September 17, 1999

Subject: BIOWARFARE: The "Chemtrails" over America, Canada, England and Australia

Hello everyone

Now that hurricane Floyd is gone for you folks on the East Coast of America, you can breathe at ease once again. But can you really? Can we all breathe the air without risking being infected by some alien pathogenic agent disseminated to the winds by governmental planes operating in daylight for all to see?

According to numerous reports that began surfacing back in December 1998, high flying unmarked planes have been spewing a concoction of biohazardous material over densely and less densely populated areas of the USA and, to a lesser degree, Canada, England and Australia. I've already brought this issue to your attention some time ago. Read "Contrails - Poison from the Sky" at

Now there are new developments worth looking at. I would appreciate hearing from any of you who might have noticed similar sprayings and feeling their ill effects to see how widespread this is.

How do you feel about being infected without your consent with a potentially life-threatening disease?... Is this the kind of service you want from your government?

Or is it really "your" government?...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Andrew Amirault" <>
Subject: Nationwide Chemtrails Protest
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999


I'm an independent investigative journalist and political activist who decided to organize a nationwide protest about the chemtrails issue.

Below is the overview of the protesting, which was taken from a web site I
have which covers many like stories.

If you'd like to get involved, let me know.

Andrew Amirault


- At the Offices of The New York Times
209 West 43rd St. (Times Square) New York City, 12 noon to 3pm
- Los Angeles (TBD) - Your Home Town

November 20, 1999

As increasing numbers of Americans are discovering, widespread aerial
spraying over what appears to be all major populated areas of the United
States has been going on since approximately December of 1998. The federal
government, who appears to be responsible for the spraying in this country,
will not publicly address the issue.

This information has been confirmed by thousands of Americans, among them
highly competent professional journalists, doctors and pilots with decades
of flight experience. Numerous witnesses have reported a "cobweb-like
substance seen falling from the sky," while lab-analysis of the fallout has
revealed the presence of biological-agents: Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Streptomyces, and a restriction enzyme used to create viruses. . . ." As a result of the spraying, seemingly countless numbers of Americans have reported "flu-like" symptoms, as well as serious respiratory infections which do not respond well, if at all, to antibiotics. The spraying has also been reported in
portions of Canada, England and Australia. In England, 8100 deaths were
reported by the BBC due to spraying that occurred between 12/98 and 1/99.

How serious is this crisis? Please read the following testimony [from the
Strange Haze web site,].

"We live close to Everett, WA. I've been noticing the chemtrails for awhile
now since the subject came up on Art Bell. My 8-year old daughter has been
sick this week with a bad upper respiratory infection and her asthma has
flared up. My 18-year old son came home sick about three weeks ago with
fever, bronchitis and incredible dizziness. Took him to the doctor a couple of days later and all the staff (except the doctor and his wife) were out very sick
with the same thing. One of the office girls fell over from dizziness at the
office nearly hitting her head on the filing cabinet! They had to drive her
home because she was too sick to drive. They had to hire outside temporary help
just to run the office! They were extremely busy with patients coming in all
week very sick with the same symptoms. Same thing with my son - his
girlfriend had to drive him home because he was too dizzy and sick.

Also - and this really scares me - one of my son's friend's sister who is
about 22-years old showed up at her parent's house sprawled out on their
couch very sick with 104 fever. The next day she had open sores all inside her
mouth with bleeding gums! I asked her mother what the doctor said that she
had and she said the doctor just told them that she had gotten some kind of
viral infection in her mouth. I don't think the doctor's know WHAT people
are getting!! They took her to the doctor who put her on antibiotics of some
kind and she is better now - went back to work this week, but it is still
painful to eat. This girl lives close to Marysville, WA and she works in Everett. Our church has been wiped out with people being very sick - our church is in Marysville. Our pastor's wife is finally feeling better - she had been sick since Christmas with pneumonia and on all kinds of antibiotics and she has

At the very least, what this amounts to is the most widespread, brutal and
flagrant human rights violation Americans have ever been subject to.
Whatever goal the government is ultimately trying to achieve with the
spraying, it is nothing less than biowarfare being conducted on an entire
innocent populace from coast to coast, an attack on literally millions upon millions.

