December 5, 2001

The Big Brother Files #17: The Killing Fields of This World

Hello everyone

There are some dire warnings and powerful ideas in this compilation, especially those suggested by Ariel Ky below in her Call to Pacifists to Strategize a Meta-Democracy. As scores of innocents civilians are killed in Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine, and while an unending litany of critical planetary environmental and humanitarian crisis are no longer on the politicial radar screen, obscured by the lack of media coverage because of their obsession with the war against terrorism, the need is greater than ever for a shift in focus away from the militaristic/corporate agenda towards an empowerment of the dreams and hopes of all people for a better, saner, more humane and environmentally sustainable future. But when one considers what is going on now, for instance, in the Palestinian territories, one is left to wonder what are the real intents and plans of the Sharon government, in conjunction with the Bush administration who apparently gave its green light for the current deadly military actions. Is this all staged to prepare the way for yet more violence and justification for a greater repression of freedom around the world?

Perhaps that's what we will learn through the Web grapevine in the coming weeks, just as what happened after Sept 11...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

IMPORTANT NOTE: A couple people on this list pointed out to me yesterday that the article by Ivan Fraser from which I quoted some material in my last Big Brother compilation (pertaining to the Jewish ownership of several mainstream US media) contained "anti-Zionist criticisms as a cover for nasty antisemitism" as well as "historic and Nazi anti-Jewish statements" and also that the author of this article (which I did not have time to read thoroughly) was "mis-characterizing and maligning Jewish beliefs and Jewish people" (according to CyberBrook <> who kindly brought that to my/our attention)". A discussion of this issue was also recommended at

Part of my comments in response to these concerns were that:

"If my inclusion of this quote lead some people to conclude that the Jewish interests owning and controlling so much of the US newsmedia are making a concerted effort to positively portray the actions and decisions of the Israeli government for instance, and also reward the outright, unflinching, financial and military support of the United States for Israel with a similar positive slant in all news reporting, then this is a consequence born not out of my "networking", but merely out of the basic evidence at hand."

On another issue, please note also that all Canadians are invited to go at http:/ where you can use a form letter to reach Canadian Senators and other political figures in protest of bill C36 and other upcoming so-called "anti-terrorist" laws threatening civil liberties in Canada.


1. Call to Pacifists to Strategize a Meta-Democracy
2. Report on Alliance Assembly Governance
3. Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
4. Beyond Osama: The Pentagon’s Battle With Powell Heats Up
5. Arab News - FBI smells anthrax in biryani
6. ATTACK ON WTC: Why didn't our government respond until it was too late?
7. Secret US plan for Iraq war
8. National Security or National Smoke Screen?


U.S. Bombs Strike 3 Villages And Reportedly Kill Scores
American bombers struck three Afghan villages Friday night, killing or injuring scores of civilians, witnesses and officials said.

Bush's Inexperience is Showing (December 2, 2001)
Sensible Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and the administration's sharpest mind, Secretary of State Colin Powell, are trying to restrain the Sharonistas, who seem dangerously close to convincing Bush to launch a crusade against much of the 1.2-billion-person Islamic world. They failed with clever Bill Clinton, but are succeeding with the unworldly Bush. America's European, Asian and Muslim allies are horrified by the dire threats emanating from Washington, but so far no one has dared to publicly break ranks and tell the president to holster his sixguns and simmer down.

Britain asked to prepare strikes against terror bases in Somalia (December 2, 2001)
A team of senior British military officers who visited US Central Command in Tampa, Florida, last week was asked to prepare the strategy for attacks on sites in Somalia. They have returned to London to discuss the plan with MoD ministers.

A fierce battle is being waged for America's post-9/11 soul, pitting Bush's securitycrats and war hawks against a growing chorus of dissent. But what exactly are they fighting for?

Of the 1200 detained in the post-Sept. 11 anti-terror sweep, 548 remain in custody. Only about a dozen of them, it turns out, have any ties to anything that could remotely be characterized as terrorism.

