July 11, 1999

Subject: What can we expect for August 11 to 18, 1999

Hello everyone

Just one month prior to the fabulous August 11 total eclipse, the last one of the century, a cosmic phenomenon sure to grab everyone's attention when it occurs, I've lots of material related to this most portentous week (August 11 to 18) to share with you all. The news can be extraordinary good or bad depending on how you look at it - it's all a matter of perspective as usual!

The time seems extremely propitious to go at a sacred place and join in mind and heart with millions of other people who will take maximum advantage of the powerful astrological configuration of August 11 - see much more below - to work on further increasing the spiritual momentum on the planet and usher in a new era of global peace and love-filled relationship with everyone.

I don't know if you have noticed lately but the news are very very good as peace is breaking out "en masse" all over the world. Not only is the nightmarish conflict in Kosovo over, and healing and forgiving are gradually taking place between the Albanian and Serbian communities, but only this week, peace has been made in Congo and in Sierra Leone were vicious conflicts have raged for months. Today, India and Pakistan have concluded a peace agreement to stop their latest border skirmish - which threatened to go nuclear only last week - over the province of Kashmir. The new prime minister of Israel is making bold peace overtures to put an end to over 50 years of conflicts with Israel neighboring countries. Peace is holding on in Northern Ireland thanks to the relentless ministering of UK prime minister, amongst others. Even people in the Eastern Timor will soon get their chance in a UN monitored referendum at independence from Indonesia. And a wind of change is blowing stronger than ever in Iran where the younger generation wants to be freed from the heavy-handed influence of the mullahs. In Algeria, the light at the end of the tunnel of violence and death is finally in sight as the new prime minister has amnestied thousands of prisoners in a move to ease out tensions and bring back peace in this torn country. What a relief!!!

Unfortunately, some pockets of "resistance" are still holding as in the renewed armed conflict between Erithrea and Ethiopia and the situation in Turkey could still heat up over the fate of Ocalan, the extremist Kurds leader. But we can definitely get the sense that, indeed, peace is winning and will soon prevail all over the Earth. This is the vision millions of people have held in their minds and hearts during their meditations, visualizations and prayers and *IT IS WORKING!!*

Now we have one more major opportunity in front of us in a month from now and, like many others recently, I'd like to invite you all to prepare for this moment and plan a very special event with your friends and loved ones to add more Light to the bonfire of Love shining higher and higher everyday.

In an email received a month ago, someone doing palm readings on a professional basis mentioned that for a good while, he has noticed that everyone seems to be heading towards major changes of priorities and spiritual values in their lives and many will be forced to move to another location, all that centering around August 11. Another hint at the importance of what is coming up can also be found in the crop circle phenomenon - see the picture below clearly depicting various phases of an eclipse in progress - as even the extraterrestrial or extradimensional intelligences creating these artistic pictograms seem to warn us of the need to prepare for this coming eclipse.

So heed this and go within to sense what your role and preparations should be. And of course, do NOT look at the eclipse without correct protective filters - only special infra-red and all-UV filters can protect your eyes. Don't try home-made filters or sunglasses!! Get approved ones.

Your feedbacks are welcomed as usual

Love to all of you ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator



From: Br1ghTlov@aol.com
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999
Subject: all we need is love and peace
To: globalvisionary@cybernaute.com

Hi. My name is Diana Aronson, and I am 16 years old. I love the Earth. The
Earth is my home which needs me to live as much as I need it to live. All
the living things on Earth are preciouse and play a very important role in
the delicate balance of life. For some reason, some people do not realize
that by killing the Earth, they are killing themselves. And that brings pain
to my heart. I believe that the energy of love is the energy of life.
Because when you are filled with fear, which I believe is the basis of all
other problems, such as anger, greed, jealousy, and so on, then you are held
down, and are not bursting with energy to jump, laugh, run, and help others.
As far as all living things on Earth are preciouse goes, that goes for humans
as well. We are all the same, and fueled by the energy that lies within us,
and we are all unique individuals, with our own forms of expression, too. If
we can all see this in ourselves, than we will see that it runs through
everything else in a great bursting string of love-energy that flows and
breathes all throughout this Earth. When you look deep enough into someone
else's eyes, or see the green in the peaceful trees which give us air to
breathe, you will see that we all have a spirit within us that is beautiful
with a center that holds ........


My commitment is this: I will be as open to the power of love that is in me
as possible. Every act I make, I will try to base it upon love, and steming
from that, compassion, peace, fairness, and more. And I will concentrate on
the wellfare of all living things including me, the Earth, other people,
animals, plants, and more. I will write letters, make art, and participate
in as much as I can in the growth of the awareness of the beauty and
importance of life and the love that brings us life. We all have love inside
our souls, therefor, we all have the power of that love to heal and help.
And I will never stop trying, and I will never stop loving, and I will never,
ever stop caring.

With our love & concern for all life on Earth, we are unconquerable!

