December 15, 1999

Subject: Bright Future Beyond the Y2Kurve + Please see the De-Alerting Nuclear Weapons Petition at the very end and, *by all means*, go sign it online as indicated.

Hello everyone

It is very late again and I just could not focus on completing this Y2K follow up. Yet I want to send this right away.

First here is a comment I made yesterday to another email someone had forwarded to me - you'll quickly understand the context:

"Although I cannot deny the possibility mentioned about the "real" use of the LFAS equipment (because I've recently circulated material from other sources stating the same), I have to say that I could not bring myself to read this book and enter - what to me appeared to be - the terribly paranoid and conspirationally-obsessed world of the author of this book. Along with it, I received a mail order catalogue for the largest compilation of Conspiracy and Big Bad Elite books I have ever seen...

He is definitely not alone in dealing with this massive subject. And again I cannot deny that some of all these theories might have a kernel of truth to them. Yet there is so much much more going one than the dark machinations of those faceless power hungry dictators to conquer the world -- a spiritual revolution rising from the deepest recesses of humanity's soul that will soon engulf the Earth and render entirely moot all these freakish theories and plans by changing the entire focus to a much higher frequency of love and compassion. Can't you feel it coming?

But in a sense I'm grateful to you Michael Russ for pointing this handbook out to me and to you Mr. Green for pursuing with so much zeal you life calling, because having all those books gathered into one hefty catalogue (I read all the short summaries) made me realize that focussing too much attention into these spiritually-dampening and vibrationally-dead thought-forms could only detract me, and anyone else attracted to them, from nurturing and focussing on the real life-changing revolution that the emerging global spiritual awareness is gradually triggering around the world.

Have you seen the jubilant face of Mr. Trimble in the BBC news tonight speaking about the historic meeting and unprecedented cooperation of all previous political opponents in Ireland?

Have you heard the Russian general coming near Grozny a couple days ago to try to explain the complete volte-face of Russian politicians regarding the fate of the civilians still trapped in this bombed out city? Now a Russian spokesperson admitted they were even willing to speak face to face with the Chechen "terrorists" to help save the civilians - many of whom are Russians, admittedly.

Such previously unhoped-for breakthroughs are becoming so common that we are getting used to them.

Indonesia pulling out of East Timor. Direct flights from US cities to Cuba which is now welcoming US businessmen with the blessing of the White House. Japan re-establishing diplomatic ties with North Corea less than a year after North Corea tested a rocket over Japan. And so on and so on.

Peace is breaking out and compassion is blossoming everywhere.

And we ain't seen nothing yet!

So take heart, a bright future awaits us just beyond the coming Y2Kurve.

And you don't drive your eyes and mind locked into your rear-view mirror. Let the past and all its skeletons rest in peace. We must now look ahead and allow a smile of ecstasy to form onto our lips and into our hearts, for the future is very bright indeed.

And we all deserve it!

Jean Hudon


I didn't think I would send you all more stuff about the WTO meeting in Seattle, but this first one below made me change my mind. In fact, I'm so uplifted after reading this that I feel it is essential to present you this unique perspective about what really happened in Seattle. I mean, we have almost entirely focussed so far either on the environmental, human rights and other work-related issues surrounding the negociations on the agenda, or on the police brutality and overwhelming power of a true dictatorial police state running amock and trampling the constitutionally-protected freedom of speech rights of over 75,000 people, not to mention again the tiny and violent so-called anarchist groups that smashed windows and set fire to refuse containers.

But the real - and so far unsung! - heroes of this week of turmoil have gone unrecognized and underappreciated by most of us, I believe, mostly because we simply did not have a chance yet to hear their side of the story and what actually happened within their hearts during those terribly challenging moments, never to be forgetten ever after.

Well! Here is this unique and so precious side of the story as told by a woman calling herself Starhawk. This is a most profound eye-and-heart-witness account that deserves our attention and acknowledgement. I seldom read more than once the material I forward you, or for that matter my own comments - because there is so much to review and select for my usual compilations. This is one of the few that got read twice. And each time my heart pounded louder and my eyes became wetter as I immersed myself into the extraordinary experience these people went through and realized the incredibly powerful beacon of hope for the future of this entire world their actions ignited.

