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December 4, 2012

I Will Not Be Silenced & Much more!


I will not be silenced. That would be a lie I’m prepared to rise up and lay down my life, because the price of silence is too much pay and I have grown tired of all this suffering. Brother, brother, brother, what’s become of us when we can hurt each other In the name of God. Every child is holy. Every child is holy. What you do to the children you do to me. CLIP

Strange “vibrations” detected throughout the United States (11/30/2012)
Seen on multiple nodes managed by different institutions, feeding back to the CERI / Midwest USGS official charts across the region… what can only be described as low end vibrations, over a VERY large area. NOT to be confused with earthquakes elsewhere around the planet, this is something I have not seen before over such a wide area. (...) Its across the board.. pretty much the whole country from South Carolina, to Wisconsin.. and beyond.. CLIP Could this be caused by the potentially incoming galactic superwave?... Or is this a precursory sign of an imminent earthquake along the New Madrid Fault inconnection with the Monster Sinkholes ?

What Really Happened in Gaza
On BBC's Question Time on 22.11.12, journalist Owen Jones described the reality-- largely ignored by the mainstream media -- of Israel's brutal attack on Gaza, 14-22 November 2012, that left close to 160 killed, over 30 of them children. This is what Netanyahu, Obama and Hillary Clinton don't want the world to see... WARNING! VERY DISTURBING PROOFS OF ZIONIST ISRAEL'S CONTINUING WAR CRIMES IN THE 2ND VIDEO

Nobel peace laureates call for Israel military boycott over Gaza assault (28 November 2012)
Letter with 52 signatories including artists and activists also denounces US and EU 'complicity' through weapons sales -- A group of Nobel peace prize-winners, prominent artists and activists have issued a call for an international military boycott of Israel following its assault on the Gaza Strip this month. The letter also denounces the US, EU and several developing countries for what it describes as their "complicity" through weapons sales and other military support in the attack that killed 160 Palestinians, many of them civilians, including about 35 children. The 52 signatories include the Nobel peace laureates Mairead Maguire and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel; the film directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach; the author Alice Walker; the US academic Noam Chomsky; Roger Waters of Pink Floyd; and Stéphane Hessel, a former French diplomat and Holocaust survivor who was co-author of the universal declaration of human rights. "Horrified at the latest round of Israeli aggression against the 1.5 million Palestinians in the besieged and occupied Gaza Strip and conscious of the impunity that has enabled this new chapter in Israel's decades-old violations of international law and Palestinian rights, we believe there is an urgent need for international action towards a mandatory, comprehensive military embargo against Israel," the letter says. "Such a measure has been subject to several UN resolutions and is similar to the arms embargo imposed against apartheid South Africa in the past."The letter accuses several countries of providing important military support that facilitated the assault on Gaza. "While the United States has been the largest sponsor of Israel, supplying billions of dollars of advanced military hardware every year, the role of the European Union must not go unnoticed, in particular its hefty subsidies to Israel's military complex through its research programmes. CLIP

UK Shielding Israel From War Crimes Prosecutions (November 28, 2012)
The Guardian newspaper reported on 27 November that Britain is prepared to back a key vote recognizing Palestinian statehood at the United nations but only if the Palestinian Authority chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, pledges not to pursue Israel for war crimes and to resume peace talks. According to the newspaper,On Monday night [26 November], the government signalled it would change track and vote yes if the Palestinians modified their application… Whitehall officials said the Palestinians were now being asked to refrain from applying for membership of the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice, which could both be used to pursue war crimes charges or other legal claims against Israel. Abbas is also being asked to commit to an immediate resumption of peace talks “without preconditions” with Israel. The third condition is that the General Assembly’s resolution does not require the UN security council to follow suit. In other words, in return for Britain supporting the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN, the Palestinians would have to overlook Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, and refrain from insisting that Israel stop the ongoing theft of Palestinian lands in the occupied territories by building new Jewish settlements and expanding existing ones, practices that are illegal under international law. CLIP

US Building $100-Million Underground Bunker at Secret Israeli Missile Base
(...) Since it seems extremely unlikely that Iran’s leaders would mount a preemptive strike against Israel, certainly not a nuclear strike, construction of such a fortress indicates that Israel anticipates mounting such an attack and needs to ensure its critical military forces will remain intact after an Iranian response. CLIP - Nothing is too costly to prop up Israel's regime of terror... All paid for by US taxpayers money...

