April 7, 2000

Subject: "Car-Out" Days!!!! Not Gas Out Days! + "Green" Biofuels vs. Oil Prices + Children as a Critical Cause + Eternity Mother Business Franchise + For the Highest Good of All + Seeing the Light + Various Feedbacks on recent posts

Hello everyone

Here are for your attention various interesting posts I received. See my comments interspersed below.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Here is first a reminder of a movie you might want to watch this coming Sunday (in North America)

On Sunday, April 9, over 20 million Americans are expected to watch the
live CBS television remake of the anti-nuclear drama "Fail Safe"starring
George Clooney, Richard Dreyfuss, Harvey Keitel, Brian Dennehy, and Noah
Wyle. Thousands of concerned citizens will gather in homes, churches,
colleges and universities for Fail Safe "watch parties" to discuss the
movie and raise their voices to demand the abolition of nuclear weapons."

And here is an excellent counter-proposal to the Gas-out day. If you consider the fact that $25 US a barrel of oil today is about the same as the $4 US a barrel (in pre-1973 dollars when inflation is accounted for), the oil producing countries received, you will agree with the statement below that "Gas prices are actually way too low"... But more to the point read "Oil is well with Bush" by Tom Flocco at http://www.worldnetdaily.com/bluesky_excomm/20000316_xex_oil_well_wit.shtml to find out another possible explanation for the higher oil prices today.

Date: 6 Apr 00
From: Jane Smith <kazzakelp@netscape.net>
Subject: "Car-Out" Days!!!! Not Gas Out Days!

The Sierra Youth Coalition is announcing International "Car-Out" Days!!!!

on April 7 to 9th.

Across North America there have been calls for lower gas prices (Gas-Out
Days) so that people can drive their SUV's and other personal vehicles,
spewing greenhouse gases, air pollution, and smoke into our faces, and
beyond, as cheaply and conveniently as possible. SYC is sending out a
different message. Gas prices are actually way too low!!! Let's get out of
our cars, and get on our feet, bikes, buses, and trains. It's time to end our
dependency on gas (and other forms of non-renewable energy sources).

For a sustainable and positive future we all have to do our part and start
using, and demanding the use of, public and non-polluting forms of
transportation and renewable energy sources.

Join SYC and others across the country as we protest car dependency and
call for people to get out of their cars and bike, bus, walk, skateboard,
cross-country ski, or skip.

Spread the word: Gas prices should reflect the true ecological costs of
petroleum!!!!" (and therefore should continue to go up!)

Send letters to the editor, call the media, and let everyone know, "it's
Car-Out days, not Gas-Out Days" and let them know why. Advocate for public
transportation, car co-ops, smart development (no more sprawl!), and
alternative sources of energy.

From: David Crockett Williams <gear2000@lightspeed.net>
Subject: "Green" Biofuels vs. Oil Prices
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2000

Here is an extensive referenced article on history and economics of "green"
biofuels as superior alternative to fossil fuels. In light of high gas
prices now, this may be timely information to bring out at EarthDay2000
events globally. Of course, with biofuels the carbon dioxide produced in
combustion is offset by that consumed in the growing cycle so at least there
is not a net increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from biofuels as opposed
to fossil fuels, thus biofuels produce no net greenhouse gases.


"Henry Ford, Charles Kettering and the "Fuel of the Future"

Bill Kovarik, Ph.D., 1998

The fuel of the future, according to both Henry Ford and Charles F.
Kettering, was ethyl alcohol made from farm products and cellulosic
materials. Ford, of course, is well known as an automotive inventor;
Kettering was the head of research at General Motors for many years and a
highly respected inventor in his own right."

BTW, since industrial hemp produces over 4times the biomass per acre of any
other plant it is an ideal candidate for biofuel source. Through pyrolysis
anything that can be made from crude oil can be made from biomass. Herer's
research indicates that only a small portion of fallow US agricultural land
grown in hemp could replace all the fossil fuels used in this country

For a short article on problems and solutions associated with today's global
environmental emergency situation, including global climate change, see

David Crockett Williams

From: SandozB@aol.com
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000
Subject: Children as a Critical Cause

Dear Jean,

As you know I have been focused on the sonar issue due to my connection with
the dolphins and whales....but my other focus as a therapist and author of
Parachutes for Parents is how we can better accomplish two things that I
think will help to create better planetary decisions. These include doing a
better job of both raising and educating our children....so that they will
grow up to be loved and loving people who make wise decisions based on
seeking a "better life" as distinguished from "the good life".

