January 18, 2001

The Corpocracy Uncovered: The GW Bush Gang: IG Farben 2001: Bush family supported Third Reich + The Godfather’s New World Order + RED CHINA and THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS

Hello everyone

In just 2 days, on January 20, 2001, President-Select George W Bush's fraudulent reign will begin. All the information we have - and *plenty* of it has been compiled below - clearly indicates that he and his ultra-conservative team will turn back the clock on a wide range of issues and gradually implement a pro-business, pro-war, pro-biotech, anti-life, anti-human rights, anti-environment agenda that could very well set the worst possible example and cancel several successes achieved through past long, arduous struggles.

I think nearly everyone fails to grasp the scope and gravity of this situation, especially considering the fact that, as usual, the corporate-owned media cover up, protect and generally defend almost everything "Bush & Big Business" are doing in America and around the world.

One hopeful consequence of this BBB era that now begins is that it will push the envelope of "democracy" and of people's patience to such extreme that there will be a very strong backlash to boot them out of power in 4 years and try to undo some of the damages they will do...

If it is still possible!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network (ERN) Coordinator

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Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001
From: David Creighton <dcr8on@sympatico.ca> Subject: The GW Bush Gang: IG Farben 2001: Bush family supported Third Reich

I seldom pay detailed attention to USA politics but the following impacted my breakfast... dc

Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001
From: Mark Douglas Whitaker <mrkdwhit@wallet.com>

The GW Bush Gang: IG Farben 2001 by Robert Lederman

"What my cabinet shows is that I am not afraid to surround myself with strong and competent people...a good executive is one that understands how to recruit people and how to delegate authority and responsibility."

-GW Bush 1/2/2001

As promised GW Bush has recruited competent and experienced advisors. Despite their seeming diversity however they have a common denominator. The America they reflect is the oil, pharmaceutical, armament, Wall Street and eugenics interests long associated with the Bush family.

Seventy years ago a similar configuration of oil, pharmaceutical, chemical, military supply and eugenics interests were organized by Wall Street into IG Farben/Standard Oil-Hitler's industrial powerhouse. To grasp the real significance of what GW Bush's cabinet has been brought together to accomplish it is essential to understand the history of IG Farben, its relationship with American corporations and how together they applied modern technology to the task of eugenics or scientific racism.

According to former US Justice Dept. Nazi War Crimes prosecutor John Loftus -who is today the director of the Florida Holocaust Museum- "The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich," -Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000 http://www.newscoast.com/headlinesstory2.cfm?ID=35115

Along with the Rockefellers (Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank), Mellons (Gulf Oil, Alcoa Aluminum), DuPonts (DuPont Chemicals), General Motors and Henry Ford, banks and shipping companies operated by the Bush family were crucial players in setting up the industrial power behind the Third Reich. These companies poured hundreds of millions of dollars into IG Farben and provided it with technology for tactically-essential synthetic materials-***while withholding the same materials and patents from the US government.***

The Rockefeller family, long aligned with the Bushes, owned Standard Oil. Through a stock transfer they became half owners of Germany's IG Farben with Farben likewise owning almost half of Standard Oil. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, IG Farben built and operated more than 40 concentration camps in Nazi-occupied Europe, including Auschwitz.

At their slave labor/factory/death camps chemicals, weapons, drugs, synthetic fuels and other materials vital to the Nazi war effort were manufactured. In addition, eugenicists like Dr. Josef Mengele used the human subjects in the camps for experiments the data from which are today the basis for many drugs marketed by the pharmaceutical industry-not too surprising in light of the fact that more Americans die from prescription drugs than from any other single cause.

At the end of WWII the allies split up IG Farben into companies that are now the top pharmaceutical concerns on earth among them Bayer, Hoescht, BASF, the Agfa-Gevaert Group and Cassella AG. Many of Wall Streets favorite pharmaceutical/chemical companies behind the proliferation of genetically-altered foods, transgenic animals, human cloning, dangerous psychiatric drugs, deadly vaccines and pesticides-such as Aventis-are subsidiaries of these same companies.

War provides the necessary medium in which this witches brew of oil, eugenics, pharmaceuticals, munitions and Wall Street investing can reach maximum growth. Likewise, war is also the essential frame of reference for the newly formed GW Bush administration.

