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May 5, 2011

Eye of The Storm Series #13: Killing Two Birds With The Same Lie

Hello everysoul!

Approval Of Obama's Handling Of Economy Hits All-Time Low In Marist Poll (April 28, 2011)

Poll: After Bin Laden's Death, Americans More Positive On Afghan War (May 3, 2011)
(...) The poll also found that 60% of Americans think the U.S. is now winning the war on terror, while 18% believe terrorists are winning. When Survey USA asked the same question five years ago, 41% said the U.S. was winning, while a 45% plurality said otherwise. President Obama did not get much of an approval bump in the poll. A 46% plurality of respondents said they approved of his job performance, compared to 42% who disapproved. That's slightly better than the TPM Poll Average, which pegs Obama's approval at 44.9% compared, with an additional 44.9% of Americans disapproving of his job performance. The Survey USA poll was conducted May 2 among 1,000 adults nationwide. It has a 3.2% margin of error. MORE IN Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Why do I open this compilation with these 2 poll results? Because this is the core reason why the xth death of Osama ben Laden, the perennial bogeyman of the Cabal, was staged - yes, this was a complete fake and the Cabal-controlled media and other gullible news outlets and complicit TV comedians have had a ball pushing this blatant lie into the uneducated, uninformed psy-oped public. Now let's hope they won't find another convenient "terrorist" scapegoat to hang their mass crimes onto his neck. They could very well be planning some kind of devious 'attack' against 'democracy' (corpocracy would be closer to reality!), as they've indicated that Osama had the foresight of recording a final video before being retired from active service for the CIA-spin fable at the basis of the military-industrial feeding frenzy into America's bottomless defense budget pig trough, the real target of their unending cupidity.

So, to me this was chiefly intended as a poll boosting scheme at a time the elite's handyman was reeling from nagging doubts about his true birth place (a story not put to rest by the fake birth certificate they released as you'll see in Birther Issues Continue below) and becoming ever more unpopular because of a still difficult economic situation for far too many because of the 3 wars still bleeding the American empire with no easy end in sight... So much so that Obama's chances of being re-elected next year against a generic Republican opponent were looking quite bad.

Now some will argue that this shows Obama is totally in thrall to the Cabal, or that he is so disconnected from and ill-informed of the real world outside of his tight White House bubble of CIA-concocted half-truths and deception fed to him – not to mention the litany of lies fed by the propaganda media to the all too gullible public – that he does not know that Osama ben Laden died 9 years ago, either murdered by Omar Sheikh as claimed by Cabal-assassinated Benazir Bhutto in this video a few weeks before her death, or from natural causes because of kidney failure, or a linked complaint, on December 13, 2001, while living in Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains close to the border with Waziristan (or of the "marfan syndrome" according to Steve R. Pieczenik and others ... Check Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag (May 4, 2011) AND Does bin Laden have Marfan syndrome? (November 9, 2001) Is Osama suffering from a rare disease that can cause sudden death? - ... and thus Obama can be easily manipulated by his handlers.

Others may presume that this was in fact a clever ploy on Obama's part to both put an end to the foundational rational for the War on Terror - which would be useful to finally be able to bring the troops home and start dwindling down the bloated US defense budget - and turn the page on the 9/11 false flag unending pack of lies, while bolstering his poll numbers and injecting a boost of optimism in the US electorate through fulfilling the long-sought goal of "catching Osama ben Laden" and showing his can-do aptitudes... all of which with the aim of securing again the presidency next year to complete his lofty agenda of change which, so far, has been poorly executed because of all the political flak he has taken from his many opponents.

Pick your preferred explanation or make up your own...


This being said, as it happens every summer, because of the soon to be very demanding task of getting my 31st garden underway, plus many other summer projects I plan to accomplish, I'll be from now on greatly curtailing the time and attention I give to preparing these compilations. So unless something VERY big happens that requires me to come forward again with timely stuff for you, I'll generally be away from my computer and not available to process emails and compile new material.

I wish you all a great summer and plenty of Love and funny things to do! ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

NOTE: I've put online (at Flickr) some of my best pictures from 2010 - clicking on this LINK will bring you to the first of 124 spectacular pictures in this album. Click on "next" (ou "suiv") and keep going to access them all... Check also Some of my best pictures from the winter of 2011 and Some of my best pictures from my trip to Costa Rica in February 2011 (in case you have not seen those yet).

Et pour ceux et celles que cela intéresserait, vous pouvez lire ICI une lettre que j'ai diffusée à la veille des élections fédérales et mes observations à la suite du vote.

The normal and special features in this compilation are...



1. Two feedbacks on my last compilation
2. Osama bin Laden’s Second Death
3. Osama Bin Laden: Scary Terrorist or Boring Dinner Guest?
4. Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?
5. Radioactive Jet Streams
6. On the Danger of a Killer Earthquake in the Japanese Archipelago
7. Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Wealth Funds
8. 'Liberating' Iraq, Now Libya
9. The Damaging Effects of Electropollution
10. TC Disclosures
11. Birther Issues Continue
12. Message from SaLuSa -- 2 May 2011
13. Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano

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"The greatest hope for humanity is simply consciousness-raising, enlightenment on a large scale, and truth-telling, which will lead to personal, social, global transformation. (...) I see the eventual merging of all the movements for peace, truth, justice, equality, liberty, ecological sanity, life, health. One of my mentors, Bob Swann, who was president of the E.F. Schumacher Society, a pioneer in land and monetary reform, was also a great joy to be with, and in describing most of the direct peace actions he participated in, he could usually chuckle and add, It was fun. When enough people realize that it is more fun to be on the side of life than the side of death, that it is insane to waste our precious human resources on wars and controlling resources for the benefit of a few. We will then be able to redirect resources towards people and planet, and happily remind ourselves of our responsibility towards our children, all children, and the continuity of life.

- Carol Brouillet -- Taken from Tripping the Four Horsemen - Check also this 2006 video from her and this 2008 Interview with Carol Brouillet at the 4th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival in Oakland (Part 2 HERE) - There is a compelling letter from her below in this compilation

"The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. So it goes... Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"As Soul you chose to be here now during these end times. Not the end of the world, but the end of darkness in this world to restore this Earth Garden. It requires courage to see every person, event and circumstance through the eyes of heart. The more negative you are within, the more outer reality is experienced like hell. The more positive you are within, the more outer reality is experienced like heaven. Your mission, should you wish to accept, is to willingly transform negativity into Soul unconditional love. When enough people choose a neutral or kinder response to perceived negative people, events and circumstances, this tract of humanity re-writes the codes of reality into the greatest love story ever experienced by humans in the history and her-story with Earth."

- Doreen Agostino -- Taken from Do not despair over Conservative party successes (May 3, 2011)

2. Love as much as you can from wherever you are.
3. Experience and express an attitude of gratitude at all times under all circumstances.
4. Forgive yourself and ALL others.
5. Ask for HELP.
6. T R U S T
7. Maintain Divine Patience.
8. S l o w D o w n. Do Less ..................................... BE More
9. NAMASTE PRINCIPLE: In dealing with "others" know that behind our apparent differences, we truly all are one.

- Ed Elkin (edelkin@gmail.com) - Taken from Health, Wealth and Wisdom Keys


Americans take to the streets amid news of bin Laden's death (May 2, 2011)
(CNN) -- Americans broke into celebration early Monday in a show of patriotism against the man who committed his life to attacking U.S. citizens, while those directly affected by Osama bin Laden's terrorist plots quietly reflected on the closure finally gained from his death. Just before President Barack Obama announced to the world late Sunday that bin Laden was dead, a crowd began to form outside the White House gates. A chant of "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" filled the night air, and the quickly growing group spontaneously broke into an off-key rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner." CLIP - Check also Barack Obama's full statement on the death of Osama bin Laden AND Jubilation at Ground Zero for bin Laden’s downfall AND Osama Bin Laden is killed in Pakistan AND Threat of Taliban attacks brings tighter security procedures and Full coverage: U.S. FORCES KILL OSAMA BIN LADEN - Of course, this is all a smoke screen to hide and protect the true perpetrators of the 9/11 inside job through perpetuating the 9/11 mythological charade. It could also be an excuse for a false flag attack in the US on the coming 10th anniversary of 9/11 (or before) or some other Cabal shenanigans... There might also be many other ulterior motives... Perhaps, only time will tell what they are... Check also It Was a Record Night for ‘Obama’/‘Osama’ Confusion AND Osama bin Laden death prompts worldwide security alert (2 May 2011) Clampdown at embassies and airports comes with calls to remain vigilant at home and abroad amid fears of retaliation. AND Osama bin Laden: it took years to find him but just minutes to kill him (2 May 2011) Contrary to speculation that Osama bin Laden was in a remote tribal area, he was instead found in an affluent suburb near Islamabad AND Video: Inside Bin Laden’s Drone-Proof Compound AND Wikileaks says US knew of Abbottabad lair from 2008 -- AND Oh-oh! What if the dead guy wasn't Osama bin Laden? AND World's media tricked by fake bin Laden photo AND MUCH MORE on this in the main articles section below - that is: Osama bin Laden’s Second Death - Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror? AND Osama Bin Laden: Scary Terrorist or Boring Dinner Guest?

Have They Really Killed What They Themselves Had Created? (04/05/2011)
(...) The recent military intervention in Libya and the continuing war in Afghanistan, show that the United States has learnt no lessons from the past. State terrorism and fundamentalist terrorism feed each other. Unless the United States changes its approach of resorting to military force and state terrorism, the problem of terrorism cannot be tackled successfully. Human dignity was not served by images of jubilant crowds cheering at the news of the death of Osama bin Laden. None of the rights defenders expressed satisfaction with the theatrically choreographed media event, or its star, President Obama. To feel excited about somebody’s death is a weird feeling, even when it comes to Osama bin Laden. Under the headline, “Justice!”, the New York Post’s editorial summed up the mood: “The son of a bitch is dead. Ding dong.” There is something deeply wrong with this picture. By celebrating death, even of someone as Bin Laden, we let our worst impulses trump what is called “the better angels of our nature”. We look petty, juvenile, and small. And we should all be worried about that. Governments all over the world welcomed the news. The president of Peru bizarrely linked the death to the beatification of John Paul II on the same day, declaring that his “first miracle has been to wipe off the face of this earth the demonic incarnation of crime, evil and hate”. But was Bin Laden’s demise really a victory for “all who believe in peace and human dignity”, as President Obama put it? Not really. There was something weird about the tooting horns and the fist-pumping. It was jubilation at the death of a human being, just as objectionable as people cheering outside jails after the execution of a murderer. Maybe Osama bin Laden was a man responsible for horrendous evil. But he was a man, not a character in a video game. “The public celebrations in the West Bank after the awful events of September 11 that appalled us in the West seem somehow eerily mirrored in the celebrations we are now witnessing at the White House. Pick the difference!” To me all kinds of crowds are excitable and that college students in Times Square are remarkably like the residents of the slums of the Gaza strip, both excitable and easily swayed by base emotions. CLIP

White House publishes Photos on Flickr taken during Osama Bin Laden Mission
Photos show Obama, Biden, Clinton in the White House Situation Room getting updates on the Mission in Pakistan. You can view the photos on Flickr here. Note from Jean: Unless this is a complete set up for propaganda purpose (which to many it is), by the look of what this picture shows, it would appear that most of the people there (except at least the head of the CIA) have been taken for a ride, meaning they are convinced they are witnessing the actual death of Osama bin Laden while in fact he has died 9 years ago according to this article and many others (see below). Likewise, most of them probably believe - or pretend to believe - that bin Laden is the one who masterminded 9/11... a ludicrous myth this Administration is fond of perpetuating it seems...

The Agendas Behind the bin Laden News Event by Paul Craig Roberts (May 5, 2011)
The real question before us is: What agenda or agendas is the "death of bin Laden" designed to further?There are many answers to this question. Many have noticed that Obama was facing re-election with poor approval ratings. Is anyone surprised that the New York Times/CBS Poll finds a strong rise in Obama’s poll numbers after the bin Laden raid? As the New York Times reported, "the glow of national pride" rose "above partisan politics, as support for the president rose significantly among both Republicans and independents. In all, 57 percent said they now approved of the president’s job performance, up from 46 percent." In Washington-think, a 24% rise in approval rating justifies a staged event. Another possibility is that Obama realized that the the budget deficit and the dollar’s rescue from collapse require the end of the expensive Afghan war and occupation and spillover war into Pakistan. As the purpose of the war was to get bin Laden, success in this objective allows the US to withdraw without loss of face, thus making it possible to reduce the US budget deficit by several hundred billion dollars annually – an easy way to have a major spending cut. If this is the agenda, then more power to it. However, if this was Obama’s agenda, the military/security complex has quickly moved against it. CIA director Leon Panetta opened the door to false flag attacks to keep the war going by declaring that al Qaeda would avenge bin Laden’s killing. Secretary of State Clinton declared that success in killing bin Laden justified more war and more success. Homeland Security declared that the killing of bin Laden would motivate "homegrown violent extremists" into making terrorist attacks. "Homegrown violent extremists" is an undefined term, but this newly created bogyman seems to include environmentalists and war protesters. Like "suspect," the term will include anyone the government wants to pick up.Various parts of the government quickly seized on the success in killing bin Laden to defend and advance their own agendas, such as torture. Americans were told that bin Laden was found as a result of information gleaned from torturing detainees held in Eastern European CIA secret prisons years ago.This listing of possible agendas and add-on agendas is far from complete, but for those capable of skepticism and independent thought, it can serve as a starting point. The agendas behind the theater will reveal themselves as time goes on. All you have to do is to pay attention and to realize that most of what you hear from the mainstream media is designed to advance the agendas.

Obama Gets Osama! - Osama's 9 Lives - Special Report by Adrian Salbuchi, 2 May 2011
Splendid analysis - the soap opera continues with the main actor written out of the script - now they need a false flag incident to create a new scapegoat so as to hide this manufactured narrative of terrorism, which replaced the worn out East-West/Capitalism vs international Communism death dialectic and replaced it with a new death dialectic: freedom/democracy vs international terrorism. Usually internal political implosions follow but the West is too decadent for its youth to seek truth...

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Bin Laden, The Oswald like Patsy Died 10 Years Ago! Part 1 of 7
Part 2 HERE - Part 3 HERE - Part 4 HERE - Part 5 HERE - Part 6 HERE - Part 7 HERE
Alex covers the latest on the Osama bin Laden assassination spectacle. Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job. Pieczenik cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. He served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under Reagan and Bush senior, and still works as a consultant for the Department of Defense. A former US Navy Captain, Pieczenik achieved two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards at the Harvard Medical School as he simultaneously completed a PhD at MIT. Recruited by Lawrence Eagleburger as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management, Pieczenik went on to develop, “the basic tenets for psychological warfare, counter terrorism, strategy and tactics for transcultural negotiations for the US State Department, military and intelligence communities and other agencies of the US Government,” while also developing foundational strategies for hostage rescue that were later employed around the world. Pieczenik also served as a senior policy planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker and worked on George W. Bush’s election campaign against Al Gore. His record underscores the fact that he is one of the most deeply connected men in intelligence circles over the past three decades plus. The character of Jack Ryan, who appears in many Tom Clancy novels and was also played by Harrison Ford in the popular 1992 movie Patriot Games, is also based on Steve Pieczenik. Steve Pieczenik, M.D., Ph.D. (Harvard, MIT grad -- very high ranking former defense official--his bio is staggering in depth. Dr. Pieczenik is another real American hero insider who really did his best to serve our country and is now doing so again. Dr. Pieczenik is the highest ranking former govt official to ever appear on the Alex Jones show (he is the ultimate insider. His disclosures are staggering in their significance. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Pieczenik - http://www.stevepieczenik.com/home.html - http://www.stevepieczenik.com/bio.htm

Here is a summary (taken from HERE) of what Steve Pieczenik says in this interview:

(...) Back in April 2002, over nine years ago, Pieczenik told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months,” and that the government was waiting for the most politically expedient time to roll out his corpse. Pieczenik would be in a position to know, having personally met Bin Laden and worked with him during the proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan back in the early 80's.

Pieczenik said that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, “Not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome,” adding that the US government knew Bin Laden was dead before they invaded Afghanistan. Marfan syndrome is a degenerative genetic disease for which there is no permanent cure. The illness severely shortens the life span of the sufferer. “He died of marfan syndrome, Bush junior knew about it, the intelligence community knew about it,” said Pieczenik, noting how CIA physicians had visited Bin Laden in July 2001 at the American Hospital in Dubai. “He was already very sick from marfan syndrome and he was already dying, so nobody had to kill him,” added Pieczenik, stating that Bin Laden died shortly after 9/11 in his Tora Bora cave complex.

“Did the intelligence community or the CIA doctor up this situation, the answer is yes, categorically yes,” said Pieczenik, referring to Sunday’s claim that Bin Laden was killed at his compound in Pakistan, adding, “This whole scenario where you see a bunch of people sitting there looking at a screen and they look as if they’re intense, that’s nonsense,” referring to the images released by the White House which claim to show Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton watching the operation to kill Bin Laden live on a television screen. “It’s a total make-up, make believe, we’re in an American theater of the absurd… why are we doing this again… nine years ago this man was already dead… why does the government repeatedly have to lie to the American people,” asked Pieczenik.

“Osama Bin Laden was totally dead, so there’s no way they could have attacked or confronted or killed Osama Bin Laden,” said Pieczenik, joking that the only way it could have happened was if special forces had attacked a mortuary.

Pieczenik said that the decision to launch the hoax now was made because Obama had reached a low with plummeting approval ratings and the fact that the birther issue was blowing up in his face. “He had to prove that he was more than American… he had to be aggressive,” said Pieczenik, adding that the farce was also a way of isolating Pakistan as a retaliation for intense opposition to the Predator drone program, which has killed hundreds of Pakistanis.

“This is orchestrated, I mean when you have people sitting around and watching a sitcom, basically the operations center of the White House, and you have a president coming out almost zombie-like telling you they just killed Osama Bin Laden who was already dead nine years ago,” said Pieczenik, calling the episode, “the greatest falsehood I’ve ever heard, I mean it was absurd.”

Dismissing the government’s account of the assassination of Bin Laden as a “sick joke” on the American people, Pieczenik said, “They are so desperate to make Obama viable, to negate the fact that he may not have been born here, any questions about his background, any irregularities about his background, to make him look assertive… to re-elect this president so the American public can be duped once again.”

Pieczenik’s assertion that Bin Laden died almost ten years ago is echoed by numerous intelligence professionals as well as heads of state across the world. Bin Laden, “Was used in the same way that 9/11 was used to mobilize the emotions and feelings of the American people in order to go to a war that had to be justified through a narrative that Bush junior created and Cheney created about the world of terrorism,” stated Pieczenik.

During his interview with the Alex Jones Show yesterday, Pieczenik also asserted he was directly told by a prominent general that 9/11 was a stand down and a false flag operation, and that he is prepared to go to a grand jury to reveal the general’s name. “They ran the attacks,” said Pieczenik, naming Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Hadley, Elliott Abrams, and Condoleezza Rice amongst others as having been directly involved.

“It was called a stand down, a false flag operation in order to mobilize the American public under false pretenses… it was told to me even by the general on the staff of Wolfowitz – I will go in front of a federal committee and swear on perjury who the name was of the individual so that we can break it open,” said Pieczenik, adding that he was “furious” and “knew it had happened”. “I taught stand down and false flag operations at the national war college, I’ve taught it with all my operatives so I knew exactly what was done to the American public,” he added.

Pieczenik re-iterated that he was perfectly willing to reveal the name of the general who told him 9/11 was an inside job in a federal court, “so that we can unravel this thing legally, not with the stupid 9/11 Commission that was absurd.” Pieczenik explained that he was not a liberal, a conservative or a tea party member, merely an American who is deeply concerned about the direction in which his country is heading.

This is the biggest break in the 911 wall of deceit and cover up EVER. Only the Pentagon run major mass media and the pentagon top command itself are keeping the 911 media taboo in place. We now have specific names now of those that ran the 911 op and the name of the principal! All provided by more than one top defense official ! These folks will testify and have hard evidence. The DAM may break, it's 50/50 right now. Top DoD and administration folks are scared shitless and this makes them very, very dangerous to the citizens. They could move quick with another bigger 911 type false flag attack or many small ones. This folks are EVIL TO THE CORE and are capable of anything when cornered. And they may turn on themselves and "tie up loose ends"for many of the participants, even top ones !

Question for Time: Are Assertions of Top Spymaster “Black Helicopter Fantasies”? (May 4, 2011)
Even as the Obama administration’s dubious account of the alleged capture and assassination of Obama Bin Laden begins to crumble, and Obama himself backs away from releasing a photo of Osama’s corpse, the establishment media is still doing its best to prop up the hoax that everyone aside from a gaggle of frothing ‘conspiracy theorists’ wholeheartedly believes the circus we have been subjected to since Sunday evening.
(...) When will Time Magazine and the rest of the establishment peanut gallery dwellers have the balls to address the assertions of former US Navy Captain Pieczenik, a man who served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under Reagan and Bush senior, and a man who hunted terrorists for the US government all over the world?For over an hour yesterday, Pieczenik told the Alex Jones Show how Bin Laden, whom he personally met, died from marfan syndrome in late 2001, and how the entire account of his supposed murder on Sunday is a total fabrication and an insult to the intelligence of the American people. He returned to the show again today to re-iterate the fact that the entire war on terror is a complete fraud based on the lie that 9/11 was anything other than an inside job. CLIP

Alex Jones doesn't buy Bin Laden's death (May 2, 2011)
The United States government says Osama Bin Laden has been eliminated, but is that the truth or a cunning diversion? Radio host Alex Jones is far too suspicious about the announcement of Bin Laden's death, and at a moment crucial for the re-election of President Obama, Jones alleges that the grand standing and fear mongering perpetrated by the administration is but a "Swiss army knife of excuses" to sell the country on America's other problems.

Top Secret Helicopters (May 4, 2011) With a picture
If you've been searching the internet for photos about the aftermath of the U.S. military raid that took out Osama Bin Laden, you might have paused when you saw some of the wreckage of the helicopter that was left behind by American commandos. Supposedly it was a top secret, stealth Black Hawk helicopter - what you see here is the tail assembly, which was not blown to bits by the commando team.The odd looking items on that tail portion would explain why the NAVY Seals tried to blow it up, so nobody could figure out what it was. The chopper suffered damage when it made a hard landing in the courtyard of the hideout used by Bin Laden and his family. "Um, that part of the helicopter is like none i have seen," wrote one of my Twitter followers yesterday. "And i worked on MH-53Js in Air Force Spec Ops." The Army Times reported that helicopter used stealth technology like that of the F-117 stealth fighter, and also used special baffling to hold down on the sound that the helicopter would normally make. CLIP

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead - Again! (MAY 2, 2011)
Americans are at their most vulnerable They are vulnerable because they are gullible. They are gullible because they are ignorant. They are ignorant because they are deliberately misinformed. When Obama announced OBL dead, it was established as a fact - the truth. Where truth is concerned, it clearly matters where you were born - or else the truth does not matter. In a 2007 interview, a former Pakistani born president (twice) and a leading opposition candidate favored to win the 2008 general Pakistani elections, Benazir Bhutto, claimed that Omar Sheikh had murdered OBL in an extraordinary interview (see link), she did not get [re] elected -- she was assassinated. Her allegations were buried by the mainstream media along with her. Without a doubt, the American-born US President's announcement of OBL's death will extend Barak Obama's occupancy of the White House for another four years. Neither Bhutto nor Obama produced a corpse to back their claim, yet it appears that nationality has its privileges -- that of establishing the truth. A pertinent question arises: Why would the U.S. put an expiration stamp on the Osama card when it had served the empire so well? Inarguably, OBL had proven his value. Even in his 'death', he continues to serve the American Empire. We have been duly warned that "U.S. intelligence officials believe Osama bin Laden made a propaganda recording shortly before his death and expect that tape to surface soon." (see here) The possibility of a future tape, puts the Obama administration in the comfortable fall-back position and enable false flag operations when necessary. What dedication! (...) Why did the United States decide to expire Osama bin Laden at this juncture? It would be naive to think that the logic behind the expiration stamp is restricted to promoting the incumbent president and uniting a dissatisfied nation (two thirds dissatisfied or angry with the government see link) and rally the people around the flag. It is equally naive to think that the world needed to be distracted from the reality that an attempted assassination of a foreign leader which led to the murder of his family members was a factor. Nor can one attribute this event to the justification of the illegal and immoral CIA-drone killings in Pakistan. There must be more than meets the eye! Perhaps for the time being, America is so confident in its latest lethal weapon - the pro-democracy cyber dissidents, that it decided to trade the 'war on terror'' with humanitarian imperialism brought about with the help of its cyber dissidents. Such grand gestures of 'humanitarian intervention' to promote democracy require the public consensus. Write OBL's death certificate and the 'good' against evil fight is back on - confident that 'good' will prevail. 

Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered
After the BBC censored this clip and then reinstated it, then some of them now claiming they NEVER censored it, the mystery DEEPENS. With Benazir Bhutto assassinated the motive arises in that she quite clearly leads not only her death to the door of the Pakistanis but also responsibility for the 9/11 attacks are implicated as well. Aired on 2nd November 2007, David Frost the presenter did not challenge her on her assertion (2:14) that Bin Laden was murdered, so maybe he was and the West has not announced it. It would make sense that the West would cover up such a truth, as Bin Laden is needed as a "bogeyman" to continue the farcical "War on Terror", CHECK ALSO Benazir Bhutto: Omar Sheikh Murdered Osama bin-Laden

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead (December 26, 2001)
Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader."The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead," the source said. Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief. About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members and some "Taliban friends," attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the "great leader."CLIP - CHECK ALSO News of Bin Laden's Death and Funeral 10 days ago (December 26, 2001) Translation of Funeral Article in Egyptian Paper

Poll: Obama's approval hits new low (3/30/11)
The decline in support for a second Obama term comes as his approval rating has dropped 4 percentage points since early March, landing at 42 percent – a record low – in the poll released Wednesday. His disapproval rating has risen from 46 percent to 48 percent. The downward shift may in part be the result of dissatisfaction over U.S involvement in Libya, with 47 percent of those surveyed saying they oppose it. By a margin of 58 percent to 29 percent, registered voters said that Obama has not clearly stated U.S. goals for the mission. The poll as conducted March 22-28 and surveyed 2,069 registered voters. The error margin is plus or minus 2.2 percentage points.

Forget bin Laden; On economy, Obama approval hits new low (May 4, 2011)
President Obama's approval jumped to 57 percent -- up 11 points -- following the U.S. military operation that killed Osama bin Laden, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll released Wednesday.Mr. Obama also enjoyed near-universal approval for his handling of the bin Laden situation and rising approval on terrorism, Afghanistan and foreign policy -- but his approval on handling of the economy fell to 34 percent, down 4 points from two weeks ago and the lowest level of his presidency. Fifty-five percent disapprove. CLIP

Even with bin Laden’s Scalp, Obama No Shoo-in for 2012 (May 4, 2011)
I’ve heard several people on talk radio and friends in casual conversation assert that the President’s taking of bin Laden’s scalp will assure him reelection in 2012. Don’t count on it. Before this event, Obama’s poll numbers were in the low to mid-40s, which is very low. And a huge percentage of Americans thought the country was on the wrong track. These numbers had nothing to do with bin Laden still being on the loose. Instead, they had everything to do with the economy being in terrible shape, and unemployment being stubbornly high, and gas prices even higher. While Obama did get a bounce the past couple of days, the gravity of the economy is guaranteed to bring that bounce down. Before bin Laden’s assassination, Obama was way behind in several states he carried in 2008, including Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana. And he’s neck in neck in Ohio and Wisconsin.Aside from the economy, Obama is plagued by intense hostility on the right and a lack of enthusiasm on the left.The demographic groups that put him over the top last time— African Americans, Latinos, labor, progressives, and young people— aren’t thrilled with his record. Last time, they came out to make history. This time, that impetus is no longer there, and that spells trouble for the President. - CHECK ALSO Obama's job approval sinks to record low in Pennsylvania "A warning sign for President Obama: His approval ratings are at their lowest level ever in the key state of Pennsylvania, which he won in 2008. A new Quinnipiac poll shows 42% of Pennsylvania voters approve of the way Obama is doing his job, down 9 percentage points from February. A majority, or 52%, say Obama doesn't deserve a second term."

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government

The Great Osama Bin Laden Hoax - Video
How the FBI made up a bogey man. Prosecutors and so called law enforcement collaborate (I.e. lie) to make cases. It's a disgraceful practice. It's also as common as grass. Osama bin Laden as mastermind of the global terror organization with sleeper cells all over the globe has to rank as one of the most spectacular prosecutorial hoaxes in human history. At a trillion dollars and counting (fake wars, Homeland Security etc) it's certainly one of the most expensive. Earth to news media victims: There is no organization, there are no "sleeper cells", the whole this was and is total bullshit.

You may wish to also check what Steve Beckow has to say on this matter in Did the President Step in It? He cautions us against reacting too strongly and to wait instead to see if this is part of a subtle game plan Obama may have to proceed ahead towards shaking the Illuminatis off his back. He also hopes for some clarifications from Matthew... who will probably say it is part of an elaborate strategy to defeat the opposition.


NOTE from Jean: As expected, most global mainstream media are failing to report on the gravity of the situation resulting from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and also at several other nuclear plants in Japan. While North America is receiving amounts of radioactive material (Check HERE) equivalent to 72,000 times the radiation of Hiroshima - as if we just had a global nuclear war! - nearly everyone is unaware of this growing threat to our health and humanity's future... Please watch this simulation NOW to have an idea of the extent of radioactive contamination now reaching North America.

Radiation forecast overview -- Cesium-137 Buildup , Xenon in the air on West Coast (May 4, 2011)
IMPORTANT NOTE: At http://www.eurad.uni-koeln.de/index_e.html we can read: "These animations display a potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud (Caesium 137 Isotope) after a nuclear accident in reactor Fukushima I. The continuous release rate is very uncertain, thus the calculations have to be interpreted qualitatively. Dispersion in the near surface level (Level 1), in appr. 2500 m height (Level 12) and in appr. 5000 m height (Level 16).The release rate is estimated as 1015 Bq/d. This is appr. one tenth of the Chernobyl release. This simulation is a so called "worst case scenario" with continuous release rate. The value of 0.001 Bq/m3 correspond to appr. one millionth of the concentration at the source. At distances more than appr. 2000 km away from the source, the concentrations are not harmful to health. The simulation starts fictitious at 15.03. 00 UTC and will continue to run in order to demonstrate the intercontinental transport. When exact release rates are published we will restart the simulation with reliable values." If you check RadNet Data for Eureka, California, one can read: "To-date, levels recorded at this monitor have been thousands of times below any conservative level of concern." Other locations across the US through http://www.epa.gov/japan2011/rert/radnet-data-map.html HOWEVER... One can read at http://www.epa.gov/japan2011/rert/radnet-sampling-data.html#air under "Precipitation" that "Elevated levels of radioactive material in rainwater have been expected as a result of the Japanese nuclear incident. Since radiation is known to travel in the atmosphere - precipitation data collected in several states show elevated levels of radiation in recent precipitation events. In all cases these are levels above the normal background levels historically reported in these areas. While short-term elevations such as these do not raise public health concerns – and the levels seen in rainwater are expected to be relatively short in duration - the U.S. EPA has taken steps to increase the level of monitoring of precipitation, drinking water, and other potential exposure routes to continue to verify that." [If you explore the results, you'll find that at the end of March, Salt Lake City, Kansas City and Jacksonvielle have received fairly elevated levels: respectively 190, 200 and 150... Everywhere, only iodine has been detected and it's probably because they are not set up to detect other radionucleides...]--- As for the Drinking Water: "Drinking water samples collected by EPA since the Japanese nuclear incident have shown radioactive material at levels well below public-health concern. Similar findings are to be expected in the coming weeks." The levels forecasted in the UK for this next May 7 are quite elevated - more in "Current forecast" through http://www.eurad.uni-koeln.de/index_e.html More simulations through http://db.eurad.uni-koeln.de/index_e.html?/prognose/radio.html

Fukushima Potential Releases - Xenon-133 Total Column http://transport.nilu.no/products/browser/fpv_fuku?fpp=conccol_Xe-133_;region=NH

Fuel rods ejected 2 miles ! Update on Fukushima (5/3/2011)
TONS OF USEFUL LINKS UNDER THIS VIDEO (Click on the downward arrow to expand the info under "Uranium found in Hawaii , and WEST COAST USA !" It is Arnie Gunderson who is talking in this video.

