October 10, 2001

Armageddon Underway #2: A Phoney War Against a Phoney Enemy

Hello everyone

I did receive several feedbacks that will be networked later on this week.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Osama Bin Laden is a phoney
2. Enough ignorance
4. Be Not Deceived
5. Solution Oriented Coverage
6. A first response to the bombing of Afghanistan


From: "Peter Quiller" <Peter.Quiller@btinternet.com>
Subject: Osama Bin Laden is a phoney
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001

Dear Jean,

A thousand thanks for the splendid information you have been forwarding recently. I doff my hat to you for all the effort and time it must take. Thank you so much.

I have held off writing in recent days as you have been so snowed under, but I thought you might be interested in the following: I was washing in the bathroom about fifteen days or so ago when a "loud voice" in my head announced "Osama Bin Laden is a phoney..."! I don't know about you but I am afraid I am on exhaustion overload when it comes to all the current world crises and I took the information received with a bit of a groan! I did not give it any credence whatsoever. Then I began to wade through the masses of material on various websites and your own unstinting information fest. Wow! Just what in Hell is going on? CAN all this be connected with Dr Stephen Greer's attempts to open up the UFO debate? Surely not? Or is David Icke right after all?

Keep the information coming Jean, it is all fascinating stuff, but like many of your other correspondents the whole scenario gives me great cause for concern.

In the light of peace, joy and love

Peter Quiller


Last week I woke up from a dream and remembered clearly that I was trying my best to make many other people around me aware of the fact that they were being lied to by authorities about what was going on, but hardly anyone really seemed to care or wanted to listen to what I was saying, as if they were so numbed that nothing could wake them up from their stupor and denial. A most fitting metaphor, I believe, for the vast majority of people today - hopefully not for those on this list...


From: Don <kuoqi@aol.com>
Sent: 08 October 2001
Subject: [hallofrecords] Enough ignorance

I finding it hard to express the disappointment I'm feeling... As if it's not bad enough that I live in New York and have experienced the most devastating terrorist attack in history firsthand.

But now because of this horrible event, some people actually feel justified in possibly touching off a massive war to satisfy their own frustrations or to indulge in revenge as if that EVER solved anything, as opposed to just making things worse for EVERYONE.

I could go on with my personal feelings on this, but for now will just submit this below for the consideration of those that don't seem to have much of a grasp on history...

And please don't write back and try to say that I'm un-American or not patriotic, or any of that... Patriotism is NOT wrapping oneself up in a flag... Or saying, in effect : "My country, right or wrong"... You can still love your country and be cognizant of it's various wrongdoings around the globe... It's easy enough to find out what really been going on, if you really want to know... You're not going to hear about on mainstream television or the radio, though... Those information channels are far too corporate-controlled...

Being aware of what various disastrous American foreign policies have wrought, and not supporting them, and working for change in whatever way you can, is the ESSENCE of genuine patriotism...

I certainly hope people keep this in mind as they read this, and as the next weeks and months unfold...

Far better to meditate on peaceful solution to this crisis, and thereafter some responsible diplomacy and actions, than simply trying to 'get even' with madmen...

Yes, the people who are responsible must be found and tried... ideally, in an international court.


AND "John Cox" <John.Cox1@tesco.net> REPLIED:

Dear Fellow Souls

We are starting to lose the plot - we are not back seat drivers from afar but Loving Caring Souls who try to keep us all on track - to help us all look at the reality of what's really happening - patriotism and nationalism are OK if Oneness is your first priority.

One of the God given Universal Laws is that we reap what we sow - so although we all see great sorrow and anger at the 11th September atrocity - we must not look at just the consequences of man's inhumanity to man which continues on a daily basis - we must seek out the root cause of why this tragic event happened - the I don't care attitude must be a feature of all our pasts - 5% of the world is consuming 25% of the resources - when humanity cannot see that all the earths treasures must be shared fairly an equally then it is on a course for continuous and growing disasters - oneness is about knowing that we are all one and need to help each other - there are no exceptions.