This extraordinarily serious and disturbing phenomenon has been almost
completely ignored by the major media organizations, despite a plethora of
photographic and lab evidence. If you are not aware of this story, I
encourage you to read an excellent introductory article by independent
researcher Richard Malinowski, found here: (

The story is also discussed in this WorldNetDaily article

After a respite of roughly eight weeks -- apparently due to a report on the
chemtrails matter I posted on The Christian Intelligence Advisory on June
22, 1999--the spraying resumed in earnest in the Boston area (although
immediately after posting the announcement of this protest on 9/6, the
spraying has again dropped off to close to nothing, at least during the daylight hours). It appears that those responsible for this madness have been making up for lost time: Thursday 9/2 and Friday 9/3/99 saw unprecedented aerial assaults north of Boston where I live. On Friday the spraying was an all day affair,
beginning at dawn and going on well past 10pm. When I woke up in the middle
of the night, the sky above me was whited-out due to dispersed
horizon-to-horizon spraying. Moreover, the people I know who have come down
with significant respiratory infections--to say nothing of those suffering
from "flu-like" symptoms in the middle of summer--are many, nationwide, and
those numbers continue to grow.

I have had enough of this madness and am calling for a protest in New York
City and simultaneously, in Los Angeles and all major cities nationwide on
Saturday, November 20th. If you cannot attend in NYC or LA, please stage the
protest at the most influential media organization in your area, be it a
major newspaper, tv or radio station. Remember: without the assistance of the
media, none of this would be possible.

This protest will demand three things:

1. That the spraying stop immediately.

2. That all major media organizations, particularly the major networks (NBC,
ABC, CBS and Fox) and major publications (New York
Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, TIME and Newsweek), fully
investigate this story and report its findings to the public.

3. That the president of this country, William Jefferson Clinton, admit that
this spraying has been occurring, explain why it has been done and assure Americans that it will never again resume. And that because this spraying has occurred during his tenure and certainly with his knowledge, the only reasonable and honorable thing for him to do is to resign as president of these United States, as he has utterly failed in his pledge to protect the citizens of this nation, by allowing these unconscionable human rights crimes to occur.

So as to accommodate as many people as possible, I have made a slight change
in the protest schedule. Instead of a march as I originally suggested, we
will be assembling at the main offices of the New York Times in Times Square, 209 West 43rd St. from 12noon to 3pm. This will allow people with disabilities or the elderly to join us.

As a Manhattan friend of mine has confirmed, this will be an ideal location
for a protest: there will be many people in the Times Square area now that
it's been revitalized (it will also be the holiday season), and we will have a
fairly enclosed space in which to protest. Keep checking The Christian
Intelligence Advisory for updates.

Please spread the word as widely as possible regarding this nationwide
chemtrails protest. Contrary to perceptions, protesting is very powerful and
gets results. Very small-scale protesting I led at NBC studios this Winter--in
conjunction with grassroots protesting nationwide--resulted in the airing of
the Juanita Broaddrick rape story on "Dateline," and the Balkan war was ended
two days after the second major anti-war protest in this country. The first
was March on Washington '99 held on May 1st, which received national press
coverage. Remember: *the evil forces behind the chemical spraying and all of
this nation's madness are used to zero resistance from the populace and
don't know how to deal with it when it comes.*

I am also working with a group of extremely good and committed professional
journalists--nationally known investigative journalists/investigators like
Chris Ruddy, Rick and Beverly Lambert (Paula Jones investigators), Pat
Matrisciana and David Bresnahan, to name only a few--to create a first-rate
investigative news television show for the Fox network, called "24/7." On
this show, we intend to report the truth of the scandals destroying this
country. We are very close to putting up the web site for the show, and I will keep you informed about that. In the meantime, please spread the word about 24/7
as well.

Clifford Carnicom, of the "Chemtrail Crimes Documented" site
(, has joined me in the rapidly
growing coalition we are building of concerned researchers, journalists and citizens. If you would like to join the coalition and get involved with this protest on November 20th, either in NYC or Los Angeles--with their time, contacts or finances; putting these together is very demanding--please email me,

It's now or never, America. How do you want to be remembered by posterity,
your children and before God? As a coward? Or as a brave man or woman
who said "Enough is enough" and then did something decisive about it?