On this theme, I have written another article which you might consider
appropriate for your list.

With my thanks and aloha,


Why Better Listening Will Improve All of Our Lives
By Bobbie Sandoz, MSW, Author/Columnist/Therapist/Speaker
Author: Parachutes for Parents and Listening to Wild Dolphins

If we want to live "a better life," rather than "the good life" we must
stop crushing the spirits of our children by ignoring their voices, their
concerns, and their value in the same way we have minimized these qualities
in other minorities, species, and the environment.

I have followed the Elian story from the perspective as a veteran child
therapist, columnist, educator, and author of Parachutes for Parents and
owner of two graduate degrees in counseling and education as well as the
author of Listening to Wild Dolphins, based on years of swimming with wild
dolphins and whales.

I was happy to see young Elian tell Diane Sawyer about the dolphins who
not only participated in his rescue, but based on my experiences and research
are very likely responsible for the fact he emerged from his ordeal at sea
without sunburn and other physical and emotional problems that would be
expected of a child who has experienced so much trauma.

I find it ironic that while the dolphins are treating one of our children
with this level of kindness, humans are moving toward extensive use of
intense sonar weaponry that could kill these same dolphins as well as their
ocean home.

I also think it's interesting that one of the reasons we make such
foolish decisions in the way we treat other species and the planet as well as
each other is because of serious errors in the way we both raise and educate
our children.

One way we fail our children both at home and school is by dismissing
their views with the unfounded assumption that they are too young to
understand what is best for them, even in matters that involve their own
custody and futures.

In contrast to this unexamined, yet prevalent view held in our country, I
believe Elian's repeated statements of not wanting to return to Cuba or his
father's home should be the most important factor in deciding his future. As
a therapist, I can see, even from the news, a number of reasons why Elian may
have made this decision, and from my perspective as a child therapist it
seems like the wisest one in the best interest of his personal future.

It is America's greatest shame that we turn a deaf ear to children like
Elian and others who try to tell us what is right for them, claiming they are
too young to be involved in such important decisions about their own lives.
We then send them into homes that do not serve them, putting them at even
greater risk after they have found the courage to speak openly about their
feelings and fears.

Paradoxically, we do not consider them too young to endure the poor
conditions of some of those homes, often replete with neglect and abuse, that
they have tried to tell us they fear. And in Elian's case, he has experienced
both countries as well as both homes and has repeatedly and consistently made
his choice known.

The completely unfounded notion that children are too young to know what
is good for them points to our need as a society to get smarter about the
intelligence and clarity of children and to learn to listen more closely to
cooperative children when they speak - particularly on the subject of their own
futures and lives - rather than disregard their voices in our homes, schools,
and courts as we currently do.

Since Elian's placement is being played out before the American public,
it offers us an opportunity to revisit why we accept the view that children
don't know what is best for them, a faulty concept that contributes to our
failure with children in all arenas of their lives.

In contrast to this unsubstantiated belief, those who truly listen to
children as I have done for the past thirty years will be in awe of their
perceptions, their kindness, and their fairness, as well as the wisdom they
bring to their affairs. I have witnessed this ability diminish only in cases
when children have endured years of inadequate adult listening, poor
parenting and educator skills, and unfair decisions that have dampened their
spirits and confused their clarity.

In fact, it is because of their intelligence and wisdom that millions of
children in dysfunctional homes have survived such things as adult
abandonment, neglect, drug use, physical abuse, sexual abuse, unharnessed
anger, workaholishm, and inadequate parenting. And, many of them have assumed
responsibility for their siblings and even taken care of their parents as

In addition, most children in our country, including those from good
homes, are required by law to spend endless hours in boring, often
discouraging and spirit-killing, classrooms that further reflect our
society's shameful disinterest in listening closely to our children or making
a sincere effort to genuinely understand their needs.