From: "Leigh"
Subject: World Earth Healing Day 1999



On Wednesday 11 August 1999 the fourth World Earth Healing Day will take
place. This annual event, which began in 1996, has linked up thousands of
people across the world in meditation, prayer, and mindful activity to help
raise world consciousness and further world healing.

The World Earth Healing Day seeks to promote a greater awareness of our
global interconnectedness, and to provide an opportunity for individuals to
express collectively their vision of a more harmonious and peaceful world in
which all forms of life are honoured as sacred - aspects of the same
universal energy that the new physics says underlies all manifestation.

It is believed that sufficient numbers of people sharing the same focused
intent at the same time can influence the collective consciousness or
planetary energy field. It has been shown that subatomic particles do in
fact respond to focused intent, and recent experiments conducted in the
United States have shown that dramatic changes can be registered in the
Earth's magnetic field in response to our experience of planetary love.

On World Earth Healing Day you are invited to join thousands of people in
two simultaneous worldwide link-ups. The first will take place at 10am GMT
(11am in the UK), during a total Solar Eclipse. The second will take place
at 7.20pm GMT (8.20pm in the UK). Each link-up will last for at least 20
minutes. During this time you can meditate, pray, visualise, dance, sing, or
perform a symbolic act. Whatever you do, dedicate your intention to the
expansion of love and awareness on the Planet, and as you contemplate your
connection with all things, sense the ripples of what you do spreading
outwards to influence all.

For leaflets and further information, send a large SAE to:

4 Vyner Court
Rossington St
London E5 8SF

Tel: (+44) (0)181 806 3828
E-mail: WEHD@freenet.co.uk
Website: http://visitweb.com/wehd

From: Dolfunman@aol.com

-- Total Solar Eclipse Quantum Meditation -- August 11, 1999 -- 4:08 am PDT
-- 11:09 am GMT -- 1 Hour, Please see: http://www.lightshift.com/Vital/500.html

This is also called "World Healing Day."

You may wish to re-read Ken Kalb's remarkeable article "The Window into Third
Millennium" dow into the (printed in over 30 publications) to illuminate the
critical importance of this Eclipse meditation:

Ken has also prepared the following article to give you more insight on
what a powerful 'flashpoint' this eclipse is. You may also find this and time zone conversions on the Vital Information page on the LightShift 2000 website at: http://www.lightshift.com/Vital/index.html

Please network this to everyone you know and love. May we come together as a
unified prayer force for the common good.


From: ThreeDto4D@aol.com
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999
Subject: Pan Alert: The Initiation Into Love and Abundance

Dear Ones,

We come to you to announce the Initiation Into Love and Abundance. This
Initiation invites us, as a species, to move from the illusion of fear and
limitation to the truth of love and abundance. It was originally conceived in
January, 1999, as a positive response to Y2K. Since it was created in this
energy, this intention has been carried forth. However, the truth contained
within the Initiation extends far beyond Y2K. The Initiation into Love and
abundance bestows an empowering response to all situations that stand before

We ask that you take a a few moments to read the Vision statement which
follows. If it resonants with your being, please visit the web site. If it
does not, we thank you for taking the time to read and consider this
information and bless you on your journey. It is an honor to be of service
by bringing you this information. In closing, we offer the words of John
Lennon from Imagine:

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one."

Sending many blessings, love and light to everyone! Donita Jolly, Ginger
Dixon, and Victoria Martin.


The Initiation into Love and Abundance
Transforming Ourselves -- Transforming Y2K

An initiation stands before us as we prepare to enter the New Energies of the
Next Millennium. This initiation is the conscious choice of love and
abundance over fear and limitation. It has been presented to us in many forms
to awaken and assist us in our evolution as spiritual beings.

Y2K is the physical and symbolic manifestation of fear and limitation.
Created as a programming shortcut in a time dominated by these perceptions,
it stands a a barrier to both physical and energetic progress. Like computers
that will not operate in the year 2000, we as a species will be unable to
function in the new energies. We will continue to view our world and manifest
within it as we are now - locked in a circle of fear and limitation until
once again we are offered the grace of Initiation that now stands before us.
This initiation requires us to consciously choose to see every situation
which presents itself through the lens of love and abundance. Upon finding
ourselves responding with fear and limitation, we can lovingly shift our
perception and know from deep within that love and abundance is the truth
that will manifest the perfect solution to whatever may be before us.

As the countdown to the year 2000 continues, Y2K will be presented to us more
and more. What a great gift we have been given! It is the constant reminder
of the initiation, our shift to love and abundance. As we respond with this
truth, all that is needed to solve the problems associated with Y2K will come
forth. Every solution will present itself and will be implemented. No other
result is possible in the world of love and abundance that will have been
anchored by this shift in consciousness.

This is a difficult initiation. It requires that we meet every perception of
fear and limitation with love and abundance no matter where those perceptions
reside within our lives. It is the most challenging and important
transformation we have ever manifested.