Japan admits daily radioactive release from Fukushima at 154 trillion Becquerels, many times higher than previously announced — Nuclear commission blames calculation error (April 23rd, 2011) !!!!!!!!!!

URGENT: Japan now admits Fukushima at 154 trillion Bq's/Day and West coast Radiation

Radiation readings in Fukushima reactor at highest level since crisis began (April 27, 2011)
Check also Official: Japanese gov’t withheld radiation forecasts to prevent causing panic (VIDEO) AND Highly radioactive sewage found 30+ miles from Fukushima plant — Cesium levels up to 334,000 becquerels per kilogram

Fukushima forecast shows Cesium-137 and Iodine-131 over Northwestern US on May 5 (VIDEOS)

Japan Nuclear Technology Institute Senior Advisor Says "Reactors 1, 2, 3 All Had Complete Meltdown" (APRIL 30, 2011)
(UPDATED with the video in question at the end. He says not only the fuels have melted down completely but some of them may already be outside the Pressure Vessels.(He also talks about potentially extremely high concentration of radioactive materials ("like we've never seen before") in the water inside the Pressure Vessel, as the result of core meltdown and continuous water injection.(For more on his very frank assessment of the reactor core and the situation at Fukushima I Nuke Plant, PLEASE DO GO TO my latest post.) Michio Ishikawa, the former head of the Japan Nuclear Technology Institute and the current "most senior" advisor to the Institute, appeared on an Asahi TV program on April 29 and shared his candid assessment of Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident. He is known as one of the most ardent proponents of nuclear power generation. The Japan Nuclear Technology Institute was set up in 2005 by Ishikawa in order to represent the interest of the nuclear industry in Japan and promote nuclear energy.People who watched this Asahi TV program were surprised to hear him contradict the official government "narrative" (I hate that word, but in this case it is exactly what it is, a "narrative" as opposed to reality) about the plant accident, even as he continues to insist nuclear power plants are safe and 100 milli-sieverts cumulative radiation is perfectly safe not just for the plant workers but for everyone. CLIP - MUCH MORE ON THIS HERE WITH OVER 164 COMMENTS

Fukushima parents furious over radioactive playgrounds (May 2, 2011)
Angry parents in Fukushima have dished out a bag of radioactive dirt to government officials in protest against attempts to water down nuclear safety standards. Changes to regulations mean that school children could be legally exposed to radiation levels 20 times the existing limit, sparking outrage from parents. A senior adviser has quit in protest and Prime Minister Naoto Kan has been verbally attacked by members of his own party, British daily The Guardian has reported.Japan’s government has defended a hike in the acceptable safety level from 1 to 20 millisieverts. It was the only way, ministers argued, to ensure children could still go to school in the Fukushima prefecture (...) By lifting the limit to 20 millisieverts, the schools can stay open. Twenty millisieverts is the maximum dose allowed for German nuclear workers. Fukushima workers, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo, could previously be exposed to 100 millisieverts over five years and 50 millisieverts in any one year. But the nuclear crisis prompted the government to raise the limit to 250 millisieverts per year. CLIP - CHECK ALSO Japan Prime Minister to study setting up “alternative capital” away from Tokyo

Japan nuclear agency says No. 1 reactor container may be leaking — Problem revealed after “unprecedented and potentially risky” flooding operation began (April 26th, 2011)
(...) Tokyo Electric Power Co. started the unprecedented and potentially risky measure of allowing water to flood the containment vessels of three troubled reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, company sources said.It is the world’s first attempt to saturate the entire containment vessel with water [...] So far, TEPCO has been injecting water into the pressure vessels at the No. 1 through No. 3 reactors. Under the new plan, TEPCO will allow the water to overflow from the pressure vessels through valves and ruptured pipes until the water fills the outer containment vessels. [...] The water level at the No. 1 reactor has been raised to about 6 meters above the bottom of the containment vessel. That level is 3 meters below the bottom of the pressure vessel. [...] Industry specialists have raised doubts about the effects and safety of TEPCO’s new operation. Since the concrete-made building of the No. 1 reactor may have been weakened by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami as well as aftershocks, it might not be able to bear the weight of the water, which will reach up to 7,400 tons. TEPCO said it is re-calculating the structural strength of the building. - CHECK ALSO “URGENT: Radiation leaks from fuel rods suspected” at Japan’s Tsuruga nuclear plant — Radioactive Xenon up 75,000% (May 2nd, 2011)

Chernobyl recovery officer criticises Japan's efforts at Fukushima (25 Apr 2011)
Soviet efforts to contain the Chernobyl nuclear disaster a quarter of a century ago were far better than Japan's "slow-motion" response to the disaster at Fukushima, a leading member of the 1986 recovery effort said. -- In a rare interview on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl on Monday, Col-Gen Nikolai Antoshkin said he was shocked at how poorly Japan had coped with its own nuclear disaster. "Right at the start when there was not yet a big leak of radiation they (the Japanese) wasted time. And then they acted in slow-motion," he said. The Soviets had evacuated 44,600 people within two and a half hours and put them up in "normal comfortable conditions" on the same day, he recalled."Look at advanced Japan," he said. "People are housed in stadiums and are lying about on the floors of sports halls in unhygienic conditions." Gen Antoshkin said he thought the Japanese were simply unable to cope on their own. "It is clear that they do not have enough strength or means. They need to ask the international community for help," he said. "I think the Japanese catastrophe is already more serious than Chernobyl. The main thing is that they do not allow it to become three, four or five times more serious." Gen Antoshkin, 68, was in charge of Soviet pilots who flew over Chernobyl's stricken fourth reactor, dropping lead, sand and clay from the air to try to contain radiation. In the ten days after the accident on 26 April 1986, his pilots flew 4,000 such flights, exposing themselves to huge radiation doses. Gen Antoshkin insisted that his men, many of whom later died from cancer, knew the risks they were taking. "Of course the pilots knew (they were getting high doses) and the consequences," he said. "But the pilots knew that the reactor needed to be covered as quickly as possible. You'd tell the pilot to leave but he'd come back." Radiation levels were so high that they were off the scale, he added, and precautions were as basic as being told to change uniform and have a good wash.

Bioaccumulation: Why Fukushima Matters (04/26/2011)
What is Bioaccumulation? Simply Stated - All living organisms are connected to each other through a food chain. It takes more organisms in the beginning of a food chain to support a smaller number of organisms at the end of the chain. Where bioaccumulation refers to how pollutants enter a food chain; biomagnification refers to the tendency of pollutants to concentrate as they move from one trophic level to the next, up the “food chain.”Bioaccumulation refers to how pollutants enter a food chain Biomagnification refers to the tendency of pollutants to concentrate -- A Deeper Definition: Bioaccumulation refers to the accumulation of substances, such as pesticides, or other organic chemicals in an organism. [1] Bioaccumulation occurs when an organism absorbs a toxic substance at a rate greater than that at which the substance is lost. Thus, the longer the biological half-life of the substance the greater the risk of chronic poisoning, even if environmental levels of the toxin are not very high.[2]Bioaccumulation - The biological sequestering of a substance at a higher concentration than that at which it occurs in the surrounding environment or medium. Also, the process whereby a substance enters organisms through the respiratory tract, gills, epithelial tissues, dietary, or other sources. (...) The radionuclides cesium-137 and strontium-90 are both fission products with a radiological half-life of about 30 years. If released into the environment, they can both concentrate again at various steps of the food chain. The way they accumulate depends on their chemical behavior. Cesium-137 has chemical properties that are similar to potassium. Because the cells in plants, animals and in the human body cannot distinguish between cesium-137 and potassium, cesium-137 can be mistaken by the body to be potassium and absorbed as such. Because most potassium in the human body is found in the blood, cesium-137 can be found in all parts of the human body. Strontium-90, on the other hand, has chemical properties similar to that of calcium. Hence, strontium-90 concentrates in milk and bones. CLIP - Jeff Wefferson (therockist@yahoo.com) who has recommended this article above wrote: "47 days into the Fukushima disaster, radiation levels have soared to their highest levels so far... and this is what they're actually saying. The 'truth' could be even worse. Strange dark clouds of unidentified 'vapour' are rising from three reactors as well. Extremely high levels of all kinds of dangerous and even unexpected radionuclides are being detected all over the U.S.A., even as the entire network of EPA monitoring sites has been shut down. People in some circles are beginning to determine what all this actually means with respect to life as we know it, human and non-human. Here is a great article on how radiation and chemical toxins accumulate over time in biological systems."

Chernobyl - The real Story - Video
MUCH more to discover through http://www.linktv.org

New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada (April 25th, 2011) VIDEOS

Should Canada be concerned about radiation from Fukushima? Doctors, local officials say yes (April 8th, 2011) several news
Check also Chernobyl coverup in Canada revealed by local BC official — “My hair stood straight up” when told not to worry about radiation from Fukushima

New EPA radiation tests show Cesium in California rainwater at highest level since crisis began (April 25th, 2011)

FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs - Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition (April 22, 2011)
(San Francisco) – Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated “Mushroom Cloud” Atomic Bombs is two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. (...) For now, we all wait and try to avoid the 10 radioactive particles set free for each of us on Earth, from Fukushima’s triggered stationary nuclear weapons. Feel free to figure out how to dodge lethal, airborne particles you can’t see. So far, the Fukushima disaster for Planet Earth is by no means resolved. The Powers That Be at TEPCO (the Tokyo Electric Power Company) and General Electric, makers of the reactors that created this killer, worldwide, invisible mist, say that they might get a handle on the situation in “six to nine months.[1]” The seven billion people on Earth don’t have “six to nine months.” Every single day that goes by the radioactive Fukushima Volcano slaughters more of us – silently with deadly radiation now or, years from now, with the inevitable cancer pandemic that will follow. The ten thousand trillion counts[2] of radiation gushing forth per hour bring mortal illness to many of us. Aye, maybe even for most of us our own deaths are written on the Fukushima Radioactive Volcano Wind. Make no mistake about it. Many of us will die from the Fukushima Nuclear Weapon. Go ahead; try to read the wind. You must have a Radiation Monitor to even start. A good one costs $400.00. The price excludes most of us.
(...) Fukushima, or rather the almost 200 tons of fuel present in the four reactors and the 2800 tons of old reactor cores in big 40 ft deep swimming pools that stand over the reactors, represent a lethal and potentially apocalyptic contaminant for the internal poisoning of the whole human race. Taken together, the active reactors and old cores are equivalent to 2000 atomic bombs of 500 kilotons each. Fukushima is then, capable of dispersing in the biosphere, five times the long lived breathable radioactive poisons, cesium 137, Strontium 90, plutonium 239, etc., than all the combined nuclear detonations to date. It is as if Fukushima were equal to a 1000 megaton Atomic Bombs; or expressed another way, 2,000 individual 500 kiloton Atomic Bombs. CLIP

Fukushima Fallout - Two different stories told on safety of local radioactivity (22 APRIL 2011)
(...) I don't know about Alameda Sun readers, but I think it is criminally irresponsible for Vetter, a nuclear scientist, to lie to us about the safety and amount of radiation he is measuring, and that the public is being exposed to. Radiation is cumulative, is much more dangerous when it is ingested than when it is outside of you, and Vetter's own tests have shown the levels to be 181 times the MCLs on March 23. And no, the levels will not be going down, as the Fukushima plant is now a permanent hot spot on this planet that will continue to spew every form of isotope imaginable, including the deadliest of all, plutonium. As I write this on April 11, the Japanese government's nuclear safety agency has just raised the crisis level of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant accident from 5 to 7, the worst on the international scale. It is out of control, and they have no idea how to shut it down. The nuclear industry has been bending over backwards in this tragedy to protect their continuing interests in building plants throughout the world. They could care less about you or I or anything other than themselves, and by telling us that we have nothing to worry about from this ongoing disaster, and to let our dogs drink the rainwater, Vetter should be the last person to take advice from regarding this ongoing tragedy.

Busby: 'Can't seal Fukushima like Chernobyl - it all goes into sea' (April 25, 2011)
As world marks the Chernobyl anniversary, many say that the world has failed to learn the lessons on nuclear safety that the tragedy provided. RT talks to Professor Christopher Busby, Scientific secretary of the European Committee on radiation risks, for a little more insight on 21st century's most serious nuclear crisis at Fukushima. There might have been a nuclear explosion in the tank that hold the spent fuel rods made of MOX. There has been a meltdown and fisionning is still taking place in those reactors.

From Hiroshima to Fukushima, 1945-2011: A Nuclear Narrative of Hubris and Tragedy (28 March, 2011)
From Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 to the witches brew of melting, spewing and exploding nuclear matter at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Number One, the history of humanity’s first decades of encounter with energy’s atomic sources is unfolding as a poetic saga of hubris and tragedy.In 2011 as in 1945, the people of Japan have been put at the centre of a dark science experiment testing the limits of human capacities to absorb new frontiers of nuclear devastation. The tsunami of annihilation and then slow, radiation-induced sicknesses and deformities was introduced to the world with the terrible blasts of the two American Atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. CLIP

Most Japanese reactors yet to have enough backups for stable cooling (April 26, 2011)
TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Most nuclear reactors in Japan would fail to achieve a stable condition in the event that all regular power sources are lost, even though plant operators have prepared new backup power sources as well as electric generators following the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Kyodo News found Monday. The possibility of a failure to secure the safety of the reactors is because the backup power sources do not have enough capacity to operate all of the devices needed to keep the reactors cool. Many reactors still effectively have no alternative power source should emergency diesel generators fail to work, as was the case at the Fukushima plant after it was hit by a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami on March 11. The government's nuclear regulatory body has instructed plant operators to prepare for a possible loss of power, such as by securing vehicle-mounted power sources, to prevent a recurrence of the disaster like that at the Fukushima plant on the Pacific coast. At Fukushima, the power grid and most of the emergency diesel generators were knocked out by the quake and tsunami, resulting in the loss of the reactors' key cooling functions. CLIP - WHAT ABOUT THOSE IN THE US, CANADA AND ELSEWHERE AROUND THE WORLD???

Although everyone's looking at Fukushima plant right now, Monju is also in a bad mood (MARCH 29, 2011)
This is a grave situation. Not only what's happening in Monju plant, but the attitude of the government and mass media towards this situation is the grave situation, I think. No press has reported this. All information is only found on the internet. But please note that each info has a public citation, so is the truth. I repeat, the government and mass media have not reported this to the nation yet. "Japanese fast breeder reactor, located in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture. Construction started in 1986 and the reactor achieved criticality for the first time in April 1994. Its name is a reference to Manjusri. An accident in December 1995, in which a sodium leak caused a major fire, forced a shutdown. A subsequent scandal involving a cover-up of the scope of the accident delayed its restart until May 6, 2010, with renewed criticality reached on May 8, 2010." (from Wikipedia)
(...) The fuel consists of highly dense plutonium; it's much easier to reach the critical point than Fukushima plant.-The amount of plutonium is more than 100 times of the atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki.-The recent study reported Fukui Prefecture, which is located in the middle of the Main Island, lies directly above an active fault. They have found that out after the plant had been built.
(...) The coolant material used in Monju is liquid sodium, which will explode if it touches air or water.-If the similar situation occurs, almost all operations Fukushima plant is trying right now to refregirate the reactor can not be used in Monju; it rather will cause the severe explosion. - On Feb 21 2011, the chief manager of Monju fuel environment section killed himself in a mountain of Tsuruga city. - The government so far has spent more than 2.4 trillion yen (29 billion US dollars) for this plant, and its annual maintenance fee costs 50 billion yen (612 million US dollars). And the total amount of electricity it has produced so far is zero.-Because of the both quantity and quality of fuel, if the worst case happens, the disaster will be way worse than what happened in Chelnobyl or Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It will definately the worst case the human beings have ever experienced.

Nuclear Radiation and its Biological Effects
The future of humankind is present today within the bodies of living people, animals and plants -- the whole seedbearing biosphere. This living biosystem which we take so much for granted has evolved slowly into a relatively stable dynamic equilibrium, with predictable interactions between plants and animals, between microscopic and macroscopic life, between environmental pollutants and human health. Changes in the environment disturb this balance in two ways: first, by altering the carefully evolved seed by randomly damaging it, and second, by altering the habitat, i.e. food, climate or environment, to which the seed and/or organism has been adapted, making life for future generations more difficult or even impossible. Although examples of maladaptation in nature and resulting species extinction abound, our focus here is on human seed, the sperm and ovum, and the effect on it and on the human habitat resulting from increasing ionising radiation in the environment. The increased use of radioactive materials, which is a direct outgrowth of the current military and energy policies of the developed world, provides an opportunity for gauging what priority these countries give to the health and well-being of individual citizens, and for gauging governments' understanding of the tension between individual and national survival.
(...) There is ample reason to think that fission products lodged within the body will cause the same kind of acceleration of ageing. However, unlike medical X-rays, these radioactive chemicals damage cells by their chemical toxicity as well as their radiological properties. The gradual breakdown of human bio-regulatory integrity through ionising and breakage of the DNA and RNA molecules gradually makes a person less able to tolerate environmental changes, less able to recover from diseases or illness, and generally less able to cope physically with habitat variations. When the DNA of germ plasm is affected by radiation it can result in chromosomal diseases, such as trisomy 21, more commonly known as Down's Syndrome. Mentally retarded children, victims of Down's Syndrome, have been reported in Kerala, India, an area of high natural radioactivity.
(...) An example to show the connection between cell damage and observable illness in the person exposed might help in understanding the problems posed by radionuclide (radioactive chemical) uptake, i.e. their ingestion, inhalation or absorption with food, air and water, into human bodies, with subsequent cell damage. (...) Below 30 rad, for most individuals, the effects from external penetrating radiation are not immediately felt. The mechanism of cell damage is similar to that described for minute quantities of radioactive chemicals which lodge within the body itself, and our bodies are incapable of 'feeling' damage to or death of cells. Only when enough cells are damaged to interfere with the function of an organ or a body system does the individual become conscious of the problem.
(...) The Nevada nuclear tests have spread radiation poisons throughout central and eastern United States and Canada, and produced in the stratosphere a layer of radioactive material which encircles the globe. They also cause nitric oxides to form in the atmosphere which then descend on earth as acid rain. Radioactive chemicals can now be found in the organs, tissues and bones of every individual in the Northern Hemisphere, and the contamination from past nuclear explosions will continue to cause environmental and health problems for hundreds of thousands of years, even if all nuclear activities are stopped today. CLIP

Documentary Film Project: Life in the Dead Zone—25 Years After Chernobyl (27 APRIL, 2011)
Twenty-five years ago, the core of Nuclear Reactor #4 exploded at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986 in Soviet Ukraine. The horrific disaster was the worst in history causing fires, a nuclear meltdown, and sending out a radioactive cloud that blanketed Ukraine, Belarus, Scandinavia and Western Europe. The official Soviet death toll was 31 people; however the more truthful toll is over a million worldwide and well over 2.4 million Eastern Europeans are still suffering various health problems from exposure that is most probably linked to this disaster. CLIP

Cancer, Deformities and Chronic Diseases: The Future Children of Fukushima (May 3, 2011)
Children in Belarus, Ukraine and certain provinces of Russia tell us what to expect from a massive radiation contamination such as Japan is currently experiencing. Radiation attacks the young to a harsher degree than it does adults, and yet we do know that it kills adults. Radioactivity causes numerous illnesses including terminal cancers, and not just from a large initial dose but over time from absorbed emitting particles inside the body. A senior nuclear adviser to the Japanese Prime Minister, professor Toshiso Kosako resigned in protest from his government. This as the Japanese government raised the level of permissible exposure to schoolchildren twenty fold, from 1mSv/year to 20mSv.The atomic power industry, it can be proved, has been an unprecedented catastrophe for mankind.
(...) However, food grown and animals grazed in contaminated regions will pass along radiation to human populations for centuries. The Japanese reliance on fish will soon produce another shock to their nation as larger fish absorb more radioactive particles up the food chain.Dr. Bandashevsky has placed hard numbers on the dangers of internal contamination from radiation,"Chronic Cs-137 levels over 30 Bq/kg body weight is often associated with serious cardiovascular diseases 2."For children with cesium 137 in excess of 50 Becquerels/kg body weight, "pathological disorders of the vital organs or systems will occur 3." These levels can produce grotesque malformations in newborn babies and increase the risk of spontaneous abortions.
(...) Expecting Japanese mothers should flee the north of Japan as quickly as possible. Abandon the region for the sake of their children's safety. Fetuses are in imminent danger and are many times more vulnerable to radiation than are adults.How much radiation is Japan bathed in right now? Nature magazine online reported that soil 40km northwest of the plant contained, "Cesium-137 levels of 163,000 becquerels per kilogram (Bq/kg) and iodine-131 levels of 1,170,000 Bq/kg, according to Japan's science ministry 5." Tellingly, the new official "exclusion zone" is only a 30km radius from the plant. This means that those living atop the irradiated soil described above will not even be prompted to leave. Most will not. They will eventually return to life as usual. Only the colorless, tasteless, odorless radioactive isotopes will poison their families ceaselessly for the rest of their lives. Cesium, strontium, iodine and other radionuclides will continue to attack life forms in that contaminated environment despite any hollow assurances to the contrary. Plutonium, the most toxic substance on earth, has been detected at eight different monitoring stations in Korea.
(...) As all nuclear plants regularly and routinely discharge harmful radioactive particles, which all governments admit are unsafe, the case is pretty clear. Nuclear power must be abolished while there is still enough uncontaminated arable farmland to sustain us.In a strictly moral sense, these reckless plants endanger millions of other people's children, perhaps 12,000 human generations yet to be born. Radioactive power generation places us in jeopardy at risk for catastrophic illnesses. This is a gross deliberate violation of millions of people's human rights. Plutonium remains a threat to future civilizations. This reckless, uncontrolled release of radioactive isotopes has fouled the earth.The people of Japan should remember the people of Belarus. Birth defects in children "whose mothers live in contaminated zones is twice as high as compared to those, whose mothers live in clean regions. CHECK ALSO Busby: 400,000 to develop cancer in 200 km radius of Fukushima

Thousands of tsunami victims undiscovered as clean-up crews are forced to slow down (26 April 2011)
Tens of thousands of bodies remain undiscovered in the north of Japan because clean-up crews are being pressured to locate people's possessions rather than clear quake debris. (...) The task is to find the 11,999 people still listed as missing. To date, the bodies of 14,300 people have been recovered. The recovery teams and those responsible for clearing shattered buildings, rotting waste and ripped-up roads are in a race against time before the heat and humidity of Japan's summer months arrive in a few weeks' time.Bodies recovered from the rubble are already partly skeletal, while those that ended up in flooded paddy fields or washed out to sea are black and bloated.Decomposed bodies are not being shown to people searching for relations because it would be too distressing. Instead, family members are being asked to identify loved ones from the clothes in which they were found, the contents of their pockets or jewellery.Officials estimate that it may take a year to collect all the debris, which will be transferred to sites where it will be processed and disposed of. That could take another two years. The large-scale removal of debris, which in places has been compacted into piles four storeys high, is also impeded by residents returning to salvage.According to the government, 125,000 buildings were destroyed and the cost of repairing damage to homes, business and industry may hit £184 billion."It's been more than a month since the massive earthquake and tsunami, but we still have lots of people still missing," said Norikazu Muratani, a defence spokesman. "We want to recover them and return them to their families."More than six weeks after the earthquake, the likelihood is that thousands of people will never be found.

Magnitude 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake (3/11/11) and its aftershocks
This 3D animation shows the foreshocks, mainshock, and aftershocks of the Tohoku earthquake sequence, from three angles. The aftershocks plotted are through March 22, 2011.

HAARP wave clouds over Japan skies Just before Quake - A "smoking gun" signature??
Same HERE at night - Check also HAARP Clouds on Japan TV WATCH RARE!!! - More images of the same bizarre 'clouds' HERE - Check HAARP ring over Japan and of course you have the even more incriminating Japan earthquake 5 day HAARP timeline H.A.A.R.P March 2011

Playing Russian Roulette at Davis-Besse - Nuclear Nightmare on the Great Lakes (April 10, 2011)
The Great Lakes of North America make up 20% of the Earth's fresh surface water. Their dynamic ecosystems have been considered by many Native American tribes to function as the heart of the interconnected ecosystems that make up the North American continent known to many of the Indigenous peoples here as Turtle Island. The Great Lakes are known world wide for their biodiversity, beauty, fishing, and trade and shipping routes. These fragile and beautiful ecosystems along with the human populations that live along their shores are under constant threat from the Nuclear Industry that has been slowly and quietly irradiating the heart of the Turtle for decades. Spent fuel pools of highly radioactive wastes sit dangerously on the shores of lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and Ontario. Aging and dysfunctional reactors continue to operate as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy and their Canadian counterparts push to allow these dangerous behemoths to function for decades more, prioritizing corporate profits ahead of public health and safety and the protection of the natural environment. This series of articles will detail this Nuclear Nightmare on the Great Lakes of North America as it has transpired and continues to unfold.Davis-BesseThe Davis-Besse Nuclear power plant on the shores of Lake Erie sits just over 20 miles east of Toledo, Ohio near the town of Oak Harbor. Its' legacy is one of narrowly averted catastrophic nuclear accidents and negligent mismanagement that has worked to expose the criminal incompetence of the plant's operator, FirstEnergy Corporation, and complete ineptitude of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in monitoring this facility. FirstEnergy and the NRC are now colluding in an attempt to extend the operating license of this imminent and constant nuclear threat to the citizens of Ohio, Michigan and Southern Ontario as well the Great Lakes ecosystem by another 20 years. The current license expires in 2017. Davis-Besse boasts the two worst industry accidents in the United States since Three Mile Island and discoveries as recently as 2010 have been enough to bring alarm and outrage to citizen's groups fighting to protect public health and the Lake Erie Basin from a profit and greed driven catastrophe.
(...) It is plausible that the NRC could soon approve irradiated nuclear fuel remaining at Davis- Besse – on the shoreline of the Great Lakes, 20% of the world's surface fresh water, and drinking supply for 40 million people -- for centuries into the future, despite the safety, security, health, and environmental risks. High-level radioactive wastes are one of the most hazardous substances ever generated by humankind. While electricity is but a fleeting byproduct, irradiated nuclear fuel will remain deadly and need to be isolated from the living environment forevermore. Without radiation shielding, it can deliver a lethal dose of gamma radiation in seconds or minutes, even decades after removal from the reactor. Alpha particle emitters, however, such as Plutonium-239 -- a microscopic speck of which, if inhaled, could initiate lung cancer -- will remain hazardous for hundreds of thousands of years. Other radioactive isotopes will remain deadly far longer – Iodine-129, for example, has a 157 million year hazardous persistence. CLIP

Barefoot Radiation-Exposed Person’s Guidebook: An Organic Kitchen Sink Of Radiation Detox Information
Hello to all fellow beings sharing this predicament of breathing the latest Japanese emissions, combined with many years of other toxic emissions, to place us all in a possibly, only slightly elevated, and possibly, extremely elevated, health risk. We just don’t fully know yet. The possibility that spent fuel rods may already have been destroyed at the accident site in Japan and released unknown amounts of extremely toxic radioactive particulates that are not yet being measured and reported to the public cannot be discounted. So many of us, in our concern, are asking, “What can I do?” This is an attempt to summarize some ideas and practices from a couple of knowledgeable non-government affiliated persons with wide experience with toxins and detoxification methods. It is intended for health education purposes only, as each of us has to make our own decisions about the behaviors and strategies we choose to implement at this time when radioactive emissions are heightened to an unknown degree, and we have conflicting information (most official government statements saying everything is safe and fine, while many independent experts are saying that it is not so, and all these health advisers saying take this supplement, take that supplement, take iodine, etc.). I am no expert in this field. I am just an information gatherer trying to stimulate the conversation and awareness among ‘we the people who live downstream’ of all this. So I asked two women who ARE experts in this field, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Janet Starr Hull, to give me a crash course in what they know about options that may be useful in encouraging your body to maintain efficiency in detoxifying whatever toxins may come…with special emphasis on things that may help and are widely available, and where possible to emphasize anything useful that is available to all. I personally believe that our individual spiritual practices and beliefs will be a very important factor in influencing our personal health. The prayer in my heart is that the information gathered here will be helpful in your journey to calm fear, make more informed choices about your detox options if you do have radiation exposure, and thereby help you to maintain the vitality to practice the spiritual practices and beliefs of your choice. This paper will limit itself to discussing those foods, lifestyle practices, and natural substances which Drs. Staninger and Hull and their colleagues have found to be useful in detoxifying radioactive elements from humans who have been exposed to them, with special emphasis on the natural substances that are locally obtainable or relatively cheap. This is not an exhaustive work on this subject, it is a beginning step to fill a current void in useful information in response to an evolving global situation. CLIP - Very comprehensive! It appears to be of high value to me...

Bulgaria's Chernobyl Experience - to Be Continued (April 28, 2011)
On April 26 1986, the world's worst nuclear event took place at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukrainian SSR.Bulgaria is among the countries which remember the tragic accident most bitterly. As highly dangerous radiation quickly reached the country, its government officials refused to inform its own people for days, because the Soviet Union told them not to.On April 26 2011, a WikiLeaks cable revealed that the manager of Bulgaria's sole nuclear power plant Kozloduy has been threatened with being "knocked off" unless he kept quiet about a minor incident on the first day of March in 2006."The authorities never acknowledged a problem with the control rods or provided specific details or explanations of what had happened," the leaked US diplomatic cable said.On the exact same day the cable was released and the Chernobyl anniversary was marked, the entire staff of Unit 5 of the Kozloduy NPP was evacuated over a detected increase of radiation rare gases.One is inclined to consider some things history, until it turns out they are still happening right here, right now. Twenty-five years after Chernobyl one would believe the world has learned its lesson and that nuclear safety is much greater. Then the Fukushima Daiichi accident happened.Twenty-five years after Chernobyl, one would believe Bulgaria's authorities would not keep a secret about an atomic accident, however minor it may be. CLIP - Just goes to show there are certainly many nuclear incidents or even catastrophes that are never reported for fear of triggering a panic...

