July 23, 2001

G8 Corpocracy "Protected" by Extreme Police Violence: 1. An appeal from the activists fighting in Genoa + 2. Horrific raid on GSF and IMC Genoa + 3. One Dead, 80 Injured in Genoa The Violent Defense of Indefensible Policies + 4. Letters home from an exercise in political dialogue - Please, do something! + 5. Urban Combat on CNN + 6. Bush's Disgrace on the Kyoto Protocols + 7. New Republican Emblem & Author of Bush biography commits suicide

Hello everyone

The following reports on the orgy of violence and torture brought upon peaceful anti-globalization protesters by Italian cops launched like a pack of wild dogs to maim, kill and terrorize reminded me of the reports on police brutality coming out from Seattle, except this time in Genoa it was much, much worse. Now Canadian Prime Minister Chretien said that next year, the G8 Summit will apparently be a low key affair held in a small, remote village in Saskatchewan, Canada, in the hope of avoiding yet another repeat of such confrontations and violent clashes. If they were to stop hiring black clad agent provocateurs to break windows and trigger the onset of police repression against the rest of the crowd, perhaps the violence would be no more than some youngsters taunting the police and rattling the barriers as in Quebec City.

More on it all this week - your feedbacks are welcomed!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Kindness is a language, which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

- Mark Twain (sent by "Gerda Wout" <harmonia@interneeds.net>)


Chances Grow of Deal on Kyoto Pact in Bonn-Kyodo
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan, Russia, and the European Union (EU) have agreed to revisions of an 11th-hour proposal to rescue the Kyoto global warming accord, and chances are improving of an agreement on Monday, Kyodo news agency said. CLIP

U.N. Reaches Agreement on Small Arms Trade

G8 Leaders Wrap Up Protest-Marred Summit

Summit Tackles Poor, Passes on Warming
(AP) - President Bush and other world leaders, closing out a summit overshadowed by violent street protests and a surprise U.S.-Russia nuclear arms deal (http://dailynews.yahoo.com/fc/World/Russia), vowed Sunday to wage a united attack on global poverty and disease. They failed, however, to resolve a sharp dispute over global warming.


G8 Summit final statement at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A33436-2001Jul22.html

Summit protest statement at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A30506-2001Jul21.html

Who are the Genoa protesters? at http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/europe/newsid_1435000/1435610.stm

Q&A: G8 summit (BBC)

U.S. Won't Commit to Climate Plan Timeline


A Life and Death Struggle in Genoa - the monkeyfist collective

...with pictures of dead protester, 23 year old Carlo Giuliani in a pool of blood on the street and crushed under a police jeep.


Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: Mark Graffis <mgraffis@vitelcom.net>
Subject: An appeal from the activists fighting in Genoa

From: <getmelissa@uswest.net>

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: "Doug Hunt" <dhunt@neerucc.net

Genoa, early morning 22nd July 2001
GSF media centre phone: 0039-010-3627149

Please Distribute Widely - an appeal from the activists fighting in Genoa as we speak

We write from the building of GSF and Indymedia in Genoa after witnessing the worst human rights violations in the short history of the young movement against capitalist globalisation. Two people were killed by the police on the 20th, one in Genoa and one at the border, and someone else might have been killed in the most outrageous display of fascist state brutality that all of us have seen in our lives, just a few hours ago in front of this building.

This night the police broke into the school Diaz (across the road), one of the accommodation places of GSF were people were sleeping at that moment, and beat up everyone to the extent that most of the people could not walk out and had to be carried in stretchers out of the school. We don't know how many people were badly injured because we lost count of the amount of stretchers carried out of the school, but they brought about 30 ambulances for the injured people. The police also brought at least one body bag outside, maybe two, but we don't know yet whether there was a corpse inside either or both of them. Everybody was either arrested or taken to hospital. According to the testimony of one person who could escape before being arrested, people were lying on the floor saying 'no violence' when the police broke into the first floor where he was, and they battered people so badly that one of the officers had to intervene to stop the massacre. In one of the pictures taken by Indymedia (http://italy.indymedia.org) you can see a plank of wood with nails covered with blood lying next to a corner with big patches of blood on the walls.