I'll have more comments after you've read this... (I receommedn you persevere to the end; you'll see why it gets so "interesting")

From: "Kerry Boytzun" <>
Subject: FW: Peace Activist's WTO Experience
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999

Hi friends

Here's an open letter I'm putting up on my web page about the WTO experience.

It's aimed at the broad, Pagan community - so please help me circulate it where it needs to go, you who are more web savvy than I



Open Letter to the Pagan Commmunity

Dear friends, I want to thank you all for all the energy, healing, and concern I've felt from you over the past week. I'm out of jail now, and recovering rapidly from bronchitis. I've been through one of the most intense and powerful experiences of my life - and I've had a few! Physically, it was often very hard. But over and over again I would look around at the other women I was locked up with, and realize that there was no place else in the world I would rather be at that moment.

Magic works. So many people were sending me protection that I had some very surreal experiences. Just one example: When we got arrested, clubs were smashing down on people to the left and right of me. Cops were throwing protestors to the ground, smashing their faces in the concrete, splitting a head or two. And I was arrested by a reluctant young man who I could tell picked me especially so he could be sure I wouldn't be brutalized and asked me politely after I was handcuffed if I would like to sit on the curb. I saw incredible acts of courage around me.

On Tuesday, our group held a blocade line in the only section that remained peaceful and festive all day. We received whiffs of tear gas blowing in from afar, but were never attacked by the police. Around the corner, however, was a war zone, where groups of blockaders held their lines against horses while being beaten, tear gassed and pepper sprayed. I was not myself hurt or beaten or roughed up. But I was locked up, for five days, in a high-security real live jail, complete with concrete cells and iron bars and lights that never turn off, even when you're sleeping. Along with over five hundred other people, I was handcuffed, shackled, stripped of all my personal possessions, and subjected to the force and control of other human beings who, let's just say, did not have my personal welfare at their heart. What criminal act did I commit to warrant this treatment? I walked in a peaceful procession to exercise my constitutional right to freedom of speech, and refused to relinquish that right. When ordered to leave, I sat down.

The media is working hard to portray the protests as a violent riot. Do not believe them. In reality, there were thousand and thousands of peaceful protestors in Seattle and a tiny handful of people who broke windows. The police did not pursue the windowbreakers - in fact, when one of them was surrounded and subdued by a group of nonviolent protestors the police refused to arrest him. While the police complain that they "were not prepared for the violence", in reality they condoned and possibly instigated the vandalism that did occur, and that is dwarfed by the immense violence of the police, who used tear gas on peaceful protestors, pepper sprayed handcuffed women in their cells, shot nuns with rubber bullets, beat seated blockaders with billy clubs, ran amuck and terrorized whole neighborhoods.

What the police were truly unprepared for was the power of nonviolence - not to mention magic! None of the media seem to have a clue as to how the blockade was actually organized. The Direct Action Network, the group I worked with, had been preparing and training people for months. Thousands of people went through nonviolence trainings, to learn how to respond peacefully and courageously in the face of brutality. I helped to give some of the trainings and have the deepest respect for the organizers. We practiced ways to protect each other in dangerous situations and prepared for jail solidarity to prevent individuals from being singled out. Those who took part in the blockade on Tuesday and the civil disobedience on Wednesday were organized like the Craft has been organized for centuries-around small groups, affinity groups-kind of like covens-for-the-action. Each group made its own strategic decisions by consensus, and included both people willing to risk arrest and those who wanted to offer support. Groups sent representatives to spokescouncils where the actions were co-ordinated and overall decisions were made. There was no top down leadership telling people what to do - and in emergency, high stress situations, small groups could quicky make their own decisions and take action. The power of this model, I've come to believe, is that the police simply cannot see this kind of organization. Our plans were made in public meetings, there was no way to keep our strategy secret - yet after months of preparation, we were able to completely surround and blockade the Convention Center and hold it closed for the first day of meetings.

