June 25, 1999

Subject: FWD GM crops can cross-pollinate: official + Monsanto Sweetener Turns Sour: Admits GE product! + Urgent Action Needed to help the Navajo people + NATO pilot on the bombing of Yugoslavia: "...one the biggest savageries of history" + Newsweek on GE Summit



I'd like to nail down a couple thoughts which, hopefully, will waken you up a bit on the atrocities committed by those of the world Establishment who would so much want that their crimes remain unknown to the vast majority of us.

In those 4 emails below received in the last few days, you will find an overall theme - if you have a clear enough conscience to see it.

The contempt for life shown by some despicable characters, mostly from the United States of America, is simply appaling.

* Despite ample evidence that genetically modified crops are biological pollutants that will soon wreak havoc with the global environment (the survival of the monarch butterflies for instance is now at risk because of Bt-laced GM crops in the US) and the fragile balance of the Earth's ecosystem, they went ahead anyway, with the blessings of the US governmental authorities (chiefly) and sprinkled those deadly plants decried by Prince Charles (see in a recent post I sent you all) all around the world. But fortunately Europeans are strongly resisting the concealed and stealth invasion of our food by genetically modified "Frankenfoods" that Monsanto and Dupont are doing their utter best to ram into our throats. But when will the authorities put those people into jail as the Belgium government did for the 2 men responsible for the dioxine poisoning of animal feed recently?...

* Aspartame, one of the deviliest sweetening products ever designed by man that can cause or amplify a number of debilitating illnesses ranging from Alzheimer to arthritis because of the neurotoxic effect of the various poisons it creates when chemically decomposed by heat, has now been discovered to be even more dangerous because a bacteria used to produce it is often of a genetically modified variety and can have dramatic, albeit never verified nor studied, effects on the human health. But fortunately and thanks to the unrelenting awareness-raising campaign waged by Mission Possible International headed by Betty Martini, more physicians than ever know about this man-made epidemic and warn their patients off all Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke and all other NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/Benevia/NatraTaste sweetened "asparcidal foods" (over 5000 of them contains some of this poison in every North American supermarket!) and people are voting with their dollars to force those poisoners and the FDA to take this shit out of our food.

* Big BAD Business, namely Peabody Coal Mine in the US, has forced in 1980, with the direct assistance of the US government, the relocation - "coal cleansing" in fact - of over 10,000 human beings (Navajo people) who had been living for thousands of years on their sacred land and now they want the forced removal of another 3000 people to expand their land-scaring mining operations -- just as the US government has been waging a war in Kosovo *allegedly* over the forced expulsion of the Albanian Kosovars from their land... Fortunately some courageous people are willing to risk taking a stand to protest against this infamous coal cleansing policy while the apathetic US media turn a blind eye and respond only with a deafening silence to this ignominous violation of the most sacred human right - the right to live peacefully off the land of your ancesters.

* And finally, when we thought the barbaric war and bombing of Kosovo and Serbia was over and that we could now rest peacefully and enjoy summer, here comes this news that the bombing and murdering of civilians by the overwhelming firepower of US-led NATO was entirely intentional and coldly ordered despite protests by some of the pilots hired to do this dirty job. The media who, once again, played this story according to the script written by the Big BAD US Government operatives, have barely scratched the surface of all the ignominous and barbaric crimes against humanity and the environment perpetrated under the pretense of saving the Albanians Kosovars from Serbian atrocities - which were absolutely real, no question about that! - but which were in fact a perfect testing ground for a host of new exotic weapons and a show a force to teach the world just who is the undisputed warmaster of the planet - just as was the Gulf War...

So read on if you don't mind having an open mind and a sored soul...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

GM crops can cross-pollinate: official

Guardian staff and agencies Thursday June 17, 1999

New Government research on GM crops has found they can cross-pollinate with other plants nearby. It means guidelines on growing genetically modified crops may have to change. The findings, likely to prove embarrassing to ministers, are said to show evidence of "transgenic pollution" from GM crops to neighbouring fields.