Fukushima/2012: Contamination radioactive de la chaîne alimentaire planétaire (29 avril 2011)
(...) Aujourd’hui, sept semaines après le tsunami du 11 mars 2011, la situation des réacteurs de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima-Daiichi se dégrade inexorablement. Le 28 avril, TEPCO annonçait que la radioactivité ambiante était de l’ordre de 1220 millisievert/heure, ce qui correspond à quasiment 10 millions de fois la dose radioactive artificielle admissible en France (1 millisievert/année). TEPCO, réputé pour ses mensonges outranciers depuis le début de la crise, commence à préparer le monde entier à l’éventualité, plus que probable, de son incapacité à contrôler cette catastrophe nucléaire en 9 mois, ainsi que son carnet de route le stipulait. Certains réacteurs sont en fusion totale (et ce, depuis le premier jour), les fuites sont permanentes, les risques d’explosion sont plus que plausibles, etc, etc. Alors que les émissions d’isotopes de césium 137, de strontium 90, d’iode 131, de plutonium 239… contaminent en permanence l’atmosphère et l’océan, la presse Occidentale, aux ordres de la mafia globaliste, qualifie la situation de stable, ou d’ailleurs ne la qualifie plutôt pas, afin de ne pas paniquer les foules et surtout de ne pas courroucer le gang nucléaire. La situation est effectivement stable: la pollution radioactive de Fukushima pourrait durer de longues années à moins que de nouvelles explosions catastrophiques lui confèrent une tournure beaucoup plus abrupte. Le nord du Japon aurait déjà dû être évacué. A quand l’évacuation de Tokyo et de la totalité du Japon?Aux USA, le plutonium 238 et le plutonium 239 sont apparus à partir du 18 mars: en Californie et à Hawaï, ils furent respectivement 43 fois et 11 fois plus élevés que le niveau maximal répertorié durant les 20 dernières années. En mars, l’eau de boisson de San Francisco contenait 181 fois la dose admissible d’iode 131. Le 4 avril, l’eau de pluie de Boise dans l’Idaho contenait 80 fois la dose admissible d’iode 131 ainsi que du césium 137. En début avril, le taux de césium 137 dans les sols, près de Reno dans le Nevada, était 30 fois supérieur à la dose admissible. Egalement en avril, on a retrouvé dans de très nombreuses régions des USA, du césium 134, du strontium 89, du strontium 90 et même de l’américium et du curium. Tous ces isotopes radioactifs se sont également déposés en Europe et si on ne les trouve pas, c’est qu’on ne les cherche pas.Avant la fin de l’année 2011, tous les sols de la planète seront inexorablement contaminés par l’irradiation quotidienne et permanente des réacteurs de Fukushima. Il en sera de même pour les océans et les nappes phréatiques. C’est alors que les isotopes radioactifs de Fukushima vont entamer un long processus de bioaccumulation en remontant les divers échelons de la chaîne alimentaire. En 2012, la totalité de la chaîne alimentaire planétaire sera radioactive et donc hyper-toxique pour la santé humaine. CLIP

Japon : Quarante ans de profit au détriment de la sécurité (22 mars 2011)
La situation actuelle a fait l'objet d'une mise en garde lors de la construction de la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima. Mais tant la compagnie énergétique Tepco que le gouvernement japonais ont fait fi des avertissements.

MUCH MORE THROUGH Radioactive Jet Streams AND On the Danger of a Killer Earthquake in the Japanese Archipelago IN THE MAIN ARTICLES SECTION BELOW.


2.4 Million Earthquakes 1970 To 2011 - AMAZING!
This animation consists of EVERY earthquake in the ANSS database from 1/1/1970 to 3/9/2011. There are over 2.4 million earthquakes in this time range!!!The small white dots are quakes from magnitude 1.0 to 4.9. The larger white rings are quakes 5.0 and above... Notice how it was quiet for a period of several year.

Sacred Catalog
A mother lode of sacred spiritual art REALLY worth exploring - With URL to access each artist's website

Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy

Great photos to make you smile!

Times Square - New York, 7 April 2011 - Watch Full screen in HD!

Shift of the Ages... a true story
Joseph Giove, Executive Producer of the ‘Shift of the Ages’ film talks about the authentic story of the Maya, the Mayan Calendar, 2012 and the significance of turbulent times in which we now live. Compelling and timely, this story is told through living Maya Grand Elder Wandering Wolf, also known as Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. The film is the Maya’s first official discourse to the world. Sharing this story with humanity is Wandering Wolf’s destiny. In Shift of the Ages film, Wandering Wolf clarifies misunderstandings about the Mayan Calendar and 2012. According to Maya prophecy we have entered a unique time-period, a change of Suns. A new Sun is about to dawn during which humanity traverses a significant evolutionary shift. To facilitate transition Wandering Wolf and Mayan Elders believe it is crucial for us to unite in a spirit of cooperation, treat each other, Earth and all life with dignity and respect. Wandering Wolf admonishes humanity to immediately stop wars, pollution, discrimination and avarice to avoid further tumult. To deliver this historic message requires financial support by June 14.11. Dynamic, passionate, dedicated, Joseph is an adventurer, engaging public speaker, technologist, healer, modern alchemist and meditation instructor. Founder and Director of http://commonpassion.org. His mission is to create social and environmental harmony through the practical application of consciousness-related research.

Easter Day Formation in Holland. Reported 24th April
Read the whole description of this find " Arriving shortly after 12:00 midnight with Ellen, Robbert immediately saw a "white energy" (like a white/yellow "aura") over one of the fields and knew that was where the formation would be. As Robbert walked into it he said he immediately felt the "presence" of Saint Francis and got a strong, clear message that "people are not greater than the animals," that we are wrong to think animals do not have feelings similar to our own." MORE THROUGH http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert.php AND READ AT http://www.bltresearch.com/eyewitness/eyewitness1.php how 2 people witnessed in 2001 a beam of intense white light with a spiralling motion in it appearing briefly 3 times at 3:15 am in the field in their backyard where they found a crop circle the next day.

Key to the extraterrestrial message
Several years ago a series of radio messages was heard coming from outer space. The transmission was not continuous, but cut by pauses into pieces which could be taken as units, for they were repeated over and over again. The pauses show here as punctuation. The various combinations have been represented by letters of the alphabet, so that the messages can be written down. Each message except the first is given here only once. CLIP - Note from Jean: once decoded they found out that an extraterrestrial civilization had sent us the periodic table of the chemical elements!! Recommended by Greg O'Neill (whtgr@yahoo.com) who explains: "NSA (National Security Agency) received 29 messages, in a math formula that was given to Dr. Howard H. Montaigne, and his team of cryptoanalysts to decode. Their results were published Oct. 21, 2004 in the NSA Journal XIV No. 1 issue, and were slated for public release to the media, which never happened. It was only recently on April 21, 2011, that NSA posted the results on their site. It turns out the decoded message gives the periodic table of elements, a great way to express our origins in universal elements." More on this through http://www.nsa.gov/public_info/declass/ufo/index.shtml which starts with "The documents listed on this page were located in response to the numerous requests received by NSA on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). In 1980, NSA was involved in Civil Action No. 80-1562, "Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. National Security Agency"."

NSA recent UFO document release more interesting for what it “could” not find by Alfred Lambremont Webre (April 23rd, 2011)
A recent UFO-related document release by the U.S. National Security Agency purportedly “in response to the numerous requests received by NSA on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)” is more interesting for what it “could” not find that what it actually released to the public domain.
(...) It would appear that one of the lateral purposes of the NSA “UFO document release” of SETI model documents is to reinforce the paradigms and official protocols of organizations such as the United Nations Outer Space office which operates on the basis of the SETI protocols, and is officially ignorant of the UFO and extraterrestrial presence. UFO Related Information (No Records Exist at NSA)The recent NSA release of “UFO related” information is more interesting for what it “could not” find. According to the NSA, a substantial portion of the subject matter of modern UFO studies and Exopolitics is not within the files of the U.S. National Security Agency, including apparently the terms “Extraterrestrial, Extraterrestrial Being, ETB”. This blatant falsehood by the U.S. National Security Agency, or unlawful manipulation of filing terms under the Freedom of Information Act is in direct contradiction to the 2001 Disclosure Project testimony of U.S. Army Sgt Karl Wolfe. Sgt. Wolfe confirmed that he had been briefed by a NSA technician at an NSA building on NSA photographing of extraterrestrial base on the far side of the moon. Clearly, the NSA should have released the photographs of this extraterrestrial base on the far side of the moon in this document release under the Freedom of Information Act. Readers can see Sgt. Karl Wolfe’s Disclosure Project testimony in THIS VIDEO. The blatant lies the NSA now tells U.S. citizens and taxpayers and the world about its monitoring of extraterrestrials
(...) Why the NSA, FBI, and by extension the U.S. government’s release of “UFO documents” is a manipulative a fraudulent disclosure, a psyops designed to defeat the human-oriented plans of the galactic governance authorities CLIP

Historian Richard Dolan: UFO & extraterrestrial disclosure to occur in 5 years (April 28th, 2011)
Richard Dolan states that he estimates authentic and genuine UFO and extraterrestrial disclosure will occur in approximately 5 years from 2011. -- Check also ISaw UFO "As Big As A Small City" Over Downtown Saskatoon, Canada: MUFON Report

Galactic Diplomacy
Lots of ET/Disclosure stuff! Check also Supra Consciousness by Angelica Whitecliff which is essentially about spiritualizing matter.

Disclosure is Already Happening UFO's and Extraterrestrial Aliens Are Real (APRIL 2011) MUST WATCH!

Moon Rising HD - UFOs seen hovering above the moon in official NASA pictures
In this excerpt from Moon Rising, the Moon is presented in it's "full natural color" revealing that it is not a grey colorless rock we've been led to believe. This full color photograph taken during the Clementine Mission in 1994 shows a moon filled with color and what could be life forms and flying saucers hovering over the lunar surface. Just one of many full color moon photos of the moon from the film. Do not confuse these photos with my "air-brushed" black and white photos I did in Moon Views. This is the real color of the moon. This is the first time in human history we are seeing the moon in it's full natural colors. http://moonrising-themovie.com - Check also this 3 min Moon Rising Movie Trailer (Big cover up revealed!) - Watch the hole movie starting with Part One, then Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine. Recommended by Greg O'Neill (whtgr@yahoo.com) who wrote: "Jose Escamilla has produced a movie on discoveries he made of anomalous structures on the lunar surface, using official NASA imaging. His 'Moon Rising' documentaries are well worth telling people about, and encouraging research groups to look more closely at the long history of anomalies associated with our nearest cosmic neighbor."

Incredible Iapetus - Stunning pictures!
(...) Incredible details of this ‘exotic’ moon were revealed by the Cassini spacecraft on New Year’s Eve, 2004. The fly-by’s closest approach was within 40,000 miles. Iapetus ‘does not seem to be a perfectly round moon.’ Iapetus is visibly ‘squashed’ by at least 5%. Richard Hoagland stated that Saturn’s bizarre satellite should be round. The smaller ice worlds of Mimas, Enceladus and Dione are perfect spheres. Why not Iapetus? Thank you, Richard Hoagland for these NASA (Cassini photos) and your ‘artificial moon’ theory on your web site. Examine the mile-high tower on Iapetus. There are numerous hexagonal craters on Saturn’s moon, including one very large one as you can see in the next photos. Was Iapetus an ancient DEATHSTAR that was once operational…but, now, must orbit in silence and decay? A JPL news release from 1/7/05 stated ‘…a long, narrow ridge that is almost exactly on the equator of Iapetus, bisects its entire dark hemisphere and reached 12 miles high. It extends over 800 miles (nearly its diameter)…along its mid section. No other (known) moon has such a striking geological feature…surprising for such a small body as Iapetus.’ Here is the Great Wall of Iapetus: CLIP

Bad News from NASA (4 May 2011)
This is going to be the most extraordinary communication so fasten your seatbelts; we are in for a rough ride. I have known in my heart for months that I would have to make a communication like this but had no idea it would be this soon. Back in January, while investigating the underground city that is alleged to have been built under the new Denver Airport, reported on by the former governor Jesse Ventura, I put the puzzle together and came to the conclusion that a planetary event was in store for us in 2012. Today I am presenting rock solid information; it does not get any better when NASA is your source. What you are about to read and see is happening. Last night, looking at a NASA mathematical model of comet Elenin, I found out that a large celestial body has already penetrated the solar system and is on course for a near and possibly horrific encounter with the earth in the fall of 2011. What we do not know is the size and mass of comet Elenin though I have no doubt that it is known by the authorities. Elenin is presently being tracked as it goes through the asteroid belt on its way into the inner solar system. I am truly sorry to have to be the bearer of such grave and threatening news but the source, NASA, is impeccable. We have an incoming mass (what might possibly be a neutron star) coming in and it will do a hard turn around the sun like any comet would, crossing and coming in between Mercury and Venus before starting its journey back out. On its way out it will cross our bow, meaning it will pass very close to the earth and the earth will pass behind it, plowing into its tail. In the video below you will see this explained graphically. What you will see with mathematical precision is that every time this celestial body comes into alignment with the earth and sun we have a huge earthquake. The last three alignments produced the Japanese 9.0 quake, the one in New Zealand and before that the one in Chile. On March 11th Elenin was much further out. When the next alignment happens it will be devastatingly close. The main point to understand is that if Elenin was just a normal comet it would not have the mass to generate a gravity pull that would affect the earth when the earth swings around into alignment.

(...) This is the real deal though—that alignment did happen as we can clearly see from the NASA simulation. Now we have to live with increasing radiation spreading around the northern hemisphere. We know how easy it is for people in authority to cover up information and lie with a straight face. The Japanese government admitted it kept in secret at least 5000 radiation measurements and assessments after the nuclear event that struck the Fukushima Daiichi NPP in March. This was done in order to not induce panic in the population, a representative of the staff dealing with the nuclear emergency told ITAR-TASS. We have to acknowledge and accept that there is a danger and a possibility that part of our civilization and the people in it will be lost. This is not a time to deny anything or a time to hold back the tears. I hope to God I am wrong but the evidence cannot be dismissed casually, though of course it will be. One picture is worth a thousand words and NASA has given us visible proof to suggest Elenin is playing a role in events down here on our planet even from a long distance. It is not a time for fear; rather it is a time for love and cooperation in the context of preparation on all levels for what is to come. CLIP

... And among the comments posted there: "Oh dear Marc, You and ALL your readers, fans & followers alike, absolutely have to get up to speed with that which the current ‘powers that be’ or whatever other term anyone wishes to use for them, do not wish to encourage, as it rightfully dispels all fear. Fear is our biggest weakness & their greatest strength & control over us, just as it is with ALL man-made religions too, and has been for EONS! PLEASE, I urge you to familiarize yourself with my Heavenly mentor’s monthly messages. If I were you, I start from the very first, since it’s clear that you haven’t yet read the 4 Matthew Books. If pushed for time, use the search facility in the meantime. U trust Matthew, Hatonn (Chief of Inter Galactic Communications) Suzy Ward (Matthew’s Earth Mom) & the God they speak about & to (different from most religions) frequently, absolutely IMPLICITLY. FEAR NOT DEAR ONE! RELAX! Our Galactic friends & families have shifted MANY such ‘bodies’ in the past & shall do so again & again & again. We & Gaia (Earth) are far too precious to allow to go up in flames, smoke or whatever!" AND ...

"NASA is not a reliable source of information but rather part of the larger psyops machine run by the globalists. Of course it is compartmentalized like many other agencies, but Free Masonry and neo-Naziism run through it like a river of blood. Please see the work of Jim Marrs and Richard Hoagland. Just seeing the words Niburu and Planet X on these videos is a blatant giveaway. Please do a search on these terms and you will find yourself in the theater of the absurd.In an environment of global psyops and mind control of individuals as well as large masses, there is no way to find truth. That is our work, I agree, to love as we have never loved before in the face of this epistemological uncertainty and the possibility of worst case scenarios. I just don’t think Planet X is one of them. Please consider other various theories regarding these earth changes, e.g., Dr. Nick Begich on HAARP (not just intentional weather control, but its messing with our planet’s upper level electromagnetic phenomena with no concern for unintended consequences–chilling stuff, and playing Russian roulette)."

Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth (March 1st, 2011)
A chilling report prepared for President Medvedev by Minister Serdyukov of the Russian Defense Ministry on the building of an additional 5,000 underground ‘bomb’ shelters in Moscow warns that even though progress is being made, the appearance of the new Comet Elenin [photo right] in our Solar System means “additional resources” will have to be added “immediately” as the 2012 timeline for completion “may not be soon enough”. Sparking the fears of Minister Serdyukov, he says in this report, is that based upon the new orbit calculations for Comet Elenin, it appears in “all likelihood” that this celestial object is under some type of “intelligent control” and will approach our Earth “much closer” than originally thought this coming fall season.

(...) Most ominous in Minister Serdyukov’s report is his assertion that Comet Elenin appears to be in “direct contact” with the mysterious Jupiter-sized planet discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto that is, also, headed inbound towards our Sun. American scientists Daniel Whitmire and John Matese from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have named this mysterious planet Tyche, but as we had previously stated in our 18 February report, “Russian Leader Confirms To Pope New Planet Arrival In 2012”, the ancient peoples of our Earth new it by other names as well.Interesting to note about Comet Elenin is that even though the American space agency NASA has said “Because of the possibility that the comet’s orbit slightly deviate from, there is no guarantee that Earth will be missed”, they have, also, in contradiction, stated that “…Comet Elenin will come nowhere near the Earth. At its closest (on 10 September 2011) it will be more than 25 million km from our planet.” To the identity of those extraterrestrial forces controlling Comet Elenin our world had been forewarned about by the former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, who stated about them: “Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.”

(...) As we have attempted to detail in many recent reports, including “Greenland Sunrise Shocks World As Superstorms Pound Planet”, “Poisonous Space Clouds Slamming Into Earth Cause Mass Bird And Fish Deaths”, “New Superstorms Warned Have ‘Doomed’ World Food Production” and “Pole Shift Blamed For Russian Air Disaster, Closure Of US Airport”, the greatest fears Forrestal had after Symington’s final Roswell report was given to him are, indeed coming true in our times today. Though the masses of the American people are still not being told the truth about the dire state of our world, the same cannot be said about their elite masters, who according to new evidence gathered by independent researchers are building for themselves vast underground bunkers to protect themselves when the times of trouble come. One such company building these underground survival bunkers for the US elite is the American Reassurance Communities (ARC), and who describe their efforts as follows: “Each ARC Bunker Complex consists of a 300,000 sq ft subterranean self-contained community survival shelter complex designed to accommodate 2500 people for up to 60 months in military grade bunkers complete with schools, medical/dental, greenhouses, theater, recreation, everything needed for a large group of people to live in a safe, comfortable environment and survive almost any disaster. ARC Bunkers are manufactured to withstand a direct nuclear hit, EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attacks, biological attacks, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, earthquakes, floods, solar flares, meteorites, and ground assaults.” For anyone thinking they can order such protection for themselves (even allowing that they have the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost) an ARC spokesman said in a recently released conversation (listen to audio here) that it would take over a year for them to be able to build anything because of the tremendous backorders they are now filling due to what he says is because “everyone is freaked out about something”. And this is aside from the US government’s recent purchase of over $1 Billion in survival food to protect America’s leaders. To what those in the knowing are so “freaked about” it is in our knowing too, but is, also, so complex and shrouded in shadows as to make it nearly indecipherable to all but the most informed, and which, most assuredly, the masses of people today aren’t even close to. CLIP

Rising food prices threaten to push over 60 million Asians back into poverty (April 27, 2011)
The Asian Development Bank has warned that high food prices on the continent could push 64 million people in developing countries into extreme poverty, reports the AFP. On average food prices are up 10% since the beginning of the year with staple prices significantly higher than last year. For example, rice prices have risen by 36.7% since June 2010 in Vietnam, while Kyrgyzstan has seen wheat prices rise 67% during the same time period. "Left unchecked, the food crisis will badly undermine recent gains in poverty reduction made in Asia," Asian Development Bank chief economist Rhee Changyong said. The rise in food prices has been linked in part due to extreme weather throughout the world, which has crippled some vital crop regions, including in some cases unprecedented droughts in Russia, China, and the US; floods in Australia and Pakistan; and a severe winter in Europe and parts of the US. Experts say that climate change is likely intensifying such extreme weather events, and causing them to occur with greater frequency. Rising oil prices and a weakening US dollar are also expected to exacerbate the situation in Asia. "For poor families in developing Asia, who already spend more than 60% of their income on food, higher food prices further reduce their ability to pay for medical care and their children's education," said Rhee. Check also Food crisis 2011?: drought in China could push food prices even higher

Death toll from US tornadoes rises to 334 (April 30, 2011)
Aside from those states, the twisters left 34 dead in Tennessee, 15 in Georgia, and five in Virginia, according to state officials. Families picked through the remains of homes, businesses and schools, bearing witness to scenes of devastation more common in war zones or after earthquakes.In a bid to maintain order, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox ordered a curfew, lasting from dusk until 8:00 am, for the second night. A police precinct was among the buildings damaged. A sign on one door bluntly warned potential intruders what awaits them: "I will shoot you."In addition to the deaths in Alabama, there were more than 2,000 injured and up to a million people left without power. Restoration of electricity could take several days. CLIP

Key News: Memos Prove Iraq War for Oil, Secret Guantanamo Files Leaked, UFO Over Tehran Report, More
Excerpts of important news articles which include revealing information on secret UK memos proving the Iraq war was launched to control oil resources, expansion of US drone attacks to Libya, Wikileaks' release of secret Guantanamo prison files, and more.

Key News: NSA Says ETs Real, Miss USA Molested by TSA, US doctors 'hid signs of torture' at Guantanamo, SF Chronicle video prompts White House threat More

Jim Traficant - Israel has used America like a whore!! - Video
"I believe that Israel has a powerful strangle hold on the American government. They control...the House and Senate. They have us involved in wars of which we have little or no interest. Our children are coming back in body bags. Our nation is bankrupt over these wars, and if you open your mouth, you get targeted. And if they don't beat you at the polls, they'll put you in prison... It's an objective assessment that no one will have the courage to speak about. They're controlling much of our foreign policy. They're influencing much of our domestic policy. Wolfowitz as Under Secretary of Defense manipulated President Bush #2 back into Iraq. They pushed definitely, definitely to try and get Bush, before he left, to move into Iran."

Colbert with Ron Paul (April 25, 2011) http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/382617/april-25-2011/ron-paul
Ron Paul defines liberty, criticizes the Federal Reserve and doesn't believe in the income tax. (05:20) Whole show is funny and worth seeing.

THE BILLIONAIRES' TEA PARTY - How Corporate America is Faking a Grassroots Revolution (54 min)
In the summer of 2009, shortly after Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress swept to power promising a new era of hope and change, a citizens protest movement emerged out of nowhere threatening to derail their agenda. Some said this uprising was the epitome of grassroots democracy. Others said it was a classic example of 'astroturfing' -- an elaborate corporate public relations effort designed to create the impression of a spontaneous uprising. Curious to find out for himself, Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham goes undercover and straight into the heart of the movement. He visits raucous health care town hall meetings where irate voters parrot insurance industry PR; learns that home-grown "citizen groups" challenging the science behind climate change are funded by big oil companies; and infiltrates a tea party movement whose anti-government rage turns out to be less the product of populist rage than of corporate strategy. In the end, The Billionaires' Tea Party offers a terrifying look at how corporate elites are exploiting the anxieties of ordinary Americans -- capitalizing on anger, resentment, and paranoia to advance a narrow, often anti-democratic, agenda. View a Full-Length Preview (56 minutes)

SAY NO! To Global Shale Gas Fracking's Final Human Descent into Ecocidal Barbarity
It is simply wrong to blow up the Earth destroying scarce water for limited energy with no climate benefits as purported. New science shows shale gas fracking equally damaging to climate as other fossil fuels including coal, and last week there was a major toxic fracking water release into Pennsylvania‚s waterways; yet fracking remains largely unregulated by the EPA in the United States. Meanwhile the rest of the world is following America's lead, with fracking spreading to China, South Africa, Europe and elsewhere. However protest is spreading too. The human family must not allow every last ecosystem to be destroyed, destroying our shared biosphere, before we transition from wasteful unsustainable energy to 100% truly renewable energy. Tell the Obama administration to set a good example and heavily regulate fracking, or outlaw this newest ecocidal energy source before it spreads.

Moscow Forest Needs Your Help—Again! (April 26, 2011) http://www.earthaction.org/2011/04/moscow-forest-needs-your-helpagain.html
In 2010, EarthAction campaigned to preserve the Khimki Forest and was successful in getting Russian President Medvedev to temporarily stop the logging. Now, the environmentalists in Moscow and the forest need your help again! Russian human rights and environmental activists are fighting to save the Khimki Forest from the construction of a new motorway that will divide the forest in half. The planned $8 billion federal highway will connect Moscow and St. Petersburg, but at enormous environmental cost. It will destroy Khimki Forest, one of Moscow's last old-growth forests, which is a key part of the city's dwindling green belt, designed in the 1930s to minimize pollution and preserve wildlife. Ecologists believe that constructing the highway through the forest will lead to the destruction of an eco-system that is unique for Moscow (centuries-old oak trees, elk, boar, and many species of birds). It will destroy a site of special scientific interest, the mesotrophic cranberry swamp in the Khimki Forest and the floodplain of the Klyazma River, which is in its original state only in this area. Over the years the fight to save Khimki Forest has become more then a fight over a forest, it has become a symbol for fighting against corruption and bribery among government officials, law enforcement, and an industry that ignores the environmental effects of its actions. The campaign to save Khimki Forest is now focused on Vinci, a French multinational construction company contracted to build the highway. The objective is to end Vinci’s involvement in this project until an alternative route that spares Khimki Forest is selected. Take part in the International Week of Action for the Khimki Forest April 24th to April 30th and sign the petition to save Khimki Forest! Every voice counts. Click here to sign the petition. THANK YOU.

Earth Day pictures: International Year of Forests - WONDERFUL PICS - 3 PAGES
Check also Earth Day: Another gimmick day full of false promises and empty pledges or a day of reflection? AND What does Nature give us? A special Earth Day article

Bruce Lipton - a brief statement about his Mission

The Real American Exceptionalism
Make sure to SCROLL DOWN to see the charts under "Charting American Exceptionalism" STUNNING EXCEPTIONALISM INDEED!

Lamborghini Aventador - Watch full screen
Our latest car porn introduces Lamborghini's new super sports car Aventador with its 700 HP bull power......

Phénomène hivernal impressionnant


Syria Protests Spread Amid Widespread Detentions (May 4, 2011)
As many as 8,000 Syrians are missing in the country after security forces intensified home raids and detentions on anti-regime protesters since Friday, according to a human-rights group, and others have been released following what it describes severe torture.But the regime’s continued use of force to squash the protest movement has instigated a new set of voices—among them students in Syria’s two largest cities—protesting the crackdown itself. On Wednesday, security forces detained several students from Aleppo University after hundreds of students marched through streets around the university in the northern city, calling for a lift of the military siege on Deraa, activists said.

Syria: detainees tell of torture amid mass arrests (3 May 2011)
Amnesty International has received first-hand reports of torture and other ill-treatment from detainees held in Syria as a wave of arrests of anti-government protesters intensified over the weekend.Detainees who were recently released told the organisation of beatings and harsh conditions in detention, raising fears for the safety of hundreds of others being held, including at least 499 people who were arrested on Sunday in house-to-house raids in the southern town of Dera’a. Widespread arbitrary arrests have also taken place in recent days in other towns and cities around the country, including Qamishly in the north-east, az Zabadani and Madaya (west of Damascus), Duma (near Damascus) and the coastal town of Latakia.
(...) One detainee said that after being stripped and beaten he was made to lick his blood off the floor. According to him, he and others detained with him had been beaten with sticks and cables as well as kicked and punched. Held without food for three days in overcrowded conditions in one detention centre, he said they had to resort to drinking dirty water from a toilet. Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director Philip Luther said: “These disturbing new accounts of detainees being tortured further underscore the need for President Bashar al-Assad to put an end to his security forces’ violent onslaught against his own people.“The use of unwarranted lethal force, arbitrary detention and torture appear to be the desperate actions of a government that is intolerant of dissent and must be halted immediately. Syrians must be allowed to voice their calls for change peacefully. “Those detained merely for their involvement in peaceful protests are prisoners of conscience and should be released immediately and unconditionally.” Amnesty has obtained the names of 54 people killed on Friday, bringing to 542 its figure for the total number of protesters, bystanders and others who have been killed during six weeks of pro-reform protests. The actual number of deaths is almost certainly higher. The high number of deaths has been attributed to heavy-handed tactics by Syrian security forces, who have shot live bullets directly into protests and funeral processions and used tanks to shell residential buildings. The military last week laid siege to Dera’a, cutting off electricity and water supplies. CLIP

Leading activist seized in Syrian roundup (May 2, 2011)
Security forces on Monday rounded up hundreds of pro-democracy sympathisers, including prominent human rights campaigner Diana Jawabra for the second time during Syria's uprising, witnesses said. The arrests came in the wake of the shelling of Deraa, cradle of the unrest, by a force led by President Bashar al-Assad's feared brother Maher. "I am Dana Jawabra from Deraa," Jawabra shouted as she was forced into a white Kia secret police car outside her home in the Mezza West District of Damascus.The 39-year-old engineer was arrested on March 16 while taking part in a silent protest in Damascus to demand the release of thousands of political prisoners in Syria. Among them were 15 schoolchildren who had been detained in Deraa for writing freedom slogans on walls, inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. The arrests of Jawabra and others were a major cause of the eruption of pro-democracy demonstrations in the southern city. She was released on March 27 as Preident Bashar al-Assad made vague promises for reform that failed to stop mass demonstrations from spreading to other parts across Syria. In the old quarter of Deraa, shelled and machine gunned into submission on Saturday, security forces forced their way into houses on Sunday and took away many men under 40, witnesses told Reuters by telephone. At least 560 civilians have been killed by Assad's security forces since the Deraa uprising erupted on March 18, human rights groups say. The government, condemned by the West for their repression of unrest, has blamed the violence on "armed terrorist groups." The country of 20 million people has been under authoritarian Baath Party rule since 1963. CLIP

'Israeli jets prepare in Iraq to strike Iran' (May 2, 2011)
Israeli jet fighters have reportedly conducted drills at a military base in Iraq in order to strike targets inside Iran. A considerable number of Israeli warplanes were seen at al-Asad base in Iraq, reported a source close to prominent Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sader's group. The aircraft reportedly included F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, and KC-10 jet fighters. The warplanes carried out their week-long exercises at nights, the same source added. The drills were reportedly aimed at preparing to strike Iran's air defense systems, disrupt Iran's radars and attack targets deep inside Iran. Iraqi officials had not been notified of the exercises, which were conducted in collaboration with the US military. The United States maintains numerous bases in Iraq, and the Baghdad government is not involved in any of the military deployments taking place there.

Fatah, Hamas proclaim landmark reconciliation pact
Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas on Wednesday proclaimed a landmark reconciliation pact aimed at ending their bitter four-year rift that has left them with competing governments in the territories envisioned for a future Palestinian state, but Israel's leader denounced it as a "mortal blow to peace."