The terrorists need Love and understanding like a child having a tantrum because we the adults are not giving the child adequate love caring and attention for the highest good of all involved - the US equally needs the same loving attention - but for the highest good also means the need to understand why things happen - action = re-action - we reap what we sow - everything that happens in our lives - both the good and the bad - absolutely everything that happens in our life is our fault - our energy attracts like energy - if we thoughtlessly abuse our partner our fellow souls or the world then at some stage the energy we gave out will have to be reciprocated - the only reason why we can't connect to this is the time delay from the initial action to the re-action.

Don't blame God - God loves us all - regardless - like a mother's love for its child - it is not God that is at fault or is forsaking us - we are doing this all by ourselves - WTC was an incredibly tragic consequence of man's failings - a wake-up call - to motivate us to try Love and not Power, Justice and Revenge which we know from our history has only ever been a short term solution - we need to love and care for all God Bless us all including America.




As we are each aware, the karmic clearing has begun on a mass level as shown to us by the events that touched so many deeply in America and throughout the world, along with the potential of comeback from this situation. Not only have many in circles of light been clearing the nets of karma and holding the peace on the planet to assist resolution, but on the inner we are each asking within ourselves for the energies of our own warring elements… the shadow and the light to make peace also. All of us hold the shadow and the light and I wish to share with you information to assist all parts of you that may feel inner or outer battle, to heal.

Kuthumi offers each of us a dispensation called The Christ Vessel… this is a vessel of pure love that will assist each of us to merge our dark and light. Close your eyes and go within for a few moments and call to Kuthumi and your guides to bring forth your Christ Vessel to you. You may already have it so you may wish for it to be activated through your physical body. Breathe deeply 5 or 6 times to anchor this.

I wish to share understandings on that which is known as darkness and that of the light which is spoken about in the circles of all light and love workers. The light is the emanating truth. It is brilliant and divine in all ways and often will reflect upon that which is not light to assist it to awaken to love. The dark or shadow is that which is hidden from emanating truth and it is the parts of all of us that have been unable to express their love fully. Both the dark or shadow and the light are divine aspects of God/Goddess. One is not greater than the other. In fact each of these aspects must merge together to create the connection to Source…to allow the love to flow through.

I am asking from my heart to each of yours for you to accept the shadow and the light within you. Go within yourselves and ask that which recognizes itself as shadow to accept that it is as equally as important in the divine plan as is the light. Then ask that your light accept that it is equally as important as the shadow. Ask them both to forgive all and embrace each other to create the love to move through you more fully. Breathe to allow this new resonance to flow through all cells of your being. This dark and light embrace will assist you always when there is any energy blockage or resistance as the resistance is created through the inner battle of dark and light. The light is a door through which all merges into love, but unless all is invited with no judgement, including the shadow, the love does not emanate fully out of the cells of the physical body.

As many are aware, September 17 marked a specific date for all of humanity, earmarked through the Great Pyramid's calendar stone as a time of revelation and great karmic clearing. Many gathered in circles upon this date to connect to the 6 pointed heavenly star configuration at this time for the acceleration of the mass awakening of all beings to their divine connection and entry into the new age.

Lord Michael and Kuthumi with The Elohim Council, offer also a sacred portal period for all of humanity to attune to that is of great planetary significance. The period at this time is described as The Holy Grail of Humanity. The portal opens on the 12th December, 2001 and completes on the 13th December 2002.Over new years eve 2001 at midnight there is a world wide peace linkup. The Elohim over this period bring forth the encodements to assist all to open to The 7th Golden Age- the new age of love...

Global meditations available from http://www.light-elixirs.com or email ascend@light-elixirs.com


Each being on the planet is preparing through physical and lightbody changes, through transformation within the conscious awareness, and through karmic clearing and the expansion of their love. The cells of all beings will be depolarised over a period through this transition creating a magnitude of love current within the body. The shift into the new age is a shift from experiencing life linearly to experiencing life multidimensionally. In this, one’s consciousness must release all that binds one to the past and all that projects into the future. The transition phase is one of great transformation. The Golden Age is the experience of being in the pure now moment. It is the experience of no past thought, only pure higher awareness and heart connection to all.

It is each that are entering through the completion of this cosmic cycle - known as the Great Shift. The Ascended Masters have placed a clarion call to all love and lightworkers to connect hearts in a world wide link up for this coming gateway activation. Please connect to this wherever you are and if possible create circles of love for these times.