The report was commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from the John Innes Centre in Norwich. Experts at the research centre were asked to investigate claims that current safeguards were not enough to prevent GM pollen from test sites contaminating other crops, including those grown by organic farmers.

According to the Soil Association the report concludes that the safe planting distances designed to keep GM plants out of range of other crops are inadequate.

If this is the case it will force the Government to re-assess the voluntary guidelines issued by the Supply Chain Initiative on Modified Agricultural Crops (Scimac), the body that regulates GM crop experiments.

A MAFF spokesman said: "If the report makes suggestions, then we will definitely look at them and see if they are workable or practicable." The report is not yet published on the internet, and according to MAFF may not be electronically available for up to two weeks.

The Government faced calls from its backbenchers to debate the report . But the leader of the House of Commons, Margaret Beckett , said she could not promise an early debate and repeated the Government's call for the discussion to be based on science, not hearsay.

Agriculture Minister Nick Brown who attended the document launch at Westminster was asked if he regretted the introduction of genetically modified crop trials in the countryside.

He replied: "No," adding that questions about cross contamination were always a subject for discussion when organic produce first came on stream and long before GM crops. Mr Brown said the current field trials were being done to establish the facts about GM crops and assured consumers. "There is no foundation for fears about foods in the market place. I have absolute confidence in the regulatory regime."

Meanwhile, the Soil Association, which licenses 1,000 organic farmers in the UK, is setting tough new rules to maintain the purity of organically grown crops. Letters going out to farmers today instruct them to inform the Association if their fields are within six miles from a GM test site. Farmers who fall into this category will have their crops monitored. If significant GM pollution is discovered, their organic status will be withdrawn.

GM crops are now being grown on four farm-scale sites in England - at Mortimer, near Reading, Berkshire; Glentham in Lincolnshire; Lyng in Norfolk; and Watlington in Oxfordshire. There are also more than 140 much smaller experimental sites spread around the English countryside.

Crops on a fifth large site were burned by the organic farmer taking part in the trial after the Soil Association threatened to withdraw his certification. The farmer's organic beans were growing just six metres away from a GM crop field.

Catherine Fookes, campaigns manager for the Soil Association, said: "We want the Government to stop these large trials right now. They were started without anyone thinking of the consequences.

"This research should have been carried out before the trials were embarked upon. Now the Government has dug itself into a real hole, because the results show you cannot prevent contamination with the current distances."

At present the safe "buffer zones" around GM oil seed rape or fodder maize extend for a distance of 200 metres. For sugar beet the safe distance is 600 metres. Six months ago a study by the National Pollen Research Unit commissioned by the Soil Association said GM pollen could contaminate crops many miles away.

The research showed that more than 80% of rape seed pollen was carried by bees, and bees could fly more than three miles. Wind could transport it considerably further, it was claimed.

Greenpeace campaign director Dr Doug Parr said: "The Government should listen to what the people are demanding and stop field trials. Unacceptable environmental pollution is inevitable. They promised the people choice. If they don't act, this choice will be taken away. It is ridiculous to set thresholds for pollution that is living and will multiply.

"This poll shows that the public won't swallow the contamination of organic crops with GM pollution. Consumers have already voted with their purses against GM foods and in favour of healthy, modern organic alternatives. The Government should respond to the public's concern and protect organic produce rather than continuing to release GM pollution into the countryside and thereby consigning organic agriculture to its death bed."

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999
From: Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net
Subject: Monsanto Sweetener Turns Sour: Admits GE product!

Dear Paula Revere: For the media list.

With Monsanto's arrogance they think they own the government, and perhaps they do. But they don't own the people, so its up to us!. They tell us aspartame is natural. Of course! Its as natural as polyethylene! Or for that matter Nerve Gas which it better resembles since both are neurotoxins!

Long live Defenders of the People's Health! Viva!!


Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999
From: James Mackenzie <jamesmackenzie@geocities.com
Subject: B-GE: Aspartame story breaks in UK

Betty! It's front page!

Independent on Sunday 20/6/99

*World's top sweetener is made with GM bacteria*

The most widely used sweetener in the world, found in fizzy drinks and sweets, is being made using a secret genetic engineering process, which some scientists claim needs further testing for toxic side-effects.

The use of genetic engineering to make aspartame has stayed secret until now because there is no modified DNA in the finished product. Monsanto, the pioneering GM food giant, which makes aspartame, insists that it is completely safe. But some scientists fear that not enough is known about the process of making it. One of the two elements that make up the sweetener can be produced by genetically engineered bacteria, and scientists say that they cannot rule out toxic side-effects.

The Independent on Sunday has found that Monsanto often uses genetically engineered bacteria to produce the sweetener at its US production plants. "We have two strains of bacteria - one is traditionally modified and one is genetically modified," said one Monsanto source. "It's got a modified enzyme. It has one amino acid different."

A Monsanto spokeswoman confirmed that aspartame for the US market is often made using genetic engineering. But sweetener supplied to British food producers is not. However, consumer groups say it is likely that some low-calorie products containing genetically engineered aspartame have been imported into Britain.

"Increasingly, chemical companies are using genetically engineered bacteria in their manufacturing process without telling the public," said Dr Erik Millstone, of the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, and a member of the National Food Alliance.

MPs want the government to launch an inquiry to see how much US aspartame is coming into the UK. Norman Baker, Liberal Democrat environment spokesman, will this week write to Jeff Rooker, the Food Safety Minister, to ask him to ensure that US aspartame is labeled as genetically modified. "Monsanto's sweetener," he said, "has turned sour."

Aspartame is made by combining phenylalanine, which is naturally produced by bacteria, with another amino acid. To make the bacteria produce more phenylalanine, Monsanto has genetically engineered them.

"Whether such a contaminating compound will be toxic or not is entirely unknowable until empirical studies have been done to test toxicity," said Dr. John Fagan, a former genetic engineer who now heads Genetic ID, the world's leading GM test centre. "No such studies have been done, or at least they have not been placed in the public domain."

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forwarded by James Mackenzie Scottish Green Party

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1. Take the 60-day No Aspartame Test and send us your case history. Mission Possible International 5950-H State Bridge Rd. #215 Duluth, GA 30097 USA 2. Tell your doctor and all of your friends! 3. Return Asparcidal food to the store. (anything with Monsanto's NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/Benevia/NatraTaste) VISIT http://www.dorway.com Get links to over 30 sites on aspartame VISIT http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/ ..FAQs
Cases VISIT http://www.notmilk.com Exposing Bovine Growth Hormone

Disability and Death are not acceptable costs of business!

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <jackie@deepteaching.com>
Subject: clarification of your last posting about the Navajo


I appreciate you forwarding this note from one of your followers about helping the Navajo who are being harassed by the U.S. government and will be forced to move from their land by February 2000. The email you sent may not provide your readers with important context to help them fight this horror.

The government and the media are making it sound like it is a land dispute between the Hopi tribe and 3,000 Navajo, mostly old women, still at the site. This could not be farther from the truth. In actuality, the nation's largest coal strip mine - the Peabody Coal Mine - wants to expand and the Navajo are in the way. The Hopi tribal council - not connected with the Hopi people but a puppet council set up to facilitate resource abuse on the land - will be paid $25 million if they are successful in removing the remaining Navajo.

In 1980, 10,000 Navajo were forcibly moved, many to a site downstream of the nation's worst nuclear waste spill. They are suffering horribly. The plan is to move the remaining 3,000 by force to the same contaminated lands. Federal laws have been passed - lies in the name of removing the Navajo "trespassers" from Hopi land - that forbid the elders from building new homes or even repairing their old ones. Their livestock is confiscated and even firewood is taken from them in the winter by U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs agents.

Help is desperately needed.