The cost-benefit dodge It is used to dilute regulation. Obama's nominee must say where he stands. (May 12, 2009) DEMONSTRATES THE CRASS, IMMORAL CALCULATIONS USED TO JUSTIFY NOT PROTECTING US!
Cass Sunstein, President Obama's nominee to serve as the federal government's so-called regulatory czar, is scheduled for a confirmation hearing today. While on the hot seat, Sunstein can expect to face questions about his vision for the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, which he would lead - in particular, whether he'll continue the increasingly controversial use of cost-benefit analysis to evaluate proposed regulations.Beginning in the Reagan administration, any regulation with a significant impact has had to pass through Information and Regulatory Affairs' doors for approval. The office's role, frankly, has been to water down health, safety, and environmental regulations - if not drown them entirely. One way it accomplishes that is by subjecting rules to cost-benefit analysis. This process reduces the benefits and costs of a proposed regulation to monetary terms - no matter how implausible the assigning of dollar values may be - and then weighs them against each other. If the calculated benefits don't outweigh the calculated costs, the office typically weakens or scuttles the rule. Take mercury regulation, for example. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that is particularly hazardous to the fragile neurological systems of developing fetuses and young children. When emitted by coal-fired power plants and other sources, mercury can end up in the fish we eat.In 1990, Congress directed the Environmental Protection Agency to clamp down on mercury emissions. By the end of the Clinton administration, EPA appeared poised to require power plants to reduce their mercury emissions by 90 percent by 2007. But the Bush administration reversed course, offering up a "Clean Air Mercury Rule" that would allow plants to wait until at least 2020 to reduce emissions by just 70 percent.

Pursuant to the regulatory office's requirements, EPA economists hammered out a cost-benefit analysis for the proposed rule to justify the change. That required some fancy math. The office's staff began by deciding that the chief benefit of mercury regulation would be preventing neurological damage in utero. To translate this benefit into dollars, staffers measured the expected loss in future earnings as a result of each affected child's lower IQ. But they also found a supposed silver lining in neurological damage: Children with lower IQs seek fewer years of education, and so save society the costs of "excess" education, as well as "opportunity costs." (Those who waste time in the classroom, after all, are missing the "opportunity" to work and earn money.) After a few more such calculations, the economists concluded that each IQ point sacrificed to mercury poisoning was worth $8,807.How, um, rigorous. Notably absent from this equation was the point that nobody has a right to inflict such harm on our children, no matter what government economists think about it. Fortunately, an appeals court struck down EPA's mercury rule last year, and the agency is back to the drawing board. (Note that, despite that defeat, industry and its allies have managed to delay meaningful regulation for years.) But the incident is vivid proof of just how vulnerable cost-benefit analysis is to gross manipulation - and how fatally flawed it is as a tool for measuring the value of a regulation. CLIP

Supreme Court rules that companies can block class-action lawsuits (April 28th, 2011)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday handed businesses such as AT&T Inc a major victory by upholding the use of arbitration for customer disputes rather than allowing claims to be brought together as a group. By a 5-4 vote, the high court ruled that an AT&T unit could enforce a provision in its customer contracts requiring individual arbitration and preventing the pooling together of claims into a class-action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration. The plaintiffs, Vincent and Liza Concepcion, filed their class-action lawsuit in 2006, claiming they were improperly charged about $30 in sales taxes on cellphones that the AT&T Mobility wireless unit had advertised as free. AT&T, the No. 2 U.S. mobile service, was backed in the case by a number of other companies and by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce business group, while consumer and civil rights groups supported the California couple.Companies generally prefer arbitration as a less expensive way of settling consumer disputes, as opposed to costly class actions, which allow customers to band together and can result in large monetary awards.Customer arbitration agreements are widely used by cellphone carriers, cable providers, credit card companies, stock brokerage firms and other businesses. Vanderbilt University law professor Brian Fitzpatrick said it may be the most important class action case ever decided by the Supreme Court. "Because companies can ask all of their consumers, employees, and perhaps even shareholders to sign arbitration agreements, this decision has the potential to permit companies to escape class action liability in almost all of their activities," he said. CLIP

Boehner opens door to cutting U.S. oil tax breaks (April 25, 2011)
WASHINGTON, April 25 (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress should consider cutting multibillion-dollar subsidies to oil companies amid rising concern over skyrocketing gas prices, House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said on Monday."It's certainly something we should be looking at," Boehner said in an ABC News interview. "We're in a time when the federal government's short on revenues. They ought to be paying their fair share." "Everybody wants to go after the oil companies and frankly, they've got some part of this to blame," he said. But Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said he also wanted to "see all the facts" first. Boehner's remarks echoed concerns expressed this month by President Barack Obama, who asked Congress to repeal $3.6 billion in annual oil, natural gas and coal subsidies, a move that would total $46.2 billion over a decade and help pay for clean energy initiatives. But Boehner's comments go against Republican orthodoxy because the party traditionally is very supportive of the oil and gas industry and rejects most policies that would raise the costs of domestic energy production. Boehner also suggested that Obama could lose the 2012 election if gas prices do not decline. Rising fuel prices are a persistent concern for the White House, which is worried about their impact on the economy as Obama mounts his run for re-election. A New York Times-CBS News poll found that 70 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and analysts believe gas prices are a main reason for this. The Obama administration tried unsuccessfully during the last Congress to cut tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuels. CLIP - Note from Jean: With US oil companies about to announce record profits (Exxon: 60% increase to $10 billion in quarterly profits), cutting their $4 billion/year welfare money from a government strapped with an unbearable debt load is a "duh" like foregone decision. And yet Boehner has the gall to dither and wants to "see all the facts" first... Of course $4 billion is pocket change compared to the Trillion wasted in 2 wars to secure for them the oil fields of Iraq and the oil pipeline across Afghanistan, with a 3rd war now just underway to grab for them Libya's oil bonanza of cheap-to-extract, top quality oil. And yet the oil companies will do all they can to keep their subsidies... with the assistance of their Republican corporate shills in Congress.

US 'Currency Crash'
The biggest story in the market is the currency crash right now occurring in the US

The dollar is at its lowest value in four decades
A weak currency should be good news for a country's exporters, but that hasn't stopped America from running a persistent trade deficit.

About 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps
Growth in the food stamp program appeared to reach a plateau in February - with 14.3% of the population relying on the safety net program.

Early Christian teachings on human rights and Earth rights (April 25th, 2011)
Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director of the Earth Rights Institute and United Nations NGO Representative, presented this paper at the Christianity and Human Rights Conference at a few years ago. This presentation suddenly seems particularly relevant in light of the recent UN resolution to give Mother Earth the same rights as humans.

(...) Here are some excerpts from that speech: THE problem is that about 3% of the population owns 95% of the privately held land in the US....The basic human need for food and shelter requires access of labor to land. With access to land people can produce the basic requirements of life. Access to land provides an enabling environment for life itself and thus meets the minimum requirement... based on the fundamental equal right to exist... Early Christian teachings on the Land Problem... were clear and precise. The question of "Who Should Own the Earth?" was unequivocally answered. The land ethic of the early Christian communities was that of "koinonia" meaning essentially that God was the sole owner of the earth which was given as a gift to all... When Christianity became the state religion of the Roman empire, the early Christian teachings on land were overtaken by the Roman land laws of "dominium" - a legalization of property in land originally obtained by conquest and plunder. A largely corrupted Christianity, uprooted from its early teachings on land ownership, too often went hand in hand with the exploitation and degradation...

(...) The ruling class... has the schools and press, usually the Church as well, under its thumb. This enables it to organize and sway the emotions of the masses, and make its tool of them. - Albert Einstein -- Don't be a tool. Support land reform! For a complete transcript of Hartzok's speech on Earth Rights Democracy: Public Finance based on Early Christian Teachings or to find out what you can do, see this site. - Recommended by Hunt Henion (hunt@eurekadsl.net) - author of 2012: Creating Your Own Shift - who wrote: "Your first two quotes in the first email you sent out today are on poverty and land issues. There's the one taken from an Interview with the director of the documentary THINK GLOBAL, ACT RURAL and then the one from The military's war on the Earth. I've been doing a series of similar Examiner articles. The one I did today is on biblical and UN support for land reform. And at the bottom of it is a partial list of my other articles on this subject. It seems to me more and more that our spiritual freedoms are locked up in economic issues that keep us and Mother Earth as slaves to a very small percentage of the Earth's population. And I greatly appreciate you covering this subject!" Alanna also has a recent book entitled The Earth Belongs to Everyone which "sets forth the vision and policy foundation for no less than a new form of democracy — earth rights democracy." “Alanna Hartzok is one of the top experts describing new economic ethics and policies that can create a fair distribution of wealth and protect the earth. In this collection of articles she shows us how fairly sharing the earth can build a culture of peace and justice. She must be heard if we are to avoid further crises and chaos in our world!” - Anne Goeke

Americans are Preparing at Unprecedented Levels (April 28, 2011)
Do you have enough larder to feed your family and some friends if grocery stores ran out of food? How about several assault rifles and a few thousand rounds of ammo? Solar panels, a water filter, medical kits, bug-out bags, fire starters, tents, sleeping bags, some junk silver and reserve gasoline? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s becoming apparent to many Americans that depending on our local, state and federal governments in the event of an emergency, catastrophic societal collapse or widespread disaster will not be sufficient to meet the needs of your family. Residents in Colorado (and likely the other 49 states) are stockpiling in droves and preparing to live off the grid if it comes to that: Four families in Yoder are building a sand bunker and stockpiling ammunition and weapons. A Black Forest resident has erected a geodesic dome on her 5-acre spread to grow vegetables, keeps horses for emergency transportation, in case she can’t get gasoline for her car, and plans to acquire chickens and goats as food sources. A husband and wife who have a cabin on 100 acres of secluded land in Park County have weaned their property from the electric grid, acquired a three-year food supply and taken other measures to become self-sufficient.While there’s little threat of the earthquake and tsumani that rocked Japan last month in landlocked Colorado, other epic crises on the home front are possible: A flood or fire. A terrorist attack. A nuclear weapons launch. World War III. Or an apocalyptic-type scenario. An increasing number of people say they are getting ready. “More people are getting into the survivalist mode. I’ve been in business 30 years, and I’ve never sold so many assault rifles as now. The last year was the best we’ve ever had,” said Mel Bernstein, a Class III weapons dealer and owner of Dragon Man’s shooting range east of Colorado Springs. CLIP

Controversial Brazilian mega-dam receives investment of $1.4 billion (May 02, 2011)
Brazil's most controversial mega-dam, Belo Monte, which is moving full steam ahead against massive opposition, has received an extra infusion of cash from Vale, a Brazilian-run mining company. (...) Environmentalists and indigenous rights-groups alike have opposed the $11-17 billion Belo Monte dam for its anticipated impacts on the region. Diverting the Xingu River for around 62 miles, the dam would flood nearly 200 square miles (500 square kilometers) of rainforest. An estimated 50,000 indigenous people who depend on the river would be impacted, and many forced to move. Pushed aggressively by Brazil new president, Dilma Rousseff, the administration says the dam must be built to meet the rising nation's power needs. The dam will provide enough energy to power 23 million homes, yet during three to four months of the year critics say it will run on only 10-30% capacity due to low waters. Hydropower has been publicized as green, however dams built in the tropics have been shown to release massive amounts of the methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide over 100 years. Recently 600,000 people from around the world signed a petition opposing the dam.

World's largest beef company signs Amazon rainforest pact (April 29, 2011)
The world's largest meat processor has agreed to stop buying beef from ranches associated with slave labor and illegal deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, according to the public prosecutor's office in the state of Acre. The deal absolves JBS-Friboi from 2 billion reals ($1.3 billion) in potential fines and paves the way for the firm to continue selling meat to companies concerned about their environmental reputation. The agreement is significant because it was signed by prosecutors from other Amazon states including Rondonia, Amazonas, Roraima, Pará, Tocantins, Maranhão and Amapá. Other cattle giants are expected to follow suit. Under the terms of the deal, JBS agreed to stop buying cattle from areas embargoed by environmental inspection agencies and lands classified as conservation units or indigenous territories, unless the management plans of those areas allow for livestock. Cattle production often occurs illegally in forests zoned for conservation or indigenous use and squatters are used as proxies to grab the land. JBS will also not buy cattle from ranches that have been convicted of labor abuses, including slave labor. From September 2012, JBS will only buy meat from ranches that have registered their holdings with the government and have the proper environmental licenses. Any breach of the agreement could result in fines up to 500 reals ($300) per pound of beef.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: 'quest for profit subverts our present and our future' (May 01, 2011)
As the honorary speaker at an event celebrating fifty years of the conservation organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated that overconsumption and obsession with economic growth were imperiling the global environment and leaving the poor behind. "Our desire to consume everything of value, to extract every precious stone, every drop of oil and every creature from the sea knows no bounds. This quest for profit subverts our present and our future," Tutu stated as reported by a WWF press release. Known for decades as a champion of human rights, Desmond Tutu has won the Nobel Peace Prize and been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In his speech, the archbishop linked environmental degradation with global poverty."We are meant to live in a world which we share, and we are meant to live as members of one family. And yet whenever we look around, isn't it devastating to see the inequities and levels of poverty? Our population is increasing; environmental degradation is increasing. How do we resolve these inequities when all we are told is growth, growth, growth?" he said during the ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, the nation where WWF was born. Founded in 1961, WWF is one of the world's biggest conservation organizations. Desmond Tutu, one of the world's most well-known Christian leaders, ended his message by stating that it was possible to provide for the human population sustainably. "There is enough for everyone—but not enough for our greed. There's enough for us all to live a full life—so why do we want to destroy the only home we have?" he asked.

Queen Of The Sun (83min) Directed by Taggart Siegel
Queen of The Sun is a love letter, really, to bees, and perhaps an SOS from them in return. Bees, if you ever take the time to watch them, and maybe learn a little about them, are just about the most flat-out gorgeous and admirable of all God's creatures. They exist in perfect societies, spend their lives industriously and selflessly, have no aggression or greed in their hearts, and yet are braver and more resolute in defence of their community than any army of partisans. It's no wonder that beekeepers - professional and hobbyists alike - tend to be some of the most disarmingly adorable people you will meet in a long day's walk, and it is with the beekeepers that Queen of The Sun starts its tale.Gentle, witty, humane and gloriously unselfconsciously eccentric, the keepers have plenty to tell us, and most of it concerns the great trouble the bees are in and what those troubles can tell us about the feckless, irresponsible way we are treating this planet. Bees are the perfect canary in the coalmine of the world's eco-systems. Bees are acutely sensitive to pesticides, pollution, electro-magnetic fluctuation, and quite probably genetic modification within their donor plants. What we do to the world, we do almost immediately to the bees, and the bees are responding to the last decades' excesses by dying in their billions. Colony collapse disorder, as it is now termed, has wiped out 30 to 60 per cent of the world's known beehives in the last 10 years. It is caused, probably, by a combination of factors, most of them human derived. Queen of The Sun takes aim at big agri-business practice, corporate greed, and good old- fashioned human stupidity, and then gently, wittily, and very compellingly points out the bleedin' obvious: without the work of bees, human life on Earth as we know it is over.This is a terrific film, beautifully photographed, and full of unforgettable characters, but it is also an important and unmissable wake-up call. I loved it. - Check also Queen of The Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? - Official Trailer [HD] (STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!) Official Film Website: http://www.queenofthesun.com - Box Office Magazine calls QUEEN OF THE SUN “The feel-good advocacy movie of the year.” While spring pollination has begun for the bees, we’re busy cross-pollinating with all of you throughout the country and the world to get the message out about the struggles facing honeybees and ALL pollinators. AND Colony collapse disorder continues to worry AND Watch this video AND How 'homo-economicus' destabilizes our food web

What's gone wrong with the flight of the bumblebee?
(...) The notion that cell-phone radiation might interfere with honeybee behaviour dates from 2003 and a small study from the University of Koblenz-Landau, in Germany. In exploring possible effects of the radiation on neurological mechanisms controlling learning and memory, handsets were placed near hives. Their radiation caused the bees to avoid them, perhaps through resonant disruption of the “waggle dance” on the honeycomb by which returning foragers communicate the whereabouts of pollen. The global decline of honeybees has since become an ecological crisis, with the spread, starting in America and now widespread in Europe (but not Ireland), of colony collapse disorder, in which apparently healthy colonies suddenly disappear from their hives. Viruses, pesticides, parasitic mites (varroa), GM crops and climate change have all been blamed.In India, however, two scientists, Ved Parkash Sharma and Neelima Kumar, at Panjab University exposed hive bees to cell-phone radiation for 15 minutes twice a day, twice a week, from February to April. Compared with bees with no ringing cell phones or only dummies in their hives, their colony strength and the egg-laying rate of the queen declined and “there was neither honey nor pollen in the colony at the end of the experiment”. CLIP

Scientists scramble to save dying amphibians (April 28, 2011)
In forests, ponds, swamps, and other ecosystems around the world, amphibians are dying at rates never before observed. The reasons are many: habitat destruction, pollution from pesticides, climate change, invasive species, and the emergence of a deadly and infectious fungal disease. More than 200 species have gone silent, while scientists estimate one third of the more than 6,500 known species are at risk of extinction. Species are disappearing even before they are described by scientists — a study published in Proceedings of the Nation Academy of Sciences last year found that 5 of the 30 species known to have gone extinct in Panama's Omar Torrijos National Park since 1998 were unknown to science. But the news gets worse. Chytridiomycosis — which is caused by a microscopic fungus called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) that lives in water and soil — is spreading, metastasizing across Central and South America, Africa, and Australia. Amphibians are even experiencing rapid decline in habitats unmarred by the pathogen, pesticides, or direct human influence. Research in Costa Rica has recorded a 70 percent decline in amphibians over the past 35 years in pristine habitats, suggesting that climate shifts are taking a toll. Scientists now call the worldwide decline of amphibians one of the world's most pressing environmental concerns; one that may portend greater threats to the ecological balance of the planet. Because amphibians have highly permeable skin and spend a portion of their life in water and on land, they are sensitive to environmental change and can act as the proverbial "canary in a coal mine," indicating the relative health of an ecosystem. As they die, scientists are left wondering what plant or animal group could follow. In Panama, scientists are taking the threat to amphibians very seriously — chytrid recently "jumped" the Panama canal, moving West to East across the country toward Colombia. Conservationists have set up an an emergency conservation measure to capture wild frogs from infected areas and safeguard them in captivity until the disease is controlled or at least better understood. The frogs will be bred in captivity as an insurance policy against extinction.
(...) Why is it important to save frogs? Frogs are the sound of the rainforest at night they are the bright colored living jewels that you find along mountain streams during the day. We should save frogs because they were here long before we were and their disappearance speaks volumes about how badly we have looked after our one and only planet. We must save frogs because it is our responsibility, and in doing so we may just save ourselves. Amphibians are an key component of the food webs, they feed mainly on insects and other invertebrates, and the same time being prey for a suite of other animals such as insects, spiders, snakes, birds and mammals. Species that have a tadpole stage play an important role in aquatic ecosystems. In such cases, is considered that losing an amphibian species is ecological equivalent to losing two species, because of their ecological role in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Save the Frogs Day focuses on banning Atrazine in US (April 26, 2011)
This year's Save the Frogs Day (Friday, April 29th) is focusing on a campaign to ban the herbicide Atrazine in the US with a rally at the steps of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Kerry Kriger, executive director of frog-focused NGO Save the Frogs! and creator of Save the Frogs Day, says that Atrazine is an important target in the attempt to save amphibians worldwide, which are currently facing extinction rates that are estimated at 200 times the average. "Atrazine weakens amphibians' immune systems, and can cause hermaphroditism and complete sex reversal in male frogs at concentrations as low as 2.5 parts per billion. Atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide in American groundwater and half a million pounds of Atrazine returns to the Earth in rain and snow each year," Kriger told mongabay.com, adding that, " Eighty million pounds were used in America last year, primarily on corn, but also on sugarcane, sorghum and rice." But it's not just frogs that Atrazine hurts. According to Kriger, Atrazine has also shown to impact humans: "Epidemiological studies have found high rates of breast and prostate cancer, as well as impaired fertility, in humans living or working in areas with high Atrazine usage. Atrazine induces prostate and mammary cancer in laboratory rodents as well." The herbicide, although one of the most heavily used in the US, has been banned in the EU since 2004 due to health and environmental concerns. Even with the ban, it will take a long time for the EU to be rid of the chemical. "Atrazine is very persistent in the environment, and consistently turns up in drinking water at unacceptable levels. Atrazine it is still detectable in European soil," Kriger says. Save the Frogs Day is targeting the US EPA because the location is both "practical and symbolic". "The EPA has the power—and the responsibility—to ban harmful pesticides like Atrazine. Holding the Save The Frogs Day Rally in front of the EPA Headquarters will help ensure that the EPA staff know the American public is holding them accountable for protecting humans and wildlife," Kriger explains. Kriger says there is an alternative herbicide, known as mesotrione, which could be used instead of Atrazine and is "not known to cause cancer". However, he adds that optimally society would increasingly switch to organic farming instead of chemical-dependent agriculture. "While some people argue that the massive human population could not grow enough food without pesticides, I question whether we actually need to grow so much corn, much of which goes to feed cows, and into corn syrup. By reducing our consumption of junk food and beef, we would not only improve human health, reduce methane emissions and slow deforestation, we would reduce the need for harmful pesticides like Atrazine. Corn yields in Germany and Italy have actually increased in the 20 years since Atrazine was banned in those countries," Kriger says. CLIP

With pressure to drill, what should be saved in the Arctic? (April 27, 2011)
Two major threats face the Arctic: the first is global climate change, which is warming the Arctic twice as fast the global average; the second is industrial expansion into untouched areas. The oil industry is exploring new areas in the Arctic, which they could not have reached before without anthropogenic climate change melting the region’s summer ice; but, of course, the Arctic wouldn't be warming without a hundred years of massive emissions from this very same industry, thus creating a positive feedback loop that is likely to wholly transform the Arctic. In addition, new shipping routes and greater fishing pressure are expected in recently accessible areas. Now, a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) have selected 13 areas of Arctic they argue deserve protection given their ecological importance and vulnerability. "There is increasing interest in expanded economic activities in the Arctic," Thomas L. Laughlin, Deputy Head of IUCN’s Global Marine and Polar Program, said in a press release. "The information and maps we have available now will allow governments and the international community to make the right choices regarding the conservation and use of the natural resources of the Arctic."
(...) The Arctic wide report was crafted during a workshop last year involved 34 scientists and representatives from Arctic indigenous communities. "We have a short window of opportunity to plan for industrial development in a way that respects and protects important and fragile ocean places, wildlife and communities. As nations around the Arctic plan new offshore oil development, fishing and shipping, this report jumpstarts the process of identifying areas that should be considered for protection from the environmental consequences of those activities, including oil spills, pollution, and habitat degradation," Lisa Speer, Director of the International Oceans Program at NRDC, said.

Monster whale found on beach (May 2, 2011)
New Zealand – Wainui Beach in South Taranaki was the final destination for huge sea monsters as two giant whales washed ashore in the past three days. Residents of Waitotara were surprised to discover what is believed to be a dead 22.3m-long pygmy blue whale washed up on the beach, about 1.5km south of the river mouth, sometime on late Friday night or early Saturday morning. A rare species, a Wanganui Department of Conservation spokesman said if this was a pygmy blue whale it is the only one of its kind to have washed up on this coastline for at least 30 years. Then overnight Sunday a large sperm whale stranded itself on Wainui Beach. Unable to re-float the large mammal, DOC staff had to put the sperm whale down. - Check also Mystery over death of whale in double stranding and Dead sardines surface on Calangute beach and HANOI, VIET NAM – Thousands of fish have died in a lake in Hanoi. The cause has not yet been identified and Record number of whales, krill found in Antarctic bays (April 27, 2011) Scientists have observed a "super-aggregation" of more than 300 humpback whales gorging on the largest swarm of Antarctic krill seen in more than 20 years in bays along the Western Antarctic Peninsula.

King Crabs Invade Antarctica (April 26, 2011)
It's like a scene out of a sci-fi movie -- thousands, possibly millions, of king crabs are marching through icy, deep-sea waters and up the Antarctic slope. "They are coming from the deep, somewhere between 6,000 to 9,000 feet down," said James McClintock, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham Endowed Professor of Polar and Marine Biology. Shell-crushing crabs haven't been in Antarctica, Earth's southernmost continent, for hundreds or thousands, if not millions, of years, McClintock said. "They have trouble regulating magnesium ions in their body fluids and get kind of drunk at low temperatures."But something has changed, and these crustaceans are poised to move by the droves up the slope and onto the shelf that surrounds Antarctica. McClintock and other marine researchers interested in the continent are sounding alarms because the vulnerable ecosystem could be wiped out, he said.Antarctic clams, snails and brittle stars, because of adaptation to their environment, have soft shells and have never had to fight shell-crushing predators. "You can take an Antarctic clam and crush it with your hands," McClintock said. They could be the main prey for these crabs, he said. CLIP

Mexico: REDD+ in Chiapas finances disease, death and intercommunity conflicts
In Mexico, deforestation is advancing at a rapid rate alongside various megaprojects: the expansion of industrial monoculture plantations of oil palm and jatropha for biofuel production, the building of dams, mining concessions, the creation of resettlement centres of prefabricated housing complexes strategically established in locations of resource extraction and land conversion, large-scale tourism development, and highways to facilitate these projects. This so-called “development” is impacting not only on the country’s forests but also on autonomous indigenous communities and peasant communities whose resistance to being expelled “physically and culturally” from their lands, as they describe it, has been violently repressed, resulting in a dramatic toll of imprisonment, injuries and deaths. The search for new sources of profit has now turned to the exploitation of the serious problem of climate change, one of the causes of which – although not the main cause – is deforestation. The interests who are bound and determined not to change the economic system that has given rise to this global threat have turned the problem into an opportunity and come up with, among other false solutions, a mechanism known as REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). This strategy, which assigns a financial value to the carbon stored in trees – in the form of “carbon credits” – is presented as an economic incentive that will make it more profitable for developing countries to protect forests than to cut them down. The other side of the coin is that, on the one hand, the wealthy countries that purchase these carbon credits will continue polluting, while on the other hand, communities that depend on forests for their survival will be evicted from them and denied access to what they have always considered to be their lands. CLIP - Much more through http://www.wrm.org.uy/bulletin/165/viewpoint.html

Why Is Damning New Evidence About Monsanto's Most Widely Used Herbicide Being Silenced? (April 27, 2011)
It turns out that Monsanto's Roundup herbicide might not be nearly as safe as people have thought, but the media is staying mum on the revelation. (...) If Huber's claims are true, then it follows that there must be problems with disease in crops where glyphosate is used. Huber's second letter verifies this, saying, "we are experiencing a large number of problems in production agriculture in the U.S. that appear to be intensified and sometimes directly related to genetically engineered (GMO) crops, and/or the products they were engineered to tolerate -- especially those related to glyphosate (the active chemical in Roundup® herbicide and generic versions of this herbicide)." He continues, saying, "We have witnessed a deterioration in the plant health of corn, soybean, wheat and other crops recently with unexplained epidemics of sudden death syndrome of soybean (SDS), Goss' wilt of corn, and take-all of small grain crops the last two years. At the same time, there has been an increasing frequency of previously unexplained animal (cattle, pig, horse, poultry) infertility and [miscarriages]. These situations are threatening the economic viability of both crop and animal producers." (...) If the link between the newly discovered organism and livestock infertility and miscarriages proves true, it will be a major story. But there is already a major story here: the lack of independent research on GMOs, the reluctance of U.S. journals to publish studies critical of glyphosate and GMOs, and the near total silence from the media on Huber's leaked letter.

Study Finds Diet Soda Increases Risk of Stroke (May 2, 2011)
In a study of 2564 people of varying ethnic backgrounds, researchers at Columbia University in New York and the Miller School of Medicine in Miami found a significant correlation between diet soda consumption and the risk of stroke. (...) Concurrently, it is important to note that Diet Coke recently moved into the number two position of most popular beverage among Americans–a scary proposition considering the recent study findings.The stroke culprit is likely aspartame, an artificial sweetener that has been linked to dozens of other health conditions. According to Lynne Melcombe, author of Health Hazards of White Sugar, research links aspartame to the following health conditions: anxiety attacks; appetite problems such as binge-eating and sugar cravings; birth defects; blindness and vision problems such as blurred vision, bright flashes, and tunnel vision; brain tumors; chest pain; depression and emotional problems; dizziness and vertigo; edema; epilepsy and seizures; fatigue; headaches and migraines; hearing loss and tinnitus; heart palpitations and arrhythmia; hyperactivity; insomnia; joint pain; learning disabilities; memory loss; menstrual irregularities and PMS (premenstrual syndrome); muscle cramps; nausea; numbness of extremities; psychiatric disorders; reproductive problems; skin lesions; slurred speech; and uterine tumors. Research even links aspartame to death. Aspartame’s effects can be mistaken for Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, Epstein-Barr virus, Huntington’s chorea, hypothyroidism, Lou Gehrig’s disease; Lyme disease, Ménière’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and postpolio syndrome. According to Randall Fitzgerald, author of The Hundred-Year Lie, some of the cancers linked to aspartame include: brain, liver, lung, kidney, and lymphoreticular cancer. - MUCH MORE ON THIS MATTER THROUGH www.mpwhi.com, www.dorway.com and www.wnho.net - Check also the Aspartame Toxicity Center at http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/ and the Aspartame Resource Guide

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go (April 20, 2011)
Security researchers have discovered that Apple's iPhone keeps track of where you go – and saves every detail of it to a secret file on the device which is then copied to the owner's computer when the two are synchronised. The file contains the latitude and longitude of the phone's recorded coordinates along with a timestamp, meaning that anyone who stole the phone or the computer could discover details about the owner's movements using a simple program. For some phones, there could be almost a year's worth of data stored, as the recording of data seems to have started with Apple's iOS 4 update to the phone's operating system, released in June 2010. "Apple has made it possible for almost anybody – a jealous spouse, a private detective – with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you've been," said Pete Warden, one of the researchers. Only the iPhone records the user's location in this way, say Warden and Alasdair Allan, the data scientists who discovered the file and are presenting their findings at the Where 2.0 conference in San Francisco on [April 20]. "Alasdair has looked for similar tracking code in [Google's] Android phones and couldn't find any," said Warden. - CHECK ALSO Steve Jobs responds to iPhone tracking concerns, and accuses Google Apple chief executive vents opinion on discovery that iPhones keep record of connections with cell towers in their vicinity and says Android tracks too.

Webby Judges Identify Top Challenges for the Internet
On the heels of the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web last month, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) has identified the top five challenges facing the medium in the next five years. - The Internet's Top Challenges In the Next 5 Years: - Protecting Privacy - Modernizing Copyright Laws - Ensuring Net Neutrality - Maintaining the Open Web - Strengthening Internet Security - CHECK their 5 nominees for the 2011 Webby Awards (AVAAZ is among them in the Activism category)

Modern Madness and the Fall of Man
Radio Frequency Antennas and Towers Across the USA (Map - MUST SEE!)
In a recent scientific study conducted by a team of researchers from Israel, a possible link between microwave radiation, similar to the type found in cellular phones, and different kinds of damage to the visual system was found. At least one kind of damage seems to accumulate over time and not heal. In her extraordinary article The Radiation Poisoning of America, by Amy Worthington, we find that studies confirm that non-ionizing communications radiation in the RF/microwave spectrum has the same effect on human health as ionizing gamma wave radiation from nuclear reactions. (This is a must read mind blowing article.) Leading German radiation expert Dr. Heyo Eckel, an official of the German Medical Association, states, ‘The injuries that result from radioactive radiation are identical with the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The damages are so similar that they are hard to differentiate.”Amy Worthington writes, “Because gamma waves and RF/microwave radiation are identically carcinogenic and genotoxic to the cellular roots of life, the safe dose of either kind of radiation is zero. No study has proven that any level of exposure from cell-damaging radiation is safe for humans. Dr. Carlo confirms that cell damage is not dose dependant because any exposure level, no matter how small, can trigger damage response by cell mechanisms.” The city of San Francisco, for example, with an area of only seven square miles, has over 2,500 licensed cell phone antennas positioned at 530 locations throughout the city. In practical terms, this city, like thousands of others, is being wave-nuked 24 hours a day. This is the case in cities and towns all over the world. Watch this video with worried medical professionals and neurosurgeons talking about how heavy use of cell phones doubles the risk of contracting malignant brain cancer. Recent Swedish epidemiological studies confirm that, after 2,000 hours of cellular phone exposure, or a latency period of about 10 years, brain cancer risk rises by 240 percent. CLIP

EMF-Omega-News 30. April 2011
Link between EMF and human disease, radiation in Ireland 1,000 times higher than recommendation - Important Information on the Biological Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies - Cell Phones, WiFi and Health Effects - Cell Phones, Microwaves And The Human Health Threat - Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer? - An employee of France Telecom immolated himself in Merignac - Colony collapse disorder continues to worry - Smart Meter Harm? - Infant Monitors and Childhood Leukemia - Corporate Criminal Liability - Criminal Investigation Request of Health Canada and Industry Canada - Wi-Fi concerned parents: We are not going away - Mobile mast health fears for Crowthorne - Plan for telecom mast near school is rejected - Residents protest over plans for phone mast - Cambuslang residents hit out at mast plan - Objections to plans for new mobile masts


From: Carol Brouillet (cbrouillet@igc.org)
Date: 25 April 2011
Subject: Re: The Inconvenient Truths Series #7: Knowledge Is Power Provided We Act Upon It...

