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November 6, 2012

I, pet goat II - Watch in Full screen and Be mesmerized...

I, pet goat II

A story about the fire at the heart of suffering.
Bringing together dancers, musicians, visual artists and 3d animators,
the film takes a critical look at the events of the past decade that have shaped our world.

Some of the 592 comments at

"I haven't seen work this AMAZING in a long time. Wow. Just... WOW!"

"Thanks for creating this piece of art, the animation flawless, the message is the one's that get direct to your heart and mind..."

"I'm speechless. Absolutely outstanding. Congratulations!"

"That was one fantastic mind blowing 3D animation, full of religious and political symbolism and utterly surreal."

"This is one of the best executions of surrealist cinema I have ever seen! The animation and style are flawless and this piece is riddled with iconic symbols. I'm on my 3rd watch-through and I keep finding new details that make this piece stand out. BRAVO!"

"Wow. I gotta pick my jaw up from the floor..."

"STU-NING!!! It's going to take me a while to get my eyes back in their sockets. That you guys were able to match awe with a symbol story and the level of art design/execution, just .. . I'm friggin' rendered speechless, which is NO small task."


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ERN subscriber, Carol Brouillet, left the following message on October 14 at

I greatly appreciate your film and all that went into it. I also collaborated with a very strong Christian who had a dream, premonition about 9/11. After I marched to demand an investigation of 9/11, he contacted me and shared his artwork with me, which I used to raise consciousness and prevent the war on Iraq. Art is a very powerful tool, so is money, so are symbols. Together, we worked on creating Deception Dollars to expose the false flag nature of 9/11 and to enable people to challenge the growing police state. We also worked on Media Deception Dollars, Election Deception Dollars, Conception Dollars and Perception Dollars. The first ones were to point out the problems, the lies, and the latter ones were to point towards solutions, and move us away from a war/debt/lie based system towards a peaceful/honest/truthful/life honoring future... In my experience, I had to start studying symbology to create the alternatives. I hope that your film will help us to avert another mass ritual which powerful interests might try to enact to cling to their crumbling empires. I found your film, after reading "The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual" by S.K. Bain which deconstructs the occult symbology around the 9/11 crime and predicts another mega-spectacle on 12/25/2012 to consolidate the ever expanding surveillance state.

And also from

"brilliant and breathtaking - nothing short of a masterpiece! those who "get it" immediately resonate with its message, as this film is profoundly moving. However, many will never venture beyond the surface..."

To review some interpretations of its meaning, see...

and especially...

The Esoteric Symbolism of the Viral Video “I, Pet Goat II”
(...) After watching the video, many might say something like “What the hell did I just watch?”. The story is somewhat non-linear and there are many cryptic and enigmatic elements in the movie. I won’t claim to fully decode every single symbol-filled frame of the video, but many of the messages are easily understandable due to rather heavy-handed symbolism. In general, the movie appears to be about the political and social climate of the past decade – complete with puppet Presidents, false flag terror and mind-controlling sorcerers. Then, through the following of a Christ figure, we leave all the sadness behind to enter a new, sunny era. In short, the story is about the triumph of spiritual enlightenment against the forces of darkness. Let’s look at the movie and at some of its many details. CLIP

This detailed analysis of the numerous symbols integrated into this brilliant masterpiece will help you better understand what this is all about... or at least grasp from an intellectual standpoint what is intuitively sensed upon watching/delving into this amazing short film.

Here is the conclusion ...

I, Pet Goat II has received widespread acclaim for its technical prowess and its original storytelling. Although there is no narration or dialogue, an elaborate story is delivered using the most ancient and universal language in History: Symbolism. Through symbols, the movie manages to deliver an acerbic critique of today’s Western Civilization, to describe its numerous evils and even to predict its inevitable downfall. More importantly, a thorough decoding of the movie’s symbolism reveals a powerful message of spiritual enlightenment based on ancient Mysteries. While this esoteric aspect of the movie might not be understood by many, it is at the core of the movie and is presented as the ultimate solution to the evils and corruption of today’s world. The movie’s conclusion is therefore a very personal one: Either YOU become a pet goat with a 666 bar-code on your forehead or YOU become a Christ figure with a third eye on your forehead. This notion of personal enlightenment is definitively a Gnostic one and is common to most esoteric schools of thoughts in all civilizations. Agreeing or disagreeing with the movie’s spiritual conclusion is a question of personal beliefs, but it is nevertheless obvious that those behind I, Pet Goat II are “in the know” about all things occult, esoteric and even conspiratorial. Each scene has a profound underlying story behind it – whether it be historical, political or spiritual – that would take pages and pages of words to thoroughly explain. Therein lie the power of symbols: They can simply be admired for their aesthetic beauty or they can, when fully understood, reveal a profound story about humanity, God and everything in between.

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The Hidden Themes of Heliofant's "I, Pet Goat II"

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“Heliofant” is the combination of Helio, Greek God of the Sun, and “fant” a contraction of the word “infant” or child, which means Sun child.

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