The police also broke violently into the GSF and Indymedia building at the same time, but here they only destroyed and stole materials. They did not attack anyone (although in part of the building it was difficult to breathe due to the tear gas). Italian parliamentarians were also struck by policemen while they were trying to enter the school Diaz while the police were beginning to remove the injured.

On the 20th and the 21st the police terrorism in the streets was unprecedented in recent Western European history. On the 20th they murdered a young protestor from Genova, who was shot once in the forehead and once in the cheek, and drove backwards over his corpse. A young french woman was killed in the Ventemiglia border on the same day, while the police were preventing her and other people from entering the country. Police attacked and teargassed all the different groups that took part in the action. For instance, they threw tear gas from helicopters into the assembly point of the pacifist march, charged against the tutte bianche and the Network for Global Rights before they even started their actions, and injured a still unknown number of people. They deliberately mixed the different sorts of political expression, trying to create conflicts (for instance by pushing part of the black block into the pacifist assembly point). On the 21st they massively attacked part of the demonstration for absolutely no reason, teargassing the whole area (including the parking lot that served as the GSF convergence centre and a nearby beach) and some people were forced to jump into the sea just to escape from them - only to find police boats facing them in the water. Both on the 20th and the 21st there were riots all day, all over the city, which were clearly provoked by the police. The forms of provocation were diverse: the television showed images of a group of people dressed in black going out of a police van and breaking windows, and the black block was visibly infiltrated throughout these days. We respectfully ask our friends from the black block to reflect on the meaning of this fact, not just for them but for everybody else. This request is not meant to imply that they should not be present in large collective actions, but merely that we encourage them to rethink their role and choices in them. One possible way would be to play a role focused on solidarity and defense of other groups, similar to the one so successfully carried out by the black block in A16.

People who are taken to the hospitals are arrested immediately after receiving first aid, unless they are in an extremely bad condition. One person, a member of a nonviolent group, who was horribly beaten up while sitting on the floor with his hands up, went through that experience. In the police station he was repeatedly tortured like everyone else there. The police was hitting the already wounded areas of his body and battering him for no reason. Another person who was arrested and released says that they were beating everybody and forcing them to scream 'viva il duce', which means long live Mussolini.

The police terrorism started well before the actions. The last weeks were characterised by police searches all over Italy, followed by what everybody here considers to be a reproduction of the strategy of tension used by the Italian state in the 70s to crash social movements. Letter bombs were sent (by whom?) to policemen, the police exploded a car in the centre of Genova because it was parked in the same place for several days, and they alleged in the media that bombs had been planted in several places (including one of the accommodation spaces of the GSF) - all of these in order to create an atmosphere of paranoia, fears about demonstrators and social terror. They also arrested several people before the actions, including a particularly brutal case of a young woman who was kept in isolation for four days for having a van (which they claimed would be used to break into the red zone) where she kept a hatchet for camping purposes. The people who were arrested with her report that they were also tortured physically and psychologically, including forced exposure to a succession of three posters: a pornographic one, followed by one of Mussolini and then one of the Nazi Army in action.

We know that many solidarity and denounciation actions have already taken place all over the world and that many more are being planned (see http://italy.indymedia.org). We encourage all the groups that have not planned actions yet to do so, and to prepare for sustained actions to continue until those responsible for these outrageous human rights abuses pay the full price for their actions. We suggest to these groups that their minimum demand would be the resignation of the Berlusconi government. There is a list of Italian embassies at http://www.ethoseurope.org/ethos/embassies.nsf/ (go down to the link Embassies of Italy).

We think that we need to turn this situation into a serious international problem for the Berlusconi and the other G8 governements, not just due to a basic sense of justice but also because we feel that the survival of the movement and of many of us might depend on it. This brutality shows the actual panic with which the rich and powerful are reacting to the clear fact that the world is beginning to listen to us. Seeing that they can no longer write us off as a marginal, temporary phenomenon, they are now removing all masks of ostensible democracy and showing their real face - one of oppression, violence and terrorism.

Por todos nuestros muertos, ni un minuto de silencio. Toda una vida de lucha. To honor our dead, not a minute of silence. A whole life of struggle.


Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: Mark Graffis <mgraffis@vitelcom.net>
Subject: Horrific raid on GSF and IMC Genoa

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001
From: "Colleen Roman" <colleenr@speakeasy.net>

Horrific raid on GSF and IMC Genoa

Report from the IMC tonight.

Tonight the carabineraie raided the IMC as many people already have probably seen on the newswire already. As we saw it the carabineraie started by pulling up about 2-300m up the road in initially around four to five vans. They got out and started to jog down the street in riot gear and batons. People saw them and started to enter both building - the main GSF building and the school.

The school had been a safe space for people to sleep and chill for a few days. In the school there were a diverse bunch of people. As the convergence center was quite close, many people came to get information on the counter conference and the solidarity marches and also to use computers. Many people who slept in the school were participants from the marches, a group of pacifists from Zaragoza had come to the school to sleep just fifteen minutes before the arrived, (as it was the only really "safe" space to sleep) and ended up with eight hospitalised and more detained by the carabineraie.

The carabineraie, having reached the school and the GSF building started to arbitrarily beat people with the batons as people scrabbled to get inside either building. The door were closed on the GSF building but they entered from, not the main door, but one which was not secured at the side - not secured as this was just not expected.

I can only tell from what happened now from the IMC as I was there working. The IMC tried to calm people down as the carabineraie came in and demanded that all of us stand spread-eagle against the wall for about 30 minutes whilst the people wandered in and out of the rooms a bit listlessly, looking for anything incriminating - as if. They then moved everyone into one area and everyone had to sit down for another twenty minutes or so.

What they found and took was some of the equipment like mini disks videos and disks and searched many peoples bags. They also took some salad knives from the kitchen and a couple of gas masks. Later after it was all over they said to the press that they saw quite a lot of black clothes inside the rooms, well excuse me.

Apparently opposite the police took all available passports and wallets and diaries from peoples bags.

The carabineraie tried to take one of the IMC people but another journalist with G8 accreditation stepped in although he was pushed back the carabineraie left the other guy alone.

They finally left when a women MP who was in the building came to our floor and had powers to make to carabineraie leave - due to the fact that we were an international group and also journo/press. The police left, but we discovered that the people on the other floors of the GSF building had had freedom to roam after only being held on the floor for a short time. Also the GSF Lawyers office was ransacked and the computers destroyed, hard drives taken and the phones smashed - so much for the law. The computers conatined all of the info relating to legal aid etc over the last few days. The carabineraie obviously had their purpose here - one mission being to search the IMC floor to find something to discredit the IMC media movement.

After they left people immediately checked their gear and recorded what was taken, and then the keypads started burning.

Then we discovered the fucking mass beatings next door where people were already sleeping and others had been eating and talking, many IMC people stayed outside to somberly record the devastation and support those in shock and disbelief at what had just occurred. Tears and shouts of "assinos" followed the police who for another half an hour or so were still blocking off exits. Many people outside had been chanting "let them free" whilst we were up against the wall and the school was being emptied with stretcher after stretcher of young men and women being carried out.

The story from across the street in the school was that when police arrived they grabbed the first people they could outside and beat them heavily - one of the first to be beaten was a uk reporter who was smashed repeatedly by a group of them - one held him by his neck while the others beat him with clubs - unconscious he was left in the street in a pool of blood (later when we were allowed out of the building the blood had been cleaned off the pavement). Their intention was clear then from the start.

Inside the building when police entered many people inside raised their hands but the police just started smashing windows. One group then ran to the third floor and managed to escape out of an upper window and down scaffolding (the building is a bit of a building site under repair) - they were lucky. The others inside were beaten everywhere but from the long stream of stretchers came out of the building they were obviously trying to injure people as seriously as possible - at least five were brought out unconscious.

Later after more arrests in the street the police and fleet of ambulances departed, leaving us access to the building. Inside the sight was sickening. There was thick dark blood all up the walls, over the floor and at the bottom of stairs. It looked like several people had been beaten while on the ground from the blood patters low down on the walls. The scene was horrible. Even the ambulance staff were obviously shocked.