Some conservatives and their Pentagon pals are lobbying Bush to take his war to Iraq. They are meeting with resistance from not just the left, but from prominent rightwingers as well.

U.S. Making Weapons to Blast Underground Hide-Outs

U.S. budget deficit projected until 2005
WASHINGTON -- The federal budget will likely remain in deficit for the rest of President Bush's term, bringing a decisive end to the brief era of surpluses, Bush's budget director Mitch Daniels said Wednesday. CLIP The deficit forecast was a dramatic turnabout after four straight years of government surpluses. Daniels blamed the change on the recession and the economic fallout from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. In a question-and-answer session after his speech, Daniels disputed suggestions that Bush's tax cuts contributed to the deficit. The tax package that Congress approved earlier this year will reduce federal revenues by nearly $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years. CLIP

Kamen Sees New Industry in Self-Balancing Scooter (December 3)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The ultra-secret invention that has kept the high-tech world abuzz for the past year is a self-balancing, motorized scooter that costs under 10 cents a day to operate and could usher in a new era of individual transport. The machine, once code-named ``Ginger,'' but now known as the Human Transporter, could replace private cars in crowded cities or battery-powered carts on factory floors by enabling riders to zip around safely in close quarters, its developer said. ``Telepathic transportation -- that's the way it feels,'' inventor Dean Kamen said in an interview conducted as he absent-mindedly maneuvered one of his two-wheeled prototype devices at a media demonstration room in New York on Monday. CLIP On top of the scooter's ``dynamic balancing'' technology, Kamen's research arm, DEKA Research and Development Corp., is also working on a so-called Stirling engine, an emission-free energy source that recycles much of its own heat. The potentially revolutionary engine will be incorporated into future versions, Kamen promised. CLIP

Mystery Invention Is Self-Balancing Scooter (December 3)

The pus, blood, antibiotics, and carcinogens in milk -- and the chronic fatigue, anemia, asthma, and autoimmune disorders caused by milk consumption - do no body good.

Senate Defeats ANWR 'Sneak Attack'


Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001
From: Dio Rallen <>
Subject: Call to Pacifists to Strategize a Meta-Democracy

Dear Jean,

Your last Big Brother compilation was not only sobering and alarming, as usual, but was also the best analysis I've seen to date of how the Bush administration has been using the 9/11 terrorist attack to leverage sweeping changes to our political system.

It's all very well and good to stay informed and seek out the truth of what is going on. I haven't been able to figure out what else to do. However, I'm beginning to see the scope of what has to be done.

In 1983 I had a vision of the future where there were two forces struggling to change the world. One side wanted to control everyone and everything with a global martial law imposed by the wealthy to keep down unrest and consolidate their power. The other side was resisting, though pacifist in nature, by networking extensively around the globe, championing freedom, democracy and inner exploration.

These people communicated with each other telephathically, in dreams, and spirit body whether incarcerated or free to coordinate their resistance. Many were jailed. Others moved around continually in order to avoid control of their lives.

There were people on both sides in every country. This struggle was not a national one, but between people with different mindsets and values. It would seem we are approaching this scenario with those who advocate the New World Order attempting to take over control of governments by fiat, political coups, economic manipulation, terrorism, etc.

Have enough people woken up to form a successful resistance to this concerted attempt to establish the New World Order? I don't think so, but for those who have, it is imperative to start going around waking up others as though the house were on fire.

Pacifists need to outstrategize the militarists. Once we start connecting with each other to strategize resistance, we have the overwhelming advantage of those among us who communicate with spirit guides. When asked, higher spiritual beings may assist with timely information and guidance to intuit how to proceed effectively.

At this time, we are in apparently weak position of merely responding to the initiatives of the NWO cohort. This has got to change!

We need to start filing suits in every state against the Bush administration's every move to weaken our democratic form of government. We need to impeach Bush, get Blair out of office, and depose any politican from a position of power who is moving toward greater control of the populace and less freedom for the people.

