October 12, 2001

Armageddon Underway #3: Remaining Balanced Despite the Growing Scare-Mongering

Hello everyone

Since this compilation contains lots of scary news - unfortunately! - I also attach some humorous pics to help you take it all in stride ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. American Freedom News and Info War websites with lots of of excellent links
2. About Debka and Stratfor
3. Feedback
4. Chemtrails
5. 30 Years of Chemical Exposure
6. Chemtrails Said Part Of Top Secret Military Maneuvers Over America

News of interest

Guide to 'bunker-busting' bombs (Oct 11)

FBI Issues Terror Strikes Warning (Oct 11)

Hurricane Iris Kills at Least 15 (in devastated Belize where I went on vacation last winter)

Clockwork warfare - Afghans rely on radio more than any other media

The wind-up radio is a secret weapon in America's battle for the Afghan airwaves



I found lots of links to important and relevant newsmedia articles at


including links to those stories:

From: http://thescotsman.co.uk/uk.cfm?id=115223

A hijacked airliner crash into nuclear processing plant would be worse than Chernobyl

IF A hijacked airliner plunged into Sellafield’s nuclear reprocessing complex, the radiation that followed could cause more than two million cancer cases and make some places uninhabitable, scientists have warned.

Gordon Thompson, executive director of the Institute for Resource and Security Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said the impact would "almost certainly" break open some of the tanks containing high-level radioactive liquid waste, and the accompanying explosion would fling a plume of radioactivity into the atmosphere.

He said: "The explosion and the fire would just be the beginning. The burning fuel would continue to pump radioactivity into the air.

"Putting this fire out wouldn’t be easy. Fire crews struggled to damp down the fire after the Pentagon crash on 11 September, and they didn’t have deadly radiation to contend with.

"A crash of such magnitude would probably destroy the cooling systems, too," he added. "Tanks that survived the initial impact would heat up and start to spew out more radioactivity within hours."


Mr Thompson said: "The amount of caesium-137 that would be escape into the atmosphere is 44 times more than was released by Chernobyl ."

He added: "Immediately after the attack, there would be widespread chaos as authorities tried to organise mass evacuations. In years to come, the death toll might be terrible."


John Large, an independent nuclear engineer, has identified seven potential terrorist targets at Sellafield, including the high-level waste tanks and a store containing 70 tonnes of plutonium. He said all their radioactive inventories are published, and aerial photographs showing their precise locations are easy to get hold of.


Meanwhile, according to New Scientist, aviation sources have pointed out that every year thousands of large passenger jets fly along the coast near Sellafield, on their way from European airports to the west coast of the US.

Lockerbie, where Pan Am Flight 103 crashed in 1988, is less than 50 miles away.

But, according to Mr Thompson, Sellafield is not the only possible target for a terror attack. There are similar storage facilities in several countries, including the US and Russia.


From: http://www.miami.com/herald/content/news/national/digdocs/063859.htm

Iowa strain among most deadly and had worldwide distribution - Type may be linked to fatality

Federal investigators believe the anthrax that killed a Lantana man may be one of the deadliest forms of the disease, first found in an Iowa cow decades ago and widely distributed since then throughout the world by U.S. authorities.



Another recommended site for its excellent links - http://www.infowars.com
(scroll down to find them all) - to articles such as:

From: http://www.msnbc.com/news/629529.asp?cp1=1
Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained at U.S. Bases

The Pentagon has turned over military records on five men to the FBI
Sept. 15 — U.S. military sources have given the FBI information that suggests five of the alleged hijackers of the planes that were used in Tuesday’s terror attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s. CLIP


BBC: US Government Warned Other Governments about Afghan Invasion in July (18 Sept.)


Anthrax Fear Close to Epidemic Level

http://www.infowars.com also has an excellent Resources section to find out more about anthrax



Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001
From: Anonymous upon request
Subject: About Debka

Hi Jean:

Just a note.

We were told by Joel Skousen not to trust Debka and Stratfor as information sources. He has tracked their owners and there is a lot of funny business around both sources. I copy the part of his newsletter explaining his research into both.

Of course it's his word against theirs, but we already have found Debka releasing bad info blatantly in recent past, so those of us who have quoted them before no longer do so. We do, however, find Debka a wonderful place to go and see what they WANT us to think.