With all my love,

“Qala” Serenia Kikiya Phoenix



From: "Rishi Webb" <visionquest@eoni.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001
Subject: Be Not Deceived, Part 2

Be Not Deceived

A Completely Different and Truthful Look At The World Trade Center Bombings, Our Culture and US Involvement Abroad

Part 2

In light of the September 11th events, let us remember what institutions like the World Trade Center and Pentagon have traditionally represented. They are not centers for heartfelt kindness, compassion or friendship. They are and have been, the very tools for world domination that we have designed them to be. The World Trade Center has been since its creation, a central hub for the generation of maximum profit in the minimum time, at any human or environmental cost. Therein many of the worlds' largest and morally questionable financial deals have been wrangled. Through this monetary funnel has poured the wealth and natural resources of the world, filling the bank accounts of millionaires and billionaires many times over. Through these less than holy gates, the clear cut forests of Indonesia, India, Brazil, Panama, Peru and countless other regions of the world have found their digitized destiny. Sharing a similar fate have been foreign coal and oil reserves, grains, animal products, sweat shop assembled clothing and other manufactured goods, electronics, precious metals, and medicines by the megaton. Like a great magnet which electronically pulled what was good from all around the world, the WTC left poverty, crime and hardship in its wake throughout the third world. In truth these twin towers served but one true function, not the upliftment of the human condition, but the making of the ultra-wealthy even wealthier. Although they were often called a symbol of American affluence, what they actually represented was dark and inhumane intentions, for the sake of bottomless greed. Realistically, our greed as a nation is unsurpassed, since we go out of our way to glorify the taking of far more than is needed.

Through cutthroat competitiveness we "out-do the other guy" by whatever means are necessary, so as to "impress" with that new car or million dollar mansion. Our "success" is not culturally measured in terms of humanitarian spiritually, it is measured in terms of who can dominate, swindle and most intimidate the competition. So what is all this great trauma about the WTC towers falling to rubble? It is surely not one of moral indignation, but the outrage at having our image of world superiority taken away.

The other "American symbol" which was struck was the Pentagon, which again is a central hub for the most widespread bullying and destruction the world has ever seen. From here, (just as in the WTC) dark deeds have been spun from a desire to gain control of the international political scene and world marketplace. The Pentagon is for the military what the World Trade center has been for US financial gain; a tool for planetary control in the shortest possible span of time. It is surely no great coincidence that these particular targets were chosen for attack. Is it not morally fitting that our two greatest tools for world control, suffer the same fate as they themselves have inflicted upon countless others?

In light of the above facts, we note that there has been a huge hue and cry about how so many "innocent victims" were lost in the Sept. 11th explosions. But were the majority who died truly innocent? Were they merely the hapless victims of evil, or could it be that many were the very perpetrators of world misery and terror? Did they not "live by the sword" so to speak, and die by it as well? Of the dead corporate executives and military commanders retrieved from the rubble, we might note a curious fact. On their persons we find;

1) the $45 tie made in Singapore
2) the $350 sport jacket and $200 slacks made in Korea
3) the $50 shirt made in Mexico
4) the $175 dress shoes made in Hong Kong
5) the $350 solid gold wrist watch made in Thailand
6) the $1500 laptop computer assembled in China, whose leather case was made in the Philippines

It would seem that these so-called "victims" were well dressed, as most Americans are, in the sweatshop labors of the world. To clothe them at a profitable cost, the men, women and children of the third world, whose 35 cents an hour wages and 12+ hour days without overtime, struggle to cater to our sense of fashion, (egotism). For the sake of ego we continue to strip the world of its very dignity, and then have the nerve to tout the American way of life. We take far more than we need, and push the rest of the world mercilessly in corporate wage-slave factories to produce unneeded luxuries. Many of those who died in the Pentagon or WTC were the very ring leaders of criminal levels of greed and corruption. They were, (and their mindset still is) the high priesthood of Dollar-God worship. For these reasons they were not victims at all, they were big players in a very bloodthirsty world game. When you sit down to play for blood, it seems only fair to be prepared to have your own spilled as well.