Yet in spite of this demonstration of fortitude in the face of our
deafness and errors, we persist in not trusting the perceptions of children
as reflected in the way Elian's dolphin experience was discounted by so many,
even though it meant a great deal to him and offers us valuable information
about his survival and our relationship with this high-level species.

Now, Elian's courage in saying where he would like to live is being
discounted as well. What an absurd violation our disinterest in his views is
to this child who survived better than most of the adults who were with him
on the voyage from Cuba!

And how clearly it reveals a serious American problem that must be
addressed if we are to raise happy, healthy, children who become caring and
responsible adults with the wisdom to make good decisions for the future of
our lives and world.

Bobbie Sandoz, MSW Author/Columnist/ Therapist/Speaker
Author: Listening to Wild Dolphins and Parachutes for Parents


From: "Rod McClure" <abride@shoal.net.au>
Subject: Eternity Mother Business Franchise
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your constant updates of distressing news which floods the earth behind the scenes.
We have been developing the skeleton of an organisation for a truly international peace mission for the free people to assemble a network of like minds who prefer to deal with people of conscious minds to return sanctity to our lives..


Our business franchise is to be granted FREE of charge to all who apply for a licence.

The licence allows the business or individual to promote their operation as an Eternity Mother organisation contributing to Eternity Mother a 1% offering.

Licensed operators are expected to honour & uphold totally wholesome, integrated values of life & respect for all creatures with their personal actions & within their business conduct.

If the Board receives reports from clients of breeches of conduct then that business will be given an opportunity to explain their view & if the explanation is unsatisfactory they will be struck out as preferred suppliers to society for one year before they may reapply for their licence.

There are sure to be many issues to resolve as Eternity Mother incubates & we look forward to the support & contributions from you & your extensive band of minds sharing the internet.
Reply to abride@shoal.net.au

Thank you again

Rod McClure for Eternity Mother

NOTE FROM JEAN: Boudewijn Wegerif, a member of the newly formed Focus Group, sent the following to his contacts. If you are interested to review the latest feedbacks and updates as part of the process that led to the creation of this initial Peace Meditation Focus Group, you may review them at: http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/YetMoreFeedsFocus.htm

It is expected that the Focus group will issue its first meditation focus this Friday evening regarding the current possibility of a famine in Ethiopia.

From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <bw@jak.se>
Subject: For the Highest Good of All + Seeing the Light
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000


I am a member of a group that spends time each day, and on special occasions, in awareness "for the highest good of all". The focus may be directed to problem areas round the globe - for example, the China-Taiwan conflict, the famine in Ethiopia. The group came about through a networking effort by Jean Hudon, who moderates the Earth Rainbow Network.*


My hope as a lightbearer, and my work to realize that hope, is to spread understanding about the nature of money today and from the beginning - my awareness being that money is at base a symptom of an apparently incurable, homo economicus disease, of each going his/her own way - a disease which the jubilee and sabbath laws passed down through Moses were designed to keep in check and which Jesus confronted and overcame.

In my talks on Love and Money I bring light to bear on the prevailing debt money system.

I show why it has no future. For the system requires money-needful and money-generating 'growth' of an order that we know is destroying the Earth and our humanity.

There is a general call, therefore, for sustainable economies, but this will not happen without

* taking away the monopoly right of the private banking system to control money supply at interest, for profit,
* cancelling all debts and redistributing real (not financial) wealth in the spirit of Jubilee, and
* replacing the prevailing debt money system with an interest-free, public service money supply, mainly directed to restructuring the cities and reorganising agriculture for small-scale organic farming through farm trusts.

However, these reforms will more than likely give rise to a new tyranny, of bureaucratic control over all economic activity, unless the reform movement is accompanied by a new schooling.

There has to be a paradigm change from a mindset that is primarily geared to quantitative gains for 'the good life', to a mindset that is primarily geared to non-quantifiable giving and receiving, contact and response, outreach and yielding in 'the better than good life' of unconditional love.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I'm preparing a special compilation on the need for a new economic paradigm to be entitled "The Future of Economy". It will include some other excellent material on this theme from Boudewijn Wegerif. If you have any material to propose for this compilation (preferably a short text and/or material already available on the Internet), feel free to suggest it to my attention.