Magic helped. We were, of course, working magic on every level, from rituals we offered before the action to a meditation on shared intent that Margo Adair taught us, to the trancework some of us did in our own circles to the WTO spell (an ice sculpture that melted throughout the ritual) we had as an altar at the Spiral Dance.

We worked magic in jail, as well. We sang songs, told stories, shared meditations and learned to ground and call on the elements. About fifty of us held an impromptu ritual while waiting in a holding cell for arraignment and later danced the spiral dance. We practiced "the art of changing consciousness at will" - and it worked. The guards, the threats, the violence and the concrete could not keep out the love, commitment and true joy we shared. The women I was with in jail were mostly young, but amazingly strong, caring, thoughtful, intelligent and politically aware. There were also a sprinkling of older women whose courage and humor were an inspiration to us.

I was hungry, sick, exhausted and in pain a lot of the time - but I was never for a moment unhappy to be where I was. Instead, I experienced a depth of almost radiant happiness like a pure current in a roiling river that I could tap into whenever my spirit started to flag. In one of our rituals, my friend Willow had invoked the Green Man and reminded us that oxygen is his breath and he is everywhere. When I lay in my airless, torturously overheated cell at night, coughing and feverish and struggling to breathe, I could call upon him through such air as there was and visualize the cool, moist scent of the redwoods by my home. I'd close my eyes and see the ancestors marching with us in great rivers, turning the tide. And I could feel a depth of strength in myself that I didn't know I had. It was the most powerful initiation I've ever experienced.

Why did we do it? I did it because I am a Pagan and a Witch. I know that in the vast, broad Pagan world out there, we don't all share the same politics - but I think there are some core things that we do share and the WTO touches all of them. We worship nature. The WTO is part of a global attempt to elevate profit as a value that supercedes nature or any other value. It overrides the laws we have made through out own democratic governments, and in fact becomes a metapower that makes elected governments ineffectual. Although I've been a lifelong pacifist, I know there are many Pagans in the military and I trust that they believe they are there to defend our democracy - which the WTO makes null and void. I don't know any Pagans, regardless of politics, who enjoy being bossed around by outside forces and told what to do. The level of police violence and repression that was called out to attempt to protect this ministerial is an example of the kind of force we can expect to face in a corporate-controlled world.

We won. The WTO will never, now, be able to quietly assume power and consolidate its rule outside of public awareness. Whatever happens with it, and whatever new strategy they devise to meet the same ends, the issue has been brought to the public table. And a new generation of young activists have been through a life-changing experience. A few uncomfortable days in the company of heroic and beautiful women seems a very small price to pay. Again, thank you all for your energy. I was deeply touched to realize how many people were concerned for me. I truly believe that were it not for all the energy and healing, I would have been much, much sicker - and I've never gotten over a case of bronchitis so fast in my life!

Love and bright Solstice to you all,

Blessed be,


(Comments from Jean continued)

Like the first Christians upholding their faith against all odds, and despite all the duress visited upon them, these true Rainbow Warriors have blazed a path of absolute commitment to defend Life on Mother Earth, with Love and their own bodies as their only weapons to stop the soulless WTO machine blindly destroying the planet -- a path they have now opened up for millions more Rainbow Warriors to follow...

Isn't this thrilling! Yet the real battle, IMHO, is yet to come because, depending on how bad things turn out following the Y2K Global Crash, the kind of institutionalized degradation and stripping away of human dignity perpetrated on them might soon be experienced by a vastly larger number of people. I know that this sounds like an outrageous statement and, believe me, I don't want to induce any undue fear into anyone's mind as this would only further increase the hold some people who believe themselves to be powerful think they can have over us all. But a fear that goes unfaced and unchallenged is bound to acquire ever more power within our subconscious mind precisely because we refuse to face it squarely, look it eyeball to eyeball and... let it pass through us as a mere ghostly figment of someone else's overexcited imagination, all the while radiating absolute unconditional love for whatever and whomever may be at the origin of what gave rise to this emotion of fear. In short, I prefer to get the specter out of the closet in full daylight for all to see so that no one will get fooled into submitting to its dictatorial whims if it ever gets itself into a position to subdue a majority of us.

