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June 13, 2011

The Inconvenient Truths Series #8: Many Facts Unreported by The Propaganda Media

Hello everysoul!

While I was happily working in my garden, now nearly all done and growing nicely, much MUCH has been happening around the world since I last published a compilation 28 days ago, as you'll hopefully have time to discover in this humongous 90,000+ word book-size compilation. I won't even try to summarize it all, but will simply say that I've never, ever seen gathered in a single document so many bad news and so much terrible stuff either happening or allegedly about to happen. I guess it goes with the end times "Territory"... As the title of this compilation indicates, much of what you'll discover below is either being covered up by the propaganda media (like the ever growing nuclear disaster in Japan or the growing NATO pogrom from the air in Libya) or they are simply unaware of the facts and unable to get out of their tiny comfort zone to actually dig for those facts as any savvy Web user can easily do with a bit of research and patience... oh! and with enough time to do so...

Now, this is one part of the picture or one side of the coin if you prefer. As Matthew has been indicating in his latest message - which you can review HERE - "Even the most dedicated lightworkers have occasional moments of doubt that everything long promised can be successfully accomplished during the months remaining before Earth reaches the threshold of her Golden Age." With about 18 months to go before we reach the climaxing moment of Total Soul Recall when our vibrational frequency and collective mind-field will transition into 4th density "reality", the pace of change is set to reach a feverish pitch that will definitely test our spiritual mettle and separate the chaff from the wheat.

When I woke up this Sunday morning, just before our collective soul communion - which BTW is getting ever more powerful and ecstatic with each passing week! - I had the fast vanishing memory of a powerful dream in which young people from around the world were participating on a stage in what felt like a globally televised event (perhaps at the end of December 2012...) and were vigorously claiming the right to turn the page on centuries and millennia of war and sufferings, and to write a new story with a bright beginning and a happy-ever-after future for all. As I struggled out of the bed, I thought that we indeed urgently need a new narrative for a bright future on Earth, free from all dark influence and all miasma of the past, a future that we will all cocreate in synch with the pulse of Light and Love shining ever more strongly through all souls.

Of course, as we should all be aware by now, the control of the collective narrative (or paradigm) has been the most sought after goal of the Cabal, religions and all kinds of sources of cultural formatting. The ongoing bombardment we experience daily from all-pervading advertisements is but a tiny example of the turf war our minds and our ever shortening attention span have been subjected to since we were born here. And in these days of ongoing information manipulation, media disinformation and outright lies by nearly all politicians of every stripe, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get at the truth and understand what is really happening. The metaphor of the Matrix movie series is not that far from the inconvenient truth that, like most humans, we have been enslaved one way or another from Day One, and that unless we rid ourselves of the shackles that maintain us chained into perpetual fear and lost in our individual bubble of illusions, our souls have precious little chance of achieving escape velocity out of the morass of this low density physical domain of incremental karmically-controlled experiencing.

Yet, luckily we are getting plenty of assistance to wake up from our collective trance and open our spiritual wings to finally soar into the bright sky of Cosmic citizenry and Universal Love Community awaiting our final liberation. A new narrative is being written by the millions of awakening souls worldwide with each new random act of kindness and the ever growing Love radiance emanating from the core of our Omniversal Being. At the end of this Sunday's meditation, I was envisioning a day soon when the core essence of this new Narrative will be epitomized by a new form of soul to soul salutation and acknowledgement of What IS that may soon replace the ancient Namaste greeting... When meeting another soul, we can now, fully conscious of our eternal Oneness as indissociable sparks of All That Is, simply say to each other "I Am One", with the awareness that the "I" making this statement is the SAME in both souls... speaking, feeling and Being from this space of utter Unity.

So to you who resonate with this thought-essence, I say "I Am One..." which says it ALL ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

PS My next compilation will likely be in another month from now... You can now find HERE the Portuguese version of the new Meditation Focus and Solstice Meditation. Other versions of the Solstice Meditation should be available shortly.

The normal and special features in this compilation are...



1. Feedback
2. The Lobby Takes the Offensive
3. Israelis must brace for dark times
4. Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities
5. Radiation & chemtrails assaults: additional support for your immune system
6. Fukushima in Our Food
7. Manifesto of the Spanish Revolution... An example that everyone should emulate
8. 2011: The coming collapse of the world economic order – Part 1
9. "Business is Booming" - Wall Street's Role in Narco-Trafficking

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"Never believe anything until it's been officially denied."

- Francis Claud Cockburn

"Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and your totally constructive info to make people aware of the 2-sided people who are trying to control our minds."

- Rita Livingston (

"To have taken so much from this world, as my greed-mongering generation has taken, and to be ready and willing to leave so little to its children, come what may for coming generations, that my friends is beyond the pale. The silence of so many elders is pernicious because our elective mutism serves primarily to promote the narrow and private interests of self-proclaimed masters of the universe among us. It is precisely this arrogant, foolhardy, outrageous minority who human beings with feet of clay have unknowingly permitted to rule the world so absolutely in our time. What if these masters of the universe have taken the wrong road to the future, and have selfishly chosen to direct humankind down a “primrose path” to some sort of unimaginable global ecological wreckage? What if their 'guidance' is mainly self-serving and leads to the extirpation of global biodiversity, the irreversible degradation of Earth's environment, the wanton dissipation of its limited natural resources and the ruination of our planetary home as a place fit for children everywhere to inhabit?If we keep following the masters of the universe down the road they have so adamantly advocated and relentlessly pursued, at some future moment in space-time leaders and experts are not, definitely not going to like what they are seeing occur on the surface of Earth. At such a time those human beings with responsibilities to assume and duties to perform will look back in anger and utter disbelief at what the leading elders in my greed-mongering generation did so stupidly and failed to do so magnificently.Never in the course of human history have so few acted in ways that are detrimental to so many. Never has a tiny minority in a single generation consumed so ravenously and hoarded so avariciously, come what may. It does not have to be this way. Yes, we can change and if we choose necessary change, then the future is open. There is much to do, much that can be done."

- Steve Salmony -- Taken from Deluded, Greedy And Obese: 'The Brightest And Best' In One Generation Ravage Their Children's Birthright (1 June, 2011)

"Today we speak of the closeness of events which are about to unfold on your planet. If you were to see how many civilizations have sent their representatives to orbit around your planet, you would be convinced at how close things have come. Everyone wants to witness this most unique of events, when a civilization such as yours is given your invitation to become Cosmic Citizens. This seminal event will lead you forward towards Ascension. The Illuminati have their doubts about Disclosure since they have seen other dates come and go, and have seen our messages to you fall by the wayside, in their minds, from coming to fruition. They do not want to be the first to “cross the line” into Disclosure for many reasons, all selfish in essence. They are truly not convinced that great mercy will befall them if they simply change their attitude towards one of cooperation and openness. We are here to reinforce our previous messages sent directly to those members of the Illuminati that your efforts to disclosure will result in a great deal of mercy when you are brought before the world courts to face justice. We have no intentions of lingering on guilt and punishment. Everyone deserves the same chance at Ascension. Your acts, even this late in the game, will have exponential effects on your judgment later. Trust that this is so and lead the way towards your own salvation. Many have no doubt felt the quickening pace of time in these last years and months. Everything seems to be speeding up and moving along at every increasing intervals. Now, however, there is a peculiar slowing down occurring as we reach the final stage before full Disclosure. It is like being in an accident, where time slows down all around you as you experience the events of a crash. As you move from pre-Disclosure to Disclosure, from the darkest of the night to the dawn, this phenomenon manifests itself as a natural by product of your reality. Understand it for what it is. We are shortly to be noticed and you are shortly to become Cosmic Citizens. Welcome home, our friends. We are delighted that we have been able to come this far. Be forever optimistic and your reality will bend around you like our energy fields curve around our ships. We now send you our Love in response to your efforts to send us yours. Be at peace."

- The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies (June 8, 2011) 14 translations are available

"We rejoice at the outpouring of caring about others and the eagerness to participate in transforming your world! Follow your heart, do what you feel inspired to do. On a practical basis that could be sharing with needy individuals and local charitable groups whatever resources you have–time, talents and skills, knowledge, money, tools and equipment, transportation, shelter–or supporting national and international organizations engaged in environmental preservation or legal, political and economic reforms. On a higher plane, visualize the world you want for yourselves, your children and their children: a world of love, peace, mutual respect and life in harmony with all of Nature. Never underestimate your power to turn visions and thoughts into actuality! Our overall guidance in every area where betterment is needed is, Know your godself and live your light! Knowing that love-light, the most powerful energy in the cosmos, is the "ingredient" of souls and the basis on which soul contracts are made is part of spiritual clarity, and expanding that clarity is the purpose of all physical lifetimes of every soul. The speed at which awareness is available and the scope of enlightenment being offered to your civilization at this time is unique in this universe."

- Matthew -- Taken from his June 11 message covering the following topics: Golden Age threshold on target; reasons for imminent arrival of space family; effects of high and low frequencies, suggestions for relief; spiritual perspective of dark ones on the planet; no mass exodus during Earth's ascension; and lightworkers' participation in world transformation.

"Living rurally, it’s impossible to stretch my imagination far enough to believe that there are people who truly believe that ignoring the circle of life will somehow produce better results. In our huge organic garden we use all natural inputs. Which means, we gather up our horse, goat and llama manure along with urine soaked straw and allow it to age. Having too many things to do, we let the compost sit over the winter, don’t bother to turn it and allow nature to take it’s course. When it’s ready, it’s beautiful and applied to the no till garden and produced an amazing bounty. This is the natural circle of life. Eat fresh, healthy food from the garden, give the outer leaves or other organic waste to the goats, chickens etc and then in turn provide the life giving nutrients to put back into the soil. Since Fukushima, we now add Zeolite to the soil so that it binds the radioactive elements and prevents them from up-taking into the plants that we eat. I guarantee that the organic produce you buy in the supermarket isn’t able to make the same claim, but you can if you grow some of your own food. Real people, real food, real manure!" (and vice versa...)

- Toni Reita (June 12, 2011) -- A comment posted in response to German E-Coli Outbreak: Accident or Planned “Genocide” for Organics? Note from Jean: Growing my organic garden for the 31st year in a row, I can attest to the wisdom of this comment. The way to go!


Claim: NASA Hiding Approaching Doomsday Space Event (May 25, 2011)
NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during late 2011 through 2012.Few have been listening.Calling it a "once in a lifetime super solar storm event," NASA warns that killer solar flares can slam the Earth knocking out the Northern Hemisphere's technological infrastructure and kicking everything back to the level of the late 1800s. Russia too has voiced concern. And now the eminent astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev ["PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OFTHE EARTH AND LIFE"] claims what is happening is worse—much worse—than what NASA and the ESA have admitted: Our entire solar system is entering an immense, deadly, interstellar energy cloud.

World defenseless against unknown, alien cloud -- Terrified scientists at NASA discovered on July 14, 2010 that our system is passing through an interstellar energy cloud. This highly energized, electrified cloud of gas is disturbing and disrupting the sun. In conjunction with Earth's weakening and moving magnetic shield, the world is becoming defenseless against massive solar flares and intense radiation. NASA, the ESA and the National Academy of Science have issued an unprecedented solar storm warning for 2012. But what NASA and the federal government are hiding, according to Demetriev, is that the sun—and everything in our solar system—has plunged into an alien, unknown photon cloud...a belt of danger that could precipitate gigantic solar explosions, magnetic anomalies, careening cometary masses and destabilize the orbits of some asteroids.

Entire solar system at risk -- Dr. Demetriev has revealed that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes report that the entire solar system is at risk. Worse, Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University says this interstellar energy cloud is unstable and turbulent. The Russian scientist further claims this cloud of energy is exciting the atmospheres of our planets and especially our sun. As this interstellar energy cloud continues to excite/charge the sun, it causes the sun to become more active, resulting in greater output from the sun. [Source: Coup Media Group]

Deadly supermassive flares affect weather -- The bottom line is bigger and more frequent solar storms and coronal mass ejections (CME’s) resulting in the Carrington Effect, named after 19th Century scientist Richard Carrington. The Carrington effect predicts the generation of supermassive flares that affect the Earth in ways that are very unpleasant. This interstellar cloud of electrical energy is also absorbed by the Earth, and scientist have found that it results in more earthquakes, all while dramatically affecting the weather.

Global catastrophe -- Demetriev warns to prepare for the worst. “Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years.”What to expect? The strong possibility of the loss of high technology, increasing superstorms, an encroaching Ice Age, more frequent and massive earthquakes and volcanic activity, tsunamis and Earth exposed to deadly radioactive baths.In short, the 2012 fear-mongers may not have been far from the truth after all. If Alexey Demetriev is correct, the events occurring in 2012 will be just short of Doomsday...

Award winning astrophysicist Alexia Demetria says our solar system is entering an interstellar energy cloud that will soon bring global catastrophe
(...) If it turns out that NASA, along with other world scientist are is indeed right, "The Economic Damage In The United States Alone Will Be Twenty Times Greater Then Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans" says NASA. *Keep in mind that mankind is in uncharted water when it comes to knowing for absolute certainty what the long and short term effects will be, that is, should a super solar storm clash with modern civilization. If the earth in fact gets a direct hit by a solar storm producing x-class solar flares, (Coronal Mass Ejection or CME) can cripple the world in more ways then we can possibly imagine, as it will cause nearly every electronic device to no longer work until it gets fixed. Imagine no more working cell phones, cars, trucks, planes, ships, computers, navigation systems, TV, radio, iPods, or game machines, let alone no more advanced medical services. *Since more then likely there will be no electric power in most of the world for many months on end, there will be no modern banking system in place, no New York Stock Exchange, credit cards will be worthless and what cash, silver and gold you have will be king. Food stores will soon be looted in the name of survival, most gas stations can't pump gas for what cars and trucks that might still be working. All forms of radio communication will no longer work during this period, making it difficult if not impossible for local law enforcement to maintain law and order, and National Martial Law = (Rex-84) will be ordered that the public will be mostly unaware of. Before you know it, the the city water and sewer system will stop working. If you are on an electric well pump, you lose your water right away, (unless it's a hand pump) where as those in the city might have a few days to a week or so before they lose all their water pressure. Even worse, those who don't have at least twelve to twenty four months of secured food and water, starvation will set in, which stands to kill hundreds of millions world wide if not billions; where as third world countries will not be as adversely effected. *Remember... most of the world population no longer supply their own food and water, rather people buy it. If food trucks don't run, then they cant get the food to the stores. Even if somehow cars and trucks still worked, gas stations will be without power for months and thus unable to pump gas without having to run a costly generator. No doubt what gas their is available will be top dollar, easily exceeding ten US dollars per gallon in many locations world wide. It will be one big nightmare if the earth takes a direct hit from a super CME, thus changing billions of lives forever. Leading countries like the US would be temporally setback well over a hundred and fifty years. CLIP

NASA 2012 - SOLAR STORM WARNING INTERSTELLAR ENERGY CLOUD (July 18, 2010) (Part 3 of 12 - listen to the other parts through the links in the right-hand column) Crossing this cloud will apparently take between 2000 and 3000 years!
The following information is paramount and should not be taken lightly. The alarming news was aired July 14, 2010 which now explains why NASA, along with The National Academy of Science and other world renowned scientist are all very concerned about the coming 2012-2013 solar maximum. On March 10th 2006 NASA issued a solar storm warning for 2012 but omitted telling the general population as to why the warning in their report. Then in June of 2010, NASA once again warns the world population, but this time around, NASA warns the world community to get ready for a once in a life time solar storm. Other news agencies and websites like this one are reporting on the developing story, however no high government official has stuck their neck out to make an official announcement about the catastrophic implications on a global scale as to allow the general population to prepare! CLIP

MAGNIFICENT FLARE - This offers a foretaste of the incomprehensible fury the sun can unleash
On June 7th at 0641 UT, magnetic fields above sunspot complex 1226-1227 became unstable and erupted. The resulting blast produced an M2-class solar flare, an S1-class radiation storm, and an unbelievable movie. "It looks like someone kicked a clod of dirt in the air," says solar physicist C. Alex Young of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in a Youtube video. "I've never seen material released in this way before--an amazing, amazing event." Much of the plasma thrown up by the blast simply fell back to the sun--indeed, that's what makes the footage so dramatic. In the movies you can see blobs of hot gas as large as Earth making bright splashes where they hit the stellar surface. Some plasma, however, reached escape velocity and left the sun in the form of a coronal mass ejection. Traveling faster than 1100 km/s, the CME should deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field during the late hours of June 8th or June 9th. More through - CHECK ALSO NASA: "We're Seeing Things We've Never Seen Before" Massive Plasma Waves Sweep The Sun (11 June 2011)

NASA Emails ALL Employees to PREPARE! June 10, 2011 (June 10, 2011)
Interesting timing here with only 3 months away! Can you see they're slowly leaking it out without alarming too many folks at once? I received word today (June 10, 2011) that NASA sent out a mass email to all NASA employees with this following link regarding, "Family/Personal Preparedness".

NASA Official: Brian Dunbar

By August 1st, 2011, everyone will know what's coming. This is why you want to be at your safe zones on or before August 1, 2011. When everyone finds out, too many people will be doing the same thing you're doing, and you don't want to find yourselves stuck. If NASA is attempting to prepare their employees by telling their families to prepare, I am even more convinced than ever that we DO INDEED HAVE A BINARY STAR TWIN APPROACHING, and it's about to get ugly.
Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity

The CDC recently sent out a ridiculous "zombie" apocalypse warning? The Bilderberg meeting is currently taking place, and all the media/press wants to talk about is some congressman's wang? More than one movie coming out about a new solar system object, plus NBC's The Event finale with a new planet!!? It's about to hit the fan people and all this talk about Sept/Oct 2011 looks more and more to be the real deal folks. I hope you're all ready! God Bless! This email was forwarded to me from a friend. He said all NASA employees got this in their email today....

The Original Email -- AGENCY WIDE MESSAGE TO ALL NASA EMPLOYEES: Point of Contact: Darrius Lewis, Mission Support Directorate, NASA Headquarters, 202-358-0608,

Family/Personal Preparedness Plan

NASA is the only federal agency responsible for its people's safety and well-being here on Earth and in space and has a longtime commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. Over the past year, Administrator Bolden has emphasized the importance of Family/Personal Preparedness for the entire NASA family. Family and personal preparedness plans are key to protecting our families and communities during potential emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen catastrophes. The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA's mission are its people and their loved ones. The agency has developed a set of informational guides designed to prepare you, your families and pets for emergencies. These guides will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to develop your Family Preparedness Plan.All employees are encouraged to download these guides, prepare plans, and review them with your families. The agency has taken the steps to prepare our NASA family; now it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and/or your family for an emergency.

Solar storms will peak in 2013 and wreak havoc on Earth's electrical communications, top scientist warns (19th May 2011)
Solar storms could have 'devastating effects' on human technology when they hit a peak in two years' time, a leading scientist has warned. U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration assistant secretary Kathryn Sullivan said the storms pose a growing threat to critical infrastructure such as satellite communications, navigation systems and electrical transmission equipment.Solar storms release particles that can temporarily disable or permanently destroy fragile computer circuits. Dr Sullivan, a former Nasa astronaut who in 1984 became the first woman to walk in space, yesterday told a UN weather conference in Geneva that 'it is not a question of if, but really a matter of when a major solar event could hit our planet'. She is not the only expert to issue a warning about the threat posed by solar storms. In February, astronomers warned that mankind is now more vulnerable to such an event than at any time in history - and that the planet should prepare for a global Hurricane Katrina-style disaster. A massive eruption of the sun would save waves of radiation and charged particles to Earth, damaging the satellite systems used for synchronising computers, airline navigation and phone networks. If the storm is powerful enough it could even crash stock markets and cause power cuts that last weeks or months, experts told the American Association for the Advancement of Science. CLIP

Solar Storms, CME's, and All Things Considered. Are you Ready? (June 10, 2011)
(...) Our interconnected world by way of electronics IS totally at risk to the Sun's powerful storms. The best they can do is conduct massive power shut-downs and hope for the best. Still going to wait for the government to save you? Good luck, you will be ignored because the cost of preparation will reduce dividends, profits and bonuses. Besides, don't you know -- most of us are considered useless eaters and "expendable"? In fact, many pundits and a few scientific simpletons are gushing that a "bad winter storm" is worse than a bad solar storm. This is entirely bogus after considering the amount of Gamma and Neutron radiation that could hit your body as a result of a bad solar storm. IF our body receives the maximum lifespan amount of radiation, then our physical well-being is greatly compromised and we might not even be aware of it. We would feel like we came down with a sudden head cold as our physical body attempts to heal the wide scale amount of genetic damage. Those without an adequate immune system would get radiation sickness and NOT recover. The reactor meltdown at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant -- the massive release of radiation -- is further proof that Governments do not protect their people. (...) Don't become a statistic. Be a survivor. Check out the following websites. Stay informed about alerts and warnings in real time:
Be prepared. Stock food, water, fuel, medicines, home defense and other essentials CLIP

Californians Urged Get Ready For Earthquakes (June 12, 2011)
(...) A 6.7 magnitude quake struck near the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge in 1994, killing 57 people and injuring thousands.Experts say a much bigger temblor, possibly of magnitude 7.8, is likely to hit near Los Angeles on the southern San Andreas Fault in coming years. It could result in thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in damage. Northern California could also be struck, as San Francisco was in the disastrous earthquake and fire of 1906. The American Red Cross sells disaster kits, and everyone should have one, says Red Cross education specialist Lisa Klink. They should also have a stock of essential supplies for a disaster. CLIP

More Going On At Bilderberg Meeting In Switzerland (June 10, 2011)
“Italian politician, member of the Northern League, and member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Mario Borghezio, was beaten and arrested by Bilderberg Security yesterday as he attempted to enter the meeting and protest its secretive globalist agenda. He was reportedly accompanied by other EU members.Remarkably, Borghezio’s maltreatment went unreported in the United States. This would be analogous to the beating of a member of Congress going unreported by the media.The Italian media reported last night that Borghezio attempted to enter the Bilderberg meeting now underway at the Hotel Sourvette in St. Moritz and his treatment by security resulted in a bloody nose. The Italian politician told Julie News he plans to press charges against Bilderberg security.“I have been assisted by the Swiss police, but the treatment suffered by the security of the meeting was brutal,” he said.Borghezio said he opposes Bilderberg because it makes important decisions without popular control. “It is clear that the Bildergberg Club is a secret society,” had added.” Bombshell: Swiss Parliamentarians to Force Way Into Bilderberg “Dominic Schreiber of We Are Change in Switzerland appeared on the Alex Jones Show today and said a number of Swiss MPS are moving forward with an effort to have Bilderberg member and war criminal Henry Kissinger and others arrested. On June 6, Paul Joseph Watsonr eported on Dominique Baettig’s call on Swiss federal authorities to apprehend the former U.S. Secretary of State. Schreiber said a Jura canton representative Dominique Baettig and members of Swiss National Council are calling for the arrest of conference participants who are internationally wanted for war crimes, including George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, and Richard Perle. In February, Bush cancelled a trip to Switzerland due demands for his arrest over the treatment of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay and other war crimes.Baettig and canton leaders are demanding access to the Bilderberg meeting and plan to confront the globalist group within the hour. Kissinger and Perle are regular Bilderberg attendees. The Infowars team now present in St. Moritz spotted the infamous neocon Perle earlier this week. Swiss politician Lukas Reimann went on Alex’s show and said the Swiss People’s Party opposes the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bilderberg Group. Reimann plans to march to the gates of Bilderberg with Baettig and other Canton leaders. The Swiss People’s Party is the largest party in the Federal Assembly, with 58 members of the National Council and 6 of the Council of States.” CHECK ALSO Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters Outside Security Perimeter - MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE MARCHED ON THIS COMPOUND TO BOO THESE CRIMINALS INTO SHAMEFUL POLITICAL OBLIVION

Interview with Swiss Politician Dominique Baettig (June 11, 2011)
Swiss Politician Dominique Baettig tells why he has used his position to official question the secrecy of the Bilderberg group and the shadowy group's right to meet within the sovereign and neutral country in the heart of Europe.

Paul Joseph Watson & Aaron Dykes: Day 4 Report from Bilderberg 2011 (June 11, 2011)
Following several reports that male prostitutes were being transported to a location near the Suvretta Hotel at which Bilderberg members are stationed in St. Moritz, members of the elitist confab were subsequently photographed leaving the luxury El Paradiso compound and walking back to the hotel. CHECK ALSO Bilderberg: The Uberpowerful Global Elite Meet Behind Closed Doors in St. Moritz (June 09, 2011)

Up to No Good: 'New war likely on Bilderberg agenda'
RT's Bill Dod talks to Tony Gosling, an investigative journalist from Bristol, UK, about what might be the main agenda behind all the security and closed doors at this year's meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Switzerland.
Check also Bilderberg 2011: Background, Preview and Predictions (June 6, 2011) AND WHO ARE THE BILDERBERGS? (on FOX news - plus guest list shown in part)

Alex Jones 2011-06-06 Monday Part 1/9 (June 6, 2011) MUST WATCH especially from 8 min 45 sec into it! "There is a huge awakening happening. (...) The old order is dying and the new order is being born." (Not the one we would envision!)
Bilderberger sleuth Jim Tucker of The American Free Press reports on this year's elite confab to be held at the swanky Swiss retreat at St. Moritz, a short distance from Davos where the banksters regularly meet. Tucker, known as "the doyen of Bilderberg hunters," has tracked the group since 1975. He is featured prominently in Alex Jones' film, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement. Alex also talks with economist and columnist Paul Craig Roberts about his latest article posted on detailing the possibility of war between China and India. Dr. Roberts served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration. Alex talks with Mike Adams of Natural News about evidence that the deadly e.coli bacterium sweeping Germany was cooked up in a lab. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.

The Last Nail - Floor Speech (May 25 2011)
The last nail is being driven into the coffin of the American Republic. Yet, Congress remains in total denial as our liberties are rapidly fading before our eyes. The process is propelled by unwarranted fear and ignorance as to the true meaning of liberty. It is driven by economic myths, fallacies and irrational good intentions. The rule of law is constantly rejected and authoritarian answers are offered as panaceas for all our problems. Runaway welfarism is used to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class. Who would have ever thought that the current generation and Congress would stand idly by and watch such a rapid disintegration of the American Republic? Characteristic of this epic event is the casual acceptance by the people and political leaders of the unitary presidency, which is equivalent to granting dictatorial powers to the President. Our Presidents can now, on their own:

1. Order assassinations, including American citizens,

2. Operate secret military tribunals,

3. Engage in torture,

4. Enforce indefinite imprisonment without due process,

5. Order searches and seizures without proper warrants, gutting the 4th Amendment,

6. Ignore the 60 day rule for reporting to the Congress the nature of any military operations as required by the War Power Resolution,

7. Continue the Patriot Act abuses without oversight,

8. Wage war at will,

9. Treat all Americans as suspected terrorists at airports with TSA groping and nude x-raying.

And the Federal Reserve accommodates by counterfeiting the funds needed and not paid for by taxation and borrowing, permitting runaway spending, endless debt, and special interest bail-outs.

And all of this is not enough. The abuses and usurpations of the war power are soon to be codified in the National Defense Authorization Act now rapidly moving its way through the Congress. Instead of repealing the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), as we should, now that bin Laden is dead and gone, Congress is planning to massively increase the war power of the President. Though an opportunity presents itself to end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Congress, with bipartisan support, obsesses on how to expand the unconstitutional war power the President already holds. The current proposal would allow a President to pursue war any time, any place, for any reason, without Congressional approval. Many believe this would even permit military activity against American suspects here at home. The proposed authority does not reference the 9/11 attacks. It would be expanded to include the Taliban and "associated" forces—a dangerously vague and expansive definition of our potential enemies. There is no denial that the changes in s.1034 totally eliminate the hard-fought-for restraint on Presidential authority to go to war without Congressional approval achieved at the Constitutional Convention. Congress' war authority has been severely undermined since World War II beginning with the advent of the Korean War which was fought solely under a UN Resolution. Even today, we're waging war in Libya without even consulting with the Congress, similar to how we went to war in Bosnia in the 1990s under President Clinton. The three major reasons for our Constitutional Convention were to:

1. Guarantee free trade and travel among the states.

2. Make gold and silver legal tender and abolish paper money.

3. Strictly limit the Executive Branch's authority to pursue war without Congressional approval.

But today:

1. Federal Reserve notes are legal tender, gold and silver are illegal.

2. The Interstate Commerce Clause is used to regulate all commerce at the expense of free trade among the states.

3. And now the final nail is placed in the coffin of Congressional responsibility for the war power, delivering this power completely to the President—a sharp and huge blow to the concept of our Republic.

In my view, it appears that the fate of the American Republic is now sealed—unless these recent trends are quickly reversed.

The saddest part of this tragedy is that all these horrible changes are being done in the name of patriotism and protecting freedom. They are justified by good intentions while believing the sacrifice of liberty is required for our safety. Nothing could be further from the truth.

More sadly is the conviction that our enemies are driven to attack us for our freedoms and prosperity, and not because of our deeply flawed foreign policy that has generated justifiable grievances and has inspired the radical violence against us. Without this understanding our endless, unnamed, and undeclared wars will continue and our wonderful experience with liberty will end.


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Ron Paul House Floor Speech: Republic Almost Completely Dead (May 26, 2011)
The Defense Authorization Act or H.R. 1540, aka The Forever War Act of 2012, was overwhelmingly approved by the House of Representatives earlier today on a vote of 322 to 96. The Senate will now vote on its own version and then the two bills will need to be reconciled before going to Barry Obama for his signature into law. The law authorizes the United States to use military force anywhere it says there are terrorists, including within the borders of our own country. It represents the largest hand-over of unchecked war authority from Congress to the executive branch in modern American history. The founders were seriously opposed to handing this much power over to executive, fearing tyranny. If enacted into law, this provision will make Obama a dictator who can wage war without the consent of the American people. OVER 200 COMMENTS THERE

There's a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says (May 25, 2011)
You think you understand how the Patriot Act allows the government to spy on its citizens. Sen. Ron Wyden says it's worse than you know. Congress is set to reauthorize three controversial provisions of the surveillance law as early as Thursday. Wyden (D-Oregon) says that powers they grant the government on their face, the government applies a far broader legal interpretation - an interpretation that the government has conveniently classified, so it cannot be publicly assessed or challenged. But one prominent Patriot-watcher asserts that the secret interpretation empowers the government to deploy "dragnets" for massive amounts of information on private citizens; the government portrays its data-collection efforts much differently.
(...) Indeed, Hinnen allowed himself an out in his March testimony, saying that the business-record provision "also" enabled "important and highly sensitive intelligence-collection operations" to take place. Wheeler speculates those operations include "using geolocation data from cellphones to collect information on the whereabouts of Americans" - something our sister blog Threat Level has reported on extensively. It's worth noting that Wyden is pushing a bill providing greater privacy protections for geolocation info. For now, Wyden's considering his options ahead of the Patriot Act vote on Thursday. He wants to compel as much disclosure as he can on the secret interpretation, arguing that a shadow broadening of the Patriot Act sets a dangerous precedent. "I'm talking about instances where the government is relying on secret interpretations of what the law says without telling the public what those interpretations are," Wyden says, "and the reliance on secret interpretations of the law is growing." CHECK ALSO We Can Be Arrested And Tried ForBreaking Laws We Don't Know Exist

Obama, in Europe, signs Patriot Act extension (May 26, 2011)
WASHINGTON (AP) --Congress on Thursday passed a four-year extension of post-Sept. 11 powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. Votes taken in rapid succession in the Senate and House came after lawmakers rejected attempts to temper the law enforcement powers to ensure that individual liberties are not abused. Following the 250-153 evening vote in the House, the legislation to renew three terrorism-fighting authorities headed for the president's signature with only hours to go before the provisions expire at midnight. With Obama currently in France, the White House said the president would use an autopen machine that holds a pen and signs his actual signature. It is only used with proper authorization of the president. Minutes before the midnight deadline, the White House said Obama had signed the bill. (...) Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., said the provision on collecting business records can expose law-abiding citizens to government scrutiny. "If we cannot limit investigations to terrorism or other nefarious activities, where do they end?" he asked. "The Patriot Act has been used improperly again and again by law enforcement to invade Americans' privacy and violate their constitutional rights," said Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU Washington legislative office. Still, coming just a month after intelligence and military forces tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden, there was little appetite for tampering with the terrorism-fighting tools. These tools, said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, "have kept us safe for nearly a decade and Americans today should be relieved and reassured to know that these programs will continue." CLIP

Reinvestigate 9/11 Top US architect in Europe in 9/11 speaking tour
Richard Gage, a member of the American Institute for Architects, has studied the evidence at length and concluded the official story of 9/11 cannot be true in respect of the three (sic) building collapses in New York. He has signed up over 1500 professionals to the demand for a new inquiry. His talk is entitled 9/11 Blueprint for Truth - Architecture of Destruction. For full details of other venues please check

The NEW Remember Building 7 Television Ad
Help make this NEW TV ad go viral all over the Internet on Facebook, Twitter and others by sharing the link to this page: - Check also (Unseen Footage) Tower 7 blasted into rubble from NEW angle! AND Remember Building 7 on Geraldo At Large AND President knew of WTC crash before leaving hotel AND Evidence that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11 AND Proof Bush knew about 9/11 in advance? AND George Finally Admits What the World Already Knew

Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11 (January 14, 2008)
(...) Capt. Gregory M. Zeigler, PhD, is a former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer. In a 2006 statement to this author, Capt. Zeigler wrote, “I knew from September 18, 2001, that the official story about 9/11 was false. That was when I realized that the perpetrators had made a colossal blunder in collapsing the South Tower first, rather than the North Tower, which had been hit more directly and earlier. “Other anomalies poured in rapidly: the hijackers' names appearing in none of the published flight passenger lists, BBC reports of stolen identities of the alleged hijackers or the alleged hijackers being found alive, the obvious demolitions of WTC 1 and 2 and WTC 7, the lack of identifiable Boeing 757 wreckage at the Pentagon, the impossibility of ordinary cell phone (as opposed to Airfone) calls being made consistently from passenger aircraft at cruising altitude, etc., etc., etc.” Shortly after the release of the 9/11 Commission Report, a group of over 100 prominent Americans signed a petition [35] urging Congress to immediately reinvestigate 9/11. In addition to two former senior CIA officials [36] and several U.S. State Department veterans, [37] the signers included Lt. Col. Robert Bowman and Capt. Eric H. May, both mentioned above. The petition stated, in part, “We want truthful answers to questions such as:

1. Why were standard operating procedures for dealing with hijacked airliners not followed that day?
2. Why were the extensive missile batteries and air defenses reportedly deployed around the Pentagon not activated during the attack?
3. Why did the Secret Service allow Bush to complete his elementary school visit, apparently unconcerned about his safety or that of the schoolchildren?
4. Why hasn't a single person been fired, penalized, or reprimanded for the gross incompetence we witnessed that day?
5. Why haven't authorities in the U.S. and abroad published the results of multiple investigations into trading that strongly suggested foreknowledge of specific details of the 9/11 attacks, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of traceable gains?”

These questions and many others still remain unanswered three years after the petition was submitted and six years after the terrible events of 9/11. As the statements of these twenty-five former U.S. military officers demonstrate, the need for a new thorough, and independent investigation of 9/11 is not a matter of partisan politics, nor the demand of irresponsible, deranged, or disloyal Americans. It is instead a matter of the utmost importance for America’s security and the future of the entire world.Statements questioning the official account of 9/11 and calls for a new investigation by more than 800 credible individuals can be found at CLIP

Obama Warns Not To Challenge Official 9/11 Story - He has clearly sided with the perpetrators of 9/11 and is pr-milking this Big Lie for his own purpose... Draw your own conclusions...
Egypt, Cairo June 4th 2009 - US President Barack Obama Speech, defends the official 9/11 story. "These are not opinions to be debated, these are facts to be dealt with."

Ron Paul Libyan War Is "About Commercial Business!" MUST WATCH
Make sure to check the many articles and videos related to the criminal wars against Libya near the top of the Key International News below

Ex-Communicated Priest Exposes The New World Order
Listen to this (excerpt of a) riveting 1986 speech given by now deceased Priest John O'Conner exposing the Federal Reserve and its control by international bankers... After this speech O'Conner was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation and then later dismissed from the Church! You may listen to his whole speech starting HERE and continuing HERE and HERE (where he denounces the infiltration of the Catholic Church by the homosexual movement, and the ensuing rampant paedophilia and much more)

New World Order, Illuminati, Politics & Entertainment-Know Your Enemy Pt. 2: Predictive
The second episode of this continuing series covers Predictive Programming and Propaganda through Movies, TV, Radio and other forms of media how it's used by the Illuminati establishment to communicate their agenda to one another while the unsuspecting public is indoctrinated, acclimated and conditioned into ideas such as One World Government, The Occult, Martial and Population Control as a way for the masses to accept the New World Order. UnLearn more at THIS ONE ABOVE IS THE MOST INTERESTING OF THIS 3-PART SERIES. THE FIRST ONE BELOW DEALS MOSTLY WITH LUCIFER-SATAN'S INFLUENCE IN WORLD AFFAIRS THROUGH THE AGENCY OF SECRET SOCIETIES (Illuminati, etc. - it get really interesting at 7 min into it) Part 3 is quite interesting too and exposes how everyone has been dumbed down (chemically with aspartame as explained by Dr Russell Blaylock at the beginning and through a mind-programming education system) and maintaining distracted through an orgy of entertainment in order to be more easily controlled by the power$ that be.

New World Order, Illuminati, Politics & Entertainment-Know Your Enemy Pt. 1: Lucifer's Plan
The premier episode of a new series exploring and fighting back against the New World Order/ Illuminati agenda by exposing their plans. This series will explore every aspect of the New Word Order from their dark history and occult philosophy as well as their present day influence in politics, banking, education and the entertainment industry.

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Illumicorp: If the Illuminati were to make an initiation video, it may look like this - Version avec sous-titres en français ICI - This video was created a bit on the model of The Orion Conspiracy which, if you never watch it, should also be watched. "More than fifty years of disinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better.This film is neither a work of fiction, nor a documentary.Forget the words "esoteric" or "fantastic", here we're speaking about REALITY " - Part 2 HERE - CHECK ALSO UFO-THE ORION CONSPIRACY PHOTOS (really fascinating!) Part 2 HERE - IMHO many of these pics are real and can be found in HD format at

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Club of Rome and The Committee of 300 working cohesively as one unit, which is a sub-division of the Illuminati.

Obama's Fourth War Intensifying, Who Will Be Victim Of the Fifth War? (June 9, 2011)
The New York Times has revealed what it calls “the Obama administration’s most closely guarded secret”, that is the fact that the US is not only launching a covert war in Yemen, but intensifying it now that the Yemeni president Abdullah Ali Saleh has fled the country after being wounded and receiving severe burns in a mortar attack on the presidential palace on June 2.The reasons for the covert military operation are obvious. Abdullah Saleh is one of the most important allies of the US in its “anti-terrorist campaign”. On the other hand, some of the rebels trying to put an end to his 33-year-old rule allegedly belong to Al Qaeda. It is reported that President Saleh himself authorized American military missions in Yemen back in 2009. But there has been a gap of almost one year in American airstrikes on Yemeni soil. Now, the airstrikes have resumed. As reported by The New York Times, the American campaign in Yemen is led by the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations Command, and is closely coordinated with the Central Intelligence Agency. Teams of American military and intelligence agents have a command post in Sana, the Yemeni capital, to track intelligence about militants in Yemen and plot future strikes. The recent strikes have reportedly killed several midlevel Al Qaeda militants. In fact, the score of civilian deaths is much higher. As US military officials admit, using force against militants in Yemen is complicated by the fact that Al Qaeda agents have mingled with other rebels and antigovernment militants, making it harder for the United States to attack them without the appearance of picking sides.The whole story is strikingly different from what is going on, for example, in Libya, or what the US and its NATO allies would like to have in Syria. Abdullah Ali Saleh has ruled Yemen for 33 years – almost as long as his Libyan colleague Muammar Gaddafi. In terms of inner principles, his rule has not been much different from Gaddafi’s rule, or that of any other dictator in the Middle East. But – and the “but” is most important - while Gaddafi, or the Syrian Assad dynasty looked obvious villains in the Western eyes, Saleh has been an important ally. Therefore, the militants in Libya and protesters in Syria are called pro-democratic forces, while those in Yemen are labeled as Ql Qaeda militants and terrorists.

(...) The expression “double standards” have been so widely used lately that repeating it seems senseless. But on the other hand, the usual habits of the American leadership leave no other option. Franklin Roosevelt’s phrase that “so-and-so is an SoB, but he is our SoB” seems to be relevant now and again. And also, the Yemeni situation tears away all the masks Obama was trying so hard to put on when dealing with Libya. He has tried hard to present the Libyan operation as an entirely European affair with limited and forced assistance from Washington. But now it is becoming clear that such attempts were meant entirely for local consumption in the US. In fact, Obama is only too eager to launch a third war in Libya and a fourth one in Yemen. The question is who will be the target of the fifth Obama war?

America's Next War Theater: Syria and Lebanon?Washington's War against the Resistance Bloc (June 10, 2011)
Washington and its allies, Israel and the Al-Sauds, are taking advantage of the upheavals in the Arab World. They are now working to dismantle the Resistance Bloc and weaken any drive for democracy in the Arab World. The geo-political chessboard is now being prepared for a broader confrontation that will target Tehran and include Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and the Palestinians.




Ailing UN climate talks jolted by record surge in greenhouse gases

by Fiona Harvey -- 29 May 2011

Lord Stern talks of 'wake-up call' for governments meeting in Bonn next week with no sign of an agreement to succeed Kyoto

The record leap in global greenhouse gas emissions last year has thrown the spotlight on the world's only concerted attempt to stem the tide of global warming – the United Nations climate negotiations.

Next week, governments will convene in Bonn, Germany, for the latest round of more than 20 years of tortuous talks, aimed at forging a binding international agreement on climate change which so far has eluded them.

Little is expected of the meeting, a staging post on the road to a bigger conference in Durban, South Africa, in December. But the data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) should shock even the most jaded of negotiators.

"I hope these estimates provide a wake-up call to governments," said Lord Stern, a London School of Economics professor and author of the landmark review on the economics of climate change. "Progress in international discussions since the modest successes [at the last UN meeting] in Cancún last December has been slow."

Tom Burke, founding director of green thinktank E3G and a veteran environmental campaigner, is even more forthright. "Be frightened – be very frightened," he said. "This rise in emissions underlines the urgency [of tackling climate change]. The politicians had better come back on this very fast, or we are all in trouble."

The contrast between the snail's pace of negotiations and the rapid rise in emissions catalogued by the International Energy Agency could scarcely be more marked. The Bonn and Durban meetings are widely expected to produce only a few clarifications of countries' emissions targets – already deemed inadequate by campaigners – and some detailed wording of the rules on issues such as forestry and carbon trading.

Yet the jump in carbon dioxide emissions comes less than 18 months after the climate change summit at Copenhagen, which was billed as the most important international meeting since the second world war but produced only a partial agreement and failed to set out a path to a binding treaty.

Another small step was taken at Cancún, when emissions-cutting targets were firmed up and financial commitments from rich to poor fleshed out, though the cash has yet to hit the streets.

"This is clearly an incremental process," said Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change secretary. "But the steps forward at Cancún showed that the UN framework convention on climate change is capable of progress."

According to the IEA, the problem the UN process is seeking to address is growing faster than anyone predicted. If emissions this year rise at the same pace as last year, the world will exceed 32 gigatonnes of Co2 in energy-related emissions alone in a single year. This is the level the IEA had expected emissions to reach by 2020, indicating that the growth of CO2 emissions has been much quicker than expected.

Unless these rises can be turned to reductions within a few years, the world will soon be well beyond what scientists say is the limit of safety.

Stern, chair of the Grantham research institute on climate change and the environment at the LSE, said: "If we are to give ourselves a 50% chance of avoiding a warming of more than 2C, and radically cut the risk of a 4 degrees rise, global annual emissions will need to peak within the next 10 years and then fall steadily, at least halving by 2050."

Even the worst economic recession in 80 years failed to make a lasting dent in emissions. "The global downturn bought us only a very temporary and now vanishing breathing space and the need for significant cuts in emissions remains urgent," Stern added. "The window of opportunity to meet the 2 degrees target is closing, and further delay risks closing it altogether. The challenge is not simply to meet the targets agreed at Cancún but to raise our ambition from there."

While warnings grow louder, analysts say politicians are turning off. Fatih Birol, chief economist at the IEA, said governments have lost interest. "The significance of climate change in international policy debate is much less pronounced than it was a few years ago," he said. "It's difficult to say that the wind is blowing in the right direction."

This gloomy assessment was borne out at last week's summit of the G8 group of leading industrialised nations in Deauville, a two-hour train ride from the IEA's offices in Paris, where hopes that world leaders would discuss climate issues were dashed. Russia, Japan and Canada reportedly told the meeting they would refuse to join a second round of carbon cuts under the Kyoto protocol. Greenpeace accused leaders of "gambling with our future".

Some participants remain optimistic. "The key success criteria [in Bonn and Durban] are whether we can start to deliver the Cancún agreements, as well as make progress on the difficult political issues not resolved there, such as the legal form [of any future agreement] and the level of ambition of emission reduction pledges," said Huhne.

At Bonn, a sticking point is whether there will be a second phase to the Kyoto protocol, the 1997 pact in which developed countries agreed to cut their emissions by about 5% by 2012. While the EU is on track to meet its commitments, other countries are not and some – including the US, which opposes Kyoto – would prefer to discuss a replacement. Developing countries refuse to countenance this, insisting Kyoto must continue as the prerequisite for continuing talks.

To an outside observer, this argument over the legal status of a 1997 agreement that has never been enforced, has been rejected by the US and that puts no obligations on the world's biggest emitter and second biggest economy, China, may seem arcane. But this debate has been the bread-and-butter of the UN talks.

Since Copenhagen, some countries have suggested another approach may work better – agreement among key countries that would bypass objectors, for instance, or a "bottom-up" approach where countries invest in renewable energy to cut emissions. All such attempts have been rejected by developing nations and green groups, who say only an international treaty will deliver accountability.

Huhne believes the UN negotiations can still deliver. "The UK has no intention of letting up in its efforts to get a legally binding agreement," he said.

Britain's adoption of ambitious carbon targets for the mid-2020s, as well as pushing the EU to take a tougher line on emissions, "shows we are serious about meeting the climate challenge, not just arguing for it."

There are signs of progress among emerging economies. Stern said. "China is now really focused on this issue [of emissions] via its five-year plan published in March, covering 2011-2015, and the country hopes to learn enough in the next five years to exceed and perhaps tighten its Cancún target for 2020."

Stern says the key to progress is to see tackling emissions as an economic growth opportunity, rather than a curb. "All countries, particularly in the rich world, should now be taking still stronger action to tackle climate change and to embark on the transition to low-carbon economic growth. This will be a new energy-industrial revolution and full of creativity and innovation and great benefits beyond simply cutting the risks from climate change. We can see its beginnings – it is time to accelerate."


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Experts want the human imprint in the geological record to be acknowledged as a new epoch, the Anthropocen

UN climate change panel says 80 percent of energy needs could be met by renewables by 2050 (May 9, 2011)
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — Renewable sources such as solar and wind could supply up to 80 percent of the world’s energy needs by 2050 and play a significant role in fighting global warming, a top climate panel concluded Monday.But the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that to achieve that level, governments would have to spend significantly more money and introduce policies that integrate renewables into existing power grids and promote their benefits in terms of reducing air pollution and improving public health. Authors said the report concluded that the use of renewables is on the rise, their prices are declining and that with the right policies, they will be an important tool both in tackling climate change and helping poor countries use the likes of solar or wind to develop their economies in a sustainable fashion. “The report shows that it is not the availability of the resource but the public policies that will either expand or constrain renewable energy development over the coming decades,” said Ramon Pichs, who co-chaired the group tasked with producing the report. “Developing countries have an important stake in this future — this is where 1.4 billion people without access to electricity live yet also where some of the best conditions exist for renewable energy deployment.” Governments endorsed the renewable report Monday after a four-day meeting. The nonbinding scientific policy document is to advise governments as they draw up policies and to help guide the private sector as it considers areas in which to invest.

Greenpeace and other environmentalists said Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two oil-rich states that don’t have an interest in alternatives, successfully watered down the report’s language on the cost benefits of renewables — a charge the Saudis denied, saying they only were arguing to stick with the science. Brazil, a major ethanol producer, opposed language on the negative effects of biofuels and hydro as well as the economic potential of other renewables. The report reviewed bioenergy, solar energy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean energy and wind. It did not consider nuclear, so IPCC chairman Rajendar Pachauri said the recent nuclear accident in Japan was not discussed nor did it have any impact on the report’s conclusions. The IPCC has said swift, deep reductions in use of non-renewables are required to keep temperatures from rising more than 3.8 degrees Fahrenheit (2 Celsius) above preindustrial levels, which could trigger catastrophic climate impacts. Stephan Singer, director for Global Energy Policy at WWF International, welcomed the report but said the IPCC should have gone further. He said its studies have found that the world could be fueled 100 percent by renewables by 2050.

“IPCC delivers a landmark report that shows the rapid growth, low-cost potential for renewable energy — but unfortunately does not endorse a 100 percent renewable energy pathway until 2050,” Singer said in a statement. “We need to be fast if we want to tackle pressing issues as varied as energy security and efficiency and at the same time keep climate change well below the danger threshold of 2 degrees.” Greenpeace’s Sven Teske agreed. “This is an invitation to governments to initiate a radical overhaul of their policies and place renewable energy center stage,” he said. “On the run-up to the next major climate conference in South Africa in December, the onus is clearly on governments to step up to the mark.” Adnan Amin, the director general of the International Renewable Energy Agency which is based in Abu Dhabi, said the report “shows there is a growing global awareness about the potential for renewable energy” which he made clear has taken off in recent years. From 2009 to 2010, Amin said investment in renewables has gone from $186 billion to $243 billion with China alone seeing a 30 percent increase. He said research and development in the sector has seen “record growth.” “These are remarkable figures for a sector still emerging,” Amin said. “Where it points is some of the conclusions that the IPCC is coming to. We are seeing through research and development the technologic possibilities increasing and costs coming down and feasibility of investment in renewable energy increasing by the day. The opportunities are tremendous.” But the IPCC warned that further development of the sector will require significant investment in the next two decades — of as much as $1.5 trillion by 2020 and up to $7.2 trillion from 2020 to 2030. “The deployment and development of renewables requires development of new infrastructure, otherwise we will not see further growth of renewables,” said another of the report’s co-chairs Ottmar Edenhofer.

UN Global Warming Chief Says We May Need To Build Machines To Suck Greenhouse Gases From The Air…
The world may have to resort to technology that sucks greenhouse gases from the air to stave off the worst effects of global warming, the UN climate change chief has said before talks on the issue beginning on Monday.“We are putting ourselves in a scenario where we will have to develop more powerful technologies to capture emissions out of the atmosphere,” said Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN framework convention on climate change. “We are getting into very risky territory,” she said, stressing that time was running out. CLIP - Looks like someone already used a machine to suck the brains from their head.