Just more grist for the mill and to keep us all on our toes.

Thanks for continuing your great publication.




STRATFOR.COM: From their own website, this is how they introduce themselves: "On March 23, 1999, an intelligence consulting firm in Austin, Texas, launched an experimental web site to answer the question: Would people be interested in intelligence instead of news about a major global event?" Intelligence consulting firm? What was their name? They don't say. Who were their clients? They don't say and I don't believe their basic story. Yes, they were an intelligence firm, all right--but certainly not private. If they did exist in the private sector before, they were acting as government "cut outs" and their clients were probably government connected defense contractors--an incestuous relationship between government and corporate interests that doesn't qualify as truly private. They don't tell who the principals are, how they are funded, who their sources are or who they were before they became "Stratfor.com." They didn't charge for the information until recently, and their current prices are so low as to make it unbelievable that they are funding this huge intelligence network by subscriptions alone. Stratfor obviously has access to intelligence sources in every country of the world--which doesn't come legal or cheap. Nor can private companies get access to those sources on a regular basis, no matter how much money they possess--unless they are secretly part of government themselves.

The specific information Stratfor provides is voluminous and mostly accurate--that's what makes them instantly attractive. Their short-term projections are often accurate as well, but their comprehensive analysis of why things are happening and how the world works is completely flawed--totally worthless. Everything is analyzed with a perspective of leaders working "in their national interest." There is no leader of any country today that works strictly in his country's "national interest" anymore. Every national leader today is part of the international control process--you can't get elected or stay alive if you are actively resisting the Powers That Be. This doesn't mean they are all knowledgeable about the broad conspiracy, or its specific plans, but at least they know they are beholden to powerful international interests and have tacitly, at least, agreed to go along. Although national leaders always attempt to excuse what they do as "in the national interest," that is never the whole or real reason. My hunch is that Stratfor.com is a CIA proprietary organization helping to control the information flow to the private sector. I can't prove that specifically, but it fits the evidence. I believe Stratfor is part of the government's attempt to influence the public's increasing reliance on Internet news and analysis--feeding disinformation and wrong conclusions to the new intellectuals of the free market. Why is this so important? Without ready-made excuses for the apparent collusion between national leaders, working against the best interests of their people, smart people might come to the conclusion that there is a conspiracy. By feeding Americans a steady diet of phony explanations the dreaded "C" word is avoided.

DEBKA.COM: Debka.com appeared out of nowhere six months ago with a full slate of intelligence sources, a full blown website and everything is free. This intelligence site is oriented strongly toward Israel. They even have a Hebrew version of the site (which doesn't come cheap). However, they don't tell who they are, where they came from or what their ideological position is [anyone who claims to be neutral is lying]. There are no bylines or names of real people anywhere on the website. Their analysis is better than the liberal media but it is also tainted with half truthful conclusions.

For example, in their analysis of the Rabin assassination they take only a middle ground, allowing for a conspiracy but carefully aiming only at supposed co-conspirators of Yigal Amir, the shooter: "No one doubted that Amir had pulled the trigger of the gun that shot the Israeli prime minister two years after he signed the 1993 Oslo peace accords. But many wondered out loud if he acted alone. And if not, who sent or programmed him for the slaying? And if there was a conspiracy, what was the motive behind it?" No one doubted Amir pulled the trigger? Hardly. They divert their readers from Barry Chamish's startling revelations proving that Amir was shooting blanks (a setup to place the blame on right-wing settlers) and that Rabin was actually assassinated by his own body guard (at the behest of the Shabak--Israel's secret service--under orders from former Prime Minister Shimon Peres) once inside the limousine. They had to finish him off inside the hospital when he was revived by doctors. Debka's evasion of the Chamish revelations is telling. They could not possibly not know of Barry's charges--almost 80% of Israel now knows as well as thousands in the US due to Barry's lecture tours. His evidence from original sources is irrefutable. That is why the Israeli government called upon US customs to impound Barry's books and video tapes when they arrived at New York Kennedy Airport. His revelations threaten the legitimacy of the Israeli government. Barry is considered an "enemy of the state." Israeli authorities can lie and cover up the crimes in their "official versions," but they can't defeat his evidence. [For those of you who are not able to see Barry in person during this tour, I have video tapes of his remarkable lecture as well as extra copies of Barry's books on the situation in Israel. Prices are $15 for the video or any of his books. Email or call me (801-224-4746) to order or if you have questions on which book to order].