In many respects, the nonviolent training given by the Direct Action Network mentioned in Starhawk's story above can be a good metaphor to understand the inner attitude and mutual trust we can all cultivate for whatever happens to us that brings us out of our "comfort zone", whether it is to be deprived for a week or more of the amenities of life we take for granted, or to be faced with the prospect of having to move away for a period of time to where living conditions might be more beareable. The point is: Whatever happens, our inner attitude can make a huge difference, just like in this story above.

And to continue on this stream of thoughts, here are a couple comments received to one of my last posts:

From: "Rapid Media Corp." <>
Subject: Re: A Bouquet of Timely Information

Hello Jean:

I wanted to send you my most sincere appreciation for your commendable
and fantastic labor of love for the planet and all life partners here on

My two cents on the Y2K issue is exactly as you point out in this latest
e-mail notification you sent. We might just be creating just the right conditions for the worst to happen. Let's all remember for a moment that "Thoughts Create our Reality" every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. We are the creators of our own reality and they all begin with a 'Thought', then 'Word' and finally 'Action'. These are very powerful and creative forces we are moving, so let's be very conscious about what we think, say and do.And in so doing, we SHAN'T assist in the creation of a global meltdown.

Anything is possible, and for as possible as anything is, we are the ones
that make it probable or even imminent. Our creative powers go far beyond our
present level of understanding, but we can all surely strive for remembrance
and not continue to create unconsciously.

Y2K will be what we the people of this planet want it to be.

So lets all join forces in the process of creating the world we want. To
bring light and peace into our lives, so as to assist creation in this most
fantastic journey that life is, the most wonderful and loving experience our souls embark on. Conversely, we must stay away from FEAR, for this is a most distorted and powerful emotion capable of much damage.

Ultimately, we will all experience what we want.

What do we really want to experience?
What is the governing thought behind the thought?
What will we choose to believe as truth and reality?

Perhaps some would not mind the world economy melting down. For in this
way, they believe the planet would have a chance at being saved from total
destruction. But I strongly believe that we can do that without a series of
major catastrophes.

Lets put our MIND, BODIES and SPIRITS in alignment with our grandest idea
and expression of who we are, want to be and hence shall forever be.

I love you all.

Arie Levy

What we resist - always persists.
What we release - disappears.
Fear nothing but fear itself.
To thine own self be true.
I think therefore I am.
Love is all there is.

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999
Subject: Re: A Bouquet of Timely Information

In a message dated 12/9/1999, writes:

<<On the one hand, there is absolutely nothing any individual can do to
prevent Y2K failures from happening. Whatever will be, WILL BE. We will
just have to deal with it as it happens - and to me, after reading so many
serious and credible reports about what *could* happen, I'm beyond the
conditional "If something happens". *Some* things will definitely happen,
the only uncertainty being the scale on which it will happen locally,
nationally and globally.>>

Jean, actually, there is something each individual can do. I can hold peace
and love in my heart as much as possible, as often as possible, so the whole
will radiate with that same peace and love. We are all connected, part of the
web of All that Is! What I do resonates through you, and vice versa. Just a
quick thought.

Peace, Tim Miejan .:.
The EDGE: Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness


Taken from:

Posted Wed, 8-Dec-1999

Welcome to the "Millennium" and Eclipse Supplement to the Universal Festival Calendar.

Its purpose is to examine both of these critical moments in Earth history, on Jan. 1 and 21, 2000, in light of their respective importance in helping to lift and accelerate the collective frequency of humankind. It goes without saying that people who are sincerely committed to achieving higher, finer frequencies will be engaged in meditation and ceremony in their respective time zones in the hour before midnight on Jan. 1, thus creating a standing wave of spiritual energy that will circle the planet. It is even more desirable to do this on Jan. 21, at the Lunar Eclipse.