Will recovering global economy thwart efforts to curb global warming? (June 04, 2011)
As the world began to work its way out of the Great Recession, power plants pumped more carbon dioxide into the air than ever in 2010, threatening international goals of bringing global warming under control. According to the UN’s International Energy Agency (IEA), the emissions amounted to some 30.6 billion tons globally of the heat-trapping greenhouse gas, 5 percent more than the previous record, set in 2008. The emissions figure followed a global decline in 2009. Electricity generation is the largest and fastest growing source of CO2, according to the emissions estimates, released May 30. A build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution, along with changes in land use as populations have grown, is widely seen as the driver behind a general warming of Earth's climate, especially over the last 50 years. CLIP

Climate Treaty Is Possible, UN Envoy Says, Rejecting U.S. View (May 12, 2011)
The United Nations diplomat leading talks on a binding treaty to curb global warming today rejected the U.S. position that the negotiations are based on unrealistic expectations. “What is not doable is not to address climate change and not to do it in a timely fashion and at the level which it merits and with the urgency it needs to be done,” Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change told reporters in New York. “We certainly understand that different countries are at different political moments, but on the whole what is not doable is to evade the responsibility of addressing climate change as a collection of countries, as a community of nations,” Figueres said. CLIP



BARACK OBAMA... THE FOSSIL FUEL PUSHER... AHH... WE WERE SO GULLIBLE TO BELIEVE HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES... (Go at the URL below to access all the embedded links in this article)


Tomgram: Bill McKibben, Obama Strikes Out on Global Warming

Posted by Bill McKibben - June 2, 2011

If you didn’t know better, you might think the planet was simply piling on to make a point. The extreme weather events of the last year have proven little short of biblical. As a start, 2010 had the dubious distinction of tying 2005 as the hottest year on record and the 34th year in a row with temperatures above the twentieth-century norm. Meanwhile, just to mention a few high (or low) lights of the past year: massive flooding hit the record books when 20% of Pakistan was engulfed, parts of eastern Australia (the size of France and Germany combined) went underwater, and the Mississippi River Valley was turned into Waterworld.

Then there were fierce droughts and heat waves like the one that, with its associated wildfires, almost burned down Russia last summer, or the one that still has China’s Yangtze River region in its grips, or the “historic” drought and associated wildfires that continue to plague Texas, or the “exceptional dry spell” now settling into northern Europe (and helping send global grain and food prices soaring).

Look northward, and stunned scientists are reporting that anywhere there might be ice -- the arctic, its open waters, the Greenland ice sheets -- it’s melting faster than anticipated (which, of course, means earlier and more sizeable rises in sea levels and greater flooding of island and coastal areas globally). Peer southward, and the vast Antarctic ice sheet is reportedly experiencing a similar more-rapid-than-expected meltdown. And keeping to the theme of water, don’t even get me started on the increasing acidification of the oceans and its ensuing dangers.

And now, of course, the American West has been experiencing a record-tyingly fierce tornado season that has yet to end, with damage that beggars the imagination. And yet if global warming comes up at all in the mainstream media, it’s generally only to argue about whether an event like those tornadoes is (or is not) connected to it -- a question that, at the moment, remains unanswerable and, in some ways, beside the point. The danger to us from global warming is demonstrably real, a fact emphasized by the most recent record-breaking news: despite all the talk about mitigating it, more fossil-fuel burning led to more carbon dioxide being spewed into the atmosphere in 2010 than at any previous moment in history.

It’s a conundrum. Our global civilization was built to eat fossil fuels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, not to speak of those irresistible midnight snacks, while disgorging ever more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. And yet if we keep it up at this pace, somewhere not far down the line the adjective “biblical” will seem a paltry enough thing in comparison to the world of Xtreme weather we’ll experience.

Under the circumstances, you would think that all across the globe humanity would be launching the equivalent of Apollo programs not to catapult us to other planets, but to improve, enhance, and make ever cheaper alternative energy systems of every sort. Instead, despite rare bits of upbeat news, human beings -- and we Americans in particular -- seem hell-bent on insuring that TomDispatch regular Bill McKibben’s remarkable new book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, just out in paperback, has an endless shelf life warning us that we now inhabit an all-new, far less hospitable, far more rugged planet of our own making. Tom

Three Strikes and You’re Hot

Time for Obama to Say No to the Fossil Fuel Wish List

By Bill McKibben

In our globalized world, old-fashioned geography is not supposed to count for much: mountain ranges, deep-water ports, railroad grades -- those seem so nineteenth century. The earth is flat, or so I remember somebody saying.

But those nostalgic for an earlier day, take heart. The Obama administration is making its biggest decisions yet on our energy future and those decisions are intimately tied to this continent’s geography. Remember those old maps from your high-school textbooks that showed each state and province’s prime economic activities? A sheaf of wheat for farm country? A little steel mill for manufacturing? These days in North America what you want to look for are the pickaxes that mean mining, and the derricks that stand for oil.

There’s a pickaxe in the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming, one of the world’s richest deposits of coal. If we’re going to have any hope of slowing climate change, that coal -- and so all that future carbon dioxide -- needs to stay in the ground.  In precisely the way we hope Brazil guards the Amazon rainforest, that massive sponge for carbon dioxide absorption, we need to stand sentinel over all that coal.

Doing so, however, would cost someone some money.  At current prices the value of that coal may be in the trillions, and that kind of money creates immense pressure. Earlier this year, President Obama signed off on the project, opening a huge chunk of federal land to coal mining.  It holds an estimated 750 million tons worth of burnable coal. That’s the equivalent of opening 300 new coal-fired power plants. In other words, we’re talking about staggering amounts of new CO2 heading into the atmosphere to further heat the planet.

As Eric de Place of the Sightline Institute put it, “That’s more carbon pollution than all the energy -- from planes, factories, cars, power plants, etc. -- used in an entire year by all 44 nations in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean combined.”  Not what you’d expect from a president who came to office promising that his policies would cause the oceans to slow their rise. 

But if Obama has admittedly opened the mine gate, it's geography to the rescue. You still have to get that coal to market, and “market” in this case means Asia, where the demand for coal is growing fastest. The easiest and cheapest way to do that -- maybe the only way at current prices -- is to take it west to the Pacific where, at the moment, there’s no port capable of handling the huge increase in traffic it would represent.

And so a mighty struggle is beginning, with regional groups rising to the occasion.  Climate Solutions and other environmentalists of the northwest are moving to block port-expansion plans in Longview and Bellingham, Washington, as well as in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since there are only so many possible harbors that could accommodate the giant freighters needed to move the coal, this might prove a winnable battle, though the power of money that moves the White House is now being brought to bear on county commissions and state houses. Count on this: it will be a titanic fight.

Strike two against the Obama administration was the permission it granted early in the president’s term to build a pipeline into Minnesota and Wisconsin to handle oil pouring out of the tar sands of Alberta. (It came on the heels of a Bush administration decision to permit an earlier pipeline from those tar sands deposits through North Dakota to Oklahoma).  The vast region of boreal Canada where the tar sands are found is an even bigger carbon bomb than the Powder River coal.  By some calculations, the tar sands contain the equivalent of about 200 parts per million CO2 -- or roughly half the current atmospheric concentration. Put another way, if we burn it, there’s no way we can control climate change.

Fortunately, that sludge is stuck so far in the northern wilds of Canada that getting it to a refinery is no easy task.  It’s not even easy to get the equipment needed to do the mining to the extraction zone, a fact that noble activists in the northern Rockies are exploiting with a campaign to block the trucks hauling the giant gear north. (Exxon has been cutting trees along wild and scenic corridors just to widen the roads in the region, that’s how big their “megaloads” are.)

Unfortunately, the administration’s decision to permit that Minnesota pipeline has made the job of sending the tar sand sludge south considerably easier. And now the administration is getting ready to double down, with a strike three that would ensure forever Obama’s legacy as a full-on Carbon President.

The huge oil interests that control the tar sands aren’t content with a landlocked pipeline to the Midwest.  They want another, dubbed Keystone XL, that stretches from Canada straight to Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. It would take the bitumen from the tar sands and pipe it across the heart of America. Imagine a video game where your goal is to do the most environmental damage possible: to the Cree and their ancestral lands in Canada, to Nebraska farmers trying to guard the Ogallala aquifer that irrigates their land, and of course to the atmosphere.

But the process is apparently politically wired and in a beautifully bipartisan Washington way. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must approve the plan for Keystone XL because it crosses our borders.  Last year, before she’d even looked at the relevant data, she said she was “inclined” to do so. And why not? I mean, the company spearheading the Keystone project, TransCanada, has helpfully hired her former deputy national campaign director as its principal lobbyist.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political aisle, those oil barons the Koch Brothers and that fossil fuel front group the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are pushing for early approval.  Michigan Republican Congressman Fred Upton, chair of the House Energy Committee, is already demanding that the project be fast-tracked, with a final approval decision by November, on the grounds that it would create jobs. This despite the fact that even the project’s sponsors concede it won’t reduce gas prices.  In fact, as Jeremy Symons of the National Wildlife Federation pointed out in testimony to Congress last month, their own documents show that the pipeline will probably cause the price at the pump to rise across the Midwest.

When the smaller pipeline was approved in 2009, we got a taste of the arguments that the administration will use this time around, all masterpieces of legal obfuscation. Don’t delay the pipeline over mere carbon worries will be the essence of it. 

Global warming concerns, said Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg then, would be "best addressed in the context of the overall set of domestic policies that Canada and the United States will take to address their respective greenhouse gas emissions." In other words, let’s confine the environmental argument over the pipeline to questions like: How much oil will leak?  In the meantime, we’ll pretend to deal with climate change somewhere else.

It’s the kind of thinking that warms the hearts of establishments everywhere. Michael Levi, author of a Council on Foreign Relations study of the Canadian oil sands, told the Washington Post that, with the decision, “the Obama administration made clear that it's not going to go about its climate policy in a crude, blunt way." No, it’s going about it in a smooth and… oily way.

If we value the one planet we’ve got, it’s going to be up to the rest of us to be crude and blunt. And happily that planet is pitching in. The geography of this beautiful North American continent is on our side: it’s crude and blunt, full of mountains and canyons. Its weather runs to extremes. It’s no easy thing to build a pipeline across it, or to figure out how to run an endless parade of train cars to the Pacific.

Tough terrain aids the insurgent; it slows the powerful. Though we’re fighting a political campaign and not a military one, we need to take full advantage.

Bill McKibben is Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, founder of, and a TomDispatch regular. His most recent book, just out in paperback, is Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.


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L.A. Times: Obama is throwing ‘the environment and public health under a bus’ to get reelected (20 MAY 2011)
The L.A. Times has delivered a blistering editorial that everybody in the White House should read: In the 2012 campaign, environmentalists don't matter. That's the message President Obama is sending as the administration caters to smokestack and other industries. Ouch. Here's the whole thing: Shortly after his party's "shellacking" in the midterm election, President Obama ordered government agencies to ensure that new regulations took economic growth into consideration and that old ones be revoked if they "stifle job creation or make our economy less competitive." Five months later, it's becoming pretty clear what he meant: The environment and public health will be thrown under a bus for the sake of his reelection in 2012.The latest victim of the administration's new political direction is a proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule to limit emissions from industrial boilers, which power oil refineries, chemical plants and other factories. The EPA indefinitely rescinded the proposal this week, citing Obama's January executive order on regulations and claiming that the agency hadn't had time to properly address industry concerns about the rule since a draft was released in September. The EPA first proposed a version of the boiler rules in 2004, and it has had ample time and input to get it right by now.Also put on a slow track by the administration are new rules on storing toxic coal ash, an issue EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said she'd address in the wake of a disastrous Tennessee spill in 2008; earlier this month, EPA officials said they wouldn't get around to finishing the rules, which were expected by the end of last year, until at least 2012. The powerful coal industry scored another victory when the administration delayed an EPA guideline on mountaintop-removal mining last month. CLIP

Perilous pipeline: Will Hillary Clinton give the OK to a massive tar-sands pipeline (3 June 2011)
Will Hillary Clinton put the desires of a giant oil corporation ahead of the needs and health of low-income communities and communities of color? Will anyone else in the Obama administration stand up and stop her?With the State Department’s comment period on a proposed tar-sands oil pipeline set to end Monday, these questions are about to be answered.The State Department is considering whether to grant approval to oil giant TransCanada to construct a pipeline—the Keystone XL—to carry the world’s dirtiest oil from Canada’s tar sands through the Midwest to refineries in Texas, including refineries near Channelview, Texas, where I live. CLIP - Stand up for environmental justice by submitting a comment to Obama and Clinton telling them to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. Get off your @ss!

Greenpeace activists stop oil drilling for second time in one week [video] (June 4, 2011)
Just before being arrested today, Greenpeace oil campaigner Ben Ayliffe radioed the nearby Greenpeace ship Esperanza from the oil rig he and 17 activists had boarded: “We have met with the drill manager and requested a copy of the oil spill plan, which we assume he has on board, yet once again we have been refused even sight of it. What is Cairn Energy (LON:CNE) trying to hide? We have phoned, written, faxed, emailed and now even paid a visit to the rig to get a plan that should be in the public domain and should be subject to independent verification and public scrutiny."It’s a reasonable request but one that Cairn clearly seems unwilling or unable to comply with. Perhaps that’s because their plan, if they have one, is insufficient.The reality is that even if it does exist there is no way a BP-style deep sea blow out could be cleaned up in this remote and fragile environment. There is no way such a plan could provide assurances that the environment and Greenland’s fishing industry would not be decimated. One of the last to be removed from the rig by police was Andreas Bergstrom. He and three others locked themselves in crane cabs to remain on the rig as long as possible. CLIP

Arctic on the line: oil industry versus Greenpeace at the top of the world (June 06, 2011)
At the top of the world sits a lone region of shifting sea ice, bare islands, and strange creatures. For most of human history the Arctic remained inaccessible to all but the hardiest of peoples, keeping it relatively pristine and untouched. But today, the Arctic is arguably changing faster than anywhere else on Earth due to global climate change. Greenhouse gases from society have heated up parts of the Arctic over the past half-century by 4-5 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to a staggering decline in the Arctic sea ice. The large-scale changes suffered by the Arctic have created a new debate over conservation and exploitation, a debate currently represented by the protests of Greenpeace against oil company Cairn Energy, both of whom have been interviewed by With less sea ice, regions of the Arctic are suddenly accessible to industrial exploitation for oil and gas (the very fuels which have heated up the world, melting the Arctic).

On the one hand, environmentalists and conservationists say the Arctic is a warning that the world must turn more quickly toward green sources of energy and leave major sources of fossil fuels, such as those in the Arctic, in the ground (or in this case deep under the sea), to avoid global disaster. On the other side, both big energy companies and small upstarts see a different green in the Arctic: cash. This conflict—between conservation and exploitation—has been playing out in miniature over the past couple weeks at the top of the world. On the one side is an upstart Scottish-oil company, Cairn Energy, which has won the right to drill exploratory wells for oil in the waters of Greenland amid floating ice-bergs and frigid temperatures; on the other side is the non-violent activist organization, Greenpeace, whose activists are taking direct action against the oil company. Two activists—enclosed in a survival capsule hanging from Cairn's oilrig—halted drilling for four days before being arrested. In response, Cairn Energy has warned it will sue Greenpeace for nearly $3 million for every day lost. But Greenpeace was not cowed. On Saturday, 18 Greenpeace protestors scaled the oilrig to request to see Cairn Energy's oil spill plan and were subsequently arrested. recently spoke separately to both Greenpeace through Graham Thompson, and Cairn Energy through Ellie Goss, but their respective interviews are posted here together.

Mongabay to Greenpeace: Greenpeace has described drilling in the Arctic as 'dangerous lunacy'. Why?
Greenpeace: The risks from spills, which would take years to cap, and the consequences to the climate of burning the oil, are enormous.
Mongabay: Why target Cairn Energy?
Greenpeace: They’re the only company drilling in the Arctic this year.
Mongabay: What does Greenpeace hope to achieve by its actions in the Arctic against Cairn Energy?
Greenpeace: Several things. Firstly, we’re calling for them to release their spill response plan, secondly we want to prevent them from drilling this year, as this may delay or even prevent a bigger oil rush from the oil majors, and thirdly we want to draw attention to the dangerous lunacy of drilling for oil in the Arctic, in the hope that saner voices will prevail and prevent this disaster in the making.
Mongabay to Cairn Energy: Why pursue deepwater oil reserves in the Arctic? CLIP

Stop the Megaloads Now! (Exposing the Tar Sands environmental disaster and related filthy corporate/political corruption and consequences for the US wilderness - May 27, 2011) Environmental action video - POWERFUL 6 minutes MUST WATCH
Monstrous machines over wild and scenic Idaho and Montana highways will destroy the wilderness and roads.

ACTION ALERT! Dear President Obama: All We Are Saying Is Give Peace and Ecology a Chance
The world has been in a state of war for centuries, yet in America over the last decade we see the industrial/military complex perfected into a state of perma-war. A dastardly act occurred to America and the world on 911, yet the same numbers of children die each day from bad water. America needs to heal and move on starting with bringing the boys and girls home. Please ask President Obama to end the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. As a global citizen, demand Obama take actions to return America to the rule of international law, rights and duties. And realize a peace dividend to support ecology and other pressing human needs. The real looming threat to all of our security is ecocide - global ecosystem and biosphere failure. The entire Earth and human family are faced with ecology collapsing as global air, water, forest, wetland, ocean, soil and others ecosystems are destroyed for consumption.

Repeat deadly storms are 'unusual' (May 25, 2011)
WASHINGTON - Weather experts said it's unusual for deadly tornadoes to develop a few weeks apart in the United States. But what made the two storm systems that barreled through a Missouri city and the South within the last month so rare is that tornadoes took direct aim at populated areas. (...) The tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., on Sunday killed more than 100 people and marked the nation's deadliest single tornado in almost six decades. The series of twisters that swept through the South late last month killed more than 300 people. Both disasters leveled entire communities. Such a pair of weather events is "unusual but not unknown," said tornado researcher Howard B. Bluestein of the University of Oklahoma."Sometimes you get a weather pattern in which the ingredients for a tornado are there over a wide area and persist for a long time. That's what we're having this year." And the threat is continuing, he said, noting more storms are predicted over the next few days. Other than the death toll, there was nothing too unusual about the Joplin storm, he added. The conditions were right and thunderstorms were forecast. Urban sprawl into the countryside has increased the odds that tornadoes will affect more people, said Joshua Wurman, president of the Center for Severe Weather Research in Boulder, Colo. CLIP - CHECK ALSO Torn Asunder: How the Deadliest Twister in Decades Ripped Through Joplin, Mo. AND See pictures of the devastation from the tornadoes in the South

Central China drought worst in 50 years (May 25, 2011)
CENTRAL China's worst drought in more than 50 years is drying reservoirs, stalling rice planting, and threatens crippling power shortages as hydroelectric plants lie idle, state media said today. Rainfall levels from January to April in the drainage basin of the Yangtze, China's longest and most economically important river, have been 40 per cent lower than average levels of the past 50 years, the China Daily said. (...) Rainfall in some areas is up to 80 per cent lower than usual while the provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Zhejiang along with Shanghai municipality are mired in their worst droughts since 1954. "Without adequate water, we lost the spring planting season for rice," Hubei farmer Zhou Xingtao was quoted as saying. It said many other farmers in Hubei have lost their existing crops or given up on planting summer rice, fearing the emergency water supplies will be inadequate to sustain their fields, with more hot and dry weather forecast. China - and the Yangtze river region in particular - is prone to the alternating threats of crippling drought followed by devastating flooding. Just last summer, sustained torrential rainfall across the Yangtze basin and beyond caused widespread flooding and even some concern over whether the giant Three Gorges Dam would be able to contain the deluge. More than 3,000 people were reported killed in the flooding and related landslides. Nearly every year, some part of China suffers its worst drought in decades, and meteorological officials have said previously the extreme weather is possibly due to climate change. The State Grid, China's state-owned power distributor, reportedly said this week that 10 of its provincial-level power grids were suffering severe shortages due to the drought's impact on hydroelectric generation, including Shanghai and the heavily populated southwestern Chongqing region. The company said China could face a summer electricity shortage of 30 gigawatts - the most severe power shortfall since 2004.

Alarming Number of Disasters Striking World "Food Baskets" (May 16, 2011)
For the last 5 years, we have posted countless articles covering both natural disasters and their impact on our food supplies as well as on many other timely topics. After several decades of monitoring these events, it's hard to convey how shocked we are by the sheer number of disasters that have occurred just in the first 4 months of 2011.Yesterday, all day, I spent analyzing natural disasters and plotted them against our food belts. Never, ever, have I seen so many federally declared disasters this early in the year.The DHS/FEMA maps were defined by 2 colors: blue signified no disasters (to distinguish the disaster-free areas from water, they are shown in white below) and yellow indicated declared disasters. Map after map, state after state were mostly yellow. Surely this must be an error? Thinking through the numerous news items on Earth Changes, with sinking feeling, I knew they were correct. It was only when the state information was transferred to a single national map, the implications become uncomfortably clear. Notice how many disasters have occurred in food-producing areas. They are striking the heart of our food growing regions. Many food crops have been wiped out by drought, flood, hail and freezes. These food destroyers are occurring in greater frequency and having larger impact. America's food belts are taking mighty hits. Some growing areas will not recover this entire year.
(...) America is one of THE largest food exporters. Now supplies in our country are getting creamed with one weather event after another. Crops are either hammered by drought or literally inundated by FEET of water. Some farmers still can't get their crops in the ground because the land is too soggy - never mind the 3 MILLION acres that are now submerged due to the unending, unmerciful rain and flooding in the Midwest. Still there is no let-up in sight. Many farmers' crops are wiped for this entire year. There will be no second shot at planting.Now look at the food growing areas laid over the disasters. There is hardly any crop region that hasn't experienced a natural disaster in 2011. It paints a very unsettling picture.

(...) Last year we watched in disbelief as Russia suffered massive drought that brought raging fires to their country. Russia who is usually a large grain supplier, not only placed a year-long ban on exports, but they were forced to purchase grain from other countries. By the end of last year, they'd lost nearly 40% of their crops and imported 3.5 million tonnes of grain. The export ban is in effect at least through this JulyLast year in Australia, another huge food producer, was struck with massive rains. These floods crippled food supplies. Today, conditions are reversed. Drought rears its head again. Grim Global Grain Outlook - Tuesday, Bloomberg gave a rather dark assessment of global grain conditions:Corn planting in the U.S., the world's largest grower, is advancing at half of last year's pace because of excess rain, government data show. The Canadian Wheat Board said fields are so muddy that only 3 percent of grain has been sown, compared with 40 percent normally. At the same time, drought left the Kansas wheat crop in the worst shape since 1996, and dry spells are threatening crops in France, Western Australia and China.

(...) Reduced Inventory - In a report tomorrow, the U.S. Department of Agriculture probably will cut its forecast of global corn reserves before this year's Northern Hemisphere harvest to 122.5 million metric tons, the lowest in four years, according to a Bloomberg News survey of 14 analysts. The U.S. is the world's biggest exporter of corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton. Dry weather in France and Germany and the U.K.'s hottest April in at least 352 years are threatening crops across the European Union, producer of one-fifth of the world's wheat. Less than a year after the worst drought in a generation destroyed one-third of Russia's wheat crop and sent global food prices surging, more bad weather is damaging fields from North America to Europe to Asia. Parts of Western Australia have had the lowest rainfall on record for the past 16 months, according to the country's Bureau of Meteorology. The government in Manitoba, Canada, has declared a state of emergency because of floods. Wheat output in China, the world's biggest consumer, may decline for a second straight year because of dry conditions, Tommy Xiao, an analyst at Shanghai JC. Intelligence Co., said on May 5. Drought conditions may persist in wheat-growing areas from China, the world's largest grower and consumer, to the U.S. and Western Europe, hurting crops and lifting prices, British Weather Services said on May 6. CLIP - Check also Drought record: El Paso hits 110 days without rain

Note from Jean: While all of the 3 news clips above partly illustrate the sheer magnitude of the global climate disaster in progress caused in great part by excessive carbon dioxide emissions, of which coal burning plants are a major contributing factor, the utter, dumb folly of short-sighted men is demonstrated once again in the decision to continue building thousands of coal-fired generators... Go figure!! Let's all campaign to stop all coal-burning EVERYWHERE and to promote alternative, non-polluting sources of energy like solar, wind and geothermal energy while dramatically increasing our energy efficiency and energy savings across the board.

Food security in developing world threatened by climate change (June 06, 2011)
If swift action is not taken to prepare farmers in the developing world for hotter, drier, shorter growing seasons, climate change may threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people by 2050. People in Africa and South Asia are particularly at risk of further impoverishment and hunger in a warmer world. According to the UN, a billion people are already going hungry worldwide. Responding to pressing evidence that climate change will affect the world’s poor disproportionately, the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security’s (CCAFS) new report, Mapping Hotspots of Climate Change and Food Insecurity in the Global Tropics, details likely locations of future food insecurity due to climate change. The reports also recommends agricultural adaptations that could be made now to prevent widespread hunger in the future. (...) The effects of climate change on agriculture could devastate sweeping areas in South Asia—including all of India—and parts of West Africa. Even today, 369 million people suffer from hunger in these agricultural areas, which CGIAR predicts will see a 5 percent decrease in their growing season length by 2050. Temperatures during the growing seasons in these regions are likely to exceed 86 degrees Farenheit (30 degrees Celsius). Even with optimal rainfall, beans may not grow at these temperatures, and maize and rice yields would likely suffer. Populations in Latin America are at risk of climate-induced food scarcity as well, but CGIAR believes they will be better prepared than Africa or South Asia because Latin America is relatively food secure at present. However, concern remains: millions in Latin America are almost exclusively dependant on local production and are living in areas likely to be highly affected by climate change. In fact, by 2050 excellent growing conditions may drop below 120 days per season in northeast Brazil and in Mexico, where populations are heavily reliant on farming and conditions for staple crops are already fragile. CLIP

Down with coal! The grassroots anti-coal movement goes global (27 MAY 2011)
In the United States and Europe, the triple whammy of recession, cheap alternatives, and aggressive anti-coal campaigning has helped halt the expansion of coal use. Since 2004, plans to build more than 150 coal plants in the U.S. have been abandoned. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), a government agency that analyzes energy-related statistics, predicts continued stagnation or decline in coal-fired electricity generation in the U.S. and the European Union over the coming decades.Facing resistance to its longstanding rule in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, King Coal has redoubled ambitions elsewhere. According to 2010 projections by the EIA, coal consumption in the non-OECD world will increase by 23 quadrillion BTUs between 2007 and 2020. That's roughly the equivalent of today's entire U.S. coal-mining and coal-power sector, or approximately a thousand coal-fired generators, each 300 megawatts (MW) in size, spewing toxic chemicals into the environments and lungs of surrounding communities, and an equal number of million-ton-per-year coal mines. A 2,000-MW coal plant in Madhya Pradesh, India. While China struggles with the enormity of the pollution burden from its world-leading annual coal consumption, it is not the only hotbed of future coal-plant construction. Activists in India, for example, report that regulators gave the green light to at least 173 coal projects during 2010 -- nearly one plant every other day. In Southeast Asia, large Chinese utilities such as China Huadian are setting up shop to finance and build a slew of new coal plants. Meanwhile, new coal mines are being proposed in Australia and Indonesia, overwhelmingly for export sales. Countries from Mozambique to Mongolia, which have had little domestic need for coal, are now being hyped as the next big players in the global coal rush. In the fertile farming areas that support large rural populations in much of Asia, the new coal boom spells civil conflict, as fields are seized, villages are ordered to pack up and leave, and communities resist. For the U.S. coal movement, the 2,500 people who turned out to protest the Capitol Power Plant was a large number. In India or Bangladesh, marches and demonstrations of more than 10,000 people are not uncommon. The dominant international narrative focuses on the need to build large numbers of new coal plants across the developing world to spur economic progress. However, the assertion that development can only be achieved through a massive expansion of coal use is being met with increasingly fierce resistance by those asked to bear the most toxic and destructive burdens of this expansion: the people living next to coal projects. Local populations are resisting private and public-sector pressure to dramatically expand coal-fired power because these projects are not intended for their benefit. CLIP

Food prices 'could double' by 2030 (31 May 2011)
Oxfam report warns cost of staples could soar as result of climate change, rising energy prices and growing demand - The price of some food staples could double in the next 20 years because of rising demand and climate change, a British-based charity has warned.In a report released on Tuesday, Oxfam said world hunger was already increasing due to rising food price inflation and oil price hikes, as well as environmental changes such as droughts and floods."The food system is pretty well bust in the world," Barbara Stocking, the Oxfam chief executive, said."All the signs are that the number of people going hungry is going up." The charity said 925 million people - one out of seven - are hungry, and the figure is likely to surpass one billion by the end of this year. "If you think we have a crisis here, in 30 years it will be a cataclysm if the status quo remains," Gonzalo Fanjul, a policy adviser for Oxfam, said. Biofuels adding to demand - The report, called Growing a Better Future: Food Justice in a Resource-Constrained World, said: "The food system is buckling under intense pressure from climate change, ecological degradation, population growth, rising energy prices, rising demand for meat and dairy products and competition for land for biofuels, industry and urbanisation. "The scale of the challenge is unprecedented, but so is the prize: a sustainable future in which everyone has enough to eat." The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says food prices are higher than they have been in the last 20 years, surpassing the 2008 price spike that set off food riots in cities around the world. Wheat prices, which have remained largely flat so far in 2011, are still more than 70 per cent above levels traded a year ago after the worst drought in decades devastated crops in the Black Sea region.Prices for corn have more than doubled in the last 12 months with global production unable to keep pace with record demand, driven partly by the growth of the US ethanol industry. Instability fueled by high oil prices is likely to continue, the Rome-based FAO said. Oxfam's report partially blamed commodities traders, saying three companies control 90 per cent of the trade in grain. CLIP


Note from Jean: This is really IMPORTANT - beyond critical and yet there is a near-complete media silence. Check at the off-the-scale levels of radiations we have been exposed to in April - in the entire northern hemisphere!... This comes from - It is as if we just had a global nuclear war and the whole world is kept in the dark about its global radioactive fall-outs... There is no way to know the actual current levels... MAKE SURE to also read Radiation & chemtrails assaults: additional support for your immune system below in this compilation, as well as Fukushima in Our Food: Low Levels of Radiation from Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown Detected in Milk, Fruit and Vegetable Samples Tested from California Farms

The most telling, palpable proof that global contamination of the northern hemisphere with Uranium 238 - with a half life of 4.47 billion years – can be seen HERE (where you can see that the levels of U238 detected in Hawaii over the past 20 years) jumped dramatically right after the Fukushima global nuclear disaster. Just remember that the inhalation of a single microgram of plutonium (one millionth of a gram) of this lethal stuff can cause fatal lung cancer...

'Fukushima media cover-up - PR success, public health disaster' (June 11, 2011)  Watch this first!
Residents of the Fukushima district, and those who lived near-by have not only faced radiation exposure but also social exclusion... That's according to Dr. Robert Jacobs, Professor of nuclear history, at the Hiroshima Peace Institute.

Fukushima Radiation Nears Chernobyl Spiking To 261,000,000 uSv/hr – Indicates Ongoing Nuclear Meltdown (June 12, 2011)
Fukushima reactor 1 radiation levels spike to 261,000,000 microsieverts per hour, so high it is 100% lethal in less than 2 minutes, and just short of Chernobyl reactor levels.Lucas Whitefield Hixson tips us off to the latest radiation reading from the Fukushima nuclear reactor #1 hitting 261 sieverts per hour. For conversion purposes, that is 261,000 millisieverts per hour or 261,000,000 microsieverts per hour.Radiation Levels In Reactor One Spike At 261 Sv Per Hour – Indications of Ongoing Criticality - The radiation levels in Reactor 1 Drywell has spiked to a new record high 261 Sv/hr. This is a sign of pretty consistent criticality in the reactor. The corium has breached the core containment, and is releasing radiation without TEPCO acknowledging the implications of this constant criticality. The pressure level in Reactor 1 has dropped to atmospheric levels, indicating the breach in containment. The rising levels of radiation in the drywell also indicate that the efforts to control the fuel inside the reactor from going critical is becoming unmanageable. The radiation is emanating from the reactor, and levels around the Number 1 Building are rising instead of gradually decreasing, another indicator of ongoing criticality. Clearly this is a sign that nuclear meltdown is an ongoing event at the reactor. In fact 3 months into the disaster we are seeing levels of radiation coming from the reactor core just shy of why was measured in the vicinity of the Chernobyl reactor core. And this is just from one of the reactors at Fukushima. Japan has confirmed meltdown and melt through in 3 reactors.We repeatedly have heard Chernobyl radiation levels were 50 sieverts in 10 minutes to downplay the Fukushima. However, the latest spike at Fukushima puts the level at 43.5 sieverts per hour. And you can even argue over the other difference in because a total dosage of 6 sieverts is 100% lethal. For comparison here are the radiations levels from the 10 day Chernobyl incident.

Nuclear Radiation Cover Up Sparks Massive Protests All Over Japan (June 11, 2011)
A massive wave of protests breaks out all over Japan in response to the government’s nuclear radiation cover up.The New York Times reports: TOKYO — Beating drums and waving flowers, protesters in Tokyo and other major cities rallied against the use of nuclear power on Saturday, three months after a devastating tsunami set off a nuclear crisis. Anger over the government’s handling of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant has erupted in recent weeks after revelations that the damage at the plant, and the release of radioactive material, was far worse than previously thought. Mothers worried for their children’s health, as well as farmers and fishermen angry about their damaged livelihoods, have been especially critical of the government of Prime Minister Naoto Kan. The disaster has also prompted a national debate about Japan’s heavy reliance on nuclear power despite the country’s history of devastating earthquakes and a deep public distrust of the nuclear industry. In perhaps his sole move that has won popular support, Mr. Kan ordered the shutdown of a separate nuclear power plant in central Japan until it can bolster its tsunami defenses. But recent politicking in a gridlocked Parliament has added to the public’s disenchantment.“We now know the dangers of relying on nuclear power, and it’s time to make a change,” Hajime Matsumoto, one of the rally’s organizers, told a crowd in a central Tokyo square that eventually grew to about 20,000 people, according to organizers’ estimates.[...] Supporters of the rally here in Tokyo, and in coordinated events in many other cities in Japan, say the demonstration was remarkable not because of its size, but because it happened at all in a country that so values conformity and order. CLIP

Video Shows Massive Cloud Of Radioactive Steam Released From Fukushima (June 11, 2011)
Video of Footage From The TEPCO Live HD Web Cam Shows Massive Cloud Of Radioactive Steam Being Released And Blanketing The AreaNote: There is a steady stream of radioactive steam released from the power plant throughout the video along with intermittent flashes of light. Simply watch the video from 6:00 minutes in and you can clearly see the radioactive release of steam from the reactor buildings steadily increase and blanket the entire area. While Lucas clearly notes that the reactor 4 spent fuel pool may be severely compromised the video also shows a massive release from reactor 3 were the plutonium mox fuel is stored.TEPCO Cam Blocked Out By Vapor Event Around Reactor 4 – Spent Fuel Pool May Be Severely Compromised

Soil Samples From California Show Cesium 137 at Highest Level Since April (June 13, 2011)
The latest topsoil samples from the University of Berkeley, California show the highest levels of cesium radiation contamination since April. Below is the latest test results from UCB. They show Cs137 levels at the highest levels since April and levels seem to be rising. I think it’s safe to conclude that with the latest findings in Seattle and the current steering winds, that the West Coast is in for a wild ride. The sad thing is that this affects us all. The other day at the grocery store I had decided to buy some strawberries to make a nice cool dessert. After hitting the produce isle I found the strawberries, and proceeded to place them in my cart. After further examination , I concluded that every pack of Strawberries was produced from the California Region. Knowing what I have learned by studying the latest events, I placed them back, because there is no way I am eating fruit from California. Guess what folks… The majority of fruit we buy in markets is produced in California, and with the soil conditions continuing to decline. It may be hard to find a safe fruit to eat anymore. The latest tests have shown a decrease in levels in some items but with the latest meltdown and continued fallout hitting the west coast, we can only prepare for the worst. We will see what UCB tests show us in July as I have a strong feeling they will be much higher!

Note from Jean: As a precaution, I've ordered a Geiger counter to test the rain falling on my garden, what grows in it and every food item I'll buy in an effort to try to eliminate as much as many sources of radioactivity as possible from what I eat and drink. I'll let you know what I find once I receive it. At the moment, I frankly don't expect to find much of concern in this area but imported food from anywhere else might have to be avoided as this man did with the strawberries. What does concern me though is that should other closer nuclear plants, especially the one in Indian Point, New York, experience similar catastrophic breakdowns, possibly when a predicted super solar storm disables everything that relies on electricity (Check Solar storms will peak in 2013 and wreak havoc on Earth's electrical communications, top scientist warns - 19th May 2011), including the cooling systems of nuclear plants (with back up systems possibly rendered inoperable by that same phenomenon which would mean multiple meltdowns around the world), then the situation will quickly become untenable anywhere above ground worldwide. In which case, this Geiger counter would be pitifully inadequate to make much of a difference. A sensible precaution - despite the economic trauma and multiple problems that would ensue - would be for authorities to not wait out vainly, hoping that the inevitable doesn't happen, and instead immediately shut down all the damn nuclear plants everywhere, take ALL the uranium rods out of the reactors, place them all in cooling pools and somehow find a way to keep cool water circulating in them to prevent any problem. Well... Guess what? This is completely utopian and, unless I'm wrong and they have contingency plans for this, we are doomed if indeed the sun lashes at the Earth as anticipated... which is why we need help ASAP from advanced civilizations that according to Matthew's latest message are itching to get down here: "According to Hatonn, serious consideration is being given to a dramatic display of spacecraft and a simultaneous special bulletin on radio and television stating that the crews have come in peace and will land to assist us in ways that will be enumerated. Discussions are ongoing about the risks of “surprise” vs. the risks of waiting until safety can be absolutely assured for all involved. On one hand, the peak of the Illuminati has not been yet dislodged, and except for starting a nuclear war, those individuals’ free will choice to take other steps to prevent extraterrestrials from landing must be honored. On the other hand, Earth is in great need of technology that can rid her of toxic pollution, particularly at Japan’s damaged nuclear facility; that technology, which is aboard the ships surrounding Earth and has been of some assistance ever since the earthquake damaged the reactors, will be much more effective on site. There is another issue of urgency too. The nonstop manmade geophysical events and weather manipulation is having a double negative effect. The death toll, property damage, financial loss and other hardships to residents in the affected areas is obvious, but the other effect is global and not realized except by the perpetrators."

Survey: 30% of Firms Eye Moving Staff Out of Tokyo (JUNE 9, 2011)
In the immediate aftermath of the March 11 disasters, with Japan’s nuclear crisis unfolding only 200 kilometers from Tokyo, transport dislocated and rolling power cuts making life tough in the suburbs, a number of companies, mainly international, sought to keep operations running smoothly from temporary bases outside the capital.According to a survey released Thursday, some of those moves could become more permanent. In a poll of more than 200 corporate executives, the Japanese arm of recruitment company Hays said it found close to three in 10 of the companies surveyed said they plan to put their people elsewhere. Results from a survey conducted by Hays Japan indicate that companies are changing hiring practices as a result of the March 11 earthquake.Some 28.5% of companies now plan to build their personnel base elsewhere in Japan, Hays said in a statement, with the most popular regions for relocation being Kansai, Kyushu and Hokkaido. CLIP

Associated Press Rails Japan Government For Nuclear Radiation Data Cover Up (June 11, 2011)
For almost 3 months now independent experts have warned that Governments and the nuclear industry always cover up nuclear disasters. They have repeatedly warned that those in power will only admit to reality after the damage has already been done. Finally, a mainstream news article, from the Associated Press published on Yomiuri Shimbun fessed up to this reality and rails against the government of Japan for their nuclear radiation cover up. -- NUCLEAR CRISIS: HOW IT HAPPENED / Government radiation data disclosure–too little, too late[...]Three months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake triggered a nuclear crisis that shows little sign of ending any time soon.This is the third installment in a series that looks into what has given rise to the unprecedented crisis, dealing a fatal blow to myth of safety at nuclear power plants in this country.On June 3, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency released a shocking, but very belated, report about what happened around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant immediately after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. At 8:39 a.m. on March 12, about 18 hours after the earthquake, radioactive tellurium-132 was detected in Namiemachi, Fukushima Prefecture, six kilometers from Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s damaged plant, according to the report from the agency.The detection of Te-132 meant the temperature of nuclear fuel at the plant had shot up to more than 1,000 C. It also meant nuclear fuel pellets in the reactor cores had been damaged and nuclear material had leaked into the environment.Seven hours later, a massive hydrogen explosion rocked the plant’s No. 1 reactor.Attempting to explain the delay in making the information public, agency spokesman Hidehiko Nishiyama said later, “We never meant to conceal the information, but it never occurred to us to CLIP - Read the Full Article - While this article is a good first step of a corporate media source calling out the government of Japan for the cover up, it in no way goes far enough. Japan has outright ordered the censorship of anything remotely close to the truth and going as far as censoring radiation data in tea 300 miles away, refusing to evacuate areas with levels 4 times above Chernobyl evacuation limits and forcing children to go to school in zones 90 times above Chernobyl limits. Perhaps even worse, instead of making TEPCO pay for the disposal of radioactive waste, they are telling plants to burn it causing an ash cloud of radioactive waste to rain down on Tokyo and have even instructed cement manufacturer to dispose of radioactive waste by using it to make cement. It is no wonder that massive demonstrations have broken out all across Japan in protest of the nuclear radiation coverup and one in three companies surveyed said they plan to move their businesses outside of Tokyo in the wake of the nuclear disaster.

Worse than meltdown, government report says devastating 'melt-through' has occurred at Fukushima;
Official suggests Japan could become 'uninhabitable' (June 09, 2011)
Recent reports confirming that Reactors 1, 2, and 3 of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility completely melted just hours after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the area on March 11 have been trumped by even worse news that those same reactors have all likely "melted through," a situation that according to Japan's Daily Yomiuri DY is "the worst possibility in a nuclear accident." And senior political official Ichiro Ozawa suggested in an interview with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that the Fukushima situation could make the entire country of Japan "unlivable." A nuclear core meltdown involves nuclear fuel exceeding its melting point to the point where it damages the core, leaks out, and threatens to potentially release high levels of radiation into the environment. However, a nuclear melt-through is an even worse scenario, as nuclear fuel literally melts through the bottom of damaged reactor pressure vessels into out containment vessels -- and possibly even melts through those outer vessels directly into ground, air, and water. The report suggesting that melt-throughs have already occurred, which is set to be submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is the "first official recognition" of this dire situation, according to DY. It also confirms early suspicions that such a scenario had been underway all along, as later reports confirmed that the epic disaster at the reactors had produced holes in come of the plant's core containment vessels, and that radioactive water, and possibly even fuel, were leaking into the lower vessels. IAEA has already stated that the Fukushima disaster is at least as bad as the Chernobyl disaster, but this new information now suggests that it is probably even worse. At this time, it is unknown whether the fuel that has accumulated in the outer containment vessels has seeped outside, where it has the potential to contaminate groundwater supplies and wreak widespread environmental damage. In an interview conducted prior to the release of the new report, Ichiro Ozawa told the WSJ that areas around Fukushima were already becoming completely "uninhabitable." He also suggested that as it currently stands, much of the rest of the country, including Tokyo, could suffer the same fate if nothing is done to properly and effectively contain the situation. CHECK ALSO 'Melt-through' at Fukushima? / Govt report to IAEA suggests situation worse than meltdown AND FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, JAPANESE SENIOR POLITICAL FIGURE TELLS TRUTH! AND When the Fukushima Meltdown Hits Groundwater

Crippled nuke plant not prepared for heavy rain, wind — TEPCO: We apologize for lack of significant measures

Radioactive Sewage Piling Up All Over Eastern Japan With No Plan For Disposal (June 8, 2011)
Extremely radioactive sewage sludge is piling up at facilities in prefectures all over Japan as Government officials have remained silent for weeks about a plan to deal with the crisis.

Japan detects “extraordinarily high levels” of radioactivity off Sendai (May 28th, 2011)
Japan’s science ministry has detected extraordinarily high levels of radioactive cesium in seafloor samples collected off Miyagi and Ibaraki Prefectures. [...] Radioactive substances were found in all locations, including those off Miyagi and Ibaraki Prefectures, which had not been previously investigated.Radioactive cesium 137, measuring 110 becquerels per kilogram or about 100 times the normal level, was found in samples collected from the seabed 30 kilometers off Sendai City and 45 meters beneath the surface. [...] Professor Takashi Ishimaru of the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology] said monitoring must be stepped up over a larger area, as radioactive materials in the seabed do not dissolve quickly, and can accumulate in the bodies of larger fish that eat shrimp and crabs that live on the seafloor. CHECK ALSO Hong Kong finds radioactive iodine in fish — Almost 2,000 miles from Fukushima

Is Fukushima Now Ten Chernobyls into the Sea? (May 26, 2011)
New readings show levels of radioisotopes found up to 30 kilometers offshore from the on-going crisis at Fukushima are ten times higher than those measured in the Baltic and Black Seas during Chernobyl. "When it comes to the oceans, says Ken Buesseler, a chemical oceonographer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, "the impact of Fukushima exceeds Chernobyl." The news comes amidst a tsunami of devastating revelations about the Fukushima disaster and the crumbling future of atomic power, along with a critical Senate funding vote today: Fukushima's owner, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, has confirmed that fuel at Unit One melted BEFORE the arrival of the March 11 tsunami. This critical revelation confirms that the early stages of that melt-down were set in motion by the earthquake that sent tremors into Japan from a relatively far distance out to sea. Virtually all of Japan's 55 reactors sit on or near earthquake faults. A 2007 earthquake forced seven reactors to shut at Kashiwazaki. Japan has ordered shut at least two more at Hamaoka because of their seismic vulnerability. Numerous reactors in the United States sit on or near major earthquake faults. Two each at Diablo Canyon and San Onofre, California, are within three miles of major fault lines. So is Indian Point, less than 40 miles from Manhattan. Millions of people live within 50 miles of both San Onofre and Indian Point. On January 31, 1986, the Perry reactor, 35 miles east of Cleveland on Lake Erie, was damaged by an earthquake rated between 5.0 and 5.5 on the Richter Scale---orders of magnitude weaker than the one that struck Fukushima, and that could hit the sites in California, New York and elsewhere around the globe. TEPCO has confirmed that at least three of the Fukushima reactors---Units One, Two and Three---have suffered at least partial fuel melts. In at least one case, the fuel has melted through part of the inner containment system, with molten radioactive metal melting through to the reactor floor. A wide range of sources confirm the likelihood that fission may still be proceeding in at least one Fukushima core. The danger level is disputed. But it clearly requires still more commitment to some kind of cooling regime that will send vast quantities of water into ocean.

(...) A "dead zone" around Fukushima similar to the one surrounding Chernobyl is likely in the making. According to a report published in the Japan Times, levels of contamination in areas around Fukushima are at least comparable to some around Chernobyl. But people outside the official evacuation zone are also vulnerable. Radiation detected in Tokyo, nearly 200 miles away, at one point prompted the Japanese government to recommend mothers not use tap water to mix formula for their infants. Nonetheless children have been observed attending schools while bulldozers were removing the radioactive soil from their playgrounds outside. Amidst global protests, the Japanese government has weakened the limits of allowable radiation exposures to children. CLIP

Fukushima Japan Groundwater Radiation Contamination Worst in Nuclear History (May 8, 2011) VIDEO
An in depth analysis of the current state of the Japan nuclear disaster reveals that the Fukushima Japan groundwater radiation contamination is the worst in nuclear history. Arnie Gundersen discusses Japan’s current luck with the wind blowing most of the radiation out over the sea and toward the US, goes over the explosion in nuclear reactor 3 and the groundwater radiation contamination.

Ozawa: We may not be able to live in Japan someday — Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time
Japan senior political figure Ichiro Ozawa [...] Some day we may not be able to live in Japan. There is the possibility that the power plant can reach the state of criticality again. If it explodes, it’s a huge matter. Radiation is being leaked in order to keep the reactors from exploding. So, in this sense, it’s even worse than letting the power plant explode. Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time. This is not a matter of money, but of life and death for the Japanese. If Japan cannot be saved, then the people of Japan are done for. We can always print money. Ultimately the people will have to bear the burden. Government must be determined to put a stop to radioactive pollution no matter what it takes, money or otherwise. The Japanese people must understand the situation. - CHECK ALSO If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits: Japan senior politician — “The government doesn’t tell the truth” (May 27th, 2011) [...] Anxiety and frustration are growing. People cannot live in the contaminated areas. These areas are becoming uninhabitable. Japan has lost its territory by that much. If we do nothing, even Tokyo could become off limits. There is a huge amount of uranium fuels in the plants, much more than in Chernobyl. This is a terrible situation. The government doesn’t tell the truth and people live in a happy-go-lucky…

Fukushima reactor had meltdown 3.5 hours after cooling system collapsed: U.S. researcher (May 23, 2011)
A meltdown occurred at one of the reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant three and a half hours after its cooling system started malfunctioning, according to the result of a simulation using "severe accident" analyzing software developed by the Idaho National Laboratory.Chris Allison, who had actually developed the analysis and simulation software, reported the result to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in late March. It was only May 15 when Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) admitted for the first time that a meltdown had occurred at the No. 1 reactor at the Fukushima nuclear plant.According to Allison's report obtained by the Mainichi, the simulation was based on basic data on light-water nuclear reactors at the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Mexico that are about the same size as that of the No. 1, 2, and 3 reactors in Fukushima. According to the simulation, the reactor core started melting about 50 minutes after the emergency core cooling system of the No. 1 reactor stopped functioning and the injection of water into the reactor pressure vessel came to a halt. About an hour and 20 minutes later, the control rod and pipes used to gauge neutrons started melting and falling onto the bottom of the pressure vessel. After about three hours and 20 minutes, most of the melted fuel had piled up on the bottom of the pressure vessel. At the four hour and 20 minute mark, the temperature of the bottom of the pressure vessel had risen to 1,642 degrees Celsius, close to the melting point for the stainless steel lining, probably damaging the pressure vessel.TEPCO, the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, had tried to fill the containment vessel of the No. 1 reactor with water, but it decided to abandon the plan after it discovered that a meltdown had occurred at the reactor.Masanori Naito, director in charge of safety analysis at the Institute of Applied Energy, said, "TEPCO could have conducted similar analysis at an early stage and assumed the meltdown had occurred. TEPCO should have prepared other cooling methods besides the method of filling the reactor with water."