Even more imperative, we need to start taking initiative in creating the world we want. A good place to begin would be with a constitutional convention. The wise men who formed this country foresaw a time when the forms of government would need to be updated and changed and they built the forum into our constitution to do that with a constitutional convention.

An obvious place to start at a constitutional convention would be to eliminate the electoral college. However, more sweeping changes could be instituted that would reflect the communication processes available today. For instance, do we really need a representative form of government?

If everyone can bank with automated tellers, why can't everyone cast their personal vote on issues? Of course, we would need a much more actively involved citizenry, but that is possible.

And how can we get women involved in decision-making proportionate to their numbers? Our form of government was formed by a body of men. No women were included. Bring women into the process of deciding on how to set up a better government, and believe me, it's going to be different than what just men came up with; it'll be more balanced, deeper, richer, and more equal.

Some people have started to draw up plans for the kinds of radical changes that would bring about a way for people to live in harmony with all living creatures, honoring our great Mother Earth. A resource-based economic system rather than a money-based economic system is one of the best stratagems I've seen for evening out the disparities between poorer and richer countries.

Another stratagem would be to move the United Nations out of New York to any country but the most powerful, richest one in the world.

If we started a brainstorming session on measures that we could take, individually and collectively, to take initiative and act to create the world we want then we would have a better chance at resisting the New World Order takeover that is occurring presently.

Even more, we would be well on our way to creating the world we want. Who knows? Maybe the New World Order forces are humanity's birth canal forcing us to birth the world we want or die in the process.

Ariel Ky


From: "Rob Wheeler" <>
Subject: Report on Alliance Assembly Governance
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001

Dear friends,

This is a reminder about the new Global Governance discussion list. I am currently at the Alliance's World Assembly of Citizens and will be participating in the working group on Global Governance. The working paper that we will be discussing can now be found on the web at
or in french at

There are some very interesting proposals regarding establishing a world parliament, etc. Somewhere around the sections 355-377. However there is a table of contents so you can see what all is there. I'd love to get feedback about what you think of these ideas; and I will send more information as it is presented here during the week.


Rob Wheeler

Note from Jean: If you are interested you may also get from Rob a document entitled "COMPLETELEY SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, AN ALTERNATIVE TO NEO-LIBERALIST GLOBALISATION".


From: "Frances 4keys Lequiere" <>
Subject: Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

On October 31, 2001 the American people and U.S. Constitutional freedoms were attacked, not by the Taliban government or Muslim terrorists, but by CDC officials who advanced the "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act" that will force masses of people suspected of exposure to broadly-defined "infectious diseases" and biological weapons into concentration camp-like holding facilities for drugging, vaccination, and quarantine, without any viable legal recourse.

First, READ the 40 page Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Document at


Read the Health Privacy Project Organization's comments and criticisms on the bill at


1) Start your day with a meditation and prayer, asking for Divine interventions to soften the hearts of our misguided "leaders." Visualize a mass spiritual awakening that will empower people to thwart any effort to violate their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integrity.

2) From, link to "Elected net" to direct your feelings and concerns regarding this legislation to your legislators and other government officials. Ask them to provide you with proof, the hard scientific data that shows that vaccines they are proposing to inject people with, such as the new smallpox vaccine, has been proven safe AND EFFECTIVE. They will not be able to do this, since it doesn't exist. This is the strongest way to deliver the most important point-we are not dealing with "public health" here, we are dealing with financial, political, and even genocidal agendas.

3) Write letters to the editors of your local newspaper relaying this information. Call talk radio stations and share your concerns with listeners about this dangerous legislation. Forward this news release to everyone in your email networks.




Beyond Osama: The Pentagon’s Battle With Powell Heats Up

Jason Vest, Village Voice
November 20, 2001

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The simmering conflict within the Bush administration over how to prosecute the next phase of the "war on terrorism" suddenly flared up last week as the Taliban fled Kabul. "Where to go next and how big it should be is what's being argued right now—and Baghdad is what's being debated at the moment," said a senior Pentagon official. "This is both an internal discussion at the Pentagon, and one between departments. Our policy guys are thinking Iraq. Our question is, do we make a move earlier than anyone expects?" To some, this goes well beyond madness: With Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda still at large and no obvious ties between Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein or Palestinian groups like Hamas or Hezbollah, taking the fight to Baghdad, Syria, or Lebanon makes little military or diplomatic sense. CLIP


Sent by Donna Williams <>

Here's some more terror, compliments of the US! Thought you might be interested.