The next step in the evolution of our species lies before us. It is the
foundation for the new world that we are creating in which we will transform,
not destroy, our existing institutions into the vital, life affirming
entities that we have envisioned.

To reinforce our individual efforts, a world wide meditation will be held on
August 11, 1999 at 7:06AM EDT. At this time we will come together and as a
group choose love and abundance. In this moment we will become one conscious
being, dissolving old programming and emerge ready to move into the New
Energies that await us.

For more information, please visit the Initiation into Love and Abundance Web
Site at http://www.uncg.edu/~v_martin/loveandabundance.html or for those on
AOL, please click on the hyperlink:
Love and Abundance HOMEPAGE


From: "Allison Smith" <spiritreiki@netzero.net>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999

Jean -

Thanks for raising awareness about the Aug. 11
alignment. We wondered if you would share the following
with your list as you relay information about the importance
of Aug. 11

Allison Smith
Gary Rogers
Colorado, USA

T H I S S U M M E R ' S C O S M I C E X P L O S I O N

by Ida Cullen, Astrologer

For decades astrologers have been looking at the
timeframe surrounding August 11, 1999. The reason for
this attention is the Solar Eclipse that will occur on
that date. Solar Eclipses happen every year, and if you
have an astrological mind-set you have noticed that the
events around that time are much more dramatic with
long-standing repercussions.

In olden days, an eclipse was something greatly feared--
the sun became dark and it was feared that the world would
end. Today's astrologers usually feel the same impending
apprehensions when an eclipse is looming. However, this
particular one has attracted more attention than any other.



Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999
From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Subject: New Comet Discovered, Possible Earth Impact, Govt Secrecy (fwd)

EcoNews Service
Vancouver, BC
VANCOUVER - Remember those dramatic photos of twenty
fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashing into Jupiter in July
16-22, 1994?

Well, scientists at the Millennium Group are worried that Comet
Lee, a wild card (non-periodic) comet first discovered by Australian
Steven Lee on April 16, 1999, may pass discomfortingly close to
Earth sometime starting in mid-August, 1999 and continuing
through early 2000.

At the very least, they say, Comet Lee may cause solar
explosions (CMEs) in our solar system, earthquakes, and
hurricane-like weather on Earth. At the worst, well, Shoemaker-
Levy's comet fragments crashing into Jupiter could be a pictorial
warning for Earth if Comet Lee is captured in Earth-moon orbit.

What has Millennium Group scientists James B. Ervin, Jim
McCanney, Alexey Dmitriev, Gary D. Goodwin, Ray Ward, Hal
Blondell, Don Carros, and Wayne Moody worried is that Comet
Lee s behavior is defying all predictive models by NASA's and
other's super-computers.

Millennium Group scientist James B. Ervin says, The truth of the
matter about [Comet Lee] is that nobody can project its path .I
believe there is ample evidence to suggest that it will pass much
closer to Earth than originally anticipated .Especially, if Comet
Lee is hit by a [solar explosion] during its perihelion passage.

Earl L. Crockett, another Millennium Group Scientist, says we may
already be experiencing the effects of Comet Lee. I would
personally add that it may in fact already be responsible for the
very weird actions we have been seeing from the sun over the last
several months; i.e. the appearance that something has been
"pulling" energetic charges away from the Sun in the opposite
direction of Earth producing large [solar] CME's/flares that for the
most part have had little electromagnetic effect here on Earth.

Scientist Jim McCanney adds that [Comet Lee] is truly a lawless
comet, and with the erratic brightening happening it is certain to be
far off course every day. This could be a doozy! August is now
looking like a time for the first possible trouble.

Disturbingly, scientist Ray Ward says tight military security has
been mounted around official tracking of Comet Lee, impeding
public knowledge and scientific study. The word is Ultra tight
security on Comet Lee. The Military side of NASA is running this
show now, so forget any type of cooperation. Ward adds, Too
bad NASA has destroyed the [Comet] Hale-Bopp data that we
could really use to help provide the correction factors needed on
Comet Lee. Comet Hale-Bopp s closest Earth approach was on
March 22, 1997.

According to McCanney, planetary alignments in mid-August and
September 1999 may make Comet Lee particularly hazardous.
The big key here is the upcoming planetary alignments and that it
will be the electrical plasma alignments not gravity that will be the
potential harm givers. Most critical is the September 6, 1999
alignment of Venus, and Earth with the new Moon .I have even
considered that if the comet orbit is "hooked" enough we could see
a close enough encounter that the Earth and moon could capture
this thing as a permanent new member of the earth moon system,
or worse; at it would flip out into a future collision course with us
again and again like Venus did to Mars some 4000 years ago.