*The Earth Rainbow Network newsletters from Jean Hudon go to some 1,700 subscribers.
His e-mail address is globalvisionary@cybernaute.com

Seeing the Light

"I am the light of the resurrection" - Jesus

"At its core there seems to be an original or 'first light' within which wisdom dwells, a wisdom warmed by love and activated by life" - Arthur Zajoric

Quantum science now knows that light cannot be reduced to matter or its motions. It is its own thing, without mass, weighing nothing.

Goethe recognised that light is formative and that the eye is crafted by light: "light has called forth one organ to become its like, and thus the eye is formed by the light and for the light so that the inner light may emerge to meet the outer light"

Goethe also wrote that every object, well contemplated, creates an organ of perception in us

"It seems that the human mind has first to construct forms, independently, before we can find them in things" - Einstein

The most fundamental feature of light is "to be one and many, particle and wave, a single thing with the universe inside" - Arthur Zajoric

"The only thing large enough to contain reality is the heart" - sufi Ibn al-'Arabi

"Our whole business in this life is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen" - Augustine

What these lines tells us is that the heart is an all-embracing body of light, pulsating, generating vision and a vision of the next step in evolution, namely, love's body, shaped in the light, for delight

But not the faltering heart

There has to be a willingness to see the light and be freed from what has been created, in debt/guilt skuld, out of the limited vision of a faltering heart

From: Sh0shanna@aol.com
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000


Here's an interesting set of sources (similar content in each) -
originally published as a pamphlet (date undetermined but certainly
on/before June 1999) in coordination with a british land use

By George Monbiot

This guide originates from The Land is Ours, a landrights campaign
for Britain. George Monbiot is an Activist and Environmental
Journalist (a regular columnist for The Guardian). Although it is
written primarily for a British audiencem much is relevant
internationally. If you have any additions which would make it more
international please let us (i-contact@gifford.co.uk) and The Land is
Ours (www@tlio.demon.co.uk).



By George Monbiot

Every battle we fight is a battle for the hearts and minds of other
people. The only chance we have of reaching people who haven't yet
heard what we've got to say is through the media. We might, with good
reason, regard the papers and broadcasters with extreme suspicion, we
might feel cheapened and compromised by engaging with them. But the
war we're fighting is an information war, and we have to use all the
weapons at our disposal. Whether we use the media or not, our
opponents will. However just our cause and true our aims, they will
use it to demonise and demolish us, unless we fight back.




All campaigning is hard work, and exploiting the media is just as hard
as any other aspect. We've tended to neglect it in the past, and then
wonder why no one comes to our actions. Our movement needs specialist
media workers just as much as it needs specialist tree-climbers. The
more there are, the more clearly our message will come across, and the
more people will be attracted to our cause. This is how small
rumblings turn into earthquakes. The revolution will not be televised,
but that doesn't mean that it won't also be live.

From: Marydevlin@aol.com
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: Various topics

Dear Jean,

Thank you for this posting, especially for Gordon Sinclair's tribute to the
Americans. However, I do believe he is mistaken when he says that no one has
ever rushed to help Americans in need. I believe there was at least one time.

I must confess I don't remember all the details, and what I remember may be
mistaken in parts. But it was either during or immediately after the hostage
crisis in Iran, in 1979 and 1980. Some of our diplomats were being
restrained in some way (again, I don't remember all the details) in Teheran,
and one of our neighboring nations took action and ingeniously managed to
smuggle the American diplomats out of Iran and get them home. That neighbor
was Canada!

Thank you, Canada, for being a great neighbor and a good friend. And thanks
to you, Jean, for all your efforts in promoting ways to attain the world we
all want!

Mary Devlin

From: MIKMIKL@aol.com
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: The ageless wisdom teaching - Part 1 of 4

For your newsletters.