Dear Jean,

Thank-you for your compilations. I must admit that I sometimes feel like I want to tell everyone, everything, all the time, but recognize the impossibility of that task and so I restrict my "broadcasting" to my weekly radio show, my website, rallies, events, actions, conversations with others, and a yearly Christmas letter. I do not have a functioning email list and often I feel like the bottleneck of an hourglass- never able to process and disseminate all the info that comes my way. I have published and distributed over 7,000,000 Deception, Election Deception, Media Deception, Conception and Perception Dollars (See http://www.deceptiondollar.com, http://www.perceptiondollar.com ) to point people to key websites looking at both the problems and solutions that I have been able to find (And I am working now on an evolution of the latest bills, as our stock is running low and we do still pass them out at rallies, events, on the street...) I do appreciate that you take the time and effort to compile what you send out, and I generally read your posts, unless I am totally overwhelmed with deadlines and other work. I do sympathize with the frustration that you must feel when people fail to respond or acknowledge your work. I used to feel like I was carrying the world on my shoulders and spent way too much time writing/working at the computer and I would pour so much thought and effort into my work without knowing ever if anyone was ever going to read any of the words, articles that I posted. I found much greater joy and satisfaction at baking cookies, cooking meals, doing tangible things for real people who genuinely appreciated and thanked me for the tangible results of my physical efforts.

This morning I was thinking of all the musicians, artists, thinkers, people whose work, efforts have touched and shaped my life and have no idea that I even exist or how their work has enriched my existence, as well as the world. In some ways, I think we all can only see the tips of icebergs and never know the depth of how our actions, words, thoughts have impacted the world, are lives are woven into the fabric of existence and inseparable from the lives of others, even when we don't know one another's names.

This time is so challenging that I think if we can simply find inner peace, calm, balance, then we can be of greatest service, live and love each moment, each day fully, since we really don't know what will happen next. The only thing I know for sure is that life is precious beyond belief; there will never be enough time to do all that I wish to do or love as much as I wish I could love within my limited stint on this plane, in this body, at this time. I content myself, with just trying and accepting that that is all any one of us can do.

It is awfully nice, though, on those rare occasions when one realizes that one's efforts aren't completely in vain...

Please be assured your efforts are not in vain, and they are appreciated, even if they are not always acknowledged.

Sending much love, appreciation, and thanks!

Carol Brouillet


Dearest Carol

Thank you VERY much for this wonderful feedback and for sharing so much about you. I feel we are so much alike in that we both have this irresistible urge to make others aware of what touches us most deeply and also in that we are both committed for the long haul effort to carry through whatever it is we have decided to accomplish. Yet, when I read your résumé as an activist at http://www.communitycurrency.org/carol-brouillet I was awed, humbled and amazed at all you have accomplished. BRAVO!!! You have certainly contributed more than your fair share to shoulder the responsibility to help stir this world towards a saner future. When you'll give a look back at this lifetime once it is over, I'm sure you'll be thrilled to discover all the threads of positive repercussions your actions from the heart have weaved into so many souls' hearts, spreading like as many waves of Love rippling from your soul to others ad infinitum. I feel privileged to be among those who provide you with the necessary information to continue to remain fully aware of a tiny sliver of what's going on in this world, and I'm grateful for your acknowledgement and appreciation of this contribution that, like you, I'm offering for the highest good of all - hopefully! ;-)

Much Love to you and may Peace prevail on Earth!


Here is Carol's latest (April 21, 2011) blog entry...

In addition to protesting at the Public Utilities Commission last week and speaking out in favor of shutting down nuclear power plants. The network news coverage was definitely pro-nuclear and the best source of information on the disaster is still most accessible on the internet. Professor Anthony Hall wrote From Hiroshima to Fukushima, 1945-2011: A Nuclear Narrative of Hubris and Tragedy which details the evolution of the nuclear power industry in Japan, Yoichi Shimatsu, a former editor of the Japan Times Weekly wrote Secret Weapons Program Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant? U.S.-Japan security treaty fatally delayed nuclear workers' fight against meltdown, and Arnie Gunderson, with 39-years of nuclear power engineering experience, behind him has addressed Lack of Radiation Monitoring and Global Radiation Exposures and Consequences with epidemiologist with Dr. Steven Wing which obviously concerns not only the people of Japan, and the United States, but throughout the world as the radiation spreads throughout the oceans and the atmosphere, contaminating rain, the water, the food... Dr. Wing calls for collective action, such as a sane energy policy. Dr. Rikki Ott and others have been speaking out in the Gulf for Changing the Endgame to shatter the myth that the oil has "evaporated" and is gone and to expose the harsher realities of the continuing assaults and threats to the Gulf and its people. US Uncut and UK Uncut have been organizing more and more demonstrations, rallies, actions against the giant corporations, including the Bank of America and BP, who don't pay their taxes while social services are being slashed.

As we become more aware collectively of the pathology and threats of the major corporations and institutions colluding against the bulk of humanity, our health, our food, our air, our homes, our lives; collective action does seem to be the only possibility for change. This is the subject of my conversation with my friend, Elisabet Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist on today's radio show. As I struggle to balance my own life, health, well being with the gifts, threats, responsibilities and demands of the world, my family, my friends, and the social movements which I am a part of, I am continually trying to see the larger picture and figure out where I can best put my time, energy, efforts to contribute towards a better future for all. What gives me hope is that I have had to personally learn things the hard way and the possibility that the compounding disasters might actually wake the entranced population from their deadly sleepwalk towards the abyss. One of the miracles of birth is that when one is in labor and thinks the pain is unbearable and maybe insurmountable, at the very worst moment, that is the moment when "crowning" occurs and the baby is actually born; the pain eases and is soon forgotten with the joy of a squirming infant.

Check also her April 13, 2011 blog entry - Much more through http://www.communitycurrency.org/ - To have a detailed overview of her years of intense, dedicated, outstanding activism, make sure to give a look at http://www.communitycurrency.org/carol-brouillet


From: Carstie (stickman@gvtel.com)
Subject: Re: The Inconvenient Truths Series #7: Knowledge Is Power Provided We Act Upon It...
Date: 30 April 2011


Thank you so much for sharing your concerns about the 'silent majority' of individuals who do not respond to you regarding the many essays and articles you include in the ERN postings. Also, i do need to thank you for all the efforts you have made over the years in keeping this wonderful service alive.

Briefly, let me state that i have been living a homestead lifestyle for years and though not as fortunate as you appear to be in sharing the life with a close and supportive community in the immediate neighborhood; i do have a number of like-minded friends within a 20 mile radius or so and we do what we can to stay in touch and provide some support.

Point i need to make is that, on average, i forward from two to three dozen items from every posting you send out. You do share an incredible plethora of valuable knowledge and information and i feel much of it needs to be broadcast beyond the regular circle of readership.

Rest assured, Jean, that you are far from alone in this battle, though readers may not respond in such numbers as you might prefer. As a recovering journalist who got fired from a publication in 1973, i decided to publish my own independent rag and made a living for the next 5.5 years telling it as i saw it. Of the several thousand readers, i would be fortunate to get a dozen responses per issue. And this was in the 70's when most Americans still felt this land to be a free country. Under the Harper regime, matters in Canada seem to have closely followed the American trajectory. Keep on putting out the messages and i will continue to share them.

Carstie Clausen
Clearbrook, Minnesota


From: http://www.lewrockwell.com/roberts/roberts302.html

Osama bin Laden’s Second Death

by Paul Craig Roberts

If today were April 1 and not May 2, we could dismiss as an April fool’s joke this morning’s headline that Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight in Pakistan and quickly buried at sea. As it is, we must take it as more evidence that the US government has unlimited belief in the gullibility of Americans.

Think about it. What are the chances that a person allegedly suffering from kidney disease and requiring dialysis and, in addition, afflicted with diabetes and low blood pressure, survived in mountain hideaways for a decade? If bin Laden was able to acquire dialysis equipment and medical care that his condition required, would not the shipment of dialysis equipment point to his location? Why did it take ten years to find him?
Consider also the claims, repeated by a triumphalist US media celebrating bin Laden’s death, that "bin Laden used his millions to bankroll terrorist training camps in Sudan, the Philippines, and Afghanistan, sending ‘holy warriors’ to foment revolution and fight with fundamentalist Muslim forces across North Africa, in Chechnya, Tajikistan and Bosnia." That’s a lot of activity for mere millions to bankroll (perhaps the US should have put him in charge of the Pentagon), but the main question is: how was bin Laden able to move his money about? What banking system was helping him? The US government succeeds in seizing the assets of people and of entire countries, Libya being the most recent. Why not bin Laden’s? Was he carrying around with him $100 million dollars in gold coins and sending emissaries to distribute payments to his far-flung operations?

This morning’s headline has the odor of a staged event. The smell reeks from the triumphalist news reports loaded with exaggerations, from celebrants waving flags and chanting "USA USA." Could something else be going on?

No doubt President Obama is in desperate need of a victory. He committed the fool’s error of restarting the war in Afghanistan, and now after a decade of fighting the US faces stalemate, if not defeat. The wars of the Bush/Obama regimes have bankrupted the US, leaving huge deficits and a declining dollar in their wake. And re-election time is approaching.

The various lies and deceptions, such as "weapons of mass destruction," of the last several administrations had terrible consequences for the US and the world. But not all deceptions are the same. Remember, the entire reason for invading Afghanistan in the first place was to get bin Laden. Now that President Obama has declared bin Laden to have been shot in the head by US special forces operating in an independent country and buried at sea, there is no reason for continuing the war.

Perhaps the precipitous decline in the US dollar in foreign exchange markets has forced some real budget reductions, which can only come from stopping the open-ended wars. Until the decline of the dollar reached the breaking point, Osama bin Laden, who many experts believe to have been dead for years, was a useful bogeyman to use to feed the profits of the US military/security complex.


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On Osama Bin Laden's Death - By Chris Hedges (May 2, 2011)
(...) And when someone came over and told Jean and me the news, my stomach sank. I’m not in any way naïve about what al-Qaida is. It’s an organization that terrifies me. I know it intimately.But I’m also intimately familiar with the collective humiliation that we have imposed on the Muslim world. The expansion of military occupation that took place throughout, in particular the Arab world, following 9/11 – and that this presence of American imperial bases, dotted, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Doha – is one that has done more to engender hatred and acts of terror than anything ever orchestrated by Osama bin Laden.And the killing of bin Laden, who has absolutely no operational role in al-Qaida – that’s clear – he’s kind of a spiritual mentor, a kind of guide … he functions in many of the ways that Hitler functioned for the Nazi Party.
(...) We responded exactly as these terrorist organizations wanted us to respond. They wanted us to speak the language of violence. What were the explosions that hit the World Trade Center, huge explosions and death above a city skyline? It was straight out of Hollywood. When Robert McNamara in 1965 began the massive bombing campaign of North Vietnam, he did it because he said he wanted to “send a message” to the North Vietnamese—a message that left hundreds of thousands of civilians dead.These groups learned to speak the language we taught them. And our response was to speak in kind. The language of violence, the language of occupation—the occupation of the Middle East, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—has been the best recruiting tool al-Qaida has been handed. If it is correct that Osama bin Laden is dead, then it will spiral upwards with acts of suicidal vengeance. And I expect most probably on American soil. The tragedy of the Middle East is one where we proved incapable of communicating in any other language than the brute and brutal force of empire.And empire finally, as Thucydides understood, is a disease. As Thucydides wrote, the tyranny that the Athenian empire imposed on others it finally imposed on itself. The disease of empire, according to Thucydides, would finally kill Athenian democracy. And the disease of empire, the disease of nationalism … these of course are mirrored in the anarchic violence of these groups, but one that locks us in a kind of frightening death spiral. So while I certainly fear al-Qaida, I know it’s intentions. I know how it works. I spent months of my life reconstructing every step Mohamed Atta took. While I don’t in any way minimize their danger, I despair. I despair that we as a country, as Nietzsche understood, have become a monster that we are attempting to fight.

The Killing of Bin Laden: Justice or Vengeance? (May 2, 2011)
Does the killing of al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden represent ultimate justice, or even an end to the “unfinished business” of 9/11? (...) President Obama’s speech last night could have aimed to put an end to the triumphalism of the “global war on terror” that George Bush began and Barack Obama claimed as his own. It could have announced a new U.S. foreign policy based on justice, equality, and respect for other nations. But it did not. It declared instead that the U.S. war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and beyond will continue. In that reaffirmation of war, President Obama reasserted the American exceptionalism that has been a hallmark of his recent speeches, claiming that “America can do whatever we set our mind to.” He equated the U.S. ability and willingness to continue waging ferocious wars, with earlier accomplishments of the U.S. – including, without any trace of irony, the “struggle for equality for all our citizens.” In President Obama’s iteration, the Global War on Terror apparently equals the anti-slavery and civil rights movements. Today, across the region, the Arab Spring is on the rise. It is ineffably sad that President Obama, in his claim that bin Laden’s death means justice, did not use the opportunity to announce the end of the deadly U.S. wars that answered the attacks of 9/11. This could have been a moment to replace vengeance with cooperation, replace war with justice.But it was not. Regardless of bin Laden’s death, as long as those deadly U.S. wars continue in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and beyond, justice has not been done. - Check also Osama bin Laden dead – but Clinton vows to continue war on al-Qaida


Larry Stell (lstell@glasgow-ky.com) who forwarded a link to this article wrote: "Osama bin Laden died in 2001... According to many sources, most of them overseas, Osama has been dead for a long time. Sunday’s stunt was to bolster ratings and bury previous news stories."

From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1212851/Has-Osama-Bin-Laden-dead-seven-years--U-S-Britain-covering-continue-war-terror.html

Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?

By SUE REID -- 11th September 2009

The last time we heard a squeak from him was on June 3 this year.

The world's most notorious terrorist outsmarted America by releasing a menacing message as Air Force One touched down on Saudi Arabian soil at the start of Barack Obama's first and much vaunted Middle East tour.

Even before the new President alighted at Riyadh airport to shake hands with Prince Abdullah, Bin Laden's words were being aired on TV, radio and the internet across every continent.

It was yet another propaganda coup for the 52-year-old Al Qaeda leader. In the audiotape delivered to the Arab news network Al Jazeera, Bin Laden said that America and her Western allies were sowing seeds of hatred in the Muslim world and deserved dire consequences.

It was the kind of rant we have heard from him before, and the response from British and U.S. intelligence services was equally predictable.

They insisted that the details on the tape, of the President's visit and other contemporary events, proved that the mastermind of 9/11, America's worst ever terrorist atrocity, was still alive - and that the hunt for him must go on.

Bin Laden has always been blamed for orchestrating the horrific attack - in which nearly 3,000 people perished - eight years ago this week. President George W. Bush made his capture a national priority, infamously promising with a Wild West flourish to take him 'dead or alive'.

The U.S. State Department offered a reward of $50million for his whereabouts. The FBI named him one of their ten 'most wanted' fugitives, telling the public to watch out for a left-handed, grey-bearded gentleman who walks with a stick.

Yet this master terrorist remains elusive. He has escaped the most extensive and expensive man-hunt in history, stretching across Waziristan, the 1,500 miles of mountainous badlands on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Undeterred, Barack Obama has launched a fresh operation to find him. Working with the Pakistani Army, elite squads of U.S. and British special forces were sent into Waziristan this summer to 'hunt and kill' the shadowy figure intelligence officers still call 'the principal target' of the war on terror.

This new offensive is, of course, based on the premise that the 9/11 terrorist is alive. After all, there are the plethora of 'Bin Laden tapes' to prove it.

Yet what if he isn't? What if he has been dead for years, and the British and U.S. intelligence services are actually playing a game of double bluff?

What if everything we have seen or heard of him on video and audio tapes since the early days after 9/11 is a fake - and that he is being kept 'alive' by the Western allies to stir up support for the war on terror?

Incredibly, this is the breathtaking theory that is gaining credence among political commentators, respected academics and even terror experts.

Of course, there have been any number of conspiracy theories concerning 9/11, and it could be this is just another one.

But the weight of opinion now swinging behind the possibility that Bin Laden is dead - and the accumulating evidence that supports it - makes the notion, at the very least, worthy of examination.

The theory first received an airing in the American Spectator magazine earlier this year when former U.S. foreign intelligence officer and senior editor Angelo M. Codevilla, a professor of international relations at Boston University, stated bluntly: 'All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden.'

Prof Codevilla pointed to inconsistencies in the videos and claimed there have been no reputable sightings of Bin Laden for years (for instance, all interceptions by the West of communications made by the Al Qaeda leader suddenly ceased in late 2001).

Prof Codevilla asserted: 'The video and audio tapes alleged to be Osama's never convince the impartial observer,' he asserted. 'The guy just does not look like Osama. Some videos show him with a Semitic, aquiline nose, while others show him with a shorter, broader one. Next to that, differences between the colours and styles of his beard are small stuff.'

There are other doubters, too. Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University's religious studies' department and the foremost Bin Laden expert, argues that the increasingly secular language in the video and audio tapes of Osama (his earliest ones are littered with references to God and the Prophet Mohammed) are inconsistent with his strict Islamic religion, Wahhabism.

He notes that, on one video, Bin Laden wears golden rings on his fingers, an adornment banned among Wahhabi followers.

This week, still more questions have been raised with the publication in America and Britain of a book called Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive?

Written by political analyst and philosopher Professor David Ray Griffin, former emeritus professor at California's Claremont School of Theology, it is provoking shock waves - for it goes into far more detail about his supposed death and suggests there has been a cover-up by the West.

The book claims that Bin Laden died of kidney failure, or a linked complaint, on December 13, 2001, while living in Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains close to the border with Waziristan.

His burial took place within 24 hours, in line with Muslim religious rules, and in an unmarked grave, which is a Wahhabi custom.

The author insists that the many Bin Laden tapes made since that date have been concocted by the West to make the world believe Bin Laden is alive. The purpose? To stoke up waning support for the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To understand Griffin's thesis, we must remember the West's reaction to 9/11, that fateful sunny September day in 2001. Within a month, on Sunday, October 7, the U.S. and Britain launched massive retaliatory air strikes in the Tora Bora region where they said 'prime suspect' Bin Laden was living 'as a guest of Afghanistan'.

This military offensive ignored the fact that Bin Laden had already insisted four times in official Al Qaeda statements made to the Arab press that he played no role in 9/11.

Indeed, on the fourth occasion, on September 28 and a fortnight after the atrocity, he declared emphatically: 'I have already said I am not involved. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge... nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act.'

Within hours of the October 7 strikes by the U.S. on Tora Bora, Bin Laden made his first ever appearance on video tape. Dressed in Army fatigues, and with an Islamic head-dress, he had an assault rifle propped behind him in a broadly lit mountain hideout. Significantly, he looked pale and gaunt.

Although he called President George W. Bush 'head of the infidels' and poured scorn on the U.S., he once again rejected responsibility for 9/11.

'America was hit by God in one of its softest spots. America is full of fear, from its north to its south, from its west to its east. Thank God for that.'

Then came a second videotape on November 3, 2001. Once again, an ailing Bin Laden lashed out at the United States. He urged true Muslims to celebrate the attacks - but did not at any time acknowledge he had been involved in the atrocity.

And then there was silence until December 13, 2001 - the date Griffin claims Bin Laden died. That very day, the U.S. Government released a new video of the terror chief. In this tape, Bin Laden contradicted all his previous denials, and suddenly admitted to his involvement in the atrocity of 9/11.

The tape had reportedly been found by U.S. troops in a private home in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, after anti-Taliban forces took over the city. A label attached to it claimed that it had been made on November 9, 2001

The tape shows Bin Laden talking with a visiting sheik. In it, he clearly states that he not only knew about the 9/11 atrocities in advance, but had planned every detail personally.

What manna for the Western authorities! This put the terrorist back in the frame over 9/11. The Washington Post quoted U.S. officials saying that the video 'offers the most convincing evidence of a connection between Bin Laden and the September 11 attacks'.

A euphoric President Bush added: 'For those who see this tape, they realise that not only is he guilty of incredible murder, but he has no conscience and no soul.'

In London, Downing Street said that the video was 'conclusive proof of his involvement'. The then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, added: 'There is no doubt it is the real thing. People can see Bin Laden there, making those utterly chilling words of admission about his guilt for organising the atrocities of September 11.'

Yet Professor Griffin claims this 'confessional' video provokes more questions than answers. For a start, the Bin Laden in this vital film testimony looks different.

He is a weighty man with a black beard, not a grey one. His pale skin had suddenly become darker, and he had a different shaped nose. His artistic hands with slender fingers had transformed into those of a pugilist. He looked in exceedingly good health.

Furthermore, Bin Laden can be seen writing a note with his right hand, although he is left-handed. Bizarrely, too, he makes statements about 9/11 which Griffin claims would never have come from the mouth of the real Bin Laden - a man with a civil engineering degree who had made his fortune (before moving into terrorism) from building construction in the Middle East.

For example, the Al Qaeda leader trumpets that far more people died in 9/11 than he had expected. He goes on: 'Due to my experience in this field, I was thinking that the explosion from the gas in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building and collapse the area where the plane hit and all the floors above it only. That is all we had hoped for.' (In reality the Twin Towers' completely fell down).

The words of the true Bin Laden? No, says Griffin, because of the obvious mistakes. 'Given his experience as a contractor, he would have known the Twin Towers were framed with steel, not iron,' he says.

'He would also known that steel and iron do not begin to melt until they reach 2,800 deg F. Yet a building fire fed by jet fuel is a hydrocarbon fire, and could not have reached above 1,800 deg F.'

Griffin, in his explosive book, says this tape is fake, and he goes further.

'A reason to suspect that all of the post-2001 Bin Laden tapes are fabrications is that they often appeared at times that boosted the Bush presidency or supported a claim by its chief 'war on terror' ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

'The confession tape came exactly when Bush and Blair had failed to prove Bin Laden's responsibility for 9/11 and both men were trying to win international public support, particularly in the Islamic world, for the anti-terrorist campaign.'

Griffin suggests that Western governments used highly sophisticated, special effects film technology to morph together images and vocal recordings of Bin Laden.

So if they are fakes, why has Al Qaeda kept quiet about it? And what exactly happened to the real Bin Laden?

The answer to the first question may be that the amorphous terrorist organisation is happy to wage its own propaganda battle in the face of waning support - and goes along with the myth that its charismatic figurehead is still alive to encourage recruitment to its cause.

As for the matter of what happened to him, hints of Bin Laden's kidney failure, or that he might be dead, first appeared on January 19, 2002, four months after 9/11.

This was when Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf told America's news show CNN: 'I think now, frankly, he is dead for the reason he is a kidney patient. The images of him show he is extremely weak.'

In his book, Professor Griffin also endorses this theory. He says Bin Laden was treated for a urinary infection, often linked to kidney disease, at the American Hospital in Dubai in July 2001, two months before 9/11. At the same time, he ordered a mobile dialysis machine to be delivered to Afghanistan.

How could Bin Laden, on the run in snowy mountain caves, have used the machine that many believe was essential to keep him alive? Doctors whom Griffin cites on the subject think it would have been impossible.

He would have needed to stay in one spot with a team of medics, hygienic conditions, and a regular maintenance programme for the dialysis unit itself.

And what of the telling, small news item that broke on December 26, 2001 in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd? It said a prominent official of the Afghan Taliban had announced that Osama Bin Laden had been buried on or about December 13.

'He suffered serious complications and died a natural, quiet death. He was buried in Tora Bora, a funeral attended by 30 Al Qaeda fighters, close members of his family and friends from the Taliban. By the Wahhabi tradition, no mark was left on the grave,' said the report.

The Taliban official, who was not named, said triumphantly that he had seen Bin Laden's face in his shroud. 'He looked pale, but calm, relaxed and confident.'

It was Christmas in Washington DC and London and the report hardly got a mention. Since then, the Bin Laden tapes have emerged with clockwork regularity as billions have been spent and much blood spilt on the hunt for him.

Bin Laden has been the central plank of the West's 'war on terror'. Could it be that, for years, he's just been smoke and mirrors?


Among the comments posted there...

And whilst he was in The American Hospital in Dubai he was visited by and had long discussions with the local CIA station chief. As reported at that time in the Irish Times. (And also in the Guardian) - John, Singapore, 12/9/2009


From: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28008.htm

Osama Bin Laden: Scary Terrorist or Boring Dinner Guest?

By Mike Whitney -- May 02, 2011

He was, quite literally, the goose that laid the golden eggs. And now he's (according to Obama's propaganda) at the bottom of the ocean somewhere off the coast of Pakistan feeding a small army of saltwater crustaceans.

Good riddance. I only wish that the myth of Osama bin Laden was as easy to dispose of as the man himself. But, then I appear to be in the minority, since most people would rather dispute the facts of 911 than consider bin Laden's real value to Washington.

First off, let me admit that--whether 911 was an "inside job" or not--doesn't matter to me at all. That's for others to decide. What does matter, however, is the way that bin Laden has been used to expunge 200 years of American history, eviscerate the Bill of Rights, mobilize the country for perpetual war, and elevate the president to supreme leader. That matters to me, and I think it should matter to you, too.

That's why I think we should focus more on challenging the bin Laden "narrative" than wasting our time speculating about what happened to Building 7 or the alleged missile strike on the Pentagon.

Would it surprise you to know that the man who was responsible for the Bush national security strategy (which included the "first strike" doctrine called preemption) was also appointed executive director of the 911 Commission? And, there's something else about Philip Zelikow that might interest readers, that is, he's an expert on “the creation and maintenance of ‘public myths’ or ‘public presumptions’. His theory analyzes how consciousness is shaped by “searing events” which take on “transcendent importance” and, therefore, move the public in the direction chosen by the policymakers.

Get it? In other words, if history doesn't support the policy that you want, then just create your own history. (Sounds a lot like the way the Bush team used 911, doesn't it?) Zelikow's thesis explains how this can be done. Here's more from Wikipedia:

“In the Nov-Dec 1998 issue of Foreign Affairs he (Zelikow) co-authored an article called ‘Catastrophic Terrorism’ in which he speculated that if the 1993 bombing of the World Trade center had succeeded ‘the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. ‘It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet bomb test in 1949. The US might respond with draconian measures scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force.” (Wikipedia)

Zelikow’s article presumes that if one creates his own “searing event”, he can steer public opinion in whatever direction he chooses. It's just a matter of the state and media working together to maintain a consistent storyline. And, western media has done a stand-up job in this regard, never veering from the official narrative and never allowing anyone who disputes the prevailing storyline to appear on the major news programs.

So, how does bin Laden fit into all this?

The fact is, Bin Laden is just an inconsequential cog in the mighty machinery of state propaganda. This has more to do with "perception management" than terrorism. Bin Laden just provides a credible rationale for pursuing policies that are contrary to the public's interest. Any Hollywood-type villain would have done just as well. (Although it does help that he's a Muslim and 75% of the world's remaining oil reserves are located in countries that are predominantly Islamic)

Bin Laden has got to be the most successful psychological operation (psy ops) of all time. Propaganda works, that's clear, although maybe not as its authors intended. The real effect of fear-mongering and repetition are far more subtle, like water on a stone. After years of listening to the same tedious refrain, the public's mood gradually darkens as they succumb to the idiocy of demagogues. And that's what's happened here. They've just worn us out. People are sick of the whole damn thing and can't be bothered anymore.

Bin Laden is scary, all right, like the dinner guest who won't go home until the last drop of wine is drunk and you can barely keep your eyes open. But is that scary or just boring?


AMONG the comments posted there, the following is worth noting:

"Wrong Mike, wrong! The people who planned and executed 911 are the same people who peddled Osama Bin Laden's culpability right from the get go . . . in fact less than an hour after the first plane hit (Question: How did they know Bin Laden was responsible when the FBI are, up to this day, on record as saying that they did not have concrete evidence to link Bin Laden to 911? ). These are the SOBs you should be going after. There is sufficient evidence out there to drag these scumbags into custody for some serious questioning . . . hell, there is even video evidence of one of them, Larry Silverstein, admitting to being part of a decision to "pull Building 7" . . . he stood to gain billions of $$ in Insurance claims! ( Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WYdAJQV100 ). Solve 911 and your problems will start to ease; ignore 911, and you (as in 'The USA', that is) will only tie yourself up in more moral knots than you can manage -- even with your advanced "perception management techniques"! Stand up and demand the truth about 911 now!"


From: http://www.activistpost.com/2011/04/radioactive-jet-streams.html

Radioactive Jet Streams

Dr. Mark Sircus -- April 29, 2011

I climbed this mountain in North Carolina with Dutch right after publishing “Beyond the Door” on Monday. Even after all the devastating information I have been publishing about the nuclear disaster, I was shaken. It is not easy to understand the implications and follow the math of what is happening in the northern hemisphere but let’s try.

NOTE from Jean: The following video is embedded there is proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that extremely high levels of radioactivity is circulating around the world and falling on us, especially when it rains. At the end of this test, his Geiger counter reaches 1237 after 10 minutes - Levels over 100 are of concern, and considered HIGH.

4/24/2011 -- North Carolina -- Radiation Test
(...) A ten minute measurement made at 5,299 ft. Just southwest of the Grandfather mountain visitor center. (...) Notice how the uptick in measured clicks occurs as the wind blows...

One can go absolutely crazy trying to track and understand units of radioactivity and by the end of this article I hope to have made it comprehensible. Fortunately for me physics was my favorite subject and I did teach a semester of it in a technical college many years ago in Maine. So confusing though are the many different units that even for me the challenge is daunting. (Actually I will get around to a physics lecture in another essay.)

Bottom Line: 10,000 terabecquerels (10,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels) of radioactive substances will be released into the atmosphere from the plant during the coming three months, according to simple calculations based on the estimated emission rate as of April 5. It is now safe to assume that there will be a lot of radiation circling at high altitudes and all that stuff is going to come down everywhere eventually, especially when it rains or snows. Where is all this radiation coming from?

"Amounts of radiation as far as 60km from the Fukushmia nuclear power plant have measured far above the levels measured in Chernobyl."