Researchers have raised concern about the potentially catastrophic
effects of two other space events in mid-August, 1999, which may
be compounded by Comet Lee. One is the Solar Eclipse of
August 11, 1999. The other is the Earth flyby of the Cassini
spacecraft on August 18, 1999, carrying 72 pounds of plutonium,
equivalent to over 50% of all the radiation released since the
beginning of nuclear testing.

The Millennium Group is an independent group of scientists and
researchers organized to create an unbiased outlet for scientific
research and critical thinking. Millennium Group research on
Comet Lee appears at:

Useful Links:

Solar eclipse (Aug 11, 1999)


Comet Lee (Near approach Sept 6, 1999)


Cassini spacecraft (Aug 18, 1999)


Space Environment Center


World Meditation Days (Aug-Sept, 1999)


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Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

From: Q-runner@webtv.net (Elizabeth Picard)
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999
Subject: August ll, l999

Perhaps you are already aware of this article. You mentioned in your last e-mail to me you were focusing on this. It is auspicious to have the solar eclipse and fixed cross coincide. Although you asked me to remove you from the Cassini global threat news; it is due to hit earth's atmosphere on August l7th unless there is intervention. This also closely coincides to the 'signs". Thanks jean. If you don' t have this article; i hope it will be useful to you. Blessings

Date: Thu, 27 May 1999

"The Grand Fixed Cross/Eclipse of August 11, 1999"

On August 11th, 1999 there will coincide, in the skies above and the souls below, the magnanimous astrological configuration of a grand fixed cross crowned by a new moon solar eclipse. I am hard-pressed to find a more stunning extraterrestrial geometry for this century. That it congeals less than five months before the end of the millennium is but one of many dazzling points in this caustic cosmic crucifix.


>From the Sky will come the Great King of Terror...

Cassini is an unmanned NASA deep space probe launched back in October '97 with an ultimate destination of reaching Saturn in 2005 (NASA's priciest space project yet; $2-3 billion invested!). Currently, Cassini is racing back towards Earth at 43,000 miles per hour with the hopes of picking up speed in an orbital flyby around our planet. Preceded by the eclipse of the Sun by one week, Cassini arrives 400 miles above the Earth's atmosphere on August 18th to pick up speed on its way out to Saturn. The real danger of this Earth flyby is that Cassini is traveling with a fuel load of 72 pounds of Plutonium Dioxide, NASA's idea of a new propulsion source. What were they thinking?! The slightest malfunction, miscalculation, or random collision with space debris could result in the probe, and its deadly plutonium, re-entering earth's atmosphere and incinerating its deadly cargo. From the sky comes the Great King of Terror...

NASA claims the chance of such an accident resulting in a plutonium release is one in a million. Many do not agree with that assessment. The isotope of plutonium used in Cassini, Pu-238, is especially dangerous because of its rapid rate of radioactive decay. It has a very short half-life (87.75 years) which means it emits radiation (mainly alpha particles) at a very high rate. Although it's true that alpha particles can be stopped by a piece of paper, when even a tiny microscopic particle of Plutonium 238 is inhaled, the localized radiation (the radiation to nearby cells) can cause lung cancer and other illnesses. Plutonium Dioxide in the environment will cause death, illness, and genetic mutations for centuries to all life forms. For more Cassini data, go
online to: http://www.animatedsoftware.com/cassini/index.htm


5/28/99 Excerpt taken from Day of Destiny - More About August 13, 1999 http://dayofdestiny.com/Moreabout8-13-99.html

What can we expect for August 13, 1999? According to our current level of scientific knowledge and understanding, it's impossible to predict. There's no way to specifically prepare. We don't know what's coming.

1) The last solar eclipse of the twentieth century happens on August 11, 1999.

2) There's a grand cross of planets in the fixed signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. These are the four beasts of the Apocalypse referred to in the Biblical Book of Revelation. A Sun and Moon conjunction in Leo opposes Uranus in Aquarius. Mars in Scorpio opposes Saturn in Taurus. All planets square each other.

3) Mercury in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. They both square Jupiter in Taurus. This is a fixed T-Square.

4) A total of 8 out of 10 planets are in fixed signs.

5) Venus is retrograde and at its helical setting, where it disappears into the rays of the Sun. With this move, Venus will no longer be visible as the Evening Star. It will reappear again several weeks later as the Morning Star.

What does it all mean? This is an archetypal chart of massive and fundamental change. Some astrologers call it an earthquake chart. It indicates a major cataclysmic event that will transform values. Sources of stability break and fall apart. There's an overthrow of old political structure, and a rebirth of a new order. There's a possibility of a global financial meltdown and a massive redistribution of wealth that accompanies a new financial system.

Whatever is going to happen, the chart indicates it will attract international recognition. There's a quality of families being ripped apart by internal tensions, and a sudden fall of the father figure. There's a possible outbreak of war over territorial disputes, and an unpredictable chain of catastrophic events.

The movement of Venus on this day indicates a time of major social crisis. It's classically a time to dread with the utmost respect. Since this motion happens at the very moment of the solar eclipse, it sends the impact of this action off the charts.

