Call for a Global Peace Vigil

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Light

We came here in this world to manifest some of the innate divine potential we all inherit as souls/sparks of the One Divine Consciousness. All is in all and in all of us resides the power to make this world a Place of Harmony, a Kingdom of Peace, an Oasis of Love in an infinitely loving, caring, sentient and living universe.

We are now approaching the climaxing crossroad of our long evolutionary continuum of life as we near the end of a cycle and will soon open up a new chapter of our marvelous experience in the realm of matter and density.

At this crossroad, some very defining experiences and tests are awaiting us. The decisions and choices we each will soon make shall be the most revealing sign of our maturity and readiness to enter into a new exhilarating phase of our collective evolutionary journey or will mark the postponement of our participation to this global evolutionary journey.

Right now, a special test needs to be met with utmost dedication and continuous attention if this world is to enter - as planned and prepared for - into this new realm of loving, unifying and compassionate participation to the grand theatre of spiritual evolution.

On both sides of the polarity fence, tremendous forces have been gathered to make this experience one of the most challenging and most preciously illuminating ones as to our possibilities and abilities to overcome fear, manifest love and become the living examples of peaceful behaviour and cooperative collaboration towards social harmony and the wellbeing of all life forms.

The specifics of the exact circumstances of this challenge are not important. What matters is our inner sense of belonging to the Forces of Light, of being an Earth Healer and a living, breathing expression of the Divine Universal Consciousness, endowed with powers of redemption and magnification of the Good Will of Life beyond anyone's wildest imagining.

A human being is NOT just a body of bones, blood and flesh. When the living Spark of Consciousness leaves the body, it becomes inanimate and cold and begins to decompose. The Spirit that animates our bodies lives on and this Holy Spirit *is* what we really are. And as Spirits living for a given period in a vehicle of flesh, we still retain all our infinite powers and abilities. We just forgot it.

Now we remember.
Now we reawaken,
Now we become who we really are.
For now is the time to do so.

In the coming weeks, months and years, a great battle will be waged between those of the Shadow and those of the Light. Just as in the time of Atlantis, our world will face tremendous odds and have remarkable experiences to go through.

Whatever circumstances we might find ourselves in, let us always remember to keep the door closed to fear in our minds and trust that our indomitable and immortal Spirit will always find a way to guide us into the right place, inspire us with the right thoughts, words and actions and enable us to consume victoriously the perfectly designed plan for our redemption from the world of matter and illusion.

Whenever doubts creep in your mind, remember to reconnect with the living Spirit of God within you. Close your eyes if necessary, allow yourself to become in your own self-perception who you really are, and join in thoughts, Love and Lightful manifestation of your divine magnificence with all the millions and millions of soulmates and protecting angels and guides who, just like you, are contributing to make this world a perfectly healed and peaceful Eden of beauty and thus make manifest the blissful sense of Oneness with All That Is.

Maintain a spiritual linkage with your brethrens of the One Life, all over the Earth, on all dimensions, in a continuous overlapping Peace vigil, knowing that in every given moment, hundreds of thousands will be linked just like you into the continuum of healing Love radiating from each fragment of our One Soul to make this world anew into what it is meant to be, as we all know in the deepest recess of our heart.

And using all your connections and relations, spread the word in the physical realm of Life so as to share this Call for a Global Peace Vigil with all those who are ready and able to participate willfully and consciously into this keystone moment, at the hour of the greatest need.

This is our secret weapon, a tool so powerful that no matter what the others might attempt to do to disrupt us, they will never succeed in dismantling it. We are millions and millions of Soldiers of God/dess, Rainbow Manifestors of the sublime radiance of Love, scattered all over the Earth, trained, ready and able to wage one of the last battles to eradicate the power of Darkness from the face of this living Earth. And the place where this battle is waged, the very center of this battleground is in our very minds and hearts. Connected together in a living network of synergistic Light and Love, impregnated with the polarities of Mother Earth and Father Sun and detonated from within the crystal core of our living Spirit by the Will of God, we have already won the battle.

The Source of this message is within you.

Received in March 14, 1999

This Call has been emailed to all the participating members of the Earth Rainbow Network, the Planetary Awakening Network, and the Global Meditation Focus Group lists and has been circulated around the world.

This special webpage prepared in 1999 features some of the evidence available at that time as to the necessity of this ongoing Global Peace Vigil. Much of its content still applies today-some even more so...

Networking this Call as widely as possible, both on and off the Internet will tremendously help its urgently needed dissemination. It is also available in French and Spanish, and translations in other languages are most welcomed.


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