Israel pulls back from threat to topple Palestinian leadership over UN vote (28 November 2012)
Israeli officials change tack after it becomes clear that request for statehood at UN is likely to gather significant support.

Tension mounts in East Jerusalem as Israel prepares settlement construction (Dec.04, 2012)
Police and bulldozers arrive in Palestinian Jerusalem neighborhood A-Tur, in wake of the UN decision to accept Palestine as a non-member observer state. -- Israel is continuing to take apparent retaliatory measures in wake of the United Nations decision last week to accept Palestine as a non-member observer state. CLIP

Australia joins chorus of countries criticizing settlements (12/04/2012)
Following similar moves by a host of European states, Canberra calls in Israeli ambassador, saying West Bank, east Jerusalem building plans and withholding of PA tax revenues "threaten the viability of a two-state solution." Check also Canada stands alone on Mideast

AIPAC, decapitators inside US government: Intelligence analyst – An interesting speculative take by Gordon Duff (Nov 25, 2012)
Seventy hours ago, at this writing, while on Air Force One, President Barack Obama issued a press release that has been utterly ignored by the Western Press. The president has openly announced a move against violent plotters inside the US government and espionage agents. He does not use the terms “AIPAC” or “the Israel lobby” but it is highly unlikely he could be referring to anything else. (...) How can a President of the United States announce that the government is infiltrated with terrorists and spies and no newspaper, television network or other form of media notices?


Americans Have Less Access to Justice than Botswanans … And Are More Abused By Police than Kazakhstanis
Justice is a key value for Americans. After all, one of our key mottoes is: “Liberty and justice for all”. But the World Justice Project – a bipartisan, independent group with honorary chairs including Supreme Court Justices Kennedy, Breyer, Ginsberg and O’Connor – just released a report saying that Americans have less access to justice than most wealthy countries … and many developing nations. CLIP

2U.S. Supreme Court Justices – And Numerous Other Top Government Officials – Warn of Dictatorship
(...) The former head of the program for the NSA recently held his thumb and forefinger close together, and said: We are, like, that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.

Sucking Up to the Military Brass
Generals Who Run Amuck, Politicians Who Could Care Less, an “Embedded” Media... And Us (...) Put simply, Americans need to stop genuflecting to our paper Caesars before we actually produce a real one, a man ruthless enough to cross the Rubicon (or the Potomac) and parlay total military adulation into the five stars of absolute political authority. CLIP

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura- Season Three, Episode #4: The Ozarks - WATCH THE TRAILER!!
In Episode #4 of Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Jesse and his team tackle one of the lesser known, but more timely of conspiracy theories: the “Ozarks” conspiracy. The theory states that members of the Elite, or Illuminati, are preparing for a post-apocalyptic world by building secret, underground refuges across the Ozark Mountains region of the United States, which covers parts of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The more sinister version of this theory has the Illuminati building these underground fortresses in preparation for a worldwide catastrophe that they will initiate, themselves. The voice-over narration describes the Ozarks conspiracy as “a conspiracy to launch worldwide chaos” and part of an Illuminati plan to “take over the world from a post in the American Heartland.”

(...) Jesse begins his investigation of the Ozarks conspiracy with a general sense of disbelief about any conspiracy tied to the mysterious Illuminati. “When this one began I thought I already knew it all. All those stories about the world being run by some secret, elite group- to me they were something that you could never come close to proving. Then I got a call from Anthony Hilder.” Anthony Hilder (whom Jesse refers to as a “Paul McCartney-looking guy”) has been making films about various conspiracy theories, mostly New World Order-related, for 30 years. Hilder is here to tell Jesse that the Illuminati conspiracy is real, and that the threat it poses is real. “They’re out Hitler-ing Hitler at the height of his hysteria,” says Hilder. “The oligarchy of evil controls the world- the evilarchy.” Jesse sounds his skepticism in a voice over- “Right, the Illuminati- that secret organization that controls the world.” The narrator describes the Illuminati as an organization that “controls the media, controls the currency, controls nations through wars, promotes inner city crime” etc. (...) “What’s going on underneath could connect to the tunnels and caves we’ve been talking about in the Ozarks,” says Sean. June shares more of her research with the group, showing that several banks were being built in the area, with a ratio of 1 bank for every 53 people. In comparison, New York City has 1 bank for every 7,000 people, and Los Angeles has 1 bank for every 11,000 people.

(...) While Sean is out exploring caves, June is in Mountain View, Arkansas, described by the narrator as “the hillbilly town where all those bank are springing up… where many suspect the Illuminati is hoarding money for a post-apocalyptic world.”