Perhaps you have noticed that everything to do with US government policy, be it domestic or foreign in nature, is referred to as a "war". In the 50's we had the "war on communism" and "better dead than red", not to mention the Korean war. In the 60s' and 70's it was the Viet Nam war, with its associated cultural war upon the hippie and free-thought movements. During this entire period up until the 80's, we had the "Cold War" with various covert operations and a massive arms build-up, headed by our military all over the world, from Central and South America, to Europe and the Far East. Then in the late 80's to early 90's for the lack of a better conflict, there was the so-called "drug war" and "just say no", while at the same time we consumed more prescription drugs than any other nation in history, (primarily to soothe nervous disorders).

Meanwhile our prison are filled with the highest percentage of the population, than any other nation on the globe. Today we have the latest conflict, just like the latest fashion, in the so-called "war on terrorism". This war is complete with the usual presidential and congressional war-time rhetoric. Also predictable is the theatrical display of indignation and fervor just like all of the above "wars", where everyone from senator to grocery store owner tries to jump on the bandwagon of righteous nationalism, less they seem "unpatriotic". Such posturing more closely resembles the struggling of little egos often seen on a grade school playground, than a group of rational adults trying to work out real solutions for the good of our planet. The few voices for reason left in the US government urging restraint and logic in our policies, are drowned out by staged shouting and impressive but hollow speech-making. With such agents of hype and hypocritical posturing running the most influential government in the modern world, the future of the human race looks most grim indeed.

Given all of the above, we still witness a most curious spectacle on every single street corner, and in every American city, small to large. We still see the majority of people eating up all this media hype, about how our national dignity was horribly wounded by the Sept. 11th attacks. This is amazing since in essence we have no remaining dignity as a nation, due to very questionable foreign and domestic policies. The US started out as a noble nation based upon a noble document, the Constitution. But since its inception it has deteriorated into a quick profit scheme on a national scale, and with all the glory and honor befitting an unscrupulous used car salesman. We value but one thing in high regard, and that is the making of money. One can't help but wonder how much of the public display of "patriotism" seen in every other house and car window, is the actual result of peer pressure, complete naivete' or insincere theatrics. As a people we have the sheer gall to cry "foul!" when someone gives us a bloody nose in World Trade Center proportions, even while the smoke from the US-Iraq "war" has not even cleared the air. We cry and moan in a public display of deepest grief when our own citizens are killed, but find it not worth mentioning when we kill the citizens of other nations.

To demonstrate this point further, the September 15th newspapers reflected a most curious ultimatum from the US to Afganistan. The New York Times reported upon the Presidential address to the nation at the time, as follows; [President Bush] "immediately turn over Bin Laden, his followers and any other terrorists to the United States, and open your camps to American inspection". The intelligent reader is again forced to question the sheer insanity of such an ultimatum, issued from one nation to another. First of all, Afganistan itself is not a suspect in the WTC bombings. Simply because such a suspect as Osama Bin Laden may or may not be present on their soil, is not cause to create an international incident. It certainly does not justify threats or hostile demands. We must also remember that such threats are issued under the auspices of military invasion, to a third party that has no proven bearing upon the Sept. 11th events. Bushs' demand also rather oddly assumes that Osama Bin Laden and his followers are simply waiting around in Iraq to be "picked up" at a moments notice by Afgan authorities. Did anyone ever think of the idea, (before we threaten to bomb Afganistan) that Bin Laden may not even be in that country? How shall we take responsibility for the thousands of lives we have already caused untold hardship, as countless Afgans flee the country in terror to become refugees, due to our outrageous threats? Compare this scenario if you will to the FBI coming to your door, demanding that you turn over a known criminal to them, (who you probably know very little about) on the condition that you and your entire family not be put to death, so long as you comply. Does this sound like liberty and justice to you? Is not the Afganistan situation equally absurd, unlawful and bullying? Also, who are we to hold the welfare of other nations hostage and accountable for our own problems?