Whether you choose to experience the "Millennium" as a player or a spectator, a driver or a passenger, it will be the biggest media event in your experience to date. It will be the biggest broadcast in history, consisting of two main streams of images:

Millennium, Inc., by far the larger of the two, will be a production of the interests that control the mainstream media, and will convey the usual messages: keep working, pay your bills, obey your local police and have a nice day with your indomitable human spirit. We live in prosperity and freedom, and besides, you could win the lottery at any time, and your condition could improve instantly!

The other stream of images cannot be named yet, but it consists mainly of an effort to align as many minds as possible in a simultaneous meditation on lifting the collective hologram of human beings up from the lower frequencies of fear and rage, and into the higher frequencies of love, serenity and joy. Among the root premises of this action is the idea that human beings now have the responsibility to determine, through a series of global meditations, whether tens of millions of human beings, combining their love, will and intentions, can shift the consciousness of people all over the world.

In essence, these two broadcasts will represent the two paradigms that dominate this moment, as the mind and history of humanity move out of the Piscean Paradigm that is now passing, and into the Aquarian Paradigm that is playing in preview in cultures everywhere.

Millennium, Inc. can be counted on to deliver the Piscean Paradigm with production values so stunning that never will any program of color and magic, fire and music and bells have captivated so many so completely with the recital of human frailty and wickedness that is the Pith of Pisces:

It's tragic that you're human, And so hopelessly corrupt, So sinful and so simple That you must be herded up, By the church or by the government, Which ever one is new, Because without someone to save you, There's no telling what you'll do.

The alternative broadcast will present the Aquarian Paradigm, which has something to do with supposing that if enough human beings realize that divinity is within them, and recognize the divinity in others, then their collective, concentrated will can create an upward spiral of frequency that shifts the collective consciousness of humanity upward toward the Divine Frequency. The Aquarian Paradigm thus implies that human beings do not need a savior--but they do need to generate upward motion with and through their friends. As Aquarius corresponds to the 11th astrological house, which relates to friends, it is already clear, even as the Aquarian Age approaches the horizon, that Aquarian sprituality will bring deeper understanding, in the ways that Pythagoras pioneered, of friendship as an exact science that is critical to the process of spiritual transformation.

(end of quote)


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999

To a hidden list of internet friends around the world 14 December 1999. Please note, My e-mail address from December 20 to January 5 will be, as I will be a guest of Art and Judy Rosenblum, the Aquarian Research Institute, in Arlington, near Seattle.

Dear friends,

All the best for Christmas, and, yes, through the year 2000. . . a year of remarkable electronic fixes (breakdowns and repairs), I believe, with a real danger of nuclear war! leading into complete economic collapse, most definitely and obviously from 2004 to 2012.*

And yet there remains cause for cheer. Because there are also signs all around us and evidence through books, magazines and the internet of an exponential growth of love-inspired actions for the healing of our humanity and the earth.

Whereas it is clear that there will be more and greater suffering in the years to come, we are also going to experience more and greater connections of love between us and between us and a more obviously living earth.*

As for the economy, there is inevitably going to be a complete transformation to a global network of small, regional economies producing and distributing only what is needed to sustain loving relations throughout creation. If I am right, economics, from being about the accumulation of wealth through the exploitation of scarce resources, will become a spiritual science to actualize love on earth.

The future must unfold like this, or something like this. For if not, it will mean that the crucifixion and perceived resurrection of Jesus, and the suffering of the prophets and activists of all persuasions through history, has been entirely meaningless. . . it will mean that the history of sacrifice for justice and a vision of a glory to come (a glory that I have myself seen, touched and been touched by) has been entirely meaningless. . . And how is that possible?

"Love one another," said Jesus. In the last year or so, I have tried that, at least a little, through what many of you have experienced as an overload of e-mail postings, of nevertheless some worth!

Maybe there will be less possibility of volume and more probability of quality postings from me in 2000. I hope so.