(...) Jesse observes that the complex seems to be hooked up to the railroad system too. “This facility covers 50 square miles, all underground, all climate controlled, they’ve got warehouses for food, data, all sorts of things, offices, manufacturing, even underground farming and stockpiles of crude oil. Oh yeah, there’s plenty of space to live in. You can fit thousands of people here - if you want to save that many.” “I never knew places like this existed in the world. You could store anything down here,” says Tyrel. “This is huge. This is an underground city. And there are dozens of these across the region? This is starting to look a lot like conspiracy fact,” states Jesse. CLIP

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura- Season Three, Episode #2: Death Ray - WATCH THE TRAILER!!
(...) However, Jesse believes he has someone who can explain it all: Dr. Judy Wood, author of the book Where Did the Towers Go? “As it turns out, there’s a book that explains it all,” says Jesse. Dr. Judy Wood has degrees in civil engineering, physics, and engineering science, and Jesse feels she’s a credible expert on the subject of 9/11. Jesse, Tyrel, and Dr. Wood examine photographs and video from the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. One of Wood’s arguments is that there wasn’t the amount of rubble after the collapse that one would expect from such a large building. “Where’s the rest of this material?” she asks. “It’s not on the ground. Where are they? They’re gone!” says Jesse. According to Wood, the remaining material at the site was only 2% of original building height, while one would expect the material would have been 12.5% of original building height. “There ain’t enough rubble,” says Jesse.

The next issue Wood brings up is the issue of the dust sent into the air from the explosions. In controlled demolitions, the dust doesn’t rise about the original height of the building. However, it did on 9/11, which makes Wood believe that directed energy weapons, not nanothermite or other demolition materials, were used to take down the towers. Wood also points to the magnitude of the seismic impact caused by the collapse of the Towers on 9/11 as evidence for use of a directed energy weapon. The towers created a 2.3 magnitude when they collapsed, similar to the magnitude created by the demolition of the Kingdome Arena in Seattle, Washington. However, the seismic impact should have been 30 times larger than that of the Kingdome, since the Towers were much more massive. Wood also believes that such an explosion and collapse would have crushed the parking garage under the complex, but it didn’t. “Why wouldn’t this be part of the pancake? Isn’t that a fair question to ask?” states Jesse. Wood also points to cars that were parked blocks away, but somehow were melted from the event. “It’s not a kinetic energy device, it’s a directed energy device,” explains Wood. CLIP

Check also Game of Drones

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Even Low-Level Radioactivity Is Damaging, Scientists Conclude (Nov. 13, 2012)
Even the very lowest levels of radiation are harmful to life, scientists have concluded in the Cambridge Philosophical Society's journal Biological Reviews. Reporting the results of a wide-ranging analysis of 46 peer-reviewed studies published over the past 40 years, researchers from the University of South Carolina and the University of Paris-Sud found that variation in low-level, natural background radiation was found to have small, but highly statistically significant, negative effects on DNA as well as several measures of health.

(...) "It also provides evidence that there is no threshold below which there are no effects of radiation," he added. "A theory that has been batted around a lot over the last couple of decades is the idea that is there a threshold of exposure below which there are no negative consequences. These data provide fairly strong evidence that there is no threshold -- radiation effects are measurable as far down as you can go, given the statistical power you have at hand." Mousseau hopes their results, which are consistent with the "linear-no-threshold" model for radiation effects, will better inform the debate about exposure risks. "With the levels of contamination that we have seen as a result of nuclear power plants, especially in the past, and even as a result of Chernobyl and Fukushima and related accidents, there's an attempt in the industry to downplay the doses that the populations are getting, because maybe it's only one or two times beyond what is thought to be the natural background level," he said. "But they're assuming the natural background levels are fine.""And the truth is, if we see effects at these low levels, then we have to be thinking differently about how we develop regulations for exposures, and especially intentional exposures to populations, like the emissions from nuclear power plants, medical procedures, and even some x-ray machines at airports."