The high-profile minorities who are working as Bush advisors have been hand-picked, funded and carefully cultivated by right wing think tanks and conservative foundations with a white supremacist philosophy in order to provide cover for their anti-poor, anti-minority eugenics agenda.

For those who scoff at the validity of comparing the Bush administration to the Nazis and IG Farben please note the following. I'm not suggesting that GW Bush is a literal Nazi nor am I implying that everyone who is an oil or pharmaceutical company executive automatically deserves to be linked to IG Farben. That the Bush wealth and prominence in American politics is derived from Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker's support of Hitler is a historical fact. If the connection ended in 1945 with the destruction of Nazi Germany that might have been the end of it-it didn't end there however.

Not only has the eugenics agenda continued but many of the top Nazis who were advancing it during WWII were brought to the US after the war and installed in academia, the media, government research institutions and the CIA-by the same American officials who worked with the Bush family to build up Nazi Germany in the first place. Their ideas formed the basis for much of the agenda promoted by this nation's most influential right-wing think tanks-the same think tanks that are the sponsors of GW Bush and virtually every one of his appointees.

Why is it significant that many of Bush's staff and cabinet appointees are former pharmaceutical company executives as was GW's father, former President George Bush? These corporations are voraciously patenting the earth's life forms-its plants, bacteria, viruses, animals and even human genetic lineages. Reproduction of plants, animals and humans may eventually be totally controlled by these corporations, genetically-altered, recombined into chimeric life forms and exploited for profit.

The Human Genome Project, as it admits on the very first page of its website - http://vector.cshl.org/eugenics.html - , is derived from the eugenics movement in the US and Nazi Germany during the first half of the 20th century. The Eugenics Records Office at Cold Springs Harbor NY-where American eugenics started-was built by the Harriman family-the Bushes' Wall Street business partners in funding Hitler. This is the new frontier of colonialism in the 21st century-the total domination and exploitation of the earth and everything on it-the New World Order both former President Bush and Adolf Hitler so frequently called for.

While my writings focus on the Republican aspect of this agenda there is no question that many Democrats are participants and that none of these things could be accomplished without the full "bipartisan support" we hear about each and every day.

Some of the men and women who do the thinking for GW Bush:

- Vice President, Dick Cheney, arguably the real President-elect, was one of papa Bush's top advisors. His company, Haliburton, is one of the nation's largest recipients of government contracts, supplying military equipment, oil services and infrastructure. Cheney epitomizes corporate-welfare and like most of Bush's appointees is a multi-millionaire who will receive huge financial benefits from the administrations' policies and any wars it manages to get the US into.

- Secretary of Labor Linda Chavez (NOTE: she was forced a couple days ago to withdraw her nomination) -who is outspokenly anti-union-was a research fellow at the CIA's Manhattan Institute during 1993 and 1994 and has received almost $200,000 in grants from the John M. Olin Foundation, a notorious right-wing fund derived from a family business in munitions and chemicals with roots in white supremacy. Despite her Hispanic surname she is an outspoken advocate for the English First Movement. Chavez is president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, based in Washington, D.C. an organization dedicated to eliminating affirmative action. On their website Chavez quotes Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, a classic of modern racial eugenics which has become the "bible" for the anti-welfare anti-affirmative action movement.

- Secretary of Health and Human Services, Wisconsin Gov. Tommy G. Thompson, is known for his controversial welfare reforms-based in large part on two books by Charles Murray, Losing Ground and The Bell Curve. Murray was a consultant for the Wisconsin welfare reform program. Thompson's protege, Jason Turner, was later brought to NYC where he has run Mayor Giuliani's characteristically brutal welfare elimination program. Turner became notorious for quoting the motto on the gates over Auschwitz- "Arbeit Macht Frei-work shall make you free". He is frequently a guest with Charles Murray in panel discussions at the CIA's Manhattan Institute and other Bush-connected think tanks. Murray wrote the Bell Curve while a fellow at the Manhattan Institute where his pseudo-scientific research on the genetic inferiority of African Americans was primarily financed by the Pioneer Fund. Since 1937 the Pioneer Fund has promoted eugenics and the ideology of white racial superiority.

- Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham, who served as Vice President Dan Quale's chief of staff, spent years trying to abolish the very agency he will now head. His legislative positions include being against higher fuel efficiency standards for cars, being against government regulations for industry and support for opening up national parklands to oil drilling. He is a recipient of oil company contributions totaling more than $221,000 according to the NY Times. The American Petroleum Institute has said it looks forward to working with Abraham. Abraham helped found the conservative law group the Federalist Society which specializes in eliminating social programs, affirmative action, welfare and bilingual education. The society is funded by the John M. Olin Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Bradley Foundation, and the Lilly Endowment-America's leading far right think tanks. Among its most prominent members are Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas whose questionable election ruling gave Bush his illegitimate Presidency. Spokespersons for the Federalist Society include Bell Curve author Charles Murray, Manhattan Institute fellow Abigail Thernstrom, and Dinesh d'Souza of the American Enterprise Institute.

- Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, the latest African American Bush appointee, is a conservative public schools administrator in Texas and decades-long crony of the Bush family who supports vouchers, tying teacher pay directly to test scores and school privatization-all of which will negatively impact African American students by destroying public education.

- Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense under President Ford. Rumsfeld like Powell, Cheney, Rice and numerous other Bush administration officials is a salesman for the Star Wars Missile Defense Shield. He served four terms in the US Congress where he voted against Medicare, anti-poverty programs like Headstart, food stamps and various healthcare proposals. Rumsfeld, who formerly headed Searle Pharmaceuticals, is part of the drug company axis within the Bush administration. Former President Bush was director of Eli Lilly, OMB head Mitchell E. Daniels was also senior executive of Eli Lilly and AG John Ashcroft is known as a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Gail R. Wilensky-one of numerous John M. Olin grant recipients attached to Bush-is the principal author of GW's Medicare plan. Wilensky serves on the boards of eight health care companies in which she owns more than $12 million in stock.

- Secretary of State, Colin Powell is a lifelong operative of the CIA/military-industrial complex. While working for the Pentagon he earned his present stature by helping cover up the Mai Lai massacre, the contra/arms-cocaine deal and Gulf War Syndrome. Powell's reputation as a hero derives from presiding over a war in which US troops were used as guinea pigs for drug companies' experimental vaccines so that they could "safely" fight George Bush's friend Sadamn Hussein-who had been supplied with chemical and biological weapons by the Bush administration. Unlike most of GW's appointees of color, Powell proudly admits he owes his career to affirmative action yet willingly joins an administration that considers ending affirmative action a top priority.

- Secretary of the Treasury, Paul H. O'Neill is the chairman of Alcoa Aluminum, one of the world's worst polluters and a leading corporate supporter of Nazi Germany and eugenics. O'Neill owns 1.6 million shares of Alcoa, worth more than $50 million. During WWII Alcoa negotiated a deal with the Nazis and IG Farben to supply Germany's war machine rather than the US military with aluminum. "If America loses this war," said then Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes on June 26, 1941, "it can thank the Aluminum Corporation of America [ALCOA]." Alcoa produces hundreds of millions of tons of fluoride. This highly toxic waste byproduct of aluminum has been linked in thousands of medical studies to cancer and other degenerative diseases. In the 1950's Alcoa arranged to have it added to our nation's drinking water rather than disposed of as toxic waste. During WWII in IG Farben's slave labor camps Nazis scientists discovered that by adding fluoride to the drinking water they could make prisoners more submissive to authority. O'Neill is a fellow at the RAND Corporation and American Enterprise Institute, two more extreme right-wing think tanks.

- Attorney General John Ashcroft (NOTE: His nomination is strongly opposed - see the Confirmation Hearings process at http://dailynews.yahoo.com/fc/US/Bush_Administration/ ) is a self-styled moral crusader as strongly anti-abortion as he is enthusiastic about the death penalty. Last year, Ashcroft received an honorary degree from Bob Jones University. He is closely aligned with the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson and Southern heritage groups which admire the Confederacy and defend the institution of slavery as practiced in the South. He is known among lobbyists as an advocate for drug companies and the automotive industry and for preventing consumers from suing HMO's. The furor over Ashcroft's anti-abortion views is being played out exactly as planned by Team Bush. Not only will the Bush administration never make abortions illegal, if anything the eugenics agenda that underlies the Bush family history guarantees that abortion, sterilization and other technologies intended to limit population-including war, chemical exposure, pesticide use in urban areas, genetically-altered foods and vaccines-will proceed at an unprecedented level. The Bush gang are delighted to see Democrats, women's rights advocates and the left focusing on Ashcroft while virtually ignoring the other Bush appointees.

- Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans is an insider in the Texas "oil mafia" and is GW's closest friend and confidant. He's also friend, confidant and contributor to one of America's biggest recipients of government contacts, Halliburton's Dick Cheney.

- Office of Management and Budget Director Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., was senior executive of the Eli Lilly drug company and was previously the president of the arch-conservative Hudson Institute. Daniels, who advocates strict enforcement of laws against casual drug users, was busted for drugs in 1970.

Bush and Eugenics links http://www.padrak.com/alt/BUSHBOOK_INDEX.html

Past articles by Robert Lederman about West Nile Virus, Bush, Giuliani, Manhattan Institute and Eugenics can be found at: http://Baltech.org/lederman/spray/

Please forward and post widely-Thanks! And don't forget-IMPEACH GW BUSH!

From: http://www.zmag.org/ZMag/articles/may99herman.htm

The Godfather’s New World Order

By Edward S. Herman

Perhaps we should take heart in the rationality of the process whereby power affects global moral judgments and policies, even if this results in the institutionalization of truly laughable double standards. Examples abound. The Godfather can get away with supporting tyrants of the most monstrous sort for decades (e.g., the Duvaliers of Haiti, Mobutu of Zaire, Gen. Alfred Stroessner of Paraguay, and Indonesia’s Gen. Suharto) while proclaiming a devotion to democracy. He can destroy or support the destruction of entire regions of the world (e.g., Indochina, southern Africa) in order to “save” them. He can run the banners of international law and the UN up his flagpole (e.g., in Iraq, in Somalia, and in Bosnia in this decade), and he can pull the same banners down again when they cease to be useful and the “national interest” is at stake (e.g., in rejecting the World Court’s 1986 condemnation of his acts of aggression against Nicaragua, the General Assembly vote castigating his invasion of Panama, last year’s cruise missile strikes against the Sudan and Afghanistan, and this year’s bombings of Iraq and Yugoslavia).

The Godfather can even pick and choose his bombing targets, all the while relying on the support of the “international community,” one of the many angels in the Godfather’s pantheon and one that in the end always seems to get in line just long enough to affirm the justness of his actions as self-appointed global judge and enforcer.

The bombables are those who cross the Godfather and his friends (Iraqis, Lebanese), who interfere with their plans to dominate (Serbs; earlier, Vietnamese), or who may be guilty of aiding the established villains (Afghans, Sudanese). Those engaging in similar or worse behavior, but allies or clients of the Godfather and serving his interests, are exempt from bombing and are even given aid and protection (Israelis, Turks, Colombians). It is possible to move quickly from one class to another, as Saddam Hussein did on August 2, 1990—previously given aid and diplomatic protection by the U.S. and its British toady, thereafter “another Hitler” and bombable.

Acceptable & Unacceptable Impunity

For those designated villains, like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge (KR), war crimes tribunals are “the only way to reconciliation,” as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright explained to Thai officials in Bangkok on March 5. Otherwise, the reasoning goes, the Cambodian people will be unable to summon up the courage to face the future and bury the past. Power having spoken, the “international community” agrees, and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan also gets on board, urging that the KR leaders be brought before an international tribunal because “impunity is unacceptable in the face of either genocide or crimes against humanity.” Nor is there likely to be any impunity either for Slobodan Milosevic, the current Bad Fellow Number One on the international community’s short list of designated criminals. With the Western media focusing intently on the details of his army’s ethnic cleansing, and with a Finnish forensic group reportedly declaring the Serb killings at Racak a “crime against humanity,” and recommending that the atrocity be referred to the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, it would clearly be unacceptable for this latest “Hitler” to escape accountability.

But it turns out that “impunity” is acceptable for the allies, clients, and friends of the Godfather as well as the Godfather himself. The Godfather having supported Suharto for 33 years, and declaring him “our kind of guy” in 1995, his triple genocide (Indonesia, 1965-1969, East Timor, West Papua) does not cause the international community, Kofi Annan, or Western media and moralists to call for forensic investigations of his killing fields, much less a trial for crimes against humanity. Even with the extensive publicity given Suharto during his downfall in the spring of 1998, nowhere in the mainstream U.S. media was it suggested that he was a war criminal deserving the same treatment as Pol Pot. Madeleine Albright even discussed the need for a war crimes trial of the KR leaders in Jakarta on March 4 without anybody in the western media raising an eyebrow about double standards. Suharto is a “good genocidist” who killed unworthy victims (i.e., he served western interests), and western reporters and editorialists internalize his special impunity status.