In our own judicial system there is such a thing as "due process". Due process means that the prosecution of the suspect of any crime cannot proceed, until their guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. What we see in US policy toward Afganistan has nothing to do with due process. It is simply sheer bullying. Many in Pakistan and Afganistan are suggesting the idea that the US is using the entire Bin Laden affair as an excuse to invade their countries, and this is certainly a very tempting conclusion, especially since our attitude seems to be "kill now and ask careful questions later". There is also such a thing as the United Nations court of international law - we could have pursued this avenue of justice but haven't bothered with any due process whatsoever.

The more important question however when speaking of justice, is how the US shall make amends for its Persian Gulf crimes. Given this fact, perhaps the US government seeks to actually avoid the due process of international law, since it knows it is the biggest terrorist of all. It is also not hard to conclude from watching president Bushs' theatrics, and his promises to, (ironically enough) rid the world of evil-doers, that the message we seek to send the world is that we are the big, bad, morally perfect America. Arguably, we are doing this because we are fundamentally insecure at many levels, as a culture. In reality we have become our most feared nightmare. Now when we look out the window we see potential terrorists and other evil-doers on every street corner, but even more horrifying is the fact that we also see such things when we look into those eyes in the mirror. The façade of patriotism has simply become an excuse to destroy civil liberties and foreign nations alike, and this fact is not hard to clearly see.

Yet even the crushing of Afganistan, (one way or another) is not enough to satiate the United States war machine. Even before bombings have begun there is talk of similar operations around the world, in such countries as Libya, Egypt, Iran and others. Bush was recently quoted as saying to the countries of the world, "You are either on our side, or you are on the side of terrorism". Needless to say, this is a very irresponsible statement to make to the world community. It presupposes that we are the epitome of justice, and the crusaders of right doing for which there is, and never will be, an equal. It assumes that we set the highest standard for international right action and the dispatching of criminals, and that assumption in itself is completely ludicrous. This is political fanaticism given a tone of a spiritual and moral crusade. God is said to "be on our side in the fight against evil", though this again is sheer presumption. Which God are we talking about anyway, Jehovah or Allah? Bushs' statements place all nations in the position of being bullied into compliance with US dictates, whatever they may be. It barely conceals a threatening tone to the effect of "get in line or be punished". This is the true face of US justice and liberty showing, as has been the case throughout the majority of its bloody history. Most of the world already knows this, or is only now quite certain of it.

Another question the thinking person must ask is, "How exactly is this term "terrorist" or "suspected terrorist" being defined? How broad will this definition become, and what civil liberties will be eroded, (such as at-will wire tapping) in this fanatical new crusade? The United States culture seems to thrive most when there is an ever-present and ominous villain to destroy, one who is lurking within every shadow and grade school neighborhood. It is not hard to imagine that just like the communist scare in the 50's, and the drug war in the 80's and 90's, we are witnessing a return to public paranoia so pronounced that it will be used as an excuse for even greater government domination in our daily lives, (not to mention the lives of peoples abroad).

What we are witnessing is only the beginning of the "global war against terror" as it is being called, and if you think it is ugly now, just wait and see what atrocities are committed in its name in the near and distant future. There will be war upon war, with the true motive behind the US war machine being one of economic superiority, and the ready availability of world resources. The incredibly bloated military and domestic police system we employ, must be steadily well oiled with the blood of supposed "bad guys", or else come under question as to its usefulness. With the incredible amount of money we spend every day maintaining this military monster, (whose cost could easily feed and house the worlds' poor many times over) there must always be some great enemy providing an excuse to justify global militarization. As we plunder the worlds' resources in order to maintain a lavish lifestyle of greedy privilege, we must always have an excuse to justify our misdeeds. The name of the war at hand is really less than relevant, be it the war on drugs or the war on terrorism. All of these banners will serve to provide just enough illusion in the supposed crushing of evil, so as to continue to commit every evil deed imaginable. This illusion is necessary for corporate America to maintain, so that the average worker ant will not question their place in the mound of mass hysteria.

To understand the TRUTH behind all these manipulations of the public faith in "democracy" and "justice", we must realize that the real motive is always the greed for money and profit. Our economy is not built so much on actual domestic products as it is confidence in our ability to maintain world dominance. As soon as this confidence begins to slip, the leaders of the corporate world, (who know that the dollar is the cornerstone of the world economy) must again pull the puppet strings of the politicians whom they own, to call forth another crusade against evil. But of course the true evil is closer to home than any of us would like to admit. Since we secretly suspect this, we pop yet another prozac, wave another flag or drink another glass of alcohol, to smooth out that gnawing sense of contradiction.