We will be demonstrating on Saturday, November 20th, 1999, beginning at 12
noon sharp at the main offices of the New York Times in Times Square, 209 West 43rd St.

The following is adapted from a guideline posted at Free Republic.

Clip - if you are interested to organize a demonstration, please ask the rest of these excellent guidelines from "Andrew Amirault" <>


Andrew Amirault

The Christian Intelligence Advisory

The media's job is to convince the public that two plus two equals anything but four.

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999



Woman says plane vapors make her sick

The Associated Press 09/12/99 7:31 PM Eastern

COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho (AP) -- Meg Anderson believes that plumes from the back of jet airplanes are making her sick.

The plumes are called "contrails" -- short for condensation trails -- and some people believe they cause flu-like symptoms and worse.

Most officials dismiss the claims.

A worldwide network of people connected by the Internet insist the trails come from military planes on covert sorties.

The truth is up there, depending on which of a growing number of Internet sites you dial up, or what night you tune in to nighttime talk radio's conspiracy king, Art Bell.

On one particularly "heavy spray day" over Plummer in June, Anderson said she watched particulate matter fall out of the clouds, "like the black stuff in a diesel truck stopped at an intersection.

"I experienced a numb mouth and burning sinuses -- in an area that is generally pollution free," she said.

Military and most government officials scoff at the contrail conspiracy theory.

"The Air Force doesn't do anything that emits anything other than a normal contrail, which is vapor," said Margaret Gidding, a U.S. Air Force spokeswoman at the Pentagon.

Most people have seen the puffy white contrails from commercial jets, frozen water particles released by combustion into the frigid climes of the upper atmosphere. The trails disappear quickly.

But the contrails in question are said to be much wider than usual and stick around for hours, filling the sky with tic-tac-toe patterns.

Contrail watchdogs use Oakville, Wash., as a poster child. As chronicled by the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries," in 1994 a rain of gelatinous goo fell from the sky onto the small town. Tests revealed a combination of white blood cells, two strains of bacteria and bits of coral reef, according to a transcript of the television show.

Most of the theories link contrails to military planes, often white, unmarked planes flying below the 18,000-foot altitude where the vapor trails normally start forming.

This year, Air Force headquarters started getting monthly calls on the issue, many of them from Washington state, Gidding said. She thinks the sudden interest stems from publicity on the Internet.

"It's challenging because I empathize with people when they're ill and looking for the cause," she says. "But the Air Force is just not what's causing it."

Forecasters say contrails are a meteorological phenomenon caused when water from jet engine exhaust freezes fast without evaporating, typically below -38 degrees Celsius. Most contrails break up quickly, but sometimes upper level winds can spread the trails apart, forming a large sheet cloud that lingers.

People who associate health problems with the trails describe strange X-shaped clouds -- said to aid satellite location of spraying operations -- and checkerboards not produced by commercial jets on parallel flight patterns.

A Kootenai County resident who gave his name as "George" on a popular contrails Web site in June reported black particles similar to those Meg Anderson had reported. "By the time it was dark, my nose lining was burning and my mouth was numb. I had a sore throat at bedtime and next morning sore glands in my neck and fatigue."

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an anti-immunization crusader who lives in Sandpoint, suspects chemtrails in a nationwide outbreak of upper respiratory infections last winter that didn't respond to antibiotic treatment.

But "it's virtually impossible to link it definitively," Horowitz acknowledges.

Health officials in Idaho and Washington say they've received no reports from concerned citizens of contrail-linked illnesses.

"We're hooked up to Hanford to see if anything happens there," says Renee Guillierie, a spokeswoman for the Washington Department of Health. "That's about as weird as we get."

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? We welcome your feedback.

1999 Oregon Live LLC


From: "superman" <>
Subject: Flu outbreaks follow these excellent illustrated chemtrail overview and analysis
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999

Read at:


From: Shanna Mac Lean <>


Issue #3 - April 22, 1999

Dear Friends and concerned sky-watchers,

It is time to act. Time to take our demands for answers and accountability to the elected officials we employ to represent our interests.

Please write a short letter detailing your concerns, and calling for an end to the spraying and an official investigation into the chemtrails.