Similarly, prior to last October’s surprise request by the Spanish Magistrate Balthasar Garzon for Great Britain’s arrest and extradition of Chilean Senator for Life Augusto Pinochet, his impunity and continuing anti-democratic power in Chile had hardly aroused the international community. On the contrary, Chile had been treated as a success story. The wee bit of class cleansing that occurred there had a happy ending, with a constrained neoliberal democracy, a battered working class reduced to a political non-factor, and the Chilean economy a model of free market “reform.” The Spanish extradition request took the West by surprise, and while some media commentators now say that Pinochet deserves extradition and trial, none of them had previously declared him a war criminal and urged that he be cuffed, packaged, and shipped to The Hague. Like Suharto, he was a good geno- cidist, his impunity unchallenged.

With the KR leaders, national reconciliation requires “accountability for the past” and therefore the convening of an internationally sponsored war crimes tribunal. In the case of good genocidists, however, it is amusing to see how frequently reconciliation and accountability allegedly clash, ruling out

Official apologies for gross misdeeds play a varied role in the Godfather’s world. They can serve as a means of exonerating his associates and himself, and this can be contrasted with the outrageous refusal of enemies to do the same. During the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict the Palestinian leadership frequently refused to apologize for violent acts (some of which they denied being responsible for), whereas in a number of gross cases the Israelis would say they were sorry. This was regularly put forward as demonstrating a higher Israeli moral standard. After Sabra-Shatila, where the Christian Phalange in a refugee camp under Israeli control butchered more than 1,000 Palestinian civilians, an Israeli commission investigated the incident, found several Israeli officers guilty of negligence, subjected them to minor penalties, and expressed regrets at the incident. The high morality of this process greatly impressed the U.S. media, and from their curious perspective it more than offset any negative assessments of Israeli virtue stemming from its role in a massacre of Palestinian civilians vastly greater than any inflicted on Israel by the “terrorists.”

Similarly, the Soviet Union’s failure to apologize for the September 1993 destruction of the Korean Air Lines Flight 007, which they had mistaken to be an encroaching spy plane, helped reinforce the furious media denunciations of Soviet barbarism and cold-blooded murder. On the other hand, when the Missile Cruiser U.S. Vincennes shot down an Iranian civilian airliner in 1988, killing 290 Iranians, the act was defended here as an understandable if regrettable error, and the U.S. graciously expressed regrets and offered reparations. However, Captain William C. Rogers, III, the officer in charge of the Vincennes when this shoot down occurred, was given a hero’s welcome on his return to the ship’s port of call in San Diego, and was subsequently awarded the Navy’s Legion of Merit medal for “exceptionally meritorious conduct” and “outstanding service” in a ceremony presided over by President George Bush, somewhat weakening the force of the apology. At the time (1990), this award for distinguished service was given near-zero publicity by the mainstream media.

Another function of apologies is to confirm the lesser moral standing of rival states, helping keep them in their place, and demonstrating the appropriateness of the U.S. role as leader. The U.S. media regularly and with relish feature demands on the French, Germans, and Japanese for apologies (and reparations) for past crimes —the French and Germans for their mistreatment of the Jews; the Japanese for their crimes in China and Korea. Reporting these demands and apologies subtly elevates the moral status of the U.S., even if based on a chauvinistic ignoring of our own crimes and failure to mention the postwar U.S. protection and use of Nazi and Japanese war criminals.

The Godfather rarely apologizes for his own numerous and very large crimes. This is because of the self-righteous arrogance of power, reinforced by a deeply rooted racism, recorded in the numerous racist-supremacist statements made by a string of U.S. presidents and secretaries of state. In imperial ideology, the leadership of the imperial power always means well, so that any deaths inflicted on distant peoples are a regrettable side-effect of the leader/ policeperson’s benevolent intent. As we suffer casualties in these noble endeavors, the people we are trying to save should be thanking us for our generous service rather than expecting apologies.

So the U.S. has felt no obligation to apologize very often—not for slavery, lynching, segregation, the genocidal treatment of Native Americans, the dropping of two atomic bombs on cities of the defeated Japan, the devastation of Indochina, the underwriting of the National Security States, death squads and disappearances of the years 1950-1990, or the putting into place Mobutu, Marcos, Pinochet, and Suharto, among many other crimes.