FBI smells anthrax in biryani

WASHINGTON, 26 November - The fault of two Pakistani families, whose houses were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Pennsylvania last week, was that they were seen bringing home a silver pot and throwing soap water in their backyard. This was construed as part of a sordid plot to make anthrax by their neighbors, who reported the details to FBI.

The raid was the latest in the series of hate crimes that Pakistanis have being subjected to in the US after Sept. 11. The fact that the victim, Dr. Irshad Shaikh, dealt with medicine and was a Muslim from a country that hosts thousands of Taleban, fitted perfectly into the stereotype image held by the neighbors and the FBI.

The FBI agents broke down his door on Tuesday and entered his house with guns drawn, followed by members of a hazardous materials team in moon suits and gas masks. They broke the doors, smashed furniture and kept the wife of one of the victims at gunpoint for a considerable time.

Reports suggest that the FBI, acting on a tip related to its anthrax investigation, carried out the raid in the middle of the day. Among the items the agents confiscated were his computer and his mother's teddy bears. So scared is the family that they are not even complaining about the incident.

Dr. Shaikh, 39, was trained as a radiologist in Pakistan and holds master's and doctoral degrees from John Hopkins University. His brother Masood is the manager of Chester's program to reduce lead hazards for children. A friend of the family, Asif Kazi, a city accountant who is an American Pakistani, was also subjected to lengthy questioning.

The FBI would not give any details of the cause of raid other than to say agents were acting on credible information that they had spent more than two weeks checking things out. But it looks like that the cause of suspicion was a pot the brothers carried to Kazi's house so his wife could prepare biryani.

"I'm still in trauma," Kazi told The New York Times. "I cannot sleep properly. I cannot eat. You are worried of the fear of the unknown. What's going to happen tomorrow?" He explained that he had been at work, and his wife, Palwasha, 38, had been home alone on Tuesday morning, cooking his lunch, when she saw the armed agents running toward the house. "They broke the door," he said. "They kept her sitting at gunpoint, in the dining room on a chair. That's the standard procedure. I am not complaining."

Kazi said the agents questioned him about some Cipro tablets that they had confiscated from his house. Cipro is one of the antibiotics used to treat anthrax. Kazi said that a doctor had prescribed the drugs for his wife to treat repeated bladder infections. He said the FBI also questioned him about "a cloudy liquid" that he was reportedly seen dumping on the ground behind his home. He said it was soap water from the washing machine that had backed up into the adjacent sink. "My wife is a maniac as far as washing is concerned," he said.

He said agents had also asked about a large silver-colored canister that the Shaikh brothers, who have been his friends for more than 20 years, were seen putting into their car and unloading at his house. The canister, Kazi and the Shaikh brothers said, was a large silver pot that they had brought for Mrs. Kazi to use for her prized biryani.


Despite the torment, the families will appear before a federal grand jury on Dec. 20 and there are chances that they may even lose their jobs. All because of one silver pot and biryani. (Raabta)


From: "Donald Stacey" <>
Subject: ATTACK ON WTC: Why didn't our government respond until it was too late?
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001

President Bush and his administration have received a great deal of criticism about the total lack of response to the hijackings until too late. Here are some excerpts from a series of articles that have developed this issue in some depth:

Why didn't our government respond to the attack?

American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:45 a.m.

"This is a terrorist attack. Notify the Pentagon." NYPD radio broadcast at 9:08a.m.

"In Sarasota, Fla, Bush was reading to children in a classroom at 9:05a.m. when his chief of staff, Andrew Card, whispered into his ear. The president briefly turned somber before he resumed reading. He addressed the tragedy about a half-hour later."