Hi Jean I read the interview with great interest. Ben talks of The Spark of
God and I have a new project I set up some months ago called Godspark.com
which will be a mega web site. I am looking for ten webmasters to start with.
The Park will have a cyber temple in the center. This will be the main hub of
the park with many pavilions leading off it.(More on that later)
Inside the temple there will be pulpits of all religious & Spiritual
Anyone interested in joining now will be rewarded in every way possible.
God Bless
Michael Levy http://www.pointoflife.com

NOTE FROM JEAN: Gene Kieffer below is taking issue with the fact that Benjamin Creme has not said anything new or original in his interview. Although this might be true for Gene, I'm sure most people heard for the first time the things he was talking about - and there is much more to come in the next parts of this interview! It is obvious however that most of this so-called ageless wisdom cannot be proven and that the elder souls - called masters by some - working from behind the veil and on this plane of existence to guide humanity towards more Light and our souls towards the ultimate destiny of our evolution cannot be seen and spoken to by nearly all humans on Earth. Because of the strict law of non-interference in the freewill and karmic necessities of evolving souls, they have no choice but to work from above the scene, instilling in receptive minds the seeds of ideas that, through our own experiences and choices, will gradually manifest the Golden Path towards the evolutionary Apex where we are all headed. In this sense, it is extremely likely that what has been prompting the creation of his book "The Secret Teachings" and the long arduous searches that such a huge book entails came from the Source as what guides all the masters and their disciples, knowingly and unknowingly, in their service For the Hightest Good of All.

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000
From: Gene Kieffer <gkieffer@cshore.com>
Subject: Ageless Wisdom

Dear Jean,

Thank you for sending Part one of the four-page B.C. material. As I
mentioned some months back, I have been working on a book entitled
"The Secret Teachings" and just this morning completed a first draft
of the Introduction. The book itself has been completed--more than
650 pages, 220,000 words, 230 illustrations.

I have been writing, editing and studing the so-called Ancient Wisdom
for more than 30 years. What I know for certain is that Benjamin Creme
has never written or spoken anything that is original. He just keeps
repeating the same stuff that has flooded into the New Age book stores
since the mid-sixties.

H. P. Blavatsky's. Alice Bailey's and Gurdjieff's books have been
gone over countless times by the Benjamin Cremes of the world in an
effort to come up with something, ANYTHING, that might catch the
attention of the newcomers.

Beyond saying, "The kingdom of heaven is within," what is there
left to say? Who does not know this by now?

The world is essentially in the same shape today as it was before
the so-called "New Age Movement" began thirty-five years ago. At least
a hundred thousand New Age "Spiritual" books have been published.
Everybody is saying the same thing. Like Creme, they are trying their
best to sound original, to find some sort of audience that hasn't been
worked over so that every last bit of gullibility has been extracted from
the uneducated and semi-literate "mark."

The Cosmic Energies bombarding the planet Earth today are the
same Cosmic Energies that bombarded the earth a hundred years ago.
Just because we have entered a New Millennium does not mean the
energies of the universe have changed.

Now the latest gimmick is the so-called "Earth's Great Year of
Precession," a period of 26,000 years. I wrote extensively about the
Earth's Great year twenty-five years ago. And, I must say, I wrote
honestly about it.

Nobody can say when the Great Year commences or when it ends.
It is perpetual. The Great Year began when the first star-gazers noticed
that the axis of the earth of slipping away. By this I mean they, the
early star-gazers, began to notice that the one fixed star, the polestar,
was no longer at the axis. As you know--just as almost everybody
knows--the ancient star-gazers had selected seven stars to serve as
the hub of the great wheel of rotation. So each of these seven stars
held the position of the Pole for approximately 3,700 years.

But when did the star-gazers begin to take notice? That is the
only question worth asking. According to the Egyptians, it was when
the sun entered the sign of Aries. But the Egyptians, according to
Herodotus, had kept records of two complete cycles of the Great
Year, so it wasn't just six thousand or four thousand years ago that
they began to know about it.

As for Masters living in secret hideouts in the Himalayas, that
fable was exploded at least thirty years ago. I am certain that if
Bill Gates were to offer $100 million dollars to anyone who could
produce a single "Himalayan Master" no one, including our beloved
Benjamin Creme, would be able to collect.

The truth is, there is not a single "Master" on the planet. A
genuine spiritual master would have to be a man or woman who
had awakened Kundalini, either from birth or at some point in
his or her life, fully and have the Illumination circulating throughout
the body and brain twenty-four hours a day.