I have written two summary articles about the tragedy that will summarize the issues. At the end of each article are links that will directly connect people with how to get involved. The mainstream media has ignored this crisis. You can find the articles at:

Resource Extraction and the Genocide of the Navajo People http://www.jps.net/jackieg/articles/may03-1999g.html

How the West Was Lost http://www.ens.lycos.com/ens/may99/1999L-05-16g.html

The email you forwarded speaks of the most recent attempts by the government to harass the elders. A group of students and supporters have set up camp at the land in Arizona to help bear witness to the atrocities and support the elders. The government, of course, wants no witnesses, so they are harassing them and pressuring the visitors to leave.

When people call, it is vital that them demand an end to all harassment of the Navajo, not just of the witnesses. Tell the officials that we will not let them carry out this genocide in secret any longer.

Thanks for your interest in this vital issue.


Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. Professor of Environmental Studies

Author, "Healing Our World" on the Environment News Service at http://www.ens.lycos.com/ens/features/healing/index.html

Visit Jackie's website on teaching, activism and an archive of over 100 of his articles at http://www.deepteaching.com

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 To: globalvisionary@cybernaute.com
From: Juliet Easton <juliet77@negia.net>
Subject: Urgent Action Needed to help the Navajo people


I just received a phone call and the following message asking for phone calls from as many people as possible in the next few days to prevent an exclusion order that would exclude al non-natives from the reservation. There have been a lot on non-natives helping in the Dineh (Navajo) struggle to stay on the land. Below is the information on this:


The following was reported from participants of the Witness Camp at Pauline nWhitesinger's place. The call to inform was made to Black Mesa Indigenous nSupport(B.M.I.S.) to spread the word. This following message originated from B.M.I.S. office. (Cetandi Bolger <lunac13@hotmail.com> and Dixie <Lunac9@aol.com>).

From: Lunac9@aol.com Date sent: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 23:03:13 EDT Subject: Proposed exclusion order on Hopi Partitioned Land

URGENT ALERT!!! NEWS JUST OFF HOPI PARTITIONED LAND!!!! (H.P.L.) Two days ago the Hopi rangers visited Arlene Hamilton's Witness Camp and said that a permit was being granted for people to come and stay. Everything looked O.K., but yesterday a Proposed Exclusion Order was served to Arlene which would have given her 15 days to explain in writing the reasons why she should not be excluded. However, today Wednesday, June 16th at 5:45 PM, Hopi Rangers came to the Witness Camp and told Arlene Hamilton that if she didn't leave tomorrow, she'd be escorted off Hopi Partitioned Land. This could be the beginning of enacting a Proposed Exclusion Order to remove all non-Navajos. Please note that a "Proposed" Exclusion Order may not be a proposal. It means that whoever it is served must leave on the date specified. Please do not react to this lightly.


We WOULD urge you to call Hopi Tribal Chairman Wayne Taylor, however he is out of town for the week (how coincidental), so please call his Chief of staff Eugene Kaye and talk to Eugene directly@ 520-734-2441 x107, and tell him that this camp is only educational, does not pose a threat to anyone and to please not remove Arlene Hamilton from Hopi Partitioned Land. Also give Mr. Taylor a call next week when he drops back into the office@ the same # X 107. We must take action now so that this doesn't set a precedent so inform all you know and have them call too and forward this message.

Juliet Easton

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999
From: Mark Graffis <ab758@virgin.vip.vi>
Subject: NATO pilot on the bombing of Yugoslavia: "...one the biggest savageries of history" (fwd)

Spanish Fighter Pilots Admit NATO Purposely Attacks Civilian Targets

June 14, 1999 Articulo 20 (Spain-weekly) By Jose Luis Morales (?)

The pilots of Spanish planes who participated in bombing raids against Yugoslavia do not feel like "supermen" nor masters of aerospace. Quite the contrary, they say that our forces play to the tune of music played by the North Americans, and accuse NATO of having honoured with medals the bombing of civilian targets, what they otherwise name "collateral damages".