Head of Fukushima Health Study: 100 mSv/yr OK For Pregnant Moms, “Effects of Radiation Do Not Come To People That Are Happy” (June 11th, 2011)“effects-of-radiation-do-not-come-to-people-that-are-happy/
[...] AILEEN MIOKO SMITH: Well, there’s incredible concern, especially among parents in Fukushima prefecture. But now spreading is concern among parents in Tokyo, which is quite a far way from Fukushima. Mainly, what’s been happening is that citizens have been monitoring. And after they find high levels, they demand that the local authorities and the government look at those contaminated areas, and then the government looks, and it is contaminated. [...] AMY GOODMAN: And a new study is being done by the prefecture, Aileen? AILEEN MIOKO SMITH: Yes, we’re very concerned that a health study is starting at the end of this month. This is concerning the effects of the Fukushima residents, on the prefectural citizens. It’s headed by a Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, who’s at the Atomic Bomb Research Institute.He’s the radiological health safety risk management adviser for the prefecture. He’s widely shown on national TV. He speaks widely in the prefecture, always saying there’s absolutely no concern with the levels of radiation in Fukushima. He says that mothers, even mothers exposed to 100 millisieverts, pregnant mothers, will not have any effect, health effect. Remember the number 100. Compared to that, the Soviet Union required a mandatory evacuation during Chernobyl at five millisieverts. This doctor is quoted as saying, “The effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy and laughing. They come to people that are weak-spirited, that brood and fret.” This is a direct quote. And he’s heading the study. And so, the citizens in Fukushima are very concerned. [...]

Infrared emissions above the epicenter increased dramatically in the days before the devastating earthquake in Japan, say scientists.-- Geologists have long puzzled over anecdotal reports of strange atmospheric phenomena in the days before big earthquakes. But good data to back up these stories has been hard to come by. In recent years, however, various teams have set up atmospheric monitoring stations in earthquake zones and a number of satellites are capable of sending back data about the state of the upper atmosphere and the ionosphere during an earthquake. Last year, we looked at some fascinating data from the DEMETER spacecraft showing a significant increase in ultra-low frequency radio signals before the magnitude 7 Haiti earthquake in January 2010. Today, Dimitar Ouzounov at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland and a few buddies present the data from the Great Tohoku earthquake which devastated Japan on 11 March. Their results, although preliminary, are eye-opening. They say that before the M9 earthquake, the total electron content of the ionosphere increased dramatically over the epicentre, reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck. At the same time, satellite observations showed a big increase in infrared emissions from above the epicentre, which peaked in the hours before the quake. In other words, the atmosphere was heating up. These kinds of observations are consistent with an idea called the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling mechanism. The thinking is that in the days before an earthquake, the great stresses in a fault as it is about to give cause the releases large amounts of radon. CLIP - SPURIOUS THEORY! TO SAY THE LEAST... Among the many comments posted there:

-- "HAARP can be used for many purposes. Enormous quantities of energy can be controlled by manipulating the electrical characteristics of the atmosphere. If used as a military weapon this can have a devastating impact on an enemy. HAARP can deliver millions of times more energy to a given area than any other conventional transmitter. The energy can also be aimed at a moving target which should constitute a potential anti-missile system." "Another damaging consequence of HAARP is the occurrence of holes in the ionosphere caused by the powerful radio beams. The ionosphere protects us from incoming cosmic radiation. The hope is that the holes will fill again, but our experience of change in the ozone layer points in the other direction. This means substantial holes in the ionosphere that protects us."From an official EU report 14 January 1999... check it out...

-- "Brooks A. Agnew, PhD is a commercial scientist and engineer with more than 17 years of field research in Earth Tomography. Agnew said that HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project uses a billion Watts of energy, which he says would definitely be capable of creating earthquakes. I forgot to mention that he had accidentally caused a 4.0 earthquake back in 1987 using 30 Watt earth tomography ELF waves while looking for oil in Oregon."

-- In the words of one of my favorite comic strips, "we have seen the enemy and it is us." Enough said. BTW, do you know that if you type the word illuminati backwards as a .com URL you go to the NSA website? Strange coincidence, a warped sense of humor or a clue? Reminds me of the Nazis' habit of maintaining meticulous records of the Jews they exterminated, leaving proof of their actions. Why would they do that? Note from Jean: I tried it. It is true!! try it you'll see...
P.S. According to a subscriber, someone not related to the Illuminati has bought this domaine name and deliberately placed a redirect page to the NSA website. So it is just a bad joke...

Japanese Government Pays 60 Trillion Yen to Stop More H.A.A.R.P. Attacks (26 May 2011) THIS IS TOTALLY UNVERIFIABLE, YET...
The cowardly Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan handed 60 trillion yen over to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate immediately after his country was attacked with HAARP and nuclear terror, according to Japanese security police sources. The extortion money was paid off following threats to use HAARP to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt. For those of you still too brainwashed to believe such a thing is possible, please take a look at the following transcript available on this US Defense Department’s web page: It quotes then Secretary of Defense William Cohen as publicly stating in 1997 that: “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” The chief suspects in the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear terror attacks against Japan are US Senator J. Rockefeller and the Bush faction of the US corporate and criminal government. Rockefeller is a power broker behind GE, the company that manufactured the flawed reactors now spewing radiation in Fukushima. In addition, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, acting as an envoy for Rockefeller, met with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa on March 9th, two days before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster hit Japan. During that meeting Campbell promised that if Ozawa cancelled his plans to split the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, Japanese public prosecutors would stop persecuting him, according to Japanese imperial family and Democratic Party sources. Ozawa was also promised control of zeolite deposits in Fukushima Prefecture, the sources said. Zeolite is used to clean up radioactive waste. It is also worth noting that Senator Rockefeller once wrote an introduction to a book by Ozawa. In another sign this was a deliberate attack, experts at the University of Tokyo and well as in Italy detected HAARP signals focused on Fukushima in the hours before the earthquake and tsunami struck. The same signals have since been detected focused on Mt. Fuji where the ground water is heating up. In addition, over 5 different people have contacted this writer since the earthquake to warn that “Japan was about to sink into the ocean.” CLIP

Two senior Japanese officials warn there is still a real risk of catastrophic disaster at Fukushima (April 30th, 2011)
Two senior Japanese officials have warned that there is still a real risk of a catastrophic disaster at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.Since Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami seven weeks ago an army of emergency workers has stabilised two of its six reactors but the other four remain volatile. [...] The operator of the plant TEPCO has been accused of playing down the potential dangers and ignoring warnings about the risk of an earthquake and tsunami striking Fukushima.

Radioactive Strontium Found in Hilo, Hawaii Milk (April 27, 2011)
(...) The two man-made isotopes of strontium—Sr-89 and Sr-90—are among the most dangerous products of nuclear fission to human and animal health. Both are “bone-seekers,” chemically similar to calcium, that collect in bone and marrow, where they are known to cause cancer. They are particularly dangerous to the growing bones of fetuses and children. EPA found 1.4 picoCuries per liter of strontium-89 in a milk sample collected in Hilo on April 4.The FDA’s Derived Intervention Level—the standard observed for food—for a related isotope, Strontium-90, is 4,400 pCi/L. The EPA’s Maximum Contamination Level for Sr-89 in drinking water is 20 pCi/L. (For more on the difference between EPA and FDA standards, as well as more on the health implications of ingesting radionuclides, see “Why Does FDA Tolerate More Radiation Than EPA?“) The half-life of Sr-89 is 50.5 days, and Sr-89 is sometimes used as a cancer pain treatment under the commercial name Metastron, because it collects in and destroys the fast-growing cells of bone cancer in the same way it can injure healthy bone. EPA considers Sr-90, meanwhile, “the most important radioactive isotope in the environment” because of its health impacts and a longer half-life of 29 years. EPA has found no strontium-90 in its testing, according to the statement, and it has found neither of the strontium fission products in drinking water. Where’s the strontium? has been a question pressed by nuclear watchdogs—including one of the participants in this forum, liberationangel—since the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear disaster. And not only where, but why aren’t the hazardous man-made isotopes of strontium included in the EPA’s open data system?EPA does not list strontium in that system, I have learned, because it does not routinely test for strontium, even during its increased testing since the Fukushima disaster. Tests for strontium are triggered by the presence of cesium isotopes, which have been found in milk from Hilo, Montepelier VT, and Oakland and in precipitation from Boise, Richmond CA, Salt Lake City and a few other cities.The Strontium-89 was found in April 4 Hilo samples previously found to contain cesium-134 and cesium-137, and the test results were released only yesterday because they take longer to analyze, according to EPA’s statement: CLIP - Check also Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

Real Time EPA RadNet Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring For Every Major City In The Entire US On A Single Page

Have you changed your diet after Fukushima?
"I stopped drinking milk and eating dairy also giving them to my kids. I'm limiting meat and organic eggs. We eat lots of nori, kelp and seaweed soup. I'm avoiding strawberries, kale, spinach, cabbage and broccoli and produce from California. I've been eating frozen veggies, tropical fruits and grapes from Chile (I wouldn't have bought in the past due to pesticides). I don't know what to do after I finish the frozen meat and veggies in the freezer that I bought pre Fukushima. I buy old aged cheddar for now. Probably I will go vegan and will force my children to be vegan? It will be healthier for me, but being a vegan is not easy for kids especially for picky eaters. Very frustrating... How about you? Do you do any supplements?"
(...) "I'm in Vancouver and concerned especially of the constant radioactive rain even in May. I'm following the advice here - I'm also following discussions at the UC Berkeley nuclear engineering department's public forum. I'm being cautious as I'm still breast-feeding and I have small children. I'm really surprised that I'm viewed as extreme on this board. I am viewed as such by mainstream people though. But those are the people who don't believe in organic/natural foods anyway. People are speculating but there is a thought that free range meat and grass fed beef less safe than factory farmed meat because the animals feed on grass contaminated with radiation. What an irony. I just want to give up on meat if I have to eat factory farmed chemical loaded meat."

Confirmed: EPA Rigged RADNET Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring Equipment To Report Lower Levels Of Fukushima Fallout (May 19, 2011)
The EPA re-calibrated (rigged) Japan nuclear radiation monitoring equipment causing them to report lower levels of radioactive fallout after the Fukushima nuclear meltdown than what was detected before the disaster.I recently programmed an application to pull all of the EPA radiation monitoring graphs for all major US cities and complied them into an easy to use web interface. Of course we took the data being reported with a grain of salt under the suspicion that the Feds were fiddling with the results.Now, an investigative report looking into why the much of the EPA radiation monitoring equipment was offline when the Fukushima nuclear meltdown occurred reveals that EPA has in fact rigged radiation monitoring equipment to report lower values of radiation. In reality, the US has seen an increase in radiation levels as evidenced by several nuclear fallout simulations, along with spikes in radiation in the drinking water, rainwater, milk, and food.In fact, the graph above is not the only graph that is suspect either. Here are some more of the EPA RADNET radiation graphs that show drops in radiation levels, after the Fukushima meltdown, which should have shown increases.Keep in mind, some clearly show spikes after the event but there is still a significant drop in the baseline levels of radiation. Other graphs show an unexplained drop-offs in radiation levels some time after the quake. CLIP

Nuclear Physicist: Most Of The Plutonium MOX Fuel Nuclear Fallout Likely To Drop On The U.S As US Plutonium Levels At 20 Year Highs (May 19, 2011)
As plutonium and uranium concentrations in the US hit their highest levels in 20 years a top nuclear physicists says most of the plutonium MOX nuclear fallout from Fukushima will drop on the United States.In an interview with the Huffington Post, Nuclear Engineer Akira Tokuhiro, says most of the plutonium mox fuel nuclear fallout from the Fukushima nuclear power plant will likely drop on the United States.Throughout the article the engineer slams other nuclear experts for covering up the true extent of the Fukushima nuclear disaster for the sake of saving their own jobs, clearly saying the bottom line is they can not be trusted.The article begins by distinguishing between the types of nuclear “experts” the press is using to commentary on the Fukushima disaster. (...) This is truly disturbing news since Plutonium fallout was first detected hitting the United States on March 18th. Since then we have learned that the Feds rigged radiation monitoring equipment to report lower levels of Fukushima fallout.
(...) Compared with the average density of the past 20 years from 1991 to February 2011, Plutonium 239 in California 18 times, Uranium 238 in Alaska 17 times, Uranium 234 in Hawaii 30 times, and Uranium 238 in also Hawaii 50 times were detected all after March 11, 2011. Also, in Guam, Plutonium 239, Uranium 234, 235 and 238 have been detected for the first time in the history of the observation. So-called “half-life” of each material is this: Plutonium 239 for 24,000 years, Uranium 234 for 240,000 years, Uranium 235 for 700 million years, and Uranium 238 for 4.47 billion years. As you could see easily, these isotopes have almost endless life spans from human perspective. Both Plutonium and Uranium are extremely toxic radioactive substances that omit strong alpha-ray radiation. There are two reasons why I conclude that these radioactive materials came from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. First, in the past 20 years, such sudden increase of radioactive materials, as indicated in the above graphs, has never been seen before March 11, 2011. Second, these regions where increased amount of Plutonium and Uranium were detected, are all closer to Japan. They are Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and California. Especially in Guam and Hawaii, the increases are even bigger than other States. For example, if you compare the numbers after the 3.11 between California (8700km=5400miles from Japan) and Guam (2500km=1550miles from Japan), Guam has detected 78 times higher Plutonium 239, 6 times higher Uranium 234, 16 times higher Uranium 235, and 13 times higher Uranium 238, than California. Plutonium and Uranium have yet not been detected along the East Coast (Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, etc.). Therefore, these two points of abnormal increase in radioactive materials and the locations of where these are detected can strongly indicate that this has been caused by the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.Conclusion: Some of the most brutal radioactive materials, Plutonium and Uranium, have been spread in the air from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. CLIP Read the rest HERE - Check also Nuclear Physicist: Most Of The Plutonium MOX Fuel Nuclear Fallout Likely To Drop On The U.S As US Plutonium Levels At 20 Year Highs

Fukushima: a health disaster in the making
4956 workers have been internally contaminated by nuclear radiation. However, this figure represents only 10% of the actual number of workers whose internal contamination has been monitored. A day does not go by without its bad news revealing the magnitude of the environmental and human health disaster.The world is just beginning to realise this reality despite the reassuring tone of the authorities. Unlike with Chernobyl, the prevaricator Mr. Michael Repacholi (WHO-IAEA) will, this time, not be able to pretend that the loss is negligible and, hence, bury the real number of contaminated liquidator-workers in stacks of statistical numbers. Internet did not exist then (1986, year of the Chernobyl disaster). The population contaminated by internal nuclear radioactive particles: a taboo. For the first time and two months after the beginning of the crisis, The Mainichi Daily News and the Yomiuri Shimbun published a controversial article on the subject whilst the government would have preferred the information therein to be kept away from the public. The article covers the event of the young and impulsive MP Mito Kakizawa who, in the middle of a parliamentary commission meeting, asked Mr. Terasaka Nonbuaki, the director of the Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety, the loaded and very relevant question regarding the number of workers who, following the first medical tests at the headquarters of Fukushima’s prefecture, were declared positive for internal contamination by nuclear particles [Hirose Takashi].
(...) The contaminated workers might be only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the real and massive statistical figures regarding the number of contaminated people are yet to come as this disaster affects the entire population who will undoubtedly pay a heavy price for the dithering of the authorities with regard to the evacuation orders of the contaminated zones. These orders should have been made at once and not with such a shameful delay of several days for the first zone and several weeks for the following ones. With no protection or safety advice for several days it is possible that several thousand people, or even more, are contaminated yet unaware of their contamination, simply because there was a total lack of control and monitoring of internal contaminations by radioactive particles. The radionuclide’s particles of Fukushima are diverse and noxious, even in the least disastrous case (thyroid) of a contamination by iodine 131 which has a half life of 8 days. All the other contaminants are, undisputedly, highly toxic in the short and middle term.
(...) Nobuaki also provided another major piece of information: It has been noted that 1193 workers had levels of internal radioactive contamination above 10.000 cpm corresponding to 100 ?S/h. In other words, 100 multiplied by 24 hours multiplied by 364 days = 873mSv/year! If the value of the internal contamination is superior to 6.000 cpm decontamination is considered vital. CLIP

Fukushima – The Great Deception (May 20, 2011)
The initial stories coming out of Japan followed the historical pattern of pronouncements surrounding the Nuclear industries calamities; from Caulderhall in the UK to Chernobyl Ukraine and on to Three Mile Island in the USA.All so-called accidents! Melt downs, explosions, fires and accidental discharges of radiation, the nuclear industries explanations of these events have since been proved to be demonstrably false.Fukushima has followed the same pattern of denials, false claims and downright lies by the government of Japan and T.E.P.C.O.I have researched every scrap of news and put it to the test using my knowledge of the Nuclear power plants and the experience of previous events.What stands out is the audacity of T.E.P.C.O. in particular proclaiming Fukushima Diiachi was being brought under control. Bob Tuskin asked me to appear on his radio show a few times over the past several weeks. I gave my analysis and explanations as I saw them unfold at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. In the first instance what came back was somewhat to ridicule me and call me a doom merchant, however as time went by and T.E.P.C.O. was embarrassed into explaining its actions and the conditions at the plant the analysis and explanations were vindicated. I do have other interests, on the last show with Alexander Higgins (mp3) we were discussing the continuing wars by the Anglo American alliance and NATO, it was suggested that Syria was in the frame however my thoughts and analysis suggested that Pakistan was next! True-to-form, Rep Ron Paul was quoted as saying exactly that!The reality is out there. To listen to the genuine information that I have released over the last few weeks go to the Bob Tuskin Radio Show archives. The explanations given on Bobs show included the melt down and cover up of No.1 reactor, the melt down of No.2 and 3 reactors, the disposition of Plutonium and other radioactive elements in particular Strontium 90, and radiation-bearing cooling water entering the water table and the sea. These prediction have all been confirmed by TEPCO and others well after being pointed out on Bobs show.

Was Fukushima a China Syndrome? (May 16, 2011)
The China Syndrome refers to a scenario in which a molten nuclear reactor core could could fission its way through its containment vessel, melt through the basement of the power plant and down into the earth. While a molten reactor core wouldn't burn "all the way through to China" it could enter the soil and water table and cause huge contamination in the crops and drinking water around the power plant. It's a nightmare scenario, the stuff of movies. And it might just have happened at Fukushima.Last week, plant operator Tepco sent engineers in to recalibrate water level gauges in reactor number 1. They made an alarming discovery: virtually all the fuel in the core had melted down. That means that the zirconium alloy tubes that hold the uranium fuel and the fuel itself lies in a clump---either at the bottom of the pressure vessel, or in the basement below or possibly even outside the containment building. Engineers don't know for sure, though current temperature readings suggest that fission inside the reactor core has definitely ceased for good (i.e. there will be no further melting). Anecdotal evidence doesn't bode well for how far the fuel melted: Tepco has been pumping thousands of tons of water onto reactor 1 to try to cool it—yet the water level in the containment vessel is too low to run an emergency cooling system. That means the water is escaping somewhere on a course cut by molten fuel--probably into the basement of the reactor building, though it's also possible it melted through everything into the earth.
(...) Meanwhile, around 5,000 residents in two towns, Kawamata and Iitate, some 30 km from the power plant—well beyond the the 20 km exclusion zone--were evacuated on Monday. More evacuations are expected in the coming days as Tepco continues to struggle with the crisis. Around 3,400 cows, 31,500 pigs and 630,000 chickens will soon be slaughtered inside the Fukushima exclusion zone as feeding them has proven to be impossible.It's difficult to say for sure just how bad things are at the plant itself—high radioactive levels mean that engineers can't get close to the reactor cores themselves and can only make inferences, deductions and guesses about the extent of the damage. As Alexis Madrigal of the Atlantic has pointed out, we've faced this uncertainty—and troubling surprises— before. Eight months after the Three Mile Island accident, "an Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientist declared, 'Little, if any, fuel melting occurred, even though the reactor core was uncovered. The safety systems functioned reliably.' A few years later, robotic sorties into the area revealed that half the core -- not 'little, if any' -- had melted down." I and TIME's Kiev-based stringer recently published a piece for TIME from Chernobyl in Ukraine, where clean-up efforts continue a full 25 years after the accident. Whatever the end game at Fukushima, get your head around this, folks: it is going to be a huge mess for a long time yet.

Japan eyeing plan for solar panels on all new buildings (May 22, 2011)
TOKYO - Japan, seeking to promote renewable energy as it struggles with the world's worst nuclear crisis in decades, may this week announce a plan to make solar panels compulsory on the roofs of all new buildings by 2030, the Nikkei newspaper said on Sunday. The plan may be included in a statement on energy policy by Prime Minister Naoto Kan at the G8 summit of developed nations, the paper said. The summit, to be held in Deauville in northern France, begins on May 26. In his opening remarks at the summit, Kan will tell other leaders Japan intends to continue to use nuclear power after improving safety standards, the paper said. But he will also emphasise efforts to boost the use of renewable energy by encouraging technological advances and more widespread use, the Nikkei said. CLIP

Germany to shut down nuclear plants (May 30, 2011)
SYDNEY (MarketWatch) — Germany will close down all of its nuclear power plants by 2022, according to reports out Monday, as fallout from Japan’s disaster continues more than two months after the event. “There will be no clause for revision,” Germany’s Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen said, according to a BBC report. The German government had been reviewing the role of nuclear power in the country’s electricity needs after an earthquake and tsunami crippled Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex in March. The power station's operator and the Japanese government are still struggling to control the situation at the reactors. Tokyo Electric Power Co., or Tepco — operator of the Fukushima Daiichi plant — won’t be able to stabilize all reactors at the complex this year, Kyodo News reported Monday, citing senior officials. See report on outlook to contain Japanese nuclear reactors. Tepco said in April it was aiming to bring the reactors at the plant into cold shutdown, or a stably cooled condition, within six to nine months. Japan is currently facing power shortages, as nuclear energy provided around 30% of the country’s electricity needs before the disaster. Germany isn’t as dependent on nuclear power as Japan had been, although the technology provides just over one-fifth of the country’s electricity, the reports said. China is also reportedly reviewing its nuclear energy policy after the disaster.

Feel like a radiated sitting duck? Things you can do to mitigate the problem - by Barbara Peterson (May 18, 2011)
At this point in time, most of us can say "no" to vaccines, genetically modified (GM) food, fluoride, and Big Pharma drugs. But we can't "just say no" to radiation in the air all around us coming from Japan, and through oceanic contamination resulting from the BP Gulf incident. So, the difficult question is not how do we avoid this contamination, but rather, how we mitigate our exposure. Let's face it. We are surrounded by radioactive contaminants in the air, water, soil, and in our food, which is grown outdoors. We cannot control the air, which contaminates the soil, water, and plants. So, if we cannot get away from the problem, then what do we do? We can start by making sure that we have the knowledge to do the right things and collect the right resources to lessen our exposure. The following is a collection of some of the materials and applications that can be used to mitigate radiation exposure. Personal detoxifying - people and animals - Unless we live in a bubble, our bodies will be contaminated with radioactive particles, so don't just wait until someone tells you that you have been exposed, do something about it now. There are certain materials that will help detoxify the body without ill effects whether or not you have been exposed to these harmful materials. Some of these are: - Zeolite Clay - French Green Clay - Bentonite Clay - Baking Soda - Boron - Certain foods CLIP - GET ALL THE DETAILS FROM THIS ARTICLE ABOVE...

Greenpeace Fukushima radiation research reveals serious marine contamination (May 26, 2011)
Tokyo, Japan, 26 May 2011 – Greenpeace today slammed the Japanese authorities’ continued inadequate response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, after new data from its radiation monitoring showed seaweed radiation levels 50 times higher than official limits, raising serious concerns about continued long-term risks to people and the environment from contaminated seawater. In contrast, Japanese authorities claim that radioactivity is being dispersed or diluted (1) and are undertaking only limited marine radiation monitoring. CLIP

Fukushima : Greenpeace révèle une grave contamination marine (26 mai 2011)
De plus en plus d’experts, de tous horizons, de Greenpeace à l’IRSN, tirent la sonnette d’alarme sur la situation des populations à proximité de la centrale de Fukushima. Greenpeace révèle aujourd’hui les résultats des analyses effectuées sur des échantillons marins en provenance de la côte de Fukushima. Le taux de radioactivité constaté dans les algues, pourtant prélevées en dehors des eaux territoriales japonaises (à plus de 22 km des côtes), est 50 fois supérieur à la limite autorisée. Ces résultats montrent que la contamination se propage sur de longues distances, et que la radioactivité ne diminue pas par dilution ou dispersion comme le prétendent les autorités. CLIP

L'ONU lance une étude sur les conséquences de Fukushima-Daiichi (21/05/2011)
NATIONS UNIES - Les Nations unies ont annoncé vendredi le lancement d'une étude sur les conséquences en terme de santé, de sûreté et de sécurité de la catastrophe nucléaire de la centrale japonaise de Fukushima-Daiichi. «Le rapport traitera de divers domaines, dont l'environnement, la santé, la sécurité alimentaire, le développement durable et la connexion entre sûreté nucléaire et sécurité nucléaire», a indiqué le secrétaire général de l'Onu, Ban Ki-moon, dans un communiqué. «Il présentera également les moyens d'améliorer la préparation aux risques liés aux catastrophes», a-t-il précisé. «En produisant cette étude, je souhaite souligner la nécessité de renforcer les capacités des organisations internationales concernées, notamment de l'AIEA, reconnaissant son rôle central.» Le chef de l'Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique (AIEA), Yukio Amano, a estimé jeudi que la situation à la centrale de Fukushima-Daiichi, endommagée par le séisme et le tsunami du 11 mars, restait très grave malgré les quelques signes d'amélioration constatés. Les résultats de l'étude de l'Onu seront publiés lors d'une réunion sur la sûreté et la sécurité nucléaires, qui se tiendra le 22 septembre lors de la session annuelle de l'Assemblée générale de l'Onu.

VOIR pour des informations détaillées en français sur ce dossier brûlant... comme... Fukushima : La contamination radioactive de l’hémisphère nord est une réalite (17 05 2011) La pollution radioactive issue des réacteurs nucléaires en cours de désintégration de Fukushima Daiichi devient maintenant de plus en plus mesurable dans tout l’hémisphère nord, il est constaté officiellement qu’elle augmente de manière significative c'est-à-dire de plusieurs centaines de %. Une gamme de radionucléides est détectée, notamment du plutonium 239 d’AREVA , celui qui bien protégé a été expédié de France au Japon (MOX) par voie maritime et nous revient maintenant librement par voie aérienne ou océanique pour empoisonner la population et générer une pollution radioactive environnementale planétaire. La contamination radioactive en cours des pays n’est pas un mythe, mais une réalité. Afin qu’elle ne soit pas contestée par les nucléocrates, un dossier de présentation complet détaillé est disponible en Japonais, une traduction électronique permet d’en définir les grandes lignes qui n’encouragent pas à l’optimisme. CLIP - CES GRAPHIQUES AFFOLANTS SONT À VOIR ABSOLUMENT ICI - ICI et ICI! - Voir aussi Gentilly-2 : Pour un Québec non nucléaire (25 avril 2011)


Opposition to nuclear power grows after Fukushima disaster: survey
TOKYO, May 26, 2011 - (Kyodo News) More people in Japan, Germany and Russia oppose nuclear power generation than support it, while in France and the United States, the number of proponents exceeds that of objectors, an international survey by a major Japanese daily indicated Thursday.In China and South Korea, those for and against were almost even, according to the report by the Asahi Shimbun.The survey was conducted this month in the wake of the nuclear emergency at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in major nations depending on nuclear power as well as in China, where many nuclear stations are under construction. Supporters of nuclear power generation stood at 34 percent in Japan, 19 percent in Germany and 36 percent in Russia, while opponents came to 42 percent in Japan, 52 percent in Russia and 81 percent in Germany, according to the survey. It is notable that opposition exceeded support in Japan for the first time in three identical surveys following the nuclear disaster. In France and the United States, support came to 51 percent and 55 percent, respectively, while opposition was at 44 percent and 31 percent. CLIP - Question: Why is it that so many people in the United States trust their newsmedia and government to the point of believing they are safe from the risks associated with nuclear power? The answer probably rests in the following article which should be required reading for anyone still too gullible to believe the crap fed to everyone in the propaganda media......

The gullible mind explained by Mike Adams (May 05, 2011)
In light of the string of the blatant falsehoods being announced by the U.S. government these days (FDA, DHS, White House, etc.) it's interesting that so many people still believe whatever they are told by "official" sources. It brings up the question of the functioning of their brains: How could a person swallow official information so gullibly and so completely without even asking commonsense questions about the reliability or factual basis of that information? These people, it turns out, are operating from what I called The Gullible Mind. It is a psychological processing malfunction that filters out information based on its source rather than its integrity. People who operate from The Gullible Mind tend to have misplaced trust in governments, institutions, mainstream news networks, doctors, scientists or anyone who wears the garb of apparent authority.Whereas a normal, intelligent person would raise commonsense questions about information they receive from all sources, the Gullible Mind wholly accepts virtually any information from sources that occupy the role of apparent authority in society. Governments never lie - But how does this work inside their heads? It's an interesting process. Gullible Mind people do believe it is possible for a government (or institution) to lie; but they believe that governments, institutions and doctors choose NOT to lie even when it would serve their own self interests to do so. Follow this carefully, because this is the fascinating part. These Gullible Mind people effectively believe that even though a government official could lie about something, they would never actually do so. And why wouldn't they? Because, ultimately, the Gullible Mind crowd believes that governments, institutions and mainstream media outlets operate from a sort of honor code. So even if it were in the interests of our own government to lie to us, it would never happen because that would violate this imaginary honor code. Where does this honor code exist? Where is it written down? Nowhere, of course. It is imaginary. CLIP

Check the URL below - even if this is an automatic translation you'll get a good idea of what this private wiki site is all about. And then check this translated webpage about new radioactive contamination.

Date: 18 May 2011
Subject: FUKULeaks
From: JSands

Link to FUKULeaks, a Wikileaks type site for the massive coverup of the Worldwide Nuclear Disaster taking place in Japan. In these docs the media, scientists, politicians and business people are being bought off for their silence. If they refuse according to the documents their reputation is attacked and destroyed, their lives possibly threatened. I myself have received an anonymous email warning me to keep quiet about this link that I discovered on a science blog. No one else has posted this wiki so it is up to me I guess. It is a desperate plea from Japan for help.

This isn’t just about Japan, or the U.S. and Canada. It affects the ENTIRE world. The information should be available to the public and the various academic communities. It is a matter of great moral urgency that the cover-up be stopped, for the sake of our future and the human race. Mankind so far has been irresponsible and proven he is unable to learn from past mistakes and to be a good caretaker to nuclear power. Science should do the right thing and be impartial and not a religion that bows down to industry, job opportunities and graft. Science needs to get back to its roots otherwise what will the future look like if this is covered up? It won’t get better unless people are willing to be ethical and do the right thing and not be afraid to speak out due to intimidation or threats.

Remember the Apollo incident? There were eureka moments that saved them from their dire circumstances. How can we do that now if our great minds have their heads buried in the sand, put there by Tepco? The global scientific community must be fully informed and given accurate data so that we have a chance at stopping this terrible tragedy as soon as possible. Now is not the time to hide things. All of us must come together at this time as we are all in this together. There are some things we can do to protect us to a degree. The public should be fully informed worldwide. There is no safe place away from this, Japan’s and North America’s problem is already spreading to Europe and beyond. Fallout knows no borders.

Anyone who is working for people who expect them to keep silent or falsify data, please wake up your sleeping conscience, you are not doing the right thing. Take the example of the honest Japanese advisor who resigned and the rare honest politician that attempted to blow the whistle on a high-density radiation release on May 8th on his blog. These people are heroes and should be greatly admired.

Good luck to us all, may the heroes in the world speak truth, and let’s work together at making a better planet and future. Humanity has faced tough times before in history and known hardship and helped one another. We are all in this together. Be strong and have courage and hope for the future. Let’s not point fingers as we are all in part responsible by if nothing else our silence and our blindness to what is going on around us. Instead let’s get working on that ‘eureka’ solution. We have no time to waste.

----- Original Message -----

From: JSands
Sent: May 18, 2011
Subject: Re: FUKULeaks

I wish you guys would anonymously get this FUKULeaks wiki going viral on the net so the media are forced to fess up, leave my email off it please.

I received a warning email regarding telling the truth and many scientists, media etc are being harassed and intimidated. Read these docs on the wiki - the scientists have been lying about the science and are all being paid off.

I am measuring .5 rems per hr here in LA today. You need a CDV-715 to measure these readings, regular geigers max out and become saturated giving low false readings. I pray Steve you are in a bunker as you are a National Treasure imo. If not get to the southern tip of New Zealand asap.

Hey, no one said it was easy to save a life-you have to get this info out-I can't stand seeing the parents giving their little kids ice cream out of ignorance (dairy concentrates radioactivity), makes me want to cry :(

Make this URL viral—you have the power to do so... :)




Fukushima: How Many Chernobyls Is It? - Dr Scampa’s Lethal Doses Count Increases Dramatically

(San Francisco) – The world’s second big nuclear disaster occurred at Chernobyl Reactor No. 4 in the Ukraine on April 26, 1986. Simply tagged as “Chernobyl,” it is what the next big and well known nuke disaster, after the American Three Mile Island, on March 28, 1979 came to be called. “Chernobyl” ejected 30% of one 192 ton, three month old reactor core. That’s 57.6 radioactive tons thrown into the air by fire and explosions. The tiny radioactive and burning smoke particles traveled around the world many times since 1979, killing an estimated one million people to date from radiation caused illnesses and cancers. This is according to Editor Dr Janette Sherman’s exhaustive and widely acclaimed book on 5,000 Chernobyl scientific papers recently published by the New York Academy of Sciences. Fukushima Daiichi Equals 50 Plus Chernobyls

As Dr. Michio Kaku, a world renowned CUNY theoretical physicist pointed out on CNN March 18, 2011, Chernobyl involved one reactor and only 57.6 Tons of the reactor core went into the atmosphere. In dramatic contrast, the Fukushima Daiichi disaster immediately involved six reactors and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN Agency) documented 2,800 Tons of highly radioactive old reactor cores. Simple division tells us there are at least 48.6 Chernobyls in the burning old reactor cores pumping fiery isotopes into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is no stretch to say Fukushima Daiichi’s six reactors and the dry holding pools for old reactor cores are equal to more than 50 Chernobyl disasters. Further clarification is needed, of course, and it is being worked out now by independent physicists. Note that the lethality of radioactive reactor cores goes up the first 250,000 years they are out of the reactor – not down.

Looking at the current Japanese meltdown as more than 50 Chernobyls is just the start. In addition, the fate of the four nearby reactors at Fukushima Daini is as yet unknown by the outside world. Working at the nearby reactors, only 10 km (6 miles away) is a quick, painful death sentence. They are inside the mandatory evacuation zone.

This much is known. All radioactive exposures are cumulative for each human, animal and plant. What’s more, mutated genetic codes are passed on to offspring forever. This means all Japanese and all Northern Hemisphere inhabitants suffer internal radioactive contamination from Fukushima Daiichi reactors already.

Fukushima Equals 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses

Dr Paolo Scampa, a widely know EU Physicist, single-handedly popularized the easily understood Lethal Doses concept. “Lethal Doses” is a world wide, well understood idea that strips Physics bare and offers a brilliant, understandable explanation for all the physics gobbledygook Intelligence agencies and their respective governments use to disguise the brutal truths of the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster.

Three thousand billion (3,000,000,000,000) Lethal Doses of Radiation means there are 429 Lethal Doses chasing each and every one of us on the planet, to put it in a nutshell. This is up from about 70 Billion Lethal Doses March 23, 2011. It is getting worse everyday without any intervention by the US and the other nuclear powers.

Veterans Today calls on the world’s nuclear powers to intervene sooner rather than later. It is up to the world’s only remaining Super Power, the United States, to get the Japan Reactor Disaster Intervention meeting officially underway. CLIP - To read the rest please go at


The Day Before Disclosure (1:39:23) Make sure to watch from 41 min into this video to 43 min 20 sec!!
"The Day Before Disclosure" is a recently released documentary made by an award winning Norwegian film maker, Terje Toftenes, who also made the fantastic Crop Circle Documentary called "Crop Circles : Crossovers From Another Dimension". About The Film - What if we were not alone ? What if the hundreds of thousands of people claiming to have seen unidentified flying objects, in fact had been witnesses to extra terrestrial spacecraft?What if the thousands of people all over the world who tell about their encounters with alien beings through friendly contact or even forced abductions, were actually telling the truth? (The Truth as in, what they experienced ... whether these were ETs or some kind of Black Ops Project is up for discussion !) What if our governments had known about an ET-presence for more than half a century, if they were in possession of alien technology that had the potential of changing how our world is run, and they chose to keep the public in the dark through a campaign of informational suppression? What if that campaign acted as a chain around the ankles of humanity, keeping us from rising to a whole new level of consciousness and understanding of our selves, our planet and the universe around us? And what if that campaign ended tomorrow? The Day Before Disclosure is a film documenting the growing awareness and the build up to what can potentially be the single, most important event in human history – the day the UFO and ET presence becomes a world wide accepted reality. This is the story of the witnesses that was laughed at, the researchers and reporters that wasn’t believed and the governmental and military personnel that were sworn to silence. A story that alters the foundation of everything you thought you knew, and takes you along for a ride all the way from the darkest abyss of living nightmares, through to the brightest hope for the future of humanity. This is the greatest story in human history. The Documentary Features: Steven Greer - Edgar Mitchell - Steve Basset - Robert Dean - Budd Hopkins - Barbara Lamb - David Jacobs - Richard Dolan - Stanton Friedman - Peter Robbins - Jim Marrs - Nadine Lalich Elaine - Michael Salla - Milton Torres - Wendelle Stevens - Paola Harris - Nick Pope - Miriam Delicado - Linda Moulton Howe - Robert Hastings - Dr Roger Leir -- Company: New Paradigm Films - Director: Terje Toftenes - Producer: Truls Toftenes, Ragnhild Løken, Terje Toftenes

The Secret Evidence: We Are Not Alone
Based on thousands of pages of de-classified documents, examines the government belief in aliens. MJ-12 refers to an elite TOP SECRET military group called into action by United States presidential order to investigate and conceal real alien and UFO encounters. Written by Jim Marrs, New York Times best-selling author of Crossfire, Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy. This story and the trail of scientific discovery presented in this film proves that the official US government position on UFOs has been, and still is, a carefully orchestrated deception designed to hide the most extraordinary secret in recorded history. Includes the shocking facts behind this amazing story and features video, photos, and secret government documents, along with a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with investigators, witnesses, researchers, scientists, astronauts and the best known most credible UFO authorities in the world today. Packed with expert analysis, in depth commentary and unforgettable conclusions about this alarming cover-up.

62 Children Encounter Aliens Part 1 - Part 2 HERE
In 1994, 62 children claimed to have had an alien encounter. John E. Mack, a Harvard Professor, traveled to Ruwa, Zimbabwe to investigate. More on this amazing story HERE and HERE - Check also John E Mack: UFOs / aliens shatter Western World view (powerful message) and watch also John Mack: Human Encounters with Aliens (excerpt)

Armchair astronaut discovers Mars 'space station' using Google earth (7th June 2011)
Note: According to a video expert consulted by Fred Burks, this "strange-looking structure on Mars is no more than data dropout." It "has none of the characteristics of a surface feature and all the characteristics of a JPEG data dropout." He claims this is an "embarrassing exercises in wishfully imaginative extrapolation."

Crop Circles Decoded? (8 oct. 2009)
Some believe they have decoded a few crop circles.

TRAILER - What On Earth? Crop Circle Documentary

Mystery of the Sphinx - part 2 HERE - Documentary on the Sphinx and pyramids

Göbekli Tepe - QUITE STUNNING!
We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and later to writing, art, and religion. Now the world’s oldest temple suggests the urge to worship sparked civilization - (...) Known as Göbekli Tepe (pronounced Guh-behk-LEE TEH-peh), the site is vaguely reminiscent of Stonehenge, except that Göbekli Tepe was built much earlier and is made not from roughly hewn blocks but from cleanly carved limestone pillars splashed with bas-reliefs of animals—a cavalcade of gazelles, snakes, foxes, scorpions, and ferocious wild boars. The assemblage was built some 11,600 years ago, seven millennia before the Great Pyramid of Giza. It contains the oldest known temple. Indeed, Göbekli Tepe is the oldest known example of monumental architecture—the first structure human beings put together that was bigger and more complicated than a hut. When these pillars were erected, so far as we know, nothing of comparable scale existed in the world.At the time of Göbekli Tepe's construction much of the human race lived in small nomadic bands that survived by foraging for plants and hunting wild animals. Construction of the site would have required more people coming together in one place than had likely occurred before. Amazingly, the temple's builders were able to cut, shape, and transport 16-ton stones hundreds of feet despite having no wheels or beasts of burden. The pilgrims who came to Göbekli Tepe lived in a world without writing, metal, or pottery; to those approaching the temple from below, its pillars must have loomed overhead like rigid giants, the animals on the stones shivering in the firelight—emissaries from a spiritual world that the human mind may have only begun to envision.Archaeologists are still excavating Göbekli Tepe and debating its meaning. What they do know is that the site is the most significant in a volley of unexpected findings that have overturned earlier ideas about our species' deep past. Just 20 years ago most researchers believed they knew the time, place, and rough sequence of the Neolithic Revolution—the critical transition that resulted in the birth of agriculture, taking Homo sapiens from scattered groups of hunter-gatherers to farming villages and from there to technologically sophisticated societies with great temples and towers and kings and priests who directed the labor of their subjects and recorded their feats in written form. But in recent years multiple new discoveries, Göbekli Tepe preeminent among them, have begun forcing archaeologists to reconsider. CLIP - AND WAIT TILL THEY FINALLY OFFICIALLY ADMIT THE EXISTENCE OF ATLANTIS AND OF ITS VAST TEMPLE COMPLEXES AND PYRAMIDS NOW UNDERWATER... such as what is shown in ATLANTIS HALL OF RECORDS COVERUP!! PRE 10,000BC BIMINI UNDERWATER PYRAMIDS Part 3 (Note from Jean: Parts of this is totally fascinating stuff worth watching to the end! PAssed 9 min into this video they talk about the now activated energy vortexes in the Gulf of Aden and near Florida that are "stargates for information and vibrational frequency change... As our ancient DNA reconnects, now is the final hour of awakening" - more (in Spanish) through Check also Archaeologists Claim They've Found Lost City Of Atlantis (VIDEO) - you can watch the video HERE As for the astounding pictures in Atlantis - Underwater Ruins - a photo collection showing some sunken ruins at Atlantis - they can have a powerful ancient memory-triggering effect on you... Check also Lemuria / Mu

Freedom of Speech - HBO Documentary - Part 1 of 5 (April 17, 2011)
This documentary film look at the changing interpretations of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution – laws and court cases that have alternatively broadened and narrowed the amendment’s protection of free speech and assembly. The film’s thesis is that post-9/11 the government has seized unprecedented license to surveil, intimidate, arrest, and detain citizens and foreigners alike. The film also looks back to the Pentagon Papers’ case and compares it to cases since 9/11 dealing with high school students’ speech and protesters marching in New York City during the 2004 Republican convention. Released 2009. Director: Liz Garbus. Documentary film. Part 2 HERE - Part 3 HERE - Part 4 HERE - Part 5 HERE

Tutorial: How To Get Around Government Censorship Of YouTube Videos (May 20, 2011)
Our so-called liberty loving democratic governments are resorting to tactics of a fascist totalitarian dictatorship and censoring YouTube videos which show nothing more then people protesting for their civil liberty. Here is the story behind the government censorship along with a tutorial on how to defeat it. Enjoy! 12610 points us to an InfoWars article revealing that the Government is censoring YouTube Videos, not for “piracy” or “cyber attack” videos, but to hide the massive uprising of the middle class that is spreading worldwide due to unbearable contempt that is spreading worldwide. -- "In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the free Internet, it has emerged that You Tube is complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights, while also deleting search terms by government mandate. The latest example is You Tube’s compliance with a request from the British government to censor footage of the British Constitution Group’s Lawful Rebellion protest, during which they attempted to civilly arrest Judge Michael Peake at Birkenhead county court. Peake was ruling on a case involving Roger Hayes, former member of UKIP, who has refused to pay council tax, both as a protest against the government’s treasonous activities in sacrificing Britain to globalist interests and as a result of Hayes clearly proving that council tax is illegal. Hayes has embarked on an effort to legally prove that the enforced collection… because no contract has been agreed between the individual and the state. His argument is based on the sound legal principle that just like the council, Hayes can represent himself as a third party in court and that “Roger Hayes” is a corporation and must be treated as one in the eyes of the law. The British government doesn’t want this kind of information going viral in the public domain because it is scared stiff of a repeat of the infamous poll tax riots of 1990, a massive tax revolt in the UK that forced the Thatcher government to scrap the poll tax altogether because of mass civil disobedience and refusal to pay. When viewers in the UK attempt to watch videos of the protest, they are met with the message, “This content is not available in your country due to a government removal request.” more HERE" - Of course, the first thing I did before starting to write this article was to vet the story. I clicked on the link to the censored video and it loaded absolutely fine for me. But as the article clearly states, it has been censored by the UK government so viewers in the UK can’t view it. So, I needed to trick youtube into thinking I was visiting from within the UK to verified the video was actually censored. Here is how I did it. CLIP

Alleged Cyber Attacks Are Setting The Stage For More Authoritarian Internet Controls (June 11th, 2011)
The number of alleged cyber attacks on high profile government, military and corporate entities is getting increasingly out of control. Although we could question if some of these so-called cyber attacks are real or fake all day long, what we do know is that these claims are being used to justify an increasing amount of authoritarian control over the Internet. It is starting to appear as if the stage is being set for some sort of manufactured technological related event that will give the establishment the perfect excuse to implement their desired controls.It would be fair to compare what’s happening now from a cyber security standpoint to what happened prior to the 9/11 attacks where relatively minor terror events throughout the 1990s set the stage for the big event. The staged 9/11 attacks have of course been used to bring in a vast number of anti-freedom measures in the name of security. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at some of these so-called cyber attacks that have occurred recently. - IMF Hit by Cyber Attack - Google, Citing Cyber Attack Threatens To Exit China - UK Government Under Cyber Attack Says Chancellor - Sony’s PlayStation Network and Qriocity Hacked - Wikileaks Supporters Attack Mastercard Site. These are just a small number of the recently reported cyber attacks or hacks that are said to have taken place. These events have prompted numerous calls from U.S. government officials claiming that billions of dollars needs to be spent on cyber security. We have even seen the U.S. government allude to the possibility that a cyber attack against them could be used as justification for military intervention against another country. Keep in mind that staging a cyber attack is much easier than staging a fake terror attack like what we saw on September 11th, 2001. All the U.S. government would have to do is intentionally pull the plug on a number of their critical systems and then place the blame on whoever they feel the need to attack. There is a very dangerous precedent being set here and unfortunately it looks as if the foundation for this narrative has been in the works for quite sometime now. Although there is no guarantee that a major cyber related event will happen, it is obvious that a storyline involving cyber attacks, hackers and its importance to national security is being formulated by the corporate media and government bureaucrats. The combination of these previously alleged cyber attacks and the rhetoric coming from the U.S. government pertaining to these events is very disturbing and indicates that a staged cyber attack is certainly a card that they might be getting ready to play.

Truth is Contagious - MUCH to discover through this site

Giant Ant Hill Excavated
From Ants! Natures Secret Power - A giant ant colony is pumped full of concrete (this is awful I know!), then excavated to reveal the complexity of its inner structure. Watch full video HERE

Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles" (May 2, 2011) BTW Eli is a long-time ERN subscriber - MUST watch!
"If you think the data you receive is impartial and/or uncensored, check this out." - As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there's a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a "filter bubble" and don't get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy. Read our community Q&A with Eli (featuring 10 ways to turn off the filter bubble): - Recommended by Richard Keber ( who wrote: "GREAT short, but VERY informative video! Without personal communications like this, we wouldn't even know "they" were doing this stuff to us - so many depend on the Internet for their information, and Now it's morphing before we even see it - how can we ever find our common Human-ness and discover ourselves as One?" Check the many interesting comments posted HERE and HERE on this issue

Damon Horowitz calls for a "moral operating system" (May 2011)
Damon Horowitz reviews the enormous new powers that technology gives us: to know more -- and more about each other -- than ever before. Drawing the audience into a philosophical discussion, Horowitz invites us to pay new attention to the basic philosophy -- the ethical principles -- behind the burst of invention remaking our world. Where's the moral operating system that allows us to make sense of it? Lots of comments posted there!