Vernon Mahabal has studied thousands of peoples' palms and he's found that mid August 1999 appears to be the beginning of major changes in people's lives. He sees a time of great family turmoil and upheaval, geographical changes and mass migrations. People will begin to seek spiritual solutions to material challenges. They will learn to penetrate into the hidden underlying causes behind events. There's a quality of re-spiritualization and the return of a personal experience of God. This includes an essential, direct relationship with a God who is a sentient being rather than a distant abstraction.

When this many self similar patterns show up from such a variety of completely unrelated disciplines, a good indigenous scientist will tell you something's going on.

NASA tells us 1999 is presenting us with of the most intense solar storms we've ever seen. The Sun may speak with us on August 13, 1999.

The solar flare cycle already is growing in intensity. Many sensitive people are experiencing a strange combination of tiredness, heightened awareness of energy fields, loss of long and short term memory with an accompanying ability to stay present in the current moment, easy confusion and disorientation, and an intensified ability to discern patterns.

In some ways, it's a comical scene: all the New Agers bumbling around in an Alzheimer's like syndrome. But this is real. It's happening right now. We don't know how many people it's going to affect, or how it's going to affect them, or for how long.

So how can you take a proactive, creative and personally responsible position to prepare for August 13, 1999?

It's going to take a synthesis of instinct, intellect, information and intuition to face the challenges and the promise of August 13, 1999. Cultivate a relationship with your own indigenous nature. Begin to develop and use your intuition and instinct everyday. Remember, August 13, 1999 is a golden window of opportunity for you to manifest your personal destiny and stand up for the things you most believe in. Set aside August 13, 1999 to do exactly what your Spirit and conscience tell you to do. Whatever it is, no matter how crazy it seems, as long as you're respectful of yourself and others, just do it.

Subject: Solar Eclipse on August 11, 1999

From: "Gregory T. Williams" <ekklesia@presys.com>

If you go to today's Space weather

You will see Radiation shown arriving at earth from sun explosions.
They are displayed as KP readings at bottom of page. These figures
are less than actual amounts since the government switched to a less
accurate satellite by their own admission.

It is not a good time to get a tan. We have seen greater events. We are
expecting many more during solar max 2000.

If you then go to http://quake.wr.usgs.gov/cgi-bin/quake/gldfs.cr.usgs.gov
You will see the corresponding increase in earthquake activity.

We have watched this time and again. We are approaching a very violent
period in the sun activity. this will have tremendous consequences on

The governments of the world know this and are preparing. They don't
want to panic the people so there is a general news black out on this

There are those who will take advantage of these events.
We have posted pages that shows this information with links to more
information on this subject.

Gregory at the ekklesia@presys.com
home page



August 11th through September 9th 1999
A special message of Light from the Group

An article entiled "Day of Destiny" was published a little more than a month
ago, viewing 8/13 in relation to solar flares, the movement of Venus and
the Aztec Day of Destiny. See http://dayofdestiny.com/Moreabout8-13-99.html

Barbara Wolf of Global Meditations, http://www.globalmeditations.com, has
circulated a message sent by Isaac George in his May-June 1999 Spiritlife
Newsletter, with material channeled from Archangel Ariel. Isaac George's
e-mail: archariel@hotmail.com

Ask also Dan Furst <hermes3@lava.net> to get a copy of his email entitled "Grand Cross Supplement A to Universal Festival Calendar for August, 1999". This Supplement consists of four sections: 1.) Introduction 2.) Astrology 3.) Mythic Resonance 4.) Suggested Reading. Here are some relevant quotes:

"(...) the pattern of the week begins with a great flash of cohesive insight among conscious lightworkers, and ends with a major impact on the mass consciousness of the planet,(...)", plus "It is rare enough for one Grand Cross to form -- but for two of almost completely different planets (having only the Moon in common) to form within only six days, and with all but one of the other planets in the same signs as the Cross, is extremely unusual and portentous. The importance of this week in August cannot be overestimated." and finally "The occurrence of the Grand Cross in the fixed signs suggests a moment of spiritual repositioning and preparing for an upward move."

And don't forget the 6th Annual Drums Around the World Sunday August 22, 1999
Annual World-Wide Drum Day! 4th Sunday in August organized by Michael DiMArtino <gaia@crocker.com>. Also check out http://www.global-alliance.com for more info on Drumming in the new millennium in Ancient Egypt december 3-14 1999! Email:info@global-alliance.com

P.S. Oh! and one last thing. If you have received an email posted over a month ago by David Icke claiming that some sort of ritual done by the Illuminati - the bad guys - in Egypt during the August 11 eclipse would be used to bring negative influences on Earth, I have a series of emails from me, Palden Jenkins and Shanna all lumped into one big one to debunk this urban legend. If you believed in this silly story and are interested to read a different perspective on this, just ask me a copy at globalvisionary@cybernaute.com. I don't want to say more on this nor post this material to anyone to avoid giving more exposure to this thing.