Clinton has therefore broken new ground on the apologies front. Suddenly, the president is terribly sorry for his Administration’s foot dragging on the Rwandan atrocities in 1994. He is sorry for what the government of his country helped do in Guatemala for almost a half-century. In the Guatemala case, of course, Clinton tells us that the exigencies of the Cold War and anti- communism explained but did not justify our behavior. The media response to Clinton’s apology on Guatemala has been generally positive. The prevailing view is that the apology is morally cleansing, and as in the case of Israeli apologies displays our high moral quality. The right wing has been less pleased, some cynically noting how “cheap” it is to apologize, others questioning our making any apologies whatsoever, given the evil of communism and the desirable long run effects of its defeat. Clinton, of course, did not explain why we supported the murderous Guatemalan tyrant Jorge Ubico (1931-1944) long before the Cold War. None of the media analysts suggest that maybe the Cold War was a cover for policies desired on other grounds— like protecting United Fruit’s investments and meeting the general corporate objective of assuring a favorable climate of investment.

Not a single mainstream media commentator has suggested that Clinton is doing today exactly what he is apologizing for our having done in the past, and that some apology-minded leader a decade or two down the line may well be apologizing for Clinton’s “sanctions murder” of over a million Iraqis, his support of very serious state and paramilitary terror in Colombia, and his major role in the dismantlement and destruction of Yugoslavia. Z

Edward S. Herman is professor of finance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of numerous books and articles, and has been a contributor to Z since 1988.


Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001
From: Jeff Gordon <jeff.gordon@wellnow.com> Subject: RED CHINA and THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS

Hi, Jean

Your recent compilation again mentions the dreadful corruption evidenced by the recent 5-week dog-and-pony show in Florida.

-That- picture of how the world is being run is so awfully small, we really need to come beyond it as soon as possible.

It's been rumored for years and years that all presidential elections were 'fixed' from the outset, and that "vote fraud" is a major part of how the outcomes were produced. The most important element of the 'fix', of course, is the "two-party system" itself, which allows the possibility -both- candidates will be in service to a same agenda that is never revealed to the people's awareness.

In other words, Florida didn't represent "anything new" -- which means, we were -allowed- to see the process on this occasion, for shadowed reasons we don't yet understand, but, to be sure, those reasons are being served by our continuing to remark on "how terrible it all is!" and the idea, "-Now- we must do something about it!"

One writer in your compilation mentioned that "democracy" is broken. Technically he's wrong about that, and doesn't understand what "democracy" is.

In a Republic, sovereignty is vested in -each- natural person. In a Democracy, sovereignty is vested in -the lump of all- natural persons.

This means that in a Republic, the government is -under- the sovereign people; whereas in a Democracy, each person -owes- his/her participation in, and compliance to, the System. In a Democracy, nothing can be done until the "will of the Lump" is determined, by voting in which everyone participates -- and then, the "will of the lump" is imposed without exception upon all persons who comprise the lump.

There is no provision in Democracy for "rights of minorities"; rather, it's "we'll all be doing what the majority wants" and whatever they happen to feel is preferable on any given day.

Socrates was sentenced to death, -by- a Democracy, in which at least 51% of the persons found it intolerable that Socrates should continue to live -- without regard to the remaining 49% and whatever they may have wanted.

HOWEVER -- It's mistaken to believe that the dog-and-pony show in Florida revealed anything, one way or the other, about the current status of either "our democracy" or "our republic" -- because it was -not- an example of either form of government in action, but "an incredible simulation" provided for our (the world's) attention at this point in the unfoldment of world events.

We need to ask this question:

How -much- do we know a thing to be true?

For example, do we really -know- that "the will of the people" was for Gore to be president? All we do know is that there was some commotion over ballot-counting, ONLY in Florida, offered to us with interpretations by media. Were there no chads or dimples anywhere in California or elsewhere? Could it be our attention was invited to center on Florida solely because it would seem more plausible to us that there could be something amiss there, since Bush's brother is governor there?

AND STILL we don't get it. It isn't about "the process went wrong". It's about "the process was -arrogated- years and years ago, not by Democrats or Republicans, not by Conservatives or Liberals, but by...well, read Sherman Skolnick's recent piece below, to get an enlarged sense of how long this has been going on; then supply your own creative term for what to call the ones who have arrogated the system. :-)

From: American Patriot Friends Network <apfn@apfn.org>

Monday, 15-Jan-01


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