Jobs unveils 'the spaceship' that will oversee Apple's global domination (10 June 2011)
The "infinite Loop" – the street that's home to Apple's headquarters – clearly isn't infinite enough to cope with spiralling global demand for iPads, iPhones, iPods and elegant but slightly overpriced computers. Why else would Apple be planning to build a vast new Silicon Valley office complex that resembles a doughnut?
(...) Never knowingly short on confidence, Mr Jobs reckons it will be "the best office building in the world." It will also boast the "biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use". He hopes architectural students will study it for generations to come. CLIP

Solar Plane makes Maiden International Flight (May 14, 2011)
Pioneering Swiss solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has landed in Brussels after completing its first international flight, 13 hours after it took off from Switzerland. Pilot Andre Borschberg descended from the plane on Friday (local time) amid the applause of hundreds of people including Belgium's crown prince Philippe, who had followed Solar Impulse's long descent from a helicopter. "I captured more energy than I used," Borschberg said. "I flew with the power of a scooter". Bertrand Piccard, joint founder and president of the Solar Impulse project, said the successful landing was "wonderful". The single-seater had lifted off gently in clear blue skies from Payerne airbase at after being delayed by early morning mist. It covered roughly 480 kilometres from western Switzerland to Brussels airport, flying over France and Luxembourg at 3,600 metres.
"With this flight, we would like to encourage politicians to opt for more ambitious energy policies," Piccard said before the aircraft landed. He also called for "a change in mentalities to encourage people to use [green] technologies" and stop wasting fossil energies. "It is crazy that mankind wastes a billion tonnes of oil an hour," he said. "Who wants to believe that we will keep planes that burn up so much fuel?"
(...) Solar Impulse HB-SIA, which has the wingspan of a large airliner but weighs no more than a saloon car, made history in July 2010 as the first manned plane to fly around the clock and through the night on the sun's energy. It holds the endurance and altitude records for a manned solar-powered aeroplane after staying aloft for 26 hours, 10 minutes and 19 seconds above Switzerland, flying at 9,235 metres. The high-tech plane has since flown several times, notably between Geneva and Zurich airports, but the journey to a busy airport in Brussels through crowded airspace was regarded as a new test. HB-SIA relies on 12,000 solar cells on its 64-metre wings to charge the batteries that provide the energy for the 10 horsepower electric motors driving four propellers. Its record-breaking flight last year demonstrated its capacity to store up enough energy to fly through a summer night. The Solar Impulse team is planning to fly even further, including possible trans-American, trans-Atlantic and round-the-world flights - in stages - in 2013 and 2014 using a slightly larger aircraft. CLIP

Key News: FBI Anthrax Data Exonerate Ivins, Was Strauss-Kahn Set Up?, Big Oil Scrutinized, More

Bankers' Wives, Libya's Qaddafi Get Millions in Risk-Free Loans According to Released Bank Records

Sex, Lies, Arrogance: What Makes Powerful Men Behave So Badly? (May 19, 2011),8599,2072527,00.html
When her husband Dominique Strauss-Kahn was preparing to run for President of France five years ago, Anne Sinclair told a Paris newspaper that she was "rather proud" of his reputation as a ladies' man, a chaud lapin (hot rabbit) nicknamed the Great Seducer."It's important," she said, "for a man in politics to be able to seduce."Maybe it was pride that inspired French politicians and International Monetary Fund officials to look the other way as the rumors about "DSK" piled up, from the young journalist who says Strauss-Kahn tried to rip off her clothes when she went to interview him, to the female lawmaker who describes being groped and pawed and vowed never to be in a room alone with him again, to the economist who argued in a letter to IMF investigators that "I fear that this man has a problem that, perhaps, made him unfit to lead an institution where women work under his command." Maybe it was the moral laziness and social coziness that impel elites to protect their own. Maybe it was a belief that he alone could save the global economy. Maybe nothing short of jail is disqualifying for certain men in certain circles. But in any event, the arrest of Strauss-Kahn in New York City for allegedly trying to rape a hotel maid has ignited a fierce debate over sex, law, power and privilege. And it is only just beginning. The night of Strauss-Kahn's arraignment, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that the reason his wife Maria Shriver walked out earlier this year was the discovery that he had fathered a child more than a decade ago with a former member of the household staff. The two cases are far apart: only one man was hauled off to jail. But both suggest an abuse of power and a betrayal of trust. And both involve men whose long-standing reputations for behaving badly toward women did not derail their rise to power. Which raises the question: How can it be, in this ostensibly enlightened age, when men and women live and work as peers and are schooled regularly in what conduct is acceptable and what is actionable, that anyone with so little judgment, so little honor, could rise to such heights? CLIP

Sex and politics - part of our heritage (May 30, 2011)
Sexual secrets and drive do turn the tide of our public life. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or porn impresario Larry Flynt, author of a new book, One Nation Under Sex: How the Private Lives of Presidents, First Ladies and Their Lovers Changed the Course of American History. This public-private collision turns up as sexual speed traps in the waylaid careers of Schwarzenegger, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards and fully half of the presidents in our history, according to Flynt's book, which he co-wrote with Columbia history Professor David Eisenbach. Lying, blackmail and hypocrisy about secret carnality just add spice to the stew of a particularly American phenomenon described in Flynt's book. One common trait among the powerful and errant, Flynt [commented], "was a huge ego." The book presents us as an often prudish culture where mistresses, illegitimate children and homosexuality in Washington not only dominate the landscape but hijack it at key moments in our history. "I'm the first person to defend a philandering president" who's doing a good job for the public, Flynt says. He'd just like people to know a lot more about sex themselves and care a lot less about how other people practice it. In 2003, Flynt briefly ran for California governor as "the smut peddler who cares." If he had been elected, at least we would have known what we were getting. Note: If you are ready to see just how ugly it gets when sexual slavery reaches to the highest levels of government, watch the revealing Discovery Channel documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" at this link. "Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, Conspiracy of Silence was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top politicians. Some very powerful people did not want you to watch this documentary. Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can now view this eye-opening documentary at the link below." CHECK ALSO Anthony Weiner Press Conference: Admits Sending Racy Pictures, Refuses To Resign - "People who know Weiner were stunned, having argued as recently as last week that he was too smart to have done what he was accused of. “Well, apparently he wasn’t,” one told The Huffington Post. Another said keeping his job may be the least of his worries. “Forget staying in office. He’s going to get divorced," the person said. The congressman insisted that his marriage would survive, and said he might seek psychiatric help." AND The DSK Effect: French Media Starts Reporting the Peccadilloes (and Pedophilia) of Politicos (June 2, 2011)

Papua New Guinea: Push for Commission of Inquiry into Illegal Rainforest Logging/Oil Palm Land Grabs
Papua New Guinea (PNG) has some of the world's largest rainforests but sadly industrial logging and oil palm are booming. "Special Agriculture and Business Leases" covering 5.2 million hectares (12.8 million acres) have been granted 74 times by the PNG government over recent years, skirting forestry laws and allowing clearcuts of primary rainforests on customary land, for oil palm which may or may not get planted. There is huge concern that SABL leases were improperly executed and will result in large scale logging without providing agricultural development. Only an independent commission of inquiry - as promised by the acting Prime Minister and supported by local NGOs, but still not yet formally convened - can clean up PNG's latest rainforest land grab mess. TAKE ACTION HERE

Rainforest Rescue

Sauvons la Forêt

Beautiful images of erupting volcano in Chile

Incredible pictures of the recent Chilean Volcanic Eruption

Chile’s Puyehue Volcano's awesome fury (14 pictures) Watch these in full screen!!
Watch also: More stunning views of Chile volcano eruption, ash cloud from space

Global Earthquake and Volcano Overview (June 1, 2011)

Last 7 days in earthquakes — large uptick in swarm activity (May 25, 2011)

World Environment Day (WED) is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. WED activities take place all year round but climax on 5 June every year, involving everyone from everywhere. WED celebration began in 1972 and has grown to become the one of the main vehicles through which the UN stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action. Through WED, the UN Environment Programme is able to personalize environmental issues and enable everyone to realize not only their responsibility, but also their power to become agents for change in support of sustainable and equitable development.WED is also a day for people from all walks of life to come together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations. Everyone counts in this initiative and WED relies on you to make this happen! We call for action – organize a neighborhood clean-up, stop using plastic bags and get your community to do the same, plant a tree or better yet organize a collective tree planting effort, walk to work, start a recycling drive . . . the possibilities are endless. Check out the WED pack for interesting suggestions on what you could do. CLIP

Please Leave the Dolphins Free (June 10, 2011) BEAUTIFUL SONG!
Long-time ERN subscriber Jaiia Earthschild ( plays the lyre. She wrote: "Avaaz inspired me to film it as they have a campaign to free captive dolphins at the moment - dear to my heart!" Click on "plus" to find our more about this song and read the lyrics while she sings. Jaiia has been fortunate to go swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii on several occasions. Many more songs through - Check also the Avaaz campaign Save the Saddest Dolphins

To South African President Zuma and Minister Radebe: We call on you to publicly condemn 'corrective rape', criminalise hate crimes, and ensure immediate enforcement, public education and protection to victims. This terrible practice can only be stopped with leadership from your office and throughout government.

Common Bond Institute
Help Us Spread The Message - Peace is possible where dialog exists. At a time of rising turmoil and polarization - a time that calls for new thinking, new vision, new understanding, and new ways of relating in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. Common Bond Institute invites you to join in supporting international efforts advancing the consciousness of peace and healing by raising the capacity of the individual in society to compassionately transform conflict in their daily lives. Check at their upcoming Transforming Conflict:Sharing Tools for Cross-Cultural Dialogue - July 21-24, 2011 ~ Amman, Jordan

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless (June 2, 2011) ONLY IN THE US!!,0,7226362.story
Orlando police say they violated a city ordinance restricting the feedings. -- Members of Orlando Food Not Bombs were arrested Wednesday when police said they violated a city ordinance by feeding the homeless in Lake Eola Park. Jessica Cross, 24, Benjamin Markeson, 49, and Jonathan "Keith" McHenry, 54, were arrested at 6:10 p.m. on a charge of violating the ordinance restricting group feedings in public parks. McHenry is a co-founder of the international Food Not Bombs movement, which began in the early 1980s.The group lost a court battle in April, clearing the way for the city to enforce the ordinance. It requires groups to obtain a permit and limits each group to two permits per year for each park within a 2-mile radius of City Hall. (...) Police waited until everyone was served to make the arrests, said Douglas Coleman, speaking for Orlando Food Not Bombs. "They basically carted them off to jail for feeding hungry people," said Coleman, who was not present. "For them to regulate a time and place for free speech and to share food, that is unacceptable."Orlando Food Not Bombs has been feeding the homeless breakfast on Mondays for several years and dinner on Wednesdays for five years. Police had not enforced the ordinance while the court battle continued. The U.S. District Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta ruled that city rules regulating how often large groups of people can be fed in a park do not violate the Constitution.The penalty for violating Orlando's ordinance is 60 days in jail, a $500 fine or both.Arrest documents state that Orlando Food Not Bombs received permits and fed more than 25 homeless people at Lake Eola Park on May 18 and 23. Coleman said the group rejected the permits. CLIP

Food not Bombs
"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Food Not Bombs shares free vegan and vegetarian meals with the hungry in over 1,000 cities around the world to protest war, poverty and the destruction of the environment. With over a billion people going hungry each day how can we spend another dollar on war? URGENT! FOOD NOT BOMBS OUT OF FUNDS - PLEASE DONATE TODAY! thanks . CLIP - Check also Seven steps to organizing a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community AND Videos about Food Not Bombs from all over the world (Watch Food Not Bombs Greatest Hits - a brutal repression of this group has been going on for nearly 20 years in the US. What a shame! - Check also Wanda Sykes on Bail Out for the Rich!

First interview with Adam Kokesh after being arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial
Adam Kokesh (Adam vs. the Man) is demonstrating how tyrannical the federal government is -- they arrested him and others for dancing near the Jefferson Memorial.

Video of Adam Kokesh dance flash mob at Jefferson Memorial, June 4, 2011
In Washington DC, hundreds of people have been dancing at the Jefferson Memorial claiming they are exercising their first amendment rights. It comes after last week RT America host Adam Kokesh and four others were arrested by the police for dancing at the same spot.

Breast milk assault deemed "biohazard" by law enforcement officer (July 30, 2010)
A Kentucky police officer who was sprayed with breast milk while attempting to restrain a suspect reported the milk as a "biohazard" and charged the lactating woman with assault. On March 4, 31-year-old Toni Tramel was arrested for public drunkenness and taken to the Daviess County Detention Center in Owensboro. Officer Lula Brown reports that she instructed Tramel to change into a jail uniform, but that Tramel was "too intoxicated to complete the task on her own." Brown instructed Tramel that she "needed to take her shirt and bra off," at which point, according to the police officer, Tramel "took off her bra, grabbed her breast and squirted breast milk, hitting me in the face and neck region." The officer then forced Tramel against the wall and requested a smock from other jail personnel. CLIP - CHECK ALSO Raw Foodists Arrested for Trafficking Chocolate; Interrogated for "Cacao Crimes

No F1 in brutal Bahrain
This Friday, the brutal rulers of Bahrain might win hosting rights for the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix. But many drivers are uneasy about racing in a country that has tortured nurses, students, and innocent protestors. Let's call on Red Bull -- the leading team -- and its rivals to boycott Bahrain unless the violence stops! CLIP - Check also Bahraini female doctors recount detention 'horror' AND Bahrain - injured innocent people at Al-Salmaniya hospital (video)

Occupation's 44th year: Doctors Speak about the Occupation
44 years of Occupation, 23 years of PHR Israel's struggle for human rights, medical aid, solidarity and protest against the occupation. Our volunteers' points of view. CLIP

Take Action (suggestions by the Global Oneness Project)
Organize a screening, start a discussion, explore actions, and learn about a way of being in the world that is ultimately about service and stewardship. The films and resources we make available offer numerous ways to get involved. We hope that by viewing our films, you can engage individuals and communities in dialogue and help bring powerful ideas to life. Get started and take action now! Learn more about our screening program, download discussion guides and read our Living Oneness Study Guide: Restoring Wholeness in a Fragmented World.

Andy Griffith Vs. the Patriot Act
A true American. Sheriff Andy teaching Opie about the 4th amendment and the due process of law after Opie eavesdrops on a private conversation. COMMENTS: "Ahh the good ol days when people thought the? government and police force followed the laws they set up." - "Power corrupts. It may start out as being "only for terrorists and 'dangerous' people", but it can very? quickly slide into "if you're innocent you have nothing to hide." - "This is the world I grew up in. I'd hate to be a kid today growing up with all eyes and cameras on you watching your every move. The patriot act? is anything but patriotic." - " Mark my Words the 4th? is JUST THE START. The 1st Amendment has been strangled by PC and "hate speech". The 4th is gone the REAL goal is the 2nd good luck with that one." CLIP More related videos in the right-hand column

Beyond Belief by ERN subscriber Frank Huguenard (
Jesus trained in India. Jesus died in India. Jesus emphasized meditation. Jesus taught reincarnation. The proof is Beyond Belief - this is a follow up to Beyond Me - a documentary which delivers a universal message of peace. In 53 minutes, this film spans the cosmos, instincts, reincarnation, cellular biology, personality disorders, computer science and much more and offers a compelling case as to why meditation is vital for our evolution, both personal and otherwise.

Prêts à tomber par le groupe Vulgaires Machins (10 juin 2011)
Greenpeace et le groupe Vulgaires Machins ont lancé conjointement un vidéoclip qui témoigne de crimes contre l'environnement. La vidéo invite le public à se lever pour faire cesser les crimes commis contre la planète. Pas prêts à tomber - Parce que la protection de l’environnement n’est pas une partie qui peut finir nulle, Greenpeace et Vulgaires Machins profitent de l’occasion pour inviter le public à passer à l’action en participant au Grand rassemblement du 18 juin contre le gaz de schiste - Cette manifestation aura lieu alors que la marche citoyenne du groupe Moratoire d’une Génération arrive à Montréal.

Marchons ensemble vers un avenir plus vert! - Grand rassemblement national à Montréal
Laissons derrière les énergies sales et marchons ensemble vers un avenir plus vert! Grand rassemblement devant les bureaux d’Hydro-Québec le samedi 18 juin à 14:00 pour l’arrivée de la grande marche de la campagne Moratoire d’une génération. Venez dire au gouvernement Charest et à l’industrie du gaz de schiste et des énergies sales que nous n’acceptons pas la manière dont ils nous traitent. Nous voulons un vrai moratoire sur le gaz de schiste et les énergies sales au Québec car seules les énergies propres ont leur place chez-nous, au XXIe siècle!Quand : Samedi 18 juin · 14:00 - 17:00 Où : Devant les bureaux d’Hydro-Québec,coin René-Lévesque et St-Urbain à Montréal.

De nombreux sinkholes provoquent la panique en Chine (5 mai 2011)
Voir aussi More road sinkholes worldwide – last 7 days summary - Affaissements à Charlesbourg: des radars pour élucider le mystère - Sinkhole swallows teen soccer player - Top Ten Huge Sinkholes Worldwide - MASSIVE HOLES APPEARING AROUND THE WORLD


WHO agency warns cellphone use ‘possibly carcinogenic’ (May. 31, 201)
HERE, it is obvious that the vast majority of cellphone users are in deep denial mode, fully addicted to this insidious technology and not about to kick their habit, just like addicted tobacco smokers or crack addicts... Most people will procrastinate to the bitter end before starting to take seriously the growing chorus of warnings about the ever increasing health risks associated with not only cell phone use but more generally with all sources of microwaves bombarding human beings non stop nowadays, except in remote areas. More related news HERE - Check also WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

Head of the INTERPHONE study, Elisabeth Cardis, and scientists in Israel link mobile phones to parotid gland tumors. Dr. Siegal Sadetski, testifies at US Senate Hearing

Skelton, Taintor & Abbott Wins Landmark Smart Meter Case (May 25, 2011)
On behalf of several Maine residents, Skelton, Taintor & Abbott secured a landmark decision that will benefit utility customers throughout the country. Alan Stone, chair of the firm's energy law group, successfully convinced the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to find that it was an unjust and unreasonable practice for Central Maine Power Company (CMP) to refuse to permit residential and small commercial customers to opt-out of CMP’s smart meter program. Skelton, Taintor & Abbott represented a group of customers in a complaint against CMP, and convinced the MPUC to order CMP to offer customers the option of opting out of the smart meter program and retaining their existing electromagnetic meters. Stone proved that because of unresolved concerns relating to health, privacy and cyber security resulting from the installation of wireless meters on their homes, customers should have a choice concerning the installation of those meters. CMP argued vigorously that customers should not be allowed to opt out, and the MPUC found that position to be unjust and unreasonable. The Portland Press Herald has described the decision as a “landmark” case that represents the first time any state had ordered an electric utility to permit customers the choice to opt out of a smart meter program. The case has been followed by other Public Utilities Commissions and utility experts around the country, and will serve as precedent for others in the determination of how to resolve what has become a growing debate about customer choice and smart meters. Alan Stone is also chair of the trial practice group at Skelton, Taintor and Abbott, and has been recognized by Best Lawyers in the area of Energy Law.

Dalton McGuinty’s shocking admission: Editorial (SEPTEMBER 18, 2010)
Premier Dalton McGuinty, having launched Ontario on a billion-dollar smart meter experiment,now admits the electricity pricing scheme that’s supposed to make it all work, isn’t. Terrific! Now he tells us. Couldn’t his experts have figured this out before he started installing smart meters all over the province? Worse, McGuinty’s government has been sending out conflicting signals on whether smart meters are even supposed to save us money. Right now, most hydro customers who have smart meters – and we’re all getting them eventually – are seeing their bills rise. And that’s just because of the meters. It doesn’t include all the other rate increases because of such things as McGuinty’s Green Energy Act and his 8% tax hike on electricity, as of July 1, due to the HST. McGuinty says the problem with the smart meters is the cheaper, off-peak rate of 5.3¢ per kwh, to encourage people to do things like laundry and dish-washing between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays, or at any time on weekends and statutory holidays, isn’t enough of an incentive to change old habits. For that reason, he said, he might lower off-peak rates to provide a greater price differential, compared to the mid-peak rate of 8¢ per kwh and on-peak rate of 9.9¢ per kwh. But under opposition questioning in the Legislature, McGuinty wouldn’t rule out raising mid-peak and on-peak rates to increase the differential from off-peak. Besides, the smart meter pricing system is so confusing it’s no wonder few consumers who have them are changing their habits.While the times for off-peak rates are constant throughout the year, mid-peak and on-peak occur at different times during the winter and summer months, causing further confusion. In “summer” – defined as May 1 to Oct. 31 – mid-peak rates apply from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays, while on-peak rates apply from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. But in “winter” – defined as Nov. 1 to April 30 – the charges reverse, with on-peak rates applied from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., while mid-peak occurs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Good luck keeping track of all that. Plus, there’s so little difference between the mid-peak and on-peak rates – 8¢ versus 9.9¢ per kwh – it’s hard to see many customers changing their electricity use patterns because of them. Finally, despite the premier’s insistence smart meters can save people money if consumers take advantage of them, an aide to former interim energy minister Gerry Phillips told the Sun earlier this year “smart meters are more about creating awareness of energy use, rather than helping people save money.” Great. So which is it, premier? And why do you appear to be making up your policies on electricity pricing on the fly? - NOTE from Jean: Actually the end result of this scheme will be - already is in a small way - many successive rate hikes at peak time to rack in more money to pay for the unsustainable centralized energy production system we have, while also creating a host of health problems (migraine, heart palpitations, insomnia, etc.) for the millions of people from now on exposed at home to these powerful WiFi microwaves blasted 24/365 by these killer-and-definitely-unsmart-meters. Permanent torture for the growing percentage of people suffering from electrohypersensitivity and price-gouging for everyone else. This should warrant a very large people's revolt against this unconscionable scheme.

PACE calls on governments to ‘take all reasonable measures’ to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields (27/05/2011)
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), meeting in Kyiv at Standing Committee level, today called on European governments to “take all reasonable measures” to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones, “and particularly the exposure to children and young people who seem to be most at risk from head tumours”. According to parliamentarians, governments should "for children in general, and particularly in schools and classrooms, give preference to wired Internet connections, and strictly regulate the use of mobile phones by schoolchildren on school premises”, and put in place information and awareness-raising campaigns on the risks of potentially harmful long-term biological effects on the environment and on human health, especially “targeting children, teenagers and young people of reproductive age”. Following the proposals of the rapporteur (Jean Huss, Luxembourg, SOC), the Assembly called on governments to provide information on potential health risks of DECT-type wireless telephones, baby monitors and other domestic appliances which emit continuous pulse waves, if all electrical equipment is left permanently on standby. They should, instead, recommend “the use of wired, fixed telephones at home or, failing that, models which do not permanently emit pulse waves”. Governments should “reconsider the scientific basis for the present electromagnetic fields exposure standards set by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection, “which have serious limitations” and apply as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) principles. The adopted resolution underlines the fact that “the precautionary principle should be applicable when scientific evaluation does not allow the risk to be determined with sufficient certainty” and stresses that “the issue of independence and credibility of scientific expertise is crucial” to achieve a transparent and balanced assessment of potential negative impacts on the environment and human health. Adopted text

Cell Phones and your Brain (May 20, 2011)
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins Suzanne Malveaux for a look at myths and facts surrounding cell phones and brain tumors.

Cell phones and radiation: The 10 highest- and lowest-emitting models (June 1, 2011)
(CNN) -- Cell phone users -- a group that, these days, means practically everybody -- are no doubt concerned about Tuesday's news that the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies cell phones as "possibly carcinogenic to humans."The phones themselves aren't necessarily harmful. It's the radiation emitted by the phones -- and absorbed by the human body -- that troubles some doctors. But when it comes to radiation levels, all phones aren't equal. Below are lists of the models available from major carriers that emit the highest and lowest levels of radiofrequency energy. CLIP - Full listing starts HERE (This is only the page 1 of 9 pages...)

Appliances Introducing Stealth EMF Into Our Homes (May 27, 2011) THIS IS COMPLETELY INSANE!!
This morning we received an open letter from Cindy Sage, Principal of Sage Associates, an environmental consulting firm based in Santa Barbara. What she reports below is very disturbing- that appliances are already being fitted with transmitters to connect to the ‘smart’ grid via the ‘home area network.’ The problem here is that these decisions- to install smart meters, to have your washing machine chatting behind your back with your utility through the “Home Area Network” (HAN) - have all been made behind closed doors- at exclusive resorts and conferences where utilities, regulators and appliance manufacturers hatch ambitious schemes without any consultation with the people whose lives will be affected by these technologies. We can catch a glimpse of the arrogant mindset behind this truly stupid program from reading through PG&E’s internal presentations on the SmartMeter program. Moral of the story - beware when you buy any new appliances- they may come with a nasty electromagnetic surprise inside. Always ask before buying, and let them know you don’t want wireless! Corporations should be even warier. As the hazards of wireless technology become well known throughout society - hopefully this will hit these companies in their bottom line - about the only thing they appear to pay any attention to. Boycott the HAN! Refuse Smart Meters!
From Cindy Sage:
Dear Friends, We just purchased a new Bosch washer and dryer - for delivery next week. Epidemiologist Sam Milham happened to call this morning and said the following: "I've just tested a home with an oven and dishwasher that had continuously radiating RF from internal power transmitters".  He could verify the RF signal was continuous, and only stopped when he threw the circuit breakers for those appliances (turned off the electricity to them).  He could say with certainty the RF signal came from the appliances, because the signal was strongest at the appliance and attenuated with distance. We have been told that these power transmitters will - in the future - be placed on appliances to monitor and report their energy usage to a wireless smart meter. Further, they should only be giving off RF pulses (the signal) very infrequently. According to Richard Tell, an electrical engineer formerly with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -- in a 2008 report on Smart Grids for Hydro One Networks, Inc./Toronto -- antennas on appliances may transmit at a density of .18watts, each at ballpark 4.5 seconds per hour. Well, these appliance power transmitters are, in at least some cases, transmitting CONTINUOUSLY.  This puts them into a category more like wireless routers and WI-FI. No one is going to tolerate 12-15 such power transmitters inside their homes that radiate full time. These are appliances you come into close contact with while you cook and move around your kitchen. Multiple, continuously transmitting RF sources are absolutely unacceptable to people with EHS and some ADA people with medical implants. Bosch customer service confirmed that both the washer and dryer we have on order contain power transmitters. They cannot be 'deactivated'. We cancelled our order this morning. --- Imagine every one of these power transmitters is an 'energy vampire' chewing up electricity you have to pay for, while that damnable smart meter system is inflicted on you, at your own cost. This is upside down.

Will Europe Ban Cellphones in Schools over Radiation Fears? (May 26, 2011)
How harmful is cell phone radiation? A new report to the Council of Europe isn't willing to offer a definitive answer, but it does suggest that maybe we should keep cell phones (as well as Wi-Fi signals) away from schools, just in case. The report, "The Potential Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields and Their Effect on the Environment," suggests that certain frequencies of electromagnetic fields "be they sourced from extremely low frequencies, power lines or certain high frequency waves used in the fields of radar, telecommunications and mobile telephony, appear to have more or less potentially harmful, non-thermal, biological effects on plants, insects and animals, as well as the human body when exposed to levels that are below the official threshold values." In fact, the report goes on, the dangerous nature of cellphone electromagnetism is likened to the danger caused by "asbestos, leaded petrol and tobacco."(The effect on insects was most recently demonstrated by research suggesting that cell phone usage may be the cause of the dramatic fall in the world's bee population.) There are a number of recommendations made in the report, including taking "all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially to radio frequencies from mobile phones, and particularly the exposure to children and young people who seem to be most at risk from head tumors" by introducing new urban planning measures André Fauteux"> to keep power lines away from houses and, most controversially, banning "all mobile phones, DECT phones or WiFi or WLAN systems from classrooms and schools." CLIP - IF THIS IS BAD FOR OUR KID'S CLASSROOMS, IT IS ALSO CERTAINLY BAD FOR OUR HOMES AND WORKPLACES!

Plus de détails dans Le danger potentiel des champs électromagnétiques et leurs effets sur l’environnement et voir aussi Résolution du Conseil de l'Europe : reconnaissance du danger et recommandation d'abaissement des seuils d'exposition des antennes-relais à 0,6V/m puis 0,2V/m (Texte adopté par la Commission permanente, agissant au nom de l’Assemblée, le 27 mai 2011) L'EUROPE PREND LES DEVANTS ET ADOPTE DES MESURES CLAIRES ET PRUDENTES POUR RÉDUIRE L'EXPOSITION DE LA POPULATION AUX MICRO-ONDES DÉSORMAIS RECONNUES COMME NOCIVES POUR LES ENFANTS ET LES PERSONNES ÉLECTROHYPERSENSIBLES. À QUAND DE PAREILLES MESURES AU QUÉBEC ET EN AMÉRIQUE DU NORD? Voir à ce propos la lettre Compteurs 'intelligents' : Importante requête adressée à Hydro-Québec que j'ai envoyée à Hydro-Québec le 28 mai dernier... Elle comporte de nombreux ajouts importants et concerne tous les Québécois qui seront bientôt confrontés à un viol électromagnétique de leur espace vital par l'installation - sans leur permission et sans égard pour leur santé - de compteurs électriques dotés de puissants émetteurs WiFi dont les effets nocifs peuvent être jusqu'à 100 fois plus puissants que ceux des téléphones cellulaires selon des analyses indépendantes. Voir aussi le cas de José Lévesque récemment porté à mon attention et illustrant bien à quel point les problèmes de santé pouvant être occasionnés par les émetteurs micro-ondes sont réels et sérieux. Pour plus de détails sur l'électrosensibilité, lire L'EHS par le Dr David Dowson - Pour en savoir plus sur ce dossier et sur de nombreux autres sujets liés à l'environnement et aux maisons saines et éconergétiques, je vous recommande le magazine La maison du 21e siècle dont vous pouvez obtenir une numéro d'essai gratuit (celui de l'été qui comporte de nombreux articles forts intéressants) via leéro-dessai-gratuit ou en téléphonant au 1 800 217-0591- Vous pouvez aussi vous abonner à leur cyberbulletin gratuit via le

Les ondes cellulaires seraient cancérigènes (31 mai 2011)
Voir aussi Radio-Canada RDI, cancer et micro-ondes, cellulaire et antenne relais - François Therrien du Collectif SEMO qui a participé à cette entrevue avait ceci comme commentaire dans son bulletin du 31 mai: « Avec ces deux évènements, l’un scientifique et l’autre politique, le discours des scientifiques à la solde de l’industrie des micro-ondes niant tout effet néfaste sur la santé des technologies sans fil depuis des années apparaît sous sa véritable identité : un discours complaisant motivé par l’argent facile. Les masques sont tombés. Les discours des Ariel Fenster (McGill), Michel Plante (Hydro-Québec-Vidéotron) et de leurs acolytes au Québec doivent être revus et corrigé par des scientifiques indépendants, et la population doit avoir accès à une information préconisant le principe de précaution avec les technologies utilisant les micro-ondes. Sur France 3, le 17 mai 2011, a été diffusé un reportage sur le dossier des micro-ondes. « HORS SÉRIE - MAUVAISES ONDES » (Reportage CHOC à voir absolument! À noter : malgré le faux avertissement que vous verrez en cliquant sur le lien précédent, il n'y a aucun risque pour votre ordinateur). On explicite clairement les méthodes d’intimidation utilisées par les compagnies de cellulaire pour retarder la connaissance scientifique officielle des effets néfastes des micro-ondes. Voir le Reportage vraiment impressionnant de 60 minutes sur le site français du collectif Next-up. »

Insomnia, hypertension and other health ills linked to microwave radiation from Cell Phone Towers - Electromagnetic emissions cause havoc with the health of millions
The Cell Phone Tower on the left is actually more dangerous than the two Nuclear Power Plants shown in the photo below. This is because Cell Phone Towers are designed to emit radiation 24/7 and 365 days a year while a Nuclear Power Plants is designed to contain the radiation inside the structure. We live in a world increasingly bombarded with electromagnetic energy and signals. The burgeoning wireless technology is driven by worldwide sales of the telecommunications industry of around 100 billion dollars a month or sales in excess of one trillion dollars annually. Such vast sums of money can be a source of corruption on a scale unmatched in history. Awash in money and with billions of dollars available for advertising, the telecommunications industry can buy the influence of government officials and the media marketplace. The media's independence is further compromised when it depends on these advertising dollars. Money also pays for bogus safety studies that do not test for pre-disease biomarkers or address long term effects and other critical safety issues - the effects of high frequency radio waves known as microwaves on pre-disease indicators at the molecular level, on glandular function, free radicals, inflammatory markers for heart disease like C-reactive protein and production of melatonin that affects sleep and other hormones. The effects on quantity and quality of sleep may be the biggest issue of all as sleep deprivation leads to inflammation, hypertension, depression, anxiety, heart attacks and yes, death. More young people are experiencing an early death as a result of being driven by chronic insomnia, anxiety and depression to use more drugs and in combinations that prove deadly as they attempt to address, in desperation, their chronic health problems. Inside our homes and offices are television sets, microwave ovens, florescent lights, computer screen, Ipods, cordless phones and mobile phones. Outside our homes are cell phone relay towers, radio and television stations and from outer space are thousands of satellites blanketing the earth with television and radio signals. How much is too much and what effect is this increasing clutter of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) doing to our health and our planet? Is it interfering with the ultra low wattage of our own central nervous system, with cell signaling and with glandular function? How is it affecting the health of our children? Is it causing an increase in childhood asthma? Is it impairing the ability of school children to learn? Is it causing hypertension, insulin resistance and heart disease? Is it impairing hormone production? As cell phone towers increase in quantity, sleep quality deteriorates for millions of Americans. In 2000, the number of United States residents using cell phones was 109 million. By 2009, this was up to 271 million. In 2004, there were 36 million prescriptions for sleeping aids. Five years later, the number of sleep aid drugs prescribed increased by 60% to over 56 million annually. Sales of drugs to induce sleep like Ambien and Lunestra keep on climbing annually. This does not include OTC dietary supplements like melatonin and other sleeping aids that have steadily increased also. In addition, type II diabetes increases annually as does high blood pressure. Within the past few years the number of Americans with hypertension has gone from 60 million to 76 million. Why the sudden increase? Where will it stop? Will it be 100 million next? I remember the good old days when you could get eight hours of refreshing sleep every night. I was young and lived on a farm, falling asleep and staying asleep was not a problem. Later on when I moved to the city, falling asleep and staying asleep was not a problem initially, but then over time something changed. CLIP

Can WiFi Make You Sick? Maybe! (May 30, 2011)
While it may seem crazy, all the electromagnetic waves from the various WiFi devices that clutter our world may actually make you sick. In Europe, people are becoming more concerned about electrosensitivity and its long-term health effects. People with electrosensitivity often find themselves with unexplained headaches, rashes, nausea, and fatigue. Most people are barely affected, but MSNBC reports some people have such serious sensitivities that they have to move out of the city to avoid WiFi devices. Some doctors and psychologists believe that this is all psychosomatic and have done studies that seemingly prove that electrosensitivity is all in the patients' heads. Other doctors, however, believe that this is a very real condition, and the electromagnetic waves can affect our neurological systems more than we know now. CLIP

Woozy from WiFi? ‘Electrosensitive’ say modern life makes them ill (5/30/2011)
In remote forest of Sweden, couple escapes electromagnetic wave -- Much of modern life — the buzzing of cell phones, the humming of laptops, the ubiquity of WiFi — is enough to give anyone a headache. But what if electromagnetic waves really did make you sick? For people who call themselves "electrosensitive," life in our plugged-in world is becoming increasingly unbearable. As they define it, electrosensitivity syndrome is characterized by headaches, rashes, nausea, fatigue and even fainting when sufferers come too close to electromagnetic radiation. Although electrosensitivity is not recognized as a medical diagnosis, it's a condition those in Europe are especially concerned about — in fact, earlier this month, leaders from the Council of Europe pushed to ban cell phones and WiFi in schools, the Telegraph reported. Most people who complain of electrosensitivity are only mildly bothered by electromagnetic waves, but some say the health affects are so severe that they're unable to live comfortably in a city. To find more about the extreme end of this condition, TODAY took to the remote forests of Sweden, a country that recognizes electrosensitivity as a functional impairment. Video: Unplugged! Community lives without electricity (on this page) CLIP

Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools, say European leaders (14 May 2011)
Mobile phones and computers with wireless internet connections pose a risk to human health and should be banned from schools, a powerful European body has ruled. A Council of Europe committee examined evidence that the technologies have "potentially harmful" effects on humans, and concluded that immediate action was required to protect children. In a report, the committee said it was crucial to avoid repeating the mistakes made when public health officials were slow to recognise the dangers of asbestos, tobacco smoking and lead in petrol. The report also highlighted the potential health risks of cordless telephones and baby monitors, which rely on similar technology and are widely used in British homes. Fears have been raised that electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless devices can cause cancers and affect the developing brain. The findings were seized on by campaigners who oppose the spread of wireless devices. The committee concluded that member states should: • Set thresholds for levels of long-term exposure to microwaves of the type emitted by mobile phones; • Introduce clear labelling on products indicating the presence of electromagnetic fields and any health risks associated with use; • Ban all mobile phones and wireless networks in classrooms and schools; • Run information campaigns aimed at children and young adults about the risks to human health; • Step up research on less-dangerous types of antennae and mobile phones. CLIP

How Electromagnetically Induced Cell Leakage May Cause Autism (May 2011)
(...) There has been a 60-fold increase in ASD in recent years, which cannot be accounted for by improvements in diagnostic methods and can only be explained by changes inthe environment. This increase corresponds in time to the proliferation of mobile telecommunications, WiFi, and microwave ovens as well as extremely low frequency fields (ELF) from mains wiring and domestic appliances. We can now explain this in terms of electromagnetically-induced membrane leakage leading to brain hyperactivity and abnormal brain development. Non-ionising radiation makes cell membranes leak The first effect of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation is to generate small alternating voltages across the cell membranes, which destabilize them and make them leak. This can have all sorts of consequences as unwanted substances diffuse into and out of cells unhindered, and materials in different parts of the cell that are normally kept separate, become mixed CLIP

New study confirms cell phone exposure damages DNA, brain and sperm (May 29, 2011)
Washington: A group of international scientists has released what they call 'stunning proof' confirming cell phone use can disrupt DNA, impair brain function and lower sperm count. A meeting Monday by Environmental Health Trust, with the Turkish cancer society, and Gazi University, revealed the new research that the scientists say shows just four hours of cell phone exposure can damage DNA, brain and sperm function. Other new important work from Australia shows damage to human sperm. "We are deeply concerned about what this could mean for public health," said Prof. Nesrin Seyhan , WHO and NATO advisor who is head and founder of Biophysics Department and Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory at Gazi University in Ankara."This work provides a warning signal to all of us. The evidence justifies precautionary measures to reduce the risks for everyone of us," says Prof. Wilhelm Mosgoeller from the Medical University of Vienna who has led European research teams, who found that RF-EMF induce DNA breaks. A research team at the University of Athens discussed how insect studies have demonstrated that acute exposure to GSM (Global System for Mobile) signals brings about DNA fragmentation in insects' ovarian cells, and consequently a large reduction in the reproductive capacity of the insects. Further studies demonstrated that long exposures induced cell death to the insects in the study.Workshop attendee Dr. Adamantia Fragopoulou, leader of a team at the University of Athens, shared a finding about embryonic development taking place in the presence of a mild electromagnetic field. Throughout the gestation period, exposure to radiation for just six minutes a day affects the bone formation of fetuses. The team suggests that this is possibly caused by the interaction of cell phone radiation with crucial molecules and ions involved in embryogenesis. Dr. Seyhan shared work performed at Gazi University demonstrating that the increasing use of cell phones-and the increasing number of associated base stations-are becoming a widespread source of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. It suggested that some biological effects are likely to occur even with low-level electromagnetic fields. The team concluded that 900 and 1,800 MHz radiation levels are related to an increase in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier in young adult male rats. The rat's brains can be used to correspond to the brains of human teenagers. In addition, research from the University of Athens shared their studies demonstrating that rats exposed to cell phone radiation were unable to remember the location of places previously familiar to them. This finding is of potentially critical importance for people, who heavily rely on spatial memory for recording information about their environment and spatial orientation.

Face to Face with Smart Meters (June 1, 2011 - 58 min)
Starting as soon as this summer the BC government is going to put a powerful wireless transmitter ON YOUR HOUSE. At a cost of One Billion Dollars. For no good reason. We talk to Walt McGinnis about the dangers of all wireless technology -- including the ability of Hydro and other hackers to invade your privacy by reading your meter output -- which will be linked to ALL of your electrical devices -- and data mining your usage habits. This will allow Hydro to bill you based on peak or low times and it will allow marketers to target you based on your data. They also discuss the intentional dismantling of BC Hydro, the lack of public consultation and education and, most important, the health impact of EMR on living organisms.

WHO Wireless/ Cancer Link a Game Changer for Smart Meters (June 2nd, 2011)
Make no mistake. The decision by the World Health Organization on Tuesday to classify non-ionizing radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” is an absolute game changer for our movement. This seemingly cautious statement by the world’s pre-eminent health organization should ring loud alarm bells around the world. Despite backroom industry influence and widespread conservatism, the slow-to-react beast was finally forced to act- as the walls of wireless damage closed in. Wireless technology is something most of us have taken for granted for quite a while now. Someone said the other day, “I don’t even remember when they introduced cell phones. All of a sudden everyone was just using them.” Therein lies the crux. We just took the phone we were handed. We didn’t ask questions. We trusted that any authority that would allow this product to be sold would not do so without reasonable assurances of safety. It is now clear that that misplaced trust has been betrayed, and people are dying because of it. The truth is that our government allowed (even promoted) a technology whose effects on biological living systems we really knew very little about. There’s capitalism for you. Life really isn’t that important. It’s all about the money. You are expendable. So - apparently - is the planet.

The WHO’s decision, and the large number of studies that led to it are suddenly opening up a whole new set of questions about how we use wireless - questions that people wouldn’t have dared to whisper- even last week. For example:

1) Shouldn’t there be laws against someone else’s wi-fi entering your home? Your neighbor would not be allowed to douse your living room with chloroform (now in the same ‘possibly carcinogenic’ category as EMF radiation). Why should they be able to inflict wi-fi on you- particularly if it prevents you from carrying out basic life activities- like- er- sleeping?
2) Shouldn’t public buildings such as libraries and public transportation ban wireless emitting devices such as wi-fi routers, cell phones and iPads? A bus full of 100 people on their cell phones- with all their signals bouncing around the metal chassis- is like being forced to sit inside a microwave oven. We are entitled to accessible transportation and public services, without being exposed to a carcinogen. Wireless makes these services inaccessible to the growing number of electrosensitive individuals. There’s definitely a lawsuit here if officials fail to do their job.
3) Isn’t it now just as morally acceptable to ask someone to turn off their cell phone in a public place as asking them to extinguish that cigarette?

We wouldn’t be surprised to see regulations coming forward over the next few years restricting cell phone use in the same way that smoking has been further and further marginalized, from sections in restaurants to banned inside even bars, to prohibitions around doorways, and now bans in entire neighborhoods. So where does all this leave the “smart” meter rollout? PG&E and other utilities have pointed to the World Health Organization to reassure its customers of the safety of RF radiation. Now that the WHO has declared that such radiation is ‘possibly carcinogenic’ and independent analyses have pegged “smart” meter radiation at 100x the exposure of a cell phone, the wireless mesh network is looking more and more like a dangerous mistake. The utilities that launched this program without even consulting us- arrogantly refusing to consider the human or environmental health impacts- should be the ones to pick up the pieces and pay the tab for this debacle. Not the ratepayers. Not the victims who are living like animals running from this vicious technology; living in their cars or in the woods. The East Bay Express reports PG&E’s words a year ago: “The federal government and the international health community, including the World Health Organization,” PG&E said at the time, “have deemed the low-level radio frequency on which PG&E’s SmartMeters rely to be completely safe.” But not anymore.

David Baker, Energy reporter for the SF Chronicle wrote: ‘Given the potential consequences for public health of this classification and findings, it is important that additional research be conducted into the long-term, heavy use of mobile phones,’ said Christopher Wild, the WHO’s director. ‘Pending the availability of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting.’ That’s similar to the arguments made by many California city councils that have called for a SmartMeter moratorium. If the science isn’t settled, they argue, shouldn’t we stop installing the meters until it is? They now have more ammunition to press their case.”

To many of us who have experienced firsthand the health damage caused by wireless, the WHO declaration is just one more brick in the wall of evidence that this technology hurts people. But to most people, this is a huge wake up call that has received widespread coverage in the mainstream media- as if this is a new thing. Just like gradual acceptance of climate change over the past couple of decades, governments, industry and institutions will brush aside the critics, pretending they are now the ones to protect you from the dangers and that they have the situation under control. They will promote new devices to shield your skull from radiation- the light cigarettes and electric cars of the wireless world. But in the end we know what we need to do. We just need to quit the addiction. We need to re-wire. And our lives will be better for it.

Biological Effects of Other Wireless Technologies Also Raise Concern (June 2, 2011)
(...) Camilla Rees, founder of, says there is a mounting body of evidence of other biological effects - such as changes in DNA, fertility and brain metabolism - from cell phones, as well as from other wireless technologies such as chronic low-power exposures to wi-fi. "The elephant in the room is that radiation risks are not only from cell phones, but from all radiation-emitting consumer devices. Then, of course, there are the cell towers in people's neighborhoods adding an additional layer of exposure." Dr. Annie Sasco is a leading cancer epidemiologist with the University of Bordeaux, France, and a distinguished 20-year veteran of the International Agency for Research on Cancer for the WHO. Her interpretation of the research indicates that radiation from cell phones may be more dangerous than the World Health Organization concludes at this point, but in the meantime, while the research continues, she says people need to protect themselves. "We need not panic. On the other hand, yes, I think it should be an encouragement to people to use cell phones in a reasonable way." Some 237,900 new cases of brain cancers occurred worldwide in 2008. An estimated 5 billion cell phones are currently in use around the world. Experts recommend employing a hands-free device or speaker-phone feature when using a cell phone, and lowering exposure to all wireless devices and infrastructure. International scientists in February called for nations to adopt greatly lowered exposure guidelines, as seen in the Seletun Scientific Statement. Last week, the Council of Europe also called for major reductions to EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Olle Johansson, PhD Announcing Seletun Scientific Statement (17 min 47 sec)
Scientists Recommend Global Governments Adopt New Exposure Guidelines for Electromagnetic Radiation—Pointing to Biological Hazards and Risks to the Genetic Code from Unchecked Proliferation of Wireless Technologies. In this 18 minute video, Dr. Johansson, from Sweden's renowned Karolinska Institute, and Chair of the Seletun Scientific Panel, announces a consensus agreement among international scientists on the need to reduce EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures to the population. The paper has just been published in the journal, Reviews on Environmental Health. The Seletun Scientific Panel's recommendations are extremely important given the unchecked proliferation of wireless radiation over the past decade, such as from cell towers, wireless networks, wireless routers, and cell phones, as well as because of the plans by many ignorant governments to blanket neighborhoods in new, radiation-emitting utility 'smart' meters. CLIP

Smart Meter Interference: Assessment of Chatham-Kent Hydro Smart Meter Implementation
This paper has become one of the highest ranked resources on the web addressing Smart Meter interference problems. This article has been updated to incorporate new research. (...) The system may not be all that secure. An open mesh network designed for easy cross-platform data integration could be subject to attack. When time-of-use billing kicks in, every Chatham-Kent Hydro bill will increase, even if people do all their living at night. Our bills are now substantially higher, despite conserving religiously and contrary to assurances by Hydro officials when the plan was rolled out. Windsor and Essex have currently deferred time-of-use billing due to the negative impact. The present use of Smart Meters on the 902-928 MHz band is unsanctioned by Industry Canada, which has already warned that there is no long-term life to this system. It should have been stopped right away and switched to a licenced system with predictable long-term viability before further ratepayer money was wasted. One user simply cannot wantonly monopolize the entire band without regard for other legitimate users. It is unfortunate that a substantial amount of ratepayer money has been spent on this project already.

EMF-Omega-News 21. May 2011
The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities - Electromagnetic Fields from Mobile Phones: Health Effect on Children and Teenagers - Cellphone use may damage sperm - Cell Phones and Brain Tumors - WHO to assess cell phones' link to cancer - Mobile Phones and Brain Cancer: IARC's integrity in question? - Electromagnetic waves are everywhere - Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools, say European leaders - Canadians Perilously Overexposed to Electromagnetic Radiation - Kids Lead Way in National Cell Phone Safety Awareness Campaign - Mother is so sensitive to electric gadgets she has to live by candlelight - Mobile Phone Radiation Group Demands Justice - Call to ban mobiles and WiFi from schools - ELF standards need overhaul: protesters - Bitter row over garage phone mast - Village phone mast plan sparks anger - Cell tower regulations lax: residents - Residents' worries over mobile phone mast - Delight in rejection of mast - Safety is key in BPA power line issue - Patriot Action Network: STOP SMART METERS - Next-up News - News from Mast Sanity

EMF-Omega-News 28. May 2011
Correlation between cellular phone use and epithelial parotid gland malignancies - Researchers Find 'Stunning' Evidence of Cell Phone Dangers - Cell Phone Activation and Brain Glucose Metabolism - Heavy cell phone use harms memory, research shows - Cell phone use DOES increase the incidence of head cancers - Human cells under low level EMFs and EMR - Conflict of interest at the WHO: Leading expert Anders Ahlbom linked to the Telecom Industry - Are We Living in a Microwave - Conference hears 'overpowering' evidence on cellphone dangers - Cellphones may harm memory, pregnancy, brain cells in rats, mice and rabbits - EHS Testimonial/Survey - Council of Europe demands EMF reductions - The dangers of Wi-Fi are real - Exposure Limits for Cellphone Tower EMFs - Low-EMF zone in Stockholm suburb defeated on technicality - Trustee wants plug pulled on WiFi in schools - Fears over mobile phone mast on Norwich pub - The Buzz on Mental, Physical Effects of Cell Phones - Residents in Trentham object to phone mast at estate entrance - MP launches petition against mast in town - Possible Risk to Children from Southlands Shops - North Finchley mother who refuses to use mobiles angry at phone mast plan 15m from home - Fears over 'Del Boy' mast eased - Weybridge residents rebel against phone mast - Radiation from Smart Meters may be too dangerous - New light bulbs have a cancer risk

EMF-Omega-News 4. June 2011
Mobile phone radiation is a possible cancer risk, says WHO - Adverse health effects of exposure to power frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) - How Electromagnetically Induced Cell Leakage May Cause Autism - New study confirms cell phone exposure damages DNA, brain and sperm - Can WiFi Make You Sick? - Misuse of funds at the American and Canadian Cancer Society - Karolinska Institute teaches science world a lesson in politics: Shut up or get out - 'Cellphones, TV came that close to killing me' - Cellphone study raises profile on safety lawsuits - Supreme Court Ponders Cell Phone-Cancer Lawsuits - Should cell phone radiation be cause for alarm? - Expert says restrict mobile phone use - Thorley Park residents teams up to fight O2 mobile mast plans - Campaign to stop mobile phone mast plans for conservation area - Mobile phone masts a health hazard - Mobile phone masts 'blighting our town' - Residents fight plans for third phone mast - Phone mast plan 'could effect house values' - Victory for phone mast protestors - T-Mobile disguises phone mast as a fir tree - WHO Wireless: Cancer Link a Game Changer for Smart Meters - Warning over 4G and TV interference - Next-up News - News from Mast Sanity

EMF-Omega-News 11. June 2011
Clinical and biological description of the electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome (EMFIS) - Strong association between the increase in certain cancers and exposure to electromagnetic fields - Risk of brain tumours in relation to estimated RF dose from mobile phones - Cell phones are not good for protozoa - Death by Cell Phone? - The actual death rates from wireless technology have increased dramatically - Would You Sleep In Your Microwave Oven? - Who Will Switch The Microwave Off - Wireless Technology in Early Childhood Education - Young children should avoid using cell phones - Concern over possibility of cancer link to phone mast - Rutherglen brain tumour sufferer fury over phone mast plans - ACRBR is now history - Mobile Radiation expert Anders Ahlbom leaving SSMs scientific advisory board.- A letter to industry experts - Egypt: Giza residents block railroad to protest cell phone tower - Fear over phone mast green light - Petition bid to stop mast being built near nursery - Objectors call mobile phone mast 'eyesore' - Fury over 'eyesore' village mast plans - Signals indicate that protest is pointless - Phone mast protesters mobilising - Smart Meter Blackmail? - Phones really could cause planes to crash


'World's largest refugee camp full' (June 12, 2011) SUCH ONGOING SUFFERING IN AFRICA!
An international medical organization has declared that the world's largest refugee camp of Dadaab in Kenya has reached its capacity, with no room for new arrivals. Dadaab, an umbrella complex comprising of three separate camps of Dagahaley, Hagadera and Ifo in northeastern Kenya, has run out of space, causing a “humanitarian emergency,” Doctors without Borders warned in a report titled “No Way in: The biggest refugee camp in the world is full.” The population of the Kenyan camp, which consists mostly of malnourished families fleeing violence in the neighboring war- and drought-stricken Somalia, has climbed to 350,000 and is estimated to swell to 450,000 over 2011. Humanitarian organizations cannot afford to get relief into Somalia, because it has been involved in a civil war since 1991. Dadaab is run by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). "The families are headed for the refugee camps of Dadaab but the three camps in the Dadaab area are already full and there is nowhere for them to stay," the organization warned, adding that the arriving refugees have to wait for an average of 12 days to receive their first food ration, and 34 days to get cooking utensils and blankets from the UN refugee agency. "It's very unsafe here - at night we're scared that wild animals will eat the children, and we've had threats of violence from local people who say the land is theirs,” Fatima, a 34-year-old refugee from Mogadishu, Somali capital, was quoted by the report as saying. "Children are even being killed by hyenas because they have no protection,” she further explained. Citing security concerns, the Kenyan government closed its border with Somalia to the influx of refugees in 2007, with the United Nations declaring in 2008 that the camp has no more space for new incomers.