Captain Adolfo Luis Martin de la Hoz, who returned to Spain at the end of May after having participated in the bombings from the beginning, an "authentic expert for the dreadful F-18", the war plane most often used in the war strategy of "scorched land" in the Balkans, is very categoric: "First of all, I want to make it clear that the majority, I say the majority, of my colleagues, even if not all, are against the war in general and against this war of barbarity in particular."

Martin de la Hoz says that he and his colleagues "are burnt out".

"A few days ago, there appeared in the papers certain statements of Commander Maches Michavilla, who is now in the air base at Aviano with the pilots who replaced us, in which he said that our main helper in the air was mental and physical health. But I tell you that our worst enemies are our own authorities, the Defence Minister and all his team, the members of the Government, who know nothing about war and go along with it without informing themselves about anything and, what is gravest, who are guilty of lying to the Spanish people through the papers, radio and television, foreign correspondents and press agencies."

The suspicions that NATO's repeated bombings of civilian victims and non-military targets are not the result of war "errors", are confirmed by Captain Martin de la Hoz:

"Several times our colonel protested to NATO chiefs as to why they select targets which are not military targets. They threw him out with curses, saying that we should know that the North Americans would lodge a complaint to the Spanish Army, once through Brussels and again to the Defence Minister. But there is more, and I want to tell it to the whole world: once there was a coded order from the North American military that we should drop anti-personnel bombs over the localities of Prishtine (Pristina) and Nish (Nis). The colonel refused it altogether and, a couple of days later, the transfer order came. But what I say now is nothing compared to what I shall have to say when the time comes."

The Spanish military denounces that "the Spanish Government not only does not try to inform themselves, but that they also accept the false reports that are edited for them in Aviano, where there is a sort of military press cabinet in the hands of North American generals and functionaries. Ever since we arrived in Italy - the captain goes on - there is no end to humiliations and insults. The only order-givers are the North American generals, and no one else. We are zeroes, just as our replacements are going to be.

But there is still more to that. Here, they say that several operations were directed by Spanish commanders and pilots. Lies over lies. All the missions that we flew, every single one, were planned by high U.S. military authorities. Even more, they were all planned in detail, including attacking planes, targets and type of ammunition that we have to drop. We never directed anything, and our missions were limited to flying over the borders of Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Slovakia (Slovenia?)."

Government's lies

None of the pilots presently stationed at Aviano, who replaced those who went to the Italian base shortly before the start of war, last March 23, were there with a clear conscience, says the Spanish military.

"It is being written to saturation that the disciplined and patriotic Spanish pilots - according to Minister Eduardo Serra - are concentrating on the complexity of their war missions".

But we read so many discrepancies, so many lies, that we agreed to not read a single newspaper until we return. Our anger is enormous. The President of the government, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Defence Minister are lying brazenly each time they talk about the war. Some of us are of another opinion and believe that they do not inform themselves, because the North Americans - the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, the Embassy or military information service, whoever, do not inform them about anything. How should they inform themselves if our own Javier Solana has not informed himself since the war broke out?

Solana is a puppet who has been put there by the Yanquis to do what they tell him he must do. And so he does, standing straight before General Clark when he talks to him, or better said, when he issues him the orders that he has to implement without delay."

On the subject of manipulation of war information, Captain de la Hoz says that "no one has said anything about the incidents that took place in Aviano, about the disastrous maintenance of Spanish machines, about everything, and about the constant humiliations to which we were subjected from the beginning.

Not that we are cannon fodder. No. We are nothing. About the fatal accidents, the losses suffered without connection to combat, the contempt and the sanctions, not a word. From no one!"

For the wrong selection of targets and humiliations, the Spanish military are ever more certain that there is no alibi.

"We know perfectly well that we are intervening in a conflict - says Martin de la Hoz - which is rejected by the majority of the Spanish people and this is most important for us. But what they do not say in any information, commentary or speech, is that the Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese ... that we are there to cover for the North American generals who are wheeling and dealing in the war.

