and minds turned toward the greater good and living in cooperation and Harmony.

These thoughts will manifest, as many gather and hold with clarity the good they want to see created. Eventually, the rainbow light of this activated star will reach all over the world. As many hold the vision of Harmony and Peace, so it will be. Release doubt and fear.

Choose Love and bring a new level of faith into being. It is time to remember why you are here. Allow the energy of God to flow through all you do. Be a force for Peace and Harmony on Earth right now.

It is time. When many gather together for good, the world will change. Do not focus on what you do not want. That which you focus on, through the law of attraction, you will draw into life. Acknowledge the existing conditions, but keep your vision strong for what you collectively desire. It shall be as you envision, when the minds of all who work for Peace and Love gather together in the Light.

You are the force for change toward a greater good. Hold the vision together for a world of Peace, Love and Harmony and it shall be.

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By Shanta Kelly Hartzell for Angelic Dimensions
PO Box 5275
Kaneohe, HI 96744

First published in September, 1998.