In Debka's coverage of the Lockerbie trial (regarding the terrorist bombing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie Scotland) they covered all the conspiratorial angles involving Libyan, Syrian and Palestinian terrorists but failed to point any fingers at the CIA's involvement through the process. An entire CIA Middle Eastern team of agents was on PanAm 103 reportedly heading back to the US to blow the whistle on CIA terrorist and drug dealings in the Middle East. They were fed up with attempts to keep them quiet. Thus, the CIA had a very big motive to use their terrorist connections to plant a bomb on the plane. How does the CIA facilitate the passage of drugs, bombs or secret papers on airlines? It has a working relationship with every airport authority in Europe and with every major airline. It can flash its credentials and put any suitcase it wants into the cargo hold--with full diplomatic immunity from inspections. One source in Germany said the CIA specifically demanded that a suspicious suitcase be put on board, despite his protests. But none of this was mentioned by Debka. Once again, these disinformation sources carefully use portions of what is true, but conceal the real reasons and the top players. Bottom line: I suspect Debka is some type of Israeli government operation, perhaps linked to the Mossad (Israel's CIA).

In contrast to Debka, Israel has a solid independent private news source in Arutz-7--low budget, persecuted by the government and has solid news and analysis. It's radio station operates on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea and the government has attempted to shut it down on several occasions. Check it out at http://www.israelnationalnews.com

Contrary to the website name, Arutz-7 has no connection with the government of Israel.

Contrast these two suspicious sources with NewsMax.com and WorldNetDaily.com--two legitimate conservative news sources online. I know both the principals behind these organizations, Chris Ruddy and Joseph Farah. Neither came from shadowy backgrounds of government. My only criticism of these sites (besides the crass commercialism that begins to take hold whenever a site has to exist on advertising), is that neither will address conspiracy openly. Neither will the Washington Times-- a good paper, but a rabid apologist for the Republicans, no matter how great the compromises. Chris Ruddy certain knows conspiracy exists after his writings on the murder of Vince Foster, but he is reluctant to look any further than a Clinton cover-up. Joseph Farah is leery being labeled an extremist. That's what inevitably follows when one values growth and influence over uncomfortable truths. I saw both websites develop from small outfits working on a shoestring. As they gained readership, they attracted advertising revenue. There was no magical instant presence on the web with unlimited funding. All their writers are real live conservatives with names--no shadowy figures from dark-side operations. Occasionally they will get information from someone in government, but not on a regular basis--until now, that is. WorldNetDaily just made a deal with Debka to market Debka's analysis in a US weekly: Debka-Net-Daily. I don't suspect direct collusion, but rather, that Farah got suckered into Debka's neutral appearance and sees the joint venture as a good way to increase circulation. Farah has begun to distance himself from writers like Jeff Nyquist who was making too much of a stir over his projections about Russian plans for a pre-emptive nuclear strike. Well, that's how free-market news sites develop, and that's how they get compromised. It happen to Rush Limbaugh and it may be happening to Farah. If he can't see through Debka, then he isn't very savvy

I'll mention just one or two more sites that are on our side, but that have too-good-to-be-true sources. One is AlMartinraw.com by Al Martin and the other is rumormillnews.com hosted by Rayelan Allan. Both give extensive background and information about government cover-ups, illegal activities and conspiracy. But Al Martin claims to know too much and Rayelan Allan has some sources that I suspect are feeding her disinformation.

Al Martin was a Lt. Comdr. in the Navy who claims to have been let in on the Iran Contra scandal and to know all the principals involved. This part is probably true, but he now puts out information, with minute first person details, about almost every other government conspiracy and cover-up. This is suspicious. One person can't know this much. Even Gunther Russbacher, the highest ranking defector from dark-side CIA operations we have ever seen didn't claim to know as much as this mid-level Lt. Comdr., Al Martin. Martin makes reference to occasional shadowy sources, but has never named any. In contrast, Rodney Stich, who I consider totally legitimate, has been able to name most of his sources. Martin claims to hobnob with all kinds of dark-side military and foreign armament dealers, and yet also claims to be in hiding from a government manhunt trying to shut him down. His stories about being arrested and slipping out of government hands don't match what I know about reality. First, no one who uses this many sources repeatedly and has this much of a website presence could successfully evade capture from our dark-side government agencies for long. Either he is being allowed to stay in circulation or he is marvelously adept at piecing together other people's stories and claiming first hand knowledge--perhaps, both. I have independent confirmation on a lot of what Al Martin writes, so you can learn a great deal from his writings, but I suspect he fills in the blanks too often to be completely reliable.