There is no journalist who has the slightest idea what is happening in Yugoslavia. They are destroying the country, bombing it with new weapons, toxic nerve gases, surface mines dropped by parachute, bombs containing uranium, napalm, sterilization chemicals, sprayings to poison the crops and weapons of which even we still do not know anything.

The North Americans are committing there one of the biggest barbarities that can be committed against humanity. Many very bad things will be told in the future about what was happening there because, by the way, judging by what we talked about with the British and German officers, it was designed in order to divide the Europeans and keep us subjected for many decades.

Therefore, Captain Martin de la Hoz is enraged when there is talk about the costs of the war. There should be no doubts, he confirms, that the military detached in Aviano are receiving bonuses which "multiply by five our salary, but not considering the daily expenses and other perquisites. We could say that we should be satisfied with what this war means economically for each one of us, but it is not true, what they give us is chocolate for the parrots.

This war is going to cost the Spaniards more than all the money allocated for culture in the last five years. And, even if now no one says anything because of the elections, it will come in a few months and will be felt in our pockets. Because this brutal Yanqui-only war, no one's but the Yanquis, is going to be paid by all of us.

Be certain that what I say is not to exculpate myself and to intone 'mea culpa' for having participated in it, because I will never be able to forget that what was being committed there was one the biggest savageries of history."

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Newsweek.com THURSDAY, June 17, 1999

Food Fight

The effects of eating genetically engineered food are as unknown to scientists as the ingredients in a consumer's shopping basket. On Thursday, scientists and wary consumers will gather in Washington for the National Summit on the Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods. They hope to pressure Congress and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration into calling for the testing of engineered foods, and to ensure that all foods containing any of these products are labelled. The event sponsors, Mothers for Natural Law, will also present a petition of half a million names collected from across the US. "This is a right to know issue," Laura Ticciati, the group's executive director, told Newsweek.com. "At the moment we are all part of the largest food experiment ever."

Experts from fields as varied as nuclear physics, environmental science, and molecular biology who have put their names to the document claim engineered food could result in either a toxic or allergic reaction in humans. "There has been no human testing of these foods, and the effects of eating them are unknown," said Dr. John Hagelin, Director of the Institute of Science Technology Public Policy, who will be moderating the event. At the moment there is no legislation requiring for engineered food to be labeled. "Soy used in infant formula has genetic material and bacteria never before ingested by the human race," Hagelin told Newsweek.com. By altering the DNA of a vegetable genetic engineers are altering the natural progression of the organism, the scientists claim. The outcome of eating a tomato created to be frost proof could conceivably be a fish allergy, they say. "The natural pattern now for these plants," Dr. Hagelin explained, "is chaos theory. The gene pollution is irreversible. We are rewriting the genetic library of the earth in only three to five years."

- Louise Rosen

Biotech industry starting to panic

Fearful of a public backlash that might drive the biotech industry into
oblivion, Monsanto is reaching out to its critics.

Last week, Jeremy Rifkin, the biotech critic, flew to Monsanto's world
headquarters in St. Louis to address something called the World Business
Council for Sustainable Development.

According to a report in the New York Times, the multinational giants
wanted Rifkin to help them "paint a portrait of the biotechnology
landscape of the year 2030 and how it evolved."

Also last week, Gordon Conway, president of the Rockefeller Foundation,
met with Monsanto's directors in Washington, D.C. to persuade them to
drop the terminator gene. It used to be that farmers would plant seed, the
crop would come up and be harvested, except for a handful of plants, which
the farmer would let go to seed, and save that seed for next year's
planting. With the terminator gene, the crop comes up, but there are no seeds. So the farmer has to go to Monsanto to buy more seed.

Conway told Dow Jones Newswires he is worried that the backlash over the
terminator gene, which is years from reaching the commercial stage, is
damaging public support for crop biotechnology in general, which might
slow research that could benefit poor farmers overseas. "We have a lot
of people to feed and biotechnology is one of the answers," said Conway.