In Post-Fukushima Japan, Civil Society Turns up Heat on Officials (Nov 26 2012)
(...) In a recent example, this month the Fukushima prefecture presented the findings of its latest Health Survey, which showed that over 42 percent of the 47,000 children examined have thyroid nodules or cysts - far above the 1.6 percent measured in the only other study of its kind conducted in Nagasaki in 2001.Yet when asked about a link to radiation exposure, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, a researcher at Fukushima Medical University who headed the survey, suggested to German TV channel ZDF that the findings may instead reflect Japanese children’s seafood-rich diet. “Suzuki is lying to the Japanese people,” Dr. Yurika Hashimoto, a pediatrician with 15 years’ experience, told IPS. “People are not believing them anymore.” Hashimoto made no secret of her distrust in much of the information issued by government and the highest ranks of the medical establishment. Recently, to limit her own exposure to radiation, she relocated to Osaka from Tokyo, where she was trained and used to run her clinic.Diarrhea, nose bleeds, skin infections and conjunctivitis are among a plethora of symptoms she has increasingly seen in her patients, both in and outside of the Fukushima prefecture, since the March 2011 disaster. When they bring these symptoms to other doctors, however, patients are frequently ridiculed or ignored, according to Hashimoto. CLIP

Nuke power's collapse gets ever more dangerous (November 29, 2012)
In the wake of this fall's election, the disintegration of America's decrepit atomic reactor fleet is fast approaching critical mass. Unless our No Nukes movement can get the worst of them shut soon, Barack Obama may be very lucky to get through his second term without a major reactor disaster. All 104 licensed US reactors were designed before 1975---a third of a century ago. All but one went on line in the 1980s or earlier. Plunging natural gas prices (due largely to ecologically disastrous fracking) are dumping even fully-amortized US reactors into deep red ink. Wisconsin's Kewaunee will close next year because nobody wants to buy it. A reactor at Clinton, Illinois, may join it. Should gas prices stay low, the trickle of shut-downs will turn into a flood. But more disturbing are the structural problems, made ever-more dangerous by slashed maintenance budgets.

(...) The move toward renewables has been boosted by Germany's shut-down of eight reactors and huge investments in wind, solar and other renewables, which are exceeding financial and ecological expectations. Despite pro-nuke nay-sayers, Germany's energy supply of energy has risen while prices have fallen. The Department of Energy has confirmed that US solar power continues to drop in price. US employment in the solar industry has surged past 118,000, a rise of more than 13% over last year. Despite a wide range of financial problems, including uncertainty over renewal of the Production Tax Credit, the green energy industry continues to expand. Along with marijuana, Colorado has now legalized industrial hemp, opening the door for a major bio-fuel that will have strong agricultural support. At some near-term tipping point, the financial and political clout of the green energy industry will fly past that of atomic power. But at Fukushima, a spent fuel pool crammed with some 1500 hugely radioactive rods still sits atop a deteriorating shell that could collapse with the inevitable upcoming earthquake. As the Earth hangs in the balance, the pool may or may not be emptied this coming year, depending on the dubious technical and financial capabilities of its owners, who are in a deep fiscal crater. Meanwhile, fish irradiated by the huge quantities of Fukushima emissions are being consumed here in the US. Overall, the "nuclear renaissance" is in shambles. So is an industry increasingly comprised of rust-bucket fleet of decayed reactors in serious decline. Solartopians everywhere can celebrate an election that seemed to show some progress toward saving our beleaguered planet. But our survival still depends on shutting ALL these old reactors before the next Fukushima contaminates us with far more than just radioactive fish.

* * *

On August 5, 2012, Rishael Sisler ( shared with me the following story which I networked at that time. I feel it is appropriate to bring it back to you attention...

I have one more little story that profoundly affected my life and it is about the "Mountain Charlie Tree" which is a giant redwood tree that is on private land just up the road from where we once lived in Los Gatos California. I often walked up to the tree to sit in meditation and marvel at its strength and majesty. On one particular visit... as I sat down with my back to the tree to meditate I said to the tree, "you have stood for so long and seen so many things in your years... would you please share with me a story"... and then I began my meditation. This majestic entity showed me a story that I saw and felt like a movie... It started shortly after the industrial age began... and the Earth was feeling effects of the pollution mining war etc. that was happening and tried to communicate her discomfort but the people didn't hear. Then the nuclear testing began and more experiments, wars and abuse to nature happened and the Earth cried out louder... but the people didn't hear. Things continued to get worse as they have and then a time came when the wars, pollution sickness and death was overwhelming all life at a global level. Everything was gray dark and dying...most everything was dead or barely clinging to life. There were roving groups of humanity struggling to stay alive in the unlivable condition that we had created on Earth.