"The Grand Fixed Cross/Eclipse of August 11, 1999" (note: construct chart for 8/11/99, 7:08 am Washington DC USA) 1999 ANTERO ALLI

On August 11th, 1999 there will coincide, in the skies above and the souls below, the magnanimous astrological configuration of a grand fixed cross crowned by a new moon solar eclipse. I am hard- pressed to find a more stunning extraterrestrial geometry for this century. That it congeals less than five months before the end of the millennium is but one of many dazzling points in this caustic cosmic crucifix. Where to begin ? My bias; where I'm coming from. The way I'm choosing to interpret this stems from my own alignment with Creation as I know it; no matter how disturbing or shocking my views may be, I believe they reflect the process of Creation as I know it. It is certainly not my intention to act as any mercenary messenger of dismal doom. How limiting; how boring! For all I know, doomsday may've already been canceled. Or, perhaps the Earth itself (suspended inside the calm center of the crucifix) is calling the shots and we are set for the ride of our lives, while our home planet is initiated to higher extraterrestrial frequencies.

Shock isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, outside shock can be a symptom of a deeper need for a necessary change we are incapable of implementing by our own efforts or will power. Outside shock can erupt from anywhere and anytime: within us, below us (the Earth), around us (other people), and above us (the stars). Real life delivers an intermittent series of outside shocks all the time; we are too often asleep to notice. I attract shocks into my life whenever I suffer from what I call, "familiarity overdose"; when false assumptions overwhelm my perceptions, I start taking my life for granted. It never fails; it's perversely predictable. The more I take for granted, the sooner I'm aware of a shock. How I respond to any shock determines whether I'm waking up to the life I'm actually living or sinking deeper into the sleep of repeating my false assumptions. When I respond without learning, I repeat my errors and feel humiliated. When I can muster the presence of mind to correct my errors, I am humbled. And, more prepared to battle a stupidity that doesn't always seem to be of my own design. A demonic species stupidity -- a deeply ingrained habit for repeating our errors -- is what I see. And by my calculations, we are about to confront the beast in August and September,1999 and it is us.

Surgery in the Heavens; Initiation on Earth

The basic geometry of this astrological event is called a grand fixed cross. It's made up of two oppositions that include all four fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Taurus opposes Scorpio; Leo opposes Aquarius. These two oppositions also share tense square aspects (90 degrees) with each other, producing a four-tiered T-square configuration. Picture four medieval cross bows loaded, cocked and pointed towards their common center; the concentric pressure is tremendous. On August 11th, the planets Saturn (in Taurus) and Mars (in Scorpio) oppose each other, as the Sun and Moon (in Leo) oppose Uranus (in Aquarius) while the Earth spins within the high-pressure zone of dead center. It looks like it's the Earth's turn...

There is something surgically precise about this cosmic design, as if some kind of operation were taking place. Let's for a moment assume that the planets themselves are not the cause of anything but instead act as lenses for the expression of forces larger than themselves; perhaps, forces beyond time and space altogether. That these planets, Sun and Moon are all synchronized in fixed signs suggests to me that their function in this operation is to hold and direct larger powers onto the Earth itself; as if the Earth was on the operating table or about to partake in some kind of initiation. For what purpose ? Whatever it is, it will happen to each and every one of us, as well as, all living beings cohabiting this planet. There is no difference between what happens to the Earth and what happens to us all. This has always been so yet perhaps never as amplified until now. What, exactly, is being amplified?

To deepen our insight into this grand fixed cross, I suggest a more spiritual metaphor for the planets and the stars. Think of planets as angelic entities incarnating as planetary bodies. Think of stars (our Sun) as arch-angels incarnating as ultra-high energy life sources; think of the Moon as a mirror reflecting arch-angelic emanations. Now look at the operating room. Three angels guided by one arch angel (with its mirror) in the concentration of force onto a fourth angel, the Earth. What does this mean? At the very least, it means an amplification and acceleration of cosmic energies throughout the Earth and everything on it. What will happen ? Your guess is as good as mine but since you're still reading these words, allow me to share my thoughts.

Flip In or Flip Out; Get Real or Lose Your Mind

I think we are facing what biblical lingo might call "Judgment Day", except I don't think it's an old bearded guy in the sky pointing His finger at us. I think civilization as we know it, and its modern technology, is being evaluated by the angelic entity of Earth; Nature evaluates Man's progress. How will this angelic evaluation manifest ? I think it has already begun with the acceleration of weather anomalies, tornadoes, landslides, floods, pestilence, earthquakes, blizzards, and other forces of nature whipping WoMan into submission. I think that one result of this cosmic crucifixion (symbolized by the grand fixed cross) is a kind of amping up and turbo-charging of the Earth's energy field and its interface with our collective and individual energy fields. This overall raising of bio- electrical energies can act as an outside shock to those of us still over-identified with the mind and its creations -- ie., all that is symbolic -- at the expense of losing touch with the real, ie., what is beyond the mind and its creations. Whosoever is not learning to go beyond the mind, may be losing their minds. Flip in or flip out...