Rayelan Allan is Gunther Russbacher's ex-wife--which is her claim to fame. I've been on radio shows with her and talked to her, and am convinced she is on our side. But her sources are too good to be true--some group, claiming to be insiders, is making a concerted effort to feed her information. You don't get those kinds of insider sources just for being the wife of one of the CIA's biggest defectors. Much of what she predicts and discusses goes far beyond what she could have gotten from Russbacher. Russbacher was a do-all man for the "company," with assignments that included flying George Bush Sr. to Paris in a YF-12 supersonic aircraft to sign the secret deal with Iran, trading weapons for hostages (operation October Surprise), and setting up many CIA proprietary operations to launder drug money. He had to flee to his native Austria to evade the CIA's penalties for betraying company secrets. I suspect that the CIA's way of defusing Russbacher's effectiveness is to feed Rayelan Allan a steady stream of facts, seeded with disinformation. The information she gets from her sources has that same taint as Stratfor and Debka--some good facts but faulty conclusions. Once again, I don't say these things about Martin or Allan to discredit the good they do--just to give a warning not to take everything they post at face value. All of this points to the fact that you must have multiple sources of corroborating evidence before you can successfully discern fact from fiction in this maze of Internet "news" that pours out in ever-more voluminous quantities.


From: "Pedro" <serpa_pedro@hotmail.com>
Subject: Feedback
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001

Dear Jean,

First of all I would like to thank you for your wonderful work and connections - your network is my main information source.

It´s not easy to trust these days - so much contradictory info, lies, madness, wholeblind heartlessness. Even good willed people sometimes exaggerate to get desired effects, and truth of heart is lost.

Nobody I talked to up to this moment was open enough to consider other possibilities than the ones presented in the media. I gave up speaking about it. In fact I am not doing anything about it but focus on peace and loving.

In my heart the possibility that raises most feeling is the one about US faction involvement. I hope I am wrong. I also believe the US released anthrax in Florida as a test. I read of neutron bombs and nuclear weapons, worldwide pacts and New World Order, shocking hypocrisy. We need a new consciousness, a new way to relate to life, to give natural wealth back to "poor countries", to let the live free and help them recover from the wounds we all allowed to be inflicted.

In the face of all of this what am I to do?

When I try to reason I get lost by not being able to really know what are the facts and what is the real sequence of events or the real causes for this madness. I can only allow myself to love where I am, whatever comes, and not feed conflict inside or outside.

I felt deeply revolted against the unbeliavable ignorance in the whole situation, but I feel I have no choice but be open and ready. It´s fear and escapism all along. That is what I propose we dedicate ourselves to understand. Fear creates the need for security, and that breeds more fear and greater need for security. * If * it is true we are all one, all connected in every way, then I think the most important is to abandon our own fear, hate, hatred, one sided views, and be what we deeply wish humanity to be- one heart consciousness. Abandon all attachment for life, in order to be free to love it passionately, unconditionally.

Like the jihad warriors can give their lifes for "beliefs", like the hidden interests can give away everybody´s lives for their benefit(?), we can give ours for love.

In passion for all life,

Pedro Serpa


From: "Krista Herring" <heart4song@hotmail.com>
Subject: Chemtrails
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001

Dear Jean,

I read what Joanna had to say on the chemtrails, and I was reminded of a time when I, too was obsessed with them. In fact, my whole life was centered on this kind of conspiracist negativity- about the "problem," instead of the solution. I don't know if these "chemtrails" are real or not, but I do know that when I used to involve myself with them, it didn't serve me any purpose, except to lower my vibration.