Whatever you feel about citizens of conscience meeting with corporations
to seek to persuade them to do the right thing, (and we are not of one
mind on this), it is clear that the biotech industry is in a panic over
its beloved high-tech future.

The masses in Europe are in full revolt over the issue (with the Prince
of Wales leading the charge against the corporatist Labor Party in the UK).
And a lawsuit that the mainstream press has largely ignored -- a lawsuit
that threatens the well-being of Monsanto, Norvartis and other biotech
firms -- is making its way through the courts.

In May 1998, a number of public interest groups sued the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA), alleging that the agency violated federal law by
allowing biotech foods onto the market without first adequately testing
the foods for safety and then without adequately labelling those foods
so that consumers know whether, for example, they are eating fish genes
spliced into their tomato sauce.

The federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act incorporates the precautionary
principle -- a new food additive is presumed unsafe until established
safe through standard scientific procedures. But the FDA ruled in 1992 that
genetically engineered foods are not new food additives.

In the FDA's critical 1992 statement of policy on biotech foods -- the
policy that opened the floodgates that allowed biotech foods to pour
into the marketplace -- the FDA claims that it was "not aware of any
information showing that foods derived by these new [biotech] methods
differ from other foods in any meaningful or uniform way."

In fact, internal reports and memos obtained during the course of
discovery for the lawsuit reveal the FDA's own scientists warned that
foods produced through recombinant DNA technology entail different risks
than do their conventionally produced counterparts.

But these scientists were consistently disregarded by the bureaucrats
who approved the agency's current policy of treating bioengineered foods the
same as natural foods that have been changed by conventional breeding

"There is a profound difference between the types of unexpected effects
from traditional breeding and genetic engineering which is just glanced
over in this document," warned Dr. Louis Priybl of the FDA's
Microbiology Group in criticizing a 1992 FDA draft policy paper on the issue.

Dr. Linda Kayl, an FDA compliance officer, complained that the FDA was
"trying to fit a square peg into a round hole" by concluding that "there
is no difference between foods modified by genetic engineering and foods
modified by traditional breeding practices."

"The processes of genetic engineering and traditional breeding are
different, and according to the technical experts in the agency, they
lead to different risks," Kayl said. Kayl and other FDA scientists recommended that genetically engineered foods undergo special testing. To no avail.
So, Americans are now eating genetically engineered foods. And for the
most part, they don't know it.

The main genetically engineered crops in the United States are soy,
corn, canola, cotton, potatoes, papayas, and raddichio. (You might say --
hey, I don't eat cotton. But cottonseed oil is in many vegetable oil blends,
which are in many processed foods.)

It has been estimated that corn and soy alone are in 70 to 80 percent of
U.S. processed foods. And since 40 percent of this season's soybean crop
and 30 percent of the corn crop have been genetically engineered, you
are probably eating genetically engineered foods, whether you like it, or
know it, or not.

Steven Druker, the executive director of the Iowa City-based Alliance
for Bio-Integrity, is the driving force behind the lawsuit against the FDA.
The lawsuit has received little media publicity since being filed last
year, but Druker predicts that when the American people learn the
details of the FDA's deception, we'll see an earthquake of public reaction
against biotech foods.

"The FDA has been intentionally unleashing a host of potentially harmful
foods onto American dinner tables in blatant violation of U.S. law,"
Druker told us. "And they have been covering up the fact that they have
been acting so wrongly. I don't like that. And most people who learn the
facts do not like it."

Bon appetit.

Russell Mokhiber is editor of the Washington, D.C.-based Corporate Crime

Reporter. Robert Weissman is editor of the Washington, D.C.-based
Multinational Monitor. They are co-authors of Corporate Predators: The
Hunt for MegaProfits and the Attack on Democracy, Common Courage Press,
1999, http://www.corporatepredators.org.