American Airlines Flight 77 struck the 9:30a.m.

".how could [Flight 77] stay in the air, hijacked, for almost an hour after two other hijacked planes had struck the WTC Towers and not be seen by U.S. air defense forces?" [Flight 77 struck 45 minutes after Flight 11 struck the WTC.].

"On 11 September there were two entire squadrons of combat-ready fighter jets at Andrews [Air Force Base - 10 miles from the Pentagon]. Their job was to protect the skies over Washington D.C."

"Asked if rules of engagement would have allowed the Air Force to shoot the plane down, [deputy defense secretary] Wolfowitz said: 'I think it was pretty clear at that point that that airliner[The fourth plane that crashed in Pennsylvania] was not under the pilot's control and that it was heading to do major damage.'

"He said any military intervention would have ultimately been the decision of President George W. Bush....

"Forty minutes passed between the time New York's second World Trade Center tower was struck and another commandeered plane crashed into the Pentagon..."

"So what do we have here?

"A) Officials knew that the third plane, and quite possibly the second, was set to strike important targets.

"B) They tracked the third plane for at least half an hour.

"C) Supposedly George Bush, Jr. needed to approve shooting the plane down.

"D) But instead of going into an emergency meeting, he continued his visit to an elementary school, hearing about [a children's story about] goats.

"What we have here is either criminal negligence beyond belief, and that includes the Commander in Chief, who hearing that planes are destroying the country focuses on goats[children's story], or b) the 'N.Y. Times' piece is repeating a cover story whose purpose is to explain away the obvious flaw in the original story: namely, that a plane could be hijacked in Ohio, and fly all the way back to Washington without being spotted."

Sources of above excerpts:

by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel

Part 1, Section 2 of 'GUILTY FOR 9-11: BUSH, RUMSFELD, MYERS'
by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel

Criminal Negligence or Treason - Commentary on a NY Times article
By Jared Israel



Sent by Palden Jenkins <>


Secret US plan for Iraq war

Bush orders backing for rebels to topple Saddam

War on Terrorism: Observer special

Peter Beaumont, Ed Vulliamy and Paul Beaver

Sunday December 2, 2001 The Observer

America intends to depose Saddam Hussein by giving armed support to Iraqi opposition forces across the country, The Observer has learnt. President George W. Bush has ordered the CIA and his senior military commanders to draw up detailed plans for a military operation that could begin within months.

The plan, opposed by Tony Blair and other European Union leaders, threatens to blow apart the increasingly shaky international consensus behind the US-led 'war on terrorism'.

It envisages a combined operation with US bombers targeting key military installations while US forces assist opposition groups in the North and South of the country in a stage-managed uprising. One version of the plan would have US forces fighting on the ground.

Despite US suspicions of Iraqi involvement in the 11 September attacks, the trigger for any attack, sources say, would be the anticipated refusal of Iraq to resubmit to inspections for weapons of mass destruction under the United Nations sanctions imposed after the Gulf war.

According to the sources, the planning is being undertaken under the auspices of a the US Central Command at McDill air force base in Tampa, Florida, commanded by General Tommy Franks, who is leading the war against Afghanistan.

Another key player is understood to be former CIA director James Woolsey. Sources say Woolsey was sent to London by the hawkish Deputy Defence Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, soon after 11 September to ask Iraqi opposition groups if they would participate in an uprising if there was US military support.

The New York Times yesterday quoted a senior administration official who admitted that Bush's aides were looking at options that involved strengthening groups that opposed Saddam. Richard Armitage, the Deputy Secretary of State, said that action against Iraq was not imminent, but would come at a 'place and time of our choosing'.

Washington has been told by its allies that evidence it has presented of an Iraqi link to 11 September is at best circumstantial. However, US proponents of extending the war believe they can make the case for hitting Saddam's regime over its plan to produce weapons of mass destruction.

A European diplomat said last week: 'In the past week the Americans have shut up about Iraqi links to 11 September and have been talking a lot more about their weapons programme.'