Do you remember the stories about the interment camps in America? We were obsessed with that, too. In fact, I know who started them, because he was my "Teacher," or a cult type of leader who sucked you in with his new-age, esoteric preaching of living from the heart, then vampired your energy and sucked you in to his deranged world. He was always talking about chemtrails. He told us we had to be "educated" about these things so that we could in turn "educate" the world and prevent a holocaust-like disaster in America. It was our "spiritual duty," as "students." But, all this so-called "truth" did was bring us much further from the real truth--that we had absolute creative control over our own lives and the world at large. We are not victims. There is no us against them. So, you see, when I woke up from that nightmare, I decided that none of those concerns helped me in any way to be a better person, to shine my light, to heal the world. They only diverted my attention from the vision that I should have been holding in order to keep my energy up so that I could truly help where needed.

I think that we really must not concern ourselves with these kinds of stories, when, even if they were ( or are) true, there is nothing that we can do to change them from the outside. The best thing that we can do right now is focus on our light and on how we can integrate our spirituality with the world, how we can help people. Especially at such a crucial time as now, when we are faced with the choice of creating a utopia with our love, or destroying all of humanity with our fear. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that it's irrelevant, and we should shift our focus. That's just my belief.

Blessings of joy to all,

Krista Herring


Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001
From: Teri Naugler <teri873@yahoo.com>
Subject: 30 Years of Chemical Exposure

I read the articles by a few people on contrails. Please check my web site below and read the page Contrails. We have had the sky full here in Las Lunas NM for about the last week. My husband and I have not been sleeping well. Also I had a severe episode with aluminum poisoning. I thought I was going to die. I had a 2 year exposure to it in an RV I bought with aluminum venetian blinds. But I think this was initially caused by the alumnium coated fiber glassthat the Air Force is experimenting with here in the South West Desert.

We have spent the last 20 years as activists for social and environmental justice. 67 of our neighbors and their children are dead. The children who grew up in our neighborhood died starting at age 32. The government is making mistakes everywhere and not taking care of the serious problems here.

Please visit my site and vote on a moratorium on harmful technology. . Read about NM problems.REad about my Superfund neighborhood under "Silent Murder" read about my many poisoned friends under "Murdered by Progress:. Read "Activists counting the dead".

Also we have health and environment issues discussed. If you have web pages could you put a link to my site there.

Thank you


You can see my new site here: http://homepages.about.com/naug/healthyenvironment/

Let me know what you think!


Date: 9 Oct 2001
From: tapa-chemtrails@yahoogroups.com

From: NewsHawk Inc. <hawknews@iname.com>
Date: Sunday, 8 October 2000
Subject: Chemtrails: Top Secret Mlitary Project Revealed/Used With HAARP In WeatherMod, Chem/Biowar, MindControl, More.

Not the biggest surprise, but some hardcore scientific data to back up what many people, including us, have been saying about chemtrails AND about HAARP certainly never hurts.

And here it is.

Chemtrails Said Part Of Top Secret Military Maneuvers Over America

By Mike Blair - The Spotlight

The strange vapor-like trails, or "chemtrails," from jets flying high above much of the nation and elsewhere in the world are part of a massive top-sec-et mil-tary research and development project, possibly linked to the United Na-ions, researchers have concluded.

A group of about a dozen researchers spent more than a year, mostly in secr-t, studying the chemtrails. They include experts in electronics, communications, environmental engineering, med-cine, biomedical research, chemistry, gov-rnmental and polit-cal affairs and mi-itary theory and technology, as well as veterans of the Central In-elligence Agency and the top-secret National Sec-rity Agency (N-A).

The group poured over thousands of scientific, go-ernment and m-litary documents, most of which can be found in the public domain but buried among countless papers in highly scientific web sites on the Internet.

The researchers also talked with experts in the scientific and mili-ary communities.

"It appears that aerosol chemical trails are being deliberately discharged into the atmosphere from mi-itary and civilian registered aircraft over the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico," a retired Air Fo-ce officer attached to NS- and living in Virginia told The Spotlight in an exclusive interview.

"Selected commercial airliners have been se-retly modified and equipped with specialized aerosol dispersion devices to supplement U.S. mi-itary aircraft to disperse the substances creating the chemtrails," the former -SA official noted.

According to the N-A officer, civilian airlines were enlisted for the project, which some of the researchers referred to as "Operation Cloverleaf".