Another metaphor; the cosmos is not made up of atoms as scientists insist but of stories. The stories and myths embedded in each of the four fixed signs are universal yet act themselves out in our personal lives in differing ways. By applying our understanding of the four fixed signs, I believe we can fortify our ability to hold and direct power greater than our own; as above so below. Look to your own natal chart to discover where this grand fixed cross overlaps your own life; which houses contain the 15-20 degree zone of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius ? This is where (house) and how (aspects) this cosmic crucifix may soon be touching you. Sound like the Second Coming ? Perhaps. Read now, some of Nostradamus' words from over 400 years ago:

In the year 1999, and seven months from the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will bring to life the great King of the Mongols. Before and after war reigns happily. (note: this was written before the Gregorian calendar shifted; please interpret seven months as "eight", ie.,August 1999)

This will be preceded by the eclipse of the sun, more obscure and tenebrose than has ever been since the creation of the world, except that eclipse after the death and passion of Jesus Christ.

From the Sky will come the Great King of Terror...

Cassini is an unmanned NASA deep space probe launched back in October '97 with an ultimate destination of reaching Saturn in 2005 (NASA's priciest space project yet; $2-3 billion invested!). Currently, Cassini is racing back towards Earth at 43,000 miles per hour with the hopes of picking up speed in an orbital flyby around our planet. Preceded by the eclipse of the Sun by one week, Cassini arrives 400 miles above the Earth's atmosphere on August 18th to pick up speed on its way out to Saturn. The real danger of this Earth flyby is that Cassini is traveling with a fuel load of 72 pounds of Plutonium Dioxide, NASA's idea of a new propulsion source. What were they thinking?! The slightest malfunction, miscalculation, or random collision with space debris could result in the probe, and its deadly plutonium, re-entering earth's atmosphere and incinerating its deadly cargo. From the sky comes the Great King of Terror...

NASA claims the chance of such an accident resulting in a plutonium release is one in a million. Many do not agree with that assessment. The isotope of plutonium used in Cassini, Pu-238, is especially dangerous because of its rapid rate of radioactive decay. It has a very short half-life (87.75 years) which means it emits radiation (mainly alpha particles) at a very high rate. Although it's true that alpha particles can be stopped by a piece of paper, when even a tiny microscopic particle of Plutonium 238 is inhaled, the localized radiation (the radiation to nearby cells) can cause lung cancer and other illnesses. Plutonium Dioxide in the environment will cause death, illness, and genetic mutations for centuries to all life forms. For more Cassini data, go online to: http://www.animatedsoftware.com/cassini/index.htm

Billions of dollars have already been spent by NASA scientists who insist that new data about Saturn is more important (read: investment-worthy) than risking human lives. To me, Saturn in Taurus symbolizes the most literal, consensus reality version of existence; the measure of time as money, the hard facts of survival and those reality structures enabling us to manifest on the material plane. If the Devil were the personification of Matter then, Saturn in Taurus is the Father of Eternal Matter. Saturn is not evil per se yet we are all bedeviled to the extent we have mistaken any one part for the whole. Note how Saturn reigns as the highest planet on the August 11th chart (made for NASA/Washington DC) as it loosely conjuncts the MC from the 9th House.

The Angels Holding the Cross Together

Let's take a closer look at the forces binding this grand fixed cross together. Saturn and Mars oppose each other; the Sun and Moon are conjunct, while sharing an opposition with Uranus. Mars opposes Saturn; if Mars symbolizes willful action and Saturn earthbound responsibility then their opposition speaks of a necessity for responsible action. Who amongst us has not faced the backfire effect of irresponsible action ? Misguided efforts often explode in our faces; the shame of making the same mistake over and over, again. In this August 11th chart, the consequences for irresponsible action are enforced with extreme severity. Note how Mars is linked with Pluto at their exact midpoint by Chiron. Chiron is a comet that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, acting as a mediator archetype between the transpersonal outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and the personal inner planets (Saturn to the Sun). I believe Chiron also acts as a subversive force; when activated, we have the choice to either subvert or be subverted. Either we subvert Cassini or we are subverted by it. More on this in a bit...