Have family members, neighbors and friends do the same.

Fax or email your letter to your Senator(s) and Representative(s). cc a copy to me at

To get the names and correct email addresses of your reps, call the Free Congressional switchboard at 1-800-504-0031.

Check my website for a petition to sign, to be posted soon.

This Chemtrails Information kit has been prepared for legislators and
media representatives interested in the latest documented findings.
Please contact me for further details. I am an award-winning
independent Canadian journalist with 30 years' investigative

William Thomas

Spraying trails patterns appearing on satellite images of the West Coast:

Date sent: Sat, 24 Apr 1999
Subject: Chemtrails GOES visible sat image

17:00 UTC GOES 10 visible satellite image (weathernet) currently shows a pattern being laid offshore along the West coast Wash, Ore and most of Cal. With the recent decrease in winds and the building high pressure ridge this is exactly where one would lay down a pattern of spray to drift on the on shore flow over coastal areas of the west coast. If am a serious weather junkie,I minored in meteorology and I know my atmospheric science and having viewed literally thousands of sat photos and images I have never seen the kinds of 'clouds' that are visible in your images and the ones that appear in the current west coat image. The crossing of the trails are completely antithetical to weather dynamics and would occur naturally in my opinion on a once in a million fashion.

By William Thomas with Erminia Cassani

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada,

April 22, 1999 (ENS) - As unmarked tanker-type aircraft continue
spraying sky-obscuring chemtrails over regions of the U.S. and Canada,
this writer and American journalist Erminia Cassani have obtained
laboratory tests of fully-documented samples of aerial fallout. The
samples were tested by a U.S. Envi-onmental Pro-ection Age-cy (E-A)
licensed facility.

The two samples were taken from aluminum-sided structures in separate
states nearly a year apart after their respective owners went outside
in the wake of low-flying aircraft to find dwellings and outbuildings
splattered with a brown, gel-like substance.

Trained in the health sciences, Cassani carefully took samples from
the second incident which occurred at 2:00 pm on November 17, 1998.
The samples were taken from property directly under the flight
approach path to Thomasville airport, an old airport once used for
commercial flights but now used only for small planes. However, the
woman whose house and property the sample substance fell upon,
observed that military aircraft have recently been using this airport
for "test runs" circling the immediate area and returning to the
Thomasville airfield. This facility is located a 45 minutes drive from
the Harrisburg International Airport in Pennsylvania.

Noting nearby military hangars filled with big helicopters, Cassani
videotaped a house splattered on all sides, as well as the driveway.
The reporter also interviewed a man living near the main runway who
claimed that a similar goo had hit his house the previous October.

Cassani became ill with flu-like symptoms and was sick for four days
after obtaining the sample. When a marine biologist at a nearby
university started working with the gel material, he too immediately
developed upper respiratory symptoms. The woman whose house had been
struck also caught the "flu." Two weeks before Christmas 1998 she
suffered a heart attack.

Coliform tests by the state Department of Health were negative. But
when the university Ph.D. biologist turned his microscope to high
power, he found the glass slide teeming with a protozoan life form he
said was "very resilient to very cold temperatures."

The laboratory staff who eventually received our sample for a complete
analysis had never seen cell cultures bloom so fast. Cell cultures
normally take several days to grow; ours flowered into brilliant
colors within 48 hours of being placed in petri dishes.

Exclaiming that, "It was all over the plate," the biologist who
examined our first sample wanted to know where we had obtained this
"bio-hazard" material.

No markers for jet fuel were evident. But the TNT and fuel-eating
Pseudomonas fluorescens found in our sky sample is listed in 163
Pen-agon patents for bioremediation.

Sometimes employed against oil spills, Pseudomonas fluorescens can
consume jet fuel as a primary food source. This bacteria can cause
upper respiratory illness and serious blood infections in humans.

Unlike P. flourescens, the streptomyces present in our sample is
rarely found in outdoor samples. Used to make several antibiotics,
this fungus can cause severe infections in humans.

Also isolated in our sample was a fluorescent-type of bacteria found
in distant coral reefs, which can be used as a "marker" in lab tests.