All at once... every group of people alive lay down on the Earth all over the planet and reached their hands and feet into the soil and hugged the Earth with their whole bodies with an outpouring of remorse and love for what had been and what they wished could still be. The outpouring of feeling was overwhelming in its intensity especially the love that each one felt for our planet. Then the magic began... and like time lapsed photography the Earth came back to life and beauty starting from each body laying on the Earth expressing Love and begging forgiveness. I didn't know what to make of this story... but it did give me hope as I had been doing a lot of research at that time (around 1983-84) on the environmental situation on our planet. The last thing the tree told me... was that I was ill that I had cancer and that I should do something to heal myself.

I did have cancer I found out...a second stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma and I did work to recover from that illness and have always been grateful to the Mountain Charlie Tree for sharing that story and that information.

Indian 'holy man' perplexes doctors
Doctors and experts are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drunk anything for 70 years - but is still in perfect health. A team of scientists and doctors in Sterling Hospital, in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, are studying the claims of Prahlad Jani, a local holy man, who is over 70 years old. He claims to have been blessed by a goddess when he was 8-years-old, which has enabled him to survive without sustenance and that he derives energy through meditation. Most people can live without food for several weeks, with the body drawing on its fat and protein stores. But the average human can survive for only three to four days without water.

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Date: 25 Nov 2012
From: jeff wefferson (

Here are the youtube links to listen to the archived recordings from last weeks 'Nightwatch' radio show with host Daniel Eelbode. 

Here is Tuesday's interview, in which we discussed the Hopi prophecies.

And here is Thursday's interview. Daniel is reading from some texts for about the first 30 minutes before I come in.

Some of that can be accessed here:

As I see it, looking at the Hopi prophecies is not a quaint look back at the mythology of yet another essentially disenfranchised native American tribe, but an exploration of the deeply spiritual world-view of a totally unique indigenous people whose prophecies, dating back many many thousands of years, describe perfectly what is happening in the world of today, and whose language has individual words describing highly sophisticated concepts relating to the perception of time, culture, and reality. 'Koyaanisqatsi', for example, means 'life out of balance', 'crazy life', or 'a way of living that calls for another way of living.' 'Powaqatsi' means 'a sorceror or way of life that derives its energy from other life-forms.' And 'naqoyqatsi' means 'time of war.' As far as I am aware, neither English or any other Indo-European languages have words of such visionary sophistication.

To me, the central prophecy that is most highly relevant to the world of today is 'If we dig precious things from the land we will invite disaster.' This pretty much sums up the root of many of our most serious ecological and spiritual maladies. If you look, for example, at the genocide, ecocide, war and strife that are the hand-maidens and consequences of our relentlessly digging out gold, coal, and petroleum, it's clear that our blatant violation of this warning has indeed brought disaster down upon us. The most dangerous 'precious thing' we have dug from the land, however, is uranium; our mobilization, concentration and experimentation on this sacred part of the living body of Mother Earth has given birth to the entire global nuclear scenario...a destructive nightmare adversely affecting every life form on this planet and whose long-terms consequences we have only begun to experience. Mining and hydro-carbon extraction is exploding all around the world. The negative spiritual karma accruing for humanity is unimaginable, and it is a burden to be born by each and every one of us, not some imaginary 'them' out there.

As I see it, our generalized acceptance of and complacency towards this literal war on Mother Earth may well result in the exclusion of homo sapiens from the 'new creation' which is to occur after the 'day of purification' has cleasned the Earth from all that is out of balance and harmony with life and the true path of the Great Spirit.

UFOs: The Secret Evidence
Winner of 4 EBE Awards! Best Film, Best Historical Documentary, Best UFO Footage and The Peoples Choice Award - International UFO Congress Film Festival. The "UFOs: The Secret Evidence" documentary presents what the world governments really know about UFOs. Includes 44 original UFO film clips from around the world, most of which have never been seen until this feature documentary was originally introduced to the general public and also includes film clips from the archives of both NASA and the U.S. Air Force. "UFOs: The Secret Evidence" features leading scientists and researchers such as Astrophysicist - Dr. Johannes Von Buttlar, Orientalist - Zecharia Sitchin, Nuclear Physicist - Robert Lazar, Researcher - Jorge Martin, and Military Officers: Lt. Col. Wendell C. Stevens, USAF, Retired, Commander Graham Bethune, Com/Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean, Danish Air Force Co. Major Hans C. Petersen, Soviet Air Force Test Pilot - Dr. Marina Popovich. This feature film also includes an investigation into the true alien abduction story of Amaury Rivera in Puerto Rico.