In friendship,

Boudewijn Wegerif
Monetary Studies Programme
Vårdingeby Folkhögskola
S-150 21 Mölnbo, Sweden

NOTE: * Since the early 1970s I have consistently pointed to the years 2004 to 2012 for the completed breakdown of the debt-based economy and the beginning of the complete transformation of the world as we know it. I first arrived at these dates through studying The Limits to Growth (1972), sponsored by the Club of Rome. I then found support for this reading in The Great Pyramid Decoded by Peter Lemusurier (1977), and later, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by José Arguelles (1987). According to this book the ancient Mayan calendar predicts a "new harmonic resonance", permitting the "conscious articulation" of the "Light Body" of Earth from December 2012.


David Crockett Williams <>

The Vision of Paradise on Earth

"We are approaching the sunrise of a new dawn of human thinking in harmony
with nature and the natural law that describes the oneness of all life, the
relationship of humankind to all life, the "All My Relations" of our family
of life whereby all matter and energy and mind are understood as related by
the operation of consciousness itself."



From: Susan Belanger <>
To: jean hudon <>
Subject: Re: Millennium Meditations Compilation


I enjoy your email information very much and am planning on joining the
meditation on New Year's eve, as I have for many of the other global
meditations. I wanted to let you know about a woman who is running for
President of the US in 2000 who is a spiritual visionary. Her name is
Dr. Heather Anne Harder. If you have not heard about her, please check
out her website at:

If you like what you see, please forward this information to as many
people as you can, and ask them to donate to her campaign so that she
can be included in the early debates around the country-(every state has
it's own requirements monetarily for candidates to do this). Her
campaign people are all volunteer and totally grassroots. Once she gets
into the mass media, (which, unfortunately requires money) she will fly!
Be a part of improving the political system as we know it by supporting
Dr. Harder.

Thanks for your time,

Sincerely in Service to the Planet
Sue Belanger

NOTE FROM JEAN: I'm already aware of Dr. Harder's attempt. I've also heard from someone near her - this is merely a rumor!! - that in the end she could be on the same ticket with Bill Bradley (this is totally unconfirmed!!) who stand a much better chance, IMHO, to win at the Democrat Party convention and then in the election against George W, Bush "The $Annointed$ One".


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999
Subject: De-Alerting Nuclear Weapons Petition

Petition For De-Alerting Nuclear Weapons

There are still thousands of U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons on hair trigger
alert. Worse, with the collapse of Russian military strength, Russia relies
even more on nuclear weapons than it did before. The United States and
Russia give themselves just 15 minutes to evaluate signs of attack on their
radar, and then launch massive retaliation.

I have signed a petition that asks our leaders to immediately begin a
process of de-alerting U.S. nuclear weapons and negotiating reciprocal
de-alerting in Russia. The time is ripe: Representative Markey has
introduced a de-alerting resolution that already has 84 cosponsors. The
President can start this process tomorrow given the political will and
popular support. I urge you to sign the petition as well. Go to:

DEALERT WEAPONS This is an issue of vital concern for all..Please sign on and share this with your friends,clergy and community.Thank You..Blessings !

Here is a link to a Scientific American article that explores the issue:

. This is an issue of vital concern for all..Please sign on and share this
with your friends,clergy and community..Thank You..Blessings !


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Since there is some room left in this email, may I strongly recommend you go educate yourself about the coming Y2K tsunami at Jeff Rense website at: (see headlines below)


Y2K- China Not Fully Prepared, Expects Some Major Failures
Y2K - About 35% Of Chicago Residents Making Preparations
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Y2K - Deutsche Banks Forced Into Worldwide Apology Over Computer Crash
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Meltdown 2000? - Nuclear Plant Nightmare A Real Possibility
Y2K - Water Supplies Are Vulnerable Says New National Report
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Y2K - Major Computer Failure At Deutsche Bank
Y2K - A 'High Probability' Local New Mexico Electrical Service Will Be Cut Off
Y2K - Readiness Of PSC's Aging Power Plants Worries Former Compliance Director
Y2K - Many Still Doubt Nuclear Missile Safety
Y2K - NY Stock Exchange Girds For Possible Trouble
Y2K - Russia Only 50% Compliant For Flight Control Systems
Y2K - Experts Say Most Companies Will Not Be Ready
Y2K - US At Risk Of Massive Chemical Accident