Another bacillus contained a "restriction enzyme" used in research
laboratories to "restrict" or cut DNA material for transfer to other
organisms. A computer search for this usually benign bacteria turned
up Streptomyces and P. flourescens on the same reference page - as
well as the American Type Tissue Culture Corporation. U.S. Senate
documents show that this Maryland company made at least 72 shipments
of germ warfare cultures to Saddam Hussein's scientists between
October 1984 and October 1993.

Our second sample was obtained from the U.S. eastern seaboard after
Cassani tracked down a woman whose house, barn, cars, lawn and
driveway were covered by a similar brown gel on January 17, 1998. This
homeowner noticed planes making "tic-tac-toe clouds" and "weird
designs" in the sky before the goo fell - possibly from clogged spray

She had been at church while neighbors watched a large aircraft
circling so low it rattled windows and almost hit a barn, before
climbing toward a disused commercial airfield recently renovated for
military flights. When the homeowner took a scraping into the local
lab, she was told of similar incidents in the vicinity.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) dismissed the substance -
which resisted power-washing and months of weathering - as "corn

But despite being stored for a year at room temperature, our EPA
registered lab found this second batch of dried-out gel teeming with
the same bacilli present in our more recent sample. Streptomyces was
again found, as well as a bacteria capable of causing a painful ear

Three other molds in this second sample included a "black yeast"
stockpiled by the U.S. Army as a "bioremediation organism" that
thrives on TNT and petroleum spills. This black yeast can also cause a
nasty upper respiratory infection - as Cassani discovered when her
left lung became painfully infected with black mold that could have
come from the sample she handled.

We decided to withhold the name of our testing facility after an
environmental lab in Ohio was besieged by calls from a mi-itia
organization claiming that a jet fuel additive identified by A-ua Tech
Environmental Inc. was part of a conspiracy to cull the population.

Larry Harris brought the controversial sample to Aqua Tech for
analysis. A registered microbiologist who once worked on top U.S.
biowarfare projects, Harris says that a lab technician immediately
identified his sample as JP-8 aviation fuel similar to dozens of
samples being brought in by sick pilots and ground crew.

But after the harassing phone calls began, another chemtrails
investigator who was with Harris when he submitted the fuel sample to
Aqua Tech told ENS that the "lab went cold" and would no longer confer
with them.

A copy of Aqua Tech's report on Harris' sample has been obtained by
this reporter. Submitted on September 17, 1997 and labeled "Jet Fuel,"
lab report number MEL 97-1140 identifies more than 15 toxic petroleum
products - including toulene and styrene, as well as traces of the
banned pesticide ethylene dibromide (EDB). Currently used as a JP-8
jet fuel additive, EDB was banned by the EPA in the late 1970s as a
known carcinogen capable of causing severe upper respiratory reactions
at repeated low-level exposures.

Harris charges that Aq-a Tech altered its test results to "almost
undetectable amounts" of EDB in order to fend off crackpots, protect
government contracts and discredit his investigation.

Aqua Tech insists its report is accurate.

Despite efforts to protect her identity, our own friendly biologist
turned edgy and cold after finding few references to our toxic samples
in medical books or Internet databanks. When Cassani suggested that
this lack of information seemed strange, the microbiologist laughed
uneasily and said, "Well, the whole thing is strange, the samples,
where they came from. So I'm not surprised."

Similar encounters with a gel clinging tenaciously to porches, pick-up
trucks and patrol cars have been reported across the USA - from
Arizona's remote Mogollon rim to Aptos and Fresno, California and
North Seattle, Washington.

The most publicized incident occurred in August, 1994, when gelatinous
globs began raining on Oakville, Washington about 80 miles southeast
of Seattle.

After local residents became sick with vertigo, lethargy and severe
shortness of breath, a lab technician found human white blood cells in
the sky goo. At the Washington State Department of Health, registered
microbiologist Mike Mc-owell also discovered the sample swarming with
Pseudomona flourescens and Enterobacter cloacae.

Serratia marcescens was found in yet another gel sample obtained in
Idaho in late March, 1999. Often causing upper respiratory infections
resulting in pneumonia, Serratia marcescens was sprayed into the New
York subway system in 1953, and over Dorset, England from early 1966
to 1971 by the military in both countries. Serratia marcescens was
supposedly withdrawn as a biological warfare stimulant in the 1970s
when this infectious agent was deemed too hazardous for use on
friendly "test populations."