About Wars and Post-War Conflicts
Fifteen Countries -- There are currently fifteen African countries involved in war, or are experiencing post-war conflict and tension. In West Africa, the countries include Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Togo. In East Africa, the countries include Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda. In Central Africa, the countries include Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda. In North Africa, the country is Algeria and in South Africa, the countries include Angola and Zimbabwe. The Base of the Wars -- At the base of these wars is the rich natural resources each of these poor countries hold of timber, oil or diamonds, compounded in many cases by the foreign extractive industries presence, their opaque, unreported payments to the governments and the governments' opaque, unreported use of the money to create and fund wars. The wars serve the purpose of creating a distraction, as the countries and their fleeing, displaced citizens are robbed of their countries' natural resources, easily converted to cash, for the personal use and fortunes of ruling parties. Tribal conflict is deliberately antagonized, so it can be blamed for the conflict. See Countries in Conflict News for up to the half hour country-specific news. A necessary first step in the prevention of future atrocities, human rights abuses and mass waves of human displacement in Africa, it is imperative for multinational extractive industries to make public the net taxes, fees, royalties and other payments they make to the governments of the countries in which they have operations. Below are organizations working toward this end.
(...) Black Market Gun Running in Africa -- The abundant supply small arms, ammunition, light weapons and explosives circulating in some African states since the end of the cold war, has made easy the escalation of tensions between groups in disagreement. Bloody massacres and massive human displacement become quick problem solutions when black market gun running is rampant. CLIP More through Conflicts in Africa and through these Google search results

Gold, Oil, Africa and Why the West Wants Gadhafi Dead (June 7, 2011) MAKES PERFECT SENSE!
Muammar Gadhafi's decision to pursue gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments may have sealed his fate -- The war raging in Libya since February is getting progressively worse as NATO forces engage in regime change and worse, an objective to kill Muammar Gadhafi to eradicate his vision of a United Africa with a single currency backed by gold. Observers say implementing that vision would change the world power equation and threaten Western hegemony. In response, the United States and its NATO partners have determined “Gadhafi must go,” and assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner. “If they kill Brother Gadhafi, I submit to you that American interests in Africa will come under severe strain,” warned the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on WPFW-FM's "Spectrum Today” program with Askia Muhammad. “That man has invested in Africa more than any other leader in the recent history of Africa's coming into political independence,” he continued. The Muslim leader said America needs access to the mineral resources in Africa to be a viable power in the 21st century. Minister Farrakhan further pointed out in the April 1 radio interview that the current plot to kill Col. Gadhafi comes at a time of great distress and decline for America. The fall of the dollar is a manifest loss of America's prestige and influence among the nations of the earth and an indicator of her end. How's America's wealth today? How is she doing financially? What is the deficit? Some say it's about $56 trillion counting Social Security and Medicare. That's a big number. She's printing money, but there's nothing backing it,” said Min. Farrakhan. CLIP

House Passes John Boehner's Modest Libya Resolution, Defeats Dennis Kucinich's Measure to Withdraw Troops (June 03, 2011)
In a bipartisan vote, the House of Representatives approved a resolution declaring that “the President has failed to provide Congress with a compelling rationale based upon United States national security interests for current United States military activities regarding Libya” while it rejected a more forceful resolution that would have directed the president to remove U.S. armed forces from Libya within 15 days of passage. H.Res. 292, which was introduced by House Speaker John Boehner, passed by a vote of 268-145, with one member, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., voting present. Forty-five Democrats joined 223 Republicans in voting in favor of the measure, while 10 Republicans voted against the resolution. “We have an obligation to support our troops in harm’s way, and stand by our allies,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said on the House floor Friday morning during debate on the resolution. “This resolution puts the president on notice. He has a chance to get this right. If he doesn’t, Congress will exercise its constitutional authority and make it right.” The House also voted to reject H.Con.Res. 51, a resolution introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, by a count of 148-265. Eighty-seven Republicans voted in favor of the resolution, more than the 61 Democrats who supported the measure. Boehner's resolution gives the Obama administration 14 days to give Congress proof that the legislature was consulted before U.S. forces were committed to enforcement of the no-fly zone and also to explain how the operation is authorized under the War Powers resolution. CLIP

Is Obama above the law (May. 30, 2011)
The U.S. intervention in Libya’s civil war, intervention that began with a surplus of confusion about capabilities and a shortage of candor about objectives, is now taking a toll on the rule of law. In a bipartisan cascade of hypocrisies, a liberal president, with the collaborative silence of most congressional conservatives, is traducing the War Powers Resolution. Enacted in 1973 over President Nixon’s veto, the WPR may or may not be wise. It is, however, unquestionably a law, and President Obama certainly is violating it. It stipulates that a president must terminate military action 60 days after initiating it (or 90, if the president “certifies” in writing an “unavoidable military necessity” respecting the safety of U.S. forces), unless Congress approves it. Congress has been supine and silent about this war which began more than 70 days ago. All presidents have resented the WPR but have taken care to act “consistent with” its 48-hour reporting requirement. So on March 21, two days after the administration took the nation to war in Libya, Obama notified Congress of this obvious fact, stressing that U.S. operations would be “limited in their nature, duration, and scope” in the service of a “limited and well-defined mission.” Months ago, before it metastasized into regime change, the “well-defined” mission was to protect civilians. In his March 28 address to the nation, Obama said “the United States will play a supporting role.” But the WPR does not leave presidential war-making utterly unrestrained if it is a “supporting role.” CLIP

Raising the Heat on Gaddafi, NATO Concerns Turn to the Day After He Goes (June 7, 2011)
NATO's daylight bombing of Tripoli on Tuesday appears to be part of an effort to bring the Libya conflict to a crescendo that topples Muammar Gaddafi: French and British ground attack helicopters have also been deployed in the effort to force the collapse of the regime, and new mediation efforts are afoot -- with even the previously reticent African Union and Russia now insisting that Muammar Gaddafi's departure is a condition for ending the conflict. And even though they acknowledge that it may be months yet before Gaddafi calls it quits, Western policy makers are increasingly focused on the day after -- and the challenge of ensuring that the price of ousting him is not a failed state that will require a foreign military presence for the foreseeable future. Gaddafi's ability to survive under fire as long he has done, and the resilience of the forces defending him, suggests that it would be dangerously naive to imagine that the rebel leadership based in Benghazi will simply take over the country on their own terms once the dictator has gone. In fact, the scope of the military campaign is not currently designed to destroy and dismantle the regime -- that would require a large foreign ground invasion. Instead, the goal is to force those currently fighting to defend the regime to back down and participate in shaping a post-Gaddafi political order. Even in the best-case scenario, there will be forces wielding considerable power who fought on Gaddafi's side that will have to be integrated into a new political order if that order is to achieve basic security and stability. CLIP

NATO extends Libya military campaign
NATO has decided to extend its military mission in Libya until the end of September, 2011 as the Western coalition continues to pound targets in Tripoli and its suburbs.

Military Escalation: "Phase Two" of the War on Libya by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (June 1, 2011)
A new phase of the war is unfolding leading to a process of military escalation as well as the eventual landing of US-NATO commandos on Libya's shores.An unprecedented deployment of naval power in the Mediterranean is occurring. On June 1st, the member states of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) meeting in Brussels decided to "renew the mission", namely extend the war on Libya, "for another 90 days to late September". Since the beginning of the war on March 19, more than 10,000 sorties have been conducted. NATO acknowledges a total of 9036 sorties, including 3443 strike sorties over a two month period, (March 31, 2011-May 31, 2011). Military operations are no longer limited to a high altitude bombing campaign, where strike targets are "pre-approved" and planned in advance. The deployment of helicopters and low altitude air operations are envisaged. The latter are to support the deployment of US-NATO commandos and rebel forces on the ground. What is unfolding is an escalation of military operations, which at the same time is leading to a protracted war. The USS George H W Bush supercarrier, the most advanced vessel in the US naval arsenal, together with its strike and carrier group has entered the Mediterranean, to join up with the Sixth Fleet in Naples. Aircraft supercarrier USS George H W Bush (CVN77) is the World's largest naval vessel: with "four-and-a-half acres of space on its flight deck, making it capable of housing 90 jets and helicopters. It is home to 5,500 crew". Equipped with sophisticated electronic warfare systems, it is the World's largest "mobile military base" (Manlio Dinucci, "Boots on the Ground": Sarkozy and Cameron Prepare to Land in Libya, Global Research, May 31, 2011). The USS George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group was sent on its "maiden voyage" to the Sixth Fleet area of naval operations, namely the Mediterranean. It was "certified ready for combat operations" a month before the onset of the war on Libya. The sheer size of the USS supercarrier George H. W. Bush, its advanced weapons systems, its destructive capabilities, not to mention its cost, are the outright expression of America's imperial ambitions run amok. Under the "Shock and Awe" doctrine, the USS George H. W Bush is intended to astound and subdue the enemy into total submission. CLIP

NATO raids killed 718 civilians: Gaddafi aide
Libya has accused NATO of killing 718 civilians and wounding 4,067 in 10 weeks of air strikes, as African efforts for a truce stalled and Italy said Muammar Gaddafi's regime is "finished."

Muammar Qadhafi Pens Letter to Congress (6/10/11)
In what appears to be a letter from Muammar Qadhafi to members of Congress, the Libyan leader calls on the United States to take the lead in negotiating a cease-fire, while flattering Congress for its “thoughtful discussion of the issues” on Libya.Qadhafi appeals to the United States “as the great Democracy, to assist us to determine our future as a people” in the letter and promises to implement reforms if he has the support of Americans behind him. It’s his hope, he says, to “exercise[e] power through a direct democracy which will choose the senior officials who will provide the administration of the Libyan government and take care of its own affairs.” Sent to congressional leaders and the White House, the three-page letter comes as reports continue to emerge, suggesting that Qadhafi is looking for a way to end the fighting in Libya and as NATO looks for ways to scale back its activity there, which began in March. In the letter, he asks for “a cease-fire, the funding of humanitarian relief and assistance in fostering and furthering accommodation between the parties within Libya that are at odds.”In exchange, Qadhafi promises that he’ll allow a congressional fact-finding team into the country to examine humanitarian conditions and to “observe the true democratic sincerity of all Libya men and woman (sic).” The team would also be able to investigate “claims that have been made about systematic violations inside Libya during this tragic civil war.” CLIP

Madsen - No Sign Of 'Rebels' In Western LibyaWestern Libya Portrait Is Not What Western Media Claim (6-5-11)
TRIPOLI, LIBYA -- Western media reports continue to indicate that Libyan rebels trying to oust Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi from power, backed by daily NATO air strikes, are gaining ground in western Libya. During a six-hour drive from the Tunisian border to Tripoli, the Libyan capital, this reporter saw no signs of Libyan rebel successes in western Libya. In fact, I witnessed a spontaneous pro-Qaddafi demonstration on the main Tunisia-Tripoli highway in a town about one and a half hours west of Tripoli. The green flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiryah not only adorn flag poles in towns from Tripoli to the Tunisian border, but a number of private residences are flying the green flag from their rooftops, on flag poles, and even from outside of top floor windows in medium size and small towns alike along the main highway.There are some telltale signs of previous fighting in the western part of the country -- bullet holes in the walls of some buildings and even some more extensive structural damage -- but there are no signs that the rebels, backed by the United States, NATO, and the European Union, have any substantial support in western Libya. The one major sign of the Libyan civil war lies not in western Libya but across the Tunisian border where several refugee tent cities have been set up to accommodate thousands of refugees, most of them black African guest workers from sub-Sahara and Sahel nations who were set upon by rebels who said the workers were "mercenaries"brought to Libya by Qaddafi to fight on his behalf. In fact, there is a strong anti-black racialist element within the Libyan rebel movement that used the mercenary meme to justify heinous war crimes by rebel units against blacks from other African nations, as well as native Libyan blacks.While many of the refugee camps on the Tunisian side of the Libyan frontier are sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross, one is funded by the United Arab Emirates, one of the nations participating in President Obama's "coalition of the willing" that is waging a war on behalf of the Libyan rebels. From our hotel on the Mediterranean coast, we expect to see and hear the attacks conducted against military and some civilian targets a further few miles inland in downtown Tripoli. The EU and NATO sanctions on Libya are being severely felt by Libya's civilians. Petrol stations are rationing gasoline and long lines of cars sit waiting for gasoline to be delivered to the pumps. The NATO, EU, and U.S. policy of "collective punishment" of western Libya's civilian population is being compares to Israel's collective punishment of the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank. In fact, many Libyans believe that Obama's crippling sanctions on western Libya were crafted by Israel's lobby in Washington, which pressured the Obama administration into adopting them. NATO has conducted nightly air strikes against western Libya, including downtown Tripoli, since March 19. The attacks begin around 12 midnight local time and at the time of this report we are expecting another NATO bombing of Tripoli in a little less than an hour.

NATO chief Rasmussen grilled LIVE on RT over Libya assault (June 9, 2011) EXCELLENT QUESTIONS! - PROPAGANDA ANSWERS...
Russia and NATO have an open channel for talks, but there are still fundamental points in which they have trouble seeing eye-to-eye. From how to handle Libya and Syria through to missile defence, the hurdles are clear. To see if that might change any time soon, we can talk to NATO's Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

McKinney human rights fact-finders show Libyan deaths, injuries not ‘propaganda’ (June 9, 2011)
In the CIA kick-started war on Libya, The New York Times report Monday by John F. Burns, calling Libyan civilian casualties “propaganda,” does not square with a series of WBAIX in-hospital interviews by Joshalyn Lawrence that show civilian victim survivors of U.S./NATO intensifying bomb raids, both witnessed by a human rights fact-finding mission including Cynthia McKinney and former members of parliament, who report it is NATO spin that mainstream media is reporting. “Sightings of civilian casualties have been rare,” reported Burns on June 6. “Visits to bombing sites, hospitals and funerals have produced a succession of blunders, including patients identified as bombing victims who turned out not to be, empty coffins at funerals and burials where some of those interred turned out not to be airstrike victims at all.” The Lawrence videos, on the WBAIX channel, of hospitalized civilians is evidence that, rather than injuries and killings by bombs being “rare” or reporting “blunders,” they are realities. Graphic images of the wounded are documented in the WBAIX videos created by Joshalyn Lawrence.In the videos, one after another wounded innocent civilian described atrocities to Cynthia McKinney, in a fact-finding mission with a team including a delegation of former MPs and professors from France, all now in Tripoli. The live-stream Lawrence videos on DeBar’s channel document the NATO attacks and the injured, showing their wounds and describing friends and co-workers killed. McKinney’s fact-finder team is seen entering one hospital room after another, each with the injured and the doctor explaining how the injury occurred and showing the injuries.Houses are “completely destroyed” and meanwhile, according to McKinney, NATO has its own psychological operation in progress. In a June 7 statement by McKinney, she refutes NATO claims about making “significant progress” in “protecting Libyan civilians” and “targeting military intelligence headquarters in downtown Tripoli.” The fact-finder team, of which McKinney is a delegate, planned a program to visit camps of internally displaced persons in the area but this could not occur because of U.S./NATO attacks. CLIP

Cynthia McKinney: We are now under attack in Tripoli! (June 7, 2011)
“Waves of NATO war planes have repeatedly struck Tripoli in the most sustained daylight bombardment of the Libyan capital yet. By the afternoon, air raids were hitting parts of the city several times an hour, hour after hour, smashing buildings, rattling windows and sending clouds of grey smoke into the sky,” reports the London Mail June 7. - Check also Heavy explosions rock Libyan capital (June 11, 2011) Latest reports say heavy explosions have been heard in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, which has become the target of daily NATO air raids.

PSYOP: US Navy cluster bombs oil-rich Libya, blames Gadaffi (May 31, 2011)
Today, Human Rights Investigation (HRI) has called for accountability related to the recent cluster bombing of Libyans in the nation's third largest city, Misrata. HRI has evidence that, although Human Rights Watch and a US media reporter blamed Gaddafi supporters for the war crime of cluster bombing Misrata, it was the United States Navy and Western allies who cluster bombed the city in April in the US led war on oil rich Libya, and then led a deadly psychological operation for further violence. As news of the HRI investigation spreads through internet social networks, the organization wants to ensure three things it says: - 1) Those who commit war crimes are prosecuted - 2) Victims of the bombing of Libya get justice and 3) Future use of cluster bombs by the forces involved in Libya is limited. The HRI said it has convincing evidence that the cluster bombing blamed on pro-Gaddafi forces was actually carried out by the US Navy," according to Press TV. (Also see: "Destroying Misrata to Save It," HRI AND The use of cluster munitions in Misrata: The case against NATO by Human Rights Investigations - founded in 2011 and worth supporting!!) CLIP

'Libya holds secret talks with Greece' (June 12, 2011)
Embattled Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi's regime has been secretly negotiating a deal with Greece to use USD 20 billion of its frozen funds to “pave the way for peace talks,” a report says. According to the report published in the Independent, the Libyan regime officials demanded that USD 20 billion of the North African country's frozen funds abroad be used to provide “humanitarian relief to benefit both sides in the civil war.” The Libyan regime believes that the agreement to use the frozen assets as “humanitarian relief” would result in a ceasefire and a process to ease out Gaddafi, and to form a caretaker administration that also includes members of the Libyan opposition. The secret negotiations were reportedly held in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, “between a team led by a former diplomat close to the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and regime members including … Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi.” The talks resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding that remained unsigned after the French government warned Greece that any such agreement would appear to give legitimacy to Gaddafi, which runs contrary to the Western coalition's efforts to keep the embattled Libyan ruler “isolated.” Those involved in the negotiations claim that some US officials were also aware of the secret talks between Libya and Greece. They say the American officials have nevertheless refrained from making public comments “due to French sensitivities.” CLIP

The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya EXPOSED

'Hidden agenda in Syria to show itself after Bilderberg meeting' (June 12, 2011) Interview with Adrian Salbuchi - EXTREMELY REVEALING INTERVIEW!
Tensions are peaking in Syria, government troops have stormed the rebel northern border town of Jisr Al-Shugour with tanks and military helicopters. The army has entered the city in order to "cleanse it" from rebellious armed groups, which killed at least 120 police officers last week. Meanwhile, Britain and France are still pushing for a UN resolution, condemning the brutal crackdown against anti-government activists in Syria. Russia, which opposes any attempts to intervene in the Syrian conflict, said it won't back the move.

Protesters 'killed' in Syrian town
Crackdown in Rastan continues, as opposition conference ends with declaration demanding Syrian president's resignation. -- Syrian security forces have killed at least 13 civilians in the latest crackdown on pro-democracy protests, rights groups say, as opposition leaders meeting in Turkey called for president Bashar al-Assad to step down and lay the framework for democratic elections to be held within a year. Security forces, backed by tanks, have laid siege to the central town of Rastan since Sunday in an effort to crush protests against Assad's rule there. The 13 civilians were killed by gunfire from snipers and security forces storming Rastan, which is under curfew, said Ammar Qurabi, the head of the Syrian Organisation for Human Rights, and Razan Zaitouna, a lawyer. Earlier, Zaitouna said that 41 people had been killed in the town, including a four-year-old girl who was killed as security forces shelled neighbourhoods on Tuesday. Five of the victims were buried in Rastan on Wednesday, she said. Syrian forces also killed nine civilians on Tuesday in the town of Hirak, according to Qurabi.

(...) President Assad has recently launched a "national dialogue", pledging to free hundreds of political prisoners and promising to investigate the killing of 13-year-old Hamza al-Khateeb in an attempt to blunt growing anger. State television said Assad had set up a committee and charged it with "formulating general principles of dialogue that will open the way for the creation of an appropriate climate in which the different elements can express themselves and present their proposals". The opposition has previously dismissed calls for dialogue, saying that this can take place only once the violence ends, political prisoners are freed and reforms adopted. The demand that prisoners be freed was partially met on Wednesday when, according to a rights activist, hundreds of detainees were released from prisons across the country under an amnesty declared by Assad on Tuesday. Washington, which has been increasing pressure by slapping sanctions on key regime members, said the release of "100 or so political prisoners does not go far enough". "The release of some political prisoners is not the release of all political prisoners. We need to see all political prisoners released," Mark Toner, the US state department deputy spokesman, told reporters.

(...) Meanwhile in Syria, residents called for nationwide protests to take place on Friday, to commemorate the nearly 30 children killed during the uprising. Syria has denied that a boy aged 13, whom opposition activists say died under torture, had been abused by security forces, labelling the accusations as lies.A medical report published by Syrian official media said three bullets killed teenager Hamza al-Khatib and that other apparent wounds on his body were due to decomposition, not security force brutality. Coroner Akram al-Shaar indicated that there was a period between the initial inspection and the handover of the corpse which was presided over by a legal commission including the judge. "The report closes the door on the lies and allegations and shows the truth," the state-run news agency SANA said. The activists said the boy had disappeared since taking part in a demonstration in the southern region of Daraa on April 29, which he decided to join after police killed his cousin. The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) has said that at least 30 children have been killed by gunfire since the revolt began. The government insists the unrest is the work of "armed terrorist gangs" backed by foreign agitators.

Chaos in Syria: Are Army Deserters Helping to Arm the Opposition? (June 07, 2011),8599,2076250,00.html
The oppressive heat has become insufferable in Syria — and as the temperature climbs, emotions get harder to contain. For three months, peaceful protests have been met with gunfire, mass arrests and torture. Now the patience of many antigovernment Syrians is being tested as horror stories of police brutality are whispered behind closed doors. President Bashar Assad's regime has blamed the unrest on "armed extremist groups," a claim activists tend to dismiss as regime propaganda. But reports of skirmishes in a northwestern border town seem to point to a likelihood that citizens are taking up arms. Assad has long denounced Syria's protest movement as militant, but now, it appears, he may finally have earned himself a bona fide armed uprising.Syrian state television claims that 120 security forces were killed when hundreds of militants, armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, stormed government buildings and laid siege to the northwestern town of Jisr al-Shoghour on Monday, June 6. The violence appears to have erupted late on Saturday, when snipers fired on a funeral march for six protesters who were killed on Friday, according to residents. Mourners then set fire to the building, killing eight members of the security forces. State television said fighting continued into Sunday and Monday when gunmen ambushed security posts before mutilating the dead bodies and "throwing them in the river." The Syrian government is gearing up for a fight. Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar promised to "act firmly, with force and in line with the law" in a statement he read on state television. "[The state] will not stay arms folded in the face of armed attacks on the security of the homeland," he said. CLIP

Tortured and killed: Hamza al-Khateeb, age 13 (31 May 2011)
The mutilation and death in custody of a 13-year-old child has sparked further furious protests in Syrian city of Daraa - In the hands of President Bashar al-Assad's security forces, however, Hamza found no such compassion, his humanity degraded to nothing more than a lump of flesh to beat, burn, torture and defile, until the screaming stopped at last.Arrested during a protest in Saida, 10km east of Daraa, on April 29, Hamza's body was returned to his family on Tuesday 24th May, horribly mutilated.The child had spent nearly a month in the custody of Syrian security, and when they finally returned his corpse it bore the scars of brutal torture: Lacerations, bruises and burns to his feet, elbows, face and knees, consistent with the use of electric shock devices and of being whipped with cable, both techniques of torture documented by Human Rights Watch as being used in Syrian prisons during the bloody three-month crackdown on protestors.Hamza's eyes were swollen and black and there were identical bullet wounds where he had apparently been shot through both arms, the bullets tearing a hole in his sides and lodging in his belly. On Hamza's chest was a deep, dark burn mark. His neck was broken and his penis cut off."Where are the human rights committees? Where is the International Criminal Court?" asks the voice of the man inspecting Hamza's body on a video uploaded to YouTube. "A month had passed by with his family not knowing where he was, or if or when he would be released. He was released to his family as a corpse. Upon examining his body, the signs of torture are very clear." The original clip has since been removed, but a version with Hamza's castrated genitals blurred is still running [Note: this video is extremely graphic].

Syrian abuses are 'crimes against humanity' (1 June 2011)
Human Rights Watch finds evidence of systematic killings, beatings, torture and detentions. -- The nature and scale of human rights abuses by Syrian security forces in the crackdown on anti-government protesters over the past two months could qualify as crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said. In a statement released on Wednesday, the New York-based rights body said interviews with victims and witnesses indicate "systematic killings, beatings, torture using electroshock devices, and detention of people seeking medical care". It said abuses by Syrian authorities "strongly suggest that these qualify as crimes against humanity". More than 1,000 civilians have been killed by security forces and 10,000 detained since demonstrations first erupted in mid-March, according to human rights groups. "For more than two months now, Syrian security forces have been killing and torturing their own people with complete impunity," Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW's Middle East director, said in the statement. "They need to stop and if they don't, it is the UN Security Council's responsibility to make sure that the people responsible face justice."Call for ICC trialThe statement from HRW came as Syrian opposition members meeting in Turkey called on president Bashar al-Assad's regime to be put on trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for its alleged rights abuses in the crackdown on protesters. The group also rejected an amnesty offer by al-Assad as a token concession in order to contain the country's crisis. The president's amnesty, aired via state-run media, offered a pardon on all political crimes committed before May 31, and includes all members of political movements, including the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood as well as all political prisoners. But Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian activist attending the conference in the Turkish coastal city of Antalya, said the opposition "rejected" the amnesty offer. The opposition conference is to close ranks and forge a plan for a "new, democratic Syria". During the conference, the delegates will form a committee in order to liaise with the international community. The US, European Union and Switzerland have each ordered an arms embargo, assets freeze and travel ban on al-Assad, besides other senior members of his regime. CLIP

Syrian Internet Networks Shut Down as Protests Intensify (June 03, 2011)
About two-thirds of Syria’s Internet networks became unreachable today as protests against President Bashar al-Assad intensified.Starting early this morning, the routes to 40 of 59 networks were withdrawn from the global routing table, security firm Renesys said on its website. The country’s Web traffic depends on domestic operator Syriatel Mobile Telecom SA, the company said.Syrian security forces killed more than 60 people in the town of Hama and injured as many 20 people in Deir Al-Zour as thousands demonstrated today after prayers in Hama, Damascus and the province of Idlib, Mahmoud Merhi, head of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, said today. Gunfire was heard also in Nawa in the south, he said, adding that the central towns of Rastan and Talbiseh are surrounded by tanks and troops. CLIP

Syria: If Protesters Don't Get Assad, the Economy Will (May 27, 2011),8599,2074471,00.html
As the crisis in Syria continues, many observers are beginning to say that if the protesters cannot overthrow the regime, the economy will. With political uncertainty at a suffocating level, the Syrian pound has fallen against the U.S. dollar. As a result, Syrians are feverishly hauling their money out of banks — about 8% of all banks deposits have been withdrawn — and shifting it into more stable foreign currencies. GDP was predicted to grow at a steady 6% this year. Now, predictions are closer to a negative 3% contraction. "I think the crackdown on protesters will succeed in the next two months," a senior western diplomat in Syria says. "But in six months time, the economy will have taken such a battering that [President Bashar al-]Assad will have lost the support of the majority of Syrians." The economy had been key to Assad's popular standing before the uprising. Portraying himself as a political and economic reformer, Syria's President spent the last five years moving away from the socialist, centrally planned economy that has failed Syrians. With a team of economic liberalizers, Assad began to open up the economy to the private sector, encourage free trade and reduce subsidies. Tourism started to boom and foreign investment began flooding in. Suddenly, middle-class Syrians were able to afford new cars and houses. Consumerism developed as cheap foreign products, like Chinese TVs and heaters, entered the market. The espresso-drinking urban business class grew.(See photos of the protests in Syria.) Now, however, the pillars of the new Syria are collapsing. Today, people are not buying cars. Actually, nobody is spending at all in Syria. People are working fewer hours and there are widespread layoffs — some companies have stopped paying salaries. In three months, Syria's economy has gone from growth to slump even as the government is desperately trying to pay off its disobedient citizens with subsidies — money it does not have. CLIP

'Arab Spring' Push for Democracy Stalls; Regimes Dig In (June 12, 2011)
CAIRO — As the Arab Spring melts into a bloody summer, the popular rebellions that erupted across the Middle East are still forcing modest concessions from autocratic regimes, but they aren't likely to result in broad democratization anytime soon, activists and political analysts say. Arab rulers of countries in revolt are digging in for long, lopsided fights, betting that they can wear down the protesters and survive the turmoil. The outlook for the next phase of the uprising looks grim: a protracted civil war with Western involvement in Libya, a ruthless state killing spree in Syria, a resurgence of violence and militia authority in Iraq, and a dangerous presidential limbo in Yemen. Saudi Arabia silenced murmurs of unrest early on, allowing it to focus on the decisive crackdown against protesters in neighboring Bahrain. Other kingdoms, such as Jordan and Morocco, appear stable despite bursts of anti-government activity. Tunisia and Egypt, where protesters toppled their governments quickly and fueled the wider revolts, aren't exactly success stories, either. Both North African nations are struggling with security vacuums and political disarray just months before scheduled elections. Political observers who once spoke excitedly about the wave of peaceful protests transforming the region are now invited on panels to debate a gloomier topic: Is the Arab Spring over? CLIP

Robert Fisk on the Arab Spring - Is America becoming irrelevant? (2 June 2011)
In an op-ed published earlier this week, Robert Fisk, the venerable journalist, has offered a damning assessment of the United States' waning influence in the Middle East. From the perspective of those striving, and dying, for democracy and justice in the Arab world, Fisk explains, the Obama administration has squandered whatever support the United States once had: "Obama's failure to support the Arab revolutions until they were all but over lost the US most of its surviving credit in the region." The contradiction between the rhetoric of democracy, and the reality of American policies has finally grown to great, the illusion is shattered. Where Fisk goes further, however, and what makes his article a must-read is in how he anticipates the irrelevance of the United States will play out on a geopolitical level. He argues that the motor of change is now within the hands of the people on the street, not the out-of-touch career politicians in the White House, and that this shift will result in an intensification of popular unrest." The tectonic plates shudder," Fisk writes. "If there's an 'intifada' in Syria, why not a Third Intifada in 'Palestine'? Not a struggle of suicide bombers but of mass, million-strong protests. If the Israelis have to shoot down a mere few hundred demonstrators who tried – and in some cases succeeded – in crossing the Israeli border almost two weeks ago, what will they do if confronted by thousands or a million. Obama says no Palestinian state must be declared at the UN. But why not? Who cares in the Middle East what Obama says? Not even, it seems, the Israelis. The Arab spring will soon become a hot summer and there will be an Arab autumn, too. By then, the Middle East may have changed forever. What America says will matter nothing." Read the full article at the Independent

Preaching High Morality to the Powerless - The moment of truth is fast approaching for Obama (7 June 2011)
As the Arab Spring intensifies, now spreading to Spain and Greece, the home of radically democratic political thought is starting to shift outside the West. A new culture of fearlessness is settling in abroad, especially among non-European and non-American intellectuals, as evidenced by the latest piece by Indian novelist Pankaj Mishra. He writes:"The moment of truth is fast approaching for those powerful men who preach the high morality of non-violence to the powerless. Only an American veto seems likely to prevent the member states of the UN from declaring a new Palestinian state in September. But Palestinians may rise up against their colonial overlords well before this expected rejection. And, as the political philosopher Michael Walzer points out, Israel would then confront "something radically new. How can it resist masses of men and women, children too, just walking across the ceasefire lines?" "The tactics of young tech-savvy Kashmiris have already confused and bewildered the Indian government, whose recent actions – censoring the Economist, forcing spying rights out of BlackBerry and Google – evoke the last-minute desperation of the Arab world's mukhabarat (secret police) states. The mass movement in Kashmir, which has emerged after two decades of a futile militant insurgency and has no compromising links to Pakistan, poses, as the Kashmiri journalist Parvaiz Bukhari writes in Until My Freedom Has Come, an unprecedented "moral challenge to New Delhi's military domination over the region". "The stage is set, then, for a summer of protests, of unarmed masses rising up to express, in Obama's words, "a longing for freedom that has built up for years". They may well meet with live bullets rather than offers of negotiation and compromise. It will be fascinating to see if Obama makes good his claim last month that the United States "opposes violence and repression" and "welcomes change that advances self-determination". Certainly, as the corpses of the Palestinian and Kashmiri Hamza al-Khatibs pile up, there will be the usual flurry of intellectual rationalisations – the bogey of Islamic terror will again be invoked. And we will witness how the "enormous mountains of tyranny" in the world's greatest democracies do not blow away like cotton." Read the full text of Pankaj Mishra's brilliant tactical briefing at the Guardian. Check also The Empire of Lies (6 June 2011) Eight years on, we now have the proof that the US preemptive war on Iraq was based on lies.

NATO air strike kills 12 children, two women (May 29, 2011)
An air strike called in by NATO-led troops in southern Afghanistan killed 12 children and two women, Afghan officials said on Sunday, one of the worst civilian death tolls by foreign forces in months. A U.S. Marine base came under fire from insurgents in Taliban stronghold of Helmand on Saturday, the Helmand governor said in a statement, leading the base to call for help from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). ”ISAF’s air strike took place on two civilian houses. Unfortunately 14 innocent civilians were killed and six civilians wounded,” the Helmand governor’s statement said. It said seven boys, five girls and two women were among the dead. Three children were among the six wounded, it said.
(...) The NATO air strike comes at a time of high anti-Western sentiment in Afghanistan and days after deadly protests by thousands of people against a night raid by NATO troops in which four people, including two women, were killed. Twelve people were killed during those violent protests and clashes with police in usually peaceful northern Takhar province and more 80 were wounded. In February, four days of joint operations by Afghan and foreign troops killed 64 civilians in the eastern Kunar province, including many women and children. That assault followed a NATO rocket attack last July which killed 39 civilians, almost all women or children, in Helmand. Under a plan agreed by NATO leaders in Lisbon last year, foreign troops will begin handing over security responsibilities to Afghan troops from July, with a plan to withdraw all combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Despite the presence of some 150,000 foreign troops, violence in Afghanistan last year reached its deadliest phase since U.S.-backed Afghan forces toppled the Taliban in 2001, with record casualties on all sides. This year is following a similar trend. The Taliban this month announced the start of a long-awaited “spring offensive” vowing to carry out attacks, including suicide assaults, on foreign and Afghan troops and government officials.

NATO Strikes Kill 32 Afghan Civilians and 20 Police (May 29, 2011)
NATO air strikes have killed at least 52 Afghans over the past 24 hours, including 32 civilians and 20 members of the police. The deaths came in two strikes, one in the Helmand Province and another in Nuristan. CLIP

Thousands flee Yemeni capital as battles rage (2 June 2011)
Residents flee as armed clashes between tribal fighters and government forces intensify in capital, Sanaa. -- Thousands of residents are fleeing Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, as fighting between opposition tribesmen and loyalist troops of president Ali Abdullah Saleh rages on.Much of the fighting, which began late on Wednesday night, occurred in the Hasaba district of northern Sanaa, where Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar, the powerful leader of the Hashed tribal confederation, has his base.Yemen’s defence ministry said the Special Forces, headed by Saleh’s son Ahmed, have been deployed to “liberate” buildings held by al-Ahmar’s fighters. Medics in Sanaa told the AFP news agency that 15 people had been killed in the overnight clashes, including a seven-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet. They have yet to receive word on casualties from Thursday’s fighting as ambulance crews were unable to access the neighbourhood.Hakim Al Masmari, editor of the Yemen Post, told Al Jazeera that an estimated 2,000 additional fighters "armed and ready to fight" have entered Sanaa to reinforce the Hashed confederation. (...) The fighting on Thursday came as US envoy John Brennan left Saudi Arabia for the United Arab Emirates to reportedly seek help in stopping a civil war in Yemen, the Reuters news agency reported, citing an unnamed US official in Saudi Arabia.The US and others have been pressing Saleh to accept a Gulf-led agreement to step down. Saleh has agreed to the deal three times, only to renege at the last minute. - CHECK ALSO No proof U.S.-trained forces attack Yemen protestors - U.S. - Mass funeral held in Yemen for 50 killed in violence - President Saleh and Yemeni PM wounded as clashes continue

Risk of civil war rises the longer Saleh stays (June 3, 2011)
WASHINGTON - As the fighting in Yemen finds its way to the narrow streets of Sana'a, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's president, will yield to international attempts to ease him from power. Instead, a period of increased instability now seems certain until what has become an internal regime struggle is settled. Should that struggle go on too long, however, chances of all-out civil war will increase, and with it concerns over regional stability. And while regional and international actors are doing their utmost to avoid such a scenario, the ability of outsiders to have any effect on Yemen's fractious political landscape is limited. This is despite the fact that Gulf, US and international interests are closely aligned in Yemen. Each day some three million barrels of oil pass through Bab el Mandeb, a strategic waterway linking the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden at the southern tip of the country. With Somalia on the other side, instability in Yemen could seriously disrupt shipping through the strait and affect global oil prices and supply. CLIP

Witnesses: Tribal fighters take over major city in Yemen (June 7, 2011)
Tribal fighters took control of a top Yemeni city on Tuesday, a setback for an embattled government whose wounded president is hospitalized in Saudi Arabia.More than 400 tribal gunmen took over Taiz in southwest Yemen, witnesses there said.Government forces have been regrouping in an effort to re-enter the city. Yemen's government has faced international criticism for excessive use of force against anti-regime protesters and the deaths of anti-government demonstrators in Taiz. Meanwhile, President Ali Abdullah Saleh was in Saudi Arabia Tuesday, recovering from burns over 40% of his body and a collapsed lung, a U.S. government official briefed on the matter said. Whether he will return to Yemen remained uncertain. Saleh was wounded Friday in an attack at his presidential compound. An Arab diplomatic source with knowledge of Saleh's condition said one shrapnel wound was 7 centimeters (2.75 inches) deep.Fighting between government and tribal forces has been raging in the capital of Sanaa, where thousands of anti-government protesters have been pressuring Saleh to give up power since January. And there has been unrest elsewhere. CLIP

Why we should care about Yemen (June 3, 2011)
At first glance, it might seem that Yemen -- like Somalia -- is a place we should best forget about. It has few proven natural resources, its hinterland is largely barren and inaccessible, and it has a long history of being virtually impossible to govern. But first impressions can be misleading, and if Yemen were to sink into a state of anarchy the implications for the Gulf region and beyond would be profound. CLIP

Egypt to open Rafah crossing permanently (05.25.11) AT LONG LAST!...
CAIRO -- Egypt's official news agency says the Rafah border crossing with Gaza will be permanently opened for Palestinians on Saturday - a move that will significantly ease a blockade of the impoverished territory. MENA said Wednesday that Egypt's new military rulers set the date for the opening of the crossing as part of efforts "to end the status of the Palestinian division and achieve national reconciliation." The decision is a sharp departure from the policies of ex-President Hosni Mubarak, who had restricted the movement of people and goods through Rafah in keeping with a blockade it imposed on Gaza along with Israel after Hamas seized control of the strip in 2007.

Egypt limiting passage through Gaza border crossing, Hamas says (June 1, 2011)
Hamas claims number of people let into Egypt falling dramatically in past few days, say numbers allowed entry through Rafah border crossing are 'disappointing.'

Satellite images reveal alarming speed Pakistan is rushing to finish weapons-grade nuclear reactor (18th May 2011)
New satellite images have shown the alarming speed at which Pakistan is constructing a weapons-grade nuclear reactor. The aerial images, taken on April 20, show the rapid building progress of the fourth reactor to produce plutonium in Pakistan's Khushab facility.The site was barren in 2009 and the facility 'costing billions' was undetectable by satellite just 17 months ago, but has since grown at an alarming rate. The facility in Khushab is the fastest growing nuclear program in the world, with the speed of the latest reactor's construction prompting concern from U.S. officials.Pakistan first revealed the Khushab site and its plutonium production facility in 1998 after the country's first nuclear test.Although the U.S. has provided Pakistan with $20 billion in military and economic aid since September 11, 2001, it has been said that there is 'no explanation' as to how Pakistan are paying for the latest reactor. Paul Brannon, a nuclear analyst with the Institute for Science and International Security, said: 'The buildup is remarkable.' You can see the square of the reactor building, you can see the inner square of the reactor hall where the actual reactor goes, and if you measure the dimensions of the building it matches up exactly to the second and the third reactors. 'And that nobody in the U.S. or in the Pakistani government says anything about this - especially in this day and age-is perplexing.' Describing the potential cost of the latest development, Mr Brannon added: 'It would be in the billions. 'This is a military reactor. It's outside of the civilian program.'U.S. officials have been watching the Khushab facility for some time, but say there is no good explanation how Pakistan is paying for this.The rapid progress of the nuclear facility comes as tensions between the USA and Pakistan increase. (...) Defense Secretary Robert Gates and others have warned that cutting off relations or aid to Pakistan would be dangerous because the government and military of Pakistan could fall under more influence from Islamic radicals who are sympathetic to Al Qaeda. It is also feared any nuclear weapons made at the facility could fall into the hands of hardline militants.

US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack (May 20, 2011)
China has officially put the United States on notice that Washington’s planned attack on Pakistan will be interpreted as an act of aggression against Beijing. This blunt warning represents the first known strategic ultimatum received by the United States in half a century, going back to Soviet warnings during the Berlin crisis of 1958-1961, and indicates the grave danger of general war growing out of the US-Pakistan confrontation. Responding to reports that China has asked the US to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty in the aftermath of the Bin Laden operation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu used a May 19 press briefing to state Beijing’s categorical demand that the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan must be respected.” According to Pakistani diplomatic sources cited by the Times of India, China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China.” This ultimatum was reportedly delivered at the May 9 China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington, where the Chinese delegation was led by Vice Prime Minister Wang Qishan and State Councilor Dai Bingguo. Chinese warnings are implicitly backed up by that nation’s nuclear missiles, including an estimated 66 ICBMs, some capable of striking the United States, plus 118 intermediate-range missiles, 36 submarine-launched missiles, and numerous shorter-range systems.

(...) The simmering strategic crisis between the United States and Pakistan exploded with full force on May 1, with the unilateral and unauthorized US commando raid alleged to have killed the phantomatic Osama bin Laden in a compound at Abottabad, a flagrant violation of Pakistan’s national sovereignty. The timing of this military stunt designed to inflame tensions between the two countries had nothing to do with any alleged Global War on Terror, and everything to do with the late March visit to Pakistan of Prince Bandar, the Saudi Arabian National Security Council chief. This visit had resulted in a de facto alliance between Islamabad and Riyadh, with Pakistan promising troops to put down any US-backed color revolution in the kingdom, while extending nuclear protection to the Saudis, thus making them less vulnerable to US extortion threats to abandon the oil-rich monarchy to the tender mercies of Tehran. A joint move by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to break out of the US empire, whatever one may think of these regimes, would represent a fatal blow for the fading US empire in South Asia. As for the US claims concerning the supposed Bin Laden raid of May 1, they are a mass of hopeless contradictions which changes from day to day. An analysis of this story is best left to literary critics and writers of theatrical reviews. The only solid and uncontestable fact which emerges is that Pakistan is the leading US target — thus intensifying the anti-Pakistan US policy which has been in place since Obama’s infamous December 2009 West Point speech.

(...) Obama Has Already Approved Sneak Attack on Pakistan’s Nukes - According to the London Sunday Express, Obama has already approved an aggressive move along these lines: “US troops will be deployed in Pakistan if the nation’s nuclear installations come under threat from terrorists out to avenge the killing of Osama Bin Laden… The plan, which would be activated without President Zardari’s consent, provoked an angry reaction from Pakistan officials… Barack Obama would order troops to parachute in to protect key nuclear missile sites. These include the air force’s central Sargodha HQ, home base for nuclear-capable F-16 combat aircraft and at least 80 ballistic missiles.” According to a US official, “The plan is green lit and the President has already shown he is willing to deploy troops in Pakistan if he feels it is important for national security.” Extreme tension over this issue highlights the brinksmanship and incalculable folly of Obama’s May 1 unilateral raid, which might easily have been interpreted by the Pakistanis as the long-awaited attack on their nuclear forces. According to the New York Times, Obama knew very well he was courting immediate shooting war with Pakistan, and “insisted that the assault force hunting down Osama bin Laden last week be large enough to fight its way out of Pakistan if confronted by hostile local police officers and troops.”

(...) Especially since Obama’s West Point speech, the CIA has used Predator drone attacks to slaughter civilians with the goal of fomenting civil war inside Pakistan, leading to a breakup of the country along the ethnic lines of Punjab, Sind, Baluchistan, and Pushtunistan. The geopolitical goal is to destroy Pakistan’s potential to be the energy corridor between Iran and China. Selig Harrison has emerged as a top US advocate for Baluchistan succession. Since May 1, six reported US Predator drones attacks have slain some 42 Pakistani civilians, goading public opinion into a frenzy of anti-US hatred. In response, a joint session of the Pakistani parliament voted unanimously on May 14 to demand an end to American missile strikes, calling on the government to cut NATO’s supply line to Afghanistan if the attacks should continue. Since the Karachi to Khyber Pass supply line carries as much as two thirds of the supplies needed by the Afghanistan invaders, such a cutoff would cause chaos among the NATO forces. All of this points to the inherent insanity of provoking war with the country your supply line runs through.

Seymour Hersh: Despite Intelligence Rejecting Iran as Nuclear Threat, U.S. Could Be Headed for Iraq Redux (June 03, 2011)
In his latest article for The New Yorker magazine, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh says the United States might attack Iran based on distorted estimates of Iran’s nuclear and military threat—just like it did with Saddam Hussein’s government in Iraq. Hersh reveals that despite using Iranian informants and cutting-edge surveillance technology, U.S. officials have been unable to find decisive evidence that Iran has been moving enriched uranium to an underground weapon-making center.
(...) Sy Hersh, your article details some extraordinary efforts by the United States. You talk about the special forces operations actually replacing street signs in Tehran with radiation detectors and replacing bricks in buildings. Could you talk about some of that? I mean, because that’s enormous risk that they’re taking actually going into the country and doing that.
SEYMOUR HERSH: Oh, it’s amazingly complicated. And I will tell you, obviously, I hate to write about operational stuff, but let me just say that whatever we were doing, we have a new generation now that’s more sophisticated. But in those early days—early days being '05, 2005, 2006—there was a tremendous concern that various buildings, laboratories and academic buildings in the city of Tehran were being used as secret facilities to enrich uranium to a high degree. Right now the Iranians are absolutely within the law. It turns out they're signatories to the NPT, Non-Proliferation Treaty. And there’s no evidence whatsoever that—the IAEA, the group that Mr. ElBaradei headed, International Atomic Energy Agency, which monitors nuclear developments, they consistently report that there’s no evidence of any diversion of any of the enriched materials they now have.
(...) I think the President—I’ll be writing about this—I think he was really sandbagged by the Pentagon after he got into office, when he was new and innocent. And I still think—I think right now—I would almost use the word "cult" to describe what’s going on in the White House. Everything is political. He’s isolated. Very good people say they’ve never seen a president this isolated, in terms of being unable to get to him with different opinions, etc. So here’s really captive of a few people there. I know this may sound strange, but I know what I’m talking about. You can’t get to the guy—and even, for example, Pickering, as competent as he is. And Pickering has done some wonderful stuff for the United States intelligence community undercover, and so he’s known as a trusted guy. Those guys who have been involved in talking to Iran off the record, Track II policy talks, for years can’t get to the President. He may not even know they’re looking for him. I just don’t know. And so, here we have this very bright guy continuing insane policies that are counterproductive, do nothing for the United States, and meanwhile the real crisis is going to be about Iraq, because, whatever you’re hearing, Iraq is going bad. Sunnis are killing Shia. It’s sectarian war. And the big question is going to be whether we pull out or not.
(...) But there’s going to be a holy hell there. It’s going to be probably the biggest problem the President has next year, along with gas, along with the crazy Republicans that are running against him. He’s going to—and along with Afghan and along with Iran, it’s going to be Iraq. We’re going to be back looking at Iraq, as that country goes berserk.
(...) There’s no question that the fear—there’s an enormous fear in the Arab world, in the Gulf, in the Gulf region. And right now they’re very angry at us. They’re terrified of Iran. And they’re very worried about internal security. They’re worried about—what’s going on in Bahrain is, I’m telling you, it’s a sensationally underreported story. The brutality there is beyond—it’s shocking. And again, the Saudis are directly involved, sort of with our OK. Again, if you don’t think Saudi Arabia has enormous control over Saleh in Yemen, you’re not paying attention. He’s got enormous control over him. The Saudis—if the Saudis wanted to, they could play a very positive role there. They’re not. He’s their guy. And so, you have this counterrevolution fed by the Saudi billions. And the Saudis went recently in the—Prince Bandar, my favorite dark prince, was recently in Pakistan, and the Pakistanis are supplying some thuggery, some arms, some muscle, in Bahrain. And I think the Pakistanis are also helping out in internal security inside Saudi Arabia itself. And so, everybody is muscling up now to beat up the kids who want to do something.
(...) look, there’s an enormous military apparatus out there that isn’t seen. That’s what I’m writing about. We’re not seeing it. We don’t know it exists. Cheney built up a world that still exists. And it’s a very ugly, frightening world that has not much to do with what the Constitution calls for. CLIP

Iran and the Bomb: How real is the nuclear threat? (June 6, 2011)
ABSTRACT: ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY about whether Iran’s nuclear program is being exaggerated. Is Iran actively trying to develop nuclear weapons? Members of the Obama Administration often talk as if this were a foregone conclusion, as did their predecessors under George W. Bush. There’s a large body of evidence, however, including some of America’s most highly classified intelligence assessments, suggesting that the U.S. could be in danger of repeating a mistake similar to the one made with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq eight years ago—allowing anxieties about the policies of a tyrannical regime to distort our estimates of the state’s military capacities and intentions. The two most recent National Intelligence Estimates (N.I.E.s) on Iranian nuclear progress have stated that there is no conclusive evidence that Iran has made any effort to build the bomb since 2003. Yet Iran is heavily invested in nuclear technology. In the past four years, it has tripled the number of centrifuges in operation at its main enrichment facility at Natanz, which is buried deep underground. International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) inspectors have expressed frustration with Iran’s level of cooperation, but have been unable to find any evidence suggesting that enriched uranium has been diverted to an illicit weapons program. CLIP

Israel won't withstand war in wake of strike on Iran, ex-Mossad chief says (1.06.11)
Israel would not withstand a regional conflict ignited by an Israeli strike of Iran's nuclear facilities, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan said on Wednesday, adding that Israel did not have the capability to stop Tehran's nuclear ambitions, just to delay them.In his first public appearance since leaving the post in September, Dagan said earlier this month that the possibility a future Israel Air Force attack on Iranian nuclear facilities was "the stupidest thing I have ever heard." (...) "If anyone seriously considers [a strike] he needs to understand that he's dragging Israel into a regional war that it would not know how to get out of. The security challenge would become unbearable," Dagan said.The former Mossad chief reiterated his position, saying that the "military option is the last alternative, not preferred or possible, but a last resort. Every other alternative must be weighed before the use of force." Referring to those who criticized him for speaking out on these matters soon after his retirement, Dagan said: "I feel obligated to express my opinion on certain matters. The prime minister and defense minister are the ones in charge, but sometimes good sense and a good decision don't have anything to do with being elected." The former Mossad chief also referred to stalled peace talks with the Palestinian Authority, saying he felt Israel should take the initiative instead of being forced to deal with a less favorable situation."I think there should be diplomatic initiative with the Palestinians. They're here and a settlement should be reached with them. If we won't offer things and wait we may have to face a reality in which things are forced on us, and when choosing between initiative and coercion, I prefer initiative," Dagan said. CLIP

China general says his military no match for US (May 18, 2011)
WASHINGTON, (AP) --Seeking to counter U.S. worries about his country's rapid military growth, a top Chinese general said Wednesday the communist nation's defense clout lags decades behind the U.S., and that China wants warmer relations.Gen. Chen Bingde, whose position in Beijing is roughly the equivalent of chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, used a 45-minute speech at the National Defense University to play down fears of Chinese intentions."Although China's defense and military development has come a long way in recent years, a gaping gap between you and us remains," Chen said through a Chinese interpreter. He added, "China never intends to challenge the U.S."Chen made a similar point later at a Pentagon news conference with his American counterpart, Navy Adm. Mike Mullen."I can tell you that China does not have the capability to challenge the United States," he said, adding that China's wealth and military strength pales in comparison with that of the United States. He said China's navy is 20 years behind the U.S. Navy.Chen's remarks were in line with China's strategy of countering U.S. fear of China as a military threat by emphasizing the limited scope of its military reach and advancing efforts to cooperate in areas like counterterrorism and anti-piracy. Chen said he invited Mullen to make his first visit to China as Joint Chiefs chairman.Chen and Mullen announced several agreements, including a plan for the U.S. and Chinese militaries to jointly conduct a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise in 2012. They also agreed to use a special telephone link to maintain communication between their offices.The general told reporters that China's recent boost of investment in military power is "compensatory in nature," making up for decades during which modernizing the Chinese economy was given the first priority. Washington often complains that China is too secretive about the purpose and exact scale of its military buildup. CLIP

China Has Divested 97 Percent of Its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills Friday, June 03, 2011 - A BAD OMEN?
( - China has dropped 97 percent of its holdings in U.S. Treasury bills, decreasing its ownership of the short-term U.S. government securities from a peak of $210.4 billion in May 2009 to $5.69 billion in March 2011, the most recent month reported by the U.S. Treasury. Treasury bills are securities that mature in one year or less that are sold by the U.S. Treasury Department to fund the nation’s debt.Mainland Chinese holdings of U.S. Treasury bills are reported in column 9 of the Treasury report linked here.Until October, the Chinese were generally making up for their decreasing holdings in Treasury bills by increasing their holdings of longer-term U.S. Treasury securities. Thus, until October, China’s overall holdings of U.S. debt continued to increase. Since October, however, China has also started to divest from longer-term U.S. Treasury securities. Thus, as reported by the Treasury Department, China’s ownership of the U.S. national debt has decreased in each of the last five months on record, including November, December, January, February and March.