- Dr. Chris Busby

“I’ve been studying overhead photographs of Fukushima. It is very disturbing,” said Robert Alvarez, formerly a senior policy adviser at the Energy Department under Clinton. “The steel wall of the pool seems to show damage. All the surrounding equipment, including the two cranes, has been destroyed. There is smoke coming from reactor No. 3, and steam coming from the spent-fuel pool next to it. That indicates that the water in the pool is boiling.

“And that means the spent-fuel rods are getting hot and could start burning. If the rods start to burn, huge amounts of radioactive material would be released into the atmosphere and would disperse across the northern hemisphere. Unlike the reactors, spent-fuel pools are not—I repeat not—housed in any sort of hardened or sealed containment structures. Rather, the fuel rods are packed tightly together in pools of water that are often several stories above ground…” continued Alvarez.

Dr. Chris Busby said that three spent-fuel pools have burned, which he calculates puts the radiation levels at 24,000 Hiroshimas x 3 spent-fuel pools, or 72,000 times the radiation of Hiroshima now in the atmosphere. This amount represents only that from the spent-fuel pools. Radiation will continue to escape from the reactors until entombed. Perhaps it would have been better if we had fought a limited nuclear war instead!

What’s the official story? Radioactive levels were about 250 times higher than a month before. TEPCO said the levels of caesium-134 and -137 increased about 250-fold and iodine-131 increased about 12 times compared with one month ago, after the accident had already happened. The water level in the No. 4 reactor’s turbine building rose by 20 centimeters in 10 days. TEPCO has detected 8,100 becquerels of caesium-137 and 7,800 becquerels of caesium-134 per cubic centimeter in the water in the turbine building’s basement. The utility company said on Tuesday the 26th of April that the water level in the tunnel of the No. 3 reactor rose by 10 centimeters over three days.

Of course all this radiation at the plant is hampering work to bring the accident under control. If trends continue it might easily become impossible to approach the plant meaning the chances of ever getting the disaster under control are decreasing with each passing week.

Most of us are in shock—the consequences are so dramatic and will be with us for so long it is beyond most people’s psychological capacity to deal with the full reality, and governments are happy to assist in ensuring that we stay in our comfort—not panic—zone.

We are in the middle of a planet-changing historic event that has extinction of life written all over it, and the best evidence we have of this is actually seen in the complete censorship of hard facts about this nuclear disaster by the media and our government.

Busby: Can't seal Fukushima like Chernobyl - it all goes into sea (April 25, 2011)

Everyone should watch this video at least twice. Dr. Chris Busby is the number one most trusted scientist in the world on this and the implications are stupendous. This is so bad that they cannot talk about it in the media at all and that’s exactly what they are doing, not talking at all.

When Busby says this is a serious matter he is meaning serious in terms of life and death. I have friends in Hawaii and many on the west coast in California and they all have front-row seats to the open nuclear furnaces in Japan. I wish I was allowed to start cursing in public meaning my language would turn fowl right at this very particular point.

Plutonium goes up into the air in huge explosion and we hear nothing of it? Where is the plutonium story???? Where did it go or is it going into the lungs of millions in the northern hemisphere as we speak? They might as well have pulled up front-row seats as when people actually watched the atomic bomb blasts!

Arnie Gundersen - Fukushima Updates: Fairewinds vs. Nuclear Regulatory Commission - April 25

The Plutonium Angel of Death

Plutonium represents certain death; it is death, concentrated in nuclear form. Riders of death come swooping down from the upper air currents on plutonium steeds and just one tiny particle of it has a deadly effect if it touches down anywhere inside of human or beast. But don’t worry about this and do what your governments want you to do. They want you to proceed with your life as if everything is normal. And while you do, they want you to spend and borrow and do anything you can to keep the deteriorating economy and financial system from collapsing altogether. The last thing they want you to know is that an alien race of nuclear super particles called plutonium are gathering and scattering around the world like Hun Hordes. We have this going on already with mercury and other heavy metals and chemicals; now the toxic soup on our planet is going nuclear in a big way and it will continue that way into an increasingly toxic and frightening future. We have just had another disaster on a day 11 and it has already changed the world in a very dirty and nuclear direction.

I really hope I am coming in loud and clear. Geiger counters measure decays but they do not tell you what kinds of particles are decaying. It is confusing, it is invisible and not even our Geiger counters tell us the whole story of increasing dangers that surround us. Anyone who thinks life is going to be the same on our planet with multiple open nuclear sores ripping apart the soft skin of our ecology and physiology is mistaken.

Nuclear harm happens in ultra slow motion. Yes it can happen in days, weeks and months to a few but the harm to the many happens in the years and decades that follow. We don’t look down and see that we are now sterile until we cannot participate in a conception. Cancer does not start between one day and the next. But these days tornadoes do.

Nature Threatens

Deadly tornado outbreaks are attacking the underbelly of America killing and destroying many and much. Yesterday the storms dealt a severe blow to the Tennessee Valley Authority on Wednesday, causing three nuclear reactors in Alabama to shut down, knocking out 11 high-voltage power lines, the utility and regulators said. All three units at TVA’s 3,274-megawatt Browns Ferry nuclear plant in Alabama tripped about 5:30 EDT (2230 GMT) after losing outside power to the plant, a spokesman for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency said.

The earth is literally blowing its top (volcanic activity) and we are already threatened with intense cooling because of the materials being vented into the atmosphere from not one but many volcanoes coming to life. And yet geologists are hinting we have not even come close to the opening curtain where the intensifying earthquakes and eruptions come to a climax.

JAPAN IS SINKING!! - APRIL 10 2011 PEOPLE ARE WAY TOO RELAXED (ASLEEP) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZEf51ax5vWI

The earth beneath these Japanese feet is not stable and neither is the entire world as we have just recently entered an era of dramatically increasing seismic and volcanic activity. Most of us are used to watching just about everything from our arm chairs in front of our television sets but today world events are beginning to come down just about everyone’s block. If it’s not flooding it is drought and fire and if it’s not record-breaking temperatures in terms of heat its record-breaking cold.

Will Japan ever stop shaking? A 6.0 quake brings aftershock total to 1,071 in 43 days since the atomic disaster began. None of these quakes are bringing any rest to those who fear the breaking of one more pipe at the nuclear plant. We actually have a lot more to worry about now than ever though the serious worrying should have started decades ago before they built nuclear plants in dangerous places all over the world.

On April 7, just one month after the 3/11 earthquake in northeastern Japan, there was a large aftershock. At the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant the electricity was shut off . The pool containing nuclear fuel and the radioactive liquid waste were (barely) cooled down by the emergency generators, meaning that Japan was brought to the brink of destruction. But the Japanese media, as usual, paid this almost no notice.

The Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant is where expended nuclear fuel from all of Japan’s nuclear power plants is collected, and then reprocessed so as to separate out the plutonium, the uranium, and the remaining highly radioactive liquid waste. In short, it is the most dangerous factory in the world.

At the Rokkasho plant, 240 cubic meters of radioactive liquid waste are now stored. A failure to take care of this properly could lead to a nuclear catastrophe surpassing the meltdown of a reactor. This liquid waste continuously generates heat, and must be constantly cooled. But if an earthquake were to damage the cooling pipes or cut off the electricity, the liquid would begin to boil. According to an analysis prepared by the German nuclear industry, an explosion of this facility could expose persons within a 100 kilometer radius from the plant to radiation 10 to 100 times the lethal level, which presumably means instant death.

There are many accidents waiting to happen and many happening that we are not paying close attention to like the huge oil leak now happening in the Arctic Circle.

Food Crisis is Intensifying

Since from before the nuclear crisis we were already entering a terrible disaster in terms of food security and now this month the president of the World Bank has warned that the world is “one shock away from a full-blown crisis.” Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk “losing a generation.”

Prayers in Europe this Easter holiday weekend are not being heard in the heavens (or by anyone else around the world it seems) as they face serious fears over the wheat harvest, its impact on already sky-high global food prices and, of course, devastating brush fires all from the lack of rain. We are not hearing much from China but their wheat also is not coming up strongly because of drought. Texas is in real danger of burning to the ground and exploding with all the oil wells and natural gas they have all around with their worst drought in memory taking the state down.

Commodities have been going absolutely ballistic for months. Price increases in other commodities like wheat, beans, and rice, which have, for the most part, been subdued on the consumer retail side because companies were willing to take the margin compression for a while, are now becoming a painful reality. Provident Living, a huge food storage and dry goods distribution organization for the Latter Day Saints has alerted their members that prices are up from between 11% to 49% on basic food staples. The most stunning aspect of the price increases is that they have occurred not in the last year, but over the last 90 days.

Nature has suddenly turned forcibly against us and we find out we are vulnerable and nowhere more so than with the foods we depend on to live. I know most are hoping for a return to normalcy, even the Federal Reserve, which wants to stop the emergency buying of every government bond in sight. But if interest rates go up, America is finished. In fact many people feel and think it is sinking fast and one look at the landscape of municipal, city, state and federal finances tells a story of imminent collapse.

Dr. Mark Sircus is a natural health expert and self-sufficiency advocate.  He is the author of several must-read books including titles such as Survival Medicine For the 21st Century, Winning the War on Cancer, and Humane Pediatrics.  You can find all of Mark's informative articles at his website IMVA.


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Radiation at Extremely Low Levels
Radiation at extremely low levels is a health hazard that medicine is not dealing with because it uses dangerous levels of radiation in both its diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiation hazards have been grossly underestimated because they have to be. If they were not then both the medical industry and the atomic power industry would be vulnerable to staggering liabilities. Radiation is an invisible terror that works insidiously in the background so it is easy to hide its place in the deterioration of the publics’ health. But slowly and steadily radiation hazards are destroying not only our health but that of our children and our children’s children and many more generations to come. “The results of surveys and biological monitoring of children and adults of Chernobyl point unambiguously to a steady, rapid and dramatic deterioration of health of all victims of the radiation impact of the Chernobyl accident” wrote doctors E.B. Burlakova & A.G. Nazarov of the Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Most interestingly they continue saying, “The dose dependence of the radiation effect may be non-linear, non-monotonic and polymodal in character. Over certain dose ranges, low-level irradiation is more devastating with regard to the results of its action on an organism or a population than acute high-level radiation.” In July of 2005 the National Academy of Sciences came to the conclusion that the preponderance of scientific evidence shows that even very low doses of radiation pose a risk of cancer or other health problems and there is no threshold below which exposure can be viewed as harmless. Many scientists generally assumed that low levels of radiation are harmless, since they produced no immediately observable effects. However during the past few decades tremendously improved radiation measurement techniques coupled with detailed laboratory studies revealed many previously unsuspected hazards from low levels of ionized radiation. Some researchers have even added the view that chronic low level exposure to radiation poses a greater risk than short term high level exposure. CLIP

Reducing Radiation Damages with Bicarbonate
So deep are the protective, buffering and neutralizing properties of bicarbonate that it is used even with radiation exposure to protect the kidneys and other tissues. In a world that is already overexposed to uranium and mercury, sodium bicarbonate becomes even more important because mercury and uranium oxide directly attack the nuclear material and mitochondria of the cells. The kidneys are usually the first organs to show chemical damage upon uranium exposure. Old military manuals suggest doses or infusions of sodium bicarbonate to help alkalinize the urine if this happens. This makes the uranyl ion less kidney-toxic and promotes excretion of the nontoxic uranium-carbonate complex. The oral administration of sodium bicarbonate diminishes the severity of the changes produced by uranium in the kidneys CLIP

Silent Nuclear War
Many shocking reports now indicate that we have been fools thinking that what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is happening only to the local populations over there. Few of us are even aware that the United States military has been using depleted uranium (DU) in its armaments and that tons of the stuff have been spilled all over the landscape in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Meaning the all powerful anti-human forces that be in the United States and England have found a way to go nuclear right under our very noses and the effects of that have already been spread around the globe, especially in the northern hemisphere.
(...) What you are about to read is a nightmare unmatched in the annals of human history outdistancing perhaps even the rising tide of mercury and the thousands of other toxic chemicals flooding the environment. We now stand threatened from both chemical and nuclear poisons with devastating consequences to public health. Through it all public health officials can only find the time to masturbate with viruses, closing down their consciousness to anything but their pet obsessions with things that often cannot even be proven to exist.Depleted Uranium armaments are “the perfect weapon for killing lots of people!” - Dr. Marion Fulk Nuclear physical chemist, retired, Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab and Manhattan Project CLIP

Chemical Radioactivity
Scientists have long known that forest fires release mercury into the atmosphere. Peatlands, which are widespread in the vast boreal forest stretching across nearly every Canadian province and far into the territories, release huge tonnages of mercury when burnt because, “As water flows through, peat filters mercury out of the water,” said Mike Flannigan of the Canadian Forest Service. When peatlands burn, mercury is released into the atmosphere, eventually falling to earth where it combines with sulphur to form mercury’s most toxic form. Climate change could double the estimate that peat-burning forest fires currently release 341 tonnes per year across the world’s northern forests. That compares with about 48 tonnes annually for all American power plants.The FDA says that 2 to 3 thousand tons[1] of metallic mercury is being released into the air from manmade sources. Chemical radioactivity is an appropriate phrase to describe what the situation is with mercury and other chemicals that are causing disease rates to sore. And what has already arrived gets worse with the hundreds of millions of tons of toxic chemicals that get produced and added to the human biosphere each year. Everyone now has to live and breathe in the context of a dangerous chemical cloud with radioactive like fallout that penetrates our human skin. Having failed to destroy ourselves with radioactive clouds from atomic bombs we have managed to muddle through and threaten ourselves through chemical means. Actually now with the use of depleted Uranium weapons it is in reality clouds of chemicals and radioactivity combining that is threatening us. Mercury pollution is making its way into nearly every habitat in the U.S., exposing countless species of wildlife to potentially harmful levels of mercury, a September 2006 report from the National Wildlife Federation shows. “From songbirds to alligators, turtles to bats, eagles to otters, mercury is accumulating in nearly every corner of the food chain,” says Catherine Bowes, Northeast Program Manager for the National Wildlife Federation and principal author of the report. “This report paints a compelling picture of mercury contamination in the U.S., and many more species are at risk than we previously thought. Fish, long thought to be the key species affected by mercury, are just the tip of the iceberg.” People forget all too easily that humanity is also an animal species and the same thing that his happening to these animals is happening to us. Not too many people are paying attention to the absolute nightmare that is happening with mercury and even less how it relates to global warming.



From: http://www.counterpunch.org/takashi04252011.html

On the Danger of a Killer Earthquake in the Japanese Archipelago

The Nuclear Disaster That Could Destroy Japan ... and the World

By HIROSE TAKASHI - April 25, 2011

Translated by Doug Lummis

The nuclear power plants in Japan are ageing rapidly; like cyborgs, they are barely kept in operation by a continuous replacement of parts. And now that Japan has entered a period of earthquake activity and a major accident could happen at any time, the people live in constant state of anxiety.

Seismologists and geologists agree that, after some fifty years of seismic inactivity, with the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake), the country has entered a period of seismic activity. In 2004, the Chuetsu Earthquake hit Niigata Prefecture, doing damage to the village of Yamakoshi. Three years later, in 2007, the Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake severely damaged the nuclear reactors at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa. In 2008, there was an earthquake in Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures, causing a whole mountain to disappear completely. Then in 2009 the Hamaoka nuclear plant was put in a state of emergency by the Suruga Bay Earthquake. And now, in 2011, we have the 3/11 earthquake offshore from the northeast coast. But the period of seismic activity is expected to continue for decades. From the perspective of seismology, a space of 10 or 15 years is but a moment in time.

Because the Pacific Plate, the largest of the plates that envelop the earth, is in motion, I had predicted that there would be major earthquakes all over the world.

And as I had feared, after the Suruga Bay Earthquake of August 2009 came as a triple shock, it was followed in September and October by earthquakes off Samoa, Sumatra, and Vanuatu, of magnitudes between 7.6 and 8.2. That means three to eleven times the force of the Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake. 

All of these quakes occurred around the Pacific Plate as the center, and each was located at the boundary of either that plate or a plate under its influence.  Then in the following year, 2010, in January there came the Haiti Earthquake, at the boundary of the Caribbean Plate, pushed by the Pacific and Coco Plates, then in February the huge 8.8 magnitude earthquake offshore from Chile. I was praying that this world scale series of earthquakes would come to an end, but the movement of the Pacific Plate shows no sign of stopping, and led in 2011 to the 3/11 Earthquake in northeastern Japan and the subsequent meltdown at the Fukushima

There are large seismic faults, capable of producing earthquakes at the 7 or 8 magnitude level, near each of Japan’s nuclear plants, including the reprocessing plant at Rokkasho. It is hard to believe that there is any nuclear plant that would not be damaged by a magnitude 8 earthquake.

A representative case is the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant itself, where it has become clear that the fault under the sea nearby also extends inland. The Rokkasho plant, where the nuclear waste (death ash) from all the nuclear plants in Japan is collected, is located on land under which the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate meet. That is, the plate that is the greatest danger to the Rokkasho plant, is now in motion deep beneath Japan.

The Rokkasho plant was originally built with the very low earthquake resistance factor of 375 gals. (Translator’s note: The gal, or galileo, is a unit used to measure peak ground acceleration during earthquakes. Unlike the scales measuring an earthquake’s general intensity, it measures actual ground motion in particular locations.) Today its resistance factor has been raised to only 450 gals, despite the fact that recently in Japan earthquakes registering over 2000 gals have been occurring one after another. Worse, the Shimokita Peninsula is an extremely fragile geologic formation that was at the bottom of the sea as recently as the sea rise of the Jomon period (the Flandrian Transgression) 5000 years ago; if an earthquake occurred there it could be completely destroyed.

The Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant is where expended nuclear fuel from all of Japan’s nuclear power plants is collected, and then reprocessed so as to separate out the plutonium, the uranium, and the remaining highly radioactive liquid waste. In short, it is the most dangerous factory in the world.

At the Rokkasho plant, 240 cubic meters of radioactive liquid waste are now stored. A failure to take care of this properly could lead to a nuclear catastrophe surpassing the meltdown of a reactor. This liquid waste continuously generates heat, and must be constantly cooled. But if an earthquake were to damage the cooling pipes or cut off the electricity, the liquid would begin to boil. According to an analysis prepared by the German nuclear industry, an explosion of this facility could expose persons within a 100 kilometer radius from the plant to radiation 10 to 100 times the lethal level, which presumably means instant death.

On April 7, just one month after the 3/11 earthquake in northeastern Japan, there was a large aftershock. At the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant the electricity was shut off. The pool containing nuclear fuel and the radioactive liquid waste were (barely) cooled down by the emergency generators, meaning that Japan was brought to the brink of destruction. But the Japanese media, as usual, paid this almost no notice.

The Hamaoka Nuclear Plant is located at Shizuoka City, on Suruga Bay. Despite predictions of a magnitude 8 earthquake on Suruga Bay, it has continued in operation. If you look at the illustration showing the configuration of the plates beneath the Pacific Ocean, you will see that there is a point at which the Philippine Sea Plate, the huge Pacific Plate, the North American Plate, and the Eurasian Plate all meet; directly over that point is the Japanese Archipelago. And the very center of the area where these four plates press together is Shizuoka.

Large scale earthquakes in the eastern and southern seas have occurred regularly at intervals of between 100 and 250 years. Today in 2011, 157 years have passed since the Great Ansei Earthquake of 1854, so we are in a period when the next big one could come at any time. And the predicted center of this expected major earthquake is – though this is hard to believe – exactly under the location of the Hamaoka Nuclear Plant. And sonar readings at the site indicate that from thirty years back the Eurasian plate has been bending, which means that it is in a condition where it can be expected eventually to spring back.

Hirose Takashi has written a whole shelf full of books, mostly on the nuclear power industry and the military-industrial complex. Probably his best known book is  Nuclear Power Plants for Tokyo in which he took the logic of the nuke promoters to its logical conclusion: if you are so sure that they're safe, why not build them in the center of the city, instead of hundreds of miles away where you lose half the electricity in the wires?

Douglas Lummis is a political scientist living in Okinawa and the author of Radical Democracy. Lummis can be reached at ideaspeddler@gmail.com


From: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=24479

Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF)

by Manlio Dinucci -- Il Manifesto (translated from Italian) - 2011-04-22

The objective of the war against Libya is not just its oil reserves (now estimated at 60 billion barrels), which are the greatest in Africa and whose extraction costs are among the lowest in the world, nor the natural gas reserves of which are estimated at about 1,500 billion cubic meters. In the crosshairs of "willing" of the operation “Unified Protector” there are sovereign wealth funds, capital that the Libyan state has invested abroad.

The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) manages sovereign wealth funds estimated at about $70 billion U.S., rising to more than $150 billion if you include foreign investments of the Central Bank and other bodies. But it might be more. Even if they are lower than those of Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, Libyan sovereign wealth funds have been characterized by their rapid growth. When LIA was established in 2006, it had $40 billion at its disposal. In just five years, LIA has invested over one hundred companies in North Africa, Asia, Europe, the U.S. and South America: holding, banking, real estate, industries, oil companies and others.

In Italy, the main Libyan investments are those in UniCredit Bank (of which LIA and the Libyan Central Bank hold 7.5 percent), Finmeccanica (2 percent) and ENI (1 percent), these and other investments (including 7.5 percent of the Juventus Football Club) have a significance not as much economically (they amount to some $5.4 billion) as politically.

Libya, after Washington removed it from the blacklist of “rogue states,” has sought to carve out a space at the international level focusing on "diplomacy of sovereign wealth funds." Once the U.S. and the EU lifted the embargo in 2004 and the big oil companies returned to the country, Tripoli was able to maintain a trade surplus of about $30 billion per year which was used largely to make foreign investments. The management of sovereign funds has however created a new mechanism of power and corruption in the hands of ministers and senior officials, which probably in part escaped the control of the Gadhafi himself: This is confirmed by the fact that, in 2009, he proposed that the 30 billion in oil revenues go "directly to the Libyan people." This aggravated the fractures within the Libyan government.

U.S. and European ruling circles focused on these funds, so that before carrying out a military attack on Libya to get their hands on its energy wealth, they took over the Libyan sovereign wealth funds. Facilitating this operation is the representative of the Libyan Investment Authority, Mohamed Layas himself: as revealed in a cable published by WikiLeaks. On January 20 Layas informed the U.S. ambassador in Tripoli that LIA had deposited $32 billion in U.S. banks. Five weeks later, on February 28, the U.S. Treasury “froze” these accounts. According to official statements, this is "the largest sum ever blocked in the United States," which Washington held "in trust for the future of Libya." It will in fact serve as an injection of capital into the U.S. economy, which is more and more in debt. A few days later, the EU "froze" around 45 billion Euros of Libyan funds.

The assault on the Libyan sovereign wealth funds will have a particularly strong impact in Africa. There, the Libyan Arab African Investment Company had invested in over 25 countries, 22 of them in sub-Saharan Africa, and was planning to increase the investments over the next five years, especially in mining, manufacturing, tourism and telecommunications. The Libyan investments have been crucial in the implementation of the first telecommunications satellite Rascom (Regional African Satellite Communications Organization), which entered into orbit in August 2010, allowing African countries to begin to become independent from the U.S. and European satellite networks, with an annual savings of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even more important were the Libyan investment in the implementation of three financial institutions launched by the African Union: the African Investment Bank, based in Tripoli, the African Monetary Fund, based in Yaoundé (Cameroon), the African Central Bank, with Based in Abuja (Nigeria). The development of these bodies would enable African countries to escape the control of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, tools of neo-colonial domination, and would mark the end of the CFA franc, the currency that 14 former French colonies are forced to use. Freezing Libyan funds deals a strong blow to the entire project. The weapons used by "the willing" are not only those in the military action called “Unified Protector.”


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Leave Libya or we will bring you down, allies tell Berlusconi (May 3, 2011)
Northern League threatens to sink coalition as PM endures another day in court - Italy's belated decision to join the military campaign against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has brought fresh political woes for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, with opposition to the bombing threatening to sink his fragile coalition.Senior figures in the Northern League want an end to Italian air strikes only a week after they began following a personal plea by US President Barack Obama to Mr Berlusconi. Parliament will vote on the Northern League motion to this effect later today. The xenophobic coalition partner says the bombing will provoke a wave of illegal immigration from Libya to Italy's southern coast, and is demanding Mr Berlusconi set a date to end the raids. Umberto Bossi, the pugnacious Northern League leader, had threatened to bring down the government if parliament was not allowed to vote on the issue. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, another Northern League figure, predicted the government would fall if the bombing was not stopped. Mr Maroni also warned that the killing at the weekend of Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Arab, would "have enraged the Libyan dictator even more", and repeated claims that Gaddafi would as revenge, send a wave of up to 50,000 immigrants to Italy's shores. Italy has already seen nearly 30,000 migrants arrive from Tunisia this year. CLIP

Depleted Uranium strikes friends and foes alike in Libya (MAY 1, 2011)
High in the skies of Libya, NATO jets, equipped with uranium bullets and uranium-tipped missiles, are probably being used to assist Libyan rebels in toppling the regime of Muammar Gaddafy. (...) While the World Health Organization is vehemently against it, NATO’s war makers are not. They know but don’t seem to care that the half-life of DU is over 4 billion years. This means that half of the DU released into Libya’s environment will, by definition, linger for that same incredible amount of time. In other words, the DU will contaminate the people of Libya forever, or 4 billion years, whichever comes first. How does NATO pretend to help the Libyan people by permanently poisoning them and their precious water supply and farmland?DU is considered a long-term poison because it is both a heavy metal contaminant and a radioactive alpha-particle emitter. This creates a deadly “cocktail effect”. Both are deadly to combatants and civilians alike, and both should be viewed as a crime against humanity. According to the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW), DU needs to be immediately and internationally outlawed along with dum-dum bullets, poison gas, and cluster bombs.Developed by the Pentagon in the 1980s at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars, it was first used in the Iraq invasions of 1991 and 2003 and probably used in the Balkans and Afghanistan. According to conservative estimates, about 1 in 8 soldiers who served in Iraq have been poisoned by DU, which manifests as Gulf War Syndrome. That’s about 100,000 soldiers who may need life-long medical care.The UN has dramatically called for a ban on the use of such nefarious military DU weapons because it violates the Geneva Convention. Germany, Belgium, Italy and all Latin American countries refuse to use it. The French, British and US militaries still refuse to ban it. What do we tell the Libyan people when the DU dust settles?

Libyan rebels seek $2-3 bln in foreign loans (May 3, 2011)
Libya's rebel leadership expects foreign powers to lend it $2 billion to $3 billion secured against frozen Libyan state assets held abroad, a rebel finance official said on Tuesday. Libya's economy depends almost entirely on oil and the rebels have struggled to revive crude exports since taking control of the east of the country from Muammar Gaddafi in February, leaving them low on funds. Ali Tarhouni, who heads the rebel national council's finance committee, said the rebels were spending between 50 million to 100 million Libyan dinars per day."The liquidity that we have domestically most likely will carry us at this rate for three weeks or at the most four weeks," Tarhouni said.He expected foreign governments such as France, Italy and the United States to extend the lines of credit and the money should arrive within a week to ten days."I need about $2-3 billion and we are hoping to get most or all of this," Tarhouni told reporters in the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi. "That will last me for three months."With Libya's economy in tatters after more than two months of civil war, funds to pay for food, medicine and the state salaries on which most of the population depends are running low. The insurgents had been hoping for a swift overthrow of Gaddafi but his better-trained and better-equipped militias halted the rebel advance west and forced a stalemate in the fighting that could last months."We are still discovering different segments that need to be paid that we thought were paid," said Tarhouni. "At every single moment another need arises in terms of food, medicine and in terms of people who are injured." Supplies of fuel -- vital to keeping eastern towns supplied and maintain the military campaign against Gaddafi -- are also tight.

Gaddafi's son's killing puts Nato in line of fire (1 May 2011)
Russia and Venezuela join Libyan regime in accusing Nato of attempting to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi (...) The Libyan regime will use the apparent death of close members of Gaddafi's family to reinforce its claims that Nato is acting illegitimately and that Libya is a victim of a western plot to topple Gaddafi.UN resolution 1973 permits military action to protect Libyan civilians, which has been interpreted as covering Libyan military facilities, such as command and control centres, as well as military equipment in the field. It does not permit the specific targeting of individuals.However some politicians in the west have urged Nato to target Gaddafi. "We must cut the head of the snake off," US senator Lindsey Graham said a week ago after the bombing of a building within Gaddafi's Tripoli compound.Journalists taken to the scene of Saif al-Arab's house in a smart neighbourhood of the capital reported seeing an unexploded missile lying amid shattered concrete and twisted metal. A large crater exposed what appeared to be an underground bunker.In his 80-minute speech on Libyan state TV in the early hours of Saturday morning, Gaddafi said: "I'm not leaving my country. No one can force me to leave my country, and no one can tell me not to fight for my country."He described Nato's military intervention in Libya as "a massacre".