The night is long and will not end to day. This is a sad day for democracy. As to the "weapons" they found in the school, the place was as we said earlier was under repair, a small section blocked off and littered with pipes and building materials etc Like us they too had knives (and forks!) for cooking and eating.

The local media and other reports have said police where there searching for weapons or drugs. No, it is obvious why they were here. The testimonies of people in both buildings, the blood on the street and inside the school and the number seriously injured in this so called search tells the true story. No doubt many things will be said about this horrific evening here at the GSF building, but whatever happens, Indymedia will continue to report the truth.



Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: Mark Graffis <mgraffis@vitelcom.net>
Subject: The Nation: Indefensible Policies

From: <getmelissa@uswest.net>

Published on Saturday, July 21, 2001 in The Nation's Online Beat

One Dead, 80 Injured in Genoa - The Violent Defense of Indefensible Policies

by John Nichols

The slaying by Italian police of a demonstrator outside the Group of Eight summit in Genoa was not the first killing of a protester against corporate globalization. Dozens of activists have been killed in India, Nigeria, Bolivia and other countries where anti-globalization movements are, for reasons of necessity, more advanced and impassioned than those now taking shape in Europe and the United States.

The difference is that the killing of one protester and the wounding of more than 80 others in Genoa -- like the shootings at Ohio's Kent State University campus in 1970 -- took place in front of the cameras of western news organizations and independent reporters who transmitted the story to the world.

That is a big difference indeed -- especially when the images raise profound questions about why Italian police thought it necessary to escalate the violence to a level that resulted in a death and in so many injuries.

As a result, the clashes between civil society and the mandarins of corporate capital that for some had come to seem routine have now taken on a new character. Issues of development and democracy that demonstrators have long identified as deadly serious are now more obviously so. And the dismissals of religious, labor, farm and student campaigners for economic and environmental justice by powerful political and business elites sound all the more crude and desperate.

No action by this G8 summit, no matter how noble in rhetoric or intent, will erase the fact that the economic policies promoted by the leaders of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia are now so unpopular that their gatherings must be "protected" with deadly police violence.

In Seattle in 1999, when tens of thousands of anti-globalization demonstrators prevented the launch of a new round of World Trade Organization negotiations, Global Trade Watch organizer Mike Dolan noted the irony of WTO officials hailing free trade's benefits from behind legions of armed riot troops. "If what the WTO is doing inside those closed meetings is so great, how come they need all this muscle to protect them?" asked Dolan.

Now, his question must be updated. If the croupiers of corporate capital really believe that restructuring the global economy to limit protections for workers, the environment and human rights represents a positive development, why must they employ deadly force to defend the meetings at which they plot their warped vision of "progress"?

The answer, of course, is that the politicians gathered in Genoa are not "leading." They are being lead by corporate interests that are, by their very nature, at odds with enlightened and pragmatic public interest. And the public is rapidly awakening to this fact. Despite the police violence, the demonstrations in Genoa are already some of the largest protests in history against the neo-liberal, corporatist model of development.

An estimated 100,000 activists from around the world have made their way to Italy to echo the sentiments of former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema, who announced prior to the summit that the place for those who seek a just world is in the streets of Genoa. A former G8 participant, D'Alema would have been welcome on the "European Vision" cruise ship where most visiting dignitaries will be resident, or at the "Jolly Hotel" to which the U.S. president has been moved "for security reasons." But D'Alema has taken the side of the future, as dangerous as that can be -- politically and physically.

George W. Bush may say -- as he did Wednesday -- that the activists pouring into Genoa from around the world are "no friends of the poor." He may claim that global poverty can only be addressed by freeing corporations to exploit workers, pollute the environment and reject regulation.

But the numbers of those who disagree with Bush's simplistic and wrong-minded calculations are growing. Peaceful protests against corporate globalization may now be the routine. But they are routinely larger. And the intimidation, the arrests and the violence ordered by those who cling to free-trade fantasies will never be sufficient to silence the cry that has gone up from the streets of Genoa: "Our world is not for sale."