E. coli, Serratia marcescens, and Bacillus glogigii were sprayed over
UK population centers to stimulate biowarfare attacks in the 1960s and
1970s, the London Telegraph reported in May of 1998. All three agents
can cause disease in humans including pneumonia and chest infections.
According to recent admissions by the British Defense Ministry, a
Canberra jet bomber was modified with spray tanks to "act as a spray
aircraft for research into defence against biological warfare."

Microscopic examination of spider web-like fallout obtained in
Sallisaw, Oklahoma in October, 1997 also turned up enterobacteria,
which can cause gastrointestinal illness.

Despite these findings, microbiologists caution that the Oakville,
Idaho and Sallisaw samples could have been contaminated by
"background" bacteria present in the soil.

Experimental lab material found in our samples remains unexplained. As
outbreaks of staph, recurrent pneumonia and meningitis continue to be
reported in hospitals by newspapers across the USA, Cassani and I note
that staph-related organisms turning up in test samples of airborne
spray can cause pneumonia and meningitis.

Our investigation continues.

Environment News Service (ENS) 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Spraying of Cities is Real
Part III
By Ken Welch <>


Contrail Spraying Of Cities Is Real - Part One


Spraying Of Cities Is Real - Part Two

This is the final article in this series, and contains my personal
conclusions about the reason we are being sprayed. People are sending in a
lot of good information, fuel aerosol plumes are being sighted and
photographed from coast to coast, and there will likely be reason to send
out a bulletin from to time on latest developments. However, we are
already implementing the first stages of our evacuation plan, so time to
write will be getting scarce. I will continue to post new material to our
story pages that begin at:

If you've been following these articles, you know that we had one of those cold-water-in-your-face experiences, when we clearly observed the spraying of individual Texas communities on April 9th, 1999. There was absolutely no doubt that people were the target. The mystery gets worse, however, when you learn that very sparsely populated areas, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, are being sprayed very heavily, over and over again. Add to this the Air Force's intense efforts to harness the weather for military purposes (also involving fuel as the dispersing carrier), and the picture becomes even more confused.


Friends of ours who routinely visit relatives south of the border, and
often pick up medicines from the free marketplace in Mexico, have reported
for months that they are getting the third degree from U.S. border
officials whenever they bring back even the most common antibiotics.
Secondary infections from spraying-induced illnesses have been life
threatening. If you are under control and doing what you are told, you
will probably get antibiotics if you need them. Otherwise you are going to
be on your own. A lot of deaths from a mysterious epidemic, in the middle
of a chaotic situation, is rarely more than a footnote in history books.

This also explains why so many small towns, outside the sphere of control
from the city, are being sprayed. People in the country may have plenty of
food, and even saved fuel, but if they become seriously ill they will have
to go to the control point for medicine.

The extremely heavy spraying of remote or sparsely populated areas must
also be part of this plan, otherwise millions of dollars are being wasted.
While there is mounting evidence of spraying operations in rural areas
where the wind will carry the concentration to a population center many
miles away, I believe there is much more to the story. First, let's
recognize that the planners believe there is at least one agent in the
spray package that is persistent. In other words it will stay there. It
will be on the ground, in the water, on the grass and the leaves of bushes
and trees, and so on. There is no point in spraying an agent that is gone
before it is needed.

I believe that many of these areas can be assumed to be sufficiently far
from centers of control that it could be a year or more before
thinly-stretched forces will even think of going there. Perfectly suited
as havens for any resistance effort, they will naturally pull many of the
people who escape the cities. In the Pacific Northwest, thousands of
people have their hiking or camping gear close at hand, and any who are
aware of the coming crises have probably already thought of remote areas
where they might weather the storm. I might also point out that people who
live in these areas already, and could teach others how to survive there,
are really being pounded along with the potential refuge they inhabit.

My greatest fear about the spraying, and it is only a fear, is that it
might be a binary or two-part system. There is no question that large
numbers of people are now seriously weakened, particularly in the area of
the lungs. This means that almost any pathogenic organism, spread in the
air, could rip through our population like wildfire. I cannot imagine why
this would be necessary, but the danger is there.