Pluto acts as a kind of overtone function to Mars; both are ruled by Scorpio. Transiting Mars catches up to Pluto and conjuncts it on September 14, 1999, triggering whatever backfire effect we are in store for (depending on how responsibly we act). I think this Saturn/Mars opposition with its link to Pluto and Chiron makes a grand symbol for the plutonium-loaded Cassini space probe to Saturn (with its August 18th flyby to Earth and the September 14th Mars/Pluto trigger point). Let's look at the other opposition now; Uranus opposing Sun and Moon. That Uranus in Aquarius also conjuncts an Aquarius South Node suggests that the collective has been here before. As a species, it seems we humans have already faced a very similar crisis together. I think this planetary crisis is being repeated now because: 1) we did not get it right the last time 2) we need the shock to wake us up &/or 3) it's the only thing big enough to unite us. Now, I'm no rocket scientist but I think NASA has the technology, the know-how and enough time to redirect Cassini's trajectory so that its deadly cargo never reaches the Earth. If this doesn't happen, NASA will be clearly placing science above people's lives in a possibly fatal gamble that can contaminate this planet for many centuries to come. Maybe that's the idea; to force the populace off the womb planet in search of extraterrestrial lifestyles. The asteroid belt, anyone ? How about a power lunch on Pluto ?

Responsible Action: What We Can and Should Do

If Cassini is sucked into the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrates, we'll all be inhaling Plutonium Dioxide with our air. It'll be just a matter of time before we start dropping like flies and the mutations begin manifesting. Nobody can predict when and where this will happen but we will eventually know it in our bones; we will all bear the news together. What to do? That is the question. Mars, the action planet, sits at the bottom of this chart (the nadir; I.C); the direction closest to the Earth below. Saturn is poised above near the chart's Midheaven. Take their opposition as a clue. To act on behalf of the Earth may now be our most direct expression of responsible action. Make a loud noise; a very, very loud noise. And send this racket to NASA in an act of vital protest. But be effective; go through the appropriate channels. Circulate internet missives; avoid talking astrology (trust me; don't try and explain the grand fixed cross). Mail letters to congress. Research the facts on Cassini. And most critically, make the necessary changes in your own lives to begin living more honestly.

It is not our fault that we are asleep to life and to death; remember species stupidity. We live in a death-ignorant culture where real death may soon to be thrust upon us by the powers that be, in the name of a god called Saturn, disguised as Science and fed by Greed. Wake-up, cats and kittens, wake up! Crush your naivete; reclaim your innocence! They are not the same; they are not the same. Look into the eyes of every person you meet with the hard knowledge that they too, like yourself, will someday die. This, alone, can begin restoring the wonder and the perspective you may have lost while sleepwalking the planet as if you would live forever.

The Sun and Moon conjunct in Leo, also conjunct a Leo North Node. A vision of an arch-angel with its mirrored shield, a beacon on the shores of a storm-riddled sea, signaling a ship to safe harbor. That ship is us; the Earth. Leo, in this instance, acts as the redeemer archetype; Leo, the magical child. Lest we are reborn as children, never shall we enter the gates of heaven. Not children as immature adults praying to some parental god-figure to save us but children as the essence of who we are. That this Sun, Moon, & North Node conjunction is hidden away in the 12th house of this chart suggests that these spiritual values of the Leo Archetype remain invisible and unseen.

A Good Time for Group Ritual Meditations

The new moon solar eclipse of August 11th marks an activation of this triple 12th House Leo conjunction. Only through deep meditation can we access its deep innocence. I refer to any process of withdrawing attention and emotional investment away from external, horizontal material concerns and towards its reconnection with internal, vertical sources (Soul within, Earth below, Heavens above). This, I believe, is where and how the Holy Guardian Angel (symbolized by Sun, Moon, North Node in Leo) can be engaged as a source of illuminating guidance during this planetary crisis. The Leo archetype contains a veritable fountainhead of creative power when expressed; when not expressed, however, this same creative potential can turn destructive. It seems that creative energy requires an outlet for its expression in order to remain creative.

That this 12th House Sun/Moon/North Node Leo conjunction is attached to the 6th House Uranus/South Node in Aquarius (by opposition) suggests that this ritual cannot be effectively consummated alone. Aquarius in the 6th House speaks strongly of group ritual process and, not just any group ritual process. With Uranus also here, a group dynamic must somehow serve higher levels of individual and group autonomy; picture a temple of iconoclasts, where no one submits to any one image or icon or dogma or god but instead serves their own individual awakening processes. Waking up to life as it is. Yet, it may not be enough to merely meet with others and do your own thing. This sovereign group of individuals must also somehow remain connected with internal, vertical sources (symbolized by the 12th House Leo archetype) while relating with each other. That is the tension and the polarity; to remain true to your vertical sources while relating with each other. (For more details, read my online ritual articles at: http://www.paratheatrical.com/pages/overview.html)

In addition to the grand fixed cross there is a trine shared between Jupiter and Venus, granting a certain social grace to the proceedings. Perhaps this trine represents the social unity and harmony that can emerge from our shared response to this crisis. Neptune and Jupiter are also in a square (90 degree) aspect, which can symbolize a frustration of self-confidence; where our ideals are at odds with the existing realities. We need to carefully assess what we can actually do and what remains wishful thinking. But if we do not act we will never find out. Act as if your very life depended on it; it just might...