2001 The Nation Company, L.P.


Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: Mark Graffis <mgraffis@vitelcom.net>
Subject: from Starhawk: "Please do Something"

From: <getmelissa@uswest.net>

Please go to your local Italian embassy now!!!!!!! If you can't go there please at least call the Italian Embassy.


--- Original Message ---

Subject: [GP2001] Genoa 7/21
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: humanbeing@webtv.net

Letters home from an exercise in political dialogue

Genoa 7/21

By Starhawk

I think I'm calm, that I'm not in shock, but my fingers are trembling as I write this. We were up at the school that serves as a center for media, medical and trainings. We had just finished our meeting and were talking, making phone calls, when we heard shouts and sirens and the roar of people yelling, objects breaking. The cops had come and they were raiding the center. We couldn't get out of the building because there were two many people at the entrance. Lisa grabbed my hand and we went up, running up the five flights of stairs, up to the very top. Jeffrey joined us, people were scattering and looking for places to hide. We weren't panicking but my heart was pounding and I could hardly catch my breathe. We found an empty room, a couple of tables, grabbed some sleeping bags to cover our heads if we got beaten. And waited. Helicopters were buzzing over the building, we could hear doors being slammed and voices shouting below, then quiet. Someone came in, walked around, left. I couldn't seem to breath deep and I had an almost uncontrollable cough-but I controlled it. I lay there remembering we had lots and lots of people sending us love and protection and I was finally able to breathe. The light went on. Through a crack between the tables, I could see a helmet, a face. A big Italian cop with a huge paunch loomed over us. He told us to come out. He didn't seem in beating mode, but we stayed where we were, tried to talk to him in English and Spanish and the few Italian words I know "paura" "fear" and "pacifisti." He took us down to the third floor, where a whole lot of people were sitting, lined up against the walls.

We waited. Someone came in, demanding to know whether there was someone there from Irish Indy media. We waited. Lawyers arrived: The police left. For some arcane reason of Italian law, because it was a media place we had some right to be there, although the school across the street was also a media center and they went in there and beat people up. We watched for a long time out the windows. They began carrying people out on stretchers. One, Two, a dozen or more. A crowd had gathered and were shouting "Assessini! Assesini!" They brought out the waking wounded, arrested them and took them away. We believe they brought someone out in a body bag.

The crowd below was challenging the cops and the cops were challenging the crowd and suddenly a huge circle of media gathered, bright camera lights. Monica, who is hosting us and is with the Genoa Social Forum, came up and found us. She'd been calling embassies and media and may have saved us from getting hurt once the cops finished with the first building. All the time there were helicopters thrumming and shining bright lights into the building. A few brave men were holding back the angry crowd, who seemed ready to charge the line of riot cops that was formed up in front of the school, shields up and gas masks on. "Tranquilo, tranquilo," the men were saying, holding up their hands and restraining the angry crowd from a suicidal charge. I was on the phone home, then back to the window, back to the phone. Finally, the cops went away. We went down to the first floor, outside, heard the story. They had come in to the rooms where people were sleeping. Everyone had raised up their hands, calling out "pacifisti! Pacifist!" And they beat the shit out of every person there. There's no pretty way to say it. We went into the other building: there was blood at every sleeping spot, pools of it in some places, stuff thrown around, computers and equipment trashed. We all wandered around in shock, not wanting to think about what is happening to those they arrested, to those they took to the hospital. We know that they have arrested everyone they take to the hospital, taken people to jail and tortured them. One of the young Frenchmen from our training, Vincent, had his head badly beaten on Friday in the street. In jail, they took him into a room, twisted his arms behind his back and banged his head on the table. Another man was taken into a room covered with pictures of Mussolini and pornography, and alternately slapped around and then stroked with affection in a weird psychological torture. Others were forced to shout, "Viva El Duce!" ! ! Just in case it isn't clear that this is Fascism. Italian variety, but it is coming your way. It is the lengths they will go to to defend their power. It's the lie that globalization means democracy. I can tell you, right now, tonight, this is not what democracy looks like.

I've got to stop now. We should be safe if we can make our way back to where we're staying. Call the Italian Embassy. Go there, shame them! We may not be able to mount another demonstration tomorrow here if the situation stays this dangerous. Please, do something!