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Earth Day 2000 a millennial celebration

Monday, June 28, 1999

What event inspired millions of people to celebrate, convinced
hundreds in the U.S Congress to vote in favor of nature and helped
numerous environmental programs to succeed?

Earth Day '99, of course, and events already scheduled for Earth Day
2000 are sure to blow the roof off the last Earth Day of the

Here's a sample of who was active in Earth Day '99 events across the
* Ten thousand people attended various Earth Day activities in Rhode
Island; Austin, Texas and Cleveland, Ohio.
* Thirty-five thousand Contra Costa County, Calif., citizens
celebrated Earth Day '99 with music, environmental films,
restoration and clean-up projects and Eco-friendly food.
* The California Bay area hosted events that saw 35,000 activists
* Earth Day San Diego inspired 60,000 people to celebrate nature.

In addition to Earth Day '99 events and festivities, elected leaders
were also inspired to act. The Arctic Wilderness Protection Bill was
introduced in Congress on Earth Day 1999 as well as tougher National
Park clean air requirements. Under the U.S. Clean Air Act states will
reduce air pollution in 37 national parks and 119 federal wilderness

The Beaches Environmental Assessment, Cleanup and Health Act (HR 999
the Beach Bill) was also approved unanimously by the U.S. House of
Representatives on April 22. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson and
Earth Day Network Chair Denis Hayes dedicated the first solar panels
on the Department of Energy building in Washington, D.C., on this day.

The Earth Day Network, a worldwide alliance that coordinates Earth Day
events in the U.S. and around the world, participated in more than 100
major Earth Day '99 events. Network speakers attended events at 15 key
locations around the country including Boston; New York City;
Cleveland, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Seattle; Miami;
Atlanta and Sacramento, Calif.

The Earth Day Network is now busy gearing up for Earth Day 2000. Many
of the original Earth Day coordinators, including Gaylord Nelson and
Hayes, are joining forces to create a millennial celebration.

For Earth Day 2000, the Earth Day Network will address the most
sweeping environmental problems and opportunities facing the Earth and
it will promote a policy agenda to begin addressing them seriously.
Network organizers have vowed to make Earth Day 2000 the largest
organized event in history and to use the campaign surrounding the
event to build a strong, electronically linked, worldwide
environmental alliance.

In the U.S., the Earth Day Network is promoting the theme New Energy
for a New Era for 2000 and has planned huge Earth Day 2000 events in
New York City and Washington, D.C. These Earth fairs will be powered
with clean, renewable energy sources and feature exhibits,
demonstrations and activities for the whole family.

"We shouldn't fuel the future with the polluting methods of the past,"
said Hayes, national coordinator of the first Earth Day in 1970. "We
have the technology to power our future in ways that don't threaten
our health or poison our planet. Let's choose to use it."

Earth Day began in 1969 after Gaylord Nelson, then a United States
senator, proposed a nationwide environmental teach-in. Nelson called
for environmental programs to be held on American college campuses the
following spring. The idea spread quickly across the country,
especially among the younger generation.

Campaign headquarters were set up in a small office space in
Washington, D.C. Senator Nelson chaired its board of directors and
Hayes, a recent Stanford University graduate, was hired as national
coordinator. At its peak, the headquarters had a staff of 60 as well
as several hundred volunteers.

An estimated 20 million people took part in the first Earth Day in
1970. Events were held in virtually every city and town in America.
Congress adjourned for the day to return home to learn about this new
concern for the environment and in New York City, Fifth Avenue was
closed to automobiles and more than 100,000 people attended an ecology
fair in Central Park. All three major television networks broadcast
Earth Day events and the Public Broadcast System devoted its entire
daytime programming to Earth Day coverage.

The Environmental Protection Agency was established later in 1970 and
the tough Clean Air Act was overwhelmingly approved by both houses of
Congress. Within the next three years, landmark legislation such as
the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Resource
Conservation and Recovery Act were passed.

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