Veteran U.S. Diplomat: We Are Becoming the USSR (May 17, 2011)
Chas Freeman was President Nixon's interpreter during Nixon's historic visit to China in 1972. Now, nearly 40 years later, after an impressive diplomatic and defense career, he's interpreting China for the rest of us.Last week he said: The balance of prestige, if not yet the balance of power, between the United States and China has shifted... In some disturbing ways, Sino-American competition is beginning to parallel the contest between us and the Soviet Union in the Cold War. This time, however, the United States is in the fiscally precarious position of the USSR, while China plays the economically robust role we once did. CLIP - Check also Confirmation of a Major Alert for the second half of 2011 - Explosive fusion of world geopolitical dislocation and the global economic and financial crisis

WikiLeaks: The Irish Independent lifts the veil of diplomatic secrecy via 1,903 US Embassy cables (May 31 2011)
TODAY the Irish Independent takes you behind the veil of international diplomacy and into the secret, and sometimes murky, world of Ireland’s foreign policy and domestic affairs. From Washington to Warsaw, from Dublin to Damascus, from Moscow to Maputo, from London to La Paz, from Paris to Panama – the range and breath of issues covered by the WikiLeaks Ireland Cables is extraordinary.Former Taoisigh, senior cabinet members, diplomats, drug traffickers, alleged Muslim terrorists, businessman, oil companies, Vatican insiders and kidnapped aid workers all feature in the Ireland Cache, comprising 1,903 US embassy cables and totaling an astonishing 2,398,124 words.Over the next week we will provide our readers with a series of unprecedented insights into Ireland’s diplomatic affairs – all observed, monitored, interpreted, commented upon, appreciated and sometimes pilloried by diplomats cabling the State Department in Washington DC and other US embassies.Roughly half the cables – dating from the Air India disaster in 1985 to the Vatican response to the Murphy Report into the sexual abuse scandal in the archdiocese of Dublin in February 2010 – originate from the US Embassy in Dublin. The rest are sourced from embassies and consulates across the globe. CLIP


Global systemic crisis - Confirmation of a Major Alert for the second half of 2011 – Explosive fusion of world geopolitical dislocation and the global economic and financial crisis (May 16, 2011)
Almost a year ago LEAP/E2020 identified the second half of 2011 as a new critical point in time in the development of the global systemic crisis. Just like our February 2008 anticipation highlighted a major shock affecting the US economy in September 2008, our team confirms in this GEAB issue that all the conditions have now been met for the second half of 2011 to be the stage for the explosive fusion of two fundamental trends underlying the global systemic crisis, namely world geopolitical dislocation on the one hand and the global economic and financial crisis on the other. In fact, for several months the world has experienced an almost unbroken succession of geopolitical, economic and financial shocks which, according to LEAP/E2020, constitute the warning signs of a major traumatic event that we analyze in this issue. At the same time the international system has now passed the stage of structural weakening to enter a phase of complete decay where old alliances are breaking down, whilst new communities of interest are emerging very quickly. Finally, any hope for significant and lasting global economic recovery has now evaporated whilst the Western pillar’s indebtedness, especially the US, has reached a critical level unparalleled in modern history. The catalyst for this explosive fusion will obviously be the international monetary system, or rather international monetary chaos which has been further exacerbated since the disaster that struck Japan last March and in front of the inability of the United States to face the requirement for an immediate and significant reduction of its huge deficits. The end of QE2, the symbol of and factor in the explosive fusion now underway, represents the end of an era, that where the "US Dollar was the currency of the United States and the rest of the world’s problem": from July 2011, the US Dollar will openly become the main threat weighing on the rest of the world and the United States’ crucial problem. Summer 2011 will confirm that the US Federal Reserve has lost its bet: the U.S. economy has, in fact, never left the "Very Great Depression" which it entered in 2008 despite the trillions of dollars injected (5), as the vast majority of Americans are perfectly aware of. CLIP

WHO warns E-coli outbreak is new toxic strain (2 June 2011)
IS THIS A BIOWEAPON THAT ESCAPED SOME SECRET LAB, AN INTENTIONAL RELEASE OR A PURELY NATURAL 'EVOLUTION'?... COULD CHEMTRAILS HAVE PLAYED A ROLE IN THIS OUTBREAK?... (PS as you'll see below in Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities my initial doubts on this were soon confirmed...)
The World Health Organisation (WHO) says the E-coli bacteria responsible for the deaths of 17 people across northern Europe is a strain "never seen before" in an outbreak. Preliminary tests show the bacteria is a mutant form of two different types of E-coli, that have aggressive genes possibly explaining why the outbreak has been so deadly. "This is a unique strain that has never been isolated from patients before," Hilde Kruse, a food safety expert at the WHO, told the AP news agency.Kruse said the strain has "various characteristics that make it more virulent and toxin-producing'' than the hundreds of E-coli strains that people naturally carry in their intestines". Chinese scientists at the Beijing Genomics Institute [BGI], who have been examining the bacteria, also said it carried genes that made it resistant to some classes of antibiotics. "This E-coli is a new strain of bacteria that is highly infectious and toxic," they said. "The analysis further showed that this deadly bacterium carries several antibiotic resistance genes, including resistance to aminoglycoside, macrolides and beta-lactam antibiotics: all of which makes antibiotic treatment extremely difficult," said BGI. Ban on vegetable imports - However, the origin of the bacteria is still unknown making it impossible to treat effectively. (...) The bacteria has sickened more than 1,500 people in northern Europe, including 470 who have developed a rare kidney failure complication. Seven people in Britain who recently travelled to Germany have been infected with the bacteria, the Health Protection Agency said on Thursday. Three of those infected were British nationals who had recently travelled to Germany and four were German nationals, the agency said. Of those cases, three had full-blown haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS), a disease that can cause serious liver damage, and the other four suffered bloody diarrhoea, it said. CLIP

Unchecked Executive War Power Could Slip Through the House (May 11th, 2011)
Tucked inside the National Defense Authorization Act, being marked up by the House Armed Services Committee this week, is a hugely important provision that hasn't been getting a lot of attention — a brand new authorization for a worldwide war. This stealth provision was added to the bill by the committee's chairman, Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.), but has a bit of a history. It was first proposed by former Attorney General Michael Mukasey in 2008 after the Bush administration lost the Boumediene v. Bush case, in which the Supreme Court decided that federal courts would subject the administration's asserted law of war basis to hold Guantanamo detainees to searching review. An idea that may have originally been intended to bolster the Bush administration's basis for holding Guantanamo detainees is now being promoted as an authorization of a worldwide war — and could become the single biggest ceding of unchecked war authority to the executive branch in modern American history. The current authorization of war provided the constitutional authority for the executive branch to go to war in Afghanistan. Subsequently, it has reportedly been invoked by the executive branch much more broadly to also use military force in Yemen and elsewhere, to justify torture and abuse of detainees, to eavesdrop and spy on American citizens without warrants, and to imprison people captured far from any battlefield without charge or trial. Before Congress this week, the proposed authorization of a worldwide war goes much further, however, allowing war wherever there are terrorism suspects in any country around the world without an expiration date, geographical boundaries or connection to the 9/11 attacks or any other specific harm or threat to the United States. There have been no hearings on the provision, nor has its necessity been explained by Rep. McKeon or anyone else in Congress. The idea that Congress is about to pass new authority for a worldwide war as we're trying to ramp down our efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan is starting to get attention. We're hoping that the House Armed Serviced Committee, and the full House, will reconsider this troubling and dangerous provision. We'll keep you updated as this troubling provision progresses, but you can help now by telling your representative to oppose any new and expanded war authority. -- MUCH more on this through this LINK

Political contributions should be more transparent (May 11, 2011)
President Obama is proposing an executive order to require federal contractors to disclose their political spending, and Congress is hopping mad. Twenty-one Republicans (including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor) sent Obama a letter calling the proposed order "a blatant attempt to intimidate." The anger is bipartisan: The second-ranking House Democrat, Steny Hoyer, has come out against it, too. Meanwhile, business groups are firing up their lobbying machines: The American League of Lobbyists, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable all have condemned the order and launched a concerted attempt to prevent Obama from signing it. The voices on the other side are considerably less powerful: ethics groups, watchdogs and the general public. The order is clearly an attempt to roll back some of the damage from the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case, which allowed corporations and unions to make direct political expenditures without disclosure. The order is a small step toward correcting the outsized influence that wealthy individuals and corporations now have on our political process. That's why it's important for Obama to sign the order. And that's why it's meeting with such stiff opposition. For the sake of the public, the president must make political contributions more transparent.

National Geographic Airing "When Aliens Attack" On May 28
Area 51 Declassified - Its the most famous military installation in the world, yet it doesnt officially exist. Area 51-- a site for covert Cold War operations-- has long been a magnet for crackpots, conspiracy theorists, and the overly curious. While there may not be truth to the rumors that Area 51 is a haven for UFOs and extraterrestrials, its clear that our government has been up to something in Area 51 for decades, and it turns out there is a kernel of truth to even some of the wildest speculation. Underground tunnels Hidden enemy aircraft Secret government UFO files Now, after years of silence, for the first time Area 51 insiders spill their secrets and reveal whats really been going on inside the most secretive place on earth. - THIS APPEARS TO BE PART OF A PSY-OP DESIGNED TO INSTILL FEAR INTO THE PUBLIC ABOUT A POSSIBLE ALIEN ATTACK OF THE EARTH AS SHOWN IN PICTURES 25 TO 40 IN THIS SLIDESHOW...

73,846 US Soldiers Dead from both Gulf Wars, How they manipulated the numbers to fool you (May 18, 2011)
Iraq War Deaths Exceed Vietnam War Numbers.Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Deaths. More Gulf War Veterans have died than Vietnam Veterans. This probably is news to you. But the truth has been hidden by a technicality. So here is the truth. The casualties in the Vietnam War were pretty simple to understand. If a soldier was dead from his combat tour, he was a war casualty. There are 58,195 names recorded on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC.But something odd has happened with the Iraq War. The government, under the Bush administration, did something dishonest that resulted in a lie that's persisted since the war began - and continues to this very day. They decided to report the war deaths in Iraq only if the soldier died with his boots on the ground in a combat situation.The actual figures have been hidden from the American public just like the returning, flag draped coffins were censored from the press. But the figures are now available and we can only hope that the American people will be outraged when they learn how they have been misled. According to The Department of Veterans Affairs, as of May 2007, reports in the Gulf War Veterans Information System reveal these startling numbers: - Total U.S. Military Gulf War Deaths: 73,846* Deaths amongst Deployed: 17,847 * Deaths amongst Non-Deployed: 55,999 - The statistics for non-lethal injuries are likewise staggering: Total "Undiagnosed Illness" (UDX) claims: 14,874 - Total number of disability claims filed: 1,620,906 * Disability Claims amongst Deployed: 407,911* Disability Claims amongst Non-Deployed: 1,212,995 - Percentage of combat troops that filed Disability Claims 36% - I know you probably will think this is another conspiracy theory - full article - - More deaths and misery to follow… More than 1,820 tons of radioactive nuclear waste (i.e. depleted uranium) were exploded in Iraq alone in the form of armor piercing rounds and bunker busters. This represents the worlds worst man made ecological disaster ever. 64 kg of uranium were used in the Hiroshima bomb. The U.S. Iraq Nuclear Holocaust represents far more than fourteen thousand Hiroshima's. The nuclear waste the U.S. has exploded in the Middle East will continue killing for hundreds of years! That's how long these particles of radioactive dust will continue to blow around, get lodged in someone's lungs or be ingested. Scientists calculate that there is now enough radioactive material in Iraq to wipe out a third of the world's current population.While we never found any WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction) in Iraq, we sure made up for it by importing our own! Birth defects among Iraqi newborns are up a whopping 600% from before the war. The defects are typical of the kind produced by exposure to radioactive poisons. And these injuries are happening to the civilian population of Iraq - the people we were supposedly "liberating."

Study: US Quietly Paid Families For Vaccine-Linked Autism Cases (May 11, 2011)
Federal health officials may have only recently called autism a “national health emergency”, but a new study released [on May 11] showed the U.S. has been quietly compensating families with autism for nearly two decades. The report from — a group that believes scientific evidence has linked autism to vaccinations – alleges that a fund set up by the U.S. government to compensate those injured by vaccines has paid out claims to dozens of families of autistic kids. The study conducted by the Pace Environmental Law Review revealed that since the late 1980s, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has paid money for 83 cases involving autism out of approximately 1,300 cases of vaccine injury that resulted in childhood brain injury. In that same time period, federal officials have maintained that autism — which now affects an estimated one in 110 individuals — is still “rare” and has publicly conceded to only one vaccine-induced autism case involving nine-year-old Hannah Poling. The study’s authors stand behind the findings and warn they are only “the tip of the iceberg.” Currently, there are over 5,000 vaccine court cases pending that claim autism as a result of vaccine injury.

Efforts to Ban Circumcision Gain Traction in California (June 4, 2011)
SANTA MONICA, Calif. — When a group of activists proposed banning circumcision in San Francisco last fall, many people simply brushed them aside. Even in that liberal seaside city, it seemed implausible that thousands of people would support an effort to outlaw an ancient ritual that Jews and Muslims believe fulfills a commandment issued by God. But last month, the group collected the more than 7,100 signatures needed to get a measure on the fall ballot that would make it illegal to snip the foreskin of a minor within city limits. Now a similar effort is under way in Santa Monica to get such a measure on the ballot for November 2012. If the anticircumcision activists (they prefer the term “intactivists”) have their way, cities across the country may be voting on whether to criminalize a practice that is common in many American hospitals. Activists say the measures would protect children from an unnecessary medical procedure, calling it “male genital mutilation.”“This is the furthest we’ve gotten, and it is a huge step for us,” said Matthew Hess, an activist based in San Diego who wrote both bills.Mr. Hess has created similar legislation for states across the country, but those measures never had much traction. Now he is fielding calls from people who want to organize similar movements in their cities.
(...) Although precise numbers are not known, several studies have indicated that circumcision rates have been declining in the United States for the past several years and now range from 30 percent to 50 percent of all male infants. Many medical groups take a neutral approach, saying that the practice is not harmful and that there is not enough scientific evidence to conclude that it is necessary, and leave the decision to parents and their doctor. Several studies have linked circumcision with a reduction in the spread of H.I.V. Roughly half of the 694 baby boys born in the Santa Monica-U.C.L.A. Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital in 2010 were circumcised before they left the hospital, officials there said. CLIP

To this day, Coca-Cola still imports coca leaves which are used to manufacture cocaine in the United States (June 09, 2011)
Coca leaves have been chewed and consumed as tea for thousands of years in the high Andes. They are rich in many essential nutrients; they ease respiratory and digestive distress and are a natural stimulant and painkiller. Indigenous tradition and scientific studies have both confirmed that in their natural form, the leaves are completely safe and non-addictive -- it takes intensive processing and toxic chemical ingredients to produce cocaine. That's why more and more coca-containing products have started to hit the market in Andean countries in the past few years.Yet the United States still aggressively pursues an eradication policy that encourages Andean governments to spray their forests with toxic chemicals to eliminate this medicinal crop. It is illegal to import or possess the leaves under U.S. law -- unless you're the Coca-Cola company. In an effort to preserve the traditional flavor of the best-selling drink, the company long ago convinced the U.S. government to exempt it from the law.(Coca-Cola, by the way, used to literally contain cocaine in its original formula. The practice was halted in 1903, but the name persisted. The "coca" part of "coca-cola" is derived from the coca plant, and the "kola" comes from the kola nut which also flavored the original beverage.) -- The secret history of Coca-Cola, coca leaves and cocaine CLIP

Longline fishing still drowning over a quarter million seabirds every year (June 08, 2011)
Spanish and Japanese fishing fleets are the bane of this world! Shame on them!
A new analysis estimates that longline fisheries are still decimating seabirds, even after years of efforts to mitigate deaths. According to a study in Endangered Species Research around 300,000 seabirds are drowned by longline fisheries as bycatch. Attracted by bait on the longline—sometimes measuring hundreds of miles as it trails on the surface behind a boat—birds are often hooked and drowned. "It is little wonder that so many of the affected seabird species are threatened with extinction – their slow rate of reproduction is simply incapable of compensating for losses on the scale this study has demonstrated," Orea Anderson, with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and lead author of the study, said in a press release. Single longline fleets are in some cases killing tens of thousands of seabirds every year, according to the study. Fifty thousand birds, mostly shearwaters and fulmars, are estimated to have been killed by the worst offender: the Spanish longline fleet on the Gran Sol. Second in line is the Japanese tuna fleet, which kills over 20,000 birds, many of them albatrosses. Currently over 75 percent of albatross species are threatened with extinction. Even now researchers lack data on many fishing regions, which makes estimates difficult. Regulations have proven effective in saving seabirds. Seabird mortality rates dropped 99 percent in South Georgia and 85 percent off of South Africa with enforced regulations. Bycatch of Hawaiian fleets has also been reduced substantially through enforcement of basic mitigation techniques. "Using simple bird-scaring lines and weighting of hooks as they enter the water could dramatically reduce the number of seabirds being killed," Cleo Small, co-author, said.

Breakthroughs, Launches, and Warnings on World Oceans Day
New York, June 8, 2011 (ENS) - The spectrum of actions marking the UN's annual World Oceans Day ranges from the celebratory to the cautionary as ocean health is assaulted by challenges that include climate change, oil spills, pollution and overfishing.New York's iconic Empire State Building will be lit this evening in purple, blue and white, from bottom to top, representing the different layers of the ocean in honor of the United Nations World Oceans Day.At Capital Hill Ocean Week in Washington, DC Tuesday, NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco said, "Healthy oceans are everyone's business," because the U.S. economy and the ocean economy are inseparable - millions of Americans depend on the health of the oceans for their livelihood.
(...) New Consensus on High Seas Protection -- The International Union for the Conservation of Nature is celebrating. Last week at the United Nations, countries took the first, essential steps towards closing the huge gaps in international law that leave the high seas beyond national jurisdictions poorly protected.Countries agreed to establish a UN-based "process" that could lead to a new multilateral agreement under the UN Law of the Sea Convention."This truly was an unexpected and exciting breakthrough," says Kristina Gjerde, IUCN's high seas policy advisor. "We were hoping to get this sort of commitment at the Rio+20 conference next year, not at this meeting. But governments were fired up, and willing to compromise on some key issues." Working within "the Ad Hoc Open-ended Informal Working Group to study issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction," established by the UN General Assembly in 2004, countries adopted the recommendations during a four-day meeting that wrapped on Saturday.If they are adopted by the UN General Assembly later this year, the recommendations could lead to a legal framework for designating marine protected areas on the high seas. Standards could be developed for assessing the impacts of activities that may harm marine life beyond national jurisdictions.
(...) The high seas are the largest area of unprotected wilderness, covering nearly 50 percent of the planet and 64 percent of the ocean. Since 2003, IUCN has fostered international action to safeguard this "blue heart of the planet," said Gjerde, just as it supports efforts at the national level to conserve coastal and marine biodiversity within national waters.
(...) At the GLOBE World Oceans Day Forum in London, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki warned fellow lawmakers and distinguished delegates, "In the EU too many stocks are overfished and catches are only a fraction of what they used to be in the nineties, and still dipping year after year. Europe has to rely on imports for two-thirds of its fish." "Our fleet is obese and our efforts to slim it down have not given us results," she said. If we don't act, Damanaki warned, "We will lose one fish stock after the other, with a possible chain reaction for the ecosystem that is hard to predict." First, the commitment to reach Maximum Sustainable Yield by 2015, which nations undertook in Johannesburg in 2002, has to become a legal obligation, she said. Next, Damanaki said she wants to put an end to discarding of fish caught in excess of a boat's quota. "It is unethical, unacceptable and certainly not justifiable to consumers anymore; therefore all catches have to be landed," she said. CLIP

Ocean acidification dissolves algae, deafens fish (June 02, 2011)
As if being a major contributor to global warming wasn't enough, the increasing amount of carbon dioxide produced through human activity is also acidifying our oceans - and doing so more rapidly than at any other time in more than half a million years. New projections show that at current rates of acidification, clownfish and many species of algae may be unable to survive by 2100.

World failing on every environmental issue
(...) For most of human history the idea that we could ever irrevocably change the vast and impenetrable oceans would have appeared ridiculous. Yet today, the possibility of depleting the ocean of its biological richness is not only conceivable: it is happening. That's not all: we are also altering the oceans' very chemical make-up with greenhouse gases, agricultural runoff, and pollution. Humankind is, quite literally, eating the oceans. Targeted fish populations have collapsed impacting ecosystems all down the line. According to marine expert, Jeremy Jackson, large predatory fish, including tuna, salmon, cod, swordfish, and rays, have declined by 90 percent in 60 years. Sharks are faring no better. Caught as bycatch and heavily-targeted for shark-fin soup, shark populations have dropped even quicker than popular fish. In the Northwest Atlantic sharks populations declined 75 percent in just fifteen years. But its not just fish: oysters have suffered a global loss of 91 percent due to unsustainable exploitation. A 2006 paper in Science predicted that the oceans could be emptied of all target species by 2050 if business continued as usual. Despite this warning, little improvement has been made. The loss of these species also unfairly impacts the world's poor, who depend on fish and other edible marine life as an important protein and economic source. It's not just the fish we fish. With every targeted marine species caught, others are killed as bycatch. Either drowned in nets or on hooked by lines, sea birds, marine turtles, sharks, seals, and even whales face grisly deaths due to fisheries. In fact, many species are as threatened as by-catch as those intentionally caught. Despite the emptying of our oceans, global demand for seafood only increases. As well, it has become clear that international bodies and governments are so far unwilling to put regulations into place to require sustainability. The poster fish of overexploitation, the bluefin tuna, is a prime example of how stubbornly governments and industry choose short-term profit even in the face of extinction. CLIP

Google Earth enhances oceans' layer (June 08, 2011) with 2 videos
How do you celebrate World Oceans Day? Well, if you're Google you make the oceans of the world's most impressive interactive digital globe, Google Earth, come alive. With oceanographers at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Google Earth has fine-tuned its oceans' resolution in selected areas from 1 kilometer to just 100 meters. "In spite of the importance of the oceans for life on earth, the landscape beneath the sea is hidden in darkness and poorly mapped," says oceanographer William Ryan from Lamont-Doherty in a press release. "While we can map the surface of planets from spacecraft in a single mission, to obtain comparable detail of the hidden seascape requires visiting every spot with a ship." Our general ignorance about the world's oceans has led to the common, and accurate, quip that we know about the moon's surface than we do our own oceans. Google Earth, however, is working to keep up with the latest data from oceanographers, including nearly 500 cruises covering 3 million miles over the last 20 years. Such expeditions are about much more than simple exploration; mapping the seafloor helps researchers better understand marine ecosystems, and provides better insights into earthquake and tsunami zones, perhaps in the future saving lives. Around 5 percent of the oceans on Google Earth are now visible via 'ground level view', which is half the ocean area that has currently been mapped. Google Earth is also offering a number of tours to show the world's computer geographers the ocean in all its peaks and valleys, including the 2011 Seafloor Tour and the Deep Sea Ridge 2000.

Barbie, Legos, other toys linked to destruction of Indonesia's rainforests (June 07, 2011)
Some of the world's largest and most prominent toy-makers are sourcing their packaging materials from companies linked to large-scale destruction of Indonesia's rainforests, alleges a new report from Greenpeace. The report, How APP is Toying with Extinction [PDF], is based on forensic analysis of toy packaging from Mattel, which manufacturers Barbie and Hot Wheels toys; Disney, which makes a variety of toys linked to its movies; Hasbro, which produces GI Joe, Star Wars, and Sesame Street toys and various games like Monopoly and Scrabble; and Lego, which makes the iconic plastic building blocks. The analysis found traces of mixed-tropical hardwood (MTH) and acacia fiber which are principally sourced from Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), an umbrella paper products brand that sources from several companies that have been linked to rainforest destruction in Sumatra. Despite widespread criticism from green groups and defections of major customers, APP continues to source from rainforests that are home to critically-endangered Sumatran tigers and elephants. According to WWF-Indonesia, APP's subsidiaries control hundreds of thousands of hectares of rainforests in Riau and Jambi provinces in Sumatra. The concessions include extensive areas of carbon-dense peatlands, which when converted to plantations, release large amounts of carbon dioxide. To publicize the report, Greenpeace activists, dressed in tuxedos to depict Barbie's boyfriend Ken, climbed Mattel's Los Angeles headquarters with a giant banner stating: "Barbie: It's Over. I Don't Date Girls That Are Into Deforestation." Mattel expressed disappointment over the action. CLIP - CHECK ALSO Indonesian Rainforest Slideshow 50+ pictures and maps from the Indonesian rainforest

90% of tropical forests managed poorly or not at all (June 07, 2011)
Less than 10% of tropical forests are 'sustainably' managed -- More than 90 percent of tropical forests are managed poorly or not at all, says a new assessment by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). The report, Status of Tropical Forest Management 2011, finds that while forests continue to be degraded and destroyed at a rapid pace there are signs of hope. ITTO says the area of natural tropical forest under "sustainable management" in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean increased by 47 percent from 36 million hectares (89 million acres) to 53 million hectares (134 million acres) between 2005 and 2010. Over the same time the extent of timber production under some form of management plan increased by about a third to 131 million hectares. “We are of course happy to see the progress that has occurred in the last five years, but it still represents an incremental advance, and some countries are still lagging behind,” said Emmanuel Ze Meka, ITTO’s Executive Director, in a statement. CHECK ALSO South Sudan’s tropical forests fast disappearing

Amazon mega-dam gets final approval (June 01, 2011)
Brazilian authorities gave final approval to the controversial Belo Monte dam, reports AFP. The project — which has been widely opposed by human rights groups, environmentalists, and indigenous tribes — will dam the Xingu river, one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon River. The $11 billion dam will generate 11,200 megawatts of electricity, more than 10 percent Brazil's current capacity, when it is completed in 2019. Construction of the dam is expected to displace 16,000 people, according to the Brazilian government, although environmentalists estimate that 40,000 could be forced to move. Amazon Watch, a group campaigning against Belo Monte, says the dam will flood more than 40,000 hectares of rainforest. "This is a tragic day for the Amazon," said Atossa Soltani, Executive Director at Amazon Watch. "By turning a blind eye toward the tragic consequences of this dam, President Dilma Rouseff is undermining the positive environmental and social advances Brazil has made in recent years and miring its image on the global stage just as it prepares to host the UN Rio+20 Earth Summit next year." The project is backed by Brazil's National Development Bank (BNDES) and a consortium of private companies including Vale, a mining giant. Construction is expected to break ground immediately. The first building stage will be completed in 2015, according to officials.

How to Wreck a Planet 101: Three Energy Developments That Are Changing Your Life - The Global Energy Crisis Deepens (June 6, 2011)
Here’s the good news about energy: thanks to rising oil prices and deteriorating economic conditions worldwide, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that global oil demand will not grow this year as much as once assumed, which may provide some temporary price relief at the gas pump. In its May Oil Market Report, the IEA reduced its 2011 estimate for global oil consumption by 190,000 barrels per day, pegging it at 89.2 million barrels daily. As a result, retail prices may not reach the stratospheric levels predicted earlier this year, though they will undoubtedly remain higher than at any time since the peak months of 2008, just before the global economic meltdown. Keep in mind that this is the good news.

As for the bad news: the world faces an array of intractable energy problems that, if anything, have only worsened in recent weeks. These problems are multiplying on either side of energy’s key geological divide: below ground, once-abundant reserves of easy-to-get “conventional” oil, natural gas, and coal are drying up; above ground, human miscalculation and geopolitics are limiting the production and availability of specific energy supplies. With troubles mounting in both arenas, our energy prospects are only growing dimmer.Here’s one simple fact without which our deepening energy crisis makes no sense: the world economy is structured in such a way that standing still in energy production is not an option. In order to satisfy the staggering needs of older industrial powers like the United States along with the voracious thirst of rising powers like China, global energy must grow substantially every year. According to the projections of the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), world energy output, based on 2007 levels, must rise 29% to 640 quadrillion British thermal units by 2025 to meet anticipated demand. Even if usage grows somewhat more slowly than projected, any failure to satisfy the world’s requirements produces a perception of scarcity, which also means rising fuel prices. These are precisely the conditions we see today and should expect for the indefinite future.It is against this backdrop that three crucial developments of 2011 are changing the way we are likely to live on this planet for the foreseeable future.

(...) So now we enter June with continuing unrest in the Middle East, a grim outlook for nuclear power, and a severe electricity shortage in China (and possibly elsewhere). What else do we see on the global energy horizon?Despite the IEA’s forecast of diminished future oil consumption, global energy demand continues to outpace increases in supply. From all indications, this imbalance will persist.

(...) With the easily accessible mammoth oil fields of Texas, Venezuela, and the Middle East either used up or soon to be significantly depleted, the future of oil rests on third-rate stuff like tar sands, shale oil, and extra-heavy crude that require a lot of energy to extract, processes that emit added greenhouse gases, and as with those tar sands, tend to play havoc with the environment.Shale gas is typical. Though plentiful, it can only be pried loose from underground shale formations through the use of explosives and highly pressurized water mixed with toxic chemicals. In addition, to obtain the necessary quantities of shale oil, many tens of thousands of wells will have to be sunk across the American landscape, any of one of which could prove to be an environmental disaster.Likewise, the future of coal will rest on increasingly invasive and hazardous techniques, such as the explosive removal of mountaintops and the dispersal of excess rock and toxic wastes in the valleys below. Any increase in the use of coal will also enhance climate change, since coal emits more carbon dioxide than do oil and natural gas.Here’s the bottom line: Any expectations that ever-increasing supplies of energy will meet demand in the coming years are destined to be disappointed. Instead, recurring shortages, rising prices, and mounting discontent are likely to be the thematic drumbeat of the globe’s energy future. If we don’t abandon a belief that unrestricted growth is our inalienable birthright and embrace the genuine promise of renewable energy (with the necessary effort and investment that would make such a commitment meaningful), the future is likely to prove grim indeed. Then, the history of energy, as taught in some late twenty-first-century university, will be labeled: How to Wreck the Planet 101.

GM soy: The invisible ingredient 'poisoning' children (May 2, 2011)
Investigations have found that every single supermarket in Britain stocks meat and dairy from animals fed GM [Genetically Modified] soy. Leading brands including Cadbury, Unilever and Dairycrest, also use products from livestock fed GM. In fact the new technology is so widespread that it is likely at least one item of food you eat today will have come from an animal fed GM soy, whether it was the milk on your cereal or the bacon in your sandwich. But what effect is our growing reliance on soy having on the countries supplying Britain with this ‘invisible ingredient’? Paraguay ... in many ways [is] the perfect place to grow unsustainable soy. Ruled by despotic dictators for centuries, the country is famous for being a hot bed of drug smugglers [and] Nazi war criminals. Even now, with a new democratically government in place, corruption is rife and regulations to protect the people are lax to say the least. In the last year the amount of land planted with soy has grown to a record 2.6 million hectares, most of which is GM, leading to claims of deforestation, violent land disputes and the ‘poisoning’ of local communities. Already it is estimated that 90 per cent of the Atlantic Rainforest in Paraguay has been lost to make way for crops, taking with it thousands of unique plants species, hundreds of rare birds and endangered animals like the jaguar. Its not just animals that suffer. Groups of Guarani people claim they have been driven from their land by the soy farmers. ‘Campesinos’, the small farmers who have traditionally worked the land, also claim they have been displaced. CLIP - Note: Many are not aware that much of the food they eat, especially soy and corn, comes from genetically modified crops which have been shown to pose a major risk to health. For more, click here and here.

Aspartame's threat to the unborn (July 13, 2010)
New studies show that aspartame may increase the risk of premature births.Research funded by the European Union found a correlation between the amount of diet drink consumed and an early birth among the 60,000 women studied, The Mail on Sunday reported on July 10. The study also says that drinks containing aspartame and other artificial sweeteners may pose a danger to the unborn child. Some British public health experts are now advising expectant mothers to avoid food and drink containing the chemicals, the report added. The EU study suggests the risk of giving birth before 37 weeks of a normal pregnancy is increased by 38 percent if the woman was drinking, on average, one can of a diet drink a day. Four or more cans a day can increase the risk by as much as 78 per cent. In an article published on the site on July 12, Dr. Betty Martini, said that for 30 years it has been known that aspartame induces spontaneous abortions and causes birth defects and mental retardation. Dr. Martini also made the following comments on aspartame in the article: Aspartame "is an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug that is poisoning the world," she wrote. She added that "the 40% aspartic acid in the molecule… excites the neurons to over stimulation until they exhaust and die." Dr. Morando Soffritti's three-year study on 1800 rats at the Ramazzini Institute of Oncology identified aspartame as a multi-potential carcinogen, she noted. If a pregnant mother uses aspartame and the baby survives the child can get cancer when he/she grows up, she noted. Commenting on the Ramazzini Study, Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock said, "With newer studies clearly indicating that toxic exposures during fetal development can dramatically increase the cancer risk of the offspring, this study takes on a very important meaning to all pregnant women consuming aspartame products. Likewise, small children are at considerable risk of the later development of these highly fatal cancers. It should be appreciated that the doses used in this study fall within the range of doses seen in everyday users of aspartame. This study, along with the first study, should convince any reasonable scientific mind, as well as the public, that this product should be removed from the market."Neuroscientist John Olney did studies on aspartic acid and found it causes lesions in the brains of mice. Aspartame "is also an endocrine disrupting drug, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses causing infertility as detailed in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, a 1038-page medical text by world expert H. J. Roberts, M.D.," Dr. Martini wrote. Dr. Adrian Gross told the US Congress that aspartame causes brain cancer and violates the Delaney Amendment, which prohibits any ingredient in food which is carcinogenic. Dr. Maria Alemany's Trocho Study showed that the formaldehyde in aspartame converts from aspartame's methyl alcohol and embalms living tissue and damages DNA. "In Barcelona he told me that aspartame would kill 200 million. I never forgot it," Dr. Martini stated.

More damning evidence as to just how dangerous aspartame is because once ingested it turns into deadly methanol. And yet the FDA continues to stonewall anyone trying to get them to change the fraudulent decision made decades ago to authorize it for human consumption. All FDA staff responsible for this crime against humanity should be sued and jailed ASAP.

Bisphenol A linked to diabetes, heart disease in humans
First major study in humans supports evidence of harm from animal tests, researchers say.-- People exposed to higher levels of a chemical in plastic food and beverage containers are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and diabetes, according to a new scientific study published today. The research – the first large-scale study of bisphenol A in human beings – adds to evidence from animal tests that the compound may be contributing to an array of diseases and other health problems. With about two million tons used worldwide each year, BPA is one of the highest-volume synthetic chemicals in the world, and it is found in the bodies of more than 90% of Americans. Traces of it leach from containers made of polycarbonate, which is a hard, clear plastic, and the epoxy linings of canned foods and beverages. CLIP

Our Daily Poison
"According to the World Health Organization, the incidence of cancer has doubled over the last thirty years (after allowing for the population ageing factor). Over this period, the increase in leukemia and brain tumours in children has been around 2% per year. And the WHO has observed a similar trend for neurological diseases (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's) and auto-immune disorders, and for reproduction dysfunctions. What explanations can be found for this worrying epidemic, which is hitting the "developed" countries particularly hard? This is the question which "Our daily poison" sets out to answer, on the basis of a two-year investigation in North America, Asia and Europe. CLIP

Our daily poison
Our daily poison is a documentary by Marie-Monique Robin, a French journalist ; the film has been broadcasted on various TV channels since the beginning of 2011, though the main language is French, a lot of interviews are in English. The film is the result of her enquiries on the effects the chemicals used in factory farming have on our health.
(...) Consumers are supposed to be protected from food hazards thanks to experiments and analyses led by European and international scientific organizations (eg EFSA : European Food Safety Authority or WHO : World Health Organization) that manage and list authorized products. Yet the system has its limits :scientific knowledge improves and former mistakes are exposed when time has shown adverse drug reactions (typically the case with aspartame) conflicts of interests between the scientists who work for these organizations and those who were for the businesses - unreliable or selective criterions to assess the norms : thus the ADI (Acceptable daily intake) or the MRL (Maximum Residue Level) are set in mg per kilo of body weight but a kid weighing 2 stones who eats the same apple as an adult weighing 11st is necessarily more affected. Neither is it possible to take into account differences as to tolerance or resistance from one individual to another... - criterions based on a theoretical daily consumption - impossibility to evaluate the consequences on the future generations that will have been exposed even before they're born - studies based on animal testing : not only does this raise an ethical issue but the technique is scientifically questioned as irrelevant. Globalisation of the phenomenon -- The people living in countries that still locally produce their own food were little affected as yet and the cancers and various pathologies we know in our western countries were rare but are now spreading there too : we are exporting our hazardous system towards the poorest areas of this planet. Amending authorizations for regulations or acceptable levels when the unexpected effects of such or such a product become obvious is not a scientific approach but a mercantile one ; one of the people interviewed in the film says : « consumers take the risks, the firms the profits ». We understand how serious the problem is when we learn the molecules of some of these chemicals prove to be similar to those of medecines. The cocktail effect is another cause of hazard as nobody can evaluate or foresee the possible interactions between the various chemicals people ingest or inhale. CLIP

Notre poison quotidien - Marie-Monique Robin (Bande annonce)
Une enquête de Marie-Monique Robin sur la contamination de la chaîne alimentaire par des milliers de produits chimiques, utilisés depuis la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale. "Au cours des 30 dernières années, le cancer, les maladies neurologiques (Parkinson et Alzheimer) ou auto-immunes, le diabète et les dysfonctionnements de la reproduction n'ont cessé de progresser. Comment expliquer cette inquiétante épidémie, qui frappe particulièrement les pays dits « développés » ? C'est à cette question que répond Notre poison quotidien, fruit d'une enquête de deux ans en Amérique du Nord, en Asie et en Europe. S'appuyant sur de nombreuses études scientifiques, mais aussi sur les témoignages de représentants des agences de règlementation -- comme la Food and Drug Administration (FDA) américaine ou l'Autorité européenne de sécurité des aliments (EFSA) --, le film montre que la cause principale de l'épidémie est d'origine environnementale : elle est due aux quelques 100 000 molécules chimiques qui ont envahi notre environnement, et principalement notre alimentation, depuis la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.Cette grande enquête retrace le mode de production, de conditionnement et de consommation des aliments, depuis le champ du paysan (pesticides) jusqu'à notre assiette (additifs et plastiques alimentaires). Elle décortique le système d'évaluation et d'homologation des produits chimiques, à travers les exemples des pesticides, de l'aspartame et du Bisphénol A (BPA), et montre qu'il est totalement défaillant et inadapté. Elle raconte les pressions et les manipulations de l'industrie chimique pour maintenir sur le marché des produits hautement toxiques. Enfin et surtout, elle explore les pistes permettant de se protéger en soutenant ses mécanismes immunitaires par la nourriture, ainsi que le démontrent de nombreuses études scientifiques (décriées par l'industrie pharmaceutique). À NOTER: Télé-Québec a diffusé en entier cet EXCELLENT documentaire le 5 juin. VOIR AUSSI « Notre poison quotidien » - Entretien avec Marie-Monique Robin et visionner ces quatre extraits du film. Voir aussi - On peut visionner en entier cet excellent documentaire d'une heure 52 minutes au

Blogue de Marie-Monique Robin - Nouvelles du Canada (26 mai 2011)
Je vous écris du Canada où je suis venue lancer mon film et livre « Notre poison quotidien ».Comme Le monde selon Monsanto » qui a rencontré un beau succès dans les librairies du Québec, Notre poison quotidien est édité par Stanké, une maison d’édition dépendant du groupe Librex. (...) Mardi soir, mon film a été présenté en avant-première à l’UQAM, l’Université de Montréal qui a dû afficher « complet » et refuser du monde. 450 personnes ont pu assister à la projection débat. Je ne reste que quatre jours à Montréal, mais j’enchaîne les interviews, à raison d’une dizaine par jour ! J’ai ainsi été reçue dans toutes les émissions de radio, télé, et les journaux qui comptent au Québec. Voici quelques exemples : Michel Désautels de Radio Canada - Paul Arcand, l'un des chroniqueurs les plus célèbres du Québec - L'émission de télé 24 heures en 60 minutes - La Presse CLIP

La faillite des normes de contrôle - par Louis-Gilles Francoeur (28 mai 2011)
Dans Notre poison quotidien, Marie-Monique Robin démontre le peu de valeur scientifique de la norme utilisée internationalement pour définir le seuil d'innocuité des pesticides -- Non seulement les normes actuelles censées protéger le public contre les contaminants dans son environnement, voire dans son assiette, sont-elles des conventions qui ne reposent sur aucune démonstration scientifique, mais elles sont aujourd'hui tout à fait inopérantes contre la nouvelle génération de contaminants, qu'on appelle les perturbateurs endocriniens. C'est ce que soutient dans une magistrale démonstration Marie-Monique Robin dans un livre (Stanké) et un film intitulés Notre poison quotidien. Ce film, présenté cette semaine au Coeur des sciences de l'UQAM, sera diffusé à Télé-Québec le 5 juin à 21h. Il se situe d'ailleurs dans la même veine de journalisme d'enquête que le précédent duo livre-film de Marie-Monique Robin, Monsanto. Ce dernier a atteint les 130 000 exemplaires en langue française en plus d'avoir été traduit dans 16 autres langues. Cette auteure-réalisatrice expliquait au public cette semaine qu'elle avait voulu savoir si les pratiques de Monsanto avaient été utilisées par l'industrie chimique qui produit les pesticides, certains plastiques, les additifs alimentaires, etc. La réponse est radicalement claire, à son avis: cette industrie est la principale responsable de «l'épidémie des maladies chroniques» — cancers, malformations congénitales, diminution de la fécondité, atteintes aux systèmes nerveux et hormonaux, etc. — dont la fréquence croissante compromet tous les efforts de la médecine pour augmenter l'espérance de vie. Si le film s'attarde plus particulièrement à décortiquer deux cas types, ceux de l'aspartame et du bisphénol A, le «BPA», comme l'avait fait d'une autre manière le film de la réalisatrice québécoise Carole Poliquin avec Homo Toxicus, le film et le livre de Marie-Monique Robin visent plus large. En effet, le livre refait l'histoire de tous les grands pesticides qui ont contaminé la planète, dans certains cas jusqu'aux pôles, et dont nous avons tous des traces dans le sang, des BPC au BPA. Les autorités réglementaires - Mais l'intérêt de cette nouvelle enquête réside dans la dissection de la manière dont les autorités réglementaires publiques, nationales et internationales ont failli à leur devoir de contrôler avec une rigueur véritablement scientifique l'homologation de ces poisons, si on se fie à l'ampleur que prend l'actuelle «épidémie» des maladies non transmissibles qu'on leur attribue. CLIP - À LIRE!... LE RESTE DE CET EXCELLENT ARTICLE! AINSI QUE LE SUIVANT OÙ M. FRANCOEUR S'EST RÉELLEMENT SURPASSÉ!

Changements climatiques - L'urgence augmente, et l'Amérique ne répond plus - par Louis-Gilles Francoeur (4 juin 2011)
Les émissions de GES ont connu une augmentation record et la fenêtre d'une intervention internationale efficace sur le climat s'amenuiseL'augmentation record de 5 % des émissions planétaires de gaz à effet de serre (GES) enregistrée en 2010 va monopoliser la conférence de Bonn qui débute lundi. Mais il n'est pas évident que la menace croissante d'une perte de contrôle du climat planétaire convaincra les pays les plus récalcitrants, comme le Canada ou la Russie, de hausser la barre des efforts pour juguler cette crise anticipée. Il est minuit moins cinq dans les pourparlers sur le climat, car la conférence de Bonn, qui commence lundi pour se terminer le 17 juin, est la dernière rencontre importante avant que les 194 pays signataires de la Convention sur le climat ne se réunissent à Durban, en Afrique du Sud, au début de décembre, pour la 17e «COP» (Conference of the Parties). C'est au cours de cette conférence qu'ils devraient accoucher d'un plan de réduction des émissions destiné à stabiliser la hausse du climat planétaire à 2 °C, ce qui a été convenu à Copenhague et réitéré à Cancún.Mais d'ores et déjà, très peu d'observateurs se disent optimistes, car le rythme des négociations ne suit pas, et de loin, celui des émissions anthropiques de GES. Il faut dire qu'il y a de quoi désespérer de la capacité de l'espèce humaine à faire preuve de prévoyance quand on constate qu'après 20 ans de pourparlers et de négociations internationales, les émissions anthropiques ont battu tous les records connus en un an. Pire, le seuil de 32 milliards de tonnes (gigatonnes ou Gt) de GES par année, soit le sommet d'émissions anticipé pour 2020 et qui constitue la borne ultime à ne jamais dépasser, sera vraisemblablement atteint en 2012, soit neuf ans plus tôt. Or c'est en 2012 que les 37 pays occidentaux liés par le protocole de Kyoto devaient avoir réduit leurs propres émissions de 5 % pour donner à la planète un peu de répit. Le seuil d'émissions de 32 Gt, s'il n'était atteint qu'en 2020, permettrait à la planète d'avoir une chance sur deux — pas plus! — de plafonner la hausse moyenne du climat à deux degrés Celsius. Au-delà de 2 °C, le réchauffement climatique risque de devenir hors contrôle, car il amorcera une phase d'auto-alimentation à peu près impossible à arrête CLIP

Étude sur les gaz de schiste - Un exercice moins scientifique que «politique» - par Louis-Gilles Francoeur (27 mai 2011)
Le p.d-g. de la société albertaine Questerre fait rapport aux actionnaires à Oslo -- L'évaluation environnementale stratégique (EES) que Québec a enclenchée pour déterminer s'il faut aller de l'avant avec la filière des gaz de schiste est en réalité moins un exercice scientifique qu'un «exercice politique et éducatif» qui permettra aux Québécois d'apprivoiser une industrie étrangère à leur culture, et à la «bureaucratie francophone» de se mettre à l'heure de cette technologie. C'est ce qu'affirmait aux actionnaires de Questerre, réunis à Olso en Norvège le 19 mai dernier, le président-directeur général de Questerre, Michael Binnion. Son discours est intégralement reproduit sur le site Internet de cette société albertaine spécialisée dans l'exploitation du gaz de schiste. (...) Le nouveau règlement, dit-il avec satisfaction, ne fait «que trois pages». En Alberta, il aurait eu «trente pages» qui auraient non seulement exigé des informations, mais la manière de les collecter et de les transmettre, et qui aurait sanctionné la non-observation, ce qui n'est pas le cas au Québec, notait-il.
(...) Évoquant la rapidité avec laquelle les choses se sont mises en place à la suite du dépôt du rapport du BAPE, M. Binnion a attribué le mérite principal à l'albertaine Talisman Energy. «Je dois donner le crédit à Talisman. C'est le groupe dans l'industrie qui a le plus d'influence et qui travaille le plus fort pour aider le gouvernement à agir rapidement dans le dossier du comité [qui dirigera l'EES], des nouvelles règles et du congé-extension des permis. Talisman a été à l'avant de tout ça. Ils ont fait un bon travail.» Fait à noter, c'est également Talisman qui rémunère Lucien Bouchard lorsqu'il assume ses fonctions de président de l'APGQ. Par ailleurs, Michael Binnion n'est pas heureux de voir les redevances passer de 30 à 50 %. Mais il se console parce que les industriels pourront ne payer que 2 % de redevances durant les premières années de développement d'un puits, le temps de récupérer l'ensemble de leurs investissements. Cela fait en sorte que les gazières ont maintenant droit à un «meilleur système» qu'auparavant, selon lui.


The following feedback was sent over a month ago by Sandra Goodstone ( and is still very much timely as you'll see... They are costing us our freedom or even recognize it is slowly being taken away from us.

Hi Jean,

What wonderful activity is going on with some of your readers! As an ardent environmentalist and political watchdog, it heartens me to know the positiveness of spirit will not only open closed minds but will also be the source of the great and wonderful changes that we will all be witness to in the next few years. While it may seem that positive change is moving too slowly, change is really happening at warp speed. Be assured the Dark Ones are scrambling to maintain control over what is happening right now in other countries and they are struggling to prevent that from catching on here in the US.

Having been born in the US, I truly love my country. However, loving my country does not mean I love what my government is doing to its citizens and the citizens of other countries. Our politicians and corporate/banking powers are guilty of mass murder/slaughter of people of other nations, all for the attainment of personal wealth. I am convinced these people are psychotic sociopaths, how can they not be, and what is really sad is many of our American citizens revere these people because of their wealth... wealth attained through murder and subjecting human beings to abject poverty.

I am not surprised some of the Arab nations have taken up the cause of freedom at great cost to their personal safety. When people have nothing more to lose, they fight back. Not so in the US. Americans have been living in the lap of luxury for decades. That is not to say they haven't deserved it, as Americans are known to be the hardest workers. However, having the latest technology, the nicest clothes, cars, houses, etc. has actually blinded us to the dangers of what these things can cost us. They are costing us our freedom and we cannot even recognize it is all being slowly taken away from us.