From: "Mark Graffis" <mgraffis@islands.vi>
Subject: Tonight on CNN 10pm EST - "Urban Combat"
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001

Subject: CNN: Urban Combat
From: Lysander Zimmerman :LAMZ@sympatico.ca

Today at 10 PM (eastern standard time) CNN will be airing a report on URBAN COMBAT. I have been hearing about this for a while now, and this CNN propaganda special is confirmation: the police and military everywhere are preparing for mass public insurgence.

Everyone fighting the forces of globalization knows that the preparation for counter-revolutionary combat goes hand-in-hand with world domination (we see this when the IMF lends money to poor countries). Now, our countries are doing the same. They are preparing to crush dissent in order to ram their trade agreements through the barriers of public opinion. Along with these counter-dissentient tactics comes the preparation for URBAN COMBAT.

I think that it would be a good idea for EVERY ACTIVIST to watch this and to start thinking ahead. I know that it will most likely be the most disgusting white-wash piece of indoctrinating trash that CNN can produce, but it still might be a good idea to gather any kind of info on these heinous plans as possible.


What: Urban Combat
Where: CNN
When: Tonight, 10 PM (ET)


Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001
From: Patricia Mueller <patriciahelene@yahoo.com>
Subject: Bush's Disgrace on the Kyoto Protocols

As expected, George Dubya has totally disgraced the United States in the eyes of the world by rejecting the ratification of the Kyoto Protocols on Global Warming. This tells the world that the U.S. considers itself disconnected from and superior to everyone else. I wish to disassociate myself from my government to everyone who reads this and to apologize profusely for my country's government which is no longer representative of the majority of American people. Please forgive us. And, to the Americans reading this, I plead with you to do the following: Join the National Arbor Day Foundation (costs just $10)(www.arborday.org) and get busy immediately planting trees everywhere! They will send you 10 free trees just for joining.

And Today, RIGHT NOW -- go out into your neighborhood, find a tree that has some sort of seeds on it, plant those seeds in memory of the many people worldwide who will suffer, and even die, as their rainforests are destroyed. Plant a tree in memory of the recently deceased "Fair and Caring America" which our leaders have just killed this day in Genoa. Secondly, get some houseplants into your home, just a cutting or a cheap little plant from the market, but name it (tag it) "In Memory of Genoa, July 22, 2001". Always let that plant remind you what happened this day. Grow it big and give away many cuttings throughout your life, adding oxygen to the homes of all your friends.

Further, make it your life work to plant as many trees and bushes (a bush for Bush) as possible to replace the oxygen that will be removed by the destruction of rainsforests. America has a vast amount of "penance" to do for this immense "sin" which happened today. And finally, write to that idiot in the White House and tell him exactly what you think of his actions today, how you are planting a tree (many trees if possible) to offset his total disregard for the entire planet, and to offset the hatred, disbelief and disgust the rest of the planet must be feeling toward us today. Do what you can to help heal the planet. Blessings and Light on the Path

-- Rev. Patricia Helene


From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001
Subject: New Republican Emblem

The GOP National Committee announced today that it is changing the Republican emblem from an elephant to a condom because it more clearly reflects the party's political stance.

A condom stands up to inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives one a sense of security while screwing others.

Furthermore, it was reported today that at a White House staff meeting last week there was a heated discussion about the health of Vice President Cheney and his angina problem. The President was especially perplexed when a staffer said that Cheney has "acute angina." President Bush interrupted and stated emphatically that "Men do not have anginas."


From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001

FROM: http://www.express-news.net/auth/ennews/ap/texas/d0637.html

Author of Bush biography commits suicide

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (AP) - The author of a book about George W. Bush has killed himself, police said. James Howard Hatfield, 43, wrote Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the making of an American President in 1999. The unauthorized biography accused Bush of covering up a cocaine arrest. But during interviews about the book, Hatfield lied to reporters about his own criminal past.

A hotel housekeeper discovered the man's body about noon Wednesday, Springdale police Detective Al Barrios said Thursday. Barrios said the man apparently overdosed on two kinds of prescription drugs. Police don't suspect foul play.

... yeah, right! ;-) ;-)

just like Marilyn ...