Such an individual, truly Illuminated, could not hide this from
the public. It would be impossible in today's world for anyone to
become Illuminated and remain "in the dark" of a Himalayan
cave. Heaven would demand that the Enlightened person come
forward and demonstrate his or her Illumination so as to show
the world that such a phenomenon actually was possible.

An Illuminated or Enlightened indivdual is a person who is
one step on the evolutionary ladder above the ordinary mortal.
Such persons would exhibit all of the qualities of both a saint
amd a genius. We all know that there are plenty of geniuses
in the world, and there are also a few saints.

But unfortunately, the saints are seldom geniuses, and the
geniuses are seldom saints. But the genuine Enlightened man
or woman is both a saint and a genius, and one step beyond,
a person capable of receiving Revelation.

It does not advance the cause of spirituality nor of knowledge
to continue to promote the "ideas" of common, poorly educated,
hucksters who have not the intelligence to even know what the
Ancient Wisdom really was.

Everything they say could be summed up in one sentence,
which is what was said above, namely that "The Kingdom of
God, or of Heaven, resides within every human being."

So what else is new?

All best wishes,
your friend,

From: "Avillion" <avillion@rma.edu>
Subject: Re: The ageless wisdom teaching
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000

Jean, this is superb! Greatly appreciated - thank you!

Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2000
From: BigPlanet <northernsoul@bigplanet.com>
Subject: Re: The ageless wisdom teaching

Hello Jean
Thanks for this material
Feels very gentle and sharply clear
a good shake to Remember...

Thanks for all you allow to be done through you

Ma Amrita
From Buenos Aires, Argentina

From: "John Owen" <jowen@mindspring.com>
Subject: Re: Follow up to the "China Threatens to Nuke America" post
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000


The China question is just as bad as your correspondent reported.

Did you notice today's news articles, that the arctic ozone hole is
45 percent larger than last years. Short of nuclear war or a very large
meteor, the ozone problem poses the great threat to humanity of sudden,
catastrophic earth changes. Yet in California, they still permit methyl
bromate as a fumigant in the field, despite that it is both a potent
carcinogen and just as potent ozone destroyer as the banned freon
substances. All chlorine compounds are now suspect in ozone depletion.
Chlorine has been one of the great beneficiaries of civilization because by
killing waterborne microbes, chlorination prevents desentery, cholera and
the like from being problems in the big cities of the richer states.
Unfortunately for civilization, the truth is that if the answer is killing,
you've got the wrong answer. The killing we've been inflicting on the small
forms of life seems headed for full circle. Ocean plankton, for one, is
highly vulnerable to increased ultraviolent. As goes the plankton, so goes

peace and joy,

John Owen


I heard that the level of ozone depletion over the Arctic has reached 60% this year and I'm sure the worst is yet to come. In addition - but this is not related to ozone depletion - I heard on TV last week that the tickness of the ice covering the Artic ocean is now less than 2 meters as compared to 5 meters a couple decades ago and, at the current rate of melting - 10 cm/year, there won't be any ice cover left at the North Pole in 15 years. The remaining 8,000 polar bears are not likely to be able to survive this blow to their ecosystem and the seals who will no longer be able to give birth on the ice will have similar difficulties to adapt. In the European Alps, the current thawing of the permafrost spells major problems for all human structures built on it and the similar thawing of the permafrost in Siberia and in the north of Canada means that enormous quantities of methane - a greenhouse gas trapping heat many more times more efficiently than the CO2 - are now also being released, further compounding and accelerating the global warming of our world. As mentioned in a recent email to the ERN list, huge chucks of the 1 to 3 kilometers-thick ice pack covering the Antarctic are set adrift in the ocean because of global warming and many scientists believe that such huge volumes of ice could soon be set free in the sea that the world ocean level will very quickly rise by 8 meters (24 feet), forcing the hasty relocation to higher ground of hundreds of millions of people and drowning hundreds of coastal cities and entire island countries under the raising waters.

So in short "It is the environment, stupid!" must become the rallying cry of all those fed up with the blind pursuit of purely economic gains to the detriment of the sole life support system we have.

We have a much needed lesson to learn right now and the writings are on the walls for all to see. If denial and sheer greed continue to prevail over global awakening and selfless service for the Good of All, then we can kiss goodby to our beloved planetary pearl of life...