When War Games Go Live: "Staging" a "Humanitarian War" against "SOUTHLAND" by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (April 16, 2011)
Under an Imaginary UN Security Council Resolution 3003 -- Military operations of this size and magnitude are never improvised. The war on Libya as well as the armed insurrection were planned months prior to the Arab protest movement... Libya, 19 March 2011. "No Fly Zone" under UN Security Council Resolution 1973: A "Humanitarian War" is Launched. We were led to believe that the protest movement in Egypt and Tunisia had spread to Libya. The insurrection in Libya was presented as a spontaneous response to a wave of pro-democracy activism which had swept the Arab World. In turn, we were led to believe that "the international community" decided in response to these unfolding events, to "protect the lives of civilians" and refer the matter to the United Nations Security Council. The media then reported that it was only once the UN Security Council had adopted Resolution 1973, that the US and NATO member countries took the decision to intervene militarily in Libya under the "No Fly Zone"... THE WAR ON LIBYA WAS KNOWN AND DECIDED WELL IN ADVANCE. MILITARY PLANNING WAS IN "AN ADVANCED STAGE OF READINESS". UN SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 1973 PERTAINING TO LIBYA WAS ALREADY ON THE DRAWING BOARD, MONTHS PRIOR TO THE ONSET OF THE "PRO-DEMOCRACY" INSURRECTION IN EASTERN LIBYA. ...
(...) We invite our readers to think and reflect on the logic of military planning. Military operations of this size and magnitude are never improvised. The war on Libya as well as the armed insurrection were planned months prior to the Arab protest movement. In the words of Rep. Denis Kucinich:"While war games are not uncommon, the similarities between ‘Southern Mistral’ and ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’ highlight just how many unanswered questions remain regarding our own military planning for Libya. The ‘Southern Mistral’ war games called for Great Britain-French air strikes against an unnamed dictator of a fictional country, “Southland.” The pretend attack was authorized by a pretend United Nations Security Council Resolution. The ‘Southern Mistral’ war games were set for March 21-25, 2011.On March 19, 2011, the United States joined France and Great Britain in an air attack against Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1973. Scheduling a joint military exercise that ends up resembling real military action could be seen as remarkable planning by the French and British, but it also highlights questions regarding the United States’ role in planning for the war. We don’t know how long the attack on Libya has been in preparation, but Congress must find out. We don’t know who the rebels really represent and how they became armed, but Congress must find out. (Denis Kucinich, Kucinich: President Had Time to Consult with International Community, Not Congress? | Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, Press Release, March 29, 2011)

Libya and the Imperial Re-Division of Africa (April 26, 2011)
The Imperialist Powers' Odyssey of “Return” into Africa -- Plans to attack Libya have been longstanding. The imperial war machine of the United States, Britain, France, Italy, and their NATO allies is involved in a new military adventure that parallels the events that led to the wars against Yugoslavia and Iraq. The war machine has been mobilized under the cover of “humanitarian intervention.”In fact what the Pentagon and NATO have done is breach international law by intervening on the side of one of the combating parties in Libya in a civil war that they themselves have encouraged and fuelled. They have not protected civilians, but have launched a war against the Libyan regime in Tripoli and actively assisted the Benghazi-based Transitional Council in fighting the Libyan military.Before the rapprochement with Colonel Qaddafi, for years the U.S., Britain, France, and their allies worked to destabilize Libya. Confirmed by U.S. government sources, Washington attempted regime change in Tripoli several times. According to General Wesley Clark, former NATO commander, the Pentagon had active plans for launching a war against Libya.The U.S. and its NATO allies are now embroiled in a new war that has the patented characteristics of the wars and invasions of Iraq and the former Yugoslavia. A large naval armada off the shores of Libya has been bombing Libya for weeks with the declared objective of ousting the Libyan regime. At the same time, Libyan internal divisions are being fuelled. Misinformation is systematically being spewed. Like Saddam Hussein before him, the U.S. and the E.U. have armed and helped Colonel Qaddafi. It is, therefore, important to hold the U.S. and the E.U. accountable for these weapon sales and the training of Libyan forces.Also, like in Iraq, another Arab dictator was befriended by the U.S., only to be subsequently betrayed. CLIP

The Terminators: drone strikes prompt MoD to ponder ethics of killer robots (April 17, 2011)
The growing use of unmanned aircraft in combat situations raises huge moral and legal issues, and threatens to make war more likely as armed robots take over from human beings, according to an internal study by the Ministry of Defence. The report warns of the dangers of an "incremental and involuntary journey towards a Terminator-like reality", referring to James Cameron's 1984 movie, in which humans are hunted by robotic killing machines. "It is essential that before unmanned systems become ubiquitous (if it is not already too late) … we ensure that ... we do not risk losing our controlling humanity and make war more likely," warns the report, titled The UK Approach to Unmanned Aircraft Systems. MoD officials have never before grappled so frankly with the ethics of the use of drones. The report was ordered by Britain's defence chiefs, and coincides with continuing controversy about drones' use in Afghanistan, and growing Pakistani anger at CIA drone attacks against suspected insurgents on the Afghan borders. It states that "the recent extensive use of unmanned aircraft over Pakistan and Yemen may already herald a new era". Referring to descriptions of "killer drones" in Afghanistan, it notes that "feelings are likely to run high as armed systems acquire more autonomy". - CHECK ALSO Terminators to Tripoli - Killer drones in Libya: The global expansion of remote-controlled warfare - "The arrival of our killing machines is now part of the U.S. message to Muammar Qaddafi, the people around him, and our allies. Why are we sending drones a month after we entered the Libyan war? Because the war has evolved to require them. (...) if drones continue to improve and to take over the conduct of war, the risks to civilians, U.S. troops, and pilots might diminish to the point where we feel emboldened to attempt the overthrow of other dictators. In that case, the unmanned invasion of warfare might turn out to be the most significant invasion of this century, but certainly not the last." AND U.S. to continue Pakistan (drone) strikes despite protests. CHECK ALSO Drone Attacks : A New Frontier Legally, Politically, and Morally - Covering Obama's Secret War: When drones strike, key questions go unasked and unanswered

Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq (19 April 2011)
Even if these motives were obvious to most people from the beginning, it is good to now have a proof of their blatant scheming to grab/steal Iraq's 11.5 billion barrels of oil on behalf of filthy global oil conglomerates like BP, Shell and Exxon - a decision that has cost so far over 1,455,590 million lives at least 10 times greater than most estimates cited in the US media... and $3 trillion to the US taxpayers and about the same amount for the rest of the world, including Britain...
Plans to exploit Iraq's oil reserves were discussed by government ministers and the world's largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq, government documents show. The papers, revealed here for the first time, raise new questions over Britain's involvement in the war, which had divided Tony Blair's cabinet and was voted through only after his claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The minutes of a series of meetings between ministers and senior oil executives are at odds with the public denials of self-interest from oil companies and Western governments at the time. - Graphic: Iraq's burgeoning oil industry CLIP

Press Congress to Debate Libya
The new war in Libya could easily cost over $1 billion and a U.S. warplane has already crashed in Libya. Under the Constitution, Congress must authorize the use of military force, but the Obama Administration has taken the country to war in Libya without Congressional approval. Urge your Representative to speak out in favor of the need for Congressional authorization, using the form below.


From: http://www.consortiumnews.com/2011/050311b.html

'Liberating' Iraq, Now Libya

By William Blum -- May 3, 2011

Editor’s Note: Muammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya has offered repeatedly to negotiate a political settlement of the worsening civil war, but the NATO-backed rebels have refused, setting Gaddafi’s removal as a precondition for any talks.

Now, NATO seems intent on killing Gaddafi and his family via aerial strikes, despite claims to the contrary. In this guest essay, author William Blum recalls what a “humanitarian intervention” did to Iraq and explains why Libya is next in line:

On April 9, Condoleezza Rice delivered a talk in San Francisco. Or tried to. The former Secretary of State was interrupted repeatedly by cries from the audience of "war criminal" and "torturer". (For which we can thank Code Pink and World Can't Wait.)

As one of the protesters was being taken away by security guards, Rice made the kind of statement that has now become standard for high American officials under such circumstances: "Aren't you glad this lady lives in a democracy where she can express her opinion?"

Rice also threw in another line that's become de rigueur since the U.S. overthrew Saddam Hussein, an argument that's used when all other arguments fail: "The children of Iraq are actually not living under Saddam Hussein, thank God." [Video of Rice talk]

My response to such a line is this: If you went into surgery to correct a knee problem and the surgeon mistakenly amputated your entire leg, what would you think if someone then remarked to you how nice it was that "you actually no longer have a knee problem, thank God." ...

The people of Iraq no longer have a Saddam problem. Unfortunately, they've lost just about everything else as well.

Twenty years of American bombing, invasion, occupation and torture have led to the people of that unhappy land losing their homes, their schools, their electricity, their clean water, their environment, their neighborhoods, their archaeology, their jobs, their careers, their professionals, their state-run enterprises, their physical health, their mental health, their health care, their welfare state, their women's rights, their religious tolerance, their safety, their security, their children, their parents, their past, their present, their future, their lives ... more than half the population either dead, disabled, in prison, or in foreign exile ... the air, soil, water, blood and genes drenched with depleted uranium ... the most awful birth defects ... unexploded cluster bombs lie in wait for children ... a river of blood runs alongside the Euphrates and Tigris ... through a country that may never be put back together again.

In 2006, the United Nations special investigator on torture declared that reports from Iraq indicated that torture "is totally out of hand. The situation is so bad many people say it is worse than it has been in the times of Saddam Hussein." Another U.N. report of the same time disclosed a rise in "honor killings" of women. [Associated Press, Sept. 21, 2006 ]

"It is a common refrain among war-weary Iraqis that things were better before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003," reported the Washington Post on May 5, 2007.

"I am not a political person, but I know that under Saddam Hussein, we had electricity, clean drinking water, a healthcare system that was the envy of the Arab world and free education through college," Iraqi pharmacist Dr. Entisar Al-Arabi told American peace activist Medea Benjamin in 2010.

"I have five children and every time I had a baby, I was entitled to a year of paid maternity leave. I owned a pharmacy and I could close up shop as late as I chose because the streets were safe. Today there is no security and Iraqis have terrible shortages of everything — electricity, food, water, medicines, even gasoline.

“Most of the educated people have fled the country, and those who remain look back longingly to the days of Saddam Hussein." [Common Dreams, Aug. 20, 2010]

And this from two months ago:

"Protesters, human rights workers and security officials say the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has responded to Iraq's demonstrations in much the same way as many of its more authoritarian neighbors: with force.

“Witnesses in Baghdad and as far north as Kirkuk described watching last week as security forces in black uniforms, tracksuits and T-shirts roared up in trucks and Humvees, attacked protesters, rounded up others from cafes and homes and hauled them off, blindfolded, to army detention centers.

“Entire neighborhoods ... were blockaded to prevent residents from joining the demonstrations. Journalists were beaten." [Washington Post, March 4, 2011]

So ... can we expect the United States and its fellow thugs in NATO to intervene militarily in Iraq as they're doing in Libya? To protect the protesters in Iraq as they tell us they're doing in Libya? To effect regime change in Iraq as they're conspiring, but not admitting, in Libya?

Similarly Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria ... all have been bursting with protest and vicious government crackdown in recent months, even to a degree in Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive societies in the world.

Not one of these governments has been assaulted by the United States, the UK, or France as Libya has been assaulted; not one of these countries' opposition is receiving military, financial, legal and moral support from the Western powers as the Libyan rebels are — despite the Libyan rebels' brutal behavior, racist murders, and the clear jihadist ties of some of them.

[For more, see Washington Times, Feb. 24, 2011; The Telegraph (London), March 25, 2011; Alexander Cockburn, "Libya, Oh What a Stupid War; Fukushima, Cover-Up Amid Catastrophe"; "Al Qa'ida's Foreign Fighters in Iraq" (PDF), Combating Terrorism Center, US Military Academy, West Point, NY, December 2007]

The Libyan rebels are reminiscent of the Kosovo rebels — mafiosos famous for their trafficking in body parts and women, also unquestioningly supported by the Western powers against an Officially Designated Enemy, Serbia.

So why is only Libya the target for U.S./NATO missiles? Is there some principled or moral reason? Are the Libyans the worst abusers of their people in the region?

In actuality, Libya offers its citizens a higher standard of living. (The 2010 U.N. Human Development Index, a composite measure of health, education and income ranked Libya first in Africa.)

None of the other countries has a more secular government than Libya. (In contrast some of the Libyan rebels are in the habit of chanting that phrase we all know only too well: "Allahu Akbar".)

None of the others has a human-rights record better than that of Libya, however imperfect that may be — in Egypt a government fact-finding mission has announced that during the recent uprising at least 846 protesters were killed as police forces shot them in the head and chest with live ammunition. [Associated Press, April 20, 2011]

Similar horror stories have been reported in Syria, Yemen and other countries of the region during this period.

It should be noted that the ultra-conservative Fox News reported on Feb. 28: "As the United Nations works feverishly to condemn Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi for cracking down on protesters, the body's Human Rights Council is poised to adopt a report chock-full of praise for Libya's human rights record.

“The review commends Libya for improving educational opportunities, for making human rights a ‘priority’ and for bettering its ‘constitutional’ framework. Several countries, including Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia but also Canada, give Libya positive marks for the legal protections afforded to its citizens — who are now revolting against the regime and facing bloody reprisal."

Of all the accusations made against Gaddafi perhaps the most meaningless is the oft-repeated "He's killing his own people." It's true, but that's what happens in civil wars. Abraham Lincoln also killed his own people.

Muammar Gaddafi has been an Officially Designated Enemy of the U.S. longer than any living world leader except Fidel Castro.

The animosity began in 1970, one year after Gaddafi took power in a coup, when he closed down a U.S. Air Force base. He then embarked on a career of supporting what he regarded as revolutionary groups.

During the 1970s and '80s, Gaddafi was accused of using his large oil revenues to support — with funds, arms, training, havens, diplomacy, etc — a wide array of radical/insurgent/terrorist organizations, particularly certain Palestinian factions and Muslim dissident and minority movements in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; the IRA and Basque and Corsican separatists in Europe; several groups engaged in struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa; various opposition groups and politicians in Latin America; the Japanese Red Army, the Italian Red Brigades, and Germany's Baader-Meinhof gang.

It was claimed as well that Libya was behind, or at least somehow linked to, an attempt to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, various plane hijackings, a bomb explosion on an American airliner over Greece, the blowing up of a French airliner over Africa, blowing up a synagogue in Istanbul, and blowing up a disco in Berlin which killed some American soldiers. [See Gaddafi's history of supporting terrorism, real and alleged: William Blum, Killing Hope, chapter 48.]

In 1990, when the United States needed a country to (falsely) blame for the bombing of PanAm flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, Libya was the easy choice.

Gaddafi's principal crime in the eyes of President Ronald Reagan (1981-89) was not that he supported terrorist groups, but that he supported the wrong terrorist groups; i.e., Gaddafi was not supporting the same terrorists that Washington was, such as the Nicaraguan Contras, UNITA in Angola, Cuban exiles in Miami, the governments of El Salvador and Guatemala, and the U.S. military in Grenada.

The one band of terrorists the two men supported in common was the mujahedeen in Afghanistan.

And if all this wasn't enough to make Gaddafi Public Enemy Number One in Washington (Reagan referred to him as the "mad dog of the Middle East"), Gaddafi has been a frequent critic of U.S. foreign policy, a serious anti-Zionist, pan-Africanist, and pan-Arabist (until the hypocrisy and conservatism of Arab governments proved a barrier).

He also calls his government socialist. How much tolerance and patience can The Empire be expected to have?

When widespread protests broke out in Tunisia and Egypt, could Washington have resisted instigating the same in the country sandwiched between those two? The CIA has been very busy supplying the rebels with arms, bombing support, money, and personnel.

It may well happen that the Western allies will succeed in forcing Gaddafi out of power. Then the world will look on innocently as the new Libyan government gives Washington what it has long sought: a host-country site for Africom, the U.S. Africa Command, one of six regional commands the Pentagon has divided the world into.

Many African countries approached to be the host have declined, at times in relatively strong terms. Africom at present is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

According to a State Department official: "We've got a big image problem down there. ... Public opinion is really against getting into bed with the U.S. They just don't trust the U.S." [The Guardian (London), June 25, 2007]

Another thing scarcely any African country would tolerate is an American military base. There's only one such base in Africa, in Djibouti. Watch for one in Libya sometime after the dust has settled. It'll be situated close to the American oil wells.

Or perhaps the people of Libya will be given a choice — an American base or a NATO base.

And remember — in the context of recent history concerning Iraq, North Korea, and Iran — if Libya had nuclear weapons the United States would not be attacking it.

Or the United States could realize that Gaddafi is no radical threat simply because of his love for Condoleezza Rice. Here is the Libyan leader in a March 27, 2007, interview on al-Jazeera TV: "Leezza, Leezza, Leezza ... I love her very much. I admire her, and I'm proud of her, because she's a black woman of African origin."

Over the years, the American government and media have fed us all a constant diet of scandalous Gaddafi stories: He took various drugs, was an extreme womanizer, was bisexual, dressed in women's clothing, wore makeup, carried a teddy bear, had epileptic fits, and much more; some part of it may have been true.

And now we have the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, telling us that Gaddafi's forces are increasingly engaging in sexual violence and that they have been issued the impotency drug Viagra, presumably to enhance their ability to rape. [Reuters news agency, April 29, 2011]

Remarkable. Who would have believed that the Libyan Army had so many men in their 60s and 70s?

As I write this, U.S./NATO missiles have slammed into a Libyan home killing a son and three young grandchildren of Gaddafi, this after repeated rejections of Gaddafi's call for negotiations — another heartwarming milestone in the glorious history of humanitarian intervention, as well as a reminder of the U.S. bombing of Libya in 1986 which killed a young daughter of Gaddafi.

William Blum is the author of Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2; Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower; West-Bloc Dissident: A Cold War Memoir; Freeing the World to Death: Essays on the American Empire. Portions of the books can be read, and signed copies purchased, at http://www.killinghope.org. This article was originally published in Blum's Anti-Empire Report.



From: http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/the-damaging-effects-of-electropollution/

The Damaging Effects of Electropollution

Regulators Ignore Health Impact as EMF Radiation Invades Canada

by Helke Ferrie

“This device emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer. Users, especially pregnant women and children, should keep it away from the head and body.” ~ Currently proposed legislation for cell phones: Bill LD 1014, sponsored by Legislator Andrea Boland in Maine, U.S.

Ignorance may or may not be bliss, but one thing is certain – it is very profitable. According to Buddhism, all suffering derives from ignorance. Ignorance keys into the addictive potential in all of us and thereby allows somebody to make a huge pile of money on enslavement. 

The detrimental health effects of cell phones, WiFi, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and the microwave-producing technology we use daily makes worrying about our kids’ experiments with drugs, sex, and alcohol seem insignificant in comparison to the WiFi-equipped schools that they are sent to, the cell phones that are bought for them, the hours they spend in front of the TV (forget the content – the TV itself is worse), and the microwave oven that they often use to heat their meals. Sex, booze, drugs, and crime are part of the dark side of life’s education: one often learns from these mess-ups to go on to make healthy choices. But this “progressive” and seductive EMF radiation technology has the power to obliterate life, phase out our biological future, and kill the brain.

I am one of the victims who was seriously injured by cell phone radiation. Our solar-powered cottage is far from phone lines, so we used public phones for 25 years. Last summer, a cell phone tower was erected one mile from my study window. Being a social animal, I thought this was fabulous! But over a period of two months, I developed indescribable headaches, piercing pains in my right eye, and spontaneous bleeding from my right ear. My ophthalmologist diagnosed two cataracts in my right eye – the hallmark of microwave radiation injury (we know this from research that began on WWII U.S. Navy personnel injured by radar equipment). On the other hand, age-related cataracts appear in both eyes. In a future Vitality issue, I will discuss the treatment protocols I am using on my road to recovery.

I am in stellar company. World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Gro Harlem Brundtland (1998 – 2003), convener of the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987, did not permit any cell phones at WHO’s Geneva headquarters because they caused her debilitating headaches. Of course, she had the wrath of the industry descend upon her as a result. She is currently suffering from cancer.

In 2004, the WHO defined electrohypersensitivity (EHS) as: “… a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while using or being in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields … a sometimes debilitating problem [occuring] several orders of magnitude under the limits of internationally accepted standards.”


In fact, everybody is at risk. Epidemiologist Dr. Sam Milham first studied childhood leukemia clusters in the 1970s, and eventually proved beyond doubt that the risk for this disease is directly related to the close proximity of powerlines, and subsequently cell phone towers. (Those areas of the world with little or no electricity have almost no incidence of leukemia.) In addition to leukemia, evidence now supports the connection between cell phones and brain tumours, cancer of the eye, salivary glands, and testicles, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and Alzheimer’s disease. This radiation also contributes to the development of autism and ADHD. While all of these conditions have several known causes, research has confirmed that the use of cell and cordless phones and laptop computers speeds up the disease process to such an extent that people in their 30s are now being diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer’s. The degranulation process of live brain cells, when exposed to cell phone radiation, has been experimentally demonstrated. Cancer incidence is also significantly higher within 400 metres of a cell phone tower or transmitter site. And Trent University researcher, Magda Havas, may now have discovered a third type of diabetes caused exclusively by electromagnetic radiation.

The most vulnerable are children and pregnant women, and the most vulnerable organs are the brain, testicles, and ovaries. This was confirmed in 2007 by the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and a 2010 Swedish government study, which all showed that cell phone use increases the chances of brain cancer by 40%. Last year, the European Journal of Oncology reported that serious heart and heart-related problems (e.g. arrhythmia, palpitations, heart flutter, racing heart beat, fainting, profuse sweating, etc.) can occur in response to pulsed radiation as low as 0.5 percent of the existing Canadian and U.S. federal guidelines, which permit 10 mill micro/Wm2. The truly science-based exposure guidelines demonstrate that nobody should be exposed to more than 1 microW/m2.

When analyzing any type of death-causing technology, the most reliable information usually comes from the military. At www.safeschool.ca you can download a recently declassified U.S. Navy document from 1971 which summarizes the more than 2,300 studies on the health effects of microwave radiation known way back then! Of course they knew – microwave technology was already part of the military arsenal intended to inflict bodily harm. It is the Military University in Germany that developed EMF protection standards for civilian building codes. Building materials also require protection from rapid corrosion caused by radio frequencies and microwaves. In 2008, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities asked the federal government for an emergency fund of $123 billion over five years to prevent the collapse of exposed buildings.


The economic victims of irresponsible application of radiation-based technology include agriculture. Plants avoid high EMF levels by not growing as high as they normally would; when the EMF source is removed, they grow normally. Cows are also affected. As reported by Dr. Milham, when the “dirty electricity” in a U.S. school was neutralized by Graham/Stetzer filters, “a dairy farmer a quarter of a mile away noticed that his cows each gave an average of ten pounds more milk per day, beginning the day the school installed its filters. The cows were responding to dirty electricity being removed from the ground currents.” In 2008, the French court ordered a power company to compensate cattle farmers for EMF damage.

Living creatures are electrical beings able to function only within specific frequencies. Devra Davis observes: “The difference between being alive and being dead is just one thing – the presence of electrical activity in the brain.” Thoracic surgeon, Dr. William Rae, co-founder of the American Academy for Environmental Medicine with Linus Pauling and Dr. Theron Randolph, originally became interested in environmental influences on health when operating room equipment caused him to become seriously EMF-sensitive in the 1970s. His research led him to recognize the deleterious influence of pesticides and many other environmental toxins, all of which cause multi-system damage. The immune system is the primary target, which does its job through electrically-charged biological substances such as neurotransmitters, hormones, and peptides, which transmit faster than the speed of light. It has been known since the 1990s that environmental illness from biological toxins and electrohypersensitivity share the process of a disastrous reduction in cholinesterase, a nervous system enzyme. Its sudden depletion can cause depression and suicidal behaviour.


All biological processes have their inherent timing, repair, and defensive responses, especially during pregnancy and brain development. Hence, the industry’s “safety” standards, with which government regulators collaborate, are totally absurd.

Devra Davis explains: “They are based on the imaginary SAM, the Standard Anthropomorphic Man based on military recruits of 1989: six foot two tall, about 200 lbs, and never exposed to a cell phone. The subsequently constructed safety standards date to 1962 when nobody knew the difference between heat-producing radiation and microwave radiation, and cell phones did not exist.”

The Safe School Committee in Collingwood (www.safeschool.ca) is fighting the WiFi craze that has hit Canadian schools. Even though WiFi is slower than landline-transmitted connections, and even though there is a documented 40% increase in cardiac arrest in children under 13 years directly related to this type of radiation, the Toronto School Board is hell-bent on providing WiFi in all schools – presumably until no brains are left to zap. So eager are our guardians of education to implement what they call “Vision of Hope,” they even ignore the inadequate safety standards set by Health Canada.

Ken Dryden expressed outrage on March 12 (Globe & Mail) about the lack of mandatory protection from head injuries in hockey, stating “How could we be so stupid!” Such outrage should apply equally to WiFi in schools because even more children – all of them, in fact – will be affected. In a 2009 review of the usually irreversible harm EMFs cause, neuroscientist O. Johansson, of the Karalinska Institute in Sweden, wrote: “Today no-one would consider having a radioactive wrist watch with glowing digits (as you could in the 1950s), having your children’s shoes fitted in a strong X-ray machine (as you could in the 1940s), keeping radium in open trays on your desk (as scientists could in the 1930s), or X-raying each other at your garden party (as physicians did in the 1920s). In retrospect that was just plain madness. However, the persons doing so were not…less intelligent.…Knowledge was deficient, as was a competent risk analysis coupled to a parallel analysis of public needs.”

A thoroughly depressing fact is that the main reason gorillas in Africa reduced in numbers by 90% since 1995 is because their habitat was destroyed by miners for a rare mineral called coltan. This mineral is apparently indispensable to the production of cell phones. The international efforts to save the gorillas is appearing to meet with success, but nothing has happened so far to rescue the miners themselves - they are almost exclusively slave labourers, specifically children as young as 6 years.


What is happening in other jurisdictions?

- In 2007, Germany initiated a policy to reduce the use of CAT scans because of their demonstrated cancer-causing properties, and because their use increased health care costs (directly and through additional cancer incidence) by 80% in 40 years. And last year, Germany banned energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs because their carcinogenic radiation exceeds European allowable exposure limits. (I tossed out all of our CFLs and replaced them with old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, after which I found that the crushing fatigue I had been experiencing mysteriously disappeared!)

- Many jurisdictions in the U.S. are now framing legislation to deal both with CFL bulbs’ unacceptable levels of radiation and the difficulty of their disposal due to the high mercury content threatening the ground water.

- The European Union’s September 2009 report on EMFs stressed the “serious and irreversible damage to health and environments” from EMF radiation and called on all member states to take precautionary action. Shortly after, the possibility of outlawing the use of cell phones for children under 18 was discussed in the E.U. Parliament.

- On March 11, the U.K.’s national Department of Health advised its citizens that they should text, rather than put their cell phones to their ears.

- Switzerland, Finland, Luxembourg, and Austria now outfit their schools with totally radiation-safe fiber-optic technology for their internet and communication needs. Israel has similar legislation in the works. Those countries also set the maximum allowable level of exposure between 5 to 10 microW/m2. Recall that in Canada we are told 10 mill micro/Wm2 is “safe.” Guess on which part of the Earth human brains will survive!

Meanwhile, we are also being threatened with “smart metres,” which tend to increase electricity costs for people and expose them to massive amounts of radiation. As of February of this year, California allows people to refuse their installation, because a formal investigation showed that these U.S.-made devices never passed all of the mandatory regulatory hurdles, are hazardous to health, and can cause fire.

Devra Davis in her book, Disconnect, explains that the most serious practical challenge to the cell phone industry comes from the world’s large insurance companies, such as the Sterling Group of Lloyd’s of London. Having been nearly wiped out when asbestos-related claims were settled in the early 1990s, insurance companies informed the cell phone industry that they will not be backed when radiation-injury claims start pouring in, as they surely will. The trigger for this decision was the U.K.’s 2005 Stewart Commission, whose chair, citing worldwide research demonstrating harm to children’s brains from cell phones, told the mobile phone industry to “refrain from promoting the use of mobile phones by children.” In Canada, liability is certainly worth testing in court, because the 2007 Human Rights Commission report on Environmental Illness specifically included harm from EMF radiation as being real and requiring accommodation.

You can attend lectures by Magda Havas, Devra Davis, and others at the Total Health Show (April 8,9,10) and learn how, amazingly, it may be possible to stay safe and still have your toys. (www.totalhealthshow.com)

Helke Ferrie is currently having her house decontaminated by Robert Stellar of Breathing Easy. Watch for a blog post from her in April that summarizes the strategies used to make her house safe from electropollution, to be published on our website: www.vitalitymagazine.com

To access all the references for this article, please go at http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/the-damaging-effects-of-electropollution/



From: http://lucianarchy.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=othernonserpodisclosures&action=display&thread=1341&page=1#1147524268

TC Disclosures

May 13, 2006

Originally passed to the OM Research Team in March 2006

"I have been instructed to pass the following information on to you per my dear friends last request. You must bear with me as the information was relayed to me in his final days while on various medications and a morphine drip. Many words were slurred and his memory was failing, so he referred to a journal at times, which I now have in my possession. He kept dozing and I would have to remind him where he left off. May God rest his soul.

You may come to find the information somewhat shocking and unable to understand as ****** has. I pray the Almighty will look out for the inhabitants of this planet as the coming years will bring much misery. I pass on this information in the hope that you, as an unbiased observer, will make sure the public learns the truth.

All space programs are a cover that exists to deceive the people of this world. We have a space fleet, which is codenamed” Solar Warden.” There were, as of 2005, eight ships, an equivalent to aircraft carriers and forty-three “protectors,” which are space planes. One was lost recently to an accident in Mars' orbit while it was attempting to re-supply the multinational colony within Mars. This base was established in 1964 by American and Soviet teamwork. Not everything is, as it seems.

We have visited all the planets in our solar system, at a distance of course, except Mercury. We have landed on Pluto and a few moons. These ships contain personnel from many countries and have sworn an oath to the World Government, also, known as the Bilderbergers. The technology came from back engineering alien-disc wreckage and at times with alien assistance.

The oil supply on Earth is and always has been renewable. We have known this since 1948 (he may have said 1958). The wars, diseases and oil crisis are just to keep the public from focusing on the real issues of government control and a presence not of this planet. We have the technology to rid the world of oil dependency and hunger, but it would destroy the world’s economies and the profits and control of some of our wealthiest families. I find this horrifying that 20+ families can control our world.

A few world government leaders learned of ALF's, but with the approaching war, it became a low priority. ALF has since been renamed ABE and now EBE. (checks journal) Detlev Bronk came up with the EBE name and it has been used henceforth. These EBE's were first seen around 1937 in Sweden and later Axis and Allied pilots reported seeing balls of light. These were the EBE probes, later called “Foo Fighters” during World War II. The Nazi’s were the first to retrieve a crashed disc in 1939.

These EBE's set up numerous underground bases on our planet to monitor our progress. We have been in contact with four different EBE civilizations. Three are benevolent and unfortunately, one is not. The malevolent EBE's have abducted many of us to help their dying race. We the human population are their experiment. They have made human clones that lack consciences and hybrids. For some reason, we have yet to identify, they are unable to clone themselves. Their intent is to take over this planet and use us as a food source to prolong their lives and as slaves. Factions within our government are even attempting to aide these creatures.

We have been in communication with these, now known, hostile EBE’s since 1953. This was after seventeen more alien-disc crashes and retrievals by our military, along with sixty-eight dead EBEs and body parts from Earthly animals and humans. The outskirts of Laredo, Texas was the location of the last crashed alien-disc. This disc was enormous and could not be transported, so it was buried were it lay and still is to this day. Another survivor was taken prisoner in 1951, and we nicknamed her Lucy, also, known as EBE-2. She confirmed the same information as our first prisoner, Charlie.

I forgot to explain how our prisoner, Charlie, came to be in our control. He was the only survivor from two crash sites. (checks journal) One was south of Roswell, New Mexico on Pine Lodge Farm, and the other near Azteca, New Mexico that our military retrieved in 1947. A civilian found the EBEs. His name was (checks journal) Gerald Anderson and he gave the EBEs water, which they rubbed on their bodies, but they refused food that was offered to them. The military, later, discovered the Pine Lodge Farm crash site and took Mr. Anderson and two of his family members to Roswell’s base for interrogation. They were threatened with death due to the national security issues at that time.

The living EBEs were being taken to Roswell and then transferred to facility YY-ll (I think that’s what he said) at Los Alamos. One of them began having a seizure and died. The three EBE remains were carefully packaged and frozen. Los Alamos was the only facility around that had a freezer that could hold the three bodies. Two Army Air Force personnel stationed at Roswell Army Air Base died within days from exposure when trying to crate the craft's wreckage. We later confirmed it to be from radiation poisoning. Precautions were taken and the EBE bodies and discs were flown to Wright-Patterson.

We learned that the EBE-1, later called Charlie, was an engineer. He had a device attached to his diadem that allowed him to communicate with us. Charlie was deceptive at first. We learned he did not like the temperature below 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so we used that to our advantage and manipulated the heating system to get him to talk. He began to divulge an incredible tale. To this day, we are still not sure if all is true, as it could destroy man's faith in religion and our understanding of this universe.

Their race is from a planet called Seinu and is in the Zeta Reticuli system (this is now their adopted home-?). (I’m trying to get him to tell me, again, where they originally came from) Their birth planet is in the Betelgeuse System, but is now uninhabitable. They were peaceful and traded with another race in a nearby star system. War broke out between them 3900 years ago Earth time (could not understand the name of the race, will ask later). They destroyed their enemy and in the process lost their home due to the use of genetic weapons. All plant and animal life began to die as well as their people. They found that over a few hundred years, the genetic weapons had begun to alter their offspring (? I believe that is what he said) and no longer could they reproduce or eat as they once had. Their physical features changed as well.