The researchers concluded that the chemtrails are composed of barium salt mixtures. Some of the chemtrails also include polymer fibers.

"Several types of experimental polymer fibers are repeatedly being found in various locations subsequent to observed incidences of aerosol discharge by aircraft," a member of the scientific study group told The Spotlight. "Research and development of electronic polymer fibers is identified and described in Defense Ad-anced Research Projects Agency (DA-PA) documents. Other polymer fiber types are mentioned in other gove-nment and mi-itary documents that we have obtained.

"It is believed that the combination of barium salt mixture and polymer fibers are responsible for the recent nationwide epidemic increase in cases of asthma, allergies and upper respiratory system illnesses, including pneumonia," he said.

The group found that based on the study of various mili-ary and scientific documents, the polymer fibers apparently have several applications in conjunction with the barium salt mixture. Among the applications is the "cloaking" of aircraft. When irradiated with the substances, an aircraft is invisible to radar and the naked eye. (JW I haven't found that to be true, that the aircraft itself becomes invisible to the naked eye. Sometimes you might not be able to see the spray.)

There also are advanced radar applications; the decontamination and detection of biological weapons; communications applications, including the ability to direct radio beams back to earth; weather modification as a military weapon; and the secret Air Force Variable Terrain Refractivity Parabolic Equation (VTRPE), which, with the use of sophisticated computers, enables a person to view what an enemy radar system sees.

A scientist familiar with VTRPE research at Wright-Pat-terson Air Force Base in Ohio and his knowledge of the use of barium salt mixtures led the group of researchers to delve into the "barium salt connection" to the chemtrails.

A member of the research group told The Spotlight that "an over- whelming array of ongoing mili-ary research and development and defense-related activity is layered from ground level into space, including space wa-fare battle plans and space weapons that have been developed and include advanced laser and refinement of famed scientis Nicola Tesla's scaler (directed energy) weapons technology."

"Tesla's concepts of 'directed energy' are being developed, refined and applied," the researcher continued. "High Frequency Active Auroral Research project (HAARP) ionospheric 'heaters' are positioned around the world (Alaska, Ukraine, Norway, Russia, Puerto Rico, etc.) and are used to 'heat' and modify the ionosphere. The United Na-ions, we have found, has knowledge of and sanctions the HAARP project, which is a m-litary project."

The group determined that scientists worldwide are working in cooporation with an organization known only as "Commission G." Different aspects of atmospheric and ionospheric advanced radar studies, research projects and experiments are being studied at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, the University of Col-rado, the Uni. of Cal-fornia at D-vis, and the Uni. of Texas at Arlington. One of the key aims of the studies and experiments is the mil-tary objective "to control rain, drought, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and other patterns generally," a researcher explained. "Precipitation suppression and enhancement are strategies being refined specifically for implementation in the conduct of future wars."

This experimentation "is directly responsible for the strange weather that is being experienced in the U.S., if not worldwide," the researcher said. "They are simply screwing up our normal weather patterns by dumping barium salt and polymer fiber in vast quantities into the atmosphere."

The group said that armies may eventually become obsolete because of new co+mputerized "vitual warfare technology," which is being developed, refined and actually applied.

According to the group, there is ongoing research and development that includes optics-based communications above the earth, which is similar to fiber-optics but without fibers and communications broadcast on optical beams; a potential chemical and electrical influence on human behavior on a massive scale from above, a super-MK Ultra mind-control program; and electrical power transfer.

The former -SA researcher said "ongoing study of this problem by individual researchers is eliciting concrete evidence that, at the very least, the atmospheric chemistry and circulation of the earth's atmosphere have been disrupted. There is a growing body of evidence to justify concern that the problem with our atmospheric chemistry will extend well into the future."

"Someone is attempting to keep a lid on all of this mi-itary research and development activity and, in particular, the chemtrail activity that is literally clouding up America's skies."

According to the N-A researcher, individual members of the group have been threatened. Various document and other materials have been stolen from the homes of some of the researchers.

He said he believes this was done under the direction of a globalist entity, probably the United Na-ions or a "sub-group," that remains in the shadows and beyond public exposure, at least for now.

John Quinn
PO Box 106
Laytonville, Calif. 95454