The US is believed to be planning to exploit existing UN resolutions on Iraqi weapons programmes to set the action off.

Under the pre-existing 'red lines' for military action against Iraq - set down by Washington and London after the Gulf War - evidence of any credible threat from weapons of mass destruction would be regarded as sufficient to launch military strikes along the lines of Operation Desert Fox in 1998, when allied planes made large-scale strikes against suspected Iraqi weapons complexes.

Opposition by Blair and French President Jacques Chirac may not be enough to dissuade the Americans. One European military source who recently returned from General Franks's headquarters in Florida said: 'The Americans are walking on water. They think they can do anything at the moment and there is bloody nothing Tony [Blair] can do about it.'

Bush is said to have issued instructions about the proposals, which are now at a detailed stage, to his Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, three weeks ago. But Pentagon sources say that a plan for attacking Iraq was developed by the time Bush's order was sent to the Pentagon, drawn up by Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, chairman of the joint chiefs General Richard Myers, and Franks.

The plan is to work with a combination of three political forces: Kurdish rebels in the north of Iraq, radical Sunni Muslim groups in and around Baghdad, and, most controversially, the Shia opposition in the south.

The most adventurous ingredient in the anti-Iraqi proposal is the use of US ground troops, Pentagon sources say. 'Significant numbers' of ground troops could also be called on in the early stages of any rebellion to guard oil fields around the Shia port of Basra in southern Iraq.

See also:

Calls for New Push Into Iraq Gain Power in Washington
When President Bush told Saddam Hussein last week to submit to weapons inspections or else, he bolstered the spirits of a coalition of conservatives.


Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <>
Subject: National Security or National Smoke Screen?

Under the guise of protecting the national security, the Bush administration has been quietly reversing environmental policies, making legal settlements, and creating regulations that will rob our children of their future.

I explore the consequences of adopting a consumer oriented definition of patriotism in a special Healing Our World commentary called,"National Security or National Smoke Screen?"

You can find this commentary at my website at"

This commentary will not be found on the Environment News Service (, the usual home of Healing Our World.

While the nation and its media is focused on the war in Afghanistan, the Bush administration has been quietly authorizing unprecedented access by industry to the nation's natural resources and wildlife. It's easier today to get such a bill passed, no matter how harmful it may be, by declaring it is in the interest of those dreaded words, "national security."

The concept of national security has been quietly redefined to mean insurance for the shareholders of the nation's wealthiest corporations and an excuse to increase our dependence on fossil fuel energy sources. Hundreds of thousands of workers have been laid off by these corporations, even after the billions of dollars they were given by the U.S. government. That money has not been used to avert even one planned layoff nor has one single health benefit been given to those now without jobs.

This is no surprise to those who fully understand that the United States government defines its national health by economic indicators, not by the physical or mental health of its population. It is important to understand this if you are to define a meaningful set of core values for yourself and your family. Don't get angry with our leaders for doing that which has been their mandate since the creation of the U.S.

It is vital to understand that the driving force behind most actions of our elected representatives is the growth of the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), an indicator of the traffic in goods and services across the land. This measure has a devastating effect on human and ecosystem health.

Every time a forest is clear-cut, eliminating all biodiversity and oxygen-producing trees, the GDP goes up as those trees are sold. Every time a resource in the sea is exterminated through overfishing, the GDP goes up. Every time a child is diagnosed with cancer caused by environmental pollutants, the GDP goes up. Environmental and social abuses are profitable events in our country. There is absolutely no incentive in such a system to clean up the environment or to stop major diseases. For a powerful visual experience of this concept, take a look at a clever anti-commercialism TV spot by the Media Foundation at their website at javascript:window_open('/navigation/uncommercial.html?', 400, 300)

For there to be meaningful change, the core values of the U.S. government must change. For that to happen, each of our own personal core values must be identified and shifted - if we choose. Like ripples of water from a pebble dropped in a pool of water, &nbsp;the actions of each of us intersect and impact everyone else on Earth.

I wish you peace as you explore the miraculous connections that exist between each and every one of us.

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.