When I went from a small house to a larger house and then went back to visit my former home, I couldn't believe how I could have lived in such a small home before. But... life is all perception. Once I awakened to that fact, I would no longer feel confined moving back to a smaller home. In fact, quite the opposite. I would feel free from the very things that have owned me... not me owning them. It is a very freeing experience!

This is basically the crux of the problem with Americans. We have been strong advocates of consumerism, filling our lives with THINGS that we felt we absolutely needed and, for many of us, still feel we need them. It is these things that trap us into a state of fear at the thought of losing these things. After all, it is these THINGS that define us, and our status in our society. Without them, we are nothing. It is these things that prevent most Americans from speaking up and fighting back our government officials. We have too much to lose if we did so. But, I am seeing this change.

Too many Americans have lost their jobs and their homes and, with more and more Americans losing their jobs and homes every day, I can see a tipping point coming very soon. We need to lose everything before we will fight back — and certainly our politicians are making sure we lose everything. Fortunately, there are many of us that are courageous enough to fight back and not worry about what we will lose if we do. That is because, like many of your readers...and YOU... I know THINGS can be replaced. We have a more altruistic and noble goal... That of saving humanity, our animals and our environment at all cost. We stand for TRUTH and will risk everything to get that TRUTH out there.

So you see, Jean, we are headed in the right direction and we will win :-)

I have great faith knowing that we will because more and more of LIGHT-mind are already working towards a new Peaceful and Compassionate world in which we all can live. I am very excited about this and am doing my best to be patient.

Love, Light and Blessings to you, Jean




The Lobby Takes the Offensive

by Justin Raimondo - May 24, 2011

When the President of the United States reiterated longstanding American policy in the Middle East – that the borders of Israel and a Palestinian state must be based on the 1967 borders, give or take a few land swaps here and there – was he really “not surprised,” as he claimed in his speech to AIPAC a few days later, by the ensuing uproar? That’s what he says, but the reality is harder to discern: after all, this was the premise behind George W. Bush’s – and, before him, Bill Clinton’s – public statements on the issue, and the President had every reason to believe this time would be no different.

Yet it was indeed different, because – as I pointed out here – Israel is different, all these years later. And so is the United States. President Obama was caught flat-footed because he and his advisors failed to consider the full import of these changes.

In Israel, a right-wing government has as its relatively “moderate” element Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose Likud-led government is backed in a coalition government by a number of extreme right-wingers who make the hawkish Likudniks look reasonable. Israel’s foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, is a thuggish radical whose racist anti-Arab diatribes have even Israel’s hard-line partisans in the US desperate to keep him in the background. Lieberman’s party, Yisrael Beiteinu, is a neo-fascist outfit which advocates the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank and the creation of a “Greater Israel.” According to them, there are no Palestinians – only Jordanians who have infiltrated Israel.

In America, the power of the Israel lobby is much greater than at any time in the past, and certainly since the 1967 war. We are faced, here in this country, with the extraordinary spectacle of a US President confronting a foreign leader with a list of reasonable requests – negotiation in good faith, the abandonment of encroaching “settlements,” an end to the arbitrary humiliations endured by a people under occupation – and the leaders of the opposition are taking the side of the foreign leader. This from a party that revels in its alleged super-“patriotism”! Romney, Huckabee, and the whole Fox network team went into overdrive, following the President’s Mideast speech, flaying him for “betraying” Israel. Fox News even ran a story warning that “Jewish donors” would not back the President’s reelection campaign on account of his supposedly “new” stance.

Yet, as I am not the first to point out, there was nothing new in what the President said about the 1967 borders. That didn’t matter to Obama’s critics, however: so quick were they to pick up the latest party line from Tel Aviv that they didn’t even bother to acknowledge this, but were only concerned with echoing every jot and tittle of the Israeli position. Not since the heyday of the old Communist Party USA, when the Daily Worker was adept at not only defending but anticipating the line handed down by the Kremlin, have we seen such a phenomenon: the kowtowing before a foreign leader by American politicians.

The idea that our leaders are intent on pursuing America’s vital national interests abroad – that the formulation of our foreign policy has to do with determining what those interests are and how best to achieve them – is a myth. As is the case with domestic policy, foreign policy is a political question: that is, it’s all about the internal pressures and interests competing for primacy in the policymaking process. Nothing underscores the dynamics of this decision-making procedure quite so starkly and dramatically as the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

The US military has been particularly insistent that the question of Palestine be resolved before we can achieve our goals in the Middle East, and secure the defense of American interests more generally. That our unconditional support for Israel has cost us dearly, in terms of our prestige and “pull” in the Arab world, is undeniable. That we are fighting terrorists who use this issue to demonize the US, and provoke attacks on our interests and our citizens throughout the world, is likewise readily apparent.

Yet rather than give up this failed policy, which has led to nothing but trouble, our leaders in both political parties – including the President – have taken every opportunity to pledge themselves to an “ironclad” – as Obama put it – commitment to the survival of Israel as a Jewish state implanted in an Arab sea. And that, furthermore, this commitment is not contingent on Israeli behavior: our support is unconditional and permanent, no matter if Avigdor Lieberman comes to power and deports every Palestinian to the far side of the Jordan river.

In his “make up” speech to AIPAC, Obama once again reiterated this commitment and boasted about all the money we’re shoveling over there so Bibi can build “settlements” and keep the Palestinians in subjection. US “aid” built the wall that separates the Israeli green belt from the great prison-house of the occupied territories, and which makes permanent a land grab on a vast scale. Without that aid, both military and economic, Israel would sink like a stone beneath the demographic waves.

In short, we have the Israelis in a complete state of military and economic dependency – and yet they are calling the tune, and not Washington. What’s up with that?

What’s up is the Israelis have a singularly powerful lobby in the US, which wields such political clout that no politician can afford to cross them. We are living in a country where the chief executive must constantly look over his shoulder and worry that Congress will support the position of a foreign leader over the President of the United States. As Pat Buchanan so memorably – and correctly – put it, Congress is “Israeli-occupied territory.” And we aren’t just talking about Republican members pandering to their “born again” Christian fundamentalist constituency, but also Democrats in thrall to a wealthy and well-organized urban constituency which puts Israel first, last, and always.

In Israel, too – where, after forty years of constant warfare, voters are not interested in compromise – domestic politics dictates foreign policy. The Israeli electorate is so far to the right, these days, that a neo-fascist party and a Jewish version of Hitler have made huge gains of the sort that were once unthinkable. In its religious fervor, and millennialist hysteria, the Israeli zeitgeist has abandoned its Western and European antecedents, and become almost indistinguishable from its Arab neighbors: fundamentalism is as much a problem in Israel as it is in, say, Egypt, or Jordan. Israel, in short, has returned to its Asian-Oriental roots, and is very far from the idealistic experiment its European founders envisioned at the beginning.

Justin Raimondo is editorial director of and is the author of An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard and Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement.


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What Bibi Gains by Misrepresenting Obama's Middle East Policy (May 26, 2011),8599,2074015,00.html
Of all the petty annoyances, misdemeanors and felonies of public life, there is none that Barack Obama detests more than to have his words twisted or oversimplified. It is a big part of his frustration with the media; it is a bigger part of his disdain for the talk-show wing of the Republican Party. And so it wasn't hard to imagine smoke jetting from the President's ears as Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, willfully misinterpreted Obama's statement about the need to renegotiate Israel's borders - in Obama's presence, in the Oval Office on May 20. The President had said that a two-state solution, which Netanyahu alleges to support, should be based on the pre-1967 borders, with mutually agreed-upon land swaps that would enable Israel to incorporate the vast majority of its - dare I say - illegal settlements into its territory while giving over equal amounts of Israeli turf to the Palestinians.(Did Obama's Speech Give Syria's Assad a Breather?) This is not a groundbreaking proposition. In the arcane world of Middle East peace negotiations, it is the equivalent of saying many Jews and Arabs eat hummus. Indeed, this exact formulation was used by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs after Hillary Clinton met with Netanyahu on Nov. 11. The swapping of borderlands was at the heart of Bill Clinton's nearly successful attempt to negotiate a peace deal in 2000. It was at the heart of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's nearly successful effort to negotiate peace with the Palestinians in 2008. There are maps circulating that show how such a border might look. The most plausible, one of three versions proposed by David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, is shown on this page.

But Netanyahu did an astonishing thing: he chose to ignore the part about the land swaps. He also chose to ignore some significant, and rather hard-line, statements of principle that Obama made in his May 19 speech on Middle East policy, reiterating that Israel shouldn't have to negotiate with terrorist groups like Hamas that deny its right to exist; that Israel's security requires a long-term military presence in the Jordan River Valley, eventually leading to a full withdrawal (but setting no timetable for that withdrawal); that any Palestinian state must be demilitarized; and that he would actively oppose any unilateral U.N. effort to declare Palestinian statehood. Instead, in a most condescending manner, Netanyahu chose to lecture the President on a position that he knew Obama hadn't taken - a return to the "indefensible" pre-1967 borders.

Why on earth would Bibi Netanyahu choose to be so boorish and provocative? Because he can be. He has the U.S. Congress in his pocket, a fact made obvious by the applause tsunami that attended his speech to a joint session (and by the fact that an astonishing 68 Senators and 286 Representatives attended the American Israel Public Affairs Committee banquet the night before he spoke). He also has a stronger argument this time around. The apparent reconciliation of the Palestinian factions allows Netanyahu to focus on Israel's greatest fear: when push comes to shove, the Palestinians have never really acknowledged Israel's right to exist. The one exception to that rule - Yasser Arafat's signing of the Oslo accords - seems hollow, given the subsequent Palestinian rejection of both the Clinton and Olmert offers. But Netanyahu's offensive also had an important tactical effect: Israel's continued, illegal construction of settlements on Palestinian lands - an impediment to peace every bit as great as the Palestinian refusal to truly acknowledge Israel's existence - took a distinct backseat during the week of dueling speeches. Netanyahu was playing offense so he didn't have to play defense. Netanyahu knows American politics. The ease and eloquence of his address to Congress were stunning evidence of that. And so he must have been aware of the political impact of his cheesy gambit: he has now, overtly, tossed his support to the Republicans in 2012. Mitt Romney was able to say that Obama had "thrown Israel under the bus." Given his congressional support, Netanyahu may be able to get away with playing so bold a hand - but it is inappropriate behavior for an American ally, and you can bet that Obama won't forget it.

Netanyahu's border war (30 May 2011)
Israel's refusal to compromise in stalled negotiations shows who the "partner for peace" is not. -- Binyamin Netanyahu's furious rejection of US President Barack Obama's proposal to use the 1967 borders as the basis for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute - frontiers that he called "utterly indefensible" - reflects not only the Israeli prime minister's poor statesmanship, but also his antiquated military philosophy. In an era of ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction, and in which the planned Palestinian state is supposed to be demilitarised, why is it so vital for Israel to see its army "sit along the Jordan River"? If such a tripwire is really necessary, why shouldn't a reliable international force carry out that task? And how can hundreds of isolated settlements spread amidst a hostile Palestinian population ever be considered a strategic asset? Netanyahu should, perhaps, have studied the lessons of the 1973 Yom Kippur war on the Golan Heights before denouncing Obama's idea. When the war started, the first thing the Israeli army command sought was the evacuation of the area's settlements, which Israel's generals knew would quickly become an impossible burden, and an obstacle to manoeuvre, for their troops.Indeed, the last war that Israel won "elegantly" - in the way that Netanyahu imagines that wars should be won - began from the supposedly "indefensible" 1967 lines. That is no accident. Israel's occupation of Arab lands in that war, and its subsequent deployment of military forces amidst the Arab population of the West Bank and close to the powerful military machines of Egypt in the south and Syria in the north, exposed it to Palestinian terrorism from the east.At the same time, occupation denied Israel's army the advantage of a buffer - the demilitarised zones that were the key to the 1967 victory against both Egypt and Syria.For borders to be defensible, they need first to be legitimate and internationally recognised. But Netanyahu does not really trust "the gentiles" to supply that type of international recognition of Israel's borders, not even when the US is behind him, and not even when Israel today has the most powerful military capabilities in the Middle East. CLIP

Protester who heckled Netanyahu in Congress allegedly beaten, arrested at hospitaL (May 24th, 2011)
CODEPINK activist Rae Abileah was arrested at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C. after heckling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the anti-war group. The 28-year-old Jewish American woman was allegedly tackled by members of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) during Netanyahu's speech to Congress after she yelled, "stop Israeli war crimes." Abileah was taken to the George Washington University Hospital, where she was being treating for neck and shoulder injuries. "You know I take it as a badge of honor, and so should you, that in our free societies that you can have protest," Netanyahu said after being interrupted by Abileah. "You can't have these protest in the farcical parliaments in Tehran or in Tripoli. This is real democracy." Speaking from her hospital bed, Abileah said she was in "great pain" but that it was nothing "compared to the pain and suffering that Palestinians go through on a regular basis."“I have been to Gaza and the West Bank, I have seen Palestinians homes bombed and bulldozed, I have talked to mothers whose children have been killed during the invasion of Gaza, I have seen the Jewish-only roads leading to ever-expanding settlements in the West Bank." "This kind of colonial occupation cannot continue," she added. "As a Jew and a U.S. citizen, I feel obligated to rise up and speak out against stop these crimes being committed in my name and with my tax dollars.”During his speech, Netanyahu said Israel was willing to make "painful" land concessions for peace. -- WATCH: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heckled during address to Congress

Feeling the Ignorance at AIPAC 2011 (May 24, 2011)
Max Blumenthal interviews delegates outside AIPAC's 2011 conference in Washington. Later, the delegates confront Palestine solidarity protesters. - On May 22, thousands of supporters of America's most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, converged on Washington for the group's annual conference. For two days they watched Democratic and Republican congressional leaders pledge their undivided loyalty to the state of Israel, and by extension, to AIPAC's legislative agenda. Speeches by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu highlighted the conference, with Obama attempting to clarify his statement demanding that 1967 borders be the "starting point" for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.I interviewed several AIPAC delegates in the streets outside the conference. While few, if any, were able to demonstrate any degree of sophistication in the understanding of the Israel-Palestine crisis, they had been briefed inside on how to respond to critics. No one I spoke to would concede that Israel occupied any part of Palestinian territory; none would concede that Israel had committed acts of indiscriminate violence or that it had transferred Palestinians by force; one interviewee could not distinguish Palestine from Pakistan. With considerable wealth and negligible knowledge -- few had spent much time inside Israel -- the delegates were easily melded by the cadre of neoconservative and Israeli "experts" appearing in AIPAC's briefing sessions. As the day wore on, many delegates waded into confrontations with members of Code Pink and Palestine solidarity demonstrators who had set up a protest camp across the street. With conflict intensifying on the sidewalk, Code Pink's Medea Benjamin invited AIPAC delegates to express themselves from the protest stage. There, their most visceral feelings and deeply held views about Israel-Palestine crisis were revealed. See it for yourself.

AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know



Israelis must brace for dark times

The imminent recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN puts Israel on a collision course with the rest of the world. And there is but one way which this could be made less catastrophic.

By Carlo Strenger - June 3, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman and company are selling Israel’s citizens an illusion: they are positioning themselves as Rambo-heroes who will win against the world. They present Bibi’s visit to the U.S. as a great success that beat down Barack Obama and convinced the world that our government is a righteous one. Their ministers are playing long by attending the foundation of new construction in Jerusalem and their MKs are flexing their muscles, too: Danny Dannon calls for the annexation of the West Bank in reaction to the Palestinian bid for recognition. The surge in support for Bibi in the polls after his return from the U.S. shows that many Israelis are buying into the story that Netanyahu is saving Israel.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Never mind the European media, whether British, French or German, even U.S. mainstream commentators tell a very different story than Bibi’s spin doctors. Their analyses all boil down to one point: Netanyahu has made it clear that there is no use in the Palestinians returning to the negotiating table, because there is no one to talk to. And nobody buys Bibi’s line that the Palestinians are to be faulted for the breakdown of negotiations.

Commentators around the world agree on the coming scenario: Palestinians will go for recognition by the UN General Assembly. They have the full support of the Arab League; they already have a two-thirds majority virtually assured. Netanyahu’s intransigence will make it that much easier for major European countries like France and Britain to support the Palestinian request.

The script for the coming years, therefore, is clearly set out: Israel is bracing for a head-on collision with the rest of the world, and it won’t be a pretty sight. The Palestinians will use their newly won legitimacy to turn to international courts for legal help against Israel’s occupation. International opinion will support them, and we Israelis will pay the price legally, financially and with growing delegitimization.

Foreign diplomats friendly to Israel who spoke to me on condition of anonymity wondered whether Israel will have to go through the full South Africa treatment before it turns around. I wish I was optimistic and could tell them that Israel’s political class will wake up. I am afraid it won’t, and that we will, despite the peace camp’s efforts to the contrary, have to live with a solution of the conflict imposed from outside.

There is but one way in which the looming collision could be made less catastrophic. Obama could decide to change course; instead of opposing recognition of Palestine, he could support it, as Israel should, if it acted rationally, under two conditions: Palestinians have to renounce any claims this side of the 1967 borders, including the right of return, and the Arab League would recognize Israel’s legitimacy and move towards normal relations. Palestinians would probably agree to that, and so would the Arab League as this corresponds to its peace initiative.

In doing so, Obama would do Israel the biggest possible favor: Israelis labor under the understandable fear that the two-state solution is but the first step towards abolishing Israel as the homeland of the Jews. A UN resolution that would combine the recognition of Palestine with an unmistakable recognition of Israel’s right to exist without further claims would calm this fear.

I can’t read Obama’s private thoughts, but I assume that in his heart he would prefer supporting such an UN resolution to the scenario in which the UN General Assembly recognizes Palestine with only Israel and the U.S. voting against it. He knows that American rejection of the Palestinian bid for statehood won’t do his country’s standing in the world any good, and he knows that it won’t prevent the head-on collision between Israel and the world.

Evidently, Obama is unwilling to pay the political price of open conflict with Bibi’s government. It’s difficult to blame him: he is up for reelection next year, and a clash with AIPAC, the ADL and the Christian right won’t do him any good. Because he doesn’t have an Israeli partner to work with, he seems to have renounced leadership in the Middle Eastern conflict for the time being. The UN will do the job of establishing Palestine for him. He can then step into the implementation of the UN resolution under far more favorable conditions.
For us Israelis who want a democratic homeland for the Jews, this means that we need patience. We need to be aware that before our country wakes up, Israel might move even further to the right in reaction to UN recognition of Palestine. Meanwhile we have an important task: We need to nurture the pillars of Israel’s civil society - its legal system, its higher education, its professional associations, its culture and its art. The day will come when Israel comes to its senses. We will need to be ready for the Israel that will emerge after the catastrophe.


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Get rid of Zionism (03.06.11)
The 45th year of occupation is now beginning. The depth of the entanglement, from which there is apparently no way out without bloodshed, is as great as the obedience of the intelligentsia: Just as European colonialism was collapsing once and for all, the local intelligentsia found a way to collaborate with the claims of Israel's governments, leaving us today with both a right-wing coalition and a right-wing opposition.Few people understood at the time that remaining in the territories in any fashion would give rise to a desire for control. (...) The "Land of Israel" is a phantasm. Withdrawing from "parts of it" is presented as a "concession" even by supporters of the move. But the only concession we needed to make, even back in 1967, was giving up the messianic claim that this is our land, from the Bible, and therefore we have a right to it.  CLIP

Report: U.S. to offer Turkey major role in Mideast talks if it stops Gaza flotilla (03.06.11)
The U.S. government is considering to offer Turkey a deal in which Ankara would stop a second Gaza flotilla that is due to depart later this month in exchange for the opportunity to host an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit in Ankara, the Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman reported Friday.Israel has been preparing to block the second aid flotilla sailing from Turkey to Gaza, one year after the Israel Defense Forces' deadly raid on the first Gaza flotilla in which nine Turkish activists died. Turkey has demanded Israel apologize for the raid in order to restore Turkish-Israeli ties. CLIP - AMONG THE MANY COMMENTS POSTED THERE: "If Israel wants to stop the flotilla, all they have to do is apologize for their attack on the previous convoy. There is no need to have America engage in a dishonorable bribery attempt. Let Israel be responsible for their own actions for a change."

Rahm Emanuel: U.S. does not expect Israel to return to 1967 borders (03.06.11)
Emanuel, mayor of Chicago and U.S. President Barack Obama's former chief of staff, says Obama views 1967 borders as starting point for negotiations, not end point, in op-ed for the Washington Post.

Ahmadinejad says Israel, U.S. will 'collapse' in near future (4.06.11)
Ahmadinejad accuses Israel of being the main factor in regional and global insecurity on day marking 22nd anniversary to the Islamic revolution in Iran.



Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities

by Mike Adams - June 06, 2011

(NaturalNews) Even as the veggie blame game is now under way across the EU, where a super resistant strain of e.coli is sickening patients and filling hospitals in Germany, virtually no one is talking about how e.coli could have magically become resistant to eight different classes of antibiotic drugs and then suddenly appeared in the food supply.

This particular e.coli variation is a member of the O104 strain, and O104 strains are almost never (normally) resistant to antibiotics. In order for them to acquire this resistance, they must be repeatedly exposed to antibiotics in order to provide the "mutation pressure" that nudges them toward complete drug immunity.

So if you're curious about the origins of such a strain, you can essentially reverse engineer the genetic code of the e.coli and determine fairly accurately which antibiotics it was exposed to during its development. This step has now been done (see below), and when you look at the genetic decoding of this O104 strain now threatening food consumers across the EU, a fascinating picture emerges of how it must have come into existence.

The genetic code reveals the history
When scientists at Germany's Robert Koch Institute decoded the genetic makeup of the O104 strain, they found it to be resistant to all the following classes and combinations of antibiotics:

- penicillins
- tetracycline
- nalidixic acid
- trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazol
- cephalosporins
- amoxicillin / clavulanic acid
- piperacillin-sulbactam
- piperacillin-tazobactam

In addition, this O104 strain posses an ability to produce special enzymes that give it what might be called "bacteria superpowers" known technically as ESBLs:

"Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs) are enzymes that can be produced by bacteria making them resistant to cephalosporins e.g. cefuroxime, cefotaxime and ceftazidime - which are the most widely used antibiotics in many hospitals," explains the Health Protection Agency in the UK.

On top of that, this O104 strain possesses two genes -- TEM-1 and CTX-M-15 -- that "have been making doctors shudder since the 1990s," reports The Guardian. And why do they make doctors shudder? Because they're so deadly that many people infected with such bacteria experience critical organ failure and simply die.

Bioengineering a deadly superbug

So how, exactly, does a bacterial strain come into existence that's resistant to over a dozen antibiotics in eight different drug classes and features two deadly gene mutations plus ESBL enzyme capabilities?

There's really only one way this happens (and only one way) -- you have to expose this strain of e.coli to all eight classes of antibiotics drugs. Usually this isn't done at the same time, of course: You first expose it to penicillin and find the surviving colonies which are resistant to penicillin. You then take those surviving colonies and expose them to tetracycline. The surviving colonies are now resistant to both penicillin and tetracycline. You then expose them to a sulfa drug and collect the surviving colonies from that, and so on. It is a process of genetic selection done in a laboratory with a desired outcome. This is essentially how some bioweapons are engineered by the U.S. Army in its laboratory facility in Ft. Detrick, Maryland.

Although the actual process is more complicated than this, the upshot is that creating a strain of e.coli that's resistant to eight classes of antibiotics requires repeated, sustained expose to those antibiotics. It is virtually impossible to imagine how this could happen all by itself in the natural world. For example, if this bacteria originated in the food (as we've been told), then where did it acquire all this antibiotic resistance given the fact that antibiotics are not used in vegetables?

When considering the genetic evidence that now confronts us, it is difficult to imagine how this could happen "in the wild." While resistance to a single antibiotic is common, the creation of a strain of e.coli that's resistant to eight different classes of antibiotics -- in combination -- simply defies the laws of genetic permutation and combination in the wild. Simply put, this superbug e.coli strain could not have been created in the wild. And that leaves only one explanation for where it really came from: the lab.

Engineered and then released into the wild

The evidence now points to this deadly strain of e.coli being engineered and then either being released into the food supply or somehow escaping from a lab and entering the food supply inadvertently. If you disagree with that conclusion -- and you're certainly welcome to -- then you are forced to conclude that this octobiotic superbug (immune to eight classes of antibiotics) developed randomly on its own... and that conclusion is far scarier than the "bioengineered" explanation because it means octobiotic superbugs can simply appear anywhere at any time without cause. That would be quite an exotic theory indeed.

My conclusion actually makes more sense: This strain of e.coli was almost certainly engineered and then released into the food supply for a specific purpose. What would that purpose be? It's obvious, I hope.

It's all problem, reaction, solution at work here. First cause a PROBLEM (a deadly strain of e.coli in the food supply). Then wait for the public REACTION (huge outcry as the population is terrorized by e.coli). In response to that, enact your desired SOLUTION (total control over the global food supply and the outlawing of raw sprouts, raw milk and raw vegetables).

That's what this is all about, of course. The FDA relied on the same phenomenon in the USA when pushing for its recent "Food Safety Modernization Act" which essentially outlaws small family organic farms unless they lick the boots of FDA regulators. The FDA was able to crush farm freedom in America by piggybacking on the widespread fear that followed e.coli outbreaks in the U.S. food supply. When people are afraid, remember, it's not difficult to get them to agree to almost any level of regulatory tyranny. And making people afraid of their food is a simple matter... a few government press releases emailed to the mainstream media news affiliates is all it takes.

First ban the natural medicine, then attack the food supply
Now, remember: All this is happening on the heels of the EU ban on medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements -- a ban that blatantly outlaws nutritional therapies that help keep people healthy and free from disease. Now that all these herbs and supplements are outlawed, the next step is to make people afraid of fresh food, too. That's because fresh vegetables are medicinal, and as long as the public has the right to buy fresh vegetables, they can always prevent disease.

But if you can make people AFRAID of fresh vegetables -- or even outlaw them altogether -- then you can force the entire population onto a diet of dead foods and processed foods that promote degenerative disease and bolster the profits of the powerful drug companies.

It's all part of the same agenda, you see: Keep people sick, deny them access to healing herbs and supplements, then profit from their suffering at the hands of the global drug cartels.

GMOs play a similar role in all this, of course: They're designed to contaminate the food supply with genetic code that causes widespread infertility among human beings. And those who are somehow able to reproduce after exposure to GMOs still suffer from degenerative disease that enriches the drug companies from "treatment."

Do you recall which country was targeted in this recent e.coli scare? Spain. Why Spain? You may recall that leaked cables from Wikileaks revealed that Spain resisted the introduction of GMOs into its agricultural system, even as the U.S. government covertly threatened political retaliation for its resistance. This false blaming of Spain for the e.coli deaths is probably retaliation for Spain's unwillingness to jump on the GMO bandwagon. (

That's the real story behind the economic devastation of Spain's vegetable farmers. It's one of the subplots being pursued alongside this e.coli superbug scheme.

Food as weapons of war - created by Big Pharma?

By the way, the most likely explanation of where this strain of e.coli was bioengineered is that the drug giants came up with it in their own labs. Who else has access to all the antibiotics and equipment needed to manage the targeted mutations of potentially thousands of e.coli colonies? The drug companies are uniquely positioned to both carry out this plot and profit from it. In other words, they have the means and the motive to engage in precisely such actions.

Aside from the drug companies, perhaps only the infectious disease regulators themselves have this kind of laboratory capacity. The CDC, for example, could probably pull this off if they really wanted to.

The proof that somebody bioengineered this e.coli strain is written right in the DNA of the bacteria. That's forensic evidence, and what it reveals cannot be denied. This strain underwent repeated and prolonged exposure to eight different classes of antibiotics, and then it somehow managed to appear in the food supply. How do you get to that if not through a well-planned scheme carried out by rogue scientists? There is no such thing as "spontaneous mutation" into a strain that is resistant to the top eight classes of brand-name antibiotic drugs being sold by Big Pharma today. Such mutations have to be deliberate.

Once again, if you disagree with this assessment, then what you're saying is that NO, it wasn't done deliberately... it happened accidentally! And again, I'm saying that's even scarier! Because that means the antibiotic contamination of our world is now at such an extreme level of overkill that a strain of e.coli in the wild can be saturated with eight different classes of antibiotics to the point where it naturally develops into its own deadly superbug. If that's what people believe, then that's almost a scarier theory than the bioengineering explanation!

A new era has begun: Bioweapons in your food

But in either case -- no matter what you believe -- the simple truth is that the world is now facing a new era of global superbug strains of bacteria that can't be treated with any known pharmaceutical. They can all, of course, be readily killed with colloidal silver, which is exactly why the FDA and world health regulators have viciously attacked colloidal silver companies all these years: They can't have the public getting its hands on natural antibiotics that really work, you see. That would defeat the whole purpose of making everybody sick in the first place.

In fact, these strains of e.coli superbugs can be quite readily treated with a combination of natural full-spectrum antibiotics from plants such as garlic, ginger, onions and medicinal herbs. On top of that, probiotics can help balance the flora of the digestive tract and "crowd out" the deadly e.coli that might happen by. A healthy immune system and well-functioning digestive tract can fight off an e.coli superbug infection, but that's yet another fact the medical community doesn't want you to know. They much prefer you to remain a helpless victim lying in the hospital, waiting to die, with no options available to you. That's "modern medicine" for ya. They cause the problems that they claim to treat, and then they won't even treat you with anything that works in the first place.

Nearly all the deaths now attributable to this e.coli outbreak are easily and readily avoidable. These are deaths of ignorance. But even more, they may also be deaths from a new era of food-based bioweapons unleashed by either a group of mad scientists or an agenda-driven institution that has declared war on the human population.

Additional developments on this e.coli outbreak

• 22 fatalities have so far been reported, with 2,153 people now sickened and possibly facing kidney failure.

• An agricultural ministry in Germany said that even though they now know the source of the outbreak is a German sprout farm, they are still not lifting their warnings for people to avoid eating tomatoes and lettuce. In other words, keep the people afraid!

• "The German variant of E coli, known as O104, is a hybrid of the strains that can cause bloody diarrhoea and kidney damage called 'hemolytic uremic syndrome'." (

• A total of ten European nations have reported outbreaks of this e.coli strain, mostly from people who had visited northern Germany.

• The following story is in German, and it hints that the e.coli outbreak might have been a terrorist attack ( Yeah, a terrorist attack by the drug companies upon innocent people, as usual…


Related articles and video:

Outbreak In Europe Blamed On ‘Super-Toxic’ Strain (June 2, 2011)
Many questions remain unanswered. Was this made in a lab? Will this enable Codex Alimentarius to be implemented worldwide? LONDON – Scientists on Thursday blamed Europe’s worst recorded food-poisoning outbreak on a “super-toxic” strain of E. coli bacteria that may be brand new.But while suspicion has fallen on raw tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce as the source of the germ, researchers have been unable to pinpoint the food responsible for the frightening illness, which has killed at least 18 people, sickened more than 1,600 and spread to least 10 European countries. An alarmingly large number of victims — about 500 — have developed kidney complications that can be deadly. Chinese and German scientists analyzed the DNA of the E. coli bacteria and determined that the outbreak was caused by “an entirely new, super-toxic” strain that contains several antibiotic-resistant genes, according to a statement from the Shenzhen, China-based laboratory BGI. It said the strain appeared to be a combination of two types of E. coli. “This is a unique strain that has never been isolated from patients before,” Hilde Kruse, a food safety expert at the World Health Organization, told The Associated Press. The new strain has “various characteristics that make it more virulent and toxin-producing” than the many E. coli strains people naturally carry in their intestines.

Germany’s superbug is weaponized with Bubonic Plague DNA (June 9, 2011)
Food Freedom has deliberately refrained from posting any suggestion that Germany’s superbug is related to biowarfare, until further evidence emerged. Various sources now corroborate this story, including The Atlantic: “On Tuesday [May 31], the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that [leading German E. coli researcher Helge] Karch had discovered that the O104: H4 bacteria responsible for the current outbreak is a so-called chimera that contains genetic materia from various E. coli bacteria. It also contains DNA sequences from plague bacteria, which makes it particularly pathogenic.”Though he emphasized “There is no risk, however, that it could cause a form of plague,” Karch added that plague DNA sequences make the superbug “particularly pathogenic.”Also, it is interesting timing to note that the European Union banned herbal remedies on May 1, 2011. Below is Dr Rima Laibow’s summary of this developing story.~ Ed.

They tell us the “Super bug E. coli 0104:H” is terrorizing Germany, causing otherwise healthy people to develop Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (HUS) in which their kidneys fail, their red blood cells explode and then, tragically, they die.Germ sleuths and clinicians alike have been even more horrified than the average Spanish cucumber eater (the vegetable pinned with the blame for the lethal outbreak). The general public just wants the disaster to go away. The doctors want to know why, what and, now, WHO is responsible. E. coli is found in the guts of every mammal and is generally harmless. In fact, it is present in massive quantities: half of the volume of the normal bowel excretion is made up of their huge numbers. But when a good germ goes wrong, it can cause disease in the host or anyone who picks it up through contamination or lack of hygiene. And E. coli 0104:H4 has gone very, very wrong, with, it would appear, quite a bit of help from its friends. Mike Adams, the intrepid Health Ranger, revealed to the English speaking world that this extraordinarily aggressive E. coli (from a family of bugs which are normally passive and non-aggressive in the extreme) had been systematically genetically altered through laboratory manipulation, to be totally resistant to 8 classes of antibiotics.

(...) He pointed out, quite correctly, that without sustained and careful laboratory manipulation there would be no way for this organism to acquire total resistance to these drugs since the drugs are not used in agriculture and the bacteria would not encounter all eight of them in nature.The only reasonable conclusion is that colonies of normal E. coli had been intentionally, systematically exposed to each of the antibiotics in turn and the surviving colonies had been propagated and then exposed to the next antibiotic. The surviving germs were now resistant to both of the antibiotics to which they had been exposed. The process was repeated until a super bug was created which would not yield to any of the antibiotics that doctors would customarily use to treat the infection.This is the only rational conclusion to which the evidence points.

(...) Bubonic plague is caused by Yersinia pestis and is one of the most feared of all disorders. So when Dr. Karch blithely assured the German population that there is little danger of an outbreak of plague from this organism, he is clearly whistling through his Spanish cucumber.Although we all love to be reassured, there is no one on planet Earth who can reassure us that we are not already facing a new plague. This one, however, rather than resulting from an unplanned, but wildly toxic combination of rats, lice and history, would be the intentional outcome of an unnatural selection process and a high-tech genetic manipulation to create a death bug. A weaponized bug.Deny the genocidal agenda at your peril. I, for one, can see no reasonable option to the conclusion that the mad [wo]men at the helm of the realm are consummate murderers, killing randomly for their own unspeakable ends. CLIP

Food wars: How European health authorities are using the e.coli scare to wage economic warfare against vegetable farmer (June 06, 2011)
Even as hospitals in Germany are now filling up with people sickened by a super-powerful drug-resistant "superbug" strain of e.coli that looks like it was bioengineered, European health authorities are leaping at the opportunity to spread fear about organic foods while ignoring the obvious true cause of the contamination in the first place -- the widespread abuse of antibiotics in animal farming operations.The e.coli blame game has become a circus of musical chairs. First, they blamed the Spaniards as a form of retaliation for Spain's resistance to accepting GMOs. This act drove Spanish farmers into bankruptcy through a savage campaign of rumor-mongering. After ravaging the Spanish vegetable farmers, they began to randomly instill widespread fear about a variety of vegetables: First it was cucumbers, then lettuce and then finally tomatoes. And now, the blame has come full circle and is now being cast upon organic sprout growers in Germany!This has all been nothing more than despicable rumor-mongering that has now reached the point of economic warfare against vegetable farmers. And now it turns out even the latest round of blame cast upon sprouts was completely fraudulent: New tests reveal that the organic sprouts are NOT contaminated with e.coli. CLIP

E. Coli Outbreak Strikes Tennessee and Virginia (June 11th, 2011)
No connection to the deadly E. Coli outbreak in Germany is mentioned but as we know even if their was a connection our government would keep the public in the dark. CHECK ALSO UPDATE: Bell County E. coli cases traced to local restaurant from a June 2 article when this was initially reported there. Was this new strain released simultaneously there and in Europe?...

Multiple Sources of E-Coli Outbreak Attributed – Spreading Faster Than H1N1 (June 4, 2011)
The “e coli” outbreak (if that is really what it is) is now spreading faster than the Swine Flu of 2009, reaching over 1800 cases worldwide, meanwhile governments are unsure of the source (official story) of the outbreak. Check aslo E. Coli Outbreak a Massive Cover-Up?

Mike Adams: European E.Coli Superbug Bioengineered to Produce Human Fatalities - Part 2 HERE
This was an act of economic warfare against Spain because they opposed GMO's - amongst other things! MIKE ADAMS IS JUST AS OUTSPOKEN AS ALEX. WONDERFUL TRUTH-FIGHTERS!

In the Grip of Mad Scientists: Business as Usual for Monsanto, Fort Detrick, and Atlas Venture (June 12th, 2011)
In what should amount to a wildly imaginative narrative created by an overzealous science fiction aficionado, the following agencies, their connections, and past actions are real, none-the-less.Imagine, if you will, a world in which health sciences, disease control, cancer research, bio-weapons research, vaccine development, biotechnology, food and agriculture, national defense, and chemical companies all work together under the military. Then imagine, if you will, that a certain chemical company under the guise of a life sciences operation, produces an herbicide/defoliant for military use so destructive and highly toxic that contact with it causes cancer, diabetes and birth defects. And then that same chemical/life sciences company partners with a funding corporation whose team members include the ex-partner of the inventor of the world’s first completely synthetic organism, which was recently unleashed in the ocean and has since turned its ever-hungry sites on human flesh. Then imagine that same company with a monopoly on our food supply…Sound like an episode out of the Twilight Zone or Dr. Who? Well, it’s not. It’s real, and it’s documented. Fort Detrick and the NICBR The Fort Detrick National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR) is a conglomeration of agencies all under the umbrella of the military industrial complex.

(...) Are they making them now? And considering their past actions, can we really expect any good to come of this collaboration? If your answer is yes, then you are not one of the children who grew up playing on the toxic soil so graciously given to the residents of Anniston Alabama by Monsanto, or one of the Veterans who was poisoned by Agent Orange at Fort Detrick, or one of the people living in the Gulf who can’t breath and is having his/her flesh eaten by a synthetic organism unleashed for who knows what reason by BP and Synthetic Genomics. Considering the long term and recent history of these agencies and their proclivity for destruction with no regard for human consequences, one has to wonder… what’s next? Just what is Fort Detrick’s conglomeration of ne’er do wells plotting this time? You can be sure that Monsanto and the rest of the gang aren’t telling. Keeping secrets is what they do best, besides wholesale destruction and mayhem, that is.I can hear the silent screams of nature being ripped apart by madmen, and all I can do is scream back – STOP IT!!! STOP IT NOW!!! --- MUCH MORE ON MANY RELATED ISSUES THROUGH SUCH AS...

6 Real Examples of Food Terrorism (June 7, 2011)
The latest warning coming from British intelligence that al-Qaeda and other political organizations could contaminate the food supply is part of a continuing plot line that hides the obvious: our food already has been poisoned under the auspices of oversight agencies who have been complicit in the very real threats to the public food supply. The following toxins offered into the marketplace by corporate-government collusion have contributed to far more sickness and death than E. coli or salad bar terrorists ever will . . . unless of course the terrorists have bioengineered a superbug, or it has escaped from a bioweapons lab like the one at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Pesticides: Aside from the fact that pesticides have been linked to lower IQ in children, thus altering the future potential of human society, DDT and the cocktail of other pollutants and synthetic chemicals now include those used in GM food production (Bt), such as glyphosate. Even more alarming is that pollutants that have been banned for decades are still present in 100% of pregnant women, while those from GM food appear in 80% of unborn fetuses. The presentation below offers additional analysis of the health effects, particularly on the immune system: CLIP

German E-Coli Outbreak: Accident or Planned “Genocide” for Organics? By Barbara H. Peterson (June 12, 2011)
What if the deadly e-coli outbreak in Germany that was blamed on organic sprouts with no direct proof, but through circumstantial evidence only, was instituted as part of a deliberate campaign to sway public opinion in favor of compliance with Codex regulations and to call for the irradiation of organic seeds?Whether the contamination came from the water, seeds, was genetically engineered in a lab specifically for this purpose, or was a natural and unreported product of the genetic engineering process and high rate of GM contamination we are currently experiencing, makes no difference at this point to the people, and I use that term lightly, who are taking advantage of every situation to turn it to their favor and make a fast buck off others’ misery. While strolling the net, I hear a lot of buzz lately about how dirty organic processing is because free-range cattle poop on the ground where plants are grown that people eat, and that all organic seeds should be irradiated to kill the deadly e-coli pathogens inherent in this system. That is the spin, based on half-truths and outright lies. The truth is, organic farming has proven to be safer and healthier than its factory farm cousins. Poop from organic, free-range cows that lands on the soil is not the problem. I grow my veggies in organic poop, and have never been sick from a head of cabbage, bean sprout, or beet. So, either this latest “threat” in the form of e-coli was a concocted event intended to lead to the eradication of organics or simply an advantageous situation that is being exploited by the powers that be. Either way, here is a possible anticipated outcome: Organic sprouts are blamed for a deadly e-coli outbreak. To remediate this, irradiation of all organic SEEDS will be called for as per Codex guidelines, and instituted as a process for the National Organics Program in order to retain certification. Simple. Kill true organics from the inside out, and leave the door open for the likes of Monsanto et al to completely take over ALL food supplies without firing a shot.If this plan should work, then this could signify the end of organic food as we know it. Period. Spread the word. Maybe we can nip this in the bud before it grows too big. Meanwhile, grow and save your own seed from clean sources, teach others to do the same, and spread this movement just as far and wide as possible to save as many people as possible, or we can simply kiss organics and our health goodbye, and say hello to complete food control via Codex Alimentarius and your friendly USDA. - CHECK ALSO Could Genetically Modified Crops be causing E-Coli Contamination?

Discovery of Bt insecticide in human blood proves GMO toxin a threat to human health, study finds (May 15, 2011) HORROR!!!
(NaturalNews) The biotechnology industry's house of cards appears to be crumbling, as a new study out of the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, recently found Bt toxin, a component of certain genetically-modified (GM) crops, in human blood samples for the first time. Set to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Reproductive Toxicology the new study shreds the false notion that Bt is broken down by the digestive system, and instead shows that the toxin definitively persists in the bloodstream.Industry mouthpieces have long alleged that Bt toxin, which is derived from a soil bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis, is harmless to humans. The built-in pesticide has been integrated into certain GM crops to ward off pests. Bt corn, for instance, has actually been designed to produce the toxin directly inside its kernels, which are later eaten by both livestock and humans. In the recent study, researchers Aziz Aris and Samuel Leblanc evaluated 30 pregnant women and 39 non-pregnant women who had come to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS) in Quebec, Can., for a tubectomy. Upon taking blood samples, researchers detected the Bt Cry1Ab toxin in a shocking 93 percent of maternal and 80 percent of fetal blood samples. And 69 percent of non-pregnant women tested positive for the toxin in their blood.All women involved in the study had been consuming a typical Canadian diet which, like in the US, is riddled with GM materials and toxins. Conventional soy, corn, canola, and potato products, for example, are in many of the foods eaten in both the US and Canada, which explains why Bt toxin was highly prevalent in the women's blood samples. And the fact that Bt toxin was detected even in unborn babies shows that the chemical is easily passed from mother to child, and that it persists far longer than the biotechnology industry claims it does. Clearly, the toxin is harmful both to pests and to humans. Earlier studies have already shown that Bt toxin and other pesticides end up contaminating and persisting in the environment, which makes it a major public health concern. CLIP



Radiation & chemtrails assaults: additional support for your immune system

Alfred Lambremont Webre -- May 18th, 2011

NOTE: This article is part of a continuing series on the multidimensional, ecological, social, health and other effects of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide now talking place as a result of an intentional depopulation program by an international war crimes racketeering organization through the use of the HAARP-aerosol/chemtrails weapons system and global ionizing nuclear radiation. This article is by educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri. Part 1 of the article can be accessed at:

Radiation & Chemtrails Assaults: A multi-pronged environmental siege

Additional Support for Your Immune System

Part 2.

by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

May 18, 2011

“It is clear that dilution is not the solution to pollution. Dumping radioactive contaminated materials into bodies of water has a boomerang effect. It is not long before the ionizing radiation is washing back up on riverbanks and shorelines.” Geoscientist Leuren Moret, 2008

We are now living under daily radiation, chemical and biological siege. Because so much of this is invisible, it may be difficult for many people to comprehend the enormity of what is happening throughout our environment. The on-going catastrophe at Japan’s Fukushima ruined nuclear reactors continues to affect our entire planet. From the very beginning and behind the scenes of this epic crisis, the real reasons were deliberately covered-up. Safety factors were omitted, citizens continue to be put in harm’s way in Japan, throughout North America, and the rest of the planet. Mainstream Orwellian news is worthless in terms of reporting the magnitude and real dangers involved; so the public has never been properly informed. As with the on-going BP Gulf of Mexico oil-rig catastrophe, all we get as citizens are distortions and deception. Safe ways of handling this nightmare or real precaution were deliberately not part of any “emergency” plan.

We have a long-term planetary-wide epic tragedy unfolding. It is the most serious man-made catastrophe that we have faced in our human history. We are all being assaulted on several fronts with a three-pronged attack: (1) a decades-long hazardous brew of daily Chemtrails battering that is affecting our entire biosphere; (2) long-term and very dangerous ionizing radiation exposure, with Fukushima as a new and critically toxic addition; and (3) the release of nano-bioweapons into our environment (more on that below).

Radiation Exposure & Illness

What is known from research going back to Chernobyl’s nuclear catastrophe is that there will be a new, and probably quite dramatic, rise in various cancers (including tragically children’s), autism, brain dysfunction and damage, and an assortment of auto-immune and, most likely bio-weaponized, diseases. Since both Japan and the US have not reported the real radiation levels to which we are all exposed, millions of people who already are or will become ill will never be able to hold anyone accountable. Yoishi Shimatsu’s new article reports on more of the enormous cover-up and fraud, noting that TEPCO’s

“‘compensation’ package doesn't cover medical benefits for radiation-caused cancers that are not expected to surface in victims for at least two years from now [even though some reactor workers have already died]. The government is going along with this publicity stunt, mainly because most politicians owe TEPCO under the reigning system of money politics. The plan is a fraud from its inception. …Nuclear is probably the only industry that can get away without risk coverage, due to its cozy connections with politicians, bureaucrats and military forces.”(1) This is the modus operandi of corporate and government crimes: a system of vast harm to everyone, but no accountability.

As Dr. Helen Caldicott has noted, external radiation exposure and internal exposure are not the same. It is this invisible, ionizing radiation exposure, going into our tissues, organs, and bones, which will cause long-term damage. As Dr. Caldicott has written:

“Internal radiation, by contrast, emanates from radioactive elements that enter the body by inhalation, ingestion, or skin absorption. Hazardous radioactive elements being released in the sea and air around Fukushima accumulate at each step of various food chains (for example, into algae, crustaceans, small fish, bigger fish, then humans; or soil, grass, cow's meat and milk, then humans). Entering the body, these elements -called internal emitters- migrate to specific organs such as the thyroid, liver, bone, and brain, continuously irradiating small volumes of cells with high doses of alpha, beta and/or gamma radiation, and over many years often induce cancer. Further, many remain radioactive in the environment for long periods [sometimes hundreds of thousands of years], posing danger for future generations.”(2)

FACT (Freedom Against Censorship Thailand) has reported that

“In addition to cancers, any radiation exposure correlates to an increase in immune system disorders. Thyroid diseases, diabetes, asthma, AIDS, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, myalgic encephalomyelitis and a huge spectrum of non-specific neurological conditions are expected in the human population [and all other animals, too]. Radioactive iodine attacks thyroid function while radioactive cesium mimics potassium uptake. The ‘Petkau effect’ for ingestion of beta and alpha particles, discovered by Atomic Energy of Canada scientist Dr. Abram Petkau in 1972, draws ominous conclusions for human exposure. Dr. Petkau found that lower doses of ionizing radiation are actually more efficient at disrupting human cell activity.”(3) This also includes brain damage and dementia.

As one test shows: “Radiation in milk [tested from organic samples] in Hawaii is now at least 2,033% above Federal drinking water safety limits.”(4) Children are drinking this.

Geoscientist Leuren Moret confirms these reports with her own independent research reported in a recent interview:

Morgellons and Synthia – Nano-Bioweapons

Not under discussion, except in some alternative news reports, are two geo-engineered, synthetic nano-organisms that are already wrecking massive havoc. Firstly, there is independent researcher Clifford Carnicom’s ground-breaking work on Morgellons, affecting probably millions of people. Over the last decade, Carnicom has methodically examined air samples of “filaments” [or fibers] he has gathered, and notes: “It can now be shown with conviction that environmental filament [fiber] samples and the filaments that are characteristic of the ‘Morgellons’ condition are of one and the same nature.”(5) Carnicom has done an exceptional job in showing concisely how Chemtrails and Morgellons are interlinked through his “Systems Perspective.”(6)

In addition, Dr. R. Michael Castle “has identified microscopic polymers comprised of genetically-engineered fungal forms mutated with viruses. He says that trillions of Fusarium (fungus)/virus mutated spores), which secrete a powerful mico-toxin, are part of the [now plasma] air we breathe.”(7) This is the poisonous mixture in the Chemtrails aerosolized assault on all of us. Over the last 10 years, we also have enormous supporting statistical evidence of what this attack has done to us seen in the dramatic increases in coronary and upper respiratory diseases, brain damage, and cancers.(8)

While we are all breathing this horrific brew, and even given all the evidence, there has been continued silence by government agencies and much dismissal by compromised academics and scientists. Carnicom rightly calls it “The Crime of All Time.” Another visual link is here:

People afflicted with Morgellons, a synthetically made [possibly in some high-level, secret bio-weapons lab] and painful nightmare have often been misdiagnosed. The doctors’ usual tactics are to discredit and disregard patients’ symptoms (as they did in the 1970s and 1980s with those who had Mononucleosis and Fibromyalgia; or in the 1990s with Gulf War Syndrome). Most allopathic physicians, with their academic blinders, have little-to-no training in either environmentally caused or bio-weapons lab-created illnesses. They are far too quick to dismiss patients’ complaints and legitimate concerns. One person who has been able to help those with Morgellons is Dr. Gwen Scott, ND. One of her remedies can be found here:

In addition, there is now a second synthetic genome bacteria that was unleashed after the Gulf of Mexico oil-rig catastrophe last year, supposedly to “help” absorb the massive amounts of oil and gas. Before its release, it was untested for human and/or animal safety. This geo-engineered nano-organism, called Synthia, has been replicating itself exponentially and causing chaos throughout the Gulf waters. Called the “Blue Plague,” by researcher Michael Edwards, it “has created new viral and bacterial pathogens never seen before. It is directly responsible for the spreading of drug and antibiotic resistant viral and bacterial outbreaks along the Gulf Coast.”(9) This unconscionable release has contaminated the entire Gulf region; and through evaporation into the air we breathe, it has probably transported these dangerous nano-organisms further around the planet.

The implications for this not only crossing species barriers [naturally occurring ones don’t do this] but creating substantial novel illness is already happening. One Gulf physician recently noted that one of his patients had “a new illness we’ve never seen before [with] a rare bacteria found in his body, ‘similar to the microbes that eat oil.’”(10) Patients are already dying of the Blue Plague –a horrendous geo-engineered experiment, and not reported by the mass media.

French physician, Dr. Gabriela Segura has been following this and has developed a “Gulf Blue Plague Detox” which is essential for people to know about:

See also:

Another noted physician, Dr. William Rea, founder and director of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas, is also recognized for his detox protocol work to help those who have been contaminated by Gulf’s dispersants. Dr. Rea is a thoracic and cardiovascular who has been focusing on environmental issues surround health and disease.

Michael Edwards is calling this synthetic DNA gene transfer “a catastrophic biological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico” with its massive contamination that he notes will result in:

1. New Cross-Species viruses that directly cause disease
2. The artificial development of new bacterial diseases
3. The re-activation of dormant viruses present in all cells
4. Antibiotic resistant genes in viral and bacterial pathogens
5. The uncontrolled spread of new genes that never before existed

In this regard, Dr. Máximo Sandín, author of “We are Virus and Bacteria” [] and former Biology Department professor at the Independent University of Madrid (where he taught Human Evolution and Ecology) has said:

“I believe that some (rather many) of the activities of ‘biotechnology’ or ‘bioengineering’ companies are becoming even more dangerous each day because their practices seem to be completely behind the back of present scientific knowledge.”(11) In a paper Dr. Sandín posted online, he has written: “Are these practices of genetic manipulation really necessary, when the more qualified experts affirm that we are very far from knowing (and much less able to control) the processes implicated?”(12) [my translation]

The intentional wreckage of our immune systems continues with the banksters and elites trying to control everything from behind the scenes. Through their secret agendas of extreme harm, we are seeing in our daily lives the financial (worldwide bankruptcies, thefts of mortgaged homes, and ruin for the middle class) and environmental destruction (weather warfare, environmental degradation, and geo-engineered illnesses) they have created. So, it is imperative that we take control of our own health, because all of the other supposed “support” from any public system is totally broken. If you have a good health care provider (and Vet, if you have companion pets), who understands what is really going on, you can make a plan to protect yourself and your family. If you are on any kind of drugs, please consult your health care provider.

Firstly, a continuing REMINDER, stay out of the radioactive rain. The synthetic “sno” that fell for the past five months was loaded with toxic barium, nano-coated fiber aluminum, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and the poisonous desiccant, Ethyl dibromide. Normal human body temperature used to be about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the Chemtrails assaults, there are reports of people with temperatures of anywhere between 94-97 degrees. This drop in body temperature may possibly be linked to the cumulative and damaging effects of Ethyl dibromide that dries out our skin and mucosal membranes. These poisons, to which we are illegally subjected daily, are off the scale. Millions of people are very ill. Since about March 15, this brew now also includes radioactive elements coming invisibly from Fukushima that have been raining down on all of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Europe, and the rest of the planet.

PLEASE NOTE: Recommendations and dietary plans in this article are to share educational information. In order to make good decisions about our lives, we must be well informed. I do not have any financial ties with any specific brands or items mentioned. They have worked, and thus are recommended. The herbal suggestions, included below, are based on centuries-long traditions by indigenous natives and practicing herbalists. They all know that plants can be both food and medicine. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have illustrious histories going back 5,000 years. These remedies would not continue to be used, if they did not work. Much has now been confirmed by science. ALL RESOURCES ARE LISTED BELOW MY NOTES.

Testing You Can Do

1. I urge everyone to strongly consider getting together communally and purchasing the best Geiger counter you can, so you can to monitor your exposure. Given difficult finances for millions, the cost can then be shared. A good brand is Gamma Scout with a probe attachment available that can be used to test water and soil samples. (See RESOURCES below.) Keep in mind that Dr. Helen Caldicott says no level is safe, so it is vital that we still know how much daily invisible radiation exposure we are getting from Japan. There are six reactors involved at Fukushima, and already it is a far worse catastrophe than Chernobyl. Further, after two months, there has been no containment; but we continue getting huge doses of ionizing radiation spewing into the air and across the Pacific Ocean.

One important radiation monitoring website from Norway (NILU) [; region=NH] went off line last week, so people cannot see how serious the radioactive contamination remains. A back-up NILU report of “emergency high levels” of radiation posted this week is here:

Dutch Sinse has been reporting regularly and fairly accurately on global and anomalous weather patterns that are not being reported by mainstream news. This chaos is affecting millions of people. See:

2. Another way of avoiding dangerous exposure to poisons and contaminants in water, is to filter them out or purify them. A stainless steel, reverse osmosis system (hooked up to your sink, shower, or throughout the house) can get rid of numerous toxins. (NOTE: plastic water filters do a poor job, due to the added chemicals off-gassing from the plastic containers. See RESOURCES below.)

3. I also would strong suggest that people consider having a Heavy Metals Hair Analysis done. A standard blood CBC (Complete Blood Count) lab work-up does not show up heavy metals contamination. A hair analysis does. It is not expensive; and it is reliable. It only takes a moment to cut a bit of your hair (or your child’s) from the nape of your neck and send it off. You health care provider can give you the necessary form. Doctor’s Data has been doing these tests for many decades and they are very dependable. Results are sent to your health care provider within two weeks. (See RESOURCES below.)

Save your lab results. We are working on a plan to post these US and Canadian results (without your name). If we had lab results for heavy metals and radiation toxicity levels across the continent, this also could be an excellent way of documenting and determining the nationwide Chemtrails poisoning of our population. It has the potential of holding criminals accountable for the grave harm they are causing us.

In addition, given all the assortment of heavy metals in Chemtrails and our nationwide radiation exposure levels, this would also help immensely in determining your own exposure and what kind of Detox Protocol would be advisable with recommendations from your health care provider. The likelihood of millions of us having some kind of heavy metals toxicity appears to be high, simply because of the known massive amounts of environmental poisons found in our air, soil, and water. Heavy metals contamination does have the potential of causing cancer and other serious neurological and immune damage to humans (and our companion pets, too). Some of the early symptoms can mimic other illnesses. If un-detected and left undiagnosed, the potential for permanent damage and death is very significant.

We may not want to deal with this on a deep psychological level. People are going about their daily routines, as if nothing much has happened. After all, little real news is actually being reported. So, it’s already difficult to comprehend that these mostly invisible poisons are already creating injury and seriously impacting us. Further, this already has affected the entire food chain; and people do not realize that this means everything grown and brought to market since mid-March is radioactive. As I have already written, this has also been greatly exacerbated by the Japanese dumping 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean! This was criminal, and has poisoned the entire web of life.

This deadly assault continues to wreck our immune systems, cognitive functions, and our ability to stay healthy. Now, we will continue to face years of continued ionizing radiation exposure (as at Chernobyl) Thus, a commitment for each one of us to make better choices to help support our bodies to function properly, and continue to create a more healthy diet, is now essential for survival. Given all the mainstream media lies, I also believe it is imperative for us all to come together as families and in our communities. We must help one another. This is the way things should be. We always have an opportunity to re-evaluate what we think we know based on new information. Now is the time to do this.


Due to radiation in our soils, it’s safer to use last year’s organic crops: frozen, or in glass jars, or canned. This is a short list. There is a great deal of additional information in the seed catalogues listed below my NOTES. For a list of Vitamins, see Part 1 of this article.




Fukushima in Our Food: Low Levels of Radiation from Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown Detected in Milk, Fruit and Vegetable Samples Tested from California Farms

June 1, 2011 | By Steven Hoffman

As the crippled reactors in Japan continue to emit radiation into the environment, the risk grows that it will appear in our food. Radiation has already been detected in trace amounts in milk across the U.S., and in strawberries, kale and other vegetables in California.

“The Swiss government Wednesday decided to exit nuclear energy, phasing out the country’s existing nuclear plants and seeking alternative energy sources to meet Switzerland’s energy needs, following widespread security concerns in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.”

– Dow Jones, May 25, 2011

“We believe we can show those countries who decide to abandon nuclear power—or not start using it—how it is possible to achieve growth, creating jobs and economic prosperity while shifting the energy supply toward renewable energies.”

– Chancellor Angela Merkel when announcing on May 30 that Germany would abandon nuclear power by 2022.

Boulder, Colo. (June 1, 2011) – Nuclear energy is clean…until it isn’t.

The emerging reality of the ongoing nuclear reactor crisis in Fukushima, Japan—now in its third month after a devastating earthquake and tsunami caused nuclear explosions at the plant 150 miles north of Tokyo—is that it is not under control at all. Three of the six reactors are in meltdown. The crippled reactors are acting like a huge dirty bomb, emitting significant quantities of radioactive isotopes that are, in fact, contaminating our air, water, soil and food in a steady stream that may continue for a long time.

And it’s not just affecting Japan, though they’re certainly getting the worst of it. Since the accident on March 12, radioactive fallout from Fukushima has been spreading to the U.S. and across the northern hemisphere. Elevated levels of radiation caused by the meltdowns in Japan have been detected in drinking water across the country, in rainwater, in soil, and in food grown on U.S. farms.

The mainstream media is not really reporting on this. Since the initial weeks of the accident, there has been a disturbing silence. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the utility that owns and operates the reactors, and the government of Japan have handled public relations around this monumental disaster about as well as BP handled the Gulf oil spill last summer, and they are losing credibility fast. The radiation has leaked much faster than TEPCO’s disclosure of information related to the crisis; it’s only now that we know that three of the six reactors at the plant are in full meltdown. One of the meltdowns occurred within hours of the accident on March 12, but was not revealed until May 15, more than two months later.

Crisis, What Crisis?

In announcing the news, TEPCO admitted that it did not want the public to know the extent of the accident early on to avoid panic. They continue to downplay the time it will take to get the reactors under control and the threat this unprecedented crisis presents to our food, health and environment. While TEPCO has given a time estimate of six to nine months to control the reactors, on May 29 a senior TEPCO official admitted that it may be impossible to stabilize the crippled plant by the beginning of 2012. One U.S. official, John Kelly, deputy assistant secretary for nuclear reactor technologies at the U.S. Energy Department, told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in late May that the Fukushima reactors are still in grave danger and may continue to vent radioactive steam for a year or more, according to the Washington Post.

With the reactors in meltdown, TEPCO employees are racing to avoid a potential “China Syndrome” as superhot nuclear fuel melts down through holes burned into the steel and concrete containment vessels into the earth, thus liberating it into the environment.

Additionally, highly toxic radioactive iodine, cesium, strontium, plutonium and other toxic man-made radionuclides have leaked unabated since March 12 into the ocean and atmosphere. The radiation is contaminating large areas of Japan. Monitoring the ocean around the Fukushima plant, Greenpeace reported on May 26 that the contamination is spreading over a wide area and accumulating in sea life, rather than simply dispersing like the Japanese authorities claimed would happen.

Also, radiation continues to blow in a steady stream across the Pacific Ocean toward North America, following the course of the jet stream in the atmosphere, and major currents in the ocean that flow from Japan to America. It took less than a month for radioactive iodine and cesium from the Fukushima nuclear accident to first show up in U.S. milk, and it continues to be detected in trace amounts in milk produced in California, one of the only states conducting any kind of testing for radiation in food.

Independent Tests Indicate Radiation Is Entering the U.S. Food Chain

Authorities in the U.S. insist that there is no danger to public health or the environment from the Fukushima nuclear crisis, and that levels of radiation that have been detected in water, air, soil and food in North America since the accident are in such minuscule quantities as to present little to no danger. EPA discontinued its Fukushima radiation monitoring efforts, and FDA says there is no danger to our food or seafood and therefore testing is not necessary. There have been no calls since the accident for heightened nuclear safety inspections or to upgrade or decommission aging nuclear power plants in the U.S.

Yet, in limited testing conducted by states and independent labs since the accident, radioactive iodine and cesium—both toxic to human health—have appeared at elevated levels in milk and vegetables produced in California. Radiation has also been detected in milk sold in Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Vermont and Washington since the accident.

Elevated levels of radioactivity have also been detected in drinking water in numerous municipalities from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, and in soil samples tested in California. Fallout is blanketing America and will do so for a prolonged period of time until they can somehow stop the crippled reactors from leaking any more radiation into the environment—a formidable task.

On May 25, the University of California Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering (UCB)—one of the few organizations testing food, soil, air and water in the U.S.—reported that it had detected the highest level of radioactive cesium 137 in nearly a month in raw milk samples taken from a dairy in Sonoma County where the cows are grass fed. UCB also reported elevated levels of cesium 134 and cesium 137 in pasteurized, homogenized milk samples with a “best by” date of May 26 from a Bay Area organic dairy “where the farmers are encouraged to feed their cows local grass.”

Iodine 131 in California Milk Suggests New Fallout Continues

The State of California reported on May 2 that it detected higher levels of radioactive iodine 131 in milk samples tested at CalPoly Dairy Farm in San Luis Obispo compared to milk tested at the end of March. Additionally, the new milk samples contained trace amounts of radioactive cesium 134 and cesium 137, which were not seen in the March samples. The presence of iodine 131, with a short half-life of eight days, in the new milk samples indicates that even now, nuclear reactions are occurring at the crippled Japanese plant, bringing fresh fallout on a daily basis to Asia, North America and around the northern hemisphere.

CLIP - You may read the rest through


Date: 27 May 2011
Subject: Manifesto of the Spanish Revolution... An example that everyone should emulate
From: Sofia Aldunate (

Dear Friends:

I am so overwhelmed by what is happening in Spain even though the official media is still talking about anything else but this in a desperate attempt to put a curtain of silence, that I am sending you this, so the English speaking people are aware of what is happening already with the hope of our world. The young people of the world making a call for unity, human rights, and all of the things that would make of this a much better world. I have read that people from other countries is thinking to support them. I hope they do, personally I think we should all support them.....


We are ordinary people. We are like you: people, who get up every morning to study, work or find a job, people who have family and friends. People, who work hard every day to provide a better future for those around us.

Some of us consider ourselves progressive, others conservative. Some of us are believers, some not. Some of us have clearly defined ideologies, others are apolitical, but we are all concerned and angry about the political, economic, and social outlook which we see around us: corruption among politicians, businessmen, bankers, leaving us helpless, without a voice.

This situation has become normal, a daily suffering, without hope. But if we join forces, we can change it. It’s time to change things, time to build a better society together. Therefore, we strongly argue that:

The priorities of any advanced society must be equality, progress, solidarity, freedom of culture, sustainability and development, welfare and people’s happiness.

These are inalienable truths that we should abide by in our society: the right to housing, employment, culture, health, education, political participation, free personal development, and consumer rights for a healthy and happy life.

The current status of our government and economic system does not take care of these rights, and in many ways is an obstacle to human progress.

Democracy belongs to the people (demos = people, krátos = government) which means that government is made of every one of us. However, in Spain most of the political class does not even listen to us. Politicians should be bringing our voice to the institutions, facilitating the political participation of citizens through direct channels that provide the greatest benefit to the wider society, not to get rich and prosper at our expense, attending only to the dictatorship of major economic powers and holding them in power through a bipartidism headed by the immovable acronym PP & PSOE.

Lust for power and its accumulation for only a few create inequality, tension and injustice, which leads to violence, which we reject. The obsolete and unnatural economic model fuels the social machinery in a growing spiral that consumes itself by enriching a few and sends into poverty the rest. Until the collapse.

The will and purpose of the current system is the accumulation of money, not regarding efficiency and the welfare of society. Wasting resources, destroying the planet, creating unemployment and unhappy consumers.

Citizens are the gears of a machine designed to enrich a minority which does not regard our needs. We are anonymous, but without us none of this would exist, because we move the world.

If as a society we learn to not entrust our future to an abstract economy, which never returns benefits for the most, we can eliminate the abuse that we are all suffering.

We need an ethical revolution. Instead of placing money above human beings, we shall put it back to our service. We are people, not products. I am not a product of what I buy, why I buy and who I buy from.


For all of the above, I am outraged.
I think I can change it.
I think I can help.
I know that together we can. I think I can help.

I know that together we can.

Share this widely !!!

With love,



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The Spanish are having their own Arab Spring (2 June 2011)
High unemployment and a belief that politicians focus more on profit than people sparked youth protests across Spain. Anger, irritation, annoyance and even rage are some of the most common adjectives used by protestors camping at Plaza del Sol in Madrid.The massive series of demonstrations that started on May 15 gathered people from all classes and ages. Mothers came with their children; professors and lawyers gave improvised speeches at every corner of the plaza, protesters started building tents and other facilities.The 15M movement or "Real Democracy Now - DYR" - started as a public outcry denouncing political corruption and unemployment that has soared to unprecedented levels. Some 25 per cent of the labour force can't find a job and almost 50 per cent of young people are unemployed.

(...) A manifesto for change - The movement continued its protest the day after the elections and released a manifesto - in several different languages - stating their main goals and aspiration (...) The manifesto fails to make any concrete proposal to end the crisis - and it would be premature to consider this movement a revolution such as those taking place in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Bahrain. Luis, an active participant in the protest, said: "Our situation is very different than in the Arab world. They are fighting for freedom against cruel dictatorships. Their struggle has more merit that our campaign, and they are risking their lives ... Also their goals seem to be different as well."Nerea, Luis, Aurora and Mario have the same opinion about the movement and think that this mobilisation does not have the same goals of the Arab revolutions - and therefore they are not seeking to force the resignation of the president or any of his ministers. Mario argued that the goals are very clear: "We would like to see radical changes in our political model. For instance, we don't want to have politicians that keep making decisions based on the stock market and we would like to change how judges and other officials are appointed."

Doubts creep in - Political analysts and specialists agree that the movement had great initial success during the week before the elections, but doubt their success in the long term. Ignacio Molina, associate professor in the department of politics and international relations at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, believes that the movement is limited and focus their claims too narrowly on matters of political theory. "In other words, protesters are naive enough to think that changing the political model on institutional issues such as the republican form of government, participatory democracy or the proportional electoral system can help resolve the crisis and improve the life prospects of young people or the unemployed," he said. However, other specialists such as Jaime Pastor, professor at the department of political science and administration in the National University of Distance Education (UNED), consider that political and economic reform should go hand in hand - but argues that the movement is now at a crucial state. "Protestors have at least established a series of basic goals. But now, after the election, it remains to be seen if they are able to keep the flame alive."What seems to be clear is that the movement has, so far, succeeded in awakening the Spanish youth that were mired in a prolonged slumber. According to many participants, the movement will continue - regardless of election results.Mario mentioned that there was a plan to move the protest out of the plaza and that they were thinking to start working at a "grassroots" level, organising committees and assemblies across the city's neighbourhoods. He added that people in France and London had already contacted members of the committees. CLIP

Spain — Viva la revolution! (29 May 2011)
Viva la revolution! Spain’s youth are staging boisterous but peaceful protests across the country that many call the Iberian version of the popular revolutions sweeping the Arab world.Plaza Catalunya, the centre of this marvelous city that pulses with life and fun, is packed with young demonstrators waving placards calling for revolution and end to capitalism and globalism, and blaring American 70’s rock songs. “The banks grow rich while the rest of the world lives on the edge” reads one poster. The Wall Street crash of 2008 caused by reckless American bankers has hit Europe full force. Who can blame these kids for being angry? Spain’s unemployment rate is 20 per cent — 4.9 million. For those under 25, it’s 44.3 per cent – mirroring parts of the restive Arab world. But so far, youth protests in Spain, as well as Britain, Italy, France have been tame. Greece is a different story. As it stumbles towards default on its unsustainable debt, the nation is racked by protests and strikes. Italy and Spain, who may also face bond crises, have joined the scolding Germans in condemning Greece for profligacy and spreading financial contagion. Spain just held municipal and regional elections. Prime Minister Jose Zapatero’s Socialist party, having had the ill luck of being in power when the financial tsunami hit, just got washed away. Incredibly, Barcelona, the cradle of Spanish Socialism, Communism and anarchism, overwhelmingly voted in the rightwing People’s Party, which has links to the Franco-era fascists. The ghost of George Orwell and the famed POUM 1930’s anarchist movement are turning in their graves. The rout of Spain’s left marks another step in Europe’s strong move to the right. CLIP

Police Disperse Anti-Crisis Protesters at Madrid City Hall (June 12, 2011) IS IT OVER... OR JUST BEGINNING?...
MADRID — Scuffles erupted between police and demonstrators outside Madrid's city hall Saturday as the rightist mayor began a new term in office, in the latest of a wave of protests against the country' economic crisis and soaring unemployment. (...) Protests over the economic crisis began in Madrid on May 15 and fanned out to city squares nationwide as word spread by Twitter and Facebook among demonstrators also known as "M-15", "Spanish Revolution" and "Real Democracy Now". Protesters installed in Madrid's Puerta del Sol square for the past month are scheduled on Sunday to dismantle their ramshackle encampment, which has become a symbol of the anti-establishment movement. The Spanish economy slumped into recession during the second half of 2008 as the global financial meltdown compounded the collapse of the once-booming property market. It emerged with meagre growth in early 2010. The crisis sent the unemployment rate soaring to more than 21 percent in the first quarter of 2011, the highest in the industrialised world. Among young people it is over 40 percent.

A European Generation Takes to the Streets (June 12, 2011)
Any real revolution in Paris has to include the storming of the Bastille. Which explains why 200 young demonstrators are sitting in the shade of the trees at Place de la Bastille on this Thursday evening, wondering how to go about staging such a revolution. Their numbers had already swelled to more than 2,000 by the Sunday before, when they had occupied the entrance to the Bastille Opera and half the square. But then the police arrived with teargas and, since then, have kept strict watch over this symbolic site.The protestors are trying to create a movement to rival the protests in Madrid and Lisbon. They want tens of thousands of young people to march in the streets of Paris, calling for "démocratie réelle," or real democracy. They believe that there is also potential for such large-scale protest in France, with youth unemployment at more than 20 percent, precarious working conditions and what feels like a constant state of crisis. "Until now, our problems were always seen as individual problems," says Julien, a 22-year-old physics student who has joined a group called Actions. "You were told that if you couldn't find a job, it was your own fault. Perhaps we are now experiencing a change taking place, and that we are joining forces to form a pan-European movement against this system."

A Fundamental Change -- There is a feeling that unites young people throughout Europe, namely the belief that they will not be able to attain the same level of prosperity as their parents did. They feel that they have no future. They are well-trained, and yet they are not finding any jobs. This feeling has been smoldering for years, affecting the generation of "crisis children," who grew up in a world shaped by economic and other crises, but who never took to the streets to fight for their interests. But a fundamental change is taking place. On March 12, 200,000 people marched down the Avenida de Liberdade, or Avenue of Freedom, in Lisbon. It was the biggest demonstration in Portugal since the 1974 Carnation Revolution, a march of the lost generation. As in Cairo months ago, everything began on Facebook -- with an appeal that Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho and some of his former fellow students at the University of Coimbra posted. They called upon the Geração à rasca (or "generation of junk"), to join together in protest. "We, the unemployed, the underpaid and the interns, are the best educated generation in the country's history," they wrote. "We are protesting so that those responsible for our precarious situation quickly change this untenable reality." CLIP



2011: The coming collapse of the world economic order – Part 1

Alfred Lambremont Webre -- June 1st, 2011

This article is the first of a 3-part series on the multi-dimensional and exopolitical causes behind the coming collapse of the current world economic order.

In his book, “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction: Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011!", Bulgarian scientist Dr. Georgi Stankov writes, “It is a done deal that the current financial system will collapse this year [2011] within a very short period of time. In fact, the system has already collapsed more than two years ago when the Wall Street investment banking was practically wiped out from the map within a week in October 2008.”


Dr. Georgi Stankov’s book (Parts I & II) “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction: Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011!" can be downloaded as a free resource on the Internet at the following URL:

Money and the Orion Monetary System

Regarding money and the Orion monetary system, Dr. Stankov writes, “For this purpose the Powers That Be have introduced numerous ideas and concepts in human society that cement the wrong idea of separation. The most insidious system of deception of all is the Orion monetary system that creates the impression that human beings must work hard to earn money in order to survive. Darwin’s flawed evolutionary idea of “the survival of the fittest” was further exaggerated to become an established social doctrine and a rectification for all predatory practices of the economic and financial Elite. 

“During their social activities, human beings have been forced to compete all the time with other human beings and to consider them potential rivals or even enemies. The working place has become a jungle. The eschatological purpose of human life has been reduced to the acquirement of paper money and material goods that create the illusion of security. Money is considered to be the only viable security for survival in an unfriendly environment. Creation out of unconditional love, compassion, and understanding has no place in the Orion monetary system. These conditions deepen the wrong impression of separation among all human entities that culminates in the ubiquitous angst of death in present-day society. 

"Humans believe that they must surround themselves with as much material goods as they can imagine for the purpose of surviving, but they know deep in their heart that they have no power over death. That is the cardinal dilemma of the current Elite. Their fears are hyper-trophied to such an extent that their desire to control everything, first and foremost, all the monies available, and through them all human lives, seems to be, in their view, the only alternative to appease their basic angst in front of death. 

“This, however, does not exclude the possibility of eliminating each other within their power games, as this can be seen among Mafia families. Have these entities had more compassion for their fellows, they would have easily discerned that no money or power on this earth could protect them from the nefarious thoughts and deeds of their akin. This insight would have been sufficient to convince them to wrap up their insidious plans to control the world. The author is optimistic that this will happen this year [2011].

“The numerous mental and emotional ramifications of the Orion monetary system on human thinking, feeling, and behaviour are so profound and ubiquitous that there is virtually no space in current human society that is not thoroughly poisoned by this vicious system. This is the current problem of all light workers who have to immerse in the toxic atmosphere of earth and cannot find an adequate place that will serve them as a spiritual shelter. 

“It is important to observe at this place that all enlightened civilisations in the solar universes do not use money, because they do not need this primitive means for the organisation of their society. They have understood the nature of money. 

“Money imitates the Nature of All-That-Is which is energy. The difference of the Orion monetary system to energy is that it entraps the entities and steals their energy, while real energy is always free – it floats from one system to another without any preference. Money, as it is used today, stipulates all the wrong emotional and mental concepts of separation, such as greed, power, manipulation, aggression, etc., that are basic fears of the human templates and thus typical for all entities that live in total amnesia and lead to their enslavement.

“These negative characteristics are typical for the mentality of young souls who live in the greatest separation from the Source. The American society, being determined by collective greed, corruption, unlimited aggression, self-righteousness, arrogance, and ignorance for the rest of the world, is paradigmatic for the collective behaviour of all entities that are separated from All-That-Is. As young souls build the majority of the current population on earth, their negative features are inherent to the whole mankind.

“Therefore, we will witness this year in the first place a radical shift of public opinion away from these negative collective characteristics towards more transparency, compassion, equality, and respect for the free will of the individual. All the revolutions and upheavals that will be unleashed this year will demand for such a change in human perceptions. This change is a necessary prerequisite for preparing humanity mentally and emotionally for the upcoming Ascension at the end of next year [2012].”

From, “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction: Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011!" p. 32

Pitfalls and Fallacies of the Orion Monetary System

The following is an excerpt (Chapter 24) from Dr. Georgi Stankov’s book, “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction: Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011!".

CHAPTER 24. Pitfalls and Fallacies of the Orion Monetary System

Copyright 2011 Dr. Georgi Stankov, All rights reserved.

“It is a done deal that the current financial system will collapse this year [2011] within a very short period of time. In fact, the system has already collapsed more than two years ago when the Wall Street investment banking was practically wiped out from the map within a week in October 2008. 

“This happened shortly after the first huge wave of Christ consciousness was released on earth and allowed for more transparency and sincerity in human relations. This information is given as evidence for the basic statement in this essay: All dramatic and sweeping changes, we experience on earth, are associated with and triggered by significant changes in the energetic structure of human beings. They weaken the shackles of all incarnated entities that have been imposed on them in a perfidious manner by the Powers That Be and open them for the transcendental truth of All-That-Is....

“The release of Christ consciousness on earth is associated with the so-called Ra-Ta-experiment that is explained by the channel Cosmic Awareness in his numerous messages. The author recommends the reader to check this information in order to better understand the current situation on earth. It is one of the clearest channels this author has ever come upon. 

“Unfortunately, the energizers and the group around this channel are intellectually not quite prepared for the information that has been given to them. This fact explains the redundancy in the messages and the somewhat narrow spectrum of topics discussed by this channel. For instance, the actual financial situation is not at all elaborated by this channel from a theoretical point of view, although it has made some good economic forecasts in the past. 

“Nonetheless, this source is the most reliable and extensive source in Internet (over 8000 pages of channeled messages since 1975). In comparison to it, most channeled esoteric information available in Internet can only be digested, if one is prepared to commit an intellectual hara-kiri before reading it.

“The author mentions the Ra-Ta-experiment at the beginning of his discussion, because it gives the reader a clue as to when the financial system is expected to collapse this year. In anticipation of this event, a theoretical analysis of the factors that will lead to this crash may appear to be of secondary importance. It is quite probable that the financial crash will happen before this essay will be published. 

“The second wave of Christ consciousness was released in late autumn 2009, shortly before the final period of earth Ascension – 2010 to 2012 (last triad) – has begun. In this context the last year was a preparation for what will be manifested this year.

“The final third wave of Christ consciousness has commenced this year and will reach its peak around spring equinox. The current revolution in Egypt is the first eruptive manifestation of this wave, which is closely associated with the history of this ancient country, although Christ energies flood the whole planet. It is expected that the Egyptian revolution will spread out to many other Arab countries and destroy the fragile balance of the current World Order as designed by the dark forces. One very probable consequence will be the disruption of oil supply to the West from the Middle East.

“This event may trigger the financial crisis that has many fathers, but one mother – the world inflation, the unprecedented bubble in money supply that has undermined the foundations of the world economy. This inflation has been deliberately instigated by the dark forces and their proxies in the financial corporations by creating money out of debt and thin air in order to impoverish humanity and establish the New World Order. This has been the pronounced aim of the Powers That Be in the last several decades. This effort has exacerbated during the first decade of the third millennium. 

“Before the author begins with the analysis of the nefarious methods that the dark forces have employed in the past to destroy the financial system and the economy of mankind in order to enslave it, he would like to point out that their plan to establish the New World Order has already failed. 

“However, this does not mean that the financial system will not collapse. It will collapse to a much greater extent than the dark forces and their financial proxies, the banksters on Wall Street and in London city, have planned for. Instead of achieving the intended impoverishment of the masses, first and foremost, of the middle class, the financial Elite will be buried under the rubble of the upcoming financial tsunami. Precisely, they will lose very soon all their monies and power, and all their institutions, such as banks, funds, securitizations, stock exchanges, central banks, etc. will be abolished forever. In this way they will lose their financial leverage of manipulating humanity prior to Ascension. 

“As the national states have also been designed by the hidden governments to promote the New World Order on the long run, they will also financially collapse this year [2011]. In other words, there will be no more criminal bailouts to save the dark ones at the expense of the taxpayers as means of enslaving the latter. The abolishment of the national states as operative units – the nations will remain - will be associated with the collapse of the health care system, rental system, and all other forms of human securities that have been promoted by the Powers That Be as part of the Orion monetary system with the objective to hold the people firm in their grip. 

“These institutions have been deliberately implemented to stimulate the survival (self-preservatory) fears of the masses about their future, as the current political discussion in the USA on the new health care reform of Obama clearly demonstrates. All these wrong concepts and structures stem originally from the primary idea of separation from the Whole and from hiding the fact that humans are unlimited powerful creators of their destiny, who are also responsible for the astral regulation of their bodies, so that no bank accounts or obsolete medical treatments can protect them from calamities, if the soul has a different plan from that of the incarnated entity. 



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The Coming Economic Hell For American Families (June 8, 2011)
Tens of millions of American families are about to go through economic hell and most of them don't even realize it. Most Americans don't spend a whole lot of time thinking about things like "monetary policy" or "economic cycles". The vast majority of people just want to be able to get up in the morning, go to work and provide for their families. Most Americans realize that things seem "harder" these days, but most of them also have faith that things will eventually get better. Unfortunately, things aren't going to get any better. The number of good jobs continues to decline, the number of Americans losing their homes continues to go up, people are having a much more difficult time paying their bills and our federal government is drowning in debt. Sadly, this is only just the beginning. Since the financial collapse of 2008, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government have taken unprecedented steps to stimulate the economy. But even with all of those efforts, we are still living in an economic wasteland. So what is going to happen when the next wave of the economic crisis hits? During one recent interview, Peter Schiff made the following statement... If you look at the economic relapse that’s going on right now, look at Friday’s abysmal job numbers, look at the housing numbers, understand that all of this is taking place with record monetary and fiscal stimulus. What happens if we remove those supports?At the end of June, the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program is slated to end. The U.S. Congress and state legislatures from coast to coast are talking about budget cuts. The amount of borrowing and spending that has been going on is clearly unsustainable, but will the U.S. economy start shrinking again once the current "financial sugar high" has worn off?Already, all sorts of bad economic news has been coming out and all kinds of economic indicators are turning south. The American people are becoming increasingly restless. One new poll has found that 59 percent of the American people disapprove of Barack Obama's handling of the economy (which is a new high). According to another recent poll, 63% of Americans say that they feel "not good" or "bad" about how the U.S. economy is performing. If most Americans had good jobs, could afford their mortgages and could pay their bills, the economy would not be such a big issue. Unfortunately, times are really tough for American families right now and they are about to get a lot tougher.

(...) Recently, James Carville warned that we could literally see rioting in the streets if the economic situation does not turn around soon. Just check out the last part of the video below....The truth is that America is in decline. Just like with all of the great empires of the past, our empire is starting to crumble too.A recent article in the Guardian touched on some of the reasons for America's decline....The experience of both Rome and Britain suggests that it is hard to stop the rot once it has set in, so here are the a few of the warning signs of trouble ahead: military overstretch, a widening gulf between rich and poor, a hollowed-out economy, citizens using debt to live beyond their means, and once-effective policies no longer working. The high levels of violent crime, epidemic of obesity, addiction to pornography and excessive use of energy may be telling us something: the US is in an advanced state of cultural decadence.The economic news is only part of the puzzle. This country has rejected the ancient wisdom that was passed down to us and we have rejected the principles of our founding fathers.We have piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world and yet somehow we expected that everything would turn out okay.Well, everything is not going to turn out okay. All of this debt is going to come down on us like a ton of bricks and the U.S. economy is going to continue to fall apart. Millions of American families are going to lose their jobs and their homes.Economic hell is coming.You better get ready.

7 Steps To Survive The Coming Economic Collapse From Water Shortage to Cannibalism (June 10, 2011)
You may deny it all you want just like the mainstream media and the government is doing. The truth is with the mounting national debt and annual deficit rising it is mathematically impossible for the US to not head for a collapse. The 7 deadliest sins the US has done are to blame for the coming collapse. These are “sins” that the government committed which the people now has to suffer from.Many economists and successful international investors are warning the people that the worst is yet to come. Even though the stock market has shown an increase and the gold price has dropped to below the US$1,200 an ounce level, investors such as Jim Rogers and Marc Faber do not easily buy the good news. The have not changed their opinion. The ultimate economic collapse IS still coming. Forecasters such as Gerald Celente has been warning the people and urged them to forget about hope and change and immediately switch into survival mode. What you can do now is to dream on and hope that the government is going to save you or anticipate for the worst and prepare for your family’s survival through the coming economic storm.If you think it is wise to prepare for survival, read on. Below are 7 steps for you to take:

Share of Population on Food Stamps Grows in Most States (MAY 31, 2011)
The share of residents turning to food stamps has risen in nearly every state nationwide in the past year even as unemployment has moderated. After a temporary plateau in February, the number of Americans receiving food stamps ticked up again in March. Nearly 44.6 million received food stamps in March, up more than 11% from the same time a year ago, the Department of Agriculture said Tuesday. The share of the population receiving food stamps nationwide has also risen as households struggle with high unemployment and stagnant wages. Some 14.4% of Americans relied on food stamps in March, up 1.4 percentage points from a year earlier. CLIP



"Business is Booming" - Wall Street's Role in Narco-Trafficking

By MIKE WHITNEY - June 1, 2011

Imagine what your reaction would be if the Mexican government agreed to pay Barack Obama $1.4 billion to deploy US troops and armored vehicles to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to conduct military operations, set up check points, and engage in fire-fights that end up killing 35,000 US civilians on the streets of American cities.

If the Mexican government treated the United States like this, would you consider them a friend or an enemy?

This is exactly how the US is treating Mexico, and it's been going on since 2006.

America's Mexican policy--The Merida Initiative--is a nightmare. It's undermined Mexican sovereignty, corrupted the political system, and militarized the country. It's also resulted in the violent deaths of thousands of mostly poor civilians. But Washington doesn't give a hoot about "collateral damage" as long as it can sell more weaponry, strengthen its free-trade regime, and sluice more drug profits into its big banks. Then everything is just Jim-dandy.

There's no point in dignifying this butchery by calling it a "War on Drugs"?

That's nonsense. What we're seeing is a giant powergrab by big business, big finance and the US Intel services. Obama is merely doing their bidding, which is why--not surprisingly--things have gotten a lot worse under his administration. Obama has not only stepped up the funding for Plan Mexico (aka--Merida) but also deployed more US agents to work undercover while US drones carry out surveillance duty. Get the picture? This isn't some little drug bust; it's another chapter in America's War on Civilization.

Here's an excerpt from an article in CounterPunch by Laura Carlsen that gives a little background:

"The drug war has become the major vehicle of militarization in Latin America. It's a vehicle funded and driven by the U.S. government and fueled by a combination of false morals, hypocrisy and a lot of cold, hard fear. The so called ‘war on drugs’ is really a war on people, especially youth, women, indigenous peoples and dissidents. The drug war has become the main way for the Pentagon to occupy and control countries at the expense of whole societies and many, many lives.

“Militarization in the name of the drug war is happening more quickly and more thoroughly than most of us probably anticipated under the Obama administration. The agreement to establish bases in Colombia, later suspended, sent out one of the first signals of the strategy. And we've seen the indefinite extension of the Merida Initiative in Mexico and Central America, and even, sadly, war boats sent to Costa Rica, a nation with a history of peace and no army...

“The Merida Initiative funds U.S. interests to train security forces, provide intelligence and war technology, give advice on reforming the justice and penal systems and promoting human rights–all in Mexico.” (The Drug War Can't Be Improved, It Can Only be Ended, Laura Carlsen, Counterpunch)

If it looks like Obama is doing his best to turn Mexico into a military dictatorship, it's because he is. Plan Mexico is a sham that conceals the administration's real motives, which is to make sure that the lavish profits from the drug trade end up in the right people's pockets. That's what this is all about, big money. And that's why the death toll has soared while the Mexican government's credibility has hit its lowest ebb in decades. US policy has turned large swaths of the country into killing fields and it's only getting worse.

Check out this interview with Charles Bowden who describes what life is like for the people who live at Ground Zero in the drug war; Juarez, Mexico:

"This is in a city where people live in cardboard boxes sometimes. Ten thousand businesses have given up and closed in the last year. Thirty to sixty thousand people from Juárez, mainly the rich, have moved across the river to El Paso for safety, including the mayor of Juárez, who likes to bunk in El Paso. And the publisher of the newspaper there lives in El Paso. Somewhere between 100,000 and 400,000 people simply left the city. A lot of the problem is economic, not simply violence. At least 100,000 jobs in the border factories have vanished during this recession because of the competition from Asia. There’s 500 to 900 gangs there, estimates vary.

“So what you have is about 10,000 federal troops and federal police agents all marauding. You have a city where no one goes out at night; where small businesses all pay extortion; where 20,000 cars were officially stolen last year; where 2,600-plus people were officially murdered last year; where nobody keeps track of the people who have been kidnapped and never come back; where nobody counts the people buried in secret burying grounds, and they, in an unseemly way, claw out of the earth from time to time. You’ve got a disaster. And you have a million people, too poor to leave, imprisoned in it. That’s the city." (Charles Bowden, Democracy Now)

This isn't about drugs; it's about a crackpot foreign policy that supports proxy-armies to impose order through police-state repression and militarization. It's about expanding US power and beefing up profits on Wall Street.

Here's more background from author Lawrence M. Vance at the The Future of Freedom Foundation:

"An undisclosed number of U.S. law-enforcement agents work in Mexico... The DEA has more than 60 agents in Mexico. There are in addition 40 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, 20 Marshal Service deputies, and 18 Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents, plus agents from the FBI, Citizen and Immigration Service, Customs and Border Protection, Secret Service, Coast Guard, and Transportation Safety Agency. The State Department also maintains a Narcotics Affairs Section. The United States has also provided helicopters, drug sniffing dogs, and polygraph units to screen law-enforcement applicants.

“U.S. drones spy on cartel hideouts, and U.S. tracking beacons pinpoint suspectS’ cars and phones. U.S. agents track beacons, trace cell-phone calls, read e-mails, study behavioral patterns of border incursions, follow smuggling routes, and process data about drug dealers, money launderers, and cartel bosses. According to a former Mexican anti-drug prosecutor, U.S. agents are not restricted from eavesdropping on anyone in Mexico by U.S. laws that require judicial authority as long as they are not on U.S. territory and not bugging American citizens. ("Why Is the U.S. Fighting Mexico's Drug War?" Laurence M. Vance, The Future of Freedom Foundation)

This isn't foreign policy; it's another US occupation. And, guess who's raking in the big cashola on this sordid little scam? Wall Street. That's right, the big banks are getting their cut just like they always do. Take a look at this excerpt from an article by James Petras titled "How Drug Profits saved Capitalism" at Global Research. It's a great summary of the objectives that are shaping the policy:

"While the Pentagon arms the Mexican government and the US Drug Enforcement Agency enforces the ‘military solution’, the biggest US banks receive, launder and transfer hundreds of billions of dollars to the drug lords’ accounts, who then buy modern arms, pay private armies of assassins and corrupt untold numbers of political and law enforcement officials on both sides of the border....

“Drug profits, in the most basic sense, are secured through the ability of the cartels to launder and transfer billions of dollars through the US banking system. The scale and scope of the US banking-drug cartel alliance surpasses any other economic activity of the US private banking system. According to US Justice Department records, one bank alone laundered $378.3 billion dollars between May 1, 2004 and May 31, 2007 (The Guardian, May 11, 2011). Every major bank in the US has served as an active financial partner of the murderous drug cartels...

“If the major US banks are the financial engines which allow the billion dollar drug empires to operate, the White House, the US Congress and the law enforcement agencies are the basic protectors of these banks.....Laundering drug money is one of the most lucrative sources of profit for Wall Street; the banks charge hefty commissions on the transfer of drug profits, which they then lend to borrowing institutions at interest rates far above what – if any – they pay to drug trafficker depositors. Awash in sanitized drug profits, these US titans of the finance world can easily buy their own elected officials to perpetuate the system. ("How Drug Profits saved Capitalism" , James Petras, Global Research)

Repeat: "Every major bank in the US has served as an active financial partner of the murderous drug cartels..."

The War on Drugs is a fraud. This isn't about interdiction; it's about control. Washington provides the muscle so the banks can rake in the big doe. One hand washes the other, just like the Mafia.


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Global war on drugs 'a failure' (2 June 2011)
High-level panel declares international anti-drug measures a failure and suggests legalising cannabis and other drugs. -- A high-level international commission has declared the global "war on drugs" to be a failure, and has urged countries to consider legalising certain drugs, including cannabis, in a bid to undermine organised crime.The Global Commission on Drug Policy, in its report released on Thursday, called for a new approach to the current strategy of reducing drug abuse by strictly criminalising drugs and incarcerating users.It said the new approach should focus on battling the criminal cartels that control the drug trade, rather than targeting drug users. "The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world," the report said. The study urged "experimentation by governments with models of legal regulation of drugs", adding: "This recommendation applies especially to cannabis, but we also encourage other experiments in decriminalisation and legal regulation." Illegal drug use - About 250 million people worldwide use drugs that are currently deemed illegal, with less than a tenth of them classified as "dependent". Millions are also involved in the cultivation, production and distribution of drugs, according to the United Nations estimates quoted in the report. The study said decriminalisation initiatives have not been accompanied by a significant spike in drug use, citing the implementation of such policies in Australia, Portugal and the Netherlands. "Now is the time to break the taboo on discussion of all drug policy options, including alternatives to drug prohibition," Cesar Gaviria, the former Colombian president, said. The commission called for the urgent implementation of fundamental reforms in national and international drug control policies. In particular, it recommended that the focus of drug control policies be moved from users as well as "farmers, couriers and petty sellers", and onto the large criminal organisations involved in the drug trade. It called on governments to "end the criminalisation, marginalisation and stigmatisation of people who use drugs but who do no harm to others". "Arresting and incarcerating tens of millions of these people in recent decades has filled prisons and destroyed lives and families without reducing the availability of illicit drugs or the power of criminal organisations," the report said. CLIP

Calls to legalise cannabis and ecstasy (3 June 2011)
Panel of distinguished world figures wants an end to 50-year war on drugs -- It isn't working. It never has worked. And so long as it continues to be fought in its current form, the "war on drugs" will do little to curb the spread of illegal narcotics or prevent hundreds of thousands of people from continuing to lose their lives each year as a result of the international drug trade. So says a panel of world leaders who called yesterday for the biggest shake-up of drug laws in half a century. "The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world," declared the Global Commission on Drug Policy. "Fundamental reforms... are urgently needed. "The Commission, which counts the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan along with former presidents of Brazil, Mexico and Colombia as members, believes governments must now experiment with "legal regulation of drugs." "This recommendation applies especially to cannabis," reads a major report it published in New York yesterday. "But we would also encourage other experiments in decriminalisation." Ecstasy, which is currently considered a class-A substance, ought to be reclassified in line with medical opinion that it is far less dangerous than legal drugs such as nicotine and alcohol, the report suggests. Users of narcotics should be offered education and treatment, rather than being incarcerated, it advises. And countries which insist on continuing a "law enforcement" approach to drug crime should focus resources on taking down high-level traffickers, rather than arresting everyday drug mules and street dealers.Although the recommendations are regarded as a statement of the obvious by many experts, they fly in the face of the official policies of most Western nations. Their endorsement by the Global Commission is therefore likely to be highly controversial. However, campaigners for drug reform are hoping that yesterday's report may herald a shift in the way drug policy is debated by the international community. CLIP

A report that dares to tell the truth to power
"What are the chances of this commission on drug policy influencing political leaders? Vanishingly slim" (...) The White House "drug tsar" Richard Gil Kerlikowske rejected the report's recommendations yesterday. According to Ms Kerlikowske "making drugs more available will make it harder to keep our communities healthy and safe". This completely ignores the point made by the report that drugs are already readily available and that the purpose of a policy of prevention would be to squeeze demand.The Mexican government was just as quick to criticise the report's recommendations. According to National Security spokesman, Alejandro Poire, "legalisation won't stop organised crime, nor its rivalries and violence". But this ignores the fact that legalisation would starve drugs gangs of the bulk of their revenue. Neither the US nor Mexico is prepared to acknowledge the examples in the report, from studies in the Netherlands and Portugal, which show how a harm reduction approach has been successful. This refusal to engage with the arguments against prohibition, this blindness to empirical data which supports alternative policies, is exactly what has characterised global drugs policy for decades.Here in Britain our political leaders are just as resistant to new approaches. CLIP

The Most Dangerous Country in the World? Mexico's Failed War on Drugs (June 3, 2011)
The scale and cost of Mexico's failed war on drugs has become painfully apparent as the death toll reaches 40,000; the four main drug cartels have grown to twelve and extended their reach beyond Mexico's borders, as evidenced by the recent carnage in Guatemala where 27 headless corpses were discovered on a ranch. The rising violence has increased mobility in the ranks of the cartel with new leaders adopting a less ostentatious lifestyle while spending lavishly to buy the complicity of politicians and police. State institutions have become more corrupt with an estimated one in four police officers on the cartel payroll, an alarming figure given that Mexico has half a million police, the third highest in the world per head of population. Mexico's National Migration Institute has been purging its ranks, suspending 550 employees (15% of the workforce) as a perverse practice has come to light- the 'sale' of hundreds of migrants, the most vulnerable people of all, to drug gangs who in turn sell women into prostitution or extort money in return for their release. The cost of safe return for kidnapped migrants can be up to $3,000, a golden business opportunity when an estimated 500,000 people cross the Guatemala-Mexico border each year. In September 2010, rogue migration officials beat and robbed a group of 100 migrants as they got off a train in Oaxaca. The migration officials have an endless supply of cheap, disposable lives, of men, women and children who cease to exist once they enter Mexico in clandestine conditions. Over three hundred corpses have been recovered in ranches close to the US-Mexico border this year, victims of such massacres. Mexico has also become the most dangerous country in the world in which to be a journalist, with twelve casualties in the past year. Perhaps the greatest long term damage inflicted by the war has been the destruction of the nation's social fabric. The statistics don't tell the full story. The casual nature of the brutality and the impunity enjoyed by its perpetrators have diminished trust and provoked an existential crisis. Citizens live in a state of defenselessness as violence now threatens everyone. Mexicans in affected areas retreat into silence just as the Argentinian and Chilean people did during the dictatorship era. The media has toned down its coverage of the drug gangs with some newspapers taking the drastic step of publicly calling on the cartels to advise them where to draw the line to prevent reprisals. Meanwhile the Mexican army has become deeply involved in the war, increasing the atmosphere of terror. 'soldiers kick down doors, arrest anyone they feel like, wearing ski masks and carrying powerful weapons, people don't know who they are' said Jose Hernandez, director of Independent Human Rights Commission in Morelos state. This picturesque state just outside Mexico City was once a sleepy weekend retreat for Mexico's wealthy elite. In the past year however 335 bodies have been found scattered along its highways and towns, without a single arrest or even a suspect. CLIP

The liberalised country: Relaxed laws led to fall in deaths (3 June 2011)
When Portugal decriminalised drugs for personal use in 2001, many people worried that the sunny Southern European country would become a haven for drug tourists, replacing Amsterdam as the preferred destination for a holiday high. Some politicians in this conservative, Catholic country envisioned a hard drug supermarket, like Lisbon's infamous Canal Ventoso district, extending to the popular beach resorts in the Algarve. Others feared a surge in snorting and pill-popping among Portuguese youth."There will be plane-loads of students heading for Portugal to smoke marijuana and worse, knowing we won't put them in jail," warned the conservative opposition leader at the time, Paulo Portas. But Portugal's socialist-led parliament voted to decriminalise the personal use of everything from cannabis to heroin, anyway. Until 2001, the small country had the highest rate of HIV infection from syringe sharing in the EU. By some estimates, as many as 100,000 heroin addicts roamed the streets in 2000, sometimes committing petty crimes for cash.Portugal is the only member of the European Union with legislation explicitly stating that personal drug use is not a crime. But other countries, such as Spain, do not prosecute consumption or possession of small amounts of marijuana. One result of Portugal's drug policies is that those plane-loads of drug tourists never came. And a study in 2009 by the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank based in Washington DC, found decriminalisation did not spark a surge in drug use, and, in many categories, such as marijuana, rates are among the lowest in Europe. The number of heroin-related deaths was halved and the number of people in drug treatment programmes more than doubled, according to the study. Though more teenagers smoke marijuana, youth heroin use has dwindled.


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