"Consumer confidence" as well as international intimidation, must be preserved for the sake of corporate profits, or else the façade of good living we have built in the so-called "American Way" will finally fall like the house of cards that it is. Our prosperity is that of the conqueror, and our lifestyle built upon the blood, sweat and toil that is the burdened back of the third world. In essence we are not the upholders of liberty or justice for even ourselves, let alone for all. We are not good, nor are we deserving of special privileges at the cost of world misery. The rest of the world knows this, and so do our own leaders of government and corporation. They will use the military machine for as long as they can to keep the world at bay, who rightfully harbor strong resentments against us. Our crimes against the global good of humanity in the name of profit, and in the worshipping of the Dollar as the supreme and true God, will eventually return upon us all. It is our karma, and we must suffer it for the sake of greed and murder-for-profit.

The public is therefore asked to throw their American banner into the nearest cardboard box for storage. Label the box, "the shame of hypocrisy" and store it in the attic until such a time as it actually stands for something worthwhile, instead of just privileges for a greedy few. Seriously question everything in the mass media, especially its incredibly insane conclusions and emotional manipulations. Tell those young people who would otherwise naively enlist in the military, that patriotism does not mean running off to kill without question. Nor does it mean following a government gone astray without question, as though its every word was spoken by Christ Himself. Patriotism means being honest and truthful, while acting for the greatest, (spiritual) good of the entire human race. Be a patriot for the whole of the Earth, not the pawn of a corrupt empire, whose fall is not long in the coming. In short, BE NOT DECEIVED!

Further suggested reading: The Survivalists' Guide for the New Millennium
(in the library at http://www.eoni.com/~visionquest")


From: RenukaSue@aol.com
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001
Subject: Solution Oriented Coverage


If you have not already added your signature and comments to our petition, please do so at the following link. http://www.newsforthesoul.com/petition-un.htm

News for the Soul is adding several more pages of new signatures to the document and broadcasting them to world leaders beginning today.


News for the Soul has interviewed Deepak Chopra, Dannion Brinkley, Celestine Prophecy author James Redfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul co-founder Mark Victor Hansen, T Harv Eker, Satyen Raja and more about their perspective on the situation between the U.S. and Afghanistan. Check it out here:



It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

-- Chinese proverb



From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <Boudewijn@whatmatters.nu>
Subject: A first response to the bombing of Afghanistan
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001

Dear list members,

Now it is happening. The bombing. With bombs made for profit. They call it war, this raw attack on Afghanistan. To destroy a network of training camps long disbanded. To hunt out a man they trained to train those who will now poison waters, blow up oil tankers, spread anthrax. Most probably.

He has said, this bin Laden, in anticipation of the bombs dropping on Kabul and four, five, six other already derelict places . . . he has said: "Americans will not know security till there is security in Afghanistan and Palestine." A statement of the obvious.

Yet 90 percent of Americans support the throwing of bombs, in the name of self defense, and the throwing of food at a violated people, in the name of humanitarian aid.

Big brother rapes and feeds the victims.

How else does one write in metaphorical 1984?

An Italian girl said it right to the world through TV, standing with protestors in a Rome square: "We are totally against what is happening. Those responsible for it are out of their minds."

Democracy is disgraced. There is no leadership that I can say Yes to. There is only space for waiting out the Blair-Bush madness, in disciplined, non-violent No-saying to its excesses.

For encouragement in No-saying, I suggest America as Mystery Babylon, Thirty-Seven Symbolic Proofs, by Brett Daniel Wills, at http://www.konformist.com/911/911.htm

Those who are open to it will find extraordinary symbolic confirmation here for seeing the 9.11 attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon as an apocalyptic event, describing the breakdown of capitalism, for, I believe, the eventual breakthrough of a network of debt-free economies of love.

In friendship,

Boudewijn Wegerif
What Matters Programme
Folkhogskoloa Vardingeby