They are grayish-white in color with a scaly body and about 3-4? feet tall. The scales were very tiny similar to a white snake. Teardrop shaped head with large, slanted cat eyes, a large protruding nose and a slit for a mouth. Lips were not seen on the mouth, but they had tiny sharp teeth. The Seinuvians seemed fragile with a thin neck supporting such a large head. They also had two arms with four fingers on each hand that had a suction cup on the end of the fingers. There bodies tapered down their legs to two feet with four toes that had claw nails similar to dog’s nails. When they turned, the entire body turned in unison. I don’t believe they could swivel their heads. (fell asleep)

They began to explore planets in other star systems until they found Seinu, with what remained of their species. As time passed, they discovered Earth and wanted to construct an outpost, but their leaders decided against it for unknown reasons. Charlie did state that they returned many times for the natural resources and to watch the advances of our people. We call them Seinuvians, at least this is what we have learned to call them as we are unable to pronounce their name.

(He jumps back to Lucy) Charlie and Lucy were allowed to see each other, although no words were spoken. We found it rather odd they enjoyed touching each other’s heads. It may be a hug or affection in their terms. (checks journal) We allowed them two hours a day to visit. Some of our scientists and military personnel believed they were able to communicate telepathically, even though they were housed in different buildings within the facility. Our scientists set up experiments to block their telepathic waves and were successful by February of ‘52, using radar. This information was used later to bring down more discs, until they figured out what we were up to and were able to defend against it.

Charlie and Lucy tried to explain that they needed a liquid food source to sustain them. We started out by grinding chicken parts and then blending it with the chicken blood. This made them both ill. We later tried pigs and I believe horses, but eventually found cows suited them the best. Both Lucy and Charlie would rub the blended liquid on their bodies and we could see the liquid being absorbed into their scaly skin. Charlie mentioned the genitals and eyes were a favorite of theirs. (fell asleep)

(After he woke, I reminded him where we left off) Somehow, (I think he said a rogue group within the government allowed) the Seinuvians to know we had Lucy and Charlie, and they wanted them back, but in our arrogance, we refused. The UFO reports in the New Mexico area, at that time, were actually scout ships looking for their survivors. As a warning to show their superiority over us, they began to interfere with our missile and (rocket-?) tests. We nearly had a nuclear explosion in NY, where we housed two nuclear weapons in a well-known university. The Seinuvians triggered the timing mechanism on one of the devices for a few seconds as a warning to us.

(checks journal) After numerous, unsuccessful attempts to intercept the UFO’s with Scorpions and Starfires, we realized that we were in a pickle. We had some recovered technology and weapons systems from the alien-disc wreckage, but we were still in the experimental stages and we didn’t want to tip our hat to them. We did not have the mechanical or scientific understanding to duplicate their technology at that time.

In April of ’52, Charlie began having health problems and died. Lucy was allowed to see his body and began to make high-pitched wailing sounds. She may have been grieving or conducting a ritual. Her health became a concern as well.

Our decision was finally made after a fleet of UFO’s flew over the (checks journal) White House, Capitol Building and the Department of Defense on July 19th, 1952 and, again, on July 25th, 1952. President Truman, finally, ordered the military to make contact to arrange the release of Lucy. Truman, in ’52, asked the CIA and later the NSA to broadcast a message to the Seinuvians that we wanted to discuss a treaty. This became known as Project Sigma and it was successful. In ’53, the military formed “Alpha Teams” to find and retrieve crashed discs and any aliens found at the crash site. This was called Project
Project Pounce.

President Eisenhower comes aboard in ’53 as I did. When he realized the threat was real, he contacted the Soviets, British and a few other trustworthy heads of state. Later this became the Bilderberger group. They met to discuss the threat and decided to work on weapons to bring down these creatures. In 1954, Eisenhower met the delegation of Seinuvians at Murdoc in California. Lucy was returned to her people and a treaty was signed to allow the abduction of a few thousand humans for an exchange of technology. A list was to be kept, so we could track these people following their abductions.

By ’55 we realized the Seinuvians had broken the treaty. Tens of thousands of people had been taken, some, multiple times. Others were not returned or found mutilated along with an increase in cattle mutilations. This is when I first learned that cow’s blood is very similar to human blood and can, in emergencies, be used as a substitute. They continued to interfere with our military installations and missile tests.

The Soviet Union and the U.S. had recovered 10 more discs and 27 more bodies. One disc blew up in the air at the Proving Grounds. Some of the alien bodies had autopsies performed on them. We found they did not have a digestive system, just a sac that allowed the storage of the food they absorbed through their scaly skin. Their blood was green in color and gave off an offensive odor. They also did not have kidneys or bladders.

Eisenhower believed the only way to defeat the alien technology was to play along with them until we could defend ourselves against them. By ’56 we had a surprise visit by a second alien group. They were called the Etherians, we called them the handsome people. They were humanoid and tall, probably 6’-3” to 6’- 6” and had athletic bodies. Many of the military men had to be dismissed, as they could not stop staring at the Etherian women. They warned us that the Seinuvians were hostile and were attempting to genetically engineer our race to fit their needs. They would help us if we would destroy all nuclear weapons and attempt to become a peaceful race. We refused and thanked them. They did leave a communication device with us if we changed our minds.

When Kennedy came into office, he was anything but shocked. He knew about the alien presence and the discs we had in our possession. He forced our military to release pieces of the alien technology to companies around the U.S. to back-engineer. The companies were told the technology was from the Soviets or Chinese. He later threatened to disband the CIA if they did not stop the drug trafficking and warned he was going to announce to the American people that aliens were real and felt they were ready for the information to be released. As you know he was murdered. Oswald was not the shooter, nor did he fire a single shot. It was members of the Secret Service and CIA, under orders from the Bilderbergers. Kennedy became the second martyr to date following the murder of James Forrestal. I want it to be known that I did not agree with either murder and was not involved in any way, shape or form and only learned about them after the murders. I truly liked Kennedy; he was an honest man except for his many affairs, which I cannot fault him.

There is much more to disclose to you, but I will leave that to ****** to take care of after my death. I did want to discuss this load of manure called Project Serpo. The true name is Project Serponia. I guess someone shortened it to make it sound more interesting. We did train personnel as astronauts during that time frame, but I do stress that under no circumstance did we exchange our men for theirs. We already knew what they were capable of and would not put our men in harms way. The project was to fool anyone from discovering the truth and lead them on a wild goose chase. You may find it interesting that the group disclosing this false information is only seeking monetary gains and fame. This aviary group and disinformation group are the ringleaders in this charade. I am astonished that no one to date has checked the military background of Victor Martinez.

It’s quite hilarious to see so many gullible people jump at straws. This Ryan fellow is just a patsy that got in the way and has now twisted the events to fit his cult project. Most of the information he has released from the so-called Anon #2 is not even in the Serponia files. I believe he has made them up or has had help from others. On the other hand, Anon #1 was quoting from the Serponia files, which is still false information with some truth included. ****** will pass on the remaining information I have for you, but not until this Serpo baloney is put to rest.

My dear friend has passed. He did leave much more information to send to you at a later time. This includes copies of his journal. For my own safety, I have copied all information and sealed them in accordion folders and have given them to (removed) people who I can trust. You will be #(removed) if you so desire, but I must warn you, it could cause you serious harm if a certain group was to find out. [...] All information from me will have this included as a code to let you know it’s me ------ "


We have friends now that can help! They knew about “J” and how he wanted the public to know about some of the things he shared with you. I am still breathless over this meeting. PW gave me a sheet with the items we had discussed, so I wouldn’t forget. He also asked that you release the information I originally gave you, “ to start the ball rolling,” as he put it. The information is to be put on your Serpo forum. On the sheet it has proboards21, do you know what that is? I do not own a computer and must rely on others to transfer information to you, as I am doing with this message.

They seemed to know your whereabouts and even mentioned you were a (removed). Is this true? They knew too much in my opinion.

Anyway, they asked me to mention the following:

- About 3,000 years ago, the Seinuvians had a coup that allowed their military to take control. They were prevented from taking control of Earth by another group of aliens, but did establish small military outposts.

- Pyramids throughout the world were for sacrifices to appease the Gods, who turned out to be the Seinuvians. They used the blood and bodies as a food source.

- Genetic modifications of our food source to prevent the Seinuvians from abducting our people and cattle.

- Altering our water supply to prevent them from using our water sources.

- At least 63-underground/underwater alien bases on Earth.

- Movement of troops and weapons to prepare for the alien invasion due to start in a few years. God, I hope this is not true.

- Seinuvians have begun to alter our weather to warm the planet for their needs. Global warming, melting polar ice caps and increases in CO2 and ultraviolet light.

- A genetically engineered human, created by the Seinuvians that has a conscience. He escaped and is trying to aid our world. He is extremely intelligent and telepathic. They call him J-Rod. Have you heard of this? Seems far-fetched to me.

- Asteroid was sent towards Earth by the Seinuvians only to be destroyed by the Etherians. Another race of aliens, which I believe "J" mentioned before. I’ll have to look when I see the journal again.

Much more through http://lucianarchy.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=othernonserpodisclosures&action=display&thread=1341

Such as...

11th June 06

I’m saddened to inform you that Serpo, Serponia, Seinu and anything else you want to call it has turned out to be a test of sorts by the dark side. We were given an audience with a former high-ranking official and for more than two hours he explained the purpose and the feedback it has given this group.

July 28th 2006

A few of us have returned from (removed) in which we viewed evidence a Colonel had in his possession. We were amazed at the material, which included a 40-minute long video of an American or Russian military recovery team seizing two Grey bodies and parts from a downed disc. Incredibly no words were spoken, only hand movements. They then boarded an unknown and unmarked helicopter and began flying off when the helicopter disappeared!!! Possible cloaking??? After ten minutes the disc exploded and shrapnel flew everywhere.We are in negotiations to obtain this information, but this Colonel wants a lot of $$$$$$ and we need to make sure the video is not a hoax. He is, also, negotiating with a news crew from the US. I'm not sure who they represent.

AND ...

We have in the past said Serpo was not completely true. As we found out the hard way, both Serpo and Seinu are basically similar and both had truth and fiction mixed into the cover story. We do come across information for both projects and at this point feel they are two separate e-races. Now, the Soviets did go , but I must stress that we do not, at this point, know which solar system or planet they were taken. Our source is having trouble getting the information to us, due to the FSB and SVR watching every move his department makes. When more information is delivered, we will check it out and when verified, pass it along. His last message mentioned possibly the Zeta system, but he needed to get back into the vault and verify the information. It's also difficult trying to match their e-race names to ours. On a side note, I forgot to mention that an asset told us about a broadcast of a Soviet missile base that had been destroyed after attacking a disc with MIGs. It was shown on TV twice before being pulled. Hopefully someone taped it or knows where to find it, as we can't seem to locate a copy.

Much more through http://lucianarchy.proboards.com/


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NBC’s thriller SF series The Event continues its losing battle with the ratings. Last Monday’s episode has 3.7 million viewers overall. That number is a drop from last week by 15%. It is also a series low for a series that was considered NBC’s flagship show going into the fall season of 2010. Rumours of The Event’s imminent cancellation have floating around for months now. However, is the problem with The Event really about ratings? It seems that the creators of The Event have been using certain popular conspiracy theories as the basis for the show. The Event’s main plot line involves extraterrestrials that look like human beings who have, over time, infiltrated human society and government. Similar theories have been circulating around the Internet for years. Dr. Michael Salla, in particular, has become well known on the net for his arguments that such types of alien infiltration are responsible for all global conflict and wars. Dr. Salla even goes a bit further than The Event, claiming that up 16 different extraterrestrial races are currently interacting with humankind. Dr. Salla recently posted comments online stating that The Event is “Hiding the truth in plain sight”. So is The Event close to cancellation on account of its low ratings? Or is the conspiracy series getting a just little to close to the “truth”? The Event airs Monday nights on NBC. Watch it while you still can….

Star Trek vs Solar Warden - the real Starfleet (May 8th, 2009)
(...) A growing fleet of antigravity vehicles has been one of the most highly classified secrets in U.S. history. Based on classified antigravity research conducted in the 1950s, a fleet of antigravity vehicles were eventually built. Whistleblowers have come forward to describe various classified programs where antigravity principles were used in part or in whole. Part one of this series of articles described various antigravity vehicles such as the TR-3B, the Aurora, and B-2 bomber. Credible researchers and aviation experts were also cited who have confirmed the reality of antigravity technologies and their successful development. Most importantly, a fleet of antigravity space vehicles has been allegedly created under the military code word “Solar Warden.” Part two of this investigatory series discusses various sources revealing the existence of Solar Warden and its most likely location within U.S. Strategic Command. Solar Warden, according to cited whistleblowers, has already established bases on the moon and mars, and is involved in interplanetary exploration. Strategic Command currently contains the space commands of the three main U.S. military services. These are the Air Force Space Command, the Naval Space Command and the US Army Space Command. If Solar Warden is the correct code name for a secret antigravity space fleet, then according to a manual for military code names, Solar Warden designates a joint forces command project. As a joint forces command, Solar Warden draws upon the different U.S. military space commands but would be institutionally hidden in one of the space commands. USAF Space Command is the older (activated on 1 September 1982) and better known space organization within Strategic Command. The real Starfleet, however, is more likely institutionally hidden and controlled by the Naval Space Command which officially began operations October 1, 1983. Naval Space Command serves as the Alternate Space Control Center to the USAF Space Command and “also detects, tracks, identifies, and catalogs all man-made objects in space.” Naval Space Command therefore has the capacity to control the real Starfleet. CLIP

Paola Harris Presents Hollywood & The Media in the Disclosure Process DVD
According to Paola Harris, Hllywood films and TV movies are part of a slow process of acclimating the general public to the concept that “we are not alone” in the Universe. Governmental intervention starting with Disney and the Hollywood film industry has been part of a subtle disclosure process that may lead us to accept the truth. Paola Harris is a widely published photographer and journalist. She has studied extraterrestrial-related phenomena since 1979 and interviewed many top military witnesses concerning their involvement in the government truth embargo. Paola was the first to examine and then confirm the Charlie Hall “Tall Whites”. She is a frequent guest speaker at the premier International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Exo-Politics conventions and international conferences. She writes for the magazine Area 51.

Watch Paola Harris speaking at the 2009 IUFOC Conference & Film Festival

Many related DVDs at http://www.ufocongressstore.com/


Originally from http://www.urbansurvival.com/blog/?p=3677 but also available at several other websites

Birther Issues Continue

The release of the (pick your terms here) purported, alleged, so-called, yada, yada) birth certificate by the White House has turned into a major boner. I mean, this one puts Viagra to shame kind.

Here’s a hint at why: The Smoking Gun’s article is a good start “Will Release of Obama’s Purported Birth Certificate Give Rise to New (birth) “Certer” Movement?”

Up until now, I had blown off most of the 'birther stuff' since Obama is the nominal president and ain't no removing him, since the PTB run the country away, despite representations contrary wise. We learned that with the Big Bank Free Money Festival on the Potomac.

But that was until a reader - we'll call him "Joe" - sent me this amazing email which includes (gasp!) source documentation on some serious inconsistencies:

"As you all know, Donald Trump made a big deal about Obama's birth certificate. As of yesterday, the White House released the birth certificate.

I will tell you right now that I had never given this "birther" issue any credit. I watched the hype and the crazies come out. I completely dismissed the entire ordeal altogether. In fact, it was not until the White House released the birth certificate that it had gained my attention.

I am the studious sort of guy, and I have plenty of time on my hands. So, I took a close look at this document. While I would have thought that this issue would have been closed for good (and, got the crazies to crawl back into their holes), I found two extremely strange inconsistencies that merit some attention.

First of all, the birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in "Kenya, East Africa". This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his father's birth. How could have Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the "British East Africa Protectorate". But, this is not the only thing that I found that just does not jive.

The other item that I looked into was the hospital that Obama was born in. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is "Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital". This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called "KauiKeolani Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity Home", respectively. The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

Go ahead, look it up. I am not talking crazy talk, these are the facts. Like I said, I thought that this was a non-issue until the actual certificate was released. Now that it has been released, of course I had to look into it. I have found these issues, now I know that something is up. If you doubt me, just look at the following resources:"

Sure as hell, the hospital part is true, as you can read about the 1978 merger here.

The discussion about the East Africa Protectorate is less decisive, however. Still, Keyna didn't gain independence until 1963, be preceded in independence by Tanganyika which became Tanzania, Uganda, and then Kenya. Whether it would have been referred to in Hawaii as the Kenya Colony of Great Britain, however is an interesting discussion, for sure.

Don't mean to throw gas on the debate here, but our reader makes some disturbing points. When coupled with the report on Death by 1,000 Papercuts that "Obama Birth Certificate: Adobe Illustrator Reveals Different Layers" well, things to be not look as sold... Still, we're just offering cites which is what research if for, after all. Might try firing up Illustrator if you have it and see if it auto-generates layers, though...

More on this in Coping: With the "Birther Distraction" at http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm (scroll down to locate it).


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Washington Times report: Newly released Obama birth certificate is a forensic forgery
Robert Stanley, weekly correspondent for the Washington Times investigative radio, states that the purported birth certificate released by U.S. President Barack H. Obama on April 27, 2011 is a forensic forgery. In the interview, Mr. Stanley's statement is accompanied by an on-camera demonstration of various forgeries within the nine overlaid digital layers of the birth certificate document as released on the White House website.
(...) Mr. Stanley indicated that the White House has in fact taken down Mr. Obama’s alleged recently released birth certificate from the White House website overnight (see here), although the White House has left a copy of the alleged birth certificate of Mr. Obama here. As of this writing, Mr. Stanley stated there had been no overt comment from the White House other than the taking of the birth certificate offline. Neither officials of the Hawaii state birth registrar nor of the Honolulu hospital where Mr. Obama allegedly was born have, as yet, commented.Mr. Stanley stated that the headquarters of Donald Trump had put him in touch directly with Mr. Trump, and that he had forwarded the evidence of forensic forgery in Mr. Obama’s birth certificate directly to Mr. Trump. CLIP


From: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/April%202011/salusa__02may2011.htm

Message from SaLuSa -- 2 May 2011

As you are finding out time is not constant, and according to what you are doing it will sometimes seem to speed up so that you convinced you have lost time. It shows how you have moved into a vibrational mode of a higher level of consciousness. Eventually time will no longer be experienced as linear and it will all be in the ìNowî, as in reality the past, present and future are all One. It is why we can state quite positively that at our level of observation, Ascension has already taken place. The process of Ascension is gradually changing your body and whole outlook, as of course it is to be expected and is a quite natural occurrence. There are also those souls that are not responding to the higher energies, and in fact have little or no interest in that process. There is as a result a separation occurring between the two groups, and this will determine which of them ascend or leave the Earth for a different destination. It is all part of the Divine Plan and based on Universal Law, which ensures each soul proceeds correctly to the next stage of their evolution.

In the context of what is due to take place in the remaining period leading up to Ascension, your upliftment is really the most important issue. The preparations for a quantum leap into the future are necessary to introduce you to an almost entirely different life style. There is a gap that needs to be bridged resulting from the deliberate actions of the Illuminati to hold you back. It has left you in a perpetual state of need, and prevented you from experiencing the advantages that new technological advances would have given you. Consequently most of you have struggled to exist, and almost all Third World countries have lived in continual poverty. You are to experience abundance and peace before the end times arrive, and once you have ascended you will move into a most wondrous and fulfilling time. The Earth is beautiful in its present form, but once ascended it will be a showcase of perfection and truly a heavenly abode. Equally you will be its appointed guardians and will have reached an understanding, that allows for your full appreciation of Mother Earth's place in your lives as a fully conscious Being.

We of the Galactic Federation are also part of your destiny, and not simply here to guide you onwards. We are part of you and together we will re-unite again and become as One, as we move on to the next stage of evolution. You are at last returning to the levels of consciousness you were at previously. The veils of separation are lifting, and it will not be long before you realize who you truly are and reclaim your sovereignty. In spite of what some of you feel, you are worthy of the opportunity that is before you and should take it with two hands. It will be thousands of years before one again comes along again. It is of course entirely your choice, and be assured you would have been well informed of it before you came to Earth for this lifetime. If you feel drawn to the idea of Ascension, then most certainly you will be one who has decided to be part of it. Do not be concerned as to whether you are ready for it, as already your consciousness levels will be rising. This may well be apparent from the subtle changes you are experiencing within yourself. You will find a greater control over yourself where thoughts and emotions are involved, and more able to centre yourself so that you remain calm and peaceful regardless as to what goes on around you. Indeed, you can bring a measure of calmness to others by simply being around them.

We realize you are tired and frustrated at the long wait for an obvious sign of positive changes. Yet within the turmoil and chaos presently taking place, are the first signs of a major cleansing occurring. Understand that the Earth is polluted with negative energies, which must be cleared away before peace can be established. It is sad that certain souls who are directly involved in such issues are in the thick of it, but it is often their choice to atone for actions taken that have led to it. It releases karma and ultimately will enable a new positive energy to be grounded in those areas. There are of course physical changes that must also take place, and it is these that we monitor to keep any damage and loss of life to a minimum. We stress that it is not our right to interfere with your life plans, which for some of you means you will be in places where the most activity occurs. It does not in any way deny you the same opportunity to ascend as every other soul, as even following the death of the physical body it can still take place.

We are more active than ever, as the Earth reels once again because of the upsurge of negative events. However, Mother Earth is aware that it is all part of the vital cleansing that must be completed before all can ascend. You can expect outbreaks of violent changes, as the energies of Earth are subject to the effects of the powerful Light energies coming in. The lower energies are being transmuted quicker than ever, and it is bringing a more peaceful outcome. As Beings of Light they are also lifting you up, and we recommend that you take the necessary time needed to allow them to be absorbed into your body. It is after all gradually changing, and will continue to do so until its cells become crystalline and able to contain a greater degree of consciousness. You are heading for a great upliftment that leads to full consciousness and your elevation to become a Galactic Being.

Go about your daily routines with a positive attitude, and do not let fear enter into your thoughts. You must know by now that your future is assured, and that the Divine Plan for your civilization and Mother Earth cannot fail. So do not succumb to the attempts of the dark Ones to distract you from your path. They are in fact torn apart by the sudden rise in consciousness, and the growing awareness of how they have controlled and enslaved you. You are seeking the truth in all matters, and indeed it shall set you free. Your trust has been badly abused by those who should have worked for your best interests instead of their own. They have been found out for what they really are, and their days are numbered. Soon there will be dramatic changes that will allow for extensive changes where major governments are concerned. Very little will advance until you have the right people leading you into the final period before Ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and remain the spokesperson for one group that represents the Galactic Federation, and guides you ever onwards.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey


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Silver Birch on the New World (May 1, 2011)
(...) Like many others, I have come nearer to the earth vibrations to help push forward that great new world which waits just round the corner. I come to teach you the laws of the Great Spirit and to show you how, if you live according to them, the bounty of the Great Spirit can be poured into your hearts and minds. The New World is born, born in agony of birth, with a baptism of tears and misery and sadness. But the New World is here. Its rays are beginning to pierce the fog of your world. But even in this New World all will not have been achieved. There will be plenty to remedy, to improve, to strengthen. There will still be weakness to be overcome, there will still be troubles to be eradicated. But there will be a new basis for life. Much of the needless misery, much of the needless deprivation, much of the needless starvation and sadness will have gone. The basis of life will be changed, for gradually selfishness will be overthrown and service will reign in its place. The New World will come more quickly or more slowly, as more of you help us or hinder us in our efforts to co-operate with you. CLIP - Recommended by Steve Beckow (unity22@telus.net) who wrote: "You offered Beinsa Douno's vision of the coming New Era. Two others also offered visions of the New Era many years ago. One was "Imperator," a pseudonym adopted by the Prophet Malachi when he spoke through medium Rev. Stainton Moses in the mid-1870s. And the other one, treated here, is "Silver Birch," who spoke through Maurice Barbanell in the 20th Century. You may enjoy reading what Silver Birch had to say about the coming New Age. Imperator's version can be found at http://stevebeckow.com/2012-history-4/imperators-new-revelation/


Note from Jean: The following was recommended by Lance White (zanymystic@wildblue.net) who wrote: "A magical experience. A paradigm shifter. The video (and transcript) of this Indigo Child's experiences are priceless. I know that it's difficult to sit and watch a video that's in another language with subtitles, but when you begin to grasp what this 22 year old is saying, it's monumental. At least that's what I felt while watching it. Very uplifting. It's part of the signaling of a huge global shift in consciousness. There will be many more children popping into our awareness containing wisdom of the ages, until it's undeniable. Here's a link to the transcript, if you have time to read it, but to me it seems flat compared to the energy of him speaking directly into the camera."

So I'm including below for your review an excerpt of this transcript. But here is first a description on this amazing young man's work taken from HERE.

"Matías De Stefano is an Argentinian 22 year old, who could be described as an Indigo child. He has been allowed to activate the area of the brain where all the cosmic memory is registered. His purpose in life is to share his memories with the people, helping these to organize their own information. Also one of his essential missions is to help create a new education that can adapt to the new paradigms of the children of our time. Matis talks about the mass influx of indigo children who have chosen to incarnate here at this particular time, as well as what to expect with 2012 and how he was able to recall his past lives, which included working with the Akashic Records."

Matías De Stefano website: http://www.ghan.com.ar
Prohibited Education website: http://www.educacionprohibida.com
More related videos (in Spanish) through http://www.youtube.com/user/21Davicinho

From: http://www.in5d.com/transcription-total-recall-matias-destefano.html

Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De Stefano

Transcript from the following video:



Narrator: In school, we are taught that history started in 3000 BC. The way we know about history is through sources that have survived through time. But even things we thought we knew 40 years ago, now are found out to be lies. How do we know that the historians knew what happened in 3000 BC?


Inside this whole dimensional process of evolution, we can find the historical process inside the 3rd dimension. This process starts about 6000 million years ago, but for humans, it's more recent...about 30 million years ago.

The process of the creation of humanity was programmed first through genetics by the beings who transmute the genetic information and evolution. These are the Beings we call Eternal Beings or Nature Spirits.

These Beings project all the forms that emanate from God in the physical worlds. So, really, Darwin's theory is true, although there is a detail that is missing.

There are many races on this planet like vegetable, animals and also humans which are not originally from this planet, but are mutations or historical additions on this planet. All these Beings were brought here for an evolutionary need.

Human's history begins on this planet around 24,000 BC., when the 1st prototypes of humanity were created, who are known as Adam & Eve, although Eve was not the 1st woman, it was Lilith. But there were already humans on Earth. They were not actually the first. They were the 1st prototype of the humans we know, the ones that were most similar to us. They were quickly created because there was a cultural addition, to say it somehow, from other planets that helped the human race to become what it is.

Why did they do it? It was not a random event. It's not that humans were made by extraterrestrials and not from God, like some people say but the Divine Plan from the Angelic Level was in contact with the Beings from the 9th dimension, who are also extraterrestrial, and they passed over the Angelic Plans to the physical worlds through Beings who are connected through the spiritual world. And they followed the Plan according to the needs of the Cosmology.

Narrator: Behind the history of humanity, a story of conspiracy started to unfold, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, about the control of this widely rich and varied world, known today as the stories of the Reptilians, Rigelians and Illuminati, amongst many others.

Planet Earth was going through important changes with invasions of other races which were not positive for the planet like the renowned Reptilians. These Reptilians were negative for the Earth's evolution, so the Galactic Federations, who are the Beings who have a close relationship with the Beings from Angelic levels, projected over humanity, which was growing a new humanity, creating what we know as the human prototype who we are today.

This human prototype is a copy of the Angels idea from the etheric emanation, on the Earth through the extraterrestrial. This is where our history begins.


Narrator: The problem is that history and time are circular. This means that events repeat themselves differently but with the same patterns. History should not be taken as a list to know what happened until our days, it should be understood as a complex camouflaged order that shows us the mistakes that can repeat themselves.

Obviously, it's very different than the way it's taught in class, although it has already started to come out. The problem of this history is that it can be read over and over and it's very sensationalistic and rigid in some points. This was like this, or like this, and there is NO other opinion. Or there is a conspiracy or a plot behind humanity.

In reality, it is not exactly like this. We should not create a schizoid persecutory delirium with humanity's history. Humanity's history happened this way because it had to happen this way and all the problems that have been created happened to allow the change of humanity and the evolution of consciousness in humanity…and created specific work in an area. That’s why humanity is governed because of the constellations, which began from the Ages, which lasts for about 2,160 years.


Narrator: Earth spins around the sun in a process which lasts about 365 days, but at the same time, our Sun spins around another sun which is a lot bigger, called Syria, about every 26,000 years. As a year on Earth, the Sun's year has its seasons, equinoxes, solstices and ages, too. This has an influence on the historic events on Earth.

The Solar year we are going through began approximately 21,210 BC, with the Age of Capricornia.
The 1st prototypes that were created were the ones we know as Lemurians, which I call Lomiom. Lomiom belonged to the whole Pacific. It's a race that created lemuria, how we know it today... well, how some know it.

After many historical problems, Atlantis started to develop in the Atlantic, which, since I was small, I called Gefislion. This country extended itself through the whole Atlantic Ocean and created, on the warm part of the planet, loads of civilizations and colonies which helped to organize the planet and kept it in the direction of the Cosmic Plan.

Narrator: How did some civilizations begin to write with complexity overnight?

How, after only 1,000 years of human civilization, the Egyptians began to build monuments so spectacularly calculated and designed from mathematics?

In only 10 years, how were so many Gods created to worship?

Why are there pyramids all over the world, including ones in America and Japan which are very similar to the Egyptian ones, if in theory, they did not go past the red Sea and the Mediterranean?

Why has the Sphinx shown degradation for over 9,000 years, when the Egyptologists say it was built only 5,000 years ago?

All these civilizations that went from 13,000 to 6,000 BC, tried to apply a system of terrestrial balance and human information. This is how the whole plan of building the pyramids and the old temples, began, and today, there are only a few remainders left.

The pyramids are thought to be tombs but were never tombs.

Narrator : The first civilizations, such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Mayans and Doors of the Sun, are the ones from which many other civilizations were created in 10,000 BC.

Later on, humanity had to go through another type of evolution which was not so much stellar than having to work the Earth and humanity in itself, the cultures and the rest. That's why, since Taurus, 3000 BC, the history that we are allowed to remember began.

Humanity's history, the beginning of "Civilization" for the many teachers. This began in Egypt, where humans started to practice spirituality through society. Having it clear that the history we know goes through Taurus, Aries and Pisces, the Age we are going through now, we can understand that the history develops itself according to the energies that flow from the Cosmos to the planets, in our case, Earth.

This energetic pressure that comes from the stars guides the events that happen on Earth, mainly because everything is interconnected.

Narrator: The energy of the Cosmic environments are factors that might mold the energy of the Soul so that it holds on to the Physical body with one intention: to learn and fulfill its mission in this specific moment. This is why the Cosmic Order determines our steps to take, our history, our map and route, our feelings, relationships, gifts and so many other aspects to create the necessary mechanisms to allow us to learn and carry out what we had agreed to do before we were born.

Once we arrive at the dawn of the sun, what we know as 2012, the intention of the Ages in the cycle changes so all the vibration of the worlds, that are those stars, also change.

What does this mean? It's like when the spring begins. So, everything that has been worked through the "known" history starts to open to a type of history which is totally unknown. Not because the world is going to go through a horrible change, but because there is an increase in the vibration and the energy coming from the sun. And this makes the